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Hida Reiri was taking shower in a bathroom. The time was three o’clock in the morning. She had finished her public duty and returned to her room just now.

Reiri’s daily life was extremely busy. Ataraxia’s sailing conference that was scheduled to end in twenty four hours got extended by a hour, after that, there was a sudden emergency meeting. There was a preparatory meeting about weapon development starting from ten in the morning later. In reality she wanted to soak in bathtub slowly, but if she did something like that she had the confidence that she would fall asleep without a doubt.

Even after this she had to check the written reports. Reiri gave up her relaxing time in the bathtub and endured with only a shower. Even so taking a bath with moderately hot shower felt really pleasant.

The drops of hot water were flowing down Reiri’s voluptuous breasts. They trickled along the waist with tightness that didn’t match the largeness of her breasts, and fell from her butt that drew a large half-sphere to her long legs.

After washing her body quickly, she immediately got out of the bathroom. She headed to the kitchen with a single towel wrapped around her body. She took out a cold beer from the refrigerator and threw her body on the sofa at the living room. She then sighed ‘fuu’.

She used a remote to search the server’s video report and pushed the play button. Then the screen that was floating in the air projected the face of Reiri’s little brother.

「My name is Hida Kizuna. I attend the high school of strategic defense academy Ataraxia in Megafloat Japan. I am a second year high school student. Because of reason, I’m serving as the new captain of Heart Hybrid Gear squad Amaterasu. I myself have a core of Heart Hybrid Gear installed in me but……compared to the other squad members, bluntly speaking my spec isn’t anything special at all……hm? My Heart Hybrid Gear’s name? Tha, that doesn’t really matter! Who cares about that!」

Kizuna inside the screen raised his voice in embarrassment and anger.

「Aaa, anyway, we are fighting in order to protect this Megafloat Japan from invaders of another world, and then in order to take back this world. That’s all.

What? About the energy resupply and power up of Heart Hybrid Gear? That isn’t something to say in self-introduction isn’t it!? It’s enough already, Shikina-san. I don’t know what kind of report this will be used for, but it’s embarrassing to do something like self-introduction, I don’t know at all what I should say. I’m different from everyone, I don’t have any special talent, I’m just a normal person. Eh? Who is the one I like the most in Amaterasu!? Tha, that’s, everyone is my important comrade, there is no number one or anything. Besides, even Heart Hybrid is something done for energy resupply. I at least understand that those girls did it with me not because they like it. I’m not thinking anything conceited like that. Then, it’s enough right? I’m going now.」

The video recording ended there. Reiri played the next file after that.

「I am Yurishia Farandole. The former ace of America’s Heart Hybrid Gear team, Masters. I’m stationed in this Ataraxia for the sake of Japan-America joint operation. Right now I’m fighting the magic weapons from another world as a member of Amaterasu. My kill count has surpassed 400, furthermore I’m in the middle of updating the world record! And then what make such number of kill count possible is my Heart Hybrid Gear Cross. Both its speed and firepower are number one! Of course, the premise is that it has a pilot with excellent ability that is me though.

Eh? Let’s see, it’s not an appeal point but I also often get my looks praised. I also often came out in magazine’s front cover you know? My pride is……my blond hair and blue eyes perhaps. Also……fufu-, of course it’s this body figure. I know really well how all men who walk past me will look at my breast. And, after they walked past me they would look back and send their gaze to my butt. I wonder if they think I didn’t notice?

Aa but, just because I have glamorous body, it doesn’t mean that I’m fat you know? I’m properly training, look, my waist is slim right? If it’s about waist and bust size, I don’t think that there is anyone who can win against me.

A man that I like? Hmmm, let’s seee……as expected it’s Kizuna perhaps? Well, if it’s my charm then I can make him fall anytime though. Rival? Fufufu, that doesn’t matter. No one is a match against me.]

Reiri pushed the stop button.

She wondered if it was because of the national characteristic to be strongly self-confident and self-appealing or if it was because of this girl’s personality. Reiri selected the next file while thinking that.

「Himekawa Hayuru, 17 years old. Second year first class of battle department in Ataraxia high school. I’m serving as class representative and public moral committee member……err, do I need to say more? Yes. The core of Heart Hybrid Gear Neros is installed in my body. It’s main weapon is sword. It’s not equipped with firearm, but it’s equipped with swords that can freely fly in the sky called Blade. If it’s within a range that I can perceive, I can control them freely, so they are also perfect to attack enemy in distance.

Eh? Japan’s ace? I myself am still someone in training, so I think that evaluation is too exaggerated. However, if it’s for the sake of protecting this country of the rising sun, I……ha? EEEEE!? Wha, what are you saying so suddenly! That’s rude! Insincere! Tha, that kind of man……Heart Hybrid? Tha, that is a mission! I did it because there was no other way! Please don’t misunderstand. Yes, that’s right. I cannot forgive Hida-kun for always doing that kind of shameless thing. If I don’t manage him to judge whether it’s really a necessary act or not……I, if it’s really necessary no matter what, I, I will offer this body as sacrifice……eh? You are wrong! It’s for the sake of protecting everyone! As a public order committee member, I have to become everyone’s shield. The, there is no way I can make someone else to do that kind of shameless act!」

Reiri pushed on the stop button with more strength than necessary.

「Good grief……showing sex appeal completely like that.」

Reiri gulped her beer, then she selected the last file.

「The star performer enter. I’m Chidorigafuchi Aine. My age is probably 17 years old. Well, my existence transcend something trivial like age, so it doesn’t matter. For the moment I spend my life attending high school in Ataraxia as a momentary disguise to conceal myself in society.

But, my true identity I as the messenger of heaven who was dispatched into this rotten world ten years ago. I am the single ray of light shining onto this world that is ruled by chaos and darkness.

Yes. I am a messenger of god, or rather I myself am the god…… Eh? What, I’m doing it seriously here. Because, it’s boring to do normal self-introduction. Don’t you think it’s lacking in entertainment? Besides, it’s not like I’m saying anything wrong……how rude calling it my delusion.

Errr, where was I again? Well, I only talked about what popped into mind, so it won’t bother me even if I forget them……I told you, I didn’t say any nonsense. I’ll do it properly so just shut up.

Hmm soo, I wear Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros and fight day and night to protect the mass. It doesn’t have any projectile weapon at all, so I am basically forced to fight the enemy magic weapons empty handed……but, by doing Climax Hybrid with Kizuna, I am able to materialize Corruption Armament. It’s the only long range attack that I can do. The destructive power of this Corruption Armament is astonishing, it can sink even AU battleship with one attack.

Eh? Climax Hybrid? Tha, that is……a trade secret. Eerr, it’s a confidential information so I cannot say anything about it.

Eh, Kizuna? Kizuna said that he will take responsibility……that’s why, Kizuna is mine. Good grief, I wonder what kind of misunderstanding Yurishia and Hayuru have. It’s really troublesome.」

「Good grief. How troublesome……to think that I have to give Kizuna to this kind of little girls……irritating.」

It was even more offending because this happened due to her own command.

Reiri made a long sigh.

What was necessary to resupply the energy of Heart Hybrid Gear using Heart Hybrid and to power up using Climax Hybrid was for a male and female who possessed core to become one in heart and body and shared affection and pleasure with each other.

Bluntly speaking, it was by doing erotic thing.

Love was the strongest emotion that human possessed, and it was strongly related with lust. Those were emotions and impulses that were rooted to the instinct of living thing. There was no other method that was more effective than that.

Reiri stood up from the sofa and put the can that had been emptied at the kitchen. She then took out a chilled vodka from the refrigerator and poured it into a glass.

She took a little sip and thought about the movie she had just watched.

The enemy from another world was powerful. They had to strengthened their own combat potential too no matter what but……currently, the problem was that Kizuna didn’t have awareness of it being more than just mission, no, he was consciously trying to think of it as just a mission, he wasn’t seriously trying to cultivate love with the squad members.

Although, if Kizuna actually got feeling like that with those girls, it wouldn’t be amusing for Reiri. Conflicted feeling was also coming and going inside Reiri herself.

Reiri suddenly recalled that there was also written report from Shikina Kei, the person in charge of Ataraxia’s research department. There was a paper file on her desk.

Reiri flipped through that file. While her gaze was chasing after the content, her eyes were gradually filled with heat.

「This is really interesting report……perhaps it’s worth to try.」

Reiri gulped down the content of her glass in one go and slapped the file on the desk.

「I don’t like it one bit though!」

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