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Epilogue: A step to the beyond[edit]

After that.

Around two weeks have passed since the first and probably last incident where the ghouls in town were turned into zombies.

What do I say?… As I’ve been here at the Netherworld for a long time, I’ve lost my sense of reality.

We… Who cares!

According to Lilith-san’s report… It’s been decided that at last we can return to the human world.

It seems that after returning to the human world, the International Monster Association plans on lending us all-out support to protect me from the Black Tamers.

According to Lilith-san.

The person entrusted with guarding me has been deemed the most competent monster tamer in the IMA for two years straight, but… What kind of person is that guy?

I ended up hoping to return even a second earlier to the human world.

Time to set sail.

In order for us to get on board of the high speed yacht that Lilith-san had chartered, we went to the harbor area.

“Oneesama. Chiharu-sama… Please take care.”

“Yup. Aruru… Thanks for going out of your way to send us off.”

When I conveyed to her my sincere grateful feelings, Aruru exaggeratedly shaking her head,

“… F-far from it!

Chiharu-sama, right now you are regarded as a hero by us ghouls! It’s impossible for a princess of this country to not come to send you off!

Really… Really… No matter how much we thank you, Chiharu-sama, it won’t be enough…”


How do I put it, well… It’s come to that.

Having freed the continent of Living Lodge from the evil clutches of the necromancer, overnight, I came to be treated as the man of the moment.

It seems that, due to this time’s incident, the anti-human faction that was the main one among the ghouls has lost impetus, while the ghouls from the pro-human faction are in rapid increase.

“E-erm… Say… Human. For saving us… Well, thanks.”

“Yup. Take care, you too Meruru!”


Even though I planned to pet her head as a parting gift, Meruru swiftly brushed off my hand and hid behind Aruru.

“Ufufu. Meruru is not honest.”


I’d say that, since the incident, Meruru has gone through a sudden change.

Specifically, even when we are together, she doesn’t bite me in the arm and somehow she seems to have grown distant with me…

“… Chiharu-kun. When I met you for the first time… Sorry for being so unkind.

I know that it’s impudent to ask you for this now, but… My daughter… Please take care of her.”

“That… Not at all! Please raise your head!?”

No matter what they say, having the king of a country bow to me doesn’t sit well with me.

“We were mistaken with you.

Those hateful monster tamers like the Black Tamers… That among humans there were wonderful youths like you… I realized with this incident.”

“… Is that so?”

I can’t express it before Satosu-san, but…

The ones in the wrong, were they just the Black Tamers?

Ever since the end of the other day’s battle, that doubt started crossing my mind.

Things are not that simple.

It was for a short time, but since coming to the Netherworld, it made me come to a realization.

Monsters and humans.

IMA and Black Tamers.

The problems each one shoulders are deeper than I imagined.

The one who can mediate between humans and monsters… Ain’t it just me, a chimera of those two…?

Curiously, lately I’ve been struck by that sense of duty.

Why is it?

According to Lilith-san.

In normal circumstances, it seems that there’s absolutely no way that a chimera between human and monster is born.

Could it be that, unexpectedly, there’s a reason I’ve been born into this world…

Whaaat, surely I’m just over thinking things?

“By the way, Chiharu-kun. I need to consult it, but… Can I ask just one thing of you?”

“… Yes. What is it?”

Satosu-san, with stern demeanor, “ahem”, cleared his throat,

“To me, so as from now on the friendship between humans and the ghoul clan deepens, it would mean much if you, by all means, joined our household.”

“… Y-yeah?”

“Chiharu-kun. What do you say? My daughter?”


I-I don’t understand.

What’s this guy spouting all of a sudden?

Besides, the one more flustered than me was Zonmi.

“F-f-f-f-father!? What are you spouting all of a sudden!?

Whatever may be, Chiharu and I… M-marrying… It’s still too early!”

“That’s the problem!?”

In other words, come the proper timing, Zonmi wouldn’t be unwilling to marry me?

“Chiharu… Do you hate it? Marrying… with me.”

“I-it’s not that I hate it, but…”

Being asked that all of a sudden, I was at a loss for an answer.

“The hero who saved the city… Chiharu-sama marrying princess Zonmi!?”

“That’s great! If Chiharu-sama comes to live here forever, we’ll be at ease!”

“Hey, everyone! Let’s give our blessing to princess Zonmi!”

““““Wedding! Wedding!””””


This mood, what’s with it?

The ones that started singing a “wedding” chant were… The group of nearly ten thousand ghouls that had come to see us off.

As if displeased by the choir that blessed our wedding, Iris, beside me, stuffed her cheeks.

“Monster tamer. Could it be that thou… Hast thou forgotten your pledge with me?”

“… Eh?”

“I was the one thou exchanged a pledge of betrothal before! Dostn’t tell me thou hast forgotten!”


Aah. Since she has stopped being all sticky with me since Manami gave her sex ed, I had forgotten until just now, but… That promise is still alive inside Iris.

… Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen Manami for a while.

At such an important time… Good grief, where would she be loitering around.

“S-sly! If it comes to that, I too announce my candidacy!”


For some reason, after stating that, Kyouko grabbed my arm.

“… Wait a minute. If you have proposed to marry me, could it be… Kyouko, do you love me?”

As I asked that, Kyouko’s cheeks became really flushed,

“D-don’t misunderstand! If everyone except me proposed marriage to you, it would be unbalanced!”


She developed a cryptic logic.

Is it all right for you to propose in marriage due to such a pitiful reason?

“ははは[1]! Stop joking, you two!”

“Manami!? Where have you been till now!?”

“The one who will marry oniichan can only be me, his true blood-related sister! Oniichan! Accept Manami’s love! Tou!”

Suddenly, Manami took off the white cloth that covered the mysterious object that had been there for a while before us.

“Uwah… For reals?…”

What now?

What came from inside it was a monument statue modeled after us siblings.

Moreover, if we talk about its design, as Manami was in a pose of straddling me, it was the worst thing that, upon further look made you involuntarily say “does this really fit here?”

“… I see. Now that you mention it, I’ve heard of it.

The thousand deaths course winner’s privilege is having a monument statue of yourself erected in the city.”

“Lilith-san… Now’s not the time to calmly explain about things.”

I-it’s the worst conclusion…

All of the present people were taken aback.

Besides, as if it was nothing unusual, she made the crowd of ten thousand ghouls that were excitedly chanting wedding cheers until a while before become silent in a flash… In some sense, it’s amazing. This sister of mine.


To tell the truth, I’m actually grateful for my sister’s actions.

Why is it?

If the spiral of wild enthusiasm of the flock had continued a little while more, even I… Would have suffered some sort of reaction.

Somehow… It’s not like I hadn’t been urged by a conclusive determination, but thanks to my sister’s eccentric antics, I could leave it unsettled like that.

“E… Wha…?”

Thinking it better, I think that something like this has occurred not only once or twice.

In the end, with the weird mood created by my sister not having been dispelled, we rode on the boat and set sail.

“Fuah… With all this, I’m beat. I’ll go ahead to the cabin to rest.”

It’s not like I really was so tired, but, yawning a bit exaggeratedly, I left the deck.

“Chiharu. Wait, please!”

“My bad. Zonmi. Since today I’m so tired, let’s leave it for…”

“… Wait, please.”

I was tugged with force from the sleeve.

When I turned my head… There was Zonmi with a serious gaze.

“I still haven’t heard the answer from before. Chiharu, do you dislike the idea of marrying me?”


Right after Zonmi inquired me.

I noticed the surrounding girls directing their glances at me.


What to do. Don’t I say something?

However, how should I answer?

Should I sincerely say that I don’t know?

… No, somehow or other, I think that if I give Zonmi an ambiguous answer, the girls here won’t give their consent.

Troubled, in the end, what left my mouth, as if leaving the decision to others… Were the worst words, not fitting of a man.

"--T-that’s right, what about you? What do you think?”

“… About what?”

“About… What Satosu-san said earlier. Could it be, don’t tell me you really want to marry me?”


“Just kidding. There’s no way. Ahahahaha.”

Right after I averted my gaze, like seeking for help.

Like that time with Iris before—

Zonmi’s tender lips plugged up my mouth.


“… Chiharu. Listen to me seriously.”


“These are my feelings. Since where do I harbor these feelings… Honestly… Not even I know.

However, These… Feelings of mine are the real thing.

… Chiharu. I like you. I love you as a man.”


From nearby there came a sound of something hitting the ground with force.

Looking at the noise’s source, there was a teary red-eyed Manami dashing out at full throttle before me.


Not even sparing a glance to Kyouko, who called to her, Manami left the place.

To Manami, this situation… Was without doubt a shock.

At this time, there’s no need to think about it.. The one who keeps the balance of our relationship… Was none other than Manami.

However, the die have been cast.

They’ve been unknowingly cast.

Our time, just now, has made a big turnaround.

Contrasting with the feelings hidden inside our hearts, the boat we were riding peacefully headed to the human world.

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. HAHAHA; in English in the original.

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