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Chapter 4 – Verge of Death[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Regina flew through the sky with wings of swan, waiting for the moment when a large magic power was once again taking off from the ground.

The instant when Ilayiliya was flying away to the atmosphere. There was a chance for surprise attack there.

In contrast with <troposphere> that continued from the earth’s surface until the sky, <stratosphere> that was in higher stratum than troposphere possessed a different structure, so to speak both of them was like [a different world] already. To cast magic, the caster had to imagine the coordinate of the thing that would become the target. But for a human that was situated in the troposphere, it was hard to imagine the different world called the stratosphere. Right now, atmospheric current was blowing fiercely like jet above Regina’s head while silence was spreading in the stratosphere that was at the higher stratum ahead.

It was an exceedingly difficult thing to do to attack Ilyailiya who pierced through this climate filter and flew in stratosphere.

Consequently that fact became an opening.

There was nothing that this Regina Olympia Folnar couldn’t do. In the instant the prey escaped to a safe area and felt relieved, she was going to snipe her down.

“Fufufu…one of the Advanced Magic Country will vanish here.”

Quickly fly away from the earth's surface to this place already.

Just come already from the Haunted Ground where you had piled up the sin that Arthur had called as [breaking the balance of the world].

Regina herself didn’t trespass into the Haunted Ground for even a single step. She was merely handing down the judgment to Ilyailiya.

Regina made a smile and looked down to the ground. Even though she possessed the eyes of hawk, as expected that didn’t mean that she could examine the state of the battle in details. But in the corner of the Haunted Ground where a rain of lightning had devastated the forest of the Haunted Ground into a wasteland, she was able to slightly confirm the situation that a battle between Kazuki and Ikousai was unfolding.

“So he drives away that swordswoman. …Though that way of fighting, he didn’t do that to me before.”

Regina’s tone of voice was slightly mixed with tone of interest. She had the hunch that he cast a different attribute of magic instantly. Was this what was called as the power of King Solomon…. If the [good quick wit] that he displayed in his battle with her that time was added with [varied way of fighting]….

“But Hayashizaki Kazuki might die here though.”

Regina murmured while looking down on Kazuki who was facing Ilyailiya.

Part 2[edit]

The blade of [Near Death Roulette] cut through Beatrix’s shoulder with a single stroke. Kaguya raised up the swung down scythe while observing carefully what senses that Beatrix lost and added one more attack. Beatrix got hit by consecutive attacks because she was still reeling from the unusual phenomenon that was happening in her body.

“Mu…this is!?”

Even Beatrix who had many battle experiences raised an agitated face while taking a few steps back. Seeing how her footsteps were unsteady, Kaguya confirmed that she had stolen Beatrix’s eyesight. …She won. If her opponent was not someone like Kazuki who was a master of Extra Sense that could even sense the opponent’s movement just from the magic power, losing eyesight was a fatal loss.

She was going to risk the match here. Kaguya shortened the distance in order to shower her attack on Beatrix and raised her scythe.

The blade slashed empty air.

Beatrix bent backward accurately with a paper thin difference and then she swung her large sword with a transcendence balance even while still bending backward. Kaguya was shocked while her body was reeling from the impact of the smashed magic.

“Fufu-, what are you getting surprised about! I have fought warriors that were holding a scythe 38 times! It’s far fewer than the number of time I have fought swordsman though! If the rough movement of the magic power can be grasped, the body will naturally move following what kind of trajectory the scythe is drawing you know!”

Kaguya held her ground after the impact she felt and swung her scythe, but Beatrix who shouldn’t be able to see from her eyes accurately evaded the scythe and returned a counterattack in the interval.

The competence of a veteran that was hidden by her forceful personality was on the contrary became revealed with her eyes blocked.

With Kaguya’s improvised training of close quarter combat, even with Beatrix’s eyes blocked, even when she aimed for mutual strike at the same time, she still couldn’t land even a single blow…!?

“I feel pain each time I cut you up but…your location or your posture or your movement, I can understand all of those clearly from the pain! To get hurt in this spot in this way…it tells me that right now you are there standing in this kind of stance!”

Kaguya spontaneously lost her nerve and stepped back, but it was meaningless before Beatrix that surpassed her in speed.

“…Our compatibility is completely bad!”

“The opponents that pleased me always run away from me! But I’ll absolutely not let them get away!!”

“…How obstinate!”

Kaguya held her ground and swung her scythe. She had no other way except to land a single hit in this distance somehow. After being identified by Kaguya as obstinate, Beatrix laughed delightfully while being in pain.

“Then I’ll give you even more suffering!”

Kaguya too prepared herself for the worst and faced Beatrix.

“That tone of voice, you bastard, you are a sadist pervert huh! That’s just fine, bring it on!!”

“Waiting impatiently for the visitor o god of death’s whispering voice, resound widely and deeply, let’s paint the dream completely with agony! O evil sound of sadism reverberate! Ultra Violence!!”

Kaguya emitted a sound wave that was similar with a siren’s voice that echoed stingingly in one’s brain. That sound wave was a grand agony magic that instantly doubled the pain that had accumulated until now.


Even Beatrix had her expression convulsed from the agony and her whole body spasming in twitches. Right there Kaguya entered one and then two blow of the scythe that destroyed the human senses. ―One more strike!

“Kuh…I got shocked just for a little here!”

Beatrix slashed back even more. For the sake of casting [Ultra Violence] once more, Kaguya concentrated on Resist and her spell rather than swinging around her scythe poorly.

Kaguya whose magic power was shaved off earnestly and Beatrix who was forced into a nightmare of agony.

The offense and defense that competed against each other strangely were continuing.

“Ultra Violence!”

Kaguya emitted sound wave of agony once more. While Beatrix was agitated from the pain, she would be dealt the last blow!

But Beatrix gritted her teeth while opening her eyes widely all of a sudden before then she made a heroic grin.

“I have tasted this already!!”

Kaguya’s scythe slashed at empty air and an accurate counterattack gouged out Kaguya’s magic power in a big way.

…The same method didn’t work for the second time! Then…a way to make her scythe hit one more time was….

None. Any other way to make this swordsman felt shaken was already….

“How painful! But this pain me the real sensation of mutually shaving off each other! My sight, my sense of smell, even my sense of touch, all of them are locked inside the darkness! Exactly because of that the pain makes the battle feel even more purely real!! You too are pleasing me you know, Otonashi Kaguya!!”

A completely awful opponent was having her sight fixed on her.

“I really have to test this, if right now in this place, I drive in [Mjolnir] into you how will it feel…!”

“Before you can do that…I will defeat you with a single attack!”

The scythe couldn’t hit already, all of her options could only get her four hits in as the limit. She understood that completely.

The offense and defense until now was a wasted effort.

For her to defeat this person―there was no other way other than casting [Guernica] or [Galaxy]!

“Interesting! So you can do something more…show me!!”

But she too had noticed right from the start―with an opponent that had this much offensive ability, it was impossible to do something like chanting such grand magic without any guard to protect her from the front.

Even if she tried to do that at this late hour, her own magic power couldn’t last for long already.

―Beatrix also sensed Kaguya’s heroic determination and suddenly calmed down her tone.

“…No. It’s amazing already for a pure magician to drive me this far singlehandedly. If Kazuki or that little sister is in front of you then who knows how this will go. I’ll give you my respect. …You might be even stronger than me.”

Comrade. Suddenly Kaguya remembered those existences, and averted her awareness to her surrounding with a glance.

―Kaguya’s party, the other seven people, all of them had already been defeated.

Eleonora and Damian in their Magic Dress’s appearance were staring at them from afar in order to not become a hindrance in their battle. There was still enough composure in their expression.

If these girls felt like it and surrounded Kaguya with three people….

There was nothing like hope in this battle right from the start. Kaguya’s feeling sank down.

Despite her luring away the most formidable enemy…yet her team was helpless in a battle of seven against two.

But―right at that time something felt frizzy inside Kaguya’s head that made her looked around with a surprised face. Even Beatrix whose senses were mostly dead was making a face of someone that realized something.

“Erii, Damian! Be careful, something is coming closer!!”

There was not a single sound. But something like footsteps could be concealed no matter how loud it was with general magic. What they felt was the surge of magic power that couldn’t be hidden even if the owner tried to hide it.

That magic power’s surge was also restrained until it could be only barely noticed, turning into a small warped wave. It was so small only those in the level of Kaguya or Beatrix could notice it.

A surprise attack, a usage of high class skill for the sake of an ambush.

Eleonora and Damian turned at behind their back. The presence was from behind these two.

Suddenly that assassin―stopped concealing the sounds surely because the assassin had closed the distance enough that it didn’t matter, the sounds of the thicket parted by the rush of something was echoing and someone intruded into the battlefield of the four.

“O powerShakti[1] that circulate the world! Converge in my hand under the guidance of god of destruction, become a single furious strike that pierce the three worlds! Three World Three Pronged SpearTrisula!!”

The darkish skinned girl of Ryouzanpaku―a company that even Kaguya had some remembrance of. The magic power that was grasped in her hand was liberated and whirled, turning into a spear of three-pronged fork that had the height around the girl’s own size.

Kaguya got goosebumps. That was clearly a scale of magic power for high level magic.

That girl, she could restrain that much magic power so small that it was almost undetectable!

Shudders also traversed through Eleonora and Damian’s expressions.

“We are Aegir’s, please lend me the terror of the ocean that knows no bottom! The raging waves that toy with the small people to me…Himinglæva!”

The instant Eleonora sensed the presence of surprise attack, she was starting to chant a magic that combined offense and defense in one package.

Highly Surging WaveHefring!”

A gigantic mass of water appeared in front of Eleonora and Damian, turning into a wall that damped all kind of attack. While being protected by that wall, Damian took the stance of counterattack.

“Cheeky bastard! Evaporate, fire Trisula!”

The three-pronged fork of a spear was dyed bright red altogether with the girl’s own hand. Without even caring for a tiny bit about the water wall, she thrust the spear.

The water wall exploded. The fierce thrust burst forth storm, changing the water wall into water spray and scattered them apart. Raging of roaring flames sprang forth at the same time and evaporated all of the water spray. The whirlwind of fierce flame that broke through the water wall blown away altogether Eleonora and Damian who was aiming for counterattack opening.

The girl that jumped in from the thicket pulled back her spear and landed on the ground, with a *DON* she struck a daunting pose.

Her Magic Dress that looked like a cloth that wrapped around the naked body was exactly like the outfit of a Hindu’s ascetic monk.

“That’s as far as you can go in bullying the weak! Saving the weak and crushing the strong! The picaresquescoundrel unrivalled under the heaven has arrived!!”

“…Who are you bastard? No, this magic power wave, have we met somewhere before…?”

Hearing Beatrix questioning her identity, the girl made a formal salutation vibrantly.

“The second rank of Ryouzanpaku, the <Whirlwind of Destruction> Silirat Denkaosen! As a part of Shouko of Wisdom and Silirat of Might, there ain’t any guys dumb enough to not know me at the southern China! My contracted Diva is Shiva! I have arrived in order to make Japan get indebted to us-!!”

Eleonora and Damian sprang back up and put their postures in order.

“…Silira of Might. This girl is…?”

The complexion of Eleonora who was in charge of the secret intelligence among the Einherjar changed.

“Heyy you bastard…I don’t know who the hell you are but you really are a vulgar bastard oi…”

Damian bared the white of her eyes and glared at Silirat threateningly.

“Oo, you’re gonna do it for real huh! That’s awesomee- that attitude!”

Slilirat glared back in delight.

“Erii, Damian, fight that girl with both of you together. Make sure she won’t hinder the last moment of my battle with Otonashi Kaguya.”

“My bad black-haired Nee-san, hold out a little bit more like that until I[2] finish off these two!”

Silirat exultantly kicked the ground and confronted the two Einherjar.

Kaguya felt an unease in her heart whether this was a hope or a chaos for her.

Part 3[edit]

“It’s troublesome that there are eyewitnesses left…”

Ilyailiya focused her stare on Kazuki while murmuring with a slender voice.

Ilyailiya was pondering with Kazuki right in front of her eyes.

―Kazuki recalled Arthur’s commentary about Ilyailiya.

[She is a personality that is calmly and coolly making a snap judgment. She has no hesitation in whatever she is doing, and when the surrounding is just thinking ‘danger’ she has already finished her action. She is that kind of character.]

This woman’s pondering would soon end. …It’s coming!

“There is no trouble at all to kill you here and end this country completely I think. Plije Zvizda(Flying Stardust) (AN: Another difficulty in translation. I don’t know if this is Russian or what. Here is the katakana of the technique, プりージえ・ズヴィズター, it’s read as ‘puriijie/puriije zuvaizutaa/zuvisutaa. Help me.)(Hons: Could be "Zvezda").”

Along with a cold murmur, small meteors rained down from the sky without any previous sign at all. The surrounding few meters range of the ground around where Kazuki was standing was deeply gouged out into holes, raising a dense cloud of dust.

Kazuki wasted no time in dodging from that wide attack range.

While pouring out cold sweat, he felt relieved that he evaded that attack.

“How baffling, how do you avoid that? This magic is supposed to be something with speed that cannot be avoided just by looking with eye.”

Ilyailiya tilted her head.

―Until now Kazuki had twice witnessed Ilyailiya’s attack.

There were no telltale signs in her movement or magic. To cast magic without even any advance warning and even the speed of the magic was something that the eye couldn’t catch in its movement. Kazuki was bewildered when he saw that movement that was impossible to be Foresighted above the sky of Ishinokami Shrine.

It might be one of her <King’s Authority>. The King of making swift decision and taking quick action….

The second time he met her was in the Fuji’s sea of trees right after his battle with Regina. At that time too she attacked Kazuki with meteors, yet Kazuki immediately dodged her surprise attack and escaped from the predicament.

―At that time how did I avoid her attack?

When he thought back to that time, Kazuki didn’t understand what he did. There was no telltale sign on Ilyailiya’s attack. Her attack couldn’t be Foresighted from her breathing or her muscle movement or her magic power flow.

However he could immediately avoid her attack at that time.

’I felt her killing intent that time’, he couldn’t think of any explanation other than that.

“Let’s test it, one more time. … Plije Zvizda.”

Meteors fell down from the sky again. As expected there was no advance warning at all, of course the meteor also moved in the speed where it couldn’t be evaded if he only moved after seeing the attack. Kazuki was ―once more jumped to the side in order to evade.

Ilyailiya’s handsome eyebrows shook twitchingly in wonder.

―What was [Killing Intent]?

From time immemorial master of martial art could naturally sense that in their battle. Kazuki too as a swordsman was always conscious of the killing intent’s existence all along. But in the end rather than such ambiguous thing, he became more dependent of the opponent’s breathing and magic power flow as [something more certain].

However in front of this King without any telltale signs, right now he had the hunch that he understood what was [the true nature of killing intent].

To feel killing intent meant in other words―Telepathy. Now after he had met Lotte and accumulated training with Koyuki, he had the feeling that he had grasped this ambiguous and vague thing.

He had no other way than to grasp it.

In front of this formidable enemy where his chance of victory was infinitely small, that occurred to Kazuki.

He didn’t Foresight this opponent from her breathing or muscle, or her magic power.

But with a dimension thats even more above those―Foresighting the attacking intent using Telepathy.

If he couldn’t do that, he wouldn’t be able to defend against even a single attack of this formidable enemy!

“The same technique won’t work the second time against Hayashizaki-style.”

Kazuki said that in order to inspire himself.

“Hmm. Agouni Koparyof(Fire of Wound Vessel) (AN: Another incomprehensible name. The katakana is アゴーニ・コパリョフ。Read as agooni kopariyofu/koparyofu. The koparyofu might also be kobaryofu).”

Together with an emotionless murmur, Ilyailiya’s right hand was wrapped in silver flame.

<Svarog> of Slavic Mythology was also said as a god of blacksmith.

“Miechi(Swordification) (AN: The katakana isミエーチ, read as mieechi).”

The silver flame solidified as if turning dry, the pointed end of Ilyailiya’s right elbow was changing into a large blade.

“Then I will try to change method.”

A freezing killing intent flew at Kazuki and Ilyailiya’s figure disappeared.

―She came, he couldn’t grasp anything except such timing.

When Kazuki put up Doufuu as if throwing it, right where he put the sword was Ilyailya swinging down her right elbow.

A heavy feedback. She was an amateur in sword, that was why he expected her to swing down her sword horizontally.

But that was nothing more than luck.

He had to get a lot more information, had to imagine and perceive more from the killing intent.

How would she try to kill him?

Hayashizaki-style was a school that observed. It always put importance on observation. Even if Telepathy was a field he was poor at, even so by no means that was something unrelated to all his training until now.

Even faster before the situation turned into a sword locking contest, the figure of Ilyailiya whose blade was blocked vanished.

She turned into lightning and drew back. And then―her killing intent moved from Kazuki toward another of his comrades.

“Then first I’ll start from your comrades.”

His comrade would be killed! Adrenaline exploded inside Kazuki’s head from impatience.

Kazuki felt more strongly of the danger that was going to befall his comrades even more than the danger he had fallen into. He had to sense the killing intent even more precisely. If he couldn’t do that, he wouldn’t be able to protect his comrades!

A concentration power Kazuki had never reached before erupted Kazuki’s Extra Sense.

The killing intent from Ilyailiya―possessed a path that could be sensed.

Passing through his side―she went to his comrade at the rear.

That was the thought that floated in Ilyailiya’s mind right in this instant, her [will to kill].

The next instant, she would surely follow along that path with the speed of lightning.

Kazuki threw his body reflexively on that path.

  • DON*, he crashed against lightning. The impact from that was terrific just from its speed, Kazuki braced his legs and endured from getting blown away. In contrast Ilyailiya had her eyes turned circle from surprise.

“ “Your movement came to a stop there!!” “

―Kohaku and Karin leaped out to pincer-attack Ilyailiya from both flanks of Kazuki.

Kohaku raised Taroudachi that had been enlarged over her head while Karin was entering a posture of flying kick.

Both of them were anticipating the timing where Kazuki would surely stopped the movement of Ilyailiya one more time. Ilyailiya’s posture was disordered from her collision with Kazuki. It was not a stance where she could evade.

“Pospeiv(Armorification) (AN: The katakana is ポスペーヒ.Read as posupeehi or posupeefi. ).”

The silver metal that formed the blade that was covering Ilyailiya’s right arm leaped up like a liquid possessing its own will and spread out, covering Ilyailiya from the top of her head unti the tips of her toes.

The metal became an armor and helmet that possessed silver radiance, repelling away Kohaku’s katana and Karin’s kick.

“It’s real hard as expected!”

Kohaku and Karin that had experienced Regina’s Resist that was like an iron wall landed down without any surprise.

“Both of you switch to the long range! Karin, use your Summoning Magic rather than your kenpo!”

Kazuki gave such instructions to the two. Ilyailiya herself didn’t have any knowledge of martial art from what he saw, but the full armor produced by [a chief god of the Mythology] was not so soft that an average Sacred Treasure or bare hand could damage it.

He had to stand in the front line and hold back this woman!

“O goddess of affection…please bestow the light to the warrior that challenge the trial under thy watch. Moonlight Breath!”

A backup from Miyabi-senpai in the rear flew to him.

The moonlight bestowed the Divine Protection of warrior to Kazuki, he felt strength overflowed in his whole body. He could do this before she moved!

“Deep Striker!”

Kazuki confronted Ilyailiya in the aspect of casting magic instantly.

Ilyailiya had yet to display a large scale attack magic, but perhaps there was also some kind of condition on her instant casting.

He didn’t want to let the opponent do anything. He was going to shower with attacks and end it like that.

Equipping a large thruster system on his back, Kazuki accelerated fiercely while launching a stab with Doufuu. The tip of the beloved sword in his hand aimed the gap between the silver armor and the silver helmet accurately.

A stab in the speed of sound pierced the bare neck, Ilyailiya’s slender body was blown away from the recoil of the Resist.


Kazuki instantly exchanged the content of Zekorbeni from Prometheus to Phoenix. Flame ran on Kazuki’s whole body and formed a Magic Dress with the color of fire shadow.

“O bird of paradise where light of heaven reside in that body, burn to ash the sins on the earth's surface following my accusation! Israel Judgment!!”

A thick heat ray attacked Ilyailiya that was still blown away in the air.

“Thy wings bestowed by Belphegor, o <ice pillar of flame>! Grasp the air superiority of hell, hand down the inescapable bombing of contradiction! Burning Icicle!”

Shinobu-senpai too straddled the phantom body of Marchosias and bombed Ilyailiya with red crystal. Ilyailiya was scorched by the heat ray. And then the red explosion of [Burning Icicle] swallowed Ilyailiya.

―Further right there sharp wind was blowing in.

“Gouge the afar, <Doutanuki>! Battou Kaikon ―Tenran Kamaitachi!!”

Kohaku fired wind blades. That wind didn’t let the explosion of [Burning Icicle] escape and swallowed it, compressing Ilyailiya inside. ―He wondered how much damage would be inflicted with this.

From the other side of the red explosion light of [Burning Icicle], a killing intent flashed.

Kazuki sensed the image of the killing intent. Death by stabbing!!


Ilyailiya who moved with the speed of lightning changed the silver metal into a hand blade again and charged straight at Kazuki. Kazuki received the attack with the side of his blade and parried it diagonally while twisting his body.

“Thunder fall on my body acquiring lightning thought and god speed…awaken the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!!”

At the same time he cast the acceleration magic he was chanting before he used the parrying movement to rotate in a twirl, and slashed.


  • GAKIN!*, his attack was blown back from the terribly hard sensation. The silver metal transformed into armor.


The next moment it returned back to a right hand blade and slashed at Kazuki. The killing intent gave off an advance warning of that movement. Kazuki blocked and then parried it. Hayashizaki-style’s <Instant Positioning> immediately broke Ilyailiya’s posture. He landed a counterattack right there. He had no intention to be outdone in a close-quarter combat!


Kazuki memorized the pattern of how the armor and the helmet were created. His blade slipped through the gap between armor accurately to the inch.

Kazuki’s physical ability that had been reinforced and the thick sensation of Resist fought each other.

The unceasing Ice Pillar of Flame and Kohaku’s wind blade also continued to add shockwave against the silver armor.

Acting as if those were nothing, Ilyailiya was staring at Kazuki fixedly and opened her mouth.

“…The authority of King Solomon, is it [Future Prediction]? Such a convenient Authority?”

“This is just a mere human’s hard work.”

He reflexively made a reply that he didn’t even need to make.

“Hard work…that’s something I have never done.”

Killing intent ―he was going to be burned to death!!

Ilyailiya’s left hand turned to Kazuki and casually thrust forward.

“Damafoi(Trickster Fire Spirit) (AN: Another incomprehensible name. The katakana is ダマフォーイ. Read as damafooi).”

From that palm, raging flames that had been compressed with intense heat was whirling.

The flame was growing huge in the blink of eye while whirling and it was going to swallow Kazuki who was right in front of Ilyailiya’s eye.

“Burn to ash all that touched everything…the scorching heat of rejection without any place to depend! Self Burning!”

Kazuki fully operated Zekorbeni’s power. First he enveloped himself with flame armor.

“O immortal bird that soar from dusk to dawn, please grant those wings of hope on my back! The destruction for the sake of rebirth right here…! Blazing Wings!”

Even further wings of flame spread out from his back and wrapped his own body. Instantaneous multiple chanting for defense…!

Kazuki was clad in armor of flame and wrapped with wings of flame, turning into a giant ball of flame.

And that ball was further swallowed by the giant flame of Ilyailiya.

The flame absorbed flame―but the flame couldn’t be absorbed and Kazuki’s defensive magic power was severely smashed up.

The single shot that seemed like a simple attack was, heavy…!

Kazuki staggered from the shockwave of his smashed magic. “Miechi”, Ilyailiya created a sword in her right hand.


Shinobu-senpai attempted to save Kazuki and scattered around Ice Pillar of Flame from the sky.

Ilyailiya glared to the sky while receiving the explosion blast with her body. Kazuki could Foresight her next movement, but he was unable to move from the shockwave of the smashed magic.

Ilyailiya ran to the sky with the speed of lightning and slashed Marchosias’s phantom body altogether with Shinobu-senpai right when they passed each other.


Shinobu-senpai fell from the sky while her magic power was scattering around her. Even looking from afar he could understand that she lost a considerable amount of magic power from that one attack. Ilyailiya’s blade for the first time bared its fang toward Kazuki’s comrade.

Ilyailiya blasted her killing intent that she was going to strike more following the blow at Shinobu-senpai who was falling naturally.

That kind of blade, mustn’t be directed at his comrade…!

“Blazing Wings!”

Kazuki recast the wings of flame before Ilyailiya could move out and cut into her advance route. And then he blocked Ilyailiya’s blade with Doufuu…!

A high-pitched metallic sound rang out.

His beloved sword that was a tough <Kamakura ancient sword> which was reproduced using alchemy ―was broken.


Kazuki received a shock that couldn’t be voiced. In Hayashizaki household, it was the katana from his step father after his skill’s improvement was recognized. That shock made Kazuki’s judgment delayed for an instant.

“Your magic power is weakening much already.”

Ilyailiya whispered into his ear.

His magic power didn’t spread through his blade thoroughly, that was why his katana broke.


Ilyailiya thrust out her left palm toward Kazuki whose awareness was completely frozen.

A ball of raging fire was whirling from there. Damn i…!


Shinobu-senpai hugged Kazuki from behind. Shinobu-senpai reversed her posture while being entangled together with him and she turned her back at Ilyailiya.

“Thy wings bestowed by Belphegor, o <Ice Pillar of Flame>! Cover us, become the wall of unreasonable contradiction! Cross Conflict!!”

Wings of red crystal spread out from her back. It protected the body from both heat and cold, a defensive magic of double attribute. But the huge ball of flame easily pierced through and scorched Kazuki and Shinobu-senpai altogether. Both of them fell to the ground with a posture of hugging each other.


The damage was shallow for Kazuki who was covered. The problem was senpai who continuously gotten hit by a King’s attack.

“Just this much is all right. Teamwork.”

Shinobu-senpai who was hugging Kazuki was answering with a kind voice that was unthinkable from before.

“That’s right. It’s teamwork-!”

In front of Kazuki and Shinobu-senpai who collapsed on the ground, Karin threw her body forward.

Right there Ilyailiya who became a flash of lightning swooped down and swung her silver blade. The attack that aimed at Kazuki and Shinobu-senpai was ripping apart Karin who was covering them.

Even while being cut ―Karin continued to chant and cast her magic.

“Guuuu! …Transiency of impurity is liberated from the death of Shirin! Mantra of the hidden side <Dakini Heavenly Law>! Dokuro Honzon Hangon’en(Skull Idol Revival Flame)!!”

Before the eyes of Ilyailiya who was slashing Karin, a large avatar of a skull was floating. The jaw of the sinister skull moved in clattering sound as if in a laugh, and at that timing the skull turned into a pure black flame and swallowed Ilyailiya.

That flame wouldn’t easily vanish and clung on a living life, a wicked flame that burned the target to ashes.

Dakini Heavenly Law―the forbidden Buddhist incantation that was handed down to Inari (AN: God of Harvests, Uka-no-Mitama).

It was a high level magic that should be said as Karin’s contracted Diva, Tamamo no Mae’s trump card.

Even Ilyailiya also had her body movement sealed by that black flame, making her take a step back from the impact of smashed magic due to being scorched.

“It takes too much time to chant that magic!”

While approaching near the collapsed Kazuki and Shinobu-senpai, Karin said that apologetically.

Kazuki stood up while embracing and supporting both of their bodies…he then sheathed Doufuu that was broken in half with a feeling of chagrin. He only had a little magic power left….

Ilyailiya stood up while being wrapped inside black flame.

How much damage were they able to inflict at that <King>….

“Sorry, Kazuki…”

Kohaku who was standing in a slightly separate distance said crestfallenly.

“This one was covering you with Tenran Kamaitachi but, it was nothing more than a peashooter damage against the opponent’s Resist and armor. Against an opponent of this level, if there is no stronger Sacred Treasures available…”

Sacred Treasure―suddenly Kazuki’s mind vividly recalled the power of <Mikagami no Tate> that Ikousai used. And then the Sacred Treasure that appeared to be the <Yasakani no Magatama> was even now wrapped around Ilyailiya’s arm. They wouldn’t be able to obtain that if they didn’t defeat Ilyailiya.

And the last one <Ame no Murakumo> seemed to be still sleeping somewhere in the Haunted Ground….

Kazuki beseeched for a new power while regretfully thinking about the broken Doufuu. If he had such power….

“The reflection of my heart on the moon mirror and the warm light to you…share the soul, Moon Divide(Moon Mirror Connected Heart)!”

Moonlight shone down from the sky and wrapped Kazuki’s body. This was Miyabi-senpai’s magic.

Miyabi-senpai was also walking near beside Kazuki who was standing up.

Magic power was flowing from the moonlight into Kazuki’s mind. That light brought about a refreshing sensation to his mind that had come to exhaustion while recovering his vitality.

In contrast he could feel the magic power of Miyabi-senpai in front of his eyes was getting emptied.

―A magic that transferred over magic power to other people.

“We have to defeat that person in this place right?”

Miyabi-senpai said so in order to encourage Kazuki.

“Then, there should be something left that we can still do.”

Miyabi-senpai was staring fixedly at Kazuki.

What she wanted to say―the last card that was still left, understanding that Kazuki gently embraced her back. Miyabi-senpai’s whitely clear face was colored with shyness.

“…Doing this in this kind of time left a lot to be desired but, I have waited a long time for this.”

“Senpai…thank you very much.”

Kazuki hugged Miyabi-senpai and inserted strength into his hands, then he touched those lovely lips with his lips.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.08 236.jpg

“What meaning is there in kissing right now?”

With her body still wrapped inside the black flame, Ilyailiya was looking their way with a dubious expression.

A strong bond of magic power was linked between Kazuki and Miyabi-senpai. The thought body of Diva <Gremory> flowed into Kazuki’s mind through the circuit of bond. A spell immediately floated inside his mind.

When they separated their lips, Miyabi-senpai averted her eyes shyly.

“O goddess of moon that bring compassion in a lonely night…. I know thy true name(Shem ha Meforashu)…thy true name is Revena. Any kind of abuse cannot hope to defile thy pure white. O tender-hearted goddess, show that radiance!”

Beside Kazuki and Miyabi-senpai, a goddess with silky flowing long red hair, wearing a garment fringed with gold thread and black lace materialized. That appearance was by no means a devil.

“Thank you, for kissing this child.”

The true identity of the female demon, was the moon goddess Revena.

Miyabi-senpai faced Revena and made a shy smile as if a daughter introducing his lover to the mother she was in good relation with.

“Kazuki…just now, I want to do it too.”

Shinobu-senpai who was watching the situation came near beside him in order to be added between Kazuki and Miyabi-senpai. Then she kissed Kazuki in a surprise attack. A heart mark of positivity level up came flying.

However the positivity level of Shinobu-senpai―was currently 59.

Even if she kissed him, the power of bond to draw out strength from that still hadn’t been created.

But the expression of Shinobu-senpai was enraptured,

“This…feels good.”

Saying that she repeatedly kissed Kazuki *chuu chuu* many times over. Each time she did that a heart mark came flying at him―and finally even the avatar of a golden key also came flying at him.

Ryuutaki Shinobu―65

With the positivity level reaching that value, a circuit of bond was tied between the two and Marchosias’s consciousness body flowed into Kazuki.

“A, amazing…”

“Wh, what a feat…”

Miyabi-senpai and Revena had their eyes equally turned circle.

“O lonely wolf that raised a war cry in the solitary night…. I know thy name(Shem ha Meforashu)…thy name is Marchosias. The one who is wandering seeking for love baring the fang. Show that gallant pureness!”

When Kazuki finished his chanting, even then Shinobu-senpai was still coming at him to peck at his lips.

“Love is…something that you have to win over using brute strength sometimes.”

Beside Kazuki and Shinobu-senpai that repeatedly kissed, a female warrior that was half human half beast with brown hair materialized.

“Maru-chan, as I thought that’s a little…”

Revena smiled wryly while Marchosias shouted “Gremory” and hugged her very tightly *gyu―tt*, then she fawned on her like sounding her throat in a purr or kissing her cheek.

Shinobu-senpai too mimicked her Diva and fawned at Kazuki with a hug.

“You three, now is not the time for doing that…”

Miyabi-senpai was directing a troubled expression to her own sister and said sister contracted Diva.

“…What farce are all of you doing?”

Finally the black flame burned out and Ilyailiya went out from there.

“Ilyailiya, this is our last resistance…I’m going to show out all the power that I have!”

The spells for the ultimate magic of two Divas were running about inside Kazuki’s brain.

“…O throne of night that urge all the stars to awaken, the phosphorescence discreetly wake up the madness…. The utmost limit of warrior, right here! Awakening Full Moon(Moonlight that Swoop Down From the Heaven)!!”

He cast the second magic simultaneously.

“…O lonely wolf that rush through every ground level, change thy longing into madness and howl ferociously…. The utmost limit of instinct, right here! Awakening Killer Instinct(Solitary Wolf Howling Up from the Earth)!!”

From the full moon of the afternoon, from the bottom of the earth, fierce magic powers like muddy streams were flowing into Kazuki.

The two ultimate magic were both reinforcement magic. The light from the moon cleared Kazuki’s mind to the very extreme, while the light from the earth cleared Kazuki’s blood and muscle until the very extreme.

Revena and Marchosias’s figures returned into avatar and were slowly vanishing.

Due to Revena’s strengthening his thought speed accelerated and everything looked slow to him.


Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.08 240.jpg

Ilyailiya created a silver blade once more on her right hand and traversed the ground toward Kazuki with the speed of lightning.

Kazuki whose thought activity was amplified due to Revena’s strengthening sensed Ilyailiya’s killing intent in great detail. How was Ilyailiya rushing at him, how was she swinging her silver blade, he grasped the trajectory of her attack perfectly. While Kazuki evaded a half step to the left―he struck his right arm to the position that he predicted as the spot where Ilyailiya would slash at an empty air.

He struck with a fist that had been amplified physically many times over by Marchosias’s strengthening.

Ilyailiya who came flying with the speed of lightning was knocked off her feet and sent flying with terrific force from the counter that was riding that speed.


Kazuki pursued her while raising the scream of the instinct itself and he raised his left arm.

“…-! Pospeiv.”

Even while being sent flying, Ilyailiya reformed the silver metal into armor and helmet once more. When Kazuki caught up with Ilyailiya who was blown away, he swung down his left arm like a steel hammer without care.

The armor was smashed apart into splinters of silver, Ilyailiya caved into the ground.

Kazuki got down to the ground in pursuit and swung down both his fists like rain. Cracks ran through the ground like a spider’s web. The silver armor was all broken apart and a thick backlash was returned from his shower of blows hitting Ilyailiya’s own Resist.

It was a response that made his fists numb. Even now it remained unchanged that this King had possessed an abundance of magic power.

Kazuki burned the magic power that he received from Miyabi-senpai’s sharing like fuel and exhibited a super strengthened attack power, continuously striking Ilyailiya. Ilyailiya’s body was rapidly caving into the ground.

The attack power was insufficient just with his fist…!

Kazuki lamented that Doufuu which he received from his step father was completely broken.

“Raskati Gloma(Shooting Out Thunder). (AN: Another incomprehensible magic name. The katakana is ラスカテイ・グローマ. It’s read as rasukatei gurooma).”

Ilyailiya suddenly raised her right arm while being randomly pounded by fists.

A heralding electrical discharge ran through that right hand.

Kazuki could Foresight it. But even if Kazuki could escape somewhat, that thunder would chase a material in which the electrical discharge was passed through.

The heralding electrical discharge were tied at Kazuki from the palm, then a lightning that contained enormous electric charge was running through that.

“Collider Field!!”

Kazuki set up a barrier of electricity. But a low level magic of Prometheus couldn’t possibly block the thunder and the mechanical gauntlet immediately shorted out and Kazuki’s own magic power was shaved.

In that opening Ilyailiya speedily slipped out from the ground that had changed into a crater without delay and escaped from the distance of close quarter combat. For her who possessed the speed of lightning, it only took an instant.

“O bird of paradise where the light of heaven reside in that body, burn to ashes the sins on the earth surface following my accusation! Israel Judgment!!”

Kazuki once more poured his magic power into Zekorbeni and he faced the shadow of lightning that was becoming more distant before firing. He must not let her get away…!

Due to the level 6 magic, a serious amount of magic power was consumed and inside Kazuki’s head was on the brink of turning pure white.

The destructive power of the heat ray was also strengthened. The back of Ilyailiya who was trying to escape was shot and her movement stopped.

“…From the kisses before this…your everything is amplified, is it…!”

While her magic power was shaved off, Ilyailiya turned back to Kazuki and displayed an expression of shock from how herself who was moving almost as fast as light was captured.

Kazuki leaped forward with all his strength and unleashed a kick.

Ilyailiya’s body flew horizontally and banged into a giant tree of the Haunted Ground. Kazuki immediately chased her and further struck Ilyailiya flying altogether with the tree that snapped from the impact. It was frustrating that he couldn’t attack except with his bare hand.

Anticipating the thought of Ilyailiya who was trying to escape using his strengthened perception ability, he struck even more.

Ilyailiya who was continuously sent flying crashed to the wall with a *DON*.

Wall―the wall that partitioned Level 2 area from Level 3 area.

They had arrived until the deepest ground of Level 2 in one go while he was pursuing Ilyailiya who was sent flying.

In their surrounding the trees were decreasing and rock surface was scraggily littering the ground. He finally noticed at this late hour how the sloping ground under his feet made it harder to fight. Surely at the other side of this wall the ground was genuinely turning into a mountain road.

The wall emitted blue magic power light dimly. It was just an aging wall of concrete from a glance, but some kind of magic power was coating it. From that magic power…Kazuki harbored a marvel sensation.

A wavelength that he had felt before long time ago in the past―a mysterious feeling of yearning.

“Not an ability to foresight the future…are you predicting my action? As for speed…I’m at disadvantage with my speed in this mode.”

Ilyailiya who was crashed into the wall murmured.

“…But looks like I have no need to go as far as to show my card to overturn the situation. After all you are already at your limit.”

With a feeble gait, Kazuki slipped through the gap between the trees and showed his figure before Ilyailiya.

This was the limit. If he didn’t strain his consciousness to the extreme continuously, he was going to get dragged into Astrum in no time at all. Cold sweats was flowing without pause from his forehead continuously.

“I don’t know how you did it, but in the first place you don’t have any magic power left to materialize two Divas. How long have you kept fighting since you arrived in this Haunted Ground?”

The tone of her voice even contained some pity of Kazuki who had truly used up his everything until this point.

“You are strong. But this is the end…Agouni Koprayof. Miechi.”

Ilyailiya once again created the silver metal and formed a blade on her right arm.

Her left hand was even now still wrapped up by the string that connected the several magatama.

Kazuki drew out the broken Doufuu with a feeling as if imploring the sword.

He didn’t think that he could do something somehow with the sword being like this.

―And then as if some kind of switch had been flicked off, a pillar of light rose up from the other side of the wall. And then acting in concert with that light pillar, the magic power that was residing within the concrete wall increased that light.

Ilyailiya was even more shocked than Kazuki and looked back at the wall.

“What the…? The wall’s seal is releasing light…? Are you, and the thing that sealed this wall have some kind of relation?”

The light pillar directly stretched out to the sky―and then it turned into a belt of light and descended down to Kazuki’s location.

{That sword…is blessed with a kind person isn’t it? Moreover, looks like you have been raised as a hard worker.}

Just as he was enveloped by the light, a kind voice that he remembered hearing before from somewhere was echoing inside his head.

It was a voice that he had heard already just slightly before this….

{I have waited here for a long time for you…isn’t that right, Lemegeton?}


Besides the bewildered Kazuki, Leme materialized.

Leme’s appearance was transforming. The childishness from that face vanished, her stature too grew smoothly until around the height of those in Kazuki’s generation―long forked horns grew out from her head. Her clothes too―it was different from the shabby cloth that she wore until now, transforming into a shining cloth that was suitable for a King of Diva.

“Kazuki…with your conquest of Ryuutaki sisters, Leme’s power and…also memory has recovered to some extent.”

Leme talked with a calm and mature tone of voice.


{There is something that I wish to hand over to you…<Ame no Murakumo>.}

The light from the sky said.

{Pass this wall and come until Area 3. Right now..I will share a part of that power and the sealing power to you. Because this seal cannot be completly released immediately right now.}

Completely the same like the magic that shared Miyabi-senpai’s magic for him before this, the light from the sky turned into magic power and seeped into his body. It was a magic power that made him feel a longing somewhere.

That’s right, everything of this made him feel a longing. The voice, the wavelength of the magic power, even the warmth of the light….

The pillar of light and the light of the wall, all of it climbed to the sky and vanished from being absorbed into Kazuki.

One part of that magic power naturally gathered into the broken Doufuu. The magic power converged, its thickness increased, the material changed, and the broken tip of the blade was recreated. The recreated sword was not a single edge katana―a double edged sword.

Doufuu became a double edged [ancient sword] and reborn.

This is… <Ame no Murakumo>…? No, it was just a part of that power, temporarily residing within this sword?

The light from before said that kind of thing.

He completely didn’t understand why that light did this.

Kazuki looked for an explanation and directed his gaze at Leme.

“Kazuki…Leme didn’t just choose some random guy who is strong in sword art. Leme wanted to make you into a King. Not some fellow like that Ikousai, but you. …That’s why, please.”

Leme said something that didn’t become any explanation before her figure vanished.

“…Raskati Gloma!”

Ilyailiya thrust out her right hand at Kazuki and enormous electric charge went out from her palm. The heralding electrical discharge ran to Kazuki and next an enormous lightning ran at Kazuki.

Inside Kazuki’s hand―that ancient sword proclaimed its own power. It demanded to Kazuki ‘set free the power’.

Commuting between the souls of the user and the Sacred Treasure to release the soul―the power of Battou Kaikon.

“…Mow down all things in nature, <Ame no Murakumo>! Battou Kaikon, Kusanagi no Tsurugi(Grass Cutting Sword)!!”

Rather than moving the sword Kazuki felt like his movement was being guided, then he mowed the ancient sword horizontally.

Just like the hero that possessed the qualification as King in the Mythology.

The light of lightning that should be enveloping Kazuki, the roar of thunder, all of them instantly vanished. The sword swing caused by the blade cut apart not physical material, but all phenomenon there were.

Kazuki kicked the ground and leaped into the torn apart lightning right from the front. Turning towards Ilyailiya who was at the other side of the lightning, Kazuki reversed the sword and raised it above his head before slashing down diagonally.


Silver armor instantly wrapped Ilyailiya’s body. However the blade that gained the force from Shinobu-senpai and Miyabi-senpai’s super strengthening tore the armor like paper and cut Ilyailiya.

Feedback ― Ilyailiya’s thick defensive magic power was gouged deeply, there was the sensation of something smashed and broken apart.

Kazuki recalled the time when he once felt the despairing thickness of Loki’s magic power when he materialized. At that time he felt that no matter how many thousands of time he cut, he wouldn’t be able to break that amount magic power.

His current self was different. When he cut, he could reliably shave off the opponent’s magic power.

Kazuki reversed the blade he swung down and slashed diagonally above. Once more, he gouged the defensive magic power of Ilyailiya. Several times…just several more times, he could defeat Ilyailiya!?

“…Kuh-! This is the genuine power as the Solomon King…? No, is there an even different power residing in you…? Something is…watching over you!”

This was the first time Ilyailiya leaked out an impatient voice. Her consciousness was not directing killing intent but directed toward the sky.

“..There are too many inexplicable matters, therefore I choose to change mode and discontinue the battle, and retreat while taking home the Sacred Treasure…!!”

“…Wait, I won’t let you get away!!”

Kazuki reached out his hand toward the string of magatama that was coiled on Ilyailiya’s left hand.

Ilyailiya tried to make some distance with the speed of lightning in order to escape from that hand.

In that instant―Kazuki’s ankle was caught by someone.

Kazuki’s hand was unable to reach Ilyailiya’s left arm slightly and clawed empty air.


Kazuki looked down under his feet with a fatal feeling as if it was his heart that was caught rather than his ankle.

The sight of a woman face that was half-assimilating with the ground flew into his eyes. A black robed woman ―the magician that was possessed by Midgardsormr. The woman whose face looked like reptile made a broad disgusting grin.

“I’m not going to let it be over just by retreating…”

…This woman didn’t immediately retreat right after swallowing her comrades into her stomach.

She remained inside the ground while following Kazuki around and was earnestly waiting for the instance where she could be useful in some way!

“Don’t get in my way!”

Kazuki immediately swung down the ancient sword to the hand that was holding his ankle.

“GUH-!” Leaking such voice, Midgardsormr pulled back her hand and face into the earth in panic and buried her body completely under the ground.

“…My gratitude, for the backing. Though you cannot hear me anymore.”

An instant was more than enough for Ilyailiya.

Ilyailiya who escaped from Kazuki’s hand turned into lightning and set free toward the sky.

There was nothing Kazuki could do except seeing her off.

One of the Sacred Treasures went deep inside the earth, while one more Sacred Treasure vanished high into the sky.

…And then one more Sacred Treasure was….

Magic power slipped off from the ancient sword that Kazuki held in his hand. The sword vanished into the air as if the magic power that materialized it became undone, returning completely into the previously broken Doufuu. The strengthening power from Revena and Marchosias too became lost from his body.

The string that held Kazuki’s concentration was severed and he looked up to the wall beside him.

The wall that pulsated with shining magic power was now returning into a normal concrete wall.

What in the world has happened…?

Two of the Three Sacred Treasures had been stolen and taken away.

But the remaining last one was…had some kind of connection to himself and right now it was waiting for him at the other side of this wall.

The meaning of such fact…what in the world could it possibly be?

That voice was….

Part 4[edit]

“What the hell, you gals really are not anything big at all eh, Einherjar. On top of that you two are eating some pretty good damage just now.”

Silirat was looking down on Eleonora and Damian who had lost their magic power and collapsed on the ground.

“Now then…if you’re defeated already then just keep sleeping like that, -kay. I’m gonna make sure you gals won’t be able to fight anymore the second time around, see.”

Silirat crouched down beside Eleonora who was lying down while being half magic intoxicated already and she grasped her arm. Eleonora whose consciousness was made hazy from her condition leaked out her voices in convulsion.

“…Sto, op…”

“Myyy bad but I’m pretty merciful already here that I ain’t even killing you yeah. It’s a great pain in the butt to defeat you so it ain’t any good if I don’t get at least some of your limbs to make damn sure that you ain’t gonna fight me the second time.”

Silirat lightly entered some strength into her hand that was grasping Eleonora’s right arm.

Against the slender arm that was already not protected by any defensive magic power, it was a simple matter for Silirat to break bone or tear off the limb just by putting some strength with Enchant Aura.

“Ca, captain…”

“Your captain-san is still fightin’ over there y’know―. I gotta hurry and get done here so I can go help over there see. …Nn?”

Suddenly the field of vision of the crouching Silirat was covered by a shadow. Behind her, something big was obstructing the sunlight. Silirat let go of Eleonora’s hand and jumped away in panic.

“…I’m going to kill you if you don’t let go of Erii.”

The thing that was towering over her like a mountain from the back was none other than Beatrix. From the start she didn’t have such big stature like mountain, but the pressure she released overpowered Silirat giving her the impression of a towering mountain.

In Beatrix’s hand was―the Sacred Treasure that was the strongest in the Norse Mythology being created together with the spell.

“There are both rage and blessing in my battle! Acting as the agent of the god of war, I’m gong to swing down the rage and blessing toward life to thy’s head…!!”

“The black haired Nee-chan had got done in already!?”

Silirat looked for Otonashi Kaguya’s figure in panic. The girl―was not even defeated, she was just looking over at Beatrix’s position while standing stock still.

“Why ain’t you fighting!? Why ain’t you holding back this gal, I’m your ally right!?”


The hammer whose handle was strangely short was forming its real form inside Beatrix’s hand, then it was swung down on Silirat’s head in one breath.

“Shit, fire can be extinguished…Trisula of Lightning!”

Silirat too thrust at Beatrix with the three-forked spear. The spear transformed into golden color and its tip produced a tremendous electrical discharge.

The energy of destruction that was produced from the hammer’s hitting part and the electric charge energy that was released from the spear tip blend with each other. Together with a big noise that deafened the ear, magic power crushed everything and Silirat’s small body was blown away like a scrapped rag before it crashed into a tree trunk.

“I, don’ get it…tt…”

Silirat’s body crumpled down while leaking out such voices, and her consciousness was whisked away into the Astrum.

Beatrix who was opposing her was also struck with electricity and fell down on the spot while leaking out groaning voice.

―Kaguya was merely overlooking such scene.

Right now too she was looking down on the collapsed people that fainted down in dumbfounded amazement from failing to digest the situation.

When Beatrix understood that Eleonora was in danger, she turned her back on Kaguya’s certain kill scythe without any hesitation and completely changed the target of the magic she chanted too.

Kaguya was unable to cut down that back of Beatrix that became defenseless for the sake of saving her comrade.

She was not doing that just from her being a softy.

Although she counter attacked because her group was attacked first in the first place, Kaguya didn’t understand why the Einherjar suddenly reversed their stance. She had the hunch that there was some kind of misunderstanding.

There was a ground for dialogue with the Einherjar. Nevertheless Silirat was mercilessly going to land a deathly blow at Eleonora.

Even from Kaguya’s point of view, she felt that Silirat needed to be stopped.

However there was no more magic power left inside Kaguya, there was no other way than to leave it to Beatrix.

“…What’s with this…”

The bunches who she didn’t understand which one was enemy or ally were altogether losing their consciousness.

How did it become like this, how to settle this problem afterwards, Kaguya couldn’t catch up with the situation at all.

Part 5[edit]

Regina who was flapping the wings of a swan and lying in wait above the sky lifted up the corner of her mouth because the moment she waited for had finally came.

After commanding down the view of Hayashizaki Kazuki and the others’ battlefield for a long time, finally Ilyailiya’s enormous magic power was heading to the sky to escape. That speed and the light she had was exactly like an inversed lightning climbing the sky.

For the sake of attacking that lightning speed, Regina concentrated all her nerve into her [Eagle Eye].

“So you come, so carelessly at that! To think that you forget my existence and considered the sky as a safe area, how stupid!!”

Regina threw the [spear] that she held in her hand.

Carrying the god’s will flapping from my hand, possessing the wings o spear of god’s authority! Futeraronhi(Winged Spear of Heavenly Destruction)!!” (AN: I also don’t know what spear is this. Tell me if you know the real name in the comment section.)

The speed of this spear was not inferior even against Ilyailiya’s flight. And then it sympathized with Regina’s will and pursued the target. It would hit the target without fail as long as the timing was done precisely.

The spear that was like a fired shooting star soared the sky marvelously and collided into the lightning.

The lightning that was heading to the sky lost its light. And then it went free-fall vertically all at once. While Regina felt a satisfaction filling her chest while chasing that figure with her gaze.

Ilyailiya helplessly crashed into the forest of the evacuation area in the nearby of the Grand Haunted Ground.

“How trifling…it seems Hayashizaki Kazuki unexpectedly exhausted her.”

She couldn’t clearly see with just her eyesight, but Regina too had observed the battle on the ground. Hayashizaki Kazuki used a very inexplicable power but―perhaps it was from his King’s Authority, but he displayed brave fighting more than she anticipated and survived this predicament. He ran out of magic power in the end, but it could be said that he performed a fight that was near equal with his opponent.

That man too was the witness of Ilyailiya’s sin that infiltrated the Grand Haunted Ground for the sake of Yamato’s camp.

Even Arthur who liked to keep nagging wouldn’t be able to say any complaint.

Ilyailiya, and Russia, they were going to be made to exit the game right here.

Regina strongly flapped the white wings which had the size several times larger than her own body and pursued the crashing down Ilyailiya.

For the sake of inflicting the finishing blow.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. the female principle of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity.
  2. Here Silirat is using ‘ore’, a way to refer oneself that man used.
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