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Intermission – Dwelling Power[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“It’s a good prudence that I’m the one that show my face right from the beginning. Kaya was also going to come to the front, but your mood will be going bad if it is Kaya’s face that welcomed you back so today too it’s this Loki-sama that is coming out here yeah.”

Ikousai who visited the topmost floor the first thing after she came back to the <Oosaka Prefectural Office> was welcomed by Loki who spread out both his arms in a good mood.

Ikousai raised up and showed the mirror Sacred Treasure that she obtained in the Grand Haunted Ground―<Yata no Kagami> with an expression that had no interest at all. Ikousai who was a King candidate instinctually understood that this item was exactly one of the real Three Sacred Treasures.

“Hmph, it’s a relief that it went well for you. Ilyailiya still hasn’t shown her mug here, but that girl won’t make any stupid mistakes even in the worst case for sure. She is real strong anyway.”

“She still hasn’t shown her face here you said?”

Misgiving appeared in Ikousai’s expression. Ilyailiya could fly through the sky with the speed of lightning. She shouldn’t arrive later than even Ikousai.

“…Guess she is loitering somewhere before going back here huh.”

Ikousai didn’t miss how Loki’s frivolous expression cramped for a little.

Loki was acting unusually frivolous―as if he was trying to misdirect her from some kind of inconvenience that had happened.

“The Queen of Russia Ilyailiya, where in the world could she possibly be loitering about in this Japan?”

Ikousai refuted straightforwardly. For that woman to do such thing was unthinkable.

Ilyailiya obtained the Sacred Treasures for the sake of Yamato, but she didn’t go back in order to hand over that Sacred Treasure.

There were two possibilities Ikousai could think of.

That she met unforeseen accident on her way back. Namely that she was captured or killed.

Or possibly Ilyailiya would ask for a bargaining point in return for handing over the Sacred Treasure. Namely she wouldn’t hand over the Sacred Treasure so easily and kept this side in suspense.

“Chih. She might be coming at us saying some troublesome thing later.”

Loki reluctantly said his true feelings.

Of course thinking about Ilyailiya’s true power, it was hard to imagine that something happened to her.

Ilyailiya that traversed the sky with lightning speed, who in Japan could possibly stop her?

Even if she got stopped, how could the woman who was the King of Russia get defeated?

“I’ve already prepared myself for this matter to become troublesome in the future right from the start. Borrowing the power from China, also borrowing the power from Russia…and then Loki, even borrowing power from you too. Yet even so for me to become King, to win against Hayashizaki Kazuki, as expected the Three Sacred Treasures are necessary.”

A pitch black flame was burning scorchingly inside Ikousai’s heart. She recalled her battle with Hayashizaki Kazuki in the Grand Haunted Ground. The feeling of defeat that was seared severely into her heart.

However if she possessed the Three Sacred Treasures then she would also have the assurance of victory at the same time.

These two feelings once again hardened Ikousai’s heart.

The Three Sacred Treasures were necessary no matter what. Even if she had to shake the hand of the devil himself….

I want to win. I have to win…. If she could do that then she could usurp…!

“Kukuku…haven’t you got awfully honest now? That’s right, you bastard won’t be able to win against Hayashizaki Kazuki if you don’t borrow my power. Everything goes to the winner no matter what method he used, the loser ain’t gonna get any honor or anything.”

She wouldn’t throw away herself. And yet no matter what kind of method she had to use, she mustn’t lose…. Ikousai strongly tightened the fist of her right arm which had now returned back to her own arm after Susanoo had been driven out from it.

“<Yasakani no Magatama> must be retrieved no matter what kind of condition Ilyailiya give it in. I have to make sure to obtain two of the Three Sacred Treasures in my grasp…. Loki, some kind of sealing magic is put up in the last wall of the Haunted Ground. Even Midgardsormr or Ilyailiya cannot break through the seal.”

“Seal? Is that so…that woman too might faintly suspect what kind of sword she possessed, and so she possibly combined her power with her contracted Diva and put up a seal. …No, I got the hunch that the event was certainly like that…”

Loki narrowed his eyes, he recalled the ambiguous memory of his time completing an imperfect fusion with human.

“If it’s a seal that was put up by burning her life, that might not be something that we or Ilyailiya can break.”

“If I can’t obtain <Ame no Murakumo> in my hand, then this become all the more important. Search out Ilyailiya even if we have to dispatch the ranks and files, I have to get <Yasakana no Magatama> no matter what she wants.”

“That’s right huh…everything hangs on Ilyailiya now.”

Part 2[edit]

The situation was chaotic, but there was little they could do.

It was so chaotic to the degree that it could be said they were only waiting for their fate.

The investigation of the Grand Haunted Ground was over around the time the sun had set, the students boarded the magic light train and arrived quickly at the Knight Academy station where they breakup.

Kazuki and the other student council members headed to a ramen shop. When he asked Koyuki for a ramen shop that she recommended, Koyuki shyly taught just Kazuki and from there Kazuki took along everyone else to said shop.

After being guided to a private room that was like a banquet hall, ramen for several people's portion and a big plate that was filled up with gyoza were lined up on a big table in the room. When word of “Delicious” leaked out from all the mouth that tasted the ramen, Koyuki secretly turned to Kazuki with a shy look.

While finishing their dinner, Kazuki and the others reported the situation.

―Two of the Three Sacred Treasures had been taken away by Yamato.

Just as Kazuki feared, there was an ability user among Yamato that could slip through the wall. In addition they passed through Level 1 and was able to start searching from Level 2.

Moreover in a great bad luck, two of the Sacred Treasures were all located in Level 2 area.

When Kazuki reported until that point, the room had sunk into oppressive atmosphere.

…Was it truly just a bad luck at their side? Yamato’s action was really just too smooth.

It was as if they had already guessed the location of the Three Sacred Treasures right from the beginning.

“The risk that Yamato’s side shouldered is also really considerable. After all they depended on not only China but also Russia. Perhaps the other side is also quite impatient.”

However Kazuki talked to all present while slurping the ramen in his own pace.

―Inside Kazuki’s heart, his feeling didn’t become heavy from the reality that was confronting him.

The gate and wall that enclosed Area 3 was affixed with a powerful sealing magic.

That seal talked to Kazuki―saying that it was waiting for Kazuki.

The true identity of the seal was unclear. But the voice that addressed him felt dear to him somehow.

There was a will of someone inside that seal. Someone that had lived in the time when the Grand Haunted Ground was born.

Regardless of how overwhelmingly disadvantageous his current situation was, it gave a mysterious heartening feeling to Kazuki.

He was even convinced that if it was with that person, then it would be okay.

In the bottom of his heart it was something that he sought for even more strongly than things like the Three Sacred Treasures.

There was still a secret that hadn’t been made known to him inside the Grand Haunted Ground.

Next it was Kaguya-senpai’s turn to report. The Einherjar infiltrated the Grand Haunted Ground and moved to hinder them, right there Ryouzanpaku was intruding. …He didn’t know how they did it, but Yamato had even moved the Einherjar.

Rather it could even be said that the side of Yamato was cornered, to use this method that didn’t care of their own appearance.

Beatrix and her team that fainted from magic intoxication were carried away by the Knight Order.

They had to wait until Beatrix and her team regained consciousness before they could ask about the circumstances.

“Leme, you are not going to eat Ramen?”

When the report reached a stopping point, Kazuki called out to Leme.

“I have ordered for your portion too, the noodles going to grow stale like this.”

“I’ll eat.” Saying that Leme materialized on an empty chair with an awkward face.

“Leme-chan…you became big! You became a beautiful woman!!”

Starting from Kaguya-senpai, everyone raised surprised voices. Ignoring that Leme was slurping her ramen.

“Do you have something that you can tell us?”

“Thanks to the sister sandwich this time, Leme remembered the majority of Leme’s memory.”

Hearing the words sister sandwich―the gazes of all present gathered at both of the sides of Kazuki. Miyabi-senpai and Shinobu-senpai were occupying Kazuki’s both sides exclusively.

“Leme. Do you too have some kind of relation with that Grand Haunted Ground?”

“That’s…Leme still doesn’t want to say that from Leme’s own mouth. But if you passed through that wall and entered inside, then you should understand everything yourself. Worry is unnecessary. Just as you guessed, that seal cannot be released by anyone else other than you.”

“Even if you said not to worry…we have talked before that the side that gathered more of the Three Sacred Treasures will be the one that is going to win right? No matter how strong Kazuki is or what not…”

Kazuha-senpai was looking alternately at Kazuki and Leme with a worried face.

“No problem at all. Kazuki had become able to skillfully use most of King Solomon’s power.”

As if saying that she wouldn’t say anything more than that, Leme looked down to her bowl and slurped her ramen.

“As magic swordsman, I and Ikousai are even. That was why Amaterasu said that the number of the Three Sacred Treasures each of us have will decide the match’s outcome. However this is already…not a fight between swordsman and swordsman anymore.”

Kazuki recalled the figure of Ikousai who surrendered her right arm to Susanoo and fought while spitting out blood.

“Ikousai held back Susanoo using her willpower, turned into a devil and fought. As for me…I fought pouring all of my magic power into <Zekorbeni>. That’s why how much the power of my bonds with everyone can surpass the power of tenacity of the devil…this is that kind of battle.”

The sounds of slurping ramen had vanished and everyone’s sight was concentrated at Kazuki.

Kazuki proclaimed in order to answer the gaze of his important people. He felt no anxiety at all.

“I’m going to win against her and become that existence called a King.”

After exiting the ramen shop and returning back to the Knight Academy, the path between the Magic Division and the Sword Division parted from each other.

“Nii-sama, until next time!” “See you.” “Farewell!”

Kanae, Kazuha-senpai, and Kohaku waved their hand and left toward the Sword Division’s student dormitory.

And next they arrived at the branching path between the Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Division’s student dormitory.


Shinobu-senpa stared at him with a face that seemed to want something. Kazuki brought his face near her while somewhat minding everyone else’s gaze.

“Fufu…well then me too.”

Miyabi-senpai too brought her face near while chuckling refreshingly…the lips of the three of them overlapped lightly at the same time.

A three person kiss with their faces pressing at each other like a three-leafed clover.

“Nn. …Kazuki, if Kazuki don’t take the lead properly for me from now on, I’ll be troubled. I, don’t understand anything so…”

“I understand, then let’s play together next time. Together with Miyabi-senpai too.”

When he answered like that to Shinobu-senpai’s words, senpai nodded repeatedly in a good vigor.

And then Miyabi-senpai pulled the hand of Shinobu-senpai who still seemed reluctant to part from him and left.

“To make that person become like that…rather than saying harem, Kazuki is more of a wild-animal tamer isn’t it.”

When Hikaru-senpai said that, Lotte went “Wan wan!” and frolicked at him, while Mio hugged him with “Nyaa―!” as if she had been patiently waiting for such timing to fawn at him, and Koyuki snuggled closer to him with a “Puu”.

“I want to enter that too…uhho uhho!”

Kaguya-senpai cut in while strangely walking bowlegged, then she rammed Kazuki with a *do―n*.

“Why does senpai go as far as choosing an animal that is not cute at all…please just stop the gorilla act.”

“Then what animal is good I wonder?”

“Panda! After all your skin is white and your hair is black!”

Hikaru-senpai vigorously cut in. Kaguya-senpai went “I see I see” while nodding.

“Pan pan! Pan pan!”

Kaguya-senpai let out a cry of a mysterious animal while enveloping Kazuki’s waist with her arms in a tight bear hug.

The animals of the forst went wild “Wan!?” “Nya―! Funyaa―!” “Puu puu” against the newcomer that suddenly appeared.

“I’m fine just being a human.”

Hikaru-senpai nonchalantly said so and cuddled close at Kazuki.

Leme was watching in satisfaction at that situation where he was being jostled by everyone of the Witch’s Mansion.

“O my King, it will take a few days until your magic power recovered right. Until that time you are not going to force yourself and go to the Grand Haunted Ground. After all that seal won’t be so easily broken, and if it get destroyed Leme will know immediately. Pass your time flirting with these fellows just like usual for a while. That’s the best thing you can do at the moment.”

When Leme said that, everyone pressed even closer at him like a game oshikura manjuu. (AN: children’s game in which three or more stand back-to-back in a circle and jostle)

“…Things like the other two Sacred Treasures are trivial. You can properly obtain the things that you should obtain the most. Your bonds and…that sword. Believe in the thing that you have built up so far and your fate. For you to challenge the decisive battle with these two and go to become a King…is something that Leme is honestly happy for.”

After saying puzzling things just as she pleased even though there were a lot of things she wouldn’t talk about, Leme’s materialized body melted into the black of night and vanished.There was no mistake that Leme who had recovered her memory had surely remembered why she chose Kazuki as her contractor.

Immediately after Kazuki returned back to his room, he called the phone number that he just knew today.

He was not anxious―but he wanted to know as much as he could.

“What happened, to rely on me this fast.”

Akane-senpai took the call with a bright voice.

“…Ah, thank you for your hard work today. For some reason looks like the situation had become strange, however…”

After letting out a bright voice, it seemed that Akane-senpai remembered something and stiffened her voice before thanking Kazuki.

“Thank you very much. The reason that I called senpai immediately is because there is a matter that doesn’t make sense no matter what…. This is about the Grand Haunted Ground.”

The place that the government had laid out a gag order for and forcefully erased from the peoples memories.

―That place had a connection with him and Leme, and the owner of that voice.

“Is the Knight Order still hiding something?”

Kazuki enquired about the [mystery] without beating the bush.

“Something strange had happened that cannot be explained just by the explanation senpai told me before. The seal that was affixed on the wall that is partitioning Level 2 and 3…who was the one that put the seal there?”

When talking about a seal, naturally it was something artificial.

It was not something generated by nature, the seal should be done by someone with their own will.

Namely―the first knight.

The voice of that time that he remembered hearing before. The owner of that voice was….

“What in the world had happened at the time when that wall was made? That the Knight Order didn’t know anything about that at all and so they didn’t teach me anything, isn’t that strange?”

The Knight Order hid that information deliberately, he couldn’t help but thought so.

“…That’s so isn’t it, I too think that’s strange, but…I too don’t know anything, you know.”

Akane-senpai softened her voice apologetically.

“I’m sorry that I cannot be of use to you. After all I too was born just two years before you.”

The thing that Kazuki wanted to know happened far in the separate past.

“I’m sorry…to rely on senpai for something like this.”

He had the feeling that he betrayed Akane-senpai’s kindness with such unreasonably difficult question. Even though senpai’s voice was really bright when she first took this call.

“Ah, but”

Akane-senpai’s voice recovered from its disappointment and turned lively. As if she suddenly remembered some answer.

“Close to yourself, there is someone that is supposed to know about this situation far more than someone like me.”

“Eh, who is it?”

Kazuki concentrated all his mind to his ear so that he wouldn’t miss a single thing.

“It’s Liz Liza-sensei. You should know too right? That person was one of the first knights.”

Part 3[edit]

{In genereal, everything went just as you thought eh, Loki.}

When Ikousai exited the room, Kaya talked to Loki inside his head.

“Well…except about how Ilyailiya doesn’t show her mugs around.”

Loki chose a whisky and took it away from the cupboard where he stashed all the alcohol he bought and collected by walking around the city himself, then he sank his body onto the sofa as if saying that the time for work was over. He opened the seal of the bottle and poured the intense alcohol just like that into his throat―inside Loki, Kaya raised a scream.

{Dri, drink something a little softer. Bitter, inside my mouth even feels like it burns…}

“Then just cut off the sensation geez. You are the one that keep the connection on just as you please ain’t it?”

During the time Kaya was handing over her body to Loki, she gathered all the sensation Loki felt without exception.

A mysterious longing was residing inside such action.

Loki gulped the bottle one more time without any consideration to Kaya and then he released a satisfied breath “Fuu―”.

“Now then, the table has been set now. With my cooperation…Ikousai is gonna gather the three Sacred Treasures and become dependent on me, she is gonna be a puppet King that move just as I want.”

{Come on, at least dilute it with water or put some ice.}

“Just shut your trap. …And then, that. As usual my speed in working out schemes and Hayashizaki Kazuki’s speed in tying bonds counterbalance each other. Ikousai that listened to what I said and obtained two Sacred Treasures, and Hayashizaki Kazuki who grew strong until this point with the power of bonds…in the end which one will win?”

{I want to drink juice.}

Loki ignored Kaya and leaned his head on the sofa, already he murmured with a drunk way of speaking.

“Surely that is gonna be a fight that will test the strength of the destiny that guy carried eh.”

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