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Thank you very much for reading with pleasure this time too, this is Mihara Mitsuki. Magika too is finally in the seventh volume!

Now then, just when I finished writing the manuscript of this seventh volume, a disturbing notice came along from the editor in charge Koda-nyan. Koda-nyan, who usually finished whatever it is through mail, was unusually contacting me through phone, what in the world is going on and while I prepare myself thinking that, the first thing that came out from his mouth was “Mihara-san…do you have the determination to risk your life for the sake of Magika?” he said such thing. It was a voice like The Laughing Sa○sman[1] that resounded from the bottom of hell.

However Mihara Mitsuki is surprisingly sports-minded, so I’m the type of person that become pointlessly high tensioned when I said ‘I’ll risk my life’. The school song of my alma mater resounded inside my head, my spine straightened by itself and “I’ll do it! I don’t know what’s the matter but please let me do it!” and so on, in the end I made a promise without any due consideration.

“So you will do it. Actually Magika is going to become a drama CD. Therefore”

That was a happy notice but at the same time “This is bad-“ such a hunch also came.

“Take care of the script. A total of three for this volume and Alive magazine’s mail order bonus and the limited edition bonus.”

I really don’t get the meaning of what he was saying but my work got split up into three in passing.

The truth is even now I still don’t really get the dividing of these three works.

“Alive? Limited edition? I, I’ll do it, please let me do it (brain already stopped thinking).”

“At the same time with…the eighth volume…will do. Please…let me do it…”

“Later on there will be an interview recording regarding Magika together with the voice actress.”

“Eh? I’m doing that? I, the like of my disgusting poor voice at the…”

“Didn’t you say that you’re gonna risk your life. I’m going to give this to the other authors if you don’t want it you know.”

The cheering song of my alma mater resounded inside my head. I got desperate “I’ll do it! Please let me do it-!” and yelled into the phone receiver. From there on Koda-nyan explained the arrangement that the work of ○○ is until when, the work of ▲▲ until when, and so on but of course I didn’t really get it. I didn’t really get it but right now I’m writing this afterword it is already October 28. If you ask me what is bad with the day of October 28, I’m thinking that I really cannot tell this to you all honored readers but, anyway it’s October 28. Thus the last monster of the year 2014 is standing in front of me blocking my way now.

…And because of that the making of Magika’s drama CD was decided! Giving voice to the characters of Magika is ‘super happii’ with that kind euphoric feeling, and together with the schedule that is ‘super damnn’ giving pressure on me, I snapped my stupid face and became strangely tensioned. However I kept screaming repeatedly ‘this is bad, this is bad’, but I’m receiving a chance this wonderful and so powerful thinking like ‘I want to do the best work!’ is also there!

I will definitely overcome this pressure and deliver the best work, so all of you honored readers please take care of me!

The comicalized second volume too also got a massive number for the second printing, Magika is more and more going swimmingly. This is too all thanks of the support of many things. My gratitude to everyone that are involved with Magika!

Later this volume, the picture of maid uniform is super cute. Maid-san banzai.

Mihara Mitsuki

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. A reference to 笑ゥせぇるすまん, which seems to be a black humor manga (or, to be more exact, to the anime based on that manga). According to MangaUpdates, the translation is "the Laughing Salesman". He may mean that his editor spoke in a voice similar to that of the titular character. Credits for Kemm for finding this reference.
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