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Chapter 1: The beginning of the nightmare[edit]

"Hello, this is a delivery—"

"Ah, it's finally here."

Saturday, April 18th.

The package was delivered to my very ordinary, wooden house.

Suppressing my anticipation, I went to the entrance hall to retrieve the package.

Of course, if the contents were just some apples from a farm, I wouldn't be so hyped up.

There is only one thing that can excite me this much, and that is...


Porn magazines.

I didn't expect the huge amount of porn magazines I ordered on the internet last night to arrive so soon.

This was so touching that I was on the verge of tears.

To be able to buy porn magazines without being seen, the world sure was convenient. Global warming, air pollution——although civilization was currently causing considerable damage, we humans should be thankful for its progression.

I, who had received the package, couldn't help but think of something:

Speaking of which, isn't the box too big?

The box almost covered the entirety of the entrance hall; even with both hands, I couldn't budge it in the slightest. If it was just porn magazines inside, then this would be a total overkill.

Moreover, the box itself was suspicious.

Why is there even polystyrene foam!?

When did they start shipping porn magazines as if it was fresh food?

But, I have no way of knowing since this is my first time ordering online. Certainly, Amazon must do it this way.

Anyway, I should open it before my sister Manami comes home.

I hurriedly opened the box.

However, inside the box was——

A girl's corpse in undergarments.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa p13.png


Letting out a sound which could not really be described as manly, I took a step backwards.


What's with this bizarre scene? Where's the camera?

Looking around, I couldn't find anything resembling a camera; after waiting for a moment, there's still no sound of "Frightened success" which the host would normally say while moving the reflector away.

My heart was beating *dokun**dokun* furiously.

No doubt this girl was already dead.

——Her whole body was in tatters, just looking at her would give you the chills.

"Ah. Calm down."

I took a deep breath, filling up my lungs.

——Don't be scared don't be scared, I have already seen it once.

Long silver hair, gorgeous white skin that lacked vitality akin to that of a whitefish. Acorn-like eyes void of light and a pair of aquamarine pupils.

Although her chest wasn't big, she was slender. I considered her waist, which emphasized her curves, caused her to look very seductive. There were also innards sticking out of her stomach. Inspecting carefully, one could find that she was breathtakingly beautiful.

If we ignore the fact that she is dead, what's left is a hard-to-find beauty.


A corpse. A genuine corpse.

"Just give me a break already."

While thinking such, I closed the box.

Anyway, what should I do next?

Such a troublesome question.

And in so-called moral lessons, they don't teach how to deal with a corpse when one is sent to your house. Still, there's no other way but to think about it.

Among the options available, this was one that was the most reasonable——in case of accident, my life will enter the BAD END route.

I have decided, first of all, I will call the police.

For a second, the fact that I might look 'Guilty' entered my mind. Still, there is no other choice for me to choose from.

Even if I want to hide a corpse, the house has limited space. Of course, burying is also out of the question.

Just when I am about to turn around to grab the telephone——

The corpse suddenly stood up.



I was rooted in my place like when a snake is staring at a frog, and my teeth were chattering non-stop from fear.


This can't be real.

Why can the body still move?

This is like the often seen zombie in a horror movie.

"Sorry for the sudden intrusion. You must be Kusumi Chiharu."

Ya——!! It spoke——!?

Hey. This is my first time hearing that zombies can speak? Japan has the saying "The dead cannot speak", but now I think it should be erased from the index.

"Y, yes and who might you be?"

Due to the other party being a zombie, he inadvertently used honorifics.

As a matter of fact, I am just an ordinary high school boy. There's no way I would have a zombie as an acquaintances.

"I am Zonmi, Zonmi R. McKenzie. I am your chosen partner."


"Hehe, don't play dumb. You already know, don't you. I won't disappoint you for choosing me as your partner."


Displayed on Zonmi's face was an innocent smile.

Calm down. The flower embroidered undergarment is too much, I need to calm down first......

"Then again, looking at your name 'Chiharu', I thought you were a girl. I didn't expect you to be a boy."

"People often say that, but my parents want me to be a considerate and calculating person."

Really, this is just too much. That, this zombie can talk.

Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would hear a zombie say my name.

——While I was thinking.

"Awahhh. Pl, please don't look at me."


This situation is just too abrupt.

Zonmi's cheeks were flushing red as she shrieked.

A moment ago Zonmi was still acting composed. I couldn't help but panic at the sudden change of attitude.

"Waaaaaa, what was I thinking. Just because I saw the name 'Chiharu', I assumed that you were a girl."

"Wait, what?"

Seeing Zonmi who was embarrassingly trying to conceal herself, I finally realized the current situation.

What, isn't this like a romantic comedy?

Too bad that I can't be happy in a situation like this.

How could I be happy when the half-naked beautiful girl has her innards spilling out!?

Although I don't know anybody who likes this, they definitely exist.

However, this development is a century too early.

"T, the clothes, quickly give it to me! Wait, why are you staring, you pervert!"

Zonmi snarled.


Being called a pervert, this is very disturbing.

Even I'm not interested in a zombie.

Because I don't want to dirty my clothes, I picked the most ragged one and gave it to Zonmi.

Speaking of which, why is this zombie being sent to my home. Moreover, coming here wearing only undergarments.

Zonmi, who was picking up the clothes, said "What is with this! It's all worn out." while putting it on.

Incidentally, the feeling felt when you see a girl wearing a loose T-shirt wasn't evoked. The reason was because she was a zombie.

Anyway, her putting on the shirt saved a lot of trouble.

I didn't know where to direct my gaze; this is not because I found Zonmi's body to be attractive, but rather due to the fact that the indescribable innards were sticking out of her abdomen.

"To be brief, I have something to ask of you."

"What is it? If it is something trivial, I will send you flying."

"Who would ask that kind of thing."

A perfect situation.

In front of the round table in the living room sat a zombie girl.

Puzzledly, I served the zombie some tea.

What the heck am I doing.

"What brings a zombie like you to my house?"

I inquired for an explanation.

Speaking of which, what is with that partner thing?

The reason for Zonmi drooping her head down and clenching her fist tight was unknown.

"You, you have spoken the unspoken."




"My name is Zonmi! A proud ghoul, Zonmi! Please don't group me with those inferior zombies."


The slow witted me had just realized the current situation. Basically, I had stepped onto a landmine.

So it is like this. Zonmi is actually not a cool beauty, but a dead beauty in a sense.

I take back my words.

"Eh? How should I say it? I am truly sorry Zonmi-san. So, what should I call you from now on?"

"Just Zonmi is fine, Chiharu. I hope we could establish our relationship as a monster tamer and his partner."

"Oh? I understand."

"Thus said, answer my question Chiharu."

Haihai, said the lightly humming Chiharu.

"You were chosen as a monster tamer because you harbor exceptional talent. I am here to educate you——to become a top-class monster tamer!"

"It is not too late to master the English language in one and a half days."

"I am not some nasty salesman."

Calm down, calm down.


Think rationally.

Those kinds of children's stories, it can't possibly be true.

But, what about Zonmi in front of me——her existence completely defied common sense. Everything had exceeded my expectation.

What to do. At times like this, I should call the cops first——.

"Rest assured, although you are just a snotty nose kid of a monster tamer, if you have me it will be a breeze. I will make you the number one monster tamer, the lord of all monster——the Maou."

"I haven't said a thing about wanting to be a monster tamer, let alone Maou. Don't just arbitrarily strike up a topic on your own."

"Don't worry. There's no need to panic since you don't have the right to refuse in the first place anyways."

"What do you mean?"

Adopting a poker face, Zonmi thus stated.

"The only race capable of being monster tamers are the humans, but those with talents number no more than thousands. About people who have contracted with monster, all of them are accomplished people in the society. It is not exaggerating to call it having a huge influence on the race."

"Tamer's selection——when I heard that Chiharu chose a zombie, we leapt in joy. Some seemed to have even ascended to heaven."

"It is as you hear Chiharu, this is not life threatening at all. If you don't accept it, a war will break out between the ghoul and human race. Please consider it."


What is this.

A war between ghouls and humans?

Though it sounded unbelievable, Zonmi is here, here right in front me. It wouldn't be surprising to have other races than this. This possibility couldn't be ruled out.

But, monster?

That kind of suspicious job, no way in hell I would do it. I also didn't expect to choose a zombie as my partner.


"Sorry, but I do not believe that story of yours. Please don't bring it up again."

It is as stated.

Even if it is my fault for choosing this, even if a lot of people lose their lives, it is not all on me to blame.

Although saying it like this sounds unreasonable, there is no one out there that can reproach me.

"So it has come to this. Then will you still say the same thing after seeing this?"

Zonmi, pulling out an apple from god knows where, switched on the television.

Currently broadcasting on the daytime news program was——a live broadcast.

[Please look! The scene in front of us is so unbelievable!]

The news reporter while holding onto the microphone, hurriedly reported.

From the broadcasting caption, it is in Kanagawa prefecture, Yokohama.

That place isn't that far from here.

On the screen, a gigantic octopus is rampaging about.

Arrrreeeeee. I thought I just saw something strange.

I squinted my eyes.

Once again I looked at the screen.

However, it seemed I am not mistaken.

"Zonmi, what is that?"

"Sea monster, Kraken. From the looks of it, the contract with a monster tamer failed."

"So that's why it is running amok all over the place."

"Not quite delicious, it seems."

Not long after, the scene shifted to the residential area.

[Waaaaaaaa Daddy——]

[W, what is that strange creature!]

Due to the appearance of the creature, sounds of lamenting could be heard everywhere.

When did Kanagawa fall into chaos like this!?

"Hey, Zonmi! The houses are being plucked out like bamboo shoots! How can this not be serious!?"

"Please calm down. This is such a magnificent runaway. Surely a high ranking monster tamer has already been dispatched to deal with this."

[T, that.]

[T, that thing. Dear viewers do you see that? Totally unbelievable. A gigantic monster has appeared!]

The scene shifted by a lot along with the reporter's scream.

Skin resembling flames. Horns towering over the horizon.

Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, an ox like creature holding a hatchet in its hand.


The ox-like creature let out a monstrous roar, then lifting up the weapon over its head. Flash, it chopped down on the octopus monster.


"The outcome had been decided."

The axe let out an unpleasant sound as it went through the octopus's body. Soon, the octopus turned into yellow colored dust, dispersing into the air.

Hey, what the heck is this.

This had violated the law completely.

Following that, after the ox-like creature finished its job, it disappeared without a trace.

——A sudden occurrence.

What's left, are only the crowd of people and messed up street.

"It is as you witnessed, this is reality. In the future these creatures will continue to appear, and the destruction that happened today will occur frequently."


Switching off the television, Zonmi let out a low groan.

Indeed, it will be troublesome if those mythical creatures continue to make their appearance, but this is not the time to consider those things.

The question itself already poses a lot of doubts.

Just the fact that this zombie girl arrived at my house already spelled trouble. Above all, thinking that today's monsters incident will be a normal occurrence.

How I hope that this is just a dream.

How I hope that this is all a lie.

However, since it already happened, there is no choice but to accept it.

——To accept this kind of reality.

"Why, why is it so sudden."

Zonmi too, and the monster on the television, the timing of their appearance is too perfect.

"The gate linking the Netherworld and human world together——the Abyss -gate. The gate has greatly weakened. The only ones who are capable of maintaining peace between humans and monsters——are the monster tamers."

Once again he was reminded by this serious statement.

Isn't this turn of event kinda not favorable?

"I will ask just in case, how do I become a monster tamer?"

"Firstly you need to form a contract with me. Regarding this, some preparations are required——the ring should arrive at Chiharu's home soon."

Speaking of which this is like a rare item in Pokemon.

While he was considering this all over again.


The doorbell rang as if it had already been predetermined.

"Aiya, it seems the ring has been delivered. Then let's perform the contract."

"I understand. I understand so stay there."

After placating the excited Zonmi, I went to the door and unlocked it.

Were the delivery guy to see the house he would be at a loss for words.

[Hello—, this is the delivery.]

Uwahh, what is with this perfect timing.

Seems like it is true that the ring is being sent via the express delivery.

Lightly running over to the entrance. What was sent compared to the coffin Zonmi emerged out from it is very small.

Truthfully speaking, I had no idea about what was happening up till now.

There were many questions I would like to ask.

But, here I will form a contract with Zonmi, from today onwards I will be a monster tamer.

Even if this is the ice age, I would also like to refuse.

This kind of job is really dark.


I turned around towards the lovely female voice, ehh!

Standing there is Zonmi.


"What is with that shocked expression."

"D, don't just suddenly speak from behind me."

Damn it, even if I know it already, this is still too surprising.

Although it was better after putting on clothes, the zombie girl Zonmi's attractiveness hadn't changed one bit. This was really life threatening.

"So the ring has arrived."

"Apparently, yes."

"Then quickly open it! Care if I open it first?"

"I don't mind."

Displayed on Zonmi's face was an expression full of delight.

Why is she so happy about it.

By the way, how in the world could forming a contract with monster can make them happy? Even if I don't understand, isn't it all good if that can make others happy?

Subconsciously, he was pondering over the matter.


"Eh, what. For your information I haven't decided to be a monster tamer yet! Furthermore, I don't completely trust you yet!"

"It seems that before Chiharu can become a monster tamer, I need to discipline you from the start."

"Ha. What are you saying!"

At this moment, I recalled something important.

In Zonmi's hand are the porn magazines he ordered online yesterday night.

"W, wait. You are mistaken."

Such perfect timing.

Zonmi's eyes which are already like a dead fish gradually lost its light.

"What am I mistaken about? You nymphomaniac!"

In an instant, Zonmi's clenched fist came flying straight at my chin.

Aaaaaa, if only she is not a zombie—.

If only she is not a zombie, I would be happy at this romantic comedy development—.

I thought as my consciousness gradually faded away.

× × ×


When I opened my eyes, I discovered that I am being tied on the bed.

"Ahh, oniichan. You're awake~"


"Correct. I am oniichan's personal c**dump for it, Manami~"

Oh, I am right on the mark.

This daring speech like that of the Tokyo governor's.

My sister, Kusumi Manami.

Glamorous long black hair, as her brother I couldn't help but appreciate it as a piece of peerless artwork.

Just only this one point. If the brother complex could be cured, it would be the perfect image of an ideal sister.

"Oh right, Zonmi? Where is Zonmi!?"

Suddenly, like an electrical typewriter, his hazy memory slowly continued to come back.

Up until now, I should have been with the zombie girl, Zonmi!

"Zonmi? Oniichan, are you still sleepy? Maybe your imagination~"


"Besides, what is this Zonmi? A name? Ahahahaha—, what a strange name~"

Manami let out an innocent smile.

Is it real or not.

Hahaha, so it's just a dream. No wonder, it just feel too forced.

"Anyway. Did you see today's news, oniichan?"

"Eh, news?"

"It's about the monster battle! There's an octopus, ox and snake rampaging~"

"Octopus, ox, snake?"

What a combination.

Apart from their origin there are no commonalities at all.

"You will know once you turn on the television. It's a hot topic everywhere~"




This is bad. It seems that it isn't a dream.

Monsters do exist.

It exists in reality.

If it is like this, where did that Zonmi gone off to.

"How long have I slept, Manami?"

"Um~, from when I came back home two hours had already passed."

In an interval of two hours, two more monsters had made their appearances.

Damn it, what the hell, I don't get it at all—.

"Then, how come oniichan is lying on the hallway sleeping? In addition, surrounded by porn magazines."


It was shameful of me to be knocked unconscious.

Suddenly, I sensed a threat and tried to jump off the bed.

However, the crunching sound of metal obstruct me.

Crap. I forgot my hands are tied to the bed.

Even if I shift my position, my safety is not guaranteed. But it is too late to use force to break through now.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa p35.png

"Hehe, it is futile~since I have already restrained the whole of oniichan's body."

"Oi, this is going overboard."

"Please answer my question first, oniichan. Has your head become muddled from all these porn magazines? Are the H-contents that interesting?"

"N, no idea!"

I am in deep shit!

In fact he hasn't read it yet, as a result he doesn't know how much of H-contents there are.

At least please tell me what is inside.

"Hehe, you can only play dumb for now~ since I have these hostages."

"D, don't tell me."

In my mind there is only one possibility.

Since are there any others? There is only one thing second to my life in this world——the only possible answer is porn magazines.

For a school life devoid of youth. To a high school boy, a porn magazine is above everything else. The so-called holy bible of youth.

"Please answer me honestly, oniichan. Have you become muddled head because of porn magazines?"


Needless to say that all of my answers till now are true.

Just that how to explain about [Zonmi's arrival], I don't think Manami can accept it.

Moreover, even if I come up with a reason to gloss it over, I couldn't think of an excuse for the porn magazines part. I am currently in a pinch.

"Please! You can do anything you want, just spare the hostages!"

In the end——I could only plead for it like my life is on the line.

Don't tell me there are other ways.

"Umm, since oniichan said so."

"Really! You decided to give it back to me!?"

"I understand, I will release them~however, I will release only the sister incest related porn magazines."

"Isn't that the worst!"

"Of course. Housewives? Female teachers? Oniichan really has bad taste! These are unhealthy for you! You have already deviated from the path of a proper human!"


This is too much, too much.

Speaking of which, for my sister to think so is more outrageous.

"Sorry, oniichan. Actually Manami already understands."


"Looks like oniichan is restraining himself. So as not to walk the wrong path. No worries, this is also partly due to me——let Manami take responsibility for this!"

First I need to escape, but once again the relentless sound of metal crunching obstruct my path.

Waaaaaaaaaaaa! My right wrist quickly moved up——!

Otherwise I——

"I, idiot! No need to panic, we are all Tokyo residents!? Aah, aah——"

Ruthlessly, the sound of wailing could be heard from the Kusumi's household.

× × ×

Concurrently on the other hand.

A place situated between the Netherworld and the human world.

At an ancient city in the barren wilderness, stood a pair, male and female.

"BOSS. Reporting in duty, code 063, the kraken has been successfully captured."

The man donning a black suit kneeled, saluting a masked female sitting on a throne.

"I see. Well done, well done. Now us, "Black Tamers" have approached our goal by another step. Well done."

"Ma'am, your kind words are too much."

"Continue to accomplish your missions and gather more——now is the best opportunity for us——enough for it to be recorded in history."

"This servant understands; still there is one thing on my mind."

"What is it, say it out."

"My worry is nothing. Rather than that the future of the seventh class. In actual fact, the extras——those inferior group of people, I don't see the worth of risking it."

"Hehe. About that matter do not worry."

The masked woman let out a slight laughter then proceededs to speak.

"Kurari. How many newcomers have been selected this morning?"

"Approximately a hundred."

"The correct answer is five hundred."


The man called Kurari sensed a chill down his spine.

At present, officially registered monster tamers numbered approximately one thousand. In the case her words are true then the new members applied this morning amounted to half the total. This is quite messed up. Originally to train a monster tamer at least two senior tamers and three years time are required.

Don't tell me the upper echelon let out the fact that monsters exist in this world.

This can lead to a dispute between monsters and monster tamers.

"This must not be allowed to be disclosed! I can't possess any doubts toward them."

"Hehe. Although I don't know what is going on, but the new members are all of high caliber. For the preparation of the decimation of the Netherworld. Finally the whole magic association will take action."

"So it is like this. Still in the end it is by your will BOSS."


Among the new cadets there is one that required attention.

Kusumi Chiharu.

Though he is new, there is no one like him in the history to be favored by the monsters to this extent.

Human or monster.

In the end which side will he choose, this is becoming more and more interesting.

The face under the masked woman broke down.

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