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Author's Notes[edit]

This is Kankitsu Yusura.

MaoHime’s 5th volume, how was it?

I think that you had to notice it if you’ve already read this volume, but this book is the final one of this work.

To all the readers I’ve been acquainted with until now.

Thank you very much.

Looking back, the first book was the turn to introduce the main characters. The second book was Kyouko’s turn. The third book was Iris’s turn. The fourth book was Zonmi’s turn. This fifth book was totally unexpectedly Manami’s turn… Perhaps?

Since I could write fine one for each of the four heroines that have become the main, I think, haven’t I wrapped it up in a just right number of books?

With this work, which has been my debut and in truth may be called my maiden work, it’s not like I don’t have any regrets, but I had decided to write everything I wanted to write in five books.

Though I think that there are many things that shine precisely because they have an end, even so I can’t but wish for unending happiness.

The story may have ended, but Chiharu and the rest’s harem should continue not here, but in some faraway world.

At least that’s what I believe.

Well, then.

I think I’ll briefly explain the work as an author I plan to do from now on.

To tell the truth, since I already have the draft of a new work, I suppose that it will be published by the people at HJ Bunko in the not so far future.

Since I’m determined to write a work that will full power full throttle full stroll reach the reader’s heart from the very start by taking what I’ve learnt from my previous works ‘MaoHime’ and ‘Kurorekishi’, by all means, to those who support me, please take care of me.

In the chance that my new work is a big hit and I become a well-known author, to those readers who have read ‘MaoHime’ till the last volume, I award you the right to boast to your friends “I raised Kankitsu!”!

… Eh? You don’t want it?

I see (downhearted).

Though the main work has finished, Yaya Hinata-sensei’s ‘MaoHime’ manga adaptation still goes on.

By the way, I too, as the original author, am involved with it in the role of a supervisor.

I’ve left it crystal clear in the afterwords up till now, but this is such a wonderful adaptation that even I, the original author, have become a huge fan of Yaya Hinata-sensei.

So much of a fan I am that, as a result of going early in the morning to Akihabara right when the first volume of the manga went on sale with the intention of asking for a book signed by Yaya Hinata-sensei, I got scolded by the editorial department with “These copies, aren’t they for the readers and not for you? You lack a bit of awareness as a pro~”!


I’m lost for words!

Well, well.

Though it has ended up a bit long, I pray that we meet again.

Kankitsu Yusura

References and Translation Notes[edit]

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