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Chapter 4 – The Descent of God’s Descendant[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Cracks ran through the space of <Itsuki☆Channel>.

The light that was produced from those cracks repainted the area in the blink of an eye.

When they noticed, Kazuki, Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san had returned once again to Yomotsu Hirasaka.

“…It’s better if we hurry through the return path. [Those guys] will be coming when they catch the scent of a living person.”

Kamimura-san said that and began running down the slope.

Feeling unrest in those words, both Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai complied with her.

Without even needing to ask, they soon became aware of the meaning of those words.

Kazuki and the others felt an eerie presence behind them. When they looked back while running, a distortion appeared in the space far beyond their back. Human shadows emerged out from there.

Old women were born from the space behind them. Not just one person. One after another countless old women were created. Those old women looked down the hill and sprinted with all their strength in their direction!

“…That’s Yomotsu Shikome. The old women who leads the evil spirits that live in Yomotsu Hirasaka.”

Kamimura-san explained while desperately running without even looking back.

The space behind them was still distorting even further. What appeared from there was not only old women, even more small living things that looked like demons were created in swarms.

“That’s Yomotsu Ikusa. Evil spirits that are the soldiers of Yomotsu Hirasaka.”

Inside the darkness even more lights were arising in flickers *bachi bachi*, eight large globes of light scattering sparks burst out. These too were coming in pursuit of Kazuki and the others from behind by flying.

“That’s Yakusano Ikadzuchi. Yomotsu welcomes the people that come to this world, however they didn’t allow people to leave. They are coming to chase you around and drag you back. If you are captured by those, you will get a serious sickness like magic intoxication and you won’t be able to wake up anymore in the real world.”

Hearing those words Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai went ‘Hieee’ and panicked. The old women that came running at them at full power were especially scary.

“Why are they here?”

“When they think that humans of the present world are trying to go to a world of a different dimension, a suitable compensation is needed. Although I’m really sorry that Yatagarasu didn’t explain that at all and still invited you two here.”

Kazuki and the others began to descend down Yomotsu Hirasaka at full speed.

…Nevertheless this was a mysterious sensation. It had been like this since they came to the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave but their body senses felt awfully real, their consciousness felt far too clear compared to when they fell into magic intoxication and wandered around Astrum. The sensation of running down Yomotsu Hirasaka felt as if their physical bodies were really there.

Kazuki, who was still in the clothes they arrived here in, still had his katana attached on his hip. It looks like they could also turn back just like this and exchange blows with them.

“…Now that you mentioned it, whatever happened to our real bodies right now? A fairly long time has passed, and isn’t it dangerous to leave our bodies lying around under the floor of the main temple?”

“…The state of you two right now is not as simple as a separation between the mind and body…huff huff.”

While running with her goth loli skirt trailing behind, Kamimura-san gave her response.

“Your state is completely different compared to when you fall into magic intoxication with your mind wandering inside Astrum. What is called Yomotsu Hirasaka is a tunnel that connects one world with another, but it also breaks down [an existence that belong under reality] like you and converts you into [an existence that belong under Astrum]. It’s something a little more complicated than just dragging your mind into Astrum …huff huff! There is no danger of yourself breaking up so it’s okay, you are the you that is properly living here right now. Un, understand?”

Even though Kazuki still took a little time.

“So Yomotsu Hirasaka is an entrance where people can enter the mental world’s Astrum altogether with their physical body?”

“That comprehension is correct. What is called Astrum is a world where a maelstrom of colossal power that distorted reality whirled, [it’s defined by the mind], then such an entrance was created. And then the Divas of Japanese Mythology possessed the power to open and close this entrance…huff haa! Huff, when we are running desperately like this, don’t make me explain such complicated things…. I’m not like you two that are in the healthy faction after all…”

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s breathing weren't ragged even a little bit, but Kamimura-san who just gave out a drawn-out explanation was breathing ragged and in pants. Kazuki lifted her up from the side with ‘hyoi’ and carried her in a princess carry.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice.”

“Eh? Tha- thank you.” Kamimura-san’s eyes opened wide.

After that she panicked one beat late.

“I- I wasn’t appealing to you with my tiredness and pressing you or anything for this!”

“I’m not particularly thinking of anything like that you know?”

“Do- doing things like this and being kind to me without any reason at all is just…. Uuu, I cannot calm down. Are- are you okay? You are not tired? I’m not heavy?”

Kamimura-san was bewildered with a sobby expression.

“You are so absurdly light that it makes me worried when I’m carrying you like this, Kamimura-san.”

“Those guys chasing us from behind, are they strong if we fight them?”

Kazuha-senpai asked Kamimura-san from the side.

“Their level is just a little stronger than your average Demon Beast. What is troublesome is their unlimited numbers that keep gushing forth. But it’s okay. Because the speed of your running is above theirs, like this they cannot overtake us. The distance between us and them is widening very quickly.”

“That’s the case if there is no one that will become a hindrance to us.”

Kazuki opened his mouth as if interrupting the wishful observation of Kamimura-san. …That was exactly it, just a wishful observation. Kazuki had already sensed the presence of someone ahead of them as they finished descending this hill.

“That's true isn’t it, if the situation had developed like this, it will be more unnatural if they don’t ambush us here instead.”

“Kazuki…this presence…”

Kazuha-senpai also noticed what was going on.

When they finished descending the hill―before the long silhouettes of three people emerged out on their path.

“…I, who am the King of Susanoo can sense it you know. It appears that you have inherited the authority of Amaterasu haven’t you, swordsman of the Hayashizaki-style! With this the both of us have become destined existences even further! The two people that are battling for the seat of the strongest swordsman, and then as the two people vying for the throne of the Japanese Mythology’s true King!”

Aisu Ikousai! And the two waiting at her back, the possessed Takasugi brothers!!


The Takasugi brothers howled like beasts. While those howls were audible from below the slope it was like the damned inside hell―the brothers’ silhouettes distorted like jelly while yelling.

The silhouettes of the two [lost the shape of humans and they were melting away like dissolving mud.]

What in the world? Sensing the unknown phenomenon from afar, Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai reflexively stopped. However the army of Yomotsu was approaching from behind. This was exactly like the situation of a tiger by the front gate and a wolf at the rear gate.

From Kazuki’s arms, Kamimura-san jumped down with a hop.

“…I’ll hold back those who come from behind. Ha- Hayashizaki, -san please take care of Susanoo.”

She appeared to be a little nervous when calling a person’s name.

“Will you be fine alone against that army?”

“I have Anthropophobia [1], that’s why that kind of opponent is easier for me. Besides, as far as it goes I can use the power of Amaterasu too…so, I can fight a little.”

In front of the approaching Yomotsu army, the girl performed Access.

“…O aurora of blessing ascending to the heavens! Thy name is <Amaterasu Oomikami>! O light of affection wishing not for conflict, just for now reside in my hand, become the bow and arrow of flashes that pierces through everything!”

Kamimura-san’s goth loli clothes were wrapped by light and broke down, transforming into her Magic Dress.

That Magic Dress’ appearance was like the sublime ancient outfit of Amaterasu’s working mode, it was simplified just like that for the sake of ease in battle.

In what way would this girl fight―he was deeply interested but he had no composure left to ascertain that with his own eyes.

Kazuki faced the group of three standing in his way.

“GAAAAAAAAA…!” The Takasugi brothers were still screaming even now.

Losing their human shape, the two that had turned into a small mountain of muddy flesh began to swell and bubble as if something was going to be born from their insides. The swelling silhouettes of those two overlapped with each other and were becoming one giant ball of meat.

That was…by no means a phenomenon that could be explained by just merely calling them God’s reliant. In Yatagarasu’s explanation, the human was not supposed to break down completely that far.

Ikousai who stood on the side carelessly said.

“Looks like they wanted strength so much didn’t they? …Separate from Take Mikadzuchi and Take Minakata that turned them into God’s reliant, they still called for even more from somewhere. That is something that gathers the extreme terror of people in Japanese Mythology, the most ominous [Mythology’s undulation]…it’s fine to see, let’s make you all know about its name as well! This is that…Yamata no Orochi!!”


The gigantic pile of flesh that lost its face and also its mouth raised a noticeably louder scream even though it had no mouth.

From the gigantic lump of flesh, *ZUBOZUBOZUBO!* eight long necks and a tail extended out. The ball of meat was divided into eight and lengthened out twistingly. Its surface was changing into scales emitting black light―transforming into a giant snake with eight heads entangling with each other. It completely blocked the entire width of the hill road, a monster possessing the height of a tall building was towering there.

Yamata no Orochi―on the summit of the swaying eight necks, bright red eyes glinted bright and glared at them. It looked like there was not even a fragment of human personality left inside any more. The Takasugi brothers had already ceased to exist.

“…Wasn’t Yamata no Orochi supposed to be exterminated by Susanoo? How can it become possible for it to join hands with Susanoo?”

The Shrine Maiden that had even more detailed knowledge of Japanese Mythology than Kazuki, Kazuha-senpai murmured.

The Celebration King that stood back to back with them, Kamimura-san answered that question.

“The Susanoo right now is not [the person that suppresses the country] talked about inside the Mythology, but he became [the person that disturbs the suppression]. Susanoo, who originally possesses the rough and wild element of <storm>, has some aspects in common with Yamata no Orochi that is the huge personification of the nature’s flood.”

“…I see.” While nodding, Kazuha-senpai took a step forward.

“Kazuki, I’ll take on that guy. …I also wanted to become strong for a long time, I continue to think of wanting to become strong even now. However…surely not like that.”

Kazuha-senpai stood in front of the monster and leaked out a pained voice.

What was in front of her was an opponent that she could sympathize with, yet how could they completely mistake their path in an unthinkable direction like this? The pain of that time that couldn’t be agreed with. Just like what Kazuki felt when he stood in front of Kaya….

“Ahaha! I don’t have any intention of sympathizing with these kinds of guys at all, but I too can sympathize! What is called strength is something to use for one’s own sake! It only has worth when used for the sake of persisting in one’s own self and aesthetic! But like this…ahhahaha! What a totally pathetic pair of brothers!!”

Aisu Ikousai laughed loudly at her own former comrades that sought strength and became a monster.

…She is wrong. What is called strength is not for one’s own sake, it was something for the sake of protecting one’s important people.

“Kazuha-senpai…please take care of that monster. I’ll…settle my debt with her!”

Kazuki glared at Ikousai. As if answering that, Ikousai was enveloped with the light of Access.

“I’m going full power right from the start here, this is not just some sport between swordsmen anymore. …O honored god of fury descending from the sky, establish forth the development of unheard-of troubles right here! Thy honored name is <Susanoo no-Mikoto>! Reside in my body, rage following your violent emotions!!”

Aisu Ikousai's seductive kimono broke down into Prima Material, turning into a jet black hakama with tight sleeves―her appearance changed into a Magic Dress based on the clothing of ancient Yamato. Her original atmosphere that was like a prostitute's underwent a complete change.

Brave warrior: that was the personification of storms― Susanoo. And the one that was contracted to her, a magic swordsman.

“Come, the first act where we fussed over only swords is over! Let’s open the curtain of the second act here while letting our Stigmata shine!!”

Aisu Ikousai smoothly drew her katana and directed its tip at Kazuki.

Part 2[edit]

Aisu Ikousai didn’t even throw a glance in Kazuha’s direction.

That was why Kazuha sprinted down the slope without stopping and passed through Ikousai’s flank.

For the sake of concentrating on her fight with Kazuki, Ikousai let Kazuha do as she pleased.

Kazuha went to face off against the Takasugi brothers―no, Yamata no Orochi.

The battlefield was divided in three, Kamimura Itsuki against the Yomotsu army at the rear, Hayashizaki Kazuki against Aisu Ikousai in the middle of the slope, and then at the base of this slope was Tsukahara Kazuha against Yamata no Orochi. Each had their own confrontation.

She couldn’t let this monster become a hindrance to Kazuki!

Kazuha kicked the slope and flew. She produced energy of Psychokinesis even further on the air and kicked on it with all her strength for a double jump, and a triple jump next.

Ikousai’s Tenrou Kaidan’s…imitation. While dancing her body high in the air, Kazuha thought once more that this might be convenient. If she could do this from the start when they were trying to jump through that building before, then there would be no needs for Kazuki to lift her in a princess carry.

Kazuha danced in the sky trying to jump over Yamata no Orochi. The eight necks of Yamata no Orochi chased the figure of their prey with its crimson eyes. The nearest neck opened its large mouth and assaulted Kazuha, attempting to bite her.

It was a large jaw that could completely swallow a human whole that approached Kazuha. Kazuha drew the katana at her hip and slashed down with all her strength at the large jaw. The katana and jaw clashed with each other, then using the backlash from that power Kazuha brought her body even higher.

Keeping the momentum she somersaulted with a twirl and leaped over Yamata no Orochi to land on the base of the hill road.

Feeling Kazuha landing behind it, Yamata no Orochi turned its body in wriggles. It, in turn, was turning its neck to Kazuha.

The gigantic heads were coming in full speed with a <head-butt> ramming hard. Kazuha dealt with those by parrying the attack to the side with her katana and dodged with her body. The enormous pressure couldn’t be parried perfectly and her stance broke.

Right at that time a second neck was flying at her. Unable to dodge, Kazuha was hit with the head-butt right from the front.

<Resist>―it was not as skillful as Otonashi Kaguya, but with her excellent magic skills Kazuha counterbalanced the physical impact she got. She was rolling down through the hill road.

The huge body of Yamata no Orochi was chasing after her with the force of a tsunami.

While rolling down, ‘Yosh’ Kazuha thought.

She managed to widen their distance even further from Kazuki and Kamimura-san's battles.

She would show them…she was going to handle this guy alone by herself somehow!

Kazuha stood up with force like a spring and met the giant monster.

She challenged it in close range combat as a swordsman.

The eight necks that had the size several times larger than Kazuha were coming with altetnating head-butts or biting attacks. Kazuha parried and evaded the first neck that arrived and slashed her katana while half-rotating.

Her blade was *gakin!* repelled by the scales. Her blade was literally ineffective.

The second, third, and fourth necks were ramming at her without stopping like an avalanche.

“Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi!”

With the flame and shockwave produced from her palm, Kazuha repelled the three necks altogether.

But there were eight necks of Yamata no Orochi. The fifth, sixth, and seventh were approaching Kazuha even now.


Kazuha earnestly attempted to Foresight those consecutive attacks. The eight necks of Yamata no Orochi were moving around independent of each other as if each of the necks were different creatures. …All of them moved well without entangling with each other.

It was as if eight people were each launching their own attacks. She couldn’t see through all their movements and thoughts.

Kazuha who earnestly ran around were glared at by the eighth neck that prepared the last attack.

That mouth was largely opened. Its deep red oral cavity that was like pomegranate was exposed.

From the depth of its throat, a high temperature Breath was fired with a roar.

“I am the Shrine Maiden of the sword, rock cleaved, root torn, sin severed, that virtuous sword of crushing evil right now in this hand! Draw sword, Futsu no Mitama!!”

Kazuha created the divine sword that severed evil in her hand, she faced the breathed out steam of scorching heat and slashed down. The divine sword suppressed the heat energy that was produced by magic power. Even so, the steam that couldn’t be erased enveloped Kazuha. Unfaltering, Kazuha used <Resist> while charging through inside the steam. She thrust [Futsu no Mitama] inside the mouth that was widely opened and breathing out steam.

That one attack was also *gaki!* repelled. Even the inside of its mouth couldn’t be hurt by the blade.

Futsu no Mitama severed magic power, but it didn’t have strong power against something physical.

In front of Kazuha who failed in her counterattack, a gigantic tail was *GUWA-!* rolling up.

Kazuha suddenly realized. …She was careless. Just because she had already evaded all eight necks of Yamata no Orochi didn’t mean that it was over already. There was one more still in reserve―the enormous tail that was far thicker than even its heads.

*BITAN!* That tail was swung down, crushing Kazuha’s small body.

Several tons of mass swung down with terrific force―if in this world there was nothing called <Resist> and defensive magic power then Kazuha would have surely got turned into a ruptured water balloon.

But a blue light of magical power protected Kazuha.

In order to crush something that it couldn’t crush before once more, the tail was rolled up again.

Just before it was swung down once again, Kazuha leaped away at full speed.

And then she thought of something. …Why am I challenging something this big in close quarters combat? Are you stupid?

The her in the past, no matter how much Futsunushi no Kami remonstrated her she would oppose him by saying [I am a swordsman so I won’t run! I’m going to cross swords in close quarters!]

The current her was different. She had already overcome her complex. She wouldn’t do anything like losing sight of what was truly important just because of her strange obstinacy and obsession.

…I am the same as that guy, a magic swordsman.

Kazuha escaped from Yamata no Orochi and took some distance before turning around.

And then she invoked offensive magic from long distance.

“Tenkuu Battou Renge Hou!”

Flame explosions arose around Kazuha, from there countless Sacred Treasures of katana type were created. This swarm of nameless Sacred Treasures each possessed different elements of fire, ice, or lightning.


Responding to Kazuha’s order, those katana flew at Yamato no Orochi like guided missiles.

Hit and Away. Kazuha ran around at the same time with the shooting.

The flying Sacred Treasures that went through the confined surroundings impacted Yamata no Orochi one after another. There was a neck of the large snake that slipped through the Sacred Treasures and rammed at Kazuha, but Kazuha counterattacked those with [Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi].

And then she fled. While fleeing Kazuha questioned Futsunushi no Kami.

“Bakanushi no Kami…there is one thing I want to ask.”

{What is it, Kazuha.}

Inside her head his reply echoed through using Telepathy.

“Those…Takasugi brothers, can’t they return back to normal anymore? Even if I shave all of their magic power and drive them into magic intoxication, won’t they return back to normal like those God’s reliant?”

{When their existences had transformed completely to where they became that absurd, even if all their magic power is used up completely they won’t return to their original forms, but rather they will die from the shock of the backlash, most likely.}

Death from shock―Kazuha was floored from hearing those merciless words.

{Then what if you whittled their magic power, and if you pierced them with Futsu no Mitama for the last finishing blow then, maybe, they can make it somehow. If the opponent is defenseless and on the verge of death, we can try severing their very transformation itself.}

A light of hope pierced Kazuha’s heart. Even though it was only those two who had mistaken their path...even she could sympathize with that feeling of [wanting to become strong]. If there was the possibility of saving them, then she wanted to use all methods available to her.

But…the problem was that the magic of Futsunushi-no-Kami is not really suited for monster extermination.

Even if indirect attacks like [Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi] or [Tenkuu Battou Renge Hou] hit them, it wouldn’t become a decisive blow. Even if she challenged the monster in close-quarter combat, [Futsu no Mitama]’s slashing power was too light.

{Certainly I’m fired up when we are against human opponents…but it’s quite harsh facing off against that kind of monster…}

{Then how about using me, that girl over there.}

…Hearing two really similar voices overlapping, Kazuha was confused.

That was not the voice of Futsunushi no Kami. There was an old man's voice that was really similar to Futsunushi no Kami echoing inside her head in addition, she only grasped what was happening after a moment.

…Who in the world!?

At the immediate side of Kazuha who was running around, an avatar of a Diva emerged faintly.

It was a Diva that resembled Futsunushi no Kami closely, having the appearance of an ancient sword.

Its eyes looked even more wicked than Futsunushi no Kami, it had the face that had grown a plentiful beard.

{DOWAHHAHHA! My name is <Take Mikadzuchi>! I became a Wild God and possessed the Takasugi brothers’…errr I don’t know which of them is which, anyway I am the Diva that possessed one of them, that’s me―ee!!}

“Even though you were possessing one of them, yet you don’t even know which one, you're an irresponsible Diva huh?”

{Just now there was even a stupidly huge something like Yamata no Orochi that came into them, so because of that I got pushed out you know! But because of that I can get back my sanity see! DOWAHHAHHA!!}

{Oou, isn’t this Take Mikadzuchi! So you have returned to your senses!!}

Futsunushi no Kami raised a telepathic voice.

The conversation between these two Divas were happening and echoing inside Kazuha’s head.

{Long time no see isn’t it, Futsunushi! Looks like your contractor is actually a human with a nice disposition! To have her heart troubled whether she can do something or not even for those brutish brothers, she is indeed a splendid human!}

{Isn’t that right, isn’t that right, she is my prized daughter just as you see!}


Old men’s voices were echoing inside her head like a stereo. Kazuha felt a headache arising.

…I don't remember, when did I ever become something like this Bakanushi no Kami’s daughter, no way.

{I’m pleased! I’m really pleased Tsukahara Kazuha!! It’s fine for you to also contract with and wield me!}

Kazuha was confused which old man this old man's voice belonged to.

And then she noticed what Take Mikadzuchi just said to her, she became really flustered from that.

“I’m already contracted with Futsunushi no Kami! I won’t contract with another Diva!!”

“Then it’s fine if you contract with both I and Futsunushi no Kami! It’s two sword style see!!”

Double contract! Was something like that possible. She's never heard of it.

…No, it wasn’t supposed to be possible. The Stigmata was entangled complicatedly with the contractor’s personality. If such action like further adding one more Stigmata was done on top of that…her mind would definitely fracture!

“It’s different from double contracts. This is assimilation of Futsunushi no Kami and I.”

Assimilation of two Divas inside her…? That was something that could be thought as really absurd, yet….

{No, it’s possible. Or perhaps I should say that it’s only natural from the start. That’s because Take Mikadzuchi and Futsunushi no Kami were the same being from the start.}

{…That is so.} Futsunushi no Kami too affirmed it. {We were originally one but because of the different interpretations in the Record of Ancient Matters and the Nihon-shoki, we got split up. But, right now returning into one Sword God here is also not bad.}

In the beginning they were a single being. However even so Kazuha became anxious.

“…Is it really possible? Won’t the burden become heavy for me…”

{Even if we combine, the burden will not become twice. At most it will be only 1/3 times more. If it’s only a spec just around 1/3 of an average Magika Stigma then Kazuha has it, so it will be fine.}

{If it’s the strength of the current you, then you will be able to retain your ego. Probably.}

Even during that interval they were talking, the fierceness of the necks were increasing and they came attacking like an avalanche.

While Kazuha desperately dodged those fierce attacks, she was compelled to resolve herself.

To save that monster from its [deep rooted delusions for strength], there was no other way except this!

{Come, chant the spell that emerged in your head, Access together with me!}

“…Thou who roared the thunder is the one that descends to Izumo…change the flash of lighting into blade, the sword of sky, thy inscription is <Take Mikadzuchi>! O god of shining blade, show that power!!”

The next instant, *GAN!* Kazuha received an impact inside her head.

Inside her head where it was already cramped from Futsunushi no Kami who had entered her, it was penetrated even further by Take Mikadzuchi who had around the same volume as Futsunushi no Kami…!

Take Mikadzuchi forcefully tried to settle himself inside the container named Kazuha. And then with Kazuha as the intermediary, Futsunushi no Kami and Take Mikadzuchi mixed together, sparks of magic power scattered from her.

The impact and sparks of the fusion shook Kazuha’s mind violently.

It was a sensation as if everything of her heart was jello!

…But that was something that happened for only an instant, her heart was immediately settled.

The two gigantic mental bodies immediately returned to its one true original form.

Kazuha became self-aware of the new power budding inside her―it produced a change to her Magic Dress.

A Golden shine was added to her red and white Shrine Maiden dress. Flashes of lightning was blended inside the flame.

If Futsunushi no Kami was the Diva of transmutation flame, then Take Mikadzuchi was the Diva of golden lightning.

As if downloading data, she grasped the characteristic magic of Take Mikadzuchi that could be added based on her level. Several of Futsunushi no Kami’s characteristic magic disappeared, the ten varieties of characteristic magic were reconfigured.

…Most likely these magics were also shared with Kazuki so he could also use them.

Thanks to me becoming stronger, that guy will also become stronger. She felt secretly happy inside.

And then she immediately chanted.

“O august lightning raining down due to the rage of god! Kagutsuchi’s spilled blood drips, congregating on the hilt, become a flash of blade! The sky drum lightning sound of lightning speed, Mikafutsu no Mitama!!”

While holding Futsu no Mitama in her left hand, Kazuha raised her opened right hand high.

Lightning fell on that right hand, the flash of lightning transformed into a blade.

It was bending with an inside curve, a huge katana with powerful form. Its thick blade shined gold.

The neck of the giant snake attacked.

Kazuha blocked with Futsu no Mitama in her left hand and redirected it to the side by rotating her own body.

While circling around the flank of the neck, she swung down Mikafutsu no Mitama in her right hand down at that neck.

*GOU!* Sound like a falling thunder resounded.

It was not that the power of lightning element resided in that slash. It was an enormous physical energy that sounded the thunderous roar as if thunder had fallen. The speed of the downswing was also exactly at lightning speed.

Why was a god of sword talked for generations as a god of lightning? Because people of ancient times had no way to illustrate that technique which was the expression of terrific destructive power other than as lightning.

That was the origin of Take Mikadzuchi who was bestowed with the name of lightning even while being a god of the sword.

The gigantic blade pressed and cut *BUTSUN!* with all one’s might. What was polished from this blade was its indescribable sharpness.

The neck of the giant snake was cut down halfway, It was drunkenly writhing while spurting pitch black fountains of blood. In order to not let her sacred Magic Dress get dirtied, Kazuha repelled the splashes of scattered blood with Psychokinesis.

{GUWAHHAHHA! Kazuha’s skill is still not quite there yet but the special weapon is really good huh Take Mikadzuchi!!}

{DOWAHHAHHA, it’s exactly just as you said! You make me blush Futsunushi!!}

Old men's voices were surrounding her. Even though they had assimilated with each other, it seemed these guys' personalities and voices were still separate. Even while feeling fed up…Kazuha felt a little relieved.

If Futsunushi no Kami that had been together with her until now was gone, it would be just a little sad.

Yamata no Orochi writhed around in agony. The remaining seven necks looked down at Kazuha with eyes colored by fury and simultaneously bearing down on her.

One after another, headbutt, biting, and scorching breath were assaulting her. Kazuha kicked the air and beautifully dodged with her body. Tearing apart the steam of scorching heat with Futsu no Mitama in her left hand, she swung down a deadly attack with Mikafutsu no Mitama in her right hand. *BUTTSUN! BUTTSUN!* With a terrific response in her hand, the neck of the giant snake was severed.

If it was the current her, she could fight this monster in close-quarters combat!

{Go Tsukahara Kazuha! Shave apart this guy’s magic power using my Mikafutsu no Mitama!}

{Use my Futsu no Mitama for the finishing blow, purify this guy’s evil spirit!!}

While the surrounding old man voices were pushing her back, Kazuha turned into a light sword wind and ran around the giant body of Yamata no Orochi.

Everywhere she went there was spurts of blood flying high. The giant snake was writhing around in pain.

The inferiority inside Kazuha’s heart vanished completely like a phantom. She was without a doubt strong.

This strength that by no means would make her ashamed even standing side-by-side with Kazuki, she had obtained it with her own hands.

Part 3[edit]

While Aisu Ikousai smoothly drew out her katana, she made a speech to Kazuki.

“The position of sword was ousted by magic. Susanoo was ousted from the throne by Amaterasu’s invasion. You know, Susanoo was once the ruler of Japan. The center of Japan was Izumo. …Then Amaterasu invaded and created the history of Wakoku. Chased out even while being the strongest sword skill, as the successor of such forgotten school, I understand well the grieving of the ancient era.”

Susanoo’s sideIzumo King and Amaterasu’s sideWakoku King. The side that triumphed would become the true King. Swallowed by the destiny under the Mythology, Kazuki who stood on the hill silently drew out his katana. Hayashizaki-style was using Iai technique under the assumption of dashing through the battlefield wearing a sword where attack magic were flying around everywhere. If the opponent wished for crossing swords, then he would respond by drawing his sword right from the beginning.

“In order to not lose against Magika Stigma, I had continued training in sword skill for a long time. And then, it was a really strange event. I was chosen by Susanoo and I too became a Magika Stigma. …Then I without doubt am the strongest. Both the era of sword and also the era of Izumo, I’m going to take them back with my [strongest]. Even the Japan that is ruled by Solomon 72 Pillar and also Amaterasu, I won’t recognize them. Susanoo and, this I who is the strongest, are undoubtedly the ruler of Japan archipelago…!”

One step, two step, Ikousai climbed up the hill.

In that footstep of hers, joy of fighting a powerful enemy was overflowing.

“I feel happy that I can fight you, you know? As a user of ancient style sword art and also as a Magika Stigma that possess similar power of King. The pride of swordsman, the pride of King, betting both of them, I have to defeat you. For you too I’m already not just a stranger, but such an existence like that don’t you agree?”

Certainly that was so. This enemy―for me too she is a special existence.

In that step of Ikousai’s leg, power was filled. …It’s coming!

“Secret Rite, Aoiro Yasha!!”

Ikousai ran up the hill with explosive acceleration―simultaneously, the girl invoked a Summoning Magic too.

“What is dedicated here, is a dance of flower shower like a storm! O honored god that summons storm, grant me who dance under the sky thy breath on my back! Wind Swift Blade DanceFuujin Kenbu!!”

Chasing wind blew on Ikousai’s back, making her hair bristle up.

―It was a reinforcement magic that accelerated every single move of hers using the power of wind.

The distance between the two vanished in just an instant.

Ikousai who appeared in front of his eyes as if she was using instant movement slashed up her blade diagonally.

The single blow that couldn’t possibly be evaded by human’s reflexes had its trajectory seen through by Kazuki using Foresight. But right when he was trying to block―Ikousai’s katana distorted like jelly and its trajectory changed.

Secret Sword, Shiraha Kagerou.

Summoning Magic that specialized in close-quarter combat and demon sword that leveraged common magic, she was coming while both of them were used at the same time!

Kazuki read the trajectory wrongly, but he barely clashed his own blade against that irregular slash.

*GIIN!* Such sound rang out and the situation entered a sword-locking contest. But the previous miss made his strength control become disarrayed. Ikousai didn’t overlook that miss.

Matching the bearing of strength, she immediately parried Kazuki’s blade.

Having his blade parried away, Kazuki’s stance became disordered.

Ikousai wasted no time and reversed her blade, slashing in a side sweep.

“O divine protection of military man, double the Megin that whirl inside my body! The will of god spurring for infinite battle, in this body! …Meginjord!”

However Kazuki too invoked a Summoning Magic―body reinforcement magic.

With the power of body trunk that had been reinforced, he forcefully held out his disordered stance and forcibly averted his upper body.

He barely avoided the slash….

―Just when he thought so, Ikousai’s blade noticeably lengthened out due to Shiraha Kagerou.

The side sweeping blow gouged Kazuki’s chest. Sparks of blue magic power flew around.

Kazuki leaped back using his reinforced jumping power. He regrouped by taking distance in panic.

Ikousai was not pursuing him, instead her mouth warped into a broad grin.

Looking at that expression made Kazuki sullen.

“…Don’t tell me you are going to say [It’s one kill with this] again.”

“I’m not going to say that. I’m not saying but…I wonder if with this I can prove any time now that I’m the one superior in sword skill at the very least? It’s fine for you to use long range attack magic you know. After all, a battle chasing you around like hunting a rabbit while you cry and run about getting kicked everywhere is really fitting for Susanoo.”

Ikousai spread both her hand exaggeratedly. She was elated with a sneer emerging out from her expression.

“It’s still too early for you to get happy as if you have won already.”

Kazuki fixed his stance and prepared his katana.

Shiraha Kagerou―that technique was not just merely distorting the blade. It was quite a problem that it couldn’t be explained to that extent. …The true color of this difficult act was….

Not only Shiraha Kagerou, he also felt the similar difficulty in the Tenrou Kaidan.

Kazuha-senpai had shown the imitation of these two techniques, but those were not supposed to be the complete thing. Kazuki who was currently confronting those techniques couldn’t think that it was really that simple no matter how.

There was still some puzzle that was hidden, because of that it was hard to see it through.

However this difficult act, he had experienced it somewhere in the past―he felt such déjà vu.

That’s why, let’s test it one more time.

Against Kazuki who took a stance of aiming at the eye while leaving out excessive strength, Ikousai loosened out her strength even more and took a stance with her katana lowered and relaxed. From that natural stance―she filled the distance between them with a radical acceleration.

Kazuki attempted to repel the blow that once again came with divine speed.

Just before their blades clashed, Ikousai’s blade distorted once again.

This time Kazuki was not led astray by that―he Foresight precisely the distortion of the blade also added with the opponent’s movement and met their blades with each other. This time the sword locking contest was brought about with an even standing.

“!?” Ikousai’s breath stopped in surprise. They were even in a sword locking contest right from the front. That had already been proven before. Therefore Ikousai immediately moved into her next technique.

“Secret Sword, Tenrou Kaidan!!”

*PAAN!* Ikousai’s figure vanished together with such an explosive sound.

*PAAN! PAAN!* Such sounds rang out consecutively―

―Right after that, Ikousai slashed at him from who knows where…!

But Kazuki unhesitatingly turned back at his diagonal right.

Ikousai who was trying a surprise attack exactly right there caught her breath.

That state of her was not visible from where Kazuki was, but he felt the indication that the girl had caught her breath.

“…You bastard, you are closing your eyes!?”

Ikousai’s surprise attack slash was blocked by Kazuki. Right there Kazuki abruptly opened his eyes wide. Turmoil was transmitted through Ikousai’s blade. This time Kazuki was the one that didn’t overlook that opening. He broke Ikousai’s stance using Instant Positioning. And then he reversed his blade and slashed her diagonally.

Light of defensive magic power gushed out from Ikousai’s chest before she leaped back in fluster.

“With that it’s finally one kill, I wonder.” This time Kazuki was the one that said so.

“…Have you seen through it, my technique.”

“I saw it. The essence of Shiraha Kagerou and Tenrou Kaidan are…twisting the katana to the opponent’s blind spot, and also skipping to the opponent’s blind spot.”

Kazuha-senpai was merely twisting her katana. She also showed how she kicked the air and leaped, but she only saw those techniques from the standpoint of an observer and that was why she thought those were only such simple techniques. But from Kazuki’s standpoint, he felt a more inexplicable technique from it.

He shouldn’t be toyed around this much just by something only to that degree,

Ikousai foresighted Kazuki’s line of sight. She calculated the blind spot before twisting her blade and leaping through the sky.

“…Because if you didn’t do that then no matter how great your speed was then it’s unthinkable that your figure can vanish like that.”

Kazuki had the experience of such sensation before.

Her way of fighting was similar with Kanae when she really got serious.

Storm Cat―in addition to her natural speed, that girl also moved around by perceiving the opponent’s blind spot with her wild instinct. Because of that, it felt like she was more nimble than what her actual speed indicated.

Because he had that kind of experience, Kazuki knew intuitively. Kanae was nothing more but wild instinct so there was some difference with Ikousai who trained more in this and read the opponent’s movement but….

“I’ll get led astray too much if my eyes are opened. That’s why I closed my eyes. You are using extensive magic power while moving around after all, so sensing your magic power while Foresighting is a much easier way of fighting you. I’ll tell you this again…against Hayashizaki-style, the same technique won’t work the second time.”

Hearing Kazuki’s determined speech, Ikousai gritted her teeth with a grinding sound.

“Isn’t this a little too early for you to feel like you have won already?”

“I guess so. But now, it’s the greatest feeling I felt here.”

“…Hmph, seems like you are also quite a sore loser huh. …That’s just fine, this is the third round.”

Ikousai kicked the ground. This time Kazuki too wasn’t waiting for her and kicked the ground meeting her attack.

“…Thy fury is the happiness of the war Shrine Maiden. Answer the Kagura[2] of the dead invocation break out the storm of calling, split the cloud and please descend here…. Spirits and demons in this body! Super Strength InvitationChouriki Shourai!!”

Magic power like a storm burst out from Ikousai’s body. All of that became the aura of physical reinforcement.

Adding with the speed up from [Fuujin Kenbu] from before, this time it was her power that was increased.

But Kazuki too at the same time invoked his own reinforcement magic.

…Even while the two conversed with each other they were still chanting their spell diligently. Although it might be called spell chanting, the majority of the chanting part was not chanted by mouth but by telepathic communication with Diva using Telepathy.

“Thunder fall on my body, obtain the extreme speed of lightning though…Wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!!”

Kazuki too piled up the speed of [Ride Lightning] on top of [Meginjord] that reinforced his power.

Ikousai’s sword and Kazuki’s sword that were piled up by multiple reinforcement magic clashed with each other with great force.

The next instant, after thunderous roar and sparks were scattered, the second strike, the third strike had already been clashed with each other.

Defense and offense that left behind even its afterimage in the lurch—both of them were equally strengthened too much, already both their own movements and the opponent’s movements had become something that couldn’t be sensed clearly.

This had become an offense and defense of [future sight] in how much he could Foresight from her movement’s omen.

“I do a good fight, welcome a good death, a person that wished for participation in even more battle of heaven! The divine protection of blood color in my eyes! Berserk!!”

Kazuki didn’t overlook even the slightest movement of his opponent and reinforced his reflexes using Beatrix’s magic.

“Secret Rite, Thunder Eye CrestRaiganmon!”

Ikousai’s eyes also shined with blue magic power light and sparks. Kazuki estimated that it was most likely a technique that revolved around strengthening her dynamic vision.

Within just an instant, sword and sword clashed with each other, entangling together, tactics were exchanged during the high speed movement.

Ikousai’s reaction was gradually lagging behind slightly. Her strength control started to disarray from impatience.

Without missing that opening, Kazuki flicked away Ikousai’s katana.

“Kuh…polished black steel of heaven o Totsuka no Tsurugi…release flash of light that gouge the storm! This is Orochi no Arasama…the advent of tearing limb from limb, Ame-no-Habakiri!!”

Ikousai threw away her katana without going against the strength that repelled it. She invoked the magic that she chanted while slashing at each other. Inside that hand, a strange sword with branched blade that should also be called an eight branch katana was gripped.

Turning her sight on Kazuki who was approaching in pursuit, she swung that sword.

The moment it was swung, that slash broke up into eight streaks.

With one swing many really different swordsmanship assaulted him at exactly the same time.

“!?” Even while being shocked from the unknown attack, Kazuki blocked four branches altogether with a single katana. But the remaining four slashes were carved into his body, sending him flying away from the backlash of the defensive magic power.

This time Ikousai was the one that came out in pursuit at Kazuki who was slashed flying.

“O undying bird that fly from the twilight to the dawn, please grant that wing of hope on my back! The destruction for the sake of rebirth right here…! Blazing Wings!”

Against the approaching Ikousai, Kazuki too invoked the magic that he had prepared.

Wings of flame spread out largely from Kazuki’s back—it turned at Ikousai and swept away.

A belt of flame was approaching with volume that was impossible to avoid―.

{Thick clouds stand here, protect my body from every calamity and bring forth armor. …My tranquil < multilayered fencesYaegaki > right here! …Izumo Yaegaki・Water Steam ArmorSuijougai!!}

Steam was released with tremendous force around Ikousai. It transformed into a faint wall of cloud.

The thin cloud conceived air while layering into eight. That wall swallowed the wing of flame.

Cloud and flame mutually offset and dispersed each other―making Ikousai protected.

Kazuki flapped his wings of flame, flying to the dark sky of Yomotsu Hirasaka. Ikousai kicked the air using [Tenrou Kaidan] in pursuit of him.

Ikousai raised the strange Sacred Treasure overhead. Tearing eight slash on the opponent with one attack, Orochi no Arasama.

“Secret Sword, Heavenly Chaotic StarAmatsu Midareboshi!”

The blade that birthed eight streaks with one swing was swung by Ikousai in all direction of angle using her reinforced extreme speed. Countless slashes were converging on Kazuki in reverse radial like a storm of meteor.

A storm of blade that broke the enemy into small pieces without any place to escape.

Kazuki too threw away the katana held in his hand and resisted by chanting a magic of Sacred Treasure creation.

“Futsu no Mitama!”

That was a divine katana that severed magic power. From inside the slashes that were approaching him, Kazuki saw through the slashes that were produced from the magic power and the slash of the blade’s real body. And then he clashed the divine katana with the slashes' real body.

A Sacred Treasure that produced eight streaks of slashes with one swing. However the seven streaks of slashes among those eight were produced from magic power, and the source of that magic power was the Sacred Treasure. Therefore if [Futsu no Mitama] was clashed right there…!

*KAAN!* Clear sound rang out, the divine katana exterminated the slashes that were produced from magic power. That purging power had been strengthened due to the merging with Take Mikadzuchi.

Kazuki fathomed the truth or falsehood among the eight times approaching swordsmanship and blocked only the sword’s real body with the divine katana. In the sky their blades clashed one time, two times, three times, entangling each other. The fabricated slashes were all vanished.

Throughout the high speed offense and defense, Ikousai’s reaction had fallen behind slightly again. That lag was not from her movement but from the lateness of her decision. In that gap Kazuki arrested the blade of Ikousai’s Sacred Treasure and took their fight into sword-locking contest.

Ikousai’s stance was thrown out of order immediately from Kazuki’s Instant Positioning and her right wrist was slashed.

“…!? Why-!”

Ikousai yelled as if she couldn’t believe how she was lagging behind.

With his entire speed, Kazuki swung his next third slash.


Hayashizaki-style Dream Sword, Pile UpKasane―On the wound that was carved on the layer of the opponent’s defensive magic power from the attack just an instant before, a slash drawing the exact same trajectory was piled up next, piercing through the defensive magic power, it was that kind of Secret Sword.

His aim was Ikousai’s dominant arm. Ikousai having noticed that Kazuki’s blade was trying to capture the wound opening on her defensive magic power, watching that approaching fatal attack, made her expression distort in fluster.

Ikousai yelled, as if depending on her technique that she had tempered persistently.

“Shiraha Kagerou!”

Ikousai immediately used it not on her own katana, but on Kazuki’s Futsu no Mitama.

Perceiving the blade’s Prima Materia by means of her Extra Sense, she distorted the target using Psychokinesis.

It was a miraculous feat of an instant. Futsu no Mitama that was a Sacred Treasure distorted slightly!

Kazuki’s [Kasane] that aimed for magic power wound that was only as big as a string of hair turned into a normal slash from that measurement error. Ikousai was slashed and got knocked down to the ground while scattering lights of defensive magic power.

“Dancing wing scattering sparks. Trail spiraling wind behind, become the bullet that gouge life! Flap and shoot out! Barrett!!”

Turning to Ikousai who was collapsing on the ground with her four limbs sprawled out, Kazuki attacked with a flame bullet.

Ikousai was in a posture where she couldn’t try to dodge―that was how it was supposed to be.

But *PAAN!* with an explosive sound Ikousai’s body leaped away with her posture still in sprawling condition, her body evading from the flame bullet.

Tenrou Kaidan―like an acrobatic Ikousai danced in the air with her stance still like a person sleeping. Like that, she landed and recovered her battle preparation.

Kazuki too had used up the energy of his flame wings and landed on the ground.

“…Is it fine for you to not use [Usubeni Hannya] or something any time now?”

The moment Kazuki asked so, Ikousai went “…gefu-!” with her shoulders shaking and coughing. While her lung was convulsing, she took in oxygen with great haste and yelled “U, Usubeni Hannya…!” painfully.

Humans produced stamina with oxygen and explosive power by breaking sugar content.

[Aoiro Yasha] ―it was a magic technique that made the production of explosive power energy within the body due to sugar content dissolution prioritized by closing the oxygen circulation due to blood flow inside the body.

It was nothing more than a temporary doping by sacrificing stamina.

By using the magic technique [Usebeni Hannya] that was the opposite, Ikousai’s pale skin recovered its complexion. However heavy fatigue that couldn’t be restored should have been accumulating inside her body this whole time.

“Ri, ridiculous…are you saying I’m the inferior one here…why…”

“Aisu Ikousai…you, it’s fine to have a solid conviction that you are the strongest but, you have never fought an opponent that is even stronger than you right? It’s the difference between us. You are a shut-in that trained alone too much.”

Ikousai opened her eyes wide abruptly.

“You have never fought somebody that was even faster than you. That’s why in a match where our speed is equal you feel impatient and your judgment lagged behind. But I have come this far fighting against opponents above me many times over.”

Since his childhood period, Kazuki had been continuously worked hard by a swordsman named Kanae who was far faster than him.

After he entered the Magic Division, he had experienced several scenes of carnage against an opponent that was Beatrix who was an even stronger and faster magic swordsman than him where just enduring was the best that he could do at the time.

That difference in experience was exposed during their offense and defense where even an instant of miss wouldn’t be forgiven.

“And then you have never fought against an even stronger guy than yourself, so you don’t have any doubt in the techniques that you have polished until now. Your Secret Swords are all just surprise attacks where its effectiveness is halved when the secret is exposed. However in this era where one-hit kill is difficult due to defensive magic power, what use is there in a mere fraud’s surprise attack?”

The lower eyelids of Ikousai that was glaring at Kazuki trembled with a twitch.

Aisu Ikousai was an assassin sword. But it could be said that the concept of assassin sword itself had already been out of date.

Certainly there were also assassination techniques like [Kasane] or [Shintoukei] that ignored the opponent’s defensive magic power with no question asked, but it could hardly ever succeed against an opponent of equal level.

The assassin sword Aisu Aikousai that had been handed down for generations looked down on sword art that fought fair and square from the front as [playing a sport]. But in this current era, what could be said as truly combat worthy was….

“Hayashizaki-style faces the opponent right from the front, to see through the opponent’s true essence. We have no unusual magic technique like you, but I can have faith once again on that validity.”

“…Aren’t you surprisingly…getting talkative as if you have won already…”

Ikousai glared while huffing from being out of breath.

“That’s because it will be extremely vexing if I lose against you, that’s why. Right now, I feel an unbelievable peace of mind, the best sensation ever.”

Amongst all the opponents he had faced until now, there was no human that he had ever thought as a [worthy rival] as much as this girl. It was to the degree of an obstinacy of absolutely not wanting to lose that was gushing out from the pores of his whole body.

“…Hmph, I am more adult than you, so I don’t feel even a little bit of frustration at all…I’ll recognize my defeat this time. The current me certainly might not be able to win.”

He had the feeling that such way of talking was not adult enough already though.

“But this defeat is just something temporary! I’m only entrusting the seat of the strongest to you just for this short time!!”

“…People who are stronger than us, there are probably quite a lot of guys like that all around the world you know? If you are so inclined I can even introduce you to a battle maniac maiden called Beatrix-chan.”

”I’ll show you that the seat of the strongest swordsman will soon return under me! Even the seat of Japanese Mythology’s chief god, I’ll also show you that it will immediately return under Susanoo!! Just remember this!!”

Ikousai’s Magic Dress returned to her former kimono together with a light.

And then she waved her sleeve and ran down the hill road.

On the base of the hill, Kazuha-senpai had already defeated the Yamata no Orochi while dragging trailingly behind the Takasugi brothers by the scruff of their necks who had somehow returned to their original form and fainted.

Ikousai slipped right beside them and escaped.

On the other side at the hill above…

“…O exalted light illuminating four seas and thousands countries, become the flash that clear away evil…Yata no Kagami・Sun Fire Single CannonYouka Ippou!”

Kamimura-san who was accompanied by Amaterasu’s avatar at her side fired a very thick laser and evaporated the approaching Yomotsu army altogether.

Kamimura-san then turned this way with a twirl.

“Susanoo’s Izumo King…so she escaped.”

‘Damn’, Kazuki noticed now that she mentioned it. He probably mustn’t let her escape. However chasing an opponent that had recognized their defeat and continued to fight was not something Kazuki was familiar with.

But what’s going to happen with the victory condition of this [battle concerning the True King]?

Don’t tell me I have to make her breath stop before I am recognized as the victor―?

“It’s okay, from that contractor recognizing her loss, Susanoo’s divinity was deeply wounded. Due to that the scale of balance had greatly tilted to our side. To become the true King of Japanese Mythology you have to make her submit more, but most of the Wild Gods ought to return to their senses and remember their loyalty toward Amaterasu now. Though there will be no change for the Divas that are originally close to Izumo Mythology.”

“Make her submit…I wonder if it’s fine to just fight her several times and defeat her each time.”

Even if they didn’t pursue the girl from here, he had the feeling that she would show her appearance again even if she was left alone.

“Hmph. Submission…then isn’t it fine if you conquer that person?”

Kazuha-senpai said with a malicious expression. Kazuki made a bitter face hearing that. Such absurd thing….

“Anyway, in this situation Yamato should be in great chaos right about now. We have to hurry and get out from here and give the notification.”

Akane-senpai told him to raise the smoke signal when the operation succeeded. Right now was exactly the time.

With that as the cue…[Magic War・Sekigahara] would begin!

“This side too have finished driving away the pursuer. That’s why let’s go while there is this chance.”

Kamimura-san moved as the vanguard and they ran down the hill road.

Part 4[edit]

After they had run down until the end of Yomotsu Hirasaka, Kamimura-san released the light of Amaterasu from her palm and tore apart the darkness. The next instant, the three opened their eyes at the True August Pillar under the floor of the main temple.

It was dim and dusty there. The three immediately lifted the floor plank and climbed to the main temple.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai lay the body of Takasugi brothers on the floor.

Beside them, Kamimura-san was looking down on the blackened blood stain on the floor.

“My blood. …But right now, I have my own body.”

Kamimura-san whispered with a tone as if there was not even so much as a strong feeling inside her.

Even though she was restored to life. As if she was only murmuring detachedly about the fact.

Kazuki circled his hand under Kamimura-san’s arm and lightly lifted her up.

“Wha, what?” Her eyes opened wide from being startled, Kamimura-san directed her face at him.

“Just as expected. I had thought so when we were in Yomotsu Hirasaka, but your weight is strangely light. It’s not something that can be explained physically…Kamimura-san’s existence is still faint.”

The feedback in his hand from lifting her up was so light as if he was only carrying her skeletal frame.

If she was tied with a bond to Kazuki and she was supplied with the power of Solomon’s Divas from there, he was told that the girl would be able to maintain her flesh body in a more complete form….

If Kazuki didn’t conquer this girl, she would keep being this indistinct like now. As if an existence of small candle light that would vanish just from the wind blowing.

“If we don’t make you eat delicious things and make you fatter….”

“Kazuki, that’s wrong right? She is not something like a piglet after all.”

Kazuha-senpai said in an amazed face.

“I’m not particularly…it’s fine even if you don’t fuss over me that much. I don’t want to be liked from pity. It’s not like I especially want to live a long life no matter what.”

Her tone of voice was gloomy as if that high tension when they were in <Itsuki☆Channel> had completely vanished somewhere.

“Kamimura-san-. After this let’s go play in an amusement park together with me-!!”

Kazuha-senpai suddenly raised a loud voice and grasped both of Kamimura-san’s hands tightly.

“E, even if I go playing to that kind of place because of pity, surely we can’t have fun mutually there.”

“We won’t know whether it’s fun or not until we have gone there y’know! Good will and pity are not something that can be differentiated that easily you know. For the sake of making sure of it too, let’s go play!”

Kazuha-senpai shook Kamimura-san’s hands up and down. Kamimura-san, unable to find a reason to shake off those hands could only “Uuuu…” moan and hung her head down. That cheeks of hers were faintly red.

“…Isn’t there, a voice of something outside?”

At that time Kazuki noticed sounds outside and lowered Kamimura-san gently on the floor.

“With Takasugi brothers defeated, Ise Imperial Shrine should have been liberated from being a Haunted Ground and returned to normal. Although I think it’s still too early for people to gather here because of that.”

Kazuha-senpai said. Kazuki and the other two went out from the main temple.

Passing through the several layers of fences that surrounded the main temple, they headed to the outer most gate of the main temple.

Arriving there, the back figure of Aisu Ikousai in argument with someone entered their eyes.

“Why are you bastards here!? It’s different with what you promised!!”

Ahead of the gate had turned into stone steps. They couldn’t see anything from here, but there was someone below on the stone steps. When Kazuki and others drew near, Ikousai glanced at them with face colored bright red from anger, but she soon ignored them and turned back to the front.

“We made our alliance with the promise that you will give your maximum cooperation so that I can become the true King of Japanese Mythology!! Even if you guys defeat Hayashizaki Kazuki then there is no meaning!!”

She shouted angrily at someone below the stairs.

“Of course if you can become the King, that is the best scenario. But I’ve already known from the start that Onii-chan will be the one to win anyway.”

“…You, you bastard…you are saying you didn’t have any confidence in my victory right from the beginning!”

“The strongest isn’t it, fufufu…it’s shameful. I have thought that Onii-chan is way stronger than you. Besides that <Power of Usurpation> the <King of Izumo> possess…it’s obvious that you will change your attitude quickly and aim for our necks the moment you steal the power of the <Wakoku King> and the other Kings. Against someone that owns that kind of bad news power, there is no way anyone can trust you or shit right from the start.”

Kazuki lined up beside Ikousai from behind and looked down the stone steps.

What were there were ten women in black clothes. Wearing pure black robes, they also covered their head with hood so low he couldn’t determine their faces.

There was only one girl that didn’t wear a hood―without any doubt, it was Kaya.

Kaya turned to Kazuki and waved her hand ignoring Ikousai completely.

“The conclusion between me and Hayashizaki Kazuki still hasn’t been decided! I won’t let you interfere until we have reached our conclusion!”

“Ahaha, what are you saying? The conclusion is there already right? At any rate Onii-chan hasn’t given you the finishing blow or anything. But because of that, do we have to continue to wait until your heart breaks? That’s something that is really hard to joke about you know, self-proclaimed strongest-kun. Ahaha, rightt―☆”

“You, you are mocking me…I’ll kill you!!”

Ikousai who was trembling in fury, caused him to get goosebumps in chill.

“Rage inside me, Susanoo!! Swallow everything of me to your heart’s content…I’ll slaughter these bunch in this place!!”

Ikousai’s form distorted flexibly with thick magic power. Looking at that state, even Kaya had impatience emerged on her expression. There was no doubt that she didn’t have the resolution as far as fighting a materialized Susanoo.

Ikousai’s current state…was where she was trying to surrender her own flesh body to her contracted Diva!!

“Stop it Ikousai, don’t throw yourself away!! Are you planning to return to nothing all that you have built up in your life until now, all the techniques of yours!?”

“Uu…guh! You are trying to stop me!?”

“Who else but me is going to stop you. I’m going to get troubled in how to treat this [seat of the strongest swordsman] you entrusted to me like this. …It’s fine if we just clear off these guys from now on right? The conclusion can be after that.”

Kazuki restrained Ikousai with his hand and took a step out passing through the gate.

It seemed that while Kazuki was inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, Ikousai was making contact with the government of Yamato.

Yamato government was aiming for Kazuki’s life, but Ikousai made them promise to not needlessly interfere until she finished her duel concerning the True King with Kazuki who became the representative of Wakoku King.

But Kaya ignored that and led her comrades to this place.

―At the very end they were surrounded by enemies and the infiltration operation became a failure. But…,

“You are acting calm like that but, Kaya, didn’t you come here with a really small number of people?”

When Kazuki said so provocatively, a twitch appeared in Kaya’s expression.

“You cannot move Yamato’s army freely right? Japan’s Knight Order is exercising their authority at the front line, and you cannot let the fact about how Japanese Divas are added as Yamato’s ally by trickery exposed to the common troops even in the ten thousand to one chances…That’s why you didn’t bring them along to this place. The only one that you can bring to this place under your own judgment is just one part of those that had been your comrades from the very beginning. You too cannot conduct yourself so importantly like a dictator, can you?”

If by any chance this place was completely surrounded by Yamato’s army, Kazuki wouldn’t even have the slightest chance to escape.

But the one who was waiting for them at this place were only ten women in black clothes.

“…That’s right. It’s just like what you said. But with me who is able to completely control Loki’s power and nine illegal magicians…I wonder if this battle strength is insufficient for facing against only four people here?”

…At the very least, Kazuki had the confidence to escape.

But that was only after buying as much time as possible.

Right now, Yamato’s battle strength should be reeling from how the Divas of Japanese Mythology were suddenly retreating from the front line and on top of that Kaya and her group were also not present! If right now in this place they could contact the Knight Order that the operation had gone well and had them assault Yamato, Yamato’s forces would become routed!

He didn’t know how Kaya and her group would react the moment he launched the smoke signal but….

Kazuki swallowed his saliva with a gulp. This was the decisive moment. For the sake of making this operation more reliable, he had to attract Kaya and her group’s attention as much as possible to this place…!

“Everyone hold back Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Futsunushi no Kami.”

Kaya gave her instruction to the nine illegal magicians around her.

“…Never let your guards down. They are just three people but they are altogether the top three strongest of Japanese Mythology. I’ll handle the BasilleusKing alone.”

“…Everyone, don’t overdo yourself. When the time comes I’ll absolutely take everyone to escape.”

“Even if you said [everyone] but I’m not included there right?”

Ikousai glared at him.

“I’ll leave the interpretation of that to yourself.” Kazuki pushed that aside.

Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san nodded their head.

{…Kazuki. Right now there is a significant fact that Leme have to inform.}

Leme’s telepathic talk echoed inside Kazuki’s head.

…What is it at this kind of time? Something significant in this kind of situation she said?

{With the bond that you built with Japanese Mythology, Leme’s power has also returned. Now I have become able to bestow a new authority of King to you.}

Had she grown some more again with the return of her power? Her voice sounded a little more adult.

King’s Authority―At first in the beginning Kazuki obtained the power to perceive the positivity level’s fluctuation of the girl that he had tied a bond with. After that, he obtained the power to sense the coordinates of the girl’s whereabouts.

After that a newly gained, power…?

{I could bestow you with a sensible authority here. Making your bond as a circuit, you can have a long range telepathic communication. You become able to communicate telepathically with a girl whose positivity level has surpassed 150 from anywhere.}

The condition of positivity level 150 was difficult, but Mio should be qualified under that requirement.

Then…even if he didn’t use something like a smoke signal, he could let out commence attack signal without Kaya in front of him noticing a thing. Kazuki felt an oppressive feeling in his chest. Exactly when he thought that things could go well, that nervousness came.

{And then one more thing…a new Magic Dress following after Solomon’s Ring.}

Until now Kazuki’s Magic Dress was only a single tiny ring. Because this ring didn’t have the power to support his chanting, Kazuki’s chanting ability was falling considerably behind everyone else of the Witch’s Mansion.

Light shined in Kazuki’s chest. The light that was like a small star solidified, becoming a pendant that was taking form of a complex pentagram and hanging on his neck.

“This is…”

Kaya too noticed the phenomenon and she was gazing in wonderment.

{The path that you are walking is not mistaken. Prove it against your fated opponent. The name of that pendant is <Solomon’s EmblemZekorbeni>…it’s a Magic Dress that compensates for your weakness.}

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. literally "fear of people"
  2. Ancient Shinto music and dancing

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