Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 10 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Big Sister and Little Brother[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The Battleship Ataraxia safely retreated from Thanatos’s world. There was nothing they could say except it was fortunate that Thanatos didn’t pursue. The cause of that was unclear, whether it was from Nayuta’s conversation or possibly the main cannon of Ataraxia, but at any rate the rescue mission was a success.

The rescued students were inserted into new organization and orientation for them was taking place in each place where they were assigned to.

Currently, the battleship Ataraxia was heading to Odin’s world, but it was estimated that it would take a few weeks until they arrived. The Valtantis force on the Oldium that Grace was leading had gone ahead to Odin’s world, they should be going ahead with investigation there.

「Odin……if we are only talking about battle ability, then she might rival Thanatos……we have to link up with them even for a second faster……」

Nayuta was lying down slovenly on the lounge suite sofa inside Reiri’s room.

Reiri who was working on her work desk stopped her hand.

「Then what are we going to do? Against Thanatos, both you and Kizuna using his Corruption Armament couldn’t even make a dent on her right?」

「That’s so isn’t it……」

Nayuta replied listlessly looking totally exhausted.

Reiri lifted her face and stared at the figure of her mother lying down face up on the sofa that could be used by three people.

「What’s the matter? You are being awfully docile.」

「Yes……perhaps this is because of the summer heat.」

Reiri frowned looking dubious.

Since Nayuta became a god and turned into this little girl form, she often spoke jokes and made fun of Reiri and the others. Perhaps this time was also like that.

But even while thinking so, Reiri was feeling an atmosphere that was different from usual from her.

――No! If so, then what? There is no need at all for me to be considerate towards this woman.

「Don’t slack off and think up some method to prevail. You intentionally went to meet Thanatos. You got some kind of information from that right?」

「I mostly understand about Thanatos now but……if I reach out my hand to her offering a counseling service, I will only get bitten. A child at that age is really difficult isn’t it.」

「You really say that shamelessly huh. The way you are talking feels like you actually have experience in raising a child.」

With that their dialogue cut off.

But neither Reiri nor Nayuta exited the room.

Reiri was working on her work silently, Nayuta was lying down listlessly on the sofa.

Nayuta took out something from her chest looking as though it was troublesome to even lift her hand. Still facing up, she reached out her hand and put something on the table. The sound of that action made Reiri lift up her face.


Reiri stared at the metallic capsule put on the table with a suspicious face.

Nayuta’s frail voice could be heard.

「This is the trump card to crush Odin.」

The reached out hand looked as though it was trying to lift something heavy while returning on top of Nayuta’s chest.

The shine of the object put on the table made Reiri stood up.

「Is that……a Heart Hybrid Gear’s core?」

「Yes……a core that I made from zero for the first time.」


The core of a Heart Hybrid Gear was originally an OOPArt of the of Atlantis. It was still not understood whether it was the product of a super ancient civilization of that world or an instigation from one of the Deus ex Machina.

Even when Nayuta was researching the Heart Hybrid Gear, it was nothing more than reusing the already existing core. What Nayuta did was only make it so that a human’s life energy could be used to power up the core as replacement for magic power.

Reiri walked towards the table with her eyes opened wide in amazement at that metal piece.

Different from other cores, it was emitting a really beautiful radiance. It wasn’t an unrefined metal, it had a glossy white surface. Blue light was shining from there. It even looked like a high class artistic handicraft.

「I see……so you mean to throw in new battle potential.」

「That core is my greatest masterpiece. Even when compared to other cores, I believe that there is none that can surpass it.」

Reiri gulped audibly.

If she was able to assert that much, then it must really have powerful specs. The problem was how much ability it specifically possessed and who would use it.

「……But, it has one limitation.」

Reiri clicked her tongue and made a disagreeable face.

「As I thought there is something……so, just what kind of harassment it has?」

Nayuta answered with closed eyes.

「Reiri, that core is exclusive for you.」


Her mouth opened wide unconsciously and stiffened up.

「It will be mostly useless even if another person installs it. It was made with Reiri’s biological information as the premise, a core that was adjusted to match Reiri’s traits. Most likely, it is the first order made core in history.」


Nayuta opened her eyes thinly.

「In the first place, I only have little remaining power, so it’s the end with this. What’s this? Is this what they called a bedridden senior citizen I wonder.」

She made a dry smile with the face of a kindergartner.

Reiri couldn’t reply anything to that joke.

Silence continued for a while, before long Nayuta spoke with a low volume.

「This is a present for you.」


Cold sweat trickled down on Reiri’s cheek. Her trembling fingertips picked up the beautiful core placed on the table.

「This is the first time……I received something from you I think.」

Nayuta was looking up to Reiri with a thin smile still pasted on her face.

Reiri puckered up her face while lifting the core to the room’s lighting.

「Moreover, you got no sense. Just where in the world can you find a parent that will give a weapon as a present. Besides, using this is just like a death sentence.」

Nayuta smiled happily.

「But you want it right?」


That was the truth.

The guilty feeling of making her subordinates fight. She even saw it in her dreams, just how great it would be if she could fight herself.

「The problem is……the one with the highest aptitude for a magic armor in this ship is you Reiri. Making the greatest player use the greatest tool. It’s actually also a logical and rational decision.」


「Besides……if there is Kizuna then you won’t die. Even if you install it, it’s fine if you use it only to protect yourself. If you have that, then you can become a god or a demon you know? Even if, for example, everyone else died, perhaps you and Kizuna will be able to survive.」

「Wha……saying a screwed up thing like――」

Reiri swallowed back the words she was about to say.

There was a doubt that she had been feeling since long ago.

But she couldn’t bring herself to ask it, speaking that question out loud itself was unforgivable.


For some reason,

She wanted to voice that doubt very much so.


Reiri stared at the core that was created for her sake. Its surface, had a really detailed and cute decoration applied there.

Perhaps, that was a completely unnecessary decoration.

――She shaved her life even if just slightly for something like this?

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 11.jpg

「You……since you turned into that form」

The question lurking inside her heart, was naturally rushing out from Reiri’s mouth.

「A human heart and emotions, were born inside you, weren’t they?」

However, Nayuta only squinted her eyes and smiled.

Part 2[edit]

In an indoor sports ground inside the battleship Ataraxia. In that space that was as big as a gymnasium, there was a giant block stacked up. It was an object that was like four normal Love Rooms being connected. It was placed at the center of the sports ground. Around it there were measuring instruments, machinery used for all kinds of adjustments, an external cooling unit, batteries and so on. All of those were placed surrounding the box with wiring extending in between.

Kei took out her keyboard and began inputting text.

『This is the experimental device of the new Love Room. It’s official name is not yet fixed. Codename Chronos.』

「……So big.」

It was really drew a contrast with the Portable Love Room used the other day. Kizuna thought if it would be possible to transport this if it was this big.

『The development concept of this was greatly different from the Portable Love Room used in actual combat the other day. This is still an experimental unit, but from the beginning it was assumed that it will not be used by moving it around. Chronos is being developed by only prioritizing the addition of the required function.』

「Required function?」

Kei’s glasses shined.

『The power to surpass time.』


Kizuna doubted his ears.

『The function to change the body’s external appearance that was in the middle of research from before. The implementation of that was completed.』

「Before this, is it what I heard when I did Climax Hybrid with Valdy……」

However, what use would it have after this far?

Kizuna raised his eyes at the system of giant Love Rooms that didn’t exist until now.

「So a system this big is necessary for that function……but, it got completed really quickly didn’t it?」

Kizuna thought that if it was with this, then perhaps there would be no need for him to dress as a girl in front of everyone like before. Thinking that, his feeling became somewhat resentful.

『Professor Nayuta’s power.』

「Eh? Aa, now that you mentioned it, Kaa-san wrote the program or something.」

『It’s impossible to develop it with this speed if it’s me. In addition, it doesn’t mean that this is using a god’s miracle. Professor Nayuta carried out the development work really normally, just like how a human would do it. And then, the Love Room that can even be called as the ultimate was completed.』

Kizuna once more stared fixedly at the towering gigantic Love Room.

「Is this, really……something that amazing?」

『Inside this is a world that transcends reality. Things that practically cannot be done, impossible things, things that cannot happen, can all occur. You won’t understand whether it’s a dream or reality, or whether that reality really occurred or not. What is inside this is different from reality, it’s a different world.』

Kizuna was unable to understand the specific mechanism and significance regarding this Love Room. But, he was at least able to understand that developing this was difficult.

『I already understood from before, but with this I was made to realize once more my difference with a genius.』

「Even Shikina-san is also genius enough.」

Kei shook her head left and right.

『I was called as a prodigy since I was a child but……even a genius is just an ordinary person when they passed twenty, that’s something that is often said. In the first place, it’s a problem of who I was compared to.』

The face of Kei who was always expressionless changed to look like it was brooding somewhere in it.

『From the beginning I understood that there is an existence that my hands cannot reach. But, I saw a dream, that if I worked hard, perhaps I will be able to get closer even for a little. But, a dream is a dream. I believe that it’s fine if I just do my own research……but, when it was thrust in front of me that such a person exists in this world, I thought, is there any meaning in anything that I do.』

Kizuna only knew the figure of Kei who was always advancing development dispassionately. And then he arbitrarily thought of her as the owner of a terrifyingly tough mental strength from that image. Due to that, Kizuna could only be bewildered when she suddenly showed him her weak figure.

「Such thing……all this time it’s thanks to Shikina-san that we――」

「Kizuna, you are here already.」

The door of the sports ground opened and Reiri came in. An attaché case that was shining silver was dangling from her hand.


Reiri lifted the attaché case on her hand and showed it to him.

「Yeah. It’s a new core.」

The thick door of the Love Room opened along with the sound of vapor getting jetted out.

『Reiri, the preparations are finished already.』

「Got it. Let’s go Kizuna.」

「Ye, yeah.」

Kizuna followed behind Reiri and entered inside the Love Room. Then behind them the door closed with a heavy sound.

「The inside……is unexpectedly normal.」

Even though the outside appearance was large, the space inside wasn’t that different.

「Yeah. The frame’s largeness isn’t for more space, but for the sake of the added function.」

「For the sake of a function that changes the external appearance is it……but, what Shikina-san said, bout the power the surpasses time, what does she mean by that?」

Reiri manipulated the control on the wall while answering.

「――This is what it meant.」

When Reiri’s finger pushed the confirmation button, Kizuna’s field of vision became riddled with noise. And then he was assaulted with a sensation that was similar to dizziness.

It was a severe sensation even more than the usual Love Room. His whole body was paralyzed and the sensation of his body became diluted. He was attacked by anxiousness as though his body was going somewhere far.

――What? What happened to me?

His hand reached out to rely on something. His hand was groping around like a drowning man desperately trying to get a hold of something.


He heard a voice calling.

It was a voice that really reassured him. A voice that made him believed unconditionally that he could trust this person.

When his hand reached out to the direction of that voice, something warm and soft was welcoming his hand. He was embraced with two hands and his face was buried into something elastic with the thickness of a futon.

That sensation granted an instinctual sense of security to Kizuna.

「……How is it? Has your awareness become clear?」

It seemed that Kizuna was closing his eyes without him noticing it. When he opened his eyes just like he was told, he was being buried into a sailor uniformed chest.


He remembered that design of the collar and ribbon. And then above all this aroma. Amidst the mix of soap smell and sweet aroma, he could faintly smell an adult fragrance that was like perfume, it was a fragrance that he loved and it made his chest rumble.


When he pulled away his face and looked up, there was the smiling face of his big sister.

However, he felt something out of place with that face.

It was unmistakably Reiri. However, he felt like her face was somewhat returned younger. She had an adult face and figure since in the past, so there wasn’t any large difference. If he was forced to say, then perhaps it was because of this sailor uniform’s fault?

A collar with a blue and yellow line added with a green colored ribbon. That breast was pushed up from below forcefully that the navel was visible. Below was a blue pleated skirt.

――If I remember right this is Nee-chan’s high school uniform. At that time I was in elementary student. My height was just around this area――!?

Kizuna looked down on his own figure in panic.

He was wearing a T-shirt and short pants. Excessively unreliable thickness and length could be felt from his legs. And then the floor was near.

「No way……-!」

When he looked around the room, a familiar and also nostalgic sight was surrounding Kizuna. It was the living room that Kizuna lived in when he was a child. The sofa, television, and also the table were all just like in the past.

However, the room felt really vast. The height of the ceiling and door, the size of every single furniture, they all made him feel for real that his body had become small.

「This place is……our house on megafloat Tokyo.」

「Correct. How nostalgic.」

「Come to think of it……when I first entered the Love Room, it was this room that was shown for demonstration……」

Reiri responded looking a bit embarrassed.

「Aa, I couldn’t think of any other sample at that time.」

Kizuna stared once more at the figure of his big sister wearing a sailor uniform.

「What she said about surpassing time……it meant this?」

「Everything is for the sake of this objective.」

Reiri’s eyes moved towards the attaché case placed on the table.

「Install the core into me here. It seems……this will, provoke my……excitement, and immoral feelings……the most.」

The more Reiri’s speech was nearing the end, the smaller and more subdued her voice became. Reiri’s cheeks turned red in shame and she averted her eyes while murmuring.

「This is for the sake of obtaining the strongest spec. I’m reluctant but this cannot be helped. You too……must be, feeling complicated but, if you can do it……without feeling that it’s detestable, that, I’ll feel happy.」

Those words felt like they were said from far away.

「I, I’m not thinking that it’s detestable……there is no way, I’m thinking that.」

His tongue couldn’t form words well. The beating of his heart couldn’t slow down since some time ago. His cheeks were burning, even he himself understood how blood was rising to his head. Kizuna was feeling an excitement that he had never tasted until now.

Reiri suddenly directed her eyes to Kizuna and made a surprised face.

「……It seems, that you have become in the mood for it huh.」

「Eh? Waah!」

There was a large tent in the front of his pants.

「Kizuna, come over here.」

Reiri smiled and turned around to the washroom with the fringe of her skirt fluttering. Kizuna honestly followed behind her. The washroom doubled as the changing room. There was the bathroom at the other side of the blurry glass.

「It has been a long time since we entered together.」

「Y, yeah.」

Reiri opened the fastener at the side and took off her sailor uniform’s upper clothes without hesitation. And then she pulled down her skirt and was left in only her underwear. Her white underwear without any decoration was something that the Reiri at that time often wore. That underwear that Kizuna sometimes happened to catch sight of was something that made his heart beat fast.

When she took off that underwear too, Reiri’s splendid body appeared in front of Kizuna. Her large breasts protruded out like rockets and it was shaking in front of Kizuna. Her body was returning to when she was in her high school period which might have cause it to become more or less smaller. However, perhaps because Kizuna himself also became small, it instead looked even bigger.

「What’s the matter? Can’t you undress by yourself?」

「N, no. I’m fine here.」

He replied so, but Reiri gripped the fringe of his T-shirt and pulled it up. Kizuna also obediently lifted both his hands straight up and let himself got undressed. And then Reiri unbuttoned his short pants before pulling it down until his ankle in one go.

Reiri then put her hands on the last piece of clothing and pulled it down gently. When the briefs were lowered until the thigh, Kizuna’s thing leaped out energetically from inside.

Reiri chuckled when she saw its appearance.

「Looks like it got turned into a child form properly.」

Kizuna’s face got even redder.

「UWAAAAA! Even though it’s fine even if this kind of place doesn’t get returned too!」

However, it was only its size that was close to the present. That barely let Kizuna retain his dignity. Reiri looked fondly at such Kizuna.

「Then, let’s enter.」


Reiri took Kizuna’s hand and they entered the bathroom. And then she turned on the hot water from the shower and adjusted the temperature while bathing under it.

「Yosh, it’s fine now Kizuna.」

Next she showered Kizuna. The pleasantness of the hot water, and the strange reality of him entering the bath with his big sister made him feel like his thought circuit was getting screwy.

Certainly there was a time when they entered the bath together when he was a child. However, the implications in this current situation were completely different. Right now they had entered the bath together with the objective of doing install on his big sister.

When he thought that, Kizuna’s thing twitched by itself. Reiri gulped seeing that.

Reiri’s heart throbbing became violent.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 12.jpg

She helplessly wanted to touch it.

She gulped her saliva unconsciously.

――That’s right. As expected I have to take the lead as the big sister.

She resolved herself so and reached out her hand to Kizuna’s groin.

「This place, has to be washed to.」

「Uaaah! Ne, Nee-chan-」

Reiri’s hand touched Kizuna’s thing. Her slender fingers were gently holding it and moved up and down.

「Uh! Ku」

「Nn……does it hurt?」

「N, no……it’s not that but, that, the tip is still covered……」

Reiri made an understanding face and knelt in front of Kizuna. And then, she licked Kizuna’s tip briefly with her tongue.

Kizuna felt like electricity was running through from his tailbone until his head.

「Ne, Nee-chan.」

「If something is not done to this, it will be a hindrance in the install. Because, I’m the adult I’ll do it so……don’t worry.」

She smiled at Kizuna reassuringly and then held that tip into her mouth.


Reiri licked around inside her mouth to swell it up. And then she seized the root by making a ring with her fingers and she gently rocked back and forth.

「Aah, Ne-Nee-chan-!」

Kizuna could do nothing except writhing from the intense pleasure. Stimulation was attacking mercilessly from the part that was more sensitive than usual. Shudders were running through his spine.

Reiri inserted her tongue at the gap behind the skin, she was making that part get accustomed while slightly adding strength on her fingers. Reiri was gradually making the tip of Kizuna that was hiding to show its face.

And then in one moment, the stuck part got smoothly surmounted.

「tsu! Aaaah!」

Kizuna’s waist trembled. Strength entered his feet and his toes stretched tensed.

And then Kizuna exploded into Reiri’s mouth the pleasure that was equal to his first climax.


Reiri made a surprised face for a moment, but her eyes squinted and her throat gulped without her mouth letting go.

She was gulping down the first climax that her little brother once felt. A temptation that surpassed her guilt ruled over her heart. And then the affection inside her heart was overflowing.

When Kizuna settled down, Reiri pulled her mouth away slowly. And then she looked up at Kizuna with a mischievous smile.

「You came already? I was surprised because it was too sudden you know.」

However Reiri’s cheeks were also blushing from excitement. And then she slowly traced her lips with her finger.

「Be, because, it was different from usual, it was amazing……」

Reiri smiled gently at Kizuna who was making an excuse, then she stood up and sat astride the bathtub.

「Kizuna, you soak into the bath too.」

Reiri lowered her waist into the hot water and then she stretched her legs inside the bathtub.

Kizuna entered between her legs and lowered himself down. He stretched his legs inside the hot water so Reiri could embrace him from behind. The temperature of the hot water was just right, it softened the excitement from before. However, his big sister’s breasts with its amazing elasticity was on his back.

He couldn’t calm down with that.

「Haa―……it feels good doesn’t it, Kizuna.」

「Ye, yes……」

「Don’t be that reserved. It’s fine if you lean closer.」

「Is……is that so? Then……」

Kizuna timidly let his body fell back and snuggled close on Reiri’s breast. It was soft, and yet despite that it was pushing back on his body, really like a cushion. Even while he was feeling a light guilt of leaning on this important thing of his sister, he was still enjoying to his hearts content that sensation.

During that time, Reiri’s hands embraced Kizuna tightly, before caressing his arms and chest lovingly. And then her hands moved from the inside of his thigh toward between his legs. She grasped as though to reward him for releasing his desire just now and then she stroked.


The little brother writhed inside the big sister’s arms without being able to escape. That figure made it impossible for the upsurge of Reiri’s heart to stop.

――Aa, how cute, Kizuna…….

Her soul was intoxicated with that enjoyment.

Kizuna’s tiptoes stretched and his body floated from feeling it too much. It resulted with Kizuna’s thing peeking out in a bouncing way from the hot water.

「You did great Kizuna. It’s already big.」

「If Nee-chan, playing with it like that……of course it will get big.」

Reiri felt like something pierced her chest.

「I, I see……however, it got properly peeled down and turned out good looking you know.」

「Eh? Really?」

Kizuna looked across his shoulder at Reiri with a glad-looking face.

「Yeah, if it’s like this……it looks like, you’ll be able to install splendidly into me.」

Hearing that, Kizuna spoke to Reiri with a serious face.

「Nee-chan……I’ll, work hard.」

「Fufu, I’ll look forward to it♪」

Reiri patted Kizuna’s head and gently gripped Kizuna’s thing that showed its face from the hot water. And then she kindly stroked up and down.

「D, don’t do that…….if you do that, ah-!」

White splash rushed out from Kizuna’s tip without any time to stop. That thing which flew energetically impacted Reiri’s face as though it had taken a careful aim before.


「Aaa, so, sorry! Tha, that’s why I said don’t……」

Reiri reached out her fingers to the thing that launched the white liquid with an expression that seemed to want to say good grief.

「Sheesh……looks like this guy’s skill in sharpshooting is extraordinary huh.」

Her fingers lightly flicked while saying that.

「Sorry, Nee-chan……Nee-chan’s hand felt good, that I couldn’t endure……」

Reiri’s cheeks’ loosened seeing her little brother that was looking up at her apologetically.

「We……well, it can’t be helped……let’s get out for now. We are going to wash our body properly with soap next.」

Reiri took Kizuna’s hand and they rose from the bathtub went towards the washing place.

Like that they rubbed each others’ body with a bubbly sponge and washed each other. They then warmed their body once more in the bathtub before climbing out, and then they dried out each others’ body with a bath towel.

「Then let’s go.」

Reiri presented her hand and Kizuna grasped that hand. Without even wrapping a towel on their bodies, they returned to the living room where they first came to with their hands connected and their bodies completely naked.

A mirror that was in the bright living room was reflecting the figures of the two. A big sister and little brother that were holding hand in hand naked. Different from in the bathroom, their figures standing without wearing any clothes in a bright room where they were normally carrying on their daily life was unreal, it was really indecent.

That immoral scene excited the two of them whether they wanted it or not.

「We, we are……doing something amazing, aren’t we.」

「Ye, yeah……this really cannot be shown to other people at all.」

The throats of the two made gulping sound. Their cheeks heated and their breathing was also somehow rough.

「Kizuna……should we rest a little? You have come twice after all.」

Kizuna shook his head in panic.

「N, nope. I’m completely, fine.」

When she peered between Kizuna’s legs once more, indeed it seemed to be fine.

「……So your preparations are all OK already……Kizuna is amazing huh.」

Reiri smiled and gently stroked Kizuna’s head. Kizuna was naturally smiling from getting praised and feeling the pleasantness on his head.

And then, Kizuna also slowly reached out his hand towards Reiri.


Kizuna’s small fingers parted through the bush that was the same color with her hair and crawled into the soft valley. However Reiri didn’t make any resistance or even showed a reluctant face, she accepted Kizuna’s hand quietly. When Kizuna’s small finger touched the important spot, a feverish sigh leaked out from Reiri’s mouth.


Something hot dripped on Kizuna’s fingertip, and a string was stretched when his hand was pulled away.

「It seems Nee-chan……also finished preparing.」

Reiri nodded bashfully. However, her eyes were shining with lewd expectation.

「If it’s preparations to accept you then……it was finished since a long time ago.」

Reiri took the attaché case on the table into her hand, then she pulled Kizuna’s hand and exited into the corridor.

「……Let’s go to my room.」

Invited by Reiri, his feet stepped towards his sister’s room. The occasions where he entered her room even when they were living together could be counted. The room felt like a place that he couldn’t really enter. Kizuna himself didn’t understand if it was because of his reservation towards his sister, or because he was conscious of her as a female, or else if it was because he felt that room was like a holy ground that he couldn’t violate due to his great respect to his sister. But, there was no mistake that it was a place that he couldn’t enter lightly.

The two of them entered that room in order to install into his big sister. As though this place was truly a forbidden land.

Reiri lowered her waist on the bed and opened the attaché case. And then she took out a core that had completely changed shape from the inside and handed it over to Kizuna.

「This is……Nee-chan’s exclusive――」

「I, if you said it like that, when it’s in this shape……」

Reiri averted her eyes with blushing cheeks.


Kizuna’s face also spontaneously turned red. What he said sounded like he was saying that his thing was for Reiri’s exclusive use.

Reiri laid down on the bed and put her head on the pillow.

Reiri called out to Kizuna who was standing still without any idea of what to do.


Kizuna nodded, guessing her intention.


Even though he had entered his sister’s room before, as expected he had never slept on the bed. The permission to climb that bed was given to him. Kizuna put his knee on the bed reservedly.

――Bu, but, where should I go, or rather, what kind of posture should I make?

Kizuna was perplexed as though all his experiences until now had gone somewhere. Kizuna’s head was pure white from the excessive nervousness and excitement. Reiri lifted her knees and opened her groin as though to help such a Kizuna.


Kizuna was relieved and he advanced between Reiri’s legs, and then he put the core on Reiri’s important place.


Reiri’s body shivered.

「Nee-chan, is it really okay?」

Reiri smiled to reassure Kizuna.

「Of course. Please be quick……Kizuna’s……」

――Ne, Nee-chan-!

Kizuna slowly pushed in the core.

「Fuh! Aa, nn……AaAAAAAAAAH!」

Reiri’s body bent like a bow. The core didn’t hurt her body, it only gave her pleasure. Reiri was bewildered with this thing that invaded into her for the first time, and then it felt like her consciousness would be blown away by pleasure that exceeded her imagination.

And then Kizuna also felt the same.

――Aah, unbelievable! R, right now I’m, inside Nee-chan-!?

It felt like his head was going strange with excitement that he experienced for the first time with terrific pleasure, and then the limit of pleasure that was filling him up mercilessly.

――Thi, this is, Nee-chan’s……inside-!?


He gritted his teeth trying to desperately endure.

However his resistance easily crumbled very quickly.


Reiri felt the same heat from inside and above her stomach. She felt the weight of liquid splashing on her cleavage until her stomach.

And then she felt energy of magic power bursting inside her stomach, spreading out gradually. At the same time the thing that was asserting its presence before was getting smaller as though it was withering.

「Ki, Kizuna? Already……?」


Kizuna turned bright red until his ears and then he desperately made an excuse.

「I, it shouldn’t be like this! U, usually it would go longer! E, eh? Just why it’s like this. Shit-! Something like this, this is just strange. It’s wrong, this is――」

Reiri faced Kizuna and opened both her arms towardw him. And then she whispered with a gentle voice.

「It’s fine, just calm down. Now, come here.」


Kizuna kept the core inserted and let his body fall on top of Reiri. Then, her breasts came just right in front of his face.

「Here. Breasts.」

「Eh? Bu, but, that’s a bit」

――It’s like I’m a child fawning on my mother.

He felt like his image of making Reiri feel the best sensation and carrying out the best install was rapidly getting away from him.

「It’s fine, just suck.」


Kizuna crawled his tongue on the jiggling breast of Reiri.


Reiri’s mouth leaked out a faint voice. Kizuna who felt better hearing that voice put the tip into his mouth.

「Ah, nn……fuu……」

Doing that caused a sweet fragrance to fill his mouth. When he flicked that hard protrusion with his tongue, it immediately increased in size. Kizuna became engrossed in sucking Reiri’s breast.

Reiri gently caressed the head of Kizuna who was being like that.

「Nha, haa……nh……how is it? You’ve calmed down?」

「Yes……thank you, Nee-chan.」

After that Reiri suddenly showed a smile.

「Want to rest a bit? You must be tired after consecutively coming from some time ago. Rushing is――」

Reiri felt the thing inside her stomach gradually recovering its hardness and size. She lifted her head in a bit of shock where Kizuna was scratching his head looking a bit shy.

「L, looks like……I’m fine.」

Reiri let out a chuckle seeing such Kizuna.

「It seems so. Good grief, you’re bottomless――AaHAAAaNH!」

Kizuna began pulling in and out the core, taking her by surprise.

「Ki-KizunaAA-! So-, so suddenly-, ahn♡ AAH♡」

「Ne-, Nee-chan, this time, this time for sure-, I’ll make you feel good-!」

「Yo, you idiot! That’saAAAANH♡ It, it feels go-, go-, gooood already from the beginning……aAAAAAAYAAAN♡♡」

For Reiri, this pleasure was also something that she experienced for the first time. That violent pleasure made her consciousness go far away. She gripped the sheets and desperately held on to her consciousness. If she didn’t do that, she felt like her body would fly away somewhere.

The figure of her young little brother desperately moving above her was reflected on her teary eyes. Her whole body was filled with euphoria as though her dream had been granted, it became tears that overflowed out.

「Ne, Nee-chan?」

She shook her head at Kizuna who was calling to her worriedly. After confirming that joyful smile, Kizuna rubbed the inside wall so that his big sister could feel it even more.

「Hah! YAaAAAAAAAAAAANNN-, the, there-♡ AAA!」

Electric current was running through her whole body from her stomach. Her lower body was paralyzed and couldn’t move. It felt like she had turned into an object that existed only to accept Kizuna and obtained pleasure.

Each time the core with the same shape of Kizuna’s thing entered her body, pleasure that made her wanted to shriek rushed through her. And then when it was pulled back, a tremendous pleasant feeling that felt unreal knocked down her mind.

Reiri let her tears and drool flow out and she drowned into waves of pleasure. It felt like all the memories of why she was doing this or even what she was currently doing had been blown away.

Both of them were swallowed and toyed by a stormy wave of ecstasy and intoxication.

The core tormenting Reiri was also granting terrific pleasure to Kizuna himself. The pleasantness he felt was nearly a torture for his thing that only started its debut with his transformed body. The melting honey pot was sucking in Kizuna’s thing, the soft walls were constricting it like a silk floss.

No matter how desperately he endured, it was arbitrarily wanting to explode.

――No good! It has to be simultaneous with Nee-chan for the install!

Kizuna gritted his teeth and endured the pleasure jolting his body.

Faint blue light was emerging from Reiri’s body.

――A bit more! It’s just a little longer!

「AAH! Kizuna-, KIZUNaAA♡♡」

However the limit suddenly arrived.


Pleasure and affection surged out from Kizuna’s thing. His body was ejecting regardless of his will.

「Fuah!? Ki-, Kizuna-!? YA-A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN-♡♡♡」

Something was released into Reiri’s body. It was particles of warm magic power. It was too thick, which made the inside of Reiri’s womb to feel its mass. Inside her body, it felt like particle of magic power was striking her most important place. That pleasure was hard to describe with written or spoken words.

Reiri thought that the nerves of her brain were going to burst. She was already just a step before the limit. However, for the sake of obtaining the strongest magic armor, even further height was necessary.

That person.

That woman,

She gave me something for the first time, for my sake.

And then it is something that should become a hope for all people.


Just now Kizuna came earlier.

However, right now, magic power and life force were surging inside her body, it was as though a nuclear fusion was happening inside, she was feeling a tremendous energy swirling into a vortex.

That was what they had raised through the process until now. Even if they did the same thing one more time, there was no guarantee that she would be able to obtain the same amount of energy.

Besides, what they were doing this time was what she was wishing for the most, the situation where it could be anticipated that the highest energy would be obtainable. Such a situation couldn’t occur twice. She could be the most excited and obtain the most pleasure only once on the first time.

――There is no way, this power can be let go of here!

Reiri gritted her teeth.

――However, can this upsurge be maintained while waiting for Kizuna’s recovery?

But, there is no other way than to do it.

「Ki, Kizuna……wa, wait, rest for a bit……」

「N, no, Nee-chan, not yet!」

Reiri opened her eyes wide.

「Ki, Kizuna?」

The movement of the core didn’t stop, rather it was starting to push and pull with even more fierceness.


A scream reflexively surged out from Reiri’s throat.

「Ki-, Kizunaaa, aaah, AAAANNNNNNNNN!」

It had only ejected life force just now. In spite of that, it was repeatedly stabbing over and over deeper inside.

「Yo, you-, di, didn’t, you just come-!?」

Kizuna also understood. If they calmed down for the moment before returning to the start once more, they wouldn’t be able to obtain this feeling of exaltation anymore.

This was their first and last chance.

「I’ll continue like this! Because」

Kizuna gritted the back of his teeth.

「This is something that Kaa-san created for Nee-chan’s sake!」


「She finally, finally!」



Particle of magic power struck the inside of her body once more.


Even so Kizuna continued to move. It was as though the magic power that the core was spurting out was coating over Reiri’s body.

「Y-, yo, AAaaA! E, even though♡ you’re, co, comi-♡ AAAAAAAA!」

「I’ll absolutely make it a success! With Kaa-san, Nee-chan, and me!」


Electric current was shorting up continuously in Reiri’s brain. Light was flickering before her eyes. She was already not comprehending what was that or what was going on. However, even so Reiri yelled.



Kizuna fell on Reiri’s body and sucked on her lips. Reiri also accepted Kizuna’s lips as though she was waiting for it. And then the tongues of the two entangled with each other.

It was as though they turned into one living thing. Their instinct pleaded, wishing for all the spots that could be connected to join each other, as though to fuse their bodies into one.

And then the core reached the deepest place inside Reiri, and Reiri’s inside also struck at the core’s tip.

At that moment, the greatest magic power was sent inside Reiri’s body.

Magic power beads in vast amount violently drove in pleasure and climax inside Reiri’s body.

Reiri was welcoming climaxes in every single moment, she tasted a climax to the degree that it felt like her mind would break.

It was a heaven that was like a hell.

It was a pleasure to the degree that if it was an average person their sanity would definitely be lost and their mind crushed.

Murderous pleasure pierced the two.

Heart shaped light emerged on Reiri’s eyes.

And then, magic power that was impossible to measure burst out from the bodies of the two.

That power destroyed even the Love Room, blowing away the walls and the ceiling into an unrecognizable shape.


A shockwave assaulted Kei outside who was glaring at the gauge while holding her breath.

Sent flying by the shockwave, Kei struck a wall. When she lifted her face, Kei’s eyes opened wide from the shock and she stiffened.

「Re……Rei, ri?」

What she saw at the center of the sports ground, was the wreckage of the Love Room.

And then burning fragments and smoke.

「No way……」

Kei was staring dumbfounded at that wreckage.

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