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These are the novel illustrations that are included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 10


The blue sky above Ataraxia was cracking and tearing off.

The sky broke and what appeared was an existence that surpassed human knowledge.

It was too beautiful to be called a weapon. It was too sublime to be called a work of art.

It was a form that was like a sanctuary adorned with beautiful decorations.

The one who lived under that sanctuary was a peerless beauty with a gaze filled with sorrow.

Hyakurath’s voice turned shrill while she was staring at that figure projected on the screen of the command room.

「Machine god……Thanatos.」

Beside her, Mercuria was also stiffening with a similar shocked expression.

「Why, is she here……don’t tell me, Grace-sama and the others are――」

Hyakurath’s body twitched up when she imagined what she was going to say next.

The Leon squad captain of the Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guards, Hyakurath. This girl who was currently serving as the class representative of the second year first group of Ataraxia high school department was the so called temporary commander who was entrusted with this Ataraxia at present where the top brass that were Reiri, Grace, and Zelcyone were absent.

Having said that, Nayuta’s camouflage on this Ataraxia was perfect, the possibility of this place being discovered by the enemy was endlessly low. If pushed to say, her main duty was to manage and monitor so that the students wouldn’t be anxious and no problems would happen.

That was why she didn’t assume a case where they were attacked by an external enemy, to say nothing of something like the machine god Thanatos marching in, she had never even imagined it could happen. If asked what Hyakurath had inside her head, it would be thoughts about the school internal technical gear tournament and the ball game tournament that was schedule for next month. Also, there were things like mock social studies field trip using the Love Room’s technology.

All of those were measures so that the left behind students wouldn’t feel anxious and could pass their time cheerfully.

「Yet……why, something like that, appeared here……」

Tears were emerging on Hyakurath’s eyes. Her lips that were trembling with fear stuttered the words she whispered.

When Mercuria stared at that growing pale face from the side, inside her heart her feeling that was thinking of Hyakurath became stronger than the shock of Thanatos’s appearance. She was also recovering her calmness along with that.


Her hand that unconsciously reached out to embrace Hyakurath stopped in the middle. Mercuria clenched her fist tightly and then spoke with a voice as flat as possible.

「Hyakurath, give your instructions. Everyone is feeling troubled, they don’t understand what they should do.」

「Even I don’t understand anything here!」

Hyakurath reflexively yelled. Tears were spilling out all at once from her eyes that were glaring at her best friend.

「Why do difficult problems always get pushed onto me!? It should be fine even if the world was not that malicious to me! Then, you do it Mercuria!」

Mercuria’s face became clouded. She understood Hyakurath’s feelings so well, it felt painful.

「It’s impossible for me. But Hyakurath, you are someone that can do it if you try.」

「Don’t say something so convenient! Something like a machine god, that’s not an opponent that we can beat you know? I don’t know how to deal with them, if my instruction is mistaken and everyone dies……when I think that, my body trembles……I cannot, I cannot do anything!」

The blonde hair that she tied up shook to the left and the right. Each time her tears were falling down.

「Right now you are the leader. The user of Vatlantis’s sword, sword saint Hyakurath.」

Hyakurath bit her lip and gripped her own hand tightly. Mercuria gently took that hand.

「I cannot bear to be killed like this without doing anything, but if I die under Hyakurath’s lead then I won’t have any regret.」


At that time a communication window opened beside the two. A red haired girl that looked strong-willed yelled angrily without a moment’s delay.

『This is Scarlet! Hey, just what in the world should we do!? Is it okay for Masters to sortie? Make it clear!』

Mercuria spontaneously responded in place of Hyakurath who faltered.

「All the members of Masters can sortie?」

『Everyone except Gertrude.』

A different window opened and a black haired girl rattled on in a fluster.

『That’s not true! If I can just wear my gear then it won’t be any different than riding a wheelchair!』

「Roger. Hasten your preparations to sortie out. I’ll send you instructions later. Also, Gertrude you just sleep quietly.」


Mercuria forcefully closed the window of Gertrude who was going to complain. And then she put her hand on the shoulder of Hyakurath who was hanging her head down.

「Hyakurath, I know you are feeling――」

「Who is near Thanatos?」


The unexpected question made Mercuria bewildered. However her hand immediately reached to the console.

「Wait a second……」

During that time Hyakurath wiped her tears with her palm. And then she lifted her face and stared at the monitor with reddened eyes.

――That’s right. Right now I am entrusted with this Ataraxia. I too accepted that role by my own will. Just because a situation that no one has expected happened, just because it’s inconvenient, it’s no good if I just throw it all way.

Hyakurath pressed her pink lips to each other tightly and then she told herself that was reflected on the monitor.

――Do your best, do your best! Hyakurath!

「It seems, Sylvia and Ragrus are right in front of Thanatos.」

Mercuria conveyed the information from the battlefield network. Hyakurath rubbed her eyes with her fingertip once more and then she turned her reddened eyes to Mercuria.

「Those two are the strongest if it’s pure attack power aren’t they……tell the two of them to equip their magic armor. After that I want them to try asking Thanatos what is her objective in coming here to Ataraxia. I want to confirm whether she is someone we can communicate with or not. Other students will be back up from a distance. However, firing the first shot from our side is prohibited.」


Mercuria promptly sent out instructions to everywhere with a happy face.

And then that instruction was also transmitted at Sylvia and Ragrus too. Ragrus was listening to Mercuria’s instruction with her mouth forming a tight line. When the communication cut off,

「Good grief, telling us whatever they please!」

She was venting her displeasure while loosening up the necktie of her uniform and lowered down her skirt. Light blue colored stripe panties appeared from under it.

「If I knew this would happen, I would’ve worn my pilot suit underneath……」

After discarding her upper wear in annoyance, she inserted her finger through the gap of her sports bra and adjusted the bra’s positioning.

「Besides even if they tell us to try communicating! Is that someone that can be talked with!? Aah, geez. Demon!」

In response to Ragrus’s angry yell, a giant silhouette wrapped around Ragrus’s small body. What materialized from inside that light was a giant robot rather than magic armor. It was a giant magic armor that boasted strong power, 『Demon』.

「But, this is far better rather than suddenly getting told to fight desu.」

Sylvia also stripped her uniform and left only her underwear. She wore white color with faint pink on the setup. The edge was adorned with frills, both her bra and panty were tied with ribbon at the center.

The specs of magic armor would jump up in response to the sense of unity with the pilot. Pilot suits had the effect to heighten that affinity, but in the case they didn’t have a suit, it was preferable to be in a state as near to naked as possible.


Magic power welled up from the core that was embedded inside Sylvia’s body. It was like looking at a manufacturing process from internal machinery to the armor that had been shortened much. Sylvia’s body was lifted up, turned into atypical appearance, and materialized a giant Heart Hybrid Gear that was even larger than Demon, 『Taros』.

「We are going desu! Ragrus-chan.」

「Yes! If it’s like this then I’ll do it!」

The two large type magic armors ignited their thrusters with large output and flew up. They were adjusting their speed so that the opponent wouldn’t put up her guard while approaching Thanatos that was floating in the sky. However, Thanatos looked completely indifferent to the approach of the two. However, both of them also understood that carelessness was forbidden, since the opponent held the strength to obliterate this Ataraxia in an instant.

Both of them halted when the distance between both sides was around fifty meters. While feeling cold sweat trickling and her heartbeat pulsing fiercely, Sylvia put her own voice into a voice amplifier device.

「Excuse me! This is Ataraxia’s defense squad desu! You, you are Thanatos-san aren’t you dessu?」

However, Thanatos didn’t react at all. Perhaps feeling a bit relieved, Ragrus asked with her voice sounding slightly rough.

「Can’t you hear!? What are you doing coming here, we want to ask what is your objective!」

Thanatos’s eyebrows moved slightly.


Just with that, nervousness ran through Ragrus and Sylvia’s body. Their hearts were greatly pounding to the degree like they were going to burst.

「Is the individual who defeated Hokuto and Osiris not here?」


Sylvia ruminated Thanatos’s words inside her heart. Hokuto and Osiris, two machine gods were defeated. She said that. Sylvia reflexively turned a smile at Ragrus beside her.

「That means, Captain Kizuna and the others……have won even against the second machine god desu. Surely they are still continuing to fight desu!」

「Then, all the more reason that we cannot die here huh.」

「That’s right desu! Even we will protect Ataraxia desu!」

Thanatos’s blue eyes caught Sylvia and Ragrus.

「You two over there. You can try attacking me.」


Sylvia raised a shocked voice, both Ragrus and her sent a glance at Hyakurath in the command room through the communication window. Even Hyakurath and Mercuria that were reflected there also had a cramped nervous look.

『Wait Sylvia-san. Try asking the reason why she is telling you to attack.』

But Ragrus grinned broadly.

「But……the other side was the one telling us that, then nothing we can do but doing it right?」

『Don’t! If you do something rash――』

「I don’t mind. The reason is because currently these two are the ones with the greatest battle strength here. I won’t counterattack. Try to fire your greatest attack with peace of mind.」


Hyakurath became speechless.

――All our communications with Sylvia-san and Ragrus-san are being heard? No, not just that, even my conversation with Mercuria…….

「Just now, were those words directed, to me and Hyakurath?」

Mercuria also whispered with a trembling voice.

――――In the end, they could only……do as the opponent told them.

Hyakurath turned to the communication window and spoke.

『I permit you to attack. Just as she wished, give her your strongest attack!』


「Roger desu!」

Magic power energy circulated in the two’s magic armor. The muzzle of particle cannon in Demon’s palm, and then Taros’s main cannon Ignis, both were aimed. Light particles were sucked into the muzzle and brutal energy was being loaded.


Together with Sylvia’s short yell, the large caliber particle cannon that equaled a warship mounted on both Taros’s shoulders fired. Violet colored light instantly impacted Thanatos and caused a large explosion. A fierce flash and flame blast spread in the blue sky.

Demon’s palm fired red light to pile up on that. The result was overlapping explosions, flame and smoke were spreading in the sky.

However, both of them understood.

――It didn’t work.

They couldn’t feel any feedback at all.

「Hey, Sylvia. Can’t you use that killing move of yours?」

「If Captain is not here……that cannot be used desu.」

「Isn’t that right……I too if possible don’t want to use Inferno……what’s the deal with――!?」

Ragrus opened her eyes wide in shock.

The smoke was dispersed away by the wind. However, ahead where the smoke cleared up, the figure of Thanatos that should be there was gone.

Inside the two’s heart, ‘could it be’――such thinking flashed for a moment. But, they understood so much that such thing was impossible.

Sylvia faced towards the communication window to the command room and yelled.

「This is Sylvia! Thanatos vanished desu!」

Hyakurath who received this communication reflexively looked at the operator. The student operator was already searching for Thanatos’s location. And then, with a face that looked like unable to believe something, the student turned towards Hyakurath.

「About Thanatos’s location……」

Mercuria’s body leaned forward impatiently.

「What’s the matter! Report quickly!」

「That’s, should I say that the whole area around is Thanatos……or maybe it’s better to say that Ataraxia is inside Thanatos……」

「What……did you say?」

When Mercuria murmured as though she was groaning, the space right at the center of the command room was flickering strangely. Just when they thought ‘ah’, in the next moment there was an existence that was hard to believe there.

Hyakurath called that name with shaking tongue.

「……Machine god, Thanatos.」

Thanatos stared at Hyakurath with a sorrowful face.

「With the current status of evolution of you all, you are not supposed to win against a machine god. However in reality that is what happened.」

Sweat was suddenly trickling down on Hyakurath’s face. Everyone in that place was trembling in terror with the thought of ‘Will we get killed in the next moment? Won’t we be annihilated along with Ataraxia completely?’.

「……D, did you, come here to confirm, whether we really have the power to defeat your comrades?」

Even while trembling, Hyakurath acted with a stout-heart. But Thanatos continued to talk in a state that couldn’t be understood whether she was talking to Hyakurath or talking to herself.

「This result is worthy to be investigated. I’ll wait for the return of the individual that defeated Hokuto and Osiris, after I finish that investigation, I’ll dispose of that individual. Until that time all of you will be held in this world.」

「Held? What is, the meaning of that?」

However before Hyakurath could finish talking, in front of her eyes became pitch dark.

「Kya! Wha, what?」

「Hyakurath! Are you okay!?」

For a moment she thought ‘by any chance, was I killed?’. But she was able to hear the voice of the operators clamoring, she also felt the warmth of Mercuria who was embracing her shoulder.

「Wha……what happened?」

「I don’t know. But, it seems unmistakable that the power source here is all down.」

Mercuria pulled at Hyakurath’s hand and she groped around to look for the door, and then she wrenched it open with brute force.

「Let’s try going out. That woman also said something like that but, I’m concerned with the analysis result of the operator.」

「Yes. He said that we are inside Thanatos……what does that mean I wonder.」

「Perhaps it’s like we were swallowed by a whale. Like in a fairy tale.」

Even in this kind of situation her best friend was as usual. Normally Hyakurath would be irritated by her frivolous talk, but right now it felt strangely heartening.

When they advanced through the dark corridor, ahead it became bright. It was a lobby with a window. They could see outside from there.

「Anyway, first let’s confirm the situation outside.」

「You’re right, if everyone is safe……i……」

The scenery they could see from the window made the two of them speechless.

There should be a sea spreading around Ataraxia. But right now, clouds were flowing in place of water. A sea of clouds was spreading out.

「Where……in the world, is this?」

「I don’t know……there is no way we can know……」

Besides, that Megafloat Ataraxia, with a diameter of three kilometers, that didn’t have any flying functions in a state of floating in the sky like this itself was absurd.

「Hyakurath, that is?」

Ahead where Mercuria was pointing at, there was a gigantic mountain range that showed its face from between the clouds. Among the mountains, there was a building that was like a sanctuary at the summit of a mountain that was conspicuously taller, the building was shining.

It closely resembled the Parthenon sanctuary in Greece, but this one was far larger and splendorous than that. The moment they saw that sanctuary, they were instinctively made to understand that it was a place worthy for a god to live.

「Hyakurath……I don’t think it’s possible but, this is, really……」

「Yes. We have become prisoners haven’t we……inside the world created by Thanatos.」

Chapter 1 – Hayuru[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was a world of snow and ice.

The average temperature was minus ten degrees. There was almost never a time when there was sunshine, with snow and blizzards continuing everyday.

That was Odin’s world.

A mountain range with an elevation of ten kilometers was standing in the way like a wall. A forest of needle-leaved trees with heights over a hundred meters was spreading out at the foot of the mountain. Odin’s palace stood proud and majestic with that forest behind it.

The wooden palace looked similar to Queen Landred’s palace in the Baldin Kingdom of Atlantis. But rather than the palace, what was most worthy of mention was the large fighting arena created beside it. It was a circular fighting arena with a diameter that reached even ten kilometers. It was as though it was the center of this world. Roads spread out in a radial shape from the arena, forming a city.

It was a townscape without decoration, giving the impression of simplicity and frugality. Triangle roofs and walls with wooden texture laid bare. The entrance of these buildings were located on the second floor. Perhaps as a countermeasure against the snow and cold, there were also a lot of houses with double layered window. There was also a building with a height of nearly a hundred meters among them, but all of them were made from wood.

The residents here were all people of other worlds who came because of Odin’s invitation.

The residents of this world were warriors whether they wished it or not, they were forced to fight daily at the arena. All of those battles were for the sake of this world’s god, Odin.

And then, even now, a match was being carried out in the arena.


Chidorigafuchi Aine’s fist cut through the air.

Aine’s Heart Hybrid Gear 『Zeros』 struck the opponent with a severe punch. A terrific impact sound was given off and sparks scattered, the shockwave rolled up the snow on the ground.

It was a critical hit. However the enemy’s armor was thick.

What blocked the fist was the neck of a giant boar. It was a lump of steel with height of two meters in total, and its width reached a meter, stopping Aine’s fist right from the front.

That object was a magic weapon that took the shape of a boar. However it had no torso, it was like only its head was cut off. The internal mechanism was unclear, but as expected it seemed to use something that resembled a magic mechanism. Its small eyes shined blue and the light of magic power was circulated on the metallic surface.


Aine took distance in one go using her thruster and slid on top of the snow. The snow piled up on the arena was four, five centimeters thick. The raining down snow from the sky was currently sparse. As though recalling it, at the other side of the fluttering down snow there was a warrior that was accompanying the boar head.

That man’s name was 『Frei』.

A tall body that was nearly two meters and light armor that looked as though it was one with the body. His beautiful golden hair lengthened until his back and his well-featured face looked masculine like a Greek sculpture. His shoulder width was wide, and long legs stretched out from the splendid body build of an inverted triangle. Actually it was a splendid manly body, but the majority of that body was mechanized, Aine didn’t understand what kind of appearance he originally had.

「Fufufu, I never thought that someone ranked below a hundred like you with a divinity number around 53000, can survive more than a minute against this me. As expected from someone who attracted the attention of Odin-sama.」

「That’s really just an annoyance for me.」

Aine put her right fist to the front, and pulled her left hand before it. At her wrist was a shining silver ring. The number floating there was 113. That was the worth of Aine’s existence in this world.

「But you see Aine. You cannot possibly reach this Frei who ranks within the top ten, the so called Odin Ranker. Even if a miracle occurs, you won’t be able to defeat this me.」

He lifted up his left hand to make a show at Aine. The ring at that wrist was shining with the number 10.

Aine kicked on the ground before Frei could finish talking. She closed the distance in an instant. But in reaction to Aine’s attack, the giant boar cut in between the two of them once more. The boar stopped Aine’s fist with its nose and then it opened its mouth. That force bounced off Aine’s arm.


Aine’s arm overreached and her defenseless flank was exposed.

「Now, Gullinbursti!」

Flame was spouted out from the largely opened mouth of the boar of steel(Gullinbursti). It was a beam shaped flame that was compressed into high density. Aine defended against that flame’s pressure using Life Saver.


The pressure of the flame was tremendous, Aine’s body was sliding on the arena’s field. Even with Life Saver protecting her, the armor of Zeros was heated up. That heat instantly vaporized the arena’s snow and white smoke enshrouded the area.

「A shield of that level cannot block my attack!」

Frei withdrew the sword hanging on his waist.


The blade shined radiantly and rolled up tremendous heat and wind. And then it emitted radiance like the sun, and it was swung down towards Aine. However there was more than a hundred meter distance between them. Regardless of that the shockwave and flame blew away Aine’s body like a leaf.


She rolled many times on the arena’s snow. And then, a violent spray of snow was raised and Aine’s body became unable to move. A communication window was opened beside the collapsed Aine.

『Oi Aine! Get a hold of yourself!』

The beautiful girl with blonde hair and dark brown skin projected in the window called out to her with an urgent voice.

「Ku……don’t yell like that, Gravel. I can still stand.」

Aine rotated her body as though she was turning in her sleep, put her hand on the ground, and raised her upper body with trembling hands. And then she stared at Frei and his follower Gullinbursti through the air that was hazy with steam.

「Gravel, how much is that guy’s divinity number?」

『Frei is currently at 124000. As expected from the rank 10. Although he is at the lowest seat, he is still an Odin Ranker.』

「I see, more than double of mine……indeed he has a reason to be full of confidence like that.」

Aine stood up somehow. Gravel stared at her figure with a grim look.

『What will you do? Surrender?』

「Don’t joke! If I become an Odin Ranker, I will be given the right to challenge Odin you know? I finally arrived until where I can face a Ranker through this one year!」

Gravel really understood how Aine was feeling to the degree it felt painful.

Gravel and the others arrived in this world about two months ago. However at that time Aine was already here for nearly ten months, passing her time here. During that time she had continued fighting by herself until this point.

「I……will defeat that guy, and then, defeat Odin.」

――And then, return back to the original world once more. Together with everyone, with Kizuna, once more!

「Besides, there is a rumor that this Frei imitated Odin and tried to follow the same evolution. So to speak, he is an inferior copy of Odin. This is a good training stage.」

『Then, you plan to use that?』

Aine didn’t answer that question and glared at Frei.

「Fufufu, Aine. So you plan to challenge Odin-sama?」

Frei was walking slowly with his favorite sword, Laevateinn in one hand. His face was overflowing with composure that said he could defeat her anytime.

「Yes. I’ll challenge her. I cannot stay in a world like this any longer! I’ll defeat Odin, and then, return to my original world.」

「What a fool.」

「Why? Even you were summoned from another world originally right? Don’t you want to fight Odin, win, and return to your former world?」

Frei suddenly let out a chuckle.

「I already forgot about such a past matter. Besides, I don’t have any attachment to my former world. My current objective is only to defeat god.」

He boasted so and then stared at the palace of Odin.

「But, I am still far away from god’s level. There are still more battles to come for me to repeat and evolve. I will also obtain your weapon after I defeat you.」

「I guess. Then, I’ll receive that sword from you.」

Aine stared at the shining sword Frei was holding with a fearless smile. The rule of this world was that the winner could take one weapon and authority from the loser. Like that the strong became stronger, attaching their body with various abilities.

As though to shake off Aine’s gaze, Frei readied his sword and showed an unpleasant expression.

「You can end here! Aine!」

Frei brandished his sword. Aine wasted no time to put one of her hands forward.

Frei thought whether she was begging for her life with that movement.

But in the next moment, a magic circle spread from Aine’s palm. The shining bright pattern was slowly rotating while advancing toward Aine. And then, it accelerated suddenly and pushed through toward Aine’s back, and it stopped there.


Frei opened his eyes wide at Aine’s transformation. Because that figure changed instantly. Her armor was simpler than before, but it was increasing to be more beautiful and brighter. And then her shining silver hair was changing to a pink color.

「You have such an ability……wha-!」

Frei’s face warped. The divinity number of Aine that he always monitored was reflected in his eyes. The number was exceeding 80000.

「The divinity number is……increasing?」

The phenomenon that he had never witnessed until now caused Frei to trickle down cold sweat on his forehead.

――That’s impossible. It’s necessary to steadily accumulate divinity number. How is such a rapid increase acceptable……but.

In reality, the number reflected in his eyes were continuing to increase.

「Wha, what’s with that bluff……even if you raise your divinity number with some kind of method, you still won’t reach my number!」

The automatic repelling equipment that accompanied Frei, Gullinbursti came out to the front. In the case it detected the enemy’s divinity number and judged that the enemy could be a threat to its master, it would block the attack and launch an attack at that target. It was a follower and shield with absolute obedience. That Gullinbursti was trembling fiercely with intensity that it had never shown before.

「What’s wrong? Aine’s doesn’t pose that much of a threat――」

Frei opened his eyes wide.

The divinity number of Aine that was continuing to increase had gone over 120000.

「Code Breaker!」

The floating magic circle behind Aine emitted light and enveloped Aine’s body. And then with Aine as the center, a dome of magic circle was formed.

「Ku……go! Gullinbursti! We are still the one on top! If it’s now――」

Gullinbursti assaulted Aine. And then it leaped inside Aine’s magic circle. That was the area under Aine’s rule. A land of death that dissolved all magic formula.

At that moment, the boar’s charge stopped.

「!? Gullinbursti!」

Aine’s fist lunged mercilessly towards Gullinbursti that stopped moving.

The iron boar that didn’t even twitch until now from all attacks had Aine’s fist sinking into it. Its nose was smashed, and from there a crack ran through its whole body.

「It seems Code Breaker is also effective against these guys.」

After the arm was pulled back, that arm turned to the side.


From another magic circle that unfolded ahead of that hand, a huge cannon was pulled out. And then that cannon muzzle was put on the forehead of Gullinbursti.

At that moment, terror ran through Frei’s back.

――That’s impossible.

She was supposed to be an opponent that could be easily defeated.

Despite so……what was with this number?

Aine’s divinity number that was reflected in Frei’s eyes was over 150000.


The corruption armament that Aine readied, 『Pulerizer』 launched tremendous light. It was a ruthless light, pulverizing all time and space an existence possessed. A hole was opened instantly on the boar’s forehead, and in the next moment, Gullinbursti was smashed apart into pieces in a whirl. And then the light of destruction that was fired from Pulverizer headed straight to Frei.


He raised a scream of death agony and he got blown away. It was an arena with a diameter of ten kilometers. He went through the arena from the center until the end of the arena in one go. And then he crashed on the wall that faced Odin’s palace and his body was smashed apart.

「Impossible……this, me is……like this」

Frei’s body was literally crumbling. At that moment, cheers were raised from the arena’s surrounding. The warriors of Odin’s world that observed this battle extolled Aine’s victory. There were no person with the same appearance as another, stern men, female type that fought with speed, they had various appearances.

The warriors of this world were fellows who were similar to Aine, taken away from another world and brought to this place. Most of them fundamentally possessed the same shape as a human, but there were differences in little details like their body build, skin color, etc.

The warriors who were blessed with such variety were yelling and raised their arms in excitement above the fence.

They were extolling Aine, but that didn’t mean they wanted to get along with her. They were saying, fight with me next. Aine turned back her face from the crowd with a fed up face.

『You did it Aine.』

The window floating beside her face was showing Gravel’s relieved expression.


Aine showed a smile as though to say ‘how’s that’ and her left hand brushed off her pink colored hair. A ring was shining at that wrist. The number 113 that was floating there was overwritten into 10.

Aine used her thruster to float in the air. And then she flew until the wall where Frei was smashed. There she discovered the remains of Frei who only had a upper body without both his arms. She matched her window with that figure and pushed on the analysis button.

「Hmmph……even with this your divinity number is still 50. Perhaps I should say that it is as expected that it’s not 0. Do it all over again from one okay.」

Saying that, Aine picked up Frei’s sword Laevateinn that fell nearby.

「Aa how rude of me. It’s not from 1 I guess. Do it all over again from 50.」

When Aine turned on her heel to leave, a voice came from overhead.

「That was quite enjoyable for me, Aine.」


Tension ran through Aine’s whole body. The clamoring crowd was also falling silent as though they had been doused with water.

When she looked up, there was a figure standing at the palace’s balcony.

Silver hair that looked shiny. A beautiful face that looked like ice. An eye patch on the left eye of that beautiful face that gave off discomfort. And then a tight muscular body that was trained, added with largely dangling breasts that completed her feminine beauty. It was the crystallization of beauty that transcended humans.

An armor that imitated an ice dragon protected that body. However what it protected were only the arms and legs, her head and torso looked mostly defenseless. Tiny bits of plates that were shaped like crystal and dragon scales were covering her sides and groin, while the armor at her breast was in the shape of dragon claws grasping those breasts. That shape seemed to display the beauty of those breasts instead.

A huge spear that was hanging to the left and right from her back was 『Gungnir』. It was rumored that there was no existence that couldn’t be defeated by that spear, it was this world’s strongest weapon. In addition was the huge dragon head floating behind her,『Fafnir』. It was equivalent to Frei’s boar, this dragon head was Odin’s follower, but its strength couldn’t be compared with Frei’s Gullinbursti. Furthermore it was a two headed dragon. A beautiful girl like ice holding a legendary spear who was protected by a dragon. That figure was exactly a divine war goddess.

「Machine god……Odin.」

Odin flew down from the balcony and landed lightly in front of Aine.

「Fufufu, as expected from someone who caught the eye of this me. If you keep accumulating diligent training like this, perhaps a few decades later you might reach a divinity number around 500000. Aim for an even higher ranking.」

Aine reflexively clicked her tongue.

Inside her heart rage was welling up, thinking if this woman was planning to lock her up in this world for decades.

At that time when she was about to say her resentment to Odin, a pained voice could be heard from below.

「Uu……O, Odin, sama.」

Frei who became a wreck groaned with feeble breathing.

「I, I still, haven’t lost……against, this girl, against this kind of low ranking, this me who is an Odin Ranker couldn’t possibly lo――」

「The low ranking one is now you, Frei.」

Odin stared at the wreckage of Frei with her one eye coldly.

「The ranking is absolute. Know that just a rank difference of one is like the difference between heaven and earth. To say nothing of that way of talking, toward this Aine who is an Odin Ranker right now……」

Frei’s face distorted in shock.

「Then, it’s better for Aine to deal the finishing blow, so that body cannot even be repaired anymore.」

Odin’s cold eye shined blue.

Frei couldn’t say anything, he could only grit his teeth with all his strength. That strength broke his face’s construction and fluid spurted out. And then, he was simply keeping silent.

「Even an Odin Ranker is like this……the warrior that I’m looking for is still far ahead from here huh.」

Odin whispered that and then she looked around at the spacious arena.

「Average warriors cannot grant further strength to this me who has reached the territory of god. I am here waiting impatiently for the appearance of a warrior carrying even stronger power, and new abilities.」

「And then you will steal that power, and become even stronger?」

Aine’s defiant speech caused Odin to glare at her sharply with her right eye.

「……Something like that. But I have expectations of you Aine. If Aine becomes even stronger, the warriors around you will also grow stronger. They will steal the way Aine fights and surely even stronger people will appear by incorporating that. Such evolution of battle will create even stronger warriors.」

「You will only plunder from those people who are raised like that won’t you? It’s really a nice position to be a god huh, you can just exploit the harvest of the people.」

However Odin lifted the corner of her mouth and showed a faint smile.

「That’s nothing more than the result of victory or defeat. If you hate that, then you just need to defeat me. One is plundered from because they lose. I am always 公平fair, fair you know.」[1]

And then Odin looked up at the sky that was covered with thick clouds.

「This world exist for the strong’s sake. The weak exist to be their food. And then there is no limit to the evolution of strength.」

Odin talked about her conviction and this world’s providence with a face that was half in ecstasy. But, for Aine it was an inconsequential story.

「Machine god Odin, I challenge you.」

Odin stared with a dubious expression at Aine who declared that.

「It’s fine even if you don’t be that impatient right? Even if you fight me now, Aine has no chance of victory. Aine will become stronger if you mature more. Even if I steal your current ability it won’t really be helpful.」

「Don’t screw around-! If I defeat you and obtain the power of a machine god, I should be able to even go back to my original world. I will absolutely defeat you, and return to my original world, to where everyone is!」

Aine faced Odin and took her stance. The magic circle on her back was also increasing in radiance.

「Geez……can’t be helped then.」

Odin sighed deeply looking disappointed.

「Then, here I go.」

At that instant, the atmosphere Odin was clad with changed. A terrific fighting spirit and wind poured out from her body which flapped Aine’s hair. It felt like her heart would break just by getting showered by that killing intent.

「Ku……so this is a machine god’s true power.」

In this one year since Aine was summoned to this world, there were two warriors that challenged Odin. Both of them were rank number one.

However the result was atrocious.

It wasn’t even a fight, they were toyed around by Odin as she pleased, and then destroyed. And then their abilities were plundered and those two were obliterated from this world.

――But, I won’t end like that.

The armor of Odin that was like ice shined and emitted sublime light. And then that light was similar like Aine’s Code Breaker, it was spreading with Odin as the center into a hemisphere shape.

This dome of light was the first obstacle in defeating Odin. The dome of light was the light of god. Just by touching that, all kinds of energy would be sucked out and then materialize impediments on the body’s functions.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 04.jpg

――Perhaps it’s like a superior version of Grace’s Harvest.

But, based on what she had tested on Frei just now, Code Breaker should be able to erase it. Aine persuaded herself like that.

「Code Breaker!」

A dome made from magic circle was spreading with Aine at the center.

「Aa……the technique that broke Frei’s defensive wall before this huh.」

Odin showed a happy smile.


The magic circle’s rotation sped up along with Aine’s yell of fighting spirit, its size was increasing. And then the dome of the magic circle and the dome of god’s light clashed.

The two domes disappeared along with fierce light and impact.


Aine readied Laevateinn that she had plundered just now and thrust at Odin. However, the two headed dragon standing by behind Odin, Fafnir cut in between them. It was an odd follower with feather growing on the dragon head, but even Aine knew about how terrifying it was. One of the warriors that challenged Odin before was unable to even touch Odin and got crunched by Fafnir.

This dragon head was similar with Frei’s boar, it would automatically detect a target that could threaten its master and attacked back. One of Fafnir’s heads was heading towards Aine.

「Look’s like it more or less recognized me as an opponent huh!」

Aine swung up Laevateinn with unskilled motion. At that time, for an instant the figure of her comrade wearing red armor flashed in the back of her mind.

――It will be better if I at least learn how to use swords too.

Aine struck Laevateinn to Fafnir’s head as though to shake off that thinking.


Certainly she wasn’t an expert at the sword, but she felt quite a feedback. Besides the ability of the sword itself was considerable. As expected it was impossible for it to give damage. That was what she thought but――,

「Fufufu, you won’t be able to cut this child with just that much you know.」

Fafnir’s armor didn’t even get scratched from Laevateinn’s slash. It was as though the whole impact of the sword was blocked, and then the metallic surface of the head was subtly undulating to redirect that power.

「Kuh! Then!」

Aine discarded Laevateinn and took out Pulverizer once more from a magic circle.

The area around Aine distorted. The atmosphere was whirling and electrical discharge ran in the air. And then she pulled the trigger without a moment’s delay.

「I’ll leave it to you! Pulverizer!」

The light of destruction ran towards Odin. But, this time the other Fafnir thrust itself into Pulverizer’s firing line.

Light that enveloped the whole arena flooded out. Aine was convinced that she at least obliterated Fafnir inside that light.

――I can do this!

Next it would depend on how much damage she could inflict on Odin. However it was impossible for her to be unharmed from this. Aine was feeling that she was approaching near towards Ataraxia, towards Kizuna.

However, that hope of Aine was smashed apart by the reality that appeared before her eyes.

「No way……」

At the other side of the explosion smoke and vapor, a huge dragon’s head was floating.

――Pulverizer didn’t work.

「Are you sleeping Aine?」

Such a voice resounded in her ear.

Something shuddering was running through her whole body.

She was dumbfounded in less than half a second. But that time for Odin was a time that bored her to tears.


Aine laid out Life Saver and opened her thruster in full throttle. She retreated from the battle line in the blink of an eye. A distance of more than three kilometers was opened between both sides.

「!? ……-」

――A rapid feeling of acceleration.

Her body was pulled to the back intensely. The vibration was fierce, her field of vision blurred. Thruster malfunction? Wrong. She was pushed by somethi――,

――No, before that,

A terrible impact attacked her whole body. A dreadful pain caused her consciousness to be getting away. Her body was paralyzed by an impact that could break the bones in her whole body.

Something struck her? However, she didn’t remember,

――She saw a broken scenery.

She felt like she saw the scene of her Life Saver turning into pieces.

And then Odin’s Gungnirspear came flying.


Aine’s body instantly traversed through ten kilometers of the arena and crashed on the wall. And then the strongest weapon Gungnir was stabbing into her chest.

Aine was pierced by that spear and got crucified on the arena wall.

「Come on look, you turned out like this. You are still not on a level that can fight me.」

Odin too had arrived in front of Aine unnoticed.


And then Odin grasped her favorite spear that was stabbed into Aine’s chest. Fresh blood gushed out from the wound.


Aine was gritting her teeth.

「Even at maximum your divinity number is around 200000 right? I’m more than a million you know?」

Aine’s eyes opened wide in shock and despair.

Odin pulled out Gungnir from Aine’s body.


Aine spouted out blood and fell on the ground. Bright red blood was flowing out from her collapsed chest and the ground was dyed red.

Odin’s hand was grasping Laevateinn that Aine discarded.

「This is nothing great, but I’ll take it anyway.」

The sword of sun melted inside Odin’s hand and vanished. And then she turned her back on Aine with Gungnir on her shoulder.

「You look like you can still become stronger, so I won’t deal the finishing blow. If by any chance you survive, be more diligent.」

Aine’s sight was sinking into darkness.

――What are you saying after opening a hole in my chest. I’m going to die, normally.

She was unable to say even that, unable to even move her lips.

――I am, dying? Here?

「Aine! Oi, get a hold of yourself!」

Someone’s voice came into hearing. But, she couldn’t see anything anymore.


――I wanted to meet.

――One more time.

She whispered so inside her heart, and then her consciousness sank to the bottom of darkness completely.

Part 2[edit]

From the location information of the Golden Dragon that Nayuta grasped and the information of Odin that they obtained from Osiris’s database, it was clear that the Golden Dragon was in Odin’s world. The Battleship Ataraxia and Oldium departed from Osiris’s world and headed towards Odin’s world.

The two giant battleships were advancing through the gulf between world and world, a space where there was nothing, where nothing could possibly exist. A space where there was only true darkness spreading around, suddenly flowed with beautiful mystical light. The torrent of radiant lights in various colors was beautiful, powerful, and fleeting like the radiance of life.

That radiance, was light that was flowing out from a world somewhere due to some kind of reason. It was life force, it was magic power, it was a light of cause and effect that contained the laws of that world’s characteristic. That light was floating around the space that separated world and world. Some light would reach another world. In the world the light reached, it would reveal the providence of another world and spring out various abnormal phenomenon. In other words, this light was a supernatural phenomenon or a miracle.

The AU collision that attacked Lemuria and Atlantis could also be said as a phenomenon that was caused with that light as the cause.

Seen like this it was a beautiful light, but for the people who got dragged into tragedy due to that radiance, they would be unable to be charmed by its beauty.

Vatlantis’s acting emperor, Grace Synclavia, was also one of those people.

She was standing alone in the viewing room of the battleship Ataraxia, sending a brooding gaze outside as though she was trying to find an answer in the flowing light. However, the calmer she was thinking, the more the illusion that Osiris showed her got resurrected at the back of her mind.

Kizuna who became the new emperor of Vatlantis, then Aine and Grace who became his empresses. However, Kizuna and Aine, and also the people of the empire wished to offer up Grace’s life. If Grace didn’t die, they wouldn’t be able to be happy. Saying that they demanded for Grace to sever her own life.

Of course there was no way they were saying that in reality. That was only an illusion that Osiris created by taking advantage of the guilty feelings inside Grace’s heart. Zelcyone explained it to her like that.

However Grace was unable to assert that it was a dream that wasn’t worth worrying about.

That was the voice that hounded her to take responsibility for the Another Universe Conflict. Mere illusions were completely taking root inside Grace’s heart and entangled it completely.

「So you are here Grace.」

The automatic door opened and a familiar voice and presence entered inside.


When she turned around Grace thought ‘oh no’. Her face and voice looked like she was going to cry even now. Like this Nii-sama would be concerned for her. When she thought that, she made a complete changes and showed a bright expression.

「What’s the matter? There is still time until the meeting.」

「Yeah. I want to talk with Grace.」

Kizuna approached the window to stand beside Grace.

「With me……umu. I’ll welcome that anytime.」

Grace narrowed her eyes.

Yes. Until just before this they attended the same school and often talked with each other. Though it was also days of falsehood, but it was happy days. She really idolized him like her big brother. Now that she thought back, it was like she was monopolizing Kizuna while Aine wasn’t there, she even felt apologetic. However it was fact that she had fun. She couldn’t deny that.

Kizuna showed a behavior as though he was hesitating, but he nodded to himself as though resolving himself, and then he talked to Grace with an excessively serious face.

「Grace……it’s not like I have experience shouldering a heavy responsibility like you. I’m just a first year student, a man who became Amaterasu’s captain just because of the course of events. That’s why I understand that I’m not in a position where I can say anything like a big shot. But, I can at least listen to your worries.」


The previous day she was also seen standing alone like this by Kizuna before the decisive battle against Osiris. Surely he was concerned for her all this time since then. However――,

「What, no need to worry. Even like this, I’m an emperor, even if an unworthy one. There are also some amount of problems that worry my mind. It’s something I’m used to so it’s futile to worry about me you know, Nii-sama――」

Kizuna abruptly embraced Grace’s shoulders and pulled her closer. Grace unconsciously flinched at Kizuna’s hand that circled her shoulders. Kizuna’s palm was warm, and the arm embracing her was gentle. However she felt that this warmth and gentleness was something that she couldn’t accept.

「Grace is the emperor of the Vatlantis Empire. But, you are also my little sister.」


「If you are an unworthy emperor then I’m also an unworthy big brother. Even if there is no tie of blood between us, I think of myself as your big brother. That’s why, share your hardship with me too.」


Grace yelled inside her heart. That she wanted him to stop doing more than this. If not,

――The mask I put on will be torn off.

「Ni, Nii-sama is a worrywart. I’m not really……」

「I don’t know what kind of bitter illusion Osiris showed you. But, that was merely an illusion.」

Grace’s breathing stopped unconsciously.

――He know? Nii-sama, knew I saw an illusion.

「Both me and Aine, we won’t abandon Grace. Absolutely.」

「It’s no good……」

Grace looked down, her shoulders were shaking.

――I’m, at my limit.

「It’s no good. Nii-sama and Nee-sama won’t be able to be happy, with me alive.」

A drop fell on the floor.

Tears were overflowing from her red eyes.


Kizuna embraced Grace’s slender and small body onto his chest.

「What stupid things you are saying! I’m going to get angry you know!」

Kizuna’s voice that was filled with serious anger caused Grace’s body to tremble. When she lifted her head, an earnest gaze was staring at Grace. That straightforward black eyes smashed Grace’s mask. The face of a girl that distorted in sadness appeared from underneath that mask.

「Because, because! The damage to Lemuria is because of my fault. There is no way that the Nee-sama of someone like me can be together with Nii-sama who is the hero of Lemuria! But, if I die, if I take responsibility and get executed……my sin will be settled with that. Nee-sama can be free with that.」

Grace’s tear hotly wet Kizuna’s chest.

「Stupid idiot! That’s not true at all!」

Kizuna was yelling angrily from the bottom of his heart while he strongly hugged Grace’s body.

They absolutely must not separate. He couldn’t let go of her here. If his hand let go of her here, Grace would really go to a place where his hand wouldn’t be able to reach. Such fear was attacking Kizuna.

Nayuta prepared a transient livelihood for them at Ataraxia before this. Inside that, Grace called Kizuna as elder brother, and Kizuna also came into contact with Grace as her brother.

Kizuna didn’t know how long that life had actually went on. However, surely it was a long time to the degree that Kizuna treasured Grace like she was his real sister. This wasn’t something that could be made sense of somehow with logic.

For that reason, Kizuna turned his heart into a demon and spoke.

「Listen well Grace. What you said isn’t a method that will save us, and it’s also not a noble self-sacrifice. Something like that is just escaping.」

Grace spontaneously raised her head. Her eyes were looking up at Kizuna. What were inside those eyes were shock, astonishment, and an expression as though she couldn’t believe it.

「Such thing……Nii-sama」

Kizuna gritted his teeth.

「You are just trying to avert your eyes from the painful reality and are trying to escape. That isn’t an act of taking responsibility, but abandoning responsibility.」

Grace’s face warped in vexation and sadness. Tears were overflowing out once more from those eyes.

「Then, what are you telling me to do! I don’t know! I don’t know Nii-sama! I, I……just, what should I do, if even Nii-sama, says something like that to me……I’m, already……uh, u, a……aah」

Like that Grace raised her voice loudly and cried out.

「I don’t want, anymore, hics-, waaaaaaan」

She cried like a mere girl without caring about shame or appearance. Her mouth opened, her eyes and nose went red and tears were spilling down without stop. She pushed on Kizuna’s chest with weak strength. As though she was trying to run away from that place.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 05.jpg

But, Kizuna didn’t let her go.

He put his strength into his arm and embraced Grace’s body onto his chest.

「What you have to do no matter what, is not running away. It’s to fight.」


Grace was sobbing convulsively while turning moist eyes to Kizuna.

「Are you listening, Grace?」

Grace was looking up at Kizuna for a while, her mouth closed up before long and she nodded.

「If you say that you destroyed Lemuria and killed people, then you need to save even more than those.」

However Grace shook her head and let out a sob.

「Su, such……thing, how can I, hics」

「Lemuria and Atlantis, save both of those worlds.」


「That’s right. Right now the world disappeared completely because of the Deus ex Machina. Both Lemuria and Atlantis. At this rate sooner or later our worlds will end. That is not a problem in the same dimension like taking responsibility of the Another Universe Conflict anymore. After all there no one hounding for someone to take responsibility, and the one who needs to take responsibility will also get obliterated together.」

「That’s……hics, true, but……」

「Right now we are trying to return the world to the way it was before. To do that, the strength of he world of Atlantis is indispensable. The strength of the de facto ruling country Vatlantis is necessary. The emperor of Vatlantis Empire, Grace is essential.」

Kizuna touched Grace’s cheek and wiped her tears.

「I guess right now Grace is fighting in order to look for Aine. And, you also have the reason of taking back the configuration information of the world of Atlantis, don’t you? Then, can I ask you to also add a reason of saving our Lemuria too?」


「The configuration information that the Deus ex Machina stole. Inside it, there are a lot of cities and people that cannot be compared with the ruined cities and dead people from the Another Universe Conflict. I want to save them, those people!」

And then Kizuna embraced Grace’s body strongly once more.

「Ni, Nii-sama?」

「……Besides, Grace, in the first place you are mistaken at a fundamental aspect.」

Kizuna’s eyes were moist. It looked like tears were almost falling off from there.

「If you die, how can I and Aine become happy with that!? You are talking about our important little sister dying here. If that happens we will be sad, pained, miserable, we won’t be able to stand back up! To say nothing of the life that we will obtain by sacrificing a little sister……that’s only hell! How can you think something like that will make anyone happy! There is no way that will happen! That’s stupid!」

Kizuna’s eyes were also tinged with tears. He hugged Grace tightly on his chest so that she wouldn’t be able to see that. However, Grace understood. That Kizuna was crying for her sake.

Grace opened her mouth timidly.

「Is doing……something like that, enough?」

「It’s enough.」

Grace wiped her tears and bit her lips that almost let out a sob once more, and then she nodded firmly.

「I’m fine already, Nii-sama.」

Grace separated her body slowly from Kizuna, as though pushing his body back. And then she rubbed her face scrubbingly before smiling cheerfully with eyes that were completely dry from tears.

「I’ve troubled you Nii-sama.」

「I need to do something like a big brother sometimes……aa, that’s right. I’ll escort you until Oldium.」

Kizuna said that and offered his hand, but Grace pulled back as though running away from that hand.

「I’ll return alone. Thank you……Nii-sama.」

And then she pretended to back away, before suddenly she stepped forward.


Grace leaped into the chest of Kizuna who was taken by surprise suddenly within a moment, and stole his lips.

Grace’s soft lips texture was conveyed to Kizuna’s lips.

When he thought ‘ah’, Grace was already drawing back as though she was jumping away. And then she smiled mischievously.

「Keep it a secret from Nee-sama okay♪」

She turned on her heel and exited the viewing room with light footsteps.


Kizuna scratched his head as though thinking ‘She really got me there’ and he smiled.

「You narrowly escaped death.」

A dreadful voice echoed inside the viewing room where there should be no one else.


When Kizuna looked around the viewing room in a panic, there was the silhouette of someone leaning on the wall.

「When you made Grace-sama cry, I was just about to kill you.」

That person moved from the wall and walked towards Kizuna with her hands crossed.

「Ze-! Zelcyone!? Since when, were you there……」

Zelcyone raised one eyebrow and glared at Kizuna.

「From the beginning. There is no way I’ll leave Grace-sama alone when she was like that. You fool.」

When the shock left him, shame rapidly came inside him. Kizuna’s cheeks were dyed red.

――Shit, now she mentioned it Zelcyone has the ability to hide herself! Or rather, all of that was heard!? Or rather it was seen! SHIIIITTT!

He unconsciously wanted to stamp his feet in emotion. However, he had cornered Grace and made her cry that much. He wouldn’t get killed right away, but by any chance perhaps a punishment time was waiting for him. At the very least he needed the resolve to get half-killed.

Kizuna who resolved himself with such thinking had his shoulder lightly tapped by Zelcyone.

「Well, that was passable.」


Ending it there, Zelcyone exited from the door that Grace used without even glancing at Kizuna.

Kizuna who was left alone standing blankly then suddenly looked around inside the room in panic as though he remembered something. As expected this time there was really no one left.

Feeling a strange solitude, Kizuna returned to his own room. In the middle of walking, he thought of the meaning of Zelcyone’s words once more and crossed his arms.

「Passable……that means, she gave me passing mark with that……right?」

When he touched the door of his own room, it opened automatically to welcome Kizuna inside. It was a spacious room where a bed, a desk and a chair were standing alone. Kizuna didn’t stop and headed towards a large window that was right in front of him.

The outside was dark, sometimes light of another world could be seen flowing. Kizuna stared at the face of himself that was reflected on that window and murmured to himself.

「When the battle is over……is it.」

Grace was thinking about when this battle was over and a time of peace came. At that time, what would happen with the two worlds of Lemuria and Atlantis?

The countries of Lemuria and the countries of Atlantis, Vatlantis Empire, Izgard, and Baldin, how would their relationship be? What would happen with the responsibility of the war?

Kizuna was desperate with the battle before his eyes and didn’t think of the matter ahead of that seriously. In the first place the Deus ex Machina that they were currently fighting were extremely powerful enemies, they had no leeway to even think about the matter of after they were defeated. He had such reason.

Speaking about the matter next of year was laughable, but thinking of the current difference in battle strength, it would be a miracle if a peaceful world could arrive.

Even so Grace who was gazing at the future ahead was perhaps just as expected from an emperor of a country.

Kizuna tried thinking about his own future.

First was the remaining two Deus ex Machina. According to the information they obtained from Osiris’s database, they seemed to be opponents with different levels compared to Hokuto and Osiris that they had defeated until now. In the end could they be defeated? First it was already unknown from there.

Kizuna shook his head.

――This is no good. No matter what, my thoughts keep on looping.

Supposing if the battle ended, what would happen? Perhaps, he would cooperate with Japan’s revival. The war would be over already by then. There would be no battle. In other words,

Whether it was Heart Hybrid Gear, or Amaterasu, they would become unnecessary.


He felt like his chest was constricted.

He would not be Amaterasu’s captain and would return to a normal school. Aine and Himekawa, Yurishia and Sylvia, his relationship with them would also be gone.

When he thought that, he felt a feeling of loss to a degree that shocked even himself.

――Wha, what? This feeling.

A feeling of desolateness that he couldn’t describe suddenly visited him.

It was a feeling as though he was left alone in a cold, boundless wasteland.

――Stupid. What am I thinking.

Kizuna placed both his hands on the window and hid his face that was reflected there.

――If that happens, then I just need to walk through a new life. Besides, even everyone……they won’t become like complete strangers just with that. Surely we can move from being comrades to friends. Sylvia, Hayuru, Yurishia, Scarlet and Ger-san and, Aine――,


What would happen……with Aine?

She would be Vatlantis Empire’s emperor――,

At that time the electronic sound that informed of a visitor rang. That sound caused Kizuna’s body to twitch.

――That’s just a ringtone……what am I doing, feeling jittery like this.

Kizuna smiled wryly and approached the door, then he touched the door that he had no habit to lock since he was at academy Ataraxia. As a result the door opened smoothly to the side.


The one standing there was Himekawa Hayuru, her cheeks were slightly red.

「So, sorry for the suddenness. That, there is something I want to talk about a bit……」

Inside Kizuna’s chest, his heart jumped in a big way. If a peaceful world come, won’t we become complete strangers? Because he was thinking something like that just now, he felt like she was coming here to say to him that they were breaking off their relationship permanently.

「Just, what――ah, no. First, come in……」

Kizuna turned his body aside and urged Himekawa to enter the room.

「Pardon me.」

Himekawa said reservedly and entered inside the room hesitatingly. Kizuna reacted sensitively to every single move of such Himekawa.

――What does she want to talk about……rather than that first I need to offer her a chair.

「Then, Hayuru……let’s see. Over there.」

There was no chair for guests in this room. Kizuna pointed his hand towards the bed.

Himekawa’s face turned bright red instantly.

「Wha, what are you thinking! Tha, that, that’s too sudden! To invite me to the bed just three seconds after I entered the room, the mood needs a bit more or something――」

「Tha-, that’s not it! That’s not what I meant! There is no chair, so sit on the bed, that’s what I meant!」


Himekawa’s bright red face became even redder. It was so red it felt like steam might come out from her head. She suddenly got teary eyed and her face was trembling while she was biting her lips.

「Aa, geez-! I’m really-!」

She hid her red face with her hands and looked down. Kizuna also held his head reflexively.

――You got influenced too much by your own imagination there, Kizuna! Calm down!

「Hayuru, that, it was my bad, I talked in a way that invited misunderstanding.」

Himekawa lifted her face and glared at Kizuna with eyes that looked moist with tears.

「Please pay attention to your act a little bit more! Because of that I got embarrassed like this!」

Kizuna thought that it was mostly because of karma, but anyway, first he prioritized pacifying her down.

Himekawa made an expression of being in a bad mood and dropped her waist on the bed loudly.

「Good grief……you spoiled the atmosphere right from the beginning.」

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 06.jpg

「The beginning?」

Kizuna put a distance of one person between him and Himekawa, and he sat down on the bed beside her.

「It’s nothing.」

She irritably looked upward with cheeks that were dyed red.

「So, about the talk……what is it?」


Himekawa hesitated to say.

「Actually, there is something I want to discuss a bit.」

Kizuna gulped for a moment.

「Wha, what is it, why that formal? You don’t need……to be reserved or anything right?」

He was saying that while being unable to suppress his own heartbeat that was getting louder.

「I’m not, really being reserved though……」

Himekawa fidgetingly entangled her fingers with each other and then she stole a glance at Kizuna.

Himekawa took a deep breath, and breathed out.

She turned towards Kizuna as though she was determined about something.

「Then, I’ll say it. Actually――」

Her straightforward eyes were reflected on Kizuna’s eyes.

「I, love you.」

Chapter 2 – Forbidden Hybrid[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hida Reiri was alone in the ship’s Captain’s Room facing her desk.

Formal office procedures were meaningless in this kind of situation, but even so there were minimum confirmations and problem processing that needed to be done. Her eyes went through the reports and written reports from each post and processed them.

Fortunately everything was digitalized, so there wasn’t a mountain of paper piling up. Thanks to that mentally it was somewhat easier, but it didn’t mean that the work amount decreased.

「Ha―i, Reiri-chan♪ Thank you very much for your hard work. Here is a snack for you―」

A happy-go-lucky voice echoed inside the quiet room. Reiri suddenly wanted to snap the pen she was holding.

「……No one asked for that.」

Reiri glared and responded with a voice that was filled not by thorns anymore, but by spears. Hida Nayuta didn’t even pay that any attention and put the tray she was carrying on Reiri’s desk. On top of the tray there were roasted green tea and Nanbu rice cracker. Nayuta showed a motherly smile with the appearance of a little girl, wearing strange clothing of tights on her lower body and a furisode on the top.

「You liked this didn’t you? You have astringent preferences since you were a child.」

Reiri scowled and grasped the teacup in irritation. She put her lips on the teacup and slurped the hot tea along with breathing in air. The inside of her dry mouth was moistened and she felt something warm was flowing in from her throat through to her chest. After that a sigh came out naturally from her mouth.

Her hand reached towards the Nanbu rice cracker and she crunched on it with an angered expression. Nayuta was looking at Reiri’s state that was like that with a puzzled face.


「No, this is the first time, you ate something that I brought……」

Reiri’s hand that was carrying the half-eaten rice cracker to her mouth stopped. Reiri made a shocked expression as though she only noticed this late.

She stared fixedly at her hand that was holding the rice cracker.

――I thought that this person doesn’t know my preferences. However, there is no way she doesn’t know I guess.

As though to swallow back the complicated feeling emerging in her heart, Reiri put the remaining Nanbu rice cracker into her mouth and crunched it. And then she gulped down the tea and faced the monitor screen once more.

「It’s not the food that is at fault after all.」

「Fufu……you’re right.」

Nayuta saw that figure of her daughter and squinted her eyes in a smile.

「Then do your best.」

「There is no need for you to tell me that.」

「Ah, but your body will break down if you work too hard. You were stubborn since in the past. You have a habit that tends to make pointless effort because you work too hard.」

Reiri couldn’t bear it anymore and hit the desk.

「It’s fine already so get out! I’m busy!」

「Yes yes. Okaa-san will get out now.」

Nayuta turned her back with a slightly pouting face. And then her foot was stepping forward towards the door, but she didn’t move from that spot.

Reiri frowned staring at that back.

「Is there still something else?」


That voice completely changed into something coldly flat. Reiri spontaneously stood up with a bad premonition.

「What’s wrong, did something happen?」

Nayuta turned around and spoke with a cold expression.

「Ataraxia fell into Thanatos’s hands.」

「What did you say!?」

Reiri stood up so forcefully that the chair almost fell down, and then she walked away from the desk toward Nayuta’s side.

「……Is that certain?」

Ataraxia was something Nayuta restored using the data she stole when the Deus ex Machina were recovering the whole data. Ataraxia was something like a part of Nayuta’s body, so she could sense if something unusual happened.

「What I felt was that Ataraxia was moved far away from the space it was originally at. However, something like this is only possible to be done by a machine god. That means――」

「You are saying, that Ataraxia was stolen by Thanatos.」

Reiri gritted her teeth audibly.

「Calm down Reiri.」

Nayuta took out a fan from her chest area with a cool face, and she spread it.

「Try to think further. What we have obtained from this matter.」


「Ataraxia was stolen, but we understand where it was taken to. In other words, what is the meaning of that?」

Reiri frowned and then she spoke in a whisper.

「The location of Thanatos, became exposed.」

Nayuta closed her fan with a snap.


And then she smiled cheerfully.

Part 2[edit]

「Gehoh! Gohoh!」

Aine coughed because she tried to jump to her feet, and she spitted out blood.

Because she raised her body, intense pain traveled through her chest. That pain pierced through her head and for a moment her consciousness was getting far away again. She collapsed on the bed once more and writhed while pressing on her chest.

「Aine! That’s great, you are awake!」

Just what is great from this much pain huh!? Even though she wanted to curse like that but her chest was too painful, she was unable to say her words out loud.


Aine didn’t understand where she was. She also didn’t understand why her chest felt this pained.

Even when she was lying down, she felt like the world was rotating and her field of vision couldn’t focus.

There was a brown skinned girl wearing a joyful expression inside her blurry field of vision.


Why, is Gravel in this kind of place……eh? This kind of place……where is, here again? Ataraxia? Vatlantis?

「Queen Landred! Aine recovered her consciousness! Please come and take a look here!」

「Yes yes, aa―, wait Aine-san. Don’t move around okay―」

An excessively huge breast appeared. Most of her view looking up was filled with soft-looking breasts.

――Wha, what is this? This breast monster.

Her own breast was touched by something cool and soft. It seemed this breast monster’s hand was touching her. Then mysteriously her pain was receding. And then pleasant, calming feeling was spreading inside her chest.

「How is it? Have you calmed down?」

Like a moon that was rising up from behind a mountain, a gentle-looking woman showed her face from behind the huge twin hills. Under her faint blonde hair, her drooping eyes were smiling.

「Queen, Lan……dred.」

「Ufufu, wroo―ng. The correct answer is the health teacher of Ataraxia♪」


Aine fell into chaos once more.

「Queen, please refrain from bewildering Aine with your prank.」

When Gravel said chidingly, Landred stuck out her tongue cutely and shrugged her shoulders. Gravel peered into Aine’s face and then she leaked out a relieved sigh.

「You were lucky Aine. You would have died if Queen Landred wasn’t there.」


「Why……did I almost die?」

Gravel smiled wryly at Aine who was responding with a vacant voice.

「So you don’t even remember that. Well, surely that’s because your memory is in chaos right now.」

Around an hour after that, Gravel slowly explained what was happening to ascertain Aine’s memory.


Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 07.jpg

「I see……I couldn’t even make a scratch.」

「Yes. If there wasn’t the healing power of Queen Landred, right now you would be completely dead.」

This place was an apartment around three kilometers away from the arena. At the fourth floor of a ten floor wooden building. Even though it was made from wood, the wood’s hardness and quality were greatly different from earth’s wood. The lumber that possessed surprising hardness and flexibility could even endure being turned as material for high-rise buildings. And then the lumber was carved with magic circuit that was filled with various functions. This aspect was also similar with the culture of Landred’s country, Baldin.

Aine turned her face to the side and said her thanks to Landred.

「Thank you Queen Landred.」

「No no, you’re welcome.」

But what did she mean by health teacher? Aine thought that inside her heart, but it wasn’t even something terribly important so she ignored it.

At that time the door of the room opened and a green haired beauty entered.

「I’m home……my, Aine. You are awake?」

Former Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard, and currently an aide of Gravel at Izgard, Aldea. She was holding baggage in both her hands, when she entered the room she closed the door using her butt.

「Then I’ve to prepare the meal. You need to supplement for the blood you lost and also to repair your body function.」

Aldea disappeared into the kitchen while holding her baggage.

This room was a room that was rented using the money Aine earned from her ranking’s reward. Even Gravel and the others who arrived here to save Aine were currently living nearby.

The Golden Dragon they boarded broke down when they landed in this world, it seemed that it couldn’t fly with its own power for now. In this case they could only stay here until the Lemuria group or the Vatlantis group found them.

All the residents of this world were equally warriors, there was no class system here.

However there was an hierarchical system.

Then how was that hierarchy decided?

This world was actually simple, ruled by a primitive sense of value.

What decided the hierarchy was by who was the strongest.

Ranking showed that hierarchy. All the people in this world were given a silver bracelet. The number displayed there showed the whole value of that person.

The rank was decided by pure strength. Who was stronger between this person and that person? There was a number to display one’s fighting strength that was called divinity number as standard, but that number didn’t include other factors like affinity and tactics and so on.

There they were made to fight for real. If the lower ranking person won then they would steal the opponent’s ranking, the loser would have their rank decreased by one. While that was being repeated endlessly, the ranking of everyone in this world was formed.

And then the winner had a special privilege. They would be able to steal one weapon or authority from the loser. The loser would be kicked down even further. Naturally it was also not rare for someone to lose their life.

This ranking decided the value of everything. That was to say, social status and income also wholely depended on one’s ranking.

For example Aine who ranked 133rd won against Frei who ranked tenth, so Aine’s ranking became tenth rank. The loser Frei fell to eleventh rank from tenth.

However, surely Frei would be unable to fight in his condition. He couldn’t accept other warrior’s challenges and he would loss by default continuously. And then what would he become? His income that was provided from Odin would stop and his living place taken away. He would be evicted from this city and live out in the wild, he could only obtain food by hunting wild animals and eating the grass under the snow.

Other than Aine, Gravel was at rank 450th. Aldea was at rank 382nd. Aldea’s rank was higher than Gravel was because Aldea was looking forward happily to matches one after another.

This ranking was applied to all people, so Landred was also not an exception. But, Landred was a non combatant so she quickly gave up against others every time she fought, her ranking fell until several tens of thousands lower. Even so she was able to survive thanks to the income Aine, Gravel, and Aldea earned.

Those who didn’t have anyone to rely on would do business with the warriors, for example providing food or alcohol, maintaining weapons or body, and so on. They would endure like that with bare livelihood.

In this world, there was no one who could escape from this ranking system.

It was unrelated with their own will. Whether Aine or Gravel, when they noticed they already had a silver ring put on their wrist. When someone was summoned to this world, a ring would be fitted on their hand naturally.

This was the admonition, shackles that Odin imposed on them. As long as this ring was on them, Aine and Gravel were a part of Odin’s world, they couldn’t escape from that curse.

But, not everyone was grieved because of that. Aldea wearing an apron showed her face from the kitchen.

「But, this place is rea―lly a good place isn’t it. I wonder if it’s fine if we just live here forever.」

She was seriously thinking that so she was hard to deal with. Gravel replied with a fed up voice.

「Then you will stay here behind all alone? I’m going back to the original world.」

「Ee~ don’t wannaaa. Gravel, you too stay together with me here.」

Ignoring Aldea who behaved like a spoiled child with a wheedling voice, Gravel was going to replace Aine’s bandages. Aine stared at a spot on the ceiling before she murmured with a firm voice.

「I……will absolutely return to the original world. To the world where Kizuna is.」

Gravel’s hand that reached towards Aine stopped.

「……Queen Landred. Can I ask you to do the rest? I’m going to help out Aldea.」

「Yes yes. Leave it to me~」

Queen Landred’s personality completely slackened because of life in Ataraxia huh, thinking that Gravel smiled wryly inside her heart. But, the person herself didn’t hate that change of herself.

Aldea leaped at Gravel and took her arm with good mood.

「Ufufu♪ As I thought, Gravel is fine with me aren’t you?」

「Don’t hug me every time.」

Aldea didn’t even get discouraged by that tone and she leaned on Gravel while heading to the kitchen.

「Then Gravel, can you wash the vegetables?」

「――I get it.」

After entering the kitchen, Gravel took out a vegetable that resembled a potato from the paper bag Aldea carried and turned on the tap at the sink.

「Hey Gravel?」

「I know. You want to say to take the sprout out too when I peel the skin right?」

Aldea put a slab of meat on top of a chopping board, and then she took out a knife from a drawer.

「Do you, have any prospect of winning against Aine?」

Gravel washed away the dirt sticking on the vegetable with the water flowing from the tap.

「What are you saying? There is no need to fight against Aine right? From what happened before we understood that defeating Odin is not realistic. We can continue to live just by protecting our current ranking. What’s left is only to wait for help. There is no need for us to raise our ranking deliberately, much less a fight between comrades…….」

Aldea put her knife on the meat and started to slice.

「That’s not what I meant.」

Gravel put the vegetable she had finished washing on a plate and took out one more vegetable of the same kind from the paper bag. And then she stared fixedly at that vegetable.

「……I wonder.」

Water continued to flow from the tap, flowing down to the drainage.

Gravel suddenly made a smile and put down the vegetable, she then returned to the room where Aine was sleeping.

「Aine, you think your throat can take in food?」

「I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t have any appetite but……but if it’s necessary for recovery then I’ll wash it down my mouth.」

She answered Gravel with a wry smile.

「Let’s make something that won’t be too heavy. Queen will also be eating right?」

Queen Landred joined her hands together and smiled.

「Wa―i. I’m happy. My children, all of them are scattered everywhere and I’m lonely.」

The Baldin group had few people among them that could fight, many of them were operators. Therefore they weren’t fighting and worked hard to contribute by trying to investigate this world. They walked until every corner of this city, investigating if there was any data regarding this world’s origin and Odin.

Gravel confirmed Aine’s complexion one more time before returning to the kitchen.

She really understood how Aine was feeling. Because similar to her, she also wanted to meet him so much it was unbearable.


Returning to their original world, then reunited,

And after that?

――What will happen with me at that time?

Such thinking suddenly passed through her heart.

Part 3[edit]

「Everyone has gathered?」

Reiri entered the bridge of the battleship Ataraxia. And then she sat at the captain’s seat that was on a high position like on a tiered platform inside the bridge. Kizuna and Yurishia were standing in front of there.

「Looks like Hayuru hasn’t arrived yet isn’t it?」

When Yurishia looked around the bridge, it was right at that timing the door opened and a black haired girl arrived with a small run.

「I’m sorry, I’m la――」

The girl stood still when her eyes met Kizuna. Her cheeks were turning red at once.


Kizuna also felt his cheeks getting heated. He felt embarrassed and also somewhat awkward at the same time.

That was an understandable reaction.

『I, love you.』

Since then, both of them were somewhat distant. They were even avoiding to look at each others’ face.

――How should I answer?

It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t know about Himekawa’s feelings. He vaguely felt that she was directing good will at him. However, he also wondered if asserting that might be an overconfidence or excessive self-consciousness on his part.

And then at the same time, they were also doing Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid due to their duty. Kizuna looked back at himself and wondered, that perhaps it was because of those that he tried not to be conscious of romantic emotions as much as possible.

He wasn’t behaving like that intentionally. However, now that he was looking back, it could also be thought that he was acting with such thinking at the bottom of his heart.

Kizuna was at a loss at how to answer Himekawa’s confession. Seeing such a Kizuna, Himekawa continued what she was saying in a fluster.

『I, I don’t need to, hear the answer right away-. Besides, doing this while Aine-san is not here, somehow it also feels cowardly.』

Himekawa stood up from the bed.

『It’s just, I want you to think about it.』

『……Got it. But, why, so suddenly?』

Kizuna thought ‘damn it’ after saying that. Surely this wasn’t something that suddenly occurred in Himekawa’s mind. Undoubtedly she was worrying about it all this time until now, and today she finally gathered her courage to confess.

『Sorry! Forget what I said just now. I’ll think properly――』

However Himekawa smiled gently without showing any sign of anger.

『Because we don’t know what will happen from here on.』


『There will be an operation against a really powerful enemy where we cannot really see any prospect. It won’t be strange even if the world ends or we die any second. Even until now we have been continuously going through difficult situations, but I have the feeling that what will be waiting for us ahead of this will be something so dangerous that it cannot be compared with that.』


『That’s why, I thought of doing everything I can so I won’t regret anything.』

She cutely shrugged and showed him her smiling face.

『Well then, excuse me.』


And then she turned her back to Kizuna and exited the room.

――Such a thing happened and his reply was still postponed.

Was the reply postponed because it was awkward, or else was it because the reply was postponed that they only ended with this awkward atmosphere? Even the two of them didn’t know which one it was.

But, they understood that right now wasn’t the time for them to be preoccupied with that.

「What’s wrong?」

When Reiri inquired with a suspicious look, Himekawa shook her head and answered「There is nothing」 and lined up beside Kizuna.

『Currently, the battleship Ataraxia is approaching Thanatos’s world favorably. The time until our arrival is approximately twelve hours of this ship’s internal time.』

A staff officer chair was placed diagonally in front of the captain’s seat, where Reiri was sitting. The one sitting there was Shikina Kei. She was typing on her keyboard and the contents was displayed as text on the screen.

After Megafloat Ataraxia was stolen by Thanatos, the battleship Ataraxia changed course to Thanatos’s world urgently. The Oldium is currently taking separate action and is keeping their course heading towards Odin’s world.

There were also voices that felt cautious of dividing their battle strength, however――,

「We don’t have any intention of fighting Thanatos from the start. Until the end this is a rescue operation. If possible, it’s desirable if this is carried out covertly by a few elites. Besides, the Oldium also won’t be attacking. First please start from investigating. I also feel some kind of abnormality with the Golden Dragon, so I think it’s better to hurry with that side too.」

Those words of Nayuta made the others reluctantly agree.

In the end, they were still divided into two teams, where the Lemuria group was still on the battleship Ataraxia, and the Vatlantis group still inside the Oldium, each of them were heading towards their own destinations.

And then, the time to invade the stronghold of Thanatos was rapidly approaching Kizuna and the others on the battleship Ataraxia. Kizuna, Himekawa, and Yurishia who were assembled at the bridge had their expressions colored with nervousness. The only one who looked relaxed was Nayuta who was sitting on a chair that looked even more splendid than the captain’s seat.

「Well, please don’t be that nervous. If you are like that then even things you can succeed in will end in failure you know.」

Saying that, Nayuta then waved her fan. Reiri glared fiercely at such a Nayuta. However, she didn’t say anything and turned back to Kizuna and the others.

「Listen. The mission this time is not defeating Thanatos. It’s to infiltrate Thanatos’s world and rescue the captured Ataraxia students. That’s our objective. If we are going to exaggerate, than the most ideal situation is for you all to return here without firing even a single bullet.」

Yurishia raised her hand with a face that looked unconvinced.

「But what about Ataraxia? Is it okay to just leave it like that?」

「I don’t mind. One day the time to steal the world’s configuration information Thanatos has will come. We can leave Ataraxia in Thanatos’s custody until then. What we need is battle strength, and then the lives of our comrades.」

Nayuta narrowed her eyes staring at Reiri who was handing down orders with dignity. Kizuna felt like he had seen that look and expression of Nayuta somewhere. He suddenly remembered after thinking for a while.

It was when he was a child, perhaps at his upper grades in primary school. There was a student that raised his hand to answer the question the teacher asked at the parents’ day. When that student answered with a splendidly correct answer, a slight commotion occurred at the back of the classroom.

During the parents’ day, the students were told not to look behind just because their parents were coming. However, Kizuna looked back because he thought no one would mind anyway, after all his parents didn’t come. There a mother at the center of the commotion was smiling looking embarrassed, but also happy and proud somehow.

He recalled the smiling face he saw at that time.

「Kizuna, are you listening?」

「Eh? Aa, sorry――no, my apologies! Commander.」

Come to think of it, there was someone that made great mistakes when he answered a simple question from the teacher, and then he got laughed at if I remember right. When all is said and done, I’m in that guy’s position right now huh.

He somehow held back his face that almost broke into a smile.

「Do Climax Hybrid with a partner that is the most optimum for this rescue operation. You get that Kizuna?」

「Roger……but, optimum partner Nee-san said……who do you mean?」

Zelcyone’s face immediately came to mind, but unfortunately she was heading to Odin’s world in Oldium.

Reiri tilted her head slightly to the back and called out to empty air.

「Valdy. You’re there?」


The unexpected name caused Kizuna to be taken aback in surprise.

「Right here.」

The wall behind the captain seat flickered as though a shadow was peeled off from it. In the blink of an eye it became a substantial figure of a female, turning into Valdy, former Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard, the one who was acting as the watcher and also the bodyguard of Nayuta.

Kizuna didn’t notice at all that she was standing there until now. As expected from the assassin of the Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard. It was a splendid stealth ability.

However it seemed she received a really great shock after she was used and thrown away by Nayuta, but had she recovered from that? He didn’t understand her actual condition just from seeing her behavior. She was staring fixedly at Reiri and didn’t even glance at Nayuta. That appearance of hers looked like she had overcome her past, but it also looked like she was still dragging out something.

Himekawa was strangely bothered by that state of Valdy.

Perhaps it was because she had confessed? She was feeling an emotion that was close to jealousy inside her chest even more than until now hearing about Kizuna doing hybrid with another girl.

However, she shook her head trying to shake off such obstructive thoughts.

――This is a mission! Get a hold of yourself Himekawa Hayuru!

Yurishia tilted her head and spoke out her doubt.

「……You, you weren’t staying behind at Ataraxia because of injury? Even if you came along you should be on the Oldium right? You are one of the Vatlantis group after all.」

Valdy’s expression clouded.

「My injury……is fine already. Rather than that I have to protect……Reiri-sama’s safety.」


Kizuna and Yurishia’s expression convulsed spontaneously. However Himekawa turned to the other two and spoke with a relatively calm tone.

「Valdy-san’s admiration to the headmaster is famous among the girls don’t you two know? Ah……thinking back that’s at the Ataraxia that Professor Nayuta created, so I guess Yurishia-san doesn’t know about it.」

Kizuna murmured in surprise.

「Is, is that so……」

「Yes. Among the headmaster’s fans, Valdy-san is an existence that formed a matchless pair with Landred-sensei.」

「What kind of academy life were you all going through……」

Yurishia spoke with an astonished voice. And then she added saying, ‘I want to go to a school like that too.’

Valdy swore her loyalty once more in front of everyone there, but Reiri herself wasn’t even shocked. Most likely she had already heard that from the person herself many times. Reiri looked up at Valdy with a sharp look.

「Valdy, it’s just as you heard. Will you do it?」

Valdy sent a glance at Kizuna. Kizuna’s heart throbbed unconsciously from feeling startled.

Tall and thin body type like a model. Flexible and slender waist that made him want to say that it was truly a willowy waist. Her white skin and glossy long blue hair entangled on it was really sexy. And then, her hesitant attitude, her timid gaze, it stirred up his sadistic heart fiercely no matter how he felt about it.

She was a bewitching beautiful woman somewhat clad in a dangerous aroma.

「If that’s what Reiri-sama commanded……bu, but……」


「That, this is Reiri-sama’s, little brother……is it okay? Because――」

「I don’t mind! I permit it!」

Reiri yelled with a voice that contained anger as though to veil up Valdy’s words. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but it looked like there were blood veins emerging on Reiri’s forehead.

Valdy who was already looking fearful even at the best of times opened her mouth in an excessively scared state.

「The, then……that, there is……just one thing, I want to request……」

「What, say it. I cannot promise that I’ll grant it for sure, but I’ll consider it depending on the situation.」

Valdy joined both her arms together and approached Reiri fidgetingly. And then she reservedly left some distance opened and whispered with a small voice that Kizuna and the others could not overhear.

The color of Reiri’s eyes were changing while she was listening to that whisper.


――Instant answer!?

Kizuna and the others were spontaneously staring at Reiri and Valdy in a dumbfounded state. As for Nayuta, she was sinking into her chair while her face seemed to say ‘good grief’.

――Just what kind of request was it?

When Kizuna looked up at Reiri, Reiri was grinning with her eyes looked smiling.

Part 4[edit]

When that girl showed her appearance from the fitting room, the staff that numbered around twenty that were waiting for her were causing a commotion.

Tall body with a height of more than 170 centimeters. That slender body was being wrapped in a white lovely dress that looked like a wedding dress. The long black hair was shrouded with a veil, and her face that was shyly looking down was worthy to be called a beauty. Her sharp eyes with their long slits were wandering around looking anxious, that separated that girl from the image of a cool beauty which produced another kind of loveliness from her.

A black body suit protected the skin under the dress, firmly covering from the tips of her toes until her neck. There was no skin exposure, but the suit that clung tightly conversely gave off an obscene aroma, coupled with the white pure dress, the combination granted the girl an immoral impression.

There was also the breast that looked large for her slender body. That female was like an existence that stirred up contrary feelings in every aspect.

That appearance caused Reiri, Himekwa, and even Kei to stare in astonishment with their mouths opened wide unmoving.

「Is, is it really that strange?」

What came out from that female’s mouth was a lovely voice that sounded a bit husky. However her tone was awfully manly. And then she looked around anxiously with blushing cheeks at the people who were paying her attention.

Reiri wordlessly took out a camera and clicked the shutter towards that girl.

「Ah, wai……」

The girl in the dress raised a flustered voice.

「I-, I too……-!」

Smartphones that doubled as student handbooks were directed to the girl, and shutters clicked.

When Kei signaled, the students who acted as the archivist of the lab brought out the lighting and real video camera, then they surrounded the girl in the dress.

「Wa, wait」

The girl who became a photographic subject could only get flustered going ‘hawawa’. Behind her, the door of the fitting room opened and Yurishia with several other students appeared. Himekawa was clicking her camera shutter while calling towards Yurishia.

「Ah, Yurishia-san. Thanks for your hard work……wait, you look really exhausted don’t you.」

Yurishia responded with a frail voice looking like she had really exhausted her mind and spirit to the end.

「I was……getting a little too serious there. I got carried away unconsciously……but」

Yurishia crossed her arms, and then she and the students who came out from the fitting room together with her――the students who were Yurishia’s hanger on, they all displayed a smile full of confidence.

「This is my greatest masterpiece! If it’s this, then it won’t be shameful to show her out in any kind of party!」

The students around Yurishia also nodded.

「It’s true, Yurishia-sama. It’s really unthinkable for the raw material to be this good.」

「It’s really unimaginable from her usual figure in the classroom.」

「For a raw material like this to exist……this erosuke, what a terrifying child.」[2]

The girl in the dress couldn’t endure it anymore and yelled.

「You all, a person is not a toy!」

「What are you saying Kizuna? This is a fully-fledged mission.」

Reiri chided Kizuna with a crisp expression.

「Even if Nee-san said that, with a camera in one hand, there is no persuasiveness at all in it!」

Himekawa was also staring at Kizuna with sparkling eyes.

「Neverthelesss……for, for something this good, to be done when we became prisoners of war last time, it’s unfair.」

「What’s unfair! I endured my shame that time in order to save you all you know!」

In the past, when Kizuna once infiltrated the Vatlantis Empire, Kizuna disguised himself as a girl. This time was the same as that time, he was using a body adjustment suit that was developed by the technical research department. However, due to the evolved type that had advanced even further right now, the suit’s fusion with the body was heightened even more. It had a mechanism where the body of the wearer would feel that they were actually touched when it was the suit that was touched in reality.

Kei walked until in front of Kizuna and she reached out her hand to grasp that breast without any reservation whatsoever.


Kizuna grimaced and his body twisted. And then he hid his chest with his hand in panic.

「Wait, what are you doing so suddenly!」

Kei took out her keyboard with a satisfied face.

『There is no problem with the sense of touch and pleasure feedback. We can do this.』

And then she and Reiri gave a thumbs up and nodded to each other.

「Yosh, go Kizuna! To your battlefield!」

Saying that, Reiri pointed at the other side of the door. In contrast with the spectators who were excessively high-tensioned, Kizuna slipped through that door with heavy footsteps. The inside of that room was an experiment room that was spacious like a warehouse, something like a square container was set up in the middle of that room.

It was the Love Room.

「I understand what this is but……it’s only this time that my feelings are heavy like this……」

Reiri talked in consolation towards Kizuna whose shoulders dropped in a heavy mood.

「Certainly it will be hard for you to make use of your experience until now in the mission this time. There is a need to cut open a path to a new world. But, you are someone who has overcome any mission no matter how difficult they were. I believe that this time too you will surely make it somehow.」

『If the new type of Love Room that is currently still in the middle of development had made it in time, then there would have been no need to actually dress as a girl for real. I’m feeling regretful that we have to force the burden onto Kizuna for that.』

「No, it’s not about that fundamentally……」

Suddenly Kizuna asked about a point that bothered him after he reread Kei’s text.

「What? You are developing something like a new type of Love Room?」

『The new type won’t just have western clothes and toys, it will be able to even change the appearance of the person themselves. Of course, it won’t be a real transformation, the room will just make the target to have misrecognition.』

「I see……somehow there is no end to the addition of the functions huh……」

Kei’s fingers hesitated above her keyboard. She was somewhat showing worry in her gesture, but she soon began to type.

『That new function is Professor Nayuta’s idea. It’s planned to be realized by implementing the program that Professor Nayuta newly wrote.』

――Kaa-san was?

『For me it’s impossible』


Kei who was always expressionless was unusually making a grim expression. Kizuna tried to call out to her, but Reiri’s command stopped him.

「Kizuna, it’s time to start already. Your partner is waiting inside.」

「Eh? Aah……understood.」

Kizuna entered inside the Love Room like someone who had his butt whipped by Reiri.

There was no light inside, it was pitch dark.

When Kizuna entered inside, behind him the sound of the hatch closing resounded, making a sound of compressed air. After that, operating sounds and electronic sounds that signaled the beginning of the Love Room’s activation could be heard. And then after a sensation like a light dizziness had attacked him, the scenery before his eyes changed.

There it was like a castle of a witch.

The room was dark and mysterious, with the light from candles flickering due to wind.

Furniture and wallpaper with excessive decoration. The silhouette of a shining red velvet chair and a large bed with a canopy could be made out faintly in the middle of the dark room.

The view looked aristocratic and old fashioned. It gave of the impression of Victorian-style and gothic-style, a room with a somewhat decadent fragrance.

The moon was shining outside the window, that light was shining into the room.

A dark shadow like a god of death was standing at that window.


Valdy was standing still like a doll. She didn’t even twitch, staring fixedly at Kizuna like a hunter aiming at her prey.

「Ah……err. Wha, what do you think, about something like this?」

Kizuna lightly spread his hands and made a show by twirling once on the spot. His dress’s fringe floated gently like a flower petal.

「I heard that Valdy is not good with men, so everyone did their best and made me like this.」

However, Valdy didn’t reply. She was just staring still at Kizuna.

「Aa―haha, ha……」

Kizuna was gradually feeling unbearable. He held his arms together with a twist of his body, and then he tilted his head so that he looked as cute as possible.

「Is, is it……no good?」

「Nayuta, sama.」

Valdy’s lips moved slightly.


「No, Reiri-sama……for you to appear before me with such a lovely appearance……is this, a miracle of god?」

Under the moonlight shining in from the window, Valdy’s body was swaying.

oreI……no, watashiI am Ki, Kizuna you know?」

Kizuna showed a cheerful smile.

「You’re right……you are, created from your Okaa-sama. You are your Okaa-sama, you are your Okaa-sama’s daughter, the princess of my dreams.」

――Pri, princess?

Valdy kneeled in front of Kizuna and she looked up at his appearance looking radiant.

「What an exalted figure……」

「E, err……」

Kizuna felt a bit apologetic getting praised that much. He was unconsciously driven by an impulse of wanting to escape.

「Princess, you are my mother, my queen. The flower that I have to protect by putting my everything on the line. Everything of mine is yours.」

「Eh……tha, thank, you?」

Kizuna had a cold sweat running down on his cheek while saying that.

Kizuna was starting to feel something terrifying from Valdy. He knew that from the start she had instability in her mental state. If the current Valdy was simply getting drunk with the atmospehere of the Love Room’s world, then there wouldn’t be any problem. Rather, it was something that he should welcome in order to make the Climax Hybrid a success.

However, he got the feeling that the light of madness was lurking inside Valdy’s eyes.

Valdy stood up and stared straight at Kizuna. Valdy was taller than Kizuna. Kizuna needed to look up slightly when she approached him. Her eyes that were filled with passion were shining on her expression that was shaded with the shadow of the moonlight behind her. Kizuna was feeling a strange pressure and terror.

Valdy’s both hands caressed Kizuna’s cheeks.

「Aa……how lovely.」

The sensation of a cold hand tracing on his cheek caused his spine to shudder. Valdy approached near with a feverish gaze.

「What is here is my, my Nayuta-sama, Reiri-sama, and then Kizuna-sama that is only for me.」

It seemed that Valdy was mixing Nayuta, Reiri, and Kizuna inside her mind.

「Many times, I saw a dream.」


「I desired……an Okaa-sama only for me, a princess only for me……possessing what I don’t have, my yearning」


Kizuna felt like he saw the sadness inside Valdy’s heart. He raised his hand to put his own hand on the hand caressing his cheek.

However Valdy’s hand was lowering down as though to dodge Kizuna’s hand. That hand traced Kizuna’s neck, reached his shoulder, and then moved towards his breast, her slender white fingertips were crawling like a snake twisting its body.


When Valdy’s fingertips arrived at the tip of the breast, a voice leaked out from Kizuna’s mouth.

「……is to kidnap, and take her to a secret place that only I know.」

Valdy’s hand embraced Kizuna’s body.

「Va-! Valdy!?」

Holding Kizuna’s body in her arms, Valdy rushed through inside the room instantly. And then she pushed down Kizuna on the bed.


The bed was soft, he felt no pain. However Kizuna couldn’t say anything with how sudden it was.

His dress’ fringe spread, looking like spreading wings. Valdy was kneeling on top of those wings, as though she was putting pins on those wings, so the bird couldn’t fly away.

「Right now, that feeling……I’ll have them accomplished.」

Vadly straddled Kizuna’s body and looked down on his face.

「Wait Valdy, oreI, I, watashiI am――nn!?」

Valdy used both her hands to grope Kizuna’s breast that swelled up largely even laying down face up like this. It wasn’t a real breast, but it was sending electrical signals to Kizuna’s brain which conveyed pleasure.


――Wha, what the hell is this! A, amazing, how can it feel this good!?

The pleasure that he felt for the first time made his head almost overheat. Kizuna’s body unconsciously writhed on the bed. Valdy was looking down joyfully at that state of his.

「Aa, even though I mustn’t do something like this……it’s like I’m dirtying my important person.」

She put even more strength on her fingertips with a speech that sounded like lamenting.

「Nn! A, aaaaaaaaaah!」

Because of the medicine that was applied on his vocal cords, Kizuna’s voice became like a girl’s. The voice that leaked out from his lips was exactly like the gasping voice of a girl that was confused from feeling pleasure for the first time.

That voice was enticing Valdy further into another world. Valdy wasn’t in reality, but she was inside a world that was only hers right now.

「But, no good……I want to break Okaa-sama. I want to dirty the beautiful, lovely princess with this hand.」

Her eyes were looking at an illusion even more fantastical than what the Love Room was showing. Valdy leaned forward on top of Kizuna, her face getting near to the point where their nose tips almost touched each other.

「Valdy……calm do――nnh!」

Kizuna’s lips were blocked with Valdy’s. Kizuna was shocked and his eyes opened wide. A long tongue used that opening to invade inside Kizuna’s mouth.

――Da, damn it.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 08.jpg

By the time he thought that, Valdy’s tongue was crawling around inside Kizuna’s mouth. It entangled around Kizuna’s tongue that tried to expel out the invader, and licked around to her heart’s content instead. And then her tongue traced along his teeth and caressed around the inside of his cheeks. That soft melting tongue was turning Kizuna’s consciousness hazy as though it was a hypnotist.

Valdy’s both hands were crawling around Kizuna’s body even during that time. Valdy’s slender body was entangling Kizuna’s body like a snake. It was as though a snake was constricting its prey alive. Both her hands and legs were wrapping around his body, restraining him, not letting go of him absolutely. He was being gradually constricted and eaten up slowly.

When Valdy separated her lips from him, her long tongue slipped out from Kizuna’s mouth smoothly. Their saliva was pulled into a string, and Kizuna finally could breathe in outside air. Valdy’s lips were licking on his throat that was breathing up and down.

「I finally obtained you……I absolutely, don’t want to let go……aa, but」

Valdy opened up the chest part of Kizuna’s dress and sucked at the breast that was wrapped in the body suit.

「Haaaaaah! Wha-, that, that’s, sto……-!」

Kizuna struggled to try to escape, but he couldn’t escape from Valdy’s body that was firmly binding him. He could only let himself be toyed by the pleasure that Valdy was forcefully giving him.

The gasping Kizuna made Valdy show an expression of ecstasy.

「Aa……how cute. You are really cute and beautiful. I absolutely don’t want to let go of you anymore. It will be great if everything ended like this. If I can welcome an end with a lovely feeling like this, that feeling will be eternal.」

Valdy buried her face onto Kizuna’s breast, both her hands were lovingly caressing his waist and butt.

「That’s why……I want to do something that cannot be taken back, and ruin you. I’m not alone anymore. Rather than living in a bitter reality, I’ll live in a beautiful dream.」

Valdy was talking deliriously while desiring Kizuna even more. That fierce torment was mercilessly beating Kizuna’s mind that had no resistance against female pleasure. Kizuna was swallowed by waves of pleasure while he desperately held on to his consciousness.

Kizuna mobilized his whole consciousness and lifted up both of his hands. And then――,

Softly, he embraced Valdy’s body.


Valdy’s movement stopped.

「Wh, why……do you want ruin that much?」

Valdy was staring fixedly for a while, but before long she lifted up her face. Her face looked like a child that could burst into tears anytime, there was also no color of madness inside her eyes.

「Because……Nayuta-sama who finally seemed like she would become my Okaa-san was……」

Tears were falling in large drops from those eyes.

Even though he understood that it wasn’t his fault, Kizuna’s chest felt helplessly filled with guilt. Kizuna gently caressed her head, as though he was handling something that was easy to break.

「I’m sorry Valdy.」

Valdy was sobbing convulsively very much when he apologized and her voice stuttered.

「Re, Reiri-sama……hics, I, I thought, if she became the substitute……but, when, when I thought what if I am abandoned again……u, uaa-」

Kizuna lightly tapped on Valdy’s back to reassure her.

「Don’t worry. Nee-chan isn’t someone like that.」

「Bu, but……」

「Certainly it might be difficult for her to become a replacement for mother, but she won’t do something like simply betraying you. She is even giving Valdy a place to belong. Isn’t that right?」

Valdy nodded quietly.

「I, I was……an orphan, I was alone all that time……even when I entered the Imperial Guard……everyone only thought, that someone like me was just like a shadow.」


「Anyone is fine. If it’s someone that can embrace me. If it’s someone that can become like a parent. If it’s for that person’s sake, I’ll do anything. I’ll even polish my killing technique. But――」

Valdy smiled sadly.

「There is no such person.」

Kizuna caressed Valdy from her head to her cheek.

「But you have comrades. Even friends. I think Nee-chan is a good superior yeah?」

Valdy nodded and closed her eyes.

「Reiri-sama is……like Okaa-san……if Reiri-sama, won’t throw me away then……」

「She won’t. I’ll guarantee that.」

Kizuna looked up at Valdy with a serious gaze. Valdy stared back with tears floating in her eyes.

「I understand……I’ll believe you. If that’s what……my princess says.」

「I see……eh?」

Valdy’s cheeks blushed and her face approached Kizuna once more.

「I swear, I’ll protect you along with Reiri-sama. What I can do is only protecting my important person from the shadows……dying this hand with blood for the sake of my important person is my happiness.」

She licked up on Kizuna’s throat.

「It feels like……I want to protect, anyone other than Okaa-san for the first time……usually you hide your appearance with the shape of a male but……I know. Only I know. My princess.」

Kizuna who thought that he had made Valdy understand, had his face cramped with this strange misunderstanding.

「N, no, someone like oreme, watashime, is nothing special…..Ne, Nee-chan, Reiri-san, is, isn’t it better if you only protect her, I think.」

「I swear I’ll protect Reiri-sama, and……my lovely princess.」

She began to grope Kizuna’s chest once more.

「Nn……aa, aaah!」

Getting hit by a surprise attack, Kizuna raised an unbecoming voice unconsciously.

――Shit-! Did everyone feel this kind of amazing pleasure!? There is no way, not to gasp like this!

「But……I cannot, just getting done in forever!」

Kizuna turned his body to the side while he kept embracing Valdy. Perhaps Valdy was also letting her guard down, that she slipped off from above Kizuna. Now they were staring at each other while lying on their sides.

Kizuna crawled his hand on Valdy’s breast and groped to pay back the pleasure that he received.

「Aah! Yo, you must not. I, I’m……」

Kizuna thought for a bit, then he intentionally changed his tone and spoke.

「It’s fine Valdy. You can also feel good.」

In that moment, Valdy’s body shook noticeably. And then her face was becoming bright red.

――As I thought, this way makes her excited.

Kizuna resolved himself to act the princess that Vadly wished for. It seemed that Valdy still had the tendency to dream, but he judged that mentally she wasn’t going to a bad place. Then he should rather take advantage of Valdy’s delusions and make the Climax Hybrid succeed.

「What’s the matter Valdy? Your tip is obviously getting harder even from on top of your clothes you know?」

Her face was increasingly getting redder and she replied with voice so small like a mosquito’s buzzing.

「Su, such thing……pri, princess, yourself……it has been turning hard since before.」

Kizuna was startled inside his heart.

――Eh? Is this breast made with that much detail?

Kizuna did his very best to ask Valdy calmly so that she couldn’t sense what was going on in his heart.

「My? Where is it that you are saying is hard?」

Hearing that Valdy’s hand quietly reached out to below.



Valdy flipped his skirt and exposed the crotch of Kizuna that was swelling up there in hiding.

――That’s a blind spot! Or rather, that’s just obvious!

「Just, what in the world……is princess hiding here?」

Valdy was saying that while lowering down the fastener on the crotch.

「Aah! Opening there is still too――」

Suddenly a feeling of liberation visited Kizuna’s crotch when he was yelling that.

「!! ……!? ……」

Valdy’s eyes were staring in bewilderment at the hard towering thing that leaped out from there.

「Pri……princess……at your groin, something……like this is」

Kizuna felt like he would writhe in shame.

――This is a hundred times more embarrassing then getting seen normallyyyyyy!

He suddenly lifted up his face and his figure was being reflected on the mirror that was decorating the room’s wall.

At the groin of a beautiful girl wearing a clean and pure dress, something unbelievable was standing up with manliness.

It was a sight that was too perverse and immoral.

The excessive shame caused tears to ooze from Kizuna’s eyes.

He should have understood this, but he didn’t imagine it tangibly. When he saw the reality visually like this, the great impact almost caused panic in his mind.

Furthermore the unrealistic truth that the beauty reflected in the mirror was himself needlessly caused chaos in his mind.

Valdy was staring continuously at that thing that peeked out its face from the skirt as though she was entranced. Her slender throat gulped audibly.

「It’s strange……something like this, at the groin of q beautiful princess……this ugly thing……but」

Vadly quietly reached out her hand. And then she touched the tip.


Kizuna reflexively turned away his gaze and raised his voice. Valdy felt her chest beating fast seeing that.

「It, it’s fine……princess, I……will do something about it.」

She opened her hand and timidly wrapped her finger on Kizuna’s thing. When Valdy grasped it reservedly, she breathed out a deep sigh.


That comment caused Kizuna’s cheeks to be dyed red. Valdy looked up at Kizuna worriedly.

「That……does, it hurt……」

「N, no. It, it’s all right.」

――Get a grip. This is a chance for Climax Hybrid.

「You see, Valdy……actually, your hand……it feels good.」

Valdy felt like her heart tightened so much it made a *kyun* sound.

「Th, then……more」

Valdy’s gripping hand gently slid down.


「Are, are you all right!?」

The surprised Valdy reflexively let go.

「I, I’m fine. Rather than that continue……because, I’ll also make you feel good.」

Kizuna also touched between Valdy’s legs.


This time it was Valdy’s turn to raise an unbecoming voice.

「What’s the matter Valdy?」

「Ye, yes……tha, that place……the stimulation, is too strong……」

「It didn’t feel good?」

Valdy’s face got red until her ears and she looked down when he asked her that.

「……it feels good.」

「I see. I’m glad♪」

Kizuna smiled and pushed his fingers stronger.


The thin suit dug into between her legs and formed a valley. Kizuna slid his finger along that crack.

「Pri-, princess-! Do, don’t!」

A stain was spreading between Valdy’s legs, and a viscous sound was gradually starting to echo.

「It’s good right? Valdy too, can you do mine properly?」

「A……fo, forgive-, me, AAaaAAh!」

She held Kizuna’s thing in backhand grip with a trembling hand, and then she enveloped it within her hand and rubbed up.

It was a superb moderation of strength. Coupled with Valdy’s palm that felt like sucking him, it brought about violent pleasure within Kizuna.

「H, how, does it feel?」

「I, it’s, good. Valdy.」

They brought their faces closer to each other and their lips naturally piled on each other. And then Valdy’s tongue entered inside Kizuna’s mouth greedily once again.

The two white and black girls hidden kiss. And then they reached their hand to each other’s lewd place and continuously moved their hands devouringly, it was an act of taboo.

Furthermore the white girl had an unthinkable thing towering there. The black girl’s fingers were gradually getting immersed in that act and repeatedly moving up and down vigorously.

The white girl put strength into his fingertips in order to escape from that pleasure. And then, his finger was getting buried even deeper into the black girl’s valley. Each time, hot honey dripped along his fingers and gathered on his palm.

That situation was a sight that was really perverse and esthetic.

Valdy’s gasping voice was entering from mouth to mouth into Kizuna.

And then Valdy also desperately continued to stroke Kizuna’s thing.


The immoral pleasantness was quickly driving the two to the summit of pleasure. Pleasure was swelling up. Inside, their buzzing heads couldn’t think of anything other than indulging in that pleasure.

And then――,

「「!? ……!! ……!!!!」」

Both of them welcomed the climax simultaneously.

And then both of them simultaneously released their respective height of passionate feeling.

Something hot was flowing on each of their hands stickily.

Even so both of them didn’t let go of each other’s lips, hiding each other’s gasping voice.

Perhaps that was because of a feeling that didn’t want to let other people know of this secret flower garden.

This perverse pleasure mustn’t be known by others.

Such forbidden game pulled up the two’s excitement to the extreme all at once.

A heart shaped light emerged on Valdy’s eyes.

And then lights that were floating up from the two’s bodies were melting into one.

Kizuna murmured inside his heart.

――Climax Hybrid…….

They had blown right through Heart Hybrid and suddenly rushed until Climax Hybrid.

That overly dangerous pleasure caused Kizuna to be completely spent in mind and spirit. When he looked to his side, Valdy had also lost her consciousness with her eyes closing.

Kizuna caressed her hair and closed his eyes too.

Chapter 3 – Odin[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Aine stripped off her negligee that had soaked up sweat when she stood up from her bed. Her figure without a single string covering her body was exposed on a mirror, her fingertip traced the valley of her breasts.

Even though her chest supposedly had a wind hole opened on it before, but now it didn’t even have any scar remaining.

「Queen Landred’s power……is it.」

Thinking back, she was a mysterious person. Even in Atlantis, Baldin was a country that had succeeded old legends, folklore, and ceremonies all this time until now. Even the knowledge of the past that had been lost from Vatlantis was surviving there.

The queen of Baldin stood at the summit of the country’s government, and at the same time she was also the head priestess. The queen was a person that managed various kinds of divine works and should even be called as god’s messenger. Perhaps the recovery magic that was performed on Aine like a miracle was also a magic technology of ancient Baldin. Or perhaps it was Queen Landred that was special.

It even felt like it was something connected to Kizuna’s power in some respect.

However it also looked like Landred herself wasn’t that attached to the position of queen. Rather, it appeared that she felt attachment to her job as a school nurse that she had at Ataraxia instead. From before she was a gentle and calm person that didn’t seem like a queen, but recently it felt like she slackened down even more so than before.

「Putting that aside……I have to restart my training genuinely soon.」

Aine sat on the floor and spread her legs still naked. Snow was falling outside, but the floor was faintly warm. That was because the magic formula carved on the floor board was giving off an effect like a floor heater.

Aine opened her groin widely on that floor and spread her legs with an angle nearly 180 degrees. Her stance was something that really couldn’t be shown to other people with how all of her was exposed. And then like that she let her body fall forward. The tip of her breast touched the floor, and then she was falling further which pressed flat her whole breast. She maintained that posture for a while before she raised her body. Her breast that was clinging on the floor was slowly torn away from there. She continued that several times, and then next she twisted her body and caught the tips of her toes. Her breast was a hindrance each time she bent forward. It touched her foot, and when she dropped her body even lower, her breast shape distorted and parted into a shape that sandwiched her leg between them.

It was something that bothered even her this much, so surely Yurishia and Queen Landred had it even harder than her, Aine thought. Although, it didn’t seem that Queen Landred was doing any practice.

When she stood up, this time she began flexibility exercises in a standing posture.

She straightened her knees and bent forward. And then she spread her legs and twisted her upper body to left and right. Perhaps her body was still stiff because she was just woke up from her sleep, it felt pleasant when she twisted her waist. When she shook her body with more force, her breast danced to the left and right as though it was swung around by her motion.

When she finished her flexibility exercises, next she did a handstand. It would be better if they had a weight training machine, but unfortunately there wasn’t even a dumbbell here.


However her breast forced back her body before she could bend her elbow.

「Good grief……」

She repeated her motion several dozens of times even while complaining. Then next she threw herself down and began sit-ups. At that time the ring on her arm shined and flickered repeatedly.


When she tapped the ring with her fingertip, a voice echoed inside her head.

『Announcing to all of you noble warriors. The invasion of an external enemy has been confirmed. People who receive this message are assigned as soldiers. Prepare to fight urgently.』

「What’s with this, geez……」

Aine stood up and pulled out a new pilot suit from the closet. It was something that she ordered from this world’s tailor, but it was surprisingly well made. At first she tried handing over her suit that had become tattered and consulted whether she could order the same thing to be made because she had nothing to lose, but unexpectedly a product that was almost exactly the same was finished. Perhaps this was also something due to a machine god’s power.

――If I remember right, the people of Baldin said that perhaps it was really duplicated by analyzing the original raw material I think.

The door was knocked when she was putting her foot into the new pilot suit.

「Aine, are you awake?」

「Yes. I’m in the middle of a sortie preparation here.」

The door was opened when she answered so and Gravel wearing a coat peeked in her face.

「Are you okay?」

「Yes. If I don’t obey the conscription, the penalty will be having my ranking dropped down.」

Aine sent her eyes towards her bangle and confirmed her current ranking.

「Rank 3624……they really give no opening or negligence. When they understand that they can win without fighting, they come to challenge mercilessly don’t they.」

「Of course they would. After all, the position of the ranking will change the condition of their whole livelihood. Well, if it’s you Aine then you will be able to take back your ranking soon I guess.」

「Gravel, you were also conscripted?」

Gravel smiled wryly and lifted her hand to show her blinking ring.

「Aldea too. She is delighted with it.」

「The opponent?」

「I don’t know. Probably it will be the magic weapon living at the mountain peak area.」

Monsterized wild animals and mechanical killing machines that looked like magic weapons were wandering around the snow plains near the city. According to Baldin’s investigation, it seemed that the organisms and mechanical weapons that were developed in the past for combat sparring partners might be moving automatically, something like that.

It seemed that they were originally developed for the sake of higher ranking, they boasted strength that couldn’t be matched by lower ranking warriors. There was also a rumor that perhaps these things going wild wasn’t a coincidence, but Odin who was wishing for the emergence of an even stronger warrior that she intentionally created such a situation despite the many sacrifices that resulted from it.

But there was no use thinking about such a thing right now. At this rate Aine would be expelled from the apartment she was living in and driven out towards the slum that was distanced from the city center. The income that she, Gravel and the others earned was also being used to provide for the livelihood of Landred and the other non fighters. She had to return her ranking to before.

「There is a blizzard outside you know.」

「……Looks like it. It obstructs the sight, so perhaps this is convenient for me who is a close range fighter.」

Aine’s reply wasn’t false courage or anything. If she circulated the energy that the core was generating a bit more than usual through her whole body and deploy a Life Saver thinly on her body surface, then she would be able to block out the cold to a certain degree.

If it was when she was going out for shopping or something else, she would wear a winter outfit in order to refrain from consuming energy pointlessly, but it was a different story if it was for battle. In reality Gravel also took off the coat she was wearing and put it on the sofa before following behind Aine and exited the room.

After the two exited the apartment together, they followed the command of the ring and headed towards the outskirts of the city.

They were advancing towards the spreading out snow plains at the city’s outskirts following the instruction. Needle-leaved trees were growing sparsely on the snow plains with a forest spreading out in the far distance. It seemed the enemy was heading to this direction from the other side of the forest.

Two hundred warriors of Odin were forming a sloppy file to intercept the enemy while advancing inside the blizzard. Aine, Gravel and Aldea who were equipped with their magic armors also joined that file of troops.

The magic armor that Gravel’s body was equipped with, 『Zoros』 had its core reinstalled already and experienced an extensive power up. Even Aldea who was walking beside Gravel couldn’t talk to her without really looking up.

The value of the new Zoros was a divinity number of 235000. It was even above Aine’s Zeros. But, the Corruption Armament 『Sword Gatling』 that she could previously use by her own will now become unusable. It seemed that it was indispensable for the new Zoros to do Climax Hybrid, or maybe Kischarge Hybrid with Kizuna for it to be able to use its Corruption Armament.

Gravel turned around and focused her sight to the rear of the file from her high position.

「However, the number is too many just for exterminating a wild animal or an out of control magic weapon.」

「You are right, surely it will be a giant powerful monster that has never been seen before, or a pack with amazingly great number. Aa, I’m feeling shivers just by imagining it♪」

Aldea was in a good mood as usual.

「You are really easygoing aren’t you.」

Aldea smiled delightfully towards Aine who was replying in exasperation.

「Aine just recovered from injury so don’t force yourself okay? Or rather, don’t take away my prey.」

「Yes yes, I plan to do just that. I’m still not in my normal condition anyway, I intend to go through light rehabi――」

Aine felt some kind of presence at that time. It wasn’t due to Zeros’s senses. It was something that was like an intuition that sensed something with Aine’s instincts as a living thing. By coming to this world and fighting repeatedly, that kind of intuition became sensitive.

Perhaps Gravel and Aldea also felt something like her, their expressions changed entirely.

And then a fierce explosion occurred at the front in the next moment.


Red and orange colored light pillars were rising inside the hazy blizzard and pure white snow.

「Gravel! Aldea!」


The three immediately started to run. Right after that, the place they were standing at until just now was blown away by a flame blast. The bombing flame was continuing along the troops file. The warriors of Odin were getting dispersed of with screams rising out from their mouths. The people who were slightly late in reacting became prey at that place.

「That’s some accurate sniping!」

「Yeah, to do something like that in the middle of this blizzard!」

「Ufufufu, it seems I can hold some expectation.」

The sound of sword clashing against sword was resounding inside the blizzard while the three were running on the snow.

「They are starting to fight already?」

「The enemy’s movement is fast. Also, is the opponent humanoid?」

Aine stopped her feet.

Something passed through in front of her eyes. A sound that was like air being cut apart continued from behind.

――Just now?

A scream of someone came from where that something was flying at. And then the sound of a tree getting cutting down and collapsing roared thunderously.

「It’s coming back!」

When Aine turned around at Aldea’s yell, a sound of a sharp cutting wind could be heard once more. And then it passed through the side of Aine and the others.

「It seems there are several of the same type.」

Gravel drew out her Gunsword and loaded a cartridge into the cylinder. Aldea also deployed the shield of her magic armor 『Zeel』 and prepared for the enemy’s attack.

Aine focused her eyes on the blizzard.

――It’s coming.

The moment she thought that, a sharp light pierced Aine’s body.



However Aine wasn’t wounded, and she also didn’t seem damaged on the outside.

「That’s not a physical attack……optical weapon, no magic weapon――」

Suddenly Aine felt strongly leaving out her body. She fell on her knee on the snow limply.

「Aine! Are you okay!?」

Aine turned towards Gravel that was about to rush to her and she thrust out her spreading hands.

「Be careful! It’s formidable!」

A sharp shockwave was assaulting next. It cut apart the piling up snow and wind, becoming a sharp blade that was passing through the air. Aine and Gravel rolled to the left and right and evaded that attack.

Right after they felt relieved from evading the attack, an explosion occurred along the trajectory that was just got passed through.



Snow flew up like smoke along with the flame blast. It wasn’t a mere shockwave, but an attack that was filled with some kind of magic power. Explosions were occurring one after another in a straight line.


When Gravel yelled, Aldea lined up her shields in front of Gravel. And then the Gunsword’s muzzle was stuck out from the gap between those shields, aiming toward the direction from where the shockwave was coming from.


The Gunsword also got larger in both length and caliber matching with the enlargement of the magic armor. That muzzle spouted out fire and that dazzling fire opened holes in the blizzard. The bullets raised sparks, cutting apart the snow. A moment later, a flame blast rose at the other side of the blizzard. And then a bombardment was also attacking from the other side. Explosions roared around the three and snow and flame rained down.


Aine gritted her teeth while getting covered with snow.

――At this rate……but, if the opponent is also using magic power.

Aine stood up and pushed her hands forward. A circle of light was spreading out from her fingertips.

「Code Breaker!」

Aine’s figure changed instantly. Pink hair fluttered in the snow.

The magic power consumption of this power was minimal unlike in Lemuria. It was similar like when she was in Vatlantis, she could use a Corruption Armament or a Forbidden Armament.

A magic circle dome was spreading around Aine’s body, while a large amount of beams were twisting like living things where flying towards her in opposition.


The magic circle dome surrounding Aine increased in radiance. The flying beams crashed on Code Breaker and emitted a dazzling light.


Surprisingly, the beams were tearing apart Code Breaker’s dome even while it was getting dissolved into letters and numerical formulas.

――It’s offsetting each other!?

The number of beams that the enemy launched were increasing, pushing back Aine’s Code Breaker.


The rotation of Code Breaker accelerated and reflected the enemy’s beams. Aine reached out one of her hands and materialized one more magic circle. And then she grasped the weapon appearing from there.

――Pulverizer. I’ll fight with this!

Aine opened her thruster in full throttle. The snow under her feet got blown up as though it got hit with an explosion. Pillars of snow with a height that reached several meters rose up, and then Aine’s body flew into the blizzard as though she was shot there. Terrific acceleration G-force assaulted her whole body.

Aine was heightening the output of Code Breaker until the limit while pouring strength into Pulverizer that she was holding with both hands. She was going against the beams of the enemy that were attacking her like headwind while advancing. The light of the beams were strong and thick. However they were being concentrated to the direction she was heading towards. It was the proof that she was nearing the enemy.


A second light was shining to the limit and burst out along with terrible impact. The piled up snow was sent flying, then wind, snow, and light were whirling with Aine at the center like a sudden tornado. The warriors of Odin that seemed to be nearby were also visibly getting dragged into the sky.

A crater with a depth of several meters suddenly appeared on the snow plains and exposed the frozen soil that was eternally under the snow.

At the center there was the figure of Aine and the enemy.

The muzzle of Aine’s Pulverizer was thrust onto the enemy’s chest.

And then the scythe of the enemy was hung on Aine’s neck. The blade that could cut down that neck anytime was stopped just before it hit.

And then the finger of Aine that was hovering on Pulverizer’s trigger had also stopped just a millimeter before it had fired the weapon.

The two who were facing each other had their eyes opened wide in shock from seeing each others’ faces.



The blade of the scythe was slowly removed away from Aine’s neck and it fell on the ground noisily. Pulverizer also slipped off from Aine’s hands.

Grace spread both her hands and leaped at Aine.



Aine caught Grace’s body and hugged that body strongly.

It wasn’t a dream or an illusion. It was the soft and warm body of her real sister.

「Nee-sama-! Nee-sama! Nee-samaaaaaa!」

Grace’s red eyes were trickling down tears unstoppably. Aine’s red eyes were also getting moist.

「Thank you Grace……you came here for me didn’t you.」

Grace was pushing her face on Aine’s chest while answering with a trembling voice.

「Obviously! I searched for Nee-sama……u, until now, there was really a lot of trouble!」

Aine was gently caressing Grace’s pink hair.

「Yes……thank you. I’m sorry, Grace.」

Grace was sniffing while shaking her head.

「I, it’s fine, if it’s for Nee-sama’s sake……then, it’s nothing at all.」

「Are Kizuna and the others together with you?」

Aine’s chest was swelling with expectation. However Grace answered apologetically.

「Nii-sama is heading to Thanatos’s world right now. The students of Ataraxia, they had been kidnapped by that damned Thanatos.」

「I see……」

Aine answered looking a little bit dejected.

「――But, I’m really happy that Grace came here. Really……I’m glad, I can meet you again.」


Both of them hugged each other once more.


A voice came from the other side of the vapor rising from the ground.


Zelcyone rushed toward the two’s side before she quickly kneeled.

「Ainess-sama, my deepest apology for out late arrival. However――」

Zelcyone looked up at Aine’s face radiantly.

「……what’s important above all is that you are safe.」

Gravel and Aldea showed themselves from behind Aine.

「I’m sorry to interrupt this moving reunion, but Odin’s warriors will arrive soon. Now is the time if we want to escape.」


When Aine looked up, with Clayda as the first, the four Quartum were standing there. Clayda was yelling at them.

「The enemy is coming! Are we meeting their attack?」

Zelcyone stood up and spoke towards Aine.

「I’ll show the way to Oldium. Let’s hurry.」

Zelcyone turned on her heels and started to run. Aine, Grace and then Gravel and Aldea followed behind her.

「Aine, what about the others who were left behind?」

Gravel referred to Queen Landred, and then the personnel who were on board the Golden Dragon. Other than Gravel and Aldea, there were nearly a total of fifty personnel who were magic knights, engineers, or researchers.

「Of course we won’t abandon them. We are going to reorganize ourselves for a moment and then head back her to rescue them.」

When Aine ignited her thrusters and climbed to the edge of the crater, Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza, the Quartum were waiting there.

「Let’s hurry. This way.」

They flew into the blizzard with bad visibility following Clayda’s guidance. They entered into the forest of needle-leaved trees with heights that could of reached a hundred meters and advanced by weaving through the gaps between the trees. Their field of vision opened up after moving through enough distance.

When they came out of the forest, there Oldium that looked big like a mountain with a total length that surpassed two kilometers had landed. Its surface was frozen with snow piling up, it really looked like a snow mountain.

However Aine’s eyes were attracted to the mountain side of the mountain towering up behind it.


There was some kind of man made building on the slope of the mountain. She couldn’t grasp its shape well because of the snow and ice covering it, but it even looked like a castle. Gravel also looked up at that building and frowned.

「Just what kind of facility is placed at that kind of place?」

「That’s the palace before I became a god you know.」

A voice that shouldn’t be here was heard.

Aine’s breathing stopped.

The moment when her chest was pierced was suddenly resurrected inside her mind.

――No way, she is here, why?

A human silhouette was in front of the Oldium.

That figure was standing still on top of the pure white snow. A goddess clad in armor and accompanied by two dragons.

「Machine god, Odin……why」

Aine’s eyes shook in despair.

「I’m sensitive to strength see. My power to detect high divinity numbers is even better than Thanatos you know? There is no way I will overlook a promising warrior that came to my world.」

She was walking towards them in the snow while saying that with a smile.

「Nee-sama. So that’s the ruler of this world, machine god Odin?」

「Yes……she is a terrifying opponent. Probably, the current us cannot win.」

The four Quartum were standing in the way of the approaching Odin.

「Machine god Odin……perhaps we are not a match against you. However, we won’t be defeated that easily.」

Clayda readied her Selene, Elma with her hammer, Lunorlla her twin swords, Ramza her tomahawk, each of them prepared their respective weapons and took a stance that could attack anytime.

However Odin didn’t look concerned at all, she left behind foot tracks in the snow, walking towards the Quartum.

「I welcome you all. Welcome to Odin’s world. This is a world where only strength has meaning. If you all are strong, then surely it will please you.」

Cold sweat trickled down Clayda’s cheeks.

Her distance with Odin was roughly five meters.

She was lost whether to attack or not.

――What’s with this person? She is just too defenseless, it’s like she isn’t even looking at us.

While all that was going on, Odin bumped into the body of the four and she kept advancing without stopping by pushing aside Elma and Lunorlla’s body.

「Honestly, with the current divinity number you all have there is nothing worth considering, but perhaps you will grow from here on, and even if it’s no good you can still become an underdog for others.」[3]

Odin wasn’t talking to the Quartum. It seemed that Odin wasn’t seeing anything other than Grace and Zelcyone. For Odin, the Quartum were an existence at the level of rocks or grass on a roadside.

Elma instantly showed a furious expression and raised her hammer.

「Don’t screw around!」

The hammer of Elma’s magic armor 『Runir』 had a special power. It was a power that twisted cause and effect and forcefully prioritized the effect. Even if the opponent evaded the hammer’s attack, the fact that they evaded would be made to not exist and the effect that they were struck by the hammer would be prioritized by this ability.

That power was working against even Odin.

The reason it could be stated as fact was――,

Because the hammer struck Odin’s head.

Aine gulped.

「It hit……」

Fear was welling up inside her heart along with that whisper.

Odin’s leg stopped.

And then she looked up at the hammer above her head as though she only noticed it just now.

「My……this is rare.」

And then she glared at Elma.


Elma was overwhelmed just from that and she drew back while holding her hammer.

「Ho, how is it? Now you rea, realize, my strength?」

Elma was completely pressured by Odin even though her mouth was bluffing. Even though she had hit her with a critical hit, but Odin acted like she was only hit by a raindrop. The inside of Elma’s heart was in pandemonium even if she was acting tough.

――Wha, what in the world, is this person!? There is not even a little bit of damage?

Odin looked around at the Quartum around her once more.

「I didn’t notice at all because Fafnir is not reacting. But, that weapon is the same type as Gungnir. That’s really rare.」

Aine recalled when her chest was pierced by Odin.

Indeed that attack was strange. She got blown away before she even realized it, the memory of her getting pierced by Gungnir before that, and the memory of her Life Saver getting smashed even further before only came to her mind after that. It was as though the result happened first and the facts were only created later to match that result.

Odin was staring scrutinizingly at Elma’s hammer with deep interest. But, her expression immediately changed into disappointment.

「It’s power is too weak. This hammer is a weapon of the same type as Gungnir but……that’s really rare but, it’s too lacking in destructive power. You won’t be able to defeat your enemy with power like that.」


Odin said whatever she pleased to the Quartum, but they could do nothing but feel vexed.

――We are absolutely no match against that.

They could only give up with those words that were informed to them by their instincts.

The dragon head standing by behind Odin, Fafnir reacted to the existence of Grace and Zelcyone. Its eyes shined and raised a growling voice threateningly.

Odin faced Grace and Zelcyone as though she had completely forgotten the existence of the Quartum and smiled.

「You two have promise. I welcome you, warriors who arrived from another world.」

Zelcyone smiled fearlessly without getting overwhelmed.

「So my existence is being recognized. I’m really filled with awe.」

Zelcyone was staring at Odin’s eyes while saying that.

――Heart Rebuild.

Magic circle emerged in Zelcyone’s eyes, its light was transcripted to Odin’s only remaining eye.


Odin’s complexion changed.

「Wha……this, is……」

Aine and the others who saw that began to make a commotion.

「Zel, don’t tell me you did Heart Rebuild?」

「As expected from Zel! You did well!」

The Quartum also showed smiling faces as though they were saved.

「Zel-sama, that’s too amazing!」

「Just within an instant, as expected from Zel-sama!」

And then they spoke words that praised Zelcyone from their mouths.

「Fufu, I have finished confirming that Heart Rebuild also works against machine gods in the battle against Osiris. What’s left is only thinking of the way to use it even more effectively. I’ll pile up brainwashing over and over like this and turn you into a living corpse.」

Zelcyone made a satisfied smile, she then approached Odin and peered into her eye.


The next moment, Zelcyone’s body was blown away.


Zelcyone’s body passed through beside Grace and charged into the forest far behind. The sound of trees getting snapped was reverberating from inside the forest.


Cold sweat was flowing inside Grace’s chest in a complete change from her previous relieve. And then she gulped in shock the moment she saw the eye of Odin who was making a fearless smile.

「Zel’s technique was……」

Zelcyone’s magic circle was vanishing from Odin’s right eye.

「You all really amuse me. Perhaps I ought to thank Thanatos for this.」

Odin made a cruel smile and put her hand on her eye patch at her left eye.

――Don’t tell me.

Something cold was creeping up Aine’s back.

One more eye appeared from under the eye patch.

It was a gem eyeball with beautiful brilliance. A beautifully shining precious gem was inserted there in place of an eye, various magic formulae were emerging and vanishing on it.

「Any kind of suggestion or hypnotism won’t work on this eye. In addition it also can deal against any kind of magic. For example, Aine. Even your Code Breaker too.」


Aine’s forehead was drenched with sweat.

「Certainly you can use Code Breaker to dissolve the shield that I made. But, it won’t work against I myself.」

Grace bit her lips to stop her body from shivering and pulled out a feather from a wing of her magic armor 『Koros』.

「You bastard……how dare you, do that to Zel.」

She changed the shape of the feather into a scythe and took a fighting stance.

Aine also faced Odin and raised her fist.

「That’s pointless. I wish you all won’t render futile all my troubles of summoning you all from another world with great pain.」

「Don’t screw around! Try to think about our feelings who were summoned to this world by your own convenience just to keep fighting until death!」

However Odin was staring at Aine with a cold eye and her inorganic inhuman gem eye.

「There is no need at all to think about something like the feelings of you all.」

「Why! If you introduce yourself as a god even as a joke, then why will you do things that torment humans!?」

「The reason is simple. Because you all are weak existences.」


Aine couldn’t close her opened mouth.

「Powerless and incompetent existences, why should I have to be considerate to such things?」

「E……exactly because they are weak existences without power, that they need help isn’t that right!」

「You don’t understand. Exactly because they have low ability and a worthless existence, that they don’t need help. If it’s an existence with high ability and that possesses power, then their existence can be recognized, their existence value can also be acknowledged. They also have value to be helped. But, helping a human without any ability whatsoever, just what value is there in doing that? It’s the same whether an incompetent person exist or not. No, rather, they are only consuming energy, just by existing itself is a sin for them.」

Anger was also blazing inside Grace’s eyes.

「It’s intolerable for people with low ability to even exist. It doesn’t matter how many powerless masses die. Is that the rule of your world?」

However Odin smiled at Grace.

「You don’t need to worry. Because I don’t mind your existence in this world. I’ll allow you to become a warrior for my sake, as Odin’s warrior.」

「I’ll be begging off from becoming something like that!」

Grace swung her scythe. At that time, something glistened on her left wrist.


「You actually don’t have the right to refuse. You are already Odin’s warrior.」

A silver ring was fitted on Grace’s left arm. And then the number of 58925 emerged there.

「This is……since when, something like this was」

「Grace, as expected this person is unforgivable…….」

A magic circled unfolded on Aine’s back.

Grace also nodded in response.

「Yes, that’s also what I’m thinking.」

Grace separated herself from Aine’s side and moved to a position that wouldn’t be affected by Code Breaker.

Gravel and Aldea also took distance from Aine and deployed to surround Odin. And then Gravel pointed the giant muzzle of her Gunsword at Odin while Aldea lined up her shields in preparation to attack.

The four Quartum also readied their respective weapons and searched for an opening in Odin from behind.

Aine faced Odin and closed the distance slowly.

「I’ll break Odin’s shield. And then you all suppress the dragon head.」

Grace and Gravel nodded.

「Got it.」

「Then I’ll land the finishing blow with Pulverizer.」

Aine leaped toward Odin right as she said that.

「Let’s fight one more time! Odin!」

Aine’s Code Breaker and Odin’s shield of light clashed once more. And then, the two shields were annihilated similarly like before along with a fierce flash.


Gravel’s Gunsword immediately spouted fire. The large caliber particle cannon flew towards Odin. However Fafnir blocked that.


Fafnir that could block even Pulverizer’s bombing was also unaffected by Bullet that had been powered up by core reinstall. Fafnir opened its mouth and inside light and lightning were whirling. That radiance was reflected on Gravel’s eyes.


Tremendous light swallowed Gravel like god’s lightning.


Aldea stood in the way by deploying her shield instantly in the front. However Fafnir’s attack could only be blocked just for a moment.



Zeel’s shield was broken and the magic armor of the two was destroyed to pieces. The body of the two who were left only in their pilot suit rolled on the snow slidingly.


At that time Grace thrust Koros’s scythe at the other head of Fafnir.

「What the-, it’s hard-!」

The scythe was absorbing magic power and dissolving the deployed shield of Fafnir while pressing on. By all rights Fafnir should have been bisected right into two already, but it blocked the scythe with fierce sparks scattering around.


A large amount of light feathers flying out from Koros’s wings pierced Fafnir. The shining feathers were sucking out the magic power for making doubly sure.


Grace was continuously sucking magic power with all her strength. Fafnir’s resistance was gradually weakening in proportion with that. However, what was essential was Odin herself. What Grace was doing was nothing more than holding back one of Odin’s followers.

――Please! Nee-sama!

Aine who negated Code Breaker pushed forward Pulverizer with one hand.

And then a moment faster than Aine, the Quartum leaped towards Odin’s back.

Odin’s lips slackened down slightly and she took out Gungnir. That was the peerless spear that once drove Aine to the abyss of death.

Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza howled.


Quartum’s sure kill attacks were unleashed simultaneously from behind.

Odin couldn’t be defeated by those attacks.

Aine and also the Quartum themselves understood that.

But, there was a wordless cooperation in this action.

Aine and the Quartum matched their timings even without any advance arrangements.

The Quartum was faster than Aine just for an instant.

That was a decoy.

It was likely that Gungnir would drive away the Quartum. Perhaps they would die from that attack.

But even so――Aine gambled.

That the slight opening that they created would defeat Odin.

This was a do-or-die attack that was launched with that determination.

Aine also understood that.


Pain ran through Aine’s heart.

Tears were blurring her eyes.

――But, in exchange,

I’ll absolutely defeat Odin!

Aine readied Pulverizer and charged to aim at that instant of opening.


That instant didn’t come.


Grace opened her eyes wide in shock.

The sure kill, critical hit that the Quartum launched.

Odin received all of it with her back.

She didn’t even turn around. She didn’t even glance.

As though she had completely forgotten something like the Quartum’s existences.

Odin wasn’t looking at anything except Aine’s existence.

Aine’s finger touched on the trigger of Pulverizer.


There wasn’t any opening or anything.

But it was already at the range where missing was absolutely impossible. And then it was still a range that Gungnir couldn’t reach.

She pulled the trigger with superb timing.

Yes, she pulled.

She should have pulled it already.


Gungnir pierced Pulverizer.


And then a great explosion occurred inside Aine’s arm.


That intense explosion tore off Zeros’s armor and shredded apart Aine’s body. The snow was vaporized instantly and a giant smoke was rising up into the sky with a mushroom shape.

「Ne, Nee-sama-!」

Grace whose attention was taken by Aine created an opening in her battle against Fafnir. And then in that moment Fafnir bit on Koros’s wings.


The wing of Koros was plucked off atrociously and Grace’s body fell on the snow.

「Guh! Ne, Nee-sama-」

Grace immediately raised her body and leaped grovelingly into the space that was filled with vapor. She advanced by parting through the smoke and then found an atrocious figure collapsing in front of Odin.


Grace rushed to the collapsing Aine.

Odin was looking down coldly at that figure and she lightly put Gungnir on her shoulder with a light wave.

「Now then, with this I’ll take the reward as the winner.」

「You bastard……」

Grace’s tears were flowing in frustration and she gritted her teeth towards her helplessness.

「Let’s see, 『Code Breaker』 from Aine. 『Harverst』 from Grace. As for Zelcyone……perhaps I’ll take the mental attack ability for now. From Gravel is 『Bullet』. And from Aldea is『shield』.」

At that moment, something important felt like it was lost from Grace’s body――it was such a sensation.

「Work hard from here on too. For my sake.」

「……With our trump card abilities stolen……what are you……telling us to do.」

Grace glared at Odin with rage boiling in her heart. However Odin didn’t even pay that any attention.

「Hm? Aah. Are you talking about, what if you cannot raise your ranking because your main abilities were taken away? At that time, let’s see…」

And then Odin said lightly.

「You can just die then.」

Part 2[edit]

The Battleship Ataraxia was hiding its frame inside Thanatos’s sea of clouds.

During the time before they arrived at Thanatos’s world, they attempted to break into another world several times and raised their proficiency in handling the ship. Thanks to that they managed to infiltrate quietly into Thanatos’s world.

「Nevertheless, it’s too rash to think that Thanatos doesn’t notice.」

Reiri crossed her arms and gazed outside from the window in the hangar.

Nothing could be seen outside due to the white clouds covering everything. When thinking that there might be something lurking inside this cloud, anxiety that couldn’t be contained attacked them.

It was a hangar that was comparatively small inside the battleship Ataraxia. The preparation for the rescue mission was progressed there. Kizuna, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Valdy were given an explanation by Reiri, while around them the staff of the research department with Kei in the lead were moving around busily.

Reiri faced Kizuna and the others and spoke with emphasis.

「Listen, this time the objective is a rescue. Avoid battle to the best of your ability.」

Kizuna nodded with a nervous look.

「Roger. The one infiltrating will be me and Valdy. I also tried testing whether Eros has properly copied the ability, but it was really a perfect stealth ability. I think we can do this without any problem.」

「Also bring Himekawa together with you.」

Himekawa who suddenly had the talk directed to her made a surprised face.

「Eh? I, I am? But……」

Kei’s window appeared in front of the bewildered Himekawa.

『No need to worry. We have confirmed that if Valdy and Kizuna’s stealth ability is combined, they can take along one more person stealthily.』

Yurishia pouted in dissatisfaction.

「Why is it Hayuru? I think that I will be useful when push comes to shove though?」

However Reiri shook her head.

「No. Cross’s bombardment is too conspicuous. Perhaps it won’t matter in the extraction, but in the case that the team is forced with the necessity to battle the enemy while infiltrating, Himekawa’s Neros is more fitting for that.」

『In addition, we also cannot leave this battleship completely defenseless. There is a need to reserve a powerful firepower.』

「Geez……it can’t be helped.」

Yurishia accepted the decision reluctantly with an unsatisfied face.

Himekawa peered at the side of Kizuna’s face with a glance. Kizuna was staring at the floating window projected behind Reiri. The position of the battleship Ataraxia and the Megafloat Ataraxia that was their rescue target was displayed there. Speaking in the common sense of Earth, there was approximately a hundred kilometer distance. Reiri was speaking while looking up at that map.

「First travel until the Megafloat Ataraxia. And then leave the command to Valdy when you are infiltrating. Kizuna and Himekawa, you two obey Valdy’s instructions.」


Kizuna and Himekawa replied in unison.

「After infiltrating, Kizuna will take command. If you judge that a rescue is impossible then come back. But, in the case you manage to link up with the captured students and judge that a rescue is possible, move to the next step.」

「Next step?」

「First go to the hangar at Nayuta Lab. There should be five transport vehicles and also ten helicopters there. Make the research department students to prepare for takeoff. Let’s see……Kurumizawa should be there. Make her do it.」

「Got it……can those transport vehicles and helicopters carry all the students?」

「It’s possible somehow if you stuff them in. You can leave the work of gathering the students and grouping them to Hyakurath. If you cannot load all of them in, then enter the students into containers and carry it with the magic armor or whatever. Adapt to the situation.」

「A, aa……」

He thought that sounded rough, but in this situation some recklessness and forcefulness couldn’t be avoided.

「And then while that operation is being done……Kizuna, you will do Connective Hybrid.」


As expected even Kizuna was shocked. There was really no composure at all in him to do that kind of thing in this kind of situation. However Reiri answered before Kizuna could voice his question.

「It will take thirty minutes for the preparation to extract out all the students. That’s enough for doing Connective Hybrid.」

Himekawa cut in spontaneously.

「Bu, but, why is Connective Hybrid necessary?」

「As expected Thanatos surely won’t stay quiet if that kind of large movement is happening. I want a more powerful battle strength prepared for the sake of guarding the students.」

Himekawa couldn’t say anything anymore after getting told that.

Kizuna crossed his arms and frowned.

「However if it’s Connective Hybrid……what about the equipment? Are we going to use the Love Room at Nayuta Lab? Or else, are we going to use the lodging facility in the lab?」

Kei typed quickly on her keyboard.

『Unfortunately there is no Love Room on-site. Everything is loaded inside this battleship. Also, using a normal bedroom will take time and we cannot hold high expectations of the result.』

「Then, what other way is there?」

『The new type Love Room was developed for this kind of time.』


Kizuna turned around not to the window but to Kei herself.

「Shikina-san, as expected carrying a Love Room is impossible no matter how miniaturized it is. Even if I combine my strength with Valdy, it’s already the most we can do to take along Hayuru.」

Key typed powerfully on the keyboard. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but she was looking a bit triumphant.

『Downsizing and lightening are the forte of Japanese technology. The name of what we developed this time is the 『Portable Tactical Tent Prototype for Replenishment Third Model』. Nicknamed, The Portable Love Room.』

――What’s that?

Kizuna retorted spontaneously inside his heart. However Kei walked until in front of Kizuna triumphantly.

『This is that Portable Love Room.』

Even if he was told that, Kizuna couldn’t see anything except Kei’s empty hand. She was only carrying the small keyboard that she was always using, other than that there was nothing.

However, Kei then made a self-satisfied look with rough breathing and twirled on the spot to show her back. Something like a thin bag was being shouldered there. Its thickness was around fifteen centimeters, but its size was mostly about the same like the backpack elementary school children usually used. When Kei was carrying that on her back, she really looked like a child carrying a backpack.

「That thing you are carrying……don’t tell me it’s that?」

『The way to use it is simple.』

After typing that on her keyboard, her hand moved away. She put the small keyboard into the pocket of her lab coat and put down the backpack she was carrying. She undid the clasp and opened the bag and then inflated the thing folded inside that looked like a thin membrane.

「O? What, is this?」

『A small compressor is sending air inside and is automatically constructing it up.』

Due to the pumped up air, the silver membrane that also looked like aluminum foil was expanding. Kizuna was shocked that a fabric this big could be put inside a bag this small.

Like that the Portable Love Room transformed into a square box shape with a height of two meters and width of four meters.

『Once it inflated, the membrane will harden and turn into a structure. However its toughness is low so be careful.』

The silver membrane was reflecting Kizuna’s face like a mirror. When he touched that membrane, it was indeed changing like a hard plank. But it was just as Kei said, if it was struck then it felt like it would snap easily.

『Enter inside.』

He entered inside the portable Love Room with Kei’s invitation. It vaguely reminded him of a tent for camping. When Kei closed the entrance, the inside became pitch dark.

『The entrance is a sliding door style made from vinyl and closed with a fastener. If the entrance is closed, the inside will become airtight. Right now is for demonstration, so the space is only filled with air, but in the main event, the fragrance that is used in Baldin for ceremonies will also be mixed. You will be able to perform Connective Hybrid much easier.』

「I see……」

What Kizuna noticed first when he entered inside was how quiet it was.

『The wall is thin, but its soundproofing is perfect.』

Kei pushed the small switch beside the entrance. Then a starry sky was projected on the wall and ceilings.

『Its functions are drastically limited compared to a normal Love Room. What it can do is only a situation setting. Also, you can only choose from the five kinds of preset patterns. In addition, it also cannot go as far as mock manipulating the sense of touch.』

「No……I cannot ask for luxury in this situation, I’m thankful just from being able to carry something like this.」

『Its functions are limited, but in exchange there is just one spare function in it.』


Kei pointed at a red button that was one of the switches lining beside the entrance and spoke.

『Press on this red button if some kind of emergency happened. Surely it will be helpful.』

Kizuna completely didn’t understand what its function was, but he obediently nodded.

『The other problematic point is its lack of toughness and its weakness against wind. Further, it cannot be disassembled once it has been set up. In other words, it’s a disposable item. That’s why pay attention to where you set it up.』

「I understand. I think I’ll make it somehow if it has this much functions.」

He opened the vinyl fastener and came outside. Himekawa and Yurishia were also entering inside next with deep interest.

Kizuna nodded at Reiri when he returned to where she was at.

「I think we will be fine using that……so, who should I do the Connective Hybrid with?」

「Decide it depending on the situation, choose the appropriate partner. I’ll leave it to your judgment.」

「Ro, roger.」

It was an operation where his ability to ad lib would be really questioned on the whole. However it was a certainty that there was just too much unpredictable factors like the situation on-site or the enemy’s movements. When he thought that, perhaps it was unavoidable to feel overwhelmed.

「There is no problem with doing Connective Hybrid itself, but the problem is if Thanatos notices……if she appeared then what to do I wonder.」

Reiri also nodded with a complicated look.

「Certainly that’s the greatest problem. It will be better if Thanatos doesn’t notice us, or even if she notices us but won’t come to us, but……」

「There is no need to fret.」

It was unknown from where she appeared, but Nayuta landed down lightly in front of Kizuna and Reiri.

「I think that Thanatos herself won’t move. Of course, I really don’t have any concrete proof of that.」


Kizuna tilted his head at those puzzling words of Nayuta.

And then Reiri also frowned while staring at Nayuta.

Part 3[edit]

Two hours later, Kizuna was flying above the sea of clouds.

He wanted to move while hiding inside the clouds, but the one that stopped him from doing that was Valdy.

「If the clouds move……our location will be known.」

She said.

Kizuna was side by side with Valdy, holding Himekawa with the two of them while flying under the blue sky. They could see each other’s figures between comrades, which caused him anxiety whether they were really invisible. However, they were supposedly unseen from a third person’s point of view. It had been confirmed before that it was impossible to detect them using the naked eyes or sensors.

Nevertheless he was still nervous.

If the enemy discovered them, such fear was constantly lurking in his heart.

At that time Valdy changed the direction they were going to.

「Ahead from here……there is an enemy.」

――What? Don’t tell me, Thanatos is?

Himekawa was also directing an anxious face at Kizuna. Howeverm they could only leave it to Valdy for now. She was the best expert of covert operations in the Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard. They could only put their faith in her ability.

However, perhaps it should be said just as expected from her, how she detected the enemy at range that even Kizuna and Himekawa didn’t notice and immediately moved to evasive maneuvers. It was as though it represented Valdy’s cowardly personality.

A silhouette really came into view after a while. However it wasn’t Thanatos.

――Is that……a magic weapon?

That winged figure carrying a gunsword felt like it somehow resembled an Albatross. However, its size was far smaller, around three meters tall. Its body possessed slenderness and smooth curves. Its white armor was attached with golden decorations with magnificent detail. Rather than calling it a magic weapon, it was more like a mechanical angel.

There was around ten of those mechanical angels floating in the sky.

Even though their appearance was like miniature Albatrosses, but it was easily imaginable that their strength couldn’t be compared. It was likely that every single one was possessing a power that could even endure against a Tri-Head. It would be difficult to take them on if not by a really powerful person.

Valdy put some distance from the mechanical angels and passed through without a single change on her face’s complexion.

「Isn’t it better to get farther from them?」

However Valdy answered without getting particularly bothered.

「If we put some distance where we don’t disturb the flow of air……it will be fine. Doing things more than necessary might call near another danger……」

Cowardly and bold. Those two contradictions were existing inside Valdy without trouble.

After that too they encountered mechanical angels several times, but each time they took the optimum evasive maneuvers and before long Ataraxia showed its face from the sea of clouds.

When they gazed at Ataraxia that was rapidly getting bigger, they noticed something strange with the situation. Lightings that were usually turned on were out, the place was silent as death without any sound of a machine or a power generator. Before long the three approached the sky above Ataraxia.

「Both of you, look there.」

Himekawa pointed at the research tower of Nayuta Lab. Large SOS letters were written on the rooftop there, and parasols were lined up around, perhaps to make it conspicuous.

「Valdy, can we land there?」

「I think there is no problem……next is whether there are enemies inside or not……but, we won’t be able to know that without actually going in.」

In that case, thinking that, Kizuna landed on the rooftop of Nayuta Lab’s research tower. He didn’t really comprehend from above, but under the parasols there were beach beds lining up.

「Nn……. Geez, don’t. In this kind of place……」

「It’s fine. There is no one here.」

He could hear erotic voices whispering to each other. When he looked around the rooftop, there was a parasol that was deeply tilted at the corner, with a beach bed positioned there as though to avoid the public eye. Bewitching legs were peeking out from the parasol’s shadow, entangled with each other.

「It’s not that kind of problem……ahn, even though, the sun is still high, like this……」

「Fufu, I’ll be affectionate with you at night too. Don’t worry.」

「I, I’m not worrying about anything like that, ah, ah, yaaaaan……」

Himekawa turned bright red and her shoulders were shaking.

「I thought that surely it’s heart-breaking for them, but when we actually came to rescue them……」

Hayuru, we are in the middle of a covert operation, so making a ruckus is――Kizuna was about to say so, but at that time Himekawa’s fury had already exploded.

「Both of you, just what are you doing at this time of crisis! Carrying out such licentious conduct in this sacred Ataraxia! This public morals committee member, Himekawa Hayuru won’t permit it!」

The legs of the two people twitched and stiffened.

「……Himekawa, san?」

A familiar voice came, a face of a blonde haired girl peeked out from the parasol’s shadow. The one who was looking around restlessly at the surroundings while standing up, was Hyakurath wearing a white bikini. However, her bra was removed and her large white breasts were being exposed with nothing to spare under the sunlight. The tips that were pointing out reservedly with pink color in the middle of her transparent white skin were shaking.

「Just now I felt like I was hearing a voice……」

「Certainly I could hear it. Did the power source come back online and someone played on a voice file in the broadcast?」

Behind Hyakurath, Mercuria wearing a black race swimsuit raised her body. She was also wearing an extremely thin material, with her breasts and navel’s undulations distinctly depicted.

Kizuna noticed how they hadn’t deactivated the stealth ability yet. He and Valdy nodded to each other and thought inside his heart so their appearance would appear.

As a result, the figure of the three suddenly came into view in front of Hyakurath and Mercuria.


Hyakurath stiffened from shock, and then she raised a shrill scream that could tear apart even silk.


Mercuria embraced Hyakurath from behind and then moved her behind as though to protect her body. And then she glared at Himekawa across her shoulder.

「Himekawa Hayuru……also, the headmaster’s siscon little brother, and the stalker huh……is this the real thing?」

Kizuna wanted to complain with how Mercuria was recognizing them, but now wasn’t the time for that.

「We are the real ones. We used Valdy’s stealth ability to come until here.」

Himekawa slowly approached Hyakurath as though she was trying to come into contact with a scared animal.

「E, err……Hyakurath-san. I’m sorry that I surprised you.」


Hyakurath hid her breast with her own hands in panic and came out from Mercuria’s shadow.

「E, err, this is not something like that……when I was sunbathing, Me, Mercuria was, that……」

Mercuria handed over a bikini bra to Hyakurath. Hyakurath was making an excuse incoherently while turning behind and put her arms through the bra. Mercuria moved in front of Hyakurath and showed a refreshing smile.

「Yeah, it wasn’t like we were doing something to feel guilty about. The life here is boring. We were just fooling around a little.」

Mercuria nonchalantly spouted out a lie that anyone could see through. And then she kept asking without granting anyone the time to object.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 09.jpg

「So, I guess you three came here to rescue us?」

「Yes. Is everyone safe?」

「They are well. Speaking of inconveniences, perhaps it’s how the power of Ataraxia has stopped working?」

Hyakurath who fixed her bra stepped forward with reddened cheeks.

「Right now we are trying to not use electricity as much as possible, we are living using a backup generator only when it’s really necessary. But just living is the most we can do, so we aren’t able to make a resistance or investigate this world.」

Mercuria sighed tiredly.

「Thanatos intentionally came to warn us after all. She said, you all are restrained. That meant she was telling us to refrain from acting as we pleased right?」

「Thanatos was……」

Kizuna made a grim face. Mercuria grinned widely seeing that face.

「Its appear that her aim is you, you know, Kizuna-kun?」


「She seemed to want to meet the one who defeated Hokuto and Osiris. That meant you right?」

Himekawa looked up at Kizuna worriedly.


Kizuna was assaulted by an anxiety if Thanatos would suddenly appear here anytime.

『There is no need to fret. I think that Thanatos herself won’t move. Of course, I really don’t have any concrete proof of that.』

The words that Nayuta said were suddenly revived in his head.

――Just what did Kaa-san mean by that.

But, it gave him a peace of mind. Kizuna switched his feelings and stared at Hyakurath.

「Committee chairman. Gather everyone inside the lab’s hangar. Also, prepare the transport vehicles for takeoff. Use everything that can fly and transport everyone.」

「I get it Hida-kun. But, where are we going to withdraw to?」

「The Battleship Ataraxia is hiding inside the sea of clouds. We are abandoning this megafloat and only the people will retreat. Please.」

Hyakurath showed a bright expression and she turned to her best friend with shining eyes.

「Let’s go Mercuria.」

「Roger. Leave the transmission to each class to me.」

Kizuna and the others also entered into the lab following the rushing ahead duo.

And then they parted with Mercuria who was running to gather the students and together with Hyakurath they headed to the hangar. Suddenly a loud voice greeted them when they rushed into the hangar.



Kurumizawa Momo was maintaining a railgun with her upper wear taken off, wearing only a black bikini on her upper body.

「Eeh? Why? How? You are here? What about Chief Shikina?」

Kizuna soothed Kurumizawa who was attacking him with a barrage of questions and requested her to prepare the takeoff of the transports. She immediately gathered the research department in the hangar and started checking the machines that could possibly fly in a hurry.

「Himekawa, you search for a place to set up the Portable Love Room. If possible please set it up too then.」

Kizuna put down the backpack he was carrying on his back and handed it over to Himekawa.

「Roger. When the preparations are over I’ll contact you.」

Leaving those words behind, Himekawa held the backpack into her embrace and ran off.

The silent Ataraxia was suddenly getting flurried. With Mercuria’s communication, the students were coming into the hangar one after another.

「I, isn’t this boss Kizuna!!」

The door opened and a girl with short black hair in twintails appeared.

「Gertrude! You, is your injury healed already!?」

Gertrude rushed to Kizuna’s side and gave a thumbs up with a wide grin.

「Yes, after all, it has been some time since we were locked here. I’m still in the middle of rehabilitation to be in the best condition but……there won’t be any problem for real combat.」


Scarlet’s voice resounded, continuing after her the members of Masters also arrived merrily.

「You girls……seem lively too huh. Or rather……you all look like you are having fun. It’s just as always.」

Masters’ Scarlet, Henrietta, Clementine, Sharon, and Leila were appearing in the hangar with appearances just as they pleased.

With Scarlet who looked tanned and wearing an aloha shirt showily on the top of her swimsuit in the lead, Henrietta was wearing a seven colors wig and a roast chicken in hand for some reason, Clementine was looking drunk, Leila was also in a swimsuit with a lot of paint on her face and body. And then Sharon was in a goth loli outfit as always. Basically all of them looked like they had just arrived from a party just now.

But even Masters who were like that had their expression changed completely when they heard the story from Hyakurath.

「Now it’s getting interesting!」

「Momo! Lend me a gun! Free of charge.」

Leila ran towards Kurumizawa followed by Scarlet and the others. Only Gertrude remained behind, staring at her comrades who were like that.

「Gertrude isn’t going with them?」

Hearing that Gertrude shrugged her shoulders and smiled wryly.

「I’m still not in normal condition after all……Sigura!」

The Heart Hybrid Gear, 『Sigura』 was equipped on Gertrude’s body. Gertrude took a deep breath and withdrew two handguns instantly.

「For now taking back my instinct with this guy is my first priority.」

「I see……I’ll rely on you yeah, Gertrude.」

Hearing that, Gertrude spoke bashfully.

「Just leave it to me. Boss Kizuna, needs……me after all.」

That voice resounded a bit sadly in Kizuna’s ears. Kizuna felt like he understood Gertrude’s feelings. But, she didn’t need consoling word.

In exchange, Kizuna thrust out his fist.

「I’ll depend on you, partner.」


Gertrude also clenched her fist and brought it forward. Their fists bumped. When she pulled her hand back, Gertrude made a smile and ran to where her comrades were.

――Do your best, Ger-san.

It was when he was whispering that in his heart, the entrance of the hangar opened and a yelling voice came.


A small shadow was charging at Kizuna while raising a cute voice.


Sylvia leaped at Kizuna. Her small head struck Kizuna’s solar plexus.

「Guh……n, nice headbut……are you well, Sylvia?」

「Captain, captain-, captain, captain――!」

Her small head was rubbing on him while tears were flowing from her eyes. Her actions were cute, that Kizuna’s face naturally loosened and he felt that the inside of his heart turned warm.

「You worked really hard until now. Good child, Sylvia.」

「Sylvia, Sylvia was, lonely desu……but, as captain’s subordinate, Sylvia worked hard so as to not be a shame desu. Captain too, Sylvia is glad that captain is safe desu.」

「Good grief……making Sylvia this anxious. Aren’t you a failure as a captain?」

Ragrus arrived while spouting out a thorny line.

「But, you were supporting Sylvia right? Thank you.」

Ragrus’s face flashed red and she talked back in a fluster.

「Wha, no, not really, I didn’t do anything like that! I, I just looked after her sometimes but, it, it’s not like I did it because I like it or anything just so you know!」

Even while Kizuna was gently patting the back of Sylvia who was hugging him tightly, inside he warned himself that this wasn’t the time to be carefree and happy with their reunion like this.

It was at that timing that Hyakurath came running with gasping breathing.

「Hida-kun. It will be about thirty more minutes until the first transport can takeoff. But, they cannot all depart simultaneously. There is the turn for waiting to use the runway and the fuel supply replenishment……The last transport can only depart about fifteen minutes after the first transport takes off.」

「If we assume, that we finish Connective Hybrid in thirty minutes, we will have to protect this place for fifteen minutes to the last then.」

――First who am I going to make into Connective Hybrid partners?

One is without question, Himekawa whose core is reinstalled already.

As for the other one?

The Holy Sword Hyakurath before him here?

Or else the long range attack specialist Mercuria?

However in Connective Hybrid a trusting relationship is necessary.

It’s my duty to look at the situation on-site and make a decision. Think about what is needed right now.

What will happen after this?

During their journey here, they saw quite the number of mechanical angels. It was better to consider that all of those would stand in their way on their journey back. In the worst case, even the appearance of Thanatos was possible. Thinking about that, the answer was obvious.

Kizuna stared at the girl sobbing on his chest.

――The strongest Heart Hybrid Gear that boasted the greatest firepower on this Ataraxia.

「Sylvia, I have a request.」


Sylvia raised her tear-stained face.

Chapter 4 – Chance Meeting[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Exiting the sea of clouds, at the highest peak in this world.

A shining white palace was towering high on that summit.

Different from its external appearance of Greek style, inside the palace there was no decorations. There was only pure white ceilings, walls and floor.

It was extremely simple and plain. Therefore it boasted a perfect beauty.

There was nothing inside the pure white room.

Except one.

Machine god Thanatos was standing still like a statue.

That face which boasted deep carving and perfect beauty was tinged with the shadow of melancholy, which excessively drew out the beauty of Thanatos so oppressively.

The Greek style one piece was pure white that didn’t know any blemish.

She was carrying on her back mechanical wings and a sun that were like a giant relief.

Her appearance that was like a sanctuary decorated with white, blue, and gold was truly like a sculpture that was extolled as the great god, giving an impression that she had already been there since even before history, and would continue to be there for eternity in the future.

Her long eyelashes twitched slightly. And then those eyelids were opened and blue eyes appeared.

――So they came.

The guest that Thanatos was waiting for. One of the experiment organisms.

Even while it was an experiment organism, but it defeated the creator, a puzzling mutation.

She was thinking that the experiment failed.

However, it was necessary to investigate, seeing as how this much result came out.

Even she herself who was a perfect organism that had accomplished the ultimate evolution had things which she didn’t understand.

It was about herself.

If she investigated the individual that defeated Hokuto and Osiris, perhaps there would be a new discovery. After she finished that investigation, she would return the entire created world into nothingness for the time being.

Thanatos’s wings spread to the left and right. She lifted her face that was sinking in grief and she was going to fly away. It was at that time ――.

「Please wait, Thanatos-sama.」

A little girl clad in a red garment that looked like fresh blood arrived at that pure white world that was pure without stain.

A lower body that was wearing tights and a furisode kimono. A young little girl with long black hair.

「You are――」

Thanatos directed her half-opened eyes there.

「This is the first time we meet. I am called Hida Nayuta.」

「Hida……Nayuta. To be able to enter this palace, you are also the same kind like us……a god then.」

Nayuta smiled sweetly.

「For the moment I believe I am an apprentice god. I have something to talk about with Thanatos-sama no matter what……」

Thanatos replied with an expression that didn’t change at all.

「Then wait here. I have a bit of business.」

「Aah, if you are looking for the one who defeated Hokuto-sama and Osiris-sama, that’s me.」

Thanatos’s eyelashes twitched.



「……Indeed, it seems that you are a faulty existence which resembles that experiment organism. However, I cannot sense that you have that much battle strength to achieve what you claimed.」

「Yes, because I only grant power and knowledge, and make other people fight in my place.」

Thanatos stared fixedly at Nayuta.

「Then, I’ll examine your structure first.」

Golden light was flowing from the sun on Thanatos’s back into her wings. That radiance circulated in Thanatos’s limbs and created tremendous energy inside her.

「Ah, please wait for a bit.」

Nayuta moved her small hand forward.

「I have a reason for coming here. Thanatos-sama, I wish to help you.」

「Help……me, you say?」

「Yes. I obtained some degree of information regarding you from Osiris-sama’s database, but it’s still insufficient. And there I want to ask for information directly from you.」

Thanatos slightly floated in the air, and like that she approached Nayuta.

「I’ll hear your story after I secure the organisms that arrived at that man made island.」


Nayuta’s lips were all smiles and she looked up at Thanatos with upturned eyes.

「I cannot let you go there.」

Part 2[edit]

「In the end there was no place that was really good……there is also no time, so I set it here.」

Himekawa finished the set up of the Love Room, so when he went there to look, not as he expected, it was inside the same hangar. At the opposite side of the exit to the runway, a fence of No Entry was created near the wall, and the Portable Love Room was placed inside it. A lot of students were crowding around it. Everyone was staring at the new Love Room that possessed a wall that looked like a mirror as though they were staring at a rare thing.

「No……isn’t this place fine?」

Certainly this place had enough space, and they would be able to join the others right away after finishing the Connective Hybrid. The hatch wouldn’t be opened until it was time for departure, so they didn’t need to worry. It could be said that Himekawa’s choice was valid. It was a fault that there were many passerby, but the Love Room had perfect soundproofing and cover from sight, so there weren’t any problems.

「Then let’s enter inside.」

Kizuna opened the fastener and let Himekawa and Sylvia enter ahead. Kizuna also entered inside while enduring the gazes of the students who looked really interested.

A sweet fragrance floated in the air. This was the aphrodisiac aroma that was Baldein’s quality product. This fragrance should make Connective Hybrid easier.

The inside became pitch dark when the entrance was closed.

「I’m going to set the environment now……it might be a little dizzying.」

Saying that, Kizuna’s hand groped around to search for the button to set up the environment that would create a scenery at the surroundings.


However nothing happened.

「Kizuna-kun? What’s the matter?」

Himekawa’s worried voice could be heard from inside the darkness.

「It’s strange……the scenery should appear already in front of us with this.」

He pushed all five preset buttons, but there wasn’t any reaction.

「Could it be equipment breakdown desu?」

「No way! Wha, what are we going to do? We have no more time to search for another place!」

Inside the darkness, cold sweat flowed down Kizuna’s cheek.

――Shit-! At this kind of time. Perhaps they didn’t even have time to give it an endurance test, but this timing was the worst. Doing Connective Hybrid inside this darkness is absolutely impossible!

『Press on this red button if some kind of emergency happened. Surely it will be helpful.』

Suddenly the sentence that Kei said before came to his mind.

「That’s right……if I remember right, press this red button……if I’m not mistaken it’s in the lowest position.」

The moment he pushed that button, the world became bright.


His eyes were dazzled by the excessive light.

The three were enveloped by a world that was overflowing with light.

Kizuna endured the light while opening his eyes slightly.

「Just……what kind of environment data this is?」

When his eyes were gradually getting used to it, that scenery flew into his eyes.


It was inside the hangar.

Sylvia looked around by turning on the spot and murmured.

「This place……Sylvia remembers seeing it before desu, or perhaps Sylvia should say……」

Himekawa also opened her eyes wide and let out a flustered voice.

「Ki-, Kizuna-kun? This is……what does, this mean?」

「Even if you ask me that……even I don’t understand though.」

There was only one thing that was certain.

The spare function of the Portable Love Room that Kei entrusted to Kizuna was――,

A function to make the wall transparent.


Himekawa shrieked that. Around the three, the research department students were busily coming and going and the students waiting to board the transport were clamoring.

One of the students stopped walking and stared fixedly at Himekawa.

「Wha……what is it? Err, this is an equipment breakdown, we are not going to do it like――」

However the expression of that student didn’t change, he kept staring fixedly at Himekawa and then he began to fiddle with his front hair.


「It looks like, the outside cannot look inside desu.」

「Or rather……the outside is still like a mirror.」

Himekawa weakly sunk down on the spot.

「Good grief……why is something like this」

Kizuna also sat down with an extremely bothered look.

「It seemed the environment setting broke down. Looks like it is only the transparency function that is still barely working.」

Kizuna didn’t believe his own explanation while saying that. They were talking about the research staff that created the Love Room which had never malfunctioned even once until now no matter how rough the conditions it was used in. This is, wasn’t this thing assumed to be used like this from the start? Such doubt couldn’t vanish from his mind.

「If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t had set it in this kind of place, yet……」

Himekawa spoke her regret mournfully.

The clamor outside couldn’t be heard inside. However, the figures of many students were coming and going right nearby. The noise they made was really distracting. Furthermore, everyone was curiously looking at the direction of Himekawa, Kizuna and Sylvia.

Looking from outside, they could only see a box with a mirror on its surface behind a fence of No Entry, but from the point of view of the people inside, they could only feel as though they were being observed.

Himekawa covered her face with one hand in grievance.

――Aa……even though I just confessed after much trouble, why is something like this……furthermore even though I’m already reluctant with just doing Connective Hybrid with Sylvia-chan…….

Himekawa was whispering such things inside her heart while letting out a sigh so deep it felt like her soul would also come out with it. Sylvia was looking at such Himekawa with pity while opening her mouth with reservation.

「But, there is no more time desu……」

Sylvia untied the necktie of her uniform.


Sylvia’s uniform was falling on the floor along with the sound of rustling clothes. Sylvia in just her underwear tilted her head with pink colored cheeks.

「This is in order to help everyone desu……that’s why」

Sylvia bent her body while taking off her underwear in hurry.

「That’s why, fufufu……captain? Please, be affectionate with Sylvia okay?」

Kizuna’s spine shivered.

It was a cute and innocent smile. It was supposed to be so, yet despite that, he felt some kind of terrifying bewitchment.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun? Sylvia-chan, don’t you think she is a bit strange?」

「No……this is the fault of Baldein’s fragrance that was inserted into the Love Room. Surely it is showing its effect in Sylvia first because her body is small.」

「You mean……if a bit more time passes, we will too?」

Himekawa made a face that looked a bit scared.

「There is no need to be that worried. This too is a trick to make the Connective Hybrid a success in a short time.」

While Kizuna was explaining to Himekawa, Sylvia was sitting down cheekily on Kizuna’s lap.

「Ehehe, this spot is Sylvia’s reserved seat de―su.」

She hugged Kizuna like a puppy fawning on its owner and she rubbed her cheek on his chest. Seeing that fawning act without any worry caused Himekawa’s eyebrows to slightly turn grim.

「I understand. Then, I’ll also……」

Saying that Himekawa stood up and began to undress her pilot suit. But suddenly the scenery outside entered her eyes and her hand stopped.

A second year student of the second group was passing through while looking at Himekawa’s direction just at that timing. Himekawa’s face flashed bright red.

――She, sheesh me, in this kind of place what am I…….

Even though she understood that the outside couldn’t see inside and that their voices also wouldn’t be audible outside, even so, it was just too embarrassing. Himekawa could see the situation outside really clearly. Everyone was right in the middle of preparing for battle desperately while she was doing this kind of shameless act, for her it felt like that fact was thrust right into her face.

――Wrong. Something like this, if it wasn’t my duty, I wouldn’t…….

She persuaded herself like that, but her flushing body couldn’t be deceived. She stripped off her pilot suit from her shoulder and pulled it down until her waist while hiding her breast.

――For me to look like this in a place that is only separated from the outside just by a single wall this thin.

Her cheeks became hot, and her head was blank as though it was tinged with fever. She told herself that surely this was the effect of Baldein’s fragrance.

――That’s right. I’m not lecherous. Everything, is because of this aroma’s fault. I cannot go against the effect, that’s why it can’t be helped.

She took off the pilot suit from her leg and exposed her white bare skin. With this she now didn’t wear anything on her torso, but the glove on her arms that reached until her upper arms, and the tights that reached until her thighs, both her arms and legs were properly covered.

She thought, this was so she could sortie out immediately after they finished the Connective Hybrid, but somehow this felt strangely obscene.

――What does Kizuna-kun think about this look I wonder? Is he, more excited than usual?

「Yes, with this captain is also totally naked desu.」

It was at that time that Kizuna got his pilot suit taken off by Sylvia.

「Wha-!? What are you doing!」

Sylvia spoke triumphantly to the shocked Himekawa.

「Ehehe, Sylvia, is helping captain desu. Changing captain’s clothes is also Sylvia’s role desu.」

「Kizuna-kun……just what in the world are you making your junior do?」

Himekawa’s fixed gaze was blaming Kizuna.

「N, no, I only let her help when she begged me that she wanted to help no matter what, bu, but! I’m changing my underwear by myself okay!」

「That’s obvious!」

Even while they were having such an exchange, Sylvia’s rampage didn’t stop. She put her lips on Kizuna’s chest and her tongue crawled on there.

「Uu! Sy, Sylvia……」

「Captain, please, feel good desu.」

Her small hands reached below and she wrapped Kizuna’s thing with both hands.

「Right now, Sylvia will……make it grow splendid desu.」

Sylvia’s violet eyes looked melting with lewdness. Her eyes squinted, and her lips thinly opened in a smile. Such smile was unthinkable coming from a girl who wasn’t even of age. It was like under the mask of a young little girl, an absurd monster was lurking there.

She wrapped Kizuna’s thing inside the grip of both her hands, and then she slid her hands up and down. It was a feeling of immorality as though he was doing something that shouldn’t be done. And then it purely felt good. That feeling was encroaching from Kizuna’s lower body into his head.

「Aa……it became energetic now desu♡」

The face looking up and smiling sweetly at Kizuna even looked like a young succubus.

「Aaa……that pure Sylvia-chan is, doing such things……」Himekawa was getting flustered while staring at that foolishness. The spacious hangar was spreading around Kizuna and Sylvia with takeoff preparations being performed on the transports. A truck that was loaded with fuel and baggage was running and the students who were scattered throughout Ataraxia were arriving one after another.

Amidst all those, Sylvia was masturbating Kizuna’s thing while her small tongue was licking up his chest.

――Despite so, aaa……I am doing this by myself…….

She pretended to hide her own breast and groin while her fingertips were secretly moving.


It was somehow wretched that she was consoling herself even though Kizuna was right in front of her eyes. And then, the unrealistic act of her standing still while consoling herself in the middle of a hangar where a lot of people were working, was making the inside of her head loll. The current her wasn’t sane, but even if she understood that, she couldn’t stop.

「A……Himekawa-senpai is amazing desu!」

Himekawa stopped her hand in panic when her name was suddenly called.

「Hieh!? Wha, what is?」

「Himekawa-senpai’s breast, it’s big desu!」


「Sylvia, her breasts are small, it’s not really usable desu. Sylvia wants to be shown an example desu!」


It’s not like my breasts are particularly big! She wanted to yell that.

「N, no, I’m not that big……」

「That’s not true desu. Sylvia is flat desu, so Sylvia is really jealous desu.」

「I, is……that so?」

It also wasn’t a bad feeling for Himekawa when she was getting told that repeatedly. Sylvia’s eyes were sparkling bright as usual, her face was shining with expectation. When she was looking at that face, she even felt that it would be too pitiful to make that face turn dejected.

「U……I, I get it. But……even I am not, that skilled you know?」

Himekawa was saying that while kneeling in front of Kizuna.

She entered between the legs of Kizuna who was lying down, and then she put her breasts on top of Kizuna’s thing.



Feeling Kizuna’s heat and hardness caused her breast to grow hot from where it was touching. And then she pressed her breasts on each other using her hands and sandwiched Kizuna in between.

――Fi, first is holding it in between.

If it was Yurishia or Aine, surely they would be able to have an easier time holding Kizuna’s thing, but for her this was the best she could do.

「Nh……ha, aan」

When she moved up and down, something was coming and going inside her breast scrapingly. It was as though it was being inserted inside herself, that association was making Himekawa even more excited. Even though that place wasn’t touched, something was dripping out from inside herself.

「How……does it feel? Kizuna-kun.」

「Yeah, it feels good……Hayuru.」

She felt honestly happy hearing that. Himekawa smiled joyfully and rubbed her breast even stronger in her desire to make him happier.

She became concerned with Sylvia’s reaction and she took a peek at her. There she was sitting in seiza while staring with a docile face. A feverish gaze was being sent towards her breasts.

「Amazing desu……captain’s thing is buried there desu.」

Saying that Sylvia touched her own breasts.

「Will Sylvia get big too desu?」

Himekawa smiled gently and pulled her body away.

「Surely you will. For the sake of that day……how about we practice?」

Sylvia hesitated, but when Himekawa left the spot open she crawled on all fours and approached. And then when she settled down between Kizuna’s legs replacing Himekawa, she put her flat chest on top of Kizuna.

Kizuna’s thing dented the slight fat.


From the outset it was impossible to sandwich it, so Sylvia rubbed her small breast with all her might. The sensation was far removed from the feeling of getting held in between two soft things, but the sensation from the slightly soft layer and the hard sensation of the rib under it scraping him caused Kizuna to mysteriously get immersed in a nice feeling. It was a sensation that was hard to obtain in its own way, and above all it made him feel that Sylvia was nearby him.

Kizna’s thing couldn’t settle just on Sylvia’s breast and poked at her squishy cheek.

「Fufuh, what a rambunctious kid desu. Sylvia will……drip saliva on the tip too desu.」

「Uoh! Sy, Sylvia!」

His tip was swallowed by something hot. When he tried to look, Sylvia was opening her mouth fully and swallowed Kizuna’s thing. When she noticed that Kizuna was looking, she stared back with upturned eyes, and then she smiled sweetly when she understood from Kizuna’s expression that he was feeling good.

Although it was the effect of the aphrodisiac aroma, he couldn’t help but feel surprised by Sylvia’s reaction and the speed of her growth. Kizuna felt a shudder at that unknown quality.

「E, err……Sylvia-chan?」

Himekawa drew close looking greedily.

「……nnu, yes. Let’s lick it together desu.」

Furthermore she even had the composure to be considerate to Himekawa. Sylvia let out Kizuna’s thing from inside her mouth and then lined up with Himekawa, their tongues were licking him up from left and right. The important things stuffed inside the sack under it were also getting gently massaged by the two of them cordially, each of their hands grasping one each.

「Ku……no, no good, this is」

Light of magic power was emitted from the bodies of the three.

When the two noticed that Kizuna was going to climax, they put even more strength into their tongues.

They looked at each other and exchanged signals with their eyes.

Just with that they guessed each others’ intentions, they attacked Kizuna in combination as though displaying the result of their combat training.

Himekawa held the tip in her mouth while Sylvia licked the sack, when Sylvia’s tongue was climbing up, Himekawa’s mouth let go and her tongue moved to below. When Sylvia’s small hand enveloped the tip, Himekawa used her fingers to form a ring around the shaft and she moved it up and down.

That broke Kizuna’s limit in the blink of an eye.


Light overflowed from the three’s bodies, at the same time life energy was fired from Kizuna’s thing. Those drops showered down on Sylvia and Himekawa’s faces.


「Fua……it’s hot desuu♡」

Both of them accepted those drops with enraptured faces. And then they scooped it up with their finger and put it into their mouths with expressions of ecstasy.

「Sylvia-chan……we did it♪」

「Yes. We finished off captain desu♪」

And then their tongues licked up the liquid at each others’ face deliciously.

Kizuna’s thing that was shown with such sight didn’t decline at all. Whether the two of them knew that or not, they were continuing doing their act as though to show off and made a mischievous smile on their face. Their faces were really bewitching, causing Kizuna’s heart to beat really fast.

「With this……Sylvia is getting a step closer to adulthood right desu?」

Himekawa smiled gently at Sylvia who was smiling with a carefree look.

「I guess. Then, how about Sylvia-chan taste one more adult sensation?」


Himekawa made Sylvia stand and then made her to straddle Kizuna.


「Do it like pushing down Kizuna-kun’s thing forward and then straddled on top of it. Yes……you did well.」

「Hawaa……this feels wonderful somehow desu. It feels like Sylvia become one somewhat with captain desu.」

Kizuna’s thing that was straddled pushed apart Sylvia’s valley and pushed up at the sensitive part.

「Nh……it’s also, really……throbbing desu」

Sylvia was starting to naturally shake her waist back and forth without getting taught.

「Hah, hah, an……ca-, captain, captain-」

Sylvia was gasping while calling Kizuna with a lisping voice. That pained expression and voice granted further strength to Kizuna’s thing.

「Kizuna-kun……me too……」

Himekawa was making a lewd smile and got on all fours. And then she pointed her butt towards Kizuna and shook it left and right wantonly. Himekawa looked across her shoulder to Kizuna and her eyebrows arched painfully.

「Yeah……I’ll do the place where Hayuru likes it the most.」

And then he caressed the valley of her bottom from above to bottom.

「Ahn! It, it’s not like I like……HAaAAAAAAAAA!」

Just by caressing at that spot, both of Himekawa’s arms that were supporting her body lost strength and her face touched the floor. Her upper body bent down and only her bottom was lifted up. Himekawa’s body was trembling in such a humiliating pose. She understood that it was an unsightly pose but she couldn’t put strength into her arms. Besides, the pleasure that Kizuna’s loving caress gave her was doubled by this humiliating posture. I am not feeling it or anything because of such shameless act――even though in her head she denied it like that, but her body and instincts completely understood. That she was really excited and feeling it.

And then an existence that was adding to that pleasure further was approaching Himekawa.

「Hya……Hyakurath, san?」

Hyakurath whose face looked worried was bringing her face closer to the Love Room trying to peek at the situation inside.

「Aah, don’t, Hyakurath-san……don’t look at me like this.」

At that time a pleasure that couldn’t be compared with everything until now became an impact that pierced Himekawa.


「Come on, Hyakurath is looking in exasperation there.」

「Wr, wrong……HAaaAAAANH! She cannot see, cannot hear……nnah!」

「She is talking with Mercuria see. How a public morals committee member is delighted with this kind of thing.」

Tears were gathering in Himekawa’s eyes.

There was Hyakurath who was whispering to Mercuria before her eyes. Both of them were frowning and staring at Himekawa as though looking down on her.

「――yah, yo, you’re misunderstanding. This is」

Even though she was saying that, but she also understood that she was in a pose that she couldn’t make an excuse for. Her figure that was lifting up her bottom towards Kizuna, her wretched begging figure. If she was seen being like this, then she wouldn’t be able to make any excuse.

「Aah, forgive me. This depraved me, aah! Yah, bu, but, my body is feeling it by itself-, fuaahn♡」

Kizuna attacked Himekawa’s inside further, at the same time he pushed in his thumb into her valley that was dripping honey.

「Hauh! aAAAAA♡」

Just like how Himekawa was getting excited by being seen by Hyakurath, Sylvia’s eyes were also reflecting the figure of her best friend.

Ragrus was bringing her face closer to the Love Room, her grim face was staring at Sylvia who was desperately shaking her waist that was holding Kizuna’s thing between her legs.

「Haanh, for-, forgive, me desu. Ragrus-channnn-aaaaaan!」

Even while apologizing, she didn’t try to stop rubbing her waist. She faced towards her best friend and appealed with tears in her eyes.

「Even though Sylvia, is making Ragrus-chan worry……Sylvia is, doing something like this desu. Nnah! Aaah!」

Kizuna pushed up his waist as though thrusting up.


Sylvia’s whole body shook.


Tears were flowing down from her eyes. The flowing out tears from between her legs was drenching wet Kizuna’s thing since a while ago.

Heart shaped light was emerging in the eyes of the two that were damp with tears.

――It’s here!

It was the point that would decide the match.

In Connective Hybrid, the two had to be made to reach climax simultaneously. It was really difficult to create that chance even if he was aiming for it. Training and technique, how much he knew about the partners, and then the fortune of time.

This timing where Hyakurath and Ragrus arrived at the same time, it was a moment of a miracle.

「Hayuru, Sylvia! Have your close friends look! At your true form.」

He thrust up his waist that Sylvia was riding and thrust in his finger that was connected into Himekawa.

「Sy, Sylvia-, is, is an indecent child desuu! Ra, Ragrus-chan-! I’m sorry desuuuuuunnnn♡♡♡♡」

「Aaaaaaaah♡! I’m sorry-, that this kind of, haaaah♡ indecent, sha-, shameless person is-, a public morals committee member-, I’m sorryyyyy!♡♡♡」

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 10.jpg

At that time dazzling lights were released from the bodies of the three. The three colored lights mixed with each other and the radiance multiplied as though it was going through a secondary explosion. The Love Room was filled with the light of magic power that even looked sublime. And then, that light was getting absorbed into the bodies of the three.

When the light settled down, inside the sparkling radiance that was like a lingering scent, the two girls collapsed as though they had lost consciousness. Sylvia collapsed on top of Kizuna, while Himekawa was also falling down limply on the floor.

「The Connective Hybrid is a success……you two did well Sylvia, Hayuru.」



Both of them were completely in a trance, even Kizuna felt like he would lose consciousness if he let his guard down. It appeared that the Baldein fragrance inside the Love Room was suitably effective.

「If we don’t breathe in outside air……these two won’t get back to normal.」

Kizuna gently laid down Sylvia on the floor and then he stood up with a staggering motion.

His head was hazy, but he had the sensation of immeasurable power welling up from inside his body. That was the proof that the Connective Hybrid succeeded.

Kizuna looked at the clock hanging on the hangar’s wall. It was already time for the transports to takeoff.

「Sylvia, Hayuru. The Connective Hybrid succeeded. Wear your pilot suits and then let’s get out.」

He somehow made the half awake girls to stand up and then he handed over their pilot suits.

At that moment, a terrible shaking that felt like an earthquake assaulted the three.


Their feet tripped over and the three fell on the floor on top of each other.


Himekawa groaned and tried to raise her body.

「――Don’t tell me!」

Kizuna jumped to his feet and looked around outside.

The walls of the hangar were getting dented one after another. Something was colliding into the walls from outside.

「That size……the mechanical angels!」

Fortunately it didn’t seem to be Thanatos. However, it didn’t change that this was a dangerous situation. They couldn’t hear any sound inside, but there was no doubt that there was a great commotion outside. He could see Hyakurath, Mercuria, also Ragrus and the others were going outside using a hatch for human use in order to intercept the enemy.

Kizuna turned around and shouted at the two lying on the floor.

「It’s an enemy attack! Hurry! Wear your pilot suits!」

「Ye, yes……but, because of the aroma, I’m still……」

Himekawa stood up somehow, but her feet were staggering.

「You will get better if you breathe in the air outside. Do your best at least to wear your suit!」

Kizuna was saying that while putting in his foot in his own pilot suit in a panic. And then he put his arm through the suit and what was left was only sealing up the suit, but it was at that time that a large shaking attacked once more.



When they stumbled and their hands leaned on the wall of the Love Room, it easily came apart.

――Damn it!

Cracks were spreading through the wall all at once and the whole wall broke, the three were thrown outside rolling on the floor.

「Hayuru, Sylvia, are you two okay!?」

「Ye, yes……somehow.」

Their words and expression changed into a firm one when they got outside. The effect of the aroma was blunted by them breathing in the air outside.

Himekawa raised her body while pulling up the electronic fastener of the pilot suit and sealed it up. Sylvia also finished her suiting up at that time.

「Let’s go, both of you.」


「Roger desu!」

Kizuna heard the reply of the two and he yelled the name of his core.


Following after him, Himekawa and Sylvia yelled.



And then the bodies of the three were equipped by their respective Heart Hybrid Gear.

「Yosh, then――」

Just when all their sortie preparations were in good order, Kurumizawa was running towards them with both her hands waving at them.

「TROUBLEEE! We finished the transport’s takeoff preparations, but there are magic weapons outside and we cannot get the runway out-! Do something, Eros-maou!」

The hangar of Nayuta Lab was adjoined with a runway, so if they went outside it would be possible to takeoff. However, with the enemy lying in wait, they would be helplessly destroyed if they went outside. Besides if the runway itself was destroyed, it would be impossible to takeoff.

A communication window opened beside Kizuna.

『This is Hyakurath! Fifteen hostile magic weapons are outside the hangar hatch! The Magic Armor squad is repelling them, but at this rate the transports won’t be able to takeoff!』

Hyakurath’s voice of desperation could be heard from the communication window.

「This is Kizuna. Amaterasu’s Connective Hybrid is finished. Get out the transport to the runway from now.」

Hearing that, Hyakurath replied in panic.

『Eeh!? If we do that, the transport will be destroyed!』

「Amaterasu will protect them! Committee chairman, please give support from above!」

『U, understood! Please take care!』

After yelling that Hyakurath’s communication cut off, surely she was going back to battle.

「Hayuru, Sylvia, are your preparations okay?」

Himekawa who already readied her Corruption Armament 『Gladius』 answered with a composed smile.

「Of course. My weapon is itching to be used here.」

「Sylvia is also OK to go anytime desu!」

Kizuna looked up at Sylvia and smiled at her reliability.

「Kurumizawa! Open the door and send out the transports!」

「Roger! I’ll leave it to you Eros-maou!」

And then the hung door towards the runway was starting to open along with the creaking sound of metal and heavy motor sounds.

White and gold colored mechanical angel quickly slipped through from the gap.

「They are coming! Hayuru!」

When Kizuna called out, Neros’s figure was already passing through the mechanical angel. Gladius was cutting through while emitting a cold light. The wreck of the bisected mechanical angel crashed on the floor of the hangar, it was sliding on the ground while giving out sparks from its falling momentum.

「Nice, Hayuru!」


Himekawa replied to Kizuna’s praise as though it was only natural and then she stood in front of the hangar blocking the way.


Four huge swords flew out from Himekawa’s back. Each of those swords were moving automatically and struck down the mechanical angels heading towards the hangar.

「Sylvia will go too desu!」

Sylvia estimated the timing when the gate opened into a size that Taros could pass through before going on the offense.

Sylvia that went outside confirmed the surroundings. On the runway, there was a magic armor that was taking on three mechanical angels simultaneously.

「Ragrus-chan! Dodge desu!」

Demon’s large frame fell side ways all of a sudden without even looking back.


The light of the giant particle cannon rushed through the place where Demon was standing. One mechanical angel was blown away and one other lost one of its wings.


Demon’s strong arm smashed the one winged mechanical angel. The armor of the mechanical angel was crushed and its internal machinery protruded out from the cracks.

The remaining angel attacked Demon’s back using that opening.


Taros charged towards that mechanical angel. Its left arm rose up and punched the mechanical angel using its charging momentum. The blown away mechanical angel was then punched back by Demon who was waiting with a superb timing. Demon’s giant fist smashed the mechanical angel’s body into pieces.

「We did it desu, Ragrus-chan!」

「You are late Sylvia! Did you have that much fun with your captain?」

Sylvia’s face turned bright red and she made an excuse to Ragrus who looked a bit in a bad mood.

「Yo-, you’re wrong desu! We, we did it because of the mission desu……but, it wasn’t unpleasant, though desu.」

A vein was emerging on Ragrus’s forehead.

「……That brute captain……I’ll make him explain later, just what was he doing to you! We are going now Sylvia!」

「Sy, Sylvia doesn’t want Ragrus-chan to know desuuuu」

Demon and Taros were heading at the mechanical angels descending on the runway. Kizuna saw off their figures and opened a communication window.

「Kurumizawa! The sweep of the runway is finished. Go!」

『I’ve been waiting for that!』

An airframe with a total length of more than forty meters came out from the hangar. Clementine and Leila from Masters were riding on its back.

A window from Scarlet opened in front of Kizuna.

『Kizuna! Leave guarding the transport to Masters!』

Then Clementine who was riding on top of the transport yelled in a good mood.

「The one in charge of this transport are me and Leila! Nooow let’s shoot like crazy~」

「We will absolutely see to it that it arrives safely, so be generous with the success reward later!」

Kizuna gave a thumbs up at the two and wished them a good fight. The jet engine raised a thunderous roar and the large airframe accelerated in one go. It lifted up to the sky when the range of the runway almost reached the limit.


『Flying feels somewhat different when someone else gives you a lift eh―. Free ride is the best!』

Excessively high tension voices came from the communication window.

Those bright voices for some reason made him think that it would be okay with their mood like that.

「I also mustn’t get left behind huh――」

Kizuna looked up to the sky. There Hyakurath and Mercuria were fighting hard against the troop of mechanical angels.

Hyakurath readied her sword against two mechanical angels as her opponent. Her body charged forward as though to force her way through between the mechanical angels.


She cut down one angel instantly and then cut apart another with her returning slash. The mechanical angel didn’t even explode, falling into the cloud below. It was a beautiful and perfect sword technique.

「Arc Drive.」

Mercuria’s bow fired an arrow as big as a spear. That spear flew at a squad of mechanical angels lining up at far distance and caused a fierce explosion. The angels were swallowed by an explosion with a diameter that reached a hundred meters and several of them were annihilated.

Leaving Himekawa, Sylvia, and Ragrus to guard the hangar and runway, Kizuna was thinking to support Hyakurath and Mercuria, so he was going to raise the output of Eros’s thruster.


A floating window materialized in front of his eyes that stopped him.

「Uah! Nee-chan. What’s the matter!?」

『Is that idiot parent over there on your side!?』

The sudden question made Kizuna speechless for a moment.

「N, no……I don’t know whether she came here or not though. I didn’t see her.」

Reiri gnawed on her thumb when he answered so.

「What’s wrong, Nee-chan?」

『I cannot find that woman anywhere. I was concerned because she ran off her mouth saying strange things at the briefing but……』

『There is no need to fret. I think that Thanatos herself won’t move. Of course, I really don’t have any concrete proof of that.』

Certainly she said that. He wondered just what was the meaning of what she said. Besides, until now he thought that it was because they were lucky, but for Thanatos to not appear when they were rampaging this conspicuously was also――,

「Don’t tell me!?」

Kizuna raised the output of his thruster.

「Corruption Armament 『Nayuta』!」

Several magic circles were emerging in front of Kizuna. Eros’s figure changed each time it went through a magic circle, transforming into a large magic armor that looked like a machine god.

「I’m going!」

And then he flew out of the hangar and accelerated to the speed of sound instantly.

Sylvia’s eyes turned round at Kizuna who was flying out without fighting the mechanical angels.

「Wha, what’s the matter desu? Captain.」

Himekawa who similarly noticed Kizuna flying out also entered the communication.

『I don’t know……but, there is no doubt that there is some kind of circumstance.』

「The, then, we have to go too!」

However Himekawa smiled gently.

『No. He would have told us if our assistance is necessary. That Kizuna-kun didn’t do that means that we have to do our own job.』


Sylvia nodded with a determined expression.

「Sylvia understands desu! Sylvia will absolutely protect this place so everyone can escape desu!」

『Right! Let’s do our best!』

They could see reinforcements of mechanical angels coming from the sky far away right at that timing. Their number was roughly thirty.

『No matter how many come, I’ll turn them into the rust of Gladius!』

Himekawa pointed the tip of her Corruption Armament at the enemy and smiled.

Part 3[edit]

「Thanatos, you want to know just what you are, isn’t that right?」

「Are you saying that you have the answer for that?」


Nayuta answered calmly.

「Who gave birth to you, why you were born, how you evolved until your current point. You are looking for the answer to those questions aren’t you?」

The eyes of Thanatos that were half closed slightly opened.

「That’s correct. The experiment is for the sake of confirming that.」

Thanatos stared fixedly at Nayuta. That powerful gaze was so intense to the degree that could made others think, that perhaps she was even analyzing Nayuta’s body, her inner structure, and her thought circuit.

Nayuta’s calm attitude didn’t crumble from that, it was unknown whether that was from her composure or her bluffing.

「Each of the machine gods has a different origin. For example Hokuto. She is an aggregation of a perishing world. An existence of a digitalized world and people. Hokuto herself is the one in charge of the consciousness inside that. So to speak, she is a girl that became god by becoming the world itself.」

Nayuta took out a fan from her chest.

「For example Osiris. The queen of the dead of a ruined world. The scientists there used her body as the raw material for a repeated experiment that continuously prolonged her life on and on, and it resulted with an existence that reached a shocking variation. By turning an infinite power of destruction obtained from another world into her source of energy, she was a wife and a mother that arrived to godhood.」

Nayuta relaxedly fanned herself.

「For example Odin. By using battle as a means of evolution and simplified the direction of the evolution, the speed of the natural selection is accelerated and it raised the speed of evolution. By acquiring every kind of ability into her body, she is a warrior that reached godhood.」

Wind shook Nayuta’s hair.

「Everyone has a different origin, but they have a point that is common to a certain degree. Yes, everyone of them were originally human-like organism. But, there is just one machine god among them that is obviously a different existence.」

Thanatos was quietly listening to Nayuta’s talk. However, there was a bad premonition, as though the energy inside her body was whirling with increasing force.

「Thanatos. You were born as god right from the start. And then the evolution was carried out inside yourself. Other people were not related at all with that process. You were born as god, the ultimate person of solitude.」

「You are saying that from the start……I was a god when I was born?」

「That’s right. You having no memory of your origin is because of that.」

「However, I should have reached this point by evolving.」

「Yes. The evolution was carried out by your own hand. The programs you are composed from were improving yourself. The repetition of that was your evolution. But, right now you are losing sight of the direction of your evolution. That’s why you wanted to know just what is needed in the first place. For what sake you should evolve. You wanted to know your origin, what is the meaning and the reason of your existence. That was why you started to search for your past. It’s something like that isn’t it?」

Thanatos’s gaze that was filled with sorrow changed slightly. Her expression didn’t change. However, it looked like an emotion that was different somehow was rising up from underneath it.

「Then what is it that you want to say? Where can I find the answer?」

Nayuta raised her voice and laughed.

「Such thing, it doesn’t exist.」


「The person who gave birth to you, their world, their sense of value, they don’t exist anymore. They perished. They are extinct. The people who needed you already didn’t exist when you were born.」

Nayuta talked with a voice that sounded grave, and gentle.

「The path where you should evolve to, can only be decided by yourself.」

The giant wings towering behind Thanatos were starting to emit radiance.

「What I want is an answer. Is that all the information that you have? Then」

Thanatos’s eyes shined. Golden light was spreading, as though it was rippling out from the center of her blue eyes. And then her blue eyes carried out a change into golden eyes.

「My, the color of your eyes is literally changing there.」

Cold sweat was coming out from the forehead of Nayuta who was joking.


The golden eyes were gazing at Nayuta. Thanatos’s arm pointed at Nayuta and that palm was enveloped in golden light. And then the light was increasing in radiance until the limit, and that light was fired towards Nayuta.

That was a light that guided everything to destruction.

It was a radiance of the end that purged existence from all worlds.

Nayuta was staring at that radiance with composure until the end.

And then, Nayuta was enveloped by that light――,



A black wall stood in the way of the light of ruin.

The dreadful flood of light had pressure that washed away everything. And also vibration that shook the world.

The light of destruction that was like the rage of god was blocked by the barrier of Kizuna’s Corruption Armament 『Nayuta』 and by the wing on his back turned into a shield.

「Kizuna! Why are you here!?」

「Nee-chan, said that Kaa-san isn’t there. That perhaps……you were here!」

Even while answering, Kizuna was being overwhelmed by the intense power of Thanatos. His body creaked, his muscles and bones were screaming. If he stopped focusing even for an instant, the magic armor that should have obtained Nayuta’s power felt like it would break into pieces anytime.


『Eros! Can you hear!?』

The extreme impact made the communication window only look like noise.

「Kuh, Kurumizawa-! I’m, busy right now!」

『The electricity here returned! Our parting gift will be something intense coming there so run away! Escape from there!』


Before he could ask what she was talking about, he felt a mass of terrific energy approaching.

――That stupid idiot!

He carried Nayuta in his arms right away and flew up. He poured all his power output into his thruster.


By running away, it created an opening that he couldn’t avoid. In that instant of opening, Thanatos’s light blew away Eros’s armor.


The leg units were blown away from his knees.


Taros’s large rocket was instantly created on his back. The maximum ignition of that rocket brought him to charge to the ceiling without pause.


Neros’s Corruption Armament 『Gladius』 was created from his arm.


Gladius stabbed into the ceiling of the sanctuary. The sword that cut apart all existence cut apart even god’s sanctuary. Gladius’s power blew away the ceiling and Kizuna and Nayuta escaped from Thanatos’s palace.

Below the feet of the climbing up Kizuna, just a few meters under him, an astonishingly large caliber particle cannon rushed through.

――Ataraxia’s main cannon!?

It was the largest artillery in existence with a caliber of twenty meters and a three kilometer cannon barrel, needing all the electricity in Ataraxia to be poured into it. It was a giant particle cannon that blew away even Vatlantis’s fleet.

That pillar of light hit Thanatos’s sanctuary. However, the wall of the sanctuary repelled back even that cannon attack.

――As expected, it cannot be that easy.

Just when Kizuna thought that, the giant particle cannon blew away the mountain itself.


A giant hole was gouged on the mountain slope, and the particle cannon raised its output further. That absurd destructive power couldn’t destroy the sanctuary, but it blew away the mountain summit where the sanctuary was constructed. The mountain broke and snow became avalanche that rushed down the slope. The sanctuary was then rolling down the mountain slope still in its original shape.

Seeing that situation made Kizuna raise a cheer spontaneously.

「You did it you guys! Hahahaha!」

Nayuta was also staring at the crumbling mountain with an astonished face. And then she looked up at the face of her son who was carrying her as though she noticed something.


At that time, a jet transport was approaching Kizuna’s position. Kurumizawa was waving her hand in the cockpit. A communication window opened and Sylvia’s face was projected there.

『Captain! You are safe desu! Sylvia is glad desu!』

「Sylvia, I’m glad you are safe too. Where are you?」

『Behind the transport desu.』

When he turned there, he could see the figures of Taros and Demon around five hundred meters from the transport.

However, a black shadow was approaching from behind them.

「What, that’s?」

When Kizuna focused his eyes, Nayuta answered in his place.

「That’s Thanatos’s magic weapon, the mechanical angel……if it’s one by one they are not a match against Taros, but that number is too many. Perhaps there is two hundred――」

『Hah! What are you saying!』

That self-important retort didn’t come from Sylvia, but from a different cute voice. A new window was opened and the proud looking face of Ragrus was projected.

『Just that many isn’t Sylvia’s enemy!』

『Wa, wait Ragrus-chan.』

Sylvia stopped her with a panicked face.

『If it’s now you can use it right! That thing!』

『Ah……right desu. It’s usable desu!』

Ragrus grinned broadly.

『You have never shot that seriously before. If it’s now then you can let go and fire without reservation!』

Sylvia frowned.

Taros lowered its speed and changed direction. She hovered still midair and glared at the approaching mechanical angel army.

「……Understood desu. But, it’s dangerous so everyone please go ahead desu.」

Kizuna and Ragrus also lowered their speed and stopped midair.

『Got it. We are watching from here so we’ll leave it to you, Sylvia.』

『Let them have at it! Sylvia.』

「EEEEEEEE? Sy, Sylvia said, to go ahead desu!」

『You think we can leave you behind! If you don’t want us to die then decide the fight right away.』

『Yeah, Sylvia! Blow them altogether with boo―m!』

「Uu……un, understood desu, so at least please take some more distance desuuu!」

Violet colored magic power rushed around Taros’s whole frame and gathered into its right arm.

The seal on Talos’s right arm that was like a safe box was lifted while making a sound.

「Indeed, it’s a bit scary using this on the ground or in Ataraxia desu……but」

And then the door of that seal was opened.

「Sylvia, is serious desu!」

A heavy bass sound was resounding from Taros’s right arm, at the same time black darkness was shot out.

A jet black meteor was floating towards the army of mechanical angels.

The mechanical angels tried to shoot down that black meteor and fired shining beams. But, those lights were all sucked into the black darkness.

And then that black darkness flew to the middle of the mechanical angel crowd.

Ultimate Gravity CompressionTitania!!」

Sylvia raised the yell of her soul.

As though responding to that voice, the black sphere made a low echoing sound and it instantly spread out. The surrounding scenery was distorted at the same time. The black celestial body that suddenly materialized was drawing in everything with a gravitational force of a black hole that warped the light. And then the atmosphere of this world was starting to move with fierce speed. The clouds, the atmosphere, the mechanical angels, were all being sucked into that black celestial body in the blink of an eye.

It was irrelevant how much the mechanical angels raised the output of their thrusters. Titania was mercilessly, and greedily sucking in everything.

「Thi……this thing is!」

Kizuna yelled unconsciously.

Squall was attacking Kizuna and the others even with this much distance. The super gravitational force Titania was producing was mercilessly sucking in everything and compressing them. The figure of nearly two hundred mechanical angels was already gone. Even so Titania was swallowing in the sea of clouds without settling down.

「Yosh! It’s enough already Sylvia――」

Something was visible from the gap of the clouds that was streaming like a muddy stream.


A shining black object peeked out its face from under the thick cloud. It looked like land but it wasn’t soil. It was made from black metal, flickering like a small shining star. It even looked like a terrifyingly gigantic electronic equipment.

「That’s, just what in the world……」

『Oi! Come back quickly! The last transport landed already. We are going to depart now!』

Reiri’s voice that suddenly echoed shook Kizuna’s eardrum.

「Ro, roger! Sylvia!」

『Roger desu!』

Taros confirmed that Titania was sealed once more before Kizuna and the others flew towards the battleship Ataraxia at full speed.

――However, just what was that thing under the cloud? Besides…….

Kizuna turned his head and looked behind.

The mountain where Thanatos’s sanctuary was at couldn’t be seen anymore. Perhaps it had disappeared beyond the horizon, or else perhaps the mountain had crumbled and had sunk below the clouds, he couldn’t immediately make the distinction.

「Thanatos hasn’t perished yet.」

Nayuta spoke as though she was reading inside Kizuna’s heart.

「I see……well, no matter how much destructive power Ataraxia’s main cannon has, it won’t be able to defeat a machine god huh. As expected if it’s not with Reincarnation……」

However, Nayuta hung her head down with an apologetic expression.

And then she whispered with a voice that no one could hear.

「……No matter what kind of method we use, defeating Thanatos is impossible you know.」

Chapter 5 – Big Sister and Little Brother[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The Battleship Ataraxia safely retreated from Thanatos’s world. There was nothing they could say except it was fortunate that Thanatos didn’t pursue. The cause of that was unclear, whether it was from Nayuta’s conversation or possibly the main cannon of Ataraxia, but at any rate the rescue mission was a success.

The rescued students were inserted into new organization and orientation for them was taking place in each place where they were assigned to.

Currently, the battleship Ataraxia was heading to Odin’s world, but it was estimated that it would take a few weeks until they arrived. The Valtantis force on the Oldium that Grace was leading had gone ahead to Odin’s world, they should be going ahead with investigation there.

「Odin……if we are only talking about battle ability, then she might rival Thanatos……we have to link up with them even for a second faster……」

Nayuta was lying down slovenly on the lounge suite sofa inside Reiri’s room.

Reiri who was working on her work desk stopped her hand.

「Then what are we going to do? Against Thanatos, both you and Kizuna using his Corruption Armament couldn’t even make a dent on her right?」

「That’s so isn’t it……」

Nayuta replied listlessly looking totally exhausted.

Reiri lifted her face and stared at the figure of her mother lying down face up on the sofa that could be used by three people.

「What’s the matter? You are being awfully docile.」

「Yes……perhaps this is because of the summer heat.」

Reiri frowned looking dubious.

Since Nayuta became a god and turned into this little girl form, she often spoke jokes and made fun of Reiri and the others. Perhaps this time was also like that.

But even while thinking so, Reiri was feeling an atmosphere that was different from usual from her.

――No! If so, then what? There is no need at all for me to be considerate towards this woman.

「Don’t slack off and think up some method to prevail. You intentionally went to meet Thanatos. You got some kind of information from that right?」

「I mostly understand about Thanatos now but……if I reach out my hand to her offering a counseling service, I will only get bitten. A child at that age is really difficult isn’t it.」

「You really say that shamelessly huh. The way you are talking feels like you actually have experience in raising a child.」

With that their dialogue cut off.

But neither Reiri nor Nayuta exited the room.

Reiri was working on her work silently, Nayuta was lying down listlessly on the sofa.

Nayuta took out something from her chest looking as though it was troublesome to even lift her hand. Still facing up, she reached out her hand and put something on the table. The sound of that action made Reiri lift up her face.


Reiri stared at the metallic capsule put on the table with a suspicious face.

Nayuta’s frail voice could be heard.

「This is the trump card to crush Odin.」

The reached out hand looked as though it was trying to lift something heavy while returning on top of Nayuta’s chest.

The shine of the object put on the table made Reiri stood up.

「Is that……a Heart Hybrid Gear’s core?」

「Yes……a core that I made from zero for the first time.」


The core of a Heart Hybrid Gear was originally an OOPArt of the of Atlantis. It was still not understood whether it was the product of a super ancient civilization of that world or an instigation from one of the Deus ex Machina.

Even when Nayuta was researching the Heart Hybrid Gear, it was nothing more than reusing the already existing core. What Nayuta did was only make it so that a human’s life energy could be used to power up the core as replacement for magic power.

Reiri walked towards the table with her eyes opened wide in amazement at that metal piece.

Different from other cores, it was emitting a really beautiful radiance. It wasn’t an unrefined metal, it had a glossy white surface. Blue light was shining from there. It even looked like a high class artistic handicraft.

「I see……so you mean to throw in new battle potential.」

「That core is my greatest masterpiece. Even when compared to other cores, I believe that there is none that can surpass it.」

Reiri gulped audibly.

If she was able to assert that much, then it must really have powerful specs. The problem was how much ability it specifically possessed and who would use it.

「……But, it has one limitation.」

Reiri clicked her tongue and made a disagreeable face.

「As I thought there is something……so, just what kind of harassment it has?」

Nayuta answered with closed eyes.

「Reiri, that core is exclusive for you.」


Her mouth opened wide unconsciously and stiffened up.

「It will be mostly useless even if another person installs it. It was made with Reiri’s biological information as the premise, a core that was adjusted to match Reiri’s traits. Most likely, it is the first order made core in history.」


Nayuta opened her eyes thinly.

「In the first place, I only have little remaining power, so it’s the end with this. What’s this? Is this what they called a bedridden senior citizen I wonder.」

She made a dry smile with the face of a kindergartner.

Reiri couldn’t reply anything to that joke.

Silence continued for a while, before long Nayuta spoke with a low volume.

「This is a present for you.」


Cold sweat trickled down on Reiri’s cheek. Her trembling fingertips picked up the beautiful core placed on the table.

「This is the first time……I received something from you I think.」

Nayuta was looking up to Reiri with a thin smile still pasted on her face.

Reiri puckered up her face while lifting the core to the room’s lighting.

「Moreover, you got no sense. Just where in the world can you find a parent that will give a weapon as a present. Besides, using this is just like a death sentence.」

Nayuta smiled happily.

「But you want it right?」


That was the truth.

The guilty feeling of making her subordinates fight. She even saw it in her dreams, just how great it would be if she could fight herself.

「The problem is……the one with the highest aptitude for a magic armor in this ship is you Reiri. Making the greatest player use the greatest tool. It’s actually also a logical and rational decision.」


「Besides……if there is Kizuna then you won’t die. Even if you install it, it’s fine if you use it only to protect yourself. If you have that, then you can become a god or a demon you know? Even if, for example, everyone else died, perhaps you and Kizuna will be able to survive.」

「Wha……saying a screwed up thing like――」

Reiri swallowed back the words she was about to say.

There was a doubt that she had been feeling since long ago.

But she couldn’t bring herself to ask it, speaking that question out loud itself was unforgivable.


For some reason,

She wanted to voice that doubt very much so.


Reiri stared at the core that was created for her sake. Its surface, had a really detailed and cute decoration applied there.

Perhaps, that was a completely unnecessary decoration.

――She shaved her life even if just slightly for something like this?

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 11.jpg

「You……since you turned into that form」

The question lurking inside her heart, was naturally rushing out from Reiri’s mouth.

「A human heart and emotions, were born inside you, weren’t they?」

However, Nayuta only squinted her eyes and smiled.

Part 2[edit]

In an indoor sports ground inside the battleship Ataraxia. In that space that was as big as a gymnasium, there was a giant block stacked up. It was an object that was like four normal Love Rooms being connected. It was placed at the center of the sports ground. Around it there were measuring instruments, machinery used for all kinds of adjustments, an external cooling unit, batteries and so on. All of those were placed surrounding the box with wiring extending in between.

Kei took out her keyboard and began inputting text.

『This is the experimental device of the new Love Room. It’s official name is not yet fixed. Codename Chronos.』

「……So big.」

It was really drew a contrast with the Portable Love Room used the other day. Kizuna thought if it would be possible to transport this if it was this big.

『The development concept of this was greatly different from the Portable Love Room used in actual combat the other day. This is still an experimental unit, but from the beginning it was assumed that it will not be used by moving it around. Chronos is being developed by only prioritizing the addition of the required function.』

「Required function?」

Kei’s glasses shined.

『The power to surpass time.』


Kizuna doubted his ears.

『The function to change the body’s external appearance that was in the middle of research from before. The implementation of that was completed.』

「Before this, is it what I heard when I did Climax Hybrid with Valdy……」

However, what use would it have after this far?

Kizuna raised his eyes at the system of giant Love Rooms that didn’t exist until now.

「So a system this big is necessary for that function……but, it got completed really quickly didn’t it?」

Kizuna thought that if it was with this, then perhaps there would be no need for him to dress as a girl in front of everyone like before. Thinking that, his feeling became somewhat resentful.

『Professor Nayuta’s power.』

「Eh? Aa, now that you mentioned it, Kaa-san wrote the program or something.」

『It’s impossible to develop it with this speed if it’s me. In addition, it doesn’t mean that this is using a god’s miracle. Professor Nayuta carried out the development work really normally, just like how a human would do it. And then, the Love Room that can even be called as the ultimate was completed.』

Kizuna once more stared fixedly at the towering gigantic Love Room.

「Is this, really……something that amazing?」

『Inside this is a world that transcends reality. Things that practically cannot be done, impossible things, things that cannot happen, can all occur. You won’t understand whether it’s a dream or reality, or whether that reality really occurred or not. What is inside this is different from reality, it’s a different world.』

Kizuna was unable to understand the specific mechanism and significance regarding this Love Room. But, he was at least able to understand that developing this was difficult.

『I already understood from before, but with this I was made to realize once more my difference with a genius.』

「Even Shikina-san is also genius enough.」

Kei shook her head left and right.

『I was called as a prodigy since I was a child but……even a genius is just an ordinary person when they passed twenty, that’s something that is often said. In the first place, it’s a problem of who I was compared to.』

The face of Kei who was always expressionless changed to look like it was brooding somewhere in it.

『From the beginning I understood that there is an existence that my hands cannot reach. But, I saw a dream, that if I worked hard, perhaps I will be able to get closer even for a little. But, a dream is a dream. I believe that it’s fine if I just do my own research……but, when it was thrust in front of me that such a person exists in this world, I thought, is there any meaning in anything that I do.』

Kizuna only knew the figure of Kei who was always advancing development dispassionately. And then he arbitrarily thought of her as the owner of a terrifyingly tough mental strength from that image. Due to that, Kizuna could only be bewildered when she suddenly showed him her weak figure.

「Such thing……all this time it’s thanks to Shikina-san that we――」

「Kizuna, you are here already.」

The door of the sports ground opened and Reiri came in. An attaché case that was shining silver was dangling from her hand.


Reiri lifted the attaché case on her hand and showed it to him.

「Yeah. It’s a new core.」

The thick door of the Love Room opened along with the sound of vapor getting jetted out.

『Reiri, the preparations are finished already.』

「Got it. Let’s go Kizuna.」

「Ye, yeah.」

Kizuna followed behind Reiri and entered inside the Love Room. Then behind them the door closed with a heavy sound.

「The inside……is unexpectedly normal.」

Even though the outside appearance was large, the space inside wasn’t that different.

「Yeah. The frame’s largeness isn’t for more space, but for the sake of the added function.」

「For the sake of a function that changes the external appearance is it……but, what Shikina-san said, bout the power the surpasses time, what does she mean by that?」

Reiri manipulated the control on the wall while answering.

「――This is what it meant.」

When Reiri’s finger pushed the confirmation button, Kizuna’s field of vision became riddled with noise. And then he was assaulted with a sensation that was similar to dizziness.

It was a severe sensation even more than the usual Love Room. His whole body was paralyzed and the sensation of his body became diluted. He was attacked by anxiousness as though his body was going somewhere far.

――What? What happened to me?

His hand reached out to rely on something. His hand was groping around like a drowning man desperately trying to get a hold of something.


He heard a voice calling.

It was a voice that really reassured him. A voice that made him believed unconditionally that he could trust this person.

When his hand reached out to the direction of that voice, something warm and soft was welcoming his hand. He was embraced with two hands and his face was buried into something elastic with the thickness of a futon.

That sensation granted an instinctual sense of security to Kizuna.

「……How is it? Has your awareness become clear?」

It seemed that Kizuna was closing his eyes without him noticing it. When he opened his eyes just like he was told, he was being buried into a sailor uniformed chest.


He remembered that design of the collar and ribbon. And then above all this aroma. Amidst the mix of soap smell and sweet aroma, he could faintly smell an adult fragrance that was like perfume, it was a fragrance that he loved and it made his chest rumble.


When he pulled away his face and looked up, there was the smiling face of his big sister.

However, he felt something out of place with that face.

It was unmistakably Reiri. However, he felt like her face was somewhat returned younger. She had an adult face and figure since in the past, so there wasn’t any large difference. If he was forced to say, then perhaps it was because of this sailor uniform’s fault?

A collar with a blue and yellow line added with a green colored ribbon. That breast was pushed up from below forcefully that the navel was visible. Below was a blue pleated skirt.

――If I remember right this is Nee-chan’s high school uniform. At that time I was in elementary student. My height was just around this area――!?

Kizuna looked down on his own figure in panic.

He was wearing a T-shirt and short pants. Excessively unreliable thickness and length could be felt from his legs. And then the floor was near.

「No way……-!」

When he looked around the room, a familiar and also nostalgic sight was surrounding Kizuna. It was the living room that Kizuna lived in when he was a child. The sofa, television, and also the table were all just like in the past.

However, the room felt really vast. The height of the ceiling and door, the size of every single furniture, they all made him feel for real that his body had become small.

「This place is……our house on megafloat Tokyo.」

「Correct. How nostalgic.」

「Come to think of it……when I first entered the Love Room, it was this room that was shown for demonstration……」

Reiri responded looking a bit embarrassed.

「Aa, I couldn’t think of any other sample at that time.」

Kizuna stared once more at the figure of his big sister wearing a sailor uniform.

「What she said about surpassing time……it meant this?」

「Everything is for the sake of this objective.」

Reiri’s eyes moved towards the attaché case placed on the table.

「Install the core into me here. It seems……this will, provoke my……excitement, and immoral feelings……the most.」

The more Reiri’s speech was nearing the end, the smaller and more subdued her voice became. Reiri’s cheeks turned red in shame and she averted her eyes while murmuring.

「This is for the sake of obtaining the strongest spec. I’m reluctant but this cannot be helped. You too……must be, feeling complicated but, if you can do it……without feeling that it’s detestable, that, I’ll feel happy.」

Those words felt like they were said from far away.

「I, I’m not thinking that it’s detestable……there is no way, I’m thinking that.」

His tongue couldn’t form words well. The beating of his heart couldn’t slow down since some time ago. His cheeks were burning, even he himself understood how blood was rising to his head. Kizuna was feeling an excitement that he had never tasted until now.

Reiri suddenly directed her eyes to Kizuna and made a surprised face.

「……It seems, that you have become in the mood for it huh.」

「Eh? Waah!」

There was a large tent in the front of his pants.

「Kizuna, come over here.」

Reiri smiled and turned around to the washroom with the fringe of her skirt fluttering. Kizuna honestly followed behind her. The washroom doubled as the changing room. There was the bathroom at the other side of the blurry glass.

「It has been a long time since we entered together.」

「Y, yeah.」

Reiri opened the fastener at the side and took off her sailor uniform’s upper clothes without hesitation. And then she pulled down her skirt and was left in only her underwear. Her white underwear without any decoration was something that the Reiri at that time often wore. That underwear that Kizuna sometimes happened to catch sight of was something that made his heart beat fast.

When she took off that underwear too, Reiri’s splendid body appeared in front of Kizuna. Her large breasts protruded out like rockets and it was shaking in front of Kizuna. Her body was returning to when she was in her high school period which might have cause it to become more or less smaller. However, perhaps because Kizuna himself also became small, it instead looked even bigger.

「What’s the matter? Can’t you undress by yourself?」

「N, no. I’m fine here.」

He replied so, but Reiri gripped the fringe of his T-shirt and pulled it up. Kizuna also obediently lifted both his hands straight up and let himself got undressed. And then Reiri unbuttoned his short pants before pulling it down until his ankle in one go.

Reiri then put her hands on the last piece of clothing and pulled it down gently. When the briefs were lowered until the thigh, Kizuna’s thing leaped out energetically from inside.

Reiri chuckled when she saw its appearance.

「Looks like it got turned into a child form properly.」

Kizuna’s face got even redder.

「UWAAAAA! Even though it’s fine even if this kind of place doesn’t get returned too!」

However, it was only its size that was close to the present. That barely let Kizuna retain his dignity. Reiri looked fondly at such Kizuna.

「Then, let’s enter.」


Reiri took Kizuna’s hand and they entered the bathroom. And then she turned on the hot water from the shower and adjusted the temperature while bathing under it.

「Yosh, it’s fine now Kizuna.」

Next she showered Kizuna. The pleasantness of the hot water, and the strange reality of him entering the bath with his big sister made him feel like his thought circuit was getting screwy.

Certainly there was a time when they entered the bath together when he was a child. However, the implications in this current situation were completely different. Right now they had entered the bath together with the objective of doing install on his big sister.

When he thought that, Kizuna’s thing twitched by itself. Reiri gulped seeing that.

Reiri’s heart throbbing became violent.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 12.jpg

She helplessly wanted to touch it.

She gulped her saliva unconsciously.

――That’s right. As expected I have to take the lead as the big sister.

She resolved herself so and reached out her hand to Kizuna’s groin.

「This place, has to be washed to.」

「Uaaah! Ne, Nee-chan-」

Reiri’s hand touched Kizuna’s thing. Her slender fingers were gently holding it and moved up and down.

「Uh! Ku」

「Nn……does it hurt?」

「N, no……it’s not that but, that, the tip is still covered……」

Reiri made an understanding face and knelt in front of Kizuna. And then, she licked Kizuna’s tip briefly with her tongue.

Kizuna felt like electricity was running through from his tailbone until his head.

「Ne, Nee-chan.」

「If something is not done to this, it will be a hindrance in the install. Because, I’m the adult I’ll do it so……don’t worry.」

She smiled at Kizuna reassuringly and then held that tip into her mouth.


Reiri licked around inside her mouth to swell it up. And then she seized the root by making a ring with her fingers and she gently rocked back and forth.

「Aah, Ne-Nee-chan-!」

Kizuna could do nothing except writhing from the intense pleasure. Stimulation was attacking mercilessly from the part that was more sensitive than usual. Shudders were running through his spine.

Reiri inserted her tongue at the gap behind the skin, she was making that part get accustomed while slightly adding strength on her fingers. Reiri was gradually making the tip of Kizuna that was hiding to show its face.

And then in one moment, the stuck part got smoothly surmounted.

「tsu! Aaaah!」

Kizuna’s waist trembled. Strength entered his feet and his toes stretched tensed.

And then Kizuna exploded into Reiri’s mouth the pleasure that was equal to his first climax.


Reiri made a surprised face for a moment, but her eyes squinted and her throat gulped without her mouth letting go.

She was gulping down the first climax that her little brother once felt. A temptation that surpassed her guilt ruled over her heart. And then the affection inside her heart was overflowing.

When Kizuna settled down, Reiri pulled her mouth away slowly. And then she looked up at Kizuna with a mischievous smile.

「You came already? I was surprised because it was too sudden you know.」

However Reiri’s cheeks were also blushing from excitement. And then she slowly traced her lips with her finger.

「Be, because, it was different from usual, it was amazing……」

Reiri smiled gently at Kizuna who was making an excuse, then she stood up and sat astride the bathtub.

「Kizuna, you soak into the bath too.」

Reiri lowered her waist into the hot water and then she stretched her legs inside the bathtub.

Kizuna entered between her legs and lowered himself down. He stretched his legs inside the hot water so Reiri could embrace him from behind. The temperature of the hot water was just right, it softened the excitement from before. However, his big sister’s breasts with its amazing elasticity was on his back.

He couldn’t calm down with that.

「Haa―……it feels good doesn’t it, Kizuna.」

「Ye, yes……」

「Don’t be that reserved. It’s fine if you lean closer.」

「Is……is that so? Then……」

Kizuna timidly let his body fell back and snuggled close on Reiri’s breast. It was soft, and yet despite that it was pushing back on his body, really like a cushion. Even while he was feeling a light guilt of leaning on this important thing of his sister, he was still enjoying to his hearts content that sensation.

During that time, Reiri’s hands embraced Kizuna tightly, before caressing his arms and chest lovingly. And then her hands moved from the inside of his thigh toward between his legs. She grasped as though to reward him for releasing his desire just now and then she stroked.


The little brother writhed inside the big sister’s arms without being able to escape. That figure made it impossible for the upsurge of Reiri’s heart to stop.

――Aa, how cute, Kizuna…….

Her soul was intoxicated with that enjoyment.

Kizuna’s tiptoes stretched and his body floated from feeling it too much. It resulted with Kizuna’s thing peeking out in a bouncing way from the hot water.

「You did great Kizuna. It’s already big.」

「If Nee-chan, playing with it like that……of course it will get big.」

Reiri felt like something pierced her chest.

「I, I see……however, it got properly peeled down and turned out good looking you know.」

「Eh? Really?」

Kizuna looked across his shoulder at Reiri with a glad-looking face.

「Yeah, if it’s like this……it looks like, you’ll be able to install splendidly into me.」

Hearing that, Kizuna spoke to Reiri with a serious face.

「Nee-chan……I’ll, work hard.」

「Fufu, I’ll look forward to it♪」

Reiri patted Kizuna’s head and gently gripped Kizuna’s thing that showed its face from the hot water. And then she kindly stroked up and down.

「D, don’t do that…….if you do that, ah-!」

White splash rushed out from Kizuna’s tip without any time to stop. That thing which flew energetically impacted Reiri’s face as though it had taken a careful aim before.


「Aaa, so, sorry! Tha, that’s why I said don’t……」

Reiri reached out her fingers to the thing that launched the white liquid with an expression that seemed to want to say good grief.

「Sheesh……looks like this guy’s skill in sharpshooting is extraordinary huh.」

Her fingers lightly flicked while saying that.

「Sorry, Nee-chan……Nee-chan’s hand felt good, that I couldn’t endure……」

Reiri’s cheeks’ loosened seeing her little brother that was looking up at her apologetically.

「We……well, it can’t be helped……let’s get out for now. We are going to wash our body properly with soap next.」

Reiri took Kizuna’s hand and they rose from the bathtub went towards the washing place.

Like that they rubbed each others’ body with a bubbly sponge and washed each other. They then warmed their body once more in the bathtub before climbing out, and then they dried out each others’ body with a bath towel.

「Then let’s go.」

Reiri presented her hand and Kizuna grasped that hand. Without even wrapping a towel on their bodies, they returned to the living room where they first came to with their hands connected and their bodies completely naked.

A mirror that was in the bright living room was reflecting the figures of the two. A big sister and little brother that were holding hand in hand naked. Different from in the bathroom, their figures standing without wearing any clothes in a bright room where they were normally carrying on their daily life was unreal, it was really indecent.

That immoral scene excited the two of them whether they wanted it or not.

「We, we are……doing something amazing, aren’t we.」

「Ye, yeah……this really cannot be shown to other people at all.」

The throats of the two made gulping sound. Their cheeks heated and their breathing was also somehow rough.

「Kizuna……should we rest a little? You have come twice after all.」

Kizuna shook his head in panic.

「N, nope. I’m completely, fine.」

When she peered between Kizuna’s legs once more, indeed it seemed to be fine.

「……So your preparations are all OK already……Kizuna is amazing huh.」

Reiri smiled and gently stroked Kizuna’s head. Kizuna was naturally smiling from getting praised and feeling the pleasantness on his head.

And then, Kizuna also slowly reached out his hand towards Reiri.


Kizuna’s small fingers parted through the bush that was the same color with her hair and crawled into the soft valley. However Reiri didn’t make any resistance or even showed a reluctant face, she accepted Kizuna’s hand quietly. When Kizuna’s small finger touched the important spot, a feverish sigh leaked out from Reiri’s mouth.


Something hot dripped on Kizuna’s fingertip, and a string was stretched when his hand was pulled away.

「It seems Nee-chan……also finished preparing.」

Reiri nodded bashfully. However, her eyes were shining with lewd expectation.

「If it’s preparations to accept you then……it was finished since a long time ago.」

Reiri took the attaché case on the table into her hand, then she pulled Kizuna’s hand and exited into the corridor.

「……Let’s go to my room.」

Invited by Reiri, his feet stepped towards his sister’s room. The occasions where he entered her room even when they were living together could be counted. The room felt like a place that he couldn’t really enter. Kizuna himself didn’t understand if it was because of his reservation towards his sister, or because he was conscious of her as a female, or else if it was because he felt that room was like a holy ground that he couldn’t violate due to his great respect to his sister. But, there was no mistake that it was a place that he couldn’t enter lightly.

The two of them entered that room in order to install into his big sister. As though this place was truly a forbidden land.

Reiri lowered her waist on the bed and opened the attaché case. And then she took out a core that had completely changed shape from the inside and handed it over to Kizuna.

「This is……Nee-chan’s exclusive――」

「I, if you said it like that, when it’s in this shape……」

Reiri averted her eyes with blushing cheeks.


Kizuna’s face also spontaneously turned red. What he said sounded like he was saying that his thing was for Reiri’s exclusive use.

Reiri laid down on the bed and put her head on the pillow.

Reiri called out to Kizuna who was standing still without any idea of what to do.


Kizuna nodded, guessing her intention.


Even though he had entered his sister’s room before, as expected he had never slept on the bed. The permission to climb that bed was given to him. Kizuna put his knee on the bed reservedly.

――Bu, but, where should I go, or rather, what kind of posture should I make?

Kizuna was perplexed as though all his experiences until now had gone somewhere. Kizuna’s head was pure white from the excessive nervousness and excitement. Reiri lifted her knees and opened her groin as though to help such a Kizuna.


Kizuna was relieved and he advanced between Reiri’s legs, and then he put the core on Reiri’s important place.


Reiri’s body shivered.

「Nee-chan, is it really okay?」

Reiri smiled to reassure Kizuna.

「Of course. Please be quick……Kizuna’s……」

――Ne, Nee-chan-!

Kizuna slowly pushed in the core.

「Fuh! Aa, nn……AaAAAAAAAAH!」

Reiri’s body bent like a bow. The core didn’t hurt her body, it only gave her pleasure. Reiri was bewildered with this thing that invaded into her for the first time, and then it felt like her consciousness would be blown away by pleasure that exceeded her imagination.

And then Kizuna also felt the same.

――Aah, unbelievable! R, right now I’m, inside Nee-chan-!?

It felt like his head was going strange with excitement that he experienced for the first time with terrific pleasure, and then the limit of pleasure that was filling him up mercilessly.

――Thi, this is, Nee-chan’s……inside-!?


He gritted his teeth trying to desperately endure.

However his resistance easily crumbled very quickly.


Reiri felt the same heat from inside and above her stomach. She felt the weight of liquid splashing on her cleavage until her stomach.

And then she felt energy of magic power bursting inside her stomach, spreading out gradually. At the same time the thing that was asserting its presence before was getting smaller as though it was withering.

「Ki, Kizuna? Already……?」


Kizuna turned bright red until his ears and then he desperately made an excuse.

「I, it shouldn’t be like this! U, usually it would go longer! E, eh? Just why it’s like this. Shit-! Something like this, this is just strange. It’s wrong, this is――」

Reiri faced Kizuna and opened both her arms towardw him. And then she whispered with a gentle voice.

「It’s fine, just calm down. Now, come here.」


Kizuna kept the core inserted and let his body fall on top of Reiri. Then, her breasts came just right in front of his face.

「Here. Breasts.」

「Eh? Bu, but, that’s a bit」

――It’s like I’m a child fawning on my mother.

He felt like his image of making Reiri feel the best sensation and carrying out the best install was rapidly getting away from him.

「It’s fine, just suck.」


Kizuna crawled his tongue on the jiggling breast of Reiri.


Reiri’s mouth leaked out a faint voice. Kizuna who felt better hearing that voice put the tip into his mouth.

「Ah, nn……fuu……」

Doing that caused a sweet fragrance to fill his mouth. When he flicked that hard protrusion with his tongue, it immediately increased in size. Kizuna became engrossed in sucking Reiri’s breast.

Reiri gently caressed the head of Kizuna who was being like that.

「Nha, haa……nh……how is it? You’ve calmed down?」

「Yes……thank you, Nee-chan.」

After that Reiri suddenly showed a smile.

「Want to rest a bit? You must be tired after consecutively coming from some time ago. Rushing is――」

Reiri felt the thing inside her stomach gradually recovering its hardness and size. She lifted her head in a bit of shock where Kizuna was scratching his head looking a bit shy.

「L, looks like……I’m fine.」

Reiri let out a chuckle seeing such Kizuna.

「It seems so. Good grief, you’re bottomless――AaHAAAaNH!」

Kizuna began pulling in and out the core, taking her by surprise.

「Ki-KizunaAA-! So-, so suddenly-, ahn♡ AAH♡」

「Ne-, Nee-chan, this time, this time for sure-, I’ll make you feel good-!」

「Yo, you idiot! That’saAAAANH♡ It, it feels go-, go-, gooood already from the beginning……aAAAAAAYAAAN♡♡」

For Reiri, this pleasure was also something that she experienced for the first time. That violent pleasure made her consciousness go far away. She gripped the sheets and desperately held on to her consciousness. If she didn’t do that, she felt like her body would fly away somewhere.

The figure of her young little brother desperately moving above her was reflected on her teary eyes. Her whole body was filled with euphoria as though her dream had been granted, it became tears that overflowed out.

「Ne, Nee-chan?」

She shook her head at Kizuna who was calling to her worriedly. After confirming that joyful smile, Kizuna rubbed the inside wall so that his big sister could feel it even more.

「Hah! YAaAAAAAAAAAAANNN-, the, there-♡ AAA!」

Electric current was running through her whole body from her stomach. Her lower body was paralyzed and couldn’t move. It felt like she had turned into an object that existed only to accept Kizuna and obtained pleasure.

Each time the core with the same shape of Kizuna’s thing entered her body, pleasure that made her wanted to shriek rushed through her. And then when it was pulled back, a tremendous pleasant feeling that felt unreal knocked down her mind.

Reiri let her tears and drool flow out and she drowned into waves of pleasure. It felt like all the memories of why she was doing this or even what she was currently doing had been blown away.

Both of them were swallowed and toyed by a stormy wave of ecstasy and intoxication.

The core tormenting Reiri was also granting terrific pleasure to Kizuna himself. The pleasantness he felt was nearly a torture for his thing that only started its debut with his transformed body. The melting honey pot was sucking in Kizuna’s thing, the soft walls were constricting it like a silk floss.

No matter how desperately he endured, it was arbitrarily wanting to explode.

――No good! It has to be simultaneous with Nee-chan for the install!

Kizuna gritted his teeth and endured the pleasure jolting his body.

Faint blue light was emerging from Reiri’s body.

――A bit more! It’s just a little longer!

「AAH! Kizuna-, KIZUNaAA♡♡」

However the limit suddenly arrived.


Pleasure and affection surged out from Kizuna’s thing. His body was ejecting regardless of his will.

「Fuah!? Ki-, Kizuna-!? YA-A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN-♡♡♡」

Something was released into Reiri’s body. It was particles of warm magic power. It was too thick, which made the inside of Reiri’s womb to feel its mass. Inside her body, it felt like particle of magic power was striking her most important place. That pleasure was hard to describe with written or spoken words.

Reiri thought that the nerves of her brain were going to burst. She was already just a step before the limit. However, for the sake of obtaining the strongest magic armor, even further height was necessary.

That person.

That woman,

She gave me something for the first time, for my sake.

And then it is something that should become a hope for all people.


Just now Kizuna came earlier.

However, right now, magic power and life force were surging inside her body, it was as though a nuclear fusion was happening inside, she was feeling a tremendous energy swirling into a vortex.

That was what they had raised through the process until now. Even if they did the same thing one more time, there was no guarantee that she would be able to obtain the same amount of energy.

Besides, what they were doing this time was what she was wishing for the most, the situation where it could be anticipated that the highest energy would be obtainable. Such a situation couldn’t occur twice. She could be the most excited and obtain the most pleasure only once on the first time.

――There is no way, this power can be let go of here!

Reiri gritted her teeth.

――However, can this upsurge be maintained while waiting for Kizuna’s recovery?

But, there is no other way than to do it.

「Ki, Kizuna……wa, wait, rest for a bit……」

「N, no, Nee-chan, not yet!」

Reiri opened her eyes wide.

「Ki, Kizuna?」

The movement of the core didn’t stop, rather it was starting to push and pull with even more fierceness.


A scream reflexively surged out from Reiri’s throat.

「Ki-, Kizunaaa, aaah, AAAANNNNNNNNN!」

It had only ejected life force just now. In spite of that, it was repeatedly stabbing over and over deeper inside.

「Yo, you-, di, didn’t, you just come-!?」

Kizuna also understood. If they calmed down for the moment before returning to the start once more, they wouldn’t be able to obtain this feeling of exaltation anymore.

This was their first and last chance.

「I’ll continue like this! Because」

Kizuna gritted the back of his teeth.

「This is something that Kaa-san created for Nee-chan’s sake!」


「She finally, finally!」



Particle of magic power struck the inside of her body once more.


Even so Kizuna continued to move. It was as though the magic power that the core was spurting out was coating over Reiri’s body.

「Y-, yo, AAaaA! E, even though♡ you’re, co, comi-♡ AAAAAAAA!」

「I’ll absolutely make it a success! With Kaa-san, Nee-chan, and me!」


Electric current was shorting up continuously in Reiri’s brain. Light was flickering before her eyes. She was already not comprehending what was that or what was going on. However, even so Reiri yelled.



Kizuna fell on Reiri’s body and sucked on her lips. Reiri also accepted Kizuna’s lips as though she was waiting for it. And then the tongues of the two entangled with each other.

It was as though they turned into one living thing. Their instinct pleaded, wishing for all the spots that could be connected to join each other, as though to fuse their bodies into one.

And then the core reached the deepest place inside Reiri, and Reiri’s inside also struck at the core’s tip.

At that moment, the greatest magic power was sent inside Reiri’s body.

Magic power beads in vast amount violently drove in pleasure and climax inside Reiri’s body.

Reiri was welcoming climaxes in every single moment, she tasted a climax to the degree that it felt like her mind would break.

It was a heaven that was like a hell.

It was a pleasure to the degree that if it was an average person their sanity would definitely be lost and their mind crushed.

Murderous pleasure pierced the two.

Heart shaped light emerged on Reiri’s eyes.

And then, magic power that was impossible to measure burst out from the bodies of the two.

That power destroyed even the Love Room, blowing away the walls and the ceiling into an unrecognizable shape.


A shockwave assaulted Kei outside who was glaring at the gauge while holding her breath.

Sent flying by the shockwave, Kei struck a wall. When she lifted her face, Kei’s eyes opened wide from the shock and she stiffened.

「Re……Rei, ri?」

What she saw at the center of the sports ground, was the wreckage of the Love Room.

And then burning fragments and smoke.

「No way……」

Kei was staring dumbfounded at that wreckage.

Chapter 6 – Human’s Worth[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Grace was at the field of the arena in that day where snow was floating down relatively calmly.

「Hmph……I never imagined that I will come as far as another world to fight in arena.」

Grace looked around the vast arena with diameter that reached 10 kilometer. There was audience seat more or less, but after all it was an arena with diameter of 10 kilometer, so the spectators were also sparse.

However all the spectators were also warrior that fought in the same arena. They were opponent that she might fight someday. They were sending zealous gaze to the arena trying to grasp the true strength of the fighters.

And then there was also the figure of Aine, Zelcyone, Quartum, Gravel, and Aldea at the front row of the audience seats, observing the fate of their comrade with bated breath.

「However, what a sad number of guest this is.」

Grace whispered jokingly, and then she gazed at her opponent with a wry smile.

「Yes……if this is Vatlantis, this match will definitely be a gold card with all the tickets sold out.」

Lunorlla of Quartum spoke apologetically.

Grace and Quartum also fought several matches in this Odin world. It was for the sake of earning their daily provisions. And so after they obtained the minimum required rank, they stopped making challenge from their side.

However yesterday, the battle system was revised.

According to Odin, a compulsory matching would be carried on.

The reason was for the sake of stimulating even faster evolution――they were told.

「Good grief……we wanted to avoid conflict between comrades though.」

「But, conversely we can manage this any way we want, so perhaps this is more convenient. Even if we cut corners, or if we decide before hand who will be the winner, it will be as we pleases.」


The audience seats were really heating up compared to the calm two. They jeered or yelled to quickly kill each other. When they looked up, Odin was looking down from the balcony of her palace.

「She is being a spectator huh. When I think this is for amusing that woman, this is really not funny at all.」

「Isn’t it fine, if we think that this is for our own entertainment in the end.」

Lunorrla said hesitatingly.

Grace also nodded in delight.

「You’re right. Then, the true strength of the Colosseum’s god of death, let me take a thorough look at it.」

「As you command.」

Lunorrla drew out a twin swords from the wings of her magic armor『Seles』.

And then Grace also drew out a feather from Koros’s wing and transformed it into scythe shape.

Aine held her breath while observing the two who took fighting stance.


The distance between the two was less than three meter.

Lunorlla’s both hands that were holding short swords were dangling down limply, Grace was also putting her scythe on her shoulder causally. Neither of them was making a stance, their posture was natural.

It even seemed like their calm talk just now was still continuing.

However there was no smile or anything in the expression of the two. It seemed they were full of opening, but there was actually no opening at all from both sides.

They said consoling things like how it was possible to do fixed game as much as they pleased, yet both of them were completely serious. Perhaps they were enjoying this match that was difficult to realize in Vatlantis from the bottom of their heart.

The surrounding was jeering seeing the two who were only staring at each other.

The spectators who were tired of waiting raised up their hands.

Thick cloud was covering the sky.

Snow was raining down.

Wind was blowing slightly.

The spectators above the wall were howling.

Snow was piling up around ten centimeter thick.

Flash crossed.

Snow whirling up from explosion.

The body of the two passing over each other.

Lunorlla’s swords were cutting through empty air.

The scythe of Grace that was passing through was hanging on Lunorlla’s neck.

――It was Grace’s victory.

The audience seats returned to silence instantly.

After a few seconds where it felt like the time stopped, cheers rose from the audience seat. Aine and others also sighed in relieve. Quartum’s Clayda and Ramza high-fived each other and shared their happiness.

The scythe was taken off from Lunorrla’s neck and Grace smiled in enjoyment.

「Hrm, a contest of only martial art like this is also something fun.」

「It seem that we also satisfied the spectators.」

Lunorlla looked around the noisy spectators and sighed in satisfaction.


Looking up at the balcony in the palace, there Odin was making a face as though she had bitten something sour.

Grace snorted looking at that face.

「Hmph. We have been conforming to the rule. That woman cannot make any complaint.」

Odin hit the floor with Gungnir that she was holding like a cane. That strike shook the whole palace and made a thundering sound that was like earthquake in the arena.

The audience seats fell silent and silence ruled over the arena.

「The match is decided. The winner is Grace.」

Odin spoke the result dispassionately.

「Well, it’s like this.」

Grace grinned.

「Then, the winner Grace――」

Odin’s right eye glinted fiercely.

「Kill the loser.」

Shock ran through the arena. Aine, Zelcyone, and also other Quartum doubted their ear.


「――Wa, wait. What is the meaning of that?」

Grace looked up to Odin and spoke with shrill and nervous voice.

She felt like she was suddenly pushed down a cliff. The last fence that she thought to be an absolute safety was easily erased by a single will of someone else. She was shocked when she understood that.

Signal that notified Grace of danger rang inside her heart. Her body turned cold, and her ear was buzzing.

「The meaning is exactly as I stated. The loser is to be granted death according to the rule change. After all if it’s not like that then nobody will fight seriously.」

「Wha……we were fighting seriously!」

「If you lose after fighting seriously, then surely you won’t have regret even if you die.」

Odin’s voice resounded in the arena.

「Death to the loser! Death to the incompetent! That is the law of Odin from here on! If you say that you refuse that……」

Odin swung Gungnir and pointed its tip at Grace.

「Then the winner is to grant death to themselves!」

Part 2[edit]

A palace covered in snow and ice was built at the slope of mountain.

A person whose body was wrapped in thick cold proof clothes was looking up at that palace. The building seemed to be a historic ruin from considerably far in the past, but the specific number of year was totally unknown.

There was no door at the entrance. That person was being careful so they wouldn’t slip on the freezing floor while entering inside the palace. The inside was simpler than what they thought, wooden floor and wall without decoration were continuing on.

That person advanced inside the palace. They stopped still when there was a branching path, before starting to walk again after thinking for a while. It seemed that this person entered this palace for the first time, but they also didn’t look like they didn’t know the path at all.

After advancing forward even while hesitating about the path, before long they arrived at a vast room.

「As I thought……the fundamental arrangement is similar.」

There was a large relief around five meters high on the wall.

It seemed to be something carved in a large tree by people of the ancient time to extol the ruler. At the topmost was a carving of female with long hair and abundant breast, below it were large number of human lining up. And then in the middle there was also a figure fighting with sword.

That person lowered down the hood covering their head and took off the muffler covering their lips.

「This is……Odin I think.」

Queen Landred approached the figure carved on the ancient relief.

「The letter too……as I thought, it’s close with Baldin’s.」

When she heard the story from Gravel and others who were defeated in their fight against Odin, Queen Landred had only one point that she became concerned with.

The historic ruin near where Oldium was landing. Odin said this regarding that historic ruin.

『That’s the palace before I become a god you know.』

Before she became god.

Perhaps there was once a period where Odin was a different existence from machine god. Not a flawless being like now, but a living thing that would shed blood if she was stabbed with knife and died. Such possibility existed.

Landred arrived here in her search of the previous form of Odin.

Her gloved hand wiped up the ice and she traced the letter carved on the relief with her finger.

「Those wings, destroy tens of thousands of enemies all at once……」

However the current Odin had no wing.

――What does that mean I wonder?

She searched wondering if there was more detailed information, but there were only words extolling Odin’s strength carved there.

「Is there……nothing more?」

White breath that was like smoke blew out from her mouth along with that whisper. And then her eyebrows frowned with a serious look.

Landred searched for other descriptor and went back and forth in front of the relief.

「……Infinite regeneration.」

Her fingertip stopped still.

「Odin has regeneration ability……?」

Landred’s face complexion changed in a flash.

「Even if she is killed five times, she will resurrect five times. Even if her arm is gone, even if her leg is gone, even if her head is gone, Odin cannot be granted death……」

Landred crossed her arms with a serious face.

――If I believe this relief, Odin will revive no matter how much damage she is given. Most likely that is the original power of Odin. What is written here, the wings that defeated many enemy all at once, and the regeneration ability, they are the foundation that build up the current power of Odin.

However right now she wasn’t using those two powers.

Most likely her other abilities were for the sake of making those two powers effective. And then those two powers were being preserved as trump card.

In any case it was certain that the difficult problems were increasing. Currently it was hard to make attack reached Odin, but even if an attack struck Odin, even if Odin was damaged, it would be meaningless.

Landred let out a deep sigh and breathed out large white smoke.

There was nothing but things that praised Odin here. They were telling how strong and how invincible she was. Certainly there was new information, but it was only needlessly increasing her despair.

Landred turned her back on the relief and she was about to exit the palace.

Currently it was about time where Grace and Lunorrla were having a match. Yesterday when they gathered, they agreed to have a match but fought in the way that wouldn’t endanger theirlife. However, would such justification really work with Odin?

The match card today was also including Baldein’s researchers that originally weren’t combatant. They would be helpless if they fought.

「If something is not done……」

After breathing out a white breathe with that whisper, Landred stopped her foot that was heading to the exit and turned around toward the relief once more.


There was one point, that caught her attention.

「Odin doesn’t have, left eye.」

The left eye of Odin in the relief was hollow as though a hole was gouged there.

――Odin who should have infinite regeneration power, yet why?

Landred went in front of the relief once more, she took off her glove and put both her palms on the freezing wood. And then, she chanted spell inside her mouth.

「If, this world is the basis of Baldein……」

It was magic to supply energy into building that was handed down in Baldein through generations. It was basically the same power with was providing lifeline into Aine’s apartment.

If she granted life to this palace once more, she would know what appearance this relief once displayed. If so――,

Landred’s body shined blue. That light ran from the floor to the ceiling. The building material, the lumber that had magic mechanism built internally was being granted life force once more.

The ceiling started to shine, the floor was tinged with head and the ice was starting to melt. Ice became water at once, and then into hot water, flowing on the floor while raising steam. And then it was as though light that was buried inside the relief was shining, coloring the relief with various colors beautifully.


The appearance of Odin that was ruling on the summit. Blue light was gathering there.

「At her back wings are?」

Blue light was spreading on Odin’s back. It was as though crystal was forming the shape of wings.

「Is……that the thing that destroyed tens of thousands of enemies all at once?」

Other than the shining wings, thin lights were running on top of Odin’s body like blood vessel. Before long those lights were gathering into several spots.

The left and right of the abundant breast, the abdomen, and then the hole gouged in the left eye.

Those spots were starting to shine as though telling that those were really important.

As though boasting that power.

As though showing that it was precious thing.

「This is……Odin’s……」

Landred’s gaze was gradually turning wide.


At that moment, there was something that crossed Landred’s mind.

「This is……?」

She turned on her heel and looked outside. The palace that recovered its life melted the ice covering it, the ice became water and flowed down from the entrance to outside like a waterfall.

Landred stood at the palace’s entrance that was continuously spouting out hot water and looked up to the sky.

The thick cloud was cut apart and a single streak of falling star was flying.

The radiance she felt from that falling star was something that she knew.

It was a star that was possessing radiance brighter than anyone, yet that radiance was hidden secretly.

Landred stared at that radiance and squinted her eyes fondly.

「That person, is going isn’t she……」

Landred turned her eyes at where the falling star was moving to.

Ahead of it there was a palace.

The castle where machine god Odin was residing.

It was exactly there that Odin was pushing Grace into a predicament right now.

「Choose, kill your opponent, or kill yourself!」

Grace was trickling cold sweat while staring at Lunorlla.

But Lunorlla was surprisingly calm. Her face was even smiling, and she nodded.

「It can’t be helped now that it become like this. Please, do it resolutely.」

「Wha……what are you saying!」

「Even I am a warrior that was called as the Colosseum’s god of death. Dying in a match, is something that I have resolved to since I was a child. However……」

Lunorlla kneeled in front of Grace and hung down her head.

「It seem, I saw too much of a good dream.」


「Please do it resolutely.」

Grace strongly clutched the scythe her hand was holding.

And then she looked up fiercely at Odin and spoke with resounding voice.

「Don’t make fool of me, machine god!」

Odin’s one eye distorted.


「This Grace hasn’t fallen so far, that I’ll put my hand on my people just to spare my own life!」

Grace faced Odin and readied her scythe.

「The one who’ll die is you! Odin!」


Aine yelled from the audience seat and jumped down to the arena.

「We are also going!」

Gravel wearing her magic armor and also all the Vatlantis members were running toward Grace and Lunorlla’s side in succession.

Odin was staring at that situation with a fed-up face.

「Incompetents that are unable to understand my thinking……」

Odin’s body was shining blue.

Blue light was spreading on her back. That light was emitting radiance like crystal and solidified. Wings that other machine gods possessed, yet Odin didn’t have. Right now, it revealed its appearance.

「You all can die together.」

The wings on her back emitted light.

Several streaks of light were launched from the crystal wings. Sharp beams accurately shot through Grace and others on the arena.


Those beams pierced magic armor and smashed it into pieces.

And then a moment later, explosions occurred in the same number of the fired beams.



Flame blast and shockwave overlapped and blown away Grace and others as though they were being stirred inside a mixer.

Odin didn’t move a single finger.

The wings on her back automatically shot Aine and others with its own will. That was the impression they got.

Furthermore, that destructive power was absurd, there was no one standing after the smoke from the explosions cleared up.


The collapsed Aine tried to stand up somehow. Zeros’s thruster died from the attack just now. It was a lethal wound for Zeros that had speed as its inherent characteristic.

「Get a hold of yourself, Grace.」

Aine walked with staggering steps toward Grace who was lying down on the ground, then she held up the body of her little sister in her arms. Koros’s wings were half torn up, Grace herself was also bleeding from her head and she fainted.

「How dare you……」

Aine looked up at the palace’s balcony.

「Just why do we have to kill!? There is no need to kill at all, just because someone lose!」

However Odin spoke coldly.

「People with inferior ability, they should die.」


「Until now it was a mistake to let the loser live. Incompetent person is only giving negative influence to my world. Furthermore, how dare they try to look for meaning of life other than ranking.」

Aine lost her words toward Odin’s extreme point of view.

「That’s why I’ll dispose of all the incompetents with rank below five hundred.」


With something like that, almost all the people of Baldein with Queen Landred in the lead would be killed.

「Don’t screw around! There is no way you can do something like that!」

Odin tilted her head with a frown, as though to say that she couldn’t understand what Aine was saying.

「It caught my attention since before this but, you all are talking as though life is something precious aren’t you? But that’s a mistake you know? Something like life, it’s a dime a dozen, it’s really nothing that significant. It’s just consumable goods. The problem is how you use it.」


「I’m using it as method of evolution. What is necessary for that, is life with high ability.」

Inside Aine’s heart was blazing with uncontrollable rage.

However Odin wasn’t even bothered with that and declared coldly.

「Incompetent is to die.」

A star was falling at that time.

A white falling star pierced Odin.


That which was flying from beyond the sky broke through Odin’s iron wall defense.

Fafnir that couldn’t be defeated by anyone was instantly pulverized.

A honed attack was piercing Odin’s stomach.

It wasn’t arms or weapon.

Just a mere kick.


That kick sent the god flying and destroyed that palace.

The dreadful impact tilted the palace and broke the wall. The kicked flying Odin smashed the palace’s tower and like that she was buried under the rubbles.

The tilting palace exceeded the limit of its construction and turning into rubbles from the chain reaction.

Relentless smoke was rising and the palace of god was collapsed.

The internal machinery caused explosion and wooden materials were flying off in succession.

Fragments that were smashed into pieces were soaring high to the sky.

The palace that boasted its luxury and majestic appearance, granting terror that made the summoned warriors trembled in their boots, it was crumbling away.

The rubbles became a mountain that raised smoke high to the sky.


The figure of Odin covered in splinters appeared from under the rubbles.


Above the mountain of rubbles that was the mere shadow of the crumbled palace, a shadow was standing.

It was a beautiful black haired woman.

There was a silver circlet like a tiara on her head.

There was a lot of exposure with the white pilot suit that tightly fit that body, the left and right of her breast was only barely covered, and from there her flanks and between her legs were just slightly hidden.

Both her legs and arms were protected by silver armor, which notified other only barely that it was a magic armor.

However, the suit with little armor and extreme exposure rate made anyone who saw it to hesitate to call it magic armor.

The white wings that looked like angel’s folded up on the back were shining with blue magic power.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 13.jpg

That woman opened her glossy beautiful lips.

「Machine god Odin. There is one thing, that I should teach you beforehand.」

Aine and others were struck with surprise and trembled seeing that woman who suddenly swooped down in this place.


A whisper leaked out from Aine’s lips.

The reality that appeared couldn’t be believed so suddenly.

Grace, Quartum, Gravel, Aldea, and even Zelcyone――,

They were merely staring dumbfounded, their mouth gaping wide, their eyes widely opened toward that figure.

That armor, was exclusive magic armor(order made) created only for that woman(person)’s sake.

It was an inheritance of slaughter(present) from her mother who once almost destroyed the world and became god.

That was an angel that descended from sky.

That was magic armor that was a garment of god, 『Zecros』.

That was the ultimate weapon that wore the strongest magic armor.

Hida Reiri howled.

「The worth of human isn’t about whether their ability is high or low! It’s a problem about how they live!」


This is Kuji Masamune! Eros!

This time the stage is a world of snow and ice. Even Tokyo will have heavy snow raining at least once a year, but Odin’s world isn’t in that level. I was writing this while recalling when in the past, I went to Iwate prefecture in the middle of winter and got lost in the middle of blizzard, that time I felt a slight terror, ‘will I die like this?’.

The Deus ex Machina arc is also approaching its climax more and more. The changing feeling and the unchanging belief of the characters will surely take us to the final battle against Deus ex Machina.

――But, however! The next volume might be a turn for a bit of breather!?

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Electronic Special Short Story – First Hybrid[edit]

There is part that touch on the content of the main story, so please enjoy this after finishing the main story.

『First Time Putting It On』


Reiri put it on her body, and turned speechless toward the whitely shining bright armor.

The next day after the core install to Reiri was finished, an experimental test of the magic armor was carried out at Nayuta Lab that had been relocated inside battleship Ataraxia. The one in attendance there was only Nayuta. Because Nayuta’s stamina was exhausted from creating the core, she was lying down powerlessly on a reclining chair. However, when she saw the figure of Reiri putting on Heart Hybrid Gear, her eyes immediately shined and she straightened up.

「My my♪ That’s really lovely you know, Reiri.」

Nayuta put her hands together looking delighted. However the aforementioned Reiri was staring at her figure that was reflected on the mirror with cold sweat drenching her body.

「Wh……at, with this form.」

Reiri’s trembling lips were finally able to wring out just those words. Reiri’s eyes were shaking, as though she wanted to escape from the reality that was thrust before her eyes.

「It really suited you.」

「No one want something like this to suit them!」

Reiri retorted reflexively.

The Reiri’s exclusive(order made) Heart Hybrid Gear『Zecros』. It was a gem that Nayuta boasted of having performance that far surpassed other Heart Hybrid Gear. Currently, if they were talking about the strongest Gear, then Sylvia’s Taros would come to mind in regard of firepower and strength. Also, Gears that had been reinstalled, every single one of them was enlarged into a fantastic appearance, as though the gear was unable to restrain the fighting strength that was hidden inside. In that case then how large and how monstrous the form of her gear would be. Such thing was weighing Reiri’s mind no matter what since they finished the install yesterday.

However what was necessary was fighting strength for overwhelming enemy. Something like appearance didn’t matter. That was how Reiri was persuading herself.

But, even so it was on her mind.

She would unconsciously imagine herself clad in the strongest armor out of nowhere.

Even herself was shocked that she was looking forward to it that much. At the same time she also felt embarrassed. ‘Just what are you doing getting high spirited childishly like this, this is not something frivolous like that’, she repeated that inside her heart many times, but the imagination surfacing in her head couldn’t be stopped.

And then finally, her Heart Hybrid Gear, something that was just for her appeared before her eyes.

Seeing her own appearance wearing that strongest armor, Reiri whose eyes before this were shining in expectation like a little girl, now had a convulsing face.

「Wh……why, something like this……this is, that……」

Reiri was desperately searching for word to describe the gear that was created for her sake, but she couldn’t find anything inside her head that became pure white.

Zecros wasn’t large like she imagined, it was slim and minimized to the limit. She looked like she was wearing metal underwear that was barely there. Seeing at the whole, perhaps the exposure rate wasn’t that serious. But, her breast that was mostly laid bare with her nipple barely hidden. The skin from her cleavage until her navel and abdomen that was boldly exposed, made her think doubtfully if this was really an armor or not. Her lower body too, it looked like she was only wearing garter belt and a small sized pant.

Certainly there were a lot of other Heart Hybrid Gears with high exposure rate. However the design of pilot suit was taking part in a lot of those cases, if they felt like it then it was possible to alter it to some degree. But, this Heart Hybrid Gear was order made even until its pilot suit. Alteration was impossible.

「Why……is the exposure rate, this much……」

Nayuta frowned as though to say ‘what are you saying?’

「You have a beautiful and erotic body other people don’t have there, what are you going to do if you don’t boast them?」

She spoke like Queen Landred. Reiri glared at Nayuta, wondering if her thought process had been infected by Vatlantis.

The manufacturer of Zecros who was none other than her mother, Nayuta was making a delighted face that was in contrast with Reiri. It was the expression that looked like girl who was staring happily at her treasure.

「-……tha, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, won’t the defensive power lowered remarkably like this?」

「No way. Life Saver is covering your whole body, so Reiri’s pearly skin won’t get even a single injury.」

Reiri felt her cheeks growing hot when she looked at Nayuta’s fond expression.

If a comparison was made with other Heart Hybrid Gear, especially if it was lined up with the magic armor of Vatlantis-made, then perhaps Zecros actually wasn’t that lewd. It wasn’t like Reiri didn’t feel that her sense was already getting strange, but she made herself accepted the situation like that. Although, it was hard for her to accept in the point that it was herself that was wearing it, but their talk wouldn’t progress if she didn’t shelve up this matter for the moment.

「The-, then, let’s just say that it’s okay……no! It’s not okay but, it can’t be helped, bu, but still……you see, that, about cuteness, or fashion……anyway just what’s with this design! Is this harassment!?」

Her arms and below her knees were wrapped with armor that looked like Gear, but she couldn’t comprehend what meaning there was in the frills that looked like feather attached here and there. The wings on her back too, it wasn’t something cool like other gear, but something small and cute like angel.

And what clinched it for her was the tiara on her head. It was shining silver with small graceful design, even at the center it was shaped into heart mark, looking lovely like something that would be put on the head of a fairy-tale princess.

「My, when you were a child, didn’t you like the TV show with a hero that was oriented for girl like this?」

Reiri’s cheeks flashed into even redder color.

「Tha, that is! I only liked that because its fight scene that defeated the enemy was cool!」

‘Shit-, even though she neglected me but she still grasped my action, that’s the most irritating thing from this woman!’ Reiri felt as though her stomach twisted, but such thinking didn’t matter after this late.

「I updated the figure of hero that you liked as child so that it suited the current you. I think that it really suited you but……you don’t like it?」

The mother with the appearance of a little girl tilted her head.


Nayuta’s expression made Reiri’s voice to get caught in her throat.

Just why are you making a disappointed face like that?

You who led the world by its nose, you who doesn’t think of human as human, you who think of all existences as target of research and observation, you who lack emotion, why are you making that kind of insecure face just from your daughter’s mood?

Reiri turned her back at Nayuta.

「……I am not pleased or displeased. I only need the strength to fight machine god. If this armor has that power……then this Zecros, is something priceless for me.」

Reiri couldn’t see Nayuta’s face. But, when she heard the lively voice after that, she could easily imagine her wide smile.

「Geez♪ If it’s pleased you then just say so honestly.」

Reiri whispered ‘sheesh’ inside her heart before turning around toward Nayuta.

「And, can we test its capability already?」

「Ufufu, I know you are happy with it, but don’t be in such a hurry. I’ll adjust it from now, so I’ll call Kei here first. Please wait a bit.」

「I see. Got it.」

Reiri crossed her arms and closed her eyes to calm herself――but those eyes opened wide so suddenly in an instant.

「What did you say-!?」

The loud voice that Reiri suddenly let out also made Nayuta created a shocked expression.

「What’s the matter, so suddenly?」

「Thi, this appearance, will be seen by Kei……by other people, is that what you say!?」

Nayuta stared at Reiri with a dubious face.

「Isn’t that obvious? How are you planning to fight if not like that?」


Reiri’s face turned bright red and she grinded her teeth.

It’s still better if it’s just kei. But, how can I show this appearance to Kizuna and the other little girls too!?

Reiri felt overwhelmed when she thought that.

As expected, the saying in the society that the clothes a mother bought was too embarrassing to wear was actually true. Reiri breathed a really, really long sigh.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 14.jpg

Reiri: Next will be special edition that told the daily life & school life of Kizuna and the little girls!

Kizuna: I, in this timing, Nee-chan!?

Reiri: Rather it could only be now! Be careful!


  1. The second fair is said in English.
  2. Erosuke refers to a video poster on niconico, this person recorded a video of her playing a game and when she did something lewd to a female character the video audiences will often call her with erosuke, combination of ero+(suke)part of her name.
  3. The underdog here has different meaning. In dog fighting ring, sometimes a weak dog will be used to teach other dogs to fight. Dogs with more potential will be faced with the weak dog so the dog can win and get more confidence. Sometimes the weaker dog will even have their mouth bound up so they cannot hurt the prized dog.

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