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Chapter 2 – Water Slider And Breastfeeding Room[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Yurishia stood with an imposing posture while looking down at the pool far below and the sliding course that was connecting to there. The course had complicated meandering shape like a labyrinth that was made from plastic.

「First let’s compete using this water slider.」

「Fuwaaa~ it’s high desu. This is the first time Sylvia saw a slider this large desu. It feels exciting somehow desu.」

Himekawa frowned after she peered below from the fence.

「Rather, this feels like a height that will make you freeze in fear……however, it’s a really long course with many twists and turns. It looks like it will take some time to slide until below but, how will we have competition using this?」

Aine noticed a floating window that was hovering in the air.

「There is an explanation written here.」

Kizuna read the sentences there out loud.

「Let’s see. Sliding down with male and female pair together, it will be a competition of who is the fastest to arrive at the bottom. It said pair here, but I’m the only male among us. Perhaps we should just group up randomly?」

Yurishia raised a voice of dissatisfaction.

「That’s no good─. It will be meaningless like that.」

「Heh? Meaning?」

Aine coldly declared to shut Kizuna’s doubt.

「That won’t be a problem if Kizuna just climb up here again each time.」

「This place’s height is about the same like the tenth floor of a building! You are planning to make me climb up here so many times!?」

「There are four of us, so it will be only three more times. You don’t understand something that simple? Are you an idiot? This weakling.」

「You answered so easily like that! What’s more you are also dissing me!」

「Ca, captaiiin, Sylvia want to slide down quickly desu!」

It seemed Sylvia was unable to hold back her excitement so much that she wasn’t listening to the bloodthirsty exchange between Aine and Kizuna.

「I get it, I get it. Everyone is fine with Sylvia being the first right?」

「Yes. She is really looking forward to it like that. Please be the first one.」

「Waai! Then captain, let’s join our body desu!」


Sylvia’s explosive declaration caused everyone to raise their voice in surprise. Even Himekawa who was smiling like a holy mother changed her expression into a demonic look instantly.

「Wait, what are you saying! That’s is too early for you!」

Aine also bit her nail.

「What a terrifying child……she has to be crushed now while we still can.」

As expected even Yurishia looked bewildered.

「Ah, Sylvia-chan? Do you understand what you are saying?」

「Of course desu! Like this……」

Sylvia stood in front of Kizuna who was sitting at the starting spot of the water slider. And then, she wedged herself between his legs and sat down between his thighs, and last her back leaned on Kizuna’s chest.


「We are sticking close like this desu! It’s like riding a bicycle with two people by sitting between captain’s legs……it’s like Sylvia is being hugged from behind, so it’s a bit embarrassing desu.」

「Aa, that’s right isn’t it.」

Himekawa spoke in monotone.

「Geez, just slide down already.」

Yurishia also waved her hand uncaringly.

However, Kizuna was feeling his heart beating fast at the sensation of the skin and body warmth of the beautiful girl within his arms.

『Sylvia is small and really cute. With her within my arms like this, how should I say it, it makes me want to protect her or something. Also, is her body temperature a bit high? It’s warm, and her skin is also smooth.』

Aine was staring at Kizuna fixedly.

「I don’t know why but, I’m feeling really irritated……tei-!」

Aine kicked Kizuna’s back with all her strength.

「Owa! Wai-! My heart isn’t prepared yet!」


Kizuna and Sylvia’s figures disappeared ahead of the twisting course in the blink of eye. The two of them were sliding down the water slider in a terrific speed. It was impossible to stop once they started sliding. The momentum pushed them down and it felt like they would fly out of the course when going through the curves.

「Uwaaa, thi, this is fast!」

「Hyaa, we, we cannot stop desuuuu!」

The sound and water splash were incredible. And then the wind pressure and sensation of speed attacked the two of them. Their eyes were rolling around as though they were in merry-go-round or the like.

And then, the course suddenly became a straight steep descend.

The sensation of the internal organs floating up caused the inside of his stomach to shiver.



And then their crash made a big water pillar to rise up on the pool. The water resistance became brake. After they slid for several meters inside the shallow pool, the bodies of the two stopped.

「Uwaaa~ it was a bit scary but, that was fun desu!」

「No, that was unexpectedly scary. It was completely different compared to flying around with Heart Hybrid Gear. It was scary to simply leave your body to the flow without being able to do anything.」

Sylvia looked back at Kizuna who was still hugging her from behind and smiled in amusement.

「Ehehe, Sylvia know that captain was completely scared. Captain hugged Sylvia really tightly desu.」

Kizuna’s face went red and he prattled on in panic.

「No, that is you see, I thought it will be dangerous if we got separated.」

「Captaiiin, you were worried for Sylvia desu?」

Sylvia’s cheeks quickly went red. She was looking up at Kizuna with an intoxicated gaze. Her blushing expression was cute and also erotic. Kizuna felt how his face was naturally drawing near toward Sylvia.

「Obviously. You are an important──」

Water exploded very near Kizuna. The fierce water splash and instantaneous burst of steam caused the surrounding to smoke like a mist.


Kizuna reflexively looked around him without understanding what was happening.

「E, enemy……no, Yurishia!?」

Yurishia who was at the top of the water slider had equipped Heart Hybrid Gear Cross only on her right arm when he noticed. That hand was aiming particle cannon at his direction.

「Kizunaaa? What are you doing having a nice atmosphere with a little girl like thaaat?」

Himekawa leaped to hold down Yurishia’s arm in panic.

「Wait, Yurishia-san! What are you doing wearing Heart Hybrid Gear as you please like this! Besides, no matter what this is too dangerous!」

「I’m not wearing the whole thing, it’s only a single arm and particle cannon so it’s okay right? Besides, I won’t really hit someone else with this. It’s impossible for me to miss at this distance.」

Yurishia shook off Himekawa’s arm and aimed her particle cannon once more.

「Looook, come up here quickly! Next is my turn!」

She yelled that while continuing the threatening shot of the particle cannon.

「Uwa! Got it, I got it so don’t shoot!」

Kizuna escaped from the pool and rushed up the stair of the water slider. He sprinted up until a height that was equal to the tenth floor of a building in one go.

「Haa, haa……so, sorry to make you wait.」

Seeing Kizuna who was running out of breath he couldn’t even talk properly, Yurishia held her hands together and made a deeply touched expression.

「My, to think that you will so desperately hurry back here for my sake……this must be the power of love.」

Aine glared reproachfully at such Yurishia and muttered in contempt.

「That’s not love, but fear of death.」

「Kizunaaa~, quiiiick~, sit behind……and embrace me.」

「Please don’t talk indecently!」

Yurishia ignored Himekawa’s anger and sat down on the starting position. And then, Kizuna sat behind her and circled his hands around Yurishia’s stomach.


「M, my bad」

Kizuna hurriedly tried to move his hands away, but Yurishia held them down without delay.

「Fufufufu, what are you apologizing for? If you don’t embrace me more tightly, we are going to get separated at the middle. If that happen, it will be really dangerous when we arrive at the bottom.」

「That’s certainly true but……then, how about this?」

Kizuna circled his hands around Yurishia once more and put his strength into them.

「U……n. Aa, higher. It’ a bit painful around my stomach, so can you put your hand a bit higher?」

「No but, if I go higher than this your breasts……」

「It will be a disaster if an accident happen just because of some shyness you knoow?」

「Go, got it. How about this?」

Yurishia lifted her chin and sounded her throat in pleasure.

「U, fuan……a, this might be really good.」


「Right. It’s really comfortable to have my breasts supported from below. It feels like my shoulders are liberated from something heavy.」

「I, indeed, it’s really heavy……it feels like this will make your shoulders stiff.」

「Hmmm, then, can you support them with your palms for me?」

「Li, like this?」

Yurishia’s expression became intoxicated and her eyes shined bewitchingly.

「Hauuhn! Aa, yes……I feel a bit stiff, so can you massage them for me?」

「Ye, yeah……does it feel good?」

「Yes, it’s the best……hey, Kizuna. Won’t you become my breast support helper starting from today?」

「Does that kind of amazing helper exist in this world!? ……Wait, just what am I doing again?」

「These indecent bunches-! Hurry and slide down!」

Himekawa kicked Kizuna’s back hard.



Water was flowing on the slider, so they gained speed right away and lost the ability to control their own movement. Their body was toyed by the course and made to dance left and right while sliding down the water slider.

「Kizunaaaa-, hoold down, my breasts properly so they don’t bounce around okaaay-」

Even if she said that, they had already bounced around wildly since some time ago. Even when he tried to hold them down, Yurishia’s breasts were too big for Kizuna’s hands and they wouldn’t be still as he expected.

「Do, don’t jump around too much! Yurishia is too big, so I cannot grasp with only one hand!」

He finally caught them and grasped tightly so they wouldn’t get away.

「Kyaan! Ki, Kizuna, if you hold them so strongly, haaan!」

The two arrived at the bottom at that time.

Loud splashing sound and water spray were raised and the two’s bodies dived into the water.

「Puhaah! Are you alright Yurishia?」

Kizuna surfaced from inside the water and stood up. It was a shallow pool, so the water only reached around his waist when he stood up. Yurishia who was separated from him when they entered the water also stood up while wiping the water on her face.

「Yes, I’m alright……my?」

The swimsuit couldn’t be seen on Yurishia’s body. The bra that should be hiding her breasts was gone. Her uncommonly big breasts were completely exposed.

「It’s fine, it’s not a big problem. I don’t mind if it’s Kizuna who is watching. Then, can you help me putting on the swimsuit?」


Yurishia threw an erotic smile at Kizuna.

「Because it was Kizuna who took it off. Naturally you will take responsibility and put it on again right?」

「No, just wear it by yourself!」

「You aren’t going to help me means you are telling me to not wear swimsuit, is that iit? There is nobody else but us here anyway, so if Kizuna is telling me to go topless, I also don’t mind it though?」

Kizuna held his head and raised his voice in resignation.

「Aaaa geez, I got it! Come on, turn your back over here.」

Yurishia obediently turned her back toward Kizuna and he approached her.

「Tie the strings behind the neck……right right, after that connect the string behind……ahn, don’t do that……if you don’t properly put the breasts inside the cups……afuh……nh」

Kizuna struggled to push Yurishia’s huge breasts inside the small swimsuit. Each time he lifted up and pushed in the breasts, Yurishia would raise her voice erotically.

Kizuna persuaded himself to ignore that voice while silently trying to put Yurishia’s breasts into the swimsuit. Like that, he somehow tied the strings on her back.

「I, is it fine like this?」

「Yes. Next, do it so the flesh around is covered properly……」

There was a figure that was glaring at such act with a face that looked like demon from high above.

「Wha……what are they doing! Indecent! Neros!」

Himekawa’s body equipped Neros with a red light.

And then there was one more person. There was a demon with glaring red eyes and silver hair standing on end.

「Doing such thing before my eyes……Zeros!」

Blue light converged onto Aine’s body and formed the shape of Zeros.

The figure of the two made Kizuna faltered.

「You, you two! Wa, wait!」

Aine and Himekawa who were wearing Heart Hybrid Gear rushed toward Kizuna.

「Prepare yourself!」

「Turn into star!」

Fierce explosion burst.

A huge water pillar rose and the shockwave pushed off the pool’s water. Intense water vapor rose up like explosion smoke. The pool’s water was evaporated in an instant.

When their field of vision was cleared once more, the pool’s appearance had been changed into a mere crater.

Part 2[edit]

Reiri who was lying down on a beach bed elegantly crossed her long legs.

「──So, who won in the end?」

Aine shook her head in dissatisfaction.

「The pool was broken before I and Hayuru could slide. It’s not counted.」

「Tha, that’s right. The match is invalid like this. In the first place, we should use a more proper──」

Himekawa also followed up, but Reiri brushed her away.

「Now, wait. First let’s hear the result. Which one was faster, Sylvia or Yurishia?」

「Sylvia was faster desu. Perhaps it’s the difference in the rate of friction desu.」

「I guess Yurishia’s lower body has bigger contact surface size huh……yosh, this match is Sylvia’s……oi, where is Kizuna and Yurishia?」

Aine was shocked and looked around in respond to Reiri’s question.

「Since when!?」

Reiri made a smile that was faintly filled with anger.

「Hou, so it’s rule violation on top of destroying the game. How brave.」

However Himekawa didn’t have any composure to smile. She raised a voice that was a mix of uneasiness and anger.

「This isn’t the time to speak that leisurely!」

Aine also agreed with that.

「It’s dangerous to leave that kind of carnivore with Kizuna alone. Let’s split up to search them.」


Part 3[edit]

Around that time, there was Yurishia who was running at the shopping center inside the resort and Kizuna who was running with his hand getting pulled by her.

「O, oi, Yurishia. What’s the matter, why are you pulling me at this kind of place?」

「I think that the process doesn’t matter as long as the result is the same. I cannot go along with that kind of sluggish game.」

「Result? Process? What are you talking about?」

At that time, Aine’s voice resounded from far away.

「Kizuna! Yurishia! Give up and come out!」

Himekawa’s voice came next.

「Please surrender before your crime become heavier than this!」

Yurishia frowned and clicked her tongue.

「Chih, they are unexpectedly quick……Kizuna, let’s go inside here.」

The words 『Breastfeeding Room』 were written on the door. Kizuna opened his eyes wide.

「Brea, breastfeeding room!? Why in this kind of place?」

「I’ll give you my breast, so be quiet.」


Yurishia pulled Kizuna into the breastfeeding room, closed the door, and held her breath.

「Yurishia, why──」

Yurishia immediately covered the mouth of Kizuna who was trying to protest.

Kizuna shut up and looked around inside the room. The space of the room was around half of their classroom with three stands in the shape like table lining up. Beside them were baby beds. At the center of the room there was a big and flat sofa.

It was at that time the footstep sounds of two people were approaching from afar loudly. Those footsteps didn’t stop in front of the breastfeeding room and passed through without pause.

After a while Yurishia let out a large sigh. Kizuna was sending a dissatisfied gaze toward such Yurishia.

「Yurishia, just what are you doing?」

Yurishia closed one of her eyes and sent him a mischievous smile.

「Fufu, just a little bit of thing. A girl has various circumstances of their own. Now then. As expected it’s impossible using the baby bed……my, there is a large sofa there. If it’s this……」

「Oi, Yurishia. Listen to me──」

「Hey, Kizuna. Who do you like the most among us?」

Kizuna was taken by surprise due to Yurishia’s unexpectedly serious tone.

「Wha……what’s with that question all of a sudden?」

「Just answer me.」

The faces of Amaterasue members floated in Kizuna’s mind. He thought about it for a moment, but he immediately rethought.

「Even if you asked me that……everyone is an important comrade for me, so it’s not a matter of who is number one right?」

Yurishia glared at Kizuna with a fed-up face.

「As I thought, a reform of thought is necessary like this……ei-!」

Kizuna couldn’t even dodge or block Yurishia who was jumping him. He got pushed down helplessly.


Fortunately there was a large sofa where Kizuna fell onto. And then, Yurishia swiftly straddled Kizuna’s body.

「Fufufu, Kizuna. I’ll make it so when you are asked ‘Who is number one?’, you will instantly answer with my name.」

Yurishia put her hands on her back and untied the string that Kizuna had tied for her just before this. The breasts that were liberated from their restriction bounced off the swimsuit and the bra fell to the floor.

「Why are you taking it off!?」

「Hm? Because it’s in the way.」

Kizuna held his head in bewilderment.

「Listen to me Yurishia, stop acting strangely, let’s go back to where everyone is.」

「The disobedient mouth will get plugged up by my breasts.」

「What……o, oupu…..h!」

Yurishia did exactly as she said. She held Kizuna’s head in her hands and pushed her voluptuous breasts onto him. Kizuna seemed like he was insisting something, but it only sounded like a groan from his muffled voice.

「Eee~? I cannot hear you. What do you want to say?」

Even while saying that, Yurishia’s breasts were gluing tightly on his face and he couldn’t breathe. Kizuna tapped Yurishia’s arm repeatedly and gasped to show he was unable to breathe.

「It can’t be helped, here-」


Kizuna took a deep breath as soon as he was liberated.

「My? It looks like it was really hard for you Kizuna.」

「Be, because, I was really unable to breathe there. My face was completely buried, and because they are soft, there wasn’t any gap……I thought I would run out of breath.」

「Fufufu, I’m sorry. Then, this time Kizuna can do what you like.」

Kizuna made an exasperated face.

「No……that’s why」

「Geez, you are really obstinate. Hmmmm, then……my Hybrid Count, there is only a little of it remaining you see. Can you do Heart Hybrid with me?」

「What? Is that true?」

「Yes. It’s still far away from red zone, but it’s entering yellow already. Kizuna haven’t checked recently right?」

Kizuna put his hand on his chin and searched his memory.

「Certainly……if that’s how it is. Eh, but, if I remember right last week it was still safe──」

Yurishia whispered with a faked serious voice.

「The enemy might come attacking even while we are staying idle like this you know? Perhaps it might become a dangerous situation again if we are taking it slow like this.」

「U……I, I get it already.」

Kizuna took a deep breath and switched his feeling. And then his hand reached to Yurishia’s body from below and touched that dynamite body.

「Nh, ahn!」

「Does it hurt?」

Yurishia looked down shyly.

「No. I’m feeling it too much just from Kizuna’s hand touching me……」

Kizuna also smiled shyly hearing that.

「Let me feel Kizuna more……okay?」

Kizuna responded to Yurishia who was tilting her head fawningly by starting to caress her body once more. He stroke her thighs that were straddling him while moving up toward her tight stomach.

「Ah, Kizuna’s hands are caressing around my body……haah, I’m shivering just from that.」

The sofa was creaking each time Yurishia writhed.

「Ah, haaaah, no-……uuh, aaaahn……aah. My breasts……when they are lifted by Kizuna, ahn, don’t push them up, and drop them down like that, like a toy」

「But I am Yurishia’s breast support helper right? I have to understand my own work properly.」

Kizuna returned the trifling joke with another joke. However Yurishia was looking down on Kizuna with a passionate gaze.

「That’s right, these breasts belong to Kizuna after all. You should understand them well……until every nook and cranny, okay……aun! Ah, if you grab them that strongly, I, I’m feeling it」

The shape of the large breasts was changing shape amusingly matching the movement of Kizuna’s hands. And then, Yurishia herself also changed her posture due to the pleasure from her breasts.

「Nh, uh, ah, haaaaa……aan……hey, Kizuna? I’m, below my stomach……there, it’s painful……」

Yurishia lifted her waist pleadingly.

「That’s why……nh! Aaahaan, ah……there, my stomach, aah! More……lower……hyaaunh!」

Kizuna’s fingers touched Yurishia’s slit and caressed by moving them back and forth.

「Ah, haa……ah, ah, haauhn……tsuu, ya, yahn……do, don’t make that lewd sound-……aahaaah!」

「If you are being that loud, everyone will find us you know?」

「Because, when you are attacking me, no matter how I’ll……uau! Hih, ah」

Yurishia’s cheeks blushed and she was breathing painfully. She looked extremely lovely like that.

「Then, just a bit more.」

Kizuna smiled and put more strength into his fingertips.

「Noooo, a, a, aaauh! Hauh ahn! Yaaan!」

Yurishia threw her head backward and her throat shook. She thrust out her waist and her thighs convulsed.

「Aah, ah, ah……kuu……kuuuuuuuuuh……」

She stopped breathing and her body trembled. After a while, she let out a long exhale and she was breathing hard as though she had just sprinted with all her strength.

「Haah! Haah, haaah, haaah」

「Yurishia, you alright?」

「I, I’m alright……haa, haa, aah……nkuh, geez, Kizuna……thi, this time……I’ll……make you feel good, so」

Yurishia put her hand beside Kizuna’s face. She got on all fours and leaned above Kizuna. Her hand reached from between her legs toward Kizuna’s groin.


「Kizuna’s……it has turn really hot.」

「Yurishia, that place……」

Yurishia was staring on Kizuna’s face with an erotic gaze.

「Amazing……it turned into a perverted shape……don’t worry. I’ll caress it gently for you.」

Yurishia’s white and slender fingers caressed around to ascertain Kizuna’s shape.

「Aah……haa……fufuh, Kizuna, you look like you are really enjoying it. I’m also happy if I can make Kizuna feel good……」

「Yurishia……I’m also happy, if I can make Yurishia feel good.」

Kizuna stared at the large white breasts dangling down before his eyes. They were pulled by gravity and shaking with changed shape. His hands were naturally drawn toward them and he grasped the lusciously heavy fruits.

「Kizuna……nnau! Aah, again……my breasts-……aa, as I thought, it feels good-!」

Yurishia writhed greatly and the sofa made creaking sounds. Sweats were trickling down from Yurishia’s forehead.

「I, if you, touch, my breasts……tha, that, strongly, I’ll become strange……aun! Do, don’t stare, so much, like that……your gaze, make me conscious, the tip will be more……」

The tips of the breasts were raising their head.

And then particles of light were sparkling in Yurishia’s eyes.

「Yurishia……I can see the light of Heart Hybrid inside your eyes. It’s the proof that we are nearing success.」

「Ye-, yes, please-……kuuh……se, sent me……to the beyond-, auh, of He, Heart……Hybriiid-」

Kizuna brought his face close to Yurishia’s breasts that he grasped with both hands.


「Ah, Kizuna is-, approaching……the tip, of my breast……aah……he is going to, deal……nnh……the finishing blow……haanh……to me」

Yurishia narrowed her eyes with an intoxicated expression.

「Ah, i-, it’s fine……Kizuna…….suck it. My breasts, are yours after all.」

「Yurishia……here I go」

Kizuna’s tongue touched the tip of the nipple. And then her put the whole pink colored circle into his mouth and sucked on the breast.


The intense pleasure that pierced through her spine made Yurishia unable to hold back her scream. Her voice was continuing for long as though to prolong the end of her shriek.

And then, the particles of light overflowed from their body. The radiance rushed inside the room and enveloped the two.

──Heart Hybrid.

The light seeped into the bodies of the two before long as though they were getting absorbed. When all the lights settled down, Yurishia’s body lightly collapsed on Kizuna’s body as though she had lost consciousness.

It was as though she was drifting on the sea of ecstasy.



Yurishia made a content smile.

And then she was about to whisper words of love, it was at that timing──,

The door of the breastfeeding room burst open.

A terrific vibration shook the room and explosive sound roared. The wall crumbled down and violent wind blew hard into the room.

「Wha-, what!? Enemy attack!?」

Something that looked like human silhouette was reflected inside the smoke.

「I found you, Kizuna.」

Aine who was wearing Zeros slowly showed herself with her red eyes burning angrily.

「What are you two doing inside this room alone!?」

Himekawa also arrived from within the smoke with the main weapon of Neros, Sword at ready in her hand.

「Wait! There is explanation for this. Her Hybrid Count was low. Right, Yurishia?」

Yurishia tilted her head and smiled cheerfully.

「Eh? Oh, that……breastfeeding?」

「Wai-! Tha, that’s different!」

Himekawa brandished Sword with trembling hand.


Aine pulled back her fist and kicked on the floor.


Loud explosion that shook the whole spa resort occurred.

Himekawa and Aine’s attacks blew away the four sides of the breastfeeding room’s wall, gouging up a huge opening into the facility.

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