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These are the novel illustrations that are included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 11


「Everyone, good afternoon. This is the most loved character of 『Masou Gakuen HxH』, Hida Nayuta here. Eh? I heard voices saying things like disgusting character, or inhuman person, or the root of all evil, and so on, but just who in the world are they referring to I wonder? Well, rather than thinking about something like that, I’ll teach you all about everything that needs to be paid attention to regarding this book. This is a dangerous item, so please treat it with carefulness. After all, by using ink that was mixed with newly developed chemicals, I’m doing new experiments that cause addiction while reading, and then withdrawal symptoms will come out if the one addicted doesn’t continue reading Masou Gakuen HxH continuously without stopping. What a really courageous publisher and press, aren’t they? It’s a lie though.

Also, this story is a special arc that is different from the main story. The stage is fresh, heart throbbing, and more sparkling than this me! Nayuta has created, the Ataraxia academy! It’s like 『Masou Gakuen HxH』 is something like an academy huh! Just what in the world is the 『Gakuen(Academy)』 that is in the title for……this is the continuation of attention that is received from such a clichéd tsukkomi. There are also different points from the main arc, the setting, the story, and so on, but that’s the specification so please acknowledge it. This is not a lie but the truth. If I say it like just now then it’s serious. Come to think of it, I too have returned to my youth after much trouble, I’m thinking if I should try making my way of talking like a youngster too but, what do you all think? For exampleee, like, what about talking like a gal you getcha, if it’s with my current appearance now, it will conversely feel like I’m trying to sound older instead?」

「What are you doing?」

「Ah, daughter enter.」

「What do you mean daughter enter. The scene depiction is too much. Also when you call me daughter……for some reason it’s more irritating than getting called by my name.」

「Getting angry will increase your wrinkles you know, Reiri.」

「I don’t want to be told that by a hag!」

「Well, for the current me, Reiri looks like an auntie though.」

「……If I remember correctly, the collection of the raw garbage is tomorrow huh.」

「Well well, here, a cup.」

「That’s why, I’m asking you what are you doing drinking my sake as you pleased.」

「Well― well―, isn’t it fine? Drinking sake together with one’s daughter, as a parent it’s actually a really emotional scene.」

「This is said by someone who is in the farthest place from being a parent.」

「It’s fine it’s fine, here, your glass.」

「……You, are drunk already huh?」

「My, what are you talking about I wonder? Okay, cheers.」

Nayuta lightly tapped her glass at the glass Reiri was holding, and a clear sound rang out.

First Period : Time of Practical Training and Shower[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Fate was cruel and heartless.

If it had to be given an example, like the game of musical chairs, where the participants scrambled for a chair against each other to be the victor, where there could only be one. Especially if it was done between sisters who went through the same path, than it was even more cruel and heartless.

And then currently, even here there was a pair of sisters performing a mortal combat.

The elder sister──she unleashed a blow with the back of her fist while turning around.

Grace immediately hardened her guard using the wings of Koros. She blocked the fist of Aine and her body was blown away backwards. Smoke was raised between her feet and the ground, and the friction put the brake on Grace’s body.

「As expected from Nee-sama……but」

Grace spread her wings. What she was wearing was too unreliable to be called a pilot suit, her naked body was exposed with the tips of her breast and her crotch only barely hidden. And then her hand was holding a scythe when anyone noticed. That was something that transformed from the wing of Grace’s magic armor 『Koros』. The scythe that was emitting a sharp and cold luster was directed towards Aine.

「If it’s with my strength, it’s an easy feat to carve that body.」

Aine put her clenched fist slightly forward and she grinned widely.

「That’s only if you can touch my body though.」

Smoke rose from under Aine’s feet explosively. The instantaneous output power of Aine’s magic armor 『Zeros』 carried Aine’s body right into Grace’s bosom in just a single breath.

However, Grace had also predicted that. She slashed her scythe with the timing matching Aine’s leap. The scythe assaulted to reap Aine’s life.

The scythe’s blade cut apart Aine’s body.

The moment it looked like that would happen──Grace’s eyes opened wide.

The scythe’s shaft, was caught by Aine’s hand.

Grace’s prediction was surpassed and Aine stepped into Grace’s bosom even deeper. Grace’s range of certain kill was broken through instantly, into the range of Aine’s certain kill.


Grace immediately pulled back her scythe, but it wouldn’t make it in time. Towards Grace’s stomach, Aine’s fist was──,

Softly tapped.

「Match over!!」

The voice of the instructor in charge, Marisu, resounded. And then the students who were observing the practice match raised their cheers.

This place was Ataraxia academy. An academy that was built on the strategical defense float that bordered with Megafloat Japan. Currently the second year’s first group and second group of Ataraxia academy’s battle department were using the outdoor field for the class of practical skill. The field was vast, double the size of a stadium that was normally used for track-and-field events.

The students who were watching the match from the audience seats gave their applause at Aine and Grace who were at the center of the field. Aine let out a breath of relief and smiled towards Grace.

「Are you okay, Grace? You aren’t hur──」

Before she could finish talking, Grace leaped towards Aine and she rubbed her cheek on Aine.

「Just as I thought Nee-sama is amazing~!!」

「Wa, wait Grace」

When Aine looked around in embarrassment, she saw her classmates grinning widely seeing the sisters getting along so well with each other.

「Nee-sama is cool♪ Lovely♪ Nee-sama is the nee-sama I’m proud of♪」

Grace praised Aine stingingly, and rubbed her body like a cat.

「E, everyone is, watching here. That’s why, okay? Grace, re, release me just for a bit.」

「No way♡」

Aine dragged Grace who was clinging on her arm away to the corner of the field with a bright red face.

Marisu checked the attendance list while reading aloud the grouping for the next match.

「Then next, Hayuru and Hyakurath, have a go at it.」


Himekawa and Hyakurath headed to the center of the field to replace Aine who was dragging away Grace.

「Please go easy on me, Himekawa-san.」

「Geez, please don’t make fun of me. This is Hyakurath-san who is famous as the Sword Saint, so it’s my honor for being able to participate in this match.」

Hyakurath’s cheeks reddened slightly and she made a slightly troubled expression.

「Ple, please stop calling me with that kind of exaggerated name. Such thing like Sword Saint……I’m not anything great like that. Aah, really……just who in the world started saying such thing……」

Himekawa made a slightly meany smile and withdrew her sword.

「Here I go, Sword Saint Hyakurath!」

「Geez! Himekawa-san you meany, I won’t forgive you for that!」

Himekawa and Hyakurath. The clash between swords began.

Part 2[edit]

The class of practical skills was over and right now was the time to change clothes in the changing room.

Hyakurath’s hands circled to her back and she began taking off the halter neck of her pilot suit. Previously her pilot suit mostly looked like just a sticker that stuck to her body, but mysteriously she was gradually feeling embarrassed of how it looked like and now she was using a suit that looked like a leotard.

Even so her shoulders and back were greatly exposed, and the cut on the crotch part had a considerably steep angle. She was growing to think whether this one too was also too extreme perhaps? She wondered how she was able to not be bothered by the previous suit that looked only like a sticker. It was a puzzle even to herself.

Although, it wasn’t like her skill was affected when she changed her pilot suit. Today she also produced a good result. But in exchange for that good result, a heavy air like someone who was feeling laden from pulling an all-nighter was flowing from beside her.

Hyakurath was sweating coldly while calling out to Himekawa.

「E, err, the sword of Himekawa-san today is……rea, really sharp, and like, wonderful……」

However, Himekawa’s reply was a voice that sounded like it was resounding from the bottom of the Earth.

「What does that mean……I couldn’t even land a single hit.」

Even more cold sweat was trickling from Hyakurath and her eyes were swimming around.

「Be, because today, that’s, it’s because of the rule of not using any projectile weapons! See, Neros is a magic armor with tactics that is fundamentally set up from the attacks of its Blades. But today even without using them there was a moment when I thought it would be over for me……on the whole, the difference between us was only a tiny bit! Truly!」


Himekawa raised her face and stared at Hyakurath’s kind smiling face. The sunlight shining in from the window caused the blond hair to glitter, and the blue eyes that looked like jewels were narrowing gently.

「That’s why, there is really no need at all for you to be down.」

「……Thank you very much. Thanks to Hyakurath-san saying that, I can feel uplifted.」

Seeing Himekawa’s smile, Hyakurath’s expression turned relieved. Staring at that face that was lacking ill will, a mischievous heart was suddenly sprouting inside Himekawa.

「But still, to be praised that much by the Sword Saint Hyakurath of all people, it makes me a bit uncomfortable.」

「Hi, Himekawa-san-, haven’t I told you already, I wish you to please stop calling me that!」

Himekawa took off her pilot suit while smiling mischievously.

「Now, what are you talking about I wonder? Sword Saint Hyakurath-sama?」

「Ge, geez, Himekawa-san you bully!」

Hyakurath lightly hit repeatedly *poka poka* at Himekawa with a face that looked like she was going to cry anytime.

「Aren’t you two getting along really well there.」

The one who was glaring at the exchange between the two since some time ago with eyes that were filled with resentment was Mercuria. However, Hyakurath stared back at her with cold eyes.

「It’s no business of Mer. Because Himekawa-san is different from you, she is serious and knows the proper decorum, she is a wonderful lady.」

「Wha-, just what is good from that kind of boring woman?」

「Merkuria! How can you speak rudely like that towards another person! Haven’t I always told you that part of yours is not good? Do you have any intention of improving yourself!?」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 04.jpg

──’They are starting again.’

Himekawa liked Hyakurath, but when Mercuria was involved, she felt like she was mostly treated as a third wheel. She wanted to get along with Hyakurath, but she wished to not get dragged into these two’s lover’s quarrel.

When Himekawa took off her pilot suit and became completely naked, she tried to quietly leave the place. However, even while quarreling with Mercuria, Hyakurath’s hand reached behind and caught Himekawa’s arm.


──’Ho, how does she notice!? The Sword Saint is just too amazing!’

Hyakurath firmly hugged Himekawa’s arm. Hyakurath’s breasts that felt like light snowfall pressed on her arm.

──’Bi-, big-!’

「Come on, Himekawa-san. Let’s go take a shower quickly.」

「Wa, wait, Hyakurath! I’m going too!」

Himekawa was dragged towards the shower room while she was feeling troubled of what to do.

And then, at about the same time. Outside the changing room there was also a student who was feeling troubled.

「Shit……just why am I not allowed to use the boy’s changing room……」

There was the figure of Hida Kizuna staring resentfully at the door of the girl’s changing room.

Kizuna was the only existence that could perform Heart Hybrid and restore magic power. He was given the duty of periodically restoring the magic power of female students who were installed with the core of magic armor.

So that mishaps could easily occur habitually with the female students, his practical skill class was together with the girls, including the changing of clothes and showering.

If he waited until all the girls finished, then he would undoubtedly be late for the next class. For changing pilot suits, before the class began he would quickly change and then dashed away immediately before the girl’s arrived. But, what would he do then when it was the time for him to change back into his uniform…….

「Sheesh Kizuna, what are you doing since some time ago there?」


The door to the changing room opened and the doubtful face of Yurishia Farandole was peering out. It seemed that Yurishia had also not finished changing her clothes yet, as she was still wearing her pilot suit.

「You ask what……I’m thinking of what to do for changing clothes.」

「What. That’s what you are thinking about?」

Yurishia showed an exasperated smile.

「I have a good idea.」

「Really!? As expected from Yurishia! You are reliable.」

「Ufufu. Leave it to me.]

Saying that, Yurishia grasped Kizuna’s arm and pulled him into the changing room.

「Wha-!? Yu-, Yurishia!?」

Yurishia held Kizuna’s arm firmly and she smiled sweetly.

「I’ll change your clothes for you.」

「That’s not what I meannnnnnnnn!」

Kizuna tried to shake off Yurishia’s arm, but his arm was grasped firmly and his body movement was completely controlled by her.

──’As expected from Yurishia……wait, this isn’t the time for feeling admiratiooooonn!’

Kizuna was led along as though he was a criminal being taken away, but his girl classmates called out to Kizuna normally seeing that.

「Ah, Hida-kun. You’re late.」

「If you don’t hurry and change, you will be late for the next class you know─」

His classmates who were only wearing underwear were being considerate towads him even while they were getting a bit embarrassed. The girls weren’t installed with a core, but they were carrying the hopes of becoming a magic knight equipped with a magic armor someday. Therefore, they also understood just how important Heart Hybrid with Kizuna was.

Even though a boy was trespassing into the girl’s changing room, but everyone was used to it. By some chance, Kizuna might be the only one who was bothered by it.

Nevertheless what was embarrassing was embarrassing. He really couldn’t get used to the livelihood of seeing his classmates in their underwear daily.

「O, oi. Yurishia. I can change by myself, so let go of my hand.」

「That’s no good♪ I’m going to look after you proo─perly, okay★」

Yurishia winked and without pause she led him inside the shower room. And then she pushed Kizuna into an empty booth before she finally released his hand inside.

「Good grief, that’s really forceful.」

「Guess so♡ Use of force is also necessary in carrying out justice you know.」

Justice? Kizuna tilted his head, but Yurishia was taking off his pilot suit without any hesitation, so this wasn’t the time to be puzzled.

「Wha-, why are you taking my suit off!?」

「Because you said that you cannot change clothes.」

「I didn’t say that! Wait, why is your hand still taking off my clothes without stopping! Uwah, more than that is……-!」

Kizuna’s pilot suit now turned into a one piece that looked like an overall. The electronic fastener at the front part was opened and his upper body was already bared. And then right now Yurishia was crouching in front of Kizuna, she was going to expose his lower body.



She was already exposing it.

Yurishia’s eyes sparkled bewitchingly. Kizuna spoke as calmly as he could.

「I, it’s enough already right? Thanks for helping me. Then」

「Yes, wait a bit okay. I’m taking off mine too right away.」


The moment she said that, Yurishia opened the fastener on her back and peeled off her suit that looked like string from her body. Her gloves and tights had already been taken off, so her appearance turned into her birthday suit in the blink of an eye.

「Hey, Kizuna♡ Let’s wash each other♡」

Yurishia turned the faucet without even waiting for his reply. The showerhead above their heads rained down warm water on their bodies. Steam filled the space at once.

Drops of hot water wet Yurishia’s body and flowed down her skin.

「Aah, it feels good……」

Yurishia’s hands caressed around her own breasts and stomach as though she was flaunting them. She traced her body silhouette to emphasize the shape of her largely jutting out breasts and her tight waist, and before long her hands changed places towards Kizuna’s body.

Yurishia’s slender fingertips softly caressed on Kizuna’s neck and chest ticklingly.


Yurishia’s hand grazed Kizuna’s side and circled to his back, hugging his body. Yurishia’s prided breasts that were big like melons, but soft like mochi were pressed on Kizuna’s trained, hard chest.


「Kizuna yourself, is getting into the mood aren’t you? It keeps pressing on my stomach below♡」

It was a physiological phenomenon that couldn’t be hidden. Even Kizuna was going to get swept away by the mood when he was getting approached this proactively. Also, he too thought that he wanted to respond to Yurishia’s feelings.

Also, if there was mutual consent between Kizuna and the other party, then even Heart Hybrid that wasn’t in the schedule of the Academy would be recognized.

Magic armor was powered up by performing Heart Hybrid. Therefore, it was possible to perform it on their own discretion with the condition that it wouldn’t affect the scheduled Heart Hybrid.

Kizuna gently brushed down his fingertip on Yurishia’s spinal column.

「Aa, HAaAAaaaanNNN♡」

Without delay Kizuna grasped Yurishia’s butt with both hands. It had different texture from her breast, but this too was also soft, it felt like his fingers would sink without end into it.

「Hey……Kizuna. If you like butts……then even I, am fine with it you know?」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

In order to get Kizuna to make her feel good, Yurishia wriggled her body and pushed her breast on Kizuna, and she rubbed up her body on him.

「Because, you are doing it to Hayuru right? For some reason it feels offensive that it’s only Hayuru. I’m still inexperienced but……perhaps I’ll be all right with it so……」

Yurishia rotated her butt and pushed it towards Kizuna’s hand coaxingly.

「No……in Hayuru’s case, that’s because that method is easier for her Heart Hybrid so……」

Yurishia glared with a gaze that looked a bit sullen.

「It’s fine! It’s no good if you don’t do everything you are doing to other girls to me, I’m telling you.」

「The, then……」

Pressured by Yurishia’s threatening air, Kizuna filled his fingertips with strength and spread Yurishia’s butt to left and right.

「Nn! aaAAAHN!」

Heated sigh leaked out from Yurishia’s lips, and a loud gasp rose from her throat, at that moment the door of the shower booth was opened loudly.

「What are you doing without even any permission from me huh!?」

「That’s right Nii-sama! What are you doing while leaving out Nee-sama and me!」

As expected it was Aine and Grace who leaped in wholly naked. Four people were crowding inside the cramped shower booth. Kizuna was surrounded by three naked beautiful girls and he didn’t understand anymore of what to do. What’s more, the space was cramped so their bodies were glued to each other, however reluctantly.

「Geez, it’s cramped here. Yurishia, quickly get out from here already.」

「Why is it me that has to get out from here! It’s you two who had barged into here!」

「Nii-sama, I’ll wash your back♪」

「Grace, I’m thankful for your feeling, but like this moving our body is──」

The three girls were pushing their bodies with Kizuna at the center like an oshikura manjuu game (TN: children’s game in which three or more stand back-to-back in a circle and jostle). Even though they were naked beautiful girls in which each of the three had different beauty from the other two, all of them had different figures, the feel of their body was also completely different from one another. Yurishia who was soft with amazing voluptuousness. Aine whose style was balanced, however her breasts’ elasticity was astounding. Grace who was slender, but her body was young and lustrous. If Kizuna let his guard down, he would drown in the pleasure of enjoying the differences of those sensations.

──’But, thinking carefully, won’t the next class start already?’

Kizuna twisted his body to try changing the direction he was facing.


At that time, his hand unconsciously touched the tip of Aine’s chest.

「Ah, sorry Aine.」

「Eh, no……I don’t hate it but……if you are going to do it, then properly……ah」

Kizuna’s thing grazed Aine’s navel. The stimulation that attacked suddenly caused Kizuna to almost raise his voice too.

Staring at the thing that touched her stomach, Aine’s throat gulped.


「Oo, Nii-sama……you are, already like this……」

Grace’s eyes also moistened.

Yurishia exchanged glances with Aine and Grace.

「If it’s like this……he won’t be able to concentrate in class, won’t he?」

「Yes……you’re right. If we, don’t do something about it……」

The three’s hands reached toward Kizuna as though they were being sucked in. And then──,

「All of you! What are you doing-!」

The door of the shower booth was opened with a loud sound as though it was hit.


Himekawa who already finished changing clothes glared at them with an angry look.

「No, this is……that, you see」

When Kizuna tried to make an excuse with his eyes swimming around, his eyes met Hyakurath whose face was bright red behind Himekawa.

「Wha……what, licentious……」

──’This is bad.’

Kizuna clicked his tongue inside his heart.

「Although Heart Hybrid outside the schedule is recognized, but the magic power of all of you are currently sufficient, and even your turn for dealing with Another Universe Conflict is still ahead right!? There should be no reason that this has to be done during the interval of class like this!」

Hyakurath was hiding her face with her hands, she was looking at Kizuna and the others from between her fingers.


Aine was breathing out a sigh in vexation.

「I know that. Good grief……even though Hayuru is the most enthusiastic when doing this.」

「Wha……tha, that’s a false accusation!]

However, Yurishia made a mischievous smile.

「But Hayuru has rich experience right? Like with your butt.」

「Wha, wha wha wha wha what are you saying? I, I don’t know anything at all about that!」

Hyakurath was asking Himekawa with a wondering face.

「Himekawa-san, what is this about the butt?」

Himekawa gritted her teeth tightly before she made a right about-face.

「We are going to be late to the next class if we don’t hurry! Now, let’s go Hyakurath-san.」

「Ye, yes……」

With a trot, Hyakurath followed Himekawa who was walking away with a fast pace.


This is a different world from reality.

A transient Ataraxia that was created by Hida Nayuta who became a god.

‘Then we know about that.’ That’s what you are thinking right?

However, this world is also different from that Ataraxia that we once saw.

Is this a dream, imagination, or an illusion?

Or possibly, reality.

Or perhaps, fiction.

However, we have no way of knowing.

How about, for a while, we push through this world following our whim.

Second Period : Time of AU Collision And Dealing With It[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「──Well, because of that the mysterious phenomenon called AU Collision happened I guess.」

On the teaching stand of second year first group’s classroom, Sakisaka-sensei was carrying out her teaching with no motivation just like usual.

「But throughout the world there are people with smart heads, yeah. They invented technology to predict the generation of an Entrance due to the collision with AU, and the AU collision prediction that everyone knows well was created. And, they then also talked about the training of personnel for exterminating the magic weapons that appeared from the Entrances, and so, that became the beginning of this Ataraxia academy.」

A hand was raised at the center of the classroom. It was the class president Hyakurath. Kizuna’s seat was near the window at the back, so from diagonally behind he could slightly see the frowning expression of Hyakurath.

「Excuse me, sensei……I think the way to use the word beginning is slightly different though.」 (TN: The wording that the teacher used in the raw is used to talk about the beginning of love, it’s unusual to use it to talk about the beginning of a school.)

[It’s fiine, it’s fiine, geez, Hyakurath-chan is really sensitive. Something like words change in its use along with the era anyway.]

All the students in the class thought, ‘Is that something a teacher would say? In the first place, there is no one other than you who uses that word in that kind of way’.

「For example, the AU collision prediction for today……what is it again…..eee, then, Himekawa-chan.」

It was unclear whether she forgot or she didn’t even check the prediction in the first place. But in any case she was stumped so she looked for help from a student. Himekawa stood up while feeling that the teacher’s attitude was problematic.

「During the afternoon, there is a possibility of a collision occurring at Megafloat Japan’s Tokyo. The occurrence probability is 70%. The scale is medium size.」

「Ooo, I see, I see. And, who is on duty today?」

Diagonally in front of Kizuna, Grace raised her hand energetically. Originally, she was a first year, but because her marks were exceedingly excellent, she skipped grades and was admitted into the second year first group.

「It’s us of the Vatlantis team. Because we are on duty, there is no need for worry at all. Everyone, you can all spend your day with peace of mind.」

This time a voice came from the side that was near the corridor.

「Sorry but, can you let our Izgard team participate too?」

It was Izgard’s leader, Gravel.

「I don’t mind but……wasn’t your team on duty yesterday too? Is it fine for your team to not rest?」

Gravel brushed up her blond hair and made a bitter face.

「Right now there is someone who is being noisy asking to be allowed to fight……」

A green haired girl crossed at the back of Grace’s mind.

「Aah……looks like you too have your own difficulty.」

Speaking of before, Aldea was originally a member of the Vatlantis team. However her behavior was just too bad that she was expelled from the team, and then she was picked up by Gravel.

「Then, I too cannot pretend to not see your difficulty.」

Gravel made a wry smile.

「My thanks.」

Amaterasu, Masters, Vatlantis, Izgard. The AU collision was dealt with with the rotation of these four teams.

Aldea was a pure battle fanatic, but among the other group there were also people who defeated magic weapons aiming for the reward money. Leila of Masters was the representative example of that type. Of course, naturally, there were also people who fought with the objective of protecting the students and Megafloat Japan. However, no matter what their reasons were, as long as they were fighting then magic power resupply and power up were imperative.

That was to say, there was necessity for Kizuna to do Heart Hybrid with all the magic knights.

Kizuna took out his information terminal and confirmed his own schedule.

──’So after school today, it will be with Hyakurath.’

‘Quite a formidable opponent huh’, Kizuna murmured inside his heart.

Part 2[edit]

When the class of that day was over, Kizuna headed toward Hyakurath’s seat.

「Do you have a bit of time?」

When Kizuna called out like that, Hyakurath’s back twitched and her body jumped. However, she didn’t move away and stiffened still.


Was it just his imagination that sweat was trickling down her neck? Kizuna reached out his hand towards her shoulder. And then just before his hand touched, Hyakurath’s body quickly evaded and stood up from her seat. And then without pause she was rushing out of the classroom.

「Ah! Wait!」

Kizuna also chased after her.

This was Hyakurath whose motor nerves were outstanding. It would be difficult to chase after her if she escaped in seriousness. But, this place was inside the school building. There wasn’t any problem at all. The reason was──,

Kizuna ran and without any difficulty he caught up with Hyakurath who was escaping by walking fast just shy of a slow jog.

「Wait a bit, Hyakurath.」

[Wha……running in the corridor! That’s a violation of school rule!]

「My bad about that……but, this is about something more important than that.」

「The school rule is the law of the people doing their activity here. The same like military rule, it’s something that has to be adhered to. Just what in the world is this thing that is more important than that?」

「It’s you, Hyakurath.」


After making that stupid sounding reply, her face went so red it felt like there was a poof sound.

「Wha, wha wha wha wha what are you running your mouth about!?」

「Last time you also neglected doing Heart Hybrid right? Hyakurath’s remaining magic power is already too little. If you don’t do Heart Hybrid with me after this, then you have to refrain from sallying out tonight.」


This was Hyakurath whose sense of responsibility was strong. She must have reluctance of being the only one refraining from sallying out. But doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna was a higher hurdle for her. With how serious and strict she was, it was very hard for her to surpass that obstacle.

「What are you doing?」

A voice came from behind Kizuna.

When Kizuna turned around, a girl with reddish hair was standing there.


She was Hyakurath’s childhood friend and also best friend. There was also some rumor that they were lovers. Mercuria was glaring at Kizuna with a grim face. She approached him with fluttering hair.

「Mer! Don’t!」

Mercuria stopped just a step away from Kizuna because of Hyakurath’s pleading. And then she sent Kizuna a look that could kill before she passed through his side and grasped Hyakurath’s arm.

「Let’s go Hyakurath.」


Mercuria forcefully pulled Hyakurath’s arm and walked through the corridor.

「Were you forcefully asked to do Heart Hybrid?」

「……We were, only started talking.」

「I see.」

They turned at the corner and came to a stop under the stair where there was no presence of people. And then Mercuria turned around and stared at Hyakurath.

「Don’t force yourself. I’ll protect Hyakurath.」

「But……I also get what Hida-kun is talking about. I’m actually the one in the wrong……because, Hida-kun was only carrying out his duty. Besides, he was worried about me……」

Mercuria was getting increasingly irritated while hearing those words of Hyakurath.

「There is no need to defend that guy at all. Hyakurath……you are fine as you are now.」

There was a figure staring at such a scene of the two from behind a cover. It was a figure with a small stature like a little girl, sticking out their head from the stairs above to peer below.

「Hahaa, so those are the two who still haven’t done Heart Hybrid with Kizuna.」

「Yeah. Mercuria still has reserve energy, but it will be dangerous for Hyakurath soon.」

They were the board chairman of this academy, Hida Nayuta, and the headmaster, Hida Reiri.

Nayuta often led Reiri around under the pretext of inspection.

「Kizuna also seems to be at a loss huh. Perhaps it will be better to say it clearly to the person herself soon.」

Seeing Reiri’s strict words, Nayuta smiled with her fan pressed on her mouth.

「Now now, let’s wait and see a bit more. Tonight too, it seems an AU collision will happen at a nice timing anyway.」

「It will be great if she won’t run out of magic power in the middle of battle though.」

After saying that and sighing, the two left that place.

Part 3[edit]

The bright moon was illuminating the sea. A dark shadow was floating in the sparkling sea of night. A giant silhouette of an island looked like a part of the starry sky was cut apart to leave behind a black hole. That was a super large floating offshore structure, Megafloat Japan.

In order to deal with the AU collision that was predicted to happen, the Vatlantis team was gathering in the sky above Tokyo float.

Grace and the student council president Zelcyone. In addition was the four student council members Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza Also Hyakurath and Mercuria.

Tonight, Aldea and Gravel from the Izgard team were also present for further assistance.

There should also be Valdy in the Vatlantis team, but in reality she was turned into the bodyguard of Reiri, so she wasn’t here. By the way, this wasn’t actually her duty, but rather something that Valdy had done by her own initiative.

But there, Grace found one more silhouette of a person arriving and Grace raised her voice energetically.

「Mu? Oo, isn’t that Nii-sama! Just what is the matter?」

With a smiling face that was a mix of surprise and joy, Grace welcomed Kizuna who arrived with his body wearing the magic armor Eros.

「I just want to observe a bit. It’s okay right?」

「Right! I greatly welcome it. It’s fine isn’t it, Zel?」

The student council president Zelcyone glared fiercely at Kizuna. She was an upper classman, so Kizuna felt a bit nervous. He once more thought that Grace who was always talking to Zelcyone without any tension was amazing.

Honestly speaking, Zelcyone was far older than just being an upper classman. If he misspoke then it felt like she could even pass as a married woman. But, there was a persistent rumor that anyone who said something like that would be consigned to oblivion from darkness to darkness, so Kizuna didn’t even breath a word of his thought. Or rather, there was also a rumor that the student council president could read minds, so he desperately tried to blur his thoughts by recalling the content of his dinner.

Perhaps doing that had some effect, because Zelcyone’s glare loosened and she said to Kizuna.

「Well, I’ll allow it if he doesn’t become a hindrance.」

「Thank you very much.」

His heart wasn’t read or his mind brainwashed. Kizuna expressed his gratitude with a sigh of relieve and lowered his head.

The current leader of the Vatlantis team was Grace, but before this Zelcyone was the one who served in that position. She saw through Grace’s genius and wasted no time to make her succeed the position, but her influence on the team was still going strong.

「Now then……」

Kizuna peeked at the state of Hyakurath that was his purpose. She was moving away from Kizuna and beside her Mercuria was standing by as though to protect her. Even though Kizuna wasn’t causing any particular harm, yet he was sent a glare that looked threatening. Kizuna raised his hand with a wry smile and made his greeting.

At that time, Gravel yelled sharply.

「It’s coming!」

The sky split and fissures ran through the space where there was nothing.

In front of Tokyo station that was dismantled from mainland Japan and rebuilt here, a mysteriously shining rift appeared.

──AU collision.

A rift in space that was produced from the collision between another universe with this universe. From the Entrance that was created from the collision, invading weapons 『Magic Weapons』 that resembled something from another world showed their faces.

Bluehead, a mechanical machine that was nearly ten meters tall, and then the winged Albatros, they appeared one after another. Furthermore, there was the hardly armored Viking army. From behind them, the category A Magic Weapon Dragre, whose form was a fusion of a dragon and a knight, appeared.

Zelcyone clicked her tongue and yelled towards everyone.

「Their number is many! Disperse with two people forming a group! Grace and I will take care of the Dragre.」

Clayda headed towards the Albatros force with Selene in hand.

「We are going, Elma!」

「I understand!」

Elma materialized a huge hammer and chased after Clayda with her white hair fluttering.

The red haired Ramza faced Lunorlla and smiled brightly.

「Then, we are going for the Vikings! They look strong, so let’s go carefully!」

Ramza materialized her weapon that was a large tomahawk and gripped it with her hand. Lunorlla unsheathed her short swords and stared at Ramza.

「Yes. But, was the Viking really that strong?」


Ramza tilted her head and peered into her close friend’s face.

「They are strong you know! Hasn’t everyone gone through trouble because of them? Besides, you said ‘was’……saying it like that sounded like they were weak before this.」

「Yes……that’s right. Sorry, I said something strange.」

「Are you okay already?」

Lunorlla smiled faintly towards the brightly smiling Ramza.

「Let’s go, Ramza.」


Lunorlla and Ramza went towards the Viking army.

Kizuna was staring at their actions from a slightly distant spot.

「I wonder if Hyakurath and Mercuria are fine……」

Mercuria was protecting Hyakurath from behind while conducting support fire from long range with her favorite bow, Arc Drive in her hands.

Although Hyakurath was readying her sword, but she couldn’t participate in the battle at all. It could also be perceived that Hyakurath herself was hesitating. It seemed that Mercuria was intending to protect Hyakurath to the end without letting her fight.

The Vatlantis team also had a lot of members, so even like that they might be able to endure through this…….

A laughing voice in high tension could be heard from the floating communication window.

『Ahahahahahahahaha lovely! Aa, sheesh! I’m killing them rapidly here!』

Aldea was assaulting the Blueheads that were advancing through in between the buildings of the business district.

『Aldea! Leave the bunch that came into the city to Vatlantis! We are holding back the bunch appearing from the Entrance!』

Certainly, taking control of the gateway would be effective. The Entrance wasn’t that big. At best, the Magic Weapons could only materialize from there by two at the same time. In that case with Gravel and Aldea, they would be able to defeat the majority of the enemy the moment they showed up into this world.

Like that, then certainly Mercuria’s tactic might work. But, even if they weathered the battle today, what would they do at the next battle?

When Kizuna was thinking, at the faraway place, the space split at the edge of Megafloat Japan.

「Don’t tell me!?」

At the tip of Megafloat Japan, around Hokkaido float an entrance manifested. From that rift, Blueheads and Albatrosses were being spat out successively. Kizuna faced his communication window and yelled.

「Everyone! A new Entrance broke out at the Hokkaido district!」


Continuing after Grace’s flustered voice, Zelcyone’s calm voice responded.

『Hyakurath, Mercuria. You two deal with that.』

『Ye, yes.』

『Bu, but……president』

『What’s wrong? Is there any problem, Mercuria?』


Actually, Mercuria not only needed to deal with the enemy by herself, but she was required to do it while protecting Hyakurath. That was something far harder than just fighting alone.

Kizuna stared at the back of the two who were heading towards the new Entrance and made a grim face.

──’Should I ask for reinforcement? But, even if they scramble in a hurry, will they make it in time?’

『Haai, Kizuna! Do you need help I wonder?』

A window suddenly opened and a red haired girl was reflected in it.


When he turned around, Masters that was led by Scarlet was heading his way.

「Yeah, it’s a big help! Please take care of Hokkaido district!」

In a moment Masters arrived beside Kizuna and they looked over the battle situation. Henrietta corrected her glasses’s position while staring at the newly appeared Entrance.

「I see, that way looks lacking in manpower.」

「Uhihi, there are a lot of easy marks♪ Let’s start earning a lot.」

「I can press the trigger! Kufufufu♡」

Leila and Clementine made a questionable smile and they looked like they were going to rush out anytime. Shannon and Brigit were checking their gun’s operation.

Gertrude withdrew out her two particle handguns and moved her body in a warm-up. She moved her hands quickly like in a hand-to-hand fighting skill, showing a gesture as though she was sniping at an unseen enemy.

Magic weapon Brigand that had the same size as a human appeared in large numbera from the Entrance near Hokkaido. Kizuna stared at Gertrude and grinned.

「With your quick draw Gertrude, you are really good at consecutive shooting at melee range. This is really ideal for you.」

「Leave it to me. I’ll take care of all the damn Brigands.」

「Then, everyone we are going! Let’s show them the power of Masters!」

When Scarlet gave that order, Masters jetted their thrusters and headed towarda the Hokkaido district.

「If Masters go there, it might be okay……」

As though to mock Kizuna who was relieved like that, the sky of Kyushu district shook.


An Entrance with the biggest size until now appeared.

──’Just what’s the deal with tonight!? There isn’t anything in the report about so many appearances like this!’

Dragre showed its face from the Kyushu float. Not just one, but they kept appearing in succession.

「These guys……they are bad news.」

When Kizuna whispered that, a familiar voice could be heard from the communication window.

『What is bad news I wonder?』


Beside Kizuna who turned around, a white meteor passed by him.


That light flew towards the Dragres that just appeared.

「Aine! Don’t be reckless!」

「I’m fine. We are going for her support.」

Kizuna’s shoulder was tapped to reassure him. There he saw the gentle smile of Himekawa.

「Since when……」

「Kizuna-kun went out by yourself, so we were worried. And so, everyone too……」

『Hayuru, I’m going as back up, so take care of the cutting apart role okay.』

A window opened and it projected the relaxed smile of Yurishia.

『Kizuna, from here on properly call out to me okay☆』

Saying that, she winked.

「Thanks Yurishia, everyone……but, you all really noticed my going out huh.」

Both of them twitched and they averted their eyes.

「Tha, that’s……just by chance.」

『Right right, it’s a coincidence see. A coincidence.』

「? Anyway you all really saved us.」

At that time, a huge figure that stretched out the Kyushu Entrance appeared. Its majestic body was so large that the other Magic Weapons didn’t even compare. It was a giant dragon that possessed three heads.

──Category ultra, Tri-Head.

Aine’s window opened and a yelling voice that sounded taken aback could be heard.

『What’s that thing! If something like this is going to come out then at least give a prediction beforehand!』

Certainly it was like she said. With the current prediction technology, something this gigantic appearing should be able to be predicted. This multiple appearance of Entrances, the prediction today had very low credibility.

Suddenly in Kizuna’s head, the figure of Shikina Kei who was doing the prediction of Entrance in Nayuta Lab crossed his mind.

Kizuna renewed his feeling and sent a transmission through the whole battlefield.

「Tri-Head appeared at Kyushu float! For the time being Amaterasu is holding it back! Please reinforce them when the battle at each area is taken care of!」

Although he said that, but in the end could Amaterasu hold the enemy back?

It was an opponent that couldn’t be defeated without almost everyone cooperating. If it wasn’t defeated quickly, there was high danger that the damage would reach Megafloat Japan.

At that time, a cute voice resounded in Kizuna’s ear.

『Captain! Sylvia made you wait desu!』


The apprentice team member of Amaterasu, Sylvia Silkcut of the middle school. Her talent was an eye-popping one, her small body was hiding a terrifying strength.

The form that was established by that strength was cutting through the night sky.


From a glance, it was a huge frame that could be mistaken as a Magic Weapon. That was Sylvia’s magic armor Taros. And then one more machine, a magic armor that was about the same size was flying side by side with Taros. There was only one thing that had a huge body that wasn’t inferior to Taros. It was the magic armor Demon. The magic armor of Ragrus who was also in middle school.

『Wait Sylvia! Don’t look like you are rushing here by yourself! I’m also here after all!』

『Of course desu! Sylvia is always together with Ragrus-chan desu!』

『I, I’m not telling you to say it that far! Do, don’t say something so embarrassing!』

Ragrus was an apprentice team member of the Vatlantis team. Both of them had little real battle experience.

But, the two’s talent was the real thing. And then the power of their magic armors. It was more powerful than all other magic armors. It made him want to clash their side’s own monsters against the monster that was Tri-Head.

「Roger that Sylvia, Ragrus! But don’t be reckless!」

『Understood desu!』

『Just leave it to us!』

The large frames that weren’t inferior from Magic Weapons charged fiercely towards Tri-Head. The powerful arms of Taros and Demon caught the neck of the Tri-Head and twisted it up. And then fists that were like a giant iron ball struck on that torso.

The Tri-Head’s armor warped, it raised an agonized voice and its neck moved wildly.


Kizuna spontaneously felt astonished.

There was nobody else that could do that kind of stunt other than them.

──’If this much battle strength gathered, isn’t it fine even if I make Hyakurath retreat?’

Kizuna stared at the Hokkaido district and opened communication with Hyakurath. But, the moment it connected, Hyakurath’s yell struck Kizuna’s face.

『Mer! Get a hold of yourself! Mercuria!』

「!? What’s the matter Hyakurath!?」

Hyakurath was sitting down at a park between buildings. There was the figure of a bleeding Mercuria inside her arms.

And then above them were multiple Albatrosses readying their gun swords, aiming at Hyakurath.

‘I’ll contact Masters to ask them to help, no──,’

He hesitated for a moment.

And then he picked the optimum choice from the multiple choices.

‘After the practical skill class, at the shower room I──then!’

「Mode Cross!」

The pink colored light running on Eros’s armor changed color to gold. And then the armor on his back unfolded, forming a new machine. In the blink of an eye, Cross’s Differential Frame was created.


The golden particle cannon rushed through the night sky and pierced the Albatross above Hyakurath. Then this time Kizuna turned the Differential Frame’s propulsion power to maximum and instantly dashed towards Hyakurath’s position.

「Are you okay!?」

「Ki……Kizuna-kun……Mer she, pro, protected, me……」

Hyakurath’s cheeks were wet from her tears. Mercuria who she hugged onto her chest groaned and opened her eyes.

「Hya, Hyakurath……don’t worry. It’s just a graze……」

And then she looked up at Kizuna and her lips warped.

「Fu……this is unsightly. Leave me behind……take Hyakurath to a safe place. Do that for me, Kizuna.」

「What are you saying Mer! Something like that is no good!」

「It’ll be all right if it’s me ……I can protect myself. That’s why……」

「Just what are you saying even though you cannot even stand!」

Hyakurath was shedding tears while embracing Mercuria’s body.

Kizuna looked up at the sky and glared at the approaching Albatrosses.

──’Five in total. Can I defeat them while protecting these two?’

However, in the next moment, several flame explosions bloomed and blocked the way of the Albatrosses.

「This is, Scarlet’s──」

Ten-odd missiles exploded in the sky once more. And then a bright voice resounded from the communication window.

『Kizuna! Sorry! Over here we also had our hands full! Everyone, fire all at once!』

The Albatrosses that were checked in place by Scarlet’s missiles were assaulted by Masters’ all out attack. The Magic Weapons became riddled with holes right away and exploded.

『Boss Kizuna! The damned Entrance here is closing!』

Just as Gertrude said, the Entrance at Hokkaido float was in the process of closing.

『This is Grace, the enemy at Tokyo float is also annihilated! The Entrance is closed too!』

Kizuna yelled at a communication that was directed to all teams.

「What’s left is only the Kyushu float! Amaterasu is holding back Tri-Head. Everyone, please reinforce them!」

Zelcyone’s face was projected into the window and she ordered to all members.

『There is no enemy we cannot defeat if we combine our strength! An all-out battle! Show them the strength of Ataraxia Academy!』

Replies of 『Roger!』 came back from each one.

And then, Vatlantis, Izgard, and Masters headed towards the Kyushu district.

Perhaps as the result of their habitual practice, even without any particular instruction each member made use of their forte and naturally shared the burden. And then using splendid coordination they fired an all-out attack and at the end of a few minutes of battle, the Tri-Head was destroyed. The Entrance that appeared at Kyushu float also vanished.

And then, in the night sky of Megafloat Japan, the victory song of Ataraxia Academy was sung.

Part 4[edit]

After that, Mercuria was carried to Ataraxia Academy’s infirmary for the moment. In case of the unlikely event, the nurse teacher Landred was standing by and first-aid treatment was applied to Mercuria until the Nayuta Lab was prepared to receive her.

After the first-aid treatment, Mercuria was carried by a helicopter that arrived to pick her up.

Other than Landred, inside the infirmary there were Kizuna, Hyakurath, Zelcyone as the one in charge, and Hida Reiri who arrived after receiving contact.

Landred took off her white coat and put it on a hanger.

「Now, my work is finished with that. Everyone too, you all should return home too and rest okay?」

Reiri nodded and then she spoke after looking over the faces of everyone.

「You all have worked hard. Your achievement will be mentioned in praise at the general morning assembly tomorrow. Perhaps it’s troublesome, but it will also become the goal of the other students. I’m counting on you all.」

Zelcyone called out from behind Reiri who opened the door and was about to get out of the infirmary.

「Wait, headmaster. I want to talk.」

Reiri glared with a sharp gaze.

「What is it, student council president?」

「What’s with today? The Entrance and enemy appearance were far different from the prediction. What’s the meaning of that?」

「I don’t know even if you ask me. The data is in the middle of analysis at the lab right now.」

「We aren’t scared to lose our lives on the battlefield because we are soldiers. But still, I too am someone who is entrusted with the life of everyone as the student council president. There is no way I’ll let their lives be thrown away pointlessly. If I cannot obtain an answer that can satisfy me, then even if you are the headmaster I won’t show mercy.」

Both of them glared at each other from very close distance. Not one of them averted their eyes. Their serious gazes scattered sparks in between.

「Wait, wait~ geez, both of you, fighting is no good you knowww?」

With the intermediation of Landred who was lacking in nervousness, the place’s atmosphere was softened. This person mysteriously had the strength to calm down other people. For some reason she healed wounds, whether it was bodily injury, or a wound of the heart.

「Currently, the lab’s team is in the middle of analysis. The result will be collected for the moment at 4 in the morning. I don’t have any guarantee that you will be able to obtain an answer that will satisfy you, but if you want to ask then come at that time. I’ll give an answer without hiding or masking anything.」

「I’ll come for sure」

Zelcyone passed beside Reiri and left the infirmary.

「Headmaster has it hard too isn’t it~」

Reiri sighed and let out the tension in her shoulders.

「It’s a good thing that she has a sense of responsibility. However, that woman has the tendency for favoritism though. Also, abusing authority is also not acceptable.」

Reiri smiled with a sigh ‘fuh’ and exited the infirmary.

「Ah, headmaster. I’m also going home, so let’s go together until there……how about having a light glass of sake while we are at it too? If you agree, it will be in my room♡」

「I’ll take a pass. You two also go home quickly.」

「Geez……that’s too cold.」

Kizuna stood up and took Hyakurath’s hand.

「We should go back to the dorm too.」

However Hyakurath didn’t move. She kept staring at the floor with a worried gaze.

「It’s……my fault……that Mercuria……」

「It’s all right. Her wound also isn’t that bad.」

「But……I, I……」

Tears were spilling out in large drops from her beautiful blue eyes.

「Let’s go visit her tomorrow. It’s best if you rest slowly for today. There is nothing else that Hyakurath can do for Mercuria for now, right? If Hyakurath also fell sick instead, then Mercuria will get worried too. That’s why, rest for today.」

Hyakurath stood up somehow with the support of Kizuna’s hand and she walked with tottering footsteps to exit the infirmary. Kizuna held her close as though embracing her shoulder and they returned towards the dormitory.

Part 5[edit]

Landred let out a sigh alone inside the infirmary where everyone had left and she looked around the room.

Suddenly, her eyes gazed at the two beds lined up there.

The time was almost ten o’clock already. She thought whether she should just sleep here.

Landred was really pleased with this workplace. The place was comfortable to the degree that it was too good to be called a workplace. She felt that the bed was inviting her to sleep on it even now.


However, today was the day that her favorite drama was on air.

「……Let’s go home.」

She talked to herself like that and exited the infirmary with her bag hanging on her shoulder. She locked the door, changed her shoes at the entrance for the teaching staff and exited the academy.

The dormitory for the teaching staff was very near the academy. It was ten minutes by walking. She also could sleep until the very last minute in the morning, so it was really helpful.

There was a convenience store midway, it was her daily routine to buy a dinner there and go home. Today too she stood in front of the convenience store and entered inside with the invitation of the automatic door. Each time she entered inside, she felt a mysterious feeling. This place was like a magic shop. Inside the shop that couldn’t be said to be spacious at all, various products were lined up in closely packed arrangements.

Bento and side dish. Snack and drink. Stationery and cosmetic. When one looked carefully at the minute detail, the shelves were crammed with a lot of variety of products. It was as though there was a competition of how many products could be fitted into the small space.

Landred liked walking while staring at those small products. She would even take something that she might never bought for her whole life into her hand and stare at it, imagining what kind of person created the product, what kind of person would buy it, she was having fun with her imagination that she would forget time completely.

「Ah, I must not do this. If I don’t choose the dinner……」

She returned to her senses and stood up in front of the bento and side dish corner. It was a difficult problem starting from here. Every single one looked delicious, she also wanted to try to eat, but even if it wasn’t today……she began to think like that and lacked the deciding factor. Or rather should she try onigiri with side dishes as the accompaniment? Like that the variation would expand and there would be infinite combinations.

Before, she didn’t have this kind of worry. Before, something like choosing what she would eat, even thinking of such a thing was──,


──Again. Sometimes she would remember a habit that she knew nothing about out of the blue. But, she didn’t pay attention to it. Because she had the hunch that doing that would be better.

Losing her current livelihood was something that she was afraid of more than anything.

In the end, she decided to buy tuna onigiri, pork miso soup that was full of ingredients, green salad and shrimp and broccoli salad, and in addition a chocolate cake.

She thought while walking out of the convenience store. All things considered, it was amazing how people thought up a lot of variety of sweets like this. Furthermore the products were frequently changing. She couldn’t help but marvel, just how people got the ideas for these kinds of things. Besides, this onigiri , that was this delicious, could be obtained wherever she went, and what’s more it was prized less than a hundred yen. Unbelievable. Sometimes, she was also taken to a good restaurant and treated with food there while on the business of the academy. The restaurant was wonderful with delicious foods, but mysteriously she felt stronger happiness from this onigiri that was less than a hundred yen.

While she was thinking profoundly of such things, she arrived at the dormitory for the teaching staff. It was a mansion with eight floors, and Landred’s room was on the fourth floor. She went up until the fourth floor using an elevator, walked in the corridor and inserted her key into the keyhole of the door leading to her room. Perhaps hearing of the sound she made, or perhaps a coincidence, the door of the neighboring room opened and her neighbor showed up her face.

「Aa Landred-sensei, gooood timing~」

「My, Sakisaka-sensei. Good evening.」

Sakisaka-sensei must have been drinking quite much already. Her face was bright red.

「I got my hands on a good sake see, won’t you come hereee? I have a lot of snacks you know─」

「Thank you very much. But, it’s a bit difficult for me today. Forgive me okay?」

「I seee, that’s unfortunate. Theen today I’m drinking alone, driiinking in a binge.」

She withdrew back to her room in a good mood.

Did that person have any day where she wasn’t binge drinking? But in a sense she might be a big shot. Surely, even on the last day of the world she would still spend her time while having fun.

Landred entered inside her room.

This small 1LDK room was her castle. It was a really mediocre mansion, but she was really pleased with it.

The room she previously lived in was pointlessly spacious. However, if she spoke honestly, it was too spacious that she couldn’t calm down no matter what. Actually, she liked a room that was snugly like this.

There was also no attendant. A castle for just herself. This narrow world was indescribably precious for her.


Again. Just what in the world was she misunderstanding about? Was she under the imagination that she was a queen or something? She thought that it was mysterious if she said so herself and she chuckled by herself.

There was no way that a mere nurse teacher like her could live in that kind of big house. There was no way she was able to employ any servant or anything.

When she turned on her TV, the drama she wanted to see was just starting. When she spread out the dinner she bought, her hands suddenly stopped.

‘Come to think of it, I put the beer I received from Sakisaka-sensei inside the refrigerator.’

She stood up and took the beer, and then she sat down on the carpet once more. *pshew* The hearty sound of carbonic acid leaking out felt pleasant on her ears. She put the can on her mouth directly and drank the cold beer. Cold sensation passed through inside her throat and fell into her stomach. She spontaneously let out a ‘kuuuh’ voice. And then she laughed by herself once more.

Watching the drama while eating dinner. When the drama entered the latter half, she put hot water into her bath and ate the snacks she bought with coffee. When the drama was over, she entered the bath, and after that just what in the world she did until she went to sleep? Even her sleeping time was free as she pleased. And then when morning came she went to work.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 05.jpg

What a really lovely spiral.

It was a normal, regular day without anything particular.

But, she was really satisfied.

It was as though she had somehow obtained something that she had only dreamed about until now, that was how she felt.

This was a really happy, and kind world.

Even if it was just a world of dream.

Part 6[edit]

At the general morning assembly the next day, the great effort of the previous night was praised in front of all the students. That Zelcyone was obediently attending the assembly must mean that she was able to accept the early morning report somewhat.

Right now it was in the middle of the practical skills class in the morning. Kizuna took a peek at Hyakurath’s condition surreptitiously.

She looked considerably calm, but he got the impression that she was somewhat here in body but not in spirit.

──’I got to do something quickly. Perhaps I should try inviting her after school to visit Mercuria.’

The class ended while he was thinking of such thing. Kizuna had the shift of cleaning up this time, so he carried the remaining firearms and Technical Gears to the PE storeroom. Vaulting box and mat for the use of normal PE were more or less also stored there. For the firearms to be categorized the same as those things and stored there felt like a joke.

When Kizuna finished tidying up everything, he let out a sigh ‘fuu’.

So that he wouldn’t be ambushed in the changing room today, should he stay here until the last minute? Kizuna was thinking like that inside the storeroom with his arms folded, it was at that time that there was the sound of the door being closed.



Inside the PE storeroom where he thought there was no one inside, there was Hyakurath still wearing her pilot suit. The door behind her was closed completely.

「Hyakurath……what’s the matter?」

「I have something to talk with you.」

She had a brooding expression. Her voice was also trembling. Hyakurath came here with some kind of touching resolve in her heart. Furthermore she was fighting against her fear. Kizuna faced her with a serious expression.

「What’s the matter? Acting formal like that, and also in this kind of place.」

「If it’s here then no one else will listen……and sound also won’t leak outside in here.」

Kizuna stayed silent and waited for Hyakurath’s words. At that time, he could hear the whisper of Hyakurath faintly.

「Do your best, do your best……Hyakurath.」

She opened her eyes and raised her face. And then, she gazed firmly at Kizuna.

「Please, do Heart Hybrid with me.」


「Because of my selfishness, I caused Mercuria to get injured……」

She lowered her gaze sadly. However, as though to encourage herself, she immediately raised her face again.

「I understood that I cannot continue running away like this. But, no matter how, I felt scared, embarrassed……that I postponed it until now. But, I think that I have to stop doing that already! Please, do Heart Hybrid with me! Here, right now!」


The surprised expression of Kizuna caused Hyakurath too to return from her excitement back to normal. She thought back of her declaration and became red until her ears.


She felt embarrassed, really embarrassed, that she wanted to vanish. Kizuna’s hand softly touched at the shoulder of such a Hyakurath. Hyakurath looked up at Kizuna with an upward glance.

「Tha, that……」

「I understand well Hyakurath’s determination. Then……is it fine to do it right now, in here?」

Hyakurath rubbed her fingers together and fidgeted around while replying.

「……If time passed……it feels like my resolve will dull, so」

Kizuna completely understood that Hyakurath was rushing into a momentous decision. Even so, doing this while the class wasn’t over yet, and what’s more inside the PE storeroom, was something really drastic, Kizuna thought.

「At the health and physical education class, we learned that in Heart Hybrid it will be effective if the person is……that is, excited──no, if the person thinks that it’s indecent, that it’s lewd, so……」

Hyakurath’s eyes turned teary while she was talking, and finally she hid her face with her hands.

「Aa……I want to die.」

In other words, secretly doing something lewd in the PE storeroom at school excited Hyakurath, what she said was like a confession of that. There was no doubt that for Hyakurath it was something so embarrassing that it made her want to die. She asked Kizuna this with that much feeling.

Kizuna took Hyakurath’s hand.


He gently grasped Hyakurath’s slender hand as though he was treating something fragile. And then, he guided her above piled up five, six mats that were used for PE class.

「I don’t think that this is something that needs to be asked but……this is your first time right?」

「……That, is something that is very hard for me to say.」

‘Eh? Don’t tell me she has experience?’

「Holding hands with a man too, this is the first time……for me.」


Kizuna’s gaze fell towards his hand and Hyakurath’s that were nonchalantly connected.

「That’s, sorry.」

「Pl, please don’t apologize. I’m also……troubled.」

Hyakurath became shy of her own statement, the redness of her cheeks that were gradually thinning down from getting slightly used to the embarrassment became red again.

Kizuna pulled Hyakurath’s hand and brought her body close to him.


Hyakurath’s body fell on Kizuna’s chest. Kizuna gently embraced Hyakurath’s back with his left hand. Inside Kizuna’s arm made Hyakurath’s body to turn stiff.

「I received another of Hyakurath’s first time with this.」

「Aa……I’m sorry. Mercuria」


He wondered just what kind of meaning the apology towards Mercuria just now had.

Was Mercuria her lover? Or else they were only close friends in the end? He wanted to try to asking, but he also felt that it was something that he mustn’t touch.

He changed the direction Hyakurath faced so that he was hugging her from behind and he sat down on the mat. Sweet fragrance was wafting from her tied up blond hair and her nape of the neck.

「Err……Hida-kun, from here what should I……」

「It’s all right for Hyakurath to not do anything. But, if you can relax yourself for me」

「Is that so?」

Kizuna inserted his hand from under Hyakurath’s armpit, and touched that voluptuous breast.


Hyakurath’s body shivered.


Her hand overlapped on Kizuna’s hand, trying to stop it from moving.

「It’s fine, relax.」

Kizuna slowly put more strength into his fingers. The elasticity of Hyakurath’s breast was strong, it had a sensation as though it was trying to push back his fingers, massaging it felt satisfying.

「Uu……like this, relaxing is……hard……」

Hyakurath’s expression frowned as though she was enduring something. Her cheeks were still red without change and she was slightly sweaty.

Surely she was feeling good. Kizuna continued to massage the two heavy breasts.

「Fuah! Aa……yah……aahn♡」

Hyakurath pressed on her mouth in panic. Her gasping voice that unconsciously leaked out was something even herself was surprised about.

「It’s okay to not hold your voice. Perhaps it won’t be heard from outside after all.」


The skin on Hyakurath’s cheeks were so white it looked transparent, but right now they were blushing in pink color that drew lovely gradation. Looking at it caused an impulse that caused Kizuna to want to touch the smooth and soft looking cheeks.

Kizuna kissed on Hyakurath’s cheek.


She looked at Kizuna’s face in slight surprise. Hyakurath’s blue eyes were so close. Those blue jewels were shaking, expressing her enraptured feeling.


「We are doing what is necessary for the sake of Heart Hybrid. It’s for saving Hyakurath’s life, and then to protect everyone.」

Hyakurath’s eyes were coming closer past the boundary.

「You’re right……this is something necessary. Even if this cannot be shown to everyone……even Mer……will understand……there is no other way.」

Something soft was pressed on Kizuna’s lips. The damp sensation that was like marshmallow made Kizuna’s mind turn elated.

He was kissing with that serious class president. He opened his lips and tried to push out his tongue for a bit. And then as though waiting for it, Hyakurath’s tongue tip welcomed him. However it wasn’t an entanglement that was fierce or anything, it was only the tongue tips that slowly touched each other. It felt like it was a display of Hyakurath’s personality, a lovely gesture.

The long kiss ended and the lips of the two separated.


「Yes……I like, kissing……」

She looked down in shame.

「I’m not as upright and pure as everyone said I am. Are you……disillusioned?」

When Kizuna suddenly looked below, the tips of Hyakurath’s breasts were poking out as much as possible, pushing up at the thin pilot suit.

「Certainly, it looks like just as you say.」

Kizuna’s fingertip lightly flicked the jutting out tip.


A numbing sensation ran through Hyakurath’s body like electricity.

「But I’m not disillusioned or anything. Rather, I think it’s cute.」

He pinched with his fingers and he ascertained that hardness and size.

「Aah! Aan! Do, don’t, I’m feeling it too much」

「Hyakurath’s breast is getting hard. It’s telling me, that it feels good. So cute.」

「Such thing, it’s not cute… ……Ah!」

As though she only noticed after this late how the shape of her breast was distinctly protruding out, Hyakurath hid her breasts in panic.

「Wh, why, is it like this……」

「But, I can see the shape of your nipple routinely every time you know? Though it wasn’t poking out this much.」


Hyakurath was making a seriously shocked expression.

「I didn’t notice at all……or perhaps it’s Hida-kun’s observing eyes that are lewd……aah, I have to wear suit with thicker fabric.」

There was consideration given so that the practical skill class wasn’t peeked at by the boys, so even if it got seen it would be by the girls and Kizuna only. But, Kizuna thought that Hyakurath wouldn’t be that consoled even if he told her that.

「Is that so? A shame, even though it’s this beautiful.」

「Be, beautiful……」

Seeing a gap loosening between Hyakurath’s hand, Kizuna caressed her breast once more.

「A, aaaa……nn♡」

Hyakurath wasn’t showing that much resistance anymore. No matter what her mouth said, but her body was starting to lose against pleasure. Hyakurath’s instinct was desiring Kizuna.

Kizuna was toying with the tip of the breast with his left hand while his right hand was lowering to below.

「But if the other girls see this……bu, but, if Hida-kun says that he wants it like this no matter what……even if I keep using this suit……ah, whe, where are you!?」

The fingertip of his right hand slipped into between Hyakurath’s crotch.


She closed her thighs reflexively. But Kizuna’s fingertip was touching the most sensitive part of Hyakurath inside her thighs. Just by moving his finger tip slightly, Hyakurath’s body reacted back.

「Hih♡♡……ku, nnnnh……♡♡♡」

「Hyakurath, won’t you please loosen the strength of your thighs for me?」

However Hyakurath gritted her teeth and she desperately shook her head.

「You are putting too much strength, so it feels like my finger is going to snap.」


Hyakurath hurriedly loosened up her thighs. Of course, it was a lie that it felt like his finger was going to snap, but thanks to that he could see Hyakurath’s cute side so it was fine.

「Are……are you okay?」

Hyakurath looked up at Kizuna with worried eyes.

「Yeah, I’m fine. But, as for you Hyakurath……that’s really a mess.」

Hyakurath tilted her head, not understanding what Kizuna meant, but when she followed Kizuna’s gaze, she noticed a shocking fact.

Hyakurath’s crotch was sopping wet as though she had just peed, a large stain was formed on the mat.

「A……a, aaaaa」

She became so red it felt like steam would come out from her and her mouth trembled.


「Yo, you are wrong-, this is, it’s, not, that」

「I know that it’s not your pee.」

「O, o o o obviously!」

Kizuna asked with a wide grin.

「Then, what is it?」


Hyakurath became teary eyed and she stood up, her face became despairing when she saw the formed stain on the mat.

「Aa, wha, what to do……」

She tried wiping it with her hand, but the stain didn’t vanish by doing that.

「Hyakurath is letting out a lot of lewd honey huh.」

「Do, don’t say it lewdly like tha──」

At that time, the door was making *clack clack* sound.

──’Someone came!?’

Nervousness ran through the two.

「Aaa……wha, what are we going to do」

Hyakurath was looking alternately between the door and the mat in a fluster.

「We are hiding!」

Kizuna whispered that into Hyakurath’s ear and held her up in his arms before hiding behind the vaulting box. And then at the same time when he sat on the floor, the door of the PE storeroom opened up with a sound.

「Oh man, so tiresome─」

「In the first place, students of the research department don’t need anything like PE class don’t you think so?」

Lively voices and footsteps entered inside the PE storeroom.

Kizuna tensed his body and hugged the trembling Hyakurath. Hyakurath also hugged at Kizuna’s body and her arms tightly held him.

「Oh, this must be the mat. How many the total is? Six mats?」

「Yosha. You hold that side. Here we go─」

They were talking livelily while carrying away the mats that Kizuna and Hyakurath were using just now. And then their voices were getting farther and the door of the PE storeroom was closed noisily.

「……Looks like they are gone.」

「I thought it was hopeless already……」

Hyakurath murmured with her face still buried onto Kizuna’s chest.

「But, the mats were carried away.」


「The mat that was stained by Hyakurath’s lewd juice, it will be used by everyone for PE class.」

Hyakurath’s head hit Kizuna’s chest like a head butt. And then she whispered with an awfully depressed voice.

「……I feel terribly guilty.」

Kizuna smiled at such Hyakurath and his hands reached out to her breast and crotch once more.

「Ah! Hi, Hida-kun-! Even though that happened, you still!?」

「It cannot end like this right? Besides this kind of thrill is the nice aspect of doing this in the PE storeroom.」

「Bu, but……aahn ♥」

Kizuna’s right hand shifted Hyakurath’s pilot suit to the side. Hyakurath’s blond bush and the lower lips that were wet from dew were exposed in front of Kizuna.

「Ah……I, I am……seen completely.」

A tear gathered at Hyakurath’s eye.

「Hyakurath too, my……」


Hyakurath stared fixedly at the feverish crotch of Kizuna. And then, her throat gulped and she stared at the electronic fastener on his collar.

「Tha, that is……should I say, that the hurdle is a bit, too high……」

「But it’s essential for the two sides to share pleasure and affection in a Heart Hybrid. From here on, it will be necessary to do group work by the two of us.」

Kizuna said that while his hand continued to move without rest. Feverish sighs and faint gasps could be heard leaking from Hyakurath’s mouth.

「Nn……ah……fu……ah! ♥……haaan ♥」

Hyakurath’s eyes were gradually turning blank, her hand was naturally reaching towards Kizuna’s collar. She unfastened the electronic fastener’s lock and opened the pilot suit to the left and right. Kizuna’s chest and then abs were becoming exposed. And then Hyakurath averted her eyes while opened the suit completely until the bottom.

She stole a glance at Kizuna’s thing.


Once she caught sight of it, she became unable to tear her eyes off from it. She kept staring with her face turning to her front. She continued to stare at that thing that was pointing up without blinking.

「Hyakurath too……」

Urged by Kizuna, Hyakurath reached out her hand. However that hand stopped midway.

Hyakurath closed her eyes and murmured as though praying silently.

「……Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath.」

Her eyes suddenly opened, and her trembling fingertip touched Kizuna’s thing. The sensation of Hyakurath’s slender and soft fingertip was conveyed to Kizuna. It was a pleasure that hit directly to his tailbone. That class president Hyakurath was facing him while her hand was grasping his thing.

「Ah……it twitched……」

Hyakurath’s eyes shined with deep interest. Once she touched it, her fear was gone. In exchange a curiosity reared its neck inside her. Hyakurath tried various way of touching, ascertaining its shape and texture.

「Something like this is attached to here……I learned it in health and physical education class but……but, it’s different from my imagination.」

「Are you disgusted? Like it’s gross or something?」

Kizuna also rubbed Hyakurath’s breast softly while continuing to grant stimulation at her abdomen teasingly. Hyakurath was gradually forming a spring on the floor once more.

Hyakurath shook her head to the side and whispered with a small voice.

「No……I, might not hate it.」

Her way of touching was gradually turning bold, she gripped Kizuna’s thing with backhand grip and began to stroke it up and down.

「Does this……feel good?」

It seemed she was watching Kizuna’s reaction. She was enthusiastic in studying, becoming of a honor student.

「Yeah, very much so. Hyakurath’s hand, feels good.」

Hyakurath smiled shyly. Perhaps she wasn’t feeling as bad as he believed. Her fingers got slightly stronger.

「But, it’s mysterious……even though yesterday, I didn’t even dream that I would do something like this.」

「Same with me.」

Hyakurath giggled and she stared at Kizuna with an upward glance.

「I’m doing something lewd like this……I cannot believe it myself.」

Kizuna also opened Hyakurath’s crevice with his fingertips.

「Nn♥ Ah! I wonder, what should I say……to Mercuria, later」

「We doing Heart Hybrid will surely get found out but, it’s fine even if you don’t tell about the detail of what we did right? It will be a secret to Mercuria too.」

「Like that, it’ll make me……aahn♥ fe, feel guilty in its own way……haah!」

「Then, you will tell her the truth?」

Kizuna massaged her breast with his palm rolling the tip of the breast that was stiffly hard.

「Haa♥♥……uu, Mercuria……I’m sorry, but……」

Hyakurath leaned her upper body and her face approached Kizuna.

「Doing this with Hida-kun……it’s different, from with Mercuria……」

Hyakurath’s lips stole Kizuna’s lips.

Inside the mouth, tongue and tongue were entangled with each other.

The movement of Hyakurath’s hand became intense. Kizuna also responded to that movement and spread Hyakurath’s secret spot, and his fingertip slipped inside.

「!? Hi……♥♥♥」

Hyakurath’s face faced up spontaneously.

「Does it hurt?」

Hyakurath kept biting her lip and shook her head left and right with her all. At that time, the pin that was fixing her hair came off, and Hyakurath’s blond hair spread out gently.

The wavy and loose long blond hair was beautiful. Kizuna was unconsciously bewitched by that change.



Hyakurath smiled happily. Inside her moist eyes, heart-shaped light was emerging.

Kizuna wanted Hyakurath to taste the greatest pleasure, he rubbed the inside of her wall while pressing using the pad of his finger at the small bud that showed out its face in between.

「aAAAAAaaaAaNN♥♥ Nnnnh! My, my head-, it’s getting strange already-!」

Each time his finger thrust in, spring was welling up endlessly from the inside. It released very nice smell that made Kizuna drunk.

And then, both Hyakurath and also Kizuna was finally welcoming the limit.

「Aah! Hi, Hida-kun, scary, something, is coming, coming! Something, aah」

「It’s fine! You don’t need to feel scared! Just come like that!」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 06.jpg

「!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥──────tsu♥♥ uAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHNN♥♥♥♥♥」

Hyakurath shed tears while her body bent. The finger inside was constricted with a force that felt like it would tear off the finger. And then light of magic power was released from the bodies of the two. That light danced in the air and converged into Hyakurath’s body.

Her shriek left a trail, before long her voice turned small, and Hyakurath’s body crumbled, collapsing on Kizuna’s lap in exhaustion.

「Hyakurath……you worked hard there.」

Kizuna stroked her blonde hair.


Suddenly, an odd sensation ran through Kizuna’s groin.

「Hya, Hyakurath?」

Hyakurath’s tongue stretched out and licked Kizuna’s thing.

「We still……cannot go outside so……until school ends, we can only hide so……until then」

「No, but──」

Kizuna tried to say that there must be some way, but as though to shut him up, Hyakurath opened her mouth and put Kizuna’s thing inside her mouth.


It seemed that there was a need for him to accompany her until Climax Hybrid.

──’I hope we won’t get noticed by the guys that will come to return the mats.’

Kizuna prayed so while his hand reached towards Hyakurath’s body.

Third Period : Time of Deepening Friendship at Hot Spring Inn[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Thanks for the food. That was delicious.」

「Ehehe, Sylvia’s glad captain enjoyed it desu.」

Like every night, Sylvia came to cook Kizuna’s dinner. And then in the morning she would wake up early too and come to Kizuna’s room to prepare breakfast. If Kizuna hadn’t woken up then she would go to Kizuna’s bedroom and wake him up.

If circumstances permitted then there were also people who tried to steal her seat, but Sylvia was formally appointed by the command headquarters as Kizuna’s caretaker. It was difficult to steal her seat officially. Furthermore Sylvia’s work was perfect. It would be great if there was anything about her that could be used as material for nitpicking about, but this rising star rookie had no openings.

「Then, Sylvia will go home now desu.」

She finished washing the dishes and took off her apron.

「Yeah. Thanks for every time.」

「Can Sylvia come tomorrow morning too desu?」

「Yeah. There is also no particular need for me to go to school early. Please make me the usual English-style breakfast okay?」

「Ro─ger desu!」

Sylvia cutely saluted before going back to the dormitory for the middle school.

Commuting wife, there was such words, but students who teased Sylvia like that weren’t few in number. However, in Kizuna’s mind, she was already passing through being girlfriend or wife, he even felt that she was nearly like a mother. It seemed that having too much girl power made it difficult to distinguish a girl from a mother.

「Well, there is no chance I’ll tell her that though……」

After Kizuna spoke to himself, he made a large yawn.

After Sylvia went home, he studied for a bit, then played games for relaxation, quite some time unexpectedly passed from that. The hands of the clock were already pointing passed eleven o’clock.

「Perhaps I should take a bath.」

It was time where most of the students already finished taking a bath.

Kizuna’s room was equipped with a really splendid indoor bath, yet regardless of that, it was locked and he was forbidden from using it. Whatever the case, a strong will that forced him to use the female large bath was strongly felt.

Kizuna sighed and opened his closet.


What’s this?

There was a girl inside his closet. Furthermore she was a middle schooler. Furthermore she was sound asleep while drooling. She was leaning on his clothes that were hanged on hangers, and several clothes also fell on the floor, they were crumpled because of being used as replacement for a futon. Furthermore they got stained with drool.

「Oi……Ragrus. Why are you in this kind of place?」

She didn’t show any sign of waking up.

「Aah! Wake up already I tell you!」

When Kizuna shook her shoulder roughly, ‘funya?’ Ragrus raised a stupid voice and she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

「Haeh!? Wh, why, are you here!?」

「That’s my line!」

Ragrus finally came back to her senses and she raised her voice ‘ah’.

「I see. I wanted to confirm whether you are doing anything nasty to Sylvia and hid here……」

「I see. Then you are satisfied right? The exit is over there.」

Ignoring Kizuna who pointed at the entrance, Ragrus began to take off her uniform.

「Oo!? Oi!」

Under the Ataraxia academy uniform, she was only wearing a petticoat and a panty, she still wasn’t wearing a bra yet. Or rather she didn’t need it. That petticoat also fell smoothly on the floor from her shoulders, and now she was only wearing panty and tights.

However she had a stylish young body that wasn’t inferior to Sylvia, no, hers was superior. Her breast was mostly flat. However, only her panty was immoral with how she was wearing a sexy one with small surface area. Kizuna was in admiration that a panty of that size actually existed.

「This isn’t the time to feel admiration! What are you doing huh, Ragrus!?」

「You ask me what, do Heart Hybrid with me. Next week there is a practice match with Sylvia after all. Until that time I’ll power up, and then I’ll make Sylvia go ‘gyafun’!」 (TN: Gyafun = voice that expresses speechlessness, being unable to argue anymore, or getting beaten hollow)


Did this girl like Sylvia or hate her, just which was it? Kizuna grumbled like that within his heart while he scratched his head.

──’Well, this must be that, she wants to be acknowledged by Sylvia, so that Sylvia thinks of her as someone amazing. She must like Sylvia too much.’

「But, Sylvia is looking around, you know? For you.」

「Eh!? What’s with that? Tell me the detail!」

──’Of course it’s a lie, but well, doesn’t matter. Perhaps Ragrus will complain to me tomorrow but, Ragrus should feel happy too that her chances to meet Sylvia has increased. She won’t get seriously angry. Although, if it’s Sylvia then she might guess the circumstances and divert her attention nicely…….’

Kizuna’s faith in Sylvia was at MAX.

「Who knows. I also don’t know what that’s about.」

「You’re useless! This is not the time for something like this!」

She wore her uniform in a panic and left like a storm. After that there was only silence left behind with Kizuna.

Kizuna’s room didn’t have a lock, so anyone could freely enter if they felt like it. Indeed, sneaking in, then hiding in the closet before sleeping soundly was something simple.

「……Let’s go take a bath.」

Hida Kizuna. It felt like he had already reached the state of enlightenment.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna took off his clothes in the changing room of the large bath, then he peeked inside the bath slowly without any sound.

「Ah, Kizuna! You are late.」

「Scarlet? Wait, all the members of Masters are here!?」

There was a person that soaked in the bathtub that reached until the shoulders, a person in the hip bath, a person in an unladylike appearance sleeping on an inflated beach mat, girls shooting at each other with water guns, and so on, the seven members of Masters who were taking bath in style as they pleased were waving their hands at him. As always, they were too free.

Furthermore all of them weren’t covering their bodies at all. The spacious large bath was overflowing with skin color, making him troubled about where to look.

「Don’t tell me you all were here all this time?」

Scarlet shook her head horizontally.

「We only came just now. About five minutes I think?」

「……Is it a coincidence?」

Leila who was only dipping her feet into the bathtub grinned.

「Money source──not that, Kizuna-kun comes really late. Did you stopover somewhere on the way here?」

「The magazine placed on the break room caught my attention a bit……wait, how do you know that?」

「Because a camera is set up in front of Kizuna’s room.」

「What the hell is with that!?」

Gertrude who was lying down on the mat raised only her head.

「Aa─ aa─, ain’t it no good to reveal that? Even though we installed it together with Amaterasu with much trouble.」

During the AU collision the other day, even though he sneaked out of the dormitory secretly, yet for some reason Amaterasu and Masters came to the rescue in a superb timing.

「……Now I understand the reason.」

However, it was also a fact that they were saved because of that, so it was hard for him to complain.

Henrietta who was inside the hip bath took off her eyeglasses that was thoroughly foggy from steam.

「Then I’ll wash Kizuna’s body.」

「You’re─ right─. Then, everyone do it─」

Scarlet spoke brightly and she stood up energetically from the bathtub. Droplets of hot water scattered while her breasts shook.

「Wa, wait a bit! What in the world you all are planning to do!?」

「You ask what, it’s Heart Hybrid you know? It’s a rare chance, so we will also give a service by washing Kizuna’s body.」

「N, no……I, perhaps I should refrain a bit from that……I think.」

However, as expected from Masters, when he noticed, Kizuna was already completely surrounded.

Gertrude put the mat that she was using until just now to lie down on top of the tiles of the washing place.

「Now─, we’ll start the service okay─!」


Kizuna was pushed down along with the spirited voices.

Part 3[edit]

「No more……already. Today I’m completely……spent.」

Kizuna dragged his completely exhausted body and he somehow returned until his own room.

He wanted to immediately collapse on his bed and fall asleep without thinking anything.

The world’s strongest was waiting on his bed to smash apart even such a meager wish.

「Haii♪ Ki♥ zu♥ na♥」

Yurishia who was wearing a transparent negligee was lying on her side.

「Yurishia……that appearance」

「My? I wonder if you like it♪」

The thin pink colored negligee didn’t hide Yurishia’s body at all. Rather, by wearing it, she looked more lewd than being completely naked. That figure lying down with her body bent supplely, and then her face that was smiling bewitchingly, those were the aphrodisiac of a witch that forcefully recovered the vitality of his tired body.

「You look really amazing but……as I thought, today I’m tired so, could you let me off for now?」

「Whaat? You are in the stage of ennui already?」

「No, we aren’t even married are we?」

Yurishia raised up her body and brought closer a traveling bag that she placed near the pillow.

「As expected, getting stuck in a rut isn’t good isn’t it? I’m properly bringing the thing that Kizuna likes. Here.」

Cheerily, Yurishia was taking out from inside the bag things like provocative enamel costume, rope, whip, and so on one after another. ‘That’s Yurishia’s preference, not mine……’ A man with a kindness that couldn’t let out such tsukkomi. That was Hida Kizuna.

「I won’t let that happen!」

The door opened and Aine leaped inside.

「So it’s you this time!」

Furthermore for some reason she was wearing a nurse uniform. What’s more it was super miniskirt.

「Previously you stared at the medical team of the lab right? I have the proof already.」

「I got no memory of that at all!」

Perhaps, she misunderstood him when he was looking at something completely different.

──’But, is she watching me that frequently?’

When he thought that, he felt that Aine was really lovable.

Aine’s cheeks reddened and her fingers gripped at the fringe of her skirt.

「I……I’m properly not wearing underwear just as Kizuna likes it so, there is no need to worry!」

「I’m full of worry! Your lovableness is going to a strange direction too much!」

For Aine to also come here, he didn’t dare to think it but could it be that next……there would be more?

A chill ran through Kizuna’s spine. Perhaps it was the survival instinct that animals possessed, noticing him of the alert.

「When I thought that it was noisy and come here to look……all of you, just what are you doing?」

The black haired devil was standing there with her hair standing on end, clad in a muddy black aura.

「My, Hayuru also came?」

「Unfortunately, this Kizuna is for the use of two. There is no share for Hayuru.」

「Just who are you saying is a cat type robot!!」 (TN: I don’t really get this part, I had read over and over the previous sentences, but I cannot spot where is the reference)

Ataraxia Academy’s girl who was suited to wearing cat ears, Himekawa Hayuru yelled.


A red magic armor was equipped on her uniform.

「Heart Hybrid outside the schedule won’t be recognized as long as there is no valid reason! To say nothing of doing it inside the dorm……this public morals committee member Himekawa Hayuru absolutely won’t permit it!」

「How amusing. Zeros!」

「Fufun, this is a nice timing, how about while we are at it we also decide who is the ace of Amaterasu, that is to say the main partner of Kizuna? Cross!」

Zeros was equipped above Aine’s nurse uniform, while Cross was equipped on Yurishia’s see through negligee.

An uncontrollable déjà vu was rampaging inside Kizuna.

「You girls……stop!」

A large explosion occurred in Kizuna’s room.

Part 4[edit]

──And then the next day.

「Hey Hayuru, is that snack delicious?」

Yurishia asked Himekawa who was sitting at the opposite side. Himekawa held out the pocky box she was carrying.

「Yes, it’s delicious. How about trying it?」

Yurishia’s hand reached out. The train shook at that timing and her fingertip missed the box. She once again pinched at one stick and pulled it out.

「It’s green……what is the taste of this?」

「Green tea.」


Yurishia elegantly nibbled at the pocky.

「This is a peculiar flavor. Certainly it might taste a bit like green tea……」

Saying that, Yurishia made a doubtful expression.

「A, Aine-san, how about you?」

Himekawa offered Aine who was sitting beside her.

「I’ll pass. But, Hayuru really likes green tea flavor huh. It’s like your interest is bitter, or you smell like old people.」

Himekawa opened her eyes wide in a flash.

「Ju, just what is bad about green tea!? This is greatly popular even among young girls! In Japan, green tea sweets are the staple! Like Tsujiri’s green tea parfait, it’s exquisite!」

「Rather than that isn’t here ice cream sold inside the train? According to the data, it seems that they are selling vanilla ice cream that is hard like steel though.」

「Please listen when people talk! For Japanese, it’s green tea for sure!」

「Excuse me─」

Sylvia who was sitting diagonally opposite Himekawa raised her hand a bit.

「Can Sylvia also, ask for one desu?」

「Eh? Yes! By all means-」

Himekawa held out her pocky box with a feeling as though she was saved.

「Waa, thank you very much desu! Sylvia is bad with the real green tea, but it’s fine if it’s sweets desu.」

Sylvia took one out and quickly put it into her mouth. Hayuru was suddenly reminded of a rodent-type animal and her cheeks loosened.

「Delicious desu! Sylvia likes this snack desu.」

‘I’m glad……’ Himekawa murmured inside her heart.

「Ah! For thanks, please eat Sylvia’s shortbread desu!」

Sylvia took out a plastic case from the bag that she placed on her lap. When the lid was opened, inside there were light yellow baked sweets lined up. They were slightly thick biscuit with rectangle shape.

「Thank you, Sylvia-chan.」

Himekawa glanced outside the train window. On the other side of Aine who was sitting beside her, the scenery of green trees was drifting away. It seemed they had left Tokyo float and entered Kanagawa float.

Himekawa nibbled at the short bread and her eyes turned round.

「!? Delicious!」

Sylvia laughed ‘ehehe’ shyly.

「If you like, then how about Yurishia-san and Aine-san take some too desu?」

Both of them were lured by Himekawa’s reaction and their hands reached out. And then their eyes opened wide like Himekawa.

「What’s this, it’s really tasty.」

「You’re right……where did you buy this?」

「Ehehe, it’s handmade desu.」

At that moment, a shadow loomed on the faces of the three.

「I, see……」

They were beaten up mercilessly by the girl power of their junior whose appearance looked only like an elementary school student.

Himekawa spoke out to change the subject.

「Wo, won’t we arrive at Hakone any time now?」

「Ri, right……good grief, on the Megafloat there isn’t even any time to taste the traveling mood.」

──Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them were heading to Hakone of Megafloat Japan using the special direct train Romancecar. (TN: Romancecar = Odakyu Electric Railway’s name for its limited express luxury tourist services south-west of Tokyo)

Just why were they traveling with the four of them? The reason went back to the aftermath after the explosion incident that happened for who knows how many times in the dormitory yesterday.

After that, naturally, Aine and the others, the members of Amaterasu were summoned to the command headquarters and they ate a good scolding from Reiri.

And then, at that place an order to resolve the problem was handed down to them.

『The four members of Amaterasu will depart for a relaxation trip. Deepen your friendship there.』

That was the content of the special operation(mission) that Reiri gave them.

Through such course of events, the four of them were sitting facing each other inside boxed seats in an agenda of experiencing the feeling of traveling on train through the east route.

Aine formed a cold smile.

「If friendship can deepen from this kind of travel, then there won’t be any problem in the first place.」

Yurishia shrugged her shoulders and raised both her hands.

「This too cannot be helped. The commander will be satisfied if we go, so isn’t it fine?」

Himekawa cut in to make a point.

「However, if we don’t show results, we won’t be able to go back to normal duty you know?」

When she was told that, Yurishia had no word to reply with.

Aine stared outside the window and whispered without any interest.

「Well, isn’t it fine if we just pretend having a good relationship for a bit?」

「That’s how it’ll turn out in the end……」

Yurishia seemed to be in agreement, but Himekawa made a bitter face at that.

「However, that cannot be said as accomplishing our mission. By the time we lie or deceive, there is no meaning at all in it isn’t it?」

Aine waved her hand looking bored.

「The commander won’t know. If she asked something, we can just answer her that our generation is different from the commander’s. Tell her, you won’t be able to understand the youngsters of today.」

Himekawa frowned, and she whispered with a voice that was oozing fear.

「……You will be killed you know?」

Aine tried to imagine herself actually speaking those caustic words to Reiri’s face. Her spine trembled.

「We, well, just now was just a joke. We will be able to deceive her.」

Yurishia also smiled in agreement.

「You’re right. It’s not something that difficult.」

Saying that, the three chuckled ‘ufufufu’ at each other.

Sylvia suddenly raised her face.

「Then, who becomes the main partner of Captain Kizuna after that desu?」

At that moment, flames blazed up between the three and sparks scattered from their sharp gazes.

Part 5[edit]

The train arrived at Hakone and the four got down on the platform. Souvenir shops were lining up through the platform. It seemed this place was modeled after Hakone’s Yumoto station in the mainland Japan.

When they exited the station, a sign that was written with 『Mountain Trail』 was pointing toward an escalator that was going underground.

Sylvia flipped through a guide book.

「It looks like there is a VR(virtual reality) facility that reproduced Oowaku valley and Ashi lake underground desu.」

Megafloat Japan was a gigantic floating island. Its size was proportional to the twenty three wards of Tokyo, if the part that was submerged into the sea was included, its height rivaled even a skyscraper. Rather than calling the place Aine and others were standing at right now as above ground, it might be better to call it as the rooftop of megafloat Japan.

「That also sounds interesting, but first how about we go to the inn? I want to put my luggage.」

Yurishia said that and turned around like a posing model. Himekawa stared fixedly at her figure with a frown.

「Yurishia-san. I said this too when we met up, but as I thought I have a problem with that appearance. It’s endorsed to wear the uniform when going out, and in the first place aren’t we in the middle of a mission right now?」

Himekawa, Aine, and Sylvia were wearing Ataraxia uniforms, but only Yurishia came wearing casual clothes. Furthermore, her upper wear was bikini of star and stripes and a denim coat with short length. Her lower wear was a similarly denim hotpants. It also had little surface area like an underwear, something with just the right size that dug into Yurishia’s large butt. Its exposure rate was high, a provocative appearance that displayed Yurishia’s great style.

「Geez, how persistent……I’m not bringing uniform, so it can’t be helped isn’t it?」

The civilians of the Megafloat were passing by around the four. At that time the men, all of them were stealing glances at Yurishia’s voluptuous body. Himekawa felt like it was she herself who was being stared at and grew increasingly embarrassed.

「No, no matter what, that’s too shameless. If you don’t wear clothes with a bit more prudence, even the image of Amaterasu might turn for the worse.」

「Is that so? I think the image will go up instead though.」

The non-committal attitude of Yurishia caused Himekawa’s irritation to turn intense.

「Don’t you carry attire that is a bit meeker?」

「What about pilot suit?」

「That’s even worse!」

Himekawa held her head.

「Yurishia-san, I’ll lend you my clothes, so please change in the station’s toilet.」


Yurishia stared at Himekawa. Especially at the chest and waist area.

「Hayuru’s clothes won’t fit me I think.」

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she yelled angrily.

「I have enough! In that case we are going to the inn even for a second faster! Because we cannot leave an obscene object like this on the road forever!」

Himekawa shouldered her travel bag that was made from cloth and started walking with large steps briskly.

Sylvia who was holding a map called out to Himekawa in a panic.

「Ah, Himekawa-san! The inn isn’t that way desuu~」

Part 6[edit]

The inn that they arrived at following Sylvia’s guidance was a Japanese style inn that looked like the residence of a daimyo. When they entered while feeling overwhelmed by the magnificent gates, there wasn’t a feeling of old fashioned inside, there was the uniformity of elegant modern Japanese style.

The room that they were showed to by the waitress was on the third floor, which was the highest floor. The room was also something splendid. Inside the Japanese room the size of twenty tatami mats, there was a low table made with wooden mosaic work placed, and four sitting cushions with beautiful textiles were prepared. Ink painting was applied between the bedding, and lustrous flowers were grown in front of them.

There was a window inside the room, a table and chair were placed in front of it on the long and narrow space of about the size of eight tatami. The window was a large thing from the floor until the ceiling, so there was a really spacious veranda outside. The place with wooden floor where two sofas that could be reclined were placed on, rather than calling it a veranda, it seemed to be a part of the room. It seemed that place was for the sake of lying down and watching the scenery and the moon elegantly. On the other side of the railing there were green trees growing up luxuriantly, and the refreshing sound of streaming water could be heard from the river that was flowing below.

「Amazing deesu! So this is a high class inn of Japan isn’t it desu! This is the first time that Sylvia will stay in this kind of place desu!」

Sylvia checked around inside the room with sparkling eyes. Himekawa watched over her with a warm smile and let out a sigh from feeling admiration herself.

「The commander too, she arranged something sophisticated like this for us. We have to thank her──」

「Myy. Then, you have to express your thanks to me then♪」

Yurishia puffed up her chest proudly. Himekawa stared at her in puzzlement.

「Why is that?」

「I’m the one that reserved this place. The inn that the commander prepared isn’t here.」


Himekawa opened her eyes in surprise. Aine also tilted her head doubtfully.

「What do you mean?」

「Bee─cause, the inn that commander prepared wasn’t so good. Ah, I paid for everyone’s share too, so it’s fine to not be bothered with the price♡」

「Yu, Yurishia-san! What selfishness have you done!?」

「It doesn’t really matter right? Because, our duty is to deepen our friendship, so it’s not like where we stay really matters you know?」

Himekawa massaged her forehead as though she was feeling an headache.

「That’s not the problem! The problem is how you changed the decided procedure and protocol by your own decision!」

Sylvia took out a yukata and towel from the closet.

「Sylvia wants to enter the bath desu! Can Sylvia go desu?」

Aine also took out her change of clothes from her travel bag.

「You’re right. We have already come here. From my investigation, when coming to a hot spring inn, it’s a competition of how many times you can enter the bath. It seems that if you don’t enter three times at minimum then it’s no good you know?」

「Just where did you learn it……that kind of knowledge.」

Himekawa replied with a complicated face and then her shoulders dropped in resignation.

「I’m also tired……well then, let’s just go.」

The four changed into yukatas and headed towards the large bath. It seemed there were several baths like rock baths or hinoki cypress baths and so on, but they picked the open air rock bath from among them.

When they entered, there wasn’t any other guest inside.

「Amazing desu! It’s like the garden of a temple desu!」

Steam was rising from the hot spring that was surrounded by rugged rocks. Rocks were also placed in the middle of the hot spring, like mountains that emerged from inside the mist. Coupled with the fresh green trees planted in the surroundings, it had the atmosphere like the reproduction of the mysteriously profound nature.

Himekawa let out a sigh of admiration.

「So true……it’s like a splendid garden.」

It was an open air bath with vast sky and a pleasantly bright feeling of liberation.

The four lightly washed their bodies with hot water before putting their feet inside the bathtub that was surrounded by rocks.

「Aaah……it feels good.」

When she soaked until her shoulders, Himekawa’s expression was truly one of bliss.

The hot water of the hot spring was obviously not a natural one. However the water seemed to be skillfully reproduced to have the same composition with Hakone’s hot spring.

「Entering a bath outdoors, this is the first time for Sylvia desu.」

「We won’t get seen by someone here right?」

Aine looked around restlessly in vigilance. Yurishia made a composed smile to such Aine.

「It’s all right. This is a proper inn, so its peeking countermeasure is perfect. Well, even in the little chance that someone peeked──」

Yurishia stood up inside the water.

Hot water was flowing down that body that possessed violent undulation.

「This isn’t a body that will make me ashamed if seen♥」

「Fuwawaa~ Yurishia-san is really pretty desuu~♡」

「Ufufu, thank you.」

「Wha-, what are you saying! So shameless! Peeking isn’t something that can be forgiven at all!]

Without lowering her body down, Yurishia sat down at the edge of the bath on a rock.

「Aa, of course I won’t show off my naked body. But, this is only a talk about having confidence in one’s own style. Even Hayuru, no matter what you say but you have confidence right?」

「Hah!? So, something like confidence, such thing……none of that.」

Himekawa folded her arms inside the hot water as though to hide her breasts.

Aine pleasantly stretched out her legs.

「Stop that Yurishia. Hayuru’s breasts are destitute after all. It’s pitiful if you keep hounding her.」

「What do you mean calling my breasts destitute!?」

Yurishia made a troubled smile.

「It’s fine even if you aren’t that concerned with it isn’t it? There are people who like even a slender body. But, well……it looks like Kizuna’s preference is big breasts though?」

Himekawa and Aine stared indignantly at Yurishia’s face that was overflowing with confidence.

「Bu, but! Japanese have prettier skin.」

Aine traced her breast until her waist inside the hot water to confirm her own style.

「That’s right! What decides a match is the overall strength. In everything balance is important. Yurishia’s breasts and butt are too big. As I thought, I believe the style of this me is perfect see.」

Himekawa bit at that opinion.

「No! As I thought, I believe that the best style is a style that suits the kimono of Japanese people. Isn’t Aine-san’s breast too big? Both of you are also tall, as expected the beauty of black hair and skin are, that……those are, that is, what is suited to accompany Kizuna-kun, though it’s embarrassing to say so myself……」

Perhaps feeling increasingly embarrassed while talking, her momentum was gradually slinking into shadows, and in the end she turned whispering and only rolled around her words inside her mouth.

Yurishia glared at Himekawa fiercely.

「That’s unfair Hayuru. You said that just because you are the same race as Kizuna. Saying that is racism.」

Himekawa flinched slightly, but she talked back with a voice that was clad in tragedy.

「Then, tell me how do I compensate in this style disparate society!」

Ignoring the three who were making noise boisterously, Sylvia was watching the scenery from the bath with an enraptured face.

「Hauuuuu……this feels gooood desu……Sylvia, feels like turning into capybara-san desu.」

Suddenly noticing that, Himekawa called out to Sylvia.

「On that subject I was curious since some time ago but, Sylvia-san’s skin is also really pretty isn’t it?」

「Fue? Is, that so desu?」

It seemed she completely didn’t have the self-awareness of that, she tilted her head in puzzlement.

Yurishia submerged her body into the bathtub once more and then she approached Sylvia creepingly.

「Hee─ let me see now~. Won’t you show it to Onee-san?」


Yurishia touched Sylvia’s shoulder.

「!? It’s true! Sylvia-chan’s skin, it’s amazing! It’s like a baby’s skin!」

The excited Yurishia caressed around Sylvia’s back and stomach with both hands.

「Do, don’t touch Sylvia like that, please desuu~」

Seeing the entranced face of Yurishia, Himekawa gulped audibly.

「Can, can I also……just for a bit?」

Yurishia answered with a smile.


「Why is it Yurishia-san who answered desu~-」

Sylvia raised a voice that sounded like crying.

「Forgive me, Sylvia-chan. Just for a bit, it’s just for a bit so……」

The moment Himekawa touched Sylvia’s leg, her eyes opened wide from shock.

「It, it’s true……it’s slick and smooth like jelly……it’s completely pretty more than me.」

Aine glared at the two who were caressing Sylvia around with a doubtful look.

「Don’t tell me, you two aren’t saying that skin is prettier than the skin of this me right?」

Himekawa whose hands were crawling through Sylvia’s body like she was possessed by something answered her.

「Yes. There is no need to even mention Aine-san.」


Aine stood up and went towards Sylvia while making splashing sounds.

「Let me touch a bit too.」

「Fueeee, three people coming like this, it feels scary somehow desuuuu~」

Aine who touched Sylvia’s stomach spontaneously became speechless.

「……It, it’s true……what’s this? Even though British people should be similar to Yurishia yet……no, after two, or three years passed, this skin will undoubtedly become rough like shark’s skin with spots all over just like Yurishia.」

「That’s rude! There are no spots on me, it’s smooth like this! Even I am properly taking care of my skin! I even go to a beauty salon twice a week I’m telling you.」

Even while quarreling with each other, the three’s hands that were caressing around Sylvia’s body didn’t stop. No need to mention breasts or butt, Sylvia’s whole body was caressed around leaving no spot untouched.

「Hyaaaaaaaan, it’s, ticklish desuu~ this is not just a bit desuuuuu~」

Sylvia searched for help while getting teary. However the three couldn’t stop their hands from how pleasant the sensation was.

Aine went ‘hah’ and came back to her senses. She raised her voice.

「I found it! The upper arm, the upper arm feels the best.」

「Eh!? Is that true!?」

「Wow! Amazing! Perhaps there are still more treasures hidden! In that case I’ll search for it thoroughly!」

「Perhaps something more heavenly than this still exists!?」

「Everyone, please return to your sanity desuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!」

Part 7[edit]

After enjoying Sylvia thoroughly to their heart’s content, the four returned to their room.

They stayed inside the bath for very long, so they opened the window to cool down a bit. Refreshing breeze entered through the collar of their yukatas, cooling down their flushed body.

「Looks like there is still a bit of time until dinner.」

When Himekawa opened a conversation with that, Yurishia who was lying down on the sitting cushion on her side replied with a bit tired voice.

「How about taking a stroll nearby?」

「……Sylvia, cannot move desu.」

The British girl who was thoroughly toyed with was lying down limply on the table.

「Ahaha……forgive me, Sylvia-chan.」

Himekawa smiled apologetically and shrugged her shoulders.

Beside the table, Aine was rolling on the tatami mat.

「I guess……I too want to roll around for a while here.」

It was truly heaps of corpses all around. It really didn’t look like a scene of four girls of that age going on a trip.

Suddenly Sylvia raised her face.

「Then……how about we play cards or something desu?」

「Aah, we can do that inside the room. But, the essential card set is──」

Sylvia crawled on all fours and went towards the luggage, then she took out a card set from her bag.

「Your preparation is thorough isn’t it.」

Himekawa felt admiration to the thorough preparation of such Sylvia while at the same time thinking warmly of her.

Sylvia smiled embarrassedly and put the card box on the table. When Yurishia lifted her body, she took out the cards from the box and began to shuffle them lightly.

「What will we play? Blackjack? Or else baccarat?」

She suddenly mentioned somewhat unknown names, so Himekawa spontaneously faltered.

「Errr……it will be nice if it’s something with easy to understand rules if possible……Aine-san, is there a game that you know about?」

「This is the first time I touched playing cards like this.」


In the end, they played sevens.

Yurishia distributed the cards to everyone.

Himekawa played out the 7 of diamonds and hearts that were among her hand.

The order of playing out cards was Yurishia -> Sylvia -> Himekawa -> Aine.

──’But, it might not be bad to play a game with everyone. This is something like the basic of recreation. It feels like when I was a child, I made friends by doing something like this. With this, perhaps everyone can get along…….’

And then twenty minutes later.

「Who is it!? Who is the one that made it stop at 8!」

Himekawa’s angry yell resounded.

「I will understand if it’s stops at 10 or the face cards, but how can it stop at 8! We cannot progress like this! Who is it? Yurishia-san, is it you!?」

「It’s not me! Besides, there is no way anyone will answer if they are asked that question! Ah, I’m pass here.」

「Why did you pass!? Actually you have something that you can play out right!?」

「Rather than that it’s diamond 3! Who is it!? Stop screwing around and play it out already! The one who is doing such act with twisted spirit like this must be Hayuru isn’t it!?」

「I don’t want to be told that only by you!」

Murderous atmosphere.

Players imprisoned with paranoia that jumped at shadows.

A whirlpool of rage and hatred.

In this bloodthirsty battlefield, friendship, camaraderie, or trust didn’t exist.

There wasn’t a single comrade to be found here.

What one could trust was only oneself.

So to speak it was an alone and unassisted struggle.

Everyone other than oneself was an enemy.

「With this it’s a rise deesu!」

Spade 8 was played out with a wide smile.


Currently it’s the fourth game, everything was a complete victory for Sylvia.

Himekawa bit her lips in humiliation.

──’What strength. Her tactic is also magnificent, but above all else it’s that formidable luck……or rather, her luck is too strong! Just how much is she loved by god!?’

Aine clenched her fist tightly.

──’Kuh, why can’t I win!? This is just a game of playing out cards in order. Even if I try to stop her, I’ll lose cards that I can play out, but if I pass then I won’t be able to rise up……aah, geez-!’

Yurishia frowned in distress.

──’This is bad. At this rate it will end with complete victory for Sylvia, I won’t have any face left as her senior. If I don’t do something…….’

「Is something the matter desu? Let’s start the next game desu♪」

‘Don’t tell me she is holding a grudge because of the matter in the bath?’, such doubt was welling up inside the hearts of the three.

「The one at the bottom this time is Aine-san isn’t it? Please do the shuffle desu.」

「Eh, yes……」

Sylvia’s smile that was without cloudiness in it was terrifying.

  • gogogogo* With such sound effect, a black aura was rising from Sylvia. A sensation as though there was a terrifying protective spirit standing behind her attacked everyone.

While Aine was shuffling the cards with inexperienced hands, Yurishia looked around at the hands of the four.

──It’s impossible to win by myself. I have no choice other than making a comrade.’

Looking back from the game progress until now, Aine was useless. If she was going to find the prospect for victory then──,

Her eyes met Himekawa at that timing.

「I’m going for a bit to the restroom. Hayuru, keep me company☆」

Himekawa felt somewhat uncomfortable when Yurishia winked at her while she stood up.

「Yes……I also wanted to go to the toilet so」

「Sylvia-chan, watch over Aine so she doesn’t cheat okay?」

「Roger desu.」

「What’s with that way of talking huh!」

And then five minutes later the battle resumed.

7 was played out. This time Aine had one 7, Sylvia had one, and Himekawa had two in a good omen. At this rate if she could continue playing out cards without pass, it would be Himekawa’s victory.

However, originally there was a tactic of making passes instead even when one had cards that could be played out. So to speak it was 『Stopping the card』. Doing that was for the sake of inviting the opponent’s self-destruction. When the opponent had no card that could be played out, as expected they would be unable to do anything except pass. In the game this time a player could only make three passes. More than that and it would be considered defeat.

Therefore, originally this was a game of picking the optimum method amidst that degree of freedom, but this time the circumstance was different.

Himekawa glanced at Yurishia who sat at her opposite side. Yurishia returned a signal with just her blinking.

──She would let Himekawa win.

That was the signal’s meaning.

The one with the most 7 from amidst the cards that were distributed at first, she would be the one that was prioritized. That was the agreement when she formed an alliance with Yurishia in the toilet.

In the end would Yurishia fulfill that promise?

Such thinking crossed Himekawa’s mind.

However, there was nothing she could do even if she thought it. At Sylvia’s blind spot, Himekawa put her elbow on the desk and rested her cheek on her hand, then she raised her fingertip. Aine was concentrating all her nerves at her hand and the cards on the desk, she had no leeway to look at Himekawa’s way.

Himekawa raised a finger. It was the signal for the topmost area on the desk. In this case it referred to the spades area. Next she raised three fingers, her pinkie, ring finger, and middle finger. That was the signal for 8.

If there was a spades 8 among Yurishia’s hand, she should play it out.

By the way if she raised her fingers from the thumb side, it was the signal for 1 until 5. If she raised her fingers from her pinky side, it was the signal from 6 until 9. In case of 10, she would clench her hand and twisted her wrist. In case of face cards, she would continue her wrist movement with 1 until 3 to designate the card.

And then it was Yurishia’s turn.

Spades 8 came out from Yurishia’s hand.


Himekawa murmured inside her heart.

Like that the round was going along favorably, and Himekawa’s hand was decreasing until there were only three cards left in her hand. Sylvia had four cards left. Yurishia and Aine had six.

If she could leave them behind with this pace, it was her victory. But, there was a problem.

She already had no card that she could play out.

Himekawa’s hand consisted of queen of spades, diamonds 3, and ace of hearts.

At this endgame, the cards that remained in her hand were only the cards that were high in turn of order. The real match was from here on. Until just now Himekawa was putting a stop at clubs 9, but she had no other card she could play out so she used the card. Sylvia played out 10 after that, so she thought that it was a bit unfortunate but it couldn’t be helped.

So that she could play out her remaining cards, Spades 10 and jack, diamonds 4, and hearts 2 and 3 had to come out on the desk. She had came to this point without using pass at all, but at this rate she would be forced to use pass at her next turn. If Sylvia managed to keep playing out her cards without using pass, it would be the victory of Sylvia whose turn was in earlier order than Himekawa.

Sweat trickled damply on Himekawa’s back.

At that time, a devil whispered inside Himekawa’s heart.

‘You are going to lose’, the demon said.

Her body shivered from a chill.

Terror and despair towards defeat attacked Himekawa.

She was falling into illusion, as though the tatami she was sitting on, and also the desk the cards were put on, all of them were distorting flabbily like jelly that couldn’t be relied on.

Throughout the world it was only her alone who was sinking, swallowed into the darkness of dread.

An overwhelming sense of despair.

Her salvation was,


She almost drowned into a vortex of defeat and resignation, it was at that moment──,

She could see light inside the darkness.

A golden radiance.


It was a maiden with blonde hair that looked shining.

The blonde hair fluttered inside the darkness.

That radiance was the only torch that showed her the path she should advance through inside this jet black darkness.

It was her sole revelation, the only place she could lean on. The golden thread she ought to put her faith on.

──’That’s right.’

Light dwelled inside Himekawa’s eyes once more.

──I have earned even Yurishia-san’s cooperation after much pain, there is no way being unable to win can be forgiven! This is not a problem of just me alone. I and Yurishia-san……no, including Aine-san too we the three seniors fight with our dignity on the line. Losing is not permitted!’

A flame was blazing in her soul.

──’There surely will be a chance without fail. Something that will bring me victory!’


Aine tossed away her cards.

──’It comes!

The groundwork for my path to victory!’

Aine’s defeat was set in stone with her fourth pass. And then Aine’s hand was put on the desk. If there was a diamonds 4 among Aine’s hand……!!

It was there.

──’Nice assist! Aine-san!’

Himekawa sent a thumbs up inside her heart toward Aine who was writhing on the tatami.

Sure enough at the path that stretched out from diamond 7, a bridge that connected toward diamond 3 in Himekawa’s hand was placed.


If, in the case that Sylvia had diamond 2 and ace of diamond, what then?

Was it fine for her to be in high spirits and played out her diamond 3 when her next turn came?

No, it was still too fast for her to be happy.

Among Aine’s hand there was spade 10 and heart 3. So that she could play out queen of spade and ace of heart inside her hand, one more card for each needed to be played out by the other first.

──’Calm down Hayuru.’

She mustn’t play out card that would give Sylvia advantage. The possibility of the cards that Sylvia had. The cards that she absolutely didn’t have, card that wouldn’t cause any influence toward anyone.


Himekawa stared at the one who sat at her opposite side, the blonde haired goddess of victory.

While hearing the sound of her heart beat that was fiercely ringing inside, Himekawa questioned Yurishia using her fingertip.

Himekawa asked whether she had hearts 2.

Yurishia looked at her own hand and the table alternately, and continued making expression of worry. And then, her beautiful white fingertip elegantly picked a card, and threw it on the table.

With a flutter, that card fell beside hearts 3.

──’Hearts 2.’

Himekawa desperately endeavored herself so that her expression wouldn’t change. Inside her heart, she was embracing her gratitude toward her comrade.

「Then, Sylvia will use this desu.」

Clubs 3.

It was a card that didn’t affect Himekawa.

And then, Himekawa played out her ace of hearts.

Two card remained.

Next she wanted to play her queen of spades. The king of spades had been put on the table from Aine’s hand, so this card was a safe one. Conversely there was a possibility that Sylvia had diamonds 2.

Himekawa asked Yurishia.

Jack of spades.

Yurishia bit her finger with the same pondering face like before. Throughout this game Yurishia was making a difficult expression all along. It was Yurishia’s poker face, her acting.

And then the card that Yurishia played out was,

──Jack of clubs.

Himekawa received a shock.

This was, what in the world……could it be, Yurishia mistook her sign? Or perhaps she misunderstood? Or else……!?

A devil crept near below Himekawa once more.

──’No, I believe Yurishia-san! The fight is not over yet!’

The next card of Sylvia.

Seeing how Yurishia didn’t have it, that meant jack of spades was among Sylvia’s hand.

Sylvia’s small hand wandered above her three cards. And then her pink nails of her fingertips chose one card.

That card was put on the table. It was,

──’Jack of spades!!’

Himekawa released a sigh of relief and pulled out one card from her two cards.

That was the card of victory, queen of spades.

The one that dealt the finishing blow to the enemy, the queen of swords(spades).

At this moment, Himekawa’s victory was a sure thing.

Part 8[edit]

When Himekawa was immersing herself in the aftertaste of her victory, there was a knocking sound from the door and a voice came from the other side of the sliding screen.

「Excuse me. The preparation for dinner is finished, is it fine for us to start serving it?」

Himekawa turned her face to the direction of the entrance.

「Yes! Please do!」

The sliding screen was opened. The waitress lowered her head while doing seiza before bringing in the food. Himekawa and the others put away the playing cards in a hurry.

The dinner was a banquet in a style where each food was brought in one by one.

Perhaps Sylvia was unable to restrain her expectation, because both her hands were moving restlessly.

「This is the first time Sylvia will have a genuine Japanese style dinner desu. Sylvia is excited desu.」

First was the appetizers. Fried manganji, eel with shredded dried plum dressing, snow crab, and boiled urui in bonito-flavored soy sauce, such foods were lined up. (TN: Manganji and urui are vegetables in Japanese.)

「My? They are using Kyoto vegetables here……moreover there is conger eel too. This looks like Kyoto cooking.」

Himekawa who looked happy for some reason reached out for a chopstick.

「Aa, come to think of it, Hayuru came from Kyoto wasn’t it?」

Yurishia picked at the eel while asking.

「Yes. My home was nearby the Shimogamo shrine, but right now it moved to Kyoto float.」

「Hee, isn’t that great. Like that you can return home easily.」

「……That’s envious desu.」

Sylvia whispered that in a small volume. She was smiling like usual, but Himekawa felt something that caught her attention from her voice.

「Sylvia-chan came from London right?」

「Yes. Sylvia’s home was near Paddington station desu.」

Yurishia reflexively spoke about what she was reminded of after hearing that station name.

「Is that Paddington of Paddington bear?」

Sylvia answered with a reaaally bright smile.

「That’s right desu! That’s why, Sylvia loves bear-san desu♡ There is also the statue of Paddington bear in Paddington station you know desu.」

However, her bright expression vanished right away.

「But……Sylvia doesn’t know what happen to Sylvia’s family right now desu.」

Both Himekawa and Yurishia spontaneously looked down.

They knew that London was also greatly damaged with the appearance of Entrances. However, they didn’t know anything at all more than that.

Yurishia spoke with a bright voice as though to blow away the gloomy atmosphere.

「It’s fine! Surely they are alive somewhere.」

「Tha-, that’s right! There is no doubt that it’s like that! Isn’t that right, Aine-san?」

「Ye……yes. I guess.」

Although Aine nodded with a smile, for some reason her reply was inarticulate.

Sylvia narrowed her damp eyes and directed them a happy looking smile.

「Everyone, thank you very much desu. Sylvia also thinks so desu! Surely there is no doubt that they are safe desu!」

Yurishia jokingly smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

「Even I don’t know how my family is doing. I think that they have moved to a Megafloat……but, they are in West USA so they must be somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Even if we wander aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean, perhaps we won’t meet with that Megafloat.」

Next, everyone’s gaze was naturally moving towards Aine.


However Aine kept her silence. Her gaze fell to the floor with her face sweating.



She was gripping her chopstick tightly and she looked like she was greatly troubled.


Aine couldn’t remember clearly why she was in Ataraxia. She didn’t feel any question about her being here, and she didn’t really feel that it was strange which was excessively puzzling.

──’If I remember right I was together with Grace……no, that wasn’t it. I was called to Nayuta lab……and then I reunited with Grace after so long in the academy……was it?’

Seeing Aine who kept silent, the three wondered whether they had brought up a topic that mustn’t be touched and they felt panicked.

「E, err, Aine──」

At that time, the room’s sliding screen opened.

「We have brought the next dishes.」

Yurishia, Himekawa, and Sylvia instantly exchanged gazes.

「Lo, look, we need to eat quickly! The next dishes came already!」

「Uwaa, this is bad desu. Sylvia will hurry and eat desu! Aine-san too, hurry desu!」

「That’s right! If, if you don’t eat then I’ll have all the manganji you know? Ah, next is soup. Clear broth soup of tofu skin, it looks delicious♪」


Aine lifted up her face and began to eat the appetizer in hurry.

「Good grief, I cannot be careless and show any openings to you all. I’m eating properly, so don’t snatch my portion.」

‘The usual Aine returned’──The three was a bit relieved seeing that.

Part 9[edit]

All of the dishes were delicious. They ate yuzu orange sherbet for dessert, then they took a breather while drinking tea. They had after meal rest for a while, but just staying inside the room was boring, and they had gotten really heated up with the card game, so it felt like it would be boorish to continue more than that.

「Then, how about we loiter inside the inn for a bit?」

With Yurishia’s suggestion, it was decided for them to explore the inn.

First they went out of the room and tried going to the lobby. The lobby was spacious, it was a pleasant space. A large flower arrangement was put at the center, and decoration like colorful and vivid folk crafts were decorating the wall, giving a beautiful impression. A woman wearing a kimono was standing by at the modern counter that was illuminated by indirect lighting, when their eyes met the woman bowed naturally.

A corner of the lobby was turned into a souvenir shop, they spent their time there for a while.

Yurishia was only picking peculiar things, starting from things like wooden sword or pennant, while Himekawa, Aine, and Sylvia each bought box of sweets as souvenirs for everyone in their class.

With bag filled with snacks on hand, they further looked around the inn. Yurishia requested an express home delivery service, so her hands were empty.

「What is this place desu?」

Sylvia peered into a dark room with its lighting turned off.

「The recreation room……I think.」

Himekawa read the letters that were written above the door. Her hand crawled on the wall around the entrance, and when her search found the lamp switch, it became bright inside the room.

There was a shelve on the wall, lined up with a variety of board game. But, what attracted their eyes the most was the large green table placed at the center of the room. Their gaze was attracted to that table where a net at the center was dividing the table between left and right areas.

「Is that……a ping-pong table.」

Four rackets and several balls were prepared at the shelves on the wall.

「Waa─, it’s ping-pong desu! Sylvia wants to try it desu♪」

Yurishia’s voice also sounded excited.

「Table tennis is it? I have never played it before, but it looks interesting.」

Aine spoke gravely as though to pour cold water on the fun atmosphere.

「No, this is a different game called 『hot spring ping-pong』 just so you know.」

「Aine-san……you are blurting something strange again.」

Himekawa massaged her temple.

「Hot spring ping-pong, it’s a traditional contest that had been continued in Japan since the Showa era. All people who traveled to hot springs are regarded as the contestants of this contest.」

Yurishia folded her arms in admiration.

「Hee……is Aine an experienced player I wonder?」

「No way. I have never done it before.」

It felt like a *gaku-* sound could be heard from how Yurishia and Himekawa’s mental state slid down.

However, Aine continued her explanation proudly.

「It’s an absurd contest that is only similar with ping-pong. It has a peculiar difficulty……I heard.」

Sylvia who was listening seriously tilted her head in the middle.

「In other words, this is something like volley ball and beach volley desu?」

Aine nodded with a serious face.

「The difference with the normal ping-pong is how this contest is done while wearing yukatas. Other than that the contestants only wear a set of slippers. Also the rule isn’t that strict……in short, if the ball that fell on the opponent’s court couldn’t be returned back then it’s their defeat.」

Aine looked around the faces of everyone. It seemed, not to mention hot spring ping-pong, the others had never even played the normal ping-pong. ‘In that case──’, Aine’s lips loosened.

「How about we settle everything with this? I am told that in the past this hot spring ping-pong was used to deepen friendships while at the same time that match was also used to decide the pecking order.」

──’If it’s a contest that demands a simple physical ability, it should be advantageous for me. I’ll win this and wash away the disgrace from the card game just now! And not just that, I’ll make them recognize me as the main force of Amaterasu……like that Kizuna’s main partner will be……♡’

「What are you doing grinning by yourself like that, disgusting.」

Aine returned to her senses after that tsukkomi from Himekawa.

「Hah! It, it’s nothing at all! Ra, rather than that how about it? You all scared?」

Yurishia’s eyebrows twitched up.

「Fufun♪ Isn’t this interesting.」

However Himekawa seemed disinclined.

「Well, if it’s just for recreation……」

Sylvia brought the rackets and balls that were placed on the shelves and looked up to Himekawa.

「This looks fun desu.」

Stared by that innocent smile, Himekawa sighed.

「I understand. Then, let’s give it a try.」

Saying that, Himekawa accepted the racket.

Like that the first Amaterasu hot spring ping-pong tournament was started.

First match, Aine VS Himekawa.

「This is the end-!」

Aine’s full power attack burst. The ball pounded Himekawa’s court with a terrifying speed and it rebounded with changed angle, grazing Himekawa’s racket and slipped through.


Sylvia quickly raised her hand.

「Aine-san’s victory desuuu!」

Himekawa’s shoulders dropped in dejection.

「Haa……I lost.」

The winner Aine made a composed smile and tapped on Himekawa’s shoulder.

「Don’t feel down Hayuru. It can’t be helped with the gap between our ability.」

「This is because Aine-san was making your pointlessly huge breasts keep jiggling, that I couldn’t concentrate on the match!」


Aine’s cheeks reddened in a flash and she hid her breasts with her arms.

「Ufufu~n♪ If Aine caused that, then when you see my play, you are going to faint you know♡」

Yurishia closed her one eye and stood before the ping-pong table.

「Both of you, please at least wear underwear! That’s shameful-!」

「It’s fine. There is no one else here except us anyway.」

Yurishia did practice swings lightly while saying that. Yurishia’s explosive tits were shaking, looking like they were going to jump out from behind her thin yukata anytime.

In contrast with those tits──,

「Please treat me well deesu♪」

Small tits, or rather they were flat. Sylvia hopped up and down *pyon pyon* but they didn’t bounce at all. Seeing Sylvia hopping up and down with an excited expression, Yurishia, Himekawa, Aine, the three went──,

‘……So cute♡’

Their heart spontaneously calmed down.

「──But, I won’t go easy on you.」

Yurishia unleashed a service with her full strength right from the start.

And then, after several rally, the match was decided.

「Aa~ Sylvia lost desuuu~」

Sylvia was frustrated with her eyes turned into cross marks.

「But, you are quite something. It’s amazing how you returned my attack like that.」

「You’re right. The aim of your serves was also pin point. If that was accompanied with power, wouldn’t it become dangerous for Yurishia-san?」

「And most of all, your speed and instantaneous power are good aren’t they? Also your counterattacking motion was fast, it was amazing. Is that because of your light weight I wonder?」

Although Sylvia lost, she received high praises. The praises caused Sylvia to withdraw into herself in humility.

──And then the final was Aine VS Yurishia.

「Both of you please do your best desuu~」

「Aine-san! You won against me, so I’ll be troubled if you don’t become the champion!」

Amidst the two’s heated cheer, Aine and Yurishia glared at each other. Aine who obtained the right for the first serve from the rock-paper-scissor game held the ball in one hand and a racket in her other hand, and she took her stance.

──’It’s coming!’

Yurishia’s eyes shined.

Aine swung her racket with a shocking speed and sent the ball flying. At that time Yurishia was already moving.

「How naïve, Aine!」

Yurishia hit the ball back aiming at the very edge of Aine’s court.

「The naïve one is you!」

Aine moved agilely and she twisted her body while hitting the ball back. It was a movement that was unthinkable coming from someone wearing a slipper.

「Now you’ve done it!」

Yurishia reached out her arm towards the ball that flew in diagonal line and caught it. She hit back with her breasts largely shaking *barun*. Aine’s body immediately turned around towards the spot where the ball landed and she hit back the ball while rotating. The belt of her yukata loosened and the hem stretched, exposing the white underwear underneath.


Yurishia swung her racket from below with a form as though she was scooping up. Her breasts rose up greatly and the joint of her yukata spread. Not to mention the valley of her breasts, her very breasts themselves could be seen in a glance.

「Aa……what a shameless contest this is.」

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and she covered her face with the racket her hands were holding.

「Both of them are amazing desu! Do your best deesu-!」

Sylvia who acted as the referee jumped up and down in excitement.

The rally of the two were also getting heated as though the excitement of the audience was transmitted to them.



When Aine returned, Yurishia returned back. This should be her first time, but Yurishia immediately learned the trick and attacked Aine with all her techniques. On the other hand Aine opposed Yurishia with her natural speed and motor reflexes.

The heated rally continued. It was to the point of making one thought that perhaps the rally would continue like this forever.

「Damn i-……!」

Aine reflexively blurted. Perhaps her attention relaxed because she got used to the rally. It was nice that she managed to return the ball that was landing at the edge of her court, but by mistake she hit it half-bakedly. That ball was falling smack dab at the middle of Yurishia’s court. On the other hand, there was a large distance from the table until Aine’s body. Yurishia’s lips formed a wide grin.

「Now, finally it’s my showtime!」

Yurishia widened her legs and twisted her waist. Her thighs until her waist joint became exposed, and her gorgeous lacey underwear showed up.


Yurishia rotated her upper body with all her strength, and her huge breasts protruded out from her yukata due to the centrifugal force. The ball was greatly transformed and struck at Aine’s court with terrific speed.


Aine’s face distorted.

──’I win!’

The moment Yurishia was convinced of her victory,

「This is not the end yet!」

Aine threw her racket.


The racket bounced on Aine’s court and slid in front of the ball, and the ball was repelled. However there was no force in the ball. The ball gently jumped up, drawing a large parabolic arc and falling toward Yurishia’s court.

「That’s amazing Aine. But……」

Yurishia’s eyes shined glaringly.

Because Aine threw her racket from a forced stance, Aine looked like she was going to fall. She somehow held on standing, but she was far away from the table.

「The next one is your finish!」

Yurishia brandished her racket far away and she waited for the ball to fall with a stance that was even bigger than before.


Aine recovered her stance and she leaped toward her own court. It was a distance of less than one or two meters. However, that distance was fatal in this hot spring ping-pong. Furthermore Aine’s hand wasn’t holding anything. She had no weapon(racket) to defend against Yurishia’s attack. The match was already decided.

Yurishia’s sure kill smash that was filled with all her strength roared.

The motion energy that was produced by her body was concentrated in one point and struck.

Piercing everything, and destroy.

The belt of Yurishia’s yukata already came off, and a naked body with only a single underwear was exposed. In exchange of exposing that beautiful body, the immoral smash was launched.


A severe energy that was impossible according to the law of physics was granted to the ball. The ball assaulted Aine’s court. It was like a fireball. A small bomb.

Aine had no more meand to return this blow.

──That was how it was supposed to be.


Aine swung her arm toward the ball.

However it was impossible to properly hit the ball back with a bare hand. And yet──,

The sure kill Crosshead was returned back.


Cold sweat trickled all over Yurishia’s body.


In Aine’s hand, a slipper that her foot wore was being held.

「That slipper is……Pulverizer!?」

Yurishia stared at Aine with a warped face.

Himekawa also gripped her racket tightly and her body unconsciously leaned forward.

──’What a death match! The outward appearance is really shameless though!’

Aine’s yukata also laid bare her breasts with its hem spread open widely. Her belt right now was also nothing more than a string that was tied on her waist.

The ball that was hit back with that much feeling was──,

Yurishia calmly stared at the ball flying towards her.

──’After all it’s just a ball that was hit back with a slipper. Naturally there is no force in it! In that case!’

「The next attack will be The End! Make a cross sign, Aine!」

A wrinkle was carved between Aine’s eyebrows and a drop of sweat trickled down.

At the corner of her sight, Sylvia and Himekawa who were watching the match were reflected.


Aine reached out her hand.

Himekawa guessed everything from that action.


The lance that would pierce everything was fired from Yurishia’s racket once more. The ball attacked with a force that could open a hole on the ping-pong ball.


Himekawa threw the racket in her hand towards Aine.

Without any hesitation, the racket flew straight towards Aine.

And then, Aine’s fingers grasped Himekawa’s Blade(racket).


The racket caught the ball. Aine frowned and endured the impact on her fingers. Her exposed breasts bounced greatly, and sweat scattered.


She swung Himekawa’s racket to the end, and Aine returned back Yurishia’s sure kill Crosshead.

「Such thing-……!?」

The ball caused a vortex of air and attacked Yurishia’s court. The moment it hit the court’s edge, a terrific shockwave destroyed the ping-pong table. The explosive wind cut apart Yurishia’s yukata and tore it off.

「!? KyaAaAAAaaaAAaaNNNNN—-NNNN-!!!」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 07.jpg

The explosive shockwave blew away Yurishia’s body until the sofa on the wall.

The match was decided.


Yurishia raised a lamenting voice ‘aaaaa’ before she approached Aine.

「That was amazing Aine. Against your tenacity……I lost.」

After saying that with a sweaty body and a flushed face, she presented her right hand.


Aine was also sweaty with her shoulders heaving up and down violently. And then, with a sigh ‘fuh’ and a soft smile she shook her head.

「That was because I received Hayuru’s help.」


Himekawa stared at Aine in surprise.

「Thank you, Hayuru.」

「Eh, no, that……」

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened.

And then Aine’s right hand reached out towards Yurishia. However it wasn’t for a handshake.


Aine grasped Yurishia’s wrist and raised that arm high in the air. As though to praise Yurishia’s victory.

「As expected from the world’s strongest.」


Sylvia who saw the exchange between the three let out a tear from feeling moved.

「The three of you, are really pretty desu……Sylvia, is moved desu.」

Himekawa’s eyes were also slightly teary and her cheeks blushed.

「Yes……but, enough already with that, both of you please fix your yukata quickly……」

Part 10[edit]

The four of them had become completely sweaty, so they were going to enter the hot spring one more time. They returned to their room once and brought their towels and change of clothes to the hot spring.

And then in the middle of heading towards the open air bath──Aine suddenly stood still.


「What’s wrong Aine?」

「Just now Kizuna was……?」

Aine pointed at the corridor ahead.

「Eh! Really?」

Himekawa looked at the direction Aine’s finger pointed, but there was no one there.

Yurishia stared at Aine with doubtful eyes.

「Whaaat? Did you mistake some other person?」

「It was just a brief glance, so I’m not confident but……I think……he turned at that corner.」

Himekawa made a serious face.

「But, why is he in this kind of place?」

「Let’s try to look desu!」

The four dashed through the corridor with loud footsteps and turned at the corner. There they found a door made from bamboo and frosted glass where a sign with 『Reserved』 written on it was hanging down. Aine stared at that door and tilted her head.

「Is it here……I wonder?」

Yurishia pushed Aine aside and quietly opened the door.

「Want to peek inside a bit?」

「Wai, Yurishia-san?」

Even while speaking in reproach, but Himekawa also followed behind Yurishia and entered inside.

There was no one inside the changing room. When they peeked at the box lining up inside the shelves, it seemed there was only one person inside. When they focused their ears, a voice resounded from inside.

「Open air bath feels really pleasant. I gotta thank Nee-san for this.」

Aine frowned.

「This voice……」

「There is no mistake.」

「It’s captain desu!」

Yurishia already took off her yukata and opened the door towards the washing place.

「Haa~ii, Ki-zuna~♡」

With an appearance where there was only a single towel hanging down in front of her breasts. Yurishia intruded into the bathing place. The sudden action flustered Himekawa.

「Wha……wait Yurishia-san!?」


The shadow inside the bath turned around. And then a shocked yell was raised at the same time.

「Yu-, Yurishia-!?」

Without a doubt it was Hida Kizuna. He was staring at Yurishia with a surprised expression.

「To be able to meet at this kind of place, could this be……f-a-t-e?」

「Wh, why are you here!?」

Kizuna said that while his eyes were swimming around.

「Yurishia! Stealing ahead is unforgivable!」

Aine leaped inside after her. Aine was also hiding her body with only a single towel just like Yurishia.


「E, even Sylvia!?」

「Everyone! What embarrassing thing all of you are doing! Do, do, doing this in a public place like here, i, it’s shameful-!」

Himekawa entered with her body properly wrapped with a bath towel.

Ignoring Himekawa’s dangerous air, Yurishia entered the hot water and brought her shoulder near Kizuna.

「Haaa……when I enter together with Kizuna, it feels much more pleasant~」

「Is it fine, if I’m at your side a bit?」

Aine entered the hot water from the opposite side of Yurishia, sandwiching Kizuna between them.

「E, even Aine……」

Sylvia who finished washing her body quickly also entered the hot water in addition.

「Sylvia will also intrude desu.」

It was only Himekawa who was standing still at the washing place while trembling all over.

「E-, everyone, please get out quickly! What if other people see us in this kind of place!?」

Yurishia waved her hand lightly.

「It will be fineee. This place is reserved anyway. No one else will enter. Right? Kizuna♡」

Kizuna twitched and gulped his saliva.

Aine brought her face near Kizuna’s face.

「What’s the matter?」

「N, no……but, why is everyone here? If I remember right, you all should be at another inn isn’t……」

「I changed the inn. Because the inn that the commander prepared, it wasn’t a really good inn.」


Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s cheek. In his state where he was soaking inside hot spring, it couldn’t be differentiated whether that was just a normal sweat, or a sweat because of the hot water.

「E, everyone. It’s just like Himekawa said. I reserved the place, but entering a bath together even though it isn’t even a mission is surely not good. That’s why……」

「My, it will be fine. You can just leave alone those who don’t want to enter. I had already finished experiencing this though. For Hayuru, something like entering a bath together is still too early.」

Himekawa’s face was dyed bright red. Was that from shame, or perhaps from humiliation or rage, or perhaps from everything?

「Tha, that’s rude! Even I have entered a bath together with Kizuna-kun before!」


「Kizuna! What does that mean? Tell me in detail.」

Sylvia stared at Himekawa with a puzzled face.

「Himekawa-san, don’t you hate shameless things desu?」

「Uu……n, no, that was an accident or something.」

Yurishia took Kizuna’s arm and stood up.

「Yu, Yurishia?」

「If you had entered a bath together with Hayuru, then I’ll wash Kizuna’s back for you.」

「No, even if you don’t feel rivalry, even Yurishia had entered a bath with me before right?」

「That was just a mission! What you did with Hayuru was in private right? It’s unforgivable!」

Aine caught the opposite arm of Kizuna and she also stood up.

「Now, we are going to the washing place Kizuna.」

「You, you all! Calm down!」

Like an alien that was being taken away, Kizuna was pulled up from the hot water and made to sit on the chair at the washing place. He didn’t even have the leeway to hide his crotch with a towel.

「Never mind that, quickly get out from here! A, at this rate it will absolutely become bad!」

「What incomprehensible thing you are saying I wonder?」

Aine made her towel bubbly using a soap while saying that.

「A, Aine……you are completely visible though……」

The towel that was hiding Aine’s body was made to bubble in her hand right now. Her white skin and also her breasts that shook each time her body jolted, and then the pink colored protuberance at the tip too, and even the shaking silver colored bush too, they were all exposed before Kizuna’s eyes. Aine’s cheeks reddened in a flash and she glared.

「I, it’s fine, I’m not really……if it’s Kizuna」

Aine stood up at the right hand side of Kizuna and began to rub his arm with the foamy towel.

However, Yurishia didn’t show any sign of taking a towel. And then she lathered the soap on her own body and spread the foam all over while humming. The slippery foam wetted the springy and large breasts of Yurishia, trickling down on her smooth skin.

「What’s with you Yurishia? You clean yourself first and not Kizuna?」

「Fufun♪ I’ll show you the difference in our experience points. Then, here I go~♥」

She took Kizuna’s left hand while saying that, and then buried the hand into the valley of her breasts. She then moved her body up and down to rub Kizuna’s arm.


Aine became bright red staring at that. Himekawa fell into panic seeing that act that was beyond her imagination.

「Wha, what, lewdness……what licentiousness……what, what」

「Sylvia will also help desu!」

As expected even Kizuna was panicked. With both his arms restrained, only his head turned around.

「Wa, wait, Sylvia!」

At that time Sylvia was lathering her childish limbs with soap.

Foam was dripping down that body that only had little unevenness. The foam was trickling down straight from the pink part blooming on her breasts to her cute navel, until the ravine below it that had no specks at all.

「Sylvia made captain wait desu.」

Without hesitation, Sylvia glued her small body on Kizuna’s back.


Sylvia moved her body clumsily up, down, left, and right.

「Heave-ho, heave-ho♥」

Even though he had to tell her to stop quickly, but the words didn’t come out. Kizuna felt like there was magic applied on him from his back.

The baby skin that got rave reviews from the other three had texture that was endlessly fine and soft. The skin stuck to Kizuna’s body and granted a tremendous healing.

And then Aine and Yurishia also undauntedly rubbed Kizuna’s body even more intensely.

For Himekawa, it was unthinkable for this situation to be something real.

However, she at least understood to a painful degree that she was being left behind alone.

But, the place where she could cut in──there was only one such place remaining.

「Bu, but……that place, is too much……」

「Aahn♥ Kizunaa, I’m also, feeling really good♥」

「Nn, haah♥ Ki, Kizuna, I’ll also, wash your fi, fingertips so……bend, your finger」

Aine put Kizuna’s palm between her crotch.

「Aah! A, ama……ziingg♥♥」

「Funyaaa♥ Sylvia too, Sylvia somehow feels floating desuuuu♥」

「Kuh……e, everyone, re, really, if we, don’t hurry」



Himekawa stood up in front of Kizuna.


And then, she slowly unraveled her bath towel, and dropped it on the floor.


The figure of Himekawa without a single string on her. She bent her knees, and kneeled in front of Kizuna. And then she made her palm foamed with soap.

「This cannot be helped……because the other spots are taken away……」

「Eh? O, oi! Himekawa-, that place──」

Himekawa’s hands reached out between Kizuna’s crotch. And then, Kizuna’s thing was wrapped inside the palms that were foamed a lot.


With her right hand Himekawa stroked the hard and sturdy thing up and down, her left hand was slowly lifting up the delicate part below it, with her palm gently massaging.

The excessive pleasure made Kizuna’s waist unable to stay still. He leaked out an agonized voice and his waist writhed.

「Wait! Ha, Hayuru-!?」

「What are you doing stealing advances like that!」

Himekawa talked back at Yurishia and Aine’s remonstration as if she was vexed.

「This cannot be helped! Because, it was only the front that was empty!」

Yurishia shook her head in exasperation.

「There are still other places like neck or chest isn’t it? You don’t need to suddenly go there.」


Himekawa went bright red until her ears.

「Go, good grief me……」

Himekawa became tearful because of the shame. Aine called out to such Himekawa right away.

「Are you listening Hayuru? We are attacking Kizuna with the combination of us four. Yurishia and Sylvia too, you heard me right?」


「Roger desu.」

「……Ro, roger. You are right, it’s important for us four to work as a team!」

Kizuna looked around at the faces of the four with a surprised expression.


「Now, here we go-!」

With Yurishia’s order, the four leaped at Kizuna all at once.

──At that time,

「Kizuna, I’m coming in.」

The door suddenly opened and a figure entered like it was only natural.

A perfect sexy body worthy of admiration.

And then the familiar adult voice.

「Co-, commander!?」

It was Hida Reiri with her long black hair put up and her splendid naked body exposed generously.

「Oo!? You girls!? Why are you all in this kind of place-!?」

The four were dazed for a while, but they returned to their senses with ‘hah’ and asked back instead.

「Commander yourself, what is the meaning of this!?」

「What’s with this!? You put us to the side and then come to a hot spring inn alone with Kizuna, such thing!」

「Furthermore it’s in a reserved bath, just what in the world is commander planning here!?」

「Tha, that is……」

Reiri faltered with a red face. However, she immediately pulled herself together and folded her arms before talking back.

「This is simple relaxation! It’ll be meaningless even if I make Kizuna standby by himself. I thought of having a travel with just us family without any outsiders present so I also took vacation, that’s all! Is there anything to complain about from that!?」

「I cannot accept that kind of explanation!」

「That’s right! The commander alone having good memories is unforgivable!」

「Commander! I misjudged you!」

「You all are noisy! You little girls dare-!」

In the night sky where steam rose up, the voices boisterously quarreling with each other reverberated without end.

Fourth Period : Time of Nurturing Little Sister[edit]

Part 1[edit]

After school, the student council members were gathering in the student council room.

Starting with the student council president Zelcyone, there was vice president Clayda, secretary Elma, treasurer Lunorlla, and general affairs Ramza.

Although, the positions other than student council president were just for convenience, in practice the student council president Zelcyone managed everything by herself.

At the door, there was a sign that showed meeting in progress and prohibition to enter, so there wasn’t any daredevil that dared to even knock. The door was locked and the window was covered with curtains. Of course, the confirmation that there was no hidden camera or listening device set up inside had been finished. It was only this room that even the command headquarters couldn’t interfere with.

「Then, let’s begin today’s agenda right away.」

Zelcyone got the ball rolling with that. And then at the same time, a window started up in front of the four. A picture of a girl and the title of this meeting were displayed in the window.

『Grace Nurture Plan』

That was to say, it was a plan of the way in which to nurture Grace to become a flawless student council president, with one hundred percent approval rating.

The student council members, nicknamed 『Quartum』 with Clayda as the first were tilting their heads inside their hearts even though it didn’t show on their faces. Why was the student council president favoring Grace until that much? It was completely a puzzle for the four.

Zelcyone looked over all of them and continued her talk.

「The AU collision the other day, there were multiple Entrances appearing contrary to the prediction, and then there was the appearance of magic weapons that was unforeseen. We almost received grave damage.」

Clayda raised her hand.

「Ah, has the lab learned something from that?」

「No, the cause is unknown. I was also shown the lab data and analysis results by the headmaster but……certainly there were a lot of baffling points. But, we were able to understand that there wasn’t any mistakes committed by the observation team or even that the prediction was half-baked. Perhaps there is some kind of rule that we aren’t aware of……perhaps, there is even the unseen hand of god at work……」

Elma put her hand on her cheek and made an anxious expression.

「Is that so……it’s a bit eerie isn’t it?」

「Well, but, if it’s something that cannot be understood even after thinking then it can’t be helped.」

Ramza said brightly. Lunorlla stared at Zelcyone hesitantly.

「But……what is the relation of that with Grace?」

Zelcyone folded her arms and stared at empty air with a grim face.

「With the appearance of unpredictable Entrances, it causes anxiety in people’s hearts. A hero is needed exactly at this time. That kind of person is exactly the person that is worthy to be the next student council president. But──」

Zelcyone tapped on the desk with her finger and one more window started up. Clayda frowned when she saw the girl that was projected there.

「This is, class president of the second year first group, Hyakurath?」

「There is no other rival candidate for Grace other than this Hyakurath isn’t it?」

「Is Aine-san not a rival candidate?」

「Aine is……curiously she feels unrelated with this kind of political world. She ought to be a purer existence don’t you think so?」

The four nodded at Zelcyone’s words──but, honestly they completely didn’t understand what she was talking about.

「Let’s continue the topic. This Hyakurath, it seems she finally carried out Heart Hybrid with Kizuna the other day.」

Clayda reflexively stood up.


This was a scoop. The four began to calculate in their hearts how much they could sell this information for to the newspaper club. Zelcyone spoke seriously without even feeling concerned of what was going on inside the four’s minds.

「I thought that with how she couldn’t do Heart Hybrid, she wouldn’t be a threat against Grace……but like this it’s a different story. An even greater power up has to be prompted for Grace no matter what.」

Ramza tilted her head.

「About that, how are we going to do that?」

Zelcyone wrapped her fingers together and grinned.

「I properly thought of an idea. We are carrying out the strategy right away.」

The four were assaulted with a bad premonition at the same time.

‘Aah, this is, going to be something bad.’ , they thought.

Part 2[edit]

A mail from the student council reached Kizuna’s information terminal.

『Show yourself in the student council room after school.』

「There is no mention about the matter or anything here……just what business will it be?」

Kizuna knocked on the student council room’s door while harboring a tinge of unease.


Zelcyone’s voice replied from inside.


The familiar student council president. However, inside was completely empty. There was no one.

‘This is strange huh? There was certainly a reply just now.’ Kizuna stepped inside the student council room while thinking so.

At that moment, a strange sensation attacked Kizuna.

「!? This is-!?」

A moment of dizziness, and then the sensation of electrical signals rushing around inside his body. The scenery of the student council room vanished and changed into a very ordinary living room.

「The Love Room? How……」

However there wasn’t anyone replying to him.

「Strange……even though this is undoubtedly the student council room……since when did I enter the Love Room?」

It was a bright room with white walls. The window was large and outside a garden could be seen even if it was small. Inside the room was a living room set of a television with sofas and a table around it. There were necessary electrical appliances for daily life at the dining kitchen, like refrigerator and microwave oven. And then the shelves were crammed with tableware like plates and cups and so on. And then there was a table for having meals with four chairs prepared.

It was a space that was overflowing with lived-in feel.

「The atmosphere is really normal like a common home huh……why is this kind of environment data being used?」

But before thinking about that, the more pressing problem was who was the one that called Kizuna into the Love Room and what was their objective.


He could hear a sound.

「The bathroom?」

He could hear a faint water sound. Kizuna carefully opened the door of the changing room. Someone was at the other side of the frosted glass. He could see blurred skin color moving.

Just who in the world?

At that time the shower sound stopped and the door of frosted glass opened.



Grace holding a towel in her hand was standing there with a puzzled face. Drops of hot water were glistening on her body. Compared to the other girls in the class her figure was small, slender, and delicate. The size of her breasts were also a size smaller supposedly, but they looked splendid on her small stature. Besides, they were depicting a very pretty shape.

「Ni, Nii-sama……wha, wha」

This wasn’t the time for him to appreciate the sight leisurely like this. Gazing thoroughly at the body of a little sister was just──,

「Eh? Little sister……」



Kizuna returned to the living room in a panic. He threw himself on the sofa and sat down and then he covered his eyes with his hand. The naked little sister that he saw just a moment ago was burned at the back of his eyelid. When he closed his eyes, the fresh figure was revived in his mind and his throbbing heart couldn’t settle down at all.

Loud footsteps *dozu dozu* resounded and Grace with her body wrapped in bath towel arrived. As though to appeal that she was pretty angry, she puffed up her cheeks with a glare at Kizuna.

「Geez! Nii-sama you idiot-! Doing something that looks like peeking like that is wrong!」

「You, you’re wrong! That was an accident!」

「I, it’s not like I hate it but……that, there is my preparation of heart……」

「Hm? I cannot really hear that.」

「Geez-, I don’t care anymore!」

She quickly turned her back on him and ran through the corridor with loud footsteps.

Part 3[edit]

「Zelcyone-sama…..this is?」

Clayda directed to Zelcyone a face that begged for an explanation.

Zelcyone and the Quartum were standing on the rooftop of the school building, staring at the figure of Kizuna and Grace that were projected in a floating window. That video was the video of the Love Room’s interior that was currently seen before their eyes.

「Fufu……right now those two are under the impression that they are real brother and sister.」

When Kizuna was on his way heading to the student council room, Zelcyone’s 『Heart Rebuild』 planted a suggestion in him. The place where he arrived at that he thought as the student council room was actually the rooftop, and the room that he entered was the Love Room.

The four people of the Quartum yesterday secretly borrowed the Love Room from Nayuta Lab by making use of the cover of night. They were only secretly borrowing it, by no means was it stealing, that was the official point of view of the student council side.

「It’s obvious that there is a difference in Heart Hybrid’s effect depending on the situation. Setting the situation and Heart Hybrid procedure to match one’s taste means everything. It can be thought of like that.」

「Well, is that actually wrong?」

「No, it’s correct. But, there is a blind spot in the method until now.」

「Wha, what is it……?」

The four Quartum gulped.

「The blind spot is that it was only the female side’s taste that was used as the focus, while the other side, that is Kizuna, his taste, excitement, and sense of immorality weren’t considered at all!」

「「「「!? AaAAAH! I, INDEED-!!」」」」

The four made shocked expressions.

「There, I planted a suggestion into the two. The false setting that they are actually brother and sister. Right now those two are inside a world where they are a common brother and sister of a very normal family. With the normal Heart Hybrid, they won’t be able to get out of the territory of it being a mission. Especially Kizuna. But, this time what attacked that guy is the real excitement and nervousness, and then desire and a sense of immorality. I don’t understand that guy’s actual tastes, but there a beautiful girl like Grace has become his little sister, what’s more he has a relationship with her. There is no way he won’t get excited.」

Ramza yelled excitedly.

「As expected from Zel-sama!」

「To think so deeply……until that far……」

「How marvelous! Zelcyone-sama!」

「That’s really amazing! Zel-sama!」

Zelcyone didn’t feel that bad getting praised by her subordinates. Her cheeks unconsciously loosened.

「Now now, it’s nothing big. Stop praising me with just that.」

After that she turned off the monitor switch.

「Eh? Is it fine to not observe the situation?」

Clayda tilted her head.

「Fuh, it will be fine even if we don’t do anything boorish like peeking. From here on it those two’s problem. We will wait for the results here.」

Clayda clapped her hands *pan* and gave instruction to her comrades.

「Yoosh, then we are going to wait here. If I remember right there are tables and chairs used for events at the equipment room. Let’s bring those here. Also, someone go buy drinks.」

「Aa─, I’ll do that. Is there any request?」

「Then, I’ll go buy snacks at the canteen!」

Turning her back towards the lively commotion of the Quartum, Zelcyone was staring at the Love Room.

「I’m counting on you……Kizuna.」

Part 4[edit]

When Kizuna returned to his own room, he sat down on the chair of his study table. He put his weight on the chair’s back and bent his body.

「……Guess I’ll study.」

Thinking that, he tried to open his text book and reference book, but what flickered in front of his eyes were only his little sister’s nakedness.

「Aaah, shit. My mind is distracted and cannot concentrate at anything!」

──’She must be angry huh……I’ll go apologize right away.’

He stood up from the chair and went out to the corridor. Grace’s room was beside his, so he arrived in front of her door right away. But, what should he say to her?

Kizuna kept standing in the corridor and got lost in his thought. But, at that time, he could faintly hear a voice from Grace’s room.


He slowly put his ear on the door without making a sound.

「Nn……fuh…ahn……yah, aaan♥」

Grace’s voice that sounded like she was stifling her pleasure. Kizuna’s spine shivered from a chill.

──’Do, don’t tell me……Grace?’

Inside the room Grace was comforting her body with her own hand.

She was groping her left breast with her right hand, while her left hand slipped between her crotch. At first she only touched the places slightly, but perhaps from the sense of security that there was no one and no one could see her, her hands’ movements were gradually getting bolder.

「Kuh……aa, nn……yah……aa」

However, only her voice that she had to stifle no matter what. Her big brother was next door. Making a loud voice would expose what she was doing.

However, the moment her hand pecked at a pleasant place that even she herself didn’t know, her voice abruptly leaked out.

「Aaah♥ Ni, Nii-sama……don’t, not there-♥」

Kizuna who was outside the door spontaneously thought that his heart was going to stop.

For a moment he thought that he got found out how he was listening in. However, that wasn’t it.

──’Grace, you……are imagining me……?’

He swallowed those words that he himself couldn’t understand the meaning to along with his saliva. And then when he chewed on the meaning of those words, Kizuna’s heart beat was beating loudly. It made his head feverishly hazy.

‘Impossible……did I mishear?’

Not knowing about that agitation of Kizuna, Grace became absorbed in her own activity and her voice was getting louder while she was unaware.

「Fuah, Ni, Nii-sama♥ is, watching, me……aAAN! I, if Nii-sama does it like that-, a, noo……AaAANN♥」

Kizuna felt like a lewd watery sound was mixed somewhat through her voice. And then, finally the voice of Grace who was overcome by emotion slipped through as though to caress Kizuna’s ears.



Kizuna was also unable to contain the excitement of himself that had become big and hard.

As though to escape from Grace’s rough breathing that he could hear from across his shoulder, he moved his feet sneakily and returned to his room.

He collapsed on the bed and tried to calm down his chaotic mind. But, it was just a pointless endeavor. After encountering that kind of shocking scene, there was no way he would be able to be calm.

Even now his heart was beating hard, his lower body was also pushing up at his trouser.


Even though there was a single door between them, but mysteriously it felt like he had seen Grace’s masturbation directly, the image was vividly resurrected in his brain.

She caressed her own breast and then her fingers twisted the pink tip that became hard from the stimulation. So that it would be fair to the other breast that was lonely, her hand would be affectionate to it with a gentle rolling. And then her other hand was squirming bewitchingly between her legs. Faint water sounds resounded from the bush that had the same color as Grace’s hair. In the valley deeper inside, the secret spot that still hadn’t been seen by anyone yet──,

His information terminal vibrated.

Kizuna spontaneously sprang up and confirmed at the screen.

『Nii-sama, sorry about just now. I also spoke too far. There is a bit of my homework that I don’t understand, so won’t you teach me?』

He let out a sigh of relief that felt like strength left from his whole body.

For a moment it felt like he was seen through how he was having dirty delusion, but there was no way that could be true. How he was eavesdropping shouldn’t be found out, and he would also not reveal anything about that from his mouth. Kizuna swore that to himself and he visited the room of his little sister with his usual big brother face.

Grace was wearing a T-shirt with wide neckline and a large size where it almost slipped off from her shoulder. Her lower wear was a short skirt that spread in flare shape and bare feet.

And then he watched over her study like usual. He stood beside Grace’s study table and looked down on her hand from above. It looked like she was solving homework problems without any difficulty.

「Grace is smarter than me. Perhaps soon, it will be you who is teaching me.」

Grace chuckled.

「If that happens then I’ll teach Nii-sama attentively with great care.」


Grace’s face went red with a puff and she waved her hands in panic.

「It, it’s a metaphor! It’s just a metaphor! I, I won’t actually cling, or glue myself at Nii-sama──」

「I, I get it, I get it. Rather than that, let’s continue.」


Grace faced her desk once more, but at that time the exposed chest of Grace entered his eyes.


It was a shirt with largely opened neckline, furthermore because the size was largish for Grace, her chest could be seen completely from the gap. What’s more it wasn’t just the white skin that showed the trace of roundness that he could see, but even until the pink colored part at the tip.

「Hm? What’s the matter, Nii-sama?」

「Eh! N, no……that」

Kizuna was at lost of how to reply, but if he gave strange excuses only to get found out later then he might get despised. Kizuna honestly told the truth.

「I can see your chest……」

Grace looked down and when she confirmed the sight, her face reddened and she hugged her chest in panic.

「That……my bad. I didn’t do it on purpose but……sorry, for some reason today this keeps happening.」

Grace fell silent for a while, but before long she replied with a voice so small that it sounded like a mosquito buzzing.

「It’s not, really a big deal……I was also seen just now……besides, if it’s Nii-sama, then it’s fine even if Nii-sama sees it. 」

「I, is, that so?」

With a bright red face, Grace nodded while keeping silent. And then, she unfolded her arms and intentionally opened the large neckline, so that it was easier for Kizuna to see.

His little sister’s lovely breasts flew into Kizuna’s sight once more. He unconsciously gulped. Perhaps even Grace could hear his gulp.

As though waiting for something, Grace kept staying unmoved. Her skin was dyed bright red until her ears.

There was the sound of heart beating so noisily. It was unknown whether it was the sound of Kizuna’s heart, or Grace’s heart.

Kizuna slowly reached his hand towards Grace as though to embrace her.

If, she looked like she was against it even just for a bit, then he would draw back his hand. He persuaded himself like that and he inserted his hand through the opened neckline. Even when his hand grazed Grace’s smooth skin, she didn’t move.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 08.jpg

And then Kizuna’s hand finally touched Grace’s chest gently.


A sigh of joy leaked out from Grace’s mouth.

It was the voice that he heard from beyond the door just now.


He was only calling her name, he wasn’t particularly making any specific question. However Grace nodded to express her affirmation.


Kizuna put strength into his hand and thoroughly rubbed as though to ascertain the sensation of his little sister’s breast. Grace’s body trembled and she lifted her chin. Her eyebrows crumpled and she showed to Kizuna the face of a woman that was tormented by pleasure.


A sweet sigh was played from her moist lips. The tip of Grace’s breast became hard and pointed inside Kizuna’s hand. That sensation felt good on his palm and wanting to taste that pleasure many times, his hand continued to rub by itself continuously.

「Ah, haaaaahn, ah, a, aaaah」

Kizuna moved his hand inside Grace’s clothes and his groping found out the other hill.

「Nnh♥ A, ya……yaaannn♥」

Grace twisted her body and wriggled her waist restlessly. However, it was clear that she wasn’t hating it. Kizuna firmly rubbed the breast of that side too so it would get bigger like the other side.

「Ni, Nii-samaa……like that, only, my breast……」

It sounded like a demand for him to do more kinds of things. He didn’t understand what Grace herself was thinking, but she didn’t try to stop him.


When Kizuna pulled out his hand from the neckline, Grace looked up at Kizuna with eyes like an abandoned puppy.

「Grace, stand up.」

Kizuna lent his hand to the staggering Grace and made her stood to face him. They had never stared at each other thoroughly from such a close distance like this. Kizuna was made to notice once more how beautiful the molding of his little sister’s face was that he wanted to sigh in admiration.

His own face was being reflected in those red eyes that were moist with tears.

The lips of the brother and sister who were staring at each other were drawing nearer naturally.


Their lips touched and slowly pushed. A luscious texture spread from the lips. Kizuna thought that there were still parts that he had yet not known about his little sister that he was close with. When he thought that after this he would be disclosing those secret parts, his feeling swelled up whether he wanted it or not.

His hand circled around Grace’s waist and he pressed his waist closer to convey to her his excitement. Grace didn’t react, but surely she noticed. Kizuna used his hand to gently caress Grace’s butt. From that, Grace’s body reacted with a twitch.

Their lips separated and Kizuna talked with the nearness that was impossible in normal everyday life.

「Does it, feel good?」

Grace returned a smile that was a mix of shyness and happiness.

「It feels good……I didn’t, know……that it felt this good, to be touched by another.」

Kizuna felt like those words encouraged him.


Kizuna flipped the fringe of Grace’s T-shirt. Guessing his intention, Grace raised both her hands and helped her big brother to take off her clothes.

She looked like a child who got her parent’s help to take off her clothes. When the shirt was taken off from Grace’s both arms that were in a banzai pose, there was nothing else that was hiding her upper body. Although they were inside a room, but it was really a defenseless figure.

‘Wasn’t she planning to tempt me right from the start?’ Such thinking crossed his mind. Kizuna put his hand that felt like it would tremble from nervousness to her skirt, and then he pulled it down too.

A dazzling white underwear was covering Grace’s important spot. It had a clean and neat impression, yet a lot of frills were used on it that it embodied lovely sexiness.

When his hand was going to touch at that underwear too, Grace spoke timidly.

「Err……Nii-sama too, that」

She must be wanting to appeal that it was embarrassing that it was only her who was naked. Kizuna took off his shirt too, and then he easily took off the T-shirt that he wore over his underwear replacement, and threw it to the floor. When he lowered his trousers, he became equal with Grace.

He gently hugged his little sister’s shoulders, and after embracing and kissing her one more time, he led her to the bed.

Both of them lay down side by side with their bodies pressing against each other. It was a single bed, so naturally they would fall if their body didn’t press against each other. When he let Grace to use his arm as a pillow, she happily rubbed her cheek on him. When he caressed her pink hair, her eyes squinted from the pleasant feeling.

「For some reason, it feels like my dream is coming true a bit.」


「My dream for the future, is to be Nii-sama’s wife.」

Kizuna kissed her forehead hearing that cute dream.

Grace touched at Kizuna’s ear, mouth, Adam’s apple, and chest as though she was tampering with a rare thing. And then her hand stopped after tracing his abs.

「Eh? Grace. You are stopping there?」

When he said that teasingly, Grace frowned and made a pouting expression ‘muu─’ testily.

「For Nii-sama who said a meany thing like that, I’ll do this!」

Grace grasped that from above Kizuna’s underwear with all her strength.


Grace’s cheeks stiffened with convulsion.

「It……it’s this, hard……」

She stared at what she was grasping on with a glance.

「……Want to try, touching it directly?」

‘Eeeh!?’ Grace directed that kind of face to Kizuna. As expected, it seemed she didn’t have the determination to go that far. Kizuna touched Grace’s breast.


When he rubbed up her whole breast while pressing hard on the stiff tip, she began to raise a sweet voice at once.

「Uh, aaa……Ni, NIi-samaa♥」

「Here, Grace too.」


Grace became teary while her hand slipped inside Kizuna’s underwear. And then the moment she touched Kizuna, she twitched and her shoulders trembled. Perhaps her feeling was like someone who was scared of a snake jumping out from the bush. However, Grace squeezed out her courage and caressed as though to soothe that gooseneck. When she grew used to it, her way of touching was gradually growing bolder. She was starting to caress the whole shape of Kizuna’s thing as though to ascertain the shape.

「It has……this kind of shape……besides, it’s this hard……this hot……it’s always in this kind of state……」

「It’s not always like this you know? It’s only when I’m excited.」

Grace’s face turned bright in a flash.

「The, then Nii-sama is, getting excited because of me?」

In exchange of a reply, Kizuna slid his hand towards Grace’s lower abdomen and touched her important place from above her underwear.

「Fuaaan! ♥Ni-, Nii-sama, that place-!」

Kizuna’s fingertips became moistly wet. It seemed that Grace was also really excited.

「Even though your place here is this drenched, you cannot speak so cheekily.」

When Kizuna spoke jokingly, Grace tilted her head seemingly unable to understand his meaning right away. But the next moment, she pulled out her hand in panic from Kizuna’s underwear, then she hid her own crotch with both hands.

「Wha……it’s, it’s like this」

She must be feeling surprised herself. She was staring at the fingertips that were touching her underwear with a surprised look. Her fingertips were shining glisteningly with sticky liquid.

「You will catch a cold wearing that. Onii-chan will take it off.」

Grace was startled and she lifted up her body.

「No, no need. I will take it off myself.」

Rather than the shyness from being naked, her shyness of having her drenched underwear taken away outweighed it. Grace took off her underwear resolutely then tossed it under her bed.

「No, now, it’s unfair if it’s just me. Nii-sama too, take it off!」

She folded her arms angrily to hide her embarrassment.

Kizuna took off his underwear with a wry smile. During that time, he felt Grace’s gaze piercing him.

When they sat on the bed facing each other, Grace stared at Kizuna’s eyes. But, perhaps she was really curious because her gaze was stealing glances at below. She looked lovely.

「Are you curious?」

「Wha, what is Nii-sama talking about!?」

She averted her face in panic. However, she became resigned soon and asked him with an upward gaze.

「……It’s obvious I’ll be curious right? It’s the thing……of the person I like.」

「Me too. Grace, come here.」

Grace sighed in relief. She approached Kizuna happily, her back bent and she peered at Kizuna’s thing. And then, she gingerly reached out her hand and began to stroke it.

「It has a curious sensation……this lower thing too.」

Grace’s palm was tasting the sensation of something that was inserted into a bag. It was also the first time for Kizuna to feel the soft sensation of Grace’s hand.

「Ah……Nii-sama, something is coming out from the tip.」

Grace scooped the drop that was oozing out from the tip and stretched it between her fingers.

「That’s, the proof that I’m excited by Grace. Because you touched me, I got excessively excited.」

Grace’s mood improved.

「I see, is that so! Fufu, it’s the same like my place there.」

Perhaps getting carried away, she tampered with Kizuna’s thing with a bold hand movement and created feeling of pleasure. At this rate, it felt like he would cross his limit in the blink of an eye.

「Grace, I too……」

His hand reached out toward Grace’s crotch, but Grace quickly changed the direction she faced and ran away from his hand.


「Ri, right now, that’s……no good. Surely, it will be terrible in various ways.」

‘Hahaa, I see’. With that Kizuna recalled the underwear that she hid under the bed just now. Right now that place must be overflowing with honey to the degree that she was aware of it without even looking.

「Then, I have to check it no matter what! As a big brother!」

「Uoo!? Wha, what are you doing! Nii-sama!?」

Kizuna lifted up Grace’s body in his arms and changed the direction of her face, and pinned her down in a flash. For an instant he felt that the hand-to-hand fighting skill class didn’t go to waste. Even Kizuna never even imagined that it would be used for something like this.

Kizuna moved above Grace and before his eyes there was the secret place that Grace was desperately hiding.

「This is……certainly」

He understood why she wanted to hide it. The pink bush was also damply wet with dew, the inside of her thighs was glistening stickily with wetness. The valley where that honey was welling up from was getting so hot it felt like steam would come out.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 09.jpg

「Aah……geez, stupid Nii-samaaa……」

She said her resentment with a tearful voice, but Kizuna was fixed on Grace’s important place. He slowly opened the chasm with his fingers.

「Hiah! ♥♥ Aa♥ Don’t, there♥」

He blew out his breath ‘fuh’.


And then at last he parted that chasm with his fingers. It made a *kuchuri* sound, and a thread was formed from the honey.

「If the little sister just stays silent and is made to feel good by the big brother──!?」

Suddenly a pleasure ran through Kizuna’s crotch.

「Hm, hmph……for Nii-sama of all people, to expose this vital spot before my eyes……」

Grace grasped Kizuna with her slender fingers and began to stroke up and down. And then her other hand caught the shaking bag and gently massaged it with her palm.

「Kuuh! Gra, Grace! Wa, wait!」

「I won’t wait! If, if I wait, I’ll immediately co-……」


「Shu, shut up! Someone like Nii-sama, can just finish up by your little sister’s hands!」

Pleasure stabbed through Kizuna’s body from his crotch.


He gritted his teeth and endured. If he let his guard down now, he would spray out his desire on his little sister’s face.

However, by a bit of trial and error, Grace immediately learned what to do to make Kizuna feel even better.

Kizuna also didn’t want to lose.

He opened Grace’s chasm and his fingertip shallowly crawled in.

「Hyaaaah! ♥♥ A, aa, tha, that’s, cheating♥」

Kizuna too, in order to search for the spot where Grace felt it the most, his finger traced her inside wall. Grace’s body was repeatedly convulsing twitchingly. Her velvety skin sweated and stuck on Kizuna’s skin further. The two became even more drunk with the sensation of their bodies becoming one.


Kizuna’s genital was enveloped in intense heat.

「Do, don’t tell me……Grace──uwah!」

Using the opening when he was careless, their body position was reversed. This time it was Grace’s turn to pin down Kizuna.

「This sis mhy whin. Jhust chome lhike this.」

He was able to understand what she was saying. But, then, to say nothing of face, he would release himself inside his little sister’s mouth. The lust that he spurted out wouldn’t come out to open air but got drunk directly by his little sister.

From his tailbone, lust that was smeared in immorality ran through as a shiver.

To escape from that lust, Kizuna sucked at Grace’s gushing spring.

「NYaaaaaaaaaaaah♥♥ A, aahhiuh, hih, hyuun!♥♥」

Grace’s mouth spontaneously let go of Kizuna and she shrieked. Kizuna licked Grace’s honey noisily. The taste was a mysterious flavor that he never tasted until now, it was sweet, refreshing, and made his heart feel at ease.


Kizuna became absorbed in licking that sacred chasm and he continued to suck. He also used to put the protuberance that became bigger compared to just now between his lips and licked it with his tongue.

「♥♥♥!! Tsu……! ♥……nnnh! ♥♥」

Grace’s body shook and a lot of honey gushed out from her chasm.

「Ni, Nii-sama……hamu……nhii-hyama」

Grace sucked at Kizuna’s thing once more. She moved her tongue inside her mouth and sucked strongly at the same time.

Only instinct and affection stirred up the two. And then, beautiful radiance of magic power began to envelop the two. Heart shaped light emerged inside Grace’s eyes.

When it was only a step more until the climax, both of them laid their hands to each other at the same time.

──And then,

Both of them arrived at the peak simultaneously without even any deviation of a single millisecond.

「!? Nnnnh♥♥♥……♥♥♥……!!♥♥♥ Nh♥ Nh♥ Nh♥♥♥♥♥」

Grace’s secret spring spouted out sweet honey with especially rich fragrance like a geyser. Kizuna was drinking it without letting go of even a single drop.

And then Grace too, her throat gulped down the life energy Kizuna released and sent it into her womb’s interior. For Grace, it was something that was more delicious than anything, it warmed her body and filled her empty part.

The magic power that was created from the two was filling in the other’s body, recovering their magic power, and created a new power.

The Heart Hybrid succeeded and that magic power rushed through their body. That light also washed away Zelcyone’s suggestion at the same time.

Grace rolled down from above Kizuna and lied down on the bed. And then, as though remembering something, she lifted her body and stared at Kizuna.

「E……h? Nii, sama……?」

Kizuna too, he stared at Grace with a similar expression.

「Grace……this is」

Grace noticed with ‘hah’ and her face scowled.

「This is surely Zel’s doing. That fellow……just what is she planning?」

When he was told that, Kizuna also recalled something. Surely, hypnotism or something was applied on him while he was heading to the student council room.


Grace’s cheeks reddened and her mouth turned down at the corners.

「Well──it wasn’t, a bad dream.」

Kizuna spontaneously smiled.

「……You’re right.」

Grace drew close to Kizuna, then she leapt onto his chest.

「O, Grace?」

「This is a rare chance. Just for a bit more……I want to be real siblings.」

「Real siblings won’t……must not do something like this though.」

After replying so with a wry smile, he embraced Grace’s body.

Fifth Period : Time of Incomprehensibleness[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Nayuta emptied a beer jockey before she exhaled out ‘puhaah’ delightfully.

「Reeeri-chan! Reeeri-hyaan! Another!」

The kitchen in Reiri’s room was turned into an improvised bar. The customer was the dead drunk Nayuta alone. Her face was bright red and she was laughing in high spirits. Reiri was looking at such figure of her mother with eyes as though she was seeing a bizarre life form, making her face convulse.

「……I want to become able to drink alcohol with my daughter, I remember you stated that self-importantly, but are you actually able to drink alcohol huh?」

It looked like Nayuta had drank for a long time, but actually this was her second cup.

Reiri tried to go back through the stream of her memories, but no matter how hard she tried to recall, she couldn’t recall a scene where Nayuta was drinking alcohol.

「Hobviusly! Aaaarent’t I drinkin properly here! Heesh, dhon’t spheak to make fun hof your parent!」

Reiri held her head. She was becoming unable to understand what was the being she was facing, was she demon or god, a child or a stupid elderly, or just a mere drunkard, or perhaps an unknown life form.

In the first place she resented that her alcohol was drank by Nayuta, but she was really noisy, so when she tried giving her it turned out like this. Perhaps it was better to let her get dead drunk instead. Thinking that, Reiri took out one more beer from the refrigerator.

「Aa! Reeeri-shan! That! That ish good!」

Nayuta pointed at the whisky bottles lining up in the shelves.

Now she felt like rather than making her dead drunk, it would rather be faster to physically make her dead instead. Reiri desperately restrained such violent impulses, put ice and whisky into a glass, then poured cola and lightly mixed them.

While Reiri was making the alcohol, Nayuta was smiling cheerfully while dangling her legs back and forth. She was humming some unknown melody while her body was swaying to the left and right like a metronome. That figure looked a bit cute even by mistake.

As though to deny such feeling of herself, Reiri put down the glass roughly.


Nayuta held the glass with both hands and put it on her mouth looking like a child drinking milk.

「Ahahaha sweeeet! It’s sweetly tastyyy!!」

Reiri’s heart was completely on the verge of breaking.

「Stop with that much and sleep. You are completely in a drunken frenzy.」

「Nnnn, I’m comphletlhy nhot dhrunk y’knoow」

「You are getting worse than before. Your articulation especially.」


Reiri turned her back on Nayuta and opened the refrigerator to drink a bit too.

「I’mma hompletely fineeee! I knheww, that hangover cahn be chured by dhrinking morre alhchohol hafter all」

「Yeah yeah.」

After Reiri threw an agreeable response lazily, she thought ‘what?’ and turned around.

There Nayuta was chugging whisky with an alcohol content of 43% into her gulping throat.


Reiri screamed while snatching away the whisky bottle from Nayuta’s hand.

「This idiot! Oi! Do you understand what I’m saying!?」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 10.jpg


Nayuta’s head was rotating round and round like a baby who still couldn’t hold their head up, in addition her eyes were also going in circles.

──’This is bad.’

Reiri took out her information terminal from her breast pocket and called Kei of Nayuta Lab.

「Kei, actually──」

『Good timing. Come here quickly.』

「What? Here there is also something bad──」

When she was about to say that, she noticed that Nayuta’s figure was vanishing.

『An abnormal situation occurred in Ataraxia’s space. Where is professor Nayuta?』

‘This will be something really bad’──Reiri’s face grimaced completely with such a thought.

Part 2[edit]

「What, is this!?」

Reiri who arrived in Nayuta Lab raised a shocked voice inside Kei’s research room.

「This is the current state of Ataraxia. I completely don’t understand how it became like this.」

What was reflected there was an image photo that was taken from the sky. But, the picture was far different from what she was used to seeing. It looked like a theme park somewhere.

There was an unfamiliar Victorian-style townscape that appeared at the place where the business district was located, besides it was the townscape of the Edo period that looked like a historical drama set. At the place where there should be the academy, there was a mysterious castle, a desert and a forest, then a townscape in Middle Age Europe style all assembled compactly.

Furthermore that world was continuing to propagate, almost swallowing this Nayuta Lab in no time at all.

「This kind of phenomenon……thinking normally we won’t even know the cause or how to deal with it. But, Reiri. We happen to know about the only existence that can possibly cause this phenomenon.」


Reiri trickled cold sweat.

Certainly it was just as Kei said. And then a part of that cause was Reiri herself.

「Furthermore at the same time a part of the image database vanished from the lab. Perhaps the disappearing professor Nayuta is hiding, and looking at that image works then materialize that effect……though, this is already nearly a delusion……」

「No, most likely you are correct……Kei, can we contact Amaterasu?」

「I tried to call them, but there was no response……only one came, but……」

「Just one? Who?」

「……Come over here.」


Reiri was surprised that Kei was talking with her physical voice, not by typing text with her keyboard. The reason was because Kei who had extreme communication disorder couldn’t talk directly except with Reiri.

「……Yes, Shikina-san.」

A strangely cute voice replied. The door opened and a figure appeared from the inside room. Seeing that figure, Reiri was dumbfounded for a while.

「Wha……Ki……Kizu, na?」

「Eh? Okaa……san?」

The small body ran *tatata* towards Reiri and then hugged her. The face’s position didn’t even reach until Reiri’s chest.

However, that face, that figure was familiar to her. However it was a story of nearly ten years ago.

「You are……Kizuna?」

The small child Kizuna released his hug and looked up to Reiri.


He smiled really brightly after replying like that.


Reiri was writhing inside her heart.

「Ke, Kei……thi, this wonderful, not, this child is really Kizuna?」

「This looks unreal, but it looks like he really is Kizuna. I compared his physical data, and the result was wholly the same. But, it seems that his memory has also regressed to the past.」

And because of that he had mistaken her for Nayuta. Reiri felt irritation from that even while comprehending it.

「Kizuna. I’m not your mother. I’m Reiri.」

「Huh? Eh……but, you’re really……look adult.」

「Aah……it’s a bit of an incident. I’m only temporarily turned into an adult.」

Kizuna stared admiringly at Reiri.

──’As I thought, this is that woman’s fault.’

Most likely the shape of this world, and also Kizuna regressing into a child, were the fault of Nayuta’s drunkenness. She had to apprehend her even for a second faster. Though she also felt a bit regretful to do that though.

「!! Reiri, this place too, is already──」

Kei yelled. At the same time, the inside of the room distorted. Like how paint dissolved in water, the shape of the world was vanishing and whirling.


──’This brat is likely Kizuna! That Kizuna has turned into a child should have some kind of meaning.’

Reiri knelt before Kizuna and put her hand on his shoulder.

「Listen Kizuna. Search for mother, your mother, Hida Nayuta!」

「Eh? Search for Okaa-san?」

He tilted his head in puzzlement.

「That’s right, surely──」

Both of them were swallowed by the vortex of the world as though to cut off Reiri’s words.

Part 3[edit]


When Kizuna recovered his consciousness, he was standing at a western style street corner.

The buildings with a lot of decorations were constructions of Victorian style architecture. Horse carts were coming and going through the street that was lined up with gas lamp. The figure of the people walking through the street was also somewhat old-fashioned.

This place was 19th century London──it was a world of that style.

Kizuna looked around in a lost.

When the world distorted and just before he was dragged into the vortex, his big sister Reiri told him to search for his mother Nayuta.

「But……what should I do?」

Kizuna tilted his head in this town that he had never seen before without any destination to go to.

His figure that was reflected in the show window was wearing a white shirt and a black pants with suspenders attached. It somehow looked like that his appearance was matched with this world’s atmosphere.

「Ah……detective, san?」

Letters that spelled 『Detective Bureau』 could be seen at the opposite building that was reflected on the show window. It felt a bit strange that even though the area was in British style but the letters were in Japanese, but he was thankful nonetheless. Kizuna knocked on the door of the building that looked like a three storey apartment building.

The landlady named Marisu guided him to the second floor. There he found a blonde girl wearing a black suit, and a girl wearing a gray jacket and also blonde haired. On the wall there was an inverness coat and a silk hat, and also a deerstalker hat being hung.

「Aaah! Ca-, captain-!?」

The girl wearing a grey jacket stood up with a surprised voice.

「Eh? You two Onee-chans are……who?」

When Kizuna replied like that, Sylvia’s eyes shined. Her body was shaking.

「Kyaaaaa♪ O, Onee-chan he said, somehow it’s embarrassing desu!」

The other girl opened her eyes wide with her rolled blonde twintails shaking.

「Eh……this is Kizuna? He is really shrinking isn’t he……」

Both of them introduced themselves as Sylvia and Ragrus. And then Sylvia hugged Kizuna’s small body.

「Captain, you are cute desuuuu♡ Aa, for Sylvia to be the bigger one is really moving desu!」

「Wawah! Sy, Sylvia-oneechan!」

The nice sweet aroma and the slight but existing soft sensation of the breast made Kizuna’s face bright red.

Kizuna looked up at Sylvia’s face. For some reason it felt fresh to look up at Sylvia from this angle.

Ragrus kept sitting on a comfort chair while asking a bit sullenly.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 11.jpg

「And? What is your business with this famous detective Ragrus-sama?」

「……Ragrus-oneechan, is a detective?」

「That’s right desu! Sylvia doesn’t understand why desu, but Ragrus-chan and Sylvia are opening a detective agency in this London desu!」

「Assistant! Don’t answer as you please like that!」

Kizuna let out a dry smile and told them his reason for coming here.

「Actually, I’m searching for Okaa-san’s location. Onee-chan……Reiri-oneechan told me, that it’s necessary to find Okaa-san to return this world to normal.」

「So that’s it desu. That’s really serious isn’t it desu……Ragrus-chan, what should we do desu?」

「Eh!? Wait, don’t throw everything at me! E, errrr let’s see, umm……」

Ragrus stood up from her chair, and then she restlessly moved around inside the room. Sylvia who was staring fixedly at Ragrus’s state then spoke as though she recalled something.

「Come to think of it, there is a book where Professor Nayuta’s essay is written desu. Perhaps there will be something that can become a clue there desu?」

「What did you say!?」

「It’s inside the book that we bought before this as data material desu. Ragrus-chan still hasn’t read it desu?」

「Ha? Do, don’t make fun of me! I read it properly! I’m only testing you whether you will notice it or not!」

Sylvia showed a smile without a speck of cloudiness in it.

「Waai♪ So Sylvia passed Ragrus-chan’s test then desu?」

「Uu……we, well yeah. Err……」

Ragrus made an awkward face before she began to fish at the books that were stacked haphazardly on the floor and table.

「Eh……where is it I wonder.」

「It’s at the bookshelves, the second row from below on the left side desu.」

「I, I know that much! I’m just looking a bit for another book!」

With red cheeks Ragrus roughly pulled out a book from the bookshelves before she flipped the pages. Sylvia was peering at the book content from across Ragrus’s shoulder.

「We……we are going to, do this?」

「Perhaps something will happen if we try it desu.」

Both of them stared at Kizuna with a gaze that was a mix of shyness and expectation.

──And then, five minutes later.

「E, err……Sylvia-oneechan. Thi, this is embarrassing……」

Kizuna was stripped naked while sandwiched between Sylvia and Ragrus who were in their underwear. Both of them were wearing matching black underwear. The underwear consisted of knickers with dainty laces and garterbelt. The brassiere that covered their flat chest was something unnecessary if speaking only from function. However, it decorated their immature body with charm by several times more, causing Kizuna’s thing to tower high without any way to hide it.

「Wa, wait Sylvia……is, is that thing, okay?」

「Hmm hmm. It’s just like the professor’s essay desu. Then Sylvia will test it first desu.」

Sylvia sat down on the sofa and gave Kizuna lap pillow. And then, she lifted his upper body and supported his back. Sylvia lifted up her lacy black bra and brought Kizuna’s face near.

「Sy, Sylvia-oneechan!?」

The pure white chest had slight swelling, and at the tip was a very beautiful pink protuberance. It was just a few dozen centimeters before Kizuna’s eyes.

「……Sylvia-oneechan will give you milk desu♥」

Sylvia was also blushing while saying that shyly.

「Bu, but……auh!」

Sylvia’s hand reached at Kizuna’s lower body and grasped the thing that was facing up with her fingertips. And then she began to move her hand up and down gently.

「With this……it’s just like what is written in the book desu……Kizuna-kun too, quickly do it desu.」

Kizuna sucked at the tip of the breast that was giving off sweet aroma.

「Aaahn! Li, like that desu……tha, that’s good desu.」

Ragrus’s mouth stayed open and she stared at the spectacle with a bright red face.

「Su, such thing……awawawawa」

「U, uaaaah, Sylvia-oneechan! I, I, aaah!」

Something hot flew out in less than a minute.

「Kyah! Ah……it came out already isn’t it desu.」

「Eh, then Sylvia, you mean it’s over with this?」

Sylvia knitted her eyebrows at Ragrus’s question.

「Hmmm, still not yet it looks like desu. There is also no change occurring in Sylvia and Ragrus-chan’s body desu……next Ragrus-chan try it desu.」

「Fueh!? M, me-!?」

Prompted by Sylvia, Ragrus made Kizuna licked her breast in the same position as before.

「Hiiiih! Wha, what’s, this, kuh, it’s ticklish……rather……ahn♥」

While enduring the pleasure from her breast that she felt for the first time, she reached her hand toward the growing large thing that wasn’t withering down.

「Aaaah! Ragrus-oneechan! If, if you do it like that-」

Kizuna couldn’t hold it in and his mouth let go, his body bent.

Sylvia stood beside Kizuna and gently stroked his head.

「Do your best desu. Us Onee-chan are also getting gradually hotter desu……perhaps this is the Heart Hybrid written in Professor Nayuta’s essay desu.」

Before Kizuna’s eyes there were Sylvia’s closed thighs and her crotch.

「♥……are you curious about this place of Sylvia desu?」

Sylvia took Kizuna’s hand and guided it to her body.

「Kizuna-kun right now is cute, so Sylvia can also become bolder than usual desu♥」

Kizuna’s finger opened the part of Sylvia that was closed tight and entered inside.

「Aauuu♥ Sy, Sylvia also, feel, good from that desuu♥」

Sweat trickled from Ragrus’s forehead and she moved her hand with an expression that lapsed into delirium. And then, she stared in turn at the writhing Sylvia and Kizuna, and at the thing her fingers were grasping. Particles of light shined in her eyes.

Similar light also began to swim inside Kizuna’s eyes too.

「A, a, I, again-」

「Sy, Sylvia too is a-, al……already no good♥ it seems……desu♥♥♥」

When heart shaped light shined inside Sylvia’s eyes, radiant light enveloped the bodies of the three.

Kizuna murmured through his hazy consciousness.

「Is this……Heart…….Hybrid?」

The next moment, Kizuna’s consciousness was swallowed inside magic power radiance.

Part 4[edit]

「Are you all right? Hold on.」

The sensation of someone shaking his body woke up Kizuna.


When he opened his eyes, he was collapsed on a riverbank. The surrounding was dark, and stars were shining in the sky. Both banks of the river before his eyes were reinforced with a stone hedge, so rather than calling it a river it looked more like a man-made canal. There were wooden houses with tiled roofs lining up along that canal. Light leaked out from the buildings’ windows, and the water surface was swaying.

「Here is……」

Kizuna raised up his body and looked up at the person who shook him awake.

It was a beautiful black haired girl. However she had a gallant figure dressed in a kimono without a hakama for man and a haori coating her shoulders. And then a katana was hanging on her kimono sash.

「This place is Honjofukagawa.」

When he noticed he had moved from 19th century London to an Edo city. Was the Heart Hybrid with Sylvia and Ragrus a success? Kizuna noticed that the western clothes he wore had changed into clothing that looked like a yukata.

Kizuna borrowed the girl’s hand to stand up and then he introduced himself and gave his thanks.

「My, what a proper boy you are. I am Himekawa Hayuru. If you have no place to go to, then please come to my home.」

Grasping the hand offered to him, Kizuna began to walk through the town of Edo at night. But, four silhouettes blocked their path. The four wore clothes that exposed their skin with each one carrying different weapons. Semicircular sword, hammer, short swords, axe, each weapon was decorated unfamiliarly and strangely.

Himekawa unsheathed her sword while covering the trembling Kizuna behind her.

「Who are you all!? Are you all doing this outrage knowing that I am Himekawa Hayuru, the inspector of arson and thievery!?」

A girl with an eye patch, 『Crescent Moon Clayda』 twisted her mouth into a grin.

「But of course. Chief inspector of arson and thievery, the demon Hayuru.」

A girl carrying a huge hammer, 『The Thunder Elma』 was closing the distance slowly.

「This is the command of our boss, 『The Serpent Zelcyone』.」

A girl with scar on her face kicked on the ground and assaulted Himekawa.

「Prepare yourself!」

A sharp short sword attack assaulted Himekawa.


Sword and sword scattered sparks and loud metallic sound reverberated. Himekawa handled the quick consecutive attacks from the short swords in the enemy’s both hands with a single sword. And then she pushed back the enemy with all her might and unleashed a sharp slash at the enemy whose balance was crumbled.

However, this deadly attack was blocked by a huge axe.


『Red Hair Ramza』 smiled at the vexed Himekawa.

「My bad, I won’t let you kill 『Death God Lunorlla』!」

One against four. Himekawa was at disadvantage no matter how anyone looked at it. Furhtermore she was fighting while protecting Kizuna. Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s cheek.

「So you all are those they call the 『Quartum』, the subordinates of the serpent Zelcyone isn’t it……if I capture you four, not to mention Zelcyone, I’ll be able to reach even until the big boss behind her.」

Hearing those words, Clayda was startled.

「A, are you stupid!? To speak of getting close to that person, such outrage──」

At that time, a whistle resounded in the night city.


Countless torch lights were rushing from the dark roads.

「Himekawa-san! Are you safe!?」

The officials of arson and thievery inspectors, Hyakurath and Mercuria were rushing their way followed by their subordinates.

「Chih! Annoyances came. We are leaving!」

「I won’t let you all get away! We are pursuing Mer!」

「Yeah, we will catch them for sure today!」

Hyakurath and Mercuria chased behind them. However the four Quartum leaped into the canal and landed on a small boat they had prepared.

「Kuh……damn it!」

The boat advanced towards the wide waterway and their figures vanished into the river at night.

The fish that got away was a large one but it couldn’t be helped. Himekawa and the others led Kizuna and they returned to the government housing for the arson and thievery inspectors. While hearing the circumstances from Kizuna in a wide tatami room, Himekawa, Hyakurath, and Mercuria, the three of them received a great shock.

「Could it be that you are, the child of that legendary big boss 『The Heavenly Nayuta』……」

「What are we going to do, Himekawa-san?」

Himekawa pondered for a while against Hyakurath’s question.

「For now let’s shelter him. However, if man will not work, he shall not eat. We will have you help around here, or do you mind?」

If he was here then perhaps he would be able to meet Nayuta──Kizuna nodded right away.

「Yes! Please, do so!」

「I understand. Then, should we take off our street clothes?」

Saying that, Himekawa, Hyakurath, and Mercuria began to take off their kimono. They loosened their sash and opened their kimono, which exposed their white skin. And then they now only wore their underwear. And then, their underwear was something that was matched with this world.

That was to say, it was loincloth.


Kizuna became bright red and looked up at the beautiful bodies of the three. Everyone had beautiful white skin that looked dazzling, and a pure white loincloth was further tied on their body. It was tied with string on their waist, the white cloth was digging between their crotch, and it passed between their butt’s valley and fastened on their backside. The fabric was thin and small, created from silk. The front looked transparent with the back fully exposing their butt.

Noticing Kizuna who was staring with a red face in a daze, Hyakurath peered at Kizuna’s face while her white and large breasts shook.

「What’s the matter? Kizuna-kun too takes off your clothes quickly. That’s the norm right?」

「E, eeeh!?」

When he asked, it seemed that it was common sense in this world to be wearing only underwear indoors. Therefore, unknown people absolutely couldn’t enter inside the home. Kizuna took off his clothes even while feeling embarrassed.

「Ah, wa, wait Kizuna-kun! Come over here!」

Himekawa said that in panic before she took Kizuna’s hand and got out to the corridor.

「Wha, what is the matter, Hayuru-oneechan?」

「You know what. That……please do something about that.」

Himekawa glanced at Kizuna’s crotch with blushing cheeks.


Kizuna’s thing became bigger, pushing on his loincloth. Kizuna’s loincloth wasn’t the binding type, but a simple thing where a cloth was simply hung down in front. His butt was completely exposed and if wind blew in front of him it would get seen. Furthermore, there was no way to hide it if it got bigger.

Himekawa averted her face angrily while only her eyes were stealing glances at Kizuna’s thing.

「This place is where the duty of the superior is carried out. If you are looking slovenly like that, we won’t be able to do our duty you know? Please, that is……ma, make it small right away.」

「I, I’m sorry. I didn’t, intend anything……but……when I saw everyone, it became like this by itself……hics」

Seeing Kizuna who was on the point of tears, Himekawa crouched down hurriedly. And then she gazed at him with a gentle smile and patted his head consolingly.

「Kizuna-kun isn’t a bad kid. We are……it’s just a bit too stimulating for us. We are the ones who are in the wrong here.」

「Su, such thing……Hayuru-oneechan isn’t bad. I’m the bad one……」

At that time Himekawa’s shaking breast entered Kizuna’s eyes. As the result, Kizuna’s thing pointed up even more.


Himekawa’s eyes shined moistly.

「I’m sorry……when I saw, Hayuru-oneechan’s……」

Seeing Kizuna who leaked out tears while trembling, the inside of Himekawa’s chest cried with tightening feeling.

「It’s fine. Because I’ll make it small for you properly.」

Himekawa tucked up Kizuna’s loincloth and stared at the thing that had grown big. She gulped her saliva and touched it to envelop it with both her hands.

「Aah! Ha, Hayuru-oneechan-?」

Himekawa formed her hands like a pipe and softly wrapped Kizuna’s thing, and she began to stroke it back and forth.

「How……how is it? Does it feel good?」

「Ye. Ye……s, tsu!」

Himekawa’s hand was immediately getting wet with something slippery. Seeing Kizuna who closed his eyes with a face that looked as though he felt good, the inside of Himekawa’s chest also shuddered. Kizuna soon stood on his toes with his body shaking twitchingly.

「You don’t need to endure it right now so……please let it all out.」

「Bu, but……the hand, will get dir……aah!」

Kizuna’s thing jerked inside Himekawa’s hands. Something hot overflowed inside the hands quickly.

「This much……」


Himekawa smiled to calm down Kizuna who was going to cry.

「You’ve done great, you did it properly.」

Kizuna let out a sigh of relief at those gentle words.

「But, you cannot stay like this. You understand that right?」

Kizuna stood straight hearing Himekawa’s serious voice.

「Discipline yourself relentlessly, so that you can keep a calm presence of mind even when looking at us, okay?」

「Ye, yes. Please take care of me!」

Like this Kizuna was leading a life of working and living there while receiving training from Himekawa.

Kizuna’s work was the chores like cleaning and washing. He tried his best so that he wouldn’t meet the officials of arson and thievery inspectors, but they were all living in the same building, so it was impossible to completely avoid them.

「My, Kizuna-kun, you are cleaning up? How amazing.」

Hyakurath smiled with a smiling face like a saint. Seeing her heavy breasts shaking and that body that drew a splendid curve, he was unable to not react or anything. He distanced himself in panic from that place and then visited Himekawa’s room.

Himekawa who heard the circumstance let out a sigh of exasperation.

「Good grief Kizuna-kun……looks like it’s no good unless I train you more strictly.」

Even while saying that, Himekawa’s voice vaguely sounded happy. She made Kizuna sit in front of her and they sat face to face.

「Stare still at me like that……clear your mind of all mundane thoughts. So that you won’t get led astray by what is reflected in your eyes, calm your heart and suppress that.」

「Ye, yes……」

If he closed his eyes, perhaps he would be able to make that thing standing tall to get small. However before his eyes there were the twin hills of Himekawa slowly rising up and down along with her breathing. The loincloth digging between her opened crotch was thrust before his eyes. It was completely impossible telling him to make it small.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun……aren’t you getting even bigger than before?」

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she knitted her eyebrows with a troubled look.

「I’m sorry. That……when I’m looking at Hayuru-oneechan, it’s too much……」

「Is, is that so……rather than Hyakurath-san, I’m more……」

Himekawa’s throat gulped.

「I understand. Looks like it’s no good if we don’t calm it down forcefully for the moment.」

Himekawa halted the training and made Kizuna stand before her eyes. Himekawa tucked up Kizuna’s loincloth and brought her lips near that thing that pointed up largely.

「Kizuna-kun is also steadily getting stronger so……even more intense stimulation is needed.」

At first just stroking it a few times would calm it down, but day by day the needed time was lengthening.

Himekawa lovingly kissed at the tip.

「Eh, that……by mouth…….Hayuru-oneechan」

Smiling at Kizuna who was speaking worriedly, Himekawa then licked gently at that with her tongue tip.

「Aa, amazing……this is……」

Kizuna’s waist pulled away from the unknown texture. Himekawa didn’t let him escape and hugged Kizuna’s waist and swallowed Kizuna’s thing.

She confirmed inside her mouth the shape that she was completely familiar with. The shape that she felt through the inside of her cheeks and her tongue was the same with the shape inside her mind. While licking, Himekawa herself also got excited and felt good. Recently each time she calmed Kizuna down, she also needed to change her own loincloth afterwards.


Suddenly something hot splashed inside her mouth.

──’Aa……he came♥’

She sent the thing that almost spilled from inside her mouth into her throat. She felt the twitching pulsation inside her mouth. When it settled down, her lips let go.

「O, Onee……chan」

「Please wait. I’ll clean it up now……」

After cleaning up Kizuna’s thing with her tongue, they restarted the training. And then on this day, the process of halting the training and making Kizuna let it out again was repeated several times.

And then. Night──.

Himekawa who already turned off the lights and entered her futon raised her face when she heard the sound of the sliding screen open.

「Hmm? What’s the matter Kizuna-kun?」

「I’m sorry……I cannot sleep……」

Himekawa smiled towards Kizuna who was standing there while holding a pillow.

──’It’s hard to say that there is any result from the training, but today Kizuna-kun has worked hard too. He is also still at the age that loves his mother……I have to give him a present then. If it’s just sleeping together then──.’

Himekawa tucked up her blanket and showed herself lying down as though to say ‘come here’. Right now she wasn’t even wearing the loincloth that was usually fastened on her lower body.

Kizuna crawled into the futon with a delighted face. That behavior was cute and caused Himekawa to reflexively hug Kizuna. As the result something hard poked at Himekawa’s stomach.

「So, sorry……」

Himekawa’s chest throbbed hard.

「Jeez Kizuna-kun……you are like this already.」

Obscene feelings and the feelings of motherhood mixed inside her heart.

「Can’t be helped then. You won’t be able to sleep like this so……」

「I, it’s fine. I, I’ll endure, that’s why──」

Kizuna who was appealing with teary eyes looked lovely, rather it was Himekawa who couldn’t endure.

Himekawa stroked Kizuna’s head and brought her breast closer as though to prompt him.

「It’s all right♥」


Kizuna sucked at the tip of the breast as though he lost all restraint. He was sucking noisily like a baby.

「Fuh♥ A, aahn……fufu, Kizuna-kun, you are like a baby♥」

Kizuna already reached one hand to the other breast and touched slowly.

「Sheesh Kizuna-kun……♥」

Kizuna was scared that he would be scolded, but his head was caressed as though in praise, so he squeezed out his courage and put strength into his fingertips.

「Ahn! Tha, that’s good♥……Kizuna-kun……please, do more」

Himekawa also grasped Kizuna’s thing with her fingers and vibrated it gently. Entering the same futon and caressing each other’s body lovingly produced pleasure in a different dimension compared with treating Kizuna’s excitement until now.

It was an excitement as though doing something that really must not be done. And then they felt each other’s affection and the distance of their hearts got closer.

At that time particles of light floated up from the bodies of the two.

「Aa, Kizuna-kun-♥ You are really skilled♥ Ho, how lovely♥」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 12.jpg


Feeling happy from the praise, Kizuna rubbed her breast even more intensely and sucked on the other breast again.

「Kizuna-kun♥ Ah, don’t, I’m, already……♥」

When Kizuna thought of giving Himekawa the same climax like himself, it made his head hazy from excitement and joy. And then the pleasure that was given to him doubled all at once.

The light that enveloped the two increased in brightness, at the same time the two broke through the limit.

「Ih♥ aAAANN♥ AAAaAaaa♥ AAaaaaAAAaAa♥♥♥」

Heart shaped light emerged in Himekawa’s pupils, the light overflowing from the body of the two became one and melted into Himekawa’s body.

──’This is?’

Himekawa felt strength overflowing from inside her body.

──’What in the world, is this power?’

「Kizuna-kun, you……」

At that time, *dotadota* noisy footsteps could be heard running in the corridor. Those footsteps stopped in front of Himekawa’s room and the sliding screen was opened.

「Himekawa-san! There is a report from our spy just now, we found out Zelcyone’s hideout!」

「Eh!? Is that true?」

Himekawa came out from the futon and stood up, then she began to dress herself right away.


Himekawa smiled reassuringly at Kizuna who was looking up at her worriedly.

「You don’t need to worry. Right now, it feels like I have obtained a power that I never had until now. With this, the Quartum and even Zelcyone aren’t worth fearing about.」

And then Himekawa and the others, the arson and thievery inspector troupe departed to capture Zelcyone’s gang.

Worried about Himekawa who hadn’t returned yet, Kizuna couldn’t even get a wink of sleep, but the next day, Himekawa and the others returned after splendidly capturing the whole gang.

In the prison, the interrogation of Zelcyone was carried out right away.

「What? The location of The Heavenly Nayuta you ask?」

Kizuna desperately pleaded towards Zelcyone who was making a sour face.

「I beg you! Please tell me! Zelcyone-san!」

Against Kizuna who was asking with glittering eyes, Zelcyone was slightly pressured and she answered.

「……You should be able to see a giant tower in the north. Head for that direction.」

「Tower……is it?」

「The western land that is different from here. There is a castle called demon king castle there. Nayuta is there.」

Part 5[edit]

「The atmosphere really changed after crossing the river hasn’t it……」

Kizuna was advancing towarda the landmark 『Genesis』 tower that he learned from Zelcyone. Himekawa escorted him until midway, but for some reason Himekawa couldn’t cross the river.

『It looks like we cannot progress further than here. Kizuna-kun, please be careful……』

After he bid farewell to Himekawa and crossed the river, ahead there was a forest. If he went through it, there must be a human settlement. Thinking so, Kizuna pushed through the dark forest. The sunlight didn’t really reach inside the dark and deep forest. Coupled with the silence where there wasn’t even a single bird chirp, Kizuna’s unease was growing stronger the more he advanced.

Suddenly a strange quake roared.

A sound like something gigantic walking was reverberating, shaking the ground. And then like an opened curtain, the trees in front of him were mowed down to the left and right.


A huge steel knight was standing there. It was a knight clad in armor, but its height was nearly ten meters. That giant was walking towards Kizuna.


Terror made him freeze and unable to move. At this rate, he would be crushed under the giant’s feet.

‘It’s over’, the moment he resolved himself like that──,

「Hell Fireee!!」

A flame bullet rushed from behind Kizuna toward the steel knight. That flame easily pierced the knight’s thick armor and opened a hole in its body.

The steel knight lost strength and slumped on its knee before collapsing to the ground.

「Are you okay?」

A female figure appeared from inside the forest. She had stunning blue eyes and blond hair. Her hand was carrying a long cross shaped cane while her body was covered in a long mantel. The body line that was enveloped by that mantel was shockingly magnificent. Large breasts and slender waist, and then the hips that greatly jutted to left and right even seemed violent. Her clothes that had the chest part opened to the degree where her breasts almost spilled out, and her short skirt that exposed her thighs displayed that body even more bewitchingly.

「I am the magician Yurishia Farandole.」

After Kizuna introduced himself, he talked about why he came here.

「Is that so……then, won’t you join my party? Right now it’s a party of just you and me though☆」

When she winked at him, Kizuna went red.

「A, about that……?」

「Demon king castle Infermia……defeating the demon king Hellshaft there is my objective. Before I let my guard down a bit and a magic was put on me……to dispel it, I need to defeat the demon king.」

「So that’s how it is……yes! I’m also asking, please let me join! It will be reassuring to be together with someone like Yurishia-san. Ah, but……I’m not useful at a──」

「Ufufu, you see……you can be useful. There is a job that is really a match for you.」

Yurishia’s eyes let out a bewitching shine.

「Come here?」

His hand pulled by Yurishia, Kizuna left the path and pushed through a clump of bushes. There was a fallen tree at a slightly open space and he sat down at Yurishia’s left side. Then Yurishia suddenly spread wide her greatly opened neckline. Her large breasts sprang out dancingly before Kizuna’s eyes.


Kizuna reflexively leaned back from that impressiveness.

「The work I want to ask Kizuna to do……I want you to milk my breasts.」

「Ha!? ☆◎×??」

Kizuna couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

「Try to touch them a bit? It’s all right, it won’t bite you♪」

Prompted like that, Kizuna hesitantly touched Yurishia’s voluptuous breast.

──’A, amazing.’

It was big and swelled to bursting. And then he was taken aback with the weight that his palm felt.

「Won’t you put a bit more strength?」

Kizuna followed what he was told and put strength into his fingertips. Then white liquid spurted out from the tip of Yurishia’s breast and hit Kizuna’s face.

「Buwah! E, eh? This is, sweet……don’t tell me, is this」

「Yes. Because of the demon king’s erotic magic, my breasts now produce a mother’s milk.」


「Then you see, milking it out by myself is a bit difficult, so I want to ask you to do it for me.」

「Bu, but……that’s」

Seeing Kizuna fidgeting around embarrassedly, Yurishia suddenly made a mischievous smile as though she thought of something.

「Aa……if Kizuna doesn’t do this milking for me……my breasts are already pained, it hurts! At this rate, my breasts will gradually bloat, and they might burst!」


Kizuna’s complexion turned blue.

「I, I understand! It’s unforgivable that Yurishia-san met a terrible experience because of that demon king’s magic! If it’s something that I can do, then I will do anything!」

He was looking up at Yurishia with a sparklingly pure gaze. There were even tears emerging in his eyes from his heart thinking how pitiful Yurishia was. Inside Yurishia’s chest, immorality and guilt and sensuality jumbled together and welled up. Shuddering pleasure was rushing through her whole body.

An obscene light resided in her eyes and her tongue got out a bit and licked her lips.

「Then……not to hurry you but, can I ask you to do it?」

「Ye, yes.」

Kizuna used both his hands to grasp the left side breast and slowly put strength into his hands. Then milk spurted out vigorously from the perky breast.

──’Wo, wow.’

It was a sight he saw for the first time. The milk that spurted from a female breast had an aroma that made his head dizzy. Each time he repeated his act of gripping the breast, Yurishia’s milk vigorously splashed on his body and dyed the clothes white. At the same time Yurishia’s fragrance also seeped in.

「Hey Kizuna. Milking with your hand is also okay, but sucking it with your mouth will suck out the milk more efficiently you know♥」

「Bu, but……it’s a bit……embarrassing」

Yurishia shook her head theatrically.

「Aah! If you don’t suck the milk out quickly, it feels like my breast will pop! Help meee, Kizunaaa」

「Awawawah, I get it!」

A white drop was hanging on the pink colored breast tip. Kizuna held it in his mouth with his all.


An ardent sigh leaked out from Yurishia’s mouth.

Sweet taste was spreading inside Kizuna’s mouth quickly. Strangely the taste calmed his heart and made him recover his calm, then he sucked at the breast’s hard protuberance inside his mouth.

「uUHN♥ Hah, a, aaaan……aa, good♥」

Yurishia’s seductive voice spurred on Kizuna into the milk sucking act. Yurishia’s breast adjusted the milk amount in response to the sucking strength while pouring milk into Kizuna’s mouth.

「Ah, an♥ yes, that’s nice♥ Kizuna♥」

Kizuna was absorbed in sucking the breast’s tip. Before long, Yurishia’s body began to convulse, and then her body was starting to get enveloped by a golden light.

「A, ah, ih, I’m……AAAAAAAAA♥♥♥♥♥」

Golden light snapped, and at the same time milk spurted inside Kizuna’s mouth grandly. Kizuna desperately drank in the milk to not let any spill. However the amount that Yurishia’s large breast stored was tremendous, so the milk spilled from the corner of Kizuna’s mouth and a white line trickled through his jaw and dripped down.

At the same time when the golden light settled down, the flow of milk that came out from Yurishia’s breast also abated.

When Kizuna took off his mouth, he cutely belched. Kizuna felt like he was hazy from a high fever. He was dimly staring at Yurishia’s breast with a red face.

「How is it? Delicious?」

Yurishia asked while caressing Kizuna’s head.

「Yes……it was, really……delicious.」

Yurishia’s body trembled shiveringly hearing Kizuna’s embarrassed answer.

「Then……please take care of this side too okay? ☆」

Yurishia winked and lifted up her right breast.

After this late Kizuna remembered that there were two breasts. When he tried touching the left and right respectively, he was surprised with the difference in stiffness.

「The one I sucked……turned soft. This one, is a bit hard.」

「Yes. Thanks to Kizuna sucking the milk out♪ Will you help with this breast too? ♥」

Kizuna clenched his fist and nodded bravely.

「Ye, yes. I’ll do my best!」

Yurishia’s eyes narrowed ecstatically.

And then the journey of the two began. Yurishia was alone, but she won easily against any kind of enemy. Just, the only problem was because of the magic that the demon king had cast on her, her breasts would soon be filled to the brim.

Even if it was dealt with at the early morning, her breasts would become a full tank already by the afternoon. Each time, Kizuna would suck them out with his all. Honestly it was to the degree that his three meals a day was wholly provided by it. For better or worse, Yurishia’s milk seemed to be nutritious, and Kizuna’s physical health was extremely satisfactory even with such eating habits.

Like that his journey with Yurishia continued for several days. They finally reached a big city. It was a city named Caldato with an atmosphere that seemed to be a mix of the west and middle east. It seemed this city accomplished the role as a front line base for the demon king castle’s capture.

「I am the leader of the adventurer guild 『Masters』, Scarlet Fairchild! Nice to meetcha!」

The total members of Masters were seven people. All of them were gunners, a party with catastrophically bad balance. And then there were two more people wearing masks that hid their eyes. They were females shrouded in mystery.

「I am the martial artist Zecros.」

Her long glossy black hair was really beautiful, and her body that was wrapped in a silver armor was really provocative. Or rather the exposure rate of Zecros’s armor was too high. It was a mystery whether it had any defensive power, but perhaps as a fighter she held the belief of being light weight. Also, contrary to her cool bearing, the armor’s design was also strangely cute.

「She is my attendant. Don’t pay attention to her.」

A petite girl was standing as though hiding behind Zecros. She looked a bit fearful and didn’t even say a word.

「Then, let’s head out to exterminate the demon king☆」

Yurishia and the others headed towards the demon king castle Infermia with a surprisingly light mood.

As expected from the castle of the last boss, the number of monsters lying in wait was a lot. However for some reason they didn’t find any strong enemy on the midboss level at all.

The attackers Zecros and Yurishia cut through the enemy while Masters gave support fire. Even though Yurishia was a magician, but she was also strangely strong physically. Without any slip she did everything from magic attack as well as assisting Zecros at close range combat.

It seemed to be a party with bad balance, but unexpectedly it might not be so bad. In fact, they reached the demon king hall where the demon king Hellshaft was at in the blink of an eye. But the figure of the demon king wasn’t there, there was a gigantic door at the end of the room.


There was an altar made from stone in front of the door. A girl was lying on it.

She was a beautiful girl with silver hair. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, her beautiful body was only clad in accessories to decorate it even more gorgeously.

「The demon king is behind that door. And then, that girl is the key to open the door.」

Zecros’s voice resounded inside the quite room.

Everyone was surprised and gazed at the masked mysterious girl.

「What do you mean by that? Who are you, Zecros?」

Not answering Yurishia’s question, Zecros spoke facing Kizuna.

「Kizuna, stand near that woman.」

Kizuna mysteriously couldn’t go against Zecros’s voice. He stood beside the altar just as he was told and stared at the girl’s face. She was sleeping like she was dead, but he could see a tinge of red on her cheeks and her chest was faintly moving up and down.

Scarlet snapped her fingers in realization.

「I see! Perhaps, it’s that. Is this something like the prince’s kiss will wake up the princess?」

「Ki, kiss-!?」

Kizuna panicked. He became unable to tear off his eyes from the soft lips of the beautiful girl lying down in front of him. His heartbeat naturally turned louder, faster, and his face blushed.

As though synchronized with that, the sleeping girl’s body began to shine blue.

「Right now Kizuna! Grope her breast!」


──’Bre, breast? Not kiss?’

Kizuna’s mind was in chaos.

However Zecros’s instruction had a terrifying compelling force. Kizuna’s two hands sunk into the largely swelling up twin hills.


The sleeping girl opened her eyes along with the coquettish voice.

「E, eh? I…..why am I?」

And then her eyes met the boy who was gripping her breasts tightly.

「Ki……Kizuna? That appearance……is really nostalgic……」

「Ah, I, I’m sorry-!」

Kizuna’s hand let go in panic. Zecros approached the awakened girl in replacement.

「Aine. The demon king is at the other side of that door. Can the door be opened if it’s you?」

Aine’s consciousness still wasn’t clear, but she lifted up her body somehow.

「No……but, I know the spell to open the door. Kizuna, if it’s you……」

Aine brought her face close to Kizuna’s ear and whispered something.

「Eh……saying, that?」

「Yell it. With a loud voice, as loud as you can.」

「Bu, but……that kind of, embarrassing……」

Aine strongly persuaded the shy Kizuna.

「It’s fine! Yell it with a voice so loud that the other side of that door can hear you! It’s for saving everyone!」


Kizuna looked over Yurishia, Masters, Zecros and her attendant. Not just them, people like Sylvia and Himekawa, he was helped by the strength of a lot of people to reach here. If it was for the sake of saving everyone then──,

Kizuna took in a long breath, and chanted the spell that Aine taught him.


The door where the demon king was hiding opened hard. And then a little girl with a bright red face leaped out.


When her unfocused eyes caught Kizuna, she leaped with a force that almost caused saliva to flow.

「Haaaa♥ Kizuna♥ So cuteee! More, be more spoil──」


Zecros took off her mask and yelled sharply.


Following Reiri’s signal, a green haired beautiful woman appeared from hiding somewhere.

「Labyrinth Cube!」

That beauty threw six shields and those shields created a hexahedron cube midair.

Behind Nayuta, two hands wearing sharp claws appeared. Bizarrely, the hands were extending out from empty air.


Nayuta raised a stupid voice and her body was lifted up.

The arms true body, Valdy was grasping up Nayuta’s body from a distance. And then she was tore off from Kizuna and thrown towards the Labyrinth Cube.


Nayuta’s limp body was locked into Labyrinth Cube.

「Kei! Hurry!」

Zecros’s attendant also took off her mask and took out a parchment and feather pen from her breast pocket, she then crawled on the floor and began to write letters. And then she held out the parchment towards another direction.

『Perform stomach pumping ASAP. Dispatch medical squad.』

Once again, from who knows where they were hiding, a group wearing white lab coats rushed into the demon kings hall.

Reiri faced the white lab coat group and declared strictly.

「Don’t go easy on her! Rinse off everything thoroughly whether her stomach or intestines! Make it a clean body in this chance!」

The inside of Nayuta’s body was washed thoroughly, and following that the world recovered its original appearance.

And then Nayuta was firmly sentenced with drinking prohibition.

End of School Period[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hida Reiri who was relaxing inside her room let out a disappointed sigh.

「But even so……that appearance of Kizuna」

Was so cute♡

She was unable to admire it just by herself. That was the most vexing thing.

「For such a lonely Reiri, mother is coming bringing an encouraging notice!」

The door was opened hard and a spirited little girl rushed in.

The moment she saw that figure, Reiri’s mood plummeted and her guts boiled.

「How much do you think I got troubled because of your fault, huh! Aah, don’t make me irritated!」

When she saw the thoughtless smile of Nayuta, it caused her to be excessively irritated.

「Now now. I come bringing a good talk that doubles as my apology too.」

She said that while her hand was making a beckoning gesture towarda the entrance.


The one who was called by Nayuta and entered the room was Shikina Kei. Her hands were holding a thick file.

「What is it Kei? Those documents?」

Kei was carrying that file with both hands and showed the front cover towards Reiri.

──’Operation Chronos?’

Nayuta smiled triumphantly at Reiri who was making a face that said that she didn’t understand.

「Kei, explain.」


Kei opened the file and explained while showing it to Reiri.

「This is a plan to expand the functions of the Love Room and surpass time.」


Reiri frowned. It was because she thought that it was completely a fake story. There was no need for her to lend her ears to this. Besides if she heard what Nayuta said, surely it wouldn’t become something satisfactory. She should turn her away right now. Reiri thought that inside her heart, but the next moment──,

「If this plan succeeds, you will be able to play with the child Kizuna anytime. Please give the approval for this plan.」


Reiri yelled without a moments delay.

Part 2[edit]

The next morning, Kizuna left the dormitory and headed to the academy. The sakura trees at the boulevard were currently in full bloom.


Being on the Megafloat really disarrayed one’s sense of the season. There were also times when it felt like time was continuing endlessly. However seeing the dancing sakura leaves and warm wind blowing at him, such out of place feeling was vanishing as though melting into air.

「Were you referring to me when you said beautiful I wonder?」

A silver haired girl showed up from behind a tree.


「My, it’s not me that you referred to?」

A blonde haired girl appeared with her large breasts shaking from the roadside tree at the opposite side.

「Yurishia, you too?」

「That’s right──ah, there is one more person here.」

When Yurishia stared at the sakura tree at the roadside ahead, Himekawa showed her figure with an awkward cough.

「I, I’m, that is──my magic power declined completely because of the hectic disturbances for this while ago so……that……」

When Himekawa finally arrived in front of Kizuna, she lined up along with Yurishia with Aine at the center.

Kizuna made a wry smile.

「Certainly, various things happened here since the magic weapons invasion huh.」

And then, surely this revelry would be continuing from here on too.

「Then, there is no schedule for it but, let’s do Heart Hybrid after school today. Who will be the fi──」

Kizuna spontaneously faltered.

──’If it’s the usual flow, a quarrel will happen between them here.’

However, the three only exchanged glances and looked as though they were hesitating of what to do.


Kizuna tilted his head.

And then, Aine who was at the center suddenly took the arm of Yurishia and Himekawa who were at her right and left.

「Want to try doing Connective Hybrid with four people?」

「Eh!? A, Aine-san, wha, what are you……」

「Hee♪That sounds interesting.」

Aine turned a smile at Kizuna.

「What do you think, Kizuna?」

「Certainly, there is no precedent of doing it with four people……let’s try it.」

Aine stared alternately at Yurishia and Himekawa.

「It’s decided then!」

「Fufufu, how amazing☆ I cannot wait until after school from now♥」

「Aaa, doing it with four people……ho, how unwholesome……」

The four started walking towards the academy through the path of scattered sakura leaves.

──This was the ordinary day of Ataraxia academy.

A calm and peaceful revelry.

The gentle days were continuing. Today, and also tomorrow, and the day after that too, surely──.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 13.jpg

Special Chapter : Painful But Beloved Days[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The wind made the blonde hair flutter and passed through while licking the brown skin.

Standing on a tall cliff, that soldier was staring at the sky far away.

Her gaze was staring at the territory of the Vatlantis Empire ahead.

There wouldn’t be much more time until a large fleet would arrive from that sky. The moment that fleet came into view, the spark of battle would be lit.

Gravel looked behind.

Over there was the territory of Izgard. And then the whole army of Izgard was massing at that land. Several dozens of battleships and several thousands of magic weapons and magic knights wearing magic armors were all looking up at Gravel.

「Listen ladies! Vatlantis’s fleet will arrive after this! It’s likely that they even combined the third, fourth, and fifth fleet of the subjugation army to form a large fleet!」

The soldiers of Izgard were listening to those words without even feeling particularly surprised.

「But with you ladies, the proud soldiers of Izgard, our veteran heroes here, they aren’t worthy of fear! Even if they will attack us many times, then we will also repel them back as many times as they come!」

‘UOOOOOOOOOO’, such war cry was raised. There wasn’t even a speck of fear in them. Rather, all of them were even smiling.

「Rout the Vatlantians!」

「We aren’t going to let those pretending imperial bunches to go home alive!」

「We will beat into them the decorum of Izgard-style!」

The rough soldiers changed the excitement welling up from inside their bodies into scorn and jeer towards Vatlantis and spitted them out.

And then at the same time, words of praise for Gravel were also yelled from their excited mouth.


「Izgard’s hero!」

「The dark brown beast is with us!」

──Dark brown beast.

People called Gravel like that.

Soft and supple body that gave the impression of a wild carnivore. That body was hiding speed that was like the wind and strength that was like steel.

It was like that flesh was for the use of battle. And then, a tough force of will was dwelling in that flesh.

The magic power that force of will produced took shape and protected her body.

That was the magic armor Zoros.

Clad in the rare Ros-series magic armor, the hero of the frontier.

That was the existence called Gravel.

She was a soldier of Izgard, a small country in the world of Atlantis. In order to put Izgard under their rule, the large country Vatlantis Empire shook Izgard financially and politically before the situation finally developed into a military clash.

Izgard was greatly behind Vatlantis in the development of magic mechanism technology. The difference in performance of magic weapons and battleships between the two countries was clear, furthermore there was also an overwhelming difference in battle power regarding the amount of material resources.

The battle would likely be decided within a few days.

The Vatlantis army was able to float a composed smile like that was about a month ago.

Along the border of Vatlantis and Izgard, the wreckage of Vatlantis magic weapons were increasing. The complexion of the Vatlantis army was also changing along with the increase of the mountain of wreckage.

No matter how many times they attacked, they couldn’t break through the defense line of Izgard.

The one who was leading the army of that Izgard was exactly Gravel.

The brown skinned soldier with fluttering blond hair, who entirely repelled back the invasion of Vatlantis with her huge gunsword. The Vatlantis army called that soldier the dark brown beast and feared her.

However, the subjugation army of Vatlantis who was fighting at the front line wouldn’t receive any forgiveness if they were defeated any more than this. Finally, today, they would launch an all-out attack without paying any attention to their appearance.

「……So they come.」

Gravel’s orange pupils caught the enemy’s silhouette that appeared from the sky beyond. She waved her arm and looked back at the Izgard army.

「The prey has appeared! All hands, prepare to fight!!」

‘UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ The Izgard army raised their war cry. The battleships that were on the ground were starting to float up. And then light ran through the whole body of the magic weapons. They stood up and started advancing as though they were awakened.

Gravel opened a floating window and enlarged the image of the Vatlantis fleet. The silhouettes that were reflecting back the sunlight and emitted light of magic power were gradually increasing in number.

That number was no less than two hundred.

The difference in military force was roughly thrice that of Izgard.

Gravel sweated coldly inside her heart.

She had obstructed the enemy’s invasion somehow until now. However this time she honestly didn’t have the confidence that she would be able to protect her country.

With a wave of light ejected from magic mechanisms trailing behind, the fleet of Vatlantis Empire was advancing through the blue sky. The fleet was advancing solemnly, in order to perform the last rite over the country called Izgard with certainty.

However, currently at this timing a political bargaining was also being attempted. Even during the battle that was performed on the battlefield, the higher-ups were hastening a peaceful negotiation.

A voice from below called out to Gravel on the cliff.

「Gravel! Give the instruction!」

「We cannot stay patient here anymore! Let us beat them to death already!」

The hotblooded bunches yelled with spittle flying from their mouths.

「Yosh! Magic weapon force, from the right wing──」

Gravel’s voice that was giving instructions was interrupted.

A strange figure was reflected in her orange pupils.

The enemy’s flagship. There was a figure standing on the prow.

Green hair and green magic armor.

──’The green of madness!?’

「……So that’s the berserker of the imperial guard from the rumor.」

Her name was Aldea. Ally killer, battle junkie in the form of a lady, shield of madness of the imperial guard, etc., etc., nicknames to describe Aldea were too numerous to mention.

「Why is that woman in the subjugation army?」

The subjugation army was composed with personnel from people with low social status or soldiers conscripted from the countries ruled by Vatlantis.

On the other hand, the imperial guard that Aldea belonged to was composed from basically only nobles, a true elite group that an enlistment into it wouldn’t be recognized without high ability.

But Gravel heard that Aldea was a heretic among that imperial guard.

She was a battle junkie which couldn’t be imagined from seeing her beautiful and elegant appearance. She was an abnormal that felt supreme happiness in a fight where life was risked. She put her desire above everything, where violation of command and military rule was like an everyday meal for her. Furthermore the target of her aggression even frequently reached her allies when just the enemy couldn’t satisfy her, there were rumors that it was also common for imperial guard members to almost lose their lives because of Aldea.

A soldier who also found the figure of Aldea like Gravel raised their voice in panic.

「Gravel-sama! Those Vatlantis bunches, they finally sent the imperial guard──」

However Gravel shook her head and she yelled with a very clear voice to assure the soldiers.

「No, the fleet isn’t the imperial guard’s fleet! I don’t know why the green of madness is over there, but her force itself is the subjugation army! There is nothing to fear!」

Following Gravel’s voice, the soldiers raised their weapons and raised a high-spirited yell.

「That’s right! Smash them!」

「Send out the magic weapons! The enemy is the same as before, we are going to chase them away the same as all these times until now!」

「It doesn’t matter even if that’s the imperial guard themselves!」

「The hero Gravel is together with us!」

A war cry rose from all units.

Gravel whispered inside her heart that didn’t show up on her face.

──’How much will we be able to endure the enemy attack?’

Honestly speaking, she understood that it was impossible for Izgard to end up victorious. The focus of the peaceful negotiation that was currently progressing was about how many advantageous conditions Izgard could obtain by entering under Vatlantis’s jurisdiction.

The worse the battle situation became, the stricter the requirements for peace became. That being the case Gravel wanted to end the fight with good conditions while they were still fighting on equal standing.

「……And yet, a troublesome opponent appeared here.」

Gravel was staring at the green figure reflected in the floating window.

Inside the window her eyes met the eyes of Aldea who looked like a lady. The other side was also similarly staring at Gravel. She smiled sweetly with a passionate gaze.

Her eyes were shining in anticipation, looking really happy and looking forward to it. As though she was unable to wait any longer for the fun times that would start after this. Her attitude was restless without any composure. She even looked like a girl that was waiting for her date with her lover.

A smile unconsciously leaked out from Gravel.

「What’s with that woman?」

──’No, I must not hold interest or emotion towards her.

Most likely today one of us will die.

However, I pray──,’

「Right now in this instant……won’t the peace be established?」

Gravel pulled out the gunsword from behind her back.

Part 2[edit]

「Hey, geez Graveeel~, what’s the matter?」

Aldea rubbed her body at Gravel like a cat that acted spoiled towards their owner.

「Nn……no, it’s nothing.」

What was called life was actually something baffling.

Gravel swallowed back those words when she was about to say them.

That first confrontation at that first meeting. She never thought even in her dreams that the opponent with whom she tried to take each other’s life right after they met would now be in this kind of relationship with her.

It was a bloody battle where they deeply wounded each other. The next attack would decide the battle──it was at such a time that the report of armistice ran through the battlefield.

Both countries entered into a peace treaty.

If that communication only entered ten seconds later, perhaps one of them would have been dead already.

And then now,

They weren’t at the wasteland near the country border, but at Ataraxia that was recreated by Nayuta. They weren’t wearing military uniform, but uniform worn by students, and they weren’t at the captain’s seat of a battleship, but sitting on the café’s sofa. In front of the comfortable sofa for two people, was a largish table with short legs. On the wall were mirrors and bookshelves. A carpet was spread on the floor, the interior looked like the living room of someone’s house. The outside was hot, but cooling was turned on inside here and it felt really pleasant. There was also no other guests and the two were completely relaxed.

「Fufu, there is no one here.」

「There is no customer, but there are the workers. Stop with any strange acts.」

The woman who came to aim for her life persistently once was now snuggling on her shoulder. And then, when she let her guard down then she would soon try to caress her body. Her hand went in from Gravel’s opened collar and touched at the springy brown skinned breasts.

Gravel lightly knocked that hand like scolding a mischievous cat.

「Sheesh, it’s fine right, it’s just this much.」

「That’s because if the first defense line is broken through, your distinction will be gone.」

「Myy? Doesn’t that refer to Gravel yourself?」

「Shut up.」

Gravel lifted her upper body and reached her hand at the coffee on the table. The coffee that she drank had grown lukewarm. In here she was mostly flirting with Aldea.

After the armistice came into effect, she heard the rumor that Aldea’s eccentricity became even worse among the imperial guard.

One day Aldea was finally demoted.

And then of all things she arrived at Gravel’s sixth subjugation army.

Gravel who never even imagined that Aldea would be assigned at her force was filled with trepidation along with everyone of the subjugation army, but Aldea who finally came changed completely, she was now showing excessive affection at Gravel.

That being the case made Gravel stumped, but even so that was better than her needing to watch out for attempts at her life. Besides Aldea seemed to really have calmed down and she did her work properly.

Although, she still couldn’t stop her disregard of orders and independent actions.

Gravel thought once more.

It was unknown what would happen in life.

Being at this Ataraxia was also the same. This was a place where she once embarked to alone, fought the people of Lemuria, and inflicted tremendous damage to the city.

And right now, she was sitting on the same desk as Lemurian people and had her fill of student life.

For her who had spent her days soaked in blood and gunpowder smoke, these days were too dazzling and happy. Gravel felt the inside of her chest was gradually getting warm. She wondered if this was what they called happiness. She was staring at the street that was visible from the window while soaking in such a feeling.

However, this was a transient happiness.

The world was destroyed by the Deus ex Machina. Izgard, Vatlantis, and also Lemuria didn’t exist. What remained right now was only this Ataraxia. This place was the whole world.

However, the Deus ex Machina held the configuration information of the world they disassembled. If they stole that back, it was possible to recreate the world with Nayuta’s power.

In front of the café, students from Lemuria, Izgard and Vatlantis nationality were walking while talking in enjoyment. Gravel whispered inside her heart while looking at their figures.

She would cast this body into battle once more.

Of course, she planned to joyfully take her sword if it was to protect this peaceful world. But the problem was, her current self didn’t have the strength to fight the Deus ex Machina equally.

Her skirt’s pocket vibrated faintly.


The information terminal that was distributed to all students was vibrating repeatedly, emphasizing its existence to her. She took out the terminal from her pocket and displayed the mail she received on the screen.

Gravel opened her eyes wide seeing the content and her throat gulped audibly.

「Who is it from?」

Aldea narrowed her eyes and stared fixedly at Gravel with a scooping up gaze.

「It’s from the command headquarters. It seems that tomorrow there will be a briefing session about the Deus ex Machina’s extermination.」

「Hmph……we will sortie soon then.」

Aldea’s eyes looked down and she put her head on Gravel’s chest. Gravel’s slender fingers gently combed Aldea’s green hair that looked glittering, and then she spoke persuasively.

「Perhaps, we have spent slightly too much enjoyable time. Once we had tasted this kind of peaceful days, it becomes troublesome to return to the hellish battlefield huh.」

「What are you saying?」

Aldea separated her body from Gravel and showed a bewitching smile.

「I’m happy, that I can return to hell. Because, this place is a heaven. It’s not interesting at all.」

Gravel replied with a wry smile.


Aldea hugged at Gravel and leaned on her.

「Yes. When I think that I can fight together with Gravel again, my heart is fluttering. But──」

Aldea suddenly fell silent. Gravel made a dubious expression towards such Aldea.

「Is there something that worries you?」

「Nope. Just, it’s a bit sad, that even though it’s what makes me flutter the most, but I won’t be able to reach out my hand to it anymore.」

「The most? What is……」

「When we tried to kill each other.」

Aldea lifted her face and looked up at Gravel with an upward gaze. Gravel stared back at those eyes with a bright red face.

「Even now you are wanting to kill me?」

Both of them stared at each other fixedly.

Killing each other or acts of love, one of the two could possibly happen after this. Such atmosphere was flowing between the two.

Before long Aldea opened her mouth.

「The best way to die I can imagine is to be killed by you.」

‘What a troublesome woman’, Gravel complained inside her heart.

「But see, my greatest happiness, is fighting with you, and killing you.」

‘This isn’t the level of being troublesome anymore huh’, Gravel dropped her shoulders inside her heart.

「……You won’t be sad even if I die?」

「It’s obvious that I’ll feel sad. It’s going to be sad, so sad, that I’ll die. Perhaps, after killing you, I think I’ll follow after you right away.」

There was a limit even in being unmanageable.

「……You’re really a troubling woman.」

「That’s right. You know it already right?」

After saying that, the green of madness showed an innocent smile.

Part 3[edit]

By the time the sunset sunk into the horizon, Gravel and Aldea returned back to the student dormitory. It was built a bit further away from the dormitory where the members of Amaterasu lived, but the building’s structure was almost the same.

Aldea wanted to sleep together with her, but Gravel refused because today she had work, and she took her bath not at the large bath but at the bathroom in her room.

She soaked inside the bathtub longer than usual, and she rose from the bath after washing her body attentively. And then, her figure without a single string covering it was reflected on the large mirror at the washstand. She used the bath towel hanging on her shoulder to absorb the water from her hair and body. Gravel observed her own body while doing that.

‘Am I, a bit too……muscled?’

She tried to stroke the area around her stomach with her own hand. Hard muscle proclaimed its existence right under a thin layer of fat. She also felt like her legs were slightly thick. And then at that part too, she could understand the shape of her leg’s muscle quite distinctly just by looking.

When she bent her arm, muscle bulged up solidly.

It wasn’t really a girly body. She thought so when she stared at her body that was reflected on the mirror.

All the members of Amaterasu had feminine and beautiful bodies. Himekawa Hayuru who was currently her classmate was slender, delicate, and looked really feminine. Perhaps because she was the same race as Kizuna, when the two stood side by side, it felt like they were truly the same class of living thing.

Even among the humans of Atlantis, there were females who suited Kizuna. For example, none other than the current emperor of the Vatlantis Empire, Ainess. Her name if in this world was Chidorigafuchi Aine. She, who was thought to be currently imprisoned in the world of a machine god, was truly beautiful. Her body line that was depicted with curves that looked soft to the utmost, and her abundant breasts.

Before she recovered her memory, she belonged to the same team as Kizuna and fought together with him, so their connection was also deep. But Gravel thought that those two were tied together with a bond that was even stronger than that.

There was also the time when Kizuna risked his life to do a one-on-one fight against Aine. It was for the sake of invading Vatlantis, but it could also be said that he did that in order to save Aine.

Gravel also cooperated with him when he was heading towards that battle. She did Connective Hybrid with Kizuna along with Aldea in order to supply the battleships’ energy. Although indirectly, but that act became a help for saving Aine and assisted in the deepening of Kizuna and Aine’s relationship. She also felt complicated about that.

Gravel had done Heart Hybrid with Kizuna several times. However, every single one of it was driven by necessity. And then this time too──,

Gravel took the information terminal that she put on the washstand. In it was the mail she received from Kizuna when she was at the café this afternoon.

──’I want to do reinstall with Gravel.’

Taking out the core temporarily and then installing it into the body once more after Nayuta applied improvements to it. By doing that she could obtain a fighting ability that could possibly oppose the Deus ex Machina.

After Gravel received the mail, she nonchalantly went to the toilet, and there she typed the reply hurriedly. Of course, she agreed to it unhesitatingly. Right after that Nayuta appeared inside the toilet and surprised her by taking out her core in the blink of an eye.

It seemed that performing improvements on the core also exhausted Nayuta considerably, so she couldn’t just do it without giving consideration to whom the improvement would be given to. Gravel was happy that she was chosen as a subject for that precious power up. And above all else, with this she would be able to obtain the strength to fight against the Deus ex Machina. Also, when she thought that she would be able to bring her body together with Kizuna, although that wasn’t her objective, her face grew hot.

Furthermore they wouldn’t just be doing the reinstall pragmatically. She was invited to go play somewhere because it would be a rare holiday that could be used to heal each other’s wounds which they bore from the previous battle against the machine god. The mail told her that he wanted to accompany her for the whole day.

「A date……」

When she unconsciously whispered that, she became embarrassed so much she wanted to writhe. She would rendezvous with Kizuna, and then the two would go shopping and go around an amusement park. When she imagined it, it felt like the inside of her chest would melt.

It was like she would become Kizuna’s lover, standing on the borderline that was just barely like that, that was how she felt. Different from fighting on a battlefield, a unique nervousness and anticipation was ruling over Gravel.

‘However, what should I do?’

She was thoroughly knowledgeable if it was about commanding soldiers on a battlefield or fighting with her gunsword. However, she was a complete amateur regarding the subtlety of romantic love between a man and woman. So to speak she was just a rookie soldier in that field.

Her only precedent was with Aldea, but it went without saying that it wouldn’t become any reference in this case.

In something like this it would be great if she borrowed the romantic novel that Himekawa often read. Even such useless thoughts crossed her mind.

Her reflection in the mirror was making a pathetic face that made even herself feel exasperated. There was not even a shred of the vestige of a soldier anywhere on her face. It was just the face of a woman. But, her trained soldier’s body couldn’t change its impression like her expression.

‘Won’t Kizuna get disappointed with this kind of body?’

Of course, Kizuna had seen Gravel’s naked body in the past, even when they were spending academic life together after Nayuta falsified their memories, the two of them were periodically performing Heart Hybrid together.

However, this time would be different from the normal Heart Hybrid, it could be thought of as a special act.


She let out a sigh and clapped her cheeks lightly with her hands.

For now it was useless even if she felt down from comparing her specs with other people. She only had this body. Rather, she should make use of her good points.

Thinking that, she suddenly noticed.

「What is……my good point?」

She tried lifting up her breasts with both hands.

They were sufficiently soft and also had volume. When she pressed them together like this, she thought that they were quite something. Although they weren’t absurd breasts like queen Landred, but they shouldn’t be that far behind.


Rather than something like that, it was her clothes.

What would be good to wear?

「Good grief……」

She became absorbed in washing her body thoroughly in the bath, but there should be something else she needed to do before that stage. It was like she was looking forward to doing the act with Kizuna that her head was filled with nothing but that. Her cheeks reddened because of such herself.

‘I, I’m, no, there is no such thing. It will be a lie if I say that I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s not like my head is only thinking about that, such thing isn’t true at all. Certainly……I’m thinking that actually I want to do hybrid with Kizuna more. However it’s also because I have the aim to prepare my own condition, at the very least my head isn’t filled with only such thing──,’

While she was making excuses to herself, her thoughts were starting to go around in circles. Like a dog that was chasing after its own tail.

To avert herself from her embarrassment, Gravel wiped her body with her bath towel carelessly and she took a dryer into her hand and started drying her hair. The roar of the dryer diverted her mind somewhat.

When her blonde hair was dried and its sensation turned soft, she put away the drier and headed towards the closet in her bedroom. She opened the door and entered inside the closet. It was a large walk-in closet, but the number of clothes hanging in there were few in contrast to the available space. Gravel was assaulted by a light dismay.

──’Damn it. If only I bought clothes today.’

However she couldn’t let her regret to rule over her. Gravel changed her feeling and opened the drawer that was furnished in the wall. And then she was stricken once more when she saw the underwear lining up inside.

It was strange saying this herself but, there were only underwear without sex appeal there.

She was a sports girl during the time their memory was falsified, perhaps because of that there were only sports bras and panties that looked like training wear lining up there.

She wondered if she had to fight with only this unreliable equipment.

Gravel sighed while choosing several things that were relatively better even among all of them.


There was a set of underwear of different type inside the drawer.

It was the set that Aldea forcefully bought for Gravel. It felt pure and chaste with its white color, but the design used a lot of frills and looked a bit showy. Garter belt and stocking were also included in the set.

「Is this the best option?」

Thinking that she should try wearing it for the time being, she put her legs into the stocking. After she pulled up the stocking until her thigh, next she put the garter belt around her waist and fixed the hook in place. And then she fastened the stocking at the belt. She suddenly looked inside the closet. A surface of the wall was a mirror that could reflect the whole body. The figure of herself that was reflected there made her falter.

「Thi, this is……what the」

It was truly a provocative figure.

Perhaps Kizuna would also be happy with this. Such joy that even resembled self-confidence was welling up. Her mood naturally ascended, she smiled faintly while unfolding the panty and put her legs through it. When she tried wearing it, the surface area of the panty was shockingly narrow. She put her arms through the bra’s shoulder string and fastened the hook on her back. She put her hand through the gap of the bra and fixed the positioning of her breasts, and a valley was formed beautifully.

She stared at the mirror once more.

She looked like a pretty good lady, but she also looked like a skilled prostitute.

She turned away a bit and narrowed her eyes.

‘It’s sexy even if I say so myself’, Gravel became happy. She tried making a variety of poses to confirm how she looked from many angles.

After a survey of a while, she faced forward and stopped her pose. She unconsciously put her hands on her waist and stood imposingly.

「However like this……」

‘Won’t I look horny? Won’t he think that I’m a bit too desperate, or that I’m like a starving beast?

As I thought, using the underwear I usually wore is──,’

She looked at the plain fabric lining up inside her drawer and her shoulders dropped in dejection.

‘It’s no good. My battle strength will be lacking with that.’

For now she decided that next she would choose her outer garment. Gravel switched her mood and stared at the one piece and blouson hanging in her closet.

If her underwear was this, it would be better if the upper wear was something that felt a bit neater.

Like that, Gravel’s night before battle was advancing late.

Part 4[edit]

Gravel came to the meeting place an hour earlier. No, she arrived.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 14.jpg

The place was in front of the station of Ataraxia’s underground train loop line. The station building couldn’t be seen from above ground, but a stylish building was built on the place where the station was underground. It was a commercial building that became one with the station, and a lot of tenants entered inside. Gravel was waiting for Kizuna near the entrance.

She couldn’t really sleep at night.

However, there was no way she could have a date with Kizuna while having shadows under her eyes. Feeling that she had to sleep somehow, she became even more fretful and became even more unable to sleep. She had also spent three hours for picking clothes already. Her sleeping time was in a great pinch.

And then in the morning she also woke up early.

Fortunately no shadow was created under her eyes. After feeling relieved, she polished her body that had been washed thoroughly yesterday in the shower even more.

Thinking further she didn’t have perfume or cosmetics.

With no other way, she polished her lips with a lip balm of thin color that was the only thing she had. It felt like she greatly differed from usual even with just that.

Her clothes was a white dress. It was thin with no sleeves, her appearance was also refreshing, perfectly suiting the current season. And then on her head was a white hat with wide brim. On top of blocking the summer sunlight, the hat also created a slightly reserved impression for her. Unfortunately she didn’t have any accessories, so she wore an arm watch with thin belt as a replacement. The watch was showing that it was just fifteen minutes more until the promised time.

Her heart was beating intensely because of nervousness.

She wanted to meet him quickly, but at the same time she also felt scared for the starting of the date. She was fine when she met him at school, but like this she was nervous meeting him with only the two of them alone. She wished that the meeting time would quickly arrive, but on the other hand she also thought that she wanted time to stop.

Gravel pushed down the brim of the white hat she was wearing and looked up to the blue sky.

There was no more place to escape now that she had come here. She had used up all methods available to her. She had cast the die. The rest would completely depend on her flexibility to adapt in the battlefield and the training that she had piled up day by day.

Her feeling became heavy instead when she persuaded herself like that.

She didn’t do any training for this.

「Eh? You are early.」

Gravel’s heart jumped so hard, to the degree that she thought it might make *DOKKIIIN* sound.

Her heart was ringing with the sound like that of a revved engine.

Kizuna was wearing a white T-shirt and thin blue jacket. He was wearing a denim jean. The clothes had a sense of cleanliness on the whole without any bad taste.

「Ye, yeah, Kizuna yourself……yo, you are ten minutes early! Wh, why are you in such a hurry!?」

‘What are you running off your mouth at’, Gravel made a tsukkomi at herself. Sure enough, Kizuna walked until right in front of Gravel with a smile.

「If you said that, then Gravel yourself is the same.」

「We, well yeah……」

Kizuna stared fixedly at Gravel’s appearance. Even Gravel noticed how his gaze was moving here and there through her body. And then a slight surprise could also be seen from Kizuna’s expression. Gravel’s face felt boiled up in panic at that moment.

「Do-! Do I, look strange!?」

「Uwah! Wha, what is it!?」

「Say it! Where does it look bad!? I’ll fix it right away!」

「No, nothing looks bad at all. Rather, you look, really……great.」

Gravel opened her eyes wide. Kizuna averted his eyes bashfully, however he sent Gravel a peeking gaze.

「It’s surprising that your atmosphere is different than usual but……ah, come to think of it, that time when we went to Izgard’s sea and also when we did Connective Hybrid, your appearance was very cute. That kind of clothes also suited you.」

「I, I see……」

Gravel’s cheeks blushed and she looked down.

「Bu, but……I’m not a person that is that graceful, I’m worried that it won’t really match me though.」

Kizuna smiled brightly as though to blow away Gravel’s anxiety.

「That so? But I think you look good like a young lady in a summer resort. Because I know that Gravel is a cool girl who is active and good at all sports so……how to say it, that, this feels like a surprise attack. Aah, my bad. I cannot say it well but, my point is, it really suits you.」

Gravel linked her fingers together in front of her chest.

──’I’m happy, happy, happy!’

She repeated inside her heart many times.

She almost got teary unconsciously.

「Then, how about we go now?」

Kizuna stared at Gravel while he started walking.

「Ye, yeah.」

Gravel also followed behind a bit late.

「Whe, where are we going, Kizuna?」

「There is a movie theater nearby, so I’m thinking of going there. What do you think? It seems that a movie that was recently dug up from the archive was a big hit when it was published. It’s a work from before the First Another Universe Conflict, but it’s more or less compatible with VR screening.」

「Go, got it. Fine.」

「But, before that how about we eat a bit? There is still time until the reservation time. If you already ate, then let’s drink tea at least.」

「N, no. I haven’t really eaten, but if Kizuna is fine with just tea, then I’m also okay with that!」

「Then, how about going to an Italian restaurant near here?」

「Ye, yeah! I’ll leave it to you.」

Both of them started walking on the large street in front of the station. Gravel was following a bit behind Kizuna.

Gravel was staring longingly at Kizuna’s hand that was swaying in front of her eyes.

──’Should I, try holding hands?

N, no, something like holding hands so suddenly, he might think of me as a woman without manners. Calm down Gravel.’

Kizuna stopped walking and turned around.

「Gravel, what’s wrong?」


「Am I walking too fast?」

「N, no! That’s not true!」

She jogged and stood beside Kizuna.

Kizuna watched attentively at her smiling before he began walking again.

They turned at the corner of the large street and entered a side street that wasn’t divided between sidewalk and roadway. A car ran past Kizuna’s side. Gravel noticed it in surprise and she changed her position with Kizuna.

「Kizuna, this side is dangerous. Get close to the wall.」

Kizuna smiled wryly and gently grasped Gravel’s both shoulders.


A sudden skinship. A shiver of pleasure ran through Gravel’s back just from the touch on her shoulder. She felt it just from Kizuna touching her. As though to confess such secret by her own initiative, a shameful voice leaked out from her mouth mixed with a sigh.

It was unclear whether Kizuna noticed it or not, but he made an amazed face and returned Gravel’s body to her original position.

「Wha, what are you doing Kizuna? Your body is important. You are the vital point for opposing the machine gods you know? If something happens to you, I won’t be able to apologize enough to the others and your elder sis──」

「Let me show off a bit. In this kind of time, the girl is in the side that is being protected.」

Saying that, Kizuna looked bashfully towards Gravel.


Something sweet was spreading inside Gravel’s chest. Something made her feel like she was a small and weak living thing suddenly.

「I see……sorry.」

「You don’t need to apologize though. Well, from Gravel’s viewpoint, perhaps I look unreliable so it’s understandable.」

「That’s not true! Yo, you are, properly……qualified as a knight.」

「Knight huh……what you mean by that, is about the magic knight of Izgard and Vatlantis right? Am I really qualified for that?」

「Yeah. You are a knight that won’t be a shame wherever you joined. This me guarantees that.」

Gravel who said that looked vaguely proud.

「I see. Then, let me protect princess Gravel for today.」

「Hih!? ◯△※●♀◆Princess-!?」

Gravel was bewildered.

「Wha, wha wha wha, what are you saying! So, someone like you is just!」

「Ca, calm down. It’s here.」

「Ki-, Kizuna-! Listen to what I’m saying!」

However Kizuna showed a broad grin and opened the restaurant’s door. And then, he moved back and prompted Gravel to enter first with his hand.


Gravel made a troubled expression, but then she slipped through the door in resignation and vague embarrassment.

Guided by the waitress, the two sat face to face at a table near the window. Both of them glared at the menu, discussed this and that and started ordering. And then they spent their time making small talk until the food came. But, they found new discoveries even during that time. There was a lot of information about Gravel that Kizuna didn’t know, and vice versa.

Gravel was having fun listening to anything no matter how trivial it was if it was about Kizuna. Each time she knew a new aspect about Kizuna, she felt Kizuna closer to her.

Suddenly, Gravel recalled yesterday when she spent time with Aldea in a café.

It felt like something inside herself greatly changed at the time when she was together with Aldea, and at the time when she was together with Kizuna. It was like the type of magic armor she was wearing transformed in reaction against each one. That was Gravel’s interpretation.

It was something strong and ferocious against Aldea. But towards Kizuna, something delicate and beautiful so she could lean close on Kizuna was put on her.

The food came and their talk was halted for the moment, but they soon found a new topic.

They weren’t bored no matter how long they were talking.

Part 5[edit]

Inside the movie theater, there were spherical pods with diameters around five meters lining up. Each one was a seat and a theater. Entering inside it, there was only a sofa for two people at the center. The pod had a system that directly accessed the senses of sight and smell and made the user to experience as though they were inside the movie. It was a movie appreciation method where the audience wasn’t watching the movie but experiencing it, so to speak it was like the ancestor of the Love Room.

The floor was also fluffy, so it was fine to sit in the sofa or lie down on the floor. The pod was reserved, so the audience could spend their time inside it as they pleased.

The content of the movie was a love story between the main character and the heroine. At first the two were strangers, and if pushed to say then their relationship was a hostile one, the two were gradually attracted to the other the more they knew each other, and before long they fell in love. However, various incidents occurred as though to split apart the relationship of the two.

The outline of the story was classic, and if it was said to be a clichéd content then that might be so, but the movie was mysteriously pulling in their attention.

The hearts of the two throbbed seeing the process of the characters growing to like each other, they felt suspense each time an incident that could pull apart the two occurred, and they were cheering inside their heart seeing the two doing their best to overcome the hardship.

And then very beautiful romantic scenes more gorgeous than reality were showing up one after another in the movie.

On the screen, the main character walking on a hill while the sun was setting to search for the heroine was projected. His figure that was captured from afar looked very small inside the screen, seemingly looking lonely. There was nobody other than the main character that was projected. What was in the screen was the city that was starting to turn off its lights, the mountains that were faintly emerging at the far away, and also the beautiful sky with darkness approaching, spreading out like a panorama.

That sight struck the heart of Kizuna and Gravel with its magnificent and vivid tints.

Kizuna unconsciously whispered.

「How beautiful.」

「Yeah……there was no landscape this beautiful on Atlantis. Lemuria is a beautiful world isn’t it?」

「Even Atlantis had Genesis restored. The beautiful sight will come back.」

「You’re right……and for that, we have to defeat the Deus ex Machina no matter what. That’s why, I──」

At that time the screen changed, an image that was closely reflecting the main character was projected. The main character was staring at Kizuna and Gravel with a face that noticed something in surprise. The two of them reflexively looked behind them.

There, they found the heroine’s figure.


The moment Kizuna and Gravel turned their body around, their fingertips touched.

The three-dimensional image of the heroine started running as though to leap out to the real world, the main character was also running towards the heroine and leaped out from the screen.

And then the two reached out their hands, entangled their fingers, and conveyed their feelings, their love to each other.

Gravel thought.

──’Should I, rather say it right now?

There is also a part of me that denies it as something stupid.

Even if for example I do it, I also understand that it’s a hopeless thing.


I love Kizuna.

I love him so much, it’s unbearable.

It’s similar to the love that I feel for Aldea, but it’s different.

I cannot stop or repress that feeling.

But, I can smash it apart.

I think that is suitable for me.


By some chance,

Won’t a miracle like this movie happen?’

The main character and heroine in the movie embraced each other to express all their feelings.

It was a really beautiful image.

Gravel concentrated her consciousness at her pinkie. At the slight surface that touched with Kizuna. The connection between them was nothing more than just that. It was a touch that made her think like that.

In the screen, the main character and the heroine were exchanging a passionate embrace.

That wasn’t her.

Surely that was someone else other than her.

Perhaps, it was Aine.

Surely Kizuna was watching while picturing that inside his heart.

At that time,

Something warm suddenly enveloped Gravel’s hand.


Kizuna’s fingers were gently, but strongly gripping Gravel’s hand. Gravel reflexively looked up at the side of Kizuna’s face and found him looking at the screen with blushing cheeks looking slightly shy.

Gravel stared at Kizuna with moist eyes.

The sun set and completely changed into night sky.


「Sorry, for some reason when watching this movie, how should I say it──」

Perhaps thinking that she was criticizing him for holding her hand, Kizuna let go of Gravel’s hand.

This time as though to chase after that hand, Gravel’s hand was the one that took Kizuna’s hand. And then she leaned on Kizuna’s shoulder and put her head on there.


「……Me too.」

Yes, this was a momentary dream. Same like the movie.

A necessary procedure for the reinstall.

Even if it was something like that, but for her this was a precious moment.

‘I’m not that heroine.’

Even while feeling jealous of the heroine, she was the supporting role that helped the heroine and sent her off towards the main character’s side.



Kizuna was staring at her with a face that looked slightly surprised.

And then he held out a handkerchief to her.


She was crying when she noticed.

「Hu, huh?」

Gravel was surprised that she was flowing out tears and got flustered.

Kizuna slowly wiped up Gravel’s tears.


Gravel accepted that handkerchief and hid her own face.

Kizuna didn’t say anything and embraced Gravel’s shoulder silently.

Part 6[edit]

「Is it really fine here?」

Kizuna looked up at Nayuta Lab and asked in confirmation.

「Yes. It’s fine here.」

Gravel replied without hesitation.

「Because, this is the place where Kizuna spent your childhood right?」

「Well, there is that.」

「Besides, the install of my core was also carried out here.」

Kizuna nodded with a complicated expression.

「Is that so? Then as I thought, it’s fine here.」

The same place with Kizuna.

For Gravel, she could think of that like an act that increased her connection with Kizuna.

Both of them entered inside the lab and walked through a long corridor.

「After the Another Universe Conflict, this place was the front line of research and development.」

Kizuna introduced the facility simply while guiding Gravel. Before long they came to a stop in front of a door and entered inside.

「This is the operation room. Kaa-san installed the core into me here.」


It had a sense of cleanliness, but it was a bleak room. The equipment inside was unexpectedly few. The operation stand shining coldly at the center only felt eerie.

「Kizuna……Aine also had it done here?」

「Eh? Aine?」

Gravel regretted the question that she reflexively spoke out.

「No, Aine already had her core installed when she was discovered. I think her core was installed when she was in Vatlantis.」

「I, I see……」

Gravel’s mouth slightly burst into a smile.

「……But, why do you ask?」

「N, no. Don’t mind it.」

Kizuna made a slightly dubious expression, but he didn’t really ask further.

Saying that as expected doing it here was too much, Kizuna led Gravel to the place where the Love Room was located.

Kizuna entered inside together with Gravel and closed the hatch. And then he activated the environment setting randomly. As the result inside the Love Room was changed into a high class hotel.

「What kind of place is good do you think? We can also change our clothes here.」

「I don’t really……if I’m with Kizuna then anywhere is……」

The environment data that was activated randomly switched every ten seconds. The scenery of sandy beach, downtown, also a mysterious prison, and so on, there were various settings.

The data was switching one after another, but there wasn’t really a clincher to decide. The two were standing absentmindedly inside the world that was changing continuously.


Gravel raised her voice when the scenery changed to a certain sight.

Under her feet was the sensation of soft grass. The light of the city spreading below was like scattered jewels. The ridgeline of the mountain in the distance received the light of the setting sun and shined, and from far above the sky of the setting sun that had vibrant color, the curtain of night was descending. The scenery from above that hill was magnificent, like the movie that they watched today.

The two spontaneously looked at each other’s face.

Kizuna must be thinking the same thing as Gravel.

「As I thought, I think this is it.」

Gravel also nodded in satisfaction.

「Yeah, this is it.」

Like that, the two smiled at each other. And then, without knowing which one of them started it first, the two reached out to each other and entangled their fingers.

Gravel smiled.

「For some reason, it’s like I’m promoted to a heroine.」

Kizuna circled his hand around Gravel’s waist and pulled her body close.

「You are a splendid heroine.」


Gravel closed her eyes and turned her lips up.

「Is it fine?」

「Yes…….I want it.」

Kizuna brought his face closer and softly met their lips. A soft sensation was transmitted. Gravel also proactively pushed her lips forward and enjoyed Kizuna’s sensation. And then a tongue came in from the opened mouth. Tongues were entangled with each other inside the connected mouths.

There was a sweet taste inside Gravel’s mouth. To taste that, Kizuna caressed every corner inside Gravel’s mouth with his tongue.

Gravel’s back and waist trembled as though to express her happiness.

──’Aa, Kizuna……I’m happy.’

Gravel felt something hot between her crotch. As though pushed out by Kizuna’s hard thing that was pressed on her stomach, something that overflowed from inside her overflowed from her underwear and flowed down inside her skirt along her thighs.

Later the panty would surely be taken off. When she thought what kind of state she would be in at that time, Gravel became worried.

However Kizuna had no way of knowing the inside of Gravel’s heart. As though to make her overflow further, he strongly embraced Gravel, pressed Gravel’s breasts on his chest, and both his hands caressed around her trained back and butt. As though to say that he wanted to increase the surface of their body that was glued to each other even for just a bit more.

And then as though to respond to that feeling, Gravel also circled her hands around Kizuna’s neck and kissed him fiercely as though to declare that she was resolved to not let go anymore.

Just how long were they doing this?

When their lips finally separated, saliva that had mixed until it became unrecognizable from whom it came from had formed a bridge between the two. The faces of the two were flushed and turned completely heated. Gravel was also faintly sweating and her blond hair stuck on her forehead.



They both unraveled their arms. Kizuna laid his hand on Gravel’s dress.

The chest buttons were removed by one, and then one more. At that time his finger touched the breast. Just from that, Gravel’s mouth almost raised a gasp.

From the beginning she was a person that easily felt it, but today she became much more sensitive. Gravel was bewildered with the change of her own body. But even during that, Kizuna’s hand didn’t rest and stripped Gravel’s clothes.

The dress slipped from her shoulders and fell on the ground with a soft sound.


A voice leaked out from Kizuna’s mouth.

The white lingerie really stood out on her brown skin. Even though the design was cute with the arrangement of beautiful frills, but it gave the impression of eroticism. And then the garter belt made the obscenity to stand out even more.

Gravel hugged her own body to hide it.

──’This appearance, it is seen.’

She was feeling like running away, and her body twisted and fidgeted.

「Ki, Kizuna……my, body isn’t really womanly. Perhaps you aren’t really happy even if you look at it but」


Kizuna knitted his eyebrows, unable to grasp Gravel’s meaning.

「Not womanly you said, what does that mean?」

「N, no. Just like what the words mean…….because, I have too much muscle, compared to other woman, it’s boorish right?」

Kizuna took Gravel’s arms and opened them to the left and right. The beautiful body wearing sexy lingerie became exposed.

「You look like an athlete with a really tight body but……if you said that this body isn’t womanly, then it makes me want to ask what will be womanly in this world then.」

「N, no that’s, perhaps, it’s because of this underwear. Surely this is leading Kizuna astray──」

Kizuna blocked Gravel’s lips once more.


Stifled sigh leaked out from the gaps of Gravel’s lips. The tips of the tongues of the two were entangled inside the mouths as though in joy of the reunion. When Kizuna’s mouth went away, Gravel’s tongue stretched out in reluctance to the parting.

「Then, we have to confirm whether it’s really because of this underwear or not.」

Saying that, the hand that was embracing Gravel tightly crept on her back. When the hand found the hook of the brassiere, the hook was unfastened really easily.


The breasts that were restrained by the brassier were liberated, they spilled out as though leaping out a step forward. The bra was then left on the ground and Kizuna stared at Gravel’s large breasts that were pointing down.

The tight brown skin that looked like it was filled to bursting reflected the light and emitted lewd radiance. The tips became hard as though to signify Gravel’s excitement, extending out their tips greatly.

「Saying not to touch when something like this is shown in front of the eyes is just torture.」

「Wha, what are……」

Gravel tried to hide her breasts instinctively.


Kizuna called her name as though to lightly chide her.


Gravel lowered both her hands. That was the same like declaring her intention to Kizuna that she wanted him to rub her breasts. The breasts shook *tapun* and were exposed in front of his eyes once more. Kizuna’s hand reached out toward that breast.


She raised a shrill voice and her body bent backward.

Kizuna watched Gravel’s reaction while rubbing her breast slowly.

「Ah, aa……ahn♥ ya……aah」

Coquettish voices leaked out from Gravel lips intermittently.

The tip of the breast that seemed to have become hard enough was getting even bigger and harder. Kizuna stoped a bit and brought his face closer to the breast tip.

「NNAaAAAH! ♥ Ki, Kizunaaa♥」

He licked the tip of the breast, held it inside his mouth, and then when he caressed it by flicking it with the tip of his tongue, Gravel’s body shook. When his mouth let go, he put his tongue on the other breast that was jiggling shiveringly.


Gravel reacted honestly to every single caress and twisted her body. Her blonde hair shook and clung on her sweaty cheeks.

Kizuna caressed the tip of this side’s breast inside his mouth and greatly raised it. And then he went from the valley of the breasts to further below. He crawled his tongue on the tight abdomen that was hiding tough abs.

「Kizunaaa……li-, licking like that……I haven’t showered, sooo-aahn♥」

Kizuna’s tongue pecked at Gravel’s navel.


Ticklishness and shuddering stimulation resounded directly in her internal organs.

Kizuna kneeled on the grass and put his hands on Gravel’s white panty.

「Ah, do, don’t, Kizuna」

Not minding the panicked Gravel, Kizuna pulled down the panty.

「If we don’t take this away, we won’t know if it’s really the fault of the underwear that made Gravel womanly right?」

「Bu, but……that」

Kizuna pulled down the panty until her thighs.

「This is……」

Kizuna was shocked and looked up to Gravel’s face. Gravel became bright red and she averted her face to avoid Kizuna’s gaze.

Honey was welling up from inside Gravel’s crotch and trickled down. It dropped on the panty with string trailing behind. The panty couldn’t absorb it and from there it flowed down to the ground. Looking carefully, the inside of her thighs was soaked and stains were spreading on the stockings.

「Feels like the preparation is all finished huh.」

Kizuna smiled at her. Gravel became increasingly red and her head ducked down.

「Because……it become like this naturally so……」

「Since when it’s like this? Was it since when we saw the movie?」


Gravel directed teary eyes at Kizuna.

「Perhaps……since we met up.」

「I see. That, makes me happy.」

Kizuna sucked at the spring where the honey was welling up.

「!? ♥♥──!!!」

Gravel raised a soundless scream.

Kizuna’s tongue caressed the inside of that valley. His tongue tip was feeling lustrous and outrageously soft texture.

「yaAaAAAAAH! Haah♥ zxcza♥ aa♥! Ah, au, uuUUUNNNN♥♥」

Gravel gasped and shook her hair wildly. That part that had been thoroughly dribbling until now, wishing for stimulation was suddenly touched. A violent pleasure that felt like electricity running in her head attacked Gravel.

「NOOOOOOO! Do, don’t Kizuna! I, I’m getting strangeee」

But it didn’t end there. This time Gravel’s petal was spread with fingertips and the tongue tip traced the shape of the sensitive flower bud.


Strength entered Gravel’s legs and she naturally stood on her tiptoes.


Pleasure hit and shook her whole body along with a shriek. Hot liquid flowed down from inside Gravel’s body. And then she crumbled, her knees folded and she sat down on the spot.

Gravel was going to collapse then. Kizuna embraced such Gravel and caressed her forehead.

「Haah, hah, aah, Ki, Kizu……na」

Inside her hazy consciousness, Gravel was locking eyes with Kizuna.

「Gravel. The judgment result has come out.」


「You looking womanly isn’t because of the underwear.」

「Re, really……? But, doesn’t it……feel bad, hugging me?」

Kizuna gently admonished Gravel who was still anxious even then.

「Even though your body is this soft and supple?」

Gravel finally smiled in relief.

「……I’m glad♥」

Kizuna made Gravel to sit down alone, then he stood up and took off his jacket. He took off his T-shirt and jeans, and then when he only had a single underwear left, Gravel reached out her hand.

「I’ll help……」

She said that shyly and put her hands on Kizuna’s underpants. To avoid the underpants from getting stuck, she pulled at the front while lowering it down and the cause that might cause the underpants to get stuck flew out like a toy with spring mechanism.


Gravel gulped audibly seeing that shape.

Something that didn’t exist in her. Aldea also didn’t have it. Not just that, it couldn’t be found anywhere in Atlantis. Perhaps it was because of that. She felt that it was really manly and lovely. Just looking at it made the inside of her stomach felt like making *kyun kyun* sound.

Kizuna picked up the core from the inside of his jacket. That was something that once was inside Gravel’s chest and plucked out by Nayuta yesterday. However that core that was improved by Nayuta’s hand had changed shape into the same shape like Kizuna’s thing that was reflected in her eyes.

「The preparation is finished already…..」

However Gravel brought her face close to the thing that was towering in front of her eyes. The skin of her face felt Kizuna’s heat.

「……Kizuna, is it okay?」

Gravel whispered passionately. Kizuna softly caressed her blond hair. With that as the signal, Gravel’s lips kissed the tip of Kizuna.


This time it was Kizuna’s turn to writhe. Gravel stretched out her tongue and licked the pole that became big and thick without sparing any spot. Her tongue crawled especially thoroughly at the narrow part and back part. When the whole part became shiny from Gravel’s saliva, next she granted him stimulation by biting with her lips.

Gravel peeked at Kizuna’s state with an upward gaze. Seeing his face that was feeling good, she smiled in satisfaction and this time she swallowed Kizuna’s thing.

「Gra, Gravel-」

Kizuna put his hand on Gravel’s head softly. She didn’t know whether he meant to ask her for more or to hold her back. However the one thing Gravel was sure about was that she couldn’t stop her impulse. Her feeling that wanted to make Kizuna happy, and the desire inside herself formed a complete whole. Gravel was driven by her desires.

──’Aaa ♥ Kizuna……delicious’

For the Gravel right now, Kizuna’s smell, and also the secretion from there, everything tasted sweet for her. She filled her mouth fully that her cheeks were stuffed, then she moved her face back and forth. She didn’t ease up even inside her mouth, her tongue entwined at Kizuna’s thing.

「Gravel──this is bad」

Kizuna asked for help like that, but she didn’t listen. No, she couldn’t stop. Gravel sucked even more intensely as though to seek for the last proof.


Strength filled Kizuna’s legs and he pushed his waist forward. And then, something hot flowed into the inside of Gravel’s throat. Without hesitation, Gravel drank it down. Kizuna’s thing convulsed twitchingly for a long while and continued to pour into Gravel. Even when the force of the flow settled before long, the thing was still continuing to convulse. Gravel was tasting the pulsation inside her mouth while slowly pulling out.

That thing that showed up from inside her mouth was connected with a string toward Gravel’s lips as though it was still reluctant to leave. It was warmed, turning so hot it felt like it would let out steam.

「Gravel……my bad」

What Kizuna let out was still collecting inside her mouth. Gravel drank it down with a gulp as though in response to him.

The liquid moved from Gravel’s throat into her body, radiating heat as it moved down. Inside her stomach, it felt like it was enflaming Gravel even more. The spring of love that was flowing out from some time ago as though to express Gravel’s joy was increasing further in the amount it secreted.

Gravel got on all fours and turned her butt towards Kizuna.

「I cannot, endure anymore……Kizuna, please.」

She shook her waist while looking back at Kizuna.

That face wasn’t that of the hero of Izgard, and also wasn’t that of Ataraxia academy’s superstar. It was the face of a female.

Stared at by that expression, far from withering in momentum, Kizuna’s thing was filled to the brim with strength that was even more powerful instead.

Gravel smiled happily, reached her hand toward her own butt, and spread open the secret valley below it.

That part was deeply congested with pink color, and glittered bright with honey that overflowed from inside.

There was no way both sides could endure.

Kizuna kneeled behind Gravel. And then he put his hands on her butt and opened Gravel’s valley. He touched the tip of the core at the drooling lips that were waiting for him.

「Nn♥ ah!!」

Electricity ran through gravel’s whole body just from that.

「Here I go, Gravel.」

With reddening cheeks, and rough breathing from excitement and pleasure, Gravel responded.


Kizuna slowly slipped in the core into Gravel’s female part.

「♥ -!? Ku……h!!♥♥♥」

Gravel’s back twitched up. It was a feeling of a pillar of pleasure slipping into her body. The core was twisted inside as though spreading out the tight interior. Tremendous wave of pleasure visited her with each centimeter of its advance. However, that happened to not only Gravel. Kizuna was also the same. He gritted his teeth and endured the pleasure.

After enduring the first pleasure that was like a tsunami, he would be able compose himself after that. Until then he had to protect the wall of his limit desperately.

「Gravel……don’t, tighten, that much」

「E-, even if, you-……to, told me that-♥」

Gravel had no such leeway with her desperately enduring the pleasure. But, when she thought that her part there was giving Kizuna pleasure that made him raised his voice, happiness was overflowing from inside her chest and she thought proudly of her body.

Gravel’s back was bending backward following the advance to her inside. By the time she was greatly arching her back, the core arrived at the deepest part of Gravel. Kizuna’s own tip was also feeling the same sensation that the core felt. Feeling that it was impossible to move deeper than this, he felt like he was softly stopped.

「Wait a bit……just like this」


Kizuna and Gravel kept their current posture and waited until the waves of pleasure settled down. Kizuna let out a long sigh and showed that he had somehow calmed down. However it seemed that Gravel was still being toyed in the sea of pleasure. Her back twitched in convulsion periodically as though she was electrically shocked, and at the same timing she would tighten hard at Kizuna.

If they stayed still like this, it felt like they would gradually get cornered into the conclusion as though getting constricted by silk floss.

「Let’s start soon, Gravel.」

「Eh!? Wait, I’m still──」

Kizuna slowly pulled until near the entrance, and then forcefully thrust in.


Sreaming voice rose from Gravel’s mouth.

Not minding that, Kizuna repeated his pull and push.

「Hih! Hi♥ Ah♥ Aah!♥」

She welcomed a climax with each thrust.

When the core was pushed in, honey would overflow from the gap with Gravel as though it was squeezed out. As though corresponding with that, light particles would be produced from Gravel’s body.

The light particles became one with the light that floated from Kizuna’s body, granting power to the core sinking into Gravel’s body.

「Ki, Kizuna-, Kizunaaa」

Gravel suddenly weeped. Kizuna stopped moving in panic.

「What’s wrong?」

「I want to see……Kizuna’s face.」

She pleaded like that while crying. Kizuna answered ‘got it’, and he caressed Gravel’s head gently. And then with the core still buried deeply, he rolled over Gravel’s body. He hung over Gravel who was facing up and their eyes locked with each other from really close.


Gravel lifted up her head and stole Kizuna’s lips. Kizuna responded to that and hugged Gravel’s body while kept kissing. And then he once more pulled out the core until midway, and then thrust it inside.

Gravel’s lips let go along with a gasping voice.

「Aa♥ Kizuna……」

Gravel joyfully flowed out her tears and her hands crawled on Kizuna’s back.

「Do you like it like this, Gravel?」

「Ye, yes-♥……I like it-」


「I love it-!♥」

Heart shaped light emerged in Gravel’s eyes.

The core was thrust inside her with the force to wrench open the entrance inside.

「♥♥♥ -AaAAAa♥ AAAaaaAA♥♥ aaaA♥ AAA♥ AA♥ A♥ A!!」

At that moment, magic power’s radiance exploded.

Gravel met a climax that was the greatest from everything until now. Her face melted, drool trickled, her whole body stiffened, and she drifted in a void of joy.

She couldn’t think of anything. It was a sensation like spitting out everything and then everything returning back inside herself. And then something spurted out from Kizuna himself was pouring into Gravel’s body. Kizuna’s ardent love was like a sweet enrapturing rain that fell all over her body.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 15.jpg

Inside the Love Room was filled with radiance that overflowed from the two. The core was vanishing inside, as though it was being absorbed inside Gravel’s body.

Gravel once again felt Zoros returning inside her womb.

The two who used up all their energy and willpower laid down on the soft grass that felt like futon. Kizuna stretched out his arm and prompted Gravel. Gravel put her head on that arm and snuggled on Kizuna’s body.

Gravel crawled her fingers on her chest where the core of Zoros seemed to be at. The trace of Kizuna’s pleasure was remaining on her body. White color was really standing out on her brown skin.

She was happy.

She shouldn’t even wish for something more than this.

She wasn’t a princess.

What a knight that was going to meet the princess wished for, was nothing more but a sword.

But, if Kizuna wished for it,

Then she would happily take up that role.

Because she had received a prize that was beyond herself by this much.

Like that, the two fell asleep before they knew it.


This is Kuji Masamune! Eros!

The extra story volume, just like the advance notice, what do you readers think about it? It’s a content that is nearly a self parody that cannot really be put in the main story (lol) but thanks to that, I had fun writing it!

In the first place the impetus that made me think of doing an extra story volume was last year when I was invited to the autograph meeting in Taiwan. When I talked with the editor of Sentan Publication that published Masou in Taiwan, they inquired about 「I want to try reading more about scenes of ordinary days」「What do the heroines normally talk about between themselves」, I then thought, I see, and that’s the beginning of this.

Certainly, I focused on quick development in the story of Masou Gakuen, so the story isn’t strongly concerned with the weaving of the tale and everything was pruned.

For example I mostly didn’t touch about the daily life and academy life of Kizuna and co. The ordinary conversations and dates with each heroine, various battle training, athletic festivals and school festival events that is characteristic of schools, stories that depicted Ataraxia’s facilities and construction in more detail, also stories of going through Megafloat Japan on field trips, I actually thought about them, but it’s hard to insert them into the main story so I abandoned them.

Other than those, I also tried a story with the appearance of a special magic weapon where Professor Nayuta is involved with the development, and how it get repelled back, the encounter with another country’s megafloat, I want to introduce Heart Hybrid Gear with abundant variations that reflected the nation’s identity! Was what I also thought of.

I wanted to write those kinds of stories, but writing a story that I couldn’t include in is also doesn’t seem interesting huh, I thought. I begged 「I want to try doing short story collection!」 and this volume 11 is the realization. The result of choosing several from the many list of what I want to do is this time’s volume 11. I think that this won’t be a mere self-satisfaction for me (lol), but I think that surely all of your readers will also enjoy it!!

Hyakurath is a favorite, so I wonder if there won’t be a chance to make her stand out……when I was aiming for that, this good chance came. I’m thinking of having her saying 「Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath」 with her all! I also feel like trying to depict a bit more of her swaying in her relationship with Mercuria.

It’s just a few pages, but there is a scene that showed the face of Landred-san’s casual ordinary day. I fell that this kind of casual and pointless moment of life is really important. Perhaps it’s good exactly because it’s Landred.

As for the hot springs trip, I wanted to write a lax and funny story that it became a story like that. Why are you getting that passionate at such a silly game!? If you readers can make that tsukkomi while reading then it will make me happy. I feel it’s joyful to be able to find the growth of the heroines in the middle of such stupid commotion.

What do you think about the little sister pretend of Grace? Kizuna has a big sister but no little sister. A relationship of big brother and little sister that was impossible until now! And so like that, the mood was changed from usual, something like this is……I believe you all can receive it like that.

About the onee-chan shotacon you see, Gaia whispered to me. It was the most fantasy like, or rather the cause of that situation was like that so, the content became the most out there. Both the situation and also the play are impossible in the main story! It’s something like that, so please enjoy it to your fill by any means!

Not writing the reinstall scene with Gravel also weighed on my heart, so continuing after Zelcyone in volume 9, I’m glad that I could publish this as the special short story. It will make me happy if you readers can also perceive the various fluctuations of her heart and so on.

The beginning scene, it was based on the SS that I wrote for the special content for the specialist shop before this. I was really pleased with it, so I wanted to rewrite it and use it as the beginning scene by any means. If I was careless, just the beginning would monopolize few dozen pages and became a short story, that was dangerous. (lol)

And so the relaxation was also over and next is finally the rush into the climax of machine god arc! What will happen with the conclusion with Odin and so on!? And then what is the secret of Thanatos who caused Nayuta to say that 「Defeating her is impossible」?

And then……is there still more!? A new Hybrid!

I want to write it with my whole energy and spirit! Wait for it for a while!

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Somehow, since the broadcast of the anime version of Masou, it in a sense became the standard, or the benchmark of eroticness, it feels like it became that kind of existence (lol). On the internet too, I often happen to catch sight of opinions that say 「Is it more ero than Masou or not」 about new shows!

Also, this isn’t a topic about Masou, but 『Extas Online』 volume 3 is launched at the same time with this volume 11! This time is the climax for the opening arc, so there are consecutive developments that are really fired up!

Demon king Helshaft whose castle, subordinates and country were stolen and became alone. Even so the lone demon king fought the challenge in order to protect his important person! In the end will a miracle occur!?

I think if it’s Masou’s readers, then there will be a lot of them that are reading Extas, but those who haven’t please try to read it by all means! Its content has become unconventional when compared to other works. It’s also different from VRMMO of internet light novel, and I think it’s turning into an interesting story that cannot be found anywhere else, so please kindly take care of it by all means!

As for my recent activity, I’ll be returning back by the time this book comes out but, I’m going to France! The city of flower Paris! I want to try to go once to the city that is loved by many artists and authors and driven into their work! And then, I’m thinking of going to regions or historical sites that resemble a fantasy world and collect data! However, looks like I’ll get stuck with work even there, that’s my hunch. But, that too might be fun in its own way!

Well then about thanks. The illustration this time is also wonderful! It’s the best! Hisasi-san! And then mecha designer Kurogin-san. Sneaker editorial department’s editor in charge O-san. And then, all the readers who always give your support. Really, thank you very much!

Please treat 『Masou Gakuen HxH』 and 『Extas Online』 well from here on too eros!

Electronic Special SS : Time of Seaside School[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Yosh……something like this I guess.」

Hida Kizuna nodded in satisfaction towards the tent he raised on a sandy beach.

A sandy beach in summer felt like it would be a rigorous place that was too hot, but fortunately in this island if one just avoided the sunlight, the humidity was low and the wind was refreshing. Besides when push came to shove, the portable air conditioner developed by the research department would make the inside of the tent comfortable.


Yurishia was waving her hand with a smiling face at the water’s edge. Her blonde hair and the water drops sticking on her body were glittering from the sunlight. She was wearing a micro bikini with exposure rate that was just barely within the limit. The small quantity of fabric was desperately holding back Yurishia’s body that looked filled to the bursting. Seeing her figure, he came to think that she might become the top in America even if she became a gravure idol. The sparkling sea too was like a background effect to emphasise Yurishia’s beauty.

「Quickly come here─. Everyone has already arrived-!」

Amaterasu, Masters, Vatlantis, Izgard, all the teams were frolicking in the waves.

Masters were shooting each other with water guns. Zelcyone and Aldea were lying down elegantly on the beach bed put under the shadows created by a parasol. Sylvia and Ragrus splashed water at each other merrily. Gravel, Grace and the Quartum amused themselves with beach volley. Moreover other like Himekawa and Hyakurath who were patrolling so that no one would cut loose too much, everyone was wearing their favorite swimsuit and enjoying themselves as they pleased.

「They are really easygoing aren’t they?」


Aine in a swimsuit came out from the neighboring tent. Her violet bikini had high exposure rate, and its refined design made him thought that it was underwear for a moment. Kizuna was startled from seeing Aine’s swimsuit figure for the first time since they arrived on this island.

「We, well, isn’t it understandable? Although it’s a small island, but it has been a long time since we came up on land.」

It was one week ago when Ataraxia academy that was sailing continuously all this time discovered an island after so long. Since the Another Universe Conflict, finding land became difficult. They were in a situation where the world map of before wasn’t useful at all. It still wasn’t clear what happened, but Nayuta Lab was still in the middle of investigating it without break.

And this island was discovered in such a situation. A thorough investigation using drones and so on was done for a week, and finally on-land investigation was started by all teams that possessed magic armors.

The safety confirmation had been done, so this investigation doubled as a holiday for the magic armor teams that were fighting magic weapons daily.

「For the moment we have finished all on the investigation schedule right? We won’t be punished even if we use the remaining two days for playing. Fortunately, there is also no AU collision prediction for the few days in the future.」

「You have a point……ah, come to think of it」

「What’s up?」

「There is only one place remaining that hasn’t been investigated……what to do?」

Aine waited for Kizuna’s reply with a gaze that was filled with expectation.

「Then, let’s take care of it first. I’ll also go with you.」

Aine’s face turned into a smile like a blooming flower.

「I, is that so? Can’t be helped then.」

「Ah! Where are the two of you going─!?」

Leaving behind Yurishia’s yell, Kizuna and Aine went away from the sandy beach and ran towards the center of the island.

Part 2[edit]

The trees that were sparsely growing were gradually increasing, by the time they arrived at the center it had completely become a deep forest. Branches and leaves were growing thickly above their head, obstructing the sunlight. The space there wasn’t afternoon or night, but a mysterious space.

「This is……」

Inside the dimness, a bluish white light was blanketing the space.

It was flowers.

The flowers resembled a lily, however they were a white flower he had never seen before.

Their petals were faintly emitting bluish white light.

「This is……the remaining investigation?」

「Yes. I want to see it together with Kizuna……」

「Is that so……eh?」

Kizuna sent her a questioning gaze.


In a panicked state, Aine crouched down and start plucking flowers.

「Rather than that, quickly collect the sample!」

Aine’s fingers snapped off the base of that flower’s stalk. At that moment, the light of the petals became faintly stronger.

「Nn……this aroma?」

A choking sweet aroma tickled Kizuna’s nasal cavity.

──’Did I only not notice it until now?’

Aine made a bouquet of flowers and held it on her chest.

「This is a nice smell……though I didn’t notice it until just now.」

Aine brought her face close to the bouquet and breathed in that aroma.


Aine’s body suddenly staggered.


Kizuna immediately reached out his hand and caught Aine’s body.

「Tha, thank yo……it’s nothing. I’m only staggering a bit.」

Kizuna felt uneasy, but Aine was persistent that she was all right. Kizuna gathered the scattered flower before returning to the beach while constantly being watchful so he could support Aine any time.

「Aa, captaiiin! Where have you gone desu?」

Sylvia dashed on the beach towards him.

「My bad. There is a plant that we forgot to collect for a bit……」

「Is it the flower bouquet that captain is holding desu? It’s giving off a really nice smell desu.」

Kizuna pulled out a flower from the bouquet and fixed it in Sylvia’s hair.

「Tha……thank you very much desu.」

Sylvia’s cheeks puffed red and her eyes narrowed bashfully.


Aine bluntly puffed up her cheeks and she grabbed away the bouquet from Kizuna’s hand.

「I’ll take this to the tent. Thanks for coming along with me okay!」

She said that with angry yell, and with a back that spoke how angry she was, Aine walked towards the tent for storing the collected sample.

Sylvia tilted her head in wonder.

「Did something happen desu?」

「No……it’s fine if she is that energetic.」


Kizuna led Sylvia who still looked puzzled and also headed towards the sea where everyone was waiting.

Part 3[edit]

And then the camp fire and recreation that was managed by Masters ended and everyone retired to their respective tents and entered the bath in turn. At this kind of time the mobile style temporary special bath type 2 was useful. Kizuna was also waiting for his turn inside his tent.

──’I never even dreamed that I would use that as a normal bath though.’

At that time, there was a concealed voice calling from outside the tent.

「Captain? This is Sylvia desu.」

「Hm? Is it my turn?」

Sylvia smoothly entered inside the tent and closed the fastener of the entrance.

「There is a lot of people lying in wait inside the bath for captain desu.」

‘So it’s as I thought’, Kizuna frowned inside his heart.

「Thank you for telling me. Then, perhaps I should pass for today, rather returning to Ataraxia──eh, Sylvia!?」

Sylvia slipped the casual dress she was wearing from her shoulders down to the floor. From within, Sylvia’s naked body that wasn’t wearing underwear appeared.

「That’s why……before that, Sylvia will attack captain desu.」

Sylvia’s face looked like the time when Heart Hybrid succeeded. There was nothing inside her head except about Climax Hybrid, that kind of state. Even her eyes were already showing the heart shaped light emerging.

「Oi, wait. Ouh!?」

Sylvia hugged at the waist of Kizuna who was sitting down. And then her small hand crawled between Kizuna’s crotch.

「Sylvia……feels strange for some reason, since the sunset desu. But, there is nothing Sylvia can do about it desu.」

Her hand knew when to stop and pulled down Kizuna’s short pants. Kizuna held on to his short pants in panic.

「Oi, calm down! Just what are you doing?」

「Even Sylvia herself cannot believe that she is doing something like this desu……」

「Kizuna, do you have a bit of time?」

Aine’s voice came from outside.

──’What a really bad timing!’

「Right now I’m in the middle of something, can you postpone a bit──」

「I’m coming in.」

The entrance’s fastener was opened.

「I told you to wait already!」

He wasted no time to use a towel blanket to hide his lower body and Sylvia. The moment his hands let god of his short pants, Sylvia succeeded in pulling out Kizuna’s thing.

And then under the towel blanket, there was the sensation of Kizuna’s thing being enveloped by something hot.

──’Sy, Sylvia!? Even though I haven’t washed yet!’

「Kizuna, I have something to talk about……」

Aine who entered inside the tent didn’t even notice Kizuna’s lower body that was unnaturally bulging up. She sat down beside Kizuna and brought her face so close their nose tips almost touched.

──’Don’t tell me Aine is also in the same state like Sylvia?’

「My body feel itchiness that I cannot do anything about. Please Kizuna……do something」

──’Just what in the world is with this situation!?’

But if Aine didn’t notice Sylvia, then he should rather just like this…….

「AaAaNNNH♥ There, amazing-. It’s really, amazing, Kizuna♥」

When Kizuna started rubbing Aine’s breast, Aine returned a reaction that made him think if she was actually feeling it twice more than usual.

「Aa, it feels so good……hey, do it more♥ Even Kizuna want to do it right?」

「Ye, yeah……tsu-!」

Just as he thought, Aine was proactive just like when she was in the lewd state. But what was scary for Kizuna was that each time Aine repeated her sweet whisper, under the towel blanket Sylvia playfully bit at Kizuna’s thing.

──’Aargh! I’ll just go into total offense instead!’

「Aaahn, Kizuna-! Tha, that’s intense-♥ NNAAAAAHYaAAA♥」

Kizuna incessantly attacked Aine’s back, side, and furthermore even her most sensitive part without mercy. Sylvia also persistently continued her service to Kizuna’s thing intensely. It felt like the more intense Aine’s voice became, the more intense Sylvia’s service became.



Aine and under the towel blanket Sylvia, and then Kizuna, all convulsed at the same time.

Part 4[edit]

Kizuna who unintentionally carried out Connective Hybrid left the tent leaving behind the two who lost consciousness.

It was strange no matter what.

Just what in the world happened to those two?

「──Could it be?」

The happening today where the two had commonness was──,

「The flower that Aine collected.」

He didn’t know if that was really the cause or not, but first he should suspect it.

──’I’ll confirm at the tent for the collected sample, then I’ll warn everyone. Also I have to contact Nayuta Lab too.’


A voice suddenly called at him from behind.

「! Wait, isn’t this Hyakurath?」

The class representative Hyakurath was smiling sweetly at him.

「I want you to come with me a bit, there is something important I have to talk with you about.」

「I also have something important to say. Regarding the flowers that were collected today──」

Hyakurath’s eyes narrowed even further.

「Yes, I also want to talk about that. Won’t you come until my tent?」

Kizuna thought that it might be better to take measures quickly, but the honor student Hyakurath was saying that. Kizuna obeyed what Hyakurath said.


A stark naked Mercuria was waiting inside Hyakurath’s tent. Her body that was slender compared to Hyakurath was already slightly blushing pink and sweaty.

「Since a while ago the two of us……err, were testing various things but, as expected it’s difficult without borrowing Hida-kun’s help.」


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Mercuria. I brought Hida-kun here. Watch the Heart Hybrid of Hida-kun and me properly from there okay?」

Kizuna’s spine shuddered seeing Hyakurath gently talking like that.

On the other hand tears were emerging on Mercuria’s eyes and she directed a hateful expression towards Kizuna.

「This is not a place you can come to! Go back!」

But Hyakurath ignored Mercuria and smiled at Kizuna.

「Some time ago, we did Mer’s first Heart Hybrid with the three of us right?」

「Yeah……because Mercuria said that she doesn’t want to do it alone, the three of us……」

Hyakurath smiled in amusement.

「Since then, looks like it became a habit for this troubling Mer……it looks like she is excited when looking at me doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna-kun.」

Hyakurath’s eyelids that were narrowed from her smile opened up slowly.

There a light shining in heart shape was emerging.

「Wro, wrong……su, such thing, I, rather than that, you two are too close! Get away from Hyakurath, Hida Kizuna!」

Hyakurath whispered into his ear.

「She is fine. Please try hugging me.」

He didn’t believe that Mercuria was really fine, but Kizuna followed what Hyakurath said and circled his arms around Hyakurath’s waist and pulled her close.



──’No, even if you said 「Right?」 with that kind of cute smile. It only sounds like your best friend is raising a sorrowful scream……hm?’

The tip of Mercuria’s breast was really pointing up. It was even bigger then inside Kizuna’s memories, when he saw it at the time when they were doing Heart Hybrid last time. What’s more she was rubbing her thighs together, twisting her supple body, her whole body revealing her feeling of desire.

「Don’t tell me……the two of you are also, with that flower?」

When Kizuna asked that, Hyakurath smiled sweetly and her gaze moved towards the corner of the tent.

Two flowers with bluish white shine fell down there.

Part 5[edit]

When Kizuna came out from the tent of Hyakurath and Mercuria, he let out a large sigh.

「……Finally it’s finished.」

He tried to run, but as expected from Hyakurath and Mercuria. In the end they made Kizuna accompany them until the two were satisfied. First was Kizuna and Hyakurath. And then it was Kizuna with Mercuria whose jealousy and excitement had reached the peak. And then at the end the three did Connective Hybrid cordially. Right now the two were sleeping while hugging each other.

「……Well, it’s fine though.」

It was the minimum salvation that he was able to bring it to an end while his stamina still remained.

「I still haven’t solved a single thing huh……」


Suddenly a voice called at him, which shocked Kizuna so much it felt like his heart would leap out.

「Aa……Hayuru huh. Don’t startle me like that.」

「My, what’s the matter? There is nothing that surprising right?」

「If you say that then that’s true but……no! Rather than that, it’s a big trouble, the flowers that we collected in the afternoon you see, it seems that it has a terrifying effect──」

Himekawa pushed out both her hands in front of Kizuna to pacify him down.

「Yes yes. You are saying that if someone smelled that flower’s aroma, they will have obscene feelings right?」

「Eh……yes! That’s right! But Hyakurath and Mercuria were carrying flowers. We have to confirm whether the flowers in the collected sample tent is safe, then we got to warn everyone not to get near the flowers!」

Himekawa shrugged her shoulders in exasperation.

「Good grief……I know that much already. I don’t know what Kizuna-kun has been doing until now, but it’s already resolved! All the flowers have been retrieved.」

Kizuna was taken aback.

Thinking back, although he was hurrying, but he was only pressed to deal with what was happening in place by place and he was unable to do anything that would move to the resolution of the problem.

「As expected from Hayuru. I’m sorry.」

「Well, it’s fine though? After all you must be having a nice time with someone somewhere anyway!」

Himekawa turned her face away from Kizuna irritably. Kizuna was apologizing repeatedly to Himekawa while praising her.

「It can’t be helped if you are speaking that far……at the very least I’ll ask you to confirm the retrieved flowers.」

Kizuna answered of course and followed behind Himekawa.

After walking for a while, there was something like a large container standing in front of them.

「Mobile style temporary special bath type 2……」

「Yes. With the machinery in it, this thing has the highest airtight property here. Besides it also has the air purifier function, so it’s judged that the effect of the flower can be suppressed.」

Now that he heard that, that was indeed correct.

「It looks like Kizuna-kun can keep calm even after smelling that flower’s aroma so……can I ask you to confirm inside just in case?」

「Yeah. Got it.」

Himekawa operated the console beside the entrance and opened the door.

However, the inside was pitch black.

「I cannot really see……」

「Perhaps the flower’s effect vanish and they aren’t giving off luminescence now. Can you peek inside a bit? I want you to operate the console at the inside.」

「Got it.」

Kizuna entered inside the mobile style temporary special bath type 2 and his hand reached out to the wall at his right hand side. There should be a console there.


What his fingertip touched was something soft, warm, and elastic. As far as Kizuna knew, the closest thing to this was a woman breast.

「Who, who is it?」

At that time the door closed along with a loud metallic sound.

「Kizuna-kun is really no good you know? You were going alone with Aine-san to pluck flowers, then given service by Sylvia-chan.」

The surrounding darkness turned bright.

「This is……mobile style temporary special bath type 2’s image projection……function.」

It was a function to display image in the air with the same principle like floating window. With the transparency rate turned to 0, it displayed black screen that looked like black wall.

The wall vanished as though the dark curtain was raised. At the other side of it was a large steaming bathtub. Several bluish white flowers were floating in the hot water. And then, all the members who were participating in the seaside school were standing there without even a single string covering them.

Yurishia, then also Scarlet and the rest of Masters, and even Grace, Quartum, and then Zelcyone were inside.


When he turned around, Hayuru had also taken off her clothes and turned naked.

「Aine-san boasted about it, and Sylvia-chan also said that the flower has a nice smell, obviously we will get curious. Everyone went to take a look at that place.」

──’Don’t tell me.’

Not just in the bathtub, bluish white shining flowers were placed everywhere. And then all the girls were holding one flower each in front of their chest.

That bluish white light ominously, and then mystically illuminated the bodies of everyone.

「Kizuna-kun. Please satisfy everyone okay♡」

Everyone other than Kizuna smiled in ecstasy.

And then two days later.

Starting with Kei who was suspicious that there was no contact, all the members of the investigation team were safely rescued. The confirmation of the fact was going difficultly also with how the consciousness of everyone was cloudy.

Kizuna whose exhaustion was the most intense was hospitalized for three days after that.


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Next Mission!

Masou Gakuen HxH 12

Hyakurath : Finally even me……. Aaa, Mercuria!

Himekawa : Mumu. A new rival at this point!

Reiri : You all, next time will be the decisive battle okay?


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