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Chapter 5 – Head-On Collision ~Magic War・Sekigahara~[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Both Kanon and I, as the commander of the general offensive?”

Akane was dumbfounded and leaked out her voice. Regimental Commander Yamagata who summoned Akane to this control room nodded gravely.

The base of the restructured division, for the sake of their counterattack to Gifu prefecture, was moved from Shizuoka to the garrison in Aichi. The room where the highest rank in the chain of command that ruled this garrison was located was in here, this station control room.

Right now this room had become the possession of Commander Yamagata. This place was Aichi garrison, but the one that recovered this Aichi was the counterattack force led by Commander Yamagata after all.

That commanding officer summoned Akane and handed down an improbable order.

“This is a joke right? I’m still a student you know.” Akane smiled bitterly with taken aback feeling.

“Student huh. Without a doubt you are a student but…let me ask you in return. Right now, can you trust the other adults in the Knight Order?”

It was a really sharp question that cut like a blade.

For her who was still in the position of knight candidate, it was hard to answer this question honestly.

But Akane guessed what was it that Commander Yamagato was looking for. She gathered her courage and answered frankly.

“Saying it clearly, I cannot trust them at all.”

“Isn’t that right? I too think so about all the people around me. I don’t know at all who in the world can be the spy from Yamato in the Knight Order. While feeling such paranoia, you are one among the few humans that I can say without doubt is not a spy. You get it right?”

“Yes but, for someone inexperienced like me…”

“I don’t think you are inexperienced. If you ask me why, that’s because you are also among the few people that had experienced leading a troop in a magic war. …You are the one that handed over the report concerning the previous [Magic War・Okehazama] to me, aren’t you? In that report there is this opinion written, that [the magic war from now on is going to be completely different compared to all the war until now]. I think it really hit the point. There is no one that had experienced something similar like you among your senior knights. In other words you are the one that have already become the number one veteran here.”

“The one who took command of that battle was not me, it was Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

“I heard. But don’t tell me that you want to make a first year of Knight Academy a commander. To say nothing, that currently Hayashizaki Kazuki is in the middle of infiltrating the enemy’s territory. If he comes back, it’s fine to make him your vice officer.”

Akane’s feeling became complicated. …For her, she thought of him as a [King], she was the one who wanted the position as his vice officer instead. She felt that such way suited her personality.

“…I too want a right-hand man that I can trust. That’s why even though this is more or less coercive, I’ll attach you to a fitting position and I want you to pile up achievement that anyone will recognize. The one who should build up the new era must be the young.”

“…Even so just as expected this is a complicated feeling.”

Akane said with a squeezed out voice.

“In the previous battle, I held nothing but a defeated feeling. In regards of Hayashizaki Kazuki, in regards of my own inexperience, it’s only deplorable. Despite so, even if you said that battle experience is recognized…”

“But you are able to find your own composure, you are a human that can grow the more you experience failure. I am someone that can see such quality in a person you know?”

Akane unconsciously tightened her fist hard. The gorgeous delicate fingers became white from putting too much strength.

Yagumo Akane―was being self-conscious that her own self was just a mediocre person compared to Koudzuki Kanon or Hayashizaki Kazuki. For a person like her to be in a place like the Witch’s Mansion where geniuses were gathered, she managed to accomplish her responsibility as the Vice President, though imperfect, by always thoroughly [being kind to other person and harsh to one self], that was how she came this far.

Because she was a mediocre person that could work hard that she was relied on by the geniuses.

If she rejected this request, then surely she would lose even that single foundation of hers.

Could she do this? No, she had to be able. The creative power Hayashizaki Kazuki showed in the previous battle―should have already become her own flesh and blood.

“I understood, I accept.”

“Good. I should have already entrusted everything of the force composition to you, haven’t I? Then you should have already put in order the arrangement so that you can move this counter attack force as your own army. As soon as possible…”

At that time a hurried footsteps from outside the room could be heard and the door was opened.

The figure that appeared was Amasaki Mio.

“Re, re re re reporting informationnnnn-!”

The girl was too nervous and her speech was in chaos.

“When entering the room of your superior, get permission first for entering the room through the extension interphone.”

Akane warned with a bitter face, but Commander Yamagata’s expression broke out into a smile seeing an inexperience that was so like a student.

“Don’t worry about it. She is still a first year that is inexperienced in the Knight Order’s custom after all. What is your business?”

“Kazu-nii…Hayashizaki Kazuki had sent contact that the operation is a success! Invade immediately right now he said!”

Hearing those words, the expression of Akane and Commander Yamagata were filled with tension.

“Is that true? Has the smoke signal been fired?”

“No, it’s not from the smoke signal…he sent his voice of the heart to me!”

Akane and Commander Yamagata’s expression that were full with tension went a complete change into a frown filled with doubtful feeling.

“Is that the delusion of Kazuki inside you, or something like that…”

When Akane questioned her doubtfully, Mio went “That’s not it-“ and shook her head.

“With the power of love, our hearts are connected with each other-!!” She said that while puffing her chest proudly with ‘ehem’.

The commanding officer and the commander exchanged their glances.

“She is saying a really stupid thing but…what do you think? However to say the least, youth is really enviable huh.”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 180.jpg

“They are connected with the power of bond. A long range telepathic communication by means of the power of King…it’s not something that is really that impossible. If this is really true then this method is far more effective rather than something like a smoke signal.”

This was a chance they had waited long for, but it came in the best form that they never even imagined.

Both of them nodded at each other—they immediately moved in action.

Lightning fast was necessary for this operation.

Part 2[edit]

The troops that moved to the neighborhood of the provincial border using the army buses disembarked and separated into vanguard and rearguard, then they marched to the direction of the border. There was a national highway that headed to the prefectural border between Gifu and Aichi.

An older knight arrived to convey the report from the scout toward Akane and Kanon who became the commander.

“There was a military response from inside Yamato’s territory. They had sensed our movement and quickly assembled the troops they distributed in Toyama and Yokkaichi garrisons here in Gifu using the magic light train.”

The troops had surely been given a detailed instruction from Commander Yamagata, that they had to act courteous even toward Akane and Kanon who were younger. Akane once again became self-aware that she was currently holding the leash of her own army and her nervousness increased.

“They are not as confused as we thought and moved quickly huh.”

Kanon said so but, for Akane the report was just as she expected so far.

The main bases of Yamato were <Kagamihara garrison>, <Toyama Garrison>, and <Yokkaichi garrison>, these three places. The objective of the Knight Order’s offense this time was Kagamihara garrison located in the southern part of Gifu prefecture.

What made Kagamihara garrison as the most suitable location to be the offense’s target was not only its short distance from Aichi, there was also the mountain that separated Toyama and Gifu in the east border as the cause. Gifu’s south border―namely Kagamihara was exactly the best location suitable for head-on collision.

Yamato sensed that movement through their spy and summoned their troops from Toyama and Yokkaichi.

The diligent older knight continued his report.

“Around the time we come into contact with the enemy, the other side will surely have finished concentrating their manpower. Also Yamato have burned the town and fields in the direction of our marching. The situation is they are awaiting us in the field they had prepared.”

“So they are not naïve enough to give us one more chance for a surprise attack.”

Anxiety flashed through the expression of the older knight. Akane sensed that anxiety sharply and endeavored to wipe away that anxiety with her act as a commander.

“With their failure in the previous battle, they are excessively fearing a surprise attack right now. Then reversely we are going to take them by surprise by attacking them head-on. A head-on collision is exactly the surprise attack.”

“I don’t intend to doubt our troop skill but, in regards to the other side who concentrated their battle strength, our side’s front-line swordsmen are at the very least inferior in number compared to the enemy. Is it okay to have a frontal fight like this?”

The knight asked. ‘At the very least’, such phrase meant that he asked implicitly in doubt if [was it really true that the Shrine Maidens of the Japanese Mythology were withdrawing from the front line?].

Just before this military operation, they had announced that the Shrine Maidens had withdrawn from Yamato’s troop due to Kazuki’s infiltration mission.

Was it really true that Kazuki had succeeded in his mission. Depending on that, the difference between the two army’s battle strength would greatly change.

Head-on battle—if there was no fear of [surprise attack] in the middle of the battle, it would become a simple battle of quality and number of soldiers. Certainly that was a way of fighting that could be called [no strategy].

“Doing a head-on collision, and then from during that battle you create a [surprise attack], that is what we call [tactics]. While forming [formation] and breaking up our force, we are going to find the weak point from inside the enemy’s formation then we will concentrate our force at that point immediately. [Effective maneuver of breaking up and focusing]…that is something that cannot be done except by soldiers who have extensive training. If it’s about training amount then our side is overwhelmingly superior. This difference in soldier’s training is what will allow us to bring about a surprise attack.”

The older knight opened his eyes wide and dumbfounded.

…Kazuki said that [they had to think over everything from phase zero on how to go about this completely new magic war]. For Akane who was too fixated on common sense, that became a severe reflection.

But on the other hand, she could also sort out which of the methods among the old knowledge that could still be relevant in this era.

To be able to do that was the forte of her who had come this far after piling up a lot of effort.

“They've become excessively alert against surprise attack from their defeat in the previous battle, that they lost sight that what matters the most in a head-on collision is the quality of the soldier. That is the indication of the enemy’s crude tactics command. Rather than the differences of the battlefield, they are using emotion as the base of their decision too much. …Just as arranged, when we arrive at the battlefield they are waiting for us, please form the <horizontal formation>.”

Ahead of their advance’s path, suddenly an open wasteland appeared. Due to large scale attack magic, far from being rubble, it was a wasteland where all the buildings had been thoroughly destroyed into pebbles. The concrete pebbles that were created from destroyed buildings transmitted a man-made texture through the soles of their shoes with crunching sound when stepped.

It was an excessively spacious wasteland where there was no way to work out a clever plan with only a small hill at the far away.

Because there was not even a response of magic power, ambush troop was also impossible.

A battlefield suitable for the naming of [Magic War・Sekigahara] had been created right there.

The 900 soldiers of Japan Knight Order stormed into that battlefield with a horizontal formation in accordance with the previous arrangement before this.

Horizontal formation―it was the most basic practical form of Heaven and Earth Formation.

A unit of knights lined up in a row as the vanguard.

At the rearguard, the unit of Magika Stigma was in waiting.

At the middle, the reserve troop was stationed. The reserve troop’s duty was to immediately plug up gaps that were created in their own side’s formation. On the contrary, if there was gap that was created in the enemy’s formation instead then they were to charge at that opening. Although they were called as reserve but they were the elite unit that was the cornerstone of this tactic. The unit that Akane put there were the students of the Knight Academy who had no qualm at all in taking her command.

Yamato too was forming a similar horizontal formation at the wasteland.

The moment they mutually confirmed that they had come into contact with the enemy, the rear guard Magika Stigmas began to emit blue magic power light while the vanguard swordsmen ran forward while cooperating with each other so there was no disorder in their ranks.

The weak point of horizontal formation was the lack in mobility. If there were Shrine Maidens unit in the enemy rank, they could completely mow down the swordsmen before they clashed with the enemy’s swordsmen due to their quick Drive.

“From the distance, the enemy’s rearguard magician unit―the Shrine Maidens are visibly gathered in plenty enough number though.”

Kanon asked Akane in order to confirm.

“They are fakes.” Akane concluded. She was in the position where she must conclude that in full confidence.

Her spine was freezing. There was nothing else but having faith on Kazuki.

Even among the advancing soldiers there was agitation running through them.

Kanon who was even more popular than Akane yelled “Everyone calm down! It’s okay!!”

While advancing, the signs of the enemy could be seen more clearly.

At the rearguard of Yamato’s army―less than a third of the Shrine Maidens were emitting magic power light.

“Look! Those guys' rearguard is just paper-mache! They are not worth fearing!!”

When Kanon raised her loud voice, the troop’s advance with the knights that went along well with Kanon since a long time as the center livened up straightaway. And then both armies collided head-on.

Part 3[edit]

Kazuki and his allies ran down the stone steps all at once and challenged the women in black clothes.

“Polish the black steel of heaven o Totsuka no Tsurugi,…release the flash that gouge the storm! This is the Orochi no Aramasa! The descend of tearing limb from limb, Ame-no-Habakiri!!”

Aisu Ikousai chanted as if yelling. Just slightly behind her, Kamimura-san chanted her spell.

“Cloud above the giant snake, in the sky we become the throne of god. The oath of the country’s tutelary god taken in the steel of white clouds…the touted sword is, Ame-no-Murakumo!”

What was in Ikousai’s hand was an eight branches katana, but what was created in Kamimura-san’s hand was a refined Japanese katana with a hilt made from plain wood.

Each of them were the Sacred Treasures that should even be said as the symbol of Susanoo and Amaterasu.

Amaterasu’s white katana seemed to be more fitting to be said as a sword for self-defense rather than a weapon for attacking. The moment she seized that katana, white clouds whirled in a billowing vortex above Kamimura-san’s head.

White Clouds ArmorShirakumo no Yoroi!” When Kamimura-san roared that, the clouds descended down to Aisu Ikousai and hardened, becoming a smooth white armor.

Similar things were also created for herself and Kazuha-senpai.

“Giving me something like defensive magic…you are just doing needless things! Besides I don’t plan to do anything like fighting together!”

Even while spewing out such abusive words, Ikousai stood in front to bear the full brunt of the enemy attacks.

Contrary to her words, Ikousai as the close-quarter fighter, Kazuha-senpai who was an all-around fighter, and Kamimura-san from the long-range distance, the trio naturally took a balanced action.

“Hel!” One of the black-clothed women summoned the power of Norse Mythology’s goddess of death.

An avatar of a beautiful woman in black clothes with half her body decaying grotesquely appeared.

“Nya, Nyarlathotep!” Among the black-clothed women there was also a black elf taken along―Maya. A really small weakened tentacle monster’s avatar emerged out.


Sun WolfSkoll!”

Moon WolfHati!”

Three black-clothed women made three avatars of wolves appear respectively.

Knowledge GiantVafthrudnir!”

Whirling Fire GiantUtgarda-Loki!”

Three Body Nine Head GiantThrivaldi!”

Fortune GiantThrym!”

The other four black-clothed women summoned the power of Norse Mythology’s giants one after another.

But there was something Kazuki understood from his experience fighting illegal magicians in Magic War・Okehazama. The illegal magicians certainly had fast chanting speed, but those who could chant high level magic among them were few in number.

The story would be different if those girls were fully taken over but…. Kaya was the only one who could make full use of Loki’s power skillfully, she was still only one of the few exceptions.

If they couldn’t use high level magic, even in the case that they had fast chanting speed, those like Beatrix or Hayashi Shizuka who could use their contracted Diva perfectly were far more formidable opponents.

Of course for the number of the opponents to be nine people was a threat. But Aisu Ikousai, Kazuha-senpai, and Kamimura-san, against those three he didn’t think those nine were a challenge they couldn’t oppose. Ikousai and Kazuha-senpai had evading ability while Kamimura-san was likely to excel in defensive strength. That was why Kazuki left it to those three.

Kazuki dashed in a straight line to Kaya.

Kaya too wished for a one-on-one duel with Kazuki and met his attack.

“Armor Invite!!”

Kaya summoned a Sacred Treasure from a different dimension. *BIKIBIKIBIKI!* Kaya’s surrounding space cracked apart.


What appeared from the rip of the space was a pure black robe of feathers. The robe of feathers spread out like wings and made Kaya flew lightly. Kaya who danced in the air chanted a Sacred Treasure summoning even further.

“Weapon Invite!!”

Loki possessed the power to summon various Sacred Treasure and Demon Beast. Surely even if people reworded Norse Mythology as [a mythology of Loki bringing about various things] no one could refute it.

That magic invocation speed far surpassed Kazuki by order of magnitude.

But Kazuki focused his mind on the newly created Magic Dress <Zekorbeni> on his chest. Inside his head the voice of Leme guiding him rang out.

{This Dress can make the contracted Diva of the girl whose positivity level surpass 150 possess the inside of this Dress. Through this Dress you can contact directly with the Diva, become able to use telepathy with them, and also become able to invoke magic with the same speed of those that use Drive.}

Kazuki imagined. This Magic Dress in the form of a pendant will Access with Phoneix through the circuit of his bond with Mio. The image of enormous magic power was flowing inside through that bond.

Phoenix possessed the pendant. And then, Phoenix’s image color that was orange like firelight shined.

Kazuki strongly appealed.

“Come! …Immortal Bird DressMode・Phoenix!!”

The orange light of the pendant grew large and enveloped Kazuki.

Kaya who held Burtgang in her hand opened her eyes wide witnessing that light.

“…That’s!? New power!?”

While shining strongly, Zekorbeni in Kazuki’s chest spewed out flame that enveloped Kazuki’s body. The enveloping flame materialized like an armor―and created Phoenix’s original new Magic Dress.

The orange armor responded to Kazuki’s telepathy and it was flickering with light. Right there the consciousness of Phoenix possessed it and he became able to communicate directly with Kazuki’s telepathy.

Turning to that direct circuit, Kazuki made an Phenomenon DemandOrder. A Response came right away. Kazuki who was poor at Telepathty needed a long time at Order and Targeting, but this time he could commence Cast in an instant.

“Burn to ash all that you touch…scorching heat of rejection that has no place to go! Self Burning!”

The defensive magic that had short chanting time from the start was invoked almost instantly.

Large flames enveloped Kazuki’s whole body.

He also felt a power up compared to the previous times when he usually chanted this same magic.

Kaya assaulted Kazuki with Burtgang. Kazuki didn’t try to block it with his katana but stopped the attack with the flame on his whole body. The magic power that was residing inside the sword and the flame that was trying to meet the blade were competing with each other.

At the same time Kazuki lengthened the flame to his katana and slashed at Kaya with katana of flame. The [Fiaðrhamr] that covered Kaya’s whole body moved automatically and protected Kaya from the blade.

Kaya’s sword against flame, Kazuki’s sword against feather robe, both were jostling at each other with grinding sounds.

“O immortal bird flying from twilight to dawn, please bestow that wings of hope on my back! Destruction for the sake of rebirth right here…! Blazing Wings!”

Wings of flame spread out in fire from Kazuki’s back. With the largely expanded wings of flame, Kazuki mowed down Kaya.

The jet black feather robe covered Kaya trying to protect her. Kaya, who had turned like a black chrysalis passed through the gigantic wave of flame.

“Kuh!” A voice leaked out from under the feather robe.

The [Fiaðrhamr] was burned down until half of it. At that time―,

“Ku…kukukuku-! It has been a long time huhh! King of Solomon!!”

The Fiaðrhamr that enveloped Kaya was burned down. From there a silhouette of a different person emerged out.

Sickly pallid skin, a male god with long blue hair fluttering behind him—Loki.

Kaya had handed over the control of her body to Loki so he could exercise all his power.

Loki spread out the feather robe that was just barely left as scraps on his back like wings and flew away from Kazuki to take some distance. And then,

“Dragon Invite! …Stampede, pterosaur!!”

The space was ripped, this time three middle-sized pterosaurs flew out from there one after another.

Against the crowd of the flying dragons that flew aiming at him, Kazuki matched the preparation of his attack magic.

“Wings danced what scattered are sparks, trail behind the wind of spiral, become the bullet that gouge life! Flap your wings, whirl up the storm of sparks! Consecutive Spiral FlowerTri Barrett!!”

A level 1 magic that could be invoked with short chanting time, and when its chanting was shortened even further, the magic was naturally attached with the property of [rapid firing]. From the left hand that Kazuki thrust forward, three shots of flame bullets flew at the same time.

The three pterosaurs raised a scream and got shot down.

―It was done with just Phoenix’s attack magic, however it was insufficient.

Kazuki also began to chant a reinforcement magic.

“Kukuku-, interestin’! I’m gonna test how far you can resist!! Dragon Invite! Scatter apart pollution, Fafnir!”

A conspicuously larger rip compared to those that appeared until now was carved largely. From there a giant dragon with scales that shined vibrantly in emerald green flew out like it was tumbling down.

The six armed poison dragon came swinging its giant poisonous claw at Kazuki. Kazuki flapped his flame wings, evaded and counterattacked with a flame sword.

While performing offense and defense, he accomplished his spell.

“Lightning fall on my body and earn the lightning thought god speed…wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

It took time, but it didn’t mean that he became unable to use magic other than Phoenix’s.

A magic that elevated his physical ability electrifyingly―with flame sword that had its power and speed increased, Kazuki hacked the Fafnir into pieces.

Fafnir spent its strength and its body that was created from magic power crumbled apart and vanished.

“Here, your second helping! …Dragon Invite! Drown out the light, Niddhogg!!”

Along with Loki’s screwing around words, what next came out from the rip was a black dragon.

This thing would just regenerate its wound if it was attacked normally, death couldn’t bring about at it.

Even so Kazuki wielded the flame sword against the black dragon. Even though in the end its wound would regenerate without a doubt with its resurrection power, it didn’t mean that it could make the damage it got into zero in an instant.

The time when he fought the God’s reliant together with Yatagarasu became a hint. The moment he made the Niddhogg bore countless wounds and shaved off its strength exceedingly, Kazuki invoked that.

It was a magic in the class that was very hard to chant if he tried to do it normally in a real battle.

“O bird of paradise where the light of the heaven reside on that body, respond on my accusation burn away the sins above the ground! Israel Judgment!!”

Aurora shone on Kazuki’s back. That light was fired as a huge laser.

The Nidhogg was swallowed inside the light, its body was peeled off and becoming worn-out.

Light element―the death dragon that was weak against that element couldn’t exhibit its regeneration ability against such an attack.

Loki laughed as if praising Kazuki’s strenuous fight.

“Kukuku! So you can do it!”


At that time the ground welled up and burst out, from there the upper body of a man protruded out.

“Midgardsorm…what business do you have?”

Loki looked down from the sky.

The illegal magicians that was contracted with Midgardsorm and owned another name of [Earth Snake] had been defeated in the previous battle and made prisoner. But Midgardsorm that was possessing that Earth Snake had already escaped from his body.

And then the time when Hayashi Shizuka was still in good health, Midgardsomr surely had already possessed the body of another man.

That man who just appeared right now reported to Loki with an expressionless reptilian flat face.

“…The Knight Order of Japan came attacking. A lot of the Shrine Maidens and those Japanese Mythology’s bunches are retreating, the camp of Yamato is in great pandemonium. Urgent, they asked you to return back and appeal those Divas…”

{Fufufu, no way♪}

Kaya’s voice echoed around as if the air in their surrounding was vibrating.

“The princess has said so already. My bad, even without the Shrine Maidens the number should be still somewhat even, so tell those politicians to hold out somehow. Kukuku!”

Loki laughed amusedly.

The new Earth Snake nodded his head expressionlessly and went back inside the ground again.

“I see…so you have already let out the signal. The Authority of Solomon King that draws out the power of the comrade that you had formed a circuit of bond with…it’s not really strange then if you can use that to exchange conversation from long distance with that eehh. That’s a power you never used until now…you have grown huh.”

“You are okay just leaving Sekigahara alone?”

Kazuki questioned. Looking at how Loki was not really disturbed with the course of events made Kazuki as the one that felt agitated instead.

This guy…is he fine with what’s happening?

{…I, want to see Onii-chan’s strength more.}

Kaya’s voice rang out enthusiastically.

{C’mon show it more! That power that Onii-chan just got your hands on!!}

“That’s so huh…something like a war over there ain’t really that important.”

…These guys!

They had already caused turmoil until this far and yet were they saying that it really didn’t matter whatever happened with Yamato!?

“Kukuku, let’s keep going! It’s going to end with this if you are still the same brat from before…show me your stuff as the person that princess is looking for-! Weapon Invite!!”

The space at Loki’s hand ripped, from there a large blue transparent sword appeared.

Loki grasped it tightly―and immediately swung it down.

“I’ll show you the essence of divine sword…World Bisection SwordLævateinn!!”

That was the attack that once made Kazuki lose Mio.

The swung down sword blade *ZUBAAAAAAAAA!* surged out blue shockwave.

This sword wave would follow no matter where he escaped, it brought about fatal destructive power with just one attack. Kazuki had known that already.

“O divine protection of military man, double the Megin whirling in my body! O the will of god spurring me to endless battle, in this body! …Meginjord!”

Kazuki further magnified his physical strength.

And then as if shaking off Loki’s line of sight, Kazuki moved instantly.

“…Wha-! Fast!?”

This was not merely a pure speed. Kazuki imagined Kanae and Ikousai’s movement in his heart.

From a blind spot―to another blind spot.

Kazuki erased his own figure from Loki’s field of vision.

Kazuki agilely circled behind the dumbfounded Loki with his wings of flame.

He took hold of Loki’s both shoulders who was in the posture of swinging down the large sword and pinioned him from behind.

“What the-! You bastard, you want to make me a shield!? The great god, this me into a shield!!”

With his posture still restricted from being pinioned Loki rattled his right hand, with one hand he swung Levateinn. Even with imperfect form a shockwave was produced from that and both shockwaves clashed with each other. They counterbalanced―no, the shockwave that couldn’t be counterbalanced hit Loki directly from the front.

*GARIGARIGARI!* The backlash of Loki’s vast magic power being scraped off was also transmitted to Kazuki.

“You, bastard, how dare you make a damned conduct like this!!”

Loki converted that vast magic power of Diva into pure physical strength reinforcement and forcefully escaped from Kazuki’s pinioning.

He flew away from Kazuki and fixed his stance.

That magic power of his was still going strong very well and overpowering. Kazuki really couldn’t sense any damage on Loki.

“Ku, kukuku! …You really got me. Then this time I’m going to break you personally!”

The space at Loki’s hand distorted―from there a form that he had remembered seeing before appeared.

In proportion with its hugeness, only its hilt was bizarrely short, a characteristic hammer.

“Weapon Invite!! Bless the life, Mjolnir!! Now-! What are you going to do!?”

That was the strongest weapon of the Norse Mythology that was Thor’s favorite.

So Loki could summon things even up to this weapon that should be said as the synonym of Thor.

But if he thought back, the one who brought about this weapon to Thor in the myth was also Loki.

Mjolnir―this steel hammer that produced terrific [destruction power field] from its striking part couldn’t be parried or dodged just by superficial reinforcement magic.

Then with defensive magic…?

Loki brandished Mjolnir and approached Kazuki. Loki’s martial art was inferior, but that enormous magic power of his reinforced his physical ability. And from the beginning this steel hammer didn’t need any complicated martial art. Just by swinging it down would burst and scatter everything in its surrounding.

Kazuki’s strong point was in magic the opponent’s attack’s element and contained it with defensive magic, but in regards to pure physical element he didn’t have any effective option other than Lotte’s [Seusenhofer].

But with just that degree of defense it was nothing more than a mere consolation in front of Mjolnir’s overwhelming destruction power, Kazuki had experienced it himself before.

A method to defend against this attack with defense was…nonexistent.

“Soaring wings, glaring eyes, invading world-destroying conflagration―manifest the authority of god here, as the agent of civilization I will advance deeply and deeply! Deep Striker!!”

Kazuki summoned the armament for the sake of charging on his back.

He couldn’t defend. Then do the opposite.

Kazuki’s mental power that was magnified due to [Ride Lightning] lit the fire in the magic thruster unit. He faced Loki who raised the hammer overhead and instead charged forward.

“Against a physical shockwave…just offset it with an equal physical shockwave!!!!”

Due to the effect of Kazuki’s reinforcement magic, the [Deep Striker] accelerated passed the limit. Together with an ultimate acceleration he stabbed his magic sword that had been reinforced with [Meginjord]. That was the greatest attack power that Kazuki could possibly exhibit at this moment.

Grinding his teeth, Kazuki charged. This was reckless but there was no other option.

“Are you sane, bastardd-!!”

Against Kazuki’s charge that didn’t think of any consequence ahead, Loki raised a shuddering yell of fear.

…If he kept this then it wouldn’t end with just a light damage even for Loki.

The hammer that possessed the destructive power that even distorted the space, and the charge of a huge mass with sound surpassing speed, clashed with each other with irregular sounds as if the laws of physics were crumbling down.

Part 4[edit]

The <hit-and-run attacker> Lotte dashed through the sky above the battlefield using [Deep Striker].

The few numbered Shrine Maidens tried to shot Lotte down by letting fly firing magic. While running away from those with high speed mobility, Lotte grasped the magic power movement of the battlefield with her goggle-type enemy searching unit.

Where, what kind of magic power sprang forth, what was going to happen in the next moment at the battlefield.

In addition to Lotte’s prodigious Telepathy magic, she could also read the atmosphere of the battlefield.

Lotte’s [eye of the sky] looked down on the battlefield.

The role that Lotte was trying to accomplish was something like what weapons like battle helicopter were accomplishing in the past. The Magika Stigma Lotte who possessed similar power with modern weapons was able to revive the tactics of the past in this current era.

What Lotte did was observing with caution was the outbreak timing of large scale attack magic―was not all there was to it.

What was more important was [the formation distortion created from formation and formation clashing against each other].

“Swordsman platoon 17 and 18 are in disadvantage! Send the reserve force!!”

All the units were assigned with number.

When Lotte detected a seam that came apart in the battle line, she contacted Akane with a wireless device. Akane then quickly responded with making instructions and maintained the defensive power of the horizontal formation solidly.

On the other hand―

“The enemy in front of swordsmen platoon 32 is retreating! The enemy’s horizontal formation is dented!!”

Lotte made her report after discovering the hole in the enemy’s formation.

Dispersing and concentrating―clashing with each other with the states of both troops mutually dispersed, then concentrated one’s own battle strength at the seam that opened in the enemy formation, destroyed the formation and broke through―that was tactic.

“Platoon 31, 32, 33, form <bullet formation>!!”

Akane ordered without delay. For the knights they had the experience to be able to respond immediately to that command.

That was a strong point that the young swordsmen of Yamato didn’t have.

Bullet formation―the battle formation that built the core of [blitzkrieg tactic] that German army thought of in World War 2.

The platoon 32 that hit the seam in enemy’s formation from the front had platoon 31 and 33 sent in their elite members from both side, making the battle strength of platoon 32 heavier temporarily. Platoon 32 who concentrated their battle strength charged the seam of enemy formation with force like a bullet and opened a hole in that wall.

From both side of platoon 32 who turned into an elite force, platoon 31 and 33 blocked the enemies that tried to plug that hole with all their strength from the side and preserved the hole in the formation.

At this time the three platoons that received Akane’s direction formed a shape like a tip of an arrow that protruded into the center, piercing the enemy’s horizontal formation.

Now that it had become like this it might be more fitting to be called <wedge> rather than a bullet. Just opening a hole couldn’t be said as breaking through. What was needed next was mobility.

Even the enemy possessed the reserve troop to immediately plug up the hole when one was opened in their formation. Platoon 32 that opened the hole was immediately becoming driven into the verge of total annihilation when receiving the counterattack.

“Assault squad, follow up the thirty third!”

Akane called for the turn of the squad that specialized in mobility among the reserve troops.

“Thunder fall on my body obtaining lightning thought god speed…wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

Hoshikaze Hikaru who reinforced the physical ability of her whole body stood at the head of that squad holding a Sacred Treasure pike in her hand.

“Hyahha―! We live in accordance of Hodur’s wish, I too entrust my body once more in the exaltation of battle! The violent emotion wartime fire running in the blood and fat of my sword!! Stories Flame!”

While brandishing sword of flame, the Einherjar that loved melee battle Damian also went along with them.

“O Astaroth that commiserate with the sin of the foolish! For the purpose of being the agent of your indictment, please lend me thy servant the mounted beast!! Trampling Drake!!”

Mibu Akira summoned a giant lizard―mounted beast summoning magic. The very instant Akira mounted the lizard, the lizard was inducted with Mibu Akira’s individuality and transformed into a huge armored car.

“The loyal servant of Lucifer, o Gamigyn! Please lend me that symbol of loyalty thy swift horse!! Gallop Racer!!”

Simultaneously Asamiya Anna who was Akira’s protégée too summoned a riding horse with fluttering flaming mane. When Anna mounted it just as expected it similarly transformed into a large type bike.

The armored car and the large type bike resounded the characteristic music of biker gang [PARARIRAPARARIRA♪] in the battlefield and rushed forward.

After platoon 31, 32, and 33 drilled a hole in the enemy formation they were desperately maintaining that hole from being closed by the enemy. During that time a squad composed of Magika Stigmas that possessed both mobility and offense power charged ahead in one go. Their speed far surpassed the reaction time of Yamato’s soldiers who had shallow experience.

The assault squad with Hoshikaze Hikaru as the leader immediately moved into <breakthrough maneuver>. They charged the Shrine Maidens and illegal magicians that were casting Summoning Magic in the rear guard. The enemy formation was shredded into pieces from the inside.

This was exactly a surprise attack of a head-on collision.

Of course, that it could go well until this far was because Kazuki had reduced the number of Yamato’s Shrine Maidens sharply with his infiltration operation. If it was like usual then attack magic would rain down on the swordsmen squad like a bullet wave due to the Shrine Maiden’s Possession ContractDrive, making a proper tactical action impossible.

However right now Japan’s swordsmen squad was liberated from the threat of Shrine Maidens and they clearly displayed the difference in power between them and the swordsmen of Yamato who were suddenly only composed of conscripted soldiers.

The one who became the cornerstone of this fast tactic were the experienced veteran knights and the hit-and-run attacker Lotte. However this pair were originally people that should be incompatible.

For Charlotte Liebenfrau who legally was still an [illegal magician] to participate in this major battle, Regimental Commander Yamagata and the veteran knights were in opposition at first.

However with Akane’s persuasion and the plan’s proposition, they had no choice but to recognize that the country’s policy until now was not the right thing. Lotte displayed her function as the cornerstone of the tactic splendidly in the battlefield.

The one who first saw through Lotte’s suitability for the role of hit-and-run attacker was Kazuki.

Then Akane included her into an existing tactic from previous era and persuaded many people.

Lotte whose body hosted <the god of civilization> Prometheus was more fitting to be called convenient rather than powerful. If people were asked the essence of civilization then without a doubt it was [convenience]. It was one of the aspects that had the most affinity with war.

Kazuki’s creativity made [Magic War・Okehazama] succeed.

And then in this battlefield, [Magic War・Sekigahara], people could say that it was Akane’s knowledge which sublimed Kazuki’s creativity into something resembling a tactic.

The balance of the battle had greatly tilted, toward the direction of Japan’s overwhelming superiority.

When Akane self-evaluated the excellence of her own command, she couldn’t say that she had done well no matter what.

Even so hearing the battle cries resounded from a completed tactic felt really pleasant in her ear due to her own profoundness.

Part 5[edit]

“You, you really just did something outrageous…kukuku! What a messed up King…!!”

With the clash of gigantic energy in the sky, Kazuki and Loki were both blown away together for few dozens meter. Loki stood up while laughing.

Kazuki didn’t have any composure to do something like trying to protect Ise Imperial Shrine, but it was fortunate that the attack unfolded at the sky above the forest of the Imperial Shrine.

The damage was heavy in Kazuki’s side. However he was safe somehow.

Kazuki too stood up and faced Loki. He could sense the sounds of the others fighting far away.

“Finally you’ve risen to the stage where you can fight with a materialized Diva huh, you bastard.”

Loki said that, praising Kazuki. Between the two who were facing each other, Kaya’s voice echoed.


“I don’ really mind but, more than this and one of us is gonna die y’know. It’s likely the other side though.”

Kazuki was out of breath from his disordered magic power. The offense and defense between them were even—that was how it looked like but, the consumption of magic power was evidently intense at Kazuki’s side. That was because his fundamental magic power's total amount, and also because of the fatigue from fighting continuously since he arrived in Ise for a long time.

And then <Zekorbeni>. Certainly chanting became easier but—from the magic power that poured into his circuit that became shorter and wider without stopping, he felt that his magic power consumption was even more severe than before.

…If they continued more than this then he had to think about their way to escape. If he used [Ride Lightning] and [Deep Striker] together to escape, Loki shouldn’t have any method to pursue such speed.

“We’ve confirmed Solomon King’s growth enough! Ku-ku-ku, you guys, we’re retreating now!”

Suddenly Loki said those words that was outside of Kazuki’s expectation who right now was contriving a method to escape.

…The one who is going to retreat is these guys’ side?

The black-clothed girls who were fighting inside the compound of Ise Imperial Shrine instantly gathered below Loki.

Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san, also Ikousai who were fighting them gathered under Kazuki.

The black-clothed women and Kamimura-san still had a composed expression but Kazuha-senpai and Ikousai who had fought continuously was in a state of deep distress.

“Hmph, are you guys protected by Amaterasu? Even rotten, she is still a chief god huh.”

Loki said in dissatisfaction.

“Japanese Mythology’s group becomes all the more troublesome, so it’s better to just kill you off here though.”

Loki and his group headed to the entrance of Ise Imperial Shrine and turned on their heel.


Kazuki asked a question.

“Why didn’t you fight to the end…and try to kill me?”

At that time, Kazuki and Kaya should have already said their farewell.

If Kaya intended to be hostile to Kazuki, then she ought to kill Kazuki here without fail.

If inside Kaya there was still a feeling of wanting to see Kazuki….

{That’s not it, Onii-chan.}

As if betraying Kazuki’s thought, a cold voice echoed.

{Onii-chan is…onii-chan too is a cog of even more chaos. Today we just want to confirm the strength of the completed cog, that’s all. Onii-chan’s speed in raising bond and Loki’s speed in laying out scheme are equal. Our cogs are perfectly in sync with each other. That’s why chaos will be born from that. Right now things like win or loss is just unnecessary.}

After Kaya’s words, Loki was looking back at him.

“For the last, for you who now have the air of becoming a competent tactician, this trickster-sama will give you an advice. …Compared to guys who are only chasing for just one correct interpretation or essence, the guys that can lead everyone around by the nose and make things interesting no matter what roll his way is exactly the most awesome guy! Ku-ku-ku! See ya!!”

―Essence and leading around. That contrast made a greatly perturbed sensation in Kazuki’s chest, it was freezing.

With just that one sentence, an indescribable feeling of failure assaulted him.

Kazuki and his group saw off Loki’s group leaving.

“…What do you plan to do, Ikousai?”

Kazuki took a glance at Ikousai.

“What am I going to do you ask? You guys have no business at all with what I’m going to do. I’m going back to Kenshitou. …But I’m going to kill those guys without exception. After that is you. I’m also going to take back the seat of the strongest from you without fail. I’ll plunder the seat of the King of Japanese Mythology…then I’m going to plunder the power of all the Kings in the world.”

She looked exhausted, but a glaring light was still remaining in her eyes while Ikousai told him that. And then she disassembled her Magic Dress and returned to her kimono appearance before she turned her back at Kazuki and left.

The girl was an upper echelon of Kenshitou. As the strongest swordsman, in a certain meaning she should be also a symbolic existence. That girl held opposition against Loki. Moreover there, the Japanese Divas that Yamato held as their flag draw their cooperation from Yamato all at once, even more when they suffered a great defeat in Sekigahara….

With this, wouldn’t Yamato’s provisional government crumble down in tatters already?

But, Loki and Kaya’s state that was as if they were saying that they didn’t mind even if that did happen….

{The guys that can lead everyone around by the nose and make things interesting no matter what roll his way is exactly the most awesome guy.}

“…I have a bad premonition. Everyone, let’s hurry back to Japan’s territory.”

Part 6[edit]

The enemy’s horizontal formation was falling apart and scattered from each other. Akane was convinced in their victory.

“That Akane, when she can move things just as planned is absurdly strong after all! You are weak when something unexpected happens though!”

Kanon laughed brightly at the side.

That was a comment of someone that really knew her best. Akane didn’t object and returned a wry smile.

In the end, there was no soldier of Yamato that could reach the stronghold where the two were located. The two girls weren’t exposed to any kind of threat at all and everything was finished with just exchanging contact with the troops using software wireless device. The troops of Yamato were still struggling in vain but it was only a matter of time before they began to retreat. Of course Japan’s troops were taking prisoners as many as they could, they had to aim for the enemy’s total annihilation.

…Any time now they could relax their attention without any worry. Even Akane thought so.

Exactly at that time.

Akane’s software wireless device received a transmission from the channel that was specially assigned for Lotte.

{Akane-senpai…enemy’s reinforcement desu! There are a lot of magic power reaction coming with great speed!}


Akane opened her eyes wide, she froze fully around thirty seconds. Kanon who saw her state sensed that something outside expectation was happening and stole Akane’s wireless before yelling.

“From which direction, around how many enemy!?”

{Their number is unknown but, I think it’s more than 50 desu! The direction is, from north!}

“North!? Wait a second, just what kind of speed they have!? It’s not like there is rail for magic light train spread out there right!?”

Even from where Kanon was standing, she could see raising sand smoke from far beyond the distance. Something dashing here while scattering sand smoke was approaching near while its form that looked like a small dot was gradually growing bigger.

{Horse-sa[1]…it’s horse desu! They are riding horses and getting closer here!!}

Yamato’s troops artificially created the wasteland of Sekigahara.

On the top of the towering far small hill there, those silhouettes were faintly emerging.

Cavalry―rather than calling them that, they looked somewhat rustic. They were wearing yellow bandanas on their head altogether. Rather than calling them cavalry their appearance made it easier to associate them with <mounted bandit>.

Japanese knights were agitated.

Right there, a vigorous loud voice resounded as if a cannon had been fired.

“…Listen to the gracious august[2] words of the Emperor! We will announce this to friend and the savage tribe of barbarian!!”

It was a Japanese language with a somewhat broken pronunciation. For the Japanese people of the current era who almost had no chance at all to come into contact with the existence known as foreigners, this granted them the fear like someone who was encountering a strange war machine.

The one who stood in the head of the mounted bandits like a leader raised a loud voice even more.

“[Tis’ no problem][3]!! We bestowed to you the august words of the Emperor!! [Tis’ no problem] the Emperor said!! Graciously our Emperor had her noble heart pained for these xiǎo rìběn[4] whose true culture stolen by these demons of Solomon, and then to help our friend…Yamato’s provisional government from its unfavorable situation, our Emperor gave her consideration even without being called, the august Emperor pushed her overworked body pondered in plenty for a full thirteen seconds before bestowing us [the Emperor’s directly controlled squad] her prompt decision to dispatch us!! Surely that vast compassion, is exactly the spirit of China! O those who are our friend, you had better listen to this gospel! Thy peoples of savage tribe, you can be grateful for this honor of our hand reaching to you in assistance! We will make known the generous heart of China here…[tis’ no problem]!!”

The mounted bandits atop the small hill altogether “Tis’ no problem!” “Tis’ no problem!” cheered in chorus with mechanical pronunciation. For the Knight Order of Japan their appearance was just absolutely bizarre.

The mounted bandits yelled “Tis’ no problem!” while driving their horses forward, they simultaneously dashed down the hill.

Their speed was unbelievably fast.

“If the opponents are horse then…Lotte! Get near and rout the enemy!!”

Kanon replaced Akane and made the decision, she yelled into the wireless. Lotte burned out fire from [Deep Striker]’s thruster system and took off with an explosive force. She was immediately nearing the enemy and let loose a volley of gatling bullet from the sky. Its power was low as an attack magic, but it was an overkill fire power just to slaughter all the horses altogether.

“Nnn…tis’ no problem!” “Mere child’s play! Tis’ no problem!!” “Tis’ no problem!!”

The mounted bandits yelled as if welcoming the bullets. They didn’t take any single evasive action.

The bullets hit the horses―right that instant, the horses were enveloped with pure blue light *PAKIPAKIPAKIPAKI!* and repelled away the wild rain of bullets.

The mounted bandits raised their yelling voice while they kept charging without paying any heed to the gatling gun.

“The horses have magic power…!?” Akane who had petrified for a while already returned to her senses and yelled.

“…That’s not it! That’s…they are making their Enchant Aura extended until the horses! It works the same like magic sword’s mechanism!!”

For swordsmen who had piled up training, their beloved sword became something like a part of their body and the magic power that enveloped their whole body naturally became extended until the body of the sword. That was magic sword. Long range weapon like arrow and bullet couldn’t be bestowed with magic power like this but this phenomenon was the one and only reason that the swordsmen could display battle strength that stood equal with Magika Stigma in this era of magic.

Most likely these horses had the same theory applied to them. These bandits ate and slept along with their horses, earnestly piling up training of horsemanship—there was no mistake that they had reached the mental state of <Unity of rider and horse>.

Magic Cavalry―such concept was completely inexistent for Japan’s Knight Order. Hayashizaki too had pointed out the importance of mobility to Akane before but, seeing that how things like car from the tool of civilization was useless in battle of magic, she had only ever thought of mobility limited from means of Summoning Magic.

Magic power drove out science from the battlefield. If so then—how about horses. It was an idea that returned back to the age of heroes of their ancestor’s time.

At the wars that happened in the middle age, when armed forces who fought only with infantry faced a cavalry troops for the first time, how much an impact they experienced. At that time the form of war ought to be toppled over completely.

The shock of that time was once more manifested in the magic war of this era.

Akane was once again made to taste how the outlook of war tactics inside her was being overturned.

With her gatling fire ended futilely, Lotte who failed in her role as a scout made a U-turn in the sky so she didn’t receive counterattack from the enemy.

Without even paying attention to that as if it was just a small bird, the bandits formed a long formation of two verticals line while charging. Witnessing that, Akane immediately yelled.

“That’s…<vertical formation>! Everyone, put your formation in order and intercept!!”

Vertical Formation—in contrast with the most basic war formation of horizontal formation, it was a formation that formed a vertical line and charged in perpendicular. It excelled in penetrating power and easy for the troops to match their speed with their comrades so this formation possessed speed several times faster than horizontal formation.

However there was a large weak point in vertical formation. When vertical formation thrust into horizontal formation, the soldier in the head of the formation would be surrounded from the front and received attacks from left and right. Even if their mobility and penetrating power were excellent, the table would undoubtedly be turned back to them if they didn’t have a considerable surprise at their side, a double-edged formation.

“Surround them and intercept!!” Akane barely recovered her accurate judgment.

The bandits that dashed here from the small hill in one straight line averted the awareness of Japan’s Knight Order from the wounded Yamato soldiers. They formed a wall in the front and met the enemy.

The figures of the mounted bandits that descended down from the hill soon became obscured from where Akane and the others were standing in the headquarters because of the wall that their comrades formed. But from the other side of the wall, sounds and voices reverberated.

“For the sake of our Lord, sever the turbulent era with this hand…thy name is <Kansei Teikun>[5]! Highly honorable Green Dragon Crescent Blade in hand, show that chivalry!!”

“Violent person born from the hermit stone of Flower and Fruit Mountain, thy name feared even by heaven is <Seiten Taisei>[6]! Unrestricted Nyoibou[7] in hand, display a very thrilling active role!!”

Continuous sign of Access―Chinese Mythology. Once again Akane’s head became pure white.

…These guys are reinforcement army from China! The connection between Yamato and China had been sensed from the case of Hayashi Shizuka and the spy but, don’t tell me they are going to intervene so brazenly like this on another country’s domestic matter!

These guys were invited by Yamato and crossed over the Japan Sea to come here!

<Kansei Teikun> and <Seiten Taisei>. Akane who was always top in her year at mythology test naturally knew the name of these Diva.

But generally rather than their name as gods, their other names were surely far more overwhelmingly famous.

The mounted bandits and the swordsmen finally clashed.

The two who stood at the head of the bandits yelled while invoking their magic.

“My contracted Diva is Kansei Teikun! If you don’t want to suffer pointlessly, open the path at once!! …Guiding the divine will o Azure Dragon, cut open the path of faith with the inside of my hand! Green Dragon Crescent BladeSeiryuu Engetsu Tou!!”

“My contracted Diva is Son Goku! Japanese monkey is insufficient actor, open the path!! …Grasping the leading part is possible! O divine rare steel holding infinite mass, hand down the single attack with certain death to all evil! Wishes Golden Barrel PoleNyoikinkobou!”

Akane and the others couldn’t examine the state of that clash from the headquarters. But they knew that the horizontal formation was shaking like an undulating wave even from behind.

The sounds of blade and blade clashing―didn’t reach their ears at all. Only screaming was reverberating.


“Hi, he blew away a platoon altogether just with one swing…!! That’s…!!”

“Stopping something like this…they are breaking through!”

The frontline swordsmen in front of Akane were blown away, then from that crack as if Moses was splitting the sea, the two bandits from the head leaped out.

It was easy to turn the table on vertical formation―that was the story only if there was no hero leading them in the head. In this era of magic war, individuals that were a match for a thousand existed. Akane was once more made to realize that.

That was the limit of tactics.

The mounted bandits’ vertical formation broke the horizontal formation into two right in the middle and moved into [breakthrough maneuver]. They spread out as fast as the command given and attacked the Magika Stigmas in the rear who had lost the protection of the horizontal formation frontline swordsmen. Losing the reserve deployment power and control, the fighting back to hold that spot began.

The two mounted bandits who ran in the head of the formation immediately came approaching the headquarters of Akane and Kanon.

Both of them stopped their horses completely right in front of Akane and Kanon. The horses fast rush splendidly stopped as if they were communicating telepathically with their rider.

One of them held what was called as naginata in Japan with its blade part attached with a thick and heavy long, two handed sword―Seiryuu Engetsu Tou in her hand. Even while being a female the holder was a military soldier with a big build to the degree that it made the horse she rides look small.

She was wearing a Magic Dress of green colored clothes.

The other person was holding a mysterious golden pole with two golden rings adorning both its ends―a divine mysterious steel pole in one hand. The holder was a male that was extremely rare as Magika Stigma, but his age too was still looked like a young boy.

His face was painted white while wearing a Magic Dress of golden chainmail.

“Catching sight of the commander’s neck. For the sake of ending this battle speedily, I’ll receive that life of yours.”

The military woman with large build thrust her Souryuu Engetsu Tou and announced gravely.

“I don’t mind even if you resist cause it’s more interesting that way ze.”

The young boy with small build thrust his pole of divine mysterious steel and smiled complacently.

Akane who was weak in unexpected situation froze. To cover for Akane, Kanon stood in front of her, but she too was a type that could only display her true worth when she was protected by the vanguard.

In front of the heroes of China, the young two commanding officers had their everything taken away already and their spines felt cold.

Part 7[edit]

Strangely Kazuki was not surprised and understood in no time at all. …This is the troops of China.

While carrying Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san at both sides, Kazuki traversed through the sky using [Deep Striker]. Reinforcing his eye sight with magic power, he caught the figures of the mounted bandits plunging into the horizontal formation at the battlefield far away.

Right now, if there was an unknown butting in on this battlefield―if he thought back to the sequence of events with Hayashi Shizuka then there was nobody else that could be here except Chukadou.

He could see a duo of mounted bandits rushing through to figures that looked like Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai.

“Kazuki! Hurry, they are in danger so hurry-!”

Kazuha-senpai who was being carried in Kazuki’s right arm yelled animatedly. However even if he was told to hurry he couldn’t raise the speed of this magic even further. After all Kazuki too was in the same feeling and he had already in his maximum speed.

“Kazuki, after you get closer a little more then just throw me and Kamimura-san! Like missiles!”

“…Eh, you are also going to treat me roughly like that…? Just wai-, high place is scary so…”

Watching Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai being held in the tips of the weapons of two mounted bandits, Kazuki nodded his head on that proposal so that he could rescue them for even a second faster.

“I understand!”

With Kazuki getting closer from the sky―the two bandits noticed him and looked up his way.

Kazuki calculated the timing and yelled.

“…Kazuha-senpai missile firing!!”

He threw Kazuha-senpai that he held in his right arm with all his strength from the sky. “YOSSHA―!!” Raising an excited voice, Kazuha-senpai flew like a streak of meteor.

“Mikafutsu no Mitama!!”

While flying she created Take Mikadzuchi’s steel sword in her hand. Keeping that momentum―she slashed at the large military woman. That one attack that raised a thunderous roar like a falling lightning was blocked solidly with the long large blade―Seiryuu Engetsu Tou that the military woman raised with both her hands. The Seiryuu Engetsu Tou grasped firmly with both hands shook in clatters. Kazuha-senpai was repelled away and landed on the ground with a hop.

“…An attack like lightning…excellent performance! Is this Japan’s samurai…interesting, I ask you to be my opponent.”

The military woman looked down on Kazuha-senpai, who took a stance with her Mikafutsu no Mitama, from on top the horse.

―Without a moment’s delay Kazuki threw away one more person.

“I’m sorry Kamimura-san but please go…Kamimura-san missile firing!!”

“Why are you doing such heartless thingssssssssssssssssss!?”

This time he was using both his hands, moreover Kamimura-san was light so she was easy to throw.

While becoming teary-eyed, Kamimura-san too flew like a falling star and crashed around in front of the small build young boy bandit. With the backlash from the defensive magic power she bounced away *boing* from the ground.

While bouncing away like a rubber ball, Kamimura-san also invoked her magic.

“…Ringing clear sound o thread of life, resonance with that soul, tied that body and become a barrier! Yasakani no Magatama[8]Eight Gate BindingYachimon Shibari!”

From Kamimura-san’s hand, a large ring expanded. It was a long ring that went through a lot of magatama[9].

When the magatama that were went through clattered and clashed with each other raising *chirin!* sounds, that ring suddenly converged inward and restrained the body of the young bandit.

“What’s with this ring! If you want to bind me then you need something like what priest Sanzo’s had ze!”

The restrained young bandit put his strength in an attempt to tear apart the ring. Undauntedly Kamimura-san continued to pour her magic power into the ring of magatama. Power of sealing competed against power of opposing.

They managed to avert the attack toward Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai just in a hair's breadth.

―Right at that timing Kazuki flew there late. He hardened his charging posture and prepared his Japanese katana then he took a nose dive with [Deep Striker]. He aimed at the young bandit whose movement was sealed, but the large build military woman reacted first.


The nose dive with terrific speed and power was blocked by the military woman with her Seiryuu Engetsu Tou. The instant the Japanese katana and Seiryuu Engetsu Tou came in contact, Kazuki sensed the [element that hosted the power of wind] in the sword blade of Seiryuu Engetsu Tou.

The combination of the military woman’s power, technique, and power of wind surpassed the pressure of Kazuki’s nose dive. She succeeded in blocking Kazuki’s momentum. She diverted the direction of Kazuki’s thrust diagonally and his katana was buried deeply into the ground after having its target slipped away. Blue light of magic power shone from the energy of crashing.

Kazuki cancelled the [Deep Striker] on his back and leaped back while pulling out his katana from the ground.

The large military woman adjusted her slightly disordered stance and glared at Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai.

“Looked down as worthless o great fallen angel, with right eye of rage and left eye of fury crush the light of ostentation! Divinity CollapseDead Asset!!”

Under the chaotic battle situation, Kanon-senpai was not just being dumbfounded and accomplished her spell chanting.

A beautiful fallen angel with her whole body burning in blue flame―Belial’s avatar emerged out.

While laughing, with a dreadful expression in fury, Belial glared at the Sacred Treasures―Seiryuu Engetsu Tou and Nyoikinkobou that the large military woman and the small young boy held in their hand.

Right that instant, without even a sound the Sacred Treasures disappeared.

That was a magic that annihilated Sacred Treasure that was created from magic power.

Immediately Kazuha-senpai slashed at the military woman with Mikafutsu no Mitama. The military woman that was struck with surprise attack was hard pressed to react and received that one blow. “…guhh !?” She raised her voice and that large body was reeling.

Running off while her horse neighed, she took some distance from Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuki looked over his surrounding. Akane-senpai was rescued, but right now everywhere in Japan’s formation horse neighing and hoof steps sounded and the soldiers was falling into great pandemonium.

For the other mounted bandits to not come near here, was surely because they held faith in these two people who seemed to be their leaders that even with unexpected intruders appearing their leaders would be fine.

“Communicate your heart to god, fill the mind shell to my Genshin[10]! Learning Buddhist teaching the rock monkey carry the ecstasy to the extremes right here, invite the haughty great man! Houten Shouchi[11]Three Heads Six Arms Sanmen Roppi!!”

The small body of the young bandit that was restrained by Kamimura-san’s ring was overlapped with a giant avatar that looked half transparent. That avatar gradually began to materialize and pushing open persistently the restraining ring.

The giant spread its six arms radially and finally tore apart the binding spell with a snapping sound.

“We are going, Sanmen Roppi’s specialty is exactly this kind of thing!”

The half-transparent giant that enveloped the young boy owned three faces, those three faces glared angrily at Kazuha-senpai, Kamimura-san, and Kanon-senpai. It swung its long six arms around like a storm and bashed those three people. Kazuha-senpai who had the knowledge of martial arts dodged it somehow, but Kamimura-san and Kanon-senpai were bashed away by the giant.

{―Even more magic power is approaching desu!}

Lotte’s voice rang out from the wireless of Akane-senpai who was standing stock still dumbfounded.

“…There is still more additional reinforcement coming from China you say!?”

Kanon-senpai who was bashed away by the young boy stood up while raising a yell.

Muu…don’t tell me those bunches are coming along!?”

But the one who became agitated was not only Kazuki, for some reason the large military woman was also shaken.

*DODODODODO!* From far away sand cloud was rising up and the sounds of horse’s hoofs became audible.

And then something was rushing here from the same route where the mounted bandits arrived before from beyond the small hill.

That figure was—again different from the mounted bandits that came before.

All the members were wearing matching sleeveless undergarment that was pure black from up to down, it was a jet black group.

“There is no righteousness of Taoism in Chukadou!”

The jet black cavalry raised such voice.

“For the order of Asia, we of <Ryouzanpaku[12]> is reinforcing Japan!”

The group of black knight shined blue magic power light while barging into the battlefield. The mounted bandits left the knights of Japan as is and showed movement of going to intercept the black knight.

Japan and Yamato, and then mounted bandit and black group―for two wars to be exchanged in one battlefield….

“O emissary of heaven’s decree, let’s announce right now the end of the era of heaven’s decree! Thy name is <Taikoubou>! O sealed move of soul, carve that name!!”

The person in the lead of the black-clothed knights performed Access. Beside her an avatar of an old hermit emerged. Her black clothes disintegrated, transforming into a Magic Dress that looked like a loose clothes of China’s Taoism garment carved with a complex pattern. The one who put on that Magic Dress on her body was a woman with darkish skin.

That hand of hers was wrapped with even more light of magic power.

“Change that soul into stamping out whip of god! Awaken the surge of genshin’s disturbance right here…Gods Hitting WhipDashinben!”

What was created from the light and grasped was around a one meter long pole of plain wood.

Just with a glance it didn’t look like a powerful weapon. But when she directed it to an empty space and swung it, something like an undulating shockwave was created. That wave motion spread out far and wide in the battlefield.

When the wave motion transmitted until where Kazuki was, Kazuki felt the sensation like his head had gotten hit with a thump. At the same time the spell that he was in the middle of chanting dispersed completely from the vibration.

That happened not only to Kazuki. It seemed that all the Magika Stigmas around him were going through something similar with him―a Sacred Treasure that disturbed spell chanting without questioning whether one was ally or enemy. Just like Nyarlathotep’s magic.

But for Kazuki and the others that was not a bad effect. When the Summoning Magic of the bandits were chanting dispersed, the swordsmen who were kept done in one-sidedly until now didn’t miss that opening and resolutely slashed their katana. Even the avatar of Sanmen Roppi that overlapped with the body of the small young boy undulated in vibration and vanished.

“We are retreating! While we are receiving guidance to Yamato’s base from Yamato’s soldiers, we are going to support the retreat of Yamato as the rear guard!!”

The soldiers of Yamato urged by that voice finally began their retreat. Their rear was protected by the bandit soldiers while the mysterious black-clothed knights who came from behind pursued them.

“Let’s pull back too. Our side’s damage is also really great.”

Kanon-senpai urged Akane-senpai who was still being in a slight shock.

The knights whose formation had collapsed was lost whether they should pursue ahead the retreating troops of Yamato or should they just see them off, they were each in the state of going to take decision by themselves.

“Retreat!” Before that could happen, Akane-senpai let out a clear command.

Yamato’s troops together with the mounted bandits were becoming more distant. The black-clothed knights who were trying to attack while pursuing sensed Japan’s knights’ retreat and returned back this way. With a beautiful two lines vertical formation, the black clothed knight determined that Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai were the commanding officers and came around this way.

“You all need our reinforcement. Add us in your war front.”

The dark-skinned woman who moved at the head of the group announced with one-sided tone of talking.

“We are the liberator of east Asia, <Ryouzanpaku>. With the [True Daoism] as the first in line, the Mythologies of east Asia were making alliance and opposed the rule of Chukadou―we are the resistance.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Lotte is about to call a horse as horse-san here. Usually kid in Japan add honorifics in animal name when they are excited.
  2. This bolded words is marking their broken pronunciation. In the raw novel, the author used katakana for the end of the sentence instead of hiragana to impress that the person talking here sounds a little choppy, I use bolded words here to imitate the author.
  3. This is like the catch phrase of Fu Zi
  4. Chinese words. Quite a derogatory way of calling Japanese person
  5. Guan Yu
  6. Sun Wukong
  7. Tried to search this in google and what I found instead is Goku’s staff from Dragon Ball instead. [Editor: This would be the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the magical staff of Sun Wukong. Nyoibou(如意棒) comes from Ruyi Jingu Bang(如意金箍棒)][EDIT 2: After all, Dragon Ball was in its origins based on Journey to the West and Son Gokuh on Sun Wukong]
  8. The grand jewel or string of jewels; one of the three Imperial regalia
  9. Comma-shaped jewels
  10. This should mean soul. Seems like this is some phrase for China. The original kanji is元神. Chinese reader, if your recognize this feel free to edit.
  11. Journey to the West in magic name
  12. Place of assemblage for the bold and ambitious
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