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To re-iterate the registration procedure:

  • You are required to register which chapters you wish to work on. One portion of text at a time per translator, please.
  • Registration is on a "First Come, First Served" basis. Please register your intended chapters on the project's registration page.
  • Maximum number of translators per volume is two, unless the volume is a collection of smaller stories. Another way to interpret this is no more than two translators should be working on the same "story arc".
  • Translators may only register for portions of one volume at a time within each project. This is to prevent "biting off more than you can chew".
  • Do not worry about first drafts, it will be the Editors job to clean it up. Discussion between Editors and Translators is encouraged via the Talk pages for each chapter.
  • The Registration page is not a binding contract, and translators are encouraged to negotiate between themselves which portions to register for.
  • Anonymous Translated Contributions are required to inform thelastguardian and the designated Project Supervisor of the intend Chapters as shown on the corresponding Registration page before any major contribution.
  • Portions that are not updated for a significant time may be taken over by another translator after getting permission from the Project Supervisor. The new translator is encouraged to start over to maintain consistency, but the old translation will not be deleted at least until the new translation is finished (and probably not for some time after that). More information is available here.

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