Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 10 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Chance Meeting[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Exiting the sea of clouds, at the highest peak in this world.

A shining white palace was towering high on that summit.

Different from its external appearance of Greek style, inside the palace there was no decorations. There was only pure white ceilings, walls and floor.

It was extremely simple and plain. Therefore it boasted a perfect beauty.

There was nothing inside the pure white room.

Except one.

Machine god Thanatos was standing still like a statue.

That face which boasted deep carving and perfect beauty was tinged with the shadow of melancholy, which excessively drew out the beauty of Thanatos so oppressively.

The Greek style one piece was pure white that didn’t know any blemish.

She was carrying on her back mechanical wings and a sun that were like a giant relief.

Her appearance that was like a sanctuary decorated with white, blue, and gold was truly like a sculpture that was extolled as the great god, giving an impression that she had already been there since even before history, and would continue to be there for eternity in the future.

Her long eyelashes twitched slightly. And then those eyelids were opened and blue eyes appeared.

――So they came.

The guest that Thanatos was waiting for. One of the experiment organisms.

Even while it was an experiment organism, but it defeated the creator, a puzzling mutation.

She was thinking that the experiment failed.

However, it was necessary to investigate, seeing as how this much result came out.

Even she herself who was a perfect organism that had accomplished the ultimate evolution had things which she didn’t understand.

It was about herself.

If she investigated the individual that defeated Hokuto and Osiris, perhaps there would be a new discovery. After she finished that investigation, she would return the entire created world into nothingness for the time being.

Thanatos’s wings spread to the left and right. She lifted her face that was sinking in grief and she was going to fly away. It was at that time ――.

「Please wait, Thanatos-sama.」

A little girl clad in a red garment that looked like fresh blood arrived at that pure white world that was pure without stain.

A lower body that was wearing tights and a furisode kimono. A young little girl with long black hair.

「You are――」

Thanatos directed her half-opened eyes there.

「This is the first time we meet. I am called Hida Nayuta.」

「Hida……Nayuta. To be able to enter this palace, you are also the same kind like us……a god then.」

Nayuta smiled sweetly.

「For the moment I believe I am an apprentice god. I have something to talk about with Thanatos-sama no matter what……」

Thanatos replied with an expression that didn’t change at all.

「Then wait here. I have a bit of business.」

「Aah, if you are looking for the one who defeated Hokuto-sama and Osiris-sama, that’s me.」

Thanatos’s eyelashes twitched.



「……Indeed, it seems that you are a faulty existence which resembles that experiment organism. However, I cannot sense that you have that much battle strength to achieve what you claimed.」

「Yes, because I only grant power and knowledge, and make other people fight in my place.」

Thanatos stared fixedly at Nayuta.

「Then, I’ll examine your structure first.」

Golden light was flowing from the sun on Thanatos’s back into her wings. That radiance circulated in Thanatos’s limbs and created tremendous energy inside her.

「Ah, please wait for a bit.」

Nayuta moved her small hand forward.

「I have a reason for coming here. Thanatos-sama, I wish to help you.」

「Help……me, you say?」

「Yes. I obtained some degree of information regarding you from Osiris-sama’s database, but it’s still insufficient. And there I want to ask for information directly from you.」

Thanatos slightly floated in the air, and like that she approached Nayuta.

「I’ll hear your story after I secure the organisms that arrived at that man made island.」


Nayuta’s lips were all smiles and she looked up at Thanatos with upturned eyes.

「I cannot let you go there.」

Part 2[edit]

「In the end there was no place that was really good……there is also no time, so I set it here.」

Himekawa finished the set up of the Love Room, so when he went there to look, not as he expected, it was inside the same hangar. At the opposite side of the exit to the runway, a fence of No Entry was created near the wall, and the Portable Love Room was placed inside it. A lot of students were crowding around it. Everyone was staring at the new Love Room that possessed a wall that looked like a mirror as though they were staring at a rare thing.

「No……isn’t this place fine?」

Certainly this place had enough space, and they would be able to join the others right away after finishing the Connective Hybrid. The hatch wouldn’t be opened until it was time for departure, so they didn’t need to worry. It could be said that Himekawa’s choice was valid. It was a fault that there were many passerby, but the Love Room had perfect soundproofing and cover from sight, so there weren’t any problems.

「Then let’s enter inside.」

Kizuna opened the fastener and let Himekawa and Sylvia enter ahead. Kizuna also entered inside while enduring the gazes of the students who looked really interested.

A sweet fragrance floated in the air. This was the aphrodisiac aroma that was Baldein’s quality product. This fragrance should make Connective Hybrid easier.

The inside became pitch dark when the entrance was closed.

「I’m going to set the environment now……it might be a little dizzying.」

Saying that, Kizuna’s hand groped around to search for the button to set up the environment that would create a scenery at the surroundings.


However nothing happened.

「Kizuna-kun? What’s the matter?」

Himekawa’s worried voice could be heard from inside the darkness.

「It’s strange……the scenery should appear already in front of us with this.」

He pushed all five preset buttons, but there wasn’t any reaction.

「Could it be equipment breakdown desu?」

「No way! Wha, what are we going to do? We have no more time to search for another place!」

Inside the darkness, cold sweat flowed down Kizuna’s cheek.

――Shit-! At this kind of time. Perhaps they didn’t even have time to give it an endurance test, but this timing was the worst. Doing Connective Hybrid inside this darkness is absolutely impossible!

『Press on this red button if some kind of emergency happened. Surely it will be helpful.』

Suddenly the sentence that Kei said before came to his mind.

「That’s right……if I remember right, press this red button……if I’m not mistaken it’s in the lowest position.」

The moment he pushed that button, the world became bright.


His eyes were dazzled by the excessive light.

The three were enveloped by a world that was overflowing with light.

Kizuna endured the light while opening his eyes slightly.

「Just……what kind of environment data this is?」

When his eyes were gradually getting used to it, that scenery flew into his eyes.


It was inside the hangar.

Sylvia looked around by turning on the spot and murmured.

「This place……Sylvia remembers seeing it before desu, or perhaps Sylvia should say……」

Himekawa also opened her eyes wide and let out a flustered voice.

「Ki-, Kizuna-kun? This is……what does, this mean?」

「Even if you ask me that……even I don’t understand though.」

There was only one thing that was certain.

The spare function of the Portable Love Room that Kei entrusted to Kizuna was――,

A function to make the wall transparent.


Himekawa shrieked that. Around the three, the research department students were busily coming and going and the students waiting to board the transport were clamoring.

One of the students stopped walking and stared fixedly at Himekawa.

「Wha……what is it? Err, this is an equipment breakdown, we are not going to do it like――」

However the expression of that student didn’t change, he kept staring fixedly at Himekawa and then he began to fiddle with his front hair.


「It looks like, the outside cannot look inside desu.」

「Or rather……the outside is still like a mirror.」

Himekawa weakly sunk down on the spot.

「Good grief……why is something like this」

Kizuna also sat down with an extremely bothered look.

「It seemed the environment setting broke down. Looks like it is only the transparency function that is still barely working.」

Kizuna didn’t believe his own explanation while saying that. They were talking about the research staff that created the Love Room which had never malfunctioned even once until now no matter how rough the conditions it was used in. This is, wasn’t this thing assumed to be used like this from the start? Such doubt couldn’t vanish from his mind.

「If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t had set it in this kind of place, yet……」

Himekawa spoke her regret mournfully.

The clamor outside couldn’t be heard inside. However, the figures of many students were coming and going right nearby. The noise they made was really distracting. Furthermore, everyone was curiously looking at the direction of Himekawa, Kizuna and Sylvia.

Looking from outside, they could only see a box with a mirror on its surface behind a fence of No Entry, but from the point of view of the people inside, they could only feel as though they were being observed.

Himekawa covered her face with one hand in grievance.

――Aa……even though I just confessed after much trouble, why is something like this……furthermore even though I’m already reluctant with just doing Connective Hybrid with Sylvia-chan…….

Himekawa was whispering such things inside her heart while letting out a sigh so deep it felt like her soul would also come out with it. Sylvia was looking at such Himekawa with pity while opening her mouth with reservation.

「But, there is no more time desu……」

Sylvia untied the necktie of her uniform.


Sylvia’s uniform was falling on the floor along with the sound of rustling clothes. Sylvia in just her underwear tilted her head with pink colored cheeks.

「This is in order to help everyone desu……that’s why」

Sylvia bent her body while taking off her underwear in hurry.

「That’s why, fufufu……captain? Please, be affectionate with Sylvia okay?」

Kizuna’s spine shivered.

It was a cute and innocent smile. It was supposed to be so, yet despite that, he felt some kind of terrifying bewitchment.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun? Sylvia-chan, don’t you think she is a bit strange?」

「No……this is the fault of Baldein’s fragrance that was inserted into the Love Room. Surely it is showing its effect in Sylvia first because her body is small.」

「You mean……if a bit more time passes, we will too?」

Himekawa made a face that looked a bit scared.

「There is no need to be that worried. This too is a trick to make the Connective Hybrid a success in a short time.」

While Kizuna was explaining to Himekawa, Sylvia was sitting down cheekily on Kizuna’s lap.

「Ehehe, this spot is Sylvia’s reserved seat de―su.」

She hugged Kizuna like a puppy fawning on its owner and she rubbed her cheek on his chest. Seeing that fawning act without any worry caused Himekawa’s eyebrows to slightly turn grim.

「I understand. Then, I’ll also……」

Saying that Himekawa stood up and began to undress her pilot suit. But suddenly the scenery outside entered her eyes and her hand stopped.

A second year student of the second group was passing through while looking at Himekawa’s direction just at that timing. Himekawa’s face flashed bright red.

――She, sheesh me, in this kind of place what am I…….

Even though she understood that the outside couldn’t see inside and that their voices also wouldn’t be audible outside, even so, it was just too embarrassing. Himekawa could see the situation outside really clearly. Everyone was right in the middle of preparing for battle desperately while she was doing this kind of shameless act, for her it felt like that fact was thrust right into her face.

――Wrong. Something like this, if it wasn’t my duty, I wouldn’t…….

She persuaded herself like that, but her flushing body couldn’t be deceived. She stripped off her pilot suit from her shoulder and pulled it down until her waist while hiding her breast.

――For me to look like this in a place that is only separated from the outside just by a single wall this thin.

Her cheeks became hot, and her head was blank as though it was tinged with fever. She told herself that surely this was the effect of Baldein’s fragrance.

――That’s right. I’m not lecherous. Everything, is because of this aroma’s fault. I cannot go against the effect, that’s why it can’t be helped.

She took off the pilot suit from her leg and exposed her white bare skin. With this she now didn’t wear anything on her torso, but the glove on her arms that reached until her upper arms, and the tights that reached until her thighs, both her arms and legs were properly covered.

She thought, this was so she could sortie out immediately after they finished the Connective Hybrid, but somehow this felt strangely obscene.

――What does Kizuna-kun think about this look I wonder? Is he, more excited than usual?

「Yes, with this captain is also totally naked desu.」

It was at that time that Kizuna got his pilot suit taken off by Sylvia.

「Wha-!? What are you doing!」

Sylvia spoke triumphantly to the shocked Himekawa.

「Ehehe, Sylvia, is helping captain desu. Changing captain’s clothes is also Sylvia’s role desu.」

「Kizuna-kun……just what in the world are you making your junior do?」

Himekawa’s fixed gaze was blaming Kizuna.

「N, no, I only let her help when she begged me that she wanted to help no matter what, bu, but! I’m changing my underwear by myself okay!」

「That’s obvious!」

Even while they were having such an exchange, Sylvia’s rampage didn’t stop. She put her lips on Kizuna’s chest and her tongue crawled on there.

「Uu! Sy, Sylvia……」

「Captain, please, feel good desu.」

Her small hands reached below and she wrapped Kizuna’s thing with both hands.

「Right now, Sylvia will……make it grow splendid desu.」

Sylvia’s violet eyes looked melting with lewdness. Her eyes squinted, and her lips thinly opened in a smile. Such smile was unthinkable coming from a girl who wasn’t even of age. It was like under the mask of a young little girl, an absurd monster was lurking there.

She wrapped Kizuna’s thing inside the grip of both her hands, and then she slid her hands up and down. It was a feeling of immorality as though he was doing something that shouldn’t be done. And then it purely felt good. That feeling was encroaching from Kizuna’s lower body into his head.

「Aa……it became energetic now desu♡」

The face looking up and smiling sweetly at Kizuna even looked like a young succubus.

「Aaa……that pure Sylvia-chan is, doing such things……」Himekawa was getting flustered while staring at that foolishness. The spacious hangar was spreading around Kizuna and Sylvia with takeoff preparations being performed on the transports. A truck that was loaded with fuel and baggage was running and the students who were scattered throughout Ataraxia were arriving one after another.

Amidst all those, Sylvia was masturbating Kizuna’s thing while her small tongue was licking up his chest.

――Despite so, aaa……I am doing this by myself…….

She pretended to hide her own breast and groin while her fingertips were secretly moving.


It was somehow wretched that she was consoling herself even though Kizuna was right in front of her eyes. And then, the unrealistic act of her standing still while consoling herself in the middle of a hangar where a lot of people were working, was making the inside of her head loll. The current her wasn’t sane, but even if she understood that, she couldn’t stop.

「A……Himekawa-senpai is amazing desu!」

Himekawa stopped her hand in panic when her name was suddenly called.

「Hieh!? Wha, what is?」

「Himekawa-senpai’s breast, it’s big desu!」


「Sylvia, her breasts are small, it’s not really usable desu. Sylvia wants to be shown an example desu!」


It’s not like my breasts are particularly big! She wanted to yell that.

「N, no, I’m not that big……」

「That’s not true desu. Sylvia is flat desu, so Sylvia is really jealous desu.」

「I, is……that so?」

It also wasn’t a bad feeling for Himekawa when she was getting told that repeatedly. Sylvia’s eyes were sparkling bright as usual, her face was shining with expectation. When she was looking at that face, she even felt that it would be too pitiful to make that face turn dejected.

「U……I, I get it. But……even I am not, that skilled you know?」

Himekawa was saying that while kneeling in front of Kizuna.

She entered between the legs of Kizuna who was lying down, and then she put her breasts on top of Kizuna’s thing.



Feeling Kizuna’s heat and hardness caused her breast to grow hot from where it was touching. And then she pressed her breasts on each other using her hands and sandwiched Kizuna in between.

――Fi, first is holding it in between.

If it was Yurishia or Aine, surely they would be able to have an easier time holding Kizuna’s thing, but for her this was the best she could do.

「Nh……ha, aan」

When she moved up and down, something was coming and going inside her breast scrapingly. It was as though it was being inserted inside herself, that association was making Himekawa even more excited. Even though that place wasn’t touched, something was dripping out from inside herself.

「How……does it feel? Kizuna-kun.」

「Yeah, it feels good……Hayuru.」

She felt honestly happy hearing that. Himekawa smiled joyfully and rubbed her breast even stronger in her desire to make him happier.

She became concerned with Sylvia’s reaction and she took a peek at her. There she was sitting in seiza while staring with a docile face. A feverish gaze was being sent towards her breasts.

「Amazing desu……captain’s thing is buried there desu.」

Saying that Sylvia touched her own breasts.

「Will Sylvia get big too desu?」

Himekawa smiled gently and pulled her body away.

「Surely you will. For the sake of that day……how about we practice?」

Sylvia hesitated, but when Himekawa left the spot open she crawled on all fours and approached. And then when she settled down between Kizuna’s legs replacing Himekawa, she put her flat chest on top of Kizuna.

Kizuna’s thing dented the slight fat.


From the outset it was impossible to sandwich it, so Sylvia rubbed her small breast with all her might. The sensation was far removed from the feeling of getting held in between two soft things, but the sensation from the slightly soft layer and the hard sensation of the rib under it scraping him caused Kizuna to mysteriously get immersed in a nice feeling. It was a sensation that was hard to obtain in its own way, and above all it made him feel that Sylvia was nearby him.

Kizna’s thing couldn’t settle just on Sylvia’s breast and poked at her squishy cheek.

「Fufuh, what a rambunctious kid desu. Sylvia will……drip saliva on the tip too desu.」

「Uoh! Sy, Sylvia!」

His tip was swallowed by something hot. When he tried to look, Sylvia was opening her mouth fully and swallowed Kizuna’s thing. When she noticed that Kizuna was looking, she stared back with upturned eyes, and then she smiled sweetly when she understood from Kizuna’s expression that he was feeling good.

Although it was the effect of the aphrodisiac aroma, he couldn’t help but feel surprised by Sylvia’s reaction and the speed of her growth. Kizuna felt a shudder at that unknown quality.

「E, err……Sylvia-chan?」

Himekawa drew close looking greedily.

「……nnu, yes. Let’s lick it together desu.」

Furthermore she even had the composure to be considerate to Himekawa. Sylvia let out Kizuna’s thing from inside her mouth and then lined up with Himekawa, their tongues were licking him up from left and right. The important things stuffed inside the sack under it were also getting gently massaged by the two of them cordially, each of their hands grasping one each.

「Ku……no, no good, this is」

Light of magic power was emitted from the bodies of the three.

When the two noticed that Kizuna was going to climax, they put even more strength into their tongues.

They looked at each other and exchanged signals with their eyes.

Just with that they guessed each others’ intentions, they attacked Kizuna in combination as though displaying the result of their combat training.

Himekawa held the tip in her mouth while Sylvia licked the sack, when Sylvia’s tongue was climbing up, Himekawa’s mouth let go and her tongue moved to below. When Sylvia’s small hand enveloped the tip, Himekawa used her fingers to form a ring around the shaft and she moved it up and down.

That broke Kizuna’s limit in the blink of an eye.


Light overflowed from the three’s bodies, at the same time life energy was fired from Kizuna’s thing. Those drops showered down on Sylvia and Himekawa’s faces.


「Fua……it’s hot desuu♡」

Both of them accepted those drops with enraptured faces. And then they scooped it up with their finger and put it into their mouths with expressions of ecstasy.

「Sylvia-chan……we did it♪」

「Yes. We finished off captain desu♪」

And then their tongues licked up the liquid at each others’ face deliciously.

Kizuna’s thing that was shown with such sight didn’t decline at all. Whether the two of them knew that or not, they were continuing doing their act as though to show off and made a mischievous smile on their face. Their faces were really bewitching, causing Kizuna’s heart to beat really fast.

「With this……Sylvia is getting a step closer to adulthood right desu?」

Himekawa smiled gently at Sylvia who was smiling with a carefree look.

「I guess. Then, how about Sylvia-chan taste one more adult sensation?」


Himekawa made Sylvia stand and then made her to straddle Kizuna.


「Do it like pushing down Kizuna-kun’s thing forward and then straddled on top of it. Yes……you did well.」

「Hawaa……this feels wonderful somehow desu. It feels like Sylvia become one somewhat with captain desu.」

Kizuna’s thing that was straddled pushed apart Sylvia’s valley and pushed up at the sensitive part.

「Nh……it’s also, really……throbbing desu」

Sylvia was starting to naturally shake her waist back and forth without getting taught.

「Hah, hah, an……ca-, captain, captain-」

Sylvia was gasping while calling Kizuna with a lisping voice. That pained expression and voice granted further strength to Kizuna’s thing.

「Kizuna-kun……me too……」

Himekawa was making a lewd smile and got on all fours. And then she pointed her butt towards Kizuna and shook it left and right wantonly. Himekawa looked across her shoulder to Kizuna and her eyebrows arched painfully.

「Yeah……I’ll do the place where Hayuru likes it the most.」

And then he caressed the valley of her bottom from above to bottom.

「Ahn! It, it’s not like I like……HAaAAAAAAAAA!」

Just by caressing at that spot, both of Himekawa’s arms that were supporting her body lost strength and her face touched the floor. Her upper body bent down and only her bottom was lifted up. Himekawa’s body was trembling in such a humiliating pose. She understood that it was an unsightly pose but she couldn’t put strength into her arms. Besides, the pleasure that Kizuna’s loving caress gave her was doubled by this humiliating posture. I am not feeling it or anything because of such shameless act――even though in her head she denied it like that, but her body and instincts completely understood. That she was really excited and feeling it.

And then an existence that was adding to that pleasure further was approaching Himekawa.

「Hya……Hyakurath, san?」

Hyakurath whose face looked worried was bringing her face closer to the Love Room trying to peek at the situation inside.

「Aah, don’t, Hyakurath-san……don’t look at me like this.」

At that time a pleasure that couldn’t be compared with everything until now became an impact that pierced Himekawa.


「Come on, Hyakurath is looking in exasperation there.」

「Wr, wrong……HAaaAAAANH! She cannot see, cannot hear……nnah!」

「She is talking with Mercuria see. How a public morals committee member is delighted with this kind of thing.」

Tears were gathering in Himekawa’s eyes.

There was Hyakurath who was whispering to Mercuria before her eyes. Both of them were frowning and staring at Himekawa as though looking down on her.

「――yah, yo, you’re misunderstanding. This is」

Even though she was saying that, but she also understood that she was in a pose that she couldn’t make an excuse for. Her figure that was lifting up her bottom towards Kizuna, her wretched begging figure. If she was seen being like this, then she wouldn’t be able to make any excuse.

「Aah, forgive me. This depraved me, aah! Yah, bu, but, my body is feeling it by itself-, fuaahn♡」

Kizuna attacked Himekawa’s inside further, at the same time he pushed in his thumb into her valley that was dripping honey.

「Hauh! aAAAAA♡」

Just like how Himekawa was getting excited by being seen by Hyakurath, Sylvia’s eyes were also reflecting the figure of her best friend.

Ragrus was bringing her face closer to the Love Room, her grim face was staring at Sylvia who was desperately shaking her waist that was holding Kizuna’s thing between her legs.

「Haanh, for-, forgive, me desu. Ragrus-channnn-aaaaaan!」

Even while apologizing, she didn’t try to stop rubbing her waist. She faced towards her best friend and appealed with tears in her eyes.

「Even though Sylvia, is making Ragrus-chan worry……Sylvia is, doing something like this desu. Nnah! Aaah!」

Kizuna pushed up his waist as though thrusting up.


Sylvia’s whole body shook.


Tears were flowing down from her eyes. The flowing out tears from between her legs was drenching wet Kizuna’s thing since a while ago.

Heart shaped light was emerging in the eyes of the two that were damp with tears.

――It’s here!

It was the point that would decide the match.

In Connective Hybrid, the two had to be made to reach climax simultaneously. It was really difficult to create that chance even if he was aiming for it. Training and technique, how much he knew about the partners, and then the fortune of time.

This timing where Hyakurath and Ragrus arrived at the same time, it was a moment of a miracle.

「Hayuru, Sylvia! Have your close friends look! At your true form.」

He thrust up his waist that Sylvia was riding and thrust in his finger that was connected into Himekawa.

「Sy, Sylvia-, is, is an indecent child desuu! Ra, Ragrus-chan-! I’m sorry desuuuuuunnnn♡♡♡♡」

「Aaaaaaaah♡! I’m sorry-, that this kind of, haaaah♡ indecent, sha-, shameless person is-, a public morals committee member-, I’m sorryyyyy!♡♡♡」

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 10.jpg

At that time dazzling lights were released from the bodies of the three. The three colored lights mixed with each other and the radiance multiplied as though it was going through a secondary explosion. The Love Room was filled with the light of magic power that even looked sublime. And then, that light was getting absorbed into the bodies of the three.

When the light settled down, inside the sparkling radiance that was like a lingering scent, the two girls collapsed as though they had lost consciousness. Sylvia collapsed on top of Kizuna, while Himekawa was also falling down limply on the floor.

「The Connective Hybrid is a success……you two did well Sylvia, Hayuru.」



Both of them were completely in a trance, even Kizuna felt like he would lose consciousness if he let his guard down. It appeared that the Baldein fragrance inside the Love Room was suitably effective.

「If we don’t breathe in outside air……these two won’t get back to normal.」

Kizuna gently laid down Sylvia on the floor and then he stood up with a staggering motion.

His head was hazy, but he had the sensation of immeasurable power welling up from inside his body. That was the proof that the Connective Hybrid succeeded.

Kizuna looked at the clock hanging on the hangar’s wall. It was already time for the transports to takeoff.

「Sylvia, Hayuru. The Connective Hybrid succeeded. Wear your pilot suits and then let’s get out.」

He somehow made the half awake girls to stand up and then he handed over their pilot suits.

At that moment, a terrible shaking that felt like an earthquake assaulted the three.


Their feet tripped over and the three fell on the floor on top of each other.


Himekawa groaned and tried to raise her body.

「――Don’t tell me!」

Kizuna jumped to his feet and looked around outside.

The walls of the hangar were getting dented one after another. Something was colliding into the walls from outside.

「That size……the mechanical angels!」

Fortunately it didn’t seem to be Thanatos. However, it didn’t change that this was a dangerous situation. They couldn’t hear any sound inside, but there was no doubt that there was a great commotion outside. He could see Hyakurath, Mercuria, also Ragrus and the others were going outside using a hatch for human use in order to intercept the enemy.

Kizuna turned around and shouted at the two lying on the floor.

「It’s an enemy attack! Hurry! Wear your pilot suits!」

「Ye, yes……but, because of the aroma, I’m still……」

Himekawa stood up somehow, but her feet were staggering.

「You will get better if you breathe in the air outside. Do your best at least to wear your suit!」

Kizuna was saying that while putting in his foot in his own pilot suit in a panic. And then he put his arm through the suit and what was left was only sealing up the suit, but it was at that time that a large shaking attacked once more.



When they stumbled and their hands leaned on the wall of the Love Room, it easily came apart.

――Damn it!

Cracks were spreading through the wall all at once and the whole wall broke, the three were thrown outside rolling on the floor.

「Hayuru, Sylvia, are you two okay!?」

「Ye, yes……somehow.」

Their words and expression changed into a firm one when they got outside. The effect of the aroma was blunted by them breathing in the air outside.

Himekawa raised her body while pulling up the electronic fastener of the pilot suit and sealed it up. Sylvia also finished her suiting up at that time.

「Let’s go, both of you.」


「Roger desu!」

Kizuna heard the reply of the two and he yelled the name of his core.


Following after him, Himekawa and Sylvia yelled.



And then the bodies of the three were equipped by their respective Heart Hybrid Gear.

「Yosh, then――」

Just when all their sortie preparations were in good order, Kurumizawa was running towards them with both her hands waving at them.

「TROUBLEEE! We finished the transport’s takeoff preparations, but there are magic weapons outside and we cannot get the runway out-! Do something, Eros-maou!」

The hangar of Nayuta Lab was adjoined with a runway, so if they went outside it would be possible to takeoff. However, with the enemy lying in wait, they would be helplessly destroyed if they went outside. Besides if the runway itself was destroyed, it would be impossible to takeoff.

A communication window opened beside Kizuna.

『This is Hyakurath! Fifteen hostile magic weapons are outside the hangar hatch! The Magic Armor squad is repelling them, but at this rate the transports won’t be able to takeoff!』

Hyakurath’s voice of desperation could be heard from the communication window.

「This is Kizuna. Amaterasu’s Connective Hybrid is finished. Get out the transport to the runway from now.」

Hearing that, Hyakurath replied in panic.

『Eeh!? If we do that, the transport will be destroyed!』

「Amaterasu will protect them! Committee chairman, please give support from above!」

『U, understood! Please take care!』

After yelling that Hyakurath’s communication cut off, surely she was going back to battle.

「Hayuru, Sylvia, are your preparations okay?」

Himekawa who already readied her Corruption Armament 『Gladius』 answered with a composed smile.

「Of course. My weapon is itching to be used here.」

「Sylvia is also OK to go anytime desu!」

Kizuna looked up at Sylvia and smiled at her reliability.

「Kurumizawa! Open the door and send out the transports!」

「Roger! I’ll leave it to you Eros-maou!」

And then the hung door towards the runway was starting to open along with the creaking sound of metal and heavy motor sounds.

White and gold colored mechanical angel quickly slipped through from the gap.

「They are coming! Hayuru!」

When Kizuna called out, Neros’s figure was already passing through the mechanical angel. Gladius was cutting through while emitting a cold light. The wreck of the bisected mechanical angel crashed on the floor of the hangar, it was sliding on the ground while giving out sparks from its falling momentum.

「Nice, Hayuru!」


Himekawa replied to Kizuna’s praise as though it was only natural and then she stood in front of the hangar blocking the way.


Four huge swords flew out from Himekawa’s back. Each of those swords were moving automatically and struck down the mechanical angels heading towards the hangar.

「Sylvia will go too desu!」

Sylvia estimated the timing when the gate opened into a size that Taros could pass through before going on the offense.

Sylvia that went outside confirmed the surroundings. On the runway, there was a magic armor that was taking on three mechanical angels simultaneously.

「Ragrus-chan! Dodge desu!」

Demon’s large frame fell side ways all of a sudden without even looking back.


The light of the giant particle cannon rushed through the place where Demon was standing. One mechanical angel was blown away and one other lost one of its wings.


Demon’s strong arm smashed the one winged mechanical angel. The armor of the mechanical angel was crushed and its internal machinery protruded out from the cracks.

The remaining angel attacked Demon’s back using that opening.


Taros charged towards that mechanical angel. Its left arm rose up and punched the mechanical angel using its charging momentum. The blown away mechanical angel was then punched back by Demon who was waiting with a superb timing. Demon’s giant fist smashed the mechanical angel’s body into pieces.

「We did it desu, Ragrus-chan!」

「You are late Sylvia! Did you have that much fun with your captain?」

Sylvia’s face turned bright red and she made an excuse to Ragrus who looked a bit in a bad mood.

「Yo-, you’re wrong desu! We, we did it because of the mission desu……but, it wasn’t unpleasant, though desu.」

A vein was emerging on Ragrus’s forehead.

「……That brute captain……I’ll make him explain later, just what was he doing to you! We are going now Sylvia!」

「Sy, Sylvia doesn’t want Ragrus-chan to know desuuuu」

Demon and Taros were heading at the mechanical angels descending on the runway. Kizuna saw off their figures and opened a communication window.

「Kurumizawa! The sweep of the runway is finished. Go!」

『I’ve been waiting for that!』

An airframe with a total length of more than forty meters came out from the hangar. Clementine and Leila from Masters were riding on its back.

A window from Scarlet opened in front of Kizuna.

『Kizuna! Leave guarding the transport to Masters!』

Then Clementine who was riding on top of the transport yelled in a good mood.

「The one in charge of this transport are me and Leila! Nooow let’s shoot like crazy~」

「We will absolutely see to it that it arrives safely, so be generous with the success reward later!」

Kizuna gave a thumbs up at the two and wished them a good fight. The jet engine raised a thunderous roar and the large airframe accelerated in one go. It lifted up to the sky when the range of the runway almost reached the limit.


『Flying feels somewhat different when someone else gives you a lift eh―. Free ride is the best!』

Excessively high tension voices came from the communication window.

Those bright voices for some reason made him think that it would be okay with their mood like that.

「I also mustn’t get left behind huh――」

Kizuna looked up to the sky. There Hyakurath and Mercuria were fighting hard against the troop of mechanical angels.

Hyakurath readied her sword against two mechanical angels as her opponent. Her body charged forward as though to force her way through between the mechanical angels.


She cut down one angel instantly and then cut apart another with her returning slash. The mechanical angel didn’t even explode, falling into the cloud below. It was a beautiful and perfect sword technique.

「Arc Drive.」

Mercuria’s bow fired an arrow as big as a spear. That spear flew at a squad of mechanical angels lining up at far distance and caused a fierce explosion. The angels were swallowed by an explosion with a diameter that reached a hundred meters and several of them were annihilated.

Leaving Himekawa, Sylvia, and Ragrus to guard the hangar and runway, Kizuna was thinking to support Hyakurath and Mercuria, so he was going to raise the output of Eros’s thruster.


A floating window materialized in front of his eyes that stopped him.

「Uah! Nee-chan. What’s the matter!?」

『Is that idiot parent over there on your side!?』

The sudden question made Kizuna speechless for a moment.

「N, no……I don’t know whether she came here or not though. I didn’t see her.」

Reiri gnawed on her thumb when he answered so.

「What’s wrong, Nee-chan?」

『I cannot find that woman anywhere. I was concerned because she ran off her mouth saying strange things at the briefing but……』

『There is no need to fret. I think that Thanatos herself won’t move. Of course, I really don’t have any concrete proof of that.』

Certainly she said that. He wondered just what was the meaning of what she said. Besides, until now he thought that it was because they were lucky, but for Thanatos to not appear when they were rampaging this conspicuously was also――,

「Don’t tell me!?」

Kizuna raised the output of his thruster.

「Corruption Armament 『Nayuta』!」

Several magic circles were emerging in front of Kizuna. Eros’s figure changed each time it went through a magic circle, transforming into a large magic armor that looked like a machine god.

「I’m going!」

And then he flew out of the hangar and accelerated to the speed of sound instantly.

Sylvia’s eyes turned round at Kizuna who was flying out without fighting the mechanical angels.

「Wha, what’s the matter desu? Captain.」

Himekawa who similarly noticed Kizuna flying out also entered the communication.

『I don’t know……but, there is no doubt that there is some kind of circumstance.』

「The, then, we have to go too!」

However Himekawa smiled gently.

『No. He would have told us if our assistance is necessary. That Kizuna-kun didn’t do that means that we have to do our own job.』


Sylvia nodded with a determined expression.

「Sylvia understands desu! Sylvia will absolutely protect this place so everyone can escape desu!」

『Right! Let’s do our best!』

They could see reinforcements of mechanical angels coming from the sky far away right at that timing. Their number was roughly thirty.

『No matter how many come, I’ll turn them into the rust of Gladius!』

Himekawa pointed the tip of her Corruption Armament at the enemy and smiled.

Part 3[edit]

「Thanatos, you want to know just what you are, isn’t that right?」

「Are you saying that you have the answer for that?」


Nayuta answered calmly.

「Who gave birth to you, why you were born, how you evolved until your current point. You are looking for the answer to those questions aren’t you?」

The eyes of Thanatos that were half closed slightly opened.

「That’s correct. The experiment is for the sake of confirming that.」

Thanatos stared fixedly at Nayuta. That powerful gaze was so intense to the degree that could made others think, that perhaps she was even analyzing Nayuta’s body, her inner structure, and her thought circuit.

Nayuta’s calm attitude didn’t crumble from that, it was unknown whether that was from her composure or her bluffing.

「Each of the machine gods has a different origin. For example Hokuto. She is an aggregation of a perishing world. An existence of a digitalized world and people. Hokuto herself is the one in charge of the consciousness inside that. So to speak, she is a girl that became god by becoming the world itself.」

Nayuta took out a fan from her chest.

「For example Osiris. The queen of the dead of a ruined world. The scientists there used her body as the raw material for a repeated experiment that continuously prolonged her life on and on, and it resulted with an existence that reached a shocking variation. By turning an infinite power of destruction obtained from another world into her source of energy, she was a wife and a mother that arrived to godhood.」

Nayuta relaxedly fanned herself.

「For example Odin. By using battle as a means of evolution and simplified the direction of the evolution, the speed of the natural selection is accelerated and it raised the speed of evolution. By acquiring every kind of ability into her body, she is a warrior that reached godhood.」

Wind shook Nayuta’s hair.

「Everyone has a different origin, but they have a point that is common to a certain degree. Yes, everyone of them were originally human-like organism. But, there is just one machine god among them that is obviously a different existence.」

Thanatos was quietly listening to Nayuta’s talk. However, there was a bad premonition, as though the energy inside her body was whirling with increasing force.

「Thanatos. You were born as god right from the start. And then the evolution was carried out inside yourself. Other people were not related at all with that process. You were born as god, the ultimate person of solitude.」

「You are saying that from the start……I was a god when I was born?」

「That’s right. You having no memory of your origin is because of that.」

「However, I should have reached this point by evolving.」

「Yes. The evolution was carried out by your own hand. The programs you are composed from were improving yourself. The repetition of that was your evolution. But, right now you are losing sight of the direction of your evolution. That’s why you wanted to know just what is needed in the first place. For what sake you should evolve. You wanted to know your origin, what is the meaning and the reason of your existence. That was why you started to search for your past. It’s something like that isn’t it?」

Thanatos’s gaze that was filled with sorrow changed slightly. Her expression didn’t change. However, it looked like an emotion that was different somehow was rising up from underneath it.

「Then what is it that you want to say? Where can I find the answer?」

Nayuta raised her voice and laughed.

「Such thing, it doesn’t exist.」


「The person who gave birth to you, their world, their sense of value, they don’t exist anymore. They perished. They are extinct. The people who needed you already didn’t exist when you were born.」

Nayuta talked with a voice that sounded grave, and gentle.

「The path where you should evolve to, can only be decided by yourself.」

The giant wings towering behind Thanatos were starting to emit radiance.

「What I want is an answer. Is that all the information that you have? Then」

Thanatos’s eyes shined. Golden light was spreading, as though it was rippling out from the center of her blue eyes. And then her blue eyes carried out a change into golden eyes.

「My, the color of your eyes is literally changing there.」

Cold sweat was coming out from the forehead of Nayuta who was joking.


The golden eyes were gazing at Nayuta. Thanatos’s arm pointed at Nayuta and that palm was enveloped in golden light. And then the light was increasing in radiance until the limit, and that light was fired towards Nayuta.

That was a light that guided everything to destruction.

It was a radiance of the end that purged existence from all worlds.

Nayuta was staring at that radiance with composure until the end.

And then, Nayuta was enveloped by that light――,



A black wall stood in the way of the light of ruin.

The dreadful flood of light had pressure that washed away everything. And also vibration that shook the world.

The light of destruction that was like the rage of god was blocked by the barrier of Kizuna’s Corruption Armament 『Nayuta』 and by the wing on his back turned into a shield.

「Kizuna! Why are you here!?」

「Nee-chan, said that Kaa-san isn’t there. That perhaps……you were here!」

Even while answering, Kizuna was being overwhelmed by the intense power of Thanatos. His body creaked, his muscles and bones were screaming. If he stopped focusing even for an instant, the magic armor that should have obtained Nayuta’s power felt like it would break into pieces anytime.


『Eros! Can you hear!?』

The extreme impact made the communication window only look like noise.

「Kuh, Kurumizawa-! I’m, busy right now!」

『The electricity here returned! Our parting gift will be something intense coming there so run away! Escape from there!』


Before he could ask what she was talking about, he felt a mass of terrific energy approaching.

――That stupid idiot!

He carried Nayuta in his arms right away and flew up. He poured all his power output into his thruster.


By running away, it created an opening that he couldn’t avoid. In that instant of opening, Thanatos’s light blew away Eros’s armor.


The leg units were blown away from his knees.


Taros’s large rocket was instantly created on his back. The maximum ignition of that rocket brought him to charge to the ceiling without pause.


Neros’s Corruption Armament 『Gladius』 was created from his arm.


Gladius stabbed into the ceiling of the sanctuary. The sword that cut apart all existence cut apart even god’s sanctuary. Gladius’s power blew away the ceiling and Kizuna and Nayuta escaped from Thanatos’s palace.

Below the feet of the climbing up Kizuna, just a few meters under him, an astonishingly large caliber particle cannon rushed through.

――Ataraxia’s main cannon!?

It was the largest artillery in existence with a caliber of twenty meters and a three kilometer cannon barrel, needing all the electricity in Ataraxia to be poured into it. It was a giant particle cannon that blew away even Vatlantis’s fleet.

That pillar of light hit Thanatos’s sanctuary. However, the wall of the sanctuary repelled back even that cannon attack.

――As expected, it cannot be that easy.

Just when Kizuna thought that, the giant particle cannon blew away the mountain itself.


A giant hole was gouged on the mountain slope, and the particle cannon raised its output further. That absurd destructive power couldn’t destroy the sanctuary, but it blew away the mountain summit where the sanctuary was constructed. The mountain broke and snow became avalanche that rushed down the slope. The sanctuary was then rolling down the mountain slope still in its original shape.

Seeing that situation made Kizuna raise a cheer spontaneously.

「You did it you guys! Hahahaha!」

Nayuta was also staring at the crumbling mountain with an astonished face. And then she looked up at the face of her son who was carrying her as though she noticed something.


At that time, a jet transport was approaching Kizuna’s position. Kurumizawa was waving her hand in the cockpit. A communication window opened and Sylvia’s face was projected there.

『Captain! You are safe desu! Sylvia is glad desu!』

「Sylvia, I’m glad you are safe too. Where are you?」

『Behind the transport desu.』

When he turned there, he could see the figures of Taros and Demon around five hundred meters from the transport.

However, a black shadow was approaching from behind them.

「What, that’s?」

When Kizuna focused his eyes, Nayuta answered in his place.

「That’s Thanatos’s magic weapon, the mechanical angel……if it’s one by one they are not a match against Taros, but that number is too many. Perhaps there is two hundred――」

『Hah! What are you saying!』

That self-important retort didn’t come from Sylvia, but from a different cute voice. A new window was opened and the proud looking face of Ragrus was projected.

『Just that many isn’t Sylvia’s enemy!』

『Wa, wait Ragrus-chan.』

Sylvia stopped her with a panicked face.

『If it’s now you can use it right! That thing!』

『Ah……right desu. It’s usable desu!』

Ragrus grinned broadly.

『You have never shot that seriously before. If it’s now then you can let go and fire without reservation!』

Sylvia frowned.

Taros lowered its speed and changed direction. She hovered still midair and glared at the approaching mechanical angel army.

「……Understood desu. But, it’s dangerous so everyone please go ahead desu.」

Kizuna and Ragrus also lowered their speed and stopped midair.

『Got it. We are watching from here so we’ll leave it to you, Sylvia.』

『Let them have at it! Sylvia.』

「EEEEEEEE? Sy, Sylvia said, to go ahead desu!」

『You think we can leave you behind! If you don’t want us to die then decide the fight right away.』

『Yeah, Sylvia! Blow them altogether with boo―m!』

「Uu……un, understood desu, so at least please take some more distance desuuu!」

Violet colored magic power rushed around Taros’s whole frame and gathered into its right arm.

The seal on Talos’s right arm that was like a safe box was lifted while making a sound.

「Indeed, it’s a bit scary using this on the ground or in Ataraxia desu……but」

And then the door of that seal was opened.

「Sylvia, is serious desu!」

A heavy bass sound was resounding from Taros’s right arm, at the same time black darkness was shot out.

A jet black meteor was floating towards the army of mechanical angels.

The mechanical angels tried to shoot down that black meteor and fired shining beams. But, those lights were all sucked into the black darkness.

And then that black darkness flew to the middle of the mechanical angel crowd.

Ultimate Gravity CompressionTitania!!」

Sylvia raised the yell of her soul.

As though responding to that voice, the black sphere made a low echoing sound and it instantly spread out. The surrounding scenery was distorted at the same time. The black celestial body that suddenly materialized was drawing in everything with a gravitational force of a black hole that warped the light. And then the atmosphere of this world was starting to move with fierce speed. The clouds, the atmosphere, the mechanical angels, were all being sucked into that black celestial body in the blink of an eye.

It was irrelevant how much the mechanical angels raised the output of their thrusters. Titania was mercilessly, and greedily sucking in everything.

「Thi……this thing is!」

Kizuna yelled unconsciously.

Squall was attacking Kizuna and the others even with this much distance. The super gravitational force Titania was producing was mercilessly sucking in everything and compressing them. The figure of nearly two hundred mechanical angels was already gone. Even so Titania was swallowing in the sea of clouds without settling down.

「Yosh! It’s enough already Sylvia――」

Something was visible from the gap of the clouds that was streaming like a muddy stream.


A shining black object peeked out its face from under the thick cloud. It looked like land but it wasn’t soil. It was made from black metal, flickering like a small shining star. It even looked like a terrifyingly gigantic electronic equipment.

「That’s, just what in the world……」

『Oi! Come back quickly! The last transport landed already. We are going to depart now!』

Reiri’s voice that suddenly echoed shook Kizuna’s eardrum.

「Ro, roger! Sylvia!」

『Roger desu!』

Taros confirmed that Titania was sealed once more before Kizuna and the others flew towards the battleship Ataraxia at full speed.

――However, just what was that thing under the cloud? Besides…….

Kizuna turned his head and looked behind.

The mountain where Thanatos’s sanctuary was at couldn’t be seen anymore. Perhaps it had disappeared beyond the horizon, or else perhaps the mountain had crumbled and had sunk below the clouds, he couldn’t immediately make the distinction.

「Thanatos hasn’t perished yet.」

Nayuta spoke as though she was reading inside Kizuna’s heart.

「I see……well, no matter how much destructive power Ataraxia’s main cannon has, it won’t be able to defeat a machine god huh. As expected if it’s not with Reincarnation……」

However, Nayuta hung her head down with an apologetic expression.

And then she whispered with a voice that no one could hear.

「……No matter what kind of method we use, defeating Thanatos is impossible you know.」

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