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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 9


Part 1[edit]

That place was an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Greenery was spreading at the vicinity of a large river. People gathered, creating a city. The town made one imagine such a procession.

There was no wall around the city, but trees with tall height were planted, starting the city leniently. There was no external enemy that the city had to be vigilant towards. The bright light of the sun was reflected, by the buildings built from brick and stone of beige color that were standing in rows.

“……Is that the place?”

A girl covered in a mantle attached with a hood was staring at that city. Standing on the sand, her hood was deeply lowered to evade the bright sunlight.

It was as though the buildings were made from piled up square blocks. Generally there were a lot of the buildings that had two or three floors, but it wasn’t a city that was that tall. Because of that, the presence of the gigantic structure at the outskirt of the city felt even more bizarre.

A gigantic rectangle cone built from piled up stones. The so called pyramid.

Its height was about three hundred meters.

It was unclear just for what it was built and what kind of role it carried on. However, the gigantic structure that was enshrouded in mist, its mysteriousness made the person seeing it to keep guessing such thing and caused them to harbor indescribable thoughts of awe.

After staring at that pyramid glaringly, the girl began to walk while leaving behind footprint on the sand. The sleeve of the mantel flapped, the girl entered the lone city of the desert.

When she entered inside the city passing through the trees that blocked the wind, a well ordered townscape was spreading out before her. The buildings made from beautifully carved stones were lining up properly at both sides of the street. The buildings facing the main street seemed to be shops. Signboard and wide frontage, and counter and shelves inside could be seen. The street was completely made from stone paving, The sand blown in from the desert was swept by wind, flowing away smoothly.

At a glance, the scenery was like a city that often existed in the middle of a desert.

But there was one thing, that was obviously eerie.

That was the residents of this city.

In the end, was it okay to call them as humans?

On the limbs that were slim like branch, was a smooth head. A body that exposed out a frame that resembled a ribcage. The residents of this city were all in possession of machine bodies. Perhaps it was for maintenance, or maybe it was for anti-corrosive, or possible because it was for sand repellent, their bodies were wrapped with long clothes that were like bandage. Their appearances were just like a mummy.

Without uttering a single word, the residents were groaning out low sounds of mechanical movement while loitering in the city staggeringly. That sight was abnormal, even though the city was beautiful, it was eerie. The sight was as though a great number of ghosts were roaming the city.

Among that, the girl was walking without fear. She moved out her hand from below the mantle and lowered down her hood even lower to hide her face. Those fingers and hand were wrapped in bandages.

Her injury was still not completely healed. However when she thought that the bandage unexpectedly also became a camouflage, her feeling became a little comforted.

Nevertheless, the eerie residents walking throughout the city, were they moving with some objective in mind? Some were walking the street with shaky footsteps, some were standing still at the shop’s counter.

By any chance, were they dead people, and now they were repeating their act like they were still living? Such thinking suddenly welled up. However, there was no way to ascertain that.

In front of the girl, a gigantic wall was standing in her way. There was a huge gate with a height that was reaching ten meters. Human statues with the same height of the wall were built at both sides. They were statues of females sitting on a chair with their upper body naked.

The girl looked up at the gigantic statue. Hairstyle that was cut and evened up. Beautifully arranged face.

‘――This woman, is she the god of this place?’

“Then this place is a shrine, or maybe a palace……”

After whispering that, the girl passed between the two statues. For a place where the authority was living, there was no presence of people. Or rather, there was no scent of the living from this whole city.

After walking for a while there was a stair with wide width. After climbing that stair, she came out to a place with a high ceiling and a decorated wall that was more extravagant than the lower level.

Perhaps the master of this building was here. The girl was being careful while advancing through the corridor.


Her legs stopped when she felt a human presence.

There was no door at the entrance that was gouged out in the white wall. There was only thin pieces of cloth hanged down as the replacement of the door. After the girl approached near the entrance, she peeked inside the room from the gap between the fabric.

While simple, it was a beautiful room. There was no splendorous decoration. The height of quality of the material itself was bringing out the high class impression. The wall and also the floor were covered with white stone that was polished like a mirror. Two directions of the wall were largely opened wide, it was as though the blue sky outside was cut square and put inside.

With that blue sky as the background, there was a familiar person standing straight. Golden colored hair and blue eyes. And then large breasts that were filled to bursting. On her chest was a wide necklace of gold and jewel hanging down, but her essential breasts were exposed without anything to hide them. On her waist was thin cloth wrapped around, but it was only something simple to lightly be tied there. That person’s voluptuous body was hidden unsatisfactorily while the person was standing still like a maid standing by in front of her master.

‘――That person.’

The girl opened the fabric that was the replacement for a door and entered inside the room.

“So you are in this kind of place, Yurishia Farandole.”

As though noticing that voice, Yurishia lifted her face.


“Are you the only one here? Where is Nee-sama?”

The girl whose head was covered by a hood ran toward Yurishia. However looking at the figure approaching her, Yurishia’s expression became dangerous.

“Such impertinence to enter Osiris-sama’s room without permission!”


Yurishia’s killing intent stopped the girl’s legs.


In a moment Yurishia’s body was equipped with an armor that was shining blue. And then the Differential Frame on her back spouted out fire. The large caliber particle cannon was assaulting the girl.

Intense particles of light erased the body of the girl. The hood and also the mantel were torn apart and blazed up. Naturally, the girl’s body was also scattered apart in an instant, it might even be possible that the body had been evaporated into nothing.


“What an unexpected greeting.”

It was as though the golden particles Yurishia launched were coiling around the girl’s body before they were absorbed into that small body. Each time some particles were absorbed the girl’s skin was increasing in glossiness and tightness, her pink colored hair was shining even more beautifully.

“This is! Don’t tell me……”

Yurishia opened her eyes wide in shock.

“Or else is that your idea of a welcome? That might be your toast of gratitude towards me who finally came here to meet you.”

After receiving the attack of Yurishia at full power, a hearty laughing voice was raised. After receiving the attack of a Heart Hybrid Gear, far from receiving damage the girl made it into her own power in reverse. There was only one person who could do something like that.

At the back of the girl, gold and silver wings were spreading wide. Wings of only bones. And then every single one of those bones became blades that were shining coldly.

The Magic Armor Koros that was called as the angel of slaughter. And then, the owner of that was――,

“Grace……why, are you here?”

Cold sweat was trickling down Yurishia’s cheek.

As though to ridicule Yurishia who was like that, Vatlantis Empire’s emperor Grace Synclavia stood imposingly with her body bending backward.

“That’s my line. Moreover, just what were you thinking to suddenly launch an attack on me?”

“That’s because Yurishia has become my loyal servant.”

A clear voice rang.

The floor of the room became stair shaped ahead, the more one went to the center the higher the floor became. At the highest spot there was a chair, a single female was sitting there. Grace didn’t notice that presence until now. No, when she entered the room that presence shouldn’t be there.

Grace stared at that female to appraise her.

The female had an elegant smile with queenly behavior. She possessed tanned skin with straight black hair that was beautifully cut evenly. That figure completely resembled the statue at the entrance of this shrine.

And then at the side of the chair there was a golden lump that was like a small mountain. When that lump raised its neck, it faced towards Grace and bared its fang.

That was a mechanical lion. And then at the back of the chair, there was a mechanical bird with metallic wings perching. Its face was round, its image was closest to a falcon. But the size of the body wasn’t close. When it spread its wings, the length of the wings might have reached six meters.

Yurishia kneeled and lowered her face towards that female.

‘――Judging from this, Yurishia blurted out just now that this woman is [Osiris-sama] huh. I don’t know how this woman made her submit but……I cannot let my guard down.’

Grace heightened her vigilance towards the woman in front of her eyes.

“Are you, the master of this place?”

That female smiled gently to Grace’s question.

“Yes. My name is Osiris. The queen of this world.”

“……I see. So you are one of the Deus ex Machina, Osiris. What fortuitous luck. For the first place I arrived at after being swallowed inside the space-time tsunami to be the world we searched for.”

Osiris narrowed her eyes towards Grace who was smiling proudly.

“That’s because I guided you here.”

“――What did you say?”

“That space-time tsunami was something I caused. So that all of you will arrive in our grasp.”

Grace thought her words as falsehood. Certainly it might be possible for the Deus ex Machina to do that. But, if that was really the case then everything was dancing on top of this Osiris’s hand. That was something she didn’t want to recognize.

“Hou. You said something interesting. If that’s the case, then why did you intentionally summon us, the enemy?”

Osiris chuckled ‘fufu’ joyfully.

“I’m not thinking of you as an enemy. All of you, are our experiment results.”

Grace gritted her teeth. It was an irritating way of saying it, but that was also the truth.

“But, all of you are failed products. I was thinking that Thanatos would surely lose interest and abandoned this result. However, Thanatos collected all of you and planned to erase you all. But, like that I will be troubled.”


‘――What does that mean? Is this woman saying she is going to help us?’

“I want living, organic, biological bodies.”

Grace immediately threw away the slightly budding hope. From this Osiris, she could smell the same scent as that Nayuta.

“You should understand after watching this city, haven’t you? There is no living human here. What is here are all undying machineundead.”

“True, there are only those eerie bunches here. As expected those guys are really dead people then.”

“They are not dead people. I cannot say they are living, but the most correct way of calling them are people who are not dead I guess. They once were living in this world, they were human. However, everything in this world was gnawed by death. I didn’t want to let the people die with my whole heart, so that the soul wouldn’t leave this world even though their flesh died, I commanded to mechanize the corpse. And what resulted from that, are they, the undead.”

A tone of sadness was coloring Osiris’s voice. That was the proof that this world wasn’t something she even wished for, that making the people into that appearance was unintentional.

“I am the queen of this City of the DeadNecropolis. I have the duty to guide them.”

Osiris stood up from the chair. As though possessing the same will, the kneeling lion was also standing up, the falcon also spread its wings.

Osiris’s eyes were shining gold.

“Not the living but also not the dead. For the sake of saving them who are in such existence, the existences of all of you are necessary. Now, offer that body for me.”

The graceful tanned arms pointed at Grace. Thereupon a noise ran in front of those arms. From there blue blocks materialized and a strange pyramid was piled up instantly.

That was an object like a reversed pyramid. The material forming it looked like a blue glass. Near its surface was a transparent blue color, but the nearer to its center part the darker the color became, one couldn’t see through the pyramid. From ultramarine to black. It was as though something was lurking at its depth, Grace could feel such eeriness.

‘――What in the world, is that?’

That pyramid was floating in the air as though to protect Osiris. And then it produced a faint vibrating sound while approaching Grace gradually. There was the decoration of a closed eyelid at its sides, making it even more eerie looking.

Sweat trickled down Grace’s back.

The opponent was a Deus ex Machina. It was still fresh in her mind how Hokuta made her meet with a painful experience. Even the slightest carelessness would became fatal, that understanding had been deeply rooted in her bone.

“I see. Well, if that is what our creator is telling us, it cannot be helped then.”

Putting her hand on her cheek, Osiris smiled happily.

“My, what an obedient child you are. It seems that you are Yurishia’s friend, then I will especially use your body as the body of my daughter’s friend.”

“Hou, your……what!?”

Once again Grace stared at Osiris’s body as though she was licking all over the body. The largely jutting out breast and the tight stomach and the constricted thin waist. And then the stretching ass below.

‘――That body doesn’t look like a body that has ever been pregnant at all…….’

At the Atlantis where Grace lived there was only woman, children were born by using Genesis. However while she was spending her time in Ataraxia, she was able to obtain the knowledge like the reproduction act of male and female.

Nevertheless, how to do it physically using the body. For Grace she was unable to understand that meaning. But, in any case it shouldn’t be something enjoyable.

“I am greatly obliged for that consideration. Also……there should be, one more person who is our companion but, is that person not here?”

“One more person? No, I don’t know about that……most likely that person was collected by the other Deus ex Machina I guess.”

Grace clenched her fist hard, to the degree that her nail dug into her flesh.

‘――So this was a pointless waste of time.’

Osiris moved her tanned arm forward as though to command the blue pyramid.

“Now, you too become one of the people of Necropolis.”

The eyelids attached at the sides of the blue pyramid opened slightly. From the gap several streaks of light shined. A luminescent globe appeared from inside. That was exactly an eye. A golden pupil was floating in the bright white globe.


Detecting danger instinctually, Grace averted her eyes. And then she kicked on the floor and ran towards the opened wide window. And then just like that she jumped towards the sky.


The unexpected movement of Grace made Osiris late to react. Grace spread her wings and flew towards the sky.

“I won’t let you get away!”

Yurishia converted her Differential Frame into mobility mode. But then a cool voice came while large amounts of particles were spouted out.

“Wait, Yurishia.”

Osiris raised her palm and stopped Yurishia.


Yurishia looked up to the sky in vexation. The blue sky was spreading wide there, but the figure of Grace was already lost from sight.

“I don’t mind. At any rate, she cannot escape from this world after all.”

“……My deepest apologies.”

Perhaps thinking that Grace’s escape was her own failure, Yurishia dropped her gaze to the floor dejectedly.

Osiris descended the stair and then when she arrived in front of Yurishia she stroked her cheek.

“Ah……Osiris, sama.”

“If you fret, I have to give salvation to that soul of yours then, isn’t it? It’s painful for me however……it’s fine even if I give punishment to you, you know?”

The cheeks of Yurishia were dyed red in the blink of an eye. Then after she hung her head down, she whispered with a voice that was like a fly’s buzzing.

“……Please, do.”

After removing Cross away, Yurishia returned to a state where there were only accessory and waist cloth on her body. Osiris pinched up the tip of her breast.


“Does it hurt? But, this is punishment so……endure it okay.”

Yurishia lowered down her head that became red until her ear and murmured inside her mouth.

“Ye……yes, forgive me……”

“Then next will be an even more painful punishment you know?”

Osiris lightly lifted her hand. With that as the signal, the pyramid arrived until in front of Yurishia and it toppled sideways.

“Now, straddle it.”

The bottom and the side of the pyramid was made to be in straight line. Osiris ordered Yurishia to straddle there.

Yurishia was bewildered to that command. This pyramid should be Osiris-sama’s important thing. Was it really okay? Yurishia sent Osiris a gaze that was filled with such question. Osiris answered that gaze with a silent nod.

She thrust her hand at the base with an acute angle. She thought it was unsightly, but she spread her legs wide and straddled the pyramid. And then Yurishia timidly lowered her waist on the straight line of the base area.


With her own weight, her important part was pressed on the base of the pyramid. It was as though she was straddling a triangle wooden horse.

“Kuh……aa♡ Aah-!”

Pain, and then sweet sensation was welling up from between her groin, the sensation was ruling over Yurishia’s inside.

The treatment that should be painful made Yurishia’s cheek redden and her body twisted. The figure of such Yurishia made Osiris floated a bewitching smile.

“My……you look so pained. How pitiful, however I too am also feeling pained you know?”

“Haau-, fo, forgive me-eee! A, a, haan!”

The pitifully small cloth wrapping around Yurishia’s waist, Osiris put her hand on that cloth and tore it off to let it gently fall.

“Aa, noo-! That’s, embarrassing”

Yurishia pleaded sorrowfully with completely blushing face. Her blonde hair stuck on her face due to her sweat, she begged for forgiveness with tears floating in her eyes.

“No good. This is also for the sake of compensating for your sin. My cute daughter, Isis……”


Yurishia couldn’t understand what Osiris was talking about.

“Excuse me, Osiris-sama……haauu-!”

Together with a sharp ripping sound, pain traveled through her back.

Osiris’s hand was clutching something that was like a duster made from leather.

“If you can endure this whip……I will forgive your sin.”

A sound that was like slapping sound resounded, red mark clung on Yurishia’s white ass.


Osiris circled to the front of Yurishia and she swung down her whip on that large breast.

“!! ……-HHaAAA♡”

Coquettish sound resounded amidst the shriek, Yurishia twisted her body.

‘――Yah, e, even though it hurt……it feels, good♡’

Yurishia tried to avert her attention from the pleasure welling up from her groin, she lamped her thighs on the pyramid. However, she was unable to support her weight, granting even more stimulation at Yurishia’s sensitive part. And then, from Yurishia’s valley, the proof of pleasure that was her dew began to trickle down.

Osiris caressed Yurishia’s cheek lovingly.

“Your appearance, is the spitting image of my daughter Isis. My husband that was the king of another country……he possessed blonde hair and white skin, a unique, the greatest pharaoh there ever was. My daughter deeply inherited the blood of my husband.”

“I am……?”

“My beloved daughter……Isis.”


That name was carved inside Yurishia’s head.

Osiris lowered her gaze sadly.

“Leaving me behind……heading toward the world of death alone, bad daughter.”

Brushing up the black hair clinging on her cheek, Osiris then stared at Yurishia with wet eyes. Inside those eyes where tears piled up, her golden pupils were shaking.

“Until now I disciplined you as a slave. That was for the sake of granting punishment to you who died alone, breaking your promise to me.”

‘――I was……dying alone, betraying mother.’

Yurishia’s consciousness was cloudy, she was becoming unclear of just who she was.

‘――I am, Yurishia Farandole. And then, I’m Mother’s daughter Isis. Yes, I am both of them, the two of them are me. I am not just, one of them.’

“Until now I have given you harsh trials but, you have really endured well. You even looked as though you received the pain happily. Your attitude that can accept and advance through your atonement, is truly wonderful. With this, your sin has been absolved. From here on, live as my daughter, get your heart closer to Isis too.”

Inside her hazy consciousness, Yurishia stared at the huge golden pupil floating in front of her eyes.

That wasn’t Osiris’s pupil.

It was the pupil floating in the blue pyramid.

However the current Yurishia couldn’t even understand that.

The information sent to her from the golden pupil of the pyramid was being carved inside her mind.

“I can, live……as the daughter of Mother, from now on……”

That was a happiness so great that it shook Yurishia’s body. She didn’t understand what she was happy for. But her heart was naturally shaking, her tears were overflowing.

“Exactly. And then the time when your body is sufficiently prepared that it can accept Isis’s soul……you will become one with Isis. At that time, you will truly become my daughter.”

“I will, become Osiris-sama’s daughter……”

A large drop of tear wetted Yurishia’s eye.

“Aa……I’m happy♡”

That happiness heightened her pleasure even more.

“Fuah! Aaa-! Mother–! Quickly, my punishment. Please give me the punishment so I can become Mother’s daughter-!”

“Geez……what a hopeless daughter aren’t you? Then, I will give you forgiveness with the next strike. Now, cum.”

After Osiris whispered joyfully, she swung the whip lightly at Yurishia’s lower body. The tip of that whip grazed at the most sensitive part, located even lower below the stomach.


At that instant, Yurishia’s consciousness became pure white.


Yurishia’s body bent into ‘<’ shape and convulsed twitchingly.

“Ah, a, aa……a”

Her eyes were closed, Yurishia’s body tilted powerlessly. Osiris embraced the body of Yurishia that was going to collapse.

“Fufu……my cute Isis. This is the softness of living beings, how warm this is……it has been so long, I have forgotten this.”

Osiris continued to stroke Yurishia’s soft blonde hair many times lovingly.

Part 2[edit]

Yurishia was seeing a dream.

That was the memory when she was a child.

“Kyaa, Yurishia is always cute.”

“Besides you are really a clever child.”

The happy times when she passed the time together with her parents. A happy memory.

Her parents were always busy, but they took time to accompany Yurishia.

“Look look! That jet coaster is amazing! I want to ride that.”

“Hahaha. That’s still too early for Yurishia.”

“That’s not true. I’m already an adult!”

“I guess. Yurishia is more adult even compared to other children, you really progressed. But you see, your height is not enough. Let’s do this when you become a little taller okay?”

“How about that Yurishia? Let’s see the rabbit attraction over there.”

“Ee? That gun shooting at that side is better for me. Hey, father please!”

However, her mother always stopped that.

“That’s no good Yurishia. Yurishia is a lady, so you must not play that kind of vulgar game.”


Since she was a child, beautiful and cute, a sweet image was demanded from her.

Girlish, like a princess, become a lady, that was what was wanted from her.

But, rather than a story of a girl that became a princess and became happy with a lovely prince, she liked superhero comics better.

Obtaining the strongest power, and beat the bad guy.

That was her dream as a kid.

And then, on a certain day, her mother was gone.

A few days after she became unable to see her mother’s figure, she couldn’t endure and asked her father.

“We are divorced.”

She didn’t understand the meaning of those words, but she understood that she couldn’t meet her mother anymore. And then, she also understood that her mother made another family.

Am I, abandoned by mother?

I, already became unneeded?

Like throwing away old toys and buying a new toy, did mother now want a new daughter?

Since then, everything felt empty somehow.

She became the best in everything she did in school no matter what.

Whether in study and also in sport.

It became natural to be the best in whatever she did, there was no challenge, that it was boring.

Toward such me, it was as though everyday there were boys coming to confess. But, I rejected them all. I couldn’t show any interest no matter what towards someone who couldn’t win against me in even just a single thing.

And then I was taken by father, into my debut in high society.

However, even this world of high society, in the end it was just like a higher version of school community. I was fed up with the wearisome conversations.

What would become of me from now on? It was at that time when I was harboring that kind of worry.

I saw that.

――Heart Hybrid Gear.

It’s not an exaggeration, this felt like destiny.

My dream when I was a kid, had come from the other side.

By no means that anyone could become this.

The elite among the elite. Only a few names from the whole of America.

This was just what I wished for.

It was also only natural for me to obtain that kind of thing,

The reason was, that until now there was nothing that I couldn’t become.

I became the hero that I yearned for.

And then, I truly became,

America’s ace,

A national hero,

A superhero.

If it was now perhaps even mother wouldn’t abandon me.

I had become this splendid.

If it was for the sake of mother, then I would fight even if the whole world became my enemy.

When I thought that, I came to think that I’m really a human that can act heroically, my feeling became really good.

“I will kill, the enemy that threatens mother……every single one of them.”

Chapter 1 – Osiris[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Then to celebrate the victory……cheers.”

Nayuta raised her glass smilingly.

It was at the highest floor of a high class hotel in Ataraxia, [Royal Ataraxia Hotel]. Inside the Chinese food restaurant that was among the lined up high class restaurants there, Kizuna and the others of the Heart Hybrid Gear squad and the Magic Knight of Vatlantis were gathering.

As expected from a hotel that was usually a purveyor for VIPs, it had a magnificent view of Ataraxia’s night scenery from the large window. However, Megafloat Japan that was usually visible was nowhere to be seen right now. When the sight was moved to inside the restaurant, the combination of Chinese outfits that made one recall the world of Hokuto and the modern design was really pleasing to the eyes. Even while proclaiming the high class perception, the atmosphere was mysteriously calming.

However, the gathered members were similarly making disheartened faces.


Inside the strange atmosphere that was drifting, whispering voices of cheers with timing really late and that didn’t match with Nayuta’s rally were raised.

Certainly, they had defeated one of the Deus ex Machina, Hokuto and had recovered a part of the world’s configuration information. that was a great achievement.

On the large round table in front of their eyes, high class Chinese food were lined up in an astonishing amount. Starting from Peking duck, there was also whole shark fin, crab soup with swallow nest, dried abalone steak, Ise prawn, foie gras, sea urchin and so on, high class ingredients were used generously. Cooking that one usually couldn’t witness were being lined up.

There were also dishes that they had familiarity with, like mapo tofu or steamed meat dumplings, gyoza, xiaolongpao, chop suey, pepper steak, fried rice and so on, but even those were somewhat different from what they could eat at the school cafeteria. Most likely their ingredients, the effort for seasoning and the skill to make them were not merely somewhat different, but at another level entirely.

The aroma of those dishes were mercilessly stimulating the appetite of everyone in attendance. However――,

Right now wasn’t the time or situation to celebrate so carefree like this, wasn’t it?

Which reminded him, that until now, he had never thought about it but, just from where were these high class ingredients coming from?

Such questions kept bothering the minds of the participants here.

“Hmm, what’s the matter? Even though we finally manage to defeat a machine god and recover half of Lemuria after a great pain……aah, the people of Vatlantis still haven’t recovered their own world’s data, so because of that you all cannot get in the mood for celebration, is that it?”

“……That’s not it.”

Hyakurath who was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform with a napkin held between her collar was forming a wrinkle between her eyebrows.

There were two large round tables. In one table was Sylvia, at her left was Kei, Reiri, Nayuta, then Kizuna, Himekawa, in addition was Vatlantis’s Hyakurath, Mercuria, Valdy and Ragrus, they were sitting in that order.

At the other table were Masters’ Scarlet, Henrietta, Clementine, Sharon, and Leila. Also Gertrude who obtained permission for going out was participating in a wheelchair.

“My, then is it the food? For the celebration of defeating Hokuto, isn’t Chinese food the most fitting for this occasion?”

As though to say that she couldn’t hold back anymore, Reiri hit the table.

“Stop joking around! Just when I thought what were you planning to gather everyone like this. You are just making fun of us!”

“I’m not making fun of everyone or anything. I only want to give appreciation for everyone’s hard work. And then I’m thinking that with this everyone’s willpower can be maintained for the battle we will be heading for after this. Also, for those who are still unable to return home from the battlefront too, I prepared cooking with good nourishment. With the feeling of gratitude towards everyone who had worked hard, I arranged this place, but……is this a bother?”


What she was saying was extremely proper. There was no ground to complain where they could only express gratitude.

But that was the story for a normal person.

The one they were talking with, was that Hida Nayuta.

No matter how, they couldn’t possibly honestly accept this.

Himekawa also knitted her eyebrows and stared fixedly at the food.

“There is nothing inserted in this food right……?”

That worry wasn’t too excessive, Kizuna thought that.

{There is no need to worry on that point. These dishes are undoubtedly created in the kitchen of this restaurant. There is no strange point at all, starting from the ingredients, the cooking, until the food that was put on the table.}

Kei typed on her portable keyboard and opened a window in front of the face. Together with the text Kei was typing, the image of the transportation of the ingredients and the cooking in the kitchen, and then the image of monitoring camera inside the restaurant were displayed one after another.

{By the way the ingredients are somehow delivered to the market each morning. Tracking from where it was sent to the market is impossible. However, the confirmation of the safety of the ingredients has been finished.}

“For some reason, it’s really suspicious……”

Towards the frowning Kizuna, Nayuta put her fan covering her mouth and raised a chuckle.

“Fufufu, so you are scared. If it is ingredients that originally existed in Ataraxia, then it’s possible to reproduce it. Saying it in reverse, ingredients that didn’t exist when the data of this Ataraxia was collected is impossible to be obtained though.”

“……For example what?”

“Let’s see……something like grasshoppers or frogs.”

Kizuna replied with a disgusted face.

“That’s unneeded. But――ah”

When he noticed, Scarlet and the others were beginning to eat.

“Hee, isn’t this really delicious, this is shark fin you say? The texture is interesting. Isn’t it, Henrietta?”

“I think so. Putting together shark fin and ham is also delicious.”

Clementine was sampling every single kind of xialongpao.

“This is tasty! Inside it there are sea urchins or shrimp inserted, yeah! The spring roll too, it has a lot inserted in it!”

Sharon was putting crab soup of swallow nest mechanically into her mouth.

“It’s said that swallow nest, is good for beauty……fufu, fufufufu, I’ll eat as much as I like.”

Leila was checking the menu of the hotel’s restaurant in her smartphone while reaching out her hand to the cooking with a difficult expression.

“In what way I can eat the expensive one with the most effectiveness……as expected, abalone is 30,000 yen! No, that highest grade shark fin has unit price of 40,000 yen! Kuh! What’s with this market value! Eei, I’ll call them directly!”

While eating Chinese ham and spare rib, beef fillet meat black pepper stir fry, Scarlet noticed Gertrude who wasn’t moving at all.

“Hey―, you aren’t eating? It’s delicious you know? Or rather, it’s a loss if you don’t eat.”

Gertrude that was staring fixedly at the table with resentful eyes howled.

“You are noisy asshole! I’m still in the middle of hospitalization, there is this thing called eating restriction! Just why did you bring me here!”

“Ah, is that so. Sorry. Well, I thought that it would be pitiful if you are the only one left behind that’s why.”

“Don’t you asshole talk like that while stuffing your cheek with food-! I cannot see any pity in you for me at all like that-!”

Gertrude yelled with teary eyes. Sharon tilted her head with a slightly pitying expression.

“But……at the very least, if you can taste the place’s atmosphere……you will have fun?”

“It’s nothing at all except being tortured you asshole-!”[1]

Leila was typing on her calculator while smiling nihilistically.

“This place is a battlefield! My bad but there is no free time to take care of other people! We have never gone anywhere but fast food joints, school cafeterias, or convenience stores. A chance to eat this kind of celebrity food will never come again!”

“Eating celebrity food that is pointlessly expensive like that is just degradation! Doing something like mimicking those rich people, you don’t have any pride of the commoner at all you asshole!”

No matter what Gertrude said, Leila’s will wasn’t shaken in the slightest.

“The motto of the commoner, is to eat free food without mercy! You won’t be able to eat this kind of high class food if not with other people’s money! Just how much money you think is needed so that you can eat this……fufufu”

The food on Masters’ table were decreasing in the blink of an eye. Kizuna could only smile wryly.

“Even if the food is poisoned, it’s already too late isn’t it……let’s eat too.”

Kizuna reached out his hand towards the mapo tofu in front of his eyes.

“!? Wait Kizuna. I’ll taste for poison first.”

The moment Reiri said that, she rotated the part of the round table that was a level higher. The tofu that was dyed with the redness of chili oil and the black of minced meat finally arrived in front of Reiri’s eyes. Immediately the fragrance of capsicum, black pepper, and Japanese paper stimulated her nasal cavity.

“Fufufu, but perhaps that deep vigilance is advantageous in battle. Here, Reiri.”

Nayuta scooped up white rice into a bowl and gave it to Reiri. Reiri was staring at that bowl with a face as though she was looking at a monster that sprang out from the abyss.

“……What are you doing?”

Nayuta tilted her head in puzzlement at Reiri who was having cold sweat.

“What a strange child. I’m handing over rice to you see? Are you feeling a little nostalgic?”

“……No. Since I was born, not to mention handing over rice to me which you had never done even once, in the first place I don’t have even a single recollection of you cooking.”

“Is that so?”

After Nayuta made a slightly puzzled face. She put the rice bowl in front of Reiri. And then she prepared the next bowl and served white rice again.

Reiri was having cold sweat while glaring at the bowl put before her eyes with a grim face.

Hyakurath who was sitting beside Himekawa who was sitting beside Kizuna, was holding chopsticks while biting her lips with a troubled feeling.

“Excuse me, Himekawa-san. This thing called xiaolongpao, what is the correct way of eating it?”

“Is this your first time eating this Hyakurath-san? Err let’s see, first take it using your spoon, then break the skin and let out the meat juice inside, put sauce and black pepper……”

“Oi, Hyakurath. Why did you ask Himekawa? How about asking me first.”

Mercuria murmured with a dissatisfied face. However, Hyakurath answered nonchalantly.

“You don’t know anyway Mercuria.”

“Wha-! It’s not about that. Go to me first before Himekawa.”

“Himekawa-san is different than Mercuria, she possesses common sense, intelligence, and also a sense of duty, she is a really diligent person. Rather than someone with bad behavior like you, she is far more reliable.”

Himekawa could only laugh dryly at the exchange of the two. When her gaze was swimming around looking for help, her eyes suddenly met Kizuna’s.

“Hayuru is really popular.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 04.png

“Can someone like you really say that……”

She looked up at Kizuna with moist eyes.

“Captain―, is it okay if Sylvia rotates the table desu?”

Sylvia who was sitting at the opposite side was waving her hand. After Kizuna nodded, he rotated the table. In the middle Sylvia took after him and brought the Peking duck in front of herself.

“Is, is that……the Peking duck?”

Ragrus who was sitting beside Sylvia stared doubtfully at the duck meat with thinly sliced skin.

“Somehow……it looks, mostly like skin though.”

“This is that kind of food desu. You eat it by wrapping onion and cucumber together around it desu. It’s delicious desu!”

And then Valdy that was beside Ragrus, she was also not touching the food like Gertrude though because of a different reason. Ahead at the direction where she was staring fixedly was Reiri. If she averted her eyes even for an instant, in that opening Reiri might be attacked. Thinking that, Valdy didn’t let her eyes move from Reiri even for a moment. That Reiri wasn’t touching the rice that was served in the bowl, she was carrying a steamed dumpling into her mouth while murmuring towards no one.

“Good grief……even though Oldium and Golden Dragon’s whereabouts are unknown right now. This carefree gathering is just……”

Nayuta stared at Reiri as though she noticed sharply.

“If it’s their location then I know it you know.”


“Oldium and Golden Dragon are applied with my remodeling, I shared a part of my body with them. And so, I understand in which world they are in.”

“Wh……why, didn’t you say that sooner!?”

Reiri hit the table and stood up vigorously.

The two ships other than the battleship Ataraxia who departed on a journey to search for the Deus ex Machina, Oldium that was boarded by the Vatlantis Empire’s members, and the Golden Dragon that was boarded by the alliance of Izgard and Baldein. Nayuta knew the whereabouts of those two ships. That truth also shocked Kizuna.

“That’s right! Then, we have to head there immediately!”

However, Nayuta was scooping apricot pudding while replying in a calm state.

“Just wait. Even if you rush, there will be nothing good coming out from it.”

Hyakurath also raised a condemning voice.

“But, even while we are doing this, Grace-san and student council president……no, Grace-sama and Zelcyone-sama, also……Gravel-san too.”

Everyone didn’t hide their irritated feeling and waited for Nayuta’s reply.

“I understand your feelings of wanting to hurry. But even the battleship Ataraxia is largely damaged because of the emergency landing in Hokuto’s world and the escape from the world’s crumbling. A little more time is necessary until it is repaired. Until then, please set aside this time for resting.”

Even if he was told that, Kizuna couldn’t calm down. The other two ships were in a similar situation as them, they were swallowed by a space-time tsunami and should be landing on an unknown world somewhere. Right now, he couldn’t even imagine what kind of situation those girls were in. Perhaps they arrived at a terrifyingly dangerous world, perhaps they had fallen into a terrible danger.

They themselves unexpectedly arrived at machine god Hokuto’s world and narrowly obtained victory. That was because he and Hayuru who had finished the Core’s reinstall and also Nayuta were there. However, the other two ships beside Ataraxia were――,

“It’s fine you know.”

Nayuta smiled thinly.

“In those two ships, there are Magic Knights that had done Core’s reinstall too isn’t it?”


Himekawa didn’t miss that conversation.

She didn’t know that there was anybody else that had done Core’s reinstall. Together with a light shock, she felt desolateness that it wasn’t just her. And then, she became fiercely concerned who were the ones who had the reinstall done on them.

Kizuna was completely ignorant of what was happening inside Himekawa’s heart. He was anxious about the safety of the crews of the Oldium and the Golden Dragon and dropped his gaze on the table.

Nayuta who was sitting beside him looked up at Kizuna as though she had just remembered something.

“――By the way, Kizuna.”

Was there any other information!? Kizuna turned to Nayuta vigorously thinking that. Kizuna’s desperate expression was met by Nayuta’s lax smile.

“Do you want seconds?”

Part 2[edit]

After evading Osiris and Yurishia, Grace who safely escaped Necropolis was flying in low-altitude above the desert. She was flying at quite a speed, but no matter how much she went, the horizon of the desert kept continuing without end.

Finally at the beyond, something swaying like a mirage could be seen. It was a gigantic structure that was half-buried in the desert. Looking from afar it was like a small mountain, but when it was approached it could be understood that it was a man made structure.

It was a tilted palace that suddenly appeared in the desert.

The flagship of the Vatlantis Empire, Oldeum had to make an emergency landing into the desert. The ship’s prow part was buried in the sand, it was tilting to the left while inclining forward.

Looking at that appearance, Grace talked to herself in complaint.

“Good grief. For Oldeum to look like that, how pathetic this is.”

The hazy figure of the flagship was gradually becoming clearer. When looked from afar, its appearance looked like a castle and its castle city below it. Even when seen from near it couldn’t really be noticed as a battleship. The moment it was recognized as a battleship by the one watching, they would be surprised by its astonishing size.

It had a gigantic body that easily surpassed two kilometers. The castle towering on the hull reached a hundred meters. Grace raised her altitude and she headed towards the highest level of that castle. After she flew inside the balcony that was opened there, she gently landed on the floor.

Suddenly, Elma and Clayda of Quartum who were facing the control panel with difficult faces raised shocked voices towards Grace who entered from the window.

“ “Grace-sama-!?” ”

Clayda whose right eye was covered by an eye-patch had her left eye opened so wide as though to represent the surprise of the right eye too. She stood up in a fluster but then she spontaneously staggered, perhaps from having forgotten that the floor was tilted.

“What’s the matter, you two? To be that flurried.”

Towards that carefree Grace, Elma was unable to say anything for a moment.

“Tha……that question should not be asked! We could not find Grace-sama’s figure, so we were really worried. Where had Grace-sama gone to?”

“Yes. Those guys’ city……Necropolis, I went to see the situation there just for a little.”

Clayda dropped her shoulders with an exasperated face towards Grace who was broad-heartedly nodding.

“What recklessness……it was just like Zel-sama said.”

“Zel? Now that you mentioned it I don’t see her. Lunorlla and Ramza are also not here?”

Elma’s white haired head was pointing up at the left and right like beast ears. Those ears twitched and she talked with a blaming tone.

“The three of them had gone searching for Grace-sama!”

Grace looked aside feeling that the angry Elma was troublesome.

“It would be better if they just waited obediently……good grief, this is really a bad timing.”

‘That’s because you were gone as you pleased!’ Clayda and also Elma murmured that inside their hearts. However Grace didn’t notice and puffed her chest proudly.

“I found out that Nee-sama isn’t in this world. We have no more business in this world.”

“What did you say!?”

“Does Grace-sama know the whereabouts of Ainess-sama!?”

Clayda asked enthusiastically.

“I’m only guessing, but it seems that Nee-sama is with the other Deus ex Machina. However, I don’t understand the concrete location of Nee-sama.”

“The other Deus ex Machina is it……however, how did Grace-sama find that out?”

“The Deus ex Machina ruling over this world, Osiris, I met her. That woman said, that Nee-sama is not in this world, and perhaps Nee-sama is being held by the other Deus ex Machina. I don’t think that she is lying.”

Grace’s casual answer shocked the two.

“There was Amaterasu’s Yurishia working under that woman. If possible I wanted to save her but……from that Osiris, I felt some kind of indescribable dreadfulness. We cannot approach that woman carelessly.”

“That’s……for someone to possess strength to the degree of Grace-sama is just……”

Elma shook her head with an expression of being unable to believe.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 05.png

“With our current battle strength, it’s dangerous to fight that woman from the front. As soon as Zel, Lunorlla and Ramza return, we will escape this world. And then we will search for the other Deus ex Machina!”

Grace proclaimed powerfully, but Clayda shrugged her shoulders apologetically.

“About that…..we are unable to escape from this world.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Since a while ago we were trying to move Oldium, but some kind of strange power is being generated, the ship cannot fly……”

Clayda touched the shining control panel floating on a Victorian-style desk. Thereupon a large window was opened in front of the three.

There Oldium that was being buried in the sand was projected.

“This is the current situation of Oldium……please take a look.”

From the bottom of Oldium toward inside the sand, red line was stretching.

“What’s this?”

“This red light is displaying the strength affecting Oldium. A strange power is coming out from the sand, it is trying to drag Oldium into the sand.”

Grace made a difficult face.

“Just what in the world this power is?”

“We don’t understand. However, we were able to confirm the source that generated this power.”

As though pulling the camera, the image was rapidly becoming smaller. Then, there was the generating source of the red light at the far beyond.

“Most likely it was the place where Grace-sama had gone just now, it was at the Necropolis, that is what we think.”

The screen was enlarging once more, it was possible to confirm that the red light was flowing out from a point in Necropolis.

“I see……so this spot is nearby the shrine of Osiris.”

Staring at that map, Elma scowled.

“Then, this too is the work of a machine god……is it?”

Grace fluttered her shining pink hair and turned on her heel.

“I don’t know. But we can only return to Necropolis.”

Grace spread the wings on her back.

“And then, we will destroy the source of this power. Let’s go, Clayda, Elma. Follow me.”

Just when Grace was about to fly out from the balcony, her legs stopped still.

“Or else, are you two going to say that this is reckless and stop me?”

Clayda and Elma reflexively faced at each other, they floated wide, daring smiles.

“Fufu, if Grace-sama take us with her from the start, then we won’t give any complaint.”

“We will be honored to accompany you.”

“Hmph. That’s exactly how the Quartum should be.”

The wings of Koros shined, Grace’s body flew out from the balcony then, like a bullet that was fired. And then after her, Clayda and Elma wearing magic armor on their bodies chased after her.

The three lights flew above the desert, heading towards Necropolis where Osiris was waiting.

Part 3[edit]

It was a country that slowly arrived to death.

Once there was a material that became the energy which moved this world.

“All of you people! See the radiance of this sun. This is exactly what we summoned from an alternate world, an eternal power! This radiance will illuminate this world far and wide, promising eternal prosperity in the future.”[2]

The words of the pharaoh who proclaimed loudly made the people go into a wild enthusiasm. And then the pharaoh floated the shining bright globe.

That was the sun that descended to the surface. With the power of the pharaoh, it was the ore that was summoned from a different world. It had a round shape, it was exactly the sun itself. It emitted high temperature, continuing to burn. And then before long it burned up and became a rock that lost its light. However after a while it recovered its radiance once more. It was an infinite energy that repeated death and rebirth eternally. That was what was supposed to become the dream energy in Osiris’s world.

However, the dream turned into a nightmare.

The wavelength emitted by that energy little by little was gnawing at the body of living things. The cause was unknown. However, starting from a certain time children couldn’t be born, plant couldn’t be grown. Verdant land was transforming into desert.

The pharaoh who summoned the alternate world material received that influence the strongest. With the nonexistence of a method to cure the influence, the stamina of the pharaoh was decreasing, he became unable to wake up from his bed. Sensing his own last moments, the pharaoh called Osiris and Isis to his side.

“We will leave this world. This too……might be the punishment for touching what humans must not touch, of summoning the sun of an alternate world……it concerned us to leave the two of you behind, traveling to the world of after death but……”

“Dear……o the great pharaoh.”

Tears flowed from Osiris towards her beloved husband who was at death’s door.


And then the still young queen didn’t understand what was happening. But, her parents were being sad, so she also became sad.

“Osiris, and then you Isis……survive for us. And then, if it is something possible, this world, the people, we want you to save them……”

“Yes, for sure……for sure, I will! That’s why don’t die!”

For the sake of saving the pharaoh that was heading to death, the people began to build a structure of gigantic stone. That was a huge pyramid for the sake of the pharaoh, the queen, and the princess. That was an act in the attempt of leaving behind the proof of one’s existence, and was also an act of groping for a way of surviving.

In this world the stone itself was an integrated circuit, by carving in program onto the stone, it would follow the instruction and carry out the processing. That stone was piled up in many amounts, a vast array processing was carried out, constructing a special magic system.

That system put the pharaoh into the state of temporary death, it was something for the sake of reviving the pharaoh once again after a set period of time passed, repeating the death and rebirth.

But the wish of the people ended up in vain, the light of the pharaoh’s life vanished.

The completion of the pyramid didn’t make it in time. However, it barely transformed the pharaoh’s soul into data, succeeding in preserving the pharaoh into a cyborg. That cyborg didn’t resemble the pharaoh’s figure when he was alive, it was fitting to call it as a machine mirror. That cyborg was named as undead.

After the pharaoh died, the queen Osiris was enthroned as the ruler. The queen who lived in sadness and her single daughter the princess, in addition the people of the country were attacked by an even harsher fate.

The material of the alternate world stole the lives of the old with weak bodies and the children next. The scientists banded and worked together striving for the elucidation and the countermeasure of the cause, but they couldn’t discover any valid method.

They had let the pharaoh to die, but they had to protect the queen and the princess. The result of the whole country offering up their whole strength was the completion of the pyramid in an astonishing speed.

That pyramid granted life force that transcended humans for the queen and the princess.

However that was nothing more than lengthening the timing of death. The pyramid was a gigantic magic system developed for the sake of buying time. The scientists were also desperately continuing their research for the sake of the true immortality, the true rebirth.

And then a few hundred years passed.

The queen and the princess commenced sleeping. Each time they woke up the desolation of the world and the decrease of population were advancing.

The people somehow evaded complete death by transferring their souls into undead, in order to wait for the time of recovery that would arrive eventually.

And then when Osiris commenced sleeping for the nth time, when she opened her eyes there was nobody else. Even the figure of her beloved daughter that should be sleeping beside her was nowhere to be found.

“Anyone……is there anyone here?”

Osiris searched for her daughter Isis who was the one who supported her heart.


What Osiris found was the figure of her daughter that had been completely transformed.

She found the record the scientists left behind. There it was written that Isis was tormented by despair, and in order to accept the ruin she severed her own life. However the retainers sealed the soul of Isis into an undead. That was the undead in front of Osiris’s eye right now.


Isis who had grown tired didn’t commence sleeping, just like that she ended her life.

Osiris grieved in sorrow. After her husband even the daughter she treasured was also lost from her.

Since the last time she went to sleep ten thousand years had passed.

There was only the pyramid and palace built from precious stones and the Necropolis city around it left behind. Everything else became sand and the world accomplished the transformation into a world where there were no living humans.

Only machines survived, repeating self-recovery and self-improvement without stopping. There was no one to confirm that result, no one that rejoiced. In such a world, there were only machines continuing to work, earnestly remaking the body of the queen, the only existence that would evaluate their result.

During that ten thousand years, the queen was also reborn into a different living being.

The fusion of machine and living being. No, it was a body that couldn’t be differentiated from a living being due to the evolution of machine. And then the technology that had evolved until the utmost limits was fitting to be called as the miracle of god.

Osiris was created from the machine’s self-evolution, a god of machines. She was a new god.

However, all those too were only empty.

Even with the power of god she possessed, she was unable to revive the flesh of her husband and daughter. Creating the same body like her and granting it to them was also impossible. For the sake of creating Osiris’s new body, what was used was that hateful sun which was summoned from the alternate world.

Making use of that energy, Osiris materialized supernatural power.

In the country of the dead, Osiris looked up to the sky alone.

“I want to die……”

Killing herself who had become god was impossible. Unable to even sever her own life, unable to even save the people, Osiris stood still by herself in the palace together with her despair.

However at that time, the sky split and light shined in.

“……That is?”

――AU Collision.

If she remember correctly, it was the phenomenon that occurred when the pharaoh obtained the sun of the alternate world.

And then from the split of the sky, one more god descended.

A figure that was far more sublime than even herself. In opposite of her tanned skin and black hair, she had white skin and golden hair. Huge wings and armor that were like a shrine worn on her body, one more machine god.

Looking up at the descent of god as though in a dream, Osiris asked that god.

“Are you……god?”

Lowering her golden eyelashes, the melancholic god answered.

“My name is Thanatos. You are?”

“Osiris……Osiris of Necropolis.”

With a face that was unclear whether it reflected sadness or apathy, Thanatos descended down towards Osiris.

“Are you a living thing? Or else a machine?”

“I am human……no, I was human. However, in order to keep me living, the people recreated my body into a machine……”

Thanatos stared fixedly at Osiris with her drooping eyes.

“I see……it seems that you are an existence that is close to me.”

Osiris pleaded to the god descending before her eyes.

“O god, this world and its people……my daughter, please save them!”

“What need to be done to save them?”

“That is……something like rolling back time, or to make the world not crumble, there must be something you can do!”

“That is a meaningless thing.”


“There are countless worlds. Even worlds that have reached the fate just like what you are talking about exist everywhere. Isn’t it fine if you go there?”

“There is no meaning like that! I, this world where I am in, where my daughter is, if this world doesn’t change then there is no meaning!”

“Something like that, is impossible even for me.”

“Why!? You are god aren’t you!? Even though you are god, you cannot even do something like that!?”

“What is so strange about that? You are an existence of the same kind like me. If it’s something you cannot do, then I too cannot do it.”

‘――I am, god? This me who was only played around by this unreasonable fate? Even though there is not a single thing that goes following my will?’

Osiris looked down at her own body. A body that was a fusion of living being and machine. This body wouldn’t even age, it promised eternal life. Certainly this was something to be pursued. She understood the potential of her body. The battle ability to sweep away any kind of external enemy. No matter how much the environment changed, she had the survival ability that could deal with anything. A perfect living being.

But everything was too late. With only herself alone obtaining the eternal life, there was nothing that came from it.

Thanatos murmured with feigned ignorance of Osiris’s worry or anything.

“I want to know what I am.”

And then she stared at far away with a sad gaze.

“When I came to my awareness I had already been in this appearance. What happened in the past, in what way was I born. Who was the one giving birth to me.”

Thanatos was provided with every wisdom, she was created into an omniscient being. A purely ignorant and innocent being. She was a god who held such contradiction.

‘――This pure god, can I make use of her?’

Osiris’s information processing circuit that had been created through several tens of thousands years searched for an answer. And then, she reached a certain conclusion.

“……Thanatos. You said that you want to know who you are, correct?”

“What kind of meaning my existence hold. What happened that led to my birth. What worth there is in the things that I accomplish. And then――”

Thanatos’s expression clouded in melancholy.

“What should be done, so that I can die.”

What Osiris’s mechanical brain cell snapped out, the way to save this world, and also her husband and daughter.

“If that’s the case then I have a good way.”

Thanatos directed eyes that were tinged with sorrow.

“We are going to do an experiment. With our power, we will once again create something that is the same with the world where we existed. If we do that, Thanatos will understand how you were born. Moreover……”

The tone of Osiris’s voice lowered.

“You will also understand what to do to destroy your existence.”

“I see.”

“Can you do that, Thanatos?”

“I cannot create living thing itself, but I am able to arrange an environment where living things will be born. We just need to prepare a new box of world.”

“Box of……world?”

“However, it is a work that will take too much time with only the two of us. It’s better to search for partners that will lend us a hand. Let’s go, Osiris.”


“You too lend your power, Osiris.”

Mechanical strong arm that didn’t match Thanatos’s slim body moved towards Osiris.


Osiris too took that hand and entered the Entrance.

And then Osiris and Thanatos tied a strange cooperative relationship. Before long Hokuto and Odin were added as their comrades and they were able to create a new world in resemblance of their world.

However, it took time for living things to grow in that world.

While waiting for that, Osiris returned to her own world. She performed guard so that the receptacle of soul wouldn’t break. Especially the undead where her husband and daughter’s souls were inserted which were enshrined in the pyramid, she paid thorough attention to there.

Staring at the pyramid from the window of the palace. Osiris’s chest was filled with expectation.

Osiris purposefully left behind the tool to create worlds, [Genesis] that originally should be collected back. If living beings were born in the newly created world and they had evolved into about the same level like Osiris’s world in the past, that Genesis would send notification to Osiris.

‘――That is the time for harvest. In the new world, surely there will be living being with the same appearance like us born there. The souls sealed inside the undead, they can be revived by obtaining new flesh.’

She would make Thanatos think that the experiment failed. With that Thanatos should lose interest in the world that was created for the sake of the experiment――that was what she thought.

She planned to annihilate the world and she would collect all the data.

“I never thought……that Thanatos and also the other two will be that obsessed with the data, how unexpected.

By chance she collected the sample of a woman called Yurishia who had the spitting image of Isis. From the result of her investigation, she was able to confirm that there was no problem at all to make her into the receptacle of her daughter’s soul.

“However, the data that I have is only a fourth of the whole……”

It was insufficient with this.

Furthermore the problem was, for some reason there was not even a single man there.

To revive all the people and the greenery throughout the world, a lot more data was necessary.

She would collect all the remaining data.

She had captured the escaped data with the space-time tsunami. It seemed that some also crossed over toward Hokuto and Odin’s location, but there was no problem. She intended to plunder the data from those two.

“――However, for Hokuto to be defeated by the experimental organism. That means I will meet a painful experience if I let my guard down isn’t it.”

Osiris looked out over Necropolis from the window. The sky was colored with the setting sun, the gigantic pyramid received the light of the evening sun and shined.

Even though this scenery didn’t change since several tens of millenniums ago, but they had changed really much.

With a sad gaze, Osiris continued to gaze at the sunset.

Chapter 2 – NecropolisCity of the Dead[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Grace-sama……is this place, the Necropolis?”

Illuminated by the sunset, the city existed in the middle of the desert. Looking at the city that felt pleasant with the verdant green, Clayda heaved a sigh in relief.

“It doesn’t feel like a ruin that is really that bad. If I have to say, it has the air of a resort instead.”

However Grace frowned and shook her head.

“This is only the outside appearance. The power flowing in this city is strange no matter what. It’s like something that was originally here is being covered on top to avert the attention from it……”

When Grace approached the tree planted outside the city, she touched it with her hand.

“Mu……this is”

Raising one of her eyebrows, Grace pulled out a single feather of Koros. She changed the shape of that feather into a sword before directing it to the tree and slashed from diagonally above.

Thereupon the thick tree trunk was quickly bisected.


Clayda and Elma spontaneously raised their voices.

The cut tree didn’t collapse, it changed into faint golden sand. And then the sand spilled down and raised sand cloud, forming a hill of sand.

“This is……Grace-sama?”

“I also don’t understand, but this is possibly something created by the machine god.”

Elma looked over the city.

“Then, everything of that city is also……created by the machine god, is that what Grace-sama is saying?”

“No. I think that city of stone is the real thing. Only living things like the plants are counterfeit.”

Grace passed through between the trees and entered the city. Following after her the expression of Clayda and Elma showed traces of nervousness once again.

Grace peeked at the situation of the street from the shadow of the buildings.

“That is……people?”

At the street were undead walking around in staggers like ghosts. Under the orange light, the shadows of the undead were elongating from the street until the walls of the building.

The setting of the sun was approaching Necropolis. The sun had been sinking until it was almost touching the horizon.

“What an eerie place……the city is beautiful, but how should I say it? That mechanical people, they are really like corpses or deceased spirits.”

Clayda’s body was shivering as though she was feeling cold.

“They are actually deceased spirits. Don’t worry, those guys are powerless. They aren’t even attacking. You can just ignore them.”

Without any vigilance, Grace came out from her cover to the street. After her Clayda and Elma followed while being alert of the surrounding.

“Then where is the source of the power that is pulling at Oldium?”

Clayda displayed a floating window and confirmed the location.

“Ahead of here……it looks like it’s in that huge pyramid.”

There was a huge pyramid at the other side of the city. It was made by piled up blocks of stone, the height of that monument might even reach three hundred meters.

Grace and the others couldn’t even imagine just for what purpose it was created for.

“Then let’s go take a look.”

After saying that Grace moved into a run.

“A, please wait, Grace-sama!”

Far above the heads of the three, a single bird was flying.

The figure of the three running through the street was reflected on the eyes of the flying falcon overhead. The image reflected in those eyes was projected before the eyes of Osiris who was in the palace.

“They came back unexpectedly fast.”

What was flying overhead the three girls was the mechanical bird that was a part of Osiris’s body, [Horus]. Everything that Horus saw was shared with Osiris. That function was also possessed by the lion [Sekhmet] that was currently sleeping besides Osiris.

When these Horus and Sekhmet combined with Osiris, they would become the true machine god Osiris.

“Well then, go ahead, hold back your friends in place.”

Osiris commanded so towards no one. Then, Yurishia and two other shadows that were waiting at the corner of the room were standing up.

Yurishia brushed off her golden hair and floated a composed smile.

“As you commanded, mother.”

“Wait, Isis. You are to remain here.”

Yurishia directed a reluctant face at Osiris.

“No way! Even though I too want to become mother’s strength!”

Leaving behind Yurishia, the two shadows kicked on the floor and ran towards the window. And then, without stopping they jumped outside at the air without hesitation.

Osiris spoke with gentle voice towards Yurishia who was chasing at the two shadows with her eyes.

“I want you to be at my side. By doing that you will become my strength above all.”


Yurishia’s cheeks were turning red and she stared at Osiris with moist eyes. Osiris faced Yurishia who was like that and spread open both her hands.

“Now, come here.”


Yurishia looked down shyly and she advanced forward towards Osiris timidly. She kneeled under Osiris who was sitting on the chair and put her head above Osiris’s knee like a spoiled child.

“Mother……you won’t abandon me right?”

“My. That is my line. You won’t die as you please and leave me alone for the second time won’t you?”

The two naturally smiled.

Osiris caressed Yurishia’s head as though she was admiring a work of art that could break easily.

“Fufufu, you are cute. My Isis……”

Part 2[edit]

The space that existed between world and world where there was nothing. It was a pitch black place. Moving inside that darkness was colorful light. That was energy that was moving between alternate worlds. A phenomenon where the energy of certain worlds were moving into other worlds.

The moving energy would someday arrived at another world somewhere. At the world where that energy arrived at, a mysterious phenomenon would occur.

Perhaps it would appear as an UFOunidentified flying object, or perhaps a monster or an OOPArt would appear, or perhaps even a supernatural phenomenon that couldn’t be explained would occur.

But, when looking outside from the window of the battleship Ataraxia, those lights coming and going between the worlds were reflected in people’s eyes as a really beautiful phenomenon. It was like they were light a show for people to enjoy.

Kizuna was standing at the bridge of the battleship Ataraxia, staring at the wild dance of those lights.

“Our direction is not mistaken right?”

On a specially installed chair that was even more splendid than the captain’s seat, Nayuta’s small body was sitting there.

“Yes, there is no mistake.”

Nayuta snapped her fingers and a large screen was floating at the center of the spacious bridge. Over there was a display image of boxes lining up in rows at left and right, top and bottom.

“This is the map of the worlds. Every single boxes represented a single world. The world where we came from is here.”

Responding to her voice, one of the box shined blue and a line of light elongated from there.

“And then, currently we are here.”

The box shining blue was the world where they were at and where Ataraxia was, the elongating line was the path thd battleship Ataraxia was traveling.

“And then, the location of Oldium and Golden Dragon are here.”

Among the boxes lining up at every direction, one of them was shining red. And then one more box was shining yellow.

“So Oldium is at the red one, and Golden Dragon at the yellow one?”

From the current position of the battleship Ataraxia, the red box was overwhelmingly closer. The yellow box was twice or thrice farther.

“Exactly. Currently we are heading in the direction of the red box, in other words, towards Oldium.”

Certainly it was correct to aim for the closer place.


Kizuna’s expression turned grim.

At the aspect of battle strength, Golden Dragon was the weaker one. Their main force was Gravel and Aldea. Kizuna was unable to grasp regarding the strength of the other members.

On the other hand, at Oldium they had Grace and Zelcyone, the Quartum was also there.

Indeed each ship had someone who had Core reinstall done to them. However, if he was not there then it would be difficult to defeat a machine god.

The [way to deal the finishing blow to a machine god] used when defeating Hokuto.

What was possessed by Corruption Armament [Nayuta], the combo of anti-machine god trump card [Reincarnation] and Climax Hybrid.

Reincarnation inflicted attack to the machine god’s body and at the same time it sent the destruction program that Nayuta prepared. The destruction program destroyed the target’s existence from the inside of the machine god. While that program was in effect, the machine god’s ability was also suppressed, causing them to only be able to use the strength of a normal human.

Aiming at that timing, Climax Hybrid was performed on the machine god.

The reproduction act that had became unnecessary for a machine god. The sexual pleasure that was abandoned because it became unnecessary, that sensation which the machine god was inexperienced at became the greatest attack towards the machine god.

But, something that was effective against Hokuto, would it also be effective against the other machine gods in the end?

Besides, in battle strength they were also still grievously lacking.

Sylvia and Masters were still not healed completely. Also Ragrus, Valdy, Hyakurath, and Mercuria were also the same. All of them were in the middle of treatment, whether it was at the hospital or at their own residence.

――At least Sylvia has been discharged from hospital so that helps but……if possible Ragrus and Hyakurath too……Ragrus can be grouped with Sylvia, Haykurath’s partner is Mercuria but, her affinity with Himekawa is also good, forming a combination with two sword users is also――,


Kizuna who was absorbed in his thinking didn’t notice the appearance of the person who arrived right beside him.

“That’s right Himekawa is……woah!”

Kizuna was surprised at the real Himekawa who was at his side.

“Aah, sorry. Hayuru huh. What’s the matter?”

Himekawa made a face that was a bit sullen.

“There is something I want to ask. It seems that at Oldium and Golden Dragon, there are also those who had done the Core’s reinstall just like me isn’t it?”

“Eh? Ah, yeah……”

The pressure of the sharply glaring Himekawa made Kizuna unconsciously step back.

“Who are they? Please teach me.”

“E, err……”

“Don’t tell me……all of them!?”

“Wrong! That’s impossible.”

“Possible, at the staying behind group of Ataraxia too, you have done reinstall with……”

“No, that’s also not yet――”

“Not yet you say, so that means you will do it after this! That’s impure! Indecent!”

“N, no, this is something necessary right? Besides, Hayuru yourself have also done it already.”

Himekawa became red in a flash.

“Thi, this is not about me! Doing it without caring about who it is done with is just preposterous! Doing that, with……all of them, that’s just, such shamelessness cannot be permitted-!”

“That’s why, I told you I didn’t do that!”

“Then, who did you do it with? Yes, I understand already. After all the one in Golden Dragon who did it was Gravel-san right? Then the one in Oldium who did it was Grace-san right? Good grief……just Aine-san doesn’t satisfy you, to even put your hand on her little sister too……”

Towardd Himekawa who kept talking in rapid succession, Kizuna was panicked.

“Aah-, geez. Just what with you Himekawa!”

“It’s Hayuru-!!”

Kizuna who poured oil on the fire kept being criticized by Himekawa even after this for three hours.

In the end, she calmed down four hours later.

Doing Climax Hybrid in preparation of the emergency was done after that matter.

Part 3[edit]

“When looking from nearby, this thing is quite large.”

Grace looked up at the pyramid that was towering high to the sky. When they approached near, they understood just how big the stones that were forming the pyramid were. One of the stones was three meters tall, there was also a stone that was five meters long. Only by piling up that kind of stone in numbers that reached a few million stones that this pyramid was created.

After coming out of the city and advancing through a wasteland for about a kilometer, there was this pyramid standing tall. Grace and the others searched for the entrance by walking around the pyramid.

While walking for some reason Elma let out a high-spirited voice that seemed excited.

“This is really big isn’t it……isn’t this bigger than even the pyramids of Giza?”

“Though it’s not as big as Genesis.”

Clayda talked with nostalgic feeling somewhere. Honestly what came to her mind first was the knowledge regarding the pyramids of Egypt that she learned at Ataraxia’s class and everyday life. As if to erase that away, she purposefully searched for fragments of Vatlantis inside her memory.

“Yes. Even that Genesis was a relic that the Deus ex Machina left behind. Indeed, perhaps there are some things that correlate with it. Nevertheless……just where in the world is the entrance of this thing?”

Grace casually put her hand on the stone of the pyramid.


Line of light stretched from her palm. It was as though a ripple was spreading, small lines were floating on the surface of the pyramid. The shape was like the inside of a computer’s integrated circuit, countless small circuits were joined in a complex pattern.

Light lines were running around the surface of the pyramid. Those lines now reached the summit and even now were going to circle the pyramid’s side.

“What……this is?”

“Don’t touch that!”

A sharp yelling voice resounded. Grace and the others were familiar with that voice.

From the sky two silhouettes descended.

Their figures wearing magic armor were familiar.

“Lunorlla! Also Ramza too!”

Grace’s face split open into a wide smile of joy. The ones who appeared before her eyes were two people of Quartum, Lunorlla and Ramza.

Lunorrla was a beautiful woman with long blue hair. Due to mortal combat in the Colosseum, her beautiful body was carved with scars that were painful to look at. Her arms and legs, her stomach were all riddled with scars. In addition the scar running from her forehead to her cheek told the story of how severe the mortal combat she went through were. She was a warrior that was even called as the death god of the Colosseum from the way she fought.

On the other hand Ramza tied unruly red hair behind her. She was a girl with a bright and frank personality. She possessed the special ability to manipulate flames, but when that ability ran wild even the earth’s crust would be melted, even herself would be burned to ash, that ability contained such danger.

Even among the imperial guards, these two possessed fighting strength above the rest. Grace joyfully called out to those two.

“It seems that we passed each other on the way but, where had the two of you gone until now?”

However Lunorlla and Ramza looked at each other with troubled faces.

Seeing that, Clayda made a dubious face at the state of the two.

“Oi, what’s wrong both of you? Grace-sama is asking. Answer it properly.”

While saying that Clayda reached out her hand at Selene she carried on her back. Elma also materialized her large hammer that was as tall as herself in her hand.

“Both of you, what’s the matter?”

Grace frowned at Clayda and Elma who suddenly armed themselves. Clayda went forward as though to protect such a Grace.

“Grace-sama. Please be careful. The state of those two is strange.”

As though to support those words, Lunorlla unsheathed the two short swords integrated in her magic armor. Two swords style. With one short sword each in her left and right hands, she lowered her waist.

And then Ramza raised a huge axe from her back, a tomahawk. The tomahawk that was shining bright red was as though something that was dyed red from absorbing human blood. Swinging around that tomahawk that a normal human wouldn’t be able to lift, Ramza made an apologetic face.

“Sorry―, this is the order of Osiris-sama see. We have to defeat you all see―”

“What did you say!?”

Clayda raised her Selene in front of her face.

“Have you lost your mind-!?”

Elma raised the hammer’s handle with both her hands and moved it behind her so that she could swing it anytime.

“That body……offer it, for the sake of Osiris-sama.”

Lunorlla emitted light from her thruster and approached in front of Elma instantly.


The large hammer had destructive power, but it couldn’t deal with Lunorlla’s speed. Lunorlla mercilessly ran a blow towards Elma.

The moment before the shining sword touched the thin neck of Elma, fierce sparks were scattered.

“-! ……”

Lunorlla’s short sword was blocked by Clayda’s Selene.

“What are you planning, Lunorlla!”

“…….Clayda, surrender obediently.”

“Haa? Don’t joke……with me-!”

Clayda threw Selene from super close range. Selene that flew while rotating attacked Lunorlla as though it was a living thing. Just when it seemed like it would hover in the air, it suddenly moved, its trajectory suddenly curved. Just when it seemed like it would pass far through, it suddenly returned back. It was like a yoyo with a string attached, it came and went at the close range while slashing at Lunorlla.

Lunorlla too didn’t take distance, she continued to evade the attacks in close range. And then the moment an opening showed, her sword attacked without negligence. However Clayda also got out a second Selene and repelled Lunorlla’s attack.

“Clayda. You, cannot win against me. That’s why, surrender.”

“Don’t joke! I don’t like you from a long time ago! What death god of the Colosseum! That’s why, now I’m going to kill the death god!”

Offense and defense that the eye couldn’t follow were unfolding between the two.

And then between Elma and Ramza were a large hammer and a large tomahawk. The two weapons that were similarly large-type were swung around, attacks where each one was a sure kill if they hit clashed.

“Oi, stop it! All of you!”

Even when Grace raised her voice, her words to stop didn’t enter the ears of the four people. Cold sweat trickled down the cheek of Grace.

“……Just what in the world is this?”

“I had those two become my servants.”

That voice made Grace looked up at the pyramid. At the center of the pyramid, a single female was standing.

“Osiris… this is your work.”

“Yes. Because I cannot let you approach this pyramid.”

‘――You. Far from releasing Yurishia, even Lunorlla and Ramza now fell into her hand.’

“Clayda, Elma! We are at a disadvantage. We are pulling back for the moment!”

“ “Yes-!” ”

Hearing Grace’s command, Clayda and Elma took distance from their respective opponent.

They turned on their heels and tried to get away from the battlefield. However in front Elma, a strange object appeared.

――Osiris’s blue pyramid.

“Wha…..what? This is!”

“No good! Don’t look at that thing with your eyes!”

Grace yelled desperately. But at that time a certain eye at the pyramid’s side opened.

“This is-!”

The glaring eyeball moved quickly at all direction. And then when it stared at Elma’s face, its movement stop still. Severe gaze entered from Elma’s eye into the nerve inside and even until the brain tissue, it burned new information on it.

“Oi! Elma! What’s wrong!?”

Clayda yelled, but Elma was staring at empty air and didn’t move as though she had frozen.

“Oi, get a hold of yourself Elma! Avert your eyes from that weird thing!”

As though noticing Clayda that was calling at Elma, the blue pyramid directed its golden eyes at her glaringly.

“!? Dam-……”

That moment, Clayda’s eyes also lost its focus. A clattering sound could be heard, it was Selene falling on the ground.

“What’s wrong, the two of you!”

However it was like Elma and Clayda didn’t hear at all.

Grace tried to analyze the situation desperately. Looking from the state of Yurishia, Lunorlla, and Ramza, this was――,

“Mind control, that’s what this is huh?”

“Fufufu, I am the queen of this Necropolis. Everyone who exists in this world kneels in front of me.”

“Although it is only because Nee-sama is not here, I too am the emperor of Vatlantis Empire. I cannot kneel that easily!”

Feathers of light flew from Grace’s wings. They became sharp arrows and pierced Osiris’s body.


Koros’s special move was Harvest. It was a technique that plunders the opponent’s magic power, that was to say their life force. Opponent whose life force was sucked dry would lose their life. However――,

‘――What’s with this woman! It is as though there is no feedback at all. I cannot feel magic power at all.’

Harvest also didn’t work at Hokuto at all. However that was because Hokuto’s energy was at the amount that couldn’t be sucked dry. In contrast this Osiris didn’t have any energy. Her life force was empty.

“Does this mean, that Osiris has already died……”

Grace suppressed the impatience she felt inside her chest and took out a blade of wing this time, changing its shape into a scythe.

“Then, I’ll cut you apart!”

She headed to Osiris and flew up in one go. Staring at Grace that was approaching before her eyes, Osiris smiled with eyes as though she was looking at a mischievous kid.

“It seems you are a little too special to be used as a vessel.”

Osiris’s golden eyes shined.

“Stop speaking!”

Grace’s scythe drew an arc and attacked Osiris.

‘――You are finished!’

A dull metallic sound rang as though stone and metal clashed. And then fierce sparks were scattered.


The blue pyramid protected Osiris. Grace’s scythe bit into the pyramid and its movement stopped. And then the eye of the pyramid shined. That golden light covered Grace’s sight.

“-! Get away.”

Grace closed her eyes and opened her thrusters in full throttle and took distance all at once.

However there was no pursuit. Besides her consciousness was also clear.

‘――It seems I avoided the mind control.’

And then she opened her eyes.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 06.png


There, it was a wide and spacious corridor with a ceiling that was shockingly high. Decorated with gorgeous Gothic-style, it might be better to call it as a huge hall rather than a corridor.

A familiar corridor. It was the capital of Vatlantis Empire, Zeltis where she was born and raised. It was inside the palace there.

“Grace, what’s the matter?”


A very beautiful girl followed by ten-odd maids was standing there. Silver hair and red pupils. Her bare skin was only covered by accessory and thin fabric, she looked nearly bare naked. That person was the one she was looking for, wearing the outfit of the emperor.


Her beloved big sister, Ainess Synclavia also known as Chidorigafuchi Aine, it was that person.

“Nee-sama! So you are in this world!”

She rushed towards Aine with a joyful face.

“What’s wrong with you Grace? Your condition seems strange since a while ago.”

“Mu, however that cannot be helped. Rather than that Osiris is……”

However Aine knitted her eyebrows.

“Osiris? Just what’s this about?”


‘――Well, what was I thinking about?’

“I’m sorry. I had a lapse in my mind just for a little.”

Aine smiled feeling that it couldn’t be helped. Emotion of deep affection colored that smile.

“Let’s go Grace. Kizuna is also waiting.”

With a light step Grace stood at the side of Aine who started walking.

“Ooh, so Nii-sama is also here.”

Aine made an exasperated face at the joyful Grace.

“That’s obvious. Because, Kizuna is the new emperor of Vatlantis Empire right? He has married us after all.”


Grace spontaneously stood still.

“Marriage? I and Nee-sama……with Nii-sama?”

Aine also stopped walking and looked back.

“That’s right. You strange child……just what’s the matter?”

Grace didn’t have any memory of that. No, now that she thought hard, she felt like such a thing really had happened.

“Bu……but, what I had done to Lemuria, such act should be something that is hard to forgive for the people of Lemuria. No, it couldn’t possibly be forgiven. Even if I have to throw away this body, I have the responsibility to better the relationship between the two worlds. And then, when I accomplished that, this life will be……”

Aine stared at her little sister with a sad smile.

“Grace, that was a sad crossing of path. That was the result of the two sides jumping at shadows and thinking only of one’s own self-protection and profit……”

“However still!”

“The one launching attack at the magic weapon first was Lemuria, as a matter of fact Vatlantis is the victorious country. We have already entered the unconditional peace treaty based from that.”


“Geez, really what is going on with you since a while ago Grace?”

“So that’s……what happened.”

Now that she though hard, it was as though the memory was late in accompanying her, she recalled the sight of the time when the treaty was made.

“What was carried out as the symbolic ceremony for that treaty, was the marriage ceremony of the three of us don’t you remember?”

‘――That’s right. With all the people of the empire as the beginning, Izgard and Baldein, even Lemuria also gave their blessing, a grand ceremony was carried on. Just what was I talking about? To completely forget something this important, what a blunder.


I became together with them.

My beloved Nee-sama.

And then with Nii-sama.

From now one we can live together forever.

The three of us combined our strength.

The two worlds will take each other’s hand, creating a splendid country.

Can something this happy exist?’

“What’s the matter Grace? You are crying?”

When Grace returned to her senses in realization, tears were gathering in her eyes where it almost spilled out.

“It, it’s nothing.”

Grace wiped her tear with her hand and showed a bright smile.

“Now, let’s go. Kizuna is waiting.”

Aine offered her hand. Grace took that hand and grasped back.

“Yes. There is no way we can let Nii-sama wait.”

With a full smile Grace walked beside her sister.

After walking for a while, there was a balcony there. Below there was a plaza where ahead it continued towards the city. It was a place for the sake of greeting the people of the empire. Even now it was filled to the brim with a large number of people, they waved their hands and raised cheering voices.

And then there was already someone waiting at the balcony.

“Aine, Grace. You two finally came.”

“We made you wait Kizuna. No, your majesty the new emperor of Vatlantis.”

Aine embraced Kizuna while grinning. And then she kissed Kizuna’s cheek. And then Kizuna also kissed Aine in return.

“It’s fine to call me just Kizuna. Even if you call me emperor, I just cannot feel it for real.”

“Nii-sama……is that you?”

Kizuna spreads open his hands toward Grace who was standing still in dumbfoundment.

“What’s the matter? Come here Grace.”


Grace approached timidly and brought her body into Kizuna’s chest. Kizuna tightly hugged Grace’s slender body. His arms were warm and strong. His affection towards Grace could be felt from those arms. Grace felt a deep relief, pleasantness, and serenity, she entrusted her body to those sweet affection.

“This is like a dream……for this day, to really come.”

Tears floated on Grace’s eyes once more.

“Oi Grace. It’s no good if you cry.”

“I, I’m sorry. But, this cannot be helped. I’m happy.”

Grace rubbed her face on Kizuna’s chest, wiping her tears.

“Really Grace, because you are such a crybaby……come on, everyone, the people of the empire are watching.”

When she glanced below the balcony, the plaza was packed full with people. And then even ahead at the city, the street was filled to the brim by people.

“Tha, that’s true. As the queen of Nii-sama, I cannot show my embarrassing side.”

And then with Grace at the center, one of her hand grasping Aine, and her other hand grasping Kizuna, they went until in front of the railing of the balcony. And then with their connected hands raised high, they greeted the people of the empire. At that moment, applause and cheers that were even louder were raised.

“Until now I have shouldered this alone, but from now on it will be the three of us together.”


Kizuna stared at Grace.

“Yes, Nii-sama doesn’t need to say it. From now on I together with Nee-sama will support Nii-sama! Nii-sama can rest assured having gained reliable foundation and safe condition! The three of us, from now on too, for a long, long time, will be togethe――”

Kizuna’s calm voice cut her off.

“No, for you Grace it will be only until today.”


Kizuna and Aine separated their hand that was connected with Grace’s.

“A scapegoat is needed to save this world. One with a soul of high status at that too.”

“What are……you saying?”

Grace was unable to understand the meaning of the words. Her thought circuit stopped working from the too sudden happening.

“Thanks for all your work till now. From now on, I and Kizuna will support this country.”

Aine passed in front of Grace, walking towards Kizuna’s side.

“The world looks like in peace, but that’s because Osiris-sama is watching over this world. To show our gratitude, we have to offer a sacrifice.”

“Yeah. So that we and Vatlantis Empire can live in happiness, we want you to die.”

“For the sake of me and Kizuna, can you die for us?”

Aine presented her a short sword decorated with jewels.

Cold sweat was flowing from Grace’s whole body. Despite so her body was cold. Her ears were ringing, the voice of the two people who should have loved her sounded like they were far away.

Those two, in front of her eyes were clinging close to each other as if they were embracing. Whether it was in front of them or at their side, there was no place for her to stand.

“I see……so that’s how it is……”

With shaking hand, Grace accepted that short sword.

“Nee-sama and Nii-sama, wants me to die right?”

“Yeah. For our sake, die.”

Grace unsheathed the short sword and stared at the blade that was shining coldly. She held the sword in reverse grip and aimed the tip at her own throat.

She faced up and looked at the sky.

Tears were naturally falling from her eyes.

Actually, she wanted to live with the three of them together. But, if this way was the only way for these two to live the happiest, she should offer her life happily. Yet――,


Her tears were spilling down unstoppably. Sadness, frustration, herself was just too miserable.

It was no good already.

If she had to feel like this, then it was better to die.

“Sayonara……Nee-sama, Nii-sama.”

The wasteland spreading before the pyramid. Grace looked up at the night sky with tears flowing. Both of her hands were pointing at her neck as though she was holding something.

There was nothing in Grace’s hand. But, in exchange Osiris put a sharp sword at her grasp.

And then the point of that sword, was stabbing at Grace’s neck.

“Fufufu. The moment when happy dream is turned into nightmare feels good right? The people of this country, all of them tasted that before they died. With this now you are also a resident of Necropolis.”

The tip of the sword touched Grace’s slender neck. Her skin broke from the impact and red blood flowed out from her white skin.

Osiris turned at the four Quartum standing behind.

“Even though if you are easy to control like these children, I will let your flesh properly alive……but, I have properly prepared an undead body for you. You can be together with us, so you can rest assured. Eternally in the future……”

And then, Osiris deeply plunged the sword into Grace’s neck.

At that moment, fresh blood spurted out like a fountain from the beautiful white neck. The overflowing blood seeped into the sand, creating a red river.

“This is……?”

Along that river verdant plants were growing, flowers were blooming. The river was heading toward Necropolis and following it, a wide area was turning green. Tall tree was growing one after another, around Necropolis greenery was growing abundantly. Springs were welling up here and there, right now as far as the eye could see the land was changing in appearance into a grassland. That miracle made even Osiris’s lips tremble.

“By no means……such thing”

From the direction of the city that was enveloped in green, she could see human silhouettes coming. Before she realized the night had also passed. Beneath bright sunlight, that silhouette was running to here.

‘――Running, to here?’

Osiris doubted her eyes.

There was only undead in the city. The undead couldn’t run. Yet despite so, just what in the world was that?

“Don’t tell me……living, human?”

It wasn’t undead. It was a human with living flesh. A girl with blonde hair that was really similar with Yurishia.


Osiris opened her eyes wide.


Osiris’s body was trembling.

‘――Don’t tell me, Isis is? Impossible. But, that’s undoubtedly my daughter, Isis. And then, that person from behind her. That person is――,’



It was a tall male with splendid build. A pharaoh with white skin and golden hair. Osiris dashed and leaped into the chest of her missed husband. The pharaoh too embraced Osiris’s body firmly.

“This is……a miracle has occurred?”

While trickling tears in happiness, Osiris pressed her cheek at her beloved pharaoh. Her daughter Isis was also hugging at the mother that was like that.


“Aa, Isis……my cute daughter.”

Osiris detached her body from her husband’s arm and embraced her daughter’s body.

“But, just how……?”

“I don’t know. My mechanical body was rapidly becoming my former body……when I noticed I had become exactly like before. I wanted to meet mother immediately……”

Tears were overflowing from Isis’s eyes. Staring at that face Osiris’s eyes were also shining with tears.


She embraced her daughter’s body strongly once again. And then to make certain of that existence, she caressed her daughter’s back many times over. After that, Osiris looked up at the face of her husband the pharaoh.

“We too were the same. When we noticed, we were at the pyramid having come back to life. How and why, we don’t understand but……”

People were spilling out from the city one after another. Everyone was the undead people from before. They clapped at each other’s shoulder, rushing around on the desert while laughing.

“It seems, that everyone is saved……”

“Yes……this miracle……it’s unbelievable.”

Tears of happiness overflowed from Osiris’s eyes. When that tear fell on the ground, the ground vibrated.

“Eh? This is……”

The next moment, shockwave that blown away at them assaulted. Osiris and Isis, the pharaoh too collapsed on the grass.


Isis pointed at the city.

“Mother, the Necropolis!”

They could see the palace crumbling. And then the buildings of the city were crumbling one after another, swallowed by the sand. The verdant land once again changed in appearance into a desert.

“Aah-! Our city!”

“Anybody, help!”

Voices of lament were raised from many mouths. But, those voices were suddenly blocked.

“Wh……what, this is!?”

The bodies of the people were crumbling. Their skin instantly rotted, their flesh crumbling down. And then from beneath those, undead body appeared.

“N, no! Help, help me!”

The people whose body began to crumble looked for salvation from Osiris.

“Aah-, Osiris-sama! I beg you! My body, my bodyyyyyyyyy!”

“Hiiiii-! Osiris-sama! Osiris-sama!”

The too sudden happening made Osiris dumbfounded while still hugging Isis.

“Mo……mo, ther”

“I, it’s fine. It’s fine Isis. I will――”

The face of Isis in her arms was crumbling down. The beautiful face that was like a goddess of beauty was erased, a smooth steel mask without individuality was there in its place.

“I, Isis……”

“Mo, the……r,”

Flesh tissue was also torn off from the body, returning into the undead body that was only like a bone frame.

“I, ISIS―!”

Osiris’s shriek thundered. However Isis’s crumbling was unstoppable. Not only her flesh, even the undead body that should be immortal began to break. The metal rusted, breaking into scraps.

“Dear! Dear, help――”

The face of the pharaoh she looked up at, was the steel mask of an undead.


And then the undead filled with the soul of the pharaoh also had its joint slipped, falling on the ground in pieces.

“Stop! Please! My daughter! The pharaoh, they cannot be revived like this! I beg you please stopppp!”

However even her pleading words came to nothing, the bodies of the people, even the undead filled with the soul of Isis and the pharaoh were rusting and crumbling. And then they were blown away by the wind.

The warm body that was just in her arms until just now was nowhere to be found. The rusting undead that became dust couldn’t be differentiated with the sand of the desert. She thought to search for the dust of her husband and daughter from every single sands in this desert. However, she understood how impossible that was.

Frustration that she couldn’t do anything about was raging through her body towards the unreasonableness that suddenly visited. What could she do to kill this feeling of regret.

When she thought that, a short sword half-buried in the sand entered her eyes. It was a short sword for ceremonial use. However, it could be used to cut the skin and flesh of human, even gouging out the throat or piercing the heart were possible.

Osiris picked up that short sword and pointed it on her chest.

“Dear……Isis. I too will follow the two of you soon.”

And then without hesitation she thrust the sword. The sharp blade tore her soft skin and pierced deeply until the handle part.

However, nothing happened.

There was not even pain.

“No way……”

After she pulled out the sword, she stabbed her stomach next. Then she stabbed at the other side of her chest, and at her throat.

She couldn’t die at all.

This body as the machine god Osiris wouldn’t even give her the permission to die.

“I……have to live, holding this bitter feeling, for eternity?”

Dropping the short sword, she didn’t even have the will to wipe away the tears that were flowing without end.

‘――Please. Someone, kill me.’


Above Osiris who let out her shriek, the moon was floating.


What was spreading in the sky wasn’t blue sky, it was the night sky. Osiris stiffened with a face that was wet with tears.

“How is it, the feeling of seeing a dream.”

Receiving the moon light, a silver armor was shining. And then inside the unfolded wings, a magic circle was beautifully changing color like a kaleidoscope.

“What in the world just now……you are……”

Heart and Soul RemodellingHeart Rebuild.”

A magic armor possessing wings like a butterfly. The woman wearing that beautiful armor whispered.


“The moment when happy dream is turned into nightmare feels good right? Osiris.”

Osiris’s face distorted in rage.

“How dare……how dare, how dare you!”

Tears of sorrow changed into tears of rage.

After standing up unsteadily, she glared at that woman with eyes filled with hatred.

“Who……are you? For this me to not notice you”

At that time, Grace and Quartum who collapsed on the sand opened their eyes.

“Wha……eh? I……”

Grace noticed how she was sleeping while trickling tears.

“Nee-sama, Nii-sama……they?”

When she raised her body, there was the Quartum with wondering faces like hers.

“U……my? I, what am I doing I wonder……”

Elma tilted her head, besides her Clayda was looking around in circle below her as though searching for something.

“Hm? Eh, the children……”

“The live show is……”

“Ha? What are you saying? Rather than that, *cough*……eh?”

Lunorlla and Ramza also seemed confused in the head. Each of them was pulled into a mental world that they were watching until now.

“Stop being careless and wake up. If you cannot protect Grace-sama, then what use is there in Quartum.”


The four Quartum jumped to their feet from that familiar voice. And then they showed expressions of surprise and happiness.

The one who was there was a female who was wearing a splendid military uniform like a commissioned officer, yet her lower body had underwear appearance as though she forgot to wear the trouser. Her four limbs and at her back were wearing magic armor that was shining silver.

Grace and the Quartum had remembered seeing that magic armor. However, compared to the one in their memory, it was far larger. Its shape was just like the machine god. No, it was obvious that it was the same type like Himekawa Hayuru’s Neros that had been reinstalled.

An armor that described beautiful sleek curves. The leg units were large, making the body height a meter taller. And then the large type thruster on the back and the unit that imitated wings had the design of a straight line as the basic tone.

However right now those wings were unfolded, showing a biological form. The beautiful pattern drawn at the inner part giving off colorful luminescence that was just like a butterfly flapping its wings.

That was the magic armor [Teros].

The only magic armor that could possibly launch mind attacks. And then its possessor was the most terrifying magic knight in the Vatlantis Empire.

All the members of Quartum raised happy voices all at once.


The captain of Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guards, Zelcyone, it was that person.

Grace also made a smile and her voice was excited.


“Grace-sama, my deepest apologies. I was late in rushing here.”

Toward Zelcyone who was apologizing from the bottom of her heart, Grace wordlessly shook her head side to side.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 07.png

Osiris glared at Zelcyone with a demonic look.

“I see……you, seem different compared to these bunches.”

Osiris whispered after looking at Zelcyone’s Teros from top to bottom.

Grace showed a joyful expression, but she noticed suddenly and looked up at Zelcyone with a grim face.

“That’s right! That figure……you left me alone and did reinstall with Nii-sama then!?”

Zelcyone’s face also made turnabout into a bitter face.

“……Grace-sama. Right now that matter is――”

Quartum also had their cheeks reddened and their eyes shined.

“Zel, Zel-sama was……with Kizuna!?”

“Zel-sama, finally made a male lover!?”

“Lies-, I cannot believe it!”

“The……the detail……”

All at once strange voice of ‘kya―’ or laughing voice or awkward voice were raised.

Zelcyone looked at the Quartum with an irritated face.

“Shut up! Just who is going to do that kind of act because of liking! This too is for the sake of protecting Grace-sama’s personage that I went as far as picking this bitter choice!”


The four Quartum instantly straightened their back and saluted.

Osiris lifted up her chest and crossed her arms.

“Indeed that compared to the others you seem strong, but even so you cannot compare with me who is a machine god you know? But still you are planning to fight me?”

“No, I don’t have any intention of fighting or anything.”

Osiris tilted her head.

“Then, what?”

Zelcyone’s lips showed a wicked smile.

“I’m going to execute you.”


Osiris narrowed her eyes.

From Zelcyone’s waist unit, something like a silver string was pulled out. A whip that was like a sword thinly stretched out was condensed, its shape transformed into a sword in Zelcyone’s hand.

“Then, how about I use a sword too.”

Osiris put her hand at her front and spread her fingers. Thereupon, like a plant growing from below the soil, the sand parted and a thin and long stone rose up.

An octagon shape that was vertically long with pointed tip. Letters were carved at its surface. It was the spitting image of Egypt’s relic, an obelisk.

The obelisk that appeared from inside the sand settled itself inside Osiris’s hand. She lightly swung it around like a sword. From a glance it was a stone sword that looked like it would easily break. However, it was a weapon of a machine god. There was no way it was a mere stone.

Zelcyone readied her sword and pointed the tip to Osiris.

“Here I go!”

Particles of light scattered from the thruster of her back, pushing Zelcyone towards Osiris. Osiris’s golden eyes captured that figure.

“I will make you into a slave too and discipline you back to the correct path!”

Osiris kicked on the sand.

The two bodies accelerated in the blink of an eye to a speed that was nearly the speed of sound. And then the moment Zelcyone crossed with Osiris, the magic circle and pattern drawn on Teros’s wings that was like a butterfly began to shine.

Zelcyone’s sword and Osiris’s obelisk scattered fierce sparks. Sword and sword clashed, fierce shockwave blew away the sand. The crossing two women passed each other and when they distanced themselves from each other, a crater appeared between the two of them.

Osiris’s lips slackened and she turned at Zelcyone. At the same time Zelcyone fell on her knee.


Her left arm armor cracked and she pressed on that wound with her right hand.



Quartum and Grace yelled worriedly.

Osiris thrust the tip of the obelisk into the sand and then looked down at Zelcyone with a smile full of composure.

“Zelcyone. As expected it’s impossible for you to defeat me. To try to defeat me with an attack of that level is……”

“I wonder about that.”

Zelcyone grinned widely.

“What are you bluffing fo――”

A splitting destructive sound came and one of Osiris’s legs broke.


“The instant we passed each other, I shifted your space recognition with Heart Rebuilt. Its ability is not only showing any kind of nightmare or brainwashing. Using it in this way is also possible.”

Osiris looked down at her own leg that was broken.

“How dare you……how dare you!”

From her body that was trembling in rage, black aura was rising. As though invited by that darkness, a mechanical bird descended down from the sky to Osiris.


Osiris’s leg folded and the torso opened. Thereupon her mechanical inside became obvious to see.


The lion lying down on top of the pyramid sprinted down. The head of the lion unfolded as though it was disassembling, transforming into a state without head. When it arrived at Osiris’s back, Osiris slid in her leg into the part where the head was.

Osiris’s legs were stored into Sekhmet’s inside, with the lion torso as the replacement of her broken leg, her appearance turned like a centaur.

And then on her back her shoulder armor opened and a link unit showed its face. There Horus’s body combined. Like that, what was created was a human that possessed lion torso and falcon’s wings. It was the figure of Sekhmet and Horus and Osiris’s combination.

――And then, one more thing.

From Osiris’s back, a round object was floating.

That was the sun that symbolized the death and rebirth.

That was the stone that was the main cause which cornered this world into ruin.

That sun emitted red light.

“Wha……what, this is!?”

Zelcyone felt strength leaving her body. If she let her mind relax, it felt like she would fall on her knees.


From Osiris who had become the figure of a machine god, a wavelength that shook the mind spread. It was like an impact of heavy bass explosion. It felt like her body would be blown away a few meters back.

That wavelength shook the body on a cellular level jolted awake the fear lurking in the body. The fear that living things instinctually possessed. The despair of encountering a natural enemy that one couldn’t possibly match.

It was the sensation of a bare handed human facing a lion with an empty stomach.

That much fear and despair attacked Zelcyone’s whole body.

Zelcyone gritted her teeth and raised the corner of her mouth with the muscle of her cheek.

“An existence that introduced herself as a god, should at least be able to do this much huh!”

As if looking down at Zelcyone who roused up herself, Osiris showed a cruel smile.

“This is the true appearance of machine god Osiris……Zelcyone. Only you I will kill in this place. I will erase you from all time and space!”

Readying her obelisk sword, Osiris headed towards Zelcyone.


Zelcyone brandished her whip. The metallic whip was a thin blade. It was terrifyingly long and moved freely. It was the same like swinging around an absurdly long sword. That sword attacked Osiris. The long and heavy obelisk couldn’t deal with this speed. Aiming at the spot where Osiris’s stance would be hard pressed to deal with it, the whip assaulted.

Sand pillar rose explosively. Osiris kicked on the ground and evaded the whip. That movement was fast, she leaped towards the bosom of the whip in an instant.


Osiris swung down the huge stone sword. Zelcyone changed the shape of the whip into a sword and blocked the attack of the obelisk. It was a heavy attack that was swung down from overhead.

A sword that was broken into two flew in the air.

Although she defended against an attack of the obelisk, Zelcyone’s sword snapped.

“What stupid strength-!”

Opening her thruster in full throttle Zelcyone took distance in one go. However, Osiris’s speed was fast. In the blink of an eye, Zelcyone was overtaken and she was hit by a pursuit attack.


The obelisk attack that hit her back snapped off one of her wings.

‘――Damn it!’

“Fufufu, without that wing it’s impossible to plant suggestions in me right?”

“Hmph, well it’s just like you said.”

Zelcyone was trickling with cold sweat while she was grinning.

“Then die!”

Osiris headed towards Zelcyone and she was going to swing down the obelisk. However,


She had lifted her obelisk, but it didn’t move as though someone had caught it.

“This is-!?”

Zelcyone’s whip was entangling the obelisk. The whip came from inside the sand.

When Zelcyone flicked her finger, from inside the sand whips raised their head in succession and entangled on Osiris. Both arms, wings, and then the lion’s four legs were restrained.

“Guh……since when……”

“This whip is quick witted see. While it was pretending to run around from you, it was scattering itself inside the sand. Quartum!”


Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza, the four people carried their respective weapons and attacked from four directions. The opponent was in the state that couldn’t make any movement. They unleashed an attack filled with all their strength.


The round bright thing at Osiris’s back emitted light.


The next moment, the round object was shining like a sun. Quartum had their eyes blinded by that light. Lights that were like lasers were fired to all direction from the sun.


Zelcyone’s yell made Quartum deploy their Life Savers even while their eyesight was stolen. The laser fired from Osiris’s sun opened holes on the desert and destroyed even the Life Saver.


Although Quartum’s members weren’t damaged fatally, they got hit directly by the laser and got blown away while their Life Saver was pulverized.

“This cheap trick……”

The laser of the sun also severed the whips of Zelcyone that were entangling Osiris’s body. When she spread her arms, the whips that were dissected into pieces fell on the sand.

With this it looked like all of Zelcyone’s plans had ran out their course. However――,

“You all did well in buying time. I give you my praise.”


An anxiety that Osiris couldn’t comprehend was spreading in her. She looked at Quartum that should be defeated. Even while collapsing on the sand, the four people floated satisfied smiles. And then, Zelcyone was,

“Even if Heart Rebuild became unusable with just one wing, if it’s heavy work then there is no problem.”

Zelcyone’s butterfly wings had its left side half broken. However colorful light was rotating at the right wing. It was like a kaleidoscope that was emitting light.

“Eat this! Thousand Color of Every FlowerKaleid Breath!!”

The butterfly wing released explosive light. That was a surge of light that shined in various colors. Every single patterns of the wing emitted light, those lines of light attacked Osiris. Several hundred, several thousand lines of light each drew different color and trajectory, hitting directly at Osiris’s armor.

“Kuh……what, pressure!”

Osiris’s armor was overwhelmed and that large body was pushed down. Osiris deployed shield at her front and she curled herself as though she was laying on the sand. Her wings burned and its surface began to melt. Cracks entered the four legs of Sekhmet and the armor split. And then the torture of light that seemed like it would continue forever suddenly informed its end.

“Fufu. How is that? It feels good right?”

Zelcyone sounded like she was enjoying herself, but sweat was trickling down on her cheeks.

‘――My magic power will also hit empty soon. Can you just stay down already?’

Zelcyone’s secret wishing came to nothing, Osiris’s four lion legs didn’t lose their strength. That large body stood up once again.

And then the hateful eyes of Osiris captured Zelcyone.

“It was a mistake, to think that if I use my body just a little it will be fine……but, it’s enough already. All of you, will have those bodies of yours perished by me.”

Lines of light floated on Osiris’s body. Blue light was rushing on the body of the golden lion. It looked like power was traveling all over that body. And then that light was restoring the armor that received damage. Before long, Osiris recovered back her shining golden armor into just like before.

That figure felt like she had liberated the power that had been put under limiter until now.

‘――How troublesome.’

Zelcyone murmured inside her heart.


Grace yelled in a loud voice.

“This woman is a machine god! Exchanging blows with her honestly from the front is not a smart plan!”

“……It cannot be helped.”

She shrugged her shoulders and floated a nihilistic smile. And then she turned and yelled sharply.


Sand rolled up explosively. Zelcyone opened her thrusters in full throttle and escaped from in front of Osiris. Following after her the Quartum and Grace also flew away.

“You knaves-!”

Osiris was staring with eyes filled with hatred. However she didn’t try to move from that place. Looking at that state of Osiris across her shoulder, Zelcyone whispered in surprise.

“……She won’t come in pursuit?”

A floating window opened and Elma’s face was projected.

{Might she possibly have grown scared of Zel-sama’s strength?}

Grace nodded in a different window.

{Possibly she harbored a feeling of danger to leave Necropolis unattended. Receiving Zel’s mind control without her realizing it must be something really shocking for that woman.}

Clayda murmured with a complicated face.

{Possibly, she feels no need to chase……or something.}

Zelcyone sensitively reacted to those words.

“What? What do you mean?”

{Ah……no, it seems that she is manipulating the sand so that a strange power is affecting Oldium that it cannot take off. Therefore, that woman might have another method to obstruct us.}

“You fool! Say that quicker!”

Yelling ‘hi-‘ shortly, Clayda then instantly closed the window.

Zelcyone pondered while gnawing at her nail.

‘――What to do? In the end we have to return to Necropolis once more. Besides if there is this manipulation of sand…….’

“Even in the case that Osiris cannot come out from Necropolis, no matter where we run away in this world, that woman’s pursuer will catch up……”

At that time, Ramza’s window suddenly opened.

{Zelcyone-samaaa! That, that!}

Suppressing her feeling that wanted to complain that she didn’t understand of her only saying ‘that, that’, Zelcyone looked back across her shoulder.

“What’s, that?”

Bulging up sand was moving with terrific speed inside the desert. There was something under the sand that seemed to advance underground, but it was faster than Zelcyone and the others who were flying in the sky.

{For some reason I have an unpleasant premonition heree―!}

{I agree……Grace-sama! Please raise your altitude!}

The purusing sand overtook Zelcyone and group.

{Eh? Its business isn’t with us?}

“You think that’s possible! It’s coming!”

The sand swelled up as though blocking their way, it towered up in one go until the height of a hundred meters.

“What’s this thing!”

It was a sand giant. It had no face with black holes opened like a cave at the location of the mouth and eyes. Its body surface was constantly flowed with sand, like water circulating.

Although Elma was holding her hammer in hand, but she was at a loss of how to hit.

Its height was already two hundred meters with only its upper body appearing. Its body was rapidly lengthening as though slipping out from the sand.

“Anyway, we have to try attacking it!”

Ramza held aloft her tomahawk and went toward the sand giant.


With flame rolling up, a terrific shockwave severed the arm of the sand giant.

“I did it! Go me!”

That happiness only lasted for a moment. When she turned back, the arm that should have been severed was growing again.

“Eh! Lies!?”

Lunorlla’s window opened besides Ramza.

{That thing’s body is made from sand. Even if we fight it normally we might not be able to inflict damage to it.}

“Even if you say that, then just what are we going to do-!”

When she yelled that, a bundle of light came flying from far beyond the sky.



A particle cannon possessing golden brightness. That bombing hit Ramza directly. Ramza who lost consciousness was falling.

“Get a hold of yourself!”

Lunorlla kicked on the air and pursued Ramza’s body. However the arm of the sand giant came flying at her.


The gigantic lump of sand had the total weight of a few dozens of tons. Lunorrla’s body was easily blown away. And then one more giant appeared from the ground. The bodies of the two were swallowed into the rising sand.

“Ramza! Lunorlla!”

Grace pulled out a scythe from her wing and took a stance. However she only kept clutching the scythe’s handle without moving.

‘――Even if I go helping those two, how should I do it? Should I dig them up from the sand? However the sand is constantly flowing like a river. The bodies of those two must have been washed away already.’

While thinking that the bombing came again.

Elma repelled that particle cannon with the shield of Life Saver.

“Kuh……just who in the world!?”

She magnified the image in the floating window. What was reflected there was a blue magic armor.

“That’s……Yurishia Farandole!”

Clayda clicked her tongue.

“So that girl has really become Osiris’s underling!”

{She is only being controlled! Zel! Can you release Yurishia from the brain washing?}

Zelcyone’s window also opened.

{My deepest apology. Because of the damage I received from Osiris……I am unable to do it.}

{Ku……the troublesome opponents just keep increasing.}

{Grace-sama. If it’s Yurishia then I understand the way to defeat her. I will go ahead to――}

{No good. If Yurishia get hurts then, Nee-sama and, Nii-sama……will be sad.}

Zelcyone was about to say something but it was clear that she swallowed her words back with effort.

“By your will.”

Answering with just that, Zelcyone stared at the window that reflected Yurishia’s image.

Yurishia was smiling with the joy of capturing her prey.

“Finally I caught up. I won’t forgive those who went against mother. Now, swallow up them all!”

When Yurishia raised her hand even more sand was swelling up. Like a round pillar, the sand was rising up.

“What is it this time!?”

Elma’s yell was answered by Clayda’s trembling voice.

“That’s……a dragon, I wonder?”

Torso with a diameter around ten meters was endlessly continuing. A face showed out from the sand before diving into the sand once more. And then it suddenly appeared from right under Elma.


A big mouth opened and swallowed Elma.


Clayda yelled. But Elma’s figure was already nowhere to be seen.

“Shit……just what should we do”

Grace bit on her lips. Her hand that was gripping the scythe became white from pouring too much strength.

‘What should I do. Teach me,’


It was at that moment when those words unconsciously rushed out from her mouth.

The sky split open.


It was like glass breaking, the sky was smashed apart. And then from that hole the bow of a giant battleship peeked out. That bow became a giant drill, that drill was rotating and scattered apart the fragments of the sky. That drill displayed how it broke this sky.

A function that forcefully caused AU collision, Excavator. There was only one battleship that was equipped with that other than Oldium and Golden Dragon.

Clayda reflexively yelled.

“Battleship Ataraxia!”

Grace looked up at the giant shadow covering above their heads.


And then from that battleship a black shadow was flying down. That man wearing only pilot suit was yelling with his body dancing in the sky.


Instantly a jet black armor wrapped his body. Pink light ran across the armor. That was without any doubt, a Heart Hybrid Gear.


“Grace! You are safe!”

The sand giant discovered the falling Kizuna and reached out its hand. Kizuna immediately controlled his posture using his thruster and evaded the giant hand that was like a wall approaching him.

“What’s this thing!?”

The window of Zelcyone opened besides Kizuna’s face.

{It seemed that these things are controlled by the machine god Osiris. But we don’t understand the way to defeat it. Can you do something?}

“Machine god’s……”

Kizuna thought for a moment and he immediately answered with a smile.

“I’ll do something about it somehow!”

Kizuna ignited his thrusters and quickened his falling speed.


He passed through Grace’s side in one go.

“Here I go! Corruption Armament [Nayuta]!!”

Several magic circles opened in front of Kizuna. The corridor from the line of the magic circles reached until the ground. Each time he passed through a magic circle, Eros’s figure was transforming.


Grace opened her eyes wide at that appearance.

The reason was because that appearance resembled that Nayuta when she became god. Also, what did he say? Corruption Armament, Nayuta?

Zelcyone was also staring at the transforming Eros with a shocked expression.

“Is that the power of god, that you obtained……Hida Kizuna!”

Kizuna who became the figure of a machine god pulled his arm in order to let his fist fly.


Without slowing his speed, he dropped into the desert just like that. And then just before he crashed, his right arm punched the desert.


Eros’s right arm sunk into the sand. The shockwave from that blew away the sand like an explosive. And then, at the same time the virus that destroyed a machine god was sent from the right arm into the sand. If it was only normal sand, there wouldn’t be any effect. But, if it was something that became a part of a machine god――,

Clayda who looked up at the sand giant raised a shocked voice.

“Ua!? What the?”

The three holes on the face of the giant were crushed and the face itself was crumbling. And then it became unable to support its whole body, the giant was falling towards the ground.

Inside the giant familiar silhouettes came in to view.

“Lunorlla! Ramza!”

Clayda ignited her thruster and headed to extract the bodies of the two from inside the sand.

The effect of Reincarnation was transmitted like a spreading ripple with Eros as the center. After the giant, the sand dragon began to crumble.

Looking at that figure, the color of Yurishia’s face changed.

“No way! The protector gods that borrowed the power of Osiris-sama are……”

The alert window of Cross naturally blared, informing Yurishia of the approaching enemy.


Looking at the approaching Kizuna, Yurishia directed the nuzzle of the Differential Frame at him.

She matched the target. What was left was only the firing.


She mysteriously hesitated.

Even though he was supposedly the hated enemy that was a hindrance for her mother.

‘Defeat him quickly’, inside her head she could hear a commanding voice.

However, when she looked at the face of Kizuna that floated in the target, her fingertips stiffened.

‘Why can’t I pull the trigger!?

It’s no good already.

Only a few seconds left until contact.’

“Aah, geez!”

She converted the Differential Frame from offensive into mobility. She turned right and opened her thrusters fully. She had to return to Necropolis in a hurry.


From far above, a sword was suddenly flying at her.


It was already too late when the sensor detected it. One side of the Differential Frame was crushed.


Even thinking that was too late. Getting her attention taken only by Kizuna, she didn’t notice at all the other enemy.

“Hayuru……you really did it just now!”

With the moon at her back, Himekawa was floating with the reborn Neros equipped. Yurishia glared hatefully at that figure while falling.

With Yurishia’s Cross unable to control her posture, she was falling towards the desert where Osiris’s authority had been already unable to reach.

Chapter 3 – S&M[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The stadium in the high school department of Ataraxia. It was a facility mainly for the sake of carrying out the activity of track and field competitions, but it was twice as spacious as a normal stadium. That was because it was also used as the practice of the combat department. There was consideration for practicing Technical Gears and depending on the situation it could also be used for mock battles.

However it wasn’t assumed that it would be used for the match that was currently carried out.

The students of the research department were observing that match with their feelings in suspense.

“I beg you~, don’t destroy the stadium too much okayyy……we are the ones that will get scoldeddddd-!”

Huge metallic lumps were clashing.

The shockwave and the clashing sound reached even the students who were observing on the stands. As though their eyes reflexively closed and their bodies stiffened as though hands were clapped in front of their eyes.


“A, amazing……this is, a battle between fellow super large types……”

Just by looking the pressure was overwhelming.

The observer stand vibrated, making those standing stagger on their feet. The raised wind flapped the skirts. Because of the uniform with short skirts, the underwear beneath became fully exposed, but it wasn’t the time to look at that because all the eyes were fixed on the impressiveness in front of their eyes.

Two large type magic armors. One of the pilots raised a yelling voice.

“I will receive the victory mark today! Sylvia!”

Ragrus’s small body was settled in the huge magic armor. Demon was charging as though it was sliding on the field of the stadium. And then it raised its fist. The strong arm that was the largest weapon of Demon struck.

“Sylvia won’t let that happen desu!”

Sylvia’s Taros blocked that strong arm.


The impact shook Taros and Sylvia that was settled at its center. The slight groan leaked from that small mouth, and then Sylvia’s grimacing face made Ragrus’s movement stop.


“It’s fine desu! Sylvia is still continuing desu!”

This time Taros’s strong arm attacked Demon. Rather than calling that an arm it was more of a hammer. A metallic lump like a large vault with a door attached. That was Taros’s right arm.


And then the left arm was a flat cube. Just by getting struck with that, even concrete would be easily pulverized, but one could understand from the two opened muzzles that it was the barrel of a particle cannon. A distance of just a few meters were closed with the thruster of posture control and then that muzzle was directed at Demon.

“From this near!?”

Ragrus was driven by nervousness. She wasted no time to move Demon’s left hand to the front. Life Saver was deployed on the palm. However Sylvia instantly lowered the muzzle and aimed at Demon’s leg.

The purple light particles that were fired hit Demon’s knee.

“Chih! The right leg got hit!? The damage?”

Ragrus’s eyes roamed through the window opened in front of her body that displayed Demon’s condition. There the display that the right leg was unable to be used was flickering.

“Cheh! Troublesome!”

While spitting that out she cut the driving force of the right leg.

At a mock battle projectile weapons like the particle cannon had the output set to the lowest setting. In exchange the state of the impact was analyzed and it decided how much damage was received. Following that decision the match was continued with the assumption of receiving that damage. What Ragrus was doing right now was following that rule.

“It’s uncool so I don’t’ want to really do it but……”

Ragrus thrust both of Demon’s arms to the ground and did a handstand.


Sylvia was also taken by surprise at that stance.

“Here I go Sylvia! After all I also hate consecutive losses!”

Demon dashed using the hand like legs. It passed through Taros’s side and disappeared from Sylvia’s field of vision.


Demon’s speed was even faster than when it was running with its legs. And then its posture control using the huge palm was far more nimble than usual.

As expected even Sylvia got led around by the nose.

‘――But, if it is with the combination of the left hand’s particle cannon and the main Igniscannon!’

Sylvia made Taros turned around and ignited her large rocket. Ragrus opened her eyes wide towards Taros that was heading to her with a body blow.

“No way-!?”

‘Even though I thought I had taken absolute distance!’ While cursing inside her heart, Demon bent its arm and gathered strength before straightening all at once, jumping to the air.

Taros passed through below Demon. However Taros stuck an anchor from one of its legs and faced the falling Demon with its hammer striking.



Even while receiving intense impact, the hammer of Taros’s right arm was blocked.


Igniting the thruster, Demon matched the motion of the hammer to escape from the impact.


Taros’s posture broke with its inability to stop the momentum.

“I got you!”

Ragrus got away from Taros’s hammer and landed at a close range. At that time she had already made the preparation to strike a punch.

But, at that time what was reflected in Ragrus’s eyes was the appearance of Sylvia’s grimacing expression with a pale face.


Ragrus floated a console of light and touched the button for emergency suspension of the match. Sirens immediately resounded inside the stadium and the magic armors stopped functioning.


Ragrus got out from Demon and leaped at Taros. When Ragrus’s body separated from Demon, the magic armor became beads of light and vanished.

“Eh, Ragrus-chan. What’s the matter desu?”

Ragrus shouted with a voice that was colored by anger.

“What do you mean what’s the matter! How can you say that with that kind of face!”

Ragrus lent her shoulder to Sylvia and she pulled her out from Taros.

“Good grief……it’s still impossible for you to do anything like a mock battle!”

“Ehehe, recently Sylvia felt good so I thought that perhaps it’s fine already desu……”

“Everyday life and battle is completely different!”

After Sylvia’s body got down on the ground, Taros’s body became light similar to Demon and vanished. The ambulance came at that timing. The research department and the rescue squad department came rushing after receiving the contact of the emergency suspension. A stretcher was carried from the car and the rescue students dashed towards Ragrus.

“Ragrus-san, please put Sylvia-san on the stretcher.”

“No need! I’ll carry Sylvia to the hospital!”

Ragrus said bitingly while embracing Sylvia’s body.

A cool voice cut in from behind the bewildered rescue squad.

“Ragrus, leave this to the specialists.”

“Hyakurath, sama……”

With her golden ponytail swaying, the captain of the Leon squad of Vatlantis Empire’s imperial guard, and also the class representative of second year first group, Hyakurath had come. And then beside her was Mercuria of Tigris squad.

“But-! I’m!”

Mercuria put her hand on her waist and talked admonishingly.

“However Ragrus, the place she will be carried to is not the hospital, it’s Nayuta Lab.”


“You don’t even understand where she will be carried to in the first place――”

Hyakurath raised her hand and stopped Mercuria.

“Everyone of the rescue squad, please.”

Following Hyakurath’s instruction, the relief squad took over Sylvia from Ragrus’s arms, they put her on the stretcher and brought her to the ambulance. The moment the door closed, the car dashed away with its sirens roaring. Ragrus was staring at the back figure of the ambulance with worried gaze.

“It will be fine. There is no danger to Sylvia-san’s life.”

Hyakurath gently put her hand on Ragrus’s shoulder.

“……I guess. That’s right, that’s only obvious.”

Ragrus recovered her calm a little and looked up to the sky. Over there the result of the match was displayed. Two minutes fourteen seconds after the start, it was Ragrus’s defeat due to her surrender.

“Aa―aa, it became consecutive defeats……”

Sounds of applause reached the ears of Ragrus who looked up to the sky. When she looked around thinking what happened, the students who were watching the match from the stands were clapping towards Ragrus.

“What? What’s this?”

Ragrus looked up to Hyakurath looking for an answer.

“Everyone is moved you know?”


Ragrus’s face scowled.

Hyakurath also looked at Ragrus with a happy face and applauded.

“They applauded your friendship with Sylvia-san, and your noble heart.”


Ragrus’s face became red in a flash.

“Tha, that’s stupid!? So, something like that”

However the thundering applause was growing increasingly louder.

“Aah―, geez! I’m going already!”

She rushed out as though running away. Mercuria called out to that back with a mean face.

“Ah, Ragrus! It’s not the hospital but the lab remember! Don’t get mistaken!”


Ragrus’s figure vanished towards the exit while it looked like she almost tumbled.

Part 2[edit]

Battleship Ataraxia was cruising at an altitude of ten kilometers in the sky. Beneath a sea of cloud spreading, they couldn’t confirm what was happening in Necropolis, but in return surely Osiris also couldn’t see Ataraxia from where she was.

Inside the ship’s cell, an investigation was happening.

“Yurishia Farandole. Answer my question.”

Zelcyone who was equipping Teros was peering into the eyes of Yurishia who was sitting on the bed. Inside Zelcyone’s eyes, a magic circle was floating. It was the proof that Zelcyone was using her ability to rule over the opponent’s mind and controlled her as she pleased.

“What are you planning? There is no way that this me will listen to what you are saying don’t you think? There is only one person in this world who can command me. Only my mother Osiris-sama.”

She glared at Zelcyone with a gaze filled with hatred.


That abrupt change of attitude also inflicted shock to Kizuna who was present there.

Reacting to Kizuna’s murmur, Yurishia directed a piercing gaze at him.

“This coward. To put this kind of thing on me and rob me of my strength……”

Yurishia touched the ring of magic power control wrapped around her neck. That was something used once on Yurishia and the others when they became prisoners in the Vatlantis Empire. It caused the wearer to become unable to use magic power and also made it impossible to equip magic armor.

“What happened Yurishia? Don’t you know me?”

Yurishia gritted her teeth audibly.

“I know you. Hida Kizuna……as the captain of Amaterasu, you made use of your position to do as you pleased with my body, a cowardly man.”


Kizuna’s heart spontaneously jumped in shock.

“I really wondered just what was going on with myself until now. But, after meeting mother I understood my true self. I am not Yurishia, I am fated to become Isis. After accepting Isis’s soul I will be able to become mother’s daughter, yet!”

She stood up from the bed and instantly assaulted Kizuna.


A sharp punch aimed at Kizuna’s jaw.


Stepping back, Kizuna barely dodged. However Kizuna’s back bumped into the wall of the cell. There Yurishia’s leg leaped up. The muscle hidden by the plump thigh drove her supple long leg like a whip and struck at Kizuna’s head.


Kizuna’s body was thrown to the wall and he was assaulted by light concussion. Yurishia immediately circled on Kizuna’s back and constricted his neck.

“Zelcyone! If you don’t want Kizuna’s neck to be broken, free me from here!”

With a bored looking face Zelcyone heaved a deep sigh.

“Do as you please.”

“-……I’m really, going to kill him here!”

“――So, you hear that right? What are you going to do Kizuna?”


While his neck was constricted, Kizuna touched the controller put on his finger.


At that moment a magic circle shined on Yurishia’s choker. A shock that resembled electricity traveled through Yurishia’s body, paralyzing her.

“Ku……, you……”

Even when she tried to curse, her tongue was in a paralyzed state. Kizuna separated from Yurishia’s arm and he gently lied down her body on the bed.

“I’ll come again……Yurishia.”

Leaving those words behind, Kizuna and Zelcyone came out from the cell.

Listening to the sound of the door locking, Kizuna heaved a deep sigh. And then he directed a grim face at Zelcyone.

“How is it? Can you remove Yurishia’s hypnotism?”

Zelcyone shook her head side to side at Kizuna’s question.

“It’s no good. Even when I equipped Teros thoroughly, there is no effect. It seems a really powerful hypnotism is affecting her.”

Teros became light and vanished from Zelcyone’s body. From underneath the sexy Zelcyone in her military uniform appeared.

“Don’t tell me……for her whole life, she will be under the impression that she is Osiris’s daughter, that’s not it right?”

“I don’t know. I’ll leave the rest to you all.”

He walked together with Zelcyone. Coming out from the block where cells were lined up, they moved towards the space for the crew’s living activity.

They came out at a spacious viewing room. From the floor until the ceiling it was made from transparent wall like a glass. It was scary if one wasn’t used to it, but it was also a place where one could get the feeling like walking on the air. Currently it was the time of sunset, so the surface was wrapped in orange light. The cloud sea showered in the light of the setting sun was beautiful like a painting. The rim that reflected the light brightly and the shade that became the thick cloud’s shadow were like a paintbrush, creating a grandeur view. It was a beautiful scenery that touched the heart.

Inside such space, a single figure was standing still.


Noticing Kizuna, she turned her face.

“……Nii-sama. And also Zel.”

‘――What’s wrong?’

Grace’s condition was different from usual. Even though she was usually a lump of energy that was full of confidence, now he couldn’t feel any ambition from her. Even her expression felt like there was a shadow hanging over her.

“What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

“No, there is no such thing……why?”

“Why you ask……you don’t look energetic. You look different from usual.”

Grace looked slightly surprised.

“Nii-sama……you really paid attention.”

Saying that, her face turned a little bashful.



“What should I do, to make reparation……”

She whispered with a voice so small that he almost couldn’t hear it. Kizuna wondered if he mistook what he heard that he couldn’t reply for a while.

Grace pursed her lips as though changing her mind and shook her head.

“No, it’s nothing. We also have to take back Oldium. Let’s think of the way to do that.”

Grace abruptly turned her back at Kizuna and Zelcyone, before leaving that place.

“Then I’ll return to my room. Call me when it’s time for the strategy meeting.”

“Yeah, got it.”

Grace’s figure vanished behind the automatic door.

“She said that but, as I thought isn’t her condition strange?”

Kizuna asked Zelcyone.

“……Grace-sama, she feared that she will become a hindrance for you and Ainess-sama. And then she is feeling responsible towards the sacrifice that was caused from the war between Vatlantis Empire and Lemuria. By some chance, perhaps she is thinking that if she doesn’t take responsibility, then it will influence the future of you and Ainess-sama.”

Kizuna frowned, not understanding what she meant.

“Grace-sama was shown that kind of illusion from Osiris’s mental attack.”

“I see…….”

Kizuna showed an expression where he was enduring a pain.

“It’s a difficult problem but……but, at the very least Aine and I won’t treat Grace like a hindrance.”

“That’s obvious. If you do that kind of thing, I’ll lop off your neck that very day.”

Something cold ran through Kizuna’s spine. That wasn’t a mere threat, she was seriously saying that. That was what Kizuna felt.

“But the nightmare that was shown in the mental world inflicted severe impression and influence. In a certain meaning, its influence if far larger than even reality. Due to that, it makes Grace-sama worried.”

“Hey, Zelcyone. Is there, any way to make Grace cheerful you think?”

Zelcyone glared at Kizuna with a vexed face.

“Think about that yourself, you good-for-nothing.”

“……I cannot object anything to that.”

‘Hmph’, snorting her nose, Zelcyone walked towards the window. Kizuna also stood beside her.

“Zelcyone. You know a lot about Aine and Grace that I don’t know. Can you teach me about various things from now on too?”

Zelcyone clicked her tongue and suddenly gripped Kizuna’s collar.

“You bastard, you are acting too familiar with me.”

Kizuna was perplexed to that threatening look of hers.

“I, is that so? But, having good relationship, is not a bad th……”

“Annoying! I am the captain of Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard. I’m not the student council president and also not your lover! Don’t you misunderstand demon king of Lemuria!”


Kizuna stiffened with a convulsing face.

Zelcyone separated her hand from Kizuna’s collar as though tossing him away. She turned on her heel and walked towards the corridor.

“Don’t get elated just because you have done as you pleased to my body for just once!”

Zelcyone got out and the door closed. Was it just his feeling, it was as though the door that should be automatic felt like it was closed rougher than usual.


Kizuna who was left alone cocked his head in puzzlement while watching the sunset turning into night sky.

‘――Certainly Grace is Vatlantis Empire’s emperor. But, she is a girl even younger than me. To just weigh down all the responsibility on a girl like her, I cannot think of that as something right.

Besides right now we are fighting together for the sake of saving both Lemuria and Atlantis, she is a reliable comrade. Even about Aine and also Yurishia, if we combine our strength then surely we can save them.’

“But, so she is actually worrying that much. Grace……”

He unconsciously murmured to himself.

Was it because of the time they spent together in the Ataraxia that Nayuta created, he completely considered her as a comrade that he didn’t realize until that far.

“Certainly, it cannot be helped that Zelcyone called me a good-for-nothing huh……”

The cute little sister was worrying and suffering. If he didn’t become her strength, then what use was this Nii-sama for.

“Yosh, let’s call Grace――”

At that time the summon announcement resounded inside the ship.

{Hida Kizuna, the strategy meeting will be carried out after this. Come to the first laboratory urgently.}


Just what in the world was it about?

Kizuna turned on his heel and walked in the corridor with a fast pace. He got into the elevator and headed to the first laboratory nearby the battleship Ataraxia’s stern. Inside the room that had a size similar to a classroom, Reiri and Kei were already waiting.

“What’s the matter? So sudden like this.”

What was inside the room was only a set of desks and chair. There was nothing else, it was a deserted room. At the center of that room, a screen was floating that projected the state of Yurishia inside the cell.

“You have seen it already……as expected it’s difficult to release Yurishia from the brainwashing.”

“Yeah, but there is a way.”


Kei that was facing the desk typed on the keyboard fast.

{The only way to release Yurishia’s brainwashing. That is――}

Continuing where Kei’s typing left off, Reiri proclaimed.

“The Core’s reinstall!”

Kizuna repeated that sentence inside his head many times over.

“Wait a second. What relation is there between releasing the brainwashing with powering up the magic armor?”

When Reiri nodded, Kei began the explanation.

{The suggestion that Osiris gave Yurishia produced a strong binding on the brain’s nerve tissue. To untie this binding is not an ordinary undertaking. However, by giving her even more intense experience, when there is information even more beneficial than Osiris’s brainwashing, it can give Yurishia’s body another impression.}

“……What do you mean?”

{When a Core is installed, a certain kind of reset phenomenon will occur inside the body. That is in order for the Core to activate, it will remove information that became a hindrance. By using that the body’s bad condition like illness will be improved and mental difficulty will also be removed.}

“Heee……that’s amazing. It seems that the Core is useful for medical treatment.”

{However, this is only limited if there is even more beneficial information by the time the install is happening. For example, if the body doesn’t have the information of the original healthy state, then there will be nothing that will be particularly improved.}

“That’s……what you just said, the more intense experience?”

Reiri crossed her arms and nodded.

“We had Zelcyone slipping into Yurishia’s mind to investigate, she said that when Yurishia received brainwashing from Osiris, there is a memory where she was given strong pain together with pleasure. However, she doesn’t know as far as the specific way……”

‘――Pain and pleasure she said……don’t tell me!’

“About that, I can imagine it in general.”

Reiri stopped crossing her arms and grinned widely.

“As expected from you, then we can keep this short.”

Reiri’s eyes shined glaringly.

“Grant the true desire that Yurishia is looking for! Pleasure that makes that girl scream both in her heart and flesh! Ecstasy that she has never experienced before! A climax so great that it smashes the memory given to Yurishia!”

“I have to, do to Yurishia……something even greater than what Osiris did?”

{If the reinstall succeeded in that situation, the effect of the install will be able to erase the control of Osiris that is deeply rooted in Yurishia.}

Kizuna pursed his mouth strongly, he stared at Yurishia who was projected on the screen.

She was sitting on the bed with a grim face.

‘――This is a match between me and Osiris.’

Yurishia’s face distorted in bitterness and tears dripped out. He had never seen Yurishia looking that bitter.

“That’s not all you know?”

Unnoticed there was a young girl standing at Kizuna’s side.

“!? ……Since when!”

{Professor Nayuta?}

“You bastard! I told you already to not enter as you please!”

Ignoring Reiri who lost her temper, Nayuta walked until the center of the room.

“It seems that how each machine god became how they currently are and their very existences itself are different from each other. A method that is effective against Hokuto doesn’t mean that it will be effective against the other machine gods.”

Reiri glared at Nayuta with an irritated look.

“Then what are you saying?’

“In order for Yurishia to receive the soul of Osiris’s daughter, she should also have the information about Osiris and Necropolis driven into her. Even if her brainwashing is released the information about them will remain. That’s why……”

Kizuna nodded.

“We can obtain Osiris’s information from Yurishia. Perhaps we can even understand what kind of attack will be effective, is that it?”

Nayuta nodded in satisfaction.


Kizuna talked to Yurishia inside the screen with a gaze filled with determination.

“I’ll surely save you without fail……Yurishia!”

Part 3[edit]

Light shined into the gloomy room. The blonde haired girl wearing Ataraxia’s uniform was illuminated by spotlight. Surely even among foreign pin-up girls, there wasn’t that many who possessed a style this magnificent. Because such selfish body was forcefully imprisoned into the uniform, the breasts and also the butt looked like they were going to burst out. That was Yurishia Farandole of Amaterasu.

That former ace of America had handcuffs fixed on her, she was suspended by a chain from the ceiling. Even her mouth was filled with a ball that had holes opened on it, it was fitted on her face with a leather band.

Kizuna stared at that figure with a nervous look.

Yurishia’s fate hung on this mission. Not only that. The configuration information of Lemuria and Atlantis that Osiris possessed. Whether they could take back that data also depended on this mission.

Even though he was motionless, sweat was flowing out.

“Is the preparation finished?”

A young girl entered inside the light that illuminated Yurishia. The young girl wearing a strange kimono with the lower part becoming tights smiled proudly.

“My side’s preparation is perfect. I finished taking out Cross’s Core from Yurishia and improved it. Besides, the equipment and the placing of the stage are also complete.”

“……You are really able to prepare something like this huh.”

Kizuna looked around inside the room. Various kinds of whips and torturing devices were lined up on the wall. There were props like rope and candle, then there were also big tools like the pulley where Yurishia was currenly suspending from or the x-shaped cross stand. When he turned around, the room was partitioned with iron bars like a prison, the exit was at the other side of the bars.

This place was a special laboratory inside the battleship Ataraxia. Originally it was a room used for experiments with weapons and dangerous things, but Nayuta reformed it. The variety of tools prepared here was also assembled by Nayuta.

“Generally all these existed in Ataraxia. Reproducing them is something easy.”

As though putting spirit into himself, Kizuna strongly breathed.

“Yosh. I’ll leave it to you.”

Nayuta put her index finger on Yurishia’s forehead.

“Mm, mmm……”

After lightly groaning, Yurishia’s blue eyes opened.

“Then, I’ll leave the rest to you two, the young people.”

Leaving behind a sentence like a match-making auntie, Nayuta who had the youngest appearance slipped through the iron bars and left the room.

‘Even though it’s better if she acts a little more like a human’, Kizuna thought inside his heart. He pulled himself together and gauged Yurishia’s state.

“Yurishia. How do you feel?”

Yurishia’s eyes were gradually opening wide. She was completely awake now.

“Mm―! Nnuuuuuu!”

The chain clinked with her raging trying to escape, but there was no result except her big breast shaking. Her beautiful blonde hair became disheveled and she glared at Kizuna with a furious expression.

“Nfu-! Unauuuuuh, aunu!”

She looked like she was hurling angry words at him, but the holed ball was bitten in her mouth so the words were unclear. From the hole opened on the ball, saliva was dripping glisteningly.

“I will train Yurishia from now on. Just who is it that is your master, I will properly make you understand it.”

“! Nnnnbohauuannnn!”

Yurishia howled. He didn’t understand what she was saying, but Kizuna understood painfully well what she wanted to say. Honestly speaking, Kizuna himself was also hesitating.

‘――No, don’t get cold feet. In order to take back Yurishia, this is necessary.’

Besides, the thing that Yurishia was actually looking for, that was something she herself wasn’t aware of and expected it unconsciously. He had to give it to her.

From the Heart Hybrid experience until now, it was obvious that Yurishia had the taste for S&M. However there was a stopper hanging on somewhere in her. Perhaps it was Yurishia’s pride as the world’s strongest, or possibly her up bringing as a celebrity that was a hindrance.

But breaking that wall and liberating her self would become the strength to take back the true Yurishia.

Osiris too must have make Yurishia fall with that same act.

‘――However, I’ll give Yurishia something even better than that!’

Kizuna approached Yurishia, and then the raging Yurishia, especially her fiercely raging breasts, he grabbed them.


The bulging that was too big in his hand changed shape elastically.

“Nn! Mmmuuhnnnn-!”

The sensation his palm felt was soft even while it had firmness. But there was something he was concerned with. There was no sensation of the underwear that should be under the uniform.

“Yurishia, you have no bra. Since when were you like this? How lewd.”

Yurishia’s cheeks reddened and she shook her head.

“You are saying, ‘It doesn’t matter since when, I want you to grope me”, that’s it huh.”

‘――Actually we didn’t put the underwear when she was changed though.’

Yurishia sent him a gaze filled with anger. Kizuna accepted that gaze calmly and continued rubbing the breasts without caring.

“Uu……fu, fuu―, nnu”

He continued to rub the breast with one hand and his other hand caressed around her body. As though confirming Yurishia’s body, his hand moved on her suspended arm, and then below her armpit.


Yurishia became standing on her tiptoes. It seemed that she was feeling it more than he thought. And then his hand moved from her side to her stomach, and then to her ass. The large butt was truly worth it to be caressed. He flipped up her skirt and exposed her white butt that was wearing black lacy panty.

“So this part is wearing something. Normally you didn’t wear anything right? It’s fine to not force yourself you know?”

“Nn-! Unnunnn!”

While purposefully saying mean things, Kizuna caressed her large butt. It was truly big, that his hand grasping it didn’t even cover half of it. Even so when he caressed and rubbed the butt to his heart’s content, he could see her waist shivering. It seemed that these shivers weren’t caused by her breast but because of the stimulation to her lower body.

When he looked at Yurishia’s face, the strength in her glaring eyes was growing weak. Perhaps she was desperately trying to rally her feelings, sometimes her look became grim. However it would soon become an intoxicated look completely once more.

“What’s the matter Yurishia……even though the one doing this is someone hateful that you want to kill, it looks like you are feeling it.”

Inside the palm that was busily massaging the shaking breasts, something stiff could be felt.


Yurishia was shaking her head in refusal. However, the sensation that Kizuna’s hand was feeling didn’t lie. Kizuna pinched at the tip of Yurishia’s breast and slowly pulled it.

“Looks like it’s completely standing up here huh?”


“It’s fine okay? You can just feel good.”

Kizuna brought his mouth close to Yurishia’s ear that had been dyed red completely and whispered. ‘fuh’ when he blew his breath, it shook her body shiveringly.

Tears gathered a lot in Yurishia’s eyes, she glared with eyes that were holding back sorrow.

“What’s wrong? Is there something you want to say?”

“Nn―! Nnunna―!”

She desperately yelled, but it didn’t become any word. In exchange saliva was flowing down from the opened holes of the ball gag. The image of the beautiful and elegant Yurishia dripping down drool slovenly looked immoral somehow that it made something chilling ran inside Kizuna’s heart.

‘――But, it’s not good to be too fixated. From here on I‘ll also break Yurishia’s defense by dialogue. Let’s do this!’

After giving such pep talk to himself, Kizuna circled his hand behind Yurishia’s head. And then he untied the clasp and took off the ball gag pressing on her mouth.

‘Puhah’, Yurishia spitted out the ball gag and thrust out her tongue. From the tip of her pink tongue a line of saliva stretched down.

“Dripping saliva like that, you look like a baby like that.”

Kizuna excessively fanned up Yurishia’s shame. However with her restricted state, Yurishia couldn’t even wipe out her mouth. Yurishia yelled out angrily with a big voice in order to divert her shame.

“Doing something like this to me, do you think I’m going to obey Kizuna from this!? Don’t look down on me! I absolutely won’t lose!”

“That’s really reassuring huh……”

Kizuna walked until the wall and scrutinized the torture devices lined up there. He felt Yurishia’s gaze on his back. Even though she talked confidently, but she was anxious about what would be done to her.

‘――Yurishia’s body is already warmed up, then first…….’

When Kizuna returned with a scissor in hand, Yurishia twitched in fear.

“What are you……planning to do?”

That voice was trembling in fear.

“You don’t need to worry. It’s only a change of clothes for you.”

He put the scissor at the stomach part of the uniform.

“Don’t move because this is dangerous.”

Yurishia obediently listened to him. Perhaps because of the fear, her body was trembling. The cutting edge of the scissor was good, it easily tore apart the uniform. It reached until the chest and completely cut open the front of the uniform. And then after he finished cutting the sleeves too, her upper body became cleanly naked.

Continuing, Kizuna put the scissors on Yurishia’s skirt. He cut from the stomach part to the bottom. After he cut until the fringe, a soft sound was raised and the skirt fell on the floor.

Yurishia was standing with only a single black panty without even being able to hide her body.

‘――Now then, how should I torment her next?’

Kizuna went to the wall once again and pondered. And then his two hands took the tool that he decided in his heart, before returning to Yurishia. He put the prepared tool on the floor for the moment and reached his hand at Yurishia’s handcuff.

“I’m going to release the chains now.”


Yurishia made a surprised face.

What happened so suddenly? Even though she was thinking that he was going to torment her. Yurishia was half in doubt, but Kizuna really released Yurishia’s wrist from the restriction.

Yurishia’s eyes shined glaringly. The moment her hand became free, she grappled at Kizuna.


She intended to break Kizuna’s balance and constrict his neck from behind. However Kizuna’s body that she was pushing with her hand didn’t even take a step back.

“This is……ah!”

She got her arm twisted by Kizuna in reverse.

“There was what happened before this. So I had the restriction tool newly increased.”


Yurishia noticed the rings wrapped around both her wrists. It was really similar with the one wrapping around her neck.

“This thing is an improved version. It’s not only limiting your magic power, it also steals your physical strength. The current strength of Yurishia is equal to a child.”

In addition the current Yurishia didn’t have a Core, so the magic power limiter was mostly meaningless. But stealing her physical strength was greatly useful for the success of the mission.

“Kuh……how low are you going to fall, you coward.”

Kizuna unconsciously smiled wryly.

‘――Indeed. But that’s because it’s absolutely impossible to do the reinstall while fighting Yurishia who is skilled in hand to hand……just insult me however much you want right now.’

Kizuna picked up the torture tool he selected before. It was a hexagon block with length around ten centimeters. An explanation was written at its surface.

“Automatic binding device……so this too is a kind of [installer].”

――Installer. It was a necessary assistance device for the sake of the reinstall preparation.

Even at the time of Himekawa’s reinstall, he also used an installer as expected although the shape was different.

According to Nayuta’s explanation, the installer would stimulate the body with delicate vibration and electricity, at the same time it seemed that it would permeate out the medicine to assist with the reinstall loaded in the device with an appropriate timing.

Like that, the most optimum environment for the sake of inserting the Core was created. At the same time it also had the measuring device for analyzing the body’s condition, he could monitor whether the flesh had reached the most optimum state for reinstall or not from the remote control.

Kizuna grasped one of Yurishia’s hands and his other hand touched the automatic restraining device on Yurishia’s chest. While doing that he was hit by Yurishia several times, but it was only to the degree of raising weak sound. The pain and damage he got was almost zero, he finished what he was doing easily.

“I wonder……is it okay with this?”

When he pushed the switch, rope flew out from the automatic restraining device.



The two spontaneously raised a yell. The red rope that was yarned from special fiber entwined through Yurishia’s body. It detected Yurishia’s body size and the rope entangled at each other, it created knots by itself and bound down Yurishia’s body.

After around five seconds, Yurishia’s body was completely tied up. The red rope was covering Yurishia’s body in a shape that joined up hexagons. Depending on how one looked at it, it also looked like a turtle shell. Both her hands were tied at behind, her chest became shaped from the binding of the rope. That way of tying emphasized the breasts even more. And then the rope also dug into her crotch. The rope stretching from her lower body parted her crotch, it was sandwiched between her bottoms and then fastened on her waist.

“Wha, what with, this”

“That’s why I told you already this is a change of clothes. It really suites you yeah.”

“Do, don’t say something stupid. There is no way something like this is a clo――aaahn!”

Kizuna gripped the rope on her crotch and pulled it up.

“What’s the matter? You raised a voice that sounded like you are feeling good just now.”

“The, there is no way it feels go……nnah! Yah, aaaaan”

Yurishia raised moaning voices while desperately shaking her head side to side. She began desperately protesting that she was not feeling anything.

However the rope that was digging into her crotch was steadily absorbing moisture and changed color.

“Even though you claimed that I’m wrong, but this thing cannot give you any excuse huh?”

“You are wrong, such thing…….is not truee-! Auhn, ah ah, don’t-!”

“Despite what you say, it looks like you are really pleased with it.”

Kizuna pulled up the rope digging into her crotch and then shook it to the left and right.

“Kuau! Sto, stopppppmm-“

She quickly began to raise a pained voice.

“Honestly recognize that you are feeling good because of me. If you do that, then I’ll do something that feels even better to you.”

“Tha, that’s……”

Yurishia’s throat gulped audibly.

“…….There is no way, I’m feeling it.”

Even while answering so, her body was convulsing in shivers. It was the proof that she was struck with pleasure.

‘――Yurishia is feeling it just from being tormented with words.’

The tips of her shaking breasts were also standing tautly. Kizuna pinched at that tip of the breast with his fingertips.

“Hii! Aaaa-, stop it, don’t pull it!”

He twisted the tip of the breast with his fingertips. There, Yurishia’s whole body twisted back and forth.

“As I thought, you are feeling it even more than usual. You liked being tied huh, Yurishia.”

Kizuna continued massaging the breast with one hand while his other hand gripped the rope on her crotch. And then he shook the rope back and forth once more.

“Tha, that’s not true! That’s not trueeee-!”

Honey was trickling along Yurishia’s thigh. Power left her legs and she kneeled on the floor. And then the rope dug into her crotch excessively from that motion.

“Noooooooooo-, don’t, that place is, nnnun!”

Kizuna released his hand from the rope. Yurishia’s waist lost strength and she collapsed on the floor.


The moist eyes on her flushing face were already drunk in pleasure. Kizuna seized Yurishia’s chin and made her face above.

“How is it? Have you become a prisoner of the pleasure already?”

Feverish breath leaked out from Yurishia’s lips. Her eyes were wandering in fluster.

“The……there is no way, that happened. Something like this……compared to Osiris-sama, is completely, nothing…….significant.”

From how she acted, she still had the composure to bluff.

‘――Then, a stronger stimulation is needed.’

Yurishia’s body had warmed up, she was sweating moistly. There was also the temperature of the room that had been slightly heightened, causing Kizuna to also sweat.

“I too should prepare for battle.”

After murmuring that, Kizuna began to take off the uniform he was wearing. He felt the presence of Yurishia getting nervous. However, he didn’t mind it and took off his trousers too, now he was only in his underwear.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 08.png

Kizuna who was left only in his underwear picked up one more torture tool. Looking at the thing in Kizuna’s hand, Yurishia gulped. Back in her mind, she recalled the punishment Osiris had given to her.

“Hm? By some chance is this it?”

Kizuna lightly swung the whip in his hand. The leather whip with a duster shape resounded out sharp ripping sound. Yurishia’s body jumped up in surprise.

“No, nothing……I don’t know what you mean.”

‘――That’s, the same whip that Osiris-sama lashed…….’

Kizuna took off the tag attached at the handle of the whip. There was an explanation written there.

{The electromagnetic waves emitted by the whip will invigorate the cell of the struck part. That will assist spreading the Core’s information to the whole body at the time the Core is installed.}

Kizuna tested it by swinging it at his own leg. *pushu* a sharp sound could be heard which made Yurishia twitch in reaction.

‘I see. The sound is big but it’s not that painful. If I properly control the strength, it will make the skin a little red but it won’t injure the body.’

Kizuna was relieved and grasped the chain hanging down from the ceiling. When the chain was separated from the handcuffs, it could be seen that the tip of the chain had a metallic hook there. He hooked it at the rope on Yurishia’s back.

“Ah……wha, what?”

Kizuna pressed at the switch on the wall and the chain was slowly pulling up with a motor sound. Pulled by that, Yurishia’s body was also dragged up, she was forcefully made to stand.

“Then, here I go Yurishia.”

“Wai……sto, stop it! That’s――”

Kizuna swung down the whip on Yurishia’s butt. A fierce ripping sound resounded and Yurishia’s body bent.


The white large butt had faint red mark left there. Yurishia’s legs were shivering convulsively.

‘――Keep going!’

Next he hit the back.

“NNAah! Yaah! Stop! Please-!”

Kizuna circled to her front and then he teasingly pressed the tip of the whip on the breast that was shaking left and right .

“Aaa……no, stop it, that place……”

“That place, where do you mean? I won’t understand if you don’t say it.”

Yurishia bit her lip.

“My……my breast.”

“Got it. You want your breast hit right?”

Yurishia unconsciously opened her mouth in bewilderment.

“Tha, that’s not……just who is saying something like that!”

Kizuna lifted the whip and hit even stronger than anything until now. And then together with a sharp blow sound, Yurishia’s white breast had a red streak carved on it.

“-!? Ih-……-!”

The pain that traveled through her like a thunder made Yurishia clench her teeth. Tears blurred her eyes.

The moment the pain changed into a paralyzing itch, a sharp sound resounded once more.


Red streak ran on her breast crossing through the first one. And then her stomach, side, thigh, all those were also hit by the whip.

“Noooooo! Aaaaaah! Stooooop-!”

Yurishia’s hair was disheveled while she was crying out loudly. However――,

‘――You really feel it……Yurishia.’

The installer shining at the center of her breast had a monitor attached, there it displayed the numerical value of Yurishia’s state whether the reinstall could be done or not. That was to say, from that number it could be understood how much Yurishia was feeling it.

That number was rapidly increasing.

The maximum was 1000. At the beginning it was around 80, but it was rapidly continuing to increase, especially since he was hitting her with a whip that the degree of the increase was great. Right now it had reached until 500.

When his hand stopped, Yurishia was breathing heavingly. It was like she had ran a marathon with all her strength, her shoulders were moving up and down several times. Sweat was trickling down like a waterfall, her face was also flushing.

Holding her chin, Kizuna lifted her face. There, a pained expression wetted with tears appeared. Her lips were half opened, she was breathing feverishly.

If he had to say with words, that expression was pleading at him [do it more].

However, since the time when the number had surpassed around 400, the increase of the number was weakening in speed. Perhaps he couldn’t hope for further increase with whipping more than this.

‘――For doing the reinstall, at the very least, I want the number to be above 800. For that, something even more intense is needed. And in addition it must be something Yurishia is wishing for…….’

Kizuna stared at the torture tools lining up inside the dark room.

If he didn’t hurry, then Yurishia’s body that was in the process of surrendering to pleasure after much effort would cool down.

Kizuna desperately thought while repressing his impatient feelings.

‘――What kind of things did Osiris do to Yurishia? And then, what should I do to give her a memory even more intense than that!’

At that time inside Kizuna’s head a certain thing flashed.

‘――I can just make Yurishia choose.’

Kizuna pressed the lighting switch on the wall. Thereupon the indirect lighting other than the spotlight lit up, and the torture tools that were hidden from Yurishia’s eyes by the darkness became plain to see.

“This is……”

Kizuna fixedly observed Yurishia whose breath was caught in her throat. And then her gaze stopped at a certain spot, he noticed how she was continuing to stare fixedly. Yurishia’s throat was moving up and down.

Ahead of her gaze was a device like a horse riding machine. However, at the part where the rider’s waist would be lowered down, the shape was made into a triangle shape.

‘――That’s……a triangle wooden horse?’

At the spot for sitting, it was shaped like a triangular prism with triangle cross section. There was no flat surface, the angle was at the above, so if someone straddled it they would have their legs forcefully opened and their crotch would come into contact with the triangular angle. Naturally it would be painful, they would be pressed down by their own weight so the rider wouldn’t even be able to escape.

“So Yurishia want to ride that.”

When Yurishia returned to her sense with a ‘hah’, she looked up to Kizuna. And then with an expression that was begging for forgiveness, she shook her head to left and right.

“You’re wrong……you’re wrong. So, something like that, stop it……seriously, I beg you!”

In contrast with her words, at the inside of Yurishia’s thighs, honey was dripping down from the rope that tied at her crotch.

Kizuna lowered the chain and he unfastened the hook from the rope binding Yurishia. And then he picked up a scissor and squatted in front of Yurishia.

“I’ll make you a little comfortable. Don’t you move.”


Yurishia felt the coldness of the scissor on her lower body. And then the rope parting her crotch was quickly cut. And then, next the scissor entered beside her waist and the string of her panty was cut.


The panty fell to the floor gently, now there was nothing hiding the between of Yurishia’s nether region. A golden bush wet with dew appeared.

“Ya-…..ya, yaaa! Don’t look! I, I don’t want thisss!”

She desperately rubbed her thighs to hide it, but it was a pointless effort.

The number displayed at the installer on her chest rose to 540. Kizuna embraced up Yurishia whose body was only wearing rope and led her towards the triangle horse.

She stopped her legs in resistance, but she was dragged away forcefully towards the horse.

“Nooooo! Please! I’ll do anything else other than that! That’s why spare me from that!”

But the current Kizuna was able to understand what was Yurishia’s body was saying.

Yurishia’s body, was very happy.

The triangle wooden horse was currently set to be at its lowest height, he was able to easily make her straddle it. Kizuna circled behind Yurishia and made her crouch. And then he put his hand under Yurishia’s knee and lifted her up.

“Yah, stop, this posture-! Don’t spread me!”

Yurishia whose legs were spread raised a voice of lamentation. Her pose was like that of a small girl made to pee. Surely it was humiliating for her.

And then Yurishia’s body was lowered to even more humiliation than that.

“Don’t, don’t don’ttttttt!”

Kizuna stepped on the foot switch attached on the foot of the wooden horse with his right leg. There a quiet mechanical sound started out and the triangle wooden horse was rising.


Yurishia’s shuddering became more fervent. She was sweating from her whole body.

“I beg you! If you stop right now I’ll forgive you! That’s why――”

‘――Don’t get tricked, Kizuna.’

Kizuna persuaded himself.

――Don’t listen to the word coming from her mouth. Listen to the voice of Yurishia’s heart.’

Kizuna’s leg that was stepping on the switch didn’t waver, the triangle wooden horse continued to rise without stopping.

“Do, don’t don’t! Kizuna! Just this is no good! Please stop it!”

However the triangle wooden horse didn’t stop moving.

“I beg you Kizuna! If it’s something else――hih!”

The summit of the triangle touched Yurishia’s secret place. And then Kizuna separated his hand from her, entrusting Yurishia’s body on the wooden horse.


A scream burst out.

At that moment, in Yurishia’s brain the sensation of the punishment she received from Osiris was resurrected.

“Kuh! HaAAAAN♥”

Sensation that couldn’t be recognized whether it was pleasure or pain attacked Yurishia. And then the wooden horse rose even higher, Yurishia’s tiptoes left from the floor. Right now Yurishia’s body was completely lifted up.

“Kah! ……haaa-! Ku……”

It was as though Yurishia couldn’t breath, her mouth was flapping close and open.

“Ple, please……help me, Kizuna. At this rate, I……my feeling to mother will……”

Tears were flowing from her eyes.

Yurishia was begging for pardon from her mouth, but that face was completely changed into a female in heat.

And then the number on her chest was rapidly continuing to rise, it was already crossing over 650.

This wooden horse was naturally not just a mere torture tool. This too was one kind of installer. This device gave direct result when Core’s reinstall was carried out.

Surely it could be said that it was a good luck that Yurishia showed interest to this tool. For that reason there was a need to make her fold in one go.

Kizuna’s foot pressed on a different switch.

“Kyahn! Aa, wha, what are, you do……aaAAAAAAAAA♥!”

The wooden horse began to subtly vibrate with motion the eyes couldn’t see. It was sending sweet, and also severe sensations from Yurishia’s nether region towards the inside of her body. It was a tremendous feast of pain and pleasure mixing with each other. It was enough to take away Yurishia’s sanity from her.

“Nooo-, no, stop ittttttttt-♥! I’m, a, already, turning strangeeeee”

‘――Thi, this is amazing-, something like this, perhaps this is even more than Osiris――no, than mother-!’

The number on Yurishia’s chest reached 700.

Kizuna glared at that number and though about his next move.

Currently he was still not surpassing Osiris. Only one more step, what to do to smash Osiris’s control?

Kizuna chose from the torture tools something primitive but effective. Carrying that, he returned to Yurishia one more time.

“I’ll present to you Yurishia an accessory.”

“Hah, wha, what……aaahn!”

Yurishia saw the thing in Kizuna’s hand with blank eyes.


Kizuna opened the clothes pin and brought it near the tip of Yurishia’s breast. Yurishia’s eyes was getting moist with intoxication.

“Do……don’t put something like that on me! It’s scary, scary, I don’t want, getting hurt anymore-“

However the tip of Yurishia’s breast was standing tautly in anticipation. It was as though it was looking forward to it, begging that it wanted to be adorned with that accessory quickly.

Yurishia’s shook her body trying to escape from the clothes pin. Kizuna held down the shaking breast and pinched that tip with the clothes pin.

Pain she never felt until now and a pressing strength were continuing to attack the tip of Yurishia’s breasts. It wasn’t something that ended in a moment like whipping. It continued to torment Yurishia’s breast without any gap.

“Aa, aaaa……ta, take it off. Please, take it offaaaahn”

With the tip of her breast flattened down, it was like Osiris’s something inside her body was pushed out completely.

And then the number reached 800.

‘I did it!’ Kizuna yelled that inside his heart. However, he had no intention of stopping here.

He would aim at increasing the number as much as possible. Besides he still hadn’t manage to erase Osiris’s presence in Yurishia.

What in the world could he do even more than this?

Pain, and pleasure. Those two.

He had used tools enough already.

Next it must be something that Kizuna gave to her directly.

And then, he had to make her recognize her defeat to him completely, making her submit.

‘――And for that!’

Kizuna stopped pressing the switch of the wooden horse and the vibration stopped.

“Aaahn! Aa……eh?”

Yurishia who was breathing roughly stared at Kizuna with a face that seemed to say ‘what’s the matter?’

Kizuna reached out his hand and caressed Yurishia’s cheek.

“It’s my bad to make you feel painful.”


“If you hate it that much, then I’ll stop tormenting Yurishia even more than this.”

“Eh……bu, but”

In shock, Yurishia’s eyes that were wet with tears were blinking repeatedly.


Yurishia’s breath hitched on her throat, wondering what Kizuna was planning to say.

“Become my slave.”

The moment she heard that sentence, Yurishia felt the inside of her stomach tighten hard.

“If Yurishia becomes my slave, then I’ll do something that feels even better to you.”

Yurishia’s throat gulped audibly.

“But, if you really hate it, then I won’t do it anymore. Yurishia, you choose what you like.”

Yurishia was obviously flustered. She looked around at the surroundings, her eyes roaming everywhere.

“That’s……but, I, belong to mother……I have to become Isis. Besides, I am a celebrity of high society you know? I’m also the strongest pilot in the world……besides, mother said, something like S&M is vulgar……”

The confused Yurishia began to talk incoherently. Osiris’s brainwashing and Kizuna’s training were conflicting inside her.

Kizuna pressed on the foot switch. There the wooden horse lowered down and it would lower Yurishia to the floor.


And then her toes reached the floor. Kizuna’s hand reached toward Yurishia’s breast and he was going to take off the clothes pin.

“Aa, aaa…….wait. Wait.”

Yurishia’s face almost broke into crying.

Her mother that left the house from divorce.

That mother was fastidious, she loathed something vulgar.

She especially wouldn’t tolerate the existence of a thing like S&M.

And then she hoped for Yurishia to become a celebrity of high class society.

An elegant lady that would be envied by anyone.

But, she wanted to become a hero rather than a lady.

And then, it actually weighed on her mind.

She felt that the restrained and whipped figure was beautiful.

‘Mother, Yurishia is――,’

Yurishia’s shoulders trembled and she murmured with a small voice.

“……I will.”

Kizuna stopped the wooden horse. And then he stared at Yurishia, but her face looked down and on that note her mouth kept pursed tightly.

“Say it properly. What does Yurishia want to be?”


Kizuna was going to lower the wooden horse once more. At that moment, Yurishia raised her face.

“I’ll be your slave!”

Hot tears flowed down from Yurishia’s eyes. The number displayed on the installer at her chest went over 900.

“Please, make me Kizuna’s, master’s slave!”

“You said it well, Yurishia.”

And then he made the wooden horse vibrate once more.


Yurishia raised a coquettish voice. Kizuna pressed on a switch and the wooden horse raised in height. Yurishia’s tiptoes floated in the air.

“Kuh, haa……it, it’s the first time, I feel this good!”

And then Kizuna circled behind Yurishia who was writhing in pleasure and he stared at her big butt.

“Here I go Yurishia. This is, my love to you.”

And then Kizuna spanked as hard as he could at Yurishia’s butt.

A ripping sound that was conspicuously loud resounded.

That sound and impact pierced Yurishia’s body, rippling through her whole body.

Just who was her master, it was being taught until every corner of her body.

“Hiii-! Aaaa♥ aa♥♥ aaa♥ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! ♥♥♥”

She raised a scream and her body bent like a bow. She raised a joyful voice so loud that all her breath was spent out from her body, Yurishia lost her consciousness then.

Catching the body of Yurishia that was going to fall, Kizuna got her down from the wooden horse.

The number at the installer on her chest stopped changing. The number was 1000. It had reached the max value.

‘――Yurishia recognized me as her master. Right now is exactly the time for the reinstall!’

Kizuna took off the installer and carried Yurishia in princess carry. And then he pressed a switch on the wall. Thereupon the iron bars quickly opened. After he got outside carrying Yurishia, he went to the room at the side.

There a room with white as the base that was a complete change from the previous room appeared. It was a comfortable room with a clean impression. At the center of the room was a king sized bed. He laid down Yurishia above it.

A silver attaché case was put beside the bed. When he opened the case, there, a metallic capsule with a diameter of three centimeters and length of five centimeters was put in.

“This is Cross’s Core……”


When Kizuna murmured that, Yurishia’s eyes opened.

“Aa……I, am……?”

“I’m glad. Looks like Osiris’s brainwashing is released already.”

Kizuna gently caressed Yurishia’s cheek. There Yurishia’s eyes closed and she rubbed her cheek on Kizuna’s palm like a spoiled child.

“Yes……but, it’s mysterious. I’m still thinking that I want to be mother’s daughter. It’s like there are two of me.”

According to Kei’s story, if the reinstall was finished in this state then Yurishia would be able to escape completely from under Osiris’s control.

“I’m going to reinstall the Core in Yurishia after this.”

“Core’s……eh? Then, inside my body…….there is, no core right now?”

Kizuna lifted Cross’s Core in his hand in front of Yurishia’s eyes.

Yurishia stared at the metallic capsule with a face that couldn’t believe what she saw.

“Lies……because, if the Core is extracted, I should die shouldn’t I?”

“This is possible if it’s with the current Kaa-san. It’s doable with the power equal to the machine gods that she obtained.”

Yurishia leaked out a sigh of admiration.

“She really is a god isn’t she……then, even if my Hybrid Count becomes zero I won’t die?”

“No, that’s still……hm?”

Yurishia didn’t lead the life in the Ataraxia that Nayuta restored. That was why she shouldn’t know about the death that would happen when the Hybrid Count was used up.

“Yurishia, how do you……”

However, Yurishia showed a smile that seemed to want to say what are you getting confused for after this late.

“Something like that, I can understand from looking at the atmosphere of Kizuna and the commander.”

“Is, is that so?”

Yurishia nodded.

“But pretending to not notice it will be better for Kizuna……that was what I thought so I stayed quiet.”

Suddenly strength left Kizuna’s shoulder.

“What’s that…….so that’s how it is. Even though I was doing my best so that it wouldn’t be noticed.”

Yurishia chuckled and sent him a wink.

“Because it’s Kizuna you absolutely won’t do something that will kill us, I believe that. Honestly, I wasn’t really bothered with it☆”

‘……I’m really not a match against Yurishia huh.’ Kizuna whispered that inside his heart and brought the Core close to Yurishia’s mouth.

“When the Core is warmed to human’s temperature, it will become the shape suitable for the install.”

Just with that explanation Yurishia understood what she should do.

She opened her glossy lips and stretched out her light pink tongue. The tip of that tongue touched the Core.


Breath leaked out unintentionally from Kizuna’s mouth.

Kizuna’s senses were shared with the Core. That stimulation urged a change in Kizuna, the shape of the change was also reflected on the Core. In that state the Core could be inserted into Yurishia’s womb.

Yurishia licked the Core all over with the tip of her tongue. That way of licking was lovely and also stimulating. The Core quickly began to change shape. That change made Yurishia’s eyes turn round.

“……This is”

“Yeah……that’s how it is.”

Yurishia’s throat gulped. Her eyes were tinged with obscene light.

“But, then I might as well…….Kizuna’s, master’s thing……”

Yurishia raised her upper body and looked pleadingly at Kizuna.

Kizuna nodded and he stood up on the bed. Yurishia made a happy face and kneeled on the bed. And then her hand reached at Kizuna’s underwear.

She pulled it down swiftly and Kizuna’s thing jumped out from inside.


Yurishia gulped her saliva audibly. And then she licked her own lips as though to moisten it. It was a very obscene gesture.

“It’s, already……”

With her white palm she lifted up the whole of Kizuna’s thing from below.

“Yeah. With this it’s enough for doing reinstall――aaah!?”

Yurishia kissed at the tip. And then without stopping her face advanced.


Kizuna’s thing was getting inserted into Yurishia’s mouth. Yurishia didn’t stop and finally her nose tip touched Kizuna’s abdomen.

‘――The whole thing, is swallowed!? Does, it reached until her throat?’

And then Yurishia slowly pulled out. Kizuna’s thing was shining wetly from Yurishia’s saliva. And then when the whole thing was pulled out, this time her tongue licked it around to her heart’s content. That stimulation was ticklish, the sensation was like the backside of his waist was being tickled.

Like a dog expressing its affection to its owner, Yurishia was licking around Kizuna with everything she had. It felt very good and gradually led Kizuna towards climax.

“Yurishia……it’s, fine already. If you do more than this――”

Hearing his voice, Yurishia finally separated her tongue.

At the brief moment when Kizuna sighed in relief, Yurishia opened her mouth and immediately swallowed Kizuna’s thing.

“Yuu, Yurishia-!?”

Kizuna reflexively grasped her blonde head. Yurishia kept sucking Kizuna’s thing while looking up at him. Those eyes were whispering to him.

――More, treat me like Kizuna’s property♡

Kizuna understood. A relation of master and slave wasn’t a relation that was only one way from just one of the sides, it was a two-way relation. Similarly like the master dominating the slave, the slave also chose the master. The slave decided whether the master was someone worthy of her, whether the master was someone that could give her the pleasure she wished for.

The slave constantly evaluated the master like that.

Kizuna grasped Yurishia’s head with both his hands.

And then he began to move back and forth fiercely.

Yurishia’s back was shuddering shiveringly.

‘――That kind Kizuna who always acted like a gentleman, is doing horrible things like this to me.’

When she thought that, she was able to feel for real that she belonged to Kizuna. And also how he wouldn’t do this kind of thing except to her. When she thought that, she felt ecstasy and pride that she was Kizuna’s slave.

Kizuna’s thing fiercely went in and out at her throat.

Tears blurred Yurishia’s eyes. She desperately endured her rising urge to vomit.

Strength entered Kizuna’s waist.

‘――It’s coming-!♡’

The moment she thought that, hot energy was ejaculated into Yurishia’s throat. It was flowing from inside her throat directly into her stomach. Hot liquid also overflowed from Yurishia’s nether region. Her waist was trembling. Yurishia also tasted a light climax.

‘――Aaa♡ Happiness……♡’

Yurishia narrowed her eyes ecstatically while feeling Kizuna’s pulsation inside her throat. Tears were flowing from the corners of her eyes.

When Kizuna’s thing became docile, she slowly distanced her face. From inside her mouth, Kizuna’s thing was spitted out with warm steam rising.

“Gehoh! Geho, gohoh!”

“A, are you okay Yurishia?”

Yurishia showed a brave smile towards the worried Kizuna.

“My deepest apologies. To be choked only by something of this degree.”

Kizuna shook his head and patted Yurishia’s head.

“No. You have worked hard. It was really good.”

Hearing Kizuna’s words, Yurishia felt happiness overflowing from inside her chest. Each time she serviced Kizuna, she felt like Osiris was growing thin inside her heart.

Yurishia looked down with an apologetic face.

“But……I’m really hopeless that I couldn’t moderate what I did, I made master come already. Like this the preparation need to be done again……”

“No need to worry.”

Kizuna picked up the Core that was put at the side. He pushed it at Yurishia’s cheek. The Core was retaining its hardness without change.

“Aa……aaaa……it’s still, this hard♡♡♡”

With enraptured eyes Yurishia stared at the Core that had the same shape with Kizuna’s thing. Those eyes were intoxicated, her face changed into captivation.

“It’s finally the time. Okay, Yurishia.”

Yurishia smiled lewdly and she nodded.

And then she laid upside-down on her hands and knees, she reached out both her hands behind, then below her butt, her most important place, she opened it with her fingers and showed it to him.

“I beg you……please, put it here.”

And then she directed an intoxicated face at Kizuna.

“Please, give Yurishia the proof, that she belongs to master.”

Kizuna fitted the Core at the spot, feverish breathing leaked out from Yurishia’s lips.

“Aaan, it’s enter――!!”

The Core was entering into Yurishia’s body.


At the same time with that a merciless pleasure also hit Kizuna. This pleasure was the culmination from all of Yurishia’s disgraced state that she had displayed thoroughly until now. If he let his guard down even just for a moment, it felt like it would immediately end.

‘――Fu, furthermore, what pleasure! It’s fine, even if she is not the world strongest even in this kind of aspect too right!?’

“Fuah, ah ah, a, amazing-, it’s the first time, I feel this good-! Aaah!”

Yurishia rubbed her face and breast on the sheet to suppress the pleasure, she lifted her butt high.

“E, even though this is my first time, it’s not pa-uuuh, ahaaa! Not painful……at allll-!”

‘――That’s because the Core doesn’t injure the body!’

He wanted to say that, but it felt like his limit would arrive if he opened his mouth. He pushed the Core into Yurishia’s inside where it was filled with her honey. When her wall was parted open by the advance, the pressure from that overflowed the honey to the outside. And then if he tried to pull the Core out, the wall was sucking as though it wouldn’t let go. It felt like the pleasure would make his waist melt. Stimulation that could make the inside of his head go white made him writhe and grit his teeth.

“Ah, aaaahahaaannuuh! Ma, master, do, do I, feel good?”

“What are you saying! I, I’m enduring here! Kuh……you!’

Yurishia narrowed her eyes from happiness that came from the bottom of her heart.

“I’m happy-, I’m happy! Master-♥”


Even more severe tightening attacked Kizuna.

‘――Yo, you! If it comes to this then this will be a short decisive battle!’

Kizuna looked at Yurishia’s large butt and swung down his palm.

“Hi!? –kyaaaaaaaaa!”

Sharp ripping sound resounded, Yurishia’s white ass was faintly dyed red. That stimulation made Yurishia bend her body.

“HAAan! Doon’t, master! Forgive me! Hyaaan!”

Yurishia’s hand clutched the sheet strongly. Her eyebrows knitted and she gasped in agony.

Kizuna didn’t stop his hand and struck Yurishia’s butt many times.

Each time that happened Yurishia’s body bent backwards and drool trickled down from her opened mouth.

“Aaah, I, I’m……ah, something, is coming, com…..ah, a! Aaah!”

Yurishia’s back curved, she began to convulse shiveringly.

‘――I’m at my limit too!’

“Here I go, Yurishia!”


Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 09.png

Yurishia raised gasping voice that trailed out for long, her body was violently convulsing as though she was being electrified.

And then at the next moment, explosion of magic power that dazzled the eyes occurred.

It was so bright that nothing could be seen.

But, the beads of light covering the body were calming the heart and body, it was literally giving them a dreamy state of mind.

His consciousness was getting far away while drifting inside that light.

Suddenly the next thing they knew, both Yurishia and Kizuna were lying down on the bed like empty husks. The particles of magic power covering their sight cleared up and their breathing calmed down.

Kizuna and Yurishia kept lying down, their eyes gazed at each other.

“Yurishia……we did it.”


Kizuna raised his body and scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Stop it already with the master.”

Yurishia also raised her upper body and looked up shyly at Kizuna.

“Nope. When the two of us are alone… are master♥”

Saying that, she kissed Kizuna’s cheek.

Chapter 4 – Creator and Creation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Yurishia who finished the reinstall was released from the curse of Osiris. And then as expected, the information Osiris taught her was left behind in her memory. Working with that information as the base, now they were discussing the way to invade Necropolis and Osiris.

“This is how Necropolis look in the whole.”

Zelcyone pointed at the floating window floating at the center of the bridge. The data that Zelcyone, Grace, and Quartum recorded from infiltrating Necropolis was shown in several windows floating around.

And then in the biggest window, the map of the whole Necropolis was projected. The people looking up to that window were Zelcyone, Grace, and the Quartum from the Vatlantis group. In addition Kizuna, Himekawa, Yurishia, and then Reiri, Kei, and Nayuta of the Lemuria group.

Kizuna who had never gone to Necropolis fixed his eyes upon the picture and video that showed the city.

“Somehow, it has the air like Egypt or the area around it on earth huh……”

Kei operated a table furniture and projected a picture of earth. She displayed things like a desert city and the pyramids as comparison targets.

{It appears that the civilization of the Nile river basin come from the influence of Osiris’s world.}

Reiri also nodded.

“Let’s reconfirm our objective. It’s to recover the configuration data of our worlds that is in Osiris’s possession. For that sake, it’s necessary to defeat Osiris.”

“If we do that, can my Oldium escape from the sand then?”

“That’s right. Above all, at the time Osiris is defeated this world itself will crumble after all.”

Kizuna faced Nayuta and asked her.

“Then, about the way to overcome Osiris……how can we defeat her?”

“Osiris is a queen of the dead. Since the beginning she has lost her life. It’s impossible to kill her.”

Agitation spread among them. Among them it was only Zelcyone who wasn’t shocked.

“That’s the truth. When I manipulated that woman using Heart Rebuild, I thought I already made her suicide but it was impossible. Most likely even that woman herself is unable to sever her own life.”

“Then, what should we do so we can defeat Osiris?”

As though to evade the impatient Kizuna, Nayuta moved the talk towards Yurishia.

“Before that, there is something I want to ask Yurishia.”

“Wha……what is it I wonder?”

“Inside you, there should be the memory as the loyal servant of Osiris, and then as the vessel of her daughter’s soul still remaining.”


“You said, that the one who left behind Genesis on Atlantis was Osiris, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Of course I don’t know that directly. Mother……Osiris taught me that knowledge.”

“I don’t mind that――now then, there is something on my mind about that information.”

Reiri murmured in irritation.

“What? Don’t put on an air.”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders towards that thorny voice.

“Osiris’s objective is to obtain flesh for soul vessels. And then she would make Necropolis get a fresh start of life. However, Genesis that was made by the Deus ex Machina had the power to create life. Isn’t that right?”

Being asked that, Zelcyone answered reluctantly.

“Yeah. Although there is the need to offer blood of two people, and a part of the flesh……”

“That’s right. That’s the two required things in order for Genesis to create life. Those are the genetic information that becomes the base for the born life. And then there is one more thing.”

The four people of Quartum looked at each others’ faces. Lunorlla whispered with a complicated face.

“Is there really……something like that?”

Ramza tilted her head and groaned.

“Uuu―n, we still don’t have any experience in creating children though―”

Nayuta abruptly loosened her lips.

“That is the energy of life. Namely the magic power.”

Kizuna recalled that in the first place that was the cause that made Lemuria and Vatlantis fight.

“Atlantis fell into a serious lack of magic power, and because of that life couldn’t be born anymore. Because of that too the AU collision was generated.”

“Aah……after that a lot of tragedy happened.”

“If there was no Genesis on Atlantis, perhaps there would have been no such unnatural consumption of magic power, and both worlds could of kept on existing without any problem.”

Grace crossed her arms and let out a low voice.

“……In other words, the cause of Atlantis’s desolation and AU collision is Osiris. Is that what you are saying?”

Yurishia’s shoulders trembled with a jolt. And then her gaze fell.


Kizuna was concerned with Yurishia’s condition. Inside Yurishia there was still the knowledge as Osiris’s daughter remaining there. That was the same like having the past as Osiris’s daughter. Her heart was put between two pasts, perhaps that made her suffer.

Nayuta spread open her fan in a flash and showed a bright smile.

“Certainly that is the case, but in the first place our worlds were things created by the Deus ex Machina for the sake of an experiment. If, for example, Genesis wasn’t there on Atlantis, we wouldn’t even notice that we are experimental objects and perhaps we would have been exploited and culled. It’s also the truth that because Genesis was there, we were able to obtain the power to oppose those Deus ex Machina.”

With a snap, the fan closed, as though to tell to return back to the track.

“This world cannot create life because there is no life energy existing here. Osiris also doesn’t have life energy, She is moving using energy of the same kind as magic power, but it’s different with our magic power. In a certain meaning, perhaps it can be said that it’s an energy of the exact opposite type.”

Kei displayed the text she inputted in a window.

{Then, is there any danger for us staying in this world?}

“Yes, even while we are staying here right now, our life force and magic power are being lost. The stone of the sun that Osiris is operating. That thing is sucking all the life force. That thing is the main culprit that plunders all the life on this world, bringing death to the pharaoh and Osiris’s daughter.”

“……Stone of another world. Father, summoned it.”

Yurishia murmured with a faint voice. Everyone turned at her hearing that voice.

“That thing was……something the pharaoh, obtained in an attempt to make the world abundant. It was by no means, something summoned to kill everyone!”


Yurishia returned to her senses from Kizuna’s call.


Yurishia forcefully smiled with a pale face, then she sat down on the sofa nearby.

“Go, good grief……don’t mind me, continue the talk.”

Inside the suffocating atmosphere, Nayuta made a pondering gesture for a little and immediately continued the talk.

“Certainly that might be the intention. However, that thing invited the ruin of this world so that was an irony. If I have to say further, Osiris became a machine god with that power, so that was also something ironic.”

{However after hearing Professor Nayuta’s story, what Osiris is thinking about, her attempt to use our bodies to resurrect the people of this world is――}

Nayuta sharply pointed her fan at Kei.

“Exactly. Even if she prepared a container of flesh, it won’t be a solution. To solve this problem fundamentally, it’s by filling this world with life energy, with magic power.”

“Wait a second Kaa-san. Something like that is――”

Nayuta’s eyes looked back at Kizuna’s eyes.

Those eyes told him. That Kizuna should have known it already.

――That method.

That’s right.

It was possible.

For Kizuna, he had a clue about that method.

“That method is――”

At that time, the battleship Ataraxia shook hard.


Kizuna unintentionally stumbled. The floor tilted and small vibrations kept happening through the whole ship. The only one who could stand straight was only Nayuta, the other crew were grasping at the nearby furniture like a desk in panic.

“What happened!”

Reiri yelled while holding at the back of a sofa to support her body.

{Unknown cause. However, the battleship Ataraxia is in an abnormal gravity. Something sticking at the front surface of the ship is pulling Ataraxia to the ground.}

Elma scowled.

“At the front… say?”

“Don’t tell me!”

Clayda ran on the tilting floor and clung on the window even while she almost stumbled. The night outside was bright from the moonlight. At that night sky, something like black smoke was jetting out from below.

“It’s sand! Sand riding the wind is blowing up!”

“What did you say!?”

The altitude of the battleship Ataraxia was ten kilometers. At that height even the sand wouldn’t reach, even if a shape like the giant attacking them before was created, it would take time. They were under the assumption that they were in the range where they would have enough time to deal with it.

However the dark mist visible outside the window made Kizuna felt a chill.

“Impossible! A sandstorm is reaching this high!?”

Zelcyone turned to Kei and yelled.

“Oi! The altitude of this ship is decreasing here. Raise the output!”

{We are doing it. But, it’s impossible for more than this. The engine died.}

Ataraxia passed through the cloud and further fell in altitude. It was just like when a plane was landing, the ship was descending, heading to the surface little by little with certainty.

A gigantic triangle appeared from the horizon.

It was Necropolis’s pyramid. Using the power of that pyramid, the sand was controlled. Ataraxia was being pulled straight towards the gigantic pyramid.

“Ku……Kei! Soften the impact of the landing!”

Kei didn’t even have the leisure to type the keyboard, she desperately operated the panel floating on the desk. From the bottom of battleship Ataraxia, large type creation control engine that couldn’t be compared with magic armor ejected large amounts of particles. The speed lowered slightly, but it couldn’t overcome the strength pulling the ship to the ground. The vibration was fierce, if they carelessly talked they would of bitten their tongues.


The bow of the ship touched the surface of the desert.


They attempted to land as softly as possible, but even so, fierce impacts attacked the battleship Ataraxia. The sand burst up violently, the bow of the ship was sliding above the sand. And then the hull was gradually sinking into the sand. The ship was advancing into the sand as though cutting through water. The sand blown up on both sides reached until the height of a hundred meters.

Necropolis was rapidly approaching before their eyes. At this rate, the bow of Ataraxia would charge into the pyramid.

The color of Yurishia’s face changed.

“Stop! Please!”

With thick cloud of sand raised, Ataraxia finally halted.

It was only a kilometer until the pyramid. It seemed that there was quite a distance still, but when considering that battleship Ataraxia itself was nearly two kilometers in total length, then it was just within a stone’s throw. It was good luck that the ship stopped without collision.

Yurishia stared at the pyramid and she heaved a relieved sigh unintentionally.

“I’m glad……”

“Are you okay Yurishia?”

Yurishia returned to her senses from Kizuna’s worried call.

“Eh? Yes. I’m glad no damage happened to Ataraxia, that’s what I thought. That’s all.”

Her made up smile created a slight anxiety in Kizuna’s heart.

He didn’t think that she would betray them. However, because of how she knew about Osiris and her people’s circumstances from real experience, it couldn’t be helped that she couldn’t consider it as other people’s problem. Surely it would be painful for her to fight Osiris.

“Yurishia, can you stay behind on Ataraxia and protect this ship?”


“The sand Osiris controlled can change its shape into monsters like a giant or a dragon. If Ataraxia is destroyed while we are confronting Osiris, we won’t be able to make any move.”

Grace also nodded in understanding.

“Right. In fact my Oldium too has also fallen into Osiris’s hand. Like that if Ataraxia is also stolen, it will develop into Osiris’s advantage in one go then.”

Reiri was holding on the sofa’s back and stood up. Zelcyone threw such Reiri a proposal.

“Reiri. We once fought Osiris and exposed our trump card. If we are going to split into two groups, we will be the one remaining here. Is it fine like that?”

Reiri nodded and gazed at Kizuna and Himekawa’s face.

“Machine god Osiris is strong. Advantage of numbers won’t work against her. Rather it’s better to prepare a battle force that can possibly resist the machine god……Kizuna, also Himekawa.”

Kizuna and Himekawa’s faces were colored with nervousness.

“It’s you two who defeated Hokuto. Can you two do it?”


“Please leave it to us! Kizuna-kun and my ka……combination, is the strongest!”[3]

Himekawa puffed her chest with rough excitement.

“I, I too――”

Yurishia was about to say that, however she lost her words receiving Kizuna and Himekawa’s gazes.


She faltered and averted her gaze. She bit her lips from an emotion inside her that she herself couldn’t understand. In front of Yurishia who was like that, a young girl with low height came.

“It’s fine even if you don’t force yourself. Osiris’s mind control is something really deeply rooted.”


Nayuta looked up at Kizuna and smiled.

“It’s strange to call this as replacement, but I’ll go.”

Reiri lifted her eyebrows.

“What? However……”

Nayuta had divided almost all her power to the three battleships and Kizuna, she had almost no combat ability. Reiri also understood that.

“My, are you worried about me?”

“Don’t sleep talk. I’m only worried that you bastard is planning something dirty.”

Nayuta opened her fan and hid her smiling lips.

“Fufufu, I won’t be a bother to everyone. I will only accomplish my objective. My objective to know about the matter of machine god.”

Nayuta had evolved into an existence that surpassed humans. However, her state was that of an incomplete god. Nayuta held the objective to further evolve herself into a perfect being.

“I see. Kaa-san has an interest for the information the machine god has……in the existence of the machine god itself, huh.”

Kizuna sighed deeply as though it couldn’t be helped.

“But, don’t be a hindrance okay? Also, leave the fighting to us.”

“I understand. Also Hayuru.”

“Eh……yes. What is it?”

For Himekawa being talked to by Nayuta was something that almost never happened. Himekawa answered with a dubious face.

“Whether you are worthy for my son or not. Show it to me clearly okay?”

Himekawa held her breath reflexively.

‘――Worthy for her son, she said!? Wa, tha, that meannnnn!?’

Himekawa’s face was dyed red in the blink of an eye.

“U, understood! This Himekawa Hayuru, will surely complete the group work without fail. Okaa-sama!”

“There is no need to call a woman like that Okaa-sama! Even before that there is also no reason for you to call her that!”

Himekawa who was yelled at by Reiri went out from Ataraxia as though running away.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna, Himekawa, and Nayuta, the three of them were walking besides the pyramid. With the emergency landing of the battleship Ataraxia, the pyramid was located between the opposite side of the city and the ship.

There was not a single sound, it was a silent night. There was no animal to raise a sound in the desert, only the moon rising above the pyramid was reflecting bright light. The shadows of Eros and Neros were falling on the sand of the desert.

Kizuna and Himekawa were already wearing their magic armor. Himekawa’s armor were enlarged from the reinstall, it was the new type Neros. Kizuna also had a new type armor, yet there was no change in its appearance compared to the old Eros.

“It’s a really eerie silence isn’t it?”

“I think so……I thought that they would come attacking right away.”

Different from usual, now when he was talking with Himekawa he had to look far up. Himekawa was opening several floating windows around her body. Thanks to the enlargement, now she was able to display several screens larger than everything until now. Himekawa was glaring at those windows, her eyes shining with vigilance of anything strange that would appear.

Nayuta who was walking in front raised an ‘ah’ sound.

“That is……”

The moment she said that, Nayuta broke into a run.

“Ah! Don’t go as you ple――”

Nayuta dashed close into the pyramid and then she happily stroked around one of the stones.

“Just what are you doing, so suddenly like that.”

Kizuna stared at the stone Nayuta was stroking around. However, he completely didn’t understand what difference it had compared to other stones.

“This stone is the control panel of the pyramid.”

“Control panel? That thing?”

“Yes. Take a look.”

Nayuta’s hand shined. Thereupon that light spread onto the stone’s surface while drawing detailed patterns. It was like the inside of a computer’s integrated circuit, an assembly of mechanically detailed patterns.

The light spreading from Nayuta’s palm was moving from stone to stone, before long it covered the whole pyramid. The circuits covering the surface without leaving any nook behind made the pyramid brightly shine in the night sky conspicuously.

“I see……I understood it really well.”

Nayuta released her hand from the pyramid’s stone. Thereupon the light settled and the pyramid’s appearance immediately returned to its former look.

“Understood you say, what is it you understand?”

Nayuta answered with a face full of smile.

“The way this world is constructed, and about the machine god Osiris. Inside this pyramid there are not only the undead filled with Osiris’s husband and daughter’s souls, the information of this whole world is also stored here. It seems that the thing we heard from Zelcyone and Yurishia is the truth.”

“The whole world’s……that means, if it’s with Kaa-san’s power”

“I think so. It cannot go perfectly by any means, I guess it’s possible to restore them tolerably. Although――”

She put her fingertip on her cheek and tilted her head.

“The magic power is insufficient.”

“But if it’s with Eros’s power, it’s possible to produce magic power. The problem is, how to create the amount that can fill a world……”

Previously they had once produced magic power that filled the whole of Atlantis. At that time it was something possible only by means of a ceremony of Climax Hybrid with the emperor sisters Aine and Grace, and then also the cooperation of all the people of the empire.

“It’s Osiris.”

Nayuta talked alone.


“Machine god Osiris. Her body so to speak is a magnification device. She is operating with the power of the sun that was summoned from another world. Because of that, this world turned into a world of death but……”

Kizuna suddenly realized and he leaned his body forward.

“What are you saying, if we use Eros as the replacement of that sun!?”

“Exactly. Climax Hybrid with Osiris and the magic power generation from that. Surely it will become a life force that is sufficient to revive this world with the power of the machine god Osiris.”

Kizuna stared with serious eyes at Nayuta who looked really boastful somewhere.

“Kaa-san……can you do it?”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders and answered like it was troublesome.

“Ok ok.”

Kizuna and Himekawa faced each other anxiously.

Was she really going to do it? This half-assed god of a mother.

Even while complaining like that in his heart, Kizuna was feeling bewilderment to the recent change of Nayuta.

Since her appearance changed into a little girl――especially since the Deus ex Machina appeared, the words and deeds of Nayuta changed into something that couldn’t be thought of from the previous Nayuta. Possibly something happened during the time they passed in the Ataraxia that Nayuta created.

Her personality and behavior were strangely like a human.

Even further, childishness and innocence could be felt from her. The one feeling that was not just Kizuna. Surely the one feeling it the most was Reiri. Kizuna had talked before with Reiri for just a little about Nayuta’s change. However, it was only to the degree of voicing his doubt, it didn’t go any further than that.

‘――Just what in the world happened to Kaa-san? Or else, this too is her usual method to confuse people with a smoke screen?’

“And so, Kizuna.”


Kizuna was lost in his mind too much that he didn’t listen to the voice around him.

“My, you are not listening to what Okaa-san is talking?”

‘puku―’ Nayuta inflated her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“Aah, sorry. Err……what is it again?”

“By knowing about Osiris, I also understood a little about machine god Thanatos too……that’s what I was saying.”


Kizuna held an impression that resembled terror towards that name.

Thanatos. The person who demolished Lemuria and Atlantis. However, just like the other remaining machine god, her true identity was wrapped in mystery.

The last time they met, the world was completely destroyed without him being able to do anything.

“Do you understand the way to defeat Thanatos?”

“The way to defeat her is it? That is――”

“Don’t touch that pyramid!”

A sharp voice resounded, cutting off Nayuta’s voice.

Nayuta grinned broadly and turned around with her head tilted.

“Nice to meet you……that doesn’t seem like the atmosphere that we have here.”

A god with a strange shape was standing with Necropolis at her back.

He had seen that figure in the images that Grace and the others brought back. However, when he actually looked at her in confrontation like this, he was overwhelmed by her presence.

Black hair with tanned skin. Large breasts and slender waist created a lascivious bodyline. However, her lower body was combined with a lion’s body. The lion’s body that was large like an elephant with four legs. Giant wings were spreading on her back. A golden machine god possessing the body of human and beast.

That figure made Kizuna sweat coldly on his forehead.

“Machine god……Osiris.”

The golden eyes under her black hair were burning in hatred. The flickering red lights rising from her whole body were also like a representative of Osiris’s fury.

As though she was inciting Osiris who was like that, Nayuta tapped the pyramid *pon pon* with a chuckle.

“Is this data storage really that important?”


Osiris kicked on the sand.

“What are you doing getting her angry like that!”

However, Nayuta was smiling cheerfully without feeling remorse.

“As promised, I’m leaving the battle in your hands.”

“Geez! Here we go Hayuru!”


When she replied Himekawa was already letting loose her Blades. The four flying swords assaulted Osiris, stopping her in her tracks. The Blades were changing direction while cutting at Osiris over and over.

“Ku……what a hindrance!”

Osiris stretched her hand and a sword like an obelisk appeared from inside the sand. After she grasped that sword, she faced the coming Blades and swung down. The Blades scattered intense sparks in the air.


Himekawa raised a voice that sounded like a scream.

The Blade that was locking blades with the obelisk was severed right into two.

Kizuna also spontaneously opened his mouth.

“What-!? The new type Blade is?”

“Don’t think that something like this can destroy me and this world!”

Osiris lifted the obelisk to the sky. And then the sun on her back began to shine brightly. The red light of the sun was running along the pattern carved on the blade of the obelisk.

‘――This is bad!’

Kizuna’s instincts were ringing alarm bells.

“Wait, Osiris! We want to save this world! Listen to us!”

Osiris showed a ridiculing expression as though mocking them.

“Experimental animals like you need to stop sleep talking. All of you cannot do anything. Much less saving this world, that’s just an impossible delusion.”

“You are wrong! There is no life force in this world. Even if you prepared replacement flesh, it will only end up the same! You will only repeat the ruin!”

“Is that why, you stole my daughter’s body?”

“Something like that is unneeded! I’ll give this world a fresh start in life!”

Osiris gritted her teeth in irritation.

“Is that all the jokes you have to say?”

The obelisk lifted over her head was emitting dazzling light.

“I am the queen protecting this Necropolis! No one, will steal this world, my husband, my daughter, from me!”

“Hayuru! Dodge!”

However, faster than they could escape, the brightly shining red obelisk was swung down.



The red light launched along with the sword streak of the Obelisk swallowed Kizuna and Himekawa. That light was a light that stole life. The light of the sun shining on Osiris’s back. The sun of another world that plundered all the life and all the magic power in Osiris’s world.

Osiris’s lips distorted in madness.

Part 3[edit]

“Hm? That’s, what light is that?”

One of the Quartum standing guard on the deck, Ramza pointed at the direction of the Necropolis. Red light that pierced the sky was stretching up from nearby the pyramid.

“Seems like, they are starting already……”

Elma made a grim face while staring at the fiercely rising red light. But Lunorlla was staring at a completely different direction while murmuring.

“Un……looks like it’s starting. At this side too.”


Elma chased after Lunorlla’s gaze and there she found a sand hill that was piling up a little more compared to the surroundings. But that hill was approaching Ataraxia while gradually increasing in height.

“It’s coming here!”

Elma summoned her hammer from the air. At the same time with that, the sand exploded up largely. The sand looked like a water pillar spurting towards the sky. The jumping sand was heading to the sky without stopping before changing shape into a dragon.

A transmission came in from Clayda who was holing up in the stern of the ship.

{Oi, something’s coming from this direction too!}

The image sent from Clayda was projected in front of Elma. There a giant with height that might have reach a hundred meters was reflected as it was waking up its body from the sand.

Elma opened a new window and reported to Grace who was on the bridge.

“Grace-sama! The sand monsters are coming! They are coming from the port and the rear!”

The bridge also confirmed the appearance of the monsters. The students of the research department were running around on the bridge, carrying out the analysis by controlling the light panels floating on the desk.

“Yes. This side is also confirming it. After this I and also Zel will come out.”

After she closed the window, Grace turned to Reiri.

“You don’t mind right, headmaster?”

“Yeah, we are counting on you. You too Zelcyone.”

Zelcyone didn’t reply and followed behind Grace.

Grace was going to get out of the bridge gallantly, but her legs stopped in front of Yurishia who was standing nearby the entrance.

“What are you going to do?”

“……I’m going, that’s obvious.”

Without meeting Grace’s gaze, Yurishia kept staring at the floor, Grace heaved a sigh with a purposeful gesture.

“No. Don’t come. You can just stay here.”

Yurishia snapped up her face as though she was just hit.

“Wha……what does that mean! I have finished the Core’s reinstall, right now my battle strength is even……stronger, than Grace you know? Yet despite so……”

However, when Yurishia looked at Grace’s red eyes that were staring back fixedly at her, Yurishia’s voice was gradually losing its momentum.

“It’s a bother to let you enter the battlefield with that kind of half-hearted feeling. It will be unbearable to be shot from the back.”

Yurishia bit her lip.

“Something like that, I won’t――”

Grace removed her gaze from Yurishia and went until the entrance, before she stopped.

“I understand, the feeling of regretting the errors of the past.”


“Speaking honestly, I too don’t understand what I should do. However, we have to take responsibility towards the people of Lemuria. After all I too am in the position of governing a country.”

“What……are you talking?”

“Is the current you Yurishia or Isis, I don’t know. But, if you are a princess, then you understand what I am saying right? Shouldn’t you fulfill your responsibility too?”


Grace tilted her head back and stared at Yurishia who was looking down.

“If you have the will for that, then you should go not with me but towards where Nii-sama is.”


When she lifted her face, Grace already turned her back on Yurishia.

“Now that Nee-sama is not here, originally it should be me that has to help Nii-sama. But, with my magic armor I cannot win against that Osiris. I will only become a hindrance for Nii-sama.”

Leaving those words behind, Grace walked away in the corridor. Zelcyone also gave Yurishia a glance before chasing after Grace right away.


Yurishia clenched her fist tightly.

Part 4[edit]

When the sure kill red light enveloped Kizuna and Himekawa, Osiris made a satisfied smile.

“Fufufu, how is that? My strength. The likes of experimental animals like you all――”


An impossible phenomenon made Osiris lose her words.

Inside the red light, inside the light that brought death to everything, that man was standing.

He covered the girl behind him and lifted a shield in front of his hand.

‘――A, shield?

Impossible. There is no way this light can be blocked. If there is someone that can do that, then it’s only an existence with power that is the same like mine or Thanatos. This kind of experimental animal――no, this man’s armor. Since when did it have that kind of shape?

The female should be the one wearing the large armor. But, right now it looks like the male is the larger one.

It’s a strange armor. That appearance, it’s as though a machine god is standing there.’

Osiris’s eyes opened wide.

“Something like that……you, just what in the world, are you?”

That man answered.

“Just a human.”

And then he smiled widely.

“Although, I borrowed the power of a fake god just for a little.”


The red light emitted from the obelisk vanished. The obelisk emitted high heat and white smoke was rising from it. And then, white smoke was also rising in large amounts from Kizuna’s armor.

Eros’s Corruption Armament [Nayuta]. With its effect Kizuna’s Eros had its appearance changed into a hybrid with Nayuta’s armor as a machine god.

However, although he obtained a power that was close with a machine god, it wasn’t something ordinary to stop the full power blast of the obelisk. The tip of his right wrist that deployed the shield was changing color to bright red as though it was burning.

“Ki, Kizuna-kun. Are you okay?”

Himekawa who was protected behind him was worried about Kizuna’s body.

“Yeah, no problem at all.”

Kizuna’s face that answered so was drenched in sweat. There was no way he would be okay.

“Osiris. You said it, right, that the likes of an experimental object cannot do anything. That it’s a delusion to even try saving this world.”

“Naturally! Something impossible for I the creator, there is no way it’s possible for you all who are the creation!”

Osiris’s eyes were moist with tears.

“Do you think that I was only lamenting doing nothing for these tens of thousands of years? While working so that not even a single soul of the people will be lost……I only kept dreaming of resurrecting that world where the people, my husband and daughter are there……”

Tears were overflowing from her golden eyes.

“The bodies of all of you, are the sacrifice for that sake! You all are existences that were created to be offered for this world since the beginning! Yet despite so……despite so!”

The beautiful face of Osiris distorted in anguish.

“Why……are you doing, something like this. Even though……I thought, that this time for sure……it will go well.”

The god shed tears of grief like a girl. That figure made Kizuna hardened his resolve inside his heart once more.

“If, I can defeat you……at that time, lend us your strength.”

“……That’s something impossible, but let me dare to ask you……what do you want me to cooperate with?”

“There is a way to restore this world. For that Osiris’s strength is necessary.”

Osiris made a faint smile.

“How long you are going to talk about a pipe dream……that’s fine, do as you like. Either way, something like the creation surpassing the creator is impossible after all.”

Kizuna showed a daring smile.

“I will defeat you, without fail. And then I’ll teach you……something like the creation surpassing the creator, that’s just something common.”

The temperature of the arm that blocked the attack of the obelisk lowered and it returned into the jet black armor.

The new armor that he obtained from defeating his real mother and also a god Nayuta. With its arm, he embraced the body of Himekawa who was wearing Neros.


Kizuna faced the dignified face of Himekawa.

“Kischarge Hyrbid! Hayuru.”

“Ye-, yes-!”

Himekawa’s face turned bright red instantly. And then she closed her eyes and looked up. Her hands joined together, making her look like a princess waiting for the kiss of the prince.

Kizuna’s face approached and their lips touched each other.

That soft sensation made the two drunk.

And then a miracle occurred.

The miracle named Kischarge Hybrid.

When their lips separated, the eyes of the two were instantly changed into battle readiness.



In respond to Himekawa’s call, a magic circle unfolded before her eyes. And then from inside it, the Corruption Armament of Neros [Gladius] made its appearance.

It would cut even god, a sword with three blades.

“Let’s go, Hayuru!”

Both of them grasped the hilt of that sword. And then the both of them opened their thrusters at full throttle simultaneously.


With the sure kill sword in hand, they headed toward Osiris.

“These……experimental animals!”

Osiris also readied her obelisk. The sun behind her emitted light once more.


Both swords clashed.

Intense powers opposed each other. And then blinding light and shockwave that felt like it would break their bodies assaulted.



Both of them combined their powers and pushed back at the obelisk. Osiris’s body was gradually pushed behind.

“Thi, this power…….this should be, impossible!”

Himekawa made a bright smile looking at Osiris who raised a pained voice.

‘――We can do this!’

At that moment, the blue pyramid appeared in front of Himekawa’s eyes.


The eye at the side of the pyramid opened.


The eye that was shining gold was staring at Himekawa. Golden light flew into Himekawa’s eyes, passing through the retina and invaded the nerve cell.


Strength left Himekawa’s fingers that were holding the hilt.

“What’s wrong, Hayuru!”

‘――That blue thing!?’

The blue pyramid was also going to direct its golden eye to Kizuna’s direction. At that moment, strength completely left Himekawa’s body and the two of them were blown away by the obelisk’s shockwave.


Kizuna and Himekawa’s body were blown on top of the sand. They rolled for even two hundred meters on the sand.

“Shi, shit…….-!”

Kizuna adjusted the thrusters of his whole body and rallied his stance.


However, Himekawa’s body was carried by the momentum and rolled above the desert. He wanted to go help her. However, he couldn’t turn his back against Osiris who was readying the obelisk. Furthermore Gladius was also sent flying somewhere.

“You have good luck, black one. Just a little more and I would of been able to rule your heart too.”

Standing in front of the floating blue pyramid, Osiris approached Kizuna. Her four lion legs stepped on the sand, the wings on her back were opened proudly in conviction of victory.

Kizuna gritted his teeth.

‘――I can win if I can just hit her with Reincarnation. However, it’s impossible to make the opening for that.’

“Kuh……what to do!”

Dragging the shining red obelisk, Osiris approached while drawing behind a line on the sand.

“I planned to kill you, but you look healthy, so let’s make you a slave. And then you will continue to work for my sake for eternity.”

The blue pyramid faced towards Kizuna. And then they eye on its side leaked out golden light.


The moment he yelled so in his heart, a streak of sharp light cut through his sight.


The golden light that blinded the eye filled his field of vision.

In front of Kizuna’s eyes, a violent explosion occurred.

A golden light that cut through the sky. That streak of light accurately struck the blue pyramid. The fragments of the pyramid that exploded into pieces rained down from the sky.

“Wha……what in the world, just happened?”

Osiris directed a shocked gaze to the sky.

With the moonlight on its back, a blue armor was floating. That blue was giving off a really beautiful color. Receiving the moon light, its surface was a transparent aqua blue like water. And then the armor that was piled up in many layers was transforming into deep ultramarine color farther inside, a coloring with depth like peering into a deep lake.

And then a streamlined frame. Aerodynamic shape that made one image water and wind. There, golden light was running, a gorgeousness with nothing that could match it.

On its back were two huge units to the left and right, the Differential Frame, those too were also different in shape compared to until now. The whole thing was a Heart Hybrid Gear that was custom made for the owner.

“Haai, Kizuna☆”

Yurishia Farandole closed one of her eyes and waved her hand.



In contrast with the happy Kizuna, Osiris furrowed her eyebrows.

When Cross’s Differential Frame ejected particles, she had landed on the ground instantly. She came down in front of Kizuna’s eyes with terrifying speed.

“I made you wait♥ Well, even if said that, I wonder if I made you wait too long?”

It was a carefree bright smile.

Kizuna opened his mouth and he was about to say something. However he changed his mind and shook his head.

“……No. Making a man wait is the special privilege of a good woman after all.”

Yurishia narrowed her eyes. Something bright came to the surface at the corner of her eye. Yurishia nonchalantly wiped the corner of her eye with her fingertip. Kizuna caught that hand and brought her face close to him.


The faces of the two approached to a distance they had never experienced until now. Even when they were doing Climax Hybrid, even when their face had got close before this, one of them would dodge to the left or right. But, right now was different. They mutually approached close as though being sucked to each other. Their noses touched and they could feel each others’ breathing.

“Ah……Ki, Kizu――”

Yurishia’s lips were blocked by Kizuna’s lips.

Just with that it felt like Yurishia would greet a climax. The cells of her whole body were trembling happily. Yurishia’s cheeks were dyed pink, her eyes were faintly closed in intoxication. Her lips parted and Kizuna’s tongue entered. At first she was surprised, but she had no intention to protest at all. Rather, she was happy. Inside her mouth, Kizuna’s tongue was freely moving around. Tongue and tongue touching each other felt good, but having her gums licked felt ticklish.

As if paying back the favor, Yurishia also invaded into Kizuna’s mouth. And then she fully tasted him stickily. Her head felt blank, her thinking ability fell. Right now she already could do nothing but entrusting her body to the pleasure she felt inside her mouth.

She was being connected, with her beloved person.

The moment she thought that once again,

Magic power exploded violently. Fierce surge of magic power to which the expression of explosion was truly fitting. That large amount of magic power was whirling with the bodies of the two at the center.

――The first Kischarge Hybrid with Yurishia.

The mouths of the two separated with a pop. While that happened a string of saliva was forming a bridge between them.


When Kizuna called her name, Yurishia quietly nodded.

And then she opened her right hand and thrust it forward.


A magic circle opened in front of Yurishia. The magic circle that was drawn by golden light slowly rotated. From its center, something like a handle came out. Yurishia grasped that and pulled it out. It was something like a huge tube. But, its full appearance couldn’t really be seen.

And then after pulling it out for nearly five meters, finally its tip appeared.

What appeared from the magic circle was a huge nail driver machine.

The sides of its barrel that had a diameter of nearly a meter had a long and thick cylinder part stretching out, looked from above, it was like a huge cross. What was buried at the center inside the barrel was a huge sharp stake. Its tip showed out its face, emitting a terrifying light.

That stake would pierce the enemy and strike with a large amount of particles.

This was the new type, Crosshead.

No matter what kind of enemy, they would be pierced and pulverized from the inside, a cross of destruction.

That cross was supported from left and right respectively by Yurishia and Kizuna, they grasped the grips attached at the sides of the barrel.

Looking at their appearance, Osiris’s voice turned rough.

“Isis! Just what in the world are you doing!”

That voice made Yurishia hold her breath for a moment.

“Throw away that thing, come here!”

Yurishia looked down.

“Yes……I will, go there right away.”

Her expression that was clouded by shadows made Kizuna call out to her worriedly.


Yurishia lifted up the Crosshead for a little and fixed its aim at Osiris’s sun.

“Kizuna……the weak point of Osiris is that sun she holds on her back. Optics weapon and particle cannons won’t be effective, but it can be destroyed using physical attacks.”


Kizuna glared at the shining sun on Osiris’s back. Even when she used the obelisk she was borrowing strength from that sun. It was the power source of Osiris’s strength and her weak point.

And then having been told the method to destroy it, Yurishia’s determination was also transmitted into Kizuna’s chest.

“But, by aiming there, we will also get hit by Osiris’s attack.”

Yurishia abruptly leaked out a smile.

“What are you saying. We are trying to defeat a god right? Let’s go with the resolve of giving her one or two arms!”

That way of talking startled Kizuna.

“Oi, Yurishia――”

“It’s not like I’m getting suicidal. Rest assured.”

Yurishia shook her head with a wry smile.

“Depending on what we want, the risk we need to brave changes. If we are going to do a large gamble, then a fitting resolve is necessary.”

“Certainly……all the more when humans are trying to challenge a god huh.”

“If you decided to fight then don’t hesitate. Calm down, then carry out what you decided calmly, with all your strength. If you do that, naturally the result will come.”

Yurishia moved her sight to Osiris’s sun. The side face of Yurishia who found her objective was refreshing.

“Is that the instruction of the ace of America and the world’s strongest pilot?”

Yurishia glanced at Kizuna and winked with a composed smile.

“Well, something like that☆”

Kizuna strongly grasped the grip.

“Bring it on! We are going to win this battle for sure!”

“Yes, from here on, it’s the showtime of me and Kizuna!”

Kizuna’s Corruption Armament [Nayuta], and Yurishia’s Differential Frame ejected fire. Explosive ejection of particles instantly accelerated the bodies of the two into the speed of sound. However, their momentum didn’t know any stop and further rose in speed.

And then the Crosshead that they raised to the front.


With fury and despair mixing in her face, Osiris raised her obelisk. The sun on her back was burning, dying Osiris’s golden armor in scarlet.

The brutal stake was advancing straight to the sun shining on Osiris’s back. Eros and Cross’s full power. Ejecting vast amounts of energy of gold and pink, Kizuna and Yurishia’s bodies brought the Crosshead until the shooting range with speed that surpassed even time.

The sure kill Corruption Armament. Its shooting range was, a meter.


Crosshead grazed above Osiris’s head and captured the shining sun on her back.

The stake thrust stabbed, thrusting from below to above.

“You two, my sun-!?”

At that time, her eyes met the eyes of Yurishia who was supporting the Crosshead. The girl who she treated as a daughter for a time, a girl who really resembled her daughter. The girl who ought to be her daughter’s body. The moment she saw those blue eyes shining brightly with strong will, Osiris realized. This girl, wasn’t her daughter.


Osiris howled.

The tip of the stake was going to break the shell of the sun. The sun was trying to repel that intruder. Both sides were fiercely clashing, intense light gushed out. Shockwave and radical change of atmospheric pressure were causing a tornado in the surrounding.

The sand storm rolled up and inside electrical discharge ran.

Eros and Cross were pushing the Crosshead with their greatest driving force. Kizuna and Yurishia’s bodies were fiercely vibrating. The boisterous dance of light blocked their sight. At the other side, Osiris was readying her obelisk horizontally and its blade emitted a conspicuously bright red light.

She was planning to cut down Yurishia and Kizuna in one go with a side sweep. Kizuna’s face distorted bitterly.

‘――It’s coming!’

“Disappear! Black armor! And then, my daughter’s vessel!”

The obelisk was running while trailing red light behind. From Yurishia’s side radiance that would vanish her body was attacking.

“Differential Frame!”

Yurishia yelled and then the Differential Frame on Cross’s back slid in between the obelisk and Yurishia.


The obelisk cut apart the armor of the new type Differential Frame. The armor danced in the air, the machine inside was exploding while scattering apart. The radiance of the obelisk also easily destroyed the armor of the new Cross.

However, for just a moment the obelisk was obstructed by the Differential Frame. That instant decided the match.

Kizuna and Yurishia’s voices overlapped.

“ “Drive!!” ”

The internal stake of the Crosshead caused a severe explosion. Particles of magic power were compressed and caused explosion in one go. The large barrel was something for the sake of restraining that explosive power. The way that explosive power could escape was only through a point.

The energy of the explosion was looking for an exit and headed towards the end of the barrel.

Hiding the power to pierce all of existence, it rushed out with speed even faster than light.

And then the stake of destruction pierced the sun.

Summoned from another world, that sun continued to burn by absorbing all the life in this world.

The stake of the Crosshead destroyed its shell, stabbing into the inside of the sun. At that moment magic power energy that contravened it struck. The shell that was broken in one spot was brittle, in an instant small ruptures ran all over its surface.

The eternal sun that repeated death and rebirth was smashed apart into pieces.

The sword of obelisk cut into two the Differential Frame. It dug into Cross’s armor without stopping and tore off the armor from Yurishia’s body. The armor of Cross broke, Yurishia’s finger separated from the Crosshead and her body was blown away in the air.

Gashes were carved on Yurishia’s whole body, blood was spurting out all at once. However her expression was overflowing with the happiness of a sense of achievement. Her blood soaked face addressed Kizuna.

‘――I’m leaving this to you, Kizuna.’

Kizuna took off his hand from the Crosshead and clenched his fist. He concentrated all his magic power into his right arm.

“Thanks! World’s Strongest!”

Kizuna’s face approached as though it was going to touch Osiris’s face. And then his raised fist lunged in a straight line filled with all his strength.


Kizuna’s burning fist struck on Osiris’s chest.


The Corruption Armament [Nayuta]’s special skill. The curse sorcery exclusive for anti-magic god.

“Thi, this……is-”

Feathers were falling off from the wings on her back. The feathers danced like withered leaves riding the dancing wind. And then the wings itself crumbled into pieces as though losing its foundation.

Not just that. Sekhmet’s body that became Osiris’s lower body was also disassembled. It was as though the parts connecting the whole suddenly vanished, all the components from its armor until its internal structure were torn off and falling down.

“This……this, is”

Osiris’s legs appeared from inside Sekhmet’s body. She attempted to stand on the sand with those legs, but she couldn’t put strength in her legs.


Just like that she fell on the sand. She couldn’t put strength in her whole body, she couldn’t even stand up.

“This……for me who is a machine god, who should have the power that surpassed humans……”

Reincarnation was the program that Nayuta specially wrote to disrupt the internal structure of a machine god. That virus was rampaging inside Osiris right now.


She frowned painfully, her cheeks blushed and her body twisted. That state of hers was strangely erotic. Her appearance was young, but her appearance and gesture emitted sex appeal that had been piled up throughout the years.


Strength was leaking out from the whole body of Osiris. It seemed she lost consciousness.

Kizuna sighed in relieve and opened the floating window.

“This is Kizuna. I succeeded in stopping Osiris to function with Reincarnation. However Yurishia is injured. Send the rescue squad here with urgency!”

{My, I’m fine you know♥ Don’t worry.}

A window started and Yurishia soaked in blood was projected there.

“Fi……fine you say, you are soaked in blood!”

{It’s not as bad as it looks, so I’m fine. When I was still in Masters, something to this degree often happened.}

‘Really?’ Kizuna whispered in his heart.

{Rather than that what about Ataraxia?}

{There is no need to worry for our side.}

Grace opened a window.

{Battleship Ataraxia is undamaged. Also, perhaps it was right when Osiris was defeated. The sand monsters crumbled and vanished.}

Kizuna breathed in relieve.

“I’m glad……”

However, there Reiri and Kei’s windows came to the front.

{It’s still too fast to feel safe. From now on it will be the crucial moment of your battle, Kizuna!}

{Right now we are sending the equipment for your next battle. Evade.}


Kizuna focused his eyes and he could see a large missile fired from battleship Ataraxia.

“Wait a second……don’t tell me”

That missile was flying straight at Kizuna.


Lifting up the collapsed Osiris, Kizuna kicked on the sand and flew up. After just a tiny interval, the spot where Kizuna was at before was impacted by the missile.

However, that missile didn’t explode and stabbed into the sand. And then the cover was disconnected and a capsule shaped container appeared from inside.

“Somehow……it feels like a long time since I last saw this thing.”

The container fell down from the missile, it ignited its main part’s posture control thrusters and automatically landed at a level ground.

――Middle range mobile tactical supply room. Alias: Love Room.

“No, is this the ballistic style?”

Kei’s window had text running on it.

{As the additional option for this time, we drew up the data of the room that Osiris shared with the pharaoh.}


{It’s something we drew up from the testimony of Yurishia and Zelcyone. It’s a rush work, but its level of completion is good.}

“Is……is that so.”

The door of the Love Room automatically opened.

“Err……actually, there is something I’m bothered with since a long time ago.”


“Osiris has a husband and a daughter right? That’s, that’s to say she is a married woman or something……with someone like that, that’s……is it okay? In various meanings.”

Kei looked back at Kizuna stoically.

{What are you saying this late. You have been with your real mother and sist}

“UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-! Got it! I understand! There is no problem at all!”

After taking off Eros, leaving only his pilot suit behind, Kizuna rushed into the Love Room as though he was running away. Thereupon the hatch closed and the environment setting program was automatically activated. The scenery around was being rewritten along with noise.

“……This is”

The wall and the floor were both created from marble, it was a splendid room. The ceiling was high, its size must be more than a hundred square meters. Even with just that it was a room that cost a lot of money to make it this extravagant, but it was further decorated with geometrical patterns made from gold, making out the room to be luxurious and gorgeous even while being refined.

Outside the window was dark, right now it seemed that it was set to be night. Inside the room was illuminated by the warm light of the lamps.

At the center of the room, a bed with size larger than king size was put there.

Kizuna laid down Osiris’s body on the bed.

Right now looking at her like this, she didn’t look any different from a human. Her appearance seemed to be around the middle of her twenties until her late twenties. Her tanned skin and black hair were overflowing with oriental charm.

And then her huge breasts. Certainly, even if he was told that she was Yurishia’s mother, he felt like he could accept it. Her waist was tight that it was unbelievable that she had given birth to a child. On the contrary her butt was the type that could give safe birth. She was a goddess, but rather than a goddess of death, being a goddess of fertility and harvest suited her more.


Her black eyelids blinked, her golden eyes peeked out.

“This place……don’t tell me”

She woke up with a panicked state.

“My bad, but this place is a made up room. This room was reconstructed with the room you once spent your time in as the base.”

It was the Love Room so it was slightly different, but it was meaningless even if he explained in detail. Rather than that the sense of relief that Osiris felt by being in this room, and then the sense of immorality, was important.

“You are……the black armor’s”

“Call me Kizuna. That’s my name.”

Osiris was staring fixedly at Kizuna’s face.

“So I lost……to you, Kizuna……”

Kizuna was going to sit at the edge of the bed.


Osirs raised a panicked voice. Kizuna stared at her wondering what was up, but Osiris looked down and murmured with a small voice.

“No, those who can climb to this bed are, only me and……my husband.”

‘I see’, Kizuna understood. And then at the same time he also felt heavy. Although they had been separated by death, this was a woman who had a husband and a child……to be forced to do Climax Hybrid with her like this.

Furthermore the souls of her husband and child were preserved inside the pyramid. If this mission succeeded, perhaps they would return to life.

But, even that wouldn’t come true without doing this.

‘――I will make it work for sure. This Climax Hybrid with Osiris!’

“……Is this place, really the room where you lived in the past?”

“Yes. In this place with my husband……we spent the night on this bed, and affirmed our love of each other. Isis was also given to me here.”

That vivid explanation made Kizuna reflexively swallow his saliva.

“For the sake of resurrecting that husband and Isis, I want to borrow your strength.”

With a half-doubting gaze, Osiris looked up at Kizuna.

“You also said that before didn’t you? But, how can I believe that……”

When she was about to say that, she suddenly closed her mouth.

“No, you have defeated me. The creation has surpassed the creator……so something like that is possible……if that’s the case, then perhaps even something that I cannot believe, a possible method, really exists.”

“It’s fine even if you don’t believe it from the bottom of your heart. But, only for now I want you to believe me.”

Osiris nodded slowly.

“I understand. Then……what do I need to do?”

“That is……do Climax Hybrid with me, no. I want you, to do male and female activity with me.”


Osiris slowly raised her hands and wrapped her own body as though protecting her breasts. And then she crawled on the bed, distancing herself from Kizuna.

“No……that is, no good. My body is my husband’s. There is no way I can let another person lay their hand on……”

“However, this is for the sake of saving that husband.”


“It’s only once, if I can do it with you, with that your husband and daughter, no, not just them. Perhaps everything in this world can be saved!”

Osiris kept hugging her body and looked down. Her face was covered by her black hair hanging down. She bit her lip and looked like she was enduring something. Before long she released her hands from hugging her body and opened her arms, she presented her arms as though inviting him on the bed.

“Please……feel free……to climb on the bed.”

When she lifted her face, tears were bloating her eyes.

“But……it’s only this once. I’m doing this for the sake of saving this world.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Kizuna climbed the bed and sat in front of Osiris. Once again he looked at Osiris’s body, her beauty and sexiness overwhelmed him. As expected from the beauty that the pharaoh chose as his queen.

Osiris was also staring all over at Kizuna from the top of his head until the tip of his toes as though licking him with her eyes.

“Aah……someone this young. Dear me, just what am I doing.”

Being told that, Kizuna once again felt the difference in age between him and Osiris. However, she was a machine god who had live for several tens of thousands of years, so he also felt like things like age didn’t matter anymore. If speaking only from her appearance, then she was almost no different from Reiri.

“Even you Osiris look young though.”

However Osiris talked back with a troubled face.

“Such thing is not true. I have a daughter whose age is about the same as you, you know?”

That was a fact that was hard to believe.

“I got married when I was eleven years old though.”

“That’s young!”

But after saying that, he recalled that his mother was also a fair match.

Kizuna scooped up Osiris’s hair. Her hair was silky and felt pleasant to touch. And then he touched her cheek. Her tanned skin was lustrous, he couldn’t help but felt doubt whether she was really made from machine.


His finger was touching gently from the nape of her neck towards her chest. The mellow skin felt like it was absorbing his fingertip. And then his hand stopped at the middle of the largely swelling up breast.

“Nn……what’s the matter?”


“It’s fine, so please continue. Besides, I also don’t really feel it compared to my husband, so rather you have to do better.”

Osiris didn’t look like she hated it. Kizuna’s hand crept on her whole bosom that was hidden by accessory, and the he slowly put more strength.

“Nn-! HaaAAAAAA-!”

It was unexpectedly a large reaction, Kizuna spontaneously pulled back his hand.

“Are you okay?”

Thereupon Osiris’s cheeks shyly turned red.

“Ye-yes……that, something like this, has been too long, so……that’s……”

Inside Kizuna’s heart, his feeling that was thinking that Osiris was cute was growing larger. Kizuna circled to Osiris’s back and caressed her body from both sides.

“Hyaaahn, tha, that place……”

He traced her body line from her waist until below her armpit. While he was doing that, Osiris’s body was shivering continuously. And then after watching for an opportunity, he scooped up the ripened large breast that was drooping heavily from below. His arm felt a profound weight.

“Haan……aa, ah”

‘――Certainly, it feels almost the same like Yurishia.’

However compared to Yurishia the sensation of touching this one gave the impression of a little bit firmer. Kizuna put strength into his fingers and began to massage, then the accessory that was clinging on her breast until now to hide her nipple went out of place with rustling sound. It was as though Osiris was unconsciously coaxing loving caress from him.

In order to answer that expectation, Kizuna pinched that tip with his fingertips and twisted.

“Nnaaa! Hauh, nnaaauaaAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

“Eh? Huh”

Osiris’s body stiffened and then she convulsed twitchingly many times over.

‘――This is. She is, climaxing……already?’

“Errr……are you, feeling it easily since the past?”

“I, I don’t know-, such thing-……yah, yaaaan!”

‘――Osiris who became a machine god didn’t need sexual pleasure, she also has no chance to experience it. Because of that her endurance become nothing……is that it?’

Kizuna changed the way his hand held the excessive breasts many times and obstinately rubbed it thoroughly. Thereupon the tip was little by little becoming stiff.

“Aah, aa! Please, wa, wait. I will, a, again――”

When the tip of her breast was rolled with his palm, Osiris bent her back backward and convulsed.


‘――A, again!?’

“Haa, haa……haaan. Wa, wait. Let me, rest a little……”

“You are really……sensitive aren’t you?”

Thereupon Osiris’s face was increasingly getting red and she rattled on.

“I, it’s not like I’m feeling it or anything! It’s only because it has been quite long……co, compared to that person, this is nothing big. The way that person did it, felt really good!”

‘――Then, if that’s the case, that’s more reason for me to work even harder.’


Osiris’s waistcloth was disarrayed and it got rolled up.

Unconsciously his eyes couldn’t turn from there.

“…..Is, something the matter?”

Osiris whispered with heated breath mixed in her voice.

“No, there is nothing.”

It was at that moment where Kizuna became aware that Osiris wore no panty. And then, he also noticed how abundant liquid was overflowing from there.

“Then, I’ll make you feel even better next.”

Kizuna embraced Osiris’s shoulder with his left hand and pulled her body towards him.


Osiris’s weight leaned on his chest. That weight felt pleasant somehow. And then his right hand flipped up the waistcloth that had turned into the shape like a loincloth, exposing her important spot.

“Has this place, been seen by other people?”

“Never……it was only that person.”

“Then, I’m the second person who has seen it.”

Kizuna touched at that chasm.


Osiris bared open her eyes wide.

“Keep at it, Osiris.”

“Kuh……so, something like this, compared to that per……son, aaaaaann♡!”

He gently traced at that chasm and rubbed it up.

“Ah! Ah! Fuah! Aaaan! Yah, yaaan!”

His finger was sandwiched between the walls of that chasm. It was as though it wouldn’t let go of Kizuna’s finger, it closed and he felt like it was sucking him in. It felt pleasant, a pleasure that felt ticklish.

“Hiiiiih! Kuh……kuuUUUNNNN!”

Osiris clung at Kizuna, her body trembled and she welcomed a climax once more. Kizuna’s hand was drenched with warm honey. Sweet aroma was drifting up from between Osiris’s crotch.

Osiris was staring at Kizuna with a dizzy gaze. Her hand that was clinging at Kizuna moved, she began to proactively caress Kizuna’s body.

“Hey……Kizuna……you won’t take it off?”

Osiris’s eyes told him to take it off.

“……I guess. I want to directly feel Osiris with my skin.”

After saying that Kizuna stood up. For a moment Osiris smiled happily, but she immediately changed her face into a solemn look.

“Actually, having my skin touched directly cannot be permitted but…….this is for the sake of saving this world, so this cannot be helped.”

Kizuna took off his pilot suit with familiar hand movement. The pilot suit was worn directly above his bare skin, so he wore no underwear. Kizuna’s thing was exposed in front of Osiris’s eyes without anything hiding it.


Osiris’s eyes was staring at it with intense concentration. Her throat was moving up and down with a gulp.

Kizuna purposefully thrust it out in front of Osiris.


Osiris was breathing roughly while staring at that fixedly. Her cheeks and around her eyes were dyed red, her eyes were completely moist.

Osiris was waiting motionlessly. However, Kizuna didn’t move closer to her more than that.

“Ki, Kizuna……”


“You won’t, make me try consoling this?”

“If you want to touch, it’s fine you know?”

Osiris gulped again with audible noise.

“N, no……if Kizuna, tell me to touch it……”

Kizuna brought it closer until a distance where it almost touched Osiris’s cheek. Osiris’s eyes that were staring with desiring face looked like she had almost broken into tears.

‘――Good grief.’

“Osiris, can you touch it, making me feel good?”

The moment he said that, Osiris rubbed her cheek at Kizuna’s thing.

“Aah……this sensation♡”

And then she reservedly let out her tongue, touching at Kizuna’s thing.

“Nn-♡ This, taste……is nice”

Once she stepped over, her limit was gone already. Osiris crawled her tongue and enjoyed Kizuna’s thing until every corner to her heart content. Her slippery tongue entangled and caressed Kizuna’s thing. Rather than a technique it was a hungry passion, it made him felt this thing called affection.

That pleasure was reliably piling up inside Kizuna. Osiris opened her mouth and led Kizuna’s thing inside her mouth.

“Hamu♡……nhnnannh, nh, nh, nh”

Osiris’s tongue was writhing inside her mouth. Her face was moving back and forth, caressing Kizuna’s thing inside her cheek. That warmth and softness was pushing Kizuna to his limit in one go.

“O, Osiris-, soon it will be, bad!”

However Osiris didn’t show any sign of releasing him. Far from that, her tongue moved even stronger instead.

‘――I’m at my limit already!’

Kizuna’s pleasure gushed out in one go. Large amount of energy filled Osiris’s mouth.

“Nh! Nku♡ nh♡ nh♡”

Without hesitation Osiris swallowed it in. She showed no sign of pain at all, rather she was smiling happily.

And then matching the timing of her throat gulping down, hot liquid spurted out from her crotch. Osiris’s waist was trembling.

And then even after drinking up everything, Osiris didn’t separate her mouth from Kizuna’s thing from reluctance. She persistently kept sucking up, as though she was trying to suck out everything, even what was remaining inside it.

“Osiris, can you let it go for a moment?”

However Osiris was only looking up at him with questioning eyes, her mouth didn’t seem like it would let go.

“It’s fine. It won’t go anywhere.”

Saying that Kizuna caressed her head. It was a small head that felt good to touch. It could become a habit caressing this soft and silky black hair.

Osiris slowly took out Kizuna’s thing. Finally Kizuna’s thing touched outside air. However, Osiris’s slender fingers immediately entwined Kizuna’s thing. She grasped it firmly and wouldn’t let go.

As expected even Kizuna made a wry smile.

With a thick cushion on her back, he made her sit in a posture like sitting on a reclining chair, Kizuna and Osiris lined up on the bed.

Osiris was staring at Kizuna with a heated gaze. Even during that time Osiris’s fingers didn’t let go of Kizuna’s thing for even a second.

“Say……are you pleased?”


It was as though she finally noticed how she kept holding it all this time, her face became red and she let go with an embarrassed face.

Kizuna embraced Osiris’s body close to him. Osiris followed him in silence and moved her body close to Kizuna.

“It’s fine to hold it you know?”

When he whispered that into her ear, she went bright red until her ears. She lowered her head on Kizuna’s chest and her hand reached towards Kizuna’s crotch.

‘――Ah, but I want to hold it.’

“Though your husband’s thing might be better than this.”


He tried saying that with a little mean streak, but Osiris didn’t reply.

Kizuna also inserted his hand between Osiris’s crotch. Osiris didn’t resist, rather she opened her legs so Kizuna could touch easier.

Osiris’s legs were soaked with hot honey from the inside of her thighs until below her knees. And then, the place where the honey was welling up was heated, steam was rising from there.

Kizuna’s hand crawled, looking for the overflowing spring.

“Haaa-! Aaahn, the, there-, aa, great-”

His fingertips got caught by a protrusion. He rubbed it with a little strength.


Osiris spurted out hot liquid once more and her body became a bow.

How many time has she climaxed already? However, Kizuna mercilessly continued to torment her. Also whether it was consciously or unconsciously, Osiris’s hand that was grasping Kizuna’s thing was also moving up and down.

She rubbed him as though saying that she wanted to pay back the pleasure that she felt even just for a little. Her tanned palm was soft, the strength she was gripping him with was also superb, she continued to maintain Kizuna’s vigor.

With his fingers Kizuna opened the entrance of Osiris’s hot source.


“How is it? Osiris. Does it still not feel as good as your husband?”

Osiris frowned and she bit her lip.

“……it’s good.”


From her golden eyes, tears were spilling out in large drops.

“It actually, feels good! More than that person, than my husband! It feels good!”

Kizuna’s finger invaded into Osiris’s honey pot.


Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 10.png

It was as though it had been waiting for him, the soft flesh was pulling in Kizuna’s finger inside.

Kizuna also whispered into Osiris’s ear.

“You are really cute, Osiris.”

At that moment, Osiris’s inside tightened hard on Kizuna’s fingers.

“Kuuuh! Fuh!”

Osiris’s body that was tightening got done in by that pleasure instead. Her lips were trembling, her teeth was clattering. The climaxes that happened in succession repeatedly severed and threw her mind into confusion. And then, hot liquid spurted from the gap that was holding Kizuna’s fingers.

“Aah……forgive me, dear……”

Kizuna’s fingertip rubbed the inside of Osiris’s wall.

“HIUuaaAAAAAAAAA-! Aa, that feels good-♥ Kizunaaaa nn♥”

Each time he moved his fingers inside, Osiris tasted a climax. The everlasting climax continued to torment Osiris. Sweat was flowing from her whole body, making her tanned body damp and made her shine. Each time her body trembled, her large breasts shook and sweat scattered.

The stimulation that Osiris’s hand gave him also severely attacked Kizuna’s waist.


Kizuna’s eyes had pink light floating there.

And then Osiris’s eyes were also shining gold.

“Kizuna is better than my dear! It feels far betterrrrrrrrrrrr!”

The Core in Kizuna’s chest emitted light, pink colored particles were overflowing from his body.


The moment he raised his voice happily, thick cale was stretching out from under the bed.


That thing looked like a hose for drainage use, or possibly for a vacuum cleaner. The white hose’s diameter was around ten centimeters. Its mouth was opened as though to have something plugged in there. It was moving around as though looking for something to connect with, but when it faced at the direction of Kizuna’s abdomen, its motion stopped still. And then as though it was sucking in Kizuna’s thing, it connected with Kizuna.

“Wha, what the hell, is this? Shikina-san? Or else is this Kaa-san’s doing!?”

Nayuta’s voice resounded without any window in display.

{It’s something Kei made from my instruction.}

“As I thought! Just what is the meaning of this?”

{It’s a connection cord for the sake of effectively pouring the magic power generated from Kizuna’s body into Osiris.}

The tip of the cord that was fixed on Kizuna appeared from under the bed. And then like a living thing it presented its neck in front of Kizuna. Its shape and size was just like a Core when it is going to be reinstalled.

“Don’t tell me……with this”

{Exactly. Link that connector into Osiris, joining her body with Kizuna.}


However, did Osiris felt any opposition against this?

Thinking that, he turned to Osiris.

“Aaa……please, Kizuna.”

Osiris opened her crotch, she opened that part with her own fingers.

“Quickly, come here♥……until the inside.”

{If you miss this timing, then there will be no next time. Osiris who lost the sun of another world will have her body crumble before long. As long as she doesn’t recover her original body, Osiris cannot be saved.}


Kizuna grasped the cord roughly and fixed its end on Osiris’s body.


That tip touched the lower lips of Osiris. And then, at that moment a sweet sensation also ran through Kizuna’s crotch.

“As I thought, it has that kind of mechanism……”


Kizuna opened his eyes.

“Here I go, Osiris!”

“Come, Kizuna!”

The connector of the linking cord entered into Osiris.


The moment it entered, the moment it advanced deep inside, the moment it hit the wall inside, everything of those moments made Osiris climax. That intense pleasure went through the linking cord and got transmitted to Kizuna.

And then, at the same time when the lump of pleasure from Kizuna was attacked, a vast magic power was emitted from Eros’s Core. It was directly poured from the linking cord into Osiris. It filled the inside of Osiris’s womb and made her body’s structure ran in adverse tide.

Those particles were divided by the inside of Osiris’s womb, increasing it in number. And then sublime light was overflowing from her body.

The energy filling inside the Love Room was sent to the pyramid through Nayuta who was outside. The pharaoh and the princess, and then the configuration information of this world preserved in the pyramid. All of those were revitalized and revived.

With the pyramid as the center, the brightness of life energy was spreading.

That brightness crossed the desert. After that light was running through, grass was growing, trees were born. The yellow desert was changing to green. They weren’t sand objects that were fakes Osiris made to decorate Necropolis. They were real plants that possessed life.

The desert split and water spurted out. The overflowing water created a river, the river turned into a large river and large amounts of water was flowing. The water gathered ahead where it was pouring and a sea began to be created.

The love overflowing from the heart granted moisture to the dried land.

Osiris leaned 0n Kizuna’s shoulder and went outside the Love Room.

“This is……!?”

There was Necropolis between overflowing green trees. A river was flowing at its side where ahead of it were green grassland and forest, a city of people was spreading.

“Even though all those were desert just now……”

Kizuna was also looking around the surroundings dumbfoundedly.

“So you really……spoke the truth, Kizuna.”

Osiris stared at her own body in wonder, she touched her hand and confirmed its existence.

“My body too……it’s returning to human flesh.”

Osiris linked her fingers, she stared at the world overflowing with greenery as though she was in a dream.

“Thank you……truly.”

“No, that’s……”

Kizuna felt awkward having that straight forward gratitude thrown at him.

“Ah, that’s right. Rather than that, you better try to go to the pyramid quickly. Surely……”

Osiris suddenly noticed and turned on her heel before breaking into a run.

However, her legs came to a stop and she returned back to where Kizuna was standing. And then she embraced his neck and she pressed her lips at Kizuna’s lips.


“Fufu, keep this a secret from the pharaoh okay?”

And then she turned her back on him again and dashed.

“I will tell the next generation, that Kizuna is the savior of this world! For eternity!”

She yelled that with a loud voice and waved her hand.

After Kizuna waved his hand back, this time for sure Osiris ran towards her husband and daughter.

“Then, let us depart too.”


Kizuna was so shocked towards Nayuta who was standing beside him without his realization that it felt like his heart would stop.

“The thing that we can obtain has also been obtained.”

In Nayuta’s hand, a red crystal was shining.

“That is, what Osiris had……”

“Yes. It’s half of Atlantis’s configuration information.”

“Just two more……”

Kizuna looked up to the sky.

There were two Deus ex Machina remaining. Thanatos and Odin.

Did the Golden Dragon that Gravel and the others boarded arrive at a world with a machine god in it?

Where was Aine, whose whereabouts was still unknown?

Kizuna’s thoughts ran towards another world at the other side of the sky.

“Be safe……Aine.”

Part 5[edit]

Two petite girls came out from Nayuta Lab in the company of each other.

“With this, Sylvia can also return to the front lines desu!”

Her small body stood on her toes as though to make her body as large as possible.

“Just what are you saying? You only just got better, so don’t get carried away.”

Ragrus’s largely rolled twintails shook while she gave a warning in exasperation.

“Ragrus-chan is a worrywart desu.”

“I don’t want the girl who collapsed in the mock battle before this saying that like a big shot-!”

Sylvia made an apologetic face and she bowed her head with a bob.

“Sylvia is sorry desu. Sylvia keeps being a bother to Ragrus-chan desu.”

“N, no……it’s not like I want you to apologize.”

Ragrus awkwardly turned her back on Sylvia.

“Geez, enough already, we are going. It’s a celebration for you leaving the hospital, so I’ll treat you to something.”

She said that before breaking into a run.

“Well, my recommendation is the crepe stand at the shopping mall near the station I think. How about that, the cream bean jam beside it is also……”

However, Sylvia’s presence wasn’t following behind her.

‘――Just what’s with her, really!’

Cursing so inside her heart, she turned back.

Sylvia didn’t move even a step from the spot where they were standing still before. She was staring fixedly at the sky.

“Hey Sylvia? What are you doing standing absentminded――”

A crack ran on the sky.


Something chilling ran inside Ragrus’s heart.

The crack widened and the sky was peeled off.

‘――AU collision.’


Ragrus immediately dashed towards Sylvia.

“Ragrus-chan, look at that desu!”

From the gap of the torn sky, a god was descending.

It was too beautiful to be called armor. It was as divine as a work of art.

That figure was colored by beautiful decorations.

On the armor that was like a shrine, were elegant wings that ruled the sky.

At the center of the luxurious and gorgeous armor, a peerless beautiful girl opened her sorrowful eyes.

“Machine god……Thanatos.”

“No way, why……why, is she here……”

Kizuna and the others were heading to battle.

Despite so.

Or else, was the departed force obliterated?

Along with that anxiety, the hearts of Sylvia and Ragrus were trembling with a feeling of terror.

The enemy they should defeat. The opponent they had to fight.

Despite so, the moment they saw that figure, their bodies couldn’t move.

That presence was just too immense.

Even though Hokuto was the same machine god like her, the status was just different.

They couldn’t even rouse any will to fight.

They were helpless.

They noticed of their own recklessness, of planning to fight that kind of thing.

It wasn’t the matter of winning or losing.

They didn’t even understand in what way they should fight this.

Thanatos stared at Ataraxia, and murmured with a melancholic tone.

“Let’s grant the time of ruin. This world will be eternally――”


Eros! This is Kuji Masamune!

Everyone, do you all watch the TV anime [Masou Gakuen HxH]? This work that had caused various controversy before its broadcast was meeting several difficulties, yet all the staff and cast combined their strength to somehow overcome all those!

I was writing this volume just about when the climax of the early stage battle was happening. I think that is the period of time when even the people who at first thought this work is simply a stupid ero story began to think that it’s not all this story has.

The lewd scenes of [Masou Gakuen HxH] is supported by the heavily serious setting and the drama that the characters are burdened with. The characters are becoming desperate in their attempt to overcome that kind of difficult problem that they go to an unexpected direction (lol). But exactly because they are doing it seriously that I think it is interesting.

If you aren’t watching the anime, then by all means please watch it through the net transmission or from the DVD package. However, the battle from there will be where this work shows its real ability, so by any means please realize its second season! I pray for my wish that the story of Aine and Kizuna can reach its conclusion! I beg everyone too to please give your support too without fail!

From the fifth volume Ger-san makes great contributions doesn’t she! Gravel also became cute, Kizuna and Aine’s battle too, I want to see them in the anime!

…..But well, let’s stop talking about the anime here, about this ninth volume――,

We touched Yurishia’s past that we have never even imagined before this, Yurishia actually knew about the secrets regarding Heart Hybrid Gear, I’m glad that I am able to collect the part that I wrote with the air like foreshadowing. Even Zelcyone who had few chances to contribute until now has a lot of turn! But there is no scene of her reinstall here!? All of you who lamented that! After this afterword, the scene that you cannot see in the main story, the reinstall scene of Zelcyone that was really unthinkable before is compiled there, so please have fun with that too!

And then with the amazing character design & illustration power of Hisasi-san, the new character Osiris can also become a cutely erotic character. Be that as it may, Kizuna-san now conquered even a married woman! Truly a pro! Kizuna-pro! (lol)

Oh man―, writing that one was really fun. The depiction of Necropolis’s scenery also felt like I was going to keep writing it forever if I got careless. I was writing that while recalling the Egypt where I went before. It was really fun you know! Egypt! It is a culture sphere that is totally different, so the feeling that it’s like another world is not half-assed! I never thought that it will be useful as a writing material even after many years had passed! If I have a chance, I want to go there again without fail.

Speaking of overseas, it has ended when this volume comes out, but at the middle of August Kuji Masamune conducted his first autograph session! Furthermore it’s at Taiwan!

What makes me so thankful, I was invited by Sentan Publication that is publishing [Masou Gakuen HxH] in Taiwan. I like Taiwan a lot, I have gone there a few times to play, but I have never even dreamed that I would be called there for an autograph session!

And then what is important, is [Extas Online] that was released at the same time with this ninth volume! Please treat me well with this series too. In regards with the characters and the story they are more interesting then Masou!? Is what I’m thinking so please, I think you can enjoy it together with [Masou Gakuen HxH]!

Well then, for thanks. Thank you very much for always drawing the greatest illustration and character design! Hisasi-san! And then Kurogin-san who did the mecha design. The editor in charge O-san of Sneaker’s editing department. Everyone of the anime staff and cast! And then, all of you readers who always support this series. Truly thank you very much as usual!

From here on too please treat well [Masou Gakuen HxH] and [Extas Online], Eros!

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 13.png

Special Short Story – Reinstall in Hot Spring Inn Special[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Regardless of how the starting time for the class at the classroom of Ataraxia high school department second year first group was close, more than half of the seats were empty. Due to Hokuto’s attack there were a lot of students that were resting from injury or running around as the labor service for the reconstruction support.

Kizuna was sitting on his own seat while staring outside the window. The city where the reconstruction was progressing was reflected in his eyes, but inside his head he was thinking about a different matter.

At present, the battleship for the use of another world exploration was in the middle of construction. When it finishes, they would immediately embarked to search for the Deus ex Machina, but before that there was something Kizuna ought to do.

It was the Core’s reinstall.

{That’s so. The search will be carried out by splitting into three teams, so at the very least reinstall one person for each team.}

His mother who had the appearance of a young girl told him that. He had already finished the reinstall on Himekawa. Two people left. Kizuna was worrying about who he should do that to.

“Kizuna, what’s the matter? You are making a gloomy face.”

A voice called at him from behind suddenly. When he looked up, there was a tanned smiling face with blonde short hair there.

“Gravel. So you came to school.”

When Kizuna let out a joyful face, Gravel was also looking at him fondly with delight.

“Yeah. As expected it seems that my body has become completely used to this routine right now. I spent my time leisurely for two, three days after I got discharged from hospital, but I couldn’t calm down no matter what.”

Gravel sat at the seat behind Kizuna.

There were two teams remaining that needed reinstall. Most likely they would be split into the Vatlantis group and the Izgard & Baldein group. If that was the case, then obviously Gravel would be the one from Izgard.

Only Vatlantis remained.

“Kizuna, what about the others?”

“Aah, Himekawa……Hayuru is energetic. Grace is still in the middle of rehabilitation. Hyakurath will be discharged soon, she should be under home recuperation after that I think.”

For the candidates from Vatlantis, first was Grace. And then next was Hyakurath. Putting aside the past, in this reborn Ataraxia he had spent time with those two as classmates. Both of them could be trusted, their strength was also certain.

However, they were still not in the condition that could do the reinstall weren’t they……. However, if speaking about another powerful person in Vatlantis then…….

At that time the chime of the whole school broadcast sounded. At a glance, the monitor that was visible on the blackboard turned on and a face of a female student was projected. It was an adult face and figure that really couldn’t be seen as a high school student at all. Her sharp eyes were shining on her crisp expression.

{This is the student council president Zelcyone. Today after school, a combined battle practice will be conducted. The students who are scheduled to participate are to come without exception. Also, the student mentioned――}


The captain of the Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guards. As a matter of fact she was the person who was standing at the top of Vatlantis’s army. With her mind attacks that other magic armors couldn’t do, she was a terrifying magic knight.

Kizuna was staring fixedly at that face which was largely projected at the front of the classroom. Zelcyone was one of the few magic knights that weren’t injured when Hokuto attacked.

‘――No no! No matter how, that woman is just impossible.’

He put a lid on his thought before it could become a clear idea. Be that as it may, was there anybody else? A powerful person of Vatlantis, with perfect health, and that could possibly have their Core reinstalled…….


Kizuna decided in his heart the remaining candidate.

Part 2[edit]

Inside the grounds of Nayuta Lab, there was a stylish hot spring inn that was newly made jointly with its reconstruction. It was something built for the solace of the personnel, so it was set up with a wooden Japanese architecture, a verdant Japanese garden with boulders and pond placed there, and then an open air bath, all in pure Japanese style.

The hot water of the hot spring didn’t come from nature, but its composition was created to be very close to the real thing. They had once discovered a hot spring at the bottom of the ocean and pumped up hot water from there, but right now there was no way they could do that. However, this hot water was of a good make that couldn’t be differentiated with a natural hot spring without getting told that.

After they recovered their memories, they became nostalgic of the facilities that existed on Megafloat Japan but none in Ataraxia, so a lot of facilities were constructed, this was one of those.

Kizuna was waiting for someone in one of the rooms there.

The room deep within the second floor was the best room in this inn. The ceiling was high with spacious and luxurious construction, even the furnishings like the chair and table were all high class items with high quality. On the other side of the paper sliding door created from hinoki cypress like a bamboo screen, there was a long and narrow small room, refreshing wind was flowing in from the window.

Kizuna was looking down at a beautiful Japanese garden from that window. The greenery was beautiful, the placement of the stones forming the pond and stream was flowed by water, it was a garden that had a close resemblance with a famous temple in Kyoto. The scent of new tatami and hinoki cypress filled the room, in addition the refreshing wind flowing from the garden also mixed with it, creating an atmosphere that really calmed down the person inside.

It softened the nervousness of what he would do after this.

When he was deeply breathing in the air outside, there was the sound of the sliding door at the entrance being opened.

“Just what business do you have with me, Hida Kizuna?”

A voice that was sharp like a blade resounded, causing Kizuna to instinctively feel choked. His peaceful feeling instantly got blown away, nervousness ruled over his heart.

“It’s nice for you to come, Zelcyone.”

Zelcyone who was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform was crossing her arms with a disappointed expression.

“Well, sit down.”

Kizuna separated from the edge of the window and returned to the room, he then sat down on a tatami chair. They sat surrounding a too wide lacquer table, he was facing each other with Zelcyone.

“I haven’t finished taking care of the student council’s work. If you have business with me then finish it quickly.”

“My bad to call you when you are busy. Even so……although you are complaining, you are continuing to act properly as the student council president huh.”

Zelcyone scowled sharply and let out a low voice.

“I’m not doing this because I like it. I’m only thinking that making the students agitated even more than this, and in turn lowering our combat potential, is not a good plan.”

At that time “Excuse me” a voice could be heard from outside. The sliding screen was quietly opened and a female servant wearing a kimono in seiza posture appeared.

“I bring the tea for the honored guests.”

“Listen well. I have no intention to get along with you. I came because you said that this talk concerns the search of Ainess-sama that will be carried out eventually. Say your business quickly.”

Zelcyone didn’t even pay any attention at all to things like the existence of the female servant entering the room, she threw her irritated feeling at Kizuna.

――And so,

She didn’t notice the hand of the female servant behind her sinking into her back.

That small hand felt unpleasantly groping around inside her chest. It was already too late when she felt that uncanny sensation.


She slashed with a hand chop while turning back. However, behind her there was no figure of anybody.

There was only the dark entrance at the other side of the sliding door that was left open.

“Wha…..just now?”

“It’s this way, Zelcyone-sama.”

Zelcyone turned back in a flash.

“However, Zelcyone-sama too has completely grown soft after living for so long in Ataraxia. Well, for me this is also something desirable though.”

Settled snugly above Kizuna’s knees, Hida Nayuta was fanning herself with her fan.


Zelcyone’s face distorted hatefully.

“Say, Kaa-san? Can you not sit there like it’s only natural?”

“Isn’t this fine. You need to fulfill your filial piety sometimes.”

Rather than a parent, she only looked like a daughter sitting on the lap of a young father.

“So you are going to toy with me until that far……Teros!”

Zelcyone called the name of her magic armor.


Normally the armor should be equipped on her body instantly, but it didn’t appear. Silence spread inside the room, the trees at the garden were giving off the sound of their rustling.

“This is, impossible……Teros!”

“Are you looking for this?”

Nayuta’s fingertips were holding a silver capsule.


The color of Zelcyone’s face changed. She had seen that capsule before. Originally it should be inside her chest, the Core of the magic armor Teros.

“You bastard……you took it out just now. In that short time, without even any wound……”

“It’s something trivial for the current me.”

Zelcyone’s gaze glared at Nayuta, as though saying that she would kill her.

“Well, please don’t make that scary face. It’s not a lie that we are going to talk about something related to the search for Aine. If I have to say it directly, this talk is about the power up of your magic armor Teros, that’s what this is about.”

Zelcyone closed her eyes and her mouth pursed tightly, but before long she opened her eyes slowly.

“Let’s hear the details.”

Part 3[edit]

The sound of hot spring flowing was quietly resounding. The evening sun already disappeared between the trees, the curtain of night was lowering. Above the stones surrounding the open air bath, lanterns were placed, that orange light was swaying and got reflected on the water surface.

Facing the lighted up beautiful garden, the open air bath possessed a profound beauty. Zelcyone and Kizuna were in front of that open air bath, both of them were standing still.

“……Why, do I have to enter the bath together with you. If you are going to do the Core’s reinstall, then do it quickly.”

“That’s why I explained it already right? There is the need to share the two people’s affection and pleasure. Also things like trust, various things…….”

Zelcyone sighed with a bothersome feeling, she put her hand on the jacket of her uniform.

“Good grief……this really cannot be shown to my lot.”

Without showing any embarrassment, she took off her jacket with light motion as though she was changing clothes for PE lesson, she then unbuttoned the buttons of her shirt. From the gaps of the clothes, her purple bra could be peeked.

“What’s wrong, you need to undress too right?”

“Ye, yeah.”

Kizuna also began to take off his uniform, but no matter how he got bothered about Zelcyone. When he took a glance at her, she already lowered her skirt and now she was only in her underwear.

Her underwear was setup in above and below. Her panty looked elegant, created from really expensive, delicate, and beautiful laces. Furthermore her garter belt and stockings further increased her sexiness. Her bewitching look didn’t seem like a high school student at all.

Inside his heart, compared to his big sister Reiri, was she older? Was what he spontaneously thought.

When Zelcyone took off her brassiere, her splendid breasts spilled out. Kizuna was reflexively driven by impulse that wanted to move his hands to support those breasts. Zelcyone’s breasts were drooping heavily as though they were just flicked. It moved up and down for a while from the pull of gravity. It wasn’t extremely big like Yurishia, but it was big enough. Her slightly big nipples strangely made him feel that they were obscene.

Next she put her hand on her panty, and then she pulled down without hesitation. From underneath it, a bush in a color that he couldn’t possible see on Lemuria appeared. That bush which was the same purple color with her hair somehow gave him a noble impression. Furthermore, it was beautifully ordered including their length and shape.

Kizuna was completely fascinated, wondering whether she was also properly trimming that kind of place.

‘――Whoops. I cannot just only keep looking like this.’

Kizuna also took off his underwear in fluster and now he was in a state that could enter the bath anytime.

At that time Zelcyone was taking off her garter belt. Even though she had already taken off her brassiere and panty, yet her appearance that was only wearing garter belt and stockings was really inflammatory.

He even thought that it was a shame that they were taken off, but with that on she couldn’t enter the bath. Kizuna wrapped a towel around his waist and waited for Zelcyone to prepare.

“What, you are waiting?”

“Yeah…..more or less.”

Zelcyone took a towel in her hand, but she didn’t even try to hide her body and faced Kizuna still naked.

She was in the position of giving out order, but looking at her body he understood that she didn’t slack in training. Her tight waist and her faintly formed abs made that apparent. On the whole she was slim, her butt was also smallish. Compared to when he just looked at her breasts, now that he looked at her whole body like this the largeness of her breast looked standing out. He felt that it wasn’t really that large, but surely the slenderness of her body made it look larger.

“Wha……what’s wrong? What are you looking hard at like that?”

“N, no. That’s right. It’s no use just facing each other like this huh. Let’s go.”

Kizuna unconsciously offered his hand. However Zelcyone only glared at that hand and she wasted no time heading towards the bath.

Kizuna scratched his face and pursued the butt that was shaking left and right.

The bath was too spacious when it was reserved just for the two of them, The surface of the boulders were smooth, it felt just right to sit there or to lean on. Kizuna and Zelcyone sat side by side with their backs on the boulder and soaked in the hot water.

“Come to think of it, is there any hot springs or open air baths on Vatlantis too?”

“Obviously. I often went there together with my lovers and mistresses.”

“Let me ask just in case……what you mean by lover is woman right?”

“Obviously don’t you think? What are you saying?”

‘――Of course it’s like that. There is nothing but woman in the world of Atlantis after all.’

“But you have also become completely used to males now that you have lived in Ataraxia right? If it’s you Zelcyone, surely there must be a lot of boys that have approached you with good will isn’t it?”

However Zelcyone made a disagreeable face, then she said as though spitting out.

“Yeah, it’s depressing. I don’t have any interest in men. I have also never let any of them touch this body, not even once. I even thought that if it’s possible let’s just make Ataraxia into a girl school.”

“That’s surprising that you had that kind of plan……realistically that’s impossible though.”

“Also a discipline room. The unpleasant lot and the lot I’m pleased with can be brought there to be trained. No matter how you think of it, that’s a really necessary facility.”

“That’s impossible no matter how you think of it!”

Having been told that clearly how she hated men, for Kizuna who had to do the reinstall with Zelcyone after this it felt like he got the wind taken out of his sail.

However, Zelcyone who had her cheeks reddening from soaking in the hot spring looked really erotic. Her hair was also tied up into a side ponytail hairstyle where her hair was hanging down, so her nape was beautifully visible. That white neck was faintly colored pink, causing Kizuna’s chest to beat fast.

However, he found it difficult to find the timing for broaching the subject.

‘――Yosh. Let’s try doing it daringly.’

Kizuna stood up and sat down on the boulder surrounding the bath. And then without even hiding his body with a towel, he cooled down his flushed body with the night wind.

Zelcyone who was soaking beside Kizuna was startled for a moment the instant Kizuna stood up. And then after that her eyes couldn’t move away from there.


She was staring fixedly with a heated gaze. That shape that she was seeing for the first time was as though she was tracing it with her eyes to burn it into her memory.

“As expected it’s rare seeing it huh.”

Zelcyone abruptly returned to her senses and averted her face.

“Hm, hmph. I’m just looking at it thinking how ugly it is. As I thought, girls are beautiful. Atlantis is an evolved world. Lemuria too should quickly throw away the gender of male.”

She rattled on in one breath.

And then she pretended that she wasn’t bothered for a while, but she kept sending him peeking glances.

He approached Zelcyone’s direction for a little, but she didn’t specially act as though she hated it. And then finally he had approached until Zelcyone’s shoulder clung to Kizuna’s leg closely.

Zelcyone’s small and well shaped head was right there. Looking at her from above like this had never happened before. His hand unconsciously reached out. Will she get angry? Kizuna hesitated for a moment, but he resolutely touched her purple hair.

However there was no reaction from Zelcyone. Kizuna moved his hand and caressed her head as though praising a little kid. Thereupon Zelcyone leaned her cheek on Kizuna’s knee as though asking to be spoiled, she was staring at between his legs.

“What beautiful hair. There is no color like this on Lemuria.”

“……Even in Vatlantis there are not many with this color. This is the uniqueness of my family lineage.”

“Is that so. It’s my honor that I can touch them.”

‘If I think carefully, does that mean I’m the first man that touched Zelcyone?’

“Nn…..that’s, is its size changing?”

‘Don’t ask something embarrassing like that straightly’, Kizuna thought.

“Yeah. With girls, there are also places that can change in size right?”

“Uh huh……certainly.”

Zelcyone lifted her waist and stood up. Hot water was flowing down that beautiful body.

“Kizuna. By all rights, it’s intolerable for this body to be touched by the likes of a male. But the circumstances is how it is. I’ll tolerate it just for this time. That’s why――”

Zelcyone’s eyes were lit in resolve.

“Present to me the strongest magic armor. Grant me the strong power, that can protect Grace-sama and Ainess-sama as much as possible.”

Kizuna also stood up and received Zelcyone’s gaze right from the front.

“Yeah. Even I understand that Grace and Aine need Zelcyone. Let’s combine our strength, and create the power to protect those two.”

Zelcyone’s grim gaze slackened a little. Combined with the blush on her cheeks thanks to the warmth of the water, she suddenly looked lovely.

That face was rapidly approaching Kizuna.


Kizuna’s mouth was blocked by Zelcyone’s lips.

Even while being shocked by the sudden proactive action, Kizuna responded to that act. And then he also passionately welcomed the tongue that was parting through his lips. Zelcyone’s tongue was soft and slightly longer compared to other people. It was a mysterious sensation to have her caressing freely inside his mouth.

That pleasantness made Kizuna circled both his hands on Zelcyone’s back and embraced her. Zelcyone also responded to that and she circled her hands on Kizuna’s waist. The bodies of the two clung at each other tightly, Zelcyone’s breasts had their shape distorted from being pressed on Kizuna’s chest.

With the addition of the pleasantness of the sensation of those breasts, Kizuna fell into a daze.

Their lips suddenly separated. The saliva of the two that were mixed with each other formed a bridge between their mouths. And then Zelcyone smiled sweetly.

“Fufufu. How about I take a look at your skill, o demon king of Lemuria.”

“While it’s only this inexperienced me, I’ll do my best to make you feel good.”

Kizuna lifted up the breast of Zelcyone with his right hand.

“Nn-……fufu, I am, formidable just so you know……after all for me, there is no woman that I cannot make fall.”

“That, really makes me want to enter apprenticeship under you.”

His right hand kept moving to gently massage Zelcyone’s breast.

“What an anathema.”

‘――Eh!? Already?’

“That makes me lightly shocked. Am I that unskilled?”

However Zelcyone glared at him sullenly.

“You already have no need to make any more woman fall. You have Ainess-sama and Grace-sama right? What need do you have to make other woman fall.”

“Eh? That’s――”

Kizuna had his lips blocked once again. And then Zelcyone’s supple fingers crawled around Kizuna’s body. And then her palm that was circled on his back lowered down along his spine toward his butt. And then Zelcyone began to rub Kizuna’s butt.

“Nn……fufu-, as expected it’s hard.”

“That’s obvious. But……Zelcyone’s is soft.”

Kizuna also fought back, he grasped Zelcyone’s butts and massaged them while pulling to left and right.

“Anh, yo, you are rough……but, this too, is unexpectedly……aaan-”

Kizuna felt strangely excited hearing her unexpectedly sweet gasping voice.

One of his hands caressed up from her butt along her spine.


Zelcyone’s spine shivered, her body bent backward. Zelcyone’s stomach was pressed on Kizuna’s thing.

“Nnhaa……wha, what……it’s actually this hard.”

Zelcyone stared at that with moist eyes.

“Are you curious of it?”

“No, not really……uaAAN-!”

He groped Zelcyone’s breast once more. And then his mouth held its tip.

“Hih! Oy, so suddenly……AAaAAAAAAAA……yo, you stupid fool……”

Zelcyone’s face floated an intoxicated smile. When Kizuna understood that Zelcyone was happy, he attentively began to lick her breast.

Inside Kizuna’s mouth, Zeclyone’s nipple was pointing up. And then its stiffness was also increasing. At the same time with that, the way Zelcyone was feeling it was also growing fiercer.

Kizuna separated his mouth from the breast’s sensitive spot and then he also caressed around that part with his tongue.

“Au…, doing it, that thoroughly……”

He was caressing by drawing circle, his tongue was gradually moving to the outer part. And then from the side of her breast to above. It was right at that time that Zelcyone was lifting her arm, without stopping he licked up at her armpit.


She shrieked joyfully with her voice breaking into falsetto.

“Zelcyone, does this place feel good?”

“Yo-, you are wrong. It felt a little ticklis――hiiIIIIyaaAAAAAn! Wa, wait-don’t-! That spot-!”

Kizuna held back Zelcyone’s arms and forcefully put his mouth there. He licked up with his tongue, and then he strongly sucked to leave behind a kiss mark.

At that moment, Zelcyone’s body stiffened.

“Hiiih! Nh! Aah! AAaAAAAAA……”

Her whole body convulsed and she trembled all over.

‘――She really feel it at her armpit.’

Kizuna grew to feel slightly mischievous, he caressed her body while only his mouth didn’t go away from her armpit. He licked thoroughly and each time Zelcyone’s body trembled.

After doing that for around five minutes, strength left Zelcyone’s body and she went limp.

“What’s wrong, Zelcyone?”

“Shu……shut up. Never mind, just let me go.”

However she looked like she would sink into the water if he let go. Kizuna lifted up Zelcyone in a princess carry.


She looked up at Kizuna with blank eyes as though she was a young girl.

“My bad, Zelcyone. I got too carried away I think.”

Zelcyone shyly averted her gaze with a dizzy expression. That was a face that he couldn’t imagine coming from the usually gallant Zelcyone at all.

“Re, really……the humans of Lemuria, are lacking in elegance. Really……are you a hungry beast……because of that even my rhythm got deranged.”

After apologizing once more, Kizuna kept embracing Zelcyone and got out of the bath.

Kizuna carried Zelcyone until the changing room and made her sat on the bench. And then perhaps she had no strength on her waist, Zelcyone couldn’t stand up that he was the one who put a yukata on her. It was difficult to neatly fix her clothes, but today this whole inn was reserved. Kizuna lent his shoulder to Zelcyone whose yukata’s front was still slovenly and returned until the room.

After opening the sliding door and entering the room, the inside was dark, there a futon was already spread. It was two futons for two people, but looking at how the two futons were spread sticking at each other it could be felt how intentional it was.

“We arrived already Zelcyone. Hold tight.”

Kizuna laid down Zelcyone on the futon where they almost fell in the middle. The lighting of the room vanished and the only light came from several indirect lighting put on the wall.

From the gaps of her opened yukata, he could clearly see her voluptuous breasts until its tips. And then her thighs were exposed without reservation from her flipped up yukata’s cuff.

Inside the dim room, Zelcyone’s body that was illuminated by orange light was distinctly covered by shadow, she looked even more lewd compared to when in the open air bath.


When he patted her head, she narrowed her eyes from the pleasant feeling. And then she grasped Kizuna’s hand and brought it towards her mouth.

“Zelcyone, what are――”

She held Kizuna’s finger in her mouth, licked it diligently with her tongue, and then she sweetly bit with her teeth. His finger felt really pleasant, that it felt like he was hallucinating that his arm too would be swallowed by Zelcyone.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 11.png

“Nh, chuu……ha, the likes of man……chuu, in front, of me……nkuu……isn’t something, worth mention……ing haa……”

Perhaps from her competitiveness, Zelcyone tried to make Kizuna feel good, this time she opened the front of Kizuna’s yukata, kissed at his chest and crawled her tongue on it.

‘――Uu, it, feels good! Just what is this woman’s tongue made of? Even though I’m just getting licked, my body feels like it’s melting!’

“Ze, Zel……it’s enough already right? I’m taking the Core, so wait a little.”

Saying that he tore off Zel’s body from him and tried to stand up. However Zelcyone grasped the cuff of his yukata.

“Oi, Zelcyone……”

The front of Kizuna’s yukata was bared open and Kizuna’s thing appeared in front of Zelcyone’s eyes. Zelcyone’s throat that was staring fixedly at that gulped audibly.

“A……are you running away, Kizuna.”

“What running away……”

Kizuna smiled wryly and then without stopping he went away from the futon as though dragging along Zelcyone with him. His yukata was bared open from the pulling and it was mostly taken off.

After he picked up the attaché case that was left on the floor and returned, Zelcyone was looking up at him with a dissatisfied face.

“I told you I was just picking this thing up.”

He opened the attaché case and inside a Core shining silver was put there. While Kizuna and Zelcyone were going to the open air bath, Nayuta was adjusting this Core.

“You are going to……install that in me?”

Zelcyone crawled her finger between her powerless legs.

“In my place here……”

That inflammatory gesture made Kizuna gulp his saliva unconsciously.

“So, something like that. For that, Zelcyone and I have to be even more intimate.”

Sitting in front of Zelcyone, Kizuna stared fixedly at her eyes.

Perhaps due to the hot spring, or possibly from shyness, Zelcyone’s cheeks were blushing, her yukata was slipping down from her shoulders.

“You can……do as you please. Show me, your……skill.”

As though he was invited by her shaking breasts, Kizuna’s hand reached out.


He thoroughly rubbed and lifted up the breast that was large for her slender body. The breast that had been warmed in the hot spring felt like it became even softer and sucked in his hand. The tip of her breast had been kept standing from a while ago.

“HAaAh! If you, doing it, tha, that strongly-……aaah”

He stimulated that stiff tip by pressing it with his fingertip. And then when he gently pinched it, feverish breathing leaked out from Zelcyone’s mouth.

While he was playing with her breast a lot and thought of the next development, shuddering pleasure ran in Kizuna’s abdomen.

“O, oi-, what are……”

“Fu……fufu, yo, you too……don’t forget……nn, that you are also receiving attack.”

Zelcyone’s both hands went between Kizuna’s crotch, One hand traced along his shaft, and the other hand gently lifted up the things dangling down below it.


“Fufu, ho……how is it Kizuna? Yo, you look like, ahn, you’re enjoying it too much, nnh!”

Kizuna also tried to oppose her, his hand went into between Zelcyone’s legs.

“NNAaAAH! O, oi-, there……haaah! Aaan♡”

Zelcyone twisted her body in obvious pleasure. That high pitched voice of hers, her knitted eyebrows and smiling face, it was all different from the usual Zelcyone, she looked really lovely.

“I, idiot-, don’t move insi――hiaaah! YaAHN, an”

“Zelcyone yourself, you let out a lot of cute voices huh……it’s a little unexpected seeing you like this.”

“Yo, you, fool……the, there is no way, that’s true, I……ha, am the side that makes people scream.”

However, right after saying that her body bent backwards and she raised a sweet voice.

“NOOoOOOh♡ Thi, this is……ku, your body, is not a woman so……shit-, I, I’m not familiaaaaAAAAAAANNNNN-“

Strength left her body and Zelcyone collapsed towards Kizuna.


Zelcyone leaned her head on Kizuna’s shoulder. Kizuna gently embraced her body so that she wouldn’t fall. She was breathing sweetly while sometimes her body would shiver.

Looks like she welcomed a light climax. However, even while her consciousness was hazy, her lips pressed on Kizuna’s nape and her tongue caressed his skin. And then both her hands kept grasping Kizuna’s thing firmly.

“Zelcyone, then can I rely on you for the Core? I want you to stimulate and warm this thing.”

It was a preparation for the reinstall. The Core was synchronized with Kizuna’s sense, so from here on Kizuna also couldn’t let his guard down.

However Zelcyone alternately looked at the Core that Kizuna presented and the thing that she was holding. And then she separated for the moment from Kizuna and laid down her body erotically on the futon. And then she brought her face near Kizuna’s thing on all fours.

“This is……both of them are synchronized right? Then……I want to warm this one here but……is it no good?”

Her eyes that were looking up at him beggingly made his chest jolted. Obscene light was shining in her moist eyes. Perhaps taking Kizuna’s silence as approval, Zelcyone brought her face even closer and opened her lips. And then she kissed at the tip with her soft lips. Instantly pleasure ran from Kizuna’s crotch towards his waist. And then in the blink of an eye Kizuna’s thing was swallowed by Zelcyone.

“O, oi……don’t suddenly force yourself.”

He touched Zelcyone’s head gently to separate her from him, but then Zelcyone hugged Kizuna’s waist. She put strength on her arms obstinately that she wouldn’t release it.

“Go, got it! You can do as you like.”

He said that and caressed her head, feeling relieved she unfastened her hands around his waist. And then her hand propped the thing she was sucking and moved up and down, the things dangling down below it were massaged greedily by her other hand.

That awkward hand movement flamed up Kizuna’s pleasure instead. That Zelcyone is……just thinking that made him excited.

Kizuna glanced at the Core he put beside the futon. It seemed that it was already thoroughly prepared for the install.

“Zelcyone, aren’t you tired? Besides you are bored right? It will be soon……”

However Zelcyone shook her head with the thing still in her mouth. And then she let out Kizuna’s thing that had been warmed so much in her mouth that it felt like there was steam there, she looked up at him with entranced eyes.

“It’s mysterious……why, is something like this……making me calm down, my chest going warm from sucking it……I don’t get tired of it……I can keep licking it, for the whole night……”

‘――No, if you do that that will be too wasteful for me.’

He reached out his hand and touched Zelcyone’s body. He lifted her voluminous breast and caressed it. Her body that was already feeling it reacted sensitively to Kizuna’s hand, honey was overflowing from inside her body.

“Let’s feel even better. After that I’ll have you lick it again.”


He soothed Zelcyone who was looking up at him doubtfully and somehow made her hand released him. And then he opened the legs of Zelcyone who was now lying down on the futon facing up.

“Now, here we go……”

Zelcyone looked fondly at the nervous Kizuna and showed him a kind smile.

“Yes……let’s make it, with the two of us?♡”

That smile which was really obscenely cute made Kizuna smiled reflexively too.

‘――That way of saying it makes me think of various other things though.’

Kizuna brought the Core close to Zelcyone’s crotch, he touched its tip at Zelcyone’s entrance.


Zelcyone’s body jolted in shivers. And then without stopping Kizuna sunk the Core into her body.

“Ah……kuh……nnha, aaa, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!”

As the Core was progressing inside, Zelcyone’s body was convulsing. And then, both her arms reached out as though searching for something.

“YaaAAAHN, Ki, Kizuna-! KIZUNAaAAAAA-!”

“It’s fine. I’m right here.”


When she found Kizuna’s body, she made a relieved sigh and expression and embraced his body.

“O…..Ze, Zelcyone?”

When he was embraced strongly like this, it was really difficult to move.

“I’m sorry, just for a little……”

When he was trying to separate their bodies, Zelcyone entangled both her legs on Kizuna’s body in panic, holding Kizuna’s body tightly with both her arms and legs.

“Ya, no, NNoOOO”

She threw a tantrum with a face that almost broke into tears so that he wouldn’t go away. This must also be because of the effect that was similarly generated in Heart Hybrid. Perhaps she was feeling it too much that her head didn’t work properly.

Kizuna relaxed and put his body weight on Zelcyone’s body. And then he whispered sweetly into her ear.

“You don’t need to worry. I’m right beside Zel here.”


In her eyes that let out tears on her joyful smile, a purple light was swimming.

After he thrust deep into Zelcyone, he slowly pulled it out.

“Ah, yah, it, feels good-! So, something like this, is-, the first♡”

Zelcyone rained down kisses on Kizuna’s ear and cheek fawningly. And then as though she was thanking him for the pleasure he gave her, she stretched out her tongue and licked him all over. It felt ticklish, but it made him feel Zelcyone’s lovely expression of affection and made him feel happiness. It felt like his affection towards the pushed down Zelcyone beneath him was increasing.

“Are you okay? You don’t feel pain?”

Zelcyone shook her head toward Kizuna’s question with an expression that was desperately suppressing the pleasure.

“I, it’s all right…ahn……Ki, Kizuna, can do…….as you please, already♡”



Particles of light were floating up from the bodies of the two who were staring at each other.

Kizuna went into his last spurt and accelerated the coming and going of the Core as though to familiarize it with Zelcyone’s body.

“Aah! Kizuna-! KizunaaAAAhn!”

Zelcyone’s face was bright red, sweat was flowing from her whole body and she gasped a lot.

And then both of them rushed towards climax together.


Intense light snapped out and warm divine radiance wrapped the two of them.

“Aa……this is, the mix of affection and pleasure……”[4]

The Core was melting inside the body of Zelcyone who was murmuring intoxicatedly.

It was the moment when the reinstall of Teros succeeded.

Part 4[edit]

Both of them fell asleep right after and passed the night.

When Kizuna opened his eyes due to the morning sun that shined from the window, there was Zelcyone that was softly breathing cutely inside his arms. It was an innocent sleeping face with a slight smile tugged there.

‘――I never thought that I would spend a night with Zelcyone.’

Even after the reinstall Zelcyone kept fawning at Kizuna a lot. It made him recall that dazzling night.

“Zel, it’s morning now.”

He called at her while caressing her head, Zelcyone opened her eyes with a faint voice.

“Good morning, Zel.”


Along with the strength of will that was gradually filling her eyes, expression was vanishing from her face.

She raised her head slowly from Kizuna’s arm pillow and stood up on the futon.


And then she put on her underwear with sluggish movement and she put her arm through her uniform’s sleeve.

“Aah, are you going to school? Or else to the dormitory――”

She glared at Kizuna who was calling out to her with eyes as though he had killed her parents.

“Shut up! Don’t you push your luck Kizuna!”


That drastic change of attitude made Kizuna stiffen with a cramped smile on his face.

“Last night, to my shame, I got taken by surprise, but that was an accident. Don’t you think that the likes of you can do whatever you please with me! That doesn’t mean that I now belong to you!”

“Eh, a, yeah…..but about yesterday……”

Perhaps she was recalling what happened last night, Zelcyone’s cheeks reddened and she pursed her lips tightly.

“For, forget about last night! Or, or else, do you need me to erase it for you huh!?”

“N, no, stop that please!”

Kizuna immediately covered his eyes.

“……Listen well. About this matter, don’t you tell even a single soul.”

Kizuna thought that was only par for the course, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth.

“I got it……so, if you are going home then I’ll send you off――”

“No need! Don’t put on an air like you are my master! I’ve not become your woman at all! Engrave that into your heart! Hida Kizuna!”

The sliding door was closed with a bang and Zelcyone’s figure vanished.

“Aa……got it.”

While being half dazed from that complete change of attitude, Kizuna looked around the room where Zelcyone had left. He slowly stood up, put on his yukata, and then while thinking about going for a morning bath because this was a rare chance, he approached the window.


Outside the window, there was Zelcyone in the middle of the path towards the gate looking up to here.

The gazes of the two met and Zelcyone’s cheeks reddened before she turned her face. And then, she headed towards the gate with large steps.

While looking at her back figure, he wondered what he should talk about with her the next time they met face to face?

――Like that, Kizuna pondered.

Electronic Special Short Story – [Zelcyone’s Discord][edit]

Swallowed by the space-time tsunami generated by Osiris, Oldium that Grace and the others of the Vatlantis group boarded drifted ashore at Osiris’s world.

Clayda glared at the monitor which had its searching range turned to max.

“There is nothing but sand as far as the eye can see. However, based from the image we saw when we did emergency landing, we know that there is something like a city at the other side of the horizon.”

Grace nodded in understanding.

“Then we can only go there to see. I will go for a bit and look at the situation there.”

Grace was about to go out of the bridge while saying that, but Zelcyone stopped her in panic.

“Please wait. We don’t know what kind of danger is waiting there. The Quartum and I will depart for reconnaissance.”

However, Grace pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction.

“What are you saying? Exactly because we don’t know what kind of enemy is there and the possibility of danger that I have to go. If there is a machine god there……all of you should know how strong those bunches are. Isn’t it only natural for me who has the greatest combat strength to go?”

“You must not. Grace-sama can just prepare on the bridge. Please leave that kind of trivial work to us.”

“What are you saying Zel? That you have power even stronger than me? Are you saying that you possess a strength that can possibly oppose a machine god?”

At that time Zelcyone looked startled. Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza of Quartum felt a faint out of place feeling.

Zelcyone’s reaction didn’t seem to be something simple like having been offended where it hurts. The four people who were always at Zelcyone’s side as her close aide were able to sense the slight difference in Zelcyone’s reaction. That difference made the four people feel dissatisfaction inside them.

“Tha, that is……there is no way that is true.”

Zelcyone’s eyes were wavering. Seeing her like this was really rare. The four Quartum displayed pure interest rather than anxiety at Zelcyone’s agitation.

“A, at any rate, for the emperor herself to perform reconnaissance is just outrageous. Please leave it to us.”

After saying that Zelcyone turned on her heel.

“Ah, where are you going! Zel!”

“I will be doing the preparation for my sortie. The Quartum, too, do each of your own preparation.”

Without waiting for any reply from the four Quartum, Zelcyone left the bridge as though she was running away.

She crossed the corridor with fast pace and entered the elevator with a leap, she then pressed for the floor where her room was. Oldium had an emergency landing in a tilted state, so the elevator was also tilting diagonally. Leaning on the tilted wall, she heaved a deep sigh.

“Even though this is not something that can be hidden forever……”

Zelcyone was able to obtain the power that could possibly oppose a machine god.

The new power she obtained was the result of the Core’s reinstall with Hida Kizuna. Of course it was an act for the sake of protecting Grace and searching for Aine. She had no other sentiment except those.

But, when she thought about the feeling of Aine and Grace, doing reinstall with Kizuna felt like betraying those two somehow, she couldn’t talk about it honestly.

In the back of her mind, what happened in a room of Ataraxia’s hot spring inn flashed.


Zelcyone’s cheeks boiled red and she bit her lip.

“Good grief. This is that guy’s fault too.”

The memory of what Kizuna did to herself was rising to the surface of her mind. The tip of her breast that was touched by Kizuna. Her own finger touched that place as though to recall that sensation.


At that moment, a sweet sensation came from the tip of her breast to her waist, and then went to her brain through her spinal cord.


Unconsciously a sweet sigh leaked out from her mouth. Her fingertip continued to rub her breast searchingly as though to pursue that sensation.

The fabric of her military uniform was a bother that she strengthened her finger’s movement. Electrifying sensation resounded on the pointed end of her breast.


‘――The place……Kizuna touched. The place where the Core was installed into me…….’

Zelcyone described the pleasure at that time to ruminate on it, she caressed all over her body. Her fingertip was unconsciously reaching out to her crotch.


Zelcyone was surprised at her fingertip’s sensation and in panic she peeked at her own nether region.

Over there was already damply wet, the nectar overflowing from between the high legging became drips along her thighs and flowed down towards her calf.


Zelcyone’s face turned red inside the elevator where she was alone.

‘――Wh, what? Just by recalling that, I become this……it’s like I’m having a craving like this.’

She had to wipe up the overflowing nectar before anybody else entered the elevator. For the Imperial Guards captain Zelcyone of all people, walking around while her nectar was dripping from recalling her tryst with Lemuria’s demon king, it would be a matter of her honor if such thing became known.

After thinking so, she then ‘What tryst! That was just work!’ scolded herself like that.

She tried to wipe her nectar with her fingertips and touched between her crotch.


She plugged her mouth in panic.

‘――Wha, what, what is that girlish voice just now?’

She clenched her teeth and took out a handkerchief from her breast pocket, hesitantly she wiped up the drips along her thighs.

“You bastard……Hida Kizuna. This too, everything is that guy’s fault!”

That man was stealing her important things one after another. Ainess and then Grace. And then by any chance, even the Vatlantis Empire itself.

‘――Ainess-sama and Grace-sama too are infatuated with that man. I cannot deny their feelings. But, if that’s the case then what will happen?

Will that man become Vatlantis’s emperor? In that case will I serve that man, that I have to protect him, Ainess-sama, and Grace-sama?’

Inside Zelcyone’s chest, a strange feeling that she couldn’t decide whether it was disgust or amusement attacked her. Certainly he was the leading actor that once saved Atlantis from that Nayuta. She also understood that his feeling that treasured Ainess and Grace wasn’t a lie or false.

“No, screw that. Even the reinstall before this……his caress was crude. Compared to my technique his couldn’t possibly compare. There is no way he can satisfy Ainess-sama and Grace-sama with that.”

――Then what should she do?

“It’s necessary for me to teach Kizuna the techniques of night acts……”

After she murmured until there, her face turned bright red and her lips pursed tightly.

‘――Am I sane? Just what foolish thing was I thinking just now!’



A floating window appeared before her eyes at the same time when the elevator door opened.

“Wha, what! What happened, suddenly calling me like this?”

Inside the window, the faces of the four Quartum were pressing against each other while peering at her. She somehow felt like the full particulars of what she did just now was seen, causing the beating of her chest to grow violent.

{Grace-sama is not here!}

Blood quickly left Zelcyone’s face.

{Most likely, Grace-sama is heading alone towards the place that seems to be a city――}

Before she finished speaking, Zelcyone went out of the elevator and searched for the nearby external hatch.

“We are heading to that city right now. Lunorlla and Ramza follow me. We have to think about passing over Grace-sama too. Clayda and Elma are standing by in Oldium.”

After listening to the reply of the Quartum, Zelcyone opened the hatch and stared at the desert that was continuing until the horizon. No matter what happened, it didn’t change that Ainess and Grace were important existences. Right now she wouldn’t think any needless matter and just protected her master. That was the first priority.

Zelcyone went out from the hatch.


After she yelled so, the newly reborn Teros was equipped on her body.

This was the new power she obtained for the sake of protecting her master.


There Ramza and Lunorlla were descending from above wearing their magic armor.

“Eh? Zel-sama, is that……Teros?”

“True, somehow it looks different……”

“……Don’t mind it. Rather than that let’s hurry!”

“Ah! Wait, Zel-sama!”

Zelcyone flew away with a force that left the two behind.

Was that because she was worrying about Grace, or else because she was running away from being questioned about the reinstalled Teros?

Even Zelcyone herself didn’t understand which reason was the correct one.

Masou Gakuen HxH V09 BW 12.png

Yurishia: Nfuu! Nfuu!

Kizuna: Are you okay, Yurishia!? Aren’t you unable to even say the next mission like that!?

Aine: Rather than that, just when are you going to come save me!?


  1. Seems like the anime attached asshole in Gertrude’s speech, so I’ll also use that here for Gertrude’s characteristic way of talking.
  2. The we used here is royal we.
  3. I don’t know what Himekawa is going to say here, it’s a word beginning with ‘ka’ in Japanese
  4. The words affection I have been using until now can also be heard as love in the original language

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