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Chapter 2: Cooperative tactic!?[edit]

Recently I feel like I’m losing my dignity as a man.

Speaking frankly, I’m being made fun of.

And that’s because.

The pretty freeloader ghoul girl that came suddenly ― Zonmi R. McKenzie.

The devil-like little sister that lurks inside the Kusumi home ― Kusumi Manami.

Currently trapped in the pace of these two, my life of being dominated goes by without issue.

Hey, hey.

What a situation I, whose catchphrase is “To hell with sissy main characters” and does not want also to be known as a “bossy husband in the flesh”, have ended in…

It’s an urgent matter that must not be left unresolved.

… Nevertheless.

A ghoul and my blood-related sister. That pair of selfish-to-the-core pretty girls that are constantly letting out sighs of ‘Something must be done about this personality…!’ are impossible to be kept in check.

In the end, I ― today like always I can’t help but being controlled.

“Chiharu. Are they going to celebrate a festivity soon in this town?”

Morning. While waiting for the bus in front of the station.

While standing to my right, the one who asked me that was Zonmi the ghoul.

Straight long silver hair reminiscent of white snow, slender limbs.

Her features without flaw, her dignified gaze gives her a cold aura ― a beautiful girl with the atmosphere of a cool beauty.

“Aah. You mean the Saegusa festival. It’s a big festival that encompasses the Tanabata Festival, a summer festival and a fireworks rally.”

The preparation being made in Saegusa city as the day approaches have greatly changed the town scenery.

Though there’s still time until Tanabata, the hastiest shops have already started to place the stalls.

“I see. It’s a festival overflowing with greed. By the way, Chiharu, are you planning on going with someone to it?”

“Nope. No one in special at this moment…”

“Is that so? That’s surprising.”

“… Izzat so?”

Could it be that inside Zonmi’s head I give an impression of having many friends?

Though that said, it’s not very wrong.

Zonmi, pondering about something for a moment,

“By the way, Chiharu, are you currently seeing someone?”

That’s quite the sudden question she has made.

“In the least. that’s not possible…”

Simply look at my usual lifestyle and you’d understand!

Even if I’ve been truthful, for some reason Zonmi’s expression harbors suspicion.

“Chiharu… It’s not good to lie to me. Wouldn’t it be better for you to tell me the truth?”

“I’m not lying…”

Isn’t that because I couldn’t get a girlfriend for 16 years?

“I see. I’ve got a gist of the situation.”

“Hoo, so you’ve finally understood?”

“Yes. There’s no ‘person’ you’re going out with, because it’s a ‘monster’ who you are going out with. Isn’t that what Chiharu means?”

“Wouldn’t it better be that I have neither a human girlfriend nor a monster girlfriend!?”

“… Muu.”

Even when I explained myself without delay, Zonmi seems like she’s still not convinced.

Why does Zonmi distrust me that much.

Or rather, that about a ‘monster girlfriend’ gives the impression of having a highly destructive potential…


I’ve just realized something.

“Could you be talking about the pendant?”

So it was that. I had totally forgotten that I’m wearing the pendant I found yesterday.

When I asked, Zonmi nodded with an embarrassed face,

“Yeah. No matter what, it doesn’t seem to suit Chiharu…”

“… Perhaps a little.”

I’m not someone who wears many accessories, for starters.

“Could it be something you received from a past lover?”

“Hardly, since as I’ve kept telling you, I’m a male virgin who’s been 16 years without a girlfriend.”

Don’t make me say it. It’s embarrassing.




“…… Wha?”

Even though I’ve said the truth, it seems as if the air around us instantly froze.

It seems that “male virgin” is a taboo expression to Zonmi.

“So it’s like that. It seems that I became oversuspicious. Of course someone that speaks with no delicacy… Won’t be able to get a lover. No doubt I must excuse myself.”

Zonmi looks like she despises me.

“… No problem.”

Looks like I’ve cleared her doubts, but… What the heck. This is surely very complex…


I let out a deep sigh.

No matter what, I didn’t think this pendant would raise so much suspicion.

Do I look like an outsider to fashion?

Since it appeared out of nowhere inside my room and it surprisingly fit me nicely, I tried wearing it, but… Truth to be told, I didn’t think it would cause such a fuss.

Have I to conceal it under my shirt[1] so to prevent someone else from seeing it, getting suspicious and causing a riot?

“Getting back on track. So, you are not going to participate this year?”

“Nope. I had planned on going, at least…”

Maybe I’ll go together with my classmate Youhei… I believe that, him being him, it seems that he won’t let the chance escape.

“I have been asked by Manami, like a demon, day after day, but… Going to a festival with my little sister at our age is of course embarrassing… I think I better pass."

“I see. I think it’s a commendable judiciousness.”

“If you’re interested, would you like that us two went together?”

“… Wha?”

As it seemed that Zonmi became momentarily speechless and had her mouth agape, soon after she became panicked with her face pure red ―

“Whawhawha, what the heck do you plan by saying that!? Maybe, what you mean with those words… Do you have the intention to be on a date with me!?”

“… No. Nothing so flashy.”

My intentions.

“Wasn’t only recently that Zonmi came to Saegusa city? You’re still not familiar with this area.”

Needless to say, my aim is that if I have someone that I planned to go with, it will be easier to fend off my sister’s approaches.

“… Th-thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”

Totally in disarray, Zonmi took a deep breath in.

“Sadly, I must decline. Because basking under the summer sun while taking a stroll in the middle of a crowd… Is life-threatening to a ghoul…”


That’s right, didn’t she tell me before? That each year in summer 100,000 ghouls were sent to hospital?

If it’s like that, then there’s no way around it.

And recently it’s been abnormally hot.

To the human-hating + weak to heat Zonmi, an event like a festival could be like hell.

“Then… Though I can’t attend to the summer festival, what if we go somewhere indoors―”



The moment Zonmi started talking, a shriek like that of an uprooted mandragora was heard.

Glancing on the direction of the voice ― a pretty girl came out of a trash bin placed on the street.

Big and round eyes like those of a small chick.

Nicely developed big breasts.

Her black hair, pride of Japan, was arranged as a ponytail at the back of her head.

Kusumi Manami. The one that has suddenly come out of a trash bin is my little sister.

“What the heck is that, oniichan!? I demand an explanation! How come I don’t get what you mean at all!?”

“Calm down, Manami. Isn’t it you the one who has to give a explanation!? That thing you are doing… Is it a human jack-in-the-box!?”


As if it was only natural, Manami turned a deaf ear.

Instead, she criticized her brother’s humor sense by letting out “Uwah. Don’t make that comparison” in a small voice.

"Why, while you turn down my approaches, are you making an appointment with the zombie? That’s totally weird!”


I do it in order to have a good pretext to turn down your approaches… That’s something I won't say even if you rip my mouth open.

How come. This situation… How can I get over it?

It seems like Manami is in the right this time.

If my invitations were turned down and I saw the other party asking out a total stranger… Even if I’m not Manami, it wouldn’t sit right with me.

There’s no option… I’ll use ‘that’.

The last resource when in trouble. It tends to work.

As it makes use of Manami’s feelings, though I don’t like it, I have no other way.

Brushing away my forelocks, I struck a somewhat exaggerated cool pose.

“Listen, Manami. This is totally for your sake…”


Manami let out a little sigh with a befuddled face.

“… Wait a bit, what?”

Yosh. Hook, line and sink.

My little sister’s expression turned in a flash into that of a lovestruck maiden.

“I’m your brother, right? Since you are more important to me than anyone else… Ain’t I telling you to harden your heart? Next year, you’re also gonna be a high school student. Won’t it be troubling to you if you cannot let go of your brother by then? I beg you, Manami. Make your brother feel relieved and make a single friend before then.”


It’s really something I can’t endure. Due to Manami’s bad habit of having a much-too-strong sex drive, she had no one she could call a friend in elementary and middle school.

That’s why my words ― are my sincere true feelings.

Though it’ll be good that Manami learns to not cling to her brother for a bit…

“Understood… If that’s what oniichan says… Manami… Will try. From now on I’ll make a friend to go together with to the festival.”

“That’s it… Did you understand?...”

Shit. I got some tears in eyes.

As I expected, if you make Manami listen properly, she’s quite the sensible child…

“In turn, if Manami does as oniichan said and can make a friend to go with to the festival… There’s something I want as a reward. Will you promise me?”

“… Promise?”

“Not now ― once it happens, oniichan. Let’s go together to the festival.”


What the heck does she mean by that.

After going to the festival with a friend, double booking by going together to the festival with me?

I mean… Isn’t that completely going back to the start line!?

“Hey, Manami… By saying you will make a friend in order to let go of your brother, isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?“

“Pretty please! This is the last I will ask of you! I want my last memory of middle school, by all means, to be going together to a festival with my brother…”


Since it’s unusual that Manami asks for something so meekly, I ended up rejecting it on impulse.

Thinking about it… Isn’t this to some extent better than keeping being insistently asked to the festival?

I don’t want to say it, but the chances of my sister that has been a solo player all her life to successfully make a friend in the lapse of a few days… Are far slimmer than the chances of survival of an ocean sunfish’s[2] offspring.

“Understood. I’ll promise you that.”

After talking with a bit of a serious tone, Manami, with her feelings seemingly overflowing,

“I did iiit!! Oniichan, I love youuu!!”


Manami hugged me with all of her tender body.

Also, how much longer will you stay inside that trash bin?

Since the start, being hugged by my sister doesn’t make me very happy, but the stench like dead crayfish that comes from her hair adds up an extra layer.

If you’re going to be hugging, take out the rubbish from your hair.

“Chiharu, you adulterer.”

Zonmi badmouthed me, with a glare cold like a North Pole blizzard.


This is bad. Could it be that, this time, is Zonmi the one who has lost her temper?

Now that I say it, that’s right. I may have been insensible from my part to promptly make this kind of promise with my sister only minutes after having asked her out.

Being these two the women most near to me, unless you are very careful, the troubles won’t stop.

“Sorry. About this…”

“Jealous wench!”

By promptly making a follow-up, Manami didn’t let me continue.

“Shitty zombie! Read the mood! As you see, oniichan has chosen Manami♪ That’s why, get out♪”

“… Ku.”

Zonmi made a face as if she had bit a lemon,

“How many times do I have to say it to you so that you understand!? My name isn’t zombie. It’s Zonmi! I’m a descendant of the proud since ancient times ghoul clan, Zonmi R. McKenzie!”

She rebuked with her usual catchphrase.

It seems that Zonmi being a ghoul she can’t stomach being treated as a zombie.

“Haa… Still with that? I’m fed up with that sentence!”

“Hey. It’s a problem that you are fed up…”

“Straight to the point, zombie-san. Aren’t you excessively close to oniichan despite being a newcomer? Going together to school every morning, you surely feel important. Could it be~, despite not being going out you feel like you’re his girlfriend?”

“Wha-wha-wha-what are you saying!? If you say that, then you too!”

“With me, it’s fine! Since I’m oniichan’s little sister♪”

“… Is that reason enough? If it’s like that, than I’m Chiharu’s partner. ―So it’s only my natural duty to serve at his side.”

Saying that, Zonmi showed the silvery glittering contract ring.

Some days ago, I formally established an employer-employee relation using the ring.

For that reason, Zonmi and me are wearing matching rings.

Contrastively with Zonmi’s face of triumph, Manami’s factions got shrouded in darkness.

“Ring… Oniichan and the zombie are wearing matching rings…”


This is very bad.

A switch has totally been flipped.

“I won’t forgive you… Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never!”

My sister’s brother complex has sincerely deplorably gone out of track.

That’s bad.

So bad that it’s on the level of making even monsters run away.

Even Zonmi has gone pale.

“Let’s go, Chiharu! It’s dangerous to stay here!”

“… Yup.”

Zonmi took my hand.

It seems we can’t afford to wait for the bus.

The instant we left the station as if we were in agreement, a tremendous killing intent was felt at our backs.

“Aaa, You’ve taken…”


“You’ve taken―, You’ve taken the hand―――――!! You’ve taken oniichan’s hand――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――!!"

I carefully looked back.

There, Manami, with the face of a demon, had taken out of nowhere a couple of huge knifes with 40 cm. of blade length, and isn’t she shortening distances with us with ferocious speed!?

Man… I don’t know what’s what…

With this you can’t tell who’s the monster.

“Chiharu, raise your speed.”


Zonmi was dashing while strongly pulling my hand.

―Zonmi is of course a monster, and seeing it like that makes me too quite the monster tamer.

Could it be due to producing magic power? As of recent, my physical ability has risen conspicuously, reaching a level that can’t be compared with a normal person.

That’s why ― I don’t have to worry about the chance in a million that my sister catches us―

That’s what I was thinking at the moment.


As I thought I’d heard a little shriek, suddenly, Zonmi’s arm that was pulling on my hand ― was severed while fresh blood gushed out.

“Fufufu. At last, I caught you♪”

From behind… No, wrong. It was from the front.

Before we could have noticed ― there was my sister covered in the red of shed blood.

What an amazing feat, my sister not only defeated a monster tamer and his partner in speed, but managed to sever the right arm that Zonmi was using to pull my hand too.

Emm, where did she acquire such pointless combat ability?

Good grief, that’s bad for the heart.

Had Zonmi not been from the ghoul clan…. Wouldn’t that have been no laughing matter?

“Fufufu. Lass. How dare you cut my arm… Today for sure I won’t forgive you.”

“Bring it on♪ Everyone who gets close to onii-chan is an enemy♪ I’ll chop up your heart and body!”


Taking an weaponumbrella from nowhere, Zonmi faced my sister.

My sister being my sister, she faced Zonmi with the aforementioned huge kitchen knives while smiling ominously.[3]

Man… I don’t know what’s what anymore…

Ever since Zonmi became a freeloader in the Kusumi residence, every day has been like this.

Even if I’m so worried, can’t I even sigh!?

My spirits are almost as low as when I threw a tantrum because I stained my newly bought shirt with curry sauce.

Paying no attention to those two, I carefully got out of that place and went to school alone.

× × ×

“Then, have you heard, Chiharu?”

Lunch break.

My classmate from the seat next to mine, Sakurazaka Youhei, asked me with his cheeks stuffed with flavored bread.

This good friend of mine is a man of the currently styled ‘low fuel consumption hybrid’ kind, who likes 2D girls and loves 3D girls.

“It seems A-class has decided to do caramel apples.”

“Eeh. Is that so. Tanaka from C-class does frankfurts. And didn’t Yamazaki from D-class chose chocolate bananas?”

“Yep. Both of them have made low-lifeness reach a whole new level. It seems they are using the confusion to make girls eat rod-shaped foods, and like that fulfill their hidden intentions of seeing them make sexy poses.”


Regarding our talk till now, it’s about the stands that will be set up during Saegusa festival.

A stand even though we are in high school?

You may be wondering, but to set up a stall is something specially regarded as part of our school’s extra-curricular activities.

To tell the truth, the reason I decided to go with Youhei to the festival is the following.

“About your booth… It was yo-yo fishing, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. Isn’t it the best? The guys around me won’t stop saying ‘Isn’t he too fired up!?’, being no match for me.”

“… As expected. Your idea is on a whole different line of those of the perverts from the other classes.”


As soon as I remarked that, Youhei’s eyes got sharper.

“Ku, ku, ku. As I suspected. Chiharu… I supposed that, being you, you’d realize.”

“… You overestimate me. Anyone would notice if he used his imagination a bit.”

“Nope. Apart from you, no one has realized it.

That yo-yo fishing has become the best panty-seeing spot―!!”


As I see it, yo-yo fishing is the best panty-seeing spot owing to two facts.


As we know, in the game known as yo-yo fishing, if you don’t lower your hips enough you can’t pick a yo-yo, but, on the other hand, girls strongly dislike to dirty their clothes by touching the ground with her butts.

For that reason, since while yo-yo fishing they can’t but keep their hips lowered on a halfway stance, that makes the perfect chance for panty-seeing.


The line of sight of the girls engrossed on yo-yo fishing, where is it aimed at… Of course, at the yo-yoprey before their eyes.

With this, no matter how wary the girl is, it’s difficult for them to realize their own defenseless stance.

By the way, due to the former, when you try to google ‘yo-yo fishing panty-seeing’, you get a truly astonishing number of search results.

Even if the monster affair has enlivened society… Even today, the world is at peace.

“Now that we are talking about it, Chiharu, do you have someone to go with to the Saegusa festival this year?”

“Still no luck…”

Since I was rejected by Zonmi this morning.

“So it’s like that. If you ask me with your all, I may let you man the booth for a bit.”

“What… the heck…!?”

If you are telling me that I will be able to see panties effortlessly… That’s too good to be true.

“In that case, I want you to promise me something.”

Youhei put on a very serious expression,

“Since you are with me, make it so neither Zonmi-san nor your sister go to the festival.”

“…? No problem.”

Though I find it very unexpected, Youhei’s suggestion is somewhat easy to achieve.

Truth to be told, Zonmi has already rejected me once, and I doubt Manami will be able to make a friend before the day of the festival.

“… May I ask the reason?”

“Chiharu… Me being still your best friend, I want us to be together!”

Hey, hey.

You seem to be saying that if I went to the festival with two girls you’ll stop being my friend.

“Understood. Though I don’t understand why, if it’s like that, I’ll prevent those two from going to the festival.”

“For real…! Are you serious, pal!”

I was surrounded by his arms and hugged.

Seeing it from outside, it gives a dangerous feeling, but even being hugged by Youhei, I think I kept my face from revolting.

Gu, fu, fu, fu, fu.

How long has it been since I looked forward to the day of the festival?

Saegusa festival? Now that I think about it, long ago, I often went with Kyouko, but lately the chances have remarkably diminished.

… Now that I think about it, has she planned to go with someone to the festival?

As I thought about that, once I reached my seat.

“Go-good morning! Haru!”

… Speak of the devil.

A clear soprano voice suddenly resounded inside the classroom.

Looking in the direction of the voice, there was my childhood friend.

The moment she set foot inside the classroom, my classmates spirits fired up like gunpowder.

“Uooooooooooooooooooo! It’s Kyouko-samaaaa!” “Our angel has come doooooooown!”

Even after Zonmi transferred, Kyouko’s popularity was as strong as ever.

No, I’d dare say it was even stronger than ever.

The source was the “Monthly Seiran[4] underground magazine published each month by our school’s newspaper club.

According to the same issue, over these several weeks, haven’t some of the core members of the Kyouko Fan Club (KFC) taken the banner of revolution, established the Zonmi Fan Club (ZFC) and now both parties are in the middle of a bloody feud?

“… What a fuss are these humans making.”

Engrossed until a while ago by the karaage roll she had for lunch, Zonmi expressed blatantly her displeasure without listening to the current conversation.

“Eeerm. What’s the matter?”

When I tried to ask, feeling an ominous premonition on my back, Kyouko blushed,

“We-well. I made an obentou for Haru!”

She spat those surprising words.

Kyouko put before me a humongous three layered… No, four layered bento box, then she averted her gaze while bashfully entwining her fingers.

‘Heh. Humph. So it’s like that? Chiharu and the Nephilim, not minding that I’m the partner, have entered into an unusual relationship.’

‘I misjudged you! You rom-com bastard!’

I think I’ll hear those two’s words anytime now.

… No, rather I want to hear them.

I don’t know what feelings do they hide inside their chests, but those two secretly pierced me with their glances without a word. As I thought I heard the creaking of plastic being broken, next instant, the remains of a pair of chopsticks rolled over the desk.

If you have something to say, why don’t you say it!?

Chopsticks have no guilt!

“… Yeah, erm. Currently, Kyouko-sama is intermingling with Kusumi Chiharu. Urgent, I request permission for bloodshed.”

“Yeehaa! Serves you right, KFC! It’s obvious our angel is Zonmi-san!”


The dubious students from next class came dashing, being as noisy as they pleased.

Not that it matters, but KFC… Isn’t that fried chicken?

“What the heck… How come? Why did you make this bentou for me all of a sudden?”

“Eeerm. That’s, you see…”

A change in the surroundings, the air was filled with tension.

The classmates watched us intently as they drooled.

“I-it’s the same work doing one or two!”


I-it cameeee!

The king of responses that nowadays only happens in games!

Thanks for the treat. I’m full.

Thank you very much!

“What? Any problem? Since I made it for you, at least be thankful!”


“Then, what are you going to do? Will you eat it or not?”

“I’ll eat it.”

“… Fuun. Y-you should have said that from the beginning!”


Aah. Of course I’d like to refuse.

Nevertheless, If I refuse Kyouko’s goodwill, she could not take it well. I’m scared of the retribution from the KFC members.

I don’t know if Kyouko’s plotting something, but it’ll be better to play along with her.


Next instant, Youhei’s shriek was heard.

No one present at the site when it happened could do nothing more than stare silently.

Speaking from the results, Youhei, who was until now seated next to me, has his head inside the garbage bin and is letting out anguished screams.

A catastrophe.

It’s a catastrophe.


“This is bad! The infirmary! Someone take him to the infirmary!”

On the seat Youhei was occupying until a while ago, now is seated Kyouko, feigning innocence.

Dreadfully, probably Youhei’s appearance doesn’t reflect in her eyes.

Since she has used too casually her monster powers, no one present has noticed her wrongdoing.

… But that’s only natural.

It has been so fast that, despite having the dynamic vision of a monster tamer, I’ve barely noticed it…

“Come on. You can tell me if the bentou I made for you is to your liking!”

While trembling as if there was a poltergeist phenomenon going around, she opened the bentou box’s lid with unsteady hands.

If I have to talk about the contents ― they surely are of top-notch quality.

The fourth layer has white rice, while layers 1~3 seem to have been designed as side-dish areas.

Fried prawn. Hamburger steak. Karaage. French fries. Spaghetti. Pork cutlet. Curry pilaf. Yakiniku. Steak. Sweet and sour pork. Salad. Fried salmon. Mackerel with miso. Takoyaki… Etcetera, etcetera.

Like that, it was filled with multicolored side-dishes made to be well-received by men.



“Could it be… You want me to eat all of this?”

“Yeah. I tried to choose and make only what Haru liked, but…”


Sadly, it seems she has no ill will.

I don’t understand the exact reason, but since long ago her harsh efforts end all going on weird directions.

“Aah. Then. Bon appetite.”

I carefully reached out with my chopsticks to the hamburger steak.

“… How is it?”

“Yeah. The usual deliciousness.”

There’s no problem with the ingredient selection or their passing over the flames, and also there was no complaint about its quality.

I’d believe it if they said to me this had come from a restaurant.

“Izzat so? That’s good…”

Kyouko, letting out an exhalation of deep relief, gazed at me with a dazzling expectation,

Come, why don’t you try the next one? If you ask me, I’m confident on how the fried shrimp has come out…

She asked me as if it was only natural.


This flow of events… It gives me bad vibes.

I looked around looking for help, but each and every one of them conspicuously turned away their glances, so I couldn’t meet their eyes.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 2 p071.png

It seems I deserve it, it can only be called divine punishment.

“… What’s the matter? Could it be it doesn’t suit your tastes… perhaps?”

I couldn’t get rid of my suddenly meek childhood friend, her eyes tinged with uneasiness.

Since it has come to this, even I… Better to steel my stomach…

Having made my decision, I, with tearful eyes, I gulped down the hamburger and white rice as if stuffing them into my throat.


Resolutely, I kept chewing.

My stomach capacity has reached its limits long ago.

It’s as if I could end up throwing everything up anytime if I so much let some air out.

However, I can’t go and give up.

This Kyouko, what the heck… What was she thinking, making so much bentou?

I don’t know the circumstance, but she wouldn’t have prepared so much bentou for no ordinary reason.

That’s why, I’ll eat it. I’ll keep eating it.

… After a while I could see the end.

Another bite.

Another bite… Only this last piece of pineapple from the sweet-sour pork and finished!

“… Blergh!”

Nevertheless, reality is not so kind.

Having my stomach reached long ago the limits of its capacity, its contents were thrown up in an explosion of a paste resembling egg icecream.

“Danger! Kusumi has been defeated!!”

“To the infirmary! Even if it’s Kusumi, take him to the infirmary!”

What. I see a beautiful river.

Could this be… The Sanzu river[5]?

He… y…

The one who’s waving to me from the other side… Is it Youhei?

I see. You also fell in a very flashy manner.

Youhei… I follow your steps.

“Good grief. How can you be this soft-hearted, Master…?”

While I was losing consciousness, I thought I heard Zonmi’s voice.

× × ×

As soon as Kyouko reached her apartment, she buried her face in her pillow and hanged her head.

“…The worst.”

If that’s not the worst, then what would you call the worst?

The nicely timed ‘handmade bentou tactic” had ended in utter failure.

For sure, it’s the fault of the size of the bentou, I got carried away and did too much, I think I have many things to reflect on.

Then, no wonder, it ended up making him faint…

All the same, I should have predicted it.


I let out a deep sigh.

Like this, usurping the contract is but a pipe dream.

If I keep it like this, wont I be forced to make a contract with the partner that I don’t want?

With Chiharu ever after, is that a destiny denied to me?

Thinking like that, I felt my mood steadily going down.

“I’m going to support you! Kyouko-oneechan.”

From somewhere, the voice of a girl could be heard.


That’s weird. When I got out, if I’m not wrong, I locked the door.

Right now, no one should be inside this room other than me.

No one should…?

Next instant, *BAM!*, the wardrobe’s door was opened with force.

Following that, a familiar human came out rolling like a pill bug.

Kusumi Manami. The one who has suddenly come out from inside my home’s wardrobe was Chiharu’s little sister.


Unintentionally, I held my head in my hands.[6]

I don’t know what Chiharu thinks, but what’s inside the head of this little sister that’s rolling there was a mystery.

“… What are you doing? Manami-chan.”

Worried as I was, I could hardly squeeze out those harmless words.

“Don’t mind it, oneechan!”

“Don’t mind!? Isn’t that a full-fledged crime? Don’t you have something to say about that!?”

“Fufu. That’s that. Now, compared with oneechan’s problems, that’s trifling. Am I wrong?”

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 2 p077.png


Since it was spot-on, Kyouko was unconsciously taken aback,

“Eeeerm. What do you mean by supporting me?”

I asked with a somewhat forced smile.

“Cheering on your love, of course♪ Kyouko-oneechan, don’t you love oniichan?”

“… What?”

“However. Oneechan’s recently abused template of tsundere childhood friend, is it a successful approach against oniichan? Is not, right?”

“… R-rather, about liking Haru, I don…”

“Aaa. Yeah, yeah. It’s fine to go with that character.”


“You like him, don’t you?”


It’s not possible to keep a secret from her, so it seems.

“… Yes. I like him. I love him.”

Just when I voiced that, I noticed my face heating up.

(What’s with… This situation!?)

Why am I confessing my loving someone to that someone’s little sister?

Why was she inside my room’s wardrobe?

As the questions kept popping up, feeling that she’d lose if she thought deeply about it, Kyouko gave up thinking.

“Yep, yep. Let’s go straight to the point♪”


“That love, I’ll help you fulfill it!”


“From today onwards, Manami will be love’s Cupid for you two! I’ll teach Kyouko-oneechan about love!”


I didn’t understand the reason.

Isn’t it somewhat sad that I have to learn about love from a girl younger than me?

“Don’t worry. Since if you leave it to me, everything will be OK! Feel at ease, Kyouko-oneechan!!”


I could only sigh. Since I can’t reply, it seems I’ve given my consent.

That’s weird.

Manami is a well-known bro-con. I don’t know what reason she’d have to help me with my love.

“Ufufu. Now I can make Kyouko onee-chan get in the way of that ghoul’s romance…!”

“You’ve let out your true thoughts!?”

I don’t understand a bit of what’s happening, but I can say a single thing.

That is, it seems that it’s my fate to be completely manipulated by these pair of siblings.

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. I don’t know whether what Japanese call Y-Shaatsu is a WHITE shirt or a short-sleeved shirt; I only know that the term does not exist on the main English-speaking countries. - In English speaking nations, what the Japanese call a Y-Shirt is called a button up shirt, or dress shirt. And English speaking countries have no clue why the Japanese call them Y-Shirts.
  2. Mola mola, a fish, wiki it.
  3. If Manami isn't actually an Oni-Baba (Demonic Hag: Depraved. Loves kitchen knives and eating people. Highly territorial and jealous.) I will be very surprised.
  4. Written as “sex revolution” instead of the “sacred orchid” on the name of the academy.
  5. River that represents the border between life and death according to Japanese Buddhism. Lit. “River of the Three Crossings”, if you were a very good person, you cross it through a jewelly bridge, if you had a balanced karma, through a shallow crossing, and if you were evil, through a deep part full of snakes.
  6. Don’t know exactly how to express it. Something similar to a double palmface.

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