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Thank you for reading this volume with pleasure, this is Mihara Mitsuki that is also energetic today. This volume is released at the same time with the latest new manga and the drama CD! At first this author pretended as if it was other people’s business, but from the editor in charge K-nyan that twisted my arm with “You too gotta work”, in the end I worked the script for the Drama CD and the interview with the voice actor,

Talking about what is interesting from the Drama CD, as expected the interesting point is a little different from the light novel medium if I thought so myself, I got conscious of things like “A dialogue with good tempo” “Comical development” “A way of talking I want to hear in real voice” and so on, and so I think I managed to make a script with different charm from the original work.

It’s weird somehow saying this myself but I think that the script is interesting even when it’s read without voice, that I even think secretly that if in the case that this got thrown away by K-nyan, as the scriptwriter I’m going to make it keep on living. From now on too I’m thinking of going to be more confident against the editor in charge K-nyan. That’s a lie, I’m sorry.

Furthermore I also inspected the recording by voice actors, but regardless of the many characters that entered the stage, wonderful list of voice actors were lining up, speaking of, that performance filled with passion and the sound supervisor-san’s acting guidance keep making me who is an outsider just kept overwhelmed. Hearing the lively voices of the characters being recorded, even as the original author I was able to encounter a Mio and Kaguya once more with a fresh feeling.

In addition the jacket and back jacket that were drawn specially by CHuN-san and Mouri-san was also coming through mail order, a special bonus made of Microfiber cloth, what a wonderful way!

If with this the CD doesn’t sell well, I got the feeling that I will be told indirectly that this is your fault.

My interview with the seiyuu-san is attached in the monthly magazine Alive as the bonus for mail order, but, this is err,,,I got stupefied in fascination talking with two of the voice actors that I miss the timing where I had to talk, when I opened my mouth in fluster the atmosphere was awkward and turned strange, when I was asked regarding the work I had already fallen into panic…that kind of feeling, how should I say it that, I’m desperately expecting a lot from the divine editing of Beatnicks-san.

“No, you had talked properly just now.” Everyone praise me like that, so I don’t think it’s really that bad but…as expected writing is my main duty rather than talking so…mumble mumble. …Anyway it became an amazing drama Cd, so I think you will surely surely enjoy it together with this eighth volume! I recommend it!

…Like that I wrote with great rhythm but I’m going to make a single announcement for apology. In the character introduction list and the color page of the previous volume, it was written that [Son Shouryuu] was [the King of Chukadou], but that was wrong, he is a leader of the unit directly controlled by Chukadou’s emperor].

The King of Chukadou is the character called Fu Shi <the Reborn Emperor> that appeared for a little in the beginning of volume 6. The child that was called Hiroko-chan by Kaya. She had a thin shadow but Hiroko-chan was the most important person in China. Please take care of Hiroko-chan!

The characters are increasing so I intended to organize them to make it easier to understand, but to invite confusion instead from a check miss, it’s truly inexcusable. Anyway this volume is supported by many people that it could meet its launching! Thank you very much! This is Mihara Mitsuki!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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