Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa:Volume 1 Author Notes

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Author's Notes[edit]

Nice to meet you.

I'm the one who debuted on the 6th HJ Bunko Grand Prize as Kankitsu Yusura.

Thank you for picking up this book!

Introducing this book without spoiling anything to those who haven't read it yet, in contrast with the serious title (?) this is a slapstick highschool love comedy full of harem ingredients.

Since it was written by an author who loves love comedies, I think readers who love love comedies will be able to enjoy it without fail!

Where did I take the inspiration for this work from?... Maybe the readers with good sense will be able to guess it.

The idea who would become the core of this work came to me while I was incubating a Po∙mon egg. I don't know why, but on Po∙mon games it exist the custom ritual (?) where you have to choose one from three monsters as a partner, but... I suddenly had a question.

It was 'What will happen to the Po∙mon that you didn't choose a partner at the start?'.

The ones you didn't choose, will they spend the rest of their lives shut into Monster ∙lls inside the laboratory? Will those which were not chosen reach old age without being able to see the outside world in their lives?...

While thinking those things, that's how this work's early plot was polished.

Good, gracious, I didn't know that an idea could sprout from such a place...

And now, appreciation words.

It's contribution time. To my friend Y-kun who gave me advice on my work.

Thank you for all that.

Especially when at Akihabara's Saizeria Y-kun said of my manuscript (my proud work of art I had spent 3 months in) 'Before interesting or dull, it's inconsistent!', words that even now keep traumatizing me, but I think it was a good feedback.

The same goes to my friend G-kun.

When I mailed you my work and asked for your impressions, although it's a wonder you managed it while your PC wasn't working well, you were busy in real life and your health was poor, I think the advice you gave me is what makes me stand where I am.

Thank you for all that.

To my editor in charge.

Excuse me for all the trouble I always cause you.

I don't know when, but I'm thinking on the way to repay you this debt.

To Shugasuku-san the illustrator.

Thank you very much for the lovely illustrations.

When I received the rough drafts, it surprised me that I unintentionally ended up entranced for 8 hours straight.

And, to the many people involved so far with this work of mine, thank you with all my might...

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