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The sun was going to sink into the other side of Megafloat Japan, into the Pacific Ocean. Under the light of the evening sun, Reiri and Kizuna were relaxing in a splendid open air bath that was made from cypress wood and marble.

It was a special open air bath that was opened only for the premium members of the spa resort. It was located at the highest floor of the twenty storey hotel. From here they could clearly see the townscape of Megafloat Japan, the sea, and even Ataraxia.

「Good grief……to think that wasn’t a holiday but a mission to give power up with the strongest Heart Hybrid Gear.」

「Fufufu, however you enjoyed it right?」

Reiri leaned on the cypress bathtub and raised a delighted voice. Kizuna was sitting beside her. They were so close to each other their shoulder almost touched.

「But, if that was the case then it was no good for Nee-chan to barge in right?」

Kizuna complained in exasperation, but Reiri laughed it away without looking apologetic at the slightest.

「Hahahahaha, don’t say that. In that case you can also designate me as your number one you know?」

Reiri embraced Kizuna’s shoulder and pushed her breast on him. Blood rushed into Kizuna’s head for an instant due to his big sister’s bare breast that he was feeling on his chest.

「Sto-, stop with the joke. Rather, your breast. Your breast is touching me!」

Kizuna got away from Reiri in panic.

「So, in the end who is the one who you like the most? If it’s a partner that you think as the only one for you in the whole world, it will result in even more powerful power up. That theory has high degree of realism.」

「Yeah, I understand that. But……」


Kizuna looked up to the cloud above that was depicting a beautiful coloring from the evening sunlight hitting it.

「Right now it’s better to not have number one like that. Because, if I made a girl like that……I got the feeling that I won’t be able to do Heart Hybrid with the other girls anymore. But, if that happen I won’t be able to protect their life……that’s why」

Reiri made an astonished face as though she got taken by surprise. And then, she sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled while caressing her little brother’s hair.

「……You are really serious huh.」

At that time, the sliding door of the entrance was opened hard.

「Ah! Captaiiin-! Captain is here desu! Waai!」

「Sylvia!? Why are you here……wait, UWAAAAAAAAA!」

The stark naked Sylvia embraced him, and then Yurishia who was similarly not wearing anything also ran in.

「We also came!」

Yurishia leaped into the bathtub.

Himekawa who also went through the entrance hurriedly stopped her legs.

「Wait, Kizuna-kun!? No way, I didn’t hear anything about Kizuna-kun being here……wa-, wait! At the very least please let me wear a swimsuit!」

She tried to hide her body with her hands in panic.

Aine who was standing behind her stared at the open-air bath with a grim expression.

「I, I also want to do so in this case but……the enemy already charged in. Naked.」

「Yurishia-san! Wha-, what shamelessness you are doing!」

「Hayuru, I, I will, go with the minimum equipment, a towel wrapped on me!」

Aine wrapped a bath towel around her body.

「With such thin armor!? Uu……however, leaving alone Kizuna-kun and Yurishia-san’s impure opposite sex fraternization……sometimes a sacrifice has to be made! I’ll go too!」

Himekawa also wrapped towel around her body and charged in.

「O, oi, Nee-chan, is this fine!? Whether it’s ethically, morally, or various other aspects! Besides, it was Nee-chan’s wish to enter the bath together with me, just the two of us right!?」

「I don’t mind. I was the one who called them.」


「I thought that perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to bath together with everyone.」

「……I see.」

Aine and Himekawa entered into the bathtub. They soaked into the hot water until their shoulder and then let out a sigh together as though they had arranged it beforehand.

「It’s, embarrassing but……this is nice hot water.」

Yurishia sat at the edge of the bathtub and soaked only her feet in the hot water while feeling the sea breeze.

「Bathing outside is nice. I can feel the freedom.」

She turned toward Kizuna. Following her movement, her large breasts shook from right to left.

「You are acting too free! Please have some more modesty!」

「Is that so? But, it looks like Kizuna is happy with it you know? He only has his eyes on me since some time ago. Right?」

「Don’t direct the talk to me!」

Aine glared at Kizuna hard while gritting her teeth.

「Kizuna……are you okay with anyone as long as they are naked? In that case, how about you go to zoo? In that place there are also the comrades of this Holstein cow here after all.」

「This pervert! Molester! This is a good chance. I will fix that personality of yours here!」

「Enough already just calm down! More importantly put some towel on Yurishia too!」

Sylvia ignored that commotion and poured the cocktail she found in the refrigerator to a glass and brought it.

「Commander. Sylvia brought some drink desu.」

「Right, you are really considerate. You too can drink the juice inside the refrigerator as you like.」

「Thank you very much desu.」

When Sylvia was about to head to the refrigerator, the alarm suddenly rang out. Next, several monitors popped up at the open-air bath.

「This is!」

Kizuna raised a tense voice.

「Wha, what is this about?」

Aine who confirmed the content of the monitors answered Himekawa’s question.

「It’s enemy attack!」

「Ah! Look at that!」

Yurishia pointed to the sky. A silhouette like someone riding on the back of a dragon appeared with the evening sun on its back.

「Magic weapon, Dragre!」

Kizuna yelled.

Reiri leaped out from the bathtub and took the nearby communication terminal into her hand.

「It’s me, Reiri! Kei, what happened? ……I see, got it. I understand, take care of that side.」

Reiri cut the communication short and then she faced everyone while still naked.

「You all, listen! Currently Megafloat Japan as well Megafloat West USA are under attack of AU’s magic weapon force.」

Tension ran through everyone.

「Their aim seems to be Ataraxia. The main force of the magic weapons is focused on Ataraxia. However, over there Masters under the lead of Scarlet are in the middle of fighting the enemy. They will surely be able to crush the enemy without trouble. The problem is that thing in front of us.」

Kizuna tensely turned his gaze there.

「That Dragre there huh?」

「Right. It’s alone means that it must be a trap or a scout. Although we cannot just overlook a category A. Conversely speaking, if we can just defeat that one, our job will be finished.」

「Got it, so it’s only that single guy then!」

Yurishia threw a question at the hasty Kizuna.

「But what are we going to do about the pilot suit?」


「We don’t bring any in the first place. It will take too much time if we are going to take it now.」

「Damn it……it can’t be helped. Everyone, let’s equip the armor like this.」

Himekawa raised a frenzied voice.

「Haaaa!? Are you sane!? We are, na-, naked here! There is no way we can fight in such perverted appearance, to say nothing of, doing it above the public-!」

However Kizuna immediately replied back.

「If that guy start attacking, that public will die!」


Himekawa was at loss for words toward the unreasonableness that gave no ground for any other choice.

「Let’s go! Eros!」


「Uu……Ze, Zeros.」

「Aah geez-! Neros!」

Dazzling radiance and colorful light particles whirled in the open air bath. When the light burst away, the figure of four people wearing Heart Hybrid Gear appeared from there.

Kizuna yelled with a sense of tension that was different from the usual battle.

「We cannot let other people see us like this! Listen, we’re finishing this instantly!」

Aine talked back angrily.

「Obviously! If I get seen by other people, I’ll kill Kizuna and then kill myself too!」

「Don’t say something dangerous like that!」

On the other hand Yurishia responded with a smile that was filled with killing intent which was characteristic of her when she was in battle mode.

「So a time trial battle is it. I’ll set up the new record of the fastest killing of category A.」

Himekawa emitted aura of anger from her whole body and spoke with trembling voice while hiding her chest and groin.

「I’m exposing, this kind of perverted figure, again……yo, you damn magic weapon……I’ll cut you to death in a second!」

「Yosh, let’s gooooo!」

Everyone dashed to the sky along with Kizuna’s yell.


They were flying up with their thrusters in full throttle. And then the moment they drew near the Dragre, a giant explosion burst in the sky.

Sylvia stared at the monitor with a shocked expression.

「A, amazing desu. They really create the new fastest record of destroying category A desu!」

「Hmph. That’s a nice combination they did there.」

Reiri drank the sake in her glass in enjoyment.

「Rather than creating a single the strongest……well, perhaps it’s fine right now like this.」

Reiri flicked her empty glass with her finger. She smiled in satisfaction hearing the clear echo made by the glass.

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