Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa:Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Information about the monsters had spread throughout the world like wildfire, even the news had been reporting about it nonstop.

Simply that, these things had been repeating for countless times already in the world, up until now there was no major impact, because of the appearance of monsters there might be some that caused trouble——take Zonmi’s for example, claiming to be a high-class demon (?) active at night.

Nevertheless, after Zonmi arrived, there’s no other news from her. Even the contract wasn’t formed.

Two days had passed since that day; Sunday.

There’s still the obligation to go to school, being a student sure is tiresome.

“Ahh—a, will monsters show up in this city—”

Calls of greeting rang throughout the classroom in early morning.

The person besides me who was spouting nonsense——Sakamoto Hinata.

Though his name sounded like that of a handsome male, his appearance was just above average. He is in a competition with me on the whether whose number of years without a girlfriend will last longer; up until now the result is still undecided.

“Oh—. I have never expected you to have this kind of suicidal tendency.”

“Idiot, that’s not it! How could I die a virgin before graduating.”

“Don’t regret your own words then.”

Putting more importance in his own desires rather than his life, this man is actually Hinata who got a tall figure.

“What is frequently presented in movies? It’s girl being attacked by monster! Here, I would heroically rescue her! There is no other way easier than this to hook up a girl! Just rescuing a damsel in distress.”

“How could you say it is easy—”

To have this spoken, it seems Japan is too peaceful.

“It is just a simple matter.”


“Chiharu, do you know about the monster incident?”

Monster incident——

The moment he heard this word, he screamed out inside his heart.

“It rumor is circulating in the online forum. A monster that can overthrow another monster——it must be capable of being controlled, it seems they need to receive training under monster tamers to be able to do so.

“Oh—, so it is like this.”

“So cool—, those monster tamers. They could send those SDF freaks flying!”

Though my face didn’t show any interest, but in actual fact I was very shaken inside.