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Author's Notes[edit]

This is Kankitsu yusura.

Maohime’s third volume, have you enjoyed it?

It may be sudden, but about this work’s title “Maou na Ore to ghoulFushihime no Yubiwa!… Isn’t it a bit of a mouthful?

I don’t know if it’s because of that, but recently there are many people worried of getting the title wrong. I thought about putting here an official abbreviation made by me, but… In the end, I was worried and stopped at the last moment.

I don’t know why, but it seems to go against my policy as an author.

How many time have I seen light novel authors using the space on their afterwords to frantically appeal to self-made abbreviations, usually before my debut, and I thought I didn’t want to become an author like that.

Since an abbreviation is something held inside the hearts of each and every reader, and I think it should naturally be spread through the net and the word of mouth.

This is not limited to light novels, but no literary work is complete just with the work by the hands of the author and the illustrator… It starts attaining completion with the support of the buyers.

That’s why, I think that ending up doing each and every thing by my own hand is but the arrogance of the producer side. Since it surely is preferable to have a catchy abbreviation commercial-wise, I can understand the feelings of wanting to promote it, but I think that there are lots of things in this world that are more important than money.

Above the further continuation of the publication, I think that I want to become an author that puts his policy as a creator first (the authors that, blinded by money, betray they own policy, are worse than scum!).

Furthermore, on the matter of my personal ambitions, dear readers, please take care from now on of Maohime.

From now on, I’ll use this space for promoting.

As I told you un the second volume’s afterword, since December 2012, Maohime’s manga version has started publishing!

It’s on Hobby Japan’s free web comic magazine.

Being published in Comic Dangan.

With illustrations not different from the original work of Zonmi’s ‘bit’s that shouldn’t stick out’ and Kyouko’s panty scenes… There are a lot of noteworthy points.

As it has quality enough to make the author say “… This, doesn’t it surpass the original work?”, for those who haven’t read it yet, take a look!

And, and.

About HJ Bunko’s 6th Rookie Awards, this author has won it once again.

The submission titled “Ore to Kanojo no Rabukome ga Zenryoku de Kurorekishi” has entered the revision stage.

To give an explanation about the plot, it’s about a hungry male and female highschoolers that get intertwined in a boy-meets-girl youth love comedy.

If Maohime is a royal road[1] love comedy, this one is, instead, an evil course love comedy!

The release date is not yet decided, but since I think that at least it could be published this year, please take care of that one as well.

So… I hope we can meet again at the fourth volume.

Kankitsu Yusura

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. i.e. Easy method.

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