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Epilogue: Prediction of troubles[edit]

After that.

It’s been a week since that event.

It seems that, after that battle ended, I was around three days out as if dead.

For that reason, I’m being examined in detail at a hospital recommended by Lilith-san.

Well, being hospitalized isn’t such a big thing.

As it’s just having X-rays taken a couple of times a day and blood drawn from time to time, and the trio of Zonmi, Kyouko and Manami comes to see me every day, there’s no way I could spend all day bored.

By the way, about Iris, after checking that I was hospitalized, it seems that she promptly left the island saying “I have something to do at my hometown”.

From what I’ve heard, the village where Iris lived, since five years ago when it was attacked by the Black Tamers, has thoroughly become a so-called ghost town, so I don’t know what kind of business she could have there.

Aah. That’s right..

Luka-san was at the top of the Black Tamers.

That revelation has become a tremendous shock both in the Netherworld and in the human world.

They say that high class monster tamers like Luka-san or my mother, there aren’t more than ten in the world, and it seems that they boast influence on par of that of the demons.

If it’s that kind of super-celebrity… As she’s the boss of the very infamous Black Tamers, just picture the extent of the impact of the issue.

… Since thinking only of bad news will sour my mood, let’s go with a bright topic.

I don’t know the specific details, but it’s been decided that we can return to the human world without troubles.

The ones Lilith-san relied on, an anti-Black Tamers corp, seems to have suffered heavy losses on this raid, so this island lacks the battle power to hold back the next terrorist attack.

In any case, well, for that reason there’s no motive for us to keep lodging on this island.

Instead, the ones who protected us, who was in fact that International Monster Association, after they take care of some arrangements, it looks like we can return to the human world.

Honestly, I don’t know if that's a reason for rejoicing, but in any case I’m glad that now we can return to the human world.

The afternoon of the day before I was scheduled to leave the hospital.

“Now that I think… Hasn’t Iris returned yet?”

“Nope. I think that she’s about to return, but… She knows that oniichan is hospitalized.”

“Good grief. Be it Chiharu or the red dragon, I’d like for you to stop acting by yourselves from now on.”

“… How weird, the ghoul and I agree! Truly… That day, when I noticed that Haru had gone by himself to look for Iris-chan, I think my heart stopped!”

“… Sorry.”

Well… I’ve been severely scolded already for that.

When I awakened from my deep slumber, first of all I was awarded with a slap from Zonmi.

Despite me being convalescent, Kyouko hurled me with all her might.

Manami, strange of her, just kept silent… And remained by my side.

Each and every one of them had a different reaction, but the three of them had something in common.

And that was that all three of them had reddened, swollen eyes and were crying.

The reason. For the three days I was out cold, my vitals were so unstable that it wouldn’t be weird if I passed away.

No matter how mighty the power I had gained, the effective time was short and above all the risk was too great.

Lilith-san had warned me that until my body gets accustomed to the power of the monster transformation, I should abstain as much as possible from using that power.

I too, if possible, don’t want to be involved a second time in a deathmatch that forces me to rely on that power.

As I was thinking about that, someone knocked on the hospital room’s door.

“Come in—“

“… Greetings. I’ll intrude.”

Seeing the person who entered the room with that curt reply, I unconsciously sprang out of the bed.

The one who was there was Iris, who I haven’t really seen in a week.

“Iris! Until now… What the heck have you been doing!?”

As I rushed to her side, Iris, looking down in embarrassment,

“… I had gone to retrieve this.”

“Errrm… Could this be…”

The thing that Iris solemnly took out from her pocket was a sparkling silver contract ring… like thing, but the appearance was a tad different from those I’ve seen up till now.

How do I put it, the design is too flashy for a contract ring… It has in places carvings of a dragon.

“A contract ring… Is it?”

“… That’s right. I thought I wouldn’t have use for it in all my life… I had buried it with the remains of my honored mother under the sacred tree, but… It seems I had erred.”

“… But wait. Isn’t it weird what you’ve said?”



Now it feel like a tale from long ago, but at the very start, Iris expressly stole that ring that was supposed to be sent to my home and forced a contract with me.

If she had a ring since the start, what need did she have to expressly steal it?

“If you had a ring from the start, why didn’t Iris use it?”

Before my question, Iris, pouting and averting her gaze,

“Th-this one… There’s no way I could employ it!

This… Since I was told by my now deceased honored mother that I should give it to the man who will become our lifelong companion… I-it’s for my nuptial!” [1]

“… Eh? What does that mean?[2]

Leaving me with a question mark over my head, Iris, her cheeks colored with embarrassment, with a resolute face—

Stretching as much as she could, she locked my lips with hers.


As a boy, I’m not bothered nor disgusted by it, but… By the way, that was my first kiss.

“These are my feelings. Monster tamer… Why dostn’t thou have a child with me?”

“… Wh-what?”

This is… This is a bombshell announcement.

“I too, that night… When thou proposedst to me, I got to think about many things.

Of course I plan to reap retribution against the Black Tamers, but is that my only mission in life? There’s nothing the retribution can do for my brethren.

To leave children behind and lead once again the red dragon clan to prosperity… With that one other mission I have as the one left behind… Well… It made me start to think.”


This is bad.

And what is bad… Is not that Iris seems to have greatly misunderstood my words, but the surrounding girls, with faces like a seething kettle, who are really on the verge of exploding.

“Chiharu… What the heck is this?… Why don’t you explain yourself clearly?”

“No… I honestly don’t…”

“Chiharu, what the heck… Big-breasted women or petite women… Which of them is your type? Be clear, please!”

“Why would that matter!?”

“Ahahahahahahaha. Haru kissed… Right before me… Ahahahaha. Propose? Booom! I… Booom![3]

“Y-you may be my best buddy, Iris-chan, but I absolutely won’t forgive you for this!

Grrrr! Haven’t I told you that oniichan’s and Manami’s virginities are one and the same thing by law!?”

“Co-cool down, girls!! Don’t you find all this chaos weird!?”

“The one who has to cool down is Chiharu! You… Lolicon[4] maou!”

Zonmi’s yell echoed throughout the not very spacious hospital room.

It’s good to see them so lively, but… Why don’t you take a bit into account the TPO[5]?

With this, I’ve fulfilled my aim to make contracts with all three of my initially selected monsters, but…

“… So then, monster tamer. After the baby-making kiss right now… Ahem, after having concluded the ceremony… Shouldn’t we go out to search for the monster they call “stork”?”

“…” [6]

When I think about what will happen from now on… My stomach starts to hurt.

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. means wedding >:3
  2. Moron Chiharu is almost as moron as moron IS Ichika.
  3. She’s lost it.
  4. People who feel sexual arousal from undeveloped and underdeveloped girls.
  5. Time, place, occasion.
  6. LOL Iris is so cute in that way

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