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Chapter 3 – We Are Only Eating Ice Cream, That’s All![edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Then for the next recreation.」

Reiri said disinterestedly with one hand holding a beer jockey.

「Whm why are my hands suddenly got tied up!?」

Himekawa raised her voice in incomprehension sounding like she was going to cry.

Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them had their hands tied with cord and they were made to sit down in seiza posture. And then there was a stand of metal frame placed in front of each of them. For some reason there was popsicle fixed in place to the stands.

「What is this? This thing that is placed in front of our face……」

「Just as you can see, they are popsicle. They are often used at contest like obstacle race right? That one where they eat thing without using their hands. It will be meaningless to use bread, using candy inside powder also give no sex appeal. That’s why we tried using popsicle to match the resort’s atmosphere. They are fixed in place properly to make it easy to eat, so don’t worry.」

Yurishia frowned.

「Somehow they make me imagine something different though……anyway it’s a competition of who can eat faster isn’t it?」

「That’s right. The one who can finish eating the fastest without using hand will win, it’s that kind of game. However, it’s forbidden to bite using teeth.」

「I don’t really get what’s the intention of that but……」

Aine didn’t look like she was fully satisfied with the explanation, but she accepted reluctantly.

On the other hand, Sylvia was full of motivation.

「The winner will receive exclusive time with captain isn’t it desu!?」

「That’s right. Everyone, are you prepared?」

It was only Himekawa who kept muttering complains in low voice till the end.

「Why do I have to do something so unmannered like this……」


Everyone immediately stretched their tongue toward the popsicle.

The four of them crawled their tongue on the tube shaped popsicle and licked up and down.

Aine’s tongue quickly became cold and her heart felt like it would give up.

「(Lick-, slurp-)……ku, i, it’s cold isn’t it (chuuuuu-)」

「Sy, Sylvia also, (lick, lick, chu-) wo, won’t lose desu (lick lick)」

Yurishia put even more strength into her tongue and continued to lick as though to shave off the ice.

「So, something like this (lick, chuu,) I will finish it (lick lick) right away.」

Himekawa seemed like she was still bothered with the posture. She was unable to concentrate into the contest. Even so, she moved her neck to make her tongue went back and forth from the popsicle’s head until its root and vice versa.

「Li, licking in this kind of posture (slurp) without even using hands (lick lick) I, it’s indecent.」

Complaint was already leaking out starting from Aine.

「But, this ice (lick lick) it’s not (slurp) decreasing at all」

But, Sylvia too was starting to lose her initial momentum gradually.

「(Lick lick) Feels like (lick lick) Waiting it to melt (lick lick) by itself will be faster」

Kizuna who was watching the four folded his hands.

「Is it just my imagination, this look strangely, obscene……」

「You’re right.」

Beside him Reiri also responded disinterestedly with one hand holding a canned shochu high cocktail.

Yurishia uneasily moved away her mouth from the popsicle.

「Aah geez, no good. Just licking won’t be enough……that’s right! If I do this!」

Yurishia opened her mouth wide and snapped the popsicle into her mouth.

「Ahn……(muh, slur-, slurp-)」

Yurishia kept the popsicle inside her mouth and moved her tongue.

Himekawa observed Yurishia’s strategy in admiration.

Himekawa observed Yurishia’s strategy in admiration.

「I see. It looks like putting it inside the mouth is more effective……hamu-」

And then, Himekawa similarly put the popsicle inside her mouth.

「Certainly this way is, (slurp) making the ice melt faster, isn’t it」

However, she was talking with popsicle inside her mouth, so her words couldn’t be heard clearly with her voice sounding muffled.

「Hey, don’t (slurrrp) copy someone else’s tactic」

Aine suddenly also copied the method.

「But (slulurp) doing this (shlulurp) is more……」

Aine moved her head back and forth with her mouth kept holding to the popsicle. She melted the surface with her lips and slurped the ice from its head until its root back and forth.

「Nh, nh, nh, (slurrrp) nh」

However she frowned with her face looking slightly pained. Bit by bit the scowl on her expression was getting increasingly deeper.

Sylvia’s small mouth was completely stuffed with the popsicle.

「Sylvia too (slulurp) nh, nh, nnuh, kehoh, cough. It’s too big to get inside Sylvia’s mouth desu.」

The eyes of Kizuna who was folding his arms snapped wide open.

「Now I’m convinced. It’s not just my imagination, this is undoubtedly erotic!」

「You’re right.」

Reiri answered with a canned cocktail in one hand.

The four who were slurping popsicle were getting heated up in their movement. They moved their head back and forth intensely, even though they were making pained expression, they displayed a desperate battle. Melted ice and drool were trickling down from their mouth, and drawing a string behind. Even so they didn’t pay any attention to appearance and tried to devour their popsicle to the end.

And then──,

「Nnuh! I’m fiiirst!」

「Ooh Yurishia finished hers!」

Aine who was only slightly behind was biting her lips in frustration.

「Kuh, as expected from Yurishia……she boasted unrivalled strength in this kind of vulgar subject. We are completely out of her league.」

Yurishia glared reproachfully at Aine.

「Say, can’t you give a praise honestly?」

「Uu……even though Sylvia endured the cold and pain……it’s unfortunate desu.」

Sylvia’s shoulders dropped in disappointment. Seeing her, Reiri suddenly recalled something and spoke.

「Hm, come to think of it Yurishia. Before this, you stole the right of the winner from Sylvia at the pool right?」


Yurishia’s shoulders jerked. Reiri faced Sylvia and grinned.

「Sylvia, you don’t need to feel down like that. After all you are the winner of the water slider before this. It’s an exchange with Yurishia’s victory this time. That is to say, you obtain the right to spend time with Kizuna next.」

Reiri smiled at Sylvia who was making a surprised face.


「Uwaaaaaai! Sylvia is happy desuuuu!」

Sylvia jumped and expressed her happiness from her whole body.

「Now wait a second, that is……」

Reiri’s sharp glare moved toward Yurishia who was complaining.

「Do you have any objection?」

Yurishia’s face convulsed.

「Uu……no, none.」

Himekawa let out a deep sigh seeing that exchange from the side.

「It’s just deserts……no, you reap what you sow perhaps?」

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna and Sylvia were inside the large bathhouse that boasted the greatest size among the seven bathing areas inside the spa resort. It was spacious like a swimming pool and built extravagantly using marble lavishly.

「Haaah, hot spring……no wait, it’s not but, a huge bath really feels good.」

Kizuna was in a good mood. Beside him Sylvia who also looked like she was in a good mood just as expected was submerged in hot water. A folded towel was placed on her head and she replied happily.

「That’s right desu. It’s warm.」

Both of them submerged into the bath side by side and leaned on the wall relaxedly.

「Nee-san told me to treat the winner well but……are you okay with just entering bath together? Is there anything that you want me to do?」

「Captain look tired desu. Sylvia want to heal captain’s fatigue desu. Besides, Sylvia heard about naked socializing between close people in Japan. Sylvia also want to try doing that naked socializing desu.」

Kizuna smiled wryly.

「Although you say naked……I think the meaning is a bit different from that.」

「But, all the members of Amaterasu said that they had taken bath together with captain desu.」


Kizuna spontaneously choked.

「……Shit, those girls saying unnecessary things.」

Sylvia suddenly made a lonely expression and looked at Kizuna with a pleading gaze.

「Sylvia doesn’t think that she can become number one at all. But, if Sylvia do the naked socializing the same like everyone, Sylvia feels like she can become everyone’s comrade desu. Is that no good……desu?」

Kizuna was overwhelmed by that earnest gaze.

「No, there is no way it’s no good.」

Sylvia’s face broke into a bright smiled and she stood up.

「Sylvia is glad desu! Then, Sylvia will wash captain’s back desu.」

Water drops splashed on the skin that was warmed and blushed pink. The slender and small body was exposed in front of Kizuna without hiding anything.

「He, hey, Sylvia! Hide your body a little!」

「Fue? It won’t be naked socializing like that desu. Sylvia wish that captain also won’t hide anything desu.」

Kizuna’s feeling was shaken by Sylvia’s straightforward gaze.

──’Am I being too overly conscious? I’m being overly conscious at the body style of little girl like Sylvia might mean that I have that kind of interest.’

「I understand. Then, I won’t hide anything. Please wash my back.」

Kizuna resolved his heart and stood up from the bathtub.


Sylvia stared hard at Kizuna’s figure.

「Wha, what?」

「There is something strange attached at captain’s groin desu.」

「As I thought I’ll hide it!」

Kizuna covered his groin with a towel in panic.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and got out from the bathtub. Then he monopolized the spacious bathing place with only the two of them there. And then, he asked Sylvia to wash his back just as she wished.

Sylvia made a soap to be bubbly and started to scrub Kizuna’s back.

「How does it feel? Is there any place that feel itchy desu?」

「Yeah, it’s fine. It feels good.」

Usually he never had anyone washing his back, so this was a fresh sensation. The feel of the hand on his back was strangely small. He was able to imagine Sylvia’s small hand and it made him smiled warmly for some reason.

「Ehehe, captain’s back is big desu.」

「Hahaha, then let’s switch now. This time I’ll wash Sylvia’s back.」

「No, there is no need desu.」

Sylvia shook her head and her hands hurriedly as though to say that she didn’t deserve such thing.

「Don’t mind it. Come on, it’s fine so show me your back.」

「Then……please do desu.」

Because Kizuna kept insisting, Sylvia must felt that it would be rude instead to keep being reserved. Sylvia turned her small back toward Kizuna.

Kizuna gently rubbed Sylvia’s back. He washed Sylvia’s back as though he was polishing an important treasure or wiping a priceless artwork that was fragile.

Sylvia let out a sigh looking as though she was feeling good.

「It feels strange to have someone else washing your back desu. But, it feels happy somehow desu.」

「I see. Yosh, it’s clean now.」

Kizuna poured hot water and washed away the bubbles on Sylvia’s back.

「Thank you very much desu.」

Sylvia twirled around and faced Kizuna. And then she made the soap she was holding to bubble.

「Then, next is the front desu.」


「No, that’s, as expected that’s bad.」

「Why desu?」

Sylvia made a face that looked really puzzled and tilted her head.

「No, as expected morally that feels wrong……」

「It’s not like we are doing anything bad desu. Sylvia wants to do something for captain’s sake desu. Is that not allowed desu?」

「Uh, that’s……」

──’That’s right. It’s not like we are doing anything to feel guilty about. If I think of her like a young little sister or daughter, feeling nervous is more problematic instead.’

「I guess you’re right. Then, please do so.」

「Roger desu. Then, pardon me desu.」

Sylvia began to scrub Kizuna’s chest happily.

Although Kizuna was pretending to be composed, his heart was actually beating hard.

──’I’m nervous as expected. To be this near……looking carefully, Sylvia is young but she is really a beauty huh……aah, calm down, calm down, be cool, my son. A stimulation of just this level is……eh?’

Kizuna jumped from the sensation that he felt at his groin.

「Uawaaa! Whe, where are you touching?」

「Ah, don’t stand desu. But captain, as expected the more Sylvia look at it, the more Sylvia think it’s strange desu. Ah, it’s alright desu. Sylvia doesn’t hate captain because of it desu.」

Sylvia’s hand moved toward the groin of the standing up Kizuna and mercilessly began to wash there.

「No no no no! That’s not it, uguh!」

「Sorry desu! Does it hurt desu?」

「A, aa it’s sensitive there……no, that’s not what I should say huh! Auh!」

Unlike before, this time he was enveloped by a soft sensation.

「Sylvia will wash it gently with my palm desu.」

「No, that’s not it, Sy, Sylvia~」

「But, it’s somewhat mysterious desu. Somehow it’s gradually looking cuter……Sylvia feel like inside my body is getting hot desu.」

Sylvia was also gradually getting absorbed into it. Her waist moved up from the chair and she stood up. She grasped Kizuna’s thing with both hands tightly and continued to wash it with slippery soap.

「Uwaa……it’s mysterious desu! It become easier to wash it! Amazing desu, how mystical desu! It’s cute……or rather it’s manly desu……it feels intoxicating desu.」

「Wa, wait Sylvia.」

Kizuna tried to stop Sylvia by reaching his hand toward her small body.

「Hyan! Aa……captaiiin, is also washing Sylvia’s body desu? Sylvia is happy desu.」

「N, no, that’s not my intenti」

──’No, wait. Now that it have become like this, perhaps making resistance is my only option!? Simply getting done in one-sidedly will make me have no dignity as captain or anything!’

Kizuna was also already losing the strength to make sane decision.

「I, if it’s like this then!」

「Kyauhn……captain’s hand……it feels, good desu. Ah, haan! Auuuuu……kuu」

Kizuna’s hand caressed Sylvia’s slender body all over. After he applied the soap on her smooth skin, he didn’t feel anymore resistance at the slightest. Kizuna then washed his back with his palms on her back as though he was embracing her.

「Aa……nh, nkuh……haah」

His hands slid down and grasped her small butts. He caressed around there until the gap, leaving no place untouched.

「Haah, ah……haah, aa……aaaaan……yahn, fuaah」

Regardless of her little girl appearance, Sylvia’s cheeks blushed and she gasped with an erotic face. And then, she twisted her body from the pleasure and her hands grabbed Kizuna himself with a force that wouldn’t let go no matter what. She moved her hands up and down without rest, rather she was attacking even more intensely.

「Kuh……Syl, via……」

Both of them didn’t see anything else anymore other than each other.

The pleasure that they granted to the other and the pleasure that they felt completely became one and they got drunk into a sense of unity as though they were connected to each other.

「Haah, yaah……kuuh……aaaaaaa……haan……ah」

The movement of their hands became more intense.

「Do-, don’t-, desu-……something……fuuh, aan……I, in front of Sylvia’s eyes……aun……is, is turning pure……whi-whi-whiteeeeeeeee-nnn」

Finally Sylvia’s body bent backward and her whole body trembled. Each time the wave of pleasure surged on her, her body would shiver. Her eyes narrowed in ecstasy and her small tongue peeked out from her slovenly opened mouth.

With a jerk strength left her body. Kizuna gently embraced her limp body.


Sylvia was breathing quietly inside his arms.

They should be recovering from fatigue inside the bath. But Kizuna was feeling tiredness as though he had just done an intense workout.

「I won……」

Kizuna took a deep breath and tension left his body. He felt like he had just accomplished an important work.

──’What amazing latent potential. It would be dangerous if it continued for thirty more seconds. However……perhaps the next time won’t go like this.’

「Even so Sylvia……she will be terrifying in the future.」

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