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Chapter 2: Make a contract with me![edit]


Information about the monsters had spread throughout the world like wildfire, even the news had been reporting about it nonstop.

Simply that, these things had been repeating for countless times already in the world, up until now there was no major impact, because each time a monster caused trouble, another monster promptly appeared to beat them——in Zonmi’s words, she claimed they were seasoned monster tamers (?) maneuvering in secret.

Nevertheless, after Zonmi arrived, there’s no other news from her. Even the contract wasn’t formed.

Two days had passed since that day; Sunday.

There’s still the obligation to go to school, being a student sure is tiresome.

“Ahh—a, will monsters show up in this city—”

Calls of greeting rang throughout the classroom in early morning.

The person besides me who was spouting nonsense——Sakamoto Youhei.

Though his name sounded like that of a handsome male performer, his appearance was just above average. He is in a competition with me on the whether whose number of years without a girlfriend will last longer; up until now the result is still undecided.

“Oh—. I have never expected you to have this kind of suicidal tendency.”

“Idiot, that’s not it! How could I die a virgin before graduating.”

“Don’t regret your own words then.”

Putting more importance in his own desires rather than his life, this Youhei is great.

“What is frequently presented in movies? It’s girls being attacked by monsters! Here, I would heroically rescue her! There is no other way easier than this to hook up with a girl! Just rescuing a damsel in distress.”

“How could you say it is easy—”

To have this spoken, it seems Japan is too peaceful.

“It is just a simple matter.”


“Chiharu, do you know about the monster incident?”

Monster incident——

The moment he heard this word, he screamed out inside his heart.

“It is circulating in the online forum. A monster that can overthrow another monster——it must be capable of being controlled, it seems they need to receive training under monster tamers to be able to do so."

“Oh—, so it is like this.”

“So cool—, those monster tamers. They could send those SDF freaks flying!”

Though my face didn’t show any interest, but in actual fact I was very shaken inside.

What if, monster tamers do really exist——.

I almost became a monster tamer. Because they said I got talent.

However, where had I gone wrong——it’s also hard to accept the fact that Zonmi disappeared in front of me.

“Why do I want to become a monster tamer, of course it is to hook up a girlfriend.”

“Isn’t that a bit too blunt”

“Thus said, Chiharu. Let’s go capture some monsters after school.”

“Eh? Wait a bit, how come it becomes like that?”

“What what, to be a monster tamer a monster partner is necessary.”

“Don’t say it naturally! Do you think you can partner up with a monster.”

“No problem, my family owns a butcher shop. There are plenty of rotten meats I can use to fish them up!”

“Dragon Quest!?”

Seriously, don’t mix game and reality together.

Moreover according to Zonmi, a contract and a ring is necessary——this is like the pokeball in Pokemon.

Speaking of which does his house sell good quality cheap meat, if so I will give it a shot, but do monsters will really form a contract from this.

(Clank Clank)

As I was wandering in thoughts, the female homeroom teacher——Moemi-sensei had already entered the classroom.

It’s homeroom time.

“Everyone please return to your seat.”

Following the teacher’s words, the clamor died down for a moment.

“Today, I would like to introduce a new transfer student.”


In the next instant, the classroom atmosphere was enveloped with air of excitement.

“O, oi Chiharu. Did you hear that? This is so hard to believe, my hands and feet are shaking nonstop now? What private school is the person from? Isn’t this like a development in Galgame."

“I am also surprised.”

Being in the same state of mind.

Indeed, it’s strange for our school to have transfer students.

Regarding the junior and senior division of Seiran Private Academy, it’s rare even in normal schools, not to mention entering halfway through the term.


“Bi—Shou—Jo!” “Bi—Shou—Jo!”

Not knowing when the entire classroom started to shout out the word ‘bishoujo’.

“Bi—Shou—Jo!” “Bi—Shou—Jo!” “Bi—Shou—Jo!”

“Bi—Shou—Jo!” “Bi—Shou—Jo!” “Bi—Shou—Jo!”

This is just too much.

What should I do if it turns out to be a boy.

Having a female transfer student, it is not that simple like in the world of manga or anime.

Being behind the trends, Seiran Private Academy had just changed to a co-ed school recently, the number of females were overwhelmingly small. Comparing the ratio between male and female it would be roughly about nine to one.

Were the school a whole boy school, they would have given up their hope long ago.

But, in this kind of environment of Seiran Private Academy, the place had become a den of testosterone.

“Please be quiet! Please come in, Zonmi-san.”


Wait a bit. Just now, why did it sound so familiar.


Bearing the whole class’ expectation, a silver hair and sapphire colored eyes girl entered.

An uptight face reminiscent of a painting.

Legs and hands similar to those of a model.

Like an otherworldly being, a complete beauty.

Contrary to the previous uproar. The classroom was surrounded by a solemn atmosphere.

Absolute silence.

Truly an absolute silence.

They were all mesmerized by the transfer student’s beauty——.

“I am Zonmi R. Mckenzie. Please take good care of me from now on.”

Zonmi introduced herself with a cold and indifferent tone.

According to his memory Zonmi she has a pale complexion, and a hard to describe object protruding out of the stomach which wouldn’t be surprising if it is considered 18+.

But at present.

What’s standing in front of him is a human, furthermore, a dazzling beauty.

Am I dreaming?

What in the world is this.

“Zonmi-san, please do a short self-introduction.”

“I despise human beings. Therefore, let me state this in advance. Please do not talk casually to me.”


This guy, what did she say on the first day of school. She should be able to differentiate between what should be said or not.

Still, what about if it stimulates those masochistic guys?

Looking besides him, Youhei assumed a [decided] pose.

“Then, what about Zonmi-san’s seat.”

The female homeroom teacher looked at the classroom saying.

“Here! Here here! Sensei, the seat besides mine is empty!”

Youhei quickly sprang up and said.

Eh, do we have empty seats left?

“Oi! Are you joking, isn’t it me who sits next to you!”

This guy, what conspiracy is he planning.

Not good. I have a bad premonition.

As expected, Youhei cracked up a devilish smile and spoke: “Sensei. Chiharu here stole his parents’ account at a young age, ordering H-magazine online, an undisciplined person. I suggest him to quit school.”

I have been accused. I was sold out by a friend?

“That’s rude! I had only bought it once!”

Moreover I had lost. Consequently, those books were thrown away by my sister.

“Hmph, even if it is true, sensei, Chiharu bought a porn magazine from nearby his house and did many unimaginable things in the toilet. He should definitely quit school.”

“Why do I need to quit school just because of that!”

This kind of thing, every healthy male high school student should have experienced it at least once.

Damnit. This scoundrel dare to sell out his friend.

Truly doesn’t have any worth as a friend.

“Then Zonmi-san. It seems like the seat besides Youhei-san is vacant, please sit there!”

“Yes yes, the empty seat besides Youhei has already been occupied, isn’t that me!”

A neighbouring boy shouted out.

Probably, the teacher couldn’t bear with the disturbance Youhei caused.

Although he doesn’t quite understand, but it did save up a lot of troubles.

“Where have you been?”

There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask.

He inquired her in an inaudible voice to the surroundings.

“Of course, to attend this school, I had done a lot of work in the background.”

“Ha, so what is it for?”

“Do you even need to ask, I had already stated it before——to train you into an excellent monster tamer. In order to realize this goal, your daily routine must be changed first”

“Wait wait, I don’t get what you are trying to do.”

“Only people who possess a strong will could wield large amount of magic. Therefore I need to discipline your rotten body and mind thoroughly from step one."

“I don’t want to be called that by a rotten person like you.”

“Ahah, Chiharu do you have a poor eyesight? In what way am I rotten?”

Reexamining once more.

The face was still like that of a doll the same as before.

Looking at her body——it is the same as those uniform well developed bodies of foreign models, perfectly in contrast with the Seiran Private Academy’s uniform.

With her appearance, out of one hundred people all would say that she is a bishoujo.

“What did you do to make your body look like that?”

“With magic, changing your appearance to a human one is easy as pie. Henceforth I will use this appearance to monitor Chiharu.”

“Monitor, really you.”

“Is there anything you are dissatisfied with?”

“Of course!”

Besides, I have no intention of becoming a monster tamer——.

Why does she always ignore other people’s opinions.

“Moreover, is the object from last time sent?”


“It’s the ring. Let’s quickly forge the contract.”

“Hey. It seems you are pretty insistent on forming the contract. Is there anything particular about it?”

“Really, you really don’t know anything Chiharu.”

Zonmi impatiently answered.

“There are two benefits of a monster forming a contract with a monster tamer. First is the magical supply. Through the contract, the magical power accumulated in the tamer’s body will be sent to the monster.”

For monsters magic is like their lifeline. Not only can it boost their power, but if the magical supply is exhausted, maintaining a human appearance is impossible.

The other point is summoning. To be exact this benefits the tamer. By using the ring as a medium and chanting, tamers can summon the monster whenever they want. Without summoning the monster, there is no way for the person to protect himself.

“Urgh——. In other words, me supplying the magic stored in my body to Zonmi, Zonmi would heed my summon any time.”

Basically it is as said. Like the [imperial summon] in the Kamakura Bakufu shogunate period.

Setting aside the question how in the world did she know about Japanese history for now, the reasons Zonmi gave sounded reasonable.

Well, there’s no way for him to know even if there is magic power currently produced inside his body.

“It’s a shame, but there is no said ring being sent. It’s not lost either.”

“So it's like this, how strange.”

As the conversation proceeds along, morning class had already ended.

Truthfully speaking, what the teacher had said didn’t seep into his head.

However there’re no big issues now. Just in case, I better ask Youhei.

“Excuse me. Where is Kusumi-san?”

Amidst the classroom full of males came a clear voice of a female.

Looking at the owner of the voice, it is my childhood friend.

A model-like appearance with the pair of eyes as her selling point. Long orthodox type ponytail tied by a ribbon draping behind. Combining with proper dressing she exuded a grandiose atmosphere.

A high class lady——she would leave an impression even for people who saw her for the first time.

Kurose Kyouko.

Called out my name, she is known to be the best girl in school.

“Ah, it’s Kyouko-sama.”

“Our angel has descended here.”

The boys all suddenly perked up.

The situation is similar to that of when a rabbit is thrown into the pen. Like a hell spider’s silk.

The number of female in Seiran Private Academy is sparse to begin with, and Kyouko’s reputation is extremely high.

For how widespread is her reputation, inside the monthly magazine that is published privately in my school [Sexual Promiscuity], [Kyouko-chan is really an angel!] was nominated for this year Buzzword Award.

Every week in the school [Kyouko-chan’s goods] could be seen dealing everywhere in secret, all of a high price. Though I don’t know how it has come to this, but if there are used tissues or tights (with DNA verification), rumors say that the price will rise up to several ten thousand yen.

I for one don’t understand why people need to fuss over such things.

Again this is the special circumstances of this school.

“Hey, Kurose Kyouko(?) is calling you.”

The classmates were directing their bloodshot eyes filled with killing intent at me.

W-wait a moment, I haven’t done anything, have I?

“Zonmi, come with me for a sec.”

“Chiharu. Did you even listen to what I just said? I said I'm gonna monitor Chiharu 24/7.”


Zonmi cast over a sight full of enmity.

Oi, you don’t plan on following me into the bath and toilet do you.

I ridiculed in my heart.

“Zonmi-san! I have fallen head over heels for you at first sight! Please go out with me!”

Youhei’s voice sounded like a novice comedian.

“You’re too sly Youhei! I am cleary first!”

“No no, I saw her twelve thousand years ago.”

Zonmi was surrounded by a group of men.

These guys, really have no integrity whatsoever.

Seiran Private Academy.

Always ranked first in the [Most unwanted boyfriend] list of a nearby private girl school.

But, this is the perfect opportunity. It’s a chance for me to get away from Zonmi, and it seems Kyouko has something to talk about.

“Ah! Wait! Chiharu!?”

Ignoring Zonmi’s pleading gaze, I ran towards Kyouko.

Sorry Zonmi. I will be back soon.


“Too slow! You sure got guts to have me wait here for so long! When did Haru-chan become so daring. Who do you think you are?”

When she opened her mouth, a torrent of cute yet furious words came pouring down from Kyouko.

Though he almost got used to it, but how talented a person does she think she is to say so?

“That line, I would really love to say it back to you. So what now, it is really rare for you to call out to me.”

My status as a childhood friend with Kyouko is far too different from your typical gal game’s setting. The days when we had a good relationship was limited only to elementary school, after becoming a junior high school student, eating lunch together, playing together, those sort of things were gradually gone.

Even if our relationship at present is those of a friend, we didn’t interfere with each other's daily life.

“Humph! It’s rare for me to call out to you like this. Don’t you have any problems adopting that kind of attitude?”

“No problem at all.”

“Could you forgive me this time!?”

“Ok, I forgive you.”

I lightly poked Kyouko’s proud forehead, “Uwah” a low sound of lamenting was issued, she then glared furiously over here.

“Oh. Your sense of humour is really primary school kid-level.”

Kyouko mumbled to herself. It was undeniable though.

“So what is it. There are people waiting for me so could you briefly say it out.”

“That, today I have something important to discuss.”

I couldn’t help but feel bewildered at Kyouko who bowed her hand then left.

“What is with you, got a period?”



Due to the wind, the skirt gently floated up.

Like a herbivore, her slender leg smashed onto my head. A clean hit.

“Uh, that hurt.”

“A-are you an idiot!? Why would I talk about my menstruation period with you!?”

“Thought you forgot to bring sanitary towel and the likes.”

“If I say I want it will you give it to me! Why do you carry those kind of things around, you pervert!”

“Of course I don’t have them. I can’t say for sure I have tampons or not.”

“That’s even more gross!”

Kyouko did a beautiful comeback.

From her retort just now it seems she is quite experienced in this.

“Then, you came to see me just for this? So stupid, I will go back.”

“It’s not this of course! G-give me a moment.”

As he was turning back to leave, his sleeve was tugged.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa p65.png

“Please! Today I have something important to discuss with you.”

“Oi, so what is it. This isn’t like you.”

A beautiful and talented woman. Self-conceited.

These proverbs perfectly fit her, today she was strange somehow.

It’s like getting the heroine to have a MAX favorable impression of you. Did she eat something weird.

“In short it’s inconvenient to talk about it here. Let’s go to a place with no people.”


My childhood friend who was tugging at my sleeve along with looking up at me, I couldn’t help but skip a beat at this.

“W-w-w-w-what do you want?”

“Please! It’s of the utmost secrecy so I don’t want other people overhearing it.”

She said it is a secret.

Looking at my childhood friend whose cheeks were flushed red——I finally noticed.

This girl, is in love with me.

Saying she wanted to go to a place void of people, no matter which era it is, it must be inside the gymnasium.

Although there will be a lot of people gathering here at lunchtime, but luckily it is quiet in the morning.

“I am sorry for calling you out.”

“No, no problems. So, what do you want to talk with me?”

I am more evil than I thought.

What Kyouko wants to say——it’s clear as day.

Though I already guessed what it is, I still asked about it, I am really a terrible person. Maybe I got a natural disposition for making girls cry. I, am such a natural philanderer.

“I think Haru already knew about it.”

“Um um.”

“I, want to form a contract with Chiharu.”


Wait wait.

Did I just hear something familiar.

“I think Haru already knew about it. Truth be told, I am a nephilim.”


“Well. Haven’t you heard——from a member of the International Monster Association? When I knew Haru chose me as your partner, although it’s not what I had expected, I am really glad. Afterwards I think that if it is Haru then it would be really great.”

Kyouko with her blushing face was fidgeting all over.

In the meantime, I racked my brain assessing the current situation.

The International Monster Association? Where have I heard that suspicious term before.

If Kyouko is really a nephilim then she is the same as Zonmi; a monster that has the ability to shape shift as a human.

How can that be possible! Kyouko had lead a normal human life up till now.

"I have always felt abase for being a monster. I detest myself for not being a human. Nevertheless, after I heard that Haru had been chosen as a monster tamer, a dramatic change occurred to my thoughts. Ah, I subconsciously thought that isn't this fate? Haru is the tamer and I am your partner. No problem, everything will be fine as long as there is me! We will make the strongest combination ever!"

Kyouko was speaking nonstop like a running faucet, causing me to have a headache.

"W, wait a bit. Do you have any proof to show that you are a monster?"

"If you mean transforming, then I can show you my true form."


What came off from my childhood friend mouth was the complete opposite of what I thought, this is like a line from the final BOSS in an RPG game, this is beyond my wildest imagination.

"That so, then mind changing for me. I still can't believe you are a monster no matter what."

"Oi, there's no way I can do this in the public right? Absolutely impossible! It's embarrassing!"

"Please bear with it, I beg this of you."

"Y, you insist on seeing it?"


Though the reason for why Kyouko is blushing is still unclear, but I still want to see--what kind of monster you are. Furthermore, this helpless look would kinda make people feel relieved.

"I understand. Then, let me undress first. Haru turn your head back."

After I turned back as she instructed.

Um, clothes?

Why clothes, I wonder why, but the answer suddenly popped out in my brain.

Kyouko said that she is a nephilim——that means, her transformed body would be much larger than the current one, it could rip the uniform apart.

It seems I have no way out of this.

Wait a minute, if a monster appeared here, wouldn't that cause the school to fall into chaos?

From the news some days ago, the image of the scared citizens when facing the octopus appeared in his head.

"W, wait. That just now doesn't count——."

As I turned around, I was rendered speechless.


What is in front of me is a set of undergarments.

Apparently Kyouko was in the middle of undressing, she was currently going to take off her undergarments. From her spilling breasts it could be seen that it wasn't really that big, saying it as currently in a developing state would also do.

Back to the topic, she is still wearing that cute laced panty, she hasn't made any progress from primary school at all.


"Wait, this is an acci-"

As Kyouko was screaming-

"What are you guys doing?"

Zonmi had descended from the sky.

This is not due to me hallucinating.

Zonmi was holding onto an umbrella in her right hand.

This girl had gone overboard.

Since childhood, everyone dreamt of jumping off from a high place with an umbrella in hand.

This was being realized by Zonmi who was jumping off from a window on the third floor (roughly).

Zonmi was lightly fluttering in the air, like a strand of hair being blown by the wind. Such a graceful movement. What kind of trick did she use to achieve this?

"What are you doing, nephilim?"


Zonmi called Kyouko a nephilim. So Kyouko is really a monster.

"Who are you? Why are you here!"

"Why you ask, because I am chosen as Chiharu's partner. It's a given that I should be by his side."

"Huh, partner? You liar! It's clearly me who Haru had chosen!"

"You dare spout nonsense even now, it's useless to try and trick us!"

Zonmi looked at Kyouko who was only in undergarments with a penetrating gaze.

So that's what happened. So it is this kind of situation.

It's not strange for Zonmi to be mistaken. Although it's not other people business.

"I, it's not like that! It's because Haru wants to see it no matter what, that's why I stripped."


Although it is the truth why do I get a hunch that this will invite misunderstandings.

Both eyes of Zonmi began to be devoid of light, no difference from a dead fish eyes.

"Chiharu, is what the nephilim said true?"

"Yes, it's the truth."

After I answered this, Zonmi deliberately gave off a "kuku" sound as she ferociously glared at Chiharu.

"So Chiharu is this overjoyed over the nephilim's naked body~. To the extent that he even forgot our contract, I will separate you from that woman right now."

"Wait, it's a misunderstanding! I only wanted... To see Kyouko's true appearance."

Even though I'm telling the truth — it seems it has backfired.

"Fu, fu, so, master, you say you aren't satisfied by seeing the nephilim in underwear, so you wanted to see her stark naked body?"

"Eh, Haru. Is that so?"

"Tha-that's wrong, idiot!"

How'd I say it, could it be that not only Zonmi, but Kyouko too is having a misunderstanding?

It's like I'm talking to myself. Do they want to kill me...

"Don't try to deny it, you pervert tamer obsessed with eroticism that forgets his obligations, die!"


Strike. Zonmi's umbrella impacted on my forehead.

... Shit, again? She's done it again?

What a deja-vu.

With a disgusting feeling as if she had rattled my brain, my vision became white for an instant, then turned red. It seems my head is bleeding somewhere.

Like that, sprawled on the ground... I didn't lose consciousness.


In this world, I don't think that there's such good timing.

Shit. If it was like that, I should've beautifully fainted from the start. At least that way I wouldn't have to suffer so much!

My head spinning, I strongly felt as if puking.

"That monster there! Look here! If you look, we may resolve the misunderstanding!"

"You're still going on with that? Chiharu couldn't have chosen no one but us ghouls!"

Kyouko, who unnoticed had put on back her uniform, was carrying for some reason some documents in her hand.

"... Ng!"

Zonmi, after rudely grabbing them and taking a look, she soon began to tremble.


As I was crawling on the floor, Zonmi swung down her umbrella into my skull.

Ha, ha, ha. Thanks... I can die at least...

As I was losing consciousness, for some reason I was grateful for Zonmi's nonsensical violence.

× × ×

Once I recovered my consciousness, I saw a very weird scene.

For starters, it wasn't my room. Pure white sheets. Long and narrow light tubes.

Around me, something similar to a thin curtain delimited what seemed a private space.

The infirmary.

Though it's not a place I'm familiar with, it seems I'm at the infirmary.

"Have you woken up?"

When the thin curtain opened with a light sound, I saw two faces I recognized. They were Zonmi and Kyouko.


As soon as I saw their faces, I recalled in a flash what had happened before.

My guts started to roar, it was as if my entrails were boiling.

"Zonmi... I'm mad..."

"Why, pervert?"

Said Zonmi, seemingly having no idea.

"Don't come with that! What would've happened if I died!?"

"Don't worry, Chiharu. You won't die from something like that."

"... The heck you say?"

Once I asked that, Zonmi, without even batting an eye, started to tell me.

"Humans able to become monster tamers have over-the-top resilience. Because, in the end, they can use the magic power they generate inside their bodies to heal. Know what I say? Have you suffered in the past any serious wound?"

"... Maybe."

Now that you say it, that's right.

From the time when I was a kid, my wounds have always healed faster than average.

Sadly, starting with my sister, I've been subjected to more nonsensical violence than average, and that's why my body has gained resilience, or that's what I thought... Though, if I think about it, that has no scientific base.

"Eeerm, wouldn't it be better to explain things to Haru asap?"

The one who interrupted like that was Kyouko.

I don't know how much time I've been unconscious, but surely the first term has already started — I'm grateful for Kyouko's worrying(?).

"Before that, Chiharu, I want to ask you something. The International Monster Association — the IMA, do you know about it?"

"Nope, not in the least."

Or, to be correct, I didn't know any more than what they've told me until now.

"Haa... I suppose." "So, it's like this..."

Their reaction seemed like a mix between shock and bewilderment.

Mmm, is it so bad that I know nothing?

"Firstly, how did you choose us? Because there's no doubt about that..."

"Wait a minute! I don't remember having chosen neither Zonmi nor Kyouko? I mean, I didn't know from the start about any election! What election..."

At last I was able to ask the question that had been bothering me since the start. It seems that's the source of our disagreements.

"Didn't you receive a mail from the IMA? Every rookie tamer shall choose from three compatible monsters which one will be his first partner..."




Now that I think, there was something like that...

When did it happen? I think it was not long ago.

"You received the mail! Well, Haru, what did you do with it?"

"Since it seemed too shady, I deleted it and marked it as spam."

"..." "..."

Eeeerm. Have I said something so weird?

"So that's it. If you deleted it without answering, I suppose they sent you another one, but, how bad, you had it blocked. Isn't that irregularity the source of this mess?"

"Uuu... What do I do. Now how will I explain it to papa."

Zonmi was looking intently to me, talking with detachment, while Kyouko was obviously downcast.

"Wait a minute! I don't get it. Why in the world does it seem I've done something bad!?"

With a grave tone, Zonmi let out the bomb.

"Summarizing, we are in a situation where you have to choose between me and the nephilim."

"Mmm, is that a problem?"

"It's a very big problem! Rookie tamers like you can only make a contract with a single monster at a time. And as I said before, the contract with a monster tamer is essential to the monster's social status, you could completely ruin the reputation of the clan you don't choose!"

"... Ng!"

At that moment, I realized for the first time its true importance.

Zonmi had assured at the beginning that, were the pact cancelled, it wouldn't be weird if war started between ghouls and humans.

And, since that's probably also the case with Kyouko, If I make the contract with Zonmi — will war start between humans and nephilim?...

"Who will you make the pact with, Chiharu?"

Said Zonmi looking disdainful at me.

"Eh, eeerm. I..."

"Of course Haru will choose me, right?”

Told Kyouko, her eyes full of uneasiness.


"After all, Haru has seen... my pa-panties! That's why, take responsibility and make the contract!"

"No, I find the reasoning a bit weird..."

Surely, it something nice to see...

When I glanced at Zonmi looking for help, for some reason, 'Muu!', she was pouting.

"If it's like that, I have preference with the contract. Since Chiharu has seen... my i-innards! Take responsibility!"

"That exceeds my comprehension ability..."

Innards and panties. Which one is more embarrassing to be seen?

Fuu... Calm down. Let's cool my head. Now matter how much I think about it, I can't find a comparison standard...

"Chiiihaaaruuu! You alive?..."

A joyful voice like that of a young performer was heard.

Suddenly, through the infirmary door entered a guy with a familiar spiky-head[1].

It was no other than my buddy — Youhei.

Like sent from Heavens.

Today may be the day I'm grateful for his existence.

"Sorry, it's time for Calculus."

"Wai, Chiharu!" "Haru!?"

Looking back to talk to the two beauties that tried to stop me,

"Hey, let's go, Youhei!"

"What happened, Chiharu, aren't you a bit too lively?... Eh, hey? What are Zonmi-san and Kyouko-tan doing here?... Eh, uwaaaah, ouch, it hurts. What happens, Chiharu? Let me goooooo!"

Pulling Youhei by an ear, I quickly got out of the infirmary.

It was close. A little bit more and I couldn't have avoided an irreparable disaster.

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At the same time, spying Chiharu and the rest from a faraway place, there was a non-human girl.

Clad in a bewitching negligée, a descendant of those said to be the most ancient dragons of the world — the red dragons.

Lying face down on the bed, she was looking at a lapis lazuli-colored crystal ball.

It's said that red dragons had the curious trait of gathering treasures from all ages and places, and sleep laying above them.

Because of that, over her bed there were spread treasures equal to the yearly revenue of a small country, taken from her outings.

Of course, the crystal ball she was staring into was also an invaluable treasure.

The crystal ball could reflect things as if its was a mirror.

"That... Is the Monster Tamer selected as apt for me?"

Reflected on the ball, a young male high school student dressed in cheap clothes could be seen.

The level of the monsters a tamer can handle depends on their ability.

In other words — the might of the monsters he has at his charge is proof of the greatness of the tamer.

"Fu... May be that I have underestimated him..."

Though she showed a self-torturing smile, in her heart, she thought it would be convenient.

Since a tamer without knowledge or experience will be easier to control for the monster.

"Kusumi Chiharu... Is that? I'll use him as much as I am able. This night, the repayment of the blood will start."

In her dim room, the girl let out an eerie smile.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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