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Chapter 5 – The One Who Win in the End[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Now then, this will be the last recreation……it’s troublesome but, let’s do it.」

Kizuna faced Reiri and whispered with a small voice.

「Nee-chan, Nee-chan. Your true feeling leaked out.」

Reiri put the awamori she was drinking on the table beside the beach bed. (TN: Awamori : strong Okinawan liquor distilled from rice or millet)

「Hm? Aah, good grief. To think that I have to offer my little brother as sacrifice to these wet behind the ears little girls……it’s really irritating.」

Kizuna’s face was twitching.

「Saaay, Onee-sama? Could it be, you are drunk?」

Yurishia put her fingertip on her chin and fell into thought as though she was searching her memory.

「Thinking back, the commander, she had been drinking all this time since we came here.」

Himekawa looked down with a pained expression.

「That must be just how much stress she has been piling up until now. How pitiful.」

「It’s really pitiful desuu」

Aine was coldly looking at Reiri with a fixed stare.

「Isn’t she just merely a heavy drinker……」

Reiri began to explain looking like she found it extremely troublesome.

「Aa, this facility is an attraction called as Castle Adventure. The content is a competition where some will act as hero while some other will act as monster. The two sides will confront each other to determine the winner.」

Himekawa raised her hand.

「How will the winner get determined specifically?」

「Choose one person among you to act as princess. Everyone will then do battle royale to obtain the princess. The game will be done using this toy laser gun……it’s in the shape of cane or sword, use them to shoot each other and the one who get hit will lose. The one who survive to the end will be the winner.」

Yurishia sighed in exasperation.

「It’s really half-baked isn’t it.」

「But, it sounds fun desu.」

Sylvia clenched both her hands while smiling joyfully.

「Then, I’ll decide the role cast by my own judgment! First──」

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna was walking inside a thick mist. Each step he took caused his armor to make clanking sound. The twisting stone paved path was continuing on, but the mist was thick so he couldn’t really look ahead. When he saw a faint shadow, he thought it was human but actually it was a plank sign. It had happened to him three times already.

「Even the hero role is hard huh……even so, whether it’s this armor or this set, they are really elaborate.」

It was a set in the image of middle age Europe. The atmosphere became really eerie thanks to the mist blowing device and smoke.


A sound that resembled Kizuna’s footstep was approaching from inside the mist.


The faintly visible silhouette belonged to a girl wearing armor. And then a familiar voice came.

「Aine huh? It’s me, Kizuna.」


Aine who was wearing a slender armor showed up.

「You are also, a hero……no, you got female hero role huh.」

Aine immediately drew out her sword.

「So my first prey will be Kizuna.」

Kizuna put his hands to the front and jumped backward.

「No-, wait! Aine」

「What? You are going to beg for your life?」

「Even if we fight, at this range we will only defeat each other. Because look, this laser gun is really sloppy. Perhaps even if I pull the trigger slightly later, it will still be judged that my shot hit with some leeway left.」

Aine frowned and stared at the sword she was holding.

「What’s with that.」

「After all it’s just a toy. It will be a different story if Aine wear Zeros, but there is no way you will be able to defeat me instantly using that armor right?」

「So what?」

Kizuna grinned and held out his right hand for a handshake.

「For now let’s join hand with each other. Let’s begin with defeating the monster group first.」

Aine stared at his hand for a while, but she then pointed her face away with prickly attitude.

「Hmph……well, fine. Then, let’s go.」

Aine left Kizuna behind and immediately advanced through the path into the mist. Kizuna smiled wryly at his right hand that was held out in vain and followed behind Aine.

The sound of two sets of footsteps was walking side by side on the stone paving.

This mist most likely was created in order to make the players felt that it was a big set. But even after they had walked quite long, they still hadn’t reached the goal. It felt like the set was big enough even without the mist.

Before long the form of a castle appeared from inside the mist. Seeing the size of the castle caused Kizuna to feel shocked once more at the large scale of this resort facility.

「But, this attraction is really well made huh. It’s just a papier mache castle, but its appearance is like the real thing. Well, it’s not like I have ever gone to Europe, so I don’t really know……Aine?」

Aine’s condition seemed strange. Her eyes opened wide and her gaze looked shaken as though she was receiving a shock.


Aine’s body staggered. And then her armored body collapsed loudly.

「Aine! What’s the matter?」

Kizuna crouched beside Aine and lifted up her body in his arms.

「I, I’m fine. I’m just, a bit dizzy……」

Aine smiled with a pale face.

「Ah, good timing.」

Kizuna rushed toward a room that was inside the set.

「Be calm okay? It’s a part of the set, but there is a bed that seems usable. Let’s rest there.」

Perhaps the room was meant to be the room of the princess of this castle, because it was made really extravagant and stylish. Cute pink wallpaper. Splendid dresser and a chair covered with embroidered cloth. And then there was a splendid bed in the center of the room where three people could sleep on it with room to spare.

「Here, I’ll lower you down.」

Kizuna laid down Aine on the bed.

「The bed has canopy attached. It’s an extravagant decoration, really fitting for the castle setting.」

「This bed too……somehow, it looks similar……」

Kizuna didn’t understand what was Aine talking about. He became worried if perhaps her condition was bad and her consciousness was hazy.

「Similar you say, what do you mean?」

「Like this castle, or this bed……it’s completely similar……with what I recalled when doing Climax Hybrid.」

「These things?」

Kizuna looked around him.

As expected, it was just like his first impression, this room was like the room of a princess.

「If that’s true then, perhaps Aine was a princess from somewhere?」

「Please don’t say stupid thing. Normally you will think that I had gone to play at amusement park similar to this somewhere isn’t it?」

「No, I know that but」

Kizuna felt like he had expended effort uselessly when his joke was replied seriously like that.

「Besides, the current me……isn’t anything like a princess. I am a female knight.」

Kizuna spontaneously laughed.


Kizuna also climbed on the bed and began to take off Aine’s armor.

Aine made a suspicious expression, even so she allowed Kizuna to strip her off.

「What, are you doing?」

「Hm? It’s better to be dressed as comfortably as possible when you aren’t feeling good.」


Kizuna took off the armor parts on her arms, legs, and torso. With that he was able to take off the armor completely.

「Then, lift both your hands.」


Aine was only in her underwear after Kizuna stripped away her shirt.

「……Hah, wait! Just what are you doing!?」

「Eh, I told you I’m making you dress comfortably.」

「Even so you are stripping too much that I’m left in only my underwear like this!」

Aine hid her breast with both her hands and her cheeks blushed.

「I, is that so, sorry.」

「Good grief……」

──’But, I’m dressed like this……while alone with Kizuna. Besides, we are on a bed……this is, could it be that this is the same situation like the reward for winner?’

It was embarrassing, but in a sense this was a perfect chance. At this rate the result of her being the only one unable to spend time together with Kizuna was also possible.

A sense of danger was welling up rapidly inside Aine.

「Aine, how are you feeling?」

「Hyah!? Ah, i, it’s not bad.」

──’I was unable to win even once until now……even that Sylvia got one over me. If it stay like this, I’ll be the only one……I don’t want that!’

Kizuna’s hand caressed Aine’s head. She felt like her body was being caressed when his hand stroked her sleek silver hair.

「If you are feeling well, let’s hurry ahead. The others might also be waiting ahead.」

Aine quietly grabbed the arm of Kizuna who was moving to stand up.

「I’m still not feeling good.」

「Hm, I see. Then it’s better if you sleep a bit more.」

Aine leaked out a mutter with a small voice looking like he was cornered.

「…….My Hybrid Count has decreased I think.」


「Because, Kizuna haven’t done Heart Hybrid with me recently.」

「Oi oi, that’s because you were acting shy and wouldn’t let me do it at all right? When you are feeling better──」

Aine responded with a shrill voice.

「Yo, you can just do it now.」

「But if you aren’t feeling well doing it later is」

「Then, forget it!」

Aine turned around to face the other side and buried her face into her pillow.

「Oi, why are you sulking……」

「Don’t make me……say embarrassing thing further than this.」


Kizuna noticed the ear of Aine who was hiding her face on the pillow had turned red. Mysteriously a kind feeling was filling Kizuna’s heart.

「I get it.」

Kizuna’s hands reached out toward Aine’s breasts from behind. And then his fingers sunk into those large twin globes.

「Fuah! Ju, just because I said that, groping my breasts so suddenly like that is, haah……ahn, it’s just……cannot be done-, aaaah, but-」

「My bad. When it come to Heart Hybrid, it become hard to resist the temptation.」

Once he started touching, he became the prisoner of that texture. The elastic texture had pleasantness that couldn’t be substituted by anything else.

「Ge, geez……you are really, a pervert……ah, aan」

Kizuna got on all fours on the bed as though to pin down Aine. And then he enjoyed those breasts to his heart content once more. His fingers entered into the gap of the bra and began to grope.

「Haah, aa……a, don’t, groping……so lewdly like that, ah, ah……haaaa……kuuh」

「Why is it……no good? Even though it’s this big, pretty, and really pleasant to touch. Aine’s breasts are soft, elastic, it feels like I’m healed just from touching them……it makes me feel really good.」

「Be, because……」

Aine turned her back on Kizuna once more to escape from his hands. And then she muttered with a small voice that almost couldn’t be heard.

「It’ll get seen, that they got erect……kyaah」

Kizuna took the chance he was presented with by Aine turning her back on him and released the hook of her bra.

「Wha-! Do-, don’t, take off, my bra!」

Kizuna quickly took off the bra through Aine’s arms and then he lightly dropped them below the bed.

「Noooooooo! Don’t look……haun!」

Kizuna grasped both of Aine’s arms and pushed her down on the bed.

「Ah……uun……geez, I told you, don’t look……and yeeet……」

Thanks to Kizuna thoroughly continuing to touch her before this, the center of her white and large breasts, her completely enlarged and rising up pink tips were pointing up pointily.

「Uh, it got seen……standing erect……aan」

Kizuna massaged the exposed breasts as though he was trying to wring out milk from them. They made him felt that perhaps soon milk would really come out from them.

「Haah, aa……if you, directly, grope them like that……more……uh, they became, bigger……nnuh」

Kizuna’s hands let go of the breasts and began to massage her whole body to every nook and cranny.

「It’s lonely only getting your breasts touched right?」

「Eh? Aah……a, Kizuna’s hand is, over my whole body……ahn, aa, yaaan……somehow, it’s like……my whole body, is getting licked around……ah, somehow……it makes me……shiveers, uuh」

Aine’s whole body trembled and she writhed around on the bed.


Kizuna’s hand slid from Aine’s waist to her thigh flowingly.

「Hyauh, i, it’s ticklish, if you, caress my thigh……aah」

「Aine’s skin is really pretty.」

「E, even if you say that……haah……I, I won’t get trick……eeed! Ahaaan……a, do, don’t, getting, higher than that is, wa……wait, a second……ple, please……」

「I won’t wait.」

While he was caressing her, he would intentionally touch between her legs bit by bit, and then he finally touched stronger and caressed.

「Hyah…………tsu-AAAAAAAAA! Ah, there-, I feel it, the most……so-……」

Right away her underwear was drenched with something that was oozing out from between her legs.

「……Kuh……uahn, haah, aah, uah, hih……AAaaAAH, don’t, I’m shivering-……hah」

Aine noticed the watery sound that was coming from her groin without her noticing.

「What’s the matter?」

Aine tried to push away Kizuna’s fingers with both her hands, but she couldn’t put her strength into it.

「Do-, don’t-, th, the sound-……it’s making sound so, aaaaan, e, even though I’m telling you don’t-, aaaaaaa, no-, do, don’t listen-, you mustn’t listeeen-……noooonh……ah, ah……」

Particles of light appeared in Aine’s eyes.

Kizuna’s eyes that were peering into that light were also shining with pink light.

「Aine, the light particles of Heart Hybrid are starting to come out……I’ll touch directly next……here I go.」

Kizuna put his hand inside Aine’s panty.

「Hyaaaaaaaahn……no, no way……wait, entering inside my panty is……uaauhn……」

Kizuna was searching around for Aine’s heated part inside the panty, then his fingers slipped inside it.

「A-, amaziiiing-, I’m shivering-, a, already……aan, I, I cannot……think, uun……anymoreeee-……」

The watery sound was coming in a volume that couldn’t be hidden anymore. Aine shook her head fiercely. Her hair was disheveled, tears were flowing, and coquettish voice was streaming out from her mouth.

Aine was toyed by the waves of pleasure and she drifted about in them helplessly.

「A, a, haah, don’t-, inside……entering there……aah, yah……I, I’m……co-, coming-……Ki-, Kizuna-, KIZUNAAAAAAAAAAAA0」

Aine’s feet stretched out tensely and blue light overflowed from her whole body. The light mixed with light particles that were generated from Kizuna’s body and the two radiances whirled like a vortex. Torrent of light rushed inside the spacious room like a storm.

Before long those lights were settling into the body of Kizuna and Aine.

──’Heart Hybrid success.’

Aine inhaled and for a while she breathed hard repeatedly.

「AIne……how do you feel?」

Kizuna touched Aine’s cheek with the back of his hand. Aine rubbed her cheek on it like a fawning cat.

「Nn……I’m feeling, really good……my head, is a bit light though.」

「Then, let’s go after resting for a bit. After all the evil witch and the princess are waiting.」


Aine stared at Kizuna lovingly with moist eyes.

Part 3[edit]

Yurishia yelled angrily at Kizuna and Aine who finally appeared.

「You two are slooooow!」

Yurishia was standing alone inside the very spacious room that was made in the image of a castle’s audience room.

Yurishia was wearing a long robe and a pointy hat with wide brim. It was a costume that was obviously a magician’s in a glance.

Kizuna who was scolded by the magician Yurishia apologized with a stiff smile.

「My, my bad……various things happened.」

「Just what do you mean various things.」

Yurishia who wasn’t convinced didn’t relax her questioning.

「It’s courtesy not to pursue further there isn’t it?」

Aine who appeared from behind Kizuna glared at Yurishia.

「Aine? What, the two of you are joining up?」

Kizuna made use of the diversion and readied his sword.

「Something like that……wait, Yurishia has the evil magician role? Then, Himekawa is the princess?」

「Hero-sama! You finally arrived desu.」

Sylvia in a white dress was waving her hand from the throne that was placed in a higher stage.

「Ah, so the princess is Sylvia.」

「Yes. Sylvia has been waiting for hero-sama’s arrival desu.」

「Aa, that dress look really good on you……that means, Himekawa is?」

「The monster!」

The monster costume that was placed at the corner of the room started moving.

「Uwaa, that’s surprising! Himekawa!? You are Himekawa? No, I didn’t notice at all that it’s a monster costume. Rather I thought it was just something left behind there.」

Aine stared at monster Himekawa fixedly.

「The costume looks strangely fitting on you.」

Most likely Himekawa was clenching her fist. However with her current appearance, it only looked like she was cutely lifting up her front leg.

「This humiliation……I will clear it by exterminating all of you! Here I come!」

The monster’s mouth opened threateningly.

Yurishia lifted up her magic cane in opposition.

「I will take care of everyone altogether!」

Kizuna readied his sword and turned his gaze at Aine.

「Let’s go, Aine!」


The four of them charged forward simultaneously! Was what would happen, but at that time──,

Suddenly there was a loud sound and the glass ceiling cracked.


Everyone looked up to the ceiling.


「Co, commander!?」

Reiri descended with her large mantle flapping.

Everyone was taken aback by the completely unexpected happening.

When Reiri landed, she grandly swept away her mantel and introduced herself.

「The witch……Hida Reiri, has arrived.」

Kizuna cried out.

「What’s the meaning of this, Nee-chan!」

「Fufufu, that’s because the little brother all over the world belong to their big sister. I still cannot be beaten yet by these little girls just from that much! HAHAHAHAHA!」

Cold sweat trickled down Himekawa’s cheek.

「She is……drunk, isn’t she?」

Yurishia folded her hand and half-closed her eyes.

「She is drunk.」

And then Aine muttered in exasperation.

「Totally drunk.」

「Commander looks like she is having fun desu. That’s great desu!」

Sylvia alone was smiling cheerfully.

「Fufufufu, all of you are too weak, let me teach you the true way to win.」


Kizuna was unconsciously faltering against Reiri’s pressure.


Reiri threw away her mantel.

What appeared from underneath was magic canes and swords that were attached to her whole body. It was the appearance of hedgehog Reiri.

「Wha, what’s that? Hedgehog role?」

Aine was bewildered. Yurishia yelled with a grim face.

「No! All of those are the magic canes and swords of this attraction! Just how many of those she is carrying with her!?」

Himekawa made a surprised expression. Though no one could see it because she was inside the monster costume.

「If it’s with that then it’s possible to attack to all directions simultaneously! But, how did she obtain so many!? There shouldn’t be that many spares!」

Reiri lifted the corner of her mouth.

「Naïve! I requested the manufacturer to deliver the spares! It took money though!」

「That’s dirty! How can that be possible huh!?」

「Fuh……this is, the power of adult!」

A great amount of beam cannon fired wildly from Reiri’s whole body.

There was no place to run away or hide. The yells of four people resounded at the same time.


And then, explosion sound thundered inside the castle.

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