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Okay, I'm officially putting Index volume 4's translation on hold for now due to lack of motivation/incentive. Please feel free to resume or overwrite the translation if someone wants to continue my unfinished work for Index, there's no need to contact me or anything.

I'm sticking on Hidan no Aria's translation starting from Volume 3 instead. If you want to leave comments, suggestions, or questions, please do so in Hidan no Aria thread in jcafe24net forum, if possible. I check that forum frequently.

I wanted to thank everyone for appreciating my hard work and supporting my endeavour.

My english isn't stellar to begin with, as I didn't put my time in polishing it, and instead put that effort in learning another language instead.

Also, my translations are a bit liberal-ish. I do try to keep the context similar to the original as possible, but my English has its limit.