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Author's Notes[edit]

This is Kankitsu Yusura.

Maohime’s fourth volume, have you enjoyed it?

It may be sudden, but I think I’ll write this afterword under the theme “self-deprecating jokes”.

I think that there are many points to abject, but it’s not a joke to write an afterword for the fourth time and run out of themes.

No, about afterwords, can’t the author write about harmless and inoffensive that happen around him?, I think that many readers will ask that, but… I don’t think so.

The joke can bomb.

And if the joke bombs… As the afterword is a part of a fine book, the readers will brace themselves before they are made to enjoy it to the fullest![1]

Well, well.

To tell the truth, my intention there was that, when going drinking these days with my fellow authors, I’ll get complimented lots about my afterword.

“Kankitsu-san! I’ve read it! Maohime! The best was the afterword.”

“Kankitsu-san’s afterwords are on the level of a pro. Go! Afterwords pro!”

And so on, on that line (lol).

Once I’m said that… Next thing, I’ll be run over by the urge to shout. “You guys… Talk a bit about the volume proper.”


Eeeh. That thing from before hasn’t happened, the senior writers toying with me are only my wild delusions.

The facts? I have not made even one fellow author, I have never been invited to an author’s drinking party! To begin with, if they had that community spirit, they could have lived on without becoming authors.

Uhohoi. Uhohoi. [2]

This me even now is living happily.

Yes. Looking back in time is frightening[3]… To end the self-deprecating jokes about my dark past, I think it’s time we start with the announcements.

Whatever! The runner-up of HJ Bunko’s 6th Rookie Awards, ‘Ore to Kanojo no Rabukome ga Zenryoku de Kurorekishi’, has gone on sale at the same time as this book.

The genre is youth love comedy.

To be frank, this work… Since, as the author. I’m confident on the response to it, for those readers who are interested, by all means give it a reading!

And furthermore, this same mont, on June 27th, the comicalized version of ‘Maou na Ore to Ghoul no Yubiwa’ gets its first volume published.

Since it’s a comicalization that made me shout “Isn’t this better than the original?”, I think many, not minding if they have or they haven’t read the original work, will enjoy it.

It’s overall erokawaii[4] and funny!

I feel that it’s way better than the original work.

Personally, I’m interested in Yaya Hinata-sensei’s… Original 4-panel manga spin-off centered on the enemy character Clarie.

So… I hope we can meet again.

Kankitsu Yusura

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. Not an easy translatable joke. To “bomb” a joke is said by Japanese as to “slip” a joke; “fine” is written as “standing up faction” (or “those who stand up”), and he links the “before” (mae) of “before enjoying” with “maenomeri STANCE” (stance as if to fall)… meaning that they’ve slipped and were about to fall.
  2. Goofy(copyright by Walt Disney Co.)’s laughter.
  3. Or surprising, whichever may be.
  4. Erotic & cute.

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