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Since then.

Four years have passed by.

The days since that one when our fight with Luka-san ended have passed in the blink of an eye.

Saying it like this may reek of an old man, but… They often say that time waits for no one and that the time known as a person’s teens is but an instant in a long life.

I, Kusumi Chiharu, welcome this very day; my twentieth birthday.

“Chiharu. Once again, thanks for bearing with me.”

When I got home, Zonmi, wearing the tattered T-shirt that I handed her quite a long time ago, came to greet me.

“… That you still haven’t throw out.”

“Yeah. Since it’s the first present that you gave me, Chiharu. Forever and ever… Until this body rots, I’ll cherish it.”

“… That’d be speaking for long term.”

The undead tribe is known as a long-lived race even among monsters, and rounding it down it seems that Zonmi thinks of cherishing the T-shirt that I handed to her for around three centuries.

“Now that I think of it… Have you made contact with Kyouko or Iris?”

“… I beg your pardon. I’ve been busy with home issues and haven’t had the time to contact those two.”

“I see. Since all of you have been busy at work everyday, it can’t be helped.”

As you know, the Princess of the Ghouls.

Zonmi Ra McKenzie has welcomed her birthday a step ahead from me and has grown into an adult woman[1]

Zonmi, as of now.

Having earned the achievement of saving the human world from the Black Tamers, she became the ghoul’s clan first queen.

“… Even if we say that, I’m still nothing more than a figurehead. The one who holds the essential authority is my father.”

“It’s amazing nonetheless, Zonmi.”

Zonmi, who had saved the world from a crisis, earned high support as the hero of the ghoul clan and, as a result, the queenly path once closed to her had opened, but… It seems that she herself was currently realizing that her own power was not enough.

With the support of her sisters Aruru & Meruru, she was wholeheartedly striving for further prosperity of the ghoul clan.

“O—h. It’s been so long since I came to this house. How nostalgic. It’s the scent of Haru’s home.”


Kurose Kyouko. 20 yo.

By now, there isn’t a day her name is not heard of in the Netherworld’s media.

Kyouko, motivated by the big trauma she experienced with the Netherworld’s food when she travelled there with us, she developed a talent as a capable female firm president who manages more than 20,000 restaurants in a mere 4 years.

Of course, the feat of increasing by lawful means in four years from her own shop to twenty thousand stores is next to a miracle. I’ve known just recently from the Netherworld’s media, but it seems that there has been a series of M&A (mergers and acquisitions of different companies) bordering the illegality.

Now that I mention it this girl… She once thought of stealing the contract from Zonmi. Thinking like this, Kyouko, unexpectedly… May be a girl with a forte of stealing other people’s achievements[2].

“… Hey, Haru. Right now, you, haven’t you thought of something terribly rude about me?”

“H-how would I, of course I did not!?”

“Hu-mph. It’s suspicious that you’ve suddenly changed to a polite tone, but since today is a special day… I’ll let it slide.”


A close call.

Most likely, Kyouko has went through many hardships in these four years and her intuition has sharpened.

Expect her chorokawaii[3] disposition from until now and you may get hurt.

“… Nu. Excuse me for being late, Chiharu. The afternoon lectures ended up being stretched a tad.”

“Iris… Is it you?”

The last time I saw her was forever ago.

Though we have exchanged letters a couple of times, it may have been around three years since we actually last met.

“… Sorry. Excuse me, but I shall borrow a seat without delay. With these… It can’t be helped that my shoulders get stiff.”

Muttered Iris, lowering her chest on the table.

“… Y-yeah.”

Meeting again after 3 years, no wonder I behave strange.

In the while that I haven’t see her, Iris… Erm… Bodywise, she seems to have had a plentiful development that unconsciously makes you unable to stand out of surprise, and her body clad in a red dress like those of red dragons brings about a voluptuous sensuality .

T-these are…

D… No, they may be E cups.

As expected, if compared with the original boobs daimajin[4] Lilith-san she’ll lost in terms of volume, but unexpectedly Iris’s chest has grown this much—.


Contrasting with me, who was rejoicing at Iris’s growth in a pure way & a wicked way, Zonmi & Kyouko’s expressions clouded.

Suddenly, while patting their own chests, they were wrapped in *GLOOM!* a heavy mood like someone who has gotten back from a funeral.

“I lost… To that red dragon…!? It’s the first time that I tasted this sense of loss as a woman.”

“By some chance… No need to guess, I am the one with the smallest chest from all the girls here!?”

By the way, there’s a reason for the fact that out of us four, only Iris has grown in outward appearance.

I, Zonmi, and Kyouko, us three were already 16 when we met[5].

Even if 4 years have passed invoking the eternal seventeen (christened by my sister) peculiar of monsters, In fact, we’ve only aged a year’s share, but… Iris is different.

In Iris’s case, since she was outside of the scope where eternal seventeen would apply, like that she shows a growth of four years.

Iris Scarlet Lindwurm.

She who had more interest than others in ‘knowing’ from among the one’s we’ve met, as she declared, from Netherworld high school to university, she skipped grades and graduated in a mere 3 years, and currently she holds a position as teaching staff at a Netherworld university.

With knowledge that puts adults to shame and a lovely appearance, Iris’s lectures have become already so popular that students from other universities go to attend them.

“Since we are all gathered, do I announce that now?

What I couldn’t make my mind on four years ago… Let’s start with the continuation of that day.”

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 5 p211.png


Four years.

Until the day that’s today, four years have gone by.

A man who has delayed this far the reply to a girl’s confession, wouldn’t it be a historical existence?

Even I am amazed with my indecisiveness, but… Surprisingly, Zonmi, Kyouko and Iris, those three nevertheless have waited for my reply today.

The truth is, I… Think I’m a man with the utmost happiness of receiving the favor of the best girls.

“The girl I choose as my girlfriend. That is…”

I’ve started with my confession, yet, miraculously, the mood didn’t grow strained.

No matter who’s chosen, no hard feelings.

Could it be… Maybe the three, in their hearts, have reached that agreement.

“You… All of you!”


Next instant after I replied to their confessions.

The atmosphere promptly turned into silence, and the three of them at once fell into a daze with faces of “I don’t understand what’s going on”.


Eeerm. Yeah.

To some extent, it’s like I had predicted, but this mood is quite painful.

Inside the silent mood as if time had stopped, the one who was first to show reaction to my conclusion was, unexpectedly, Kyouko.

“Wait, Haru! What the heck does that mean!?”


Raising a loud noise by banging the table, Kyouko bared her feelings.

“Cut the bad jokes! We… It’s not like we have been waiting for four years wanting to hear those words! Is this a manga or a game!? Haru, you think you’ve been born in a country that allows polygyny[6] or something!?”

Hearing Kyouko’s words, the other girls too raised after that words of objection.

“Of course it't like that in an overwhelming number of countries in the human world, but in all of Netherworld without exception multiple marriages are forbidden[7]. Like the Nephilim has said, I also don’t believe that your idea, Chiharu, is a feasible option.”

“If such is the response thy hath given, I shall comply, but… In many a sense the option of multiple wedlock will be difficult.”


Until now, it’s roughly as I predicted.

I’m not the MC from a harem love comedy[8]… If anyone is told this… Crazy thing, they will refuse.

“… Well, understood.

In that case, you lot, if you found that my conclusion was feasible… Would you consent then?”

“… Understood. If that thing was possible, I’ll agree.

Something like polygyny, thinking normally, would be impossible, but… It’s not like I… Hate these girls.”

“… It’s not like I have no objections, but if I can receive your affection, Chiharu… I… Even so.”

“If I can be by thy side, I shan’t question the means.”



If I didn’t get their consent here, in a certain sense, my… Efforts these four years may had been for naught, but It seems that my worries ended as needless anxiety.

“… Girls, thank you. First, I want you to watch this.”

What I took out, waiting for the right time, was, to be frank, my home’s TV remote.

Since I’ve been living a busy life recently, I didn’t have many chances to watch TV and it was totally covered in dust.

Coordinating my timing by looking at the clock, once I had confirmed that the time was exactly 17:00, I turned on the TV.

And now, what.

‘… The show’s still midway, but we have an special news feed to broadcast just now.’


Just timing! [note: engrish; it should be something like “right on the mark”]

It seems that, like I had planned beforehand, I could catch the start of the news program.

‘What we dwellers of the human world feared has happened at last.

Seven months ago. Kusumi Chiharu-san was inaugurated as the 48th maou of the Netherworld and has established many ground-breaking laws to build friendly relationships between humans and monsters, but… As if us humankind would be deceived by his actions!


This is a copy of a threatening letter from the maou that the Japanese government has received.

What’s terrible is that the maou, by brandishing his tremendous influence schemes to intervene in the law-making of our country!

Let’s read the maou’s demands.

Make polygyny fully legal in the human world, as well as in the Netherworld. However, restricted to just men who can definitely make girls happy.

… We don’t know what kind of intentions the current maou has with these requests.

However, because of this turmoil, clashes with women right activists from all over the globe are expec…’


Listening until there, I turned off the TV with the remote.

“… Then, well, it’s like that.

From now on, I think the age has come where, be it polygyny, be it harem, such a lifestyle can be led with no one talking behind anyone’s back.”


Taking as truth the surprise I had prepared for them, darting their eyes about in bewilderment, the monster girl trio got stiff.


That’s right.

I’ve told you the ‘after that’ of the girls I will be marrying, but I still haven’t told the story of none other than myself.

I, who during the battle with Luka-san could brandish the treasured sword used by the former maou—“Shiden”, was advised by Lilith-san that “What about you try to become the Netherworld’s maou?”

They say that the weapon called Shiden is a special weapon that can only be brandished by those who meet the qualifications as the rightful maou successor… After that, I, in the blink of an eye, put aside the many other maou candidates and was inaugurated to the maou’s seat.

Though I say it like that, the way till now has by no means been a bed of roses.

I’ve been taught day after day, fourteen hours a day, by Lilith-san, who took over the position of a tutor, and there has been more and more open harassment from the rest of the maou candidates that didn’t look so glad of my dancing ahead[9].

Nevertheless, what made me hang on without complaints… Was the sense of responsibility from crumbling Luka-san’s ongoing Arcadia project.

So as to verify that I had done the correct thing… I must lead the world in the proper direction by becoming the maou.

… In the very beginning, even if I, who ended up using my own authority for my self-interest, say that, it may lack in persuasiveness.

To me, rather than choosing one from among these three… Since changing the world’s legislation was easier, there’s no helping it.

“Haru! I love youuuuu!”


As I thought about those things, Kyouko suddenly hugged my body.

Since it was something so sudden, I couldn’t help being pushed to my home’s wooden floor.

“… Wha, what are you doing all of a sudden, Nephilim!?”

“Fufufu. Ghoul. Still don’t realize?

From now on, like Haru said, the age has come when polygyny is a natural thing, hasn’t it?

Right now, what Haru has said has already become the greatest thing in the world. It's only natural.

… But, No matter how much it is allowed by the laws, Haru has only a single body!

In other words… From now on, to be the one who can make out the most with Haru, it’s first come, first served!”


With Kyouko’s speech, as if suddenly realizing something, Zonmi & Iris’s eyes immediately changed colors.

“… My apologies, Chiharu.”

After Kyouko, Iris moved.

Like Kyouko, Iris tightly hugged me and, like that, she overlapped my lips with hers.


I think that she subtly used her tongue, but for now let’s leave it as me overthinking things.

“Iris-chan! S-sly! Me too!”

I was struck by Iris’s surging waves attack and, straight away, next comes Kyouko.


Kyouko’s kiss was more intensely passionate than Iris’s.

Since I can’t tell how much intensely passionate it was ‘cos I’m embarrassed, let’s draw a thick veil over it.


I hadn’t noticed it until just now.

Could it be… That if I marry these three at once it will be like this everyday!? If every day is this hardcore, will my stamina last!?

“… Fine by you, ghoul? Keep idle and us two will monopolize Haru?”

“I-I. That…”

Although Kyouko stirred her up, Zonmi was in a daze as if she didn’t know what would be the best thing to do.

“… Chiharu! Forgive me!”

After a few seconds, as if she had readied her resolve, following Kyouko and Iris, Zonmi too fell on my body.


I won’t say it no matter what before these three, but as expected, supporting the weight of three people is very taxing.


In the span of a sigh, her face was close.

Following Kyouko & Iris, Zonmi’s lips were about to touch my lips, at that time.


I think I heard from somewhere a voice that I missed.

× × ×

When I woke up, I was on a bed with my four limbs held by cuffs.

… What the heck, this déjà vu.

This… Very nostalgic.

To me it once was such a daily scene like an early afternoon coffee break, but recently I had remarkably lost the chance to experience this situation.

“Fufufu. Oniichan. You woke up—“

“That voice… Manami, is it you…!?”

To tell the truth… It has been longer since Manami and I saw each other than it was with Iris.

Even so… As expected of a human?

My sister appearance had transformed beyond recognition compared to four years ago.

Firstly, huge.

Anything and everything, many places had plenty of volume.

By some chance, has her height reached 170 centimeters[10]?

My sister boasted of sexy proportions ever since before, but after four years, those strong points had improved their ranks.

Is having any hairstyle suit them a special privilege of beautiful people?

Her prided black hair had grown so much that it even reaches the ground, but mysteriously there wasn’t a dirty impression.

“Of course♪

Oniichan’s cute little sister… Hey! Ain’t I now the older sister—?

How moving. Manami is already 18 this year, but oniichan's body age has stopped at 17.”


Holy mackerel.

It seems that while I wasn’t looking my little sister has turned into my older sister.

… I don’t know myself what’s what, but it’s vexing that I feel like my sister’s words have a point.

“How should I put it, Manami. You, can you afford to be here!? Don’t you have loads of work?”

“No worries. For today’s sake, half a year ago I made room for some free time when adjusting my schedule. It’s been a long time since us siblings were alone without pests, oniichan♪!”


Kusumi Manami. 18 yo.

Occupation, king of the monster tamers… Maou.

To be frank, my sister seems to possess more talent than the legendary monster tamer, mom, and in a mere 4 years she climbed to the top of all of the monster tamers.

In other words… Us siblings, currently.

We’ve each become maous who control either the human world or the Netherworld.

Thinking like that, us siblings’ reunion, even as a casual event, is a miracle since it now looks like something of a large scale.

“Fufufufu. That aside, oniichan. Isn’t there a thing for which you have to apologize to Manami?”

“Apologize for what…!?”

When I timidly inquired, my sister let out a perfect appealing smile that you’d unconsciously admire with an “as expected of maou-sama!”

“Oniichan, did you know?

That what made Manami give up on oniichan four years ago… Was because she thought that you’ll choose only one special girl, oniichan?”

“In other words… What do you mean by that?”

“If you’ll enter the harem route like this, then take Manami as your wife too! If not, I won’t accept it!”


By no means.

No matter if the world allows polygyny, nonetheless marrying your little sister is taboo.

My sister… Is she saying that she wants me to make a law that allows siblings to marry?

“Before that, could I ask you one thing? How come you… Know what I was talking about a while ago?”

Thinking it once again, I feel that it has been like this since before.

“… Fufufu. Could you not make light of your sister?

That, isn’t it definitely because the powerful microchip that I stealthily inserted into oniichan’s body gives me detained information!”


Holy cow.

My sister did something like that under the forced pretense of accurately getting info about me?

These preparations, if possible, I’d like that she withdrew them.

“Well, then. Oniichan.

To tell the truth, the reason that I summoned oniichan was because there’s something I want to earnestly request from oniichan…”

“… Request?”

What the heck.

I feel nothing but a bad presentiment.

If I felt like it, I could instantly break the cuffs on both my arms, but the worrying thing about these handcuffs… The chain that stretched from them seemed to be linked to the pet case over the table and it seems to be arranged so that, by mindlessly putting strength, the case will fall down.

What’s inside the case is a very lovely kitty.

In other words… If I were to break out, there’s a possibility that the kitty inside the case would get hurt[11].

This is really like my sister… It was an inhuman way of taking advantage of my softness.

“I say, oniichan. Not only the contract… I want oniichan to take this virginity too!”

Putting her hand inside her skirt, she said in a coquettish voice while taking off her panties.

… I’d say, right now, I am being approached by the ultimate choice.

Do I rather accept my fate and have a carnal relationship with my sister?

Or, in order to avoid the worst case scenario of having my first experience being a reverse rape[12] from my sister, do I hurt a helpless kitty?

Sure enough, don’t either of them spell my end as a human(?)?

If possible… I’d want to be spared from both of them.

“W-what are you doing, little sister!?”

Then, when I was exposing the extraordinarily shameful appearance of having my trousers forcibly taken off by my real sister.

The ones who appeared then were Zonmi & Kyouko & Iris, the three girls who are set to become my wives in the future.

“… Tsk. Hindrances have come. Manami’s house and this apartment are five kilometers[13] apart. This means you too have improved your skills?”

Manami, cursing like that, placing her panties on the table, sent the monster girl trio a sharp glance.

“Manami-chan! Get away from Haru now! Haru’s first is his childhood friend’s, me!”

“… Nuh. Nephilim. Those were unpardonable words. The first to get betrothed to Chiharu was none other than me. So, ‘tis natural! The one entitled to spend the first night with Chiharu is me!”

“Wait, please. What have you two been saying since a while ago?

The one who owns the privilege of Chiharu’s first experience is none other than me, Chiharu’s very first partner[14]!”

“Tha-t’s-why I told you before that the order of the contracts don’t matter…”

“… If you go by that, I think that ‘since I’m his childhood friend’ lacks terribly in rationality as a claim.”

“… Humph. Summarizing the opinions of ye two, then ‘tis me who’s entitled with the right to spend the first night with Chiharu.”

“Excuse me~. Iris-chan. Could you please not get cocky just because your breasts have gotten a bit bigger~?”

“M-mammaries have nothing to do with this!?”

Grasping her own chest, Iris became red to the ears from embarrassment.

It’s been a long time since us five met and then again it’s as you see.

These girls… Didn’t they come to save me!?

“Since it has come to this, the last resort. The right to snatch oniichan’s first will go to the strongest girl!!”

“… What?”

“Roger. Those terms… I accept the challenge.”

“Humph. Isn’t that the most appropriate?”

“So from now on a battle royal will start? Bring it on!”


There are many places I want to retort, but… For now, let me tell you one thing.

I think you had better learn to listen a bit more carefully to people’s opinions.

Thus, the battle of the immoral girls regarding my virginity (?) starts.

In the end, even if four years have passed, our relationship doesn’t seem to have changed greatly.

I, while sighing to the quarrel of the four girls, in order to protect the people dear to me and the world where the people dear to me live… From now on, I too decided to give my best.

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. Age of majority, which in most English-speaking countries is at 18, except the Gibraltar British exclave (17) Canada’s British Columbia. New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon, and United States' Alabama and Nebraska (19; in Nebraska can be 17 if married), New Zealand (20) and United States' Mississippi and Puerto Rico (21), in Japan is at 20 (like New Zealand), which also coincides with the voting, smoking and drinking ages.
  2. Just his suspicion; it may have not been her. Or it may.
  3. From choroi (easy) + kawaii (cute); a girl who’s cute because she’s easy to trick, with the main example being Cecilia Alcott from IS.
  4. Either “great magic god” or “great evil god” (-ess), but without the particle that would leave it as godess.
  5. I suppose he means when they met with Zonmi and Iris, since he was in elementary school when he met Kyouko.
  6. Polygamy, but only for one husband, several wives (one wife, several husbands is called polyandry).
  7. I wonder how Cruel managed it.
  8. You so are.
  9. He’s, after all, a half-human, son of a mistress, recently revealed youngest suitor.
  10. Just under 5’ 7”.
  11. Truly a frightening psychological trap.
  12. Call it as you like, even if it’s the woman the one that forcing, rape is rape.
  13. Just over 3 miles.
  14. It was technically Iris, even if she later withdrew…

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