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Chapter 3: Honey Trap[edit]

Since I don’t know from where to start, let’s go in order for the time being.

Before my eyes there is a female pervert.

How unexpected. It seems I was greatly mistaken.

About the being called female pervert, until now. I believed they were beings that only lived inside male fantasies, but that was a great mistake.

Thinking a bit about it, it’s obvious, but seeing that beings like dragons and ghouls surprisingly do exist in reality, there’s no reason why female perverts won’t.


No, indeed.

That there was a female pervert so close to me… I didn’t expect it.

“What are you doing…? Kyouko.”

Totally overflowing with uneasiness, I said the name of my childhood friend.

“Eerrm. What… You don’t get it?”


Let’s rewind and reassess the situation.

It’s lunch break. I was dragged by Kyouko into the women’s toilet at the back of the school.

Currently, in front of me, I see my childhood friend with her skirt rolled up and flaunting her panties to me.

I-I don’t think you understand what I’m saying………………………………………………………

This sudden plot twist would leave even Polna•ff[1] speechless.

“I can… See your panties.”

“… Errm. That’s all?”

“That’s all.”

“Th-that can’t be all! Isn’t there something!? Like feelings!”

“Why should I tell you what I feel when I see your panties!?”

“Ugh! That’s…”

Being questioned, Kyouko became flustered,

“Uuu. Saying that any boy should fall once they are shown panties… Manami-chan, you liar…”

With her skirt still rolled up, she muttered something.

I don’t know what’s happening, but since I can’t bear seeing her like this.

“… Understood. I’ll tell you. Listen.”


“Since I’ll tell you my feelings on seeing your panties… Don’t make that face.”


It’s a deep mystery why she’s so happy, but Kyouko let out a smile like a flower in bloom.


Really… What have we been talking about since a while ago?

A situation of being forced to reveal my feelings on seeing her panties… I really don’t know what her aim is.

“How should I put it, it’s repetitive.”

“… What?”

A really big question mark floated over Kyouko’s head.

“Aah. Errm. I’ve said repetitive, haven’t I? I meant it as repetitive in the good sense. I don’t think you should be bothered by it…”

“Repetitive in the good sense what!?”

“… Not the ones you’re specifically wearing right now, those pastel color with pink and yellow and such with a frilly ribbon ones.”

“…So, so it’s like that. But, is it something that boys like, after all?”

“Of course. I’d say it’s a genre with established popularity, but…”

“You don’t agree!?”

“Frankly, I’m personally fed up… First things first, will wearing them like that make boys rejoice? Doesn't it defeat the original purpose? I’d say this sense of security is a no-go.”


“So, if you first take the boy to a safe location, that’s a weak pattern. Besides, I have no complaints against the staple genre, but do you only wear that kind?”


“Katsudon[2] is delicious, but if you eat nothing but it, won’t you get bored for sure?

To begin with. Am I not accustomed to see your underwear… Ah!”


I was so engrossed talking about my well-liked topic of panties that I’ve ran my mouth.

It could be—that I’ve unknowingly hurt Kyouko.

I see. I lack delicacy.

How could I liken a girl’s panties to katsudon… I’m the worst.

It should be at least macaron or tiramisu… One of those posh desserts…

As I expected, Kyouko lowered her sight and with her shoulders seemingly trembling,

“Uwaaaaa! Haru, you moroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!"

With teary eyes, she ran away full throttle.

Alone. I've been left alone at the girl’s restroom.

“Errrm. What was that?”

That Kyouko. What the heck does she pretend?

If you thought about showing me your panties out of the blue, then you ran away with teary eyes… No matter what, I don't think it’s a sane reaction.

Both yesterday’s bentou and today’s panties clearly give me bad vibes.

But, since I won’t get anything no matter how hard I think about it,

“Well, recently weather has gone hotter…”

Saying that… Is that it?

With that half-baked reflection, I directed a pitiful glance to the gradually shrinking back of my childhood friend.

× × ×

After class. While answering the booklet with past questions of the Test Centre; I just bought at the school library, once I went home, the sun was setting.

Being alone, I started thinking about many things.

About dinner. About school. About friends.

… About if I’d dedicate myself on being a monster tamer from now on.

I walk on the white lines of the asphalt at twilight.

If I manage to reach home while only stepping on the white lines… I feel like something good is bound to happen tomorrow.

I know.

I feel, however, good things don’t come so easily.

Since chances are good that by tomorrow I’d forget about this, there’s no way to prove it.

Even so, I like to do these kinds of pointless things when I’m alone.


Before the park I’ve gone countless times as a child.

My sight fell on a single spot. A single girl was lost in her thoughts on the swings.

Golden hair fixed in rather short twintails.

A dull red robe that seemed taken straight out a fantasy world.

Those eyes were of a crimson that overshadowed the current sunset sky.


The one there is the red dragon girl I exchanged promises to make a contract with.

Iris Scarlet Lindwurm. That was her.

“That voice… The tamer?”

Iris stopped swinging and turned her face in my direction.

… Am I overthinking things?

That face, is not of her usual haughtiness, it feels like she’s thinking hard about something.

“.. I see. It had totally slipped my mind. Now that I ponder, thy nest lays in the vicinity.”


Nest, she says.

When talking with Iris, her usual sense of Japanese language makes me nuts.

“By the way, Iris, why are you in the area? Could it be you’ve covered all this distance to come to see me?”

“Nice jest, coming to accompany idlers like you.[3]


But I think it’s more of an idler the one who’s playing on the swings at the park in broad daylight.

“I have a reason for coming to this area. And that’s—to inquire about a certain someone.”

“A certain someone?”

As I parroted her words as a question, Iris’s eyes became harsh.

“The Monster Tamer of the Catastrophe. The name is Noelle North Norm. Five years ago… She’s one of the key persons on the slaughtering of my tribe.”


The next instant. I felt like that name would easily shake the foundations of what was until now your usual everyday.

The monster tamers engaged in the crime of abusing monsters—

The Black Tamers.

Just the other day I fought against one of those Black Tamers that wanted to get his hands on Iris' dragon blood.

… Could I have been mistaken until now?

A peaceful everyday. A world at peace.

To me those are no more than a house of cards.

Not even an instant.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 2 p091.png

If they resent me because of last day’s battle—you could say my life is currently on grave danger 24/7.

“It seems adequate to suppose our foes won’t let the recent skirmish slip out. It could be we have found the trace of some unknown bigwig.”

“… Then, Iris, what will you do once you’ve found that guy?”

“Thou dostn’t have to ask. The moment I meet him, I shall tear him apart. Since to me, from the very start… That has been my objective in life.”


Shouldn't I say something to her?

‘Since revenge will bear nothing, stop it.’

‘Since killing people is bad, stop it.’

If I act as an ally of justice, it’ll be easy to spit out a sensible reasoning.


The people who can say that kind of lip service are the ones who are living in bliss.

I have a question.

Let’s say, those lawyers and jurist that right now are arguing against the current death penalty.

If one of their relatives was murdered by a total stranger for selfish reasons, could they still stand for their beliefs with the same conviction?

Since I don’t want to pose as an ally of justice by brandishing the prevailing view—

I won’t deny her.

“… I see. That’s good.”

As I let out my honest opinion, Iris made a face as if she was not convinced,

“… Unexpected. Being thee, won’t you exercise unnecessary meddling and suggest me to stop?”

“That’s the life you’ve decided on. Even If it was wrong, I’m not qualified to deny it.”

“Good. It seems thou hast grown up whilst I was not looking.”

“However, let me tell you a single thing.”

*BRUSH* I softly petted Iris' head and said.

“… Won’t you stop getting involved in so many unnecessary problems? Right now, you… Your face shows quite a lot of suffering.”

“Wh-what art thee basing that nonsense on!?”

… If I keep with that, she’ll end up losing her temper.

I pretended not to see it and got back on track.

“Because of thee… Hadn’t it be because of thee, I should have strayed from the proper path. Against humans—I was consumed by the flames of hatred. For that reason…"

I felt like Iris fiercely muttered something, but the sound of the night breeze drowned it and it didn’t reach my ears.

× × ×

Going back a week.

This is the threshold between the Netherworld and the Human Realm.

A group of men and women were inside an old castle that towered over a desolate wasteland.

“Then, could you tell me about the capture of code 001, red dragon.”

“… Yes.”

A man with easterner factions that bore the nickname of ‘Tamer of the Black Beasts’.

Clarie Shernfelt lowered his head in front of the masked woman.

“My apologies. It went well until midway, but… An unforeseen nuisance got in the way…”

“… Hou.”

“Kusumi. The name is Kusumi Chiharu.”

Anguish surfaced to the man’s expression,

“Boss! Give me one more chance, please! Next time, along with the dragon blood—I’ll see to bring you that guy’s head!”

Though the man pleaded frantically to personally repay the dishonor, the woman’s tone was freezing cold.

“… That’s not necessary. I’ve entrusted everything about him to Noelle.”


The Tamer of the Catastrophe. Noelle North Norm.

Clarie couldn’t suppress his agitation after hearing that name.

—Hey, hey. that's a joke right?

Why the heck? Sending such a bigshot to engage a rookie…

“Boss… Let me tell you that that’s excessive. I object!”

“… And why may it be?”

“There’s too much risk! If you let out that monster, it will be literally catastrophic. Even innocent people will get invol… Guah!”

Next instant. A big lump of rocks hit the man in the gut.

No. Calling it simply rocks is not exact.

A mineral giant with a soul in its body—stone golem.

Obviously, it is a monster under the command of a powerful monster tamer.

“Onee-san. Can I kill him?”

That girl appeared suddenly, without anyone noticing.

Wine red hair like spilled blood, a black dress with varied ornaments.

Her features had a crafted beauty, but the only thing that engraved itself on the memories was her relentless glance without any warmth.

“… Guh. Noelle… What the heck is with this behavior…”

“Nothing~. This behavior doesn’t mean anything. Do you need a reason to crush summer flies?”

“Noelle… Let him go now.”

“… Che.”

Being reprimanded by the masked woman, she let go of the man with a dissatisfied expression.

“You bitch… You have to focus on pleasing the boss at all times! Do you want me to crush you here right now!?”

Even though the man hollered and reached his ring to his lips, Noelle’s face didn’t flinch.

“Clarie. My bad, could you leave?”


“It’s an order.”

“… Understood.”

Commanded to leave against his will, Clarie, after directing to Noelle a glance full of blood thirst, left the place.

“Noelle. Do you know what you have to do from now on?”

“I know. Killing that Kusumi Chiharu human, right? The same old task. Go, me.”

“… Wrong. That’s a 30 points answer.”

“Eeerm. Is it killing him by beating the senses out of him?... Or maybe killing by harassing?”

“Correct answer… Will you do that? However, you can only kill him if he’s not as powerful as you—understood?”


*GRIN* Noelle made a wide charming grin.

The masked woman’s feelings were conflicted.

Kusumi Chiharu.

While possessing the body of a human; a tamer who housed inside it the power of the Maou.

If this fake-looking piece of info ended up being real—he should be put without delay under the control of the organization.

In order to pull the trigger to activate his chimera powers[4]—a shock treatment of some sorts.

It’s necessary to corner him into a limit situation due to battle.

And for that there was a secret plan. Since, come the time, all the needed trump-card tools will’ve been gathered, there will be no problem.

If there was some king of factor of unrest—

(There’s too much risk… is it?)

Clarie’s claim has a point.

It’s an undeniable truth that Noelle holds the skill of a one-man army, but—regrettably, she’s very twisted.

Not having in mind any kind of thoughtful tactic apart from sheer combat, one could say she’s not very suited to this time’s mission.

(… What do I hope, I wonder?)

She was stumped at her own naivety.

Being him, he could very well cast a ray of light over the darkness inside Noelle’s heart.

Even knowing that was not possible, she still held some hope inside her heart.

The masked woman showed a self-deprecating smile, having fallen into evil, but still not having become completely cold-hearted.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 2 p101.png

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. Jean Pierre Polnareff, a character from JoJo’s Bizare Adventures.
  2. Breaded pork over a bowl of white rice.
  3. In plural, so “you”.
  4. Nephilim are also part human, they say. Why are they monsters instead of chimeras?

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