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Chapter 4 – Hida Kizuna’s Castaway Story[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Reiri drank the tequila that was poured into a chilled glass in one gulp.

「Now then, the recreation this time is very simple. Go through a lap of this flowing pool and the winner will be the first one that reaches the goal.」

There was a flowing pool that was like a river in front of them. It looked like a pool that could be found anywhere, but it was unbelievably long. A lap of it was more than three kilometers. It combined a course that circled the outer circumference of this spa resort and curves of various sizes that went around the center. There was even multi level crossing in between the course. It was a course that looked like a circuit.

Aine put her hand on her waist and glared at the flowing pool before her.

「Very well. This time I’ll show you all what I’m made of for sure.」

It wasn’t just Aine who was full of motivation.

「I cannot just keep losing. I will take the victory this time.」

「I will show you all my consecutive win.」

Himekawa and Yurishia also spoke their determination to intimidate each other. However Sylvia alone was taking a step back.

「Sylvia will just observe this time desu.」

「What’s the matter?」

Reiri asked with a dubious expression.

「No, Sylvia has received the reward just now, so Sylvia will yield this one desu. There will be divine punishment if Sylvia get too greedy desu.」

Himekawa’s eyes brightened from feeling moved by Sylvia’s words.

「What……a good child. Truly, I wish the senior people around here will learn something from Sylvia-chan.」

「Just what are you talking about I wonder?」

Yurishia crossed her arms with an astonished expression. Himekawa ignored the aforementioned senior and put her hand on Sylvia’s shoulder.

「Listen, Sylvia-chan. If there is something that trouble you, you can tell Onee-san okay?」

「Yes, thank you very much! Then, I hope that everyone will have a good competition desu!」

「Yooosh, you all. Take your position!」

The three of them lined up at the poolside.

「I don’t care whether you are swimming using crawl or breaststroke or whatever. Anyway, the one who reach the goal first will win.」

The three of them raised their tension.


Reiri’s lifted up her hand,


She swung down her hand in a flash.

The three simultaneously kicked on the poolside and their body flew in the air. And then, they dived into the pool. Right after that, they began swimming hard using crawl style.

Kizuna cheered them up with a loud voice.

「Everyoooone, do your beesst!」

「Do your best deeesu!」

That cheer pushed the back of the three and they put their strength into their hands that were paddling the water.

Himekawa was astounded by the swimming of Yurishia who was slightly ahead.

──’Yurishia-san is fast. But I won’t lose!’

Yurishia’s heart was also burning with rivalry toward Himekawa who was hot on her heel.

──’Not bad Hayuru! But, you won’t catch up to me!’

Yurishia raised the tempo of her legs and arms in order to push forward even further.

「Oh! Yurishia is in the lead. Aine is……no good it seems.」

Although Aine was also swimming desperately, she wasn’t a match against Yurishia and Himekawa at all. She was rapidly getting left behind.

──’Kuh……those two, why are they so fast……if it’s like this!’


Blue light converged on Aine’s body and created an armor. She didn’t summon the whole thing, she skillfully equipped only the thruster on her waist. And then, that thruster spouted out light particles, at the same time she began to swim in a speed that was impossible for human. It was as though she was gliding on the water surface like a dolphin.

And then, she overtook the two who were at the lead in the blink of eye.

「Ah! Aine!?」

Yurishia was puzzled for a moment at what was overtaking her. And then she immediately noticed that Aine was wearing Zeros and got angry.

「That’s cheating! Aine!」

However Aine responded with a mocking smile.

「Don’t say such rude thing. This is just the swimming method of Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

「Then, I’ll also do the same! Cross!」

Yurishia equipped Cross’s Differential Frame. With this her speed wouldn’t be inferior against Zeros. She sped up like a rocket and overtook Aine again.

「Wha-! Yurishia!」

「I’ll go ahead~. I’m unmatched if it’s speed you know!」

「Yurishia is fast only in a straight line! If there is this many curves, I’ll be the one in advantage!」

Himekawa who was left behind bit her lips in frustration.

「If the two of you are like that then me too-! Neros!」

Himekawa also equipped Neros. However she only wore the gloves on both her hands and the leg parts, she didn’t equip the thruster. Like this she was unable to obtain propulsive power. It was completely impossible to catch up to Aine and Yurishia.

「Here I go, Blade!」

A huge sword that was almost as tall as Himekawa flew out from her back. It was a sword that obeyed Himekawa’s will to freely fly in the sky and cut apart the enemy. It was the sure-kill weapon of Neros.

「Blade can also be used like this!」

The Blade dived inside the water and went below Himekawa’s feet. Himekawa put her feet on it and then Blade began to accelerate while surfacing. And then, it pushed Himekawa’s body until the water surface and surfed on the water surface like a water ski.

And then she reached Aine and Yurishia while rushing through several curves.

「Hayuru! Don’t tell me you are riding on Blade!?」

「Wait, that’s not swimming anymore! That’s surfing!」

「The rule is going through a lap of the course! There is no rule that we have to swim!」

There was three hundred meters until the goal.

There was no more time for talking.

They could only rush single-mindedly toward the goal.

The water splash the three of them created became even more intense.

The three’s Heart Hybrid Gear rushed through with a roar.


And then, the three passed through the goal almost at the same time.

Reiri who was standing at the goal line was staring at that moment.

Himekawa, Aine, Yurishia looked at Reiri’s face at the same time. And then after a tense moment, the name of the winner was announced.


A moment later, Himekawa thrust up both her hands.

「I did iiiiit-! I won, I won! It’s my victory-!」

She was extremely happy. Himekawa clapped in high spirit which was unusual for her.

Part 2[edit]

「……Thinking back again, why was I getting so into it like that?」

Himekawa was pondering while walking on a path inside the spa resort. There was vegetation at both sides of the path. The beautiful greenery was gentle to the eye.

However right now Himekawa didn’t take notice of such thing at all. She was muttering in a low voice while walking briskly.

「Then Himekawa, where are you planning to take me to?」

Kizuna was following Himekawa from behind while addressing her.

「It feels like I’m rushing into danger by my own initiative to be alone with Kizuna-kun like this.」

「Himekawa too has something that you want to do together right? What are you planning to do……wait oooi, Himekawaa. Wait for me.」

Himekawa walked with a pace that would leave him behind if he got careless. Kizuna jogged to catch up beside Himekawa. It seemed she was absorbed in her thought and Kizuna’s voice didn’t enter her ears.

「Oi, Himekawa!」

「Geez-, what is it, you are noisy since some time ago!」

She turned toward Kizuna gloomily. Kizuna made a troubled smile to butter her up.

「No, I’m just wondering where are we going.」

「You ask where……」

Himekawa stopped walking and looked around restlessly.

「Eh? Huh……this place, where is this?」

「I was also only following Himekawa……the amount of tree increased when I noticed. This place is like a forest, or rather a jungle isn’t it?」

「Is this the so called jungle bathing area?」

「Surely that’s it. Well, if we go a bit further, perhaps we will find a guide sign or something?」

Himekawa tightened her lips into a frown and she thought, but she immediately nodded.

「You’re right……let’s try take a look.」

However the farther they went, the denser the jungle became. It made them suspicious whether this place was really a spa resort.

「For a resort, this feels too much like a survival event instead.」

「Yeah, but perhaps we only entered the backyard accidentally.」

Himekawa nodded with a convinced expression.

「Certainly that might be the case.」

They pushed through the tree branches and advanced forward like that for a while. They could hear bird chirps and animal cries from the surrounding which made them felt like it was a real jungle. And then in reality the jungle didn’t come to an end no matter how much time passed.

「……We are completely lost.」

「Before that, is this place really inside the resort facility?」

「Yeah……no matter what this forest is too deep. It’s overly vast. Don’t tell me we really came into an empty island or something?」

Himekawa reflexively yelled.

「Such stupid thing is impossible!」

「For example, perhaps we passed through an Entrance without being aware or something.」


Himekawa’s face complexion changed drastically. Kizuna hurriedly waved his hand and denied it.

「No, as expected there is no way that’s true. But」

It was right at that timing they came to see blue sky ahead of them.

「Himekawa! That’s the forest’s exit.」

Kizuna and Himekawa broke into a run. Their field of vision opened up greatly when they came out of the forest.

Wind blew between them.

「Really……just, what is going on?」


──’At that time, what is spreading before our eyes is the horizon that is continuing until far beyond. And then, there was a sea that is surrounding us in 360 degree. Without noticing it, we really are in a solitary island of distant sea.’

Part 3[edit]

It was a beautiful starry sky. There wasn’t a single electric lighting in the solitary island. Kizuna and Himekawa was sitting side by side near the fire they created.

「Really……just, what in the world happened?」

Himekawa raised an uneasy voice. She hugged her legs even more strongly and shrank even smaller.

Kizuna wanted to raise the spirit of such Himekawa, so he made his voice as bright as possible.

「Nee-chan and others will find us even without us panicking.」

「But! Can everyone imagine for such illogical thing like this to happen? There is no doubt that they won’t even imagine that something happened to us! Even if they notice, there is no way they will know where we are!」


Kizuna also fell silent hearing that.

For some reason, the sensor of their Heart Hybrid Gear showed that they were still positioned at the spa resort.

「I don’t know anymore……as I thought, let’s escape from here using Heart Hybrid Gear. Nero──」

Kizuna immediately caught Himekawa’s shoulder.

「Oi, calm down.」


Kizuna pulled Himekawa toward him and hugged her.

「Wai-……what are you doing taking advantage at the confusion by hugging……」

「Don’t worry. At this kind of time it’s better to not move around randomly.」


Kizuna restrain Himekawa’s body gently without using much strength. And then his palm lightly tapped Himekawa’s back as though he was reassuring a child.

「It’s fine. Help will come.」

「How can you say that so surely!」

「I believe in everyone.」

Kizuna said that naturally without any unease or even tension in his voice. On the contrary, his voice expressed the strength of his trust toward Amaterasu. Himekawa could feel that.

「The way you talk……it sounds as though I’m not trusting everyone like that.」

Himekawa averted her face awkwardly.

「I’m not saying that. It’s just, isn’t it fine if we just do what we can? Like preserving our stamina and Hybrid Count for when it really matters.」

「Yo, you’re right……certainly.」

Kizuna guessed that Himekawa had calmed down and he let go of her body.

Himekawa stole a glance at Kizuna’s face.

Suddenly the beating of her heart became faster.

「Kizuna-kun……somehow, you have really become like a captain.」

Kizuna couldn’t hide his surprise at the unexpected sentence.

「Eh? Me? That’s not true. I’m only relying on everyone all the time.」

「No, compared to when we first met……I think……you have completely changed.」

「I, is that so? It feels embarrassing.」

Kizuna scratched his head awkwardly. His smiling expression and gesture caused Himekawa’s chest to tighten *kyun*.

──’What I can do right now……come to think of it, I am in the middle of mission right now. Someone has to be Kizuna’s number one and obtain the strongest power……Aine-san and Yurishia-san both aren’t here. There is no choice but for me to do it!’


「Yes-! ……Wait, what is it so suddenly?」

Himekawa sidled up to Kizuna and snuggled on him.

「Le, let’s do Heart Hybrid!」

「Whaat!? Himekawa is the one who is asking that on your own……what’s the matter?」

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and she spoke while looking down.

「Wha, what we can do right now. That is to prepare for when the time come. My Hybrid Count has decreased. In that case we should recharge it while we can.」

「That is……true.」

Himekawa raised her face in a flash.

「Listen to me, this is a duty. No matter what please don’t think of it as me losing to my desire! I’m coompletely reluctant to do it, but it can’t be helped!」

「Go, got it. I got it! That’s why don’t push, uwah!」

Himekawa’s body leaned forward and pushed down Kizuna.

And then the two of them stared at each other in a distance where they could feel each other’s breath.


「Tha, that……I don’t know……what to do, after this, so, that……」

Himekawa muttered with a voice that was like a mosquito’s cry. Although she followed the momentum and pushed him down, that was her limit.

Kizuna circled his hand on Himekawa’s back to continue after her.

「Yeah, I understand Himekawa’s feeling really well. Leave the rest to me.」

Kizuna’s hand moved up and down Himekawa’s spine several times.


The hand on her back slid to her waist and then moved to her chest. It touched the tip of the breast that was covered by bikini.

「Ah, bu, but don’t! My breast is……nh」

Kizuna spread his fingers and grabbed the whole breast before slowly tracing a circle on it.

「Haah, aaaaaaan……ah, ah……no-, aaaaan……i, it’s no good, and yeeet」

「Why……is it no good?」

Himekawa twisted her body in embarrassment.

「Because……because, my breast, isn’t really……big, that’s whyyyy-nh」

「It’s alright. I told you before, Himekawa’s breast isn’t small.」

Himekawa stared at Kizuna with a fawning gaze.


「Yeah. I told you many times already. That’s why, take off that swimsuit……can you show me your pretty breast to me?」

Himekawa shyly entangled her fingers with each other hearing those words.

「That’s……calling them pretty is……ahn」

Kizuna continued to give her pleasure from above the swimsuit even during that time.

「Is it no good?」

「Uuhn……I, it’s for the sake of He, Heart, Hybrid so……nh」

Himekawa’s eyes moistened and she moved her hand to her back. And then she untied the string and took off her swimsuit’s bra. It made a faint sound of rustling cloth and the swimsuit fell to the ground.

Himekawa’s breasts were illuminated by the light of the fire. Its shading was clearly depicted. It looked even more beautiful compared to when looking at it under normal lighting.

This time their skin contacted directly without swimsuit getting in the way. Kizuna’s hands squashed Himekawa’s soft breasts.

「Yah……it’s embarrassing……aahn, a-a-, don’t, rub them so stronglyyy……」

Himekawa’s hand pushed away on Kizuna’s hand. However it was only for form’s sake, she didn’t put strength into her push that it became obstacle for him.

「Uau……haah, haah, haaah……that way, of fondling, is indecent……nnoooo……nh」

Kizuna was going to take away his hand for a moment. However, Himekawa’s hand held on Kizuna’s hand instead and wouldn’t let go.


It looked like an unconscious act, but Kizuna thought that it was really cute. His hand didn’t move away and he stimulated Himekawa by rolling her tip using his palm.

「Nnnnnnnuh, no-, no way, my tip is……sensitive so……aaaaaaaaaan, don’t pinch iiiiitt-, haa, haa……」

Kizuna lightly pinched the pink bud with his fingertips. Himekawa’s breathing was gradually becoming rough.

Kizuna’s hands let go of her breasts and widely caressed around her upper body.

「Ah, don’t, a place like my armpit is……aa……hauh!」

Kizuna caressed Himekawa’s body to taste it thoroughly and then advanced to her lower body.

「Aaaan, my stomach……ah, don’t go lower than that……if, if it’s around my waist……kyaaa!」

Kizuna pulled at the string that got caught on his finger. Then the swimsuit was taken off from Himekawa’s lower body smoothly.

「Do, don’t, take them……away, everything, will get exposed……aaaaaaaaan!」

Faster than Himekawa could cover it with her hand, Kizuna’s hand slipped between Himekawa’s legs.

「Tha, that place, is no good. Hiuh! ……Uaaah, aan」

Kizuna’s hand moved up and down. Each time Himekawa’s body would jerk and jumped. And then other than the gasping voice flowing from Himekawa’s mouth, a watery sticky sound was also starting to get audible.

Himekawa didn’t notice what sound it was at first, but when she noticed the true identity of the sound she became bright red and her lips trembled.

「N, no, don’t! It’s, making sound……nnnnnnu」

Rather Kizuna was instead attacking her even more intensely to make louder sound.

「Haah……aaaaaah, nooooo-……do, dooon’t! Ple, pleaseeee」

Kizuna’s finger suddenly stopped moving.

「Is this……no good?」

Himekawa answered with gasping breath.

「Haa, haa, nh, tha, that place, make me……turn strange……so don’t」

「Then, it can’t be helped.」

「Eh? Tha, thank, you……Kizuna, kun」

Himekawa said her thanks while looking a bit despondent.

「In exchange, I’ll make you feel good with this place.」

Kizuna’s hands moved to Himekawa’s butt and spread open that soft flesh. Himekawa’s expression changed to become even more coquettish.

「Eh……tha, that place……」

「What is it?」

「Do, don’t. That place……is no good」

Himekawa leaned on Kizuna’s chest fawningly. Her soft breasts were squashed on his chest and their shape became distorted. Kizuna’s chest felt pleasure from that sensation.

「But, the front is no good right?」

「My butt is even more no good-……HAAuuAAAaaAAH」

Kizuna strengthened his grip and groped her butt’s flesh around.


「Ah! Ah! Hau! Aaaaaan. Be, because, I, I’m feeling it too much there-! NOOOOOOOOO」

Himekawa’s body reacted even more intensely than before. And then, particles of light were starting to swim inside Himekawa’s eyes.

「I can see the light of Heart Hybrid in Himekawa’s eyes. As I thought, this place is better.」

「I, idiooot! Tha, that’s not true-, aaaaah」

Himekawa raised a voice that was unclear whether it was a tearful voice or a voice of joy.

「Hyaaaaa, my butt, if they are messed up, with both hands like that-……kuh, fuaaaaah」

Himekawa was already completely in an aroused state. The sign of Heart Hybrid was clearly visible.

「AAaN,, ye-, yes-, my butt, feels nuuumb……haah, kuh……nnnh」

The stimulation to her butt was also transmitted to Himekawa’s most important part. Honey dripped down and trickled along her thigh.

「Haah……I, inside my stomach, is meltiiing……aah, ye-, yes, it’s actually, feels……very-, gooooooddd-」

Kizuna’s fingers spread open her butt and caressed the chasm. He probed around at the center.

As expected Himekawa’s complexion changed.

「Ah……wha, what are you……doing?」

Kizuna’s finger scooped up the honey that was flowing on Himekawa’s thigh. He used his wet fingertip to massage the center of her butt to loosen up that place.

「Eh……a, do, don’t……please, that’s……」

Kizuna’s finger fixed its aim. His fingertip slightly sank in.

「Haaaaaah, doooooon’t-, do, do-, don’t put it iiiiiiiin-」

Kizuna’s finger stabbed into the warm flesh cave.


Dazzling light overflowed from the two’s body at that time. The particles of light mixed with each other in the air and enveloped the body of the two.

「Haah, haah, UUUuuuN……haaa……a」

Himekawa turned limp and leaned on Kizuna’s body. Kizuna gently embraced her body.


At that time the scenery of the surrounding changed.

The solitary island at night changed into a public park at afternoon as though a curtain had been raised. An open area with green lawn all around and a plank with the words camping area written on it appeared.

「Wha-, what!? The scenery is……being overwritten?」

──’No, that’s not it. It’s returning to normal……this is, don’t tell me!’


Yurishia came running from the entrance of the camping area while waving her hand.

「Yurishia! Also, everyone too……」

「Captaiiiin-! We are worried because you didn’t come back desuuu」

「We were wondering where did the two of you run off to.」

Sylvia and Aine were also running until in front of Kizuna and Himekawa. Kizuna sighed in relieve and talked to everyone.

「We also wanted to go back, but somehow we arrived at a place that was like an empty island.」

「That is one of the selling point of this camping area.」

Reiri arrived with one hand holding a portable whisky bottle.

「It showed illusion by sending electrical signal directly to the brain. It’s an attraction where you can safely enjoy the experience of getting casted away in an untrodden region.」

Kizuna knitted his eyebrows.

「Is that, the same mechanism like Love Room?」

「It’s scaled down from it. The staff must have forgotten to turn off the switch.」

Kizuna made an exasperated expression and let out a long sigh.

「What, so it’s a false alarm huh.」

「It’s not just ‘what’!」

Himekawa slowly stood up with an aura of anger covering her.

「E, eh, Himekawa. Today you return to your senses quicker than usual huh. Ahaha.」

「I’m feeling so anxious like that, because of such thing……it will be fine if that’s all but, I was, I was, asking that kind of indecent by my own……」

Kizuna was sweating coldly while backing away.

「No! I think that it was the correct choice in that situation don’t you think!? It’s something that will be necessary sooner or later anyway! Haha, as expected from Himekawa!」

Himekawa made a smile with cold eyes.

「That’s right isn’t it……I It’s nice timing that I just get recharged, so perhaps I should try using it……Neros!」

Himekawa’s body was instantly equipped with Neros.

「Hi, Himekawa? We can reach understanding if we talk it out!」

「I have heard before that a strong impact will cause memory loss. I’ll have you forget what happened just now!」


A loud explosion sound thundered in the camping area.

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