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Welcome to the Baka-Tsuki Translation Community Wiki!

Official Baka-Tsuki Reader App for Android Devices

I'm happy to announce that Baka-Tsuki has now released a App to reader all our projects on any Android devices running version 1.6X or higher, available on the Android Market, search for "BakaReader". Please visit our Official Forum topic for more details!

Just a friendly little reminder (after the carnage)

Under Section C of the TLG guidelines:

Under no circumstances would you(b3) 1. take full and/or portion of the (translated) works(a) in this wiki(0) and use them(a) to engage in any commercial activities such as, but not limited to, rent, sell, print, auction, broadcast etc. 2. claim translated works(a) in this wiki(0) as your(b3) own products of translation unless you(b3) are qualified as defined in (b2). --Teh Ping 10:45, 2 August 2012 (CDT)

Previous Announcements


All materials' copyrights reserved by their respective authors and the associated publishers. Please respect their rights.

Works will be deleted upon request by copyright holders.




Alternative Languages


Shakugan no Shana will resume translating.

Information on project recruiting can be found Here.

  • New Patrolling Editors Wanted.

we need more active and patrolling editors.

If you think you are up to the job, please leave a comment here (include your wiki-username if you are using one different to the forum)!

(Recommendations by a fellow Baka-Tsuki staff will be given priority.)


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