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Chapter 1 – To Be Your Number One![edit]

Part 1[edit]

Inside the classroom of Ataraxia high school department second year first group, the students were talking to each other enjoyably. They were exchanging report to each other about what happened from yesterday after school until this morning, or talking in excitement about the topic of the whole day today. It was a bustling atmosphere that was characteristic of the morning before homeroom began.

「Hii♪ Kizuna」

Yurishia Farandole entered the classroom. In that instant, the atmosphere of the classroom completely changed into something brilliant. Her breasts that jiggled every time she took a step, her blond hair that was sparkling from the sunlight, everything was gorgeously overwhelming. Even the students’ commotion was giving way to Yurishia.

「Aa, good morning Yurishia.」

And then Yurishia didn’t go to her seat but stood beside Kizuna. She then twirled and turned her back at him. And then, without hesitation she lowered her waist to sit on Kizuna’s lap.

「Wait, oi! Just where are you sitting!?」

「Hm? On Kizuna’s lap. The comfort is a bit lacking, but the pleasantness isn’t bad.」

「It’s not pleasant for me! The gaze from the whole class is especially painful!」

The students inside the classroom were directing their gaze toward Kizuna as though they were looking at filth. However Yurishia didn’t look apologetic at all and directed a smile that was like a sun to Kizuna.

「Myyy, it’s alright. After aalll, this spot here is my de – sig – na – ted – seat.」

「No, it’s not. Yurishia’s seat is behind me! More importantly, is it alright for America’s ace to act like this huh!? If Himekawa see us like this」

「If I see it, what?」


Himekawa was standing nearby without him noticing. She was folding her arms and looking down on the two of them.

「What kind of shameless thing you are doing right from the morning!」

「My, Hayuru. Morning-」

That attitude that wasn’t concerned at the slightest from getting scolded was getting in Himekawa’s nerves excessively.

「It’s not morning! Please get down from there immediately. It’s indecent! Kizuna-kun is also Kizuna-kun! Look at you, getting a perverted look like that from getting a girl sitting on you.」

Kizuna was flustered when the anger was suddenly directed at him.

「I’m not making any look like that! Even I don’t have any intention of getting treated like chair! Yuishia was sitting down here so naturally that I didn’t even have time to stop here.」

「That is because you are full of opening!」

「Now now, both of you, it’s not good to have a fight you know?」

Kizuna and Himekawa snapped at Yurishia who acted to intermediate the two of them with a frivolous tone.

「Just whose fault do you think this is!」

「Whose fault do you think this is!」

They yelled angrily at the same time.

「My my, just when I’m waiting for the timing to make my entrance, what is going on here I wonder?」

Chidorigafuchi Aine was standing at the classroom’s entrance. For some reason she was standing in a pose that was needlessly cool. Her red eyes caught the sight of Yurishia sitting on Kizuna’s lap. She walked until in front of Kizuna with large stride and looked down on the two of them.

「Good grief, this is incomprehensible. To think that an American bitch is sitting on my chair.」

「Who are you calling bitch!」

Yurishia turned at Aine and raised an angry voice. In contrast Aine made a reassuring gentle smile.

「Aa……I see, it’s alright. You aren’t a bitch. Yes, it’s fine, you aren’t a bitch, no one is thinking that you are a bitch, so you don’t need to worry.」

「What’s with your tone! Somehow it feels really irritating!」

「How pitiful, so you yourself don’t understand what you are doing. No one is making fun of you, so please move away from my chair.」

Kizuna couldn’t keep his patience and cut it.

「Oi, I’m also not your chair.」

「Shut up, human chair.」

After Aine’s cold sentence, the sound of helicopter rotor came into hearing. Just when they thought that it would pass through over the building, the sound stopped right above and the sound was also getting louder.

「What’s happening?」

Kizuna tilted his head and he tried to look outside the window. There he saw a helicopter was descending to land right about that time.

「A helicopter at the courtyard? Is there some kind of emergency situation?」

When the helicopter landed and the noise got a bit smaller, a chime that was broadcasted inside the school sounded out from the speaker inside the classroom. Next, Reiri’s familiar voice resounded.

「Informing the squad members of Amaterasu. Gather in the courtyard at once. Board the landing helicopter there.」

Himekawa also made a questioning face and aksed Kizuna.

「Is it enemy attack?」

Yurishia tilted her head above Kizuna’s lap.

「The warning and alarm bell doesn’t come if that’s the case. Somehow I get a bad premonition……perhaps we should run away?」

「That doesn’t matter, move aside from there bitch.」

「Rather than that, we have to quickly go or Nee-chan will grumble.」

When Kizuna tried to move Yurishia aside, the classroom’s door opened and a small visitor raised an energetic voice.

「Captaiiin! Sylvia come to pick you up desu!」

「Sylvia? Why are you here even though you are in middle school?」

「Yes! Commander told Sylvia to come here and pick up everyone desu!」

Yurishia smiled wryly and stared at Kizuna.

「With this, we cannot escape then.」

Kizuna shrugged theatrically.

「Looks like it. I don’t really get it but……we can only go.」

After Yurishia got off from Kizuna’s lap, Kizuna also stood up. The members of Amaterasu went toward the helicopter that landed on the courtyard together.

──’Even so, just what is Nee-chan scheming……I only get bad premonition from this.’

Part 2[edit]

The sound of the rushing wave and the Hawaiian music that was playing from somewhere exterminated his whole nervousness. Kizuna himself was similarly wearing a swimming outfit in the form of surf pant, so there was no sense of nervousness from the very beginning. Kizuna who came out from the changing room saw the surrounding area and let out an astonished voice.

「……So, where is this place?」

「Captain doesn’t know desu? This is the most famous spa resort in Megafloat Japan desu.」

Even Sylvia who was serving as the guide quickly changed into wearing a designated Ataraxia’s school swimsuit. She was waiting for Kizuna to come out from the changing room.

「You said, a resort?」

「It has seven pools and seven bathing areas, it also has three saunas desu. It seems this resort is called as the water theme park that will heal the body and the heart desu. It has various zones like fantasy zone or jungle zone and the like, each zone has their own unique pool and bathing area, they also has their own attraction it seems desu! It sounds fun desu!」

「Ye, yeah. You’re right……」

Sylvia’s excessively high tension pushed him to walk on a path that had trees growing luxuriantly at both sides. After walking through that path, he found out a beach spreading out before him. It was more spacious than he imagined. The silently surging wave looked like the scene of a real beach.

When he looked up, the whole ceiling was completely in the form of skylight. The glass’s color had gradation on it was surely because it was a type that could freely change the sunlight’s penetration degree. And then the temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold, the temperature control was perfect.

At slight distance away, there was café, restaurant, mini market, and the likes lining up tidily and neatly. There was even a shopping center deeper inside. Perhaps the convenience of this place was even higher than a real resort place.

「This looks fun desuu. Sylvia want to go swimming quickly desu.」

「You’re right. Even though we are living with the sea surrounding us, we don’t really have many chances to go swimming.」

Although, when he listened to the quiet sound of the wave and the gently flowing music, it also made him wanted to lie down on one of the beach beds lining up beside the pool and relaxed. This was an ideal place to spend a whole day relaxing lazily.

「……No, in the first place why are we coming to this kind of place?」

A woman with white skin and long black hair woke up from one of the beach beds.

「Of course, it’s for a mission.」

「Wait, Nee-chan!」

Reiri got down on the floor and then she twist her body gracefully to turn toward Kizuna.

「Hmm, I see you have properly changed into a swimsuit.

「Nee-chan yourself, why are even you wearing a swimsuit here!? Rather, isn’t that swimsuit’s exposure rate too bold?」

Reiri’s swimsuit a black and white colored……string. The string that was tied around her neck crossed over her breasts and continued to below her chest while only barely hiding her nipples. And then the string was connected to the string that was circling around her body as though to held up the bottom of her breasts. The string was only barely supporting her breasts. On the other hand her lower body was covered by V-shaped string that made him wanted to doubt that perhaps it had no other intention to hide anything except her most important place.

「Fufu, what’s the matter? You are getting that red. What do you think about my swimsuit figure? Is it sexy?」

「O, obviously.」

Reiri nodded in satisfaction seeing Kizuna averting his gaze in embarrassment.

「Hmm, I see, I see.」

「No, don’t get into understanding by yourself like that. That swimsuit, it looks like string……just what are you going to do if you got seen huh.」

「There are only us here. So there is no worry of other people seeing me.」

「I, idiot. Don’t you see that I’m here. I’m still a man.」

「In the past we entered bath together you remember?」

Kizuna gave up persuading her and hung his head down in exhaustion.

「No, it’s enough already……more importantly why am I brought at this kind of place? What kind of mission need to be done while dressing like this?」

At that time, Yurishia arrived while walking confidently like a model. She was wearing a risqué bikini that was colored golden and blue. The coloring reminded him of Yurishia’s Heart Hybrid Gear.

「We also want to know the reason of that.」

「So you girls has also finished changing. Right, you all look really sexy.」

Himekawa came along with an embarrassed look from behind Yurishia.

「Sexy or not isn’t the problem! Why is there nothing but this kind of embarrassing swimsuit!? At the very least it should be a one-piece or one with skirt or pareo attached……」

「Just what are you saying? What are you going to do if you aren’t making appeal exactly at this kind of time?」

「You are appealing too much! Please have more modesty!」

「Certainly, perhaps Yurishia feels too jutting out at various places. Especially her meat.」

Aine who appeared last glared at Yurishia’s body with a sarcastic smile.

「Don’t say it like they are flab! But……certainly this swimsuit is a bit too loose. My breasts will shake every time I move. It might be unsuitable for mission.」

After saying that, she put her finger between the swimsuit and her breast. It felt like a pink colored circle almost came into view.

Aine lifted up her own breasts while making a face that seemed to ask just what kind of stupid thing Yurishia was saying.

「Breasts are something that shake right? Especially if you are wearing swimsuit, it will be the same no matter what you wear.」

「That’s also true.」

Negative aura was flowing out from Himekawa’s body.

「Just because it’s shaking……so what if they can do that huh.」

Aine’s face peered closer as though she was worrying about Himekawa’s body.

「What’s the matter Hayuru? The complexion of your chest is bad you know?」

「If you are going to say that, it should be about the face’s complexion right!? What do you mean by chest complexion!?」

「No, you look like you aren’t feeling good. That’s why I’m wondering, your breasts, are they shriveling compared to before?」

At that instant, Himekawa’s mouth stayed open while she stopped breathing.

「Di……dieting……you mean it can cause the breast to……the breast to…!」

Yurishia shook her head in exasperation.

「Aaa, that kind of thing often happen isn’t it?」

「Eh, then, Yurishia-san too?」

Yurishia answered with a bright smile.

「Nope. I’m the opposite, I’m getting fatter from my breasts.」

「Then, I’ll shave them off for you!」

Reiri lost her patience and interrupted them with an irritated tone.

「There is no end to this so I’ll start explaining now. The mission today is to play for the whole day in this resort facility and erase your stress.」


Everyone tilted their head in puzzlement.

「Is there any question?」

Kizuna raised his hand with an unconvinced look.

「That’s, rather than a mission, if you look at it from the view point of common sense, isn’t it just a holiday?」

「You idiot. If I call it a holiday, we won’t be able to take a rest, and it will also be troublesome to charter a helicopter and reserve this facility.」

Kizuna raised a dry laugh with a twitching smile.


「However, because we cleared up the people here thoroughly, there is also no staff here at all. Kizuna, there is a sandy beach zone at the other side. Prepare the beach beds and drinks for us there. I’ll hammer it to these girls here to not let loose too much.」

「Yeah, roger.」

Kizuna obeyed his big sister’s words with a conditioned reflex and rushed away. Himekawa was seeing him off while directing a dissatisfied expression toward Reiri.

「That’s unexpected commander. I don’t have any intention to let loose that it will be necessary to warn me.」

「Err, Sylvia will be a good girl, so is it alright if Sylvia go to help captain desu?」

Sylvia also made a suggestion hesitantly. It seemed she was feeling awkward to not do anything even though her captain Kizuna was rushing away to do a servant task.

However, Reiri curtly rejected that earnest suggestion.

「There is no need to be a good girl. Rather, I would recommend to act vulgarly.」


Himekawa raised a dumbfounded voice.

「Now listen, this mission is a secret to Kizuna. I’ll only say it to you all.」

Yurishia made an evil grin hearing Reiri’s words.

「I thought something is strange but, so it’s something like that. So, what is the task?」

「It’s about the newest result from Heart Hybrid Gear research. I have told you all before that the affection of both sides will have great effect when doing Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid correct?」

Aine nodded with slightly shy look.

「Yes, I’ve certainly heard that.」

「We got an idea. In that case, if it’s done with a partner that the subject has the deepest affection to and love the most, what kind of effect it will bring? Something like that.」

──The most loved partner

Those words echoed inside the heart of the four.

「That’s right. The woman who the subject pour the most affection into. We cannot even imagine how vast the energy obtained will be if Heart Hybrid is performed with such partner. Furthermore if it develop into Climax Hybrid, just what kind of destructive power the weapon that result from it will have……」

Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them held their breath.

「I don’t care who will it be from among you four. Someone become Kizuna’s number one. That is the mission this time. We have arranged for a stage where it’s easy to use seductive techniques and where mistake will easily occur. We will have you all do simple game under the guise of recreation to deepen familiarity with each other. The person who reaches the first place in each game will be presented with a time to be alone with only Kizuna. Use that time effectively and make Kizuna fall!」

Yurishia asked a question with an excited voice.

「How many games there will be?」

「There will be four kind of games in total. It’s fine even if the four of you here share the wins equally among you. It’s also valid to have Kizuna made the decision under equal condition after all. But!」

Reiri’s threatening tone caused Aine’s body to jerk in surprise.

「Wha, what is it now?」

「If you win all the games, it will be possible to take away any chance from your rivals and make Kizuna fall with solid preparedness.」

Yurishia nodded with a thin smile. She was already entering battle preparation inside her heart.

Himekawa was fidgeting restlessly. She was fighting the conflict inside her heart.

「I’m……it’s not like, I’m caring about winning, or making Kizuna fall……」

「Co, commander. Is it alright for Sylvia to also participate desu?」

「Yes, you are also a candidate member of Amaterasu. There is also a possibility of Kizuna having a particular fetish. I’ll allow it!」

Sylvia tilted her head in puzzlement.

「Particular……what desu?」

Himekawa raised her voice in panic.

「Commander! No matter what that is a crime isn’t it!?」

However Yurishia spoke consolingly to Himekawa.

「That’s right, well, putting aside the matter of seducing Kizuna, it will be pitiful to leave her out alone. How about participating with handicap?」

However Aine declared with a grim expression.

「It’s not good to discriminate. No matter who my opponent is, I’ll beat them down with all my strength.」

「Someone like you are really……」

Himekawa held her head as though she was feeling headache.

It was right at that timing that they heard the footstep sound of Kizuna returning.

「Oooi, what’s the matter? It looks like you all are heating up.」

Reiri brushed up her hair and turned toward Kizuna.

「Hm? Has you finished your task?」

「Yeah, I’ve prepared the drinks for everyone over there.」

Then Reiri was

「Yosh. I will stand by there. The rest will depend on you all. I’m hoping for a good fight!」


Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them performed a salute sharply.

Kizuna stared wonderingly at them.

「Wha, what? You four seem overly spirited──uwah」

Yurishia took a head start with quick movement by taking Kizuna’s hand and dashing away.

「Now-, let’s go, Kizuna! The waves are waiting for us!」

「Don’t pull at me, Yurishia uwa!」

The other three were dumbfounded for a moment, but they immediately returned to their senses. Himekawa raised the corner of her eyes angrily and chased after the two of them.

「Yurishia-san! What are you doing pressing your breast to him! That’s indecent! Please let go of him right away!」

Aine also started running with a grim look.

「I’ll take him away even if I have to use brute force.」

Sylvia followed after the three with a troubled expression.

「Everyoooone, first we have to do warm up desu~」

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