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Chapter 3 – The Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave ~Love Simulation~[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Astrum―Kazuki once again entered the vast darkness of the mental world that he had witnessed before.

On the surface of that darkness, a faint ripple spread. This was supposed to be the guide according to Yatagarasu. The flow of the ripple showed Kazuki’s consciousness the direction he needed to go.

Kazuki moved forward through the darkness as if swimming. Gradually, Kazuki became able to feel a different someone’s consciousness heading in the same direction and getting close to his own consciousness. This is…Kazuha-senpai’s warmth.

Gradually he could feel their own sense of existence and the surrounding darkness solidifying, becoming a definite something. Even inside the Astrum, Kazuki’s appearance was still wearing the casual Japanese clothes for use in the infiltration operation. Kazuha-senpai, who walked together with him side-by-side was in her Magic Dress appearance.

In the darkness in front of their eyes, a wide hill that shone slightly came to the front.

This hill is, Yomotsu Hirasaka….

They moved forward through the hill path. Thereupon {We have arrived} the voice of Yatagarasu echoed.

A strong light flickered with a flash in their path.

The sensation of the world changing―as if climbing over a Territory.

When the light that dazzled the eyes vanishes, the surrounding returned to the pitch black darkness. Inside the darkness where he couldn’t even peek through either the sky or the earth, there was only Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai standing side by side.

…Were they already in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave here? Even if they were suddenly thrown out into this kind of darkness, they didn’t know what was it they needed to do.

“Kazuha-senpai.” Kazuki gently took Kazuha-senpai’s hand.

“What’s with you, don’t touch me as you please.”

Hearing words so cold it made him doubt his ears, Kazuki felt his hand get shaken off.

“…Is there something wrong?”

For some reason he intuitively felt weird rather than anxious.

“There is nothing particularly wrong. I have said this all the time right, I hate someone like you. You are being overly-familiar with me. It’s gross.”

Inside the darkness, he couldn’t ascertain her expression. However only the cold gaze piercing him was looking bright.

“…Senpai only says that in your mouth, but I don’t think that senpai really hates me inside.”

“What are you saying? Then try to see it yourself with that special positivity level check of yours.”

Kazuki invoked that ability. Even in his current situation where he was in a mental body in Astrum, he could use magic that was a power of the mind just like usual.

An unbelievable number emerged out.

Tsukahara Kazuha―2

Kazuha-senpai’s voice was becoming increasingly laced with scorn.

“Perhaps you thought that you could understand everything about me with that ability right? How small minded is that thinking of yours. Women are not your toys.”

Something cold ran through Kazuki’s spine.

“Certainly, I have also thought before that this ability is too one-sidedly unfair. But that doesn’t mean that I decide my attitude only based on this power. Even without this, I intend to try to understand my companions.”

Kazuki forcefully gripped back the hand that shook him off.

“Then you are just being drunk with your own mistaken thinking, this narcissist.”

“What senpai is saying is strange.”

“It’s not strange. These are my true feelings. I'm not lying.”

“Certainly, senpai right now doesn’t seem like you are telling any lies. However I believe that it’s highly unlikely for senpai to say that kind of thing to me. …What’s wrong?”


Kazuki stubbornly questioned without averting his eyes from the cold gaze directed at him.

Thereupon after a moment of silence, on the other side of the darkness Kazuha-senpai’s contour melted like mud.

Even the sensation inside his clutching hand vanished. The existence that looked like Kazuha-senpai was disappearing.

It was an imposter. Who was the one that took such a distasteful action…. It made him recall the time he received Miyabi-senpai’s mental attack before. Inside a mental world, it was not strange for anything to happen.

However, even so, don’t fuck around. This kind of Kazuha-senpai is just absurd.

The imposter disappeared, but Kazuki started feeling on edge in his chest.

[Women are not your toys.]

Certainly he had a one-sided power with regards to girls….

If he abused this, then surely he would really make any girl into his toy….

Kazuki recalled how his reasoning was washed away by Hikaru-senpai’s unaware temptation.

…After I possessed this kind of ability, I mustn’t see girls as [an object to fulfill my own desires].

At the same time with Kazuki secretly resolving himself, the space was filled with white light.

{―The two of ye, I’ll recognize that ye are sufficient to establish Yin and Yang.}

A mysterious voice echoed. It was a different voice from Yatagarasu. And then―

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When he next noticed, Kazuki was standing in a strange space. Under his feet was bright yellow, the sky was bright blue. Above the sky was the very picture of round clouds and red sun floating.

As if some child drew this with crayon, it was a space of unmixed color that looked like a two dimensional picture.

The only thing in that space that stuck out like a sore thumb with how real it looked was the gigantic rock mountain that powerfully towered up high in front of their eyes. …Surely this was the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.

Beside Kazuki, there was Kazuha-senpai. Senpai was shaking with slight repeated trembling like a small animal while her eyes were teary.

“Senpai, what’s wrong? By any chance…”

“Hayashizaki…you, are you the real Hayashizaki…?”

The eyes that shined wetly like precious gems stared at Kazuki’s face fixedly.

“What in the world happened?”

“Ha, Hayashizaki said some cruel words to me…. Like my sword skill is just some hack's and that no matter how long I train I won’t improve, that I am the most Totally Worthless student of the Sword Division, or that I’m a Natural Born Totally Worthless[1]…”

“There is really a mean Hayashizaki out there isn’t it? Though if it’s me then I absolutely don’t think of anything like that.”

Rather throughout this whole day he was once again surprised by her talent.

Kazuha-senpai took hold of Kazuki’s hand tightly. It was the very sensation of living flesh itself.

“I, I’m glad…this is the real Hayashizaki…. I knew that you wouldn't say something cruel like that, I believed, but…even so…that cold gaze, was really scary, it was uneasy…”

“Senpai’s imposter too said to me that you hate a harem guy so much.”

“If it was just that much, then normally I always say that so that was really nothing much, right…”

“The way the usual Kazuha-senpai said it was always filled with a lot of love you know.”

“I didn’t fill it with any such thing―!”

She clenched her fist and *poka poka* hit Kazuki’s chest repeatedly.

Kazuki hugged Kazuha-senpai tightly altogether with her hitting arm.

“Senpai…I absolutely won’t say anything cruel to you. No matter what happens.”

“Wha, what’s with you, getting strangely all serious like that. Don’t just hug me as you please-…”

Kazuha-senpai went “Hic-” and sobbed convulsively. She pressed her eyes that were wet with tears on Kazuki’s chest.

Tsukahara Kazuha―98 …There was no mistake this was the real deal.

Kazuki ignored Kazuha-senpai’s frail voice “Get away from me―” and like that he embraced her warmly and softly for a while.

“The both of you, to the <Itsuki☆Channel>-! Welcome~”

Suddenly, a voice echoed. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai parted their bodies and turned to look at the voice’s direction.

In front of the rock wall where there should be no one until now, there was a strange group of three.

The one in the front was a girl wearing a gothic Lolita dress. White skin like an elf's. A high tension smiling face.

At her right side, a pure white bald middle-aged man. An unrealistic outward appearance. That was not the shape of a real human but a deformed appearance like a stuffed toy, a small middle aged man with four heads tall [2]. With white skin that had no color at all, his head and his body were strangely slackening.

On the opposite side at the left, was a shark. Likewise, it was also a shark with a deformed appearance just like a stuffed doll's. It had human limbs growing out of its body and was standing erect.

A goth loli girl, white middle-aged man, shark; it was an incomprehensible trio standing there.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 122.jpg

“Itsuki☆Channel…it was made in Amaterasu’s Territory, a variety space of man and woman’s love.”

The goth loli girl said.

Man and woman’s variety space…?

“Diverse guests are called here for the sake of making Amaterasu delighted. The two guests are made to do various love games and forced to do coupling. As a result with the flirting act of this time’s guests, Amaterasu will be pleased and the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave will be able to be opened isn’t that so―! The main celebrities are I, Amaterasu’s number one friend, Kamimura Itsuki andd―”

The middle-aged man and shark besides her followed after her.

“The proud local character of Ise City, the guy that is often said to have no consistency when chewed, however I, who is famed for the texture of my fluffy skin, the [Ise-Udon-ojisan] [3] and!”

“…Similarly the specialty of Ise [the dipping shark Tarou] forming our group of three…will guide you in this show samee [4]…”

“Yaa―ayy!” The goth loli girl―whose name was Kamimura Itsuki thrust her hand up high.

“This is the start of the carnival oo [5]!!” Ise-Udon-ojisan too wriggled around dancing with his short arms and feet while talking. Beside them, the dipping shark Tarou was groaning “Samee…”.

“…Hayashizaki, what is this…?”

Kazuha-senpai looked scared and drew back her body.

“Uhyo! Frightened expressions are so lovely!!” Ise-Udon-ojisan reacted sharply.

“The guest this time is a beautiful girl Shrine Maiden-san dao! Just from looking I canna’ hold my patience anymore oo, I have to make you girl taste Udon-ojisan’s soft skin oo! Hug with me oo!!”

Ise-Udon-ojisan turned to Kazuha-senpai and with a whoosh he dashed this way.

“Uwa, it came here! It’s scary, gross!!” Kazuha-senpai raised a scream.

“Dangerous, senpai!” Like that, Kazuki immediately covered for Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuki who cut between the two was―’munyuu’ embraced by Udon-ojisan.

“Muh, there is a hindrance oo. But a man is also fine for me oo…. I want you to taste uncle’s thick flavor until you have your fill oo…”

‘Munyuu’, the Oji-san pressed his flabby pure white skin to Kazuki.

“Kazuki-!? You cover for me and become the sacrifice…!”

Kazuha-senpai was worried for Kazuki. But Kazuki was losing his word. This is…it feels so good.

An intoxication one should shudder against, that was what Kazuki was currently feeling.

He was sinking deeper and deeper into Ise-Udon-ojisan’s plump and soft skin. It felt like he was completely buried in the highest grade beads cushion…no, this felt even better than that.

This felt completely like…the texture of Ise udon.

Ise udon―it was a unique udon that was boiled well earnestly until it became soft for the sake of shrine visitors that came visiting Ise from far away, to make digesting the very fat noodle easy on the stomach. The resilience/body that was said to be the most important thing from udon was not there at all. This udon possessed a fluffy and gentle texture.

Ise-Udon-ojisan’s broadmindedness and white fluffy skin were exactly the very thing of Ise Udon itself.

“O, oi Hayashizaki! You, what are you doing making that ecstatic face! Against that kind of uncle as your partner, why are you like that!”

Getting her sanity back, Kazuha-senpai called out to Kazuki from the side.

Even if she said that, because of Ise-Udon-ojisan’s face that was deformed and looked like a cutely disgusting character, there was no disgusting feeling like if he was hugged by a real middle-aged uncle. He didn’t feel bad.

Rather, being enveloped in this gentle sensation made him forget everything unimportant like the real world or whatever, peaceful…he wanted to sleep soundly…. It was a sensation that invited him into depravity.

“Being accepted like this by a handsome guy feels so wonderful oo! Oji-san doesn’t mind even if it’s with a guy oo! Uu, it’s coming! Oji-san, cannot hold it anymore, the piling up shoyu [6] is coming oo!!”

Udon-ojisan caressed his white skin even stronger on Kazuki and gotten highly strung.

“Get a grip on yourself, Hayashizaki! I don’t want to say something like this but, if you, who is the Harem King, gets awakened with a strange sexual fetish here then it’s over for this country you know!?”

With a ‘hah’ face of realization, Kazuki came back to his senses.

Kazuha-senpai’s words were a misunderstanding. The addicted feeling he currently felt was by no means a sexual interest for even a little bit. However if the situation stays like this, then he will forget their objective and fall completely into depravity!

Harem King―he didn’t recognize himself as a person like that but, the instant he heard those words there was one memory that rose to the surface of his mind.

Remember it…I should have experienced a sensation that felt even better than this.

For example, the time when he was strongly hugged by Kaguya-senpai in her Magic Dress that looked almost the same as being naked.

Kazuki pictured the sensation when he was being pressed by Kaguya-senpai’s voluptuous body, then he yelled.

“UOOOOOOO! Kaguya-senpai felt far better compared to this-!!”

Kazuki shook off the invitation to depravity and untangled himself from Ise-Udon-ojisan’s embrace, then he threw the Udon-ojisan to the ground with a judo shoulder throw.

Udon-ojisan went *Besha!* with a splattering sound and crushed flat like a humanoid doll made from clay.

“If, if you do me that violently…the accumulated shoyu is going to com….-!”

Udon-ojisan that was crushed on the ground was shivering in trembles, then pitch black liquid was slowly…spreading out like a puddle of blood. Kazuki felt a shudder spreading on his spine.

“Saying [Kaguya-senpai felt far better], you…what did you imagine just now?”

Kazuha-senpai was looking coldly at Kazuki.

“To overcome Ise-Udon-ojisan’s temptation like that…if it is a normal couple then they will surely meet the collapse of their relationship here you know. Looks like the guests this time are worthy of expectation right, dipping shark Tarou-san…”

The goth loli girl, Kamimura-san said with a whisper.

Dipping shark Tarou-san too nodded with “Samee…”.

…No wait, in the end, what in the world are these people? The meaning of that kind of self-introduction really couldn’t be processed in their heads at all.

Now that he thought back, he had the feeling that the girl said something like [the friend that is the most intimate with Amaterasu].

“By any chance, are you…the contractor of Amaterasu?”

“That’s right. I am Amaterasu’s august container. The one who stands at the summit of all Shrine Maidens, the <Celebration King>. While unfortunate, I’m dead already though.”

The girl announced with her face suddenly turned expressionless like the high tension of hers from before was suddenly blown out.

Part 2[edit]

The girl now talked with a calm tone, completely different from earlier.

“These two are the friends Amaterasu created so that I’m not lonely.”

“I want to make everyone eat Ise udon more oo…I too want to become famous like Sanuki udon oo…”


Kazuki alternately compared the Udon-ojisan that was crushed on the ground and the shark man. They were a somewhat absurd bunch, but this place was Astrum―a mental world, that was why anything could exist.

“For me who is an introverted person that hated school, Amaterasu was the first friend that I made.”

“Because Amaterasu is also someone that hates work with a shut-in disposition, she got along perfectly with Itsuki oo. Both of them always passed their time stuck in front of their PCs everyday oo. Amaterasu doesn’t have a physical body, but on the internet Itsuki and Amaterasu had the same position oo.”

“…They are a duo with the established reputation of pinning down the personal information of riajuu [7] that boasted their crime[8] on the internet and then cornering them thoroughly…they are the Elite Net Policemen samee.”

“Many of their wise sayings were also copy-pasted great number of times and they accomplished getting inducted into the hall of fame. Furthermore they also gathered respect as genius artists of kusokora image [9] oo. They are an unrivaled duo on the internet oo.”

Both Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai that did nothing but sword skill training everyday couldn’t understand the majority of what these three were talking about.

“I don’t really get it but saying things like the summit of the Shrine Maiden or Celebration King sounds quite worldly minded don’t you think?”

“Things like Celebration King is a position that we invented by ourselves as we please oo. We just tend to say it oo.”

Udon-ojisan swung his arms up and down repeatedly while denying.

“Yatagarasu that guided us to this place is not here?”

“He already vanished. Yatagarasu was [the power to influence the real world] still slightly remaining inside my soul that Amaterasu changed into [a messenger to the real world] using magic power and released outside. An existence that is not a Diva and also not a Demon Beast created from kneading together a human’s remaining dregs and a Diva’s magic power…that was only something that I control remotely from here.”

“That’s why if it has to be said, it was only a character that Itsuki acted oo.”

“Acting and also performing a part in one’s own play…are Itsuki’s special skill same…”

Even though it was unclear whether Yatagarasu was an enemy or ally, in its own way it also fought together with them against the God’s reliant as a companion.

So currently it was not necessarily their first time meeting with this girl.

“I lost my real body when I was killed by Susanoo’s Izumo King. However this mind, my soul was carried by Amaterasu into her Territory. And then for my sake, Amaterasu gave her own Territory to me as my playground. That is this <Itsuki☆Channel>. In here anything can be created according to just what I want. However Amaterasu herself that is crucial for this place got weakened and she confined herself completely inside <the Gate of the Celestial Rock cave>.”

“The gate of the Celestial Rock Cave is, so to speak, Amaterasu’s hibernation spot oo. However, even though she restrained her energy consumption to the minimum by hibernating, the physical body of the contractor that became the power supply was lost. Even the Ise Imperial Shrine that is to be Amaterasu’s place to gather faith was completely turned into a Haunted Ground. She is on a one way road to losing her divinity oo.”

“If it keeps like this she is going to vanish…the Diva called Amaterasu is going to be extinguished from Astrum samee…”

Prometheus had said before that a Diva who lost their divinity could recover their divinity gradually from a strong tie with their contractor. Prometheus who received a large damage from an unknown somebody plotted to recover gradually by dwelling inside Lotte’s body.

In this strange place with yellow ground, blue sky and white clouds drawn floating in the sky, Kazuki directed his gaze to the towering rock mountain that felt out of place here―The Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.

The place that stood alone from everything else….

“You two came to meet Amaterasu right? In order to do that Amaterasu needs to be revived even temporarily by supplying her power, to make her able to get out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.”

The goth loli girl―Itsuki-san kept glancing and averting her eyes from the area around Kazuki’s chest while talking.

Her looking down face was pure white like an elf's, as if it never knew something called sunburn.

…He still hadn’t heard the way on how they could supply power to Amaterasu and let her out from the seal of the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave. Futsunushi no Kami dodged the question by saying that [they would understand later], but surely right now was exactly the time.

“How we can let Amaterasu get out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave?”

“To call out Amaterasu to outside, there is a need to hold a carnival to make Amaterasu happy, that is this <Itsuki☆Channel>.” [10]

“This is raising the curtain for the wonder carnival oo!” Udon-ojisan talked while thrusting up his middle fingers in both hands.

“How to supply power for Japanese Mythology’s Diva is by…<Festival> samee…”

“Festival…? So it’s going to be fine if we have fun with everyone having a festival in this place?”

“I also want to supply Amaterasu with power to let her out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, but…it’s impossible for a dour shut-in like me alone because the tension is too low.”

Kamimura-san was *doyoo~on* making a dark face and her shoulders dropped. It even made her white face look pale.

“Because Udon-ojisan and Tarou-san are existences that were created by Amaterasu, it’s useless no matter how high the tension we created oo. It’s no good if it’s not a festival done by humans.”

In the myth, for the sake of pulling out Amaterasu that had confined herself completely inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, the gods carried out a large party besides the rock mountain. Kazuki recalled back such scene in the Japanese legend.

At this time, it was exactly the same situation as that.

“It’s the festival, we are raising our tension zee. UOOOOO―UU!”

Kamimura-san, whose tension was lowered from some time ago, suddenly recovered the tension similar with what she showed when they first met face to face and she raised her fist, she talked with a loud voice.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were unable to go along immediately with this wide gap of tension. They just stared at that sight open-mouthed.

Kamimura-san dropped her raised up fist with a plop and looked down with pale face.

“I’m…always making merry just alone in fruitless effort…. I want to hang myself and die…”

“You're already dead though oo.” Udon-ojisan retorted astutely.

“Ah, no, sorry! We are going to raise the tension! UOOOOO―!”

“UOOOOO―!” Kazuha-senpai too let out a voice that sounded like a boy in sympathy.

“In other words with us three… Me, Kazuha-senpai, and Kamimura-san, if we have fun then it will work out, won't it? Though I still don’t completely understand the specifics of what it is we need to do, but with you two…”

“A threesome is no good just so you know. As I thought, for me that is a little bit…. Please have fun with just the two of you.”

Kamimura-san’s white cheeks blushed with a puff.

Kazuki didn’t get the meaning of threesome and went “Eh?” then he looked at Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuha-senpai was “Eh? Eerr, I, I don’t know. I don’t know!” Like that she swung her neck left and right in a buzz.

“That’s why, what do you mean by having fun?”

“What a festival means here is a lewd festival. I want to ask you two to open a lewd carnival from now on for me.”

‘Eh’, Kazuki stiffened.

“For Amaterasu, she is a goddess that likes lewdness between men and women even more than three meals a day. The yin and yang power that is produced from a man and a woman facing each other right from the front with open and honest hearts, like a magnetic force that can’t help but be drawn to each other as a matter of course. That is the source of energy for Amaterasu. If a lewd festival is not performed in this Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave then Amaterasu won’t respond in the slightest. If you want to open this seal then the two of you should do something lewd.”

“Wa, wait just a second there! What the hell is with that!?”

Kamimura-san's eyes shined glaringly. The girl thrust her fist high to the sky and yelled with a loud voice.

“Even though we were born from everyone doing lewd things, what need is there in being shy saying that you like lewdness huh!?”

When Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai just stood there open-mouthed, Kamimura-san dropped her fist with a plop and hung her head down.

“Looks like I said something strange again…I want to die…”

This child, her tension change’s range was weird.

She wasn’t used to behaving with relaxed and open attitudes. She kept changing from withering on herself to being excited over and over again….

“No…it’s just that we can’t go along with insufficient explanations so, please don’t worry about it.”

Kazuki said to soothe the girl.

“…It’s fine, it’s fine okay Itsuki…These people need me and that’s why they came to this place. My position is the superior one here…I am the absolute strongest person here for sure! There is no need to become timid…Take it easy [11], take it easy okay, Itsuki…”

After the girl finished whispering unclearly “UOOOOOOOO-! I’m giving it my best shot!” she raised her face.

“Japanese Mythology is a mythology that considers the power of <Musubi>[12] as the most sacred power there is. At first the power of <Minakanushi> was born in this world, after that the power of Musubi was born. From there the power of man and woman was born. It’s the power of life’s blessing. That are Izanagi and Izanami. That Izanagi and Izanami performed <country birth>, giving birth to Japan, Amaterasu too was also born there.”

“By the way Musubi and Izanagi - Izanami are existences with an even higher rank than Amaterasu, however they are closer as being a concept rather than being gods oo. They are beings that are even more vague than Ise-Udon-ojisan oo.”

“Minakanushi…that might be the interpretation that Japanese Mythology uses to explain Astrum…samee. Mythologies dispute with each other over establishing [how to interpret the world]…samee.”

Udon-ojisan and dipping shark Tarou supplement the explanation with serious faces.

“The enthusiasm of <Festivals> grants energy to gods. If the god in concern is a god of weather or earth then an appreciation festival for good harvest will be hold, but if it concerns Amaterasu then there is nothing else other than holding a Festival of blessing for life. In the first place even [the anecdote of the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave] was from the scene of Ame no Uzume dancing naked in front of the male gods raising a large serving. The function of the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave is established in the myth.”

“When you explained this like that seriously it feels like I can’t help but consent but…however, something like a lewd carnival, concretely what do we have to do…”

“About that, it’s just like in the myth, by dancing naked…both of you face each other and if together you two do a strip show and get excited together, the power born from there will be taken in by Amaterasu.”

“”Strip show!?”” Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai had matched voices.

“Samee…just like that samee…”

The dipping shark Tarou had its cheek reddened with a puff, it covered its face with both hands squirmed in place.

“Dipping shark Tarou is unexpectedly innocent oo. It’s fine oo, while you two do that we will get lost oo. We can give some consideration about that much oo.”

“I too will get lost there. By no means will I record the image of your appearances and use them as material for kusokora, so rest assured.”

That consideration saved them trouble, but there was a trouble in an even more fundamental level than that.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai reflexively turned their face at each other and had their eyes meet. Their face turned bright red.

“The sufficiency of the relationship between you two to establish Yin and Yang has been ascertained already.”

Hearing those words, Kazuki recalled his encounter with the impostor Kazuha-senpai just moments before they arrived in this space. …Although he became happy that Kazuha-senpai too was not led astray by his impostor.

“But the upfrontness is still not enough. One of you is unable to open your heart to the other party.”

Kamimura-san didn’t clearly direct her sight to anyone in particular, but he saw her take a glance to Kazuha-senpai’s direction. Kazuha-senpai’s shoulders shook with a twitch.

“Falsehood is unnecessary in a festival before a god. If you dance naked without completely opening your heart, your feelings that try to cover up your true emotions will obstruct the energy that will be born from the attraction between Yin and Yang.”

“OHHYOOOOOOOU! NAKED FESTIVAL OO!! …you need that vigor around that much for this oo.”

“You will throw away something important as a human doing that don’t you think…”

When Kazuki said that from lack of nerve, Kamimura-san immediately denied with “A festival is exactly something like that!”

“Transcending above reason, the true essence of a festival is located in the extraordinary. What is called festival only has its worth after you throw away all your reasoning!!”

Kazuha-senpai shrank away saying “I can’t believe it, that must be a lie.”

“If, if you say something like that…”

“I understand your feelings of hesitation. Because I too have the disposition of hardships in conveying my true feelings honestly…. However this place is <Itsuki☆Channel>. A mental world where anything can happen according to my will. Cooperate with us so that you can become honest to your true feelings.”

“Ojisan and others will make you two, ‘AHYOOOOOOOOOU! NAKED FESTIVAL OO!!’, we will raise your tension like that for sure oo!!”

“Wha, that’s really scary! That’s personality breaking!!”

“I have said it right in the beginning already, this Itsuki☆Channel is something for the sake of recovering my Amaterasu. A romance variety space that forcefully coupling the guest’s man and woman relationship.”

“So that strange tension that looks like a TV show act was not just a random setting?”

“Jaa―nn! Dice Talk Corner!!”

“Samee…” When dipping shark Tarou raised both its hands, a white light flashed there, then a colorful large dice was created.

“On the surfaces of this dice, one of your names and the theme of the talk are written! And then when someone holds this dice then that person won’t be able to tell a lie in his own heart, and he won’t be able to stop talking honestly about the theme that appears! Come, hold this.”

“I, I don’t want to! I don’t want to hold that kind of weird dice!”

When Kamimura-san presented the dice to Kazuha-senpai, Kazuha-senpai was suddenly scared and disliked it.

“It’s fine. Even though I said those things but this dice doesn’t have an absolute compelling power. Itsuki☆Channel is a mental world that goes according to my mind but you two are foreign substance that are not a part of this world.”

“It won’t drag out until even your true opinion that you seriously don’t want to say oo.”

“The power that this dice holds is only to the degree to catch thoughts that you [Cannot say…however actually I want him to know] from the bottom of your heart and drag it out. This dice is the personification of the <Power of Festivals> that is [to make you able to become someone that makes merry and forget one’s troubles even more than your usual self].”

After that with a small voice in a whisper she said, “If you seriously refuse this, then I’ll just make you not exist in this world you know? Ku-ku-ku-“ Kamimura-san nonchalantly whispered.

[They are going to be expelled from this space if they are opposed of this.]

For Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai, that will mean the failure of the operation.

“Let’s do this just three times. If we do that, then half the times the name that will appear is not going to be yours. It’s also possible that it will finish without you needing to say anything even once. Come now.”

Kamimura-san whispered as if removing the obstacles in the way. Timidly Kazuha-senpai then,

“Is it really true, the thing that I seriously don’t want to say is not going to become a theme?” she asked like so.

“It’s the truth. I promise you. Ku-ku-ku-“ Kamimura-san smiled. Though it was an awkward smile from someone that normally didn’t smile and looked unused of the act. Moreover her eyes were subtly not looking at Kazuha-senpai’s way.

“Hayashizaki, are you going to do this?”

With an expression as if hanging onto him somehow, Kazuha-senpai looked up at Kazuki.

“I…I don’t have anything to hide from Kazuha-senpai after all.”

“…I got it. …I’ll do it. This dice, I just throw it?”

While the dipping shark Tarou nodded, it presented the dice to Kazuha-senpai. At the same time when Kazuha-senpai accepted the dice, “…I’ll absolutely make Hayashizaki’s turn come out.” She murmured with slightly desperate tone of voice.

Ise-Udon-ojisan and dipping shark Tarou produced vuvuzela[13] from somewhere, “Bu~bu~♪” they cheered on Kazuha-senpai with languid music.

“Eii-!” Inserting her fighting spirit, Kazuha-senpai threw the dice.

With a loud voice, Kamimura-san read up the side of the dice that appeared.

“Jaa―an! What came out is…Tsukahara Kazuha-san as the person that has to talk! The subject is the person that is her first love!”

“Eeh!? Me!? …The person that is my first love is…Kazu-kun. Be, because there was no other boy that was kind to me at all! I didn’t have friends! Uwaa―!? My mouth really moved by itself!!”

“What part of him were you attracted to?”

Toward senpai whose face was boiling red instantly, Kamimura-san questioned just like a television reporter.

“Tha, that’s…I mean the men in my surroundings, all of them just kept making fun of my sword skills…. But Kazu-kun is different, moreover, he wasn’t just flattering but every piece of advice he gave me was all true, so he really looked carefully at me…. Actually, I also want him to be together with me and always be kind to me outside of fighting too…au au au au―! Wh, why am I saying this kind of thing―!”

“…Kazu-kun, why do you call him that? Normally you don’t call him that though.”

Even while Kazuha-senpai was trembling in vibration as if she couldn’t believe herself, she still answered the question.

“Lo, looking at Amasaki-san calling him Kazu-nii and fawning at him…got me thinking that I want to be spoiled like that too…but my character is not like that, I’m the older one…. …I, I feel that I’m not cute like Amasaki-san……I don’t want already―! Stop it, don’t ask anymore―!!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a loud voice, picked up the dice, and then she kept hitting *poka poka* at that deadly weapon.

“I’m sorry, senpai right now is awfully cute. Please call me Kazu-kun more.”

When Kazuki unintentionally loosened his expression, Kazuha-senpai yelled “Fugyaa―!!”

“Your first love is it…. This theme, I wonder how I will answer if I got hit with this?”

Kazuki spontaneously pondered.

“……The first person I became conscious of as a different sex, was it Kanae? But there is this reluctance to admit that I love that girl. Also in our middle school period we were doing nothing but sword arts all the time, so the time flew instantly until the entry to the Knight Academy…Is it Mio who I reunited with, or is it Kaguya-senpai that was kind to me, which of them is the earliest one? No, but this is not something to say in front of Kazuha-senpai though. Thank god I didn’t get hit with this theme…”

“Your mouth is moving too you know!?”

Getting retorted by Kazuha-senpai, Kazuki noticed that his thoughts were spilling out from his mouth. Suddenly realizing, Kazuki pressed his own mouth. Because Kazuha-senpai kept hitting the dice that the effect of the dice also got applied to Kazuki.

“Senpai, please don’t force that kind of dangerous dice until it got me too!”

“Ahahahahaha! See―rves you right!!” Kazuha-senpa who became teary-eyed laughed madly in self-abandonment.

“Let’s do this rapidly―! Well then Kazuha-san, the dice!”

“Uwaaaaaaaa! This time for sure Hayashizaki come out!”

“Then I’ll read it! The one who has to talk is Tsukahara Kazuha-san! The subject of the talk is, where is the place you want to go on a date with him!?”

“Amusement park!” Kazuha-senpai reflexively answered.

“For a long time I had no friends other than Kohaku and Futsunushi no Kami, so there is never a time that I have gone to that kind of place! I want to line up for attractions, joining arms with Kazu-kun while eating churros-!”

“Then when we safely return home, let’s go to an amusement park.”

“Really-! I’m looking forward to it! It’s a promise okay!!? Absolutely okay!!?”

“The mood really got considerably warmer hasn’t it? Well then the next one!”

“This time for sure Hayashizakii―!!”

Kazuha-senpai sent the dice flying using a tornado throw style.

“The one who has to talk is Kazuha-san!” After chasing the dice, Kamimura-san gave her verdict.

“Until the very last it’s still me!? Whyy…”

Now that she said that…In this Itsuki☆Channel almost everything went just like what Kamimura-san was thinking, that was what she told them before. The exception was only him and Kazuha-senpai who were the outsiders here…And of course the result the dice was going to show, was inside the palm of Kamimura-san all this time. Kazuha-senpai who had a temper was splendidly getting screwed here.

“The subject of the talk is, [why can't you be honest?]”

Looking at those bulls-eye designation that came out from the dice that was thrown, Kazuki felt an unnaturalness.

“That subject, what is going to happen if it gets me? I’m always honest however…”

“Tsukahara-san, please tell us your answer.”

“That’s…because since I met him I kept continuing to say to Kazu-kun that he is shameless or a harem guy and so on, yet now this late, if I say that I love Kazu-kun too, then I am also going to become completely shameless…. Despite me being the older one here, saying that kind of overly embarrassing…”

“Senpai, I will not think of a person that feels love for me as shameless, absolutely.”

“Kazu-ku…uuuu! The truth is I like Kazu-kun so much-! The truth is that I understand you are not someone shameless, even how Kazu-kun properly considers me as someone important too…!”

“Naturally. I will use up my everything and make everyone happy.”

Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai tightly. Kazuha-senpai didn’t resist anymore being embraced like that.

“Kazu-kun…I love you…” Kazuha-senpai became obedient like a different person.

Tsukahara Kazuha―100

“Right now, the hearts of the two are completely open to each other, the preparations for Yin and Yang power generation are in order oo!”

Ise-Udon-ojisan stopped his vuvuzela performance and announced.

“When this Dice Corner is over, this time there is also the preparation for [Ero-Ero Twister Game that will make you unable to say ‘Something like dancing naked is embarrassing’ already], but…somehow it looks like it’s unnecessary. …It’s a little disappointing.”

Kamimura-san said while holding some kind of improper sheet and roulette in her hands.

“Well then this is Dancing Time oo! How you dance is supposed to just well out from your heart by itself oo!!”

“Samee…it’s like that samee…”

Instantly, with a flash their surroundings became dark. Everyone else’s presence vanished inside the darkness, there was nobody else reflected on their eyes except Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai mutually. The atmosphere of the place was containing a strange magic power.


He didn’t understand things like how to dance. However the two of them naturally joined their hands and took the steps. Their bodies moved by themselves. The start of the dance was―an elegant step like a waltz.

There was no music at all accompanying them. It was in the middle of silence like a stretching string, but the two of them felt the birth of a natural rhythm that could only be heard just by them. Step, step and then a large turn drawing an arc, turn and turn waltzing, matching a flowing movement of each other their bodies swung. Their dance movements displayed the compilation of the most beautiful movement possible by the human body.

Both their faces simultaneously drew near each other, they stared at each other with an ecstatic expression. The rhythm resembling a waltz restrained their passion, the elegant sense of distance produced a painful throbbing like the time when love began to grow in their chest.

Before long the rhythm changed. What next enveloped them was a rhythm that sounded like jitterbug. Their steps naturally also transformed into crisp flow. Their movement became speedy. The connection of their positivity level just like that became unison, there was no disarray at all in their breath.

Their connected hands pulled their bodies closer to each other. Unintentionally smiling faces escaped from their expression with this light sense of distance―exactly a distance between fellow lovers.

Like a man and woman repeating their date, the rhythm changed even further. A rhythm that carved a sharp staccato. Both their sense of distance connected even more sensually, their steps increased even more in passion.

This dance where their bodies moved by themselves was thrilling in some respects, making them want each other strongly.

“Kazuha-senpai…” “Kazu-kun…”

Both of their faces came near until just before kissing, their lips said each other’s name harmoniously.

The instant they wanted each other, the clothing both of them were wearing were becoming transparent. Kazuki’s rugged body, and then Kazuha-senpai’s soft fleshy female body became exposed. Both of them continued to dance without trying to hide anything. Forgetting their shyness, they watched each other’s body in fascination while dancing. A large heart of positivity level up was flying at him.

The rhythm changed. To a rhythm of salsa that played their carnality in a primitive sense. Both of them still in their appearance when they were just born danced, their hips with even more intensity than so far. They not only treaded steps but also hoisted up their legs high, laying bare everything of their bodies. They entwined their bodies together with their partner's.

“Senpai…you are extremely beautiful.”

“Kazu-kun too…I love you…”

Both of their breaths became rougher little by little. The dance that laid everything of the body bare even divulged the changes that happened in each other’s flesh. Kazuki’s body increased its vigor even more, while Kazuha-senpai’s body was going even more intoxicated and moist.

The pulsation of their hearts unified with the rhythm and ran amok. Right there the dance of the two of them was over. Both of them lost the form called a dance. Both of them embraced each other intensely in insatiable lust, each of their highly strung naked bodies, whether the places that were different between man and woman or the places where something was building up were pressing at each other like animals.

Kazuki plundered Kazuha-senpai’s lips. Kazuha-senpai too responded to that and met their lips together as if inhaling each other’s everything to exhaustion. Inside the silence, sounds of water and souns of air leaking out echoed.

Kazuki felt how Kazuha-senpai opened her heart completely and was wanting of him.

If that’s how it is then, instead of constantly enduring already…. Like this they….

It was right at that instant when such thoughts emerged out inside Kazuki’s head.

“Kazuha-senpai…!” “Kazu-kun…I’m already…!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 139.jpg


A rude voice so loud as if it tore apart the world echoed inside the darkness. At that time the darkness surrounding them was evidently torn apart and light returned to the world.

When he noticed Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai had returned to that space in front of the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.

And then one surface of the rock wall of the towering rock mountain’s front raised a sound of *GOGOGOGO!* that they could hear clearly. The wall opened and from the other side a dazzling light shined. A thin silhouette emerged out from that light.

The silhouette approached here for a few steps. *GOGOGOGO!* raising that sound the rock door was closing and the light that dazzled the eyes was gone.

The owner of that silhouette was…a dark haired young girl wearing a dark red jersey.

Rather than saying she was a young girl, with her age it was better to call her a little girl.

“Goo―od morning desu nyan.” Saying that, the little girl raised one of her hands.

“Amaterasu!” Unnoticed by them, Kamimura-san had returned and yelled.

“Long time no see nyan, Itsuki-chan.”

“Amaterasu, how could you leave me behind and shut yourself inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave! Idiot Idiot!!”

With a hard squeeze, Kamimura-san clung to the jersey little girl―Amaterasu.

“Sorry―. When Itsuki was killed by those idiots, on top of losing my strength somehow it felt like no matter what happens it really doesn’t matter anymore ‘kay―. Though right now I still feel indifferent about various things anyway―”

“Idiot! Even if I die…Even so, as long as Amaterasu is at my side then that’s all I need!”

While brushing gently the head of Kamimura-san that began to leak out a crying voice gradually, that little girl―Amaterasu directed a relieved smile at Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai.

“I had heard the situation of you two from my only outside contact channel, through Yatagarasu and Futsunushi no Kami. …Somehow it looks like the Divas of Japanese Mythology have caused trouble to the gentlemen of Solomon's 72 Pillars haven't they? Sorry nyan.”


Kazuki was dumbfounded, and it showed in his tone, but first there was something that he had to say right from the beginning no matter what.

“…Anyway first, could you somehow do something about our clothes?”

Kazuki entreated while he and Kazuha-senpai hugged each other tightly to hide their bodies from Amaterasu and Kamimura-san. They were still in their birthday suits.

The ero-ero atmosphere disappeared as if sucked completely by Amaterasu.

Part 3[edit]

“GUWAHHAHHA! It turned out just as I planned, how joyous, how joyous!!”

After Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai made their appearances to where they could come out in front of other people again using Kamimura-san’s power, Futsunushi no Kami immediately emerged. Kazuki glared at the human-faced sword that finally showed his face.

“Isn’t it mostly just an excuse when you said that it went just as planned. You didn’t tell any lies, but you were awfully stingy with information and it restricted our actions.”

“…But if I told you upfront that you had to do this kind of thing to release Amaterasu from her seal, then you wouldn’t have come to this place together with Kazuha right? Try to imagine it.”

Kazuki imagined in his mind.

[To return Amaterasu to her sanity there is the need for two people to do a lewd festival in front of the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.]

Inside Kazuki’s imagination, first Mio and Kanae would rampage. Next Kaguya-senpai would secretly hatch a plot, Koyuki and Hikaru-senpai would sulk feeling that they wouldn’t get taken along anyway. It was a scene of carnage.

Kazuha-senpai surely wouldn’t try to push aside the other girls and nominate herself.

In which case…he wouldn’t obtain a chance like this where Kazuha-senpai could become this honest.

Kazuki turned his sight to Kazuha-senpai who was hanging her head down with a bright red face.

“I wanted to bring along Kazuki and Kazuha here! I thought that this is a good chance to make that Kazuha, who would always be hard-headed no matter how much time passes become honest! Good for you huh Kazuha, GUWAHHAHHA!!”

…So that’s his objective!

He had always thought of Futsunushi no Kami as suspicious all along, but it never crossed his mind that he would even do such a thing to that degree!

“Yo, youuu―! So you thought of such a thing! I’m not particularly…who cares about Kazuki-!”

“Eh, you didn’t think for even a little huh? Eh?”

“…Ugii―!” Like that Kazuha-senpai grinded her teeth.

“Wait, just now senpai, you called me Kazuki. You won’t call me Kazu-kun anymore? Even though until just now you were that honest and fawned on me like that…”

When Kazuki showed his dejection, Kazuha-senpai’s face became red again.

“Just stop saying that kind of thing to make fun of me―! You idiot―!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a yell and hit Kazuki’s chest repeatedly. Tsukahara Kazuha―119

“I…I did a terrific thing…just, what kind of face should I make here…”

Remembering the things that the both of them did, Kazuha-senpai hid her face with both her hands and leaned over completely.

{Everything is over without any quarrel happening in your harem, it’s two birds with one stone! GUWAHHAHHA!!}

“So you thought that far ahead…For this favor of preventing the crisis to my King’s harem, I’ll give you my appreciation.”

Beside Futsunushi no Kami who was laughing heartily, Lemegeton also showed her appearance.

The jersey wearing Amaterasu compared Lemegeton and Kazuki with her gaze restlessly moving between the two.

Then Amaterasu talked with a slow voice and a face void of any motivation.

“Anyhow, I will introduce myself once again. I am a chief god of Japanese Mythology, Amaterasu. My special skill is to be a shut-in, my hobby is net surfing. Each time Ise Imperial Shrine is rebuilt I am born again and become a little girl like this. Best regards. Solomon's King, my thanks to you for coming this far nyan.”

Kazuki recalled the story he heard from Futsunushi no Kami and Yatagarasu.

After Amaterasu enthroned her contractor Kamimura-san as Wakoku King, she would swear loyalty to Lemegeton. Kamimura-san, who became the Wakoku King would be presented to the King of Solomon, Kazuki, and become a subordinate king.

Basically, the chief god of the Japanese Mythology, Amaterasu and the Wakoku King would obey Solomon's 72 Pillars.

On top of that, with Kazuki’s victory against Aisu Ikousai who was the Izumo King, Amaterasu would regain her true power and Kazuki would become an Emperor that was accompanied by both sides of Japanese Mythology and Solomon's Mythology in its truest meaning.

When all the Japanese Divas have to follow Kazuki, they would return to their senses from their Wild God state….

“Uh huh, that line of thought is correct nyan.”

Amaterasu said as if she was reading Kazuki’s thoughts.

“I, after I thought that Itsuki-chan’s personality was not suited for fighting, I hesitated to grant her the throne as King. Doing that means pushing the destiny of fighting with Susanoo’s Izumo King on her after all, so…”

“You chose Kamimura-san as your contractor even though she is not suited for fighting?”

“Because, she is the best partner that I can get along well with, you see―”

“Amaterasu…” Kamimura-san clung to Amaterasu’s small body.

“I chose my contractor based on my hobby, but because that guy Susanoo looked for combat ability in earnest to choose his contractor―. What is interesting from doing such a boorish thing―, I thought, but…Japan’s best swordsman, Aisu Ikousai…Itsuki-chan is no match against that kind of fellow―”

“I got killed instantly…” Kamimura-san murmured in a whisper.

“More accurately I quickly got magic intoxicated by Aisu Ikousai, after that, the swordsmen of Yamato’s government were hacking me apart all at once zaku zaku―. My state at that time was already like a Japanese katana hedgehog see, my main temple also got completely bloodstained. I was already into an extremely foolish Stick Final Reality Bun Bun Dream [14] you know. Ah, this is slang that were popular a long time ago. Amaterasu-san loves such things.”

He didn’t understand anything she was saying just now.

“I want you all to protect Itsuki-chan and the Japanese Mythology. Japanese Mythology doesn’t even request faith, we don’t even hold any antagonism toward other Mythologies, our [will for power] had completely decayed. We are similar with how Solomon's Mythology also doesn’t seek piety, but we are also different with them who hold strong antagonism and a rebellious spirit towards other Mythologies. You all are continuing to be a Mythology that can fight.”

Antagonism and a rebellious spirit―Kazuki recalled Baal as the first and then Belial, Amon, Gremory, there were many guys like them that were originally gods from different Mythologies but were now included in Solomon's 72 Pillars. Other than gods there were also fallen angels and demons that accounted for a large number among the Pillars.

A Disgraced Mythology…that might be their motive for fighting.

Kazuki turned his sight to Leme in a glance but―Leme didn’t try to say anything.

“For the time being, I am the chief god of Japanese Mythology that symbolizes the blessing of life but…with just my power alone I cannot go as far as recreate the body of Itsuki-chan that had died.”

…Even if she had the vast magic power of a Diva, surely creating a [complex vessel] called the human body from nothing was a difficult thing.

That was why even a Diva like Loki stole a human’s physical body and remade it into his own.

“By borrowing the strength of Solomon's Mythology, and if it’s added with my power, I think it’s possible to recreate Itsuki-chan’s physical body somehow. It will probably only become an incomplete body that won’t last very long but…if a bond is created between you and Itsuki-chan and a lot of magic power can be drawn from that circuit, in that state I think she can obtain a long life span.”

So what she said was that the more the girl’s positivity level increased―the longer she could live.

“…King of Solomon. Please, I want to entrust the matter of this girl to you. I don’t want to make Itsuki-chan die with her condition staying like this.”

Kazuki recalled the atmosphere of isolation that Kamimura-san sometimes showed in her conversations with him.

At the time when someone is shivering from loneliness, if there is no one that reached their hand to them, then….

“I understood. About this girl, I will protect her.”

Of course by doing that then the objective of this infiltration mission would also be achieved.

“I’m glad…Itsuki-chan only got dragged into this because of me, that’s why…”

Relief right from the heart appeared in Amaterasu’s expression and she smiled broadly.

“Though for me…it’s not worth worrying about.”

At the side Kamimura-san murmured with a sigh.

“I’m not particularly worried…it’s fine as long as I can play with Amaterasu in this <Itsuki☆Channel>…I don’t really get it even if you say something like conquering or love…”

Hearing those words, Amaterasu turned a sad face at her.

“…It’s not good you know Itsuki-chan, saying that kind of thing. You got embroiled in this and died after all, so it’s no good unless you get angrier. That you can completely say that this is not worth worrying about emotionlessly like that is a really sad thing.”

“Why do you say that, even though Amaterasu is also a shut-in?”

“Because I’m also the god of the Sun, so I also know about the matter of the outside properly. Itsuki-chan…I can say confidently that escaping reality is a chain of reality. Even this <Itsuki☆Channel> too, the more it becomes abundant with reality it will become an even more enjoyable place. Because despite how this place is supposed to go just according to your thoughts, isn’t there nothing here except the ground and the sky spreading out? That’s why…let’s go back together to the outside world? Let out your courage.”

“If Amaterasu say so…I got it…”

“Thank you. Because, I think you will surely not regret it. …Kazuki-kun, take care of this child. Even about how you are a kind person, I have seen it through the eyes of Yatagarasu from this Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave. Susanoo has joined hands with Loki but…I think there is nobody else that I can entrust with the Japanese Mythology except you.”

Next Amaterasu turned to Leme’s direction with a twirl. Because Leme too had began to gradually grow, when the two stood side-by-side Amaterasu was the one that looked considerably younger.

“Well then, I too am pledging my allegiance to the Divas of Solomon dee―su. Together with three meals a day and a nap please!”

“Uh huh. The three meals that Leme’s contractor makes every day are delicious you know! It’s a joy in life!!”

“…Delicious, meal.” Kamimura-san’s eyes brightened for just a little.

At that time, Kazuki’s Stigmata shined, it caused an avatar that emerged out naturally.

Kamimura Itsuki―25

“With this you too hold the position of Solomon's King and the Wakoku King simultaneously, becoming an Emperor. Though I still cannot bestow you with the [King’s Authority] of the Japanese Mythology. For that you need to defeat Izumo's King and become the true King of the Japanese Mythology, and on top of that, if the positivity level from Itsuki-chan is not high then I cannot give you the present nyan.”

Amaterasu turned to Kazuki and said so. It was still attached with requirements but, with this Kazuki became able to obtain not only the power that Leme could grant but also the power that could be granted from Amaterasu.

Enormous power and the responsibility to handle it―Kazuki swallowed his saliva with a gulp.

One more step forward, he had arrived here far faster compared than he had imagined he would.

“Well then, be happy and lively and let’s get out―! Transform, Work Mode!!”

Amaterasu abruptly yelled and took a pose like a transforming hero. At that moment, powerful radiance like the sun was emitted from her forehead―that appearance of hers made a complete change.

Wearing a golden diadem that could be mistaken as the sun, putting on a rainbow colored coat with large sleeves and an ancient skirt that extended largely tied with a kimono's sash. An appearance of an outfit from ancient times that overflowed with majesty.

“A, Amaterasu-sama…”

Looking at that majestic appearance, Kazuki reflexively called her by adding [-sama].

“I wanted to make an entrance with this appearance from the start…”

Amaterasu turned to face Kazuki and made a broad grin.

“But I’m the type that wanted to make an intimate first impression after all―”

“Amaterasu in a jersey is the most appropriate you know.” Kamimura-san opposed against Kazuki’s words like that.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The two titles there are said in English
  2. Ratio of total height to length of the head
  3. Udon, a type of noodle. Oji-san mean mister or uncle or old man
  4. This shark guy always adds -same in the end of his sentences. Same mean shark in Japanese.
  5. Same as the shark, Udon-ojisan also adds -oo in the end of his sentences.
  6. Japanese soy sauce
  7. Person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life
  8. It’s unclear whether the crime meant here is a real crime or the crime of riajuu being damn riajuu
  9. Kuso here means shit while the kora is from the word collage. In Japan this is a term for a collage image that is like shit. Shit in the sense that the image has unclear or negative meanings.
  10. Might be late for this, But Itsuki speaks with the style of a refined lady. Yatagarasu speaks with polite language. While when she first appeared Itsuki spoke like an energetic girl
  11. She is talking in English here
  12. This is the name of the god even before Izanami and Izanagi.
  13. South African plastic blowing horn
  14. I have no idea what in the hell this sentence means.

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