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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 8


“Captain, it is morning already desu. Please wake up desu.”

It was a cute voice like a tinkling bell. Invited by that voice, his consciousness was rising to the surface from the bottom of a deep sleep.


After he floated up to the morning awakening as if taking out his face from a water surface, a girl that was like an angel was reflected in his eyes.

“Ah, you woke up Captain? Good morning desu.”

Fluffy blonde hair and violet eyes. Her smile that was overflowing with enjoyment and expectation was peering at his face.

“This place……is it, heaven?”

“Captain? What are you talking about desu?”

His mind couldn’t settle down and various matters that rose inside his head vanished.

‘――It’s like something really serious had happened……something really important…….’

His hazy mind tried to recall the dream he had seen just now. However the more he tried to remember, the memory was only going even farther. He tried to cling at the tip of the concerning dream and closed his eyes once more.

As if to obstruct that, the curtain was opened vigorously. The morning sunlight shone into the room aplenty, causing it to be dazzling even when his eyes were closed. And then as if to give the finishing blow, a small hand shook his body.

“Geez, Captain is a sleepyhead aren’t you desu. Captain is going to be late if you don’t quickly wake up desu.”

“Aah……Sylvia huh.”

Hida Kizuna woke up from the bed reluctantly.

“Good morning. Today you are early too.”

“Did captain stay up late yesterday desu?”

“Yesterday……eh? I wonder about that?”

Sylvia smiled in amusement at the unclear answer of Kizuna.

“It’s look like Captain is still not fully awake yet desu. Please wash your face. While Captain is doing that, Sylvia will prepare the breakfast desu.”

“I guess. Thank you Sylvia.”

Now that he woke up it was really nothing. Even the content of the dream that he was strangely bothered with was just a dream anyway. It had already completely vanished from inside Kizuna’s head.

What was called a dream was vivid when it was being seen, but when one woke up it would be completely forgotten soon. Surely it was because the content wasn’t a logical or coherent one, but something nonsensical.

Kizuna washed his face and finished changing his clothes, then he headed to the dining kitchen. There, an appetizing breakfast with rising steam was waiting for him. It was a homemade Britain style breakfast of Sylvia.

Beautiful glossy sunny-side-up fried egg. Sausage full of meat juice and bacon. Fresh and lustrous tomato and lettuce, mushroom, baked beans, black pudding, etc. All of those were served in a plate. The refreshing aroma rising from the crispy toasted bread and cup that was filled with coffee instead of a tea. Any of those struck his sleeping stomach and roused up his appetite whether he wanted it or not.

“Now, please eat desu.”

Taking a seat in the position that faced Sylvia upfront, he picked up his chopsticks while saying ‘itadakimasu’. The volume was quite much for breakfast, but it was delicious that he kept eating unconsciously.

“I’m thankful that you are taking personal care of me, and of course I’m happy but……Sylvia, you are not forcing yourself aren’t you?”

Sylvia blinked her eyes with a puzzled face. After a moment, she slowly tilted her head. It seemed that she was bothered because she didn’t understand what he meant.

“No, you make breakfast and clean up the room, the quality is also frightfully high……I’m thinking if it isn’t really tiring for you.”

“It’s not tiring at all desu. Sylvia is enjoying it desu.”

Saying that, she showed a smile that seemed to look really delighted.

“Rather than that, Captain yourself, are you tired desu? This morning Captain was really a sleepyhead desu.”

“No, rather than being tired……perhaps, it’s because I had a little bad dream.”

“A bad dream desu?”

“That, I don’t remember most of the dream. For some reason, it felt like it was really something spectacular like the world is going to end or something though.”

“Haa, world destruction……is it desu. Captain saw a really dangerous dream desu.”

Was he going to be laughed at, he wondered, but unexpectedly Sylvia showed a serious expression. He took the remote on the table and pressed the button. Thereupon the big television at the center of the living room turned on and the morning news began to broadcast.

{Continuing after the weather forecast, this is the forecast of Japan’s AU Entrance. The outbreak of Entrance in Japan is surely in low probability. The appearance likelihood of Entrance in every region is as can be seen.}

“The maximum rate is around 10%……it seems that today there won’t be a large scale AU collision isn’t it desu.”

“Yeah. With that rate there won’t be any dispatch I think.”

“World destruction also won’t occur desu.”

Sylvia’s radiant smiling face that seemed to tell him to please be relieved made Kizuna reflexively smile wryly.

“Even I am not thinking seriously of something like world destruction you know. Even if an AU collision occurs and any kind of Demon God Weapon appears, there won’t be any problem with us Amaterasu here right?”

“Of course desu! Sylvia will do her best desu!”

――AU collision.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when two worlds, this world and the alternate world that originally shouldn’t cross each other, came into contact with each other. And then an Entrance was the rip that came forth when these two worlds collided.

What came from the AU through that rip were mysterious gigantic weapons called demon god weapons.

Their true identity and objective were unclear. It was just that they were existences that repeatedly attacked and invaded silently. Before, great damage resulted from them, but currently due to Heart Hybrid Gear forces starting from Amaterasu, it became possible to repel them.

The research about AU collision was also advancing. Right now, even the Entrance outbreak could be predicted. It was even ordinary for the morning and evening news to report it together with the weather forecast. Now even the AU collision and the demon god weapons that appeared from there became perceived as something at the same level as natural disaster like lightning strike or typhoon.

“Ah! We will be late if we don’t go out soon desu!”

Sylvia’s voice made him confirm the time that was displayed at the television’s screen. There was not even fifteen minutes until the school gate was locked.

“This is bad-! This week it’s Himekawa herself who has the shift at the gate right? Let’s hurry!”

The tableware was pushed at the dishwashing machine for the moment before Kizuna exited the room together with Sylvia. Perhaps because the time was late already, there was no human presence in the dormitory’s corridor. It was too slow even waiting for the elevator, they rushed outside in a fluster where warm sunlight of spring and a refreshing wind greeted them.

There was no particular reason, but Kizuna’s heart was enlivened.

‘――Looks like today will be an enjoyable day too.’

He had such a hunch.

Chapter 1 – A Certain Academy’s Ordinary Day[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The students that were almost late were rushing to the school gate one after another. It was a usual scenery in this high school department of Ataraxia. However, Himekawa Hayuru was staring at such an ordinary day with an irritated thought.

“……Good grief, I wonder why they cannot just depart from their home just a little bit earlier. Their awareness as the students of tactical defense academy Ataraxia who ought to protect the world is lacking.”

The discipline committee members that Himekawa led detained the rushing students and proceeded to check their uniform and personal effects. At that time a noisy voice could be heard.

“At this rate, Sylvia will receive the first place prize desu!”

“Who, who will let you! Haa, haa, betting on, the captain’s honor-! I won’t lose! No matter what kind of method I have to use! Eros!!”

Equipping Heart Hybrid Gear, Kizuna accelerated in one go and overtook Sylvia.

“Then Sylvia too will get serious desu! Taros!”

A flash traveled and a giant body that brushed aside space appeared. At the center Sylvia’s small body was settled. Taros’s gigantic rocket thruster scattered around a lot of particles about while accelerating. She passed over Kizuna instantly.


Veins appeared on Himekawa’s forehead and her face convulsed.

“Tho, those people……”

At that time the discipline committee members hallucinated that flames were bursting out from Himekawa’s whole body. Sylvia was flying towards the school gate where flames of killing intent was whirling, with a broad smile on her face.

“Waa―i♪ Sylvia is in first place desu!”

Next Kizuna came after her.

“Haa haa, sh……it, Sylvia, is really fast.”


With a look like a demon, Himekawa yelled angrily at the two. Against that surge of explosive rage, Kizuna and Sylvia were trembling. Both of them disassembled their Heart Hybrid gears in panic.

“Aa……sorry. Himekawa, that, a deep reason for this――”

Doesn’t exist.

A grinding sound could be heard from the mouth of Himekawa who was grinding her teeth in annoyance. That voice made Kizuna felt even colder in his stomach.

“Are you listening, Ca-p-ta-in Kizuna? We are members of the tactical defense academy, furthermore we are members of the Heart Hybrid Gear force who should be an example! We are Amaterasu which is the top team you know!? Do you understand what is the meaning of that!?”

“E, err……”

Himekawa cornered Kizuna who was drenched with cold sweat.

“What is with that state of affair……too lax! Your awareness is lacking! Like this far from being the example for other students, you can only become a bad example! By now, I already went past rage and can only feel shameful to this!”

Sylvia was trembling shakily behind Kizuna. Now he became really regretful not only towards Himekawa, but also towards Sylvia.

“Sorry Himekawa. Maybe I got a little too lax just now.”

Towards Kizuna who lowered his head honestly and recognized Himekawa’s grievances easily, it made Himekawa faltered instead.

“Ye……yes. If you understand, that’s fine.”

Himekawa somehow began feeling embarrassed. Perhaps she had gotten too angry after temporarily surrendering herself to her emotion. To go as far as lecturing Kizuna and Sylvia and making them lower their heads in public presence, now that she thought carefully she had demanded too severely from them.

“E, err……”

Himekawa peeked up at Kizuna’s expression. ‘What am I going to do if he is making an angry or sad face?’ she was looking up fearfully with that kind of thinking. However, what she found there was a gentle smiling face.

“What’s the matter, Himekawa?”

Coming back to herself suddenly, Himekawa averted her gaze. Suddenly embarrassment was filling her heart.

“Kizuna-kun……that, I said a little too much……”

“Hm? No, what Himekawa was saying is correct. Besides Himekawa’s strictness also straightened us who tend to lax down. It really helps that a reliable person is at our side, rather it even makes me feel apologetic to make you take the unpleasant role.”


Himekawa’s cheeks reddened in crimson tinge. She looked down so that her dyed cheeks wouldn’t be noticed. However she couldn’t stop her lips that were naturally loosening down. To hide that expression she looked even lower.

“What’s the matter, Himekawa?”

“No……nothing at all-!”

She reached her hand at Kizuna’s collar when she lifted up her face. While she was restraining down her smiling expression by mobilizing all her face muscle, she fixed his necktie.

“Good grief, you are always so untidy here. You are the captain, so please properly do your personal appearance, I always told you that right?”

“No, when I went out this morning I properly did it but……I guess it’s cause of the running.”

“Ah, hey. Your hair is also springing up a little. Your bed hair needs to be fixed.”

Himekawa stood on her toes and extended her hand. Her thin fingers pinched his hair and twisted it, then she smoothed the hair down with her small and soft palm.

“Hyu― hyu―, it’s still in the morning and you two there are already flaunting!”

A bright and loud hooting could be heard. Kizuna turned at the direction of the voice and over there was a girl with red hair in a ponytail showing a broad grin.


Six girls were coming to school passing through the gate. They were America’s Heart Hybrid Gear team [Masters].

“Wha, what are you saying-! I am merely cautioning him in his appearance――”

When Himekawa looked around her, she noticed how all the students arriving at the school were looking at the two of them. The students were heading to the school with their gazes kept locked on at Kizuna and Himekawa.

The Masters were also passing through besides the two of them. Just when they passed each other, Gertrude sent them a jeering gaze.

“Really. To be this passionate right from the morning.”

In succession, Henrietta too passed them while holding her laughter.

“Your daughter is watching with an astounded face there you know?”


Sylvia was looking up at Kizuna and Himekawa who was leaning close at each other with pure eyes.

“Do-, don’t misunderstand, Sylvia! This is really nothing!”

“Tha, that’s right! Wait, rather than that what do you mean by child! Both of us don’t have a daughter this big-!”

“Then, you mean if it is a small child, you have it?”

Clementine who was wearing her clothes haphazardly was intentionally whispering with audible volume, to that Sharon who was wearing a uniform that had been remodeled into goth-loli style answered.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 017.jpg

“Of course they……have it perhaps. After doing that much Heart Hybrid, to not have it……is strange.”

Himekawa became bright red until her ears. Her gaze swam everywhere, while her lips were trembling all over.

“There is none! At this age, there is no way I will have something like a child!”

Leila spoke with a smirking face.

“How about I introduce you to something like education reserve fund for cheap? You are going to make children from now on right?”

“Wha……wha, wha-wha”

Without even giving time for the flustered Himekawa to reply, Scarlet’s voice cut in.

“Is that how it is? Are you using your weekend for that?”

The embarrassment broke past Himekawa’s tolerance level and caused an explosion.


Part 2[edit]

Parting with Sylvia who headed to the middle school building, Kizuna headed to the classroom of the second year first group together with Himekawa. Himekawa’s shoulders dropped together with a large sigh at his side.

“A disgrace since the morning……”

“We, well, don’t get down like that.”

Himekawa glared hard at Kizuna.

“Just whose fault do you think this is in the first place.”

“No……ha, hahaha.”

Himekawa lightly pressed her temple looking at the dry smile Kizuna made.

“Haa……even though the three of us Amaterasu have to be the example of the students of the whole school yet……”

――Three of us?

Kizuna ruminated that number inside his heart. And then he spoke to Himekawa to confirm.

“In Amaterasu, there are three people……isn’t it.”

Himekawa stared back at Kizuna with a dubious face.

“Yes. I and Kizuna-kun, and then Sylvia-chan. What about it?”

“……No, it’s nothing.”

He felt strange unease, but he persuaded himself that was just his feeling.

Usually he thought of that as natural, but he felt it strange in some moments. For example like the shape of kanji. This kanji has this kind of shape? Is this kanji really matched with this one? The doubt he felt was like such thing that suddenly visited his heart.[1]

‘――Is this what you call, Gestaltzerfall or something?‘[2]

In any case, it was nothing more than a mere hallucination. Kizuna opened the door of the second year first group and entered into the classroom.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Kizuna-kun.” “Ah, Hida-kun. G’morning―” “Yosh Kizuna-kun!”

The female students nearby the door called out to him and greetings came to him from their mouths. Female students, even if he said that but there were only girls in this class. It was only Kizuna who was the exception, the second year first group was a girl class of the combat department. Although there was opposition at first, right now even Kizuna had blended in completely. Kizuna went to his seat nearby the window, put his bag at the side and sat on the chair.

When he touched his desk where its whole surface was a touch panel, the electricity turned on and it proceeded to a standby state. While waiting until his desk started up, Kizuna looked around. His classmates made several groups and were chatting happily. Amidst them, it was like empty holes were opened around Kizuna, creating a space where there was no one.

‘――Everyone, they still haven’t come yet.’

Himekawa whose seat was in front of him was talking with a friend near the entrance. It seemed that Chidorigafuchi whose seat was beside him still hadn’t arrived yet. She had a free personality, so he guessed she wouldn’t come until just barely before the time. When he turned behind, he couldn’t see the golden hair that was always sparkling bright there yet today. Surely she was still talking with friends of another class. Possibly she was even doing morning training. She was unexpectedly a hardworking person in that.

While he was doing that, *garari* the sound of opened door came to him. And then it was as if an invigorating wind blew in, the owner of the seat beside him, Chidorigafuchi entered the classroom. Orderly beautiful face that could even make one think if it was artificial. The perfectly symmetrical face had each of its part, eyes, nose, mouth, preserving their perfect balance. Shining red eyes in her white skin were creating presence and sacredness that was even more separated from human. The beauty that apt to give cold impressions was colored gorgeously with the pink colored hair.

With that glossy pink hair fluttering, she finally arrived at the seat beside Kizuna.

“Splendid day, Nii-sama! This morning the weather is fine too!”


Grace Synclavia Chidorigafuchi greeted him energetically too today.

“Mu? What’s the matter Nii-sama. Making a really surprised face like that.”


‘――Right. What am I getting so surprised about?’

“It’s nothing. Good morning Chidorigafuchi.”

When Kizuna returned a greeting like that, Chidorigafuchi puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“I told you to call me Grace already.”

The girl, Grace Synclavia Chidorigafuchi had a keen mind and was almighty in sports. On the whole she was a perfect student. Due to that, she skipped a year ahead and was admitted into the second year first group. However, her mental age rather than being appropriate for her age was rather, could even be said to be immature. However, it instead made her cute and she became a celebrity even in this second year first group.

Kizuna made a wry smile and made a light apology.

“My bad, I guess you told me that. Good morning, Grace.”

“Yes. It’s fine like that. Pay attention from now on, Nii-sama.”

Grace showed a joyful smile and sat on the chair. By the way she called Kizuna as Nii-sama, but he had no blood relation with her. She was merely adoring him as big brother, that was all.

“What’s wrong? A quarrel right in the morning?”

A girl with her uniform’s front opened until her chest and sports towel hanging on her neck came. While wiping the drops of sweat sticking on her blonde hair with the towel, she sat down at the seat behind Kizuna. Surely she had just taken a shower after the morning training. Even the light brown breasts that she generously exposed was shining with water drops.

Gravel faced Kizuna and smiled refreshingly.

“Perhaps, Kizuna is being led around by Grace’s selfishness again isn’t that right.”

Kizuna reflexively leaked out a chuckle.


“Wait a second! What is with that way of talking. Nii-sama failed to keep his promise, so I only corrected that. I am innocent!”

“Fuh, being [Nii-sama] is hard isn’t it, Kizuna?”

Gravel was the superstar of Ataraxia’s high school department. With the astounding reflexes and exercise ability she possessed, there was no one who could win against her in any kind of sports. She was formally affiliated with the track and field club, but Gravel was being treated as the ace in all the sports club. She even clinched up the position as the top scorer at the basketball tournament the other day.

Her hair smoothly swayed after it was finished being wiped. It reflected the light coming in from the window and her golden hair was shining glisteningly. He suddenly felt something out of place when he was reflexively fascinated by that hair.

“Gravel, say……your hair, shouldn’t it be long……”

Her breast too……it was large enough, but, it felt like it was bigger before――was what he thought but, as expected he couldn’t say that.

Gravel made a puzzled face and asked back.

“My hair style is like this all along but……Kizuna, you like long hair?”

“N, no! It’s nothing. Don’t mind it.”

At that time his ringtone rang in good timing, Kizuna faced forward. This sound was the sound of the notification mail reaching all the students through the school’s internal network. On the desk that had finished booting up, the icon of arriving mail was floating up. When he touched that icon, a floating window floated up above the desk. What was projected there was a student clad in a noble air with purple hair.

{This is the student council president Zelsione.}

The one standing at the top of all the students of Ataraxia was the third year Zelsione. It went without saying that she was excellent, but her characteristic was that her extreme proficiency at seizing the hearts of people, so to speak she was a swindler.

People who adhered to her was extremely a lot, she boasted overwhelming approval rating as the student council president. As a popular person, usually there should be people who opposed her just because of that popularity, but in actuality there was almost no force that was in opposition against her. That total one-party rule even made the school newspaper publish an article if she was actually carrying out brainwashing with hypnotism on the students. However, perhaps the misunderstanding had been resolved, because now the newspaper club that wrote that article became the sympathizer of Zelsione and the published newspaper became mostly like the bulletin of the student council.

That political strength and her adult look that seemed to be over twenty years old no matter how one looked at it made even doubtful voices that questioned whether Zelsione was really a high school student to appear. However, the people who were trying to touch that fact were buried from darkness into darkness, such rumor was whispered as if it was the truth.

{Notifying all the students. Joint practice with the assumption that a large scale AU collision will occur today in the afternoon will be carried out. Amaterasu, Masters, Vatlantis, Izgard, each team is to assemble at the schoolyard after school.}

“Oo! This joint training makes my skills itch to be used!”

Grace’s eyes quickly turned bright full of confidence. Grace was the ace of the Vatlantis team. Before Zelsione was the ace of that team, but she retired after making Grace skipped a grade as her replacement ace. Zelsione valued Grace extremely high, she carried out policy in order to elevate Grace in any way. The main view of the students was that most likely Zelsione was going to make Grace as her successor for the next student council president.

Even Gravel who was the team leader of Izgard crossed her arms and nodded.

“I see. Even if the individual ability is high, but if one cannot do teamwork, they won’t be able to cope at a critical time. By nature, there should be a lot more chances created for this.”

Gravel stole a glance at Kizuna.

“……I think it will be great if the joint training of us Izgard with Amaterasu is increased, even for just a little, but……what do you think Kizuna?”

“That’s, I think doing that will be great.”

Gravel’s expression brightened drastically.

“The, then, first let’s have a meeting with me and Kizuna about the later――”

  • gatan* A loud sound was raised from Himekawa pulling out her chair. She sat down roughly and glared daggers at Kizuna.

“Rather than doing joint training, you should prioritize mastering the combination of Amaterasu. Also, please don’t flirt with the member of the other team! It’s unseemly.”

“I, I’m not flirting or anything here……”

Ignoring Kizuna’s objection, Himekawa turned to the front in a huff. Thereupon, Sakisaka-sensei who had entered without him noticing was just creeping up to the teacher podium in that time.

“Ua……fu, my hangover……everyone, I beg you, answer the roll call quietly……’kay.”

Deep sighing sound could be hear throughout the whole classroom.

Sakisaka-sensei was just as usual today too.

Part 3[edit]

The end of the afternoon class would soon come.

Shikina Kei who stood on the podium didn’t say a single word today too while teaching the class. Kei was the head of research department, so her chance of teaching class in the first group of the combat department was few. However even though they were the combat department, they were also obligated to take the technical subjects as general education.

Right now the content of the class was regarding the basic concept of Heart Hybrid Gear’s Core.

In most cases the afternoon class was mainly a fight against sleepiness, but today all students were seriously listening. That was because they understood that the class subject was important. The letters that Kei typed were carved on the screen.

{Heart Hybrid Gears move using life as energy. That is to say the pilot will die if they used up their energy.}

This was something they understood from the many times it was explained to them, but they became aware of the weight of those words once again. Himekawa, Grace, Gravel and so on, there were students with Cores actually installed in them in this class. Not just those people, the other students were also gravely accepting the lesson as if it was concerning themselves.

However, that fact was by no means a pessimistic way of perceiving it.

Everyone was aware of the fact that Heart Hybrid Gear consumed life energy. There was no one who feared that fact after all this time. Rather the people who possessed a Core thought with pride of how they were in possession of a power to protect everyone, the students around them praised the heroic deeds of the Core possessors. And then, so that they wouldn’t lose their life, all of them gave back up with all their strength. All of them became as one with the shared feeling to overcome the difficult situation.

Therefore, they could understand that the Heart Hybrid with Kizuna was something necessary. Having said that, it didn’t mean that nobody was concerned with the act itself thinking that it was only little detail.

{Next regarding the specific method of Heart Hybrid.}

The students inside the class gave a startled reaction towards Kei’s letters. The students with Cores like Himekawa and Gravel blushed red with embarrassment. Not only the people who were actually carrying out that deed, the other students were also blushing as expected. And then they were taking peeking glances at Kizuna, Himekawa, and the others with eyes bright from expectation and curiosity.

Of course, Kizuna was embarrassed, but for Grace who was a shy person, surely this was something near torture. Kizuna peeked at her condition worriedly.


Although Grace’s cheeks reddened, but she was showing a proud expression with rough breathing. To the degree that it felt like one could hear a sound effect *doyaa*.

Now that he thought back Grace wasn’t a shy person or anything at all.

‘――Just what was I thinking……?’

He took a grip of himself and tried to concentrate at the class. The text Kei was typing on her keyboard was explaining more and more about the crux of that act――just when the text was reaching that part, the chime of the end of the class resounded.

{Then, this is it for the class today. People with questions, mail me.}

Faint air of disappointment flowed inside the classroom towards the text Kei inputted on the large screen floating in front of the classroom. But Himekawa’s shoulders dropped down in relief.

It was like talking frankly about the deed that they were usually doing. There was no doubt that it was embarrassing. Kizuna too understood well of her feeling.

“Hey Himekawa. How about we request Shikina-san, so that she won’t talk about this too deeply?”

Himekawa looked at Kizuna across her shoulder.

“It’s not like we are doing anything shameful, so there is no need for anything like that isn’t it?”

She once more faced forward, closed her textbook and note windows, and turned off the touch panel desk.

“But Himekawa is bothered right?”

“……I’m just doing the necessary act for our duty. By no means I’m doing anything shameless driven by lust.”

Himekawa said that before standing up and took her bag in her hand.

“Himekawa-san. We are going to practice together today after this right?”

A really diligent student wearing her uniform perfectly called at Himekawa. Her wavy blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, her way of talking and gesture were overflowing with gracefulness. She was the class president Hyakurath.

“Yes. But it will be after I show my face for the discipline committee’s supervision.”

Hyakurath stared at Himekawa with sympathetic eyes.

“I appreciate Himekawa-san’s hard work. Just why there are that many people without common sense and ethic like this I wonder.”

Himekawa felt like she was saved by those words.

“That’s right. No matter how we are supervising, there are this many students causing problems one after another, I’m really stricken with my powerlessness thinking of how to deal with all these.”

“I too understand that feeling. The behavior of my close friend is also bad……she always makes me worry.”

Hyakurath looked down with a depressed expression.

Himekawa liked this class president. She was beautiful like a doll, wise, personally she thought that Hyakurath was more fitting as the student council president rather than Grace.

Compared to Grace, Hyakurath was mentally brittle and there were also aspects where she was faint of heart, but she was always encouraging herself and constantly worked hard to overcome it with desperation. Himekawa liked that human nature of Hyakurath. Perhaps it was because she was feeling that Hyakurath was a person that was similar with her in some respect.

“I’m also the same like Hyakurath-san. Actually, my teammates often cause shameless trouble. He isn’t giving even a little bit of thought to my position as a member of the disciplinary committee.”

Himekawa’s thorny words were pricklingly stabbing at Kizuna’s heart.

“E, err……you don’t mean, me right?”

However, even Hyakurath was staring at Kizuna with a blaming gaze.

“……Certainly, that person is difficult isn’t it.”

Kizuna felt like he was cut down by Hyakurath’s beloved sword [Gloria].

“But, I want to give my all, so that everyone in this academy can rejoice in their youth wholesomely in safety. Perhaps everyone is considering me as a nagging person, but even so I――”

Suddenly Hyakurath took Himekawa’s hand.

“The only one I can rely on is just you, Himekawa-san!”

Himekawa too grasped back at Hyakurath’s hand and stared back with watery blue eyes.

“Hyakurath-san……yes, let’s make this academy as a wholesome, fine place of learning!”

As if to hold back the tears from coming out, Hyakurath bit her lips tightly. And then they nodded at each other.

“Ah, err……I got to quickly go to the executive committee, yeah.”

Kizuna muttered to himself as if making an excuse and quietly exited the classroom before the brunt of the complaints could be aimed at him.

Part 4[edit]

Kizuna came out to the courtyard and looked for the other team members. He could see the members of Masters and Vatlantis sporadically at the bench in the courtyard’s side or under the tree. He guessed it was because there was still time until the meeting time. There were still not many team members gathering here.

“What’s up Kizuna? Looking around restlessly like that.”

Gravel’s voice came from behind Kizuna.

“Nothing really. I’m just thinking of what to do to kill time until the training starts.”

“Indeed……it seems there is about thirty minutes until we start.”

“Eh!? Seriously?”

“What, didn’t you see the mail?”

He took out from his pocket the mobile phone that doubled as the student handbook and checked his mail. There, certainly the notification of the starting time’s change was sent there.

“There is still quite some time huh. Even just standing around in a daze here is……”

Gravel looked to the side with slightly blushing cheeks.

“The, then, how about it? Wa, want to go drinking tea? Aaa, don’t misunderstand even if I said that okay! It’s only at the café inside the school! It’s only, for killing time. I only mean that!”

He felt uncomfortable from Gravel who was acting really unsettled, but there was also really no reason to refuse. Kizuna nodded in quick agreement.

“Then, let’s go.”

Gravel nodded happily. However her smiling face that was like a blooming flower suddenly became grave.

“What’s the matter?”

When Kizuna chased after Gravel’s line of sight, there was a storehouse there adjacent with the school building. The figure of a girl with green hair disappeared towards the narrow path between the buildings. And then they also noticed how that girl was surrounded by several male students at her front and back.

Gravel murmured as if spitting out.

“Aldea……that girl, again with this!”

Gravel started running after clicking her tongue. Kizuna too immediately chased behind her.

“That’s your friend right? Somehow the atmosphere seemed dangerous there!”

“Yeah! That girl causes trouble half playing around. It will be dangerous if I don’t hurry! Kizuna just wait here for me. I don’t feel like involving――”

“Aah, let’s hurry. It will be too late if something happened to your friend!”

For a moment Gravel was taken by surprise, but she soon smiled.

“……Got it. However, Kizuna. The one in danger here are the male students.”


Part 5[edit]

A dead space surrounded by school buildings and storage rooms. Normally no one would come near this space, it was also a blind spot from the school building’s windows. In that empty ground about as big as a classroom, a female student and five male students surrounding her were standing. The males’ bodies were all thoroughly trained, one could understand in a glance that they were students of the combat department. Those males raised angry yells fitting of their large bodies.

“Oi! We were paying money because we thought this is a peeping photo! Just what the hell is this!”

The male students threw the printed out photo to the ground. It seemed that it was the photo of the changing room.

“What, it’s just as I said right? That’s the photo of the female’s locker room.”

“There ain’t any girl inside this photo!”

Certainly the photos scattered on the ground wasn’t photographing any person’s figure. It was as though it was the introduction photo of the facility. Aldea smoothly swept her long green hair and showed a bewitching smile.

“My? I said that it is the photo of the female locker room, but I didn’t say anything about girls in the photo though. Thinking lewdly as you please, isn’t it all of you who are the bad ones?”


“Playing around with a man’s pure heart!”

The male students burly muscled bodies approached Aldea. Usually they were hidden in the shadow of the Heart Hybrid Gear force, but it didn’t change the fact that they were formidable soldiers. Aldea’s thin and delicate body looked as if it would break from the pressure emitted by the boys’ large bodies.

However, Aldea smiled in delight from the bottom of her heart.

“If you aren’t pleased, let’s kill each other.”

“You……we, we ain’t gonna do anything that dangerous!”

“We are just telling you, give back the mone――”

Cold light filled Aldea’s eyes suddenly. She took the arm of a male student with agile movement and floated that large body really easily in the air. The body floating lightly as if free from gravity depicted a parabola orbit before it was struck to the ground.


The flung away male student fell hard and raised a voice of pain. The other four trickled cold sweat.

“Yo, you. Don’t tell me, the perpetrator of the recent incidents where injury came out is……”

“Fufufu, there are five of you, so I’m looking forward to it a little bit.”

The male students shrank back. Aldea floated a smile that made them feel her madness before she relaxedly approached them near.

“Wait, Aldea!”

Gravel and Kizuna ran through the narrow path sandwiched between the school buildings. Looking at their appearances, the male students raised flustered voices.

“Geh! Isn’t that Gravel!”

“Also even demon king Eros, what do we do?”

“Shit-, the opponent is bad. No other way but running away!”

Helping up the collapsed student, they then ran away at the opposite direction of where Kizuna and Gravel arrived.

“Chih! Don’t think that it’s over just with this!”

“Never mind that just run!”

Leaving those words behind they climbed the piled up baggage before their figures vanished along the rooftop of the storehouse.

“Wait a second there! We just entered the best part right!?”

Gravel seized the shoulder of Aldea who was trying to chase after them.

“Aldea! Stop playing around!”


Gravel felt from her palm that strength left Aldea’s shoulder.

“Just what in the world are you doing. Why are you keep causing this kind of trouble?”


Aldea opened her mouth to answer. However no words came out as if she lost sight of what she should say. Her gaze even looked as if she was searching for rescue somewhere. Before long her face looked down and she just managed to squeeze out her voice.

“Because……it’s just too boring. Everyday is peaceful, it’s too happy……it feels like my heart is going rotten.”

Gravel sighed in astonishment.

“What luxurious thing you are saying. Just how precious these peaceful days are. In order to obtain this livelihood, how much ordeal we had to……”

After speaking until that much, Gravel’s mouth shut up.

“What kind of ordeal……we were overcoming……for this?”

This time it was Gravel who threw her gaze at Kizuna as if in wonder.


Kizuna felt something out of place looking at the confused expression Gravel showed him.

“What’s the matter Gravel? That’s, it is because of us, all the Heart Hybrid Gear teams fighting the demon god soldiers coming from the Entrance of the AU collision isn’t it?”

“Is……is that so. That’s right……yes. That’s how it is.”

In contrast with her reply, Gravel embraced her body in response to her increasing anxiety. Her state was obviously strange. Kizuna gently grasped Gravel’s upper arm in order to ease her up.

“Are you fine? Are you tired from training too much?”


Even so it seemed that her anxiety didn’t vanish. Gravel placed her head on Kizuna’s shoulder and her body rubbed on him fawningly. Aldea raised her eyes to the sight of Kizuna and Gravel nestling close to each other. Inside Aldea, a new emotion was flaring up that pushed down her anxiety.

“……I hated boredom but, what makes me the most irritated is,”

Aldea grasped the collar of Kizuna.

“Eh, wai……t”

“You two ignoring me and flirting by yourself!”

It was as though the space was warped, Kizuna’s body flew high in the air.

Part 6[edit]

“Excuse me―”

Kizuna opened the door of the school infirmary while pressing on his hurt waist.

“Yes yes. My, what happened?”

Opening the curtain that surrounded the bed, the school nurse Landred showed her figure. She was wearing a white robe above her dress shirt and tight skirt.

Kizuna reflexively gulped loudly. He had already prepared his heart, but even so he was overwhelmed. After all her breasts were too large, the button of the dress shirt couldn’t contain it. From the opened button, the valley of the breast and the lacy bra were peeking out. It made him want to retort that the size of her shirt was strange wasn’t it, but it was strange how the waist was just right. And then the bursting tight skirt wrapping her great ass. That skirt was also too short. When doing medical examination, there was no doubt that the person made to sit in front her would be able to see her panty clearly. The legs wrapped in black stockings were voluptuous, giving off exquisite obscenity.

She was extremely intense no matter how many times he saw her. It was also rare for the word voluptuous to fit a person this much. The sensual body line that probably boasted the number one big breasts in Ataraxia. That sex appeal could already be said as violent.

“Err, I took a misstep on the stair.”

There was no way he could tell the truth. Kizuna thought that and said out a suitable random speech. It would be troublesome if this incident became something big, if because of that Aldea became suspended from school then Gravel would surely become sad too.

Gravel forcefully made Aldea to bow her head and she herself also apologized profusely to Kizuna. Of course Kizuna didn’t mind it, he was glad that they were able to prevent Aldea from causing a serious incident where injury happened.

{Really I’m sorry. Thank you Kizuna. Then let’s go to the school infirmary. I’ll take you there.}

He somehow managed to calm down Gravel who declared that she was going to take him to the infirmary by persuading her to make some excuse for him that he might be late of going to the joint training. If he was escorted to the infirmary by a girl for something of this degree, there was nothing more shameful than that.

Landred was staring amusedly at Kizuna who was thinking of such thing.

“Hmmm, is that so. But, your falling down seemed to be really skillful doesn’t it.”

That way of talking was like making fun of him and also blaming him somehow. The inside of Kizuna’s heart was sweating coldly as if his mind was being seen through.

“Haha, I just thought that if I was going to fall then it’s better to do it flashily.”

“Ufufufu, is that so? Then please come over here.”

Landred opened the curtain and invited Kizuna over to the bed. Every single one of her gesture looked sexy, he felt like he was being tempted.

──However why is she leading me to the bed?’

Over there was a bed that was excessively splendid for an infirmary.

“Sensei. This is not an injury to the degree that I need to lie down though?”

“For an examination, this way is easier don’t you think. Also I’m going to have you take off your uniform so I can see where the injury is, it will be better this way so that you can rest assured even if other students suddenly enter.”

Saying that she closed the curtain.

“Then please take off your uniform.”

He was bothered that Landred was together with him behind the curtain like it was only natural, but Kizuna took off his coat and shirt just as he was told, making his upper body turned naked. Landred didn’t avert her eyes from the start to finish, she continued to observe him fixedly.

“Err……Sensei, I’m getting embarrassed if you are looking at me like that.”

“My, you are a boy, so you must not get embarrassed just from this much. Now, please quickly take off your bottom too.”


“But, my lower body is fine. It hasn’t really hit anything.”

“No, there are a lot of cases where the person concerned just didn’t notice even though they were injured you know. Now, now, quickly.”

Being told that much, he couldn’t refuse. Kizuna lowered down his trousers even while feeling shame.

The color of Landred’s eyes felt like they changed. Around her eyes also seemed to be tinged red, her expression was changing into fascination.

“Ufu……well then Hida-kun……I’m going to treat you now.”

He wanted to ask just why was she talking in a sexy way like that, but there was no way he could ask that. Landred smeared her hand with the medicine from a tube and then her hand reached to Kizuna’s back. The cold feeling felt pleasant. But with her hand touching him, it became pleasantly warm instead.

At that time, a sexy whisper together with a feverish sigh touched Kizuna’s ear.

“Hey……how is it, does it feel good I wonder?”

Instantly his spine shivered.

“Ye, yes. Like that, it feels good.”

“Ufufu. I see……then, the front too……”

With a posture hugging from the back, Landred’s hands crept around Kizuna’s chest.

“Wai, sensei. That’s”

“Ufu♥ How……is it?”

His back was pressed with huge volume. The bigness and texture were something that he had never even imagined. With its shape crushing flat on him, softness was spreading on Kizuna’s back.

‘──A, amazing. But not just the breast. The palm caressing here too, the hugging arm too, everything is soft. It’s like being wrapped by fine linen with warm texture, at this rate I’m going to melt. Especially, the surface of my back, something soft is wrapping it, there is even a pointy something in the middle, this is──,’

“La-, Landred-sensei-!?”

Kizuna ran away in panic from Landred’s hand and turned around.

“You mustn’t do that, Hida-kun. We are still in the middle of treatment you know?”

What Landred was wearing was only her panties and stocking. There was nothing at all hiding her upper body, her gigantic breasts was pulled down by gravity and shook flabbily in a bounce.

“Se-sensei, your clothes-!?”

Without even hearing the answer, he found them taken off and scattered on the floor.

“Just what, are you doing-!”

Landred’s eyes were shining in lust.

“Healing the injured student is the role of the school nurse. Hida-kun just rest assured, leave everything to me okay.”

“No! I cannot rest assured no matter how I think of this isn’t it!?”

“You are different from the other students, I will especially give you an attentive treatment. After all, you are the little brother of the headmistress……ufufufu”

“Headmistress? How is that related to my Nee-chan……”

Landred sidled up closer to him on the bed. There was no place for Kizuna to escape. Even if he tried to run, somehow he felt like a frog that was glared at by a snake, his body stiffened and couldn’t move.

The adult sensuality that Landred emitted was bewitching. She even had a fan club formed by the students with a particular fetish, he heard that she was being revered as a goddess of harvest, and yet she was by no means seemed fat, her body really appeared like that of a goddess.

At once Kizuna was sidled up by Landred. He tried to push her aside, but no matter where he touched, Landred’s body felt good. Rather, he wanted to have fun with this body even more. She had such addictive charm that she made him feel like that.

While Kizuna’s body was being lovingly caressed by her hand, she tinged his chest until his abdomen with her saliva using her tongue. And then her palm gently caressed Kizuna’s leg. Having that done to him, for the first time he noticed the strange feeling of liberation in his lower body.

“Tha, that-!?”

His briefs was stripped off already without him noticing.

For Kizuna who had done Heart Hybrid for the mission, feeling of rivalry budded at the same time with his astonishment of her technique. But, he noticed that Landred’s technique and experience were obviously surpassing his own, rather he felt like begging to be taught instead. While he was thinking of such things, Landred was happily staring at Kizuna’s thing that was standing tall.

“I’ll make you feel good lots and lots……please let it out without any reservation okay.”

“What is-!?”

“This is headmistress’s little brother’s……ufufu, I’ll give it to you until you are growing unable to separate yourself from my body. There is this saying, to shoot down the general, first you have to shoot down the horse.”

‘──Landred-sensei’s aim, is actually Nee-chan!?’

Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri was the headmistress of tactical defense academy Ataraxia, she was also the commander of the whole Ataraxia. To aim at that big sister of his, did that mean that Landred was trying to steal her position, or maybe abduction, assassination. Some kind of terrorism maybe. In any case, it seemed that Landred had the intention of inflicting some kind of harm to Reiri.

“Shit-! Don’t think that everything will go as you……UOu!”

“Now, please, enjoy my breast to your heart’s content okay♥”

Kizuna’s thing was sandwiched between Landred’s breast. No, guessing from the texture, perhaps he was swallowed already. Anyway the breast was too big, it was unclear just where Kizuna’s thing itself was.

“My, making a face that seems to enjoy it that much……isn’t that making me want to do this even more now.”

Landred held her breast between her two hands and pressured Kizuna’s thing even stronger.

“UoWah!? ……kuh, this is-!”

It was a sensation that he tasted for the first time. He had the same thing like this done to him several times before, but this had a different kind of pleasure. The gigantic volume and mass created overwhelming weight and pressure, granting Kizuna with a counterfeit pleasure.

Kizuna couldn’t hold it and headed to the apex of pleasure.

“It’s fine even if you stop holding it in you know. Don’t be reserved, do it inside me!”

At that moment, Kizuna spurted out his hot thing inside Landred’s breast. Even while he was doing that, Landred was mercilessly continuing to give him pleasure. The huge and soft brutal weapon overflowing with maternity felt like it was going to wring out everything from Kizuna. That overwhelming destructive power made Kizuna’s waist turned powerless.

“Ufufu……it’s lovely. As expected, you really are the little brother of that person.”

Landred was staring with enraptured eyes at the white liquid sticking on her hand. And then she smiled lewdly, her tongue that was like a mollusk stretched out and scooped up that liquid. It was as if she was making a show for Kizuna, she gulped it down *gokuri* with audible sound.

Kizuna still collapsed on the bed while looking up at that unrealistic bewitching scene. Landred straddled above Kizuna who was lying down in a daze.


“How amazing. You are still……energetic♥”

Landred smiled bewitchingly and pinched at the crotch part of her stocking with both hands. And then she tore apart the stocking with Kizuna still watching.

“Now……let’s become one?”

She shifted the crotch part of her panty in order to show him her most important part. And then she was slowly lowering down her waist. Kizuna’s thing was just exactly standing tall below her.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 049.jpg

The vitality of Kizuna’s thing still wasn’t declining. At this rate──,

“Landred, sensei. Wait, please wait!”

“I won’t wait……aah-“

Landred was dropping down her waist towards Kizuna’s thing.

‘──Shit-, why is Landred-sensei knowing about male’s body this much. She should only have female partners until now shouldn’t she!?’


Kizuna suddenly ruminated the voice of his heart.

‘──She should only have female partners, what does that mean? She is a woman that is so sexy like this. Rather isn’t it more strange if she doesn’t have experience with a man?’

Kizuna was wondering to himself, but he couldn’t find answers that he could comprehend.

“My, I wonder if now you are in the mood for this?”

Kizuna’s tip touched the entrance of Landred.


The indescribable pleasure produced at the tip of Kizuna pulled back his consciousness.

“Eh!? Wa, waa do-, don’t I say, senseeee!”

At that moment, just when Kizuna was going to be plundered,


The door of the infirmary was kicked down.



Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri rushed inside the infirmary.

“Landred-sensei! You won’t be forgiven on this very day. I absolutely won’t let you lay your hand on Kizuna!”

The gallant entrance of Reiri that was just like that of a hero was followed with her sharp glare at Landred. However Landred didn’t falter, far from that her eyes were shining before she leaped at Reiri.


“Uwah! La, Landred-sensei! Let go, let go of me!”

“No. I won’t let you go anymore! Today for sure, I will express this feeling to youuuu”

Landred was stripping Reiri’s clothes as if she was using magic. Watching in fascination at that technique, it made Kizuna realize of the great mistake of the meaning of [aiming] that he imagined previously.

While such thinking flashed through his head, Reiri was already having even her underwear torn away. The image of the two sexy adult women entangled with each other in a grapple gave off a bewitching decadent aroma. Kizuna was spontaneously almost got drunk at that scene, but he returned to his senses suddenly and rushed ahead in order to save his sister.

“Ne, Nee-chan! I’m going to save you right now!”

Reacting to that voice, Landred gazed at Kizuna with eyes like a hunter aiming at her prey. Kizuna reflexively got cold feet.

“Don’t come! Kizuna!”

Reiri who was being pinned down by Landred raised a frantic voice.

“Bu, but Nee-chan!”

“Don’t mind me! Just who can bear having you preyed upon by this kind of woman!”

“……But! What about Nee-chan!?”

“Be quiet! You have joint training right? Leave this place to me, go ahead!”


Kizuna tightened his fist. And then he kicked on the ground as if to shake free from his sentiment.

‘──Sorry, Nee-chan! Nee-chan’s sacrifice won’t go to waste!’



“NHAah! Aahn, kuh……so, something like this won’t make me sub──aahn!”

While Kizuna was heading to the training, the curtain of the adult battle in the infirmary was cut and closed.

Part 7[edit]

When Kizuna returned to the schoolyard, all members had already gathered there. Each one of them was wearing their exclusive pilot suits. Each of the suits had high exposure rate, on top of that the suits clung tightly on their bodies, the design clearly showed out their body line.

“You are late, Hida Kizuna.”

Zelsione glared at Kizuna. The pilot suit of Zelsione who took strict attitude looked nothing more than underwear with garter belt. Perhaps it was because of that mismatch feeling, he didn’t feel that bad even when he was being scolded.

Kizuna bowed his head while lining beside Himekawa and Sylvia. The three people of Amaterasu with Kizuna and the others. Six people of Masters. Nine people of Vatlantis with Grace as the leader. Izgard was a mixed team with Baldein, there were four people with Gravel as the leader. In total there were twenty two names gathered here.

“Then I will explain the outline of the training. This time’s──”

The moment Zelsione began explaining, it suddenly came.

“This sound is!?”

Eerie heavy bass sound, like gigantic metal grazing something resounded across the sky. The sound that made the listener harbor anxiety and dread assaulted everyone without discrimination.

That sound shook the people’s bodies, the building of the school, the ground of the courtyard – the whole of Ataraxia.

Kizuna immediately took out his mobile phone. Its screen gave the alert that notified him of the emergency time and also informed him of the abnormal curve generated in the sky.

“That’s an AU collision! It’s coming!”

The moment Kizuna yelled, a rip traveled the sky. It was generated at the place where the collision of this world with the alternate world happened, the rift of the sky [Entrance].

All the students looked up at the sky and raised shocked voices. The appearance probability of an Entrance for today was low. Normally it was more likely for no AU collision to happen. That was why, no one was thinking that an AU collision would happen.

{Don’t panic!}

Reiri’s voice reverberated throughout the whole school.


The several dozen digital signage displays and floating windows installed inside the school projected Reiri’s appearance. She had a sexy appearance with only her coat put on in a rush on her body, but right now there was nobody who paid attention to that.

{First class battle deployment! All Heart Hybrid Gear teama, carry on with emergency sortie}

“Ladies and gentleman, it’s just as you heard!”

Zelsione faced the gathered Heart Hybrid Gear squads and yelled.

“This is the same like the training we planned right now. Quickly deal with the enemy with composure!”

Kizuna nodded powerfully and called the name of his own Core.


The next instant, Kizuna’s body was enveloped in jet black armor and he flew to the sky in one go. The other members also equipped their Heart Hybrid Gears one after another and headed to the Entrance with shining particles jetting out from their thrusters.

The city of Ataraxia also began to change its look with one furnished for battle. Important facilities, factories, research labs and so on were sinking down into the ground one after another. The remaining buildings opened their outer wall like shutters and showed the missiles and railguns stored inside. The tactical defense academy Ataraxia began to show its true face.

In order to have a quick preparation, Kizuna, Scarlet, Gravel, and Grace, each team leader approached near each other. Kizuna faced the other leaders and spoke.

“The enemy haven’t shown their faces yet. First the enemy’s move――”

“I’ll be the vanguard! Leave being the raid team to Vatlantis!”

“Wait! It’s Masters that will be the vanguard!”

Kizuna and Gravel looked at each others’ faces in resignation due to the two hotblooded people. It seemed they first needed to calm down the two high-spirited girls.

“Scarlet, Masters specialize in long range attacks right? Just how are you going to be the raid team, huh?”

“Leave it to me! Recently we developed combination of shooting with CQC you see!”

Kizuna ignored Scarlet’s reckless remark and moved his gaze to Gravel.

“I’ll count on Izgard and Masters for the cover fire from long range.”

“Got it. Amaterasu will be in the middle range right? But Kizuna, you haven’t done Climax Hybrid yet. Leave the front line to Hayuru and Sylvia, Kizuna, you are together with me.”


“Now then, I’m going! Quartum, Ragrus, Valdy, Hyakurath and Mercuria, follow me!”

As if being whipped by those words, Vatlantis’s members flew out of the group. Their destination was the rip across the sky. The crack was widening and the torn fragments were falling down. The crack was created from the collision of this world with another world. That was what an Entrance was. The only point of contact that linked this world with another world. From there, the AU peeked out its face in the shape of demon god weapons.

――But, this day was different.

It was as though the blue sky ruptured, the sky was torn and blown away in one go.


Vatlantis team stopped in the air and raised shocked voices. Hyakurath that was in the farthest back yelled at all the team members’ backs.

“This is different from usual! Everyone, be careful!”

The sky was smashed and large hole was gouged in the blue sky. From inside that hole, overflowing light was shining through.

“Uwaaa……to make this kind of world and escape! I’m really shocked!”

A girl appeared from inside that light.


Looking at that appearance, all present lost their words.

What, is that?

It wasn’t a magic god weapon.

And then, it also wasn’t a normal human.

That girl was wearing a large type Heart Hybrid Gear. But the shape was bizarre, it didn’t look like a normal Heart Hybrid Gear.

It was like Kizuna and the others weren’t inside the sight of the girl wearing clothes that looked like a China dress, she was looking down at Ataraxia with a delighted face.

Her appearance looked like she was around a middle school student’s age. Her brown hair was braided like a dumpling ball, her remaining hair dangled down like twintails. Her large transparent eyes were shining in curiosity, it was like vigor was overflowing from her small body. And then each time she moved, her breasts shook, it was so big to the degree that it was ill-matched with her small stature.

The armor worn by that unbalanced body looked as though it was integrated into one with her body. That design was more organic then the Heart Hybrid Gear that Kizuna and the others knew about, for some reason it made them associate it with the holy beast Kirin.[3]

The horns protruding out to the left and right like hair ornaments. The ornaments on her hair that was like clouds modeled after flames.

Both her arms were bestial rather than that of a human’s. There were sharp large claws like a dragon, they were big to the degree that they could crush a human body with one hand. The leg part was also long and thick. The knee joint was lengthening to the back becoming reverse joint, expressing the bestiality of the appearance even more.

Furthermore, the tail that was like a flame. And then the wings on her back that, while they were in the shape of bat wings, yet they were shining bright beautifully. That godlike appearance was even like being mixed with demonic shape.

‘――That’s right, I, know that girl.’

The Deus ex Machina that introduced herself as Thanatos. The three people inside the bright light behind her. One of that three.

[Machine GodDeus ex Machina]

Suddenly those words flashed inside his head.

That girl raised a high-spirited voice like a tinkling bell.

“It’s fine to consult first with Thanatos and the others but, as I thought I was the one that discovered this, I’ll be the one taking care of it! Fufufu, although it’s a failure, this is still important data. I think that what was happening in this world, will absolutely be useful!”

The members of Vatlantis were warily observing the state of the girl who was making merry by herself. Ragrus asked the girl without any further thought.

“Hey, don’t tell me that’s…… an AU person?”

Ragrus herself who asked that didn’t really think that was the case. No matter how they looked, the girl was nothing else but a human, she was also talking normally using words. Also even though the armor she was wearing had a greatly different atmosphere, but it still looked like a Heart Hybrid Gear.

‘――Then, just what in the world is she?’

All the members of Vatlantis, Izgard, Masters, and Amaterasu asked that question inside their mind. Among all the people present staring at the girl dumbfoundedly, it was only Kizuna whose condition was different.

Cold sweat was oozing out from his whole body, his heart’s palpitation got violent.

He didn’t understand what he was getting scared about. However his body was trembling on its own, he was unable to stop his shaking.

‘Why? Certainly this is the first time I see her, but why am I being this scared?’

At that time, a certain scene flashbacked inside his head.

That was the pillar piercing the heaven that supported the sky.

The figures of four people appearing by splitting that sky.

Crumbling down Genesis. Annihilated city.

‘――I, had fought, that, before.

Fought, and then lost.

Horribly without anything I could do.

And then――,

The world, was destroyed.


Earth and Atlantis too, the worlds were annihilated.

I too should have died.


“What……am I thinking?”

There was no way such thing happened!

The inside of his head was teeming with incomprehensible scenes.

By any chance he was seeing a dream of a world being destroyed like that……perhaps that was it. Maybe, he jumbled the memory of his dream with reality. Surely…….

“Oi, Kizuna! Are you listening to me?”

Gravel’s angry yell flew into his head. His body was shaken and Kizuna returned to his senses.

“A, yeah……sorry. Can you repeat it once more?”

“Let’s try to contact that girl. We don’t know whether we can establish dialogue but……come together with me.”

“……Got it.”

Kizuna pressed on his chest to restrain his violently beating heart. However his heart that felt like it was going to jump out of his chest was uncontrollable. It even felt like Kizuna’s instincts was ringing out alarm bells to warn him.

Kizuna ignited his thruster and followed behind Gravel. Grace flew out from among the Vatlantis team, and together with them, went until in front of the girl’s eyes, they then hovered still in the air.

Grace started the conversation after getting tired waiting for the girl to notice them.

“You over there. Who are you?”

Grace’s dignified voice made the girl turn to her. It was like she was noticing their existences for the first time, her eyes stopped at Grace.

“Hm? You all are the living things inside this experimental world aren’t you?”

Grace frowned her face.

“Experimental world? I don’t know what you mean, but if it’s about us living in this world, then you are not mistaken. So, who are you?”

The girl puffed out her chest and acted high and mighty. The breast that didn’t match her small body shook up and down.

“I am a Deus ex Machina Hokuto. One of the people who created your world and you all!”


For a moment, Kizuna felt like his heart stopped.

‘――Deus ex Machina.’

And then his heart was fiercely rampaging.

‘――It’s not a dream. We were once, killed by these guys.’

Hokuto smiled widely in delight.

“Your world failed the experiment. That was why we collected the data once and then started it over again. Ah, but, although it failed, I think that the data of you all is going to be useful you know? Yet despite so, for the data to leak out, even though just a part of it……”

Hokuto looked over the sea and Ataraxia below, and then at the sky spreading above.

“Just who in the world did this?”

Kizuna clenched his fist tight to stop his trembling finger.

“Who cares about that! Rather than that you guys, you destroyed Genesis, and then our worlds……you annihilated it once! Isn’t that right!?”

Hokuto tilted her head with a puzzled face.

“That’s right but……you don’t remember?”

Kizuna was attacked by a new confusion.

‘――That’s right. Why, did I forget something that important? What is this world we are in right now?’

Kizuna shook his head as if to drive away his anxiety and doubt.

‘――This is not the time to worry about that kind of thing!’

“Everyone be careful! This girl’s power is beyond imagination!”

Gravel grasped Kizuna’s shoulder with a bewildered expression.

“What are you talking about since just now! You are acting strange Kizuna!”

“That’s right! Explain it so we can understand-!”

Hokuto crossed her arms while looking at the exchange of Kizuna’s group.

“Uu―m, so it’s not intentional that you guys stole the data? Then, this is just an accident?”

Hokuto half closed her eyes and further pondered.

“That should be right. There should not be any existence that can jump the gun on us. But, saying that we made a miss is also, strange, but……well, it’s fine.”

Hokuto opened her eyes suddenly and nodded as if she had comprehended the situation.

“Understood. Then, I’ll deal with you guys here. I’ll convert you into data and make this world stop existing physically with this.”

Red light traveled Hokuto’s whole body. It was the proof that magic power was circulating through her body.

{Everyone! Move!}

Scarlet’s voice reverberated from a floating window.

Kizuna, Grace, and Gravel parted to the left and right in a rush. Several streaks of light passed through between them. Masters’ all out attack was heading to Hokuto in offense.


The shooting drowned out even Kizuna’s voice. From pistol until anti-material rifle, various firearms were firing. The bullets that came from the compressed magic power of the Heart Hybrid Gears impacted Hokuto and particles of light burst open. Scarlet yelled with a ferocious smile.

“I don’t really get it but, what you said is a war declaration on us! I’ll make you regret picking a fight with this Masters!”

Scarlet’s Ares launched a large amount of missiles. It was the weapon possessing the greatest destructive power among Masters. However Hokuto didn’t dodge and received the missiles. A flower of flame bloomed in the sky.

“How’s that!”

Scarlet clenched her fist proudly. As if to mock Scarlet who was like that, a disappointed voice could be heard from inside the flame explosion.

“Uu―n, something like this is completely no good you know.”

“What did you say!?”

Scarlet opened her eyes wide looking at Hokuto who appeared from inside the flame.

There was not a single wound on Hokuto’s body. Regardless of that much bombardment in full power attacking her, it was useless.

“Wha, what’s, with this girl!?”

Henrietta fixed the placement of her glasses and observed Hokuto. Even Kizuna who was looking at a position closer than the Masters didn’t understand how she blocked that.

“For something like that, I don’t even need to defend……well, I don’t even think that there is anything in this world that can hurt me though.”

Scarlet was taken aback.

“Don’t tell me, that bombardment……all of that hit?”

Masters were ruled by despair from the shock. Their weapons that kicked around all those demon god weapons until now weren’t useful at all here.

“Hmph, interesting. Next is my turn.”

Gravel came out in front of Masters who lost their fighting spirit. And then she rotated her gunblade’s cylinder and loaded a special bullet. It was a sure-kill bullet with the destructive power several times the normal bullet. Gravel fixed her aim at Hokuto and pulled the trigger.


Together with tearing sound that pierced the ear, the gunsword fired a lump of compressed particles.

That bombardment could defeat several demon god weapons altogether. If one got hit with that, even Kizuna’s Life Saver that boasted high defensive power would be smashed apart. Even though the girl was Deus ex Machina, she should dodge it.

But even looking at the approaching gigantic bullet of light, Hokuto didn’t show any sign of dodging.

A large explosion occurred and dazzling light became a ring that was spreading wide. That radiance made all the people spontaneously squint their eyes and used their hand to block the light. From the gaps of their fingers, they could see a flame explosion spreading in the sky.

“Did that do it!?”

Kizuna focused his eyes and a floating window started up automatically. And then the display was zoomed up in order to see through the flame. Flame and smoke were scattered by the wind flow. And then, there was a figure floating in the air at the other side.

“Hee, that’s quite a power there. I got a little dirty.”


Hokuto lightly shook off the soot that clung on her armor. The light of the bombardment that Gravel fired was running across her armor. It was as though the fired bullet was disassembled into magic power and then taken in into the armor. Gravel’s mouth opened without closing back and she stared at that figure dumbfoundedly.

“We were the ones making you guys you know? There is no way the creation can win against the creator. Besides――”

Hokuto slowly put her hands to the front. Several pebbles materialized ahead of her hands.

“What? That’s……”

Cold sweat trickled down Gravel’s neck. Anxiety was swelling up inside her heart. Masters too felt a bad premonition at the mysterious thing Hokuto started to do.

“……What is, that?”

Gertrude’s whisper was answered by Clementine with a trembling voice.

“Is……isn’t that, rock, I think?”

The pebbles inside Hokuto’s hand grew bigger in the blink of an eye, every single one became a large rock. The scene was as though an asteroid belt was materialized suddenly in the sky. Henrietta manipulated her floating window and analyzed those rocks.

“Those are, real rocks. I don’t understand at all just how she is materializing those.”

Hokuto showed a sweet smile.

“We are ruling over everything that exists in this world. Water and air, land and rock, we can even create things like that. Umm, rather than saying it like that, there is nothing that we cannot do you know.”

Scarlet harbored wariness towards Hokuto who was wielding that mysterious power. Rather than calling it being alert, her emotion was more that of fear. However, there was no way they could recognize that. The hearts of all the members of Masters would break. Scarlet lied to her shaking heart and declared with cheers.

“Hah! Isn’t that just something like a party trick. So what, are you saying you can make rocks, is that it? It’s not like it has any offensive power or anything!”

The countless floating fragments of stone came forward and Hokuto swung up her right hand to the left of her face.

“Then here I go.”

Hokuto waved her right hand horizontally and the rocks vanished.

And then at the same time the figures of Scarlet and the others vanished from in front of Kizuna.

Kizuna doubted his own eyes.


The communication windows were also closed all at once. The information of Masters, Aldea and Gravel, all suddenly became gone. Fretfulness was welling up inside Kizuna’s heart.

“Just where in the world……Scarlet! Gravel! Where are you, answer back!”

There was no reply no matter how many times he called. Kizuna displayed the information of the battlefield network and confirmed their position.


There was the reaction from Scarlet and others from the outer edge of Ataraxia, two kilometers from where he was.


His head snapped to look at that direction. The defensive building that was at the outer wall of Ataraxia far from here. A part of that area had smoke rising up. Something shuddering cold was driving through Kizuna’s back.

‘――Don’t tell me.’

“What happened! Everyone answer back!”

In place of reply, floating windows started up in front of Kizuna. Those were the windows for the emergency occasion that the Heart Hybrid Gears automatically started when the pilot fell into a state that was unable to fight.


In each of the windows, the figures of the pilot spilling blood were projected. A voice came from one of the windows.

“Gu……e, eh? This place……where?”

Scarlet who sank into the rubble murmured deliriously. Her trademark ponytail came apart with her face dirtied by blood and dust.


“Ki, Kizuna? Eh……? I, why……”

Two more windows opened.


Zoros’s armor was smashed, a figure collapsed powerlessly on the ground was projected.

“Ku……Kizuna. What, happened?”

Aldea was also collapsing beside her. Both of them didn’t seem able to stand up even if they were trying. Kizuna gritted his teeth hard.

“The rock, hit us? However, something like that……”

Hokuto put her hand on her hips and sighed in amazement.

“You cannot underestimate it just because it’s rock. After all any kind of thing will become a terrifying weapon if given enough speed and mass. This time how about I fill this world with the soil of land and bury all of you alive? Or else I can fill this world with sea water and drown it.”

Kizuna glared piercingly at Hokuto who was smiling.

‘――Just like god creating heaven and earth, this girl is saying that she can also create land and sea.’

Kizuna clenched his fist.

“But! It’s unforgivable for you to do something like that to my comrades! It doesn’t matter who you are!”

His fist that was going to rush forward was held back by Grace’s small hand.

“Wait! Nii-sama hasn’t done Climax Hybrid. Leave this to me!”

After saying that Grace spread her gold and silver wings, from there she pulled out a feather that was created from a blade. After she rotated it rapidly, its shaped changed into a scythe with handle attached before he knew it.

“We won’t reveal her limit in distance! We are cutting her up! Everyone, follow after me! Ragrus and Valdy will protect Nii-sama. Let’s go!”

“Grace! Wait!”

Not listening to Kizuna’s call, Grace and the Vatlantis team flew out.

“This me won’t allow any further transgression!”

Grace came from the front, and then the Quartum came from left, right, above and below, from behind was Hyakurath sneaking close. Mercuria was readying her Arc Drive from a distance and prepared to give support.

“Here we go! All-out attack formation!”

The wings with only bones made from blades grew out feathers of light.


Feathers of light fired out from the wings. The feathers became arrows and attacked by surrounding Hokuto.

“Eat everything!”

The arrows of Harvest pierced Hokuto. And then those arrows were absorbing the magic power from her body many times over.

However Hokuto was staring at the flying around arrows with a composed face.

“This thing……what effect does it have?”

“Wha……what the!? It’s not effective!”

Grace’s eyes opened wide in shock. Certainly, even with the feathers sucking and sucking, it was as though there was no effect at all. Grace was feeling as though she was scooping out seawater using a ladle.

“By any chance, are you absorbing my magic power?”

After saying that, Hokuto laughed in amusement.

“You see, I myself am a single world.”

“What did you say?”

“Your stomach, it cannot eat something like the energy of the world in its entirety right?”

Even being told that, Grace didn’t understand at all just what was Hokuto talking about. What she understood was only the fact, that Harvest didn’t work.

“Then, I’ll cut you down!”

Grace accelerated in one go and slashed at Hokuto. In that timing Mercuria’s arrow headed to Hokuto in support. That arrow was like the big spear that a cavalry carried.

“You cannot run away from this arrow of mine!”

The huge arrow fired from Mercuria’s Arc Drive drew a parabola while heading to Hokuto.

“Something like that, won’t work on me!”

Hokuto thrust out her left hand that had large claws growing out. Mercuria’s arrow hit that large palm.


However that arrow didn’t pierce Hokuto’s hand or got repelled back. Its movement stopped the moment it touched the palm and got deconstructed into light particles. However――,

“You did great Mercuria!”

An opening was created, Grace slashed her scythe at Hokuto’s armor in a flash. However Hokuto’s right arm leaped up, fierce sparks and metallic sounds thundered loudly.


Hokuto’s palm blocked the scythe.

However at the same time the Quartum slashed from four directions all at once.


Clayda, Elma, Lunora, Ramza, all four were formidable people, possessing master class skills. They wouldn’t fall behind most opponents. Furthermore Hokuto’s left hand was occupied by Arc Drive and her right hand was sealed by Grace’s scythe. Her body was left defenseless, Clayda with her Selene, Elma with her hammer, Lunora with her twin swords, Ramza with her tomahawk, each of them struck.

Fierce sounds of blows resounded.

Hokuto didn’t evade and received the attack of the Quartum with her armor that looked like a Kirin. Ramza yelled while pushing her tomahawk with her whole body.

“Not yet! Everyone press on!”


Quartum put the strength of their whole body and pinned down Hokuto’s wings and legs. Hokuto’s armor raised sparks. Quartum ignited their thrusters with full strength and frantically trying to cut into Hokuto’s armor with their prided weapons.

“Ahahaha, something like that won’t be able to scratch my armor.”

Grace grinned broadly hearing that mocking laugh of Hokuto.

“The finishing blow! Go Hyakurath!”

From behind Grace, Hyakurath with her beloved sword Gloria readied leaped out. However the shaking of her fingertips were transmitted to her sword and the sword tip was shaking left and right.

Hyakurath bit her lips tight.

‘――Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath!’

By encouraging herself like that, the shaking of her fingers stopped. The large sword she brandished drew an admirable arc and swung down on Hokuto’s head.

Hyakurath’s attack that was extolled as a holy sword split open Hokuto’s head――was what they thought.


Red light shone above Hokuto’s head. That radiance clashed with Gloria. The sword of light that collided at it emitted explosive light.

“What the!? This is!”

Hyakurath unintentionally yelled. The dazzling light made her unable to open her eyes properly.

The streak of light suddenly appeared above Hokuto’s head blocked the sure-kill sword. Hyakurath was completely unable to understand what happened.

“You guys, you put a scar on my body didn’t you?”

“What did you say?”

Hokuto was staring at the puzzled Grace with a severe expression.

That face was an angry expression that they saw for the first time. Until now she was always showing a smile that made them think she was fooling around, acting as if she was having fun. However, now her look made a sudden change.

“Your scythe, is scratching my palm.”

“My scythe?”

Grace stared really really close at the palm of Hokuto that was blocking her scythe.

Indeed, it was just for a little, the scythe was digging into it for a few millimeters.

That was possible due to Koros’s ability to whittle down magic power. However, frankly it wasn’t something in the level that could be called as damage.

“If you call that a scratch, that’s really a scratch. Unfortunately I cannot be satisfied by something of that degree.”

Magic power was circling in Koros’s wings. All that power was sent into the scythe in Grace’s hand. The scythe was further digging into Hokuto’s hand, scattering fierce sparks and particles of light.

“You too were laughing when there was nobody who could inflict a wound on that prided body of yours, weren’t you? How is it now? The feeling of being wounded? Is it refreshing?”

“Don’t mess with me!!”

Hokuto’s rage exploded.


Hokuto’s shriek and rage became a shockwave, blowing away Grace and the others.

“Wha, what in the world!?”

The impact that made her feel like she was kicked flying blew the Vatlantis team for a hundred meters. They controlled their posture back somehow and stopped in the air.

“My body is the world itself! To injure me means destroying my world, it’s the same like killing people. If such a thing is done to me then I……”

Hokuto’s eyes turned moist and she yelled with a painful voice.

“Cannot keep having fun!”

Hokuto grasped the red light floating above her head. At that moment, the light that was fiercely emitted settled down and an object wrapped in red light appeared.

It was a crimson sword. The blade with the color of dark blood had shining red light running on it like blood vessels. It was an eerie and ominous sword.

“My body is composed with world. But taking out a weapon and offensive ability from there and granting it a single shape……that is this [Eight Trigrams KirinHakke Kirin].”

At that time Hokuto’s eyes shined.

‘――This is bad.’

All present in that place perceived that not with logic, but by their instincts.

“Everyone, pull back for the moment! Hurry――”

Hokuto’s Hakke Kirin flashed.

At that moment, flame and shockwave spread as if a nuclear explosion was occurring.


The radiance that was like the sun and sparking thunder swept over Ataraxia. Grace and the Vatlantis team had their armor broken by that shockwave while being blown away.

Even with the thrusters fully opened, it was impossible to maintain a posture. Grace and Hyakurath that was blown away crashed into the commercial buildings of Ataraxia in the far distance. Quartum and Mercuria fell on the ground and sunk into the street, piercing through until the underground layer.


Kizuna was also blown away by the incredible impact and struck a building’s wall.

“Ku……Himekawa, Sylvia……are you two safe!?”

He somehow opened his communication window and tried to confirm his comrade’s safety. However there was no reply.

Before long the pressure pressing on his body became light. The raging flame passed over him and the disastrous scene of Ataraxia entered his eyes.

“Thi……this is……”

With Hokuto as the center, the buildings around were struck down like dominos. The whole of Ataraxia was wrapped in flames, explosions occurred everywhere, black smoke was rising up.

“Aah! Geez, I won’t forgive you all!”

Hokuto swung Hakke Kirin once more. From the blade of the sword, flame and shockwave ran and flew towards Kizuna.


He flew up and evaded the shockwave with only a paper thin difference. When he looked back, a group of Ataraxia’s skyscrapers were split into two at the center.


The buildings were breaking into two one after another, the upper part collapsed and slowly falling down to the ground. Even the remaining buildings were on fire and began to raise black smoke.

“Captain! Sylvia and the others will do something about this somehow desu!”

Two huge frames were flying towards Hokuto. Those were Sylvia’s Taros and Ragrus’s Demon. As if chasing after those two gears, one more light was following behind.

“I will go too!”

Himekawa with her Sword readied was heading to Hokuto accompanied with her Blades. Kizuna gave instruction to them in a hurry.

“Stop! Even if you all attack her――”

Just when he was about to say that, Kizuna pursed his mouth.

‘――Then, what to do?’

Against the Deus ex Machina who possessed overwhelming power, any tactic was meaningless. If Hokuto felt like it, then total annihilation would be unavoidable.

“Damn it!”

Kizuna was also going to follow after Himekawa and the others, just when he was going to do that, Hokuto’s figure vanished.



Sylvia and Ragrus crashed into the defensive wall building with terrific speed.

Hokuto who didn’t move for even a single step since she appeared now moved. She moved and then crushed Sylvia and Ragrus who were approaching.

However, that movement completely could not be followed. It was excessively too fast, he couldn’t even be aware of it.

“Himekawa! Her movement is fast. Be caref――”

Himekawa’s back was in front of his eyes.


The body of Himekawa that flew at him crashed on Kizuna. He couldn’t hold back her body at all. Kizuna was blown away together with Himekawa’s body, the two of them were falling towards the ground.


There was no countermeasure that could be taken. Kizuna embraced Himekawa as if to wrap over her to protect her from the impact of the fall. ‘――At the very least just Himekawa.’

Just when he was trying to soften the impact with his thruster and Life Saver, Kizuna and Himekawa’s body crashed through the high school building. They destroyed and pierced through the building before colliding in the schoolyard. Their bodies somehow stopped crashing after digging through the schoolyard’s ground.


Impact that felt like it would make his body fall into pieces attacked him. He lost consciousness from the pain for a moment.

“Shi, shit……-“

To avert his mind from the writhing pain, Kizuna gritted his teeth and raised his body.

“Ku……Hi, Himekawa. You okay?”

Thanks to Kizuna volunteering his body to cover for her, Himekawa wasn’t seriously injured. But she completely lost consciousness.

He entered strength into his limbs to try to stand up somehow. However, he couldn’t put any strength, on top of that his dizziness was also severe. His knees lost strength and he fell on the ground.

The black smoke from fire made the surrounding dim like it was night. When he laid down with his face up, he could see the figure of Hokuto floating in the sky from the gap of the black smoke.

‘――Something needs to be done about her.’

When he thought that, a new window opened and Reiri’s face was projected there.

{Kizuna! You are no match against her. Return back!}


At that time, he noticed that his fingertip touched something.

‘――This is, Neros’s Blade.’

Kizuna grasped that flying sword and stood up somehow. Kizuna ignited his thruster then.

{Stop! Kizuna!}

Reiri’s voice was getting farther. Kizuna headed to Hokuto and accelerated. He wrung out the last of his strength and flew straight at Hokuto.

“Don’t you look down on humans! God-samAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

He readied the Blade.


Putting in his whole strength, Kizuna headed to Hokuto and thrust the Blade.


Hokuto’s index finger and thumb pinched the blade of the Blade.

“How persistent.”

That fingertips curved down tightly. At that moment, Kiuzna’s body was blown away towards the ground.


With the speed that far surpassed the speed of natural falling, Kizuna struck the ground once more.


Blood spewed out from his mouth.

His body couldn’t move, as if all his bones were broken.

‘――No good. Not even my finger, can move.’

Explosive sounds roared in the far away. Hokuto’s attack made the city get wrapped in flames, the facilities of Ataraxia were beginning to explode. At this rate, Ataraxia would sink.

‘――Everything, will be erased again.’

‘――I, cannot do anything again.’

Suddenly a voice entered his ear.

“Ah, which reminds me, you are the person that was quarreling with Thanatos previously right?”

Hokuto landed down on the ground without him noticing, she was peeking into Kizuna’s face. Perhaps flames were approaching nearby, flame sparks were dancing in the dim space like scattered sakura petals.

“You don’t even have the ability to learn, you cannot even predict what will happen if you challenge us. I wonder if you are not as evolved as I thought?”

She was smiling in delight, as though her mood had been fixed.

But, for some reason.

For Kizuna, that smile looked like something really false.

She had been like that since the time she first appeared. She was constantly smiling and made merry in delight. But, all of that looked forced.



“Why, are you……looking that bored?”

Hokuto’s face stiffened for an instant. However, she soon smiled broadly again and twirled around with her hands spread wide, looking really in delight.

“Just what are you saying? I’m always having fun. So happy, so fun, that I really cannot help it♪”

That smile increasingly seemed more hollow to him.

‘――This girl, is she really an existence just like what we imagined from the word [god]?’

Even her reaction when her hand was scratched by Grace,

{Cannot keep having fun!}

That reaction didn’t come from having her pride hurt, or even because her hand was hurt. The fact that she was hurt exerted some kind of influence on her. Her way of talking then was as if she feared that.

“I don’t, really get it but……even gods, have it hard huh.”

Hokuto’s face distorted. She was trying to force herself to smile, but her eyes were burning in rage.

‘――That’s it.’

“That face……I think, that’s, the only one……that is your real face.”

At that moment, emotion vanished from Hokuto’s face.

“You, are saying weird things.”

And then she squatted down and touched Kizuna’s chest with her fingertip.

“I’m having fun here. It’s no good if I’m not having fun. Everyday, everyday, no matter where, no matter when, always. I’ve got to have fun no matter what. That’s why I must not even get hurt.”

Saying that, she made a smiling face that seemed sad.

“That is, my role as a god.”


Kizuna’s consciousness was becoming far. His eyes turned hazy and Hokuto’s smiling face became blurred.

“Am I…..dying?”

“That’s right. You don’t even understand that?”

Hokuto suddenly stood up and floated a dry smile. And then the red sword in her hand, Hakken Kirin’s tip was aimed at Kizuna.

“How really stupid.”

The sword where all weapons were compressed touched his chest.

The tip tore open his skin. However, he was already unable to move even a single finger.

It was becoming dark in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

Even the sound of the burning flames became inaudible, all sounds were going further away.

He was invited into stillness, towards the darkness of death.

At that time,

“There is this saying, that a stupid kid is cuter, isn’t it.”

There was a voice.

Kizuna’s eyelids opened again.

The flame was whirling with a thundering sound.

It was a voice that was really calm, and soothing.

Black smoke was rising, flame was giving rise to squall.

Fanned by that wind, the kimono that looked like a furisode was flapping.

Sparks were raining down with rain.

The long glossy black hair fluttered.

That figure which looked like a young girl, yet with a bewitching appearance.

It was too sudden.

However it was inevitable.

Hida Nayuta was standing.

“――You are”

“This is our first meeting. I am called Hida Nayuta.”

Hokuto was staring at the suddenly appearing young girl with a bewildered face.

“What……are you?”

Showing a soft smile, Nayuta took out a fan from her chest.

“The person who restored this world.”

The fan spread open in a flash, it gracefully sent flickering wind.

Power entered Hokuto’s eyes.

“I see……you are, the cause.”

Hokuto’s hand flashed.

Definite killing intent cut Nayuta.

Hakke Kirin was swung at Nayuta with speed and destructive power incomparable to anything until now.


However in the middle, that blade stopped.

Nayuta’s fan blocked Hakke Kirin.

“This is the world that I reconstructed with great pain. I didn’t want to allow destruction until this much, but in this urgent transfer, it took a little time to manufacture the program for the use of your enforced removal.”

Saying that Nayuta gently turned her fan the other way. Hakke Kirin was repelled and Hokuto leaped backwards.

“You are an existence of the same kind like us, is that how it is I wonder?”

When Hokuto readied her Hakke Kirin once more, the world tilted with a violent shaking.

“Hm? This is!?”

Hokuto let out a panicked voice. Nayuta’s figure was distorting. Not only that, with Ataraxia as the start, everything of this world was distorting flabbily, whirling and elongating into strange shape. It was just like water that was being absorbed into a hole.

Inside the world where everything was rotating, only the Entrance carved in the sky retained its original shape, approaching towards Hokuto.

“My deepest apologies, but the preparation to fight all of you is still not finished. Please take your leave for today. Adieu.”


The fingertips of Hokuto that reached out were vanishing. She was being absorbed into the Entrance approaching her. It seemed that she was being forcefully ejected from this space.

“Hida, Nayuta……I see, the one using Genesis as they pleased was――”

Leaving behind those words, Hokuto vanished inside the Entrance.

Chapter 2 – And Then the Beginning of the World Again[edit]

Part 1[edit]

A sea of cloud that continued without end.

The summits of the mountains that were like alps covered in snow showed their faces from that sea of cloud.

They looked like a chain of islands floating on the ocean. At the summit of a mountain that was conspicuously high among them, there was a castle.

A sky sanctuary shining white. It had a close resemblance to the sanctuary of Greece, the Parthenon, but this sanctuary was far bigger and far resplendent than that. From the slope of the mountain until far above the summit, a sanctuary of a total of twelve floors was built, its height reached even higher than a kilometer.

At the highest place of that sanctuary, was the Deus ex machina Thanatos.

Thanatos had the figure of a beautiful girl with long golden hair and blue eyes. On her forehead was a hair ornament attached with gems. White wing ornaments were at the sides of her face. The clothes she wore was a white one piece, resembling the clothes the gods of Greece were wearing in paintings or carvings. There were wings like a sculpture on her back. And then leg parts that were like pillars. She closely resembled a goddess enshrined in the sanctuary of the gods.

However the space that goddess lived in was exceedingly simple.

There was white as far as the eye could see. There was nothing other than that.

Whether the ceiling or the floor or the walls, everything didn’t have any ornament, it was just a white space. One could see the outside from the windows at the four directions, but even staring from there, there was only the continuing blue sky above the sea of clouds.

This white world with continuing sea of clouds was the world Thanatos created. White, silent, the miniature garden of Thanatos where everything was perfectly created beautifully. However, even this beautiful world didn’t give its creator’s heart any consolation. Thanatos was directing her eyes that were filled with sorrow as usual to her guests.

Only that space where the guest was at had vivid color spreading, there was a foreign feeling there like paint dropping on a white canvas by mistake.

Osiris of yellow and Odin of blue.

Osiris with her light brown skin smiled gracefully.

“Thanatos is making sad eyes just like usual. How are you? Come visit my created world sometime. It’s a really calming and pleasant place you know. Surely your heart will be comforted there.”

Osiris’s figure was the very image of Cleopatra that was told in history. She was a beautiful woman with charm that would make any man go mad. Her light brown skin, and the black hair that was cut evenly in bob hairstyle. And then the simple clothes her body was clad in, with the decoration of gold and jewels, gave the close resemblance with the royalty of ancient Egypt.

That body wasn’t that of the Deus ex Machina, but an appearance that had no difference at all with a human. But, in place of a machine body, a falcon and lion made from machine were standing by at Osiris’s side. The two animals were sitting quietly, moving with autonomy as if they were in possession of life. Occasionally they would lift their face and did things like paying attention to Osiris, they could only be thought of as living things.

In contrast with the calm Osiris, Odin was being irritated the whole time.

“You don’t understand don’t you, Osiris. Things like tranquility will only make a grieving heart worsen even more instead. At this kind of time fighting is the best thing to do. Thanatos, won’t you come to my world? If it’s an enemy then there are many there!”

Odin was a girl with shining silver hair. Her beauty that was like ice was something that humans wouldn’t be capable to reach, it was a crystallization of beauty only a god possessed.

As if to compete with Odin’s beauty, the armor enveloping her body was also beautiful. It was exactly an armor of a dragon. The beautifully shining blue armor that was like gems was dragon scales. On her back were wings like ore of jewels spreading, Odin’s long silver hair pranced on her back, bending like a tail.

The silver hair and white skin painted out a beautiful vibrant contrast with the blue armor and the scales, enhancing Odin’s sensual body. Both her arms and legs were protected by tough armor that were like a dragon’s limbs, but the equipment from her head until her torso was exceedingly thin that it was nearly defenseless. It was even like it was for showing off her voluptuous but trained body.

But there was only one point where Odin was lacking in.

――Odin didn’t have a left eye.

Her left eye was covered by an eye patch and confirming what was below that was impossible. Perhaps it was regretful for the one seeing her that the beauty wasn’t perfect. That lacking gave birth to unbalance and uneasiness and made Odin a dangerous existence.

But on the contrary, the built that wasn’t perfect also created presence and beauty. Different from simple harmony, there was beauty characteristic of Odin that even made one feel ghastliness.

The two Deus ex Machina, Osiris and Odin. Even after hearing the proposal of these two gods, Thanatos was only showing a melancholic expression.

At that time, from the left open window there was one more color flying in.

“The data of the experimental world that was lost before this, I found it!”

Hokuto who was a wearing vivid red China dress finally arrived while laughing. Odin glared severely at such Hokuto.

“What did you say!? Where!”

“Aah, it’s no good anymore. They ran away.”


Odin stomped her foot in rage.

“Don’t screw around! For us, the creators, to be outwitted by our creation, is something that couldn’t possibly happen!”

“Now now, please calm down. After all they won’t be able to escape from us anyway, so let’s think of our next step here leisurely.”

“Osiris! You are too relaxed! I cannot take this anymore. I cannot leave this to you all. I’ll take care of it!”

Hokuto stood in the way of Odin that was going to head to the window.

“You must not! That is my prey. If I don’t get even with that bunch, I won’t be able to feel joyful!”

Odin’s right eye was lit with the flame of madness.

“Interesting. You want to have a go at me?”

Odin waved her arm and unnoticed that hand held a spear. Hokuto also brandished her sword Hakke Kirin.

It was an explosive situation.

The two gods were going to start a war. Between them who were like that, Osiris tilted her head while smiling faintly.

“You won’t stop them Thanatos?”

Thanatos lowered her golden eyelashes and sighed.

‘――We are the existences that accomplished the ultimate evolution. But it also seems to appear that we are still far from perfection. Why is that? And then, from now on what kind of evolution is it that we should reach?

In the first place what kind of transition we underwent that we became our current existences, there are too many unclear points in our database. For that reason we created new worlds and carry out experiments, yet despite so……are we, unable to even do just a proper experiment?

Or else, is this the correct experiment result?’

Thanatos raised a voice tinged with sadness.

“Even if we argued, nothing will result from it.”

Just that much mediation was enough. Odin lowered her spear reluctantly, and Hokuto who saw that lowered her sword too.

“But, nevertheless there is no way we can leave this alone. It is only a little amount of data but there is no question that we need to collect it. Let each of us search for it freely. It’s fine like that right?”

“Very well.”

The moment she answered so, Odin’s figure vanished.

“……Then I’ll go home too. Well then, see you later.”

Hokuto turned around her body on the spot and then her body vanished too. Inside the white sanctuary, only the master that was Thanatos and Osiris were left remaining there. Osiris showed no sign of leaving and caressed her mechanical lion composedly.

“Osiris, you are not going?”

Thanatos called with a tired voice at Osiris who didn’t look like she would move from that spot.

“Fufufu, please don’t chase me away like that.”

Osiris got her lazy butt to move and headed to the entrance. The lion also stood up and followed behind Osiris. The falcon spread its wings and flew towards the sea of clouds from the window. Osiris came to a stop at the door and turned to Thanatos.

“Even so, Thanatos is really having a gloomy face all the time.”

“Is that so.”

“Each of our origin is different. I said that just now, but actually, I don’t understand what kind of method that can resolve your worry.”

“That’s right isn’t it.”

“What are you wishing for, Thanatos?”


Thanathos didn’t reply. If she was like this, then surely no reply would come even if one waited for several millenniums.

Osiris floated a faint smile on her lips and closed her eyes.

“We too, it will be great if we can suicide isn’t it?”

Thanatos raised her looking down face. However Osiris’s figure was already gone.

“……Suicide is it. Actually that sounded sweet.”

A faint smile could be seen on Thanatos’s lips.

“Being able to do something like that……what a story of dreams.”

After whispering that, Thanatos’s eyes looked down sadly.

Part 2[edit]

“Well then everyone. How about I start explaining.”

In the central control room of Nayuta Lab, the core members of Ataraxia were gathered. Having said that, the majority of them were sent to hospital from the battle with Hokuto the other day.

The people in this place were, from Lemuria side were Kizuna, Reiri, Kei, and Himekawa, from the Vatlantis Empire was Zelsione, and from the Kingdom of Baldein was only Queen Landred.

Kizuna was also ordered to rest by the doctor, but he forced himself to participate. It was because he thought that he had to hear the story at any expense.

No one was sitting on the prepared chairs, they were looking down on the small young girl standing in the front. Her upper body was wearing a red furisode, but her lower body was wearing a mysterious clothing that looked like tigh tights, the little girl was showing a cherubic smile.

The name of that girl was Hida Nayuta. The owner of Nayuta Lab, this was her return home after a long while.

There were people who were staring at her appearance looking dumbfounded, but most of the people were glaring at her with eyes filled with killing intent that wanted to kill her when there would be a opening. However for Nayuta herself, that kind of killing intent didn’t even feel like a breeze, she was smiling sweetly.

“Surely you all also have things you want to ask, so first how about I accept the questions. Regarding this world overflowing with mystery and the chain of destiny that is mysteriously revolving.”

The master of Nayuta Lab who became a young girl raised a theatrical voice in front of all present. Her face was young, but in that expression there was an age which had been piled up for long years.

“We don’t understand where to start asking here.”

Kizuna’s murmur that was leaked out unconsciously was something that everyone who gathered here agreed on inside their hearts.

Himekawa asked with a perplexed state.

“Then, that enemy called Deus ex Machina……what are they? No, rather than that are you really that Professor Nayuta?”

“Yes. You all met me once in this appearance, rather we were even fighting to the death before.”

“There is no way such thing……no, certainly……?”

Himekawa’s eyes were trembling from the situation that was increasingly growing chaotic.

Kei also thought and thought, then she typed on her keyboard totteringly.

{Before that, the fact that we and also the people of Vatlantis, all of us becoming staff and students in Ataraxia with good relationship, that in itself is strange.}

Queen Landred tilted her head with a troubled look.

“Haa……even if you told me who is just a mere school nurse, that I was actually a queen in another world……I really cannot follow with this nonsense.”

“Wrong. It’s the reverse. Rather, please feel doubt about being the school nurse.”

Zelsione retorted without hiding her irritation. And then she crossed her arms with a meek expression.

“Even so, who ever thought that this me will be deceived until this far……”

It was Zelsione who had her forte in mental attack. She excelled in controlling the minds of her opponent, precisely because of that she received a shock from being manipulated herself.

Kizuna glared at his own mother with a sharp look.

He was still unable to understand the situation. But, Kizuna finally noticed the true identity of the out of place feeling he had from his doubt since quite some time ago.

This world where the students of Ataraxia and the magic knights of Vatlantis were jumbled in messily. Although their standpoint and social status were changed, everyone was here.

――With the exception of two people.

“Kaa-san. Where are Aine and Yurishia?”

Zelsione also raised her face in sudden realization and leaned her body forward.

“That’s right. Where is our emperor! Depending on your answer……”

Towards the threatening Zelsione, Nayuta shook her head in regret.

“They are not here.”

“Not here? What’s the meaning of that!”

Kizuna held back Zelsione who looked like she was going to equip her magic armor even now.

“President, calm down! First we need to get out the information from her.”

“Yeah……I understand. However, the students of my academy are……hm?”

Zelsione’s face flared up red.

“Don, don’t mess with me! Who is the student council president! I am the imperial guard captain Zelsione! Are you making fun of me, Hida Kizuna!”

Kizuna too scratched his head by reflex.

“Sorry! I wasn’t doing that on purpose but, the setting until just now is still remaining inside my head!”

“Calm down you two.”

Nayuta took out her fan and sent wind at the two.

“ “Just whose fault do you think it is!” ”

Kizuna and Zelsione yelled angrily in unison.

Nayuta spread her small hands in front of the approaching two and stopped them.

“They are not here, but I know where they are. I will explain later.”

Towards Nayuta who was keeping her cool, Reiri who was staying quiet until now spoke with a voice brimming with killing intent.

“Honestly speaking, I want to kill you first before looking for an explanation. Even though it would be best if you just die quietly, why are you reviving back here so shamelessly.”

Nayuta lightly warded off Reiri’s naked killing intent.

“That’s so isn’t it, being killed by you is also fine, but the first priority is to resolve the problem at hand right? After all I don’t know when the Deus ex Machina will pin down our location again and come attacking.”

Kei typed on her keyboard.

{Our mind cannot follow the events. First we want to know the outline of the situation.}

Nayuta touched her cheek with her index finger going ‘I see’. It was a lovable gesture that was like a child, but that wasn’t something she did naturally but a movement she did by purpose.

“That’s so isn’t it. But the outline huh, so that everyone can come to understand the situation……the one who appeared before this is the god who created Lemuria and Vatlantis. Atlantis and Lemuria were terminated once, but with the configuration information of the world that I have――”

“Wait, wait, wait!”

Reiri waved her hand while speaking loudly.

“I don’t get what you are talking about right from the start! That was god you say!? And then what do you mean by terminated!”

Nayuta sighed in an intentional gesture.

“Good grief really……Reiri really is a kid with a slow brain.”

The mother with a young girl’s appearance looked up at the daughter with an adult’s body and lamented.

Veins appeared on Reiri’s forehead.

“……How about I snap and kill you with this hand.”

From the back, Kizuna pinioned the arms of Reiri who was reaching out her hand to Nayuta.

“Nee-chan, calm down! I understand your feeling, but we have to get information from her first!”

“Eei, let go! Getting rid of the mother who took the wrong path is also the children’s responsibility!”

Putting aside the quarreling siblings, Kei typed on her keyboard calmly.

(Our memory is also unclear. But I can declared with confidence that previously we weren’t going to school together with the people of the other world. In my awareness, there was a conflict with the AU in the previous world, where our world was suppressed by the magic weapons of the Vatlantis Empire of AU. We who took refuge in a megafloat above the sea and invaded Vatlantis Empire from the Entrance. We reached amicable settlement with them and repaired Genesis……is that matched to what happened?)

“I think that awareness is fine. However, after that Deus ex Machina erased the worlds completely, both Lemuria and Atlantis altogether.”

“What did you say!?”

Himekawa leaned her body forward with an expression unable to believe the situation.

“Well……it was that kind of major incident. It’s like a movie.”

It seemed that inside the head of Queen Landred, she was still a school nurse.

“This is because the one who confronted the Deus ex Machina were only Kizuna and Aine……this is a good chance. It will take time, but let’s talk about the sequence of events in chronological order.”

After saying that, Nayuta took out a short and thin stick from somewhere. She drew a rectangle with that stick and a shining red cube appeared from that track she drew. It was unclear what kind of mechanism that was, but they understood that it was something Nayuta produced. Nayuta then thrust at that cube with the stick in her hand.

“This is Atlantis.”

And then from the inside of her furisode she took out a shining blue cube. With that there were two cubes now.

“This is Lemuria. These two cubes represented the two worlds respectively.”

The two cubes were floating in the air like dice. One of the cube, the red cube stabbed by the stick was losing its light.

“Atlantis’s magic power was decreasing.”

Thereupon the cube that became dark was being sucked closer to the cube that was shining blue. And then finally the two cubes bumped with a clunk.

“This is AU collision. The world called Atlantis tried to supplement its lacking of magic power and so it got drawn in towards Lemuria.”

Everyone present there opened their eyes wide. The cause of the mysterious phenomenon AU collision that they didn’t understand until now was easily told. However, it was hard to believe it so suddenly, the fact hardly entered their heads.

Zelsione asked with a hard voice.

“You are saying that to supplement the lacking magic power, our Vatlantisworld was approaching Lemuria? Can you prove such a thing?”

“In the First Another Universe Conflict, the time overlapped with the period when the shortage of magic power in Atlantis was worsening. However the Another Universe Conflict was ended in around one week. Why do you think that is?”

However no one could answer that. Nayuta looked around at the faces of the gathered members and said.

“It was because the magic power was sufficiently replenished. The magic power that is called life force.”

The temperature of the room felt like it was going down in one go. The floating red cube which was losing its light shined once more. In exchange, the blue cube’s light became dull.

“The magic weapon sent for investigation received attack from Lemuria’s side and took defensive action. And then it became a war and lots of lives were stolen. At that time the produced life energy was flowing in to Atlantis from the Entrance. With that the Another Universe Conflict was ended for the moment.”

The cube that recovered its light was taking distance from the other cube.

After confirming that there was nobody asking questions, Nayuta continued her story.

“At the time when that magic power was used up again, the Second Another Universe Conflict occurred.”

The cube that lost its light again bumped into the other cube. It sucked the light, but this time the cube’s light didn’t really return. Before long, the stick stuck on the cube was cracked.

“This stick is governing the magic power of Atlantis. In other words?”

Nayuta stared at Zelsione’s direction.

“……You want to say that’s Genesis right?”

“Exactly. That stick was used when creating this cube. That’s what Genesis is, the tool used by the gods when creating the world.”

However, that tool was cracked. And then together with a dry rupturing sound, it snapped into two.

“It broke completely. When it comes to that, Atlantis and then Lemuria too which collided with it are deleted.”

Cracks entered Atlantis’s cube. Those cracks also got propagated to Lemuria.

“In order to prevent that from happening, I taught a certain method to all of you.”

Queen Landred narrowed her eyes.

“Project Babel……isn’t it.”

“Exactly. But, this is the tool of the gods. Using it as we pleased is a violation of the rules. In the first place it’s not something possible. However this time AU collision that even the gods didn’t predict occurred. Due to that, something that shouldn’t exist got mixed into Atlantis.”

Kizuna put his hand on his chest.

“My Core, Eros came from earth in the first place……Kaa-san said that right?”

Nayuta nodded as if to say ‘you did well’.

“Exactly. Originally using Eros with other Cores at the same time wasn’t something planned. Magic power supplementation to excessive degrees and ability expansion, that is to say the functions of Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid, by nature weren’t something that were in the specifications. It is a way of using the Core that is outside the expectations even for the creator.”

Himekawa nodded in comprehension.

“So the miracle that Kizuna-kun caused is something that came from that kind of origin……”

Himekawa stared fixedly at Kizuna who was standing beside her. Noticing that stare, Kizuna also stared back.

“I guess……even miracles have proper reasons.”

“Heart Hybrid, Climax Hybrid too, that’s why……ah”

Perhaps Himekawa remembered about the specifics of the act, her cheeks blushed and she averted her gaze hastily.

Kizuna recalled numerous mysterious phenomenons that Eros caused. That wasn’t something in the rules. It surpassed the original function, something that was exactly a Limit Breaker.

“Repairing the tool of the gods that is Genesis is possible using the functions of Eros. However, there is another problem.”

Nayuta looked over all present like a teacher waiting for her students to react.

“If the Genesis is repaired, the creator that is the god will notice, that’s what you mean. It might be okay if it’s just a trivial matter, but restoring the destroyed Genesis, furthermore it was done not by god’s hand, such phenomenon would surely be reported to them as a serious error. In that case, the gods will surely come without fail.”

Reiri crossed her arms and scowled.

“And that’s the fellows who introduced themselves as the Deus ex Machina then.”

“Exactly. If Deus ex Machina know about the fact of Heart Hybrid and Genesis’s restoration, then surely they won’t tolerate us as a blasphemy towards the gods.”

Inside the heavy atmosphere, the typing sound of Kei’s keyboard was resounding.

{Professor Nayuta, you knew about the coming of Deus ex Machina. Despite so then why did you make us carry out Project Babel?}

“It’s for the sake of calling them, the Deus ex Machina.”

All present were shocked hearing that sentence. Kizuna lost his head and pressed his question at Nayuta.

“Wha……just wait a second! Kaa-san said just now that Deus ex Machina coming is a problem. Yet despite so, just what are you planning by calling them here!”

Nayuta closed her mouth for a while. She looked as if she was hesitating of what to say, such condition was something really rare for Nayuta.

Kei’s complexion changed and she hugged her keyboard on her chest. Before long Nayuta opened her mouth reluctantly.

“……I lost to Kizuna and the others. I planned to hide myself after that, but that defeat wasn’t something I did on purpose. I made use of Genesis’s functions and succeeded in remodeling myself. However, it was inadequate to obtain the same abilities like the creators……it was imperfect.”

Nayuta closed her eyes after saying that reluctantly.

“……The cause was obviously a lack of data. If that’s the case, I can get close to perfection if I obtained the authentic data. That’s why, there is a need to have their existence that is the original to come here.”

Zelsione directed a hateful gaze at Nayuta.

“For something like that! You are saying that our world was destroyed for that!?”

Towards Zelsione who glared at her with an angry look, Nayuta answered with a composed face.

“If at that time Project Babel wasn’t carried out, Genesis wouldn’t be repaired and Atlantis would surely collapse together with Lemuria. In that case, carrying out Project Babel left behind a survival chance even if just for a little.”

Reiri spoke as if spitting out.

“But the summoned Deus ex Machina erased the world. In the end it’s the same thing.”

However Nayuta shook her head left and right.

“No. There is a large difference. It was only a part, but I touched the Deus ex Machina and accomplished my objective of gathering data. This is a fact that greatly changed the development from now on.”

Even while feeling fed up, Kizuna couldn’t help but being in admiration.

“So you pretended to be dead and made us take on the Deus ex Machina. While that happened, you accomplished your objective successfully……that’s what happened.”

Nayuta tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

“Yes. Kizuna really did well. You were no match at all for the Deus ex Machina though.”

“It’s just as you said but, how irritating……”

When he looked back, even when he was fighting Hokuto, it became something for buying time so that Nayuta could take countermeasures. In the end, although that saved them, he couldn’t be fully satisfied of that for some reason.

“But, thanks to that I was able to browse their data without braving any risk. Among those, I found an interesting data.”

{Interesting……you say, what is that?}

“The configuration information of Atlantis and Lemuria.”

Kei’s expression stiffened in shock. However the other people didn’t understand the meaning of that sentence.

“To make it easier to understand, it means that all the existences that are making up the world are converted into numerical form and preserved as data. Do you understand what kind of thing this is?”

Nayuta looked at the faces of all present once more. Reiri opened her mouth with a loathing face.

“If that information is used, the world can be reproduced exactly like before you mean?”

Nayuta clapped her hands with a shocked expression.

“My, Reiri-chan. What’s the matter? I wonder if you suddenly grew wise?”

“I’ll kill you!”

“Ne, Nee-chan-!”

Kizuna restrained Reiri once more by hugging her.

“Let go Kizuna! Tha-……I, idiot-, don’t grope my breasts using the confusion!”

“Eh!? I don’t have any intention like that but it’s easy to grasp……wait, that’s why don’t struggle!”

Looking at their situation, Nayuta chuckled in amusement.

“I understood from that data. They are doing experiments. I don’t understand what is their objective, but they created our world, and observed what kind of evolution and development we accomplished. That observation is preserved as data.”

{And you obtained that data?}


While restraining the struggling Reiri, Kizuna yelled.

“Then, quickly return the world just like before!”

“Didn’t I do it already? It’s this Ataraxia.”

All present looked at each other.

Kei typed on her keyboard and projected a bird’s eye view of Ataraxia on the wall.

{Currently, this is everything of the world we are in.}

That was the image from the drone launched to the sky. It was in tragic state from the attack of Hokuto, but there was no doubt that it was Ataraxia. However there wasn’t Megafloat Japan, other than Ataraxia there were only sea and blue sky.

Kizuna looked up at the screen and felt dazed spontaneously.

“You call this just like before! There is nothing except Ataraxia here.”

“But, this is not a dream or illusion. It existed physically, this place is really the authentic Ataraxia just like in the previous world.”

{In other words……this is all the data that Nayuta Hakase obtained?}

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders at Kei’s question.

“Exactly. What I could do was only recovering the data of this Ataraxia. That was already the best that I could do.”

Nayuta pointed at Ataraxia on the screen.

“I created this world from the data that I recovered. Like that, I gave fake memories to all of you and made you to live here.”

Kizuna frowned and showed a dubious expression.

“Why in the world did Kaa-san do something like that?”

“First reason, is that I needed time to recover from the damage that I bore.”

Kizuna recalled the damage that he inflicted on Nayuta by his own hands.

The final decisive battle in Vatlantis. Kizuna had beaten up Nayuta who had evolved into a different living thing black and blue until she looked nothing more than a corpse. Even for Nayuta who became an existence close to the Deus ex Machina, it was doubtful she could endure that without any problem.

“Second reason, there is a need to have everyone fight Deus ex Machina as a single solid group. It was a training period so that everyone who until now were fellow enemies could fight together in combination. Also, there is the need to spend time and gently make everyone to be aware of the fact that the Core is something that shaves off life.”

Nayuta then clapped her hands together as though she remembered something.

“Aah, also. Until now you have continued to fight in succession, so there is also my intention to express appreciation for your hard work. This is my spirit of service to make you all to have fun in an enjoyable and leisurely vacation.”

Zelsione spoke as if to spit out.

“Messing around like that……”

However Nayuta didn’t even pay that any mind and instead continued to talk brightly with theatrical gestures.

“This world is a place of rest in order to take a brief breather. An emergency refuge for the sake of escaping from the hands of the Deus ex Machina……this is a world where you won’t be bothered by the outside world and you can obtain a peaceful and calm mind. That is to say, this is Ataraxia.”[4]

However, Nayuta’s shoulders suddenly dropped.

“But, this place was found out by the Deus ex Machina too. It’s unfortunate, but the rest is over.”

Landred crossed her arms, lifting up her large breasts.

“And so, that……the Deus ex Machina, you say? They will soon come?”

“I moved Ataraxia’s coordinates so it’s safe for the moment. I also prepared several traps. However it’s only a problem of time before we are discovered.”

“……What is the way for us to survive?”

Zelsione’s question made Nayuta direct her gaze at Kizuna, and then to Reiri.

“Kizuna, Reiri. Won’t you join hands with me?”

However, Reiri kicked away that invitation without a single moment’s delay.

“Don’t screw with me! You are someone that cannot be trusted the most. Who can cooperate with you after all this!”

“My objective and yours are different. However, although our objectives differ, the means to accomplish those objectives are common.”


Kizuna told himself to not trust what Nayuta was saying. However, he was strangely bothered by what Nayuta was trying to say.

“What’s……the meaning of that?”

“In order for me to obtain all truth, I want to become a perfect life-form, the existence that achieved ultimate evolution. For that I need more of the configuration information of the Deus ex Machina. And then the objective of you all is to take back the previous worlds. It’s possible to recreate Lemuria and Atlantis like before if it’s with my power. However, for that, the configuration information of the previous worlds are needed.”

{The configuration information of the erased Lemuria and Atlantis, is in possession of those Deus ex Machina.}

Nayuta nodded at Kei’s words that were typed in the window.

“That’s right. I’m thinking that most likely one of those four is preserving the data of the configuration information. And then, they are supposedly preserving the data of Aine and Yurishia too.”


Kizuna unconsciously leaned forward.

With a pale face, Zelsione also roughly yelled with a force that seized at Nayuta.

“Like that, doesn’t that mean that they are the prisoners of those machine gods!”

Zelsione gritted her teeth and her shoulders trembled.

It was a rage towards an unreasonable fate. Kizuna also understood well that feeling.

‘――We reunited after overcoming many difficulties, the fight with Vatlantis was also finally over, I thought that we can live happily after that, yet.’

Kizuna clenched his fist and let out his voice as calm as he could.

“Aine and Yurishia……they are still alive?”

“Yes. If their data is taken back, it can be resolved.”

“I see……”

Kizuna desperately pushed down the anxiety spreading in his heart.

Aine and also Yurishia were still alive. They could meet again. That was how he convinced himself.

“Then, what is the way to save Aine and Yurishia?”

“It’s simple. It’s fine if you just defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

Nayuta calmly answered, as though it was nothing at all.

Everyone held their breath.

‘――She said to defeat those monsters, no, those machine gods that are actually worthy to introduce themselves as gods?’

Reiri crossed her arms and looked down on Nayuta.

“You said those Deus ex Machina are gods right? That they are our creators.”


“Then, isn’t it impossible to do something like defeating the gods?”

“Even if they are gods, they are nothing more than existences that evolved further than us. We too will reach that territory eventually, even they are not perfect. In reality, they even committed a miss to have their data stolen by me even if it was just ten percent of the whole. Also, as far as we can see from their communication, they also have inefficient emotions. Even they, who are in possession of ability beyond imagination, might have unexpectedly childish weaknesses or flaw, that’s what I think.”

Kizuna suddenly remembered Hokuto. Amidst the burning Ataraxia, she was strangely showing human emotion even while displaying overwhelming power. Something was shedding dark shadows in her heart, it was like Hokuto herself was worrying about that. Her expression at that time certainly looked far removed from the existence of an omnipotent god.

While Kizuna was thinking of such thing, Reiri was also falling into a deep valley of thought. She frowned and racked her brains regarding the proposal of Nayuta.

She understood the logic.

However, her emotions couldn’t tolerate it.

But, after being showed an overwhelming power of that much, it was evident that they couldn’t do anything by their own strength.

“Reiri. You have completely given up haven’t you?”

Nayuta sighed in provocation.

“Whether I give up or not, this talk is not something on that kind of level! I’m asking you whether there is any realistic method or not!”


Suddenly the tone of Nayuta lowered down. Something shuddering was creeping up Reiri’s spine. It was a tension as though a blade was pressed on her throat.

Yes. This was the feeling that she always felt when she was facing her mother since she was a child.

“To summarize, you are saying that a child cannot win against their parent. Are you fine with that?”

Reiri was taken by surprise. Reiri’s expression became defenseless for an instant.

But that was only for an instant.

Whether it was from rage or maybe shame, Reiri’s face was dyed red and her teeth were grinding audibly. And then, she yelled as if she was going to cry.

“Children will surpass their parent!”

Nayuta accepted Reiri’s piercing gaze right from the front.

“That’s obviously provocation, but I’ll take it on! If you said that you are going to become the same existence like those machine gods then bring it on. We will defeat Deus ex Machina, then we will defeat you for the last! Just prepare yourself!”

Nayuta smiled in satisfaction.

“I’ll look forward to that, Reiri.”

Part 3[edit]

Islands were floating in the world where there was nothing but sky.

There were islands of various sizes, big or small. Soil was piled on rock and from there plants were growing. On the big one there were mountain and river. The water flowing down from the island was pouring down the sky.

On that island, long and narrow mountains were standing tall in row. The mountains that were like reversed icicles had trees clinging on them like growing moss. At the feet of those mountains was a beautiful lake like a mirror surface and sacred forest surrounding it. And then there was a plain below the mountain where there was a huge city.

The city that was orderly divided into districts looked like an integrated circuit if one looked from the sky. In each of the districts there was a town, there were streets and houses, there was everything needed for people activity.

There was a large street going through the center of the city. A single girl was walking on that street.

“A―, as I thought here is where I can calm down the most―”

Deus ex Machina Hokuto showed a wide smile and looked around the world she created once again.

High buildings and low buildings were mixed disorderly. Most of the buildings were two or three storied, but among them there were also buildings with more than twenty floors. All of the building’s rooftop was roofed with red tile and had their ends curved. The wall’s color was white, giving beautiful contrast with the roof, a coloring that made one feel warmth.

“Thanatos’s world is empty, it’s not interesting at all. Osiris’s place is dusty, and hot. But it’s still better compared to Odin’s place I think.”

What could be seen from the disordered town was not only beauty. There were buildings there so old that it was going to collapse, there were also buildings with repair repeatedly performed on it that the shape became strange. However, such things from all those could be thought of as the result of the people living here searching for a convenient way that was easy to live.

Hokuto really liked this city where such temperature of people could be felt.

Hokuto was walking while peeking at the stores facing the street. The two sides of this main street became a shopping street. In order to support the livelihood of a great number of citizens, various shops were standing side by side. Even among them, the kind of shop that had the most number were restaurants and shops for drinking tea.

“Right! No matter what people say the best thing is cooking. Even Thanatos and Osiris cannot match the cooking of my world. Especially Odin, she is just out of the question!”

While speaking delightedly, her feet stopped in front of a store that was lining up cooking. Meat and egg roasted on iron plate, stew filled with a lot of noodles with steam rising, the aroma was wafting from there.

“Whichever of them are proud delicious cooking!”

After talking at the front of the store where there was no one, she began to walk again.

There was no one on the wide street.

A huge and gorgeous city. In this metropolis where millions of people could live, there was no figure of humans.

Suddenly, smile vanished from Hokuto’s face.

“Something delicious……how does it feel I wonder?”

Hokuto advanced through the main street with tottering gait.

After walking for a while, a huge palace surrounded by a tall fence could be seen. When Hokuto approached the gate, the door with height of ten meters was naturally opening. She passed through the gate and walked on stone paving road. She advanced with sure steps inside the palace where there wasn’t a single human. Before long she came out to a wide courtyard.

Once, a large number of people gathered here.

Such thing flashed inside Hokuto’s head. She climbed the stairs inside the courtyard where a throne was put at the highest step. Hokuto sat down there.

And then she stared at the vast city, and whispered.

“Yup……today is fun too! I am happy everyday! That’s why……”

Hokuto smiled.

“Everyone……you are all happy too right?”

That smile, was a smile that seemed sad somewhere.

Chapter 3 – Re-install[edit]

Part 1[edit]

One of the patient rooms in Nayuta Lab. The door of that room quietly opened. Kizuna peeked at the situation inside the room secretly, where there was a black haired girl lying down on the bed. Her usually tied hair was let free and her hair that was longer than her shoulders was spreading on the pillow. Several cables and tubes were connected from under her blanket into the medical device beside her pillow. Her back figure that had a different atmosphere than usual made Kizuna feel a slight tension.

Kizuna was going to put the fruit basket he brought at her bedside but his hands stopped. There was the visiting presents piled up there by the previous guest, there was no place for him to put his.

“You are famous huh.”

Kizuna made a faint smile.

“……Ah, boss Kizuna.”

Gertrude Baird slightly opened her eyes and looked up at Kizuna.

“My bad. I woke you up.”

Stopping Gertrude from rising up her body, Kizuna put his visiting present at the empty space by the window. He could see the panoramic view of Ataraxia from the window, it was a room with a really good view. However, what could be seen from there was the scar left by Hokuto, a really painful scenery.

The configuration information of the world taken back by Nayuta. Ataraxia that was reconstructed from there with great pain now became a tragic figure just from looking. A third of the outer wall surrounding Ataraxia had collapsed, half of the urban area and industrial area was changed into scorched earth. The facilities below third floor underground were safe, but there was no doubt that they received a really serious blow. The current Gertrude who couldn’t wake up from the bed couldn’t see that scenery, in that respect she was being fortunate instead.

“You intentionally came here to see me? Wai―t, boss yourself, has your injury gotten better already?”

“Yeah. I’m mostly ok now. The ban for meeting Gertrude was lifted up today, so I came to visit but……”

Kizuna sat down at the circle chair at the bedside.

“Looks like there was a guest before me.”

He looked up at the piled up boxes of fruits and snacks. Books, games, television, audio, AV device, model gun and electric airsoft gun, even toy drones and robots were also there. It was completely puzzling that there were even a bicycle and a surfboard, but perhaps they had the meaning of telling her to quickly get healthy so she could play them.

Staring at the mountain of presents, Gertrude shrugged her shoulders.

“Various people came by in turns, I cannot have any peace at all.”

“Those guys are bad huh.”

Kizuna floated a wry smile.

“But Masters are all hospitalized right? Who came here then?”

“The fellows from my class came. Also boss’s sister also came you know. Even though she is busy, she is really driven by a strong sense of duty. Besides……Gravel also came.”

The end of Gertrude’s sentence sounded quieter from a little shyness.

He had come visiting Gravel several times in her hospitalization. It was fortunate that her injuries weren’t as serious as they thought. Both he and Gravel were discharged from hospital almost at the same timing, since then, for some reason, there were also a lot of chances to meet.

Currently there was only Kizuna and Gravel who were discharged from hospital. Next were Himekawa who in the first place was only lightly injured and Zelsione who didn’t participate in the battle. The members other than them were still hospitalized without change although the degree of their injuries were different.

“……Nevertheless, your luck was bad. You are the one with the heaviest injuries.”

“Good grief really. Like this, don’t I look like I’m always out of the stage from injury all year round. There is nothing more disagreeable than this.”

“No, you received that attack, it’s only natural you got like this. Rather, the other Masters who only got light injuries, isn’t it better to call them just getting very lucky?”

“I’m calling that as strong evil luck instead.”

The other members of Masters who received the same attack were also in the middle of treatment at the same hospital. However, the only one seriously injured was Gertrude, the other members would be able to return to the battlefront relatively quickly.

Gertrude had bad luck, on top of receiving a direct attack, she was struck into the buildings of Ataraxia several times. As a result, she bore serious injuries that made her get lost in the border of life and death while in ICU.

“Get well quickly, okay? When Masters are not here, it feels like we are lacking the mood makers after all.”

“The other girls are going to get out soon, so I’ll leave it to them.”

Gertrude looked up at the ceiling with eyes that looked lonely.

“Boss Kizuna……those machine gods, you are really going to pick a fight with them?”

“Yeah……but their strength is not something half-assed. There is a need for us to obtain even stronger power. We are going to try all the ways we can take and find the method to oppose the Deus ex Machina.”

“Is that so……in that case, I’m going to become unneeded anymore am I……”

She said that with a self-depreciating tone.

“Just what are you saying. There is no way――”

“Even the Ros-series is no match against them, can someone like me be useful, I don’t understand that anymore.”


Certainly, in a certain aspect, that was a fact. The Deus ex Machina surpassed human knowledge, they were opponents with power that was really like a god. If their opponents were just magic weapons like until now, then there were places where she could be greatly contributing to by matching the fighting strength. That was because before this the enemies were made up from various kinds of weapons, where there were the strong enemies and the weak enemies.


Kizuna put his hand on Gertrude’s head and stroked her hair messily.

“Wha, what are you doing! Just stop it!”

Kizuna obediently lifted his hand.

“Just what are you saying. This kind of situation is something we are used to right?”

Gertrude pouted her mouth.

“That’s, boss is saying about how I got injured before that I need to withdraw from the battle line isn’t it. That way of talking is just too――”

“Even when we fought Vatlantis, it’s the same like this. In that absolutely disadvantaged situation, we didn’t even have any way of fighting where we could fight properly. Even so, didn’t you and I manage it somehow until this point.”


Gertrude completely fell silent. Kizuna stood up and turned his back to her before going to the exit. He opened the door and stood stock still just before he exited the sickroom. And then, he turned around and raised his thumb at Gertrude.

“I’ll wait for you, partner.”

The door closed and Gertrude became alone. She directed her head to the side and stared at the present Kizuna put there. While she was staring at that, tears were blurring her eyes. And then at the same time, there was something welling up from the bottom of her heart.

“Really……what a troublesome person.”

A smile floated on her lips.

“I’m going there soon. When boss is in a pinch, without me he won’t be able to do anything after all.”

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna was walking through the corridor of the hospital with a fast pace. There was burning resolve residing in his eyes.

He couldn’t forgive the Deus ex Machina who caused not only Gertrude, but everyone to meet that kind of experience. But clashing against them driven only by his rage would only give him a honorable death. He understood that well.

The enemy were four machine gods.

They were existences in possession of power that was exactly like god, they were obviously in a different dimension compared to all who he had fought until now.

He would defeat those gods, and then take back their world, and also Aine and Yurishia.

――In order to do that, there was something he should do.

Kizuna took out his mobile phone and searched the communication address of Nayuta Lab’s central control room. Kizuna who went outside the entrance of the hospital with phone in one hand found a little girl waiting for him.

“Have you prepared?”

Nayuta wearing her unfamiliar clothes looked up at Kizuna.

Looking at her figure, Kizuna put back his mobile phone in his pocket.

“Yeah. I also planned to hurry you to quickly begin just now.”

Nayuta who was smiling in satisfaction waved the flag she was holding in her hand. Thereupon, the embarking door of the large bus stopping behind her opened.

“Then let’s start. The first step in order to defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

Nayuta who had the appearance of a bus guide had eyes shining in curiosity.

“The Core’s re-install.”

Part 3[edit]

The large tourist bus was traveling across the Ataraxia that was continuing its reconstruction work.

“E― what you can see on your right is Ataraxia’s international exhibition hall. Fortunately even in the battle against Hokuto the other day it avoided destruction from battle. Its total floor space is about 230,000 square meters. It is divided into the east and west exhibition halls and the conference tower, making it able to hold every kind of event.”

The young girl in the costume of a bus guide showed the building with one hand and explained smilingly.

“……What kind of joke is this?”

Kizuna asked at the bus guide Nayuta with a threatening tone.

“Just as you see, this is the sightseeing tour of Ataraxia. By looking around the Ataraxia that is in the middle of reconstruction, the message asking you to cooperate in the reconstruction with your best effort will be conveyed, this is a plan for the sake of enhancing one’s desire to work diligently. I chartered it for Kizuna’s sake this time.”

“No, perhaps that’s important but! Rather than that what’s going to happen with the Core’s re-installation?”

The one riding the bus was Kizuna and Nayuta, then there was only the bus driver. The interior was remodeled like a parlor, it had the presence really like an exclusive vehicle for VIPs. All the chairs were removed, relaxing sofa and table, also bar counter and refrigerator. At the back even toilet and shower were also fully installed.

“This is not just a mere tour. This is an important plan to power up the Heart Hybrid Gear.”

“How much it’s okay to believe that……”

“Aah, let me give you this.”

Nayuta took out a small metallic piece from her breast pocket. Its length was eight centimeter and thickness around three centimeters with the shape of a capsule.

“Heart Hybrid Gear’s Core……the adjustment is finished already?”

“Yes. It’s only still this one though.”

Kizuna stared fixedly at the Core handed over to him.

――Two weeks ago.

The proposal suggested by Nayuta to cooperate and defeat the Deus ex Machina. Even while harboring a lot of anxiety and dissatisfaction, Kizuna and the others swallowed that proposal.

And then――,

“Understood. We will listen to what Kaa-san is saying within limitations. That’s why, teach us the way to defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

Kizuna asked the question like so.

The central control room of Nayuta Lab. Those gathered there, Kizuna and Reiri, Kei and Himekawa, they were waiting for Nayuta’s answer with held breath.

“The way to defeat the Deus ex Machina……that is by reinstalling the Core.”

“Wha……what did you say!?”

That proposal struck dumb everyone in that place.

“That’s no good. Taking out a Core will kill the holder. Kaa-san should be the one who understands that the best.”

Once Nayuta ordered the imperial guard Valdy to take out a Core from Brigit of Masters. The result, Brigit’s life was lost.

Nayuta smiled sweetly without any remorse.

“Certainly, humans don’t have the ability to extract out a Core. However, while I’m imperfect, I too am the same race of organism as the Deus ex Machina. If it’s with the power of the current me, taking out a Core without risking the life to danger is possible.”

Nayuta walked until in front of Himekawa and raised her right arm quickly.


Without even any time to think ‘ah’, Nayuta’s arm sunk into Himekawa’s breast.


Kizuna screamed and reached out his hand. However it was already too late. The arm stabbing Himekawa’s chest was moving as if to search around for something.


Himekawa was looking down on her own chest in a daze. It didn’t hurt. But the sensation of a small hand searching inside her body was eerie, causing dread to run inside Himekawa.


Her hand that was trying to push away Nayuta hit empty air. In an instant, Nayuta had jumped back several meters behind.

And then, her hand was holding a metallic capsule that was shining silver.

Kizuna’s heart jumped greatly.

“Himekawa! You okay!?”

He grasped Himekawa’s arm and peered into her eyes. Himekawa nodded with a scared face and dropped her eyes on the bulge of her breast where Nayuta’s arm was sinking in just now.

There was no hole opened there or even bleeding. It was just like magic.

“I’m fine……I think, though.”

“Really!? Is there anything hurt, or painful, anywhere!?”

Himekawa shook her head tremblingly.

“Yes, nowhere……say, is it really true that my Core is taken out?”

‘haaaaaa’, Kizuna sighed in a big way.

“……I thought my heart got stopped there.”

Nayuta proudly rolled around the Core in her hand.

“How is it? Now do you feel like trusting me a little?”

Reiri went in front of Nayuta and glared in despise.

“But even Sylvia who had her Core installed using the new method couldn’t match the Deus ex Machina. With just that there is no meani――”

Nayuta raised her index finger and waved it left and right.

“Of course. Just reinstalling the Core won’t make you a match for the Deus ex Machina. There is a need to improve the taken out Core.”


Kei’s opened her eyes wide in shock. Her hand that was typing the keyboard stopped in the middle.

“That’s right. The Core has a limiter fixed in it. That is so that the organism using the Core won’t become a threat to themselves, the Deus ex Machina set the Core with something like a safety device.”

Nayuta held up the Core of Neros in her hand towards the lighting.

“But, if it’s Ros-series, then it’s possible to remove that limiter.”


Kizuna and Himekawa looked at each other in reflex.

“I will carry out optimized improvements, by attempting to increase the performance as high as possible while maintaining the magic power’s consumption so that it will stay the same like before. After finishing that we will reinstall it with the most effective way, surely we will obtain the power that can possibly oppose the Deus ex Machina with that.”

Kei pulled herself together and ran her fingers on the keyboard once more.

{Is something like that possible for you Professor Nayuta?}

Nayuta looked up at Kei and smiled.

“With my current power, I am able to substantiate even theory that is impossible to realize because of humanity’s left behind technology. I’ll show you that I can make you all reach the level where it’s possible to fight the Deus ex Machina.”

――There was such conversation.

The mission assigned to Kizuna right now was the Core reinstallation of the Heart Hybrid Gear pilots as well as the magic knights in possession of magic armor. The method itself wasn’t any different with that time he installed a Core into Sylvia.

The bus that stopped at the traffic light suddenly took off. That impact shook Kizuna’s body greatly.

“……So, aren’t we going to do the reinstall?”

“In the place we are heading at right now, the reinstall partner Himekawa Hayuru is waiting. Ah, driver-san, don’t park at the parking lot but please go to the rotary’s direction.”

The driver wordlessly turned the steering wheel. The car roughly turned and Kizuna’s body was pushed down on the sofa by the side G force. The driving was just too rough.

“In that case explain it a little bit more. If there is no information beforehand, even I will feel troubled.”

“My, Kizuna is the one setting up the plan today you know?”

Kizuna twisted his head. He didn’t have any recollection at all about what Nayuta was saying.

“What is the meaning of――”

The bus stopped suddenly as if it was going to pitch forward.

“We have arrived here. Is your preparation finished Kizuna?”

“Yeah. I’m fine……but, are we going to do the reinstall here?”

What could be seen outside the window was the entrance of the exhibition hall explained to him just now.

“That’s right. Then let’s go.”

Nayuta climbed down the steps while holding a flag with words ‘Group Travel’ written on it. Kizuna followed behind her reluctantly.

“――Wait, this place!?”

When he got down the bus, the scenery there looked like a Halloween party. The courtyard of the exhibition hall was teeming with people in various costumes.

Girls in cute magical girl costumes. Boys wearing army uniforms of the past military. Cartoon character costumes of robots made from cardboard. Woman in risqué outfits with high exposure rate. If he remembered correctly, that should be the character of the anime that was popular last year.

It was a rush hour of people with various costumes. And then everywhere around them were photo taking sessions being carried out.

“This is……a cosplay event?”

A girl with a costume of a school uniform was hitting the sides of her head with her two hands in a strange pose. Most likely that was the signature pose of the character she was cosplaying. That girl was surrounded by several rows of males holding cameras while clicking their shutters.

Even though just before this they were just getting attacked by an unknown enemy and received a devastating blow.

“I’m really impressed by the mental strength of Ataraixa’s fellows. Good grief……”

“Aah, the people here aren’t real humans.”


“When I regenerated Ataraxia I investigated all the students’ data, so recycling that data I created these extras.”

Kizuna once again looked around at the cosplayers taking poses and the people swarming around them readying their cameras.

“Ah, this cosplay is aweso―me, it’s cuteee~”

“How about calling out to that group and do a combination?”

“Please look over here―”

Every single one of them was enjoying their hobby happily. That realness could only be seen as the real thing.

“These are fakes……is the theory the same like the Love Room?”

“No, they really exist in reality here. They are existences I copied from the students who actually have this kind of hobby. Their memories and thought circuits are also the same, but at best they will only remain for an hour before vanishing.”

The Love Room only tricked one’s brain and gave them mock experiences, but this was something Nayuta really created with her power, it seemed that was how it was.

“If I have the original data, I can reproduce things and people like this. However, this is consuming my energy, so honestly I want to erase them as quickly as possible.”

“Then should we go”, told that by Nayuta, Kizuna followed behind her and entered into the exhibition hall. Behind Nayuta who was walking forward holding a flag, Kizuna was following while looking around restlessly. Nayuta weaved through the crowd and moved forward with surety. They passed through the hall and went above using an elevator. At the floor they arrived there was a hall with doors lined up in a row. Walking on the carpeted corridor, their steps stopped in front of a door. Thereupon Nayuta suddenly opened the door and entered.

“Thank you for waiting. Here is the main event.”

“Kyah! ……Don’t open the door so suddenly――wait!?”

The width of the room was around ten tatami, it was like a parlor used for business discussions. There was one girl wearing cosplay inside that room.


“Ki, Kizuna-kun!”

What Himekawa was wearing was a costume of a cat eared girl. The costume had a lot of frill and gather, fluttery clothes that looked girly. A hole was opened on the skirt and there was a tail from there moving flexibly like a real thing.

“Wai……don’t look! Please don’t look!”

It was cute, but the skirt was excessively short. Also the shoulder and chest were opened, the guard in the unusual places were thin.

He had the feeling it was an anime character intended for primary schoolgirl that was popular two or three years ago if he remembered right. Nayuta smiled sweetly and nodded in satisfaction.

“This is the character of [Magical Girl Nyan Colosseum] that Hayuru liked, the black cat Shanowal.”

“You really know it well don’t you.”

“I won’t tolerate anything that I don’t know.”

“No, it’s just a knowledge that is fine to not know no matter how you think about it.”

Even while they were having that conversation, Kizuna was unable to take off his eyes from Himekawa’s black cat Shanowal cosplay.

“It’s fine already! I told you already to not see!”

Himekawa’s lips were trembling with a bright red face.

“Even if you told me to not look, but if you show me a cosplay filled with that much spirit then……Himekawa, did you like that anime?”

“Yo, you’re wro……no, I don’t hate it but……that, we, wearing costumes like this-, is not my real intention!”

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 145.jpg

“Then why?”

“Because of the mission!”

Silence ruled inside the room.

Kizuna made a cramped smile and opened his mouth while feeling perplexed.

“Himekawa……no, I think it’s a good hobby you know? It’s unexpected for that serious and strict Himekawa, but something like this gives balance――”

“That’s why if I told you it’s mission then it’s really because of the mission-! Please don’t speak in a supporting way like that! In the first place isn’t this Kizuna’s instruction-!”


“No, I’m not really――”

Just when he was about to say that, he shut his mouth. Suddenly there was a line of thought that came inside his mind.

‘――By any chance……?’

Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s forehead.

“Kaa-san……this is, don’t tell me.”

“Yes. I peeked inside Kizuna’s mind. Kizuna has been thinking all this time, about how to do Heart Hybrid in even more effective ways haven’t you? This time I gave shape to that research result.”

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and her shoulders trembled.

“Yo-, yo, you, just what kind of research, have you been doing-!”

“I’m not-! I’m not doing research or anything! I was only thinking it!”

Nayuta’s face looked really delighted.

“It’s because Kizuna was a serious child since a long time ago. There is no saving you from the theme and level that you choose, but perhaps your inquiring mind took after me. Ufufu”

“Don’t ufufu me! Besides, you said the thing that I was thinking……”

Kizuna suddenly lowered his voice and asked with a whisper.

“……To what degree, Kaa-san read my thoughts?”

Nayuta answered with a full smile.

“Everything. I read everything.”


Ignoring Kizuna’s fury, Nayuta whispered into Kizuna’s ear.

“Also, I didn’t tell Hayuru that the people in this venue were temporary existences. That way is more exciting after all.”

Certainly, that way would be effective for the sake of the reinstall that they would do after this. However, having the preparation taken care of by this much, it felt like he was being manipulated in a manner of speaking. In that case, he didn’t feel really enthralled.

Nayuta opened the door and nimbly exited outside.

“I’ll leave the rest to you two youngsters. Do your best.”

Leaving those words behind, Nayuta’s figure vanished. The two left inside the room were oppressed by an awkward atmosphere.

Before long Himekawa took out something like a box from her skirt pocket.


She presented it to Kizuna with a trembling hand. What she was holding was something like a communication device at a glance. It had a small monitor and slider switch on it.

“This is?”

Even when he asked that, Himekawa was only looking down with a red face.

“I was told to hand it over to you so……but, you won’t really……use it right?”

When he took it, it had the size that settled just right in his palm.

“What, is this a remote?”

Saying that, Kizuna pushed the switch without any further thought.


Himekawa screamed and crouched down.

“Oi Himekawa!? What’s the matter!”

Kizuna rushed at her in panic, then Himekawa answered him with a gasping voice.

“I, it’s fine, the switch……ple, please turn it off!”


When he looked carefully, Himekawa was pressing her crotch and she knitted her eyebrows as if to endure something.

“Himekawa……this is, don’t tell me”

“I, it doesn’t matter, quickly!”

When Kizuna turned off the remote control’s switch in panic, Himekawa leaked out a sigh of relief. Kizuna took her hand and helped Himekawa whose legs were unsteady.

“A―……this is, it’s, that thing isn’t it? The so called――”

“A, aren’t you the one telling me to enter it? That was why I entered it!”

Her cheeks reddened and she yelled with a voice that was going to cry.

“Is, is that so, sorry――eh?”

He had no recollection saying something like that, but surely it was Nayuta who gave the instruction based on Kizuna’s thinking. He wanted to yell that it was a false accusation, but he was in a complicated situation that he couldn’t really assert that.

Certainly it was a fact that he investigate ways to make the members of Amaterasu excited so that the Heart Hybrid would be even more effective. He was thinking out several plans based on his experiences until now. Regarding Himekawa……there was no doubt that this cosplay convention was an ideal situation.

“You worked really hard, Himekawa.”

Kizuna caressed Himekawa’s cheek kindly. Himekawa narrowed her eyes pleasantly and buried her face onto Kizuna’s chest.

“Because…’s for the sake of reinstalling the Core……I received the explanation that the performance of Heart Hybrid Gear is decided on the condition of the install time……that’s why, I need to bear with it even if it’s embarrassing, that’s it.”

‘――I see. Himekawa is also desperate.’

Kizuna hugged Himekawa tightly. Her shoulders were slightly trembling.

“Besides, Sylvia-chan is still not healed yet……Aine-san and also Yurishia-san are not here……Amaterasu, is only Kizuna-kun and me right now……if I don’t do this, even saving the two of them……there is no one but me. If I don’t obtain a strong power, everyone……”

Kizuna separated his body from Himekawa and took out a Core from his jacket’s pocket.

“This is Neros’s Core.”

Kizuna stared at Himekawa with a serious gaze.

“With this thing outside of Himekawa, the fate of dying when your Hybrid Count run out……Himekawa, you are now free from that fate.”

“……That’s right isn’t it.”

“That’s why think about it one more time. I’m going to bind Himekawa once again, with the fate of death. But if Himekawa is――”

“Please don’t make fun of me.”

The unexpectedly strong tone made Kizuna felt like his cheek was just slapped.

“In the first place I offered this life in order to protect the people. Even far before I knew of the fact that the Core is shaving off my life, I was fighting with that intention. After this far, are you thinking that I will shrink back? Is Kizuna-kun thinking that I’m someone like that!?”

Kizuna was overwhelmed by the sudden threatening look. The Himekawa who was trembling until just now was nowhere to be found.

“Please don’t look down on Himekawa Hayuru!”

Surely she was really vexed. Tears were floating at the corner of her eyes. Kizuna noticed that he had hurt Himekawa.

“Sorry. Himekawa. I didn’t have such intention. It’s just about you I’m……no”


‘――It’s the same like when with Sylvia. My resolve is lacking.’

“I wanted excuse to install the Core into Himekawa. I wanted to escape the responsibility, of giving the fate of death to Himekawa once again. That’s why, I wanted to get Himekawa’s permission.”

Himekawa’s expression softened. Her anger just now vanished and her face changed into an affectionate face towards him.

“Sorry. I――”

Himekawa pressed on Kizuna’s lips with her index finger.

“Okay, that’s it.”


“If you understand, then I won’t mind it anymore. Really Kizuna-kun, you are just――”

‘――too kind.’

She swallowed back those words. And then she showed a smile on her lips.

“……That’s right. This is a good chance, so if you make a single improvement about the matter that I am displeasured with since long ago, I’ll forgive you with that. Is it fine?”

Kizuna faced Himekawa with an attitude so serious that it even looked exaggerated.

“Yeah, say anything you want. I’ll work hard to change it.”

“Then from now on, please call me Hayuru.”


Himekawa put her hand on her hips and glared at Kizuna.

“Hayuru I say, Hayuru! Why are you calling only me with my family name all this time until now! Even Aine-san, even Yurishia-san, even Sylvia-chan, you are calling everyone with their name, yet it’s only me who you keeeeeeep calling as Himekawa! Just when are you going to call me Hayuru!?”

“N-, no, there is really no particular meaning about that……strangely it’s easier to call Himekawa with your family name or something. For some reason calling you with your name, makes me feel shy or something.”

“Are you saying that my name is embarrassing!”

“That’s not it! Look, it’s like I missed the timing……changing the way I call you now might make someone think of me as strange won’t it?”

However, Himekawa brought her face close and glared at Kizuna fixedly.

That silent pressure subdued Kizuna.

“I, I got it already. From now on, I’ll call you that.”

“Please try to call me that.”


Himekawa’s glare was approaching him. There was already no more place to escape.

Kizuna opened his trembling lips and said out that name.

“Hime……Hayuru, san.”

“I don’t mind you calling me without honorific.”

“Eh……Ha, Hayuru?”

“Why is it like a question……”

Together with a sigh, Himekawa separated from Kizuna.

“Well fine. Then, should we go?”


Himekawa pulled a wry face.

“Where you say……this is the plan you created right? We will obtain the strongest new type, that won’t lose to Sylvia-chan! It’s great isn’t it!”

Her tension was excessively high beyond the usual Himekawa. But, perhaps it was better like this for the reinstall. Kizuna was also pulled by Himekawa’s vigor and his feelings brightened.

“That’s right isn’t it! Let’s go Hayuru!”

Called in the way she was unfamiliar with, Himekawa’s face flared red.

“Wh……when I’m called like that again, it’s unexpectedly……ba, bashful isn’t it.”

Himekawa took out one more remote control from her skirt’s pocket similar to the one before.

“Here, actually I didn’t plan to hand this over but……”

Receiving that remote control, Kizuna tilted his head.

“This is? Isn’t this the same like the one before?”

Himekawa looked down and fidgeted around with her fingers entangled at each other.

“This is, that……the tail’s……”

‘――Aah……so it’s something like that.’

Kizuna guessed it and put away the remote control in his breast pocket, then he took Himekawa’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them left the room with their hands holding each other.

Part 4[edit]

“Please look over here―!”

“Ye, yes-”

Himekawa directed a stiff smile at the direction of the calling voice.

The moment Himekawa went to the cosplay exhibition, males carrying cameras rushed at her all of a sudden. The pressure from them almost made her get cold feet, but Himekawa forced herself to make a smile to interact with them. The circle of people was gradually increasing and right now she was surrounded by maybe fifty people. And then shutter sounds were resounding without end from all directions.

Those sounds were resounding inside Himekawa’s body.

‘――Aa, what shameless thing I’m doing here……with this kind of highly exposed showy appearance……even though it’s embarrassing just coming out in front of people……being surrounded by this many people and having my photo taken. This shame that will last forever…….’

However, for the sake of obtaining a powerful Heart Hybrid Gear――she made such excuse to herself, she twisted her body and took a pose.

“Then please change your po―se”

“Ye, yes. Then……how about this?”

She recalled the pose the character did in the anime, she then raised both her hands and twisted her waist. As if the males had been waiting for that, camera shutters were clicking all at once.

‘――Aa, dear me. By any chance, had I done something I cannot take back……. But, this is also a mission. It cannot be helped.’

Even while making such excuse inside her heart, the throbbing of her chest couldn’t be falsified. Her face was burning with even her ears feeling hot. It would be fine if that was all, but under her belly was also getting heated.

‘――No way, am I getting excited? This me, by this kind of thing…….’

She immediately denied that thinking.

‘――Stupid! That’s impossible. Something like that!’

Hiding various feelings inside her heart, Himekawa directed a smiling face at the camera lenses.

But, there was a factor that made her even more uneasy.

At a spot a little distanced from the circle of the cameramen, Kizuna was looking at Himekawa’s state. And then, what his hand was holding was the remote control he was given before this. That was something for the sake of controlling the thing entered inside her body. According to Nayuta’s explanation――,

{This is a necessary support device for the sake of the reinstallation’s preparation, the installer.}

{Preparation you say……I need to insert this?}

It was a capsule smaller than even the Core. Himekawa rolled it on her palm. A cable was attached on the capsule which was connected to a small battery.

{The delicate vibration and electricity generated by the installer will stimulate your body, at the same time the medicine loaded inside this device for aiding the reinstall will be secreted in the appropriate timing. Like that it will create the optimum condition for accepting the Core. At the same time, it also has measuring device for analyzing your body’s state. Whether your body is in the optimum condition for reinstall or not, it can be shown on the monitor of the remote control.}

Recalling that conversation, Himekawa suddenly became anxious.

‘――I was told that but……Kizuna-kun, he will never use that won’t he? Till the end, that thing……is a gadget for stirring up――!?’


A severe stimulation suddenly assaulted her. The receiver inserted behind her short received the signal of the remote control and the main body connected by the cable was moving violently.

Himekawa’s knees lost strength and slumped down.

That stimulation was more then she imagined, Himekawa fell into a light panic.

“What’s the matter?”

“Are you okay!”

The people gathering to take pictures called to her with worried faces. Himekawa bit her lip and sealed the rising up voice of joy inside her desperately.

At that time, the vibration suddenly stopped.

“I……I’m fine. I only felt a little unwell so……I’m fine now.”

She forcefully made a smile.

‘――U-, unbelievable! He really turned the switch!’

Himekawa raised her eyebrows while still smiling and glared at Kizuna’s direction. However it seemed that Kizuna wasn’t affected. He returned a gaze that seemed to tell her to ‘keep at it’.


She once more answered the cameramen’s request and changed her pose.

However, the throbbing in her heart was unstoppable.

The installer was small and the vibration was also slight. However, there was something terrifying from its effect. Even a slight vibration summoned a severe pleasure.

Furthermore it was beginning to vibrate unrelated with her own will. She didn’t understand when it would start to move and when it would stop.

‘――I wonder when it will move again?’

It created a great anxiety inside Himekawa’s heart. Her face flushed and the beating of her heart became fierce. That was not only because of her anxiety.

‘――Aah, I am doing, something perverted like this……it’s great that no one is noticing, I’m putting that kind of thing in there and came out in the public, while feigning ignorance like this……what immorality. It cannot be forgiven morally. If I’m discovered……I.’

The more she thought that, the rougher her breathing became and the inside of her skirt was heating up. While she was fearing the vibration assaulting her once again, on the contrary it was also like she was waiting for it in anticipation.

“Then this time can I ask you to use the background over there?”

A young man readying his camera pointed at the open space near the sea.

“……Ah, yes. It’s fine.”

The moment she began to walk after saying that,


An intense pleasure occurred in her abdomen again.

It felt like her waist would collapse. Her legs trembled and she was going to fall if she let her guard down.

“Ah……a, haa♥……mmuh! ――”

Gasping voice was going to leak out from her mouth, causing her to block her mouth in panic.

“What’s the matter? As expected are you feeling unwell?”

The young man with the camera asked her. However, Himekawa who was holding her mouth with her hand couldn’t answer. If she released her hand, she was going to raise an unbecoming coquettish voice.

After she calmed down a little, she took a deep breath and put her breathing in order. The installer was still vibrating, but she managed to endure it somehow. She lifted her face and smiled with a blushing face.

“No, no need to worry. I was just……nn, a little diz……zy.”

Under her slightly frowning eyebrows, her moist eyes were shaking. That expression was very erotic. Her hair that was clinging to her cheek due to sweat also propped up the coloring of her charm. Himekawa who was smiling with a woman’s expression made all the people around her, whether male or female, to gulp.

For Himekawa who was desperately enduring the pleasure, the situation of her surroundings that was like that didn’t enter her eyes. ‘Eii!’ Shouting to herself inside her heart like that, she stood up with all her might. And then while persuading herself that she wasn’t feeling anything, she walked towards the fence at the sea side.

“The……then, how about we start?”

She leaned on the fence and supported up her body somehow. The small device was still continuing to give Himekawa sensual stimulation without change. Her breathing was gradually becoming rougher, the amount of her sweat was also increasing.

Looking at her state, even the men surrounding Himekawa noticed her strange state.

“Excuse me……are you, really fine?”

“Ye-, yes. Hauu……I’m finee……se,e”

Her cheerful face that forcefully smiled with shivering voice made the young men holding their cameras feel incredible fascination at her.

“But, your face is red……”

“Do you have a fever?”

Their words were really worrying for her, but for the current Himekawa it was a worry she couldn’t be thankful for.

It would be the end of her life if she was noticed. Her evaluation that she had built as the disciplinary committee member would fall rock bottom and she would be jeered as an obscene pervert. If it came to that, then she wouldn’t be able to even walk outside no matter what.

However Himekawa was getting excited almost in the same degree with that fear, she felt her chest getting hotter. Had she ever felt this much excitement and exaltation until now?

She immediately shook her head and chased away that thinking.

‘――Such thing is impossible. This throbbing is due to fear, I’m just hallucinati――!?’

At that time, Himekawa was assaulted by a sensation she had never experienced before.


There was no way she could hold back her voice.

The severe sensation made her see sparks in front of her eyes.

Her back bended backward and she stood on her toes. Inside her body there was something foreign that was not a part of her body vibrating.

‘――M-,my butt, inside-!?’

“Hih! ……gu……haa……nn!”

Her tail stood straight while shivering.

“Something like this……is absolutely, impossible……”

She raised her chin and her body was thrown back.

Her long black hair flowed softly and her bending body depicted a beautiful curve.

Tears were trickling from her eyes that looked up to the sky in ecstasy, wetting her redly colored cheeks.

That appearance was inflammatory, a beauty that couldn’t be surpassed.

The gallery around her forgot to even click their camera shutters, they were charmed by the beauty of that appearance. One person among them returned to his senses suddenly and yelled.

“That’s [Magical Girl Nyan Colosseum] eleventh episode! The scene where Shanowal released her ultimate skill by paying with her life in order to save her comrades!”

“That’s it! What amazing reproduction!”

“Magnificent! It’s just too magnificent!”

The light of the flashes and the sound of shutters were pouring down on Himekawa like thunder. The gaze of the gallery bathed her body, Himekawa reached her limit.

‘――No, more. I……I’m coming-!’

“Kuuuh! ……♥♥♥!!”

From between her tightly clenched mouth, the joy of climax leaked out slightly. The pleasure of climax shook her whole body and she collapsed on the ground as if she ran out of strength.

“Awesome! Even the way she fall is perfect!”

“A god! This is the reincarnation of Shanowal-sama!”

Kizuna rushed to Himekawa, parting through the greatly delighted gallery.

“You really did your best……Hayuru.”


At that time, a bus rushed in, cutting across the cosplay convention.

“Oi! What’s that!?”

“Uoo-!? That’s dangerous, everyone run awaaaaaay!”

The cosplayers and the galleries ran away everywhere like baby spiders scattering. Evading the people screaming while running about everywhere, the bus came to a stop in front of Kizuna.

Nayuta who was still in her bus guide costume leaned out her body from the bus door.

“Now for the finishing touch. Quickly get in.”


Kizuna embraced up Himekawa even while cursing. While carrying Himekawa in princess carry, Kizuna rushed up the bus steps and got in. At that moment, the bus took off suddenly.


While still holding Himekawa, Kizuna fell on the sofa.

“Now Kizuna. Your chance has ripened up. Right now is exactly the time for reinstalling the Core of Neros.”

Even inside the shaking bus Nayuta mysteriously didn’t stumble and smiled in an imposing stance.

“Then, I look forward to working with you.”

Saying that, Nayuta pushed the switch on the wall. A curtain was running down swiftly and the inside of the bus was isolated from the outside with fabrics. It was a simple creation of a private room for Kizuna and Himekawa’s sake.

“Shit-! It’s just too absurd on top of this pushiness!”

There was no reply to his angry yell. Kizuna took a deep breath to settle down his fury.

Perhaps it was Nayuta’s consideration for Kizuna and Himekawa after a fashion by pulling down curtains like this.

‘――Well, this is for the sake of increasing the success rate of the reinstall……isn’t it.’

Kizuna took off his uniform and left only his underwear, then he looked down on the collapsed Himekawa.

“……Hayuru. Now is finally the reinstall time. I’ll insert, the Core into you.”


Perhaps she was feeling it just from imagining it, Himekawa’s mouth was leaking out a feverish sigh.

Kizuna flipped up the hem of Himekawa’s skirt that was attached with a lot of frills.

“……This is”

The inside of the skirt was in a disastrous state. Her shorts was soaking up with her honey until the limit, the insides of her thighs were drenching wet with her overflowing honey.

Kizuna put his hand on the short and slowly pulled it down. Himekawa pushed up her waist and helped Kizuna. Her shorts slid down from her crotch and then a square battery fell over while drawing string. The battery was dangling on a cable and it became suspended in the air without hitting the floor.

“Then……I’ll pull this out.”

Kizuna pulled the cable.


The installer at the end of the cable showed its figure. Its figure that was drenched in sticky liquid was gradually appearing. Before long it slipped out smoothly and dangled down on the cable.

He put the installer that had fulfilled its duty on the floor and put his hand once again on the shorts that was still around Himekawa’s knees. When he slipped out the shorts from her toes, Himekawa’s lower body became fully bared. Her center part was thoroughly feverish, it even felt like steam would be rising from there. Certainly like this the preparation from the installer was fully finished. Kizuna took out the Core of Neros from his pocket.

“Ah……wait, Kizuna-kun.”

Himekawa raised a voice that stopped him. However, her expression wasn’t rejecting him, she was looking worried of something.

“That, even if my side’s preparation is already finished……Kizuna-kun is still not……”

She murmured with a small voice embarrassedly.

The Core was synchronized with Kizuna’s senses. The more Kizuna felt excited, the Core would also change to a shape that was easier for the installation. And then the sensation that the Core felt would also be completely felt by Kizuna’s body at the same time.

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Kizuna said that and showed Neros’s Core to Himekawa.

“! ……”

Himekawa made a gulping sound from her throat.

“It’s……that big.”

“Hayuru is showing me this kind of appearance……even I cannot endure it you know.”

Himekawa stared at the Core presented to her with entranced eyes. That Core had the same shape with a part of Kizuna’s body, transforming into the same size.

‘――That thing, inside my body.’

Just thinking that made hot liquid flow out from Himekawa’s secret place.

“It looks like you cannot wait anymore huh.”

Those words made Himekawa’s cheeks blushed red.

“You meanie……please don’t say that.”

Kizuna showed a smile and apologized.

“I didn’t mean that.”


Himekawa felt the Core’s tip touched the important part of her.

It was different with the installer, even though it was hot and hard, the surface was soft. It was really like a part of the human body.

“Here I go, Hayuru.”

Kizuna stared at Himekawa. And then Himekawa was also staring back at Kizuna with happy eyes.

“Yes. Please……enter it.”

The tip of the Core was pushing open Himekawa.

“Nn, yaaa-!”

The Core was slowly, however certainly invading inside Himekawa.

However, mysteriously there was no pain. Just like the explanation she got before this, it seemed that it was the truth that the Core wasn’t giving injury to the flesh.

Accordingly, it was only unknown pleasure that was given to Himekawa.

“Hiaaahn! ……Ki-, Kizuna-kun! Kizuna-kuuun”

Like a child looking for help while drowning, she reached out her hand. She caught Kizuna’s body and then hugged tightly.

“What’s wrong Hayuru? Are you scared?”

“Nnuh! Yes-, scary, it’s scary-”

Himekawa let out a fawning voice between her joy. It accelerated Kizuna’s pleasure.

“Just what, is it……that you need to feel scared of-”

Kizuna also gritted his teeth from the pleasure while answering. Frankly speaking, it was Kizuna himself who wanted to raise his voice. However, Kizuna pushed in the Core even deeper.

“Naaaaaaaau! Because……this, feels too gooddd! My, my head is going strange, my body is going somewhere, I-, I’m going to come!”

Kizuna was also the same like that. The pressure, heat, wetness, all those that the Core felt was also transmitted to Kizuna like it was something he felt himself.

“Even I feel good……this is……Himekawa’s inside……kuh”

“That, that kind of, lewd, shameless thing……haaan! Mm, ah!”

As if feeling happy that Kizuna felt it, Himekawa’s inside pressed tight on the Core. It excessively strengthened the pleasure of the two.

Kziuna circled his hand on the bending back of Himekawa and he raised up her body.

“Haah, aahn!”

Their sitting posture became one where they faced each other from the front while hugging each other, Kizuna pulled in and out the Core with his right hand while his left hand grasped Himekawa’s butt so that her body wouldn’t get away.

Himekawa’s tail wriggled left and right to express her joy, caressing Kizuna’s hand. The sensation felt really pleasant, conveying to him how Himekawa was fawning on him. Kizuna’s inside was also growing violent from her loveliness and he put his strength into the hand holding the Core.

It brought pleasure to Himekawa while at the same time also giving Kizuna himself intense pleasure. It would be fine if it was just that, but if they let their guard down then they would come by themselves.

To make the reinstall a success, they had to reach the climax at the same time. It was easy saying it but hard to achieve. Kizuna gritted his teeth hard and thrust the Core until deep inside.


Himekawa stood on her knees as if to run away. As if to corner her, he pressed the Core until even deeper. Himekawa opened her mouth so as to take in oxygen frantically.

Unknown pleasure was rampaging inside Himekawa’s body. Her whole lower body was paralyzed, it felt like her body would melt down. However, in contrast of her lower part that was thoroughly given affection, her upper body felt loneliness. Her chest throbbed, especially its tip was standing pointedly in longing.

‘――Ki, Kizuna-kun. I wonder if he isn’t going to touch it……’

She immediately erased that thinking, but the pain inside her chest instead made her even conscious of it against her better judgment.

“Mm-aan! Hah, aaa!”

Her body bended back and forth, her breasts intentionally shook to give appeal with their all. Her breasts bounced as if rotating up and down, left and right. However Kizuna was getting entranced by the movement of the Core, that he didn’t notice.

She felt like she was being told that her breasts weren’t charming, that she became sad.

‘――Aah, please! Quickly touch it, my breast. I think its shape isn’t bad, even its texture……that’s why!’

At that moment, her nipple grazed the tip of Kizuna’s nose.


Electric current traveled from the tip of her breast into her head.

Kizuna looked up at Himekawa’s face. At that moment, she felt like the inside of her heart was seen through, her blushing face became even more crimson.

“Tha, that’s not it. This is……aa”

Even while saying that from her mouth, her breast was thrusting forward as if to look for Kizuna’s mouth. To answer that, Kizuna kissed at the pointy tip.

“!! –kyaaaahn!”

Instantly she lost consciousness. That was just how much she had been longing for that pleasure. Kizuna sucked at the most sensitive part of Himekawa’s breast and tortured it inside his mouth diligently.

‘――How happy-, it feels good-! This should be a mission……but my head is getting strange!’

Sweet, ticklish pleasure was melting Himekawa from inside her breasts. It resonated with the pleasure thrusting up from her nether region that it felt like even her thought circuit would be melting down.

“Fuaaun! Aah, ah, a, yaaaaann!”

Unable to endure she embraced Kizuna’s head and pressed her breast on him. I want you to touch more, I want you to lick more, I want to feel more. Such feelings exploded and she became unable to understand anything.

“Aah Kizuna-kun-! Pleaseeee aah! Ahn, mo, more!”

“Ha, yuru……-, my, breath, chok-……!?”

Kizuna was pushed down with his head still embraced.

“Ah! I, I’m sorry-“

In panic she moved away from above Kizuna.


Right that instant the Core slipped out.

“Ah……I’m sorry……dear me”

Kizuna smiled at Himekawa whose shoulders dropped dejectedly.

“You don’t really need to apologize. I was also in danger because it feels too good. Let’s get back to square one, and do it once more.”


Smile came back on Himekawa who felt relieved. Himekawa who sat beside Kizuna suddenly caught sight of something. That was the existence that was largely raising up from under Kizuna’s underwear. The instant she became aware of that existence that she noticed even from looking above the underwear, Himekawa’s throat gulped audibly.

‘――I, still haven’t……given love to that properly. But, surely Aine-san and Yurishia-san, has touched that, or perhaps even something more amazing…….’

Thinking that, she became unable to contain herself. When she noticed, her hand had touched Kizuna’s underwear.


The voice of Kizuna didn’t enter her ear. Himekawa’s awareness was concentrating on the thing hidden under the underwear. And then looking at the thing jumping out from below the underwear, it made light in the shape of heart float out in her eyes.

She crawled on all fours, straddled the body of the lying down Kizuna, and brought her face closer to that.

‘――You must not Hayuru, doing something like this!’

One other her yelled so inside her heart. This kind of shameless thing. This kind of embarrassing thing. And then, her face was coming near until the place where the tip of her nose was going to touch.

Her cheeks flushed. Her breathing was rough. The upsurge of her chest was rapidly getting bigger. Even she herself couldn’t do anything against this impulse rising up from inside her body.

A peculiar scent thrust into her nose. The moment she smelled that scent, honey welled up from inside her body. Even though she wasn’t conscious of it, her tongue stretched out by its own volition.

‘――Dear me, what am I going to do!? Thi, this is no good! Something like that is absolutely…!’

Her tongue touched.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Licking something like this, it was impossible thinking with common sense, she should only feel disgust from this.

Even though that was how it should be, what welled up inside herself was only sweet and charmed feeling.

‘――Aah, this is……Kizuna-kun’s♥’

She couldn’t stop anymore. Her other self that yelled reason had vanished somewhere. Her tongue turned and she ran her tongue over the glossy tip.

“Ha, Hayuru……kuh”

Kizuna couldn’t hide his bewilderment on Himekawa’s complete change.

Not paying attention to the bewildered Kizuna, Himekawa couldn’t control the impulse welling up inside her, she opened her lips and kissed that tip. And then just like that she lowered her face and held the tip part inside her mouth.

‘――In, inside my mouth, Kizuna-kun’s is……!’

The sensation hitting the inside of her cheek made her reconfirmed what she was doing right now. That fact made Himekawa’s head boiled up.

‘――Unbelievable……I’m, doing, something like this.’

Her face was dyed so bright red that steam might come out from her head. It was as if she was delirious from fever, she was ascertaining the shape of the thing held inside her mouth with her tongue.

The taste spreading inside her mouth completely stole the capability of her thought circuit.


The intense pleasure struck into the sensitive organ. Furthermore, the one doing that, was the serious, strict, and hater of perverted thing, the discipline committee member Himekawa Hayuru. That fact fanned up Kizuna’s excitement even more. Just that converted the pleasure of the act done to him by multiple times.

“Hayuru……lift your leg.”

Kizuna also couldn’t just stay bewildered. This was obviously the same aphrodisiac effect just like the time of Heart Hybrid. That was to say, that they were nearing the success of the reinstall. Being done in one-sidedly would make him miss the good chance. Kizuna seized Himekawa’s right leg with his hand, when he lifted it up Himekawa obediently followed it.

In the position where their heads were mutually in reversed position, he made her straddling him.

The most important place of Himekawa was approaching before his eyes. It was an earth-shattering pressure. On top of that, her tail was wriggling back and forth from unbearable pleasure.

Kizuna fastened the Core that couldn’t become even harder than this on Himekawa’s secret place. Its tip raised viscous sound. And then his thing that should be inside Himekawa’s mouth was given an added new pleasure.

‘――In this point, it’s already too amazing. Can I really hold on until the end?’

He was sweating coldly inside his heart.

But he couldn’t pull back.

“Here I go Hayuru.”

He couldn’t see her face. However his thing held inside her mouth could feel Himekawa nodding.

And then Kizuna once again sunk the Core into Himekawa’s womb.


Unable to endure, Himekawa released her mouth and screamed.

“A, a, a, ahhaa―……AaANAAAA-!”

The hip that he seized was shivering. Perhaps she was tasting a light climax. Thick liquid was dripping down from Himekawa’s secret place.

And then Kizuna felt it once again, the sensation tightening severely on him even when it was soft and hot, he almost fainted in agony.

‘――Kuh! No good. Right now is still not yet!’

He clenched his teeth and held out somehow.

Himekawa bent backward and her back was convulsing many times. And then her upper body collapsed languidly, the sensation of Himekawa’s breast crushed on Kizuna’s stomach was spreading.

“Hayuru, take a little rest――!?”

Once again the pleasure Kizuna felt in his sensitive part became double.

‘――Hayuru-, you!’

“Fufufu……Kizuna-kuun♥ This thing is, really……lovely♥”

With hazy mind, without any reasoning or intention anymore, Himekawa was only rubbing her cheek and crawling her tongue on Kizuna’s thing simply lusting insatiably for pleasure.

The figure over there wasn’t the intellectual and upright ace of Japan.

It was the figure of a girl that had been changed into a female in heat losing herself in lewdness.

“Mmu……chuu, haa……it’s really, hard”

She rained down kisses many times while making sounds. Next she tried to hold it in her mouth from the side, from below to above, from above to below, her tongue was making round trip. Unconsciously he almost stopped moving the Core, but if Kizuna stopped he would be attacked one-sidedly. Even if he had to risk his life, he had to continue.

He thrust in the Core deeply and shallowly. Each time he did that, Himekawa’s body secreted love honey in place of lubricant oil. The pressure of her body that was constricting feverishly, and the sensation of her slippery tongue that was like a mollusk animal. Every kind of pleasure was constricting Kizuna at the same time.

Kizuna pushed in the Core deeply. Himekawa’s body jumped up again with a twitch.

“Hih! I-, insidee……I, feel……it”

Himekawa’s thighs that were straddling Kizuna’s face were trembling unsteadily. Each time, Kizuna’s Core was constricted with even stronger tightness.

‘――Kuh, shit-! But, even Himekawa, she is getting light climaxes repeatedly since just now! At this rate she is going to reach the summit! Only a little more! Do your best, Hida Kizuna!’

Scolding himself like that, he mobilized all his willpower and tensed the muscle of his lower body.

However Kizuna’s limit had already approached soon.

‘――Guh! This is bad. If I let my guard down, I’m going to pass the limit in one go!’

“Ah! Aan! Uan! Ki, Kizuna-kun! I, I’m, already, cannot think-, aAAAAN! Haah, it’s fine-, already, other thing, doesn’t matter anymoreee-!”

Himekawa was moaning inside Kizuna’s arms. It was pleasant like a melody of heaven, her voice was caressing Kizuna’s ear.

The softness enveloping him, also her sweet gasping, everything was stirring up Kizuna’s excitement, pulling Kizuna powerfully towards his limit.

‘――What to do? At this rate, it will be bad. Just what in the world, that I need to……!?’

At that time, Kizuna recalled the remote control that was still in his jacket’s pocket. What that thing controlled was the one other installer. That was still inside Himekawa.

‘――That’s it!’

“Here I go Hayuru!”

Kizuna reached out his hand at the jacket he threw away. He took out the remote control from its pocket and turned the switch to the strongest output.


Himekawa raised a quavering scream.

“N, no, don’t don’t don’t! My, my ass♥, my ass is, AAAAAAAAANNN♥!”

The tail that had been left in there all this time was shaking greatly as if it was rotating.

Himekawa’s mind became far away many times.

“NOOOOOOo! Kizuna-, the front and, behind, bo, both at the same time is just♥, NO GOOOOOD!”

Blood rushed into Himekawa’s red face, tears and drool were flowing while she was crying and shouting. She was surely repeating heightened climax rapidly, her body was twitching and convulsing repeatedly.

“Don’t♥, ah♥, coming-, Kizuna-♥, I’m coming, a, amazing♥ aaaaaaaa-”


Kizuna raised his speed of taking in and out the Core. While rubbing the wall inside, he severely attacked the place inside where she felt it the most.

“Here we go Hayuru! Together!”


Masou Gakuen HxH V08 182-183.jpg

Both of them welcomed the climax at the exact same time.

At that moment, explosion of terrific magic power occurred.

The life energy of Kizuna that was discharged together with that explosion dyed Himekawa’s face white. And then the Core of Neros was absorbed into Himekawa’s body. The Core disassembled into particles once and rushed inside Himekawa’s body, before long the Core of Neros should be taking form once again in her chest.

The surge and radiance of magic power the two’s body generated didn’t settle inside the bus, it rushed outside towards the sky, the radiance stretching straight up pierced through the clouds, passed the sky, and broke through the very world of Ataraxia that Nayuta created.

The sea of space-time that Ataraxia navigated. Like a lighthouse illuminating the sea of darkness, the climax of Kizuna and Himekawa pierced through the darkness of space-time.

Chapter 4 – Setting Off[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kizuna looked up at the three huge shadows above his head.

“Somehow……it looks amazing.”

The silhouette of a ship with length that might even reach two kilometers in total was floating in the sky of Ataraxia. The battleship that became the flagship of the allied army of Lemuria and Izgard that Kizuna once boarded and fought together with.

The core members of each army that gathered in the vast testing site of Nayuta Lab raised shock voices from the sudden appearance of the huge battleship.

“Our battleship [Ataraxia] huh. It’s unforeseen that I can meet it once more.”

Gravel who stood beside Kizuna murmured with deep emotion. Himekawa also crossed her arms and looked up at that battleship.

“So you all rode that to come save us didn’t you……also, that one is called [Oldium]?”

Himekawa asked after looking at the one other ship with an outline that was even larger than Ataraxia.

“Eh? Himekawa, you know it?”

“Yes. If I remember correctly it’s that ship……we once, sang on its deck――”

“That’s right isn’t it. Sometimes its deck was lent for a photo session or anything else to be broadcasted through the empire.”

A beautiful girl like an angel arrived with her pink hair fluttering behind her. Her small statured but splendid body was covered by small ornaments that were shaped like wings, she was walking towards them gallantly.

“Grace! You are fine already?”

Her arm was still in a sling, but Grace answered with a bold smile.

“Yes. I made you worry Nii-sama. Now I’m completely fine already.”

“Is that so! Aah, I’m really glad.”

Looking at her energetic figure, Kizuna’s voice reflexively became excited. However, Zelsione who was standing by behind Grace was making an unpleasant face.

“What’s the matter? Preside……Zelsione.”

Zelsione glared fiercely at Kizuna, but she then sighed deeply in resignation.

“How can this be fine. Even though her injury isn’t healed yet, her majesty still said that she will come together on this journey.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 187.jpg

“Obviously! Even though this is the journey to search for Nee-sama, how can I just stay quiet house-sitting here!”

And then she looked up at the largest battleship among the three ships floating in the sky above.

Its total length far surpassed two kilometers. Its hull was long and narrow depicting streamlined shape, its top was crowned with a luxurious and gorgeous fortress. And then from its side until its bottom was colored with beautiful ornaments and painting. It was a grand battleship that was once even called as the flying imperial villa, the other world’s greatest flying work of art.

Oldium was the symbol of the royal family, it was also the embodiment of the Vatlantis Empire’s strength. Because Grace didn’t deploy at the previous battle against Kizuna and the others, it was placed at the rearmost row of the fleet and didn’t have the chance to participate in the battle. However, Oldium had the trust of the Vatlantis army that even resembled a faith, that as long as Oldium was there then they would win the battle.

“Besides, if I don’t ride on board Oldium, then nothing will progress. Isn’t that so, Zel?”

Zelsione shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly while whispering ‘By your will.’

Kizuna suddenly felt like spouting out. When he looked at his side, Gravel was staring at Zel with eyes as if she was looking at a strange thing.

Even Zelsione, after they were leading school life for some time it seemed that her personality had grown to be more amicable, that was how Kizuna got the impression from her. It felt annoying to agree with what Nayuta was saying, but certainly the period of grace she gave them all with this school life was bringing on various effects for them. That was a fact.

“Say, that is……”

Himekawa who was raising her hand reservedly pointed at the remaining ship with a perplexed expression.

“That is, the remaining ship……rather than that, is that an animal? What in the world is that……”

“Aah……I too don’t really get just what that is.”

Kizuna also frowned, he stared at the strange-looking large object floating in the sky.

“That is the flagship of Baldein that is like our guardian deity, the [Golden Dragon].”

The queen of Baldein, the commander of Baldein army Ruleo and her staff officer Mora finally arrived. Landred today wasn’t wearing her white robe of the school nurse, she was in the style of a queen that looked nearly stark naked. It seemed that she had recalled her past as the queen.

And then Ruleo and Mora were also not in school uniform, they were wearing military uniform with high exposure rate. Kizuna had met them before, but it was as high school students of Ataraxia, this was the first time he saw the two as military officers of Baldein.

Ruleo was twirling her wavy light blue hair with her finger while looking up proudly at the shining gigantic golden dragon.

“That’s right! That is exactly the protector god of our Baldein! The great dragon that ruled at the summit of magic weapons, the Golden Dragon!”

A golden gigantic dragon. Kizuna had the memory of seeing its appearance when they were invading Zeltis. He had heard that it came running to help the Lemuria and Izgard allied army from their pinch and was the leading actor that reversed the war situation.

It looked small compared to Vatlantis’s flagship, but even so its total length was about five hundred meters. Just the length of its neck was more than a hundred meters, its tail was easily twice longer than that. The length of its torso was also more than a hundred meters, the four huge wings growing from there had large size that wasn’t inferior even compared to a normal battleship.

Inside that torso, a facility for commanding officers to live inside was arranged neatly. As a matter of fact one could assent if it was applied as Baldein’s flagship. However it was surprising that a living space existed inside a magic weapon even as a joke.

“Ohohohohoho, all of you from Vatlantis had witnessed how it scattered away everyone on the occasion of the Zeltis invasion hadn’t you all? That gallant figure had been burned behind my eyelids forever!”

“That’s, it only because the flagship of the Vatlantis Empire [Oldium] didn’t sortie out.”

Sparks went off between Grace and Ruleo. Even now they were going to jump at each other, but Reiri’s voice called out before that happened.

“Everyone is here already.”

Reiri and Kei came from the research tower adjacent to this ground just in time. Kizuna nonchalantly moved in between Grace and Ruleo and talked to Reiri.

“Nee-chan. Just where in the world did we get those battleships? Are those also inside the data taken back from the Deus ex Machina?”

Faster than Reiri could answer, there was a figure that appeared lightly from thin air above.

“No. Those are freshly made brand new articles.”

Taking out a folding fan from her bosom, Hida Nayuta then sharply pointed above.

“Those ships’ designs entered inside my head, so I created them after adding some improvements.”

Everyone present there was taken aback from Nayuta’s careless remark.

“If I could just understand the design, building a ship is even simpler than in Lemuria. That’s because weapons like magic weapon and battleships are created using magic power. With my current power, there is no problem at all to create those.”

However, Grace was in a state where her mouth was opened unable to close anymore.

“……What are you saying. That ship was built by several hundreds of Vatlantis’s magic engineers for several tens of years you know?”

Now it was Nayuta who tilted her head in surprise.

“How strange. That’s just too inefficient. Did your people have no motivation, or did they just not have the ability, isn’t it because one of those things?”

Even Grace couldn’t help but admire Nayuta’s power. Not only as a machine god, but her level as a magic engineer was just on a different scale. Grace once again thought that her appointment of Nayuta before for Genesis’s repairing and armament’s improvement wasn’t necessarily mistaken if only looking at her ability. It was just, there was too much problems with her personality, so in the end it was a failure.

Reiri crossed her arms and looked over everyone there.

“With this our preparation is in good order. It’s finally the time to depart.”

The place became still as death. It felt like they could hear the sound of gulping throats.

*ba-*, Nayuta opened her folding fan with that sound.

“Let me explain the strategy for this time once more.”

Saying that she flapped her fan and a transparent cube appeared in the air. The transparent box was floating in the air.

“Please think of this cube as a world.”

Inside that cube, there was a round sphere floating.

“This is the space. And then inside it are stars and planets, and also living things. Everything is settled inside the unit called the world.”

Kizuna asked in suspicion wondering what was she talking about.

“……It’s really a grand scale story huh. Talk in a way that we can understand.”

Nayuta smiled thinly and waved her fan once more. Thereupon three more cubes appeared and there became four cubes in total.

“Each Deus ex Machina has their own world. This one is Hokuto’s.”

The cube Nayuta pointed then showed the figure of Hokuto floating in it.

“And then, this one is Thanatos.”

It was the Deus ex machine in the style of Greek that destroyed Genesis and deleted Atlantis and Lemuria. Her appearance was pasted in the second cube.

“The detail of the other two is unclear but I know that they are called [Osiris] and [Odin].

The remaining two cubes had those names carved in them.

“These four Deus ex Machina collaborated to create two worlds.”

Particles of light flowed out from each four cubes and gathered in one place. From that, two cubes appeared.

“These are our worlds, Lemuria and Vatlantis.”

Black sphere was created inside the cube and stars were flickering inside it.

“The civilization of earth has commonness in image with those Deus ex Machina, but if we think that in the first place those machine gods were the ones creating our world then it can be understood.”

“Eh!? Even the civilization of our world is something given by those machine gods?”

Kizuna asked back spontaneously. He understood that the Deus ex Machina created Atlantis and Lemuria, but he didn’t think that even their civilization was because of the Deus ex Machina.

Kei immediately typed on her keyboard.

“In that case, that means they were intentionally giving us their civilization. What meaning does it have?”

Nayuta smiled sweetly and nodded.

“Good question. That too will surely become clear if we defeat one of them.”

Nayuta largely waved her hand and cubes representing the worlds appeared one after another, they were being piled up towards the sky. The four cubes of Deus ex Machina also slipped inside those piles and he lost sight of them.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 195.jpg
White box in the top: Chain of countless world
Transparent cubes: World
Right top corner box: Hokuto’s world
Right bottom corner box: Osiris’s world
Left top corner box: Thanatos’s world
Left bottom corner box: Odin’s world
Left white box: Atlantis (AU)
Right white box: Lemuria (Earth)
Black box at the center: AU Collision
Black box at the bottom: Miniature world created by the four Deus ex Machina modeled after their own worlds.

“What is called as the world exists in countless numbers. Passing over the boundary that exist between worlds and reaching a new world is a pain. To find the Deus ex Machina, we have to actually travel through space-time and step into different worlds.”

The boxes of the worlds were still piling up while Nayuta was saying that with the momentum that the pile might have even reached the battleship floating in the sky already. Looking up at that tower, Reiri let out a low voice.

“In other words, there is no other way but using our legs and steadily looking for them, is that what you mean?”

Nayuta looked up at the two battleships and one magic weapon standing by in the sky.

“Just as I said before, I performed some improvements to those three vessels. In addition of refining their magic mechanisms, I loaded them with the function to generate Entrances. That is to say they are able to move between worlds.”

She was saying that they were ships that could possibly generate AU collision by their own power and move between worlds.

Everyone in that place couldn’t believe Nayuta’s words so suddenly. But, when they thought of Nayuta’s ability as a machine god, they couldn’t just discard it as a lie.

“In exchange, I distributed the majority of my body that finally began to recover to the magic mechanisms of the three ships.”


Kizuna spontaneously raised his voice towards that concerning phrasing of Nayuta. However, it felt like it would touch something unpleasant if he asked in detail, so he instead chose to not ask deeper.

Reiri put her hand on her waist and spoke once more.

“The operation will begin after this. Each person is to begin the preparation to board each ship.”

Until now they kept being done in one-sidedly by the Deus ex Machina. It wasn’t any different like being tossed around by mother nature like a typhoon or an earthquake that human power couldn’t match.

‘――But, it will be different from here on.’

Reiri yelled sharply.

“It’s hunting time.”

Killing intent like ice was burning up inside those eyes.

“The prey is god!”

Even humans exploited their knowledge and efforts to the limits and resisted in order to subdue the raging nature.

“We will let those creators know the strength of humanity!”

Here, in this place, was the beginning of the genuine counterattack against the Deus ex Machina.

Flames were lit inside the eyes of everyone.

“……Just you wait and see, god.”

Kizuna clenched his fist tightly.

Part 2[edit]

Two battleships and one gigantic magic weapon departed from Ataraxia.

The flagship of the Vatlantis Empire Oldium was used by the Vatlantis group just like that. The main crew was Grace, Zelsione, Quartum’s Clayda, Elma, Lunora, and Ramza.

In Baldein’s Golden Dragon, Baldein’s army including Queen Landred and then Gravel and Aldea of Izgard’s army embarked inside.

And then the flagship of the Izgard-Lemuria allied forces, the battleship Ataraxia. The one embarking it were Kizuna and Himekawa, also Reiri and Kei and also Nayuta together.

Because it was still difficult for the other members to participate in the battle, they were continuing to receive treatment in Nayuta Lab.

“It would be great if everyone quickly got better isn’t it.”

Himekawa kept staring outside the window while talking to Kizuna.

Both of them were looking at the streaming scenery visible from the window at a corridor that was distanced from the bridge. The battleship Ataraxia was currently in the middle of sailing between worlds. The scenery visible from the window were lights that looked like falling stars in the middle of darkness, sometimes it looked like a flowing river. The scenery was so beautiful that it would make one sigh in admiration, it wouldn’t make one get bored no matter how much one looked at it.

“Yeah……but, what’s the matter for you to suddenly say that?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Himekawa smiled shyly.

“The sight outside the window looks like shooting stars somehow……I suddenly feel like wishing for something.”

Kizuna narrowed his eyes as if he was looking at a cute kitten.

“I guess. It’s absolutely impossible to see this kind of sight in the previous world.”

Kizuna had seen a sight that was similar with this previously. That was when he was fighting Vatlantis and rushed through the Entrance towards Zeltis. That time when he passed through inside the Entrance, the sight was extremely similar to this.

“Come to think of it, Hayuru, you had never seen the scenery inside an Entrance haven’t you.”

“Yes. Because, weren’t we locked inside a cell without windows when we were taken to Vatlantis. After that Kizuna-kun returned to Lemuria but, I kept staying at Vatlantis all that time since then.”

“You’re right……after all, you are the national idol of Vatlantis.”

“Wai……ple, please stop! That thing doesn’t matter anymore!”

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she glared at Kizuna sullenly.

Kizuna was laughing while directing his eyes outside the window once more.

Actually, what they were doing was moving between worlds, similar to an Entrance, so perhaps it was only natural that the scenery was similar. What was different now was there were others flying side by side with them.

Oldium and Golden Dragon. The comrade ships fighting together with them.

“Which reminds me, now is the time for the periodic contact……let’s go back to the bridge soon.”

Kizuna said that and began to walk, Himekawa also replied “Yes” and followed behind him.

Both of them walked through the wide corridor and headed to the bridge. When they came near the entrance’s door, the heavy door opened soundlessly. And then inside the bridge was an interior that was like an extremely luxurious parlor as usual. No matter how many times he saw it, Kizuna couldn’t think of the room as something inside a battleship.

There was the ship captain’s seat at a high position inside, Reiri was sitting there similar to the time when they stormed Zeltis.

Ahead of the captain’s chair, at the left was a table where Shikina Kei was sitting. At a glance the table looked gothic, but it had the function to govern the ship’s navigation.

With a good timing, the transmission from Oldium and Golden Dragon came at that time. Large windows opened at the front of the bridge. Each window projected Grace and Gravel respectively.

{Nii-sama! This side is in the middle of smooth sailing. How about that side?}

Her arm was in a sling, but Grace seemed to be full of energy.

“Yeah, this side also has no problems. What about your side Gravel?”

{Our side is the same. Well, though compared to the other ships, this one is quiet cramped.}

Thereupon Ruleo’s voice could be heard across Gravel’s shoulder.

{Come now! That’s rude!! In the first place, other countries’ battleship is just pointlessly using too much space. If there is just space as much as this Golden Dragon has, then there won’t even be anything inconvenient!}

Looking at Gravel who was soothing Ruleo with a troubled face, laughter spontaneously occurred.

The sailing was going favorably right now. There was no big problem, but if there was anything they were concerned of, it was that they didn’t understand when they would arrive at the world of the Deus ex Machina.

Kizuna peeked at the window floating above Kei’s desk.

It was displaying a graph of square grid like a chessboard. It seemed that it was displaying the condition of the space. Kizuna didn’t really understand it, but he recalled Nayuta and Kei talking about something like that. That was why he was really concerned that the graphic was greatly distorted.

“Shikina-san……what’s with this?”

Kei stiffened. Her fingertips were trembling above her keyboard.

‘――Don’t tell me,’

Kizuna reflexively yelled.

“We discovered an alternate world here!”

“What? Kei, the detailed report!”

Even while Reiri was asking, the graph displaying the space was increasingly distorting more, turning into a huge vortex. It was just like a typhoon that was photoed by satellite.

Kei who returned to her senses typed on her keyboard in panic.

{A terrifyingly huge AU collision is occurring! It is swallowing multiple worlds and expanding even more! The distortion of space-time is attacking like a tsunami! I don’t understand what will happen if we get dragged in!}


The battleship Ataraxia began to vibrate fiercely. The ship tilted and started accelerating as if it was being sucked by something. Kizuna clung at Kei’s desk and frantically asked.

“Can we avoid it!?”

{Unknown! How to deal with something like thi}

{What should we do!? The control is not working here!}

It seemed the situation was also getting disastrous at the other side. The screen was fiercely shaking, the crews of the ship were moving about in confusion. At that time, the battleship Ataraxia was attacked by a fierce impact. And then with a turn the ceiling became reversed.

Kizuna and the others were already being swallowed by the space-time tsunami caused by the AU collision. The fierce shaking continued and the whole ship’s body raised creaking sounds.

Reiri was clinging on her chair while desperately giving out instruction.

AU Wall ExcavatorExcavator! Put it out!”

Kei ran her hand through the control panel without a moment’s delay. Responding to her fingertips, several dozen holes opened on the bow of the battleship Ataraxia, particles of light were ejected from there. And then the whole bow of the ship began to rotate. It was like a drill used on the occasion of digging into underground got enlarged to an unbelievable level.

What was called Excavator was the equipment that made it possible for navigation between worlds. As long as no Entrance was created, it was impossible to go to another world. However, Nayuta made this new equipment, this Excavator dug out the wall of the world and by opening a tunnel, it made it possible to enter the world thorough that. It was something that forcefully created an Entrance.

“For the time being we will escape to the nearest world! Anywhere is fine so dig into that wall!”

Yelling voices also could be heard from Oldium and Golden Dragon’s windows.

{Don’t be late to react on our side too! Don’t let Oldium get separated from Ataraxia!}

{Match the movements with the other ships! If we get blown away to a different world, perhaps we won’t be able to meet again for a second time!}

The rotating bow of battleship Ataraxia crashed into something invisible. It was like the ship suddenly stopped in place, a fierce impact attacked the ship. Sparks scattered on the bow and distorted the light flowing in the surroundings.

“Kei! Did that do it!?”

{We caught it. Fixing at the outer edge of another world.}

“Don’t let go! Cut in just like this! Oldium and Golden Dragon too――”

At that time, a shockwave that felt like a punch struck the battleship Ataraxia. The bow of the ship coming into contact with the wall of the other world was separated once again.

{We are separating from the other world, a big one will come again. Everyone be care――}

At that moment, the sky and ground became reversed. And then everyone on the bridge was thrown away from their chairs and tumbled on the floor. It was like a gigantic hand was holding and shaking the ship. The vibration towards all direction was continuing and strong impacts as if the ship crashed into a rocky area were attacking incessantly. The creaking of the ship’s frame was resounding like a scream.



The transformation of space became a gigantic undulation that attacked the ship. It was like a tsunami, swallowing and toying with Ataraxia, Oldium, and Golden Dragon. Power that cared not of their effort threw the three ships into a chaos of whirling world.

The windows floating in the bridge turned off all at once. Oldium and Golden Dragon’s transmission was cut off. In continuation, the lighting inside the ship was vanishing one after another.

{Control……isn’t working.}

With a portable keyboard hung down from her neck, Kei was just barely able to type in those words before she lost consciousness. The figures of Ataraxia, Oldium, and Golden Dragon disappeared between the waves of space-time.

Part 3[edit]

“Kizuna, wake up.”

It was a nostalgic voice. Mother’s voice――it sounded extremely young, but the quality of the voice was certainly that of his mother. Even when he was a child, his mother had come several times to wake him up. Because she would be troubled if the experiment didn’t start exactly as scheduled.

“How long are you going to sleep. Stop relaxing and open your eyes.”

But, this time he was feeling unbearably pleasant. He wanted to keep like this, just for a while longer――,

“The machine god is coming to hunt us.”

That voice made Kizuna jump awake.

“Here!? Is everyone safe!?”

The crews had fainted on the floor of the slanting bridge. Everyone didn’t even twitch. The inside of his chest became cold instantly, but Nayuta was fanning calmly with her fan.

“Calm down. Everyone has just lost their consciousness.”

Kizuna sighed in relief and stood up unsteadily.


A female student that fainted at his side moaned.


Kizuna raised up Himekawa’s body and gently swept away the hairs clinging on her cheek. He caressed her face and checked if she had bruises. With a faint sigh, Himekawa thinly opened her eyes.


“I’m glad. Your consciousness is back.”

Himekawa he raised her body and put her hand on her forehead.

“I, fainted……?”

“Yeah. I also just awoke only now though……rather than that, are you not hurt?”

He lent his hand to Himekawa and helped her to stand up somehow. She had some bruises but it seemed she didn’t have any serious injury. Kizuna faced Nayuta and asked.

“What happened after that? This place……where is it?”

“Looks like we landed on a different world. Confirm it by your own eyes.”

“Even if you tell me to check……”

Kizuna walked together with Himekawa towards the window.


The scenery spreading outside the window entered his eyes and he reflexively lost his words.

It looked like earth.

At afar, continuing mountain areas consisting from thin and long mountains like reversed icicles. Green forest was continuing from those mountains like flowing waves. There was a vast city divided in gird shape spreading before those. There was a lot of red tiled roofs and various sizes of buildings were standing in a clutter. That scenery looked like a city somewhere on the earth reproduced here, it gave Kizuna a mysterious feeling.

“This place……is this, the world where we originated from?”

“It looks similar, but this is somewhere different. Look at that.”

Ahead where Nayuta pointed was something that was obviously bizarre. Small islands were floating in the sky. Those islands were created from gigantic rocks, trees and plants were growing from there and water was flowing down. Those small and big islands were floating in the air. Himekawa also opened her eyes wide and gazed at the abnormal scenery.

“What miraculous……”

“Where we are is also on one of the islands floating in the sky.”

Nayuta projected an image of the battleship Ataraxia captured from overhead view on her palm. On top of her small palm, a miniature map was floating. The battleship Ataraxia did emergency landing at the edge of the island. They were on a plain distanced from the city. Considering that the total length of the ship was two thousand meters, it seemed that the diameter of the island was about ten kilometers.

Kizuna felt that the city on this island and the image of the clothing of the Deus ex Machina Hokuto overlapped.

“Don’t tell me……this is Hokuto’s world?”

“If that’s the case, then that means we drew out a coincidence with a terrifying probability……I cannot think of this as anything but as the work of someone’s will.”

“Someone you say……just who can do this?”

Nayuta put her finger on her lips and pondered for a while. For someone like Nayuta who usually replied back with immediate result, this was something rare.

“……Anyway, let’s investigate. We are going out for field work.”

“Bu, but, is the outside an environment where humans can live?”

Himekawa asked in a fluster.

“The composition of the air is no different with earth. The temperature and humidity are also relatively warm.”

Having said that they still couldn’t rest assured, but it appeared that there was no problem for the moment if it was just going outside.

“However, let’s go outside after two or three more hours. There is something to do before going out.”

Nayuta smiled after saying that. Looking at her smile, Kizuna’s breath got caught. It was different with the thin smile she usually pasted. That smile was like a pure girl’s one.

“Something to do……what’s that?”

“The reinstallation of your own Eros.”

Nayuta untied the sash of her kimono. She loosened her collar and exposed her immature breast.s


Kizuna and also Himekawa spontaneously stiffened without being able to say anything.

In contrast to the two, Hida Nayuta floated a smile overflowing with curiosity.

“You will be doing Climax Hybrid with Okaa-san, Kizuna.”

Himekawa cut in with a bright red face.

“Wha, what absurdity are you saying! I, I, i-impossible! Whether ethically or morally, such thing is wrong!”

“From here on it’s a time of parent and child without outsider’s interference. Then, excuse us.”

Nayuta waved her finger and the figures of the two disappeared from in front of Himekawa.

“Ah…..whe, where are you going? KIZUNA-KUUUUNNN!?”

To look for the vanishing two, Himekawa was about to go out of the bridge.


Reiri who lost consciousness on the floor turned over and groaned. Himekawa immediately judged that looking after the fainting everyone should be prioritized. Himekawa crouched down before Reiri and shook her shoulders.

“Please wake up, Commander! Chief Shikina!”

Himekawa called at everyone one by one and looked around to check if anybody was injured.

‘――Then, should we start soon?’

Nayuta whispered to Kizuna with a low voice.

Both of them weren’t teleporting or anything. Nayuta only gave fake information into Himekawa’s optical information and showed an image as if they suddenly vanished. The theory was similar with the Love Room.

Kizuna sighed inside his heart and he went through the door with his hand pulled by Nayuta.

And then they walked inside the slanting ship. After walking for about five minutes, they arrived in front of a splendid door. He followed Nayuta who entered inside like it was only natural and inside was a sleeping room no matter how he looked at it.

“What’s this place?”

“It seemed that this room was created for noble visitors. This is the most pleasant bedroom, so we will do the reinstall here.”

Floor and wall that looked like marble. The room was like a suite room of a super high class hotel. The room itself was wide, so even the bed that was bigger than king size looked small.

“But, reinstall you said……that means Eros will also power up?”

“Unfortunately, its basic performance as a single gear won’t change. But, its power-up after doing Hybrid will drastically increase. And then, it will be added with a single weapon.”

Nayuta suddenly raised her hand and the kimono she was wearing vanished as if it was torn away. Her unripe young limbs were exposed in front of Kizuna without a single string covering it.

“Wha……oi-! What are……”

Nayuta walked until in front of Kizuna and poked at Kizuna’s chest with her fingertip.


With unhindered motion her hand was buried inside Kizuna’s chest until her wrist. And then, Kizuna’s clothes also vanished into nothing like dry paint that was torn off.


Kizuna jumped back in reflex and hid his crotch.

Nayuta stared at Kizuna’s naked body with a wide smile.

“You have grown quite splendidly. It was worth it to give birth to you.”

“Wai……just, what are you planning to do!”

“Please don’t ask the same thing repeatedly. I told you we are going to do Core reinstall right?”

When Nayuta opened her hand, a black metallic capsule was placed on her palm. Its diameter was smaller than a centimeter, its length was only about two centimeters.

――Eros’s Core.

He had only seen it once when he was a child. At that time it was also Nayuta who installed it in him. Although, at that time it was done using surgery.

The Core placed on Nayuta’s palm became light particles and vanished.


Kizuna raised his voice reflexively, but Nayuta was staring at him in amusement.

“No need to worry. It’s fine you know.”

The light particles drifting in the air was circling around Nayuta before beginning to converge on her palm once more. The particles of light began to crystallize. And then a brand new Core appeared with beautiful black luster.

“That’s……the upgrade is finished already?”

“Yes. Perhaps it looked simple, but it was really difficult you know?”

With Core in hand, Nayuta was slowly approaching Kizuna with a sweet smile.

“I will reinstall this Core into Kizuna with my own hand.”

Kizuna was drawing back as if to match Nayuta’s movement.

“No, wait a second! How!?”

“Even if you ask how, Kizuna, you yourself have done this twice already haven’t you.”

Kizuna’s countenance paled.

“Wait wait wait! That’s bad! In various meaning……uwaa!”

He got tripped by the edge of the carpet and Kizuna collapsed on a sofa. Without any delay Nayuta straddled above him.

“There is no problem isn’t it?”

“There is nothing but problems! We are pretty much parent and child even as a joke you know!? Furthermore aren’t you a young girl right now!”

Even Kizuna himself didn’t understand anymore just what he was talking about.

“So it’s about something like that. No need to worry.”

Nayuta bent her flat white breast that had small pink ring on it.

“I’m not a human anymore. I’m god. And so, I’m not tied down by that kind of trivial rule of humans. There is no problem at all.”

“I cannot accept that!”

Nayuta laid down on Kizuna’s stomach and rubbed her flat chest on Kizuna’s chest.

“It’s fine. It’s not going to hurt.”

“That way of talking is too suspicious! I got nothing but bad feelinggggg!”


With her beautiful glossy black hair getting disordered, Reiri rushed in while being out of breath.

“Ne-! Nee-chan!?”

“Oh Reiri? Today I’m not chartering a bus you know?”

“Annoying! Don’t treat me like a driver! Even this ship, it’s not a cruiser for the sake of you bastard. Most of all, don’t make me be the driver of a tourist bus! Of all things to happen, Himekawa and Kizuna’s……flaunting off something like that!”

“That, don’t tell me……that bus when I did Himekawa’s reinstall, Nee-chan was the driver!?”

“Gu……tha, that’s right……if I didn’t do that, this hag, throwing tantrum saying she won’t cooperate with the reinstall! Are you a brat! Shit-!”

Reiri seriously launched a low kick from the bedside.


His big sister was breaking down from her severe anger. Kizuna was staring at that state of her in dumbfounded expression. However, the tourist bus the other day was also strangely driven roughly, but now he could understand why. She was forced by Nayuta and so she became considerably irritated.

“Reiri, I don’t understand what you are saying anymore you know?”

“You are the one most not understandable here! Aah, enough already! I won’t allow you to do whatever you please anymore than this! I cannot leave Kizuna to someone like you!”

Nayuta was looking up at Reiri with cold eyes.

“In this emergency time, being jealous like that is not admirable at all.”

Reiri’s face flashed red.

“I, I’m not jealous or anything! I have the responsibility to protect Kizuna from you bastard!”

“Except me, there is no other existence that can perform reinstall to Kizuna. There is no leisure of option here.”


Nayuta poked at Kizuna’s arm.

“Eh? Uwa!”

Mysteriously, Kizuna’s body was lightly floating just from being lightly poked and he fell on the bed. Nayuta’s small body also climbed on the bed.

“Now, let’s begin. The ritual of love.”

A completely naked young girl straddled Kizuna’s body and stood imposingly. Across her smooth slit, he could take a peek at her smiling face that seemed to have fun.

Nayuta took a glance at Reiri’s direction. Tears were gathering in Reiri’s eye and her shoulders were trembling. Nayuta suddenly raised her face as if she remembered something.

“……Right right. Vast magic power will be needed for Eros’s reinstall. I guess it will be better if there is another possible partner that can do Heart Hybrid with Kizuna so as to produce a large amount of magic power. Reiri?”

Reiri lifted her face in sudden realization.

“Take off your clothes quickly and come up to the bed.”

“Bu, but……”

Kizuna raised a panicked voice at the hesitating Reiri.

“Wai! Kaa-san, what are you saying!”

“My? You are reluctant Kizuna?”

Kizuna hesitated to say in front of Nayuta who shamelessly asked.

“Eh……I, I’m not reluctant or anything but……”

And then Nayuta didn’t miss the change that happened in Kizuna’s body.

“My♪ It became splendid. Kizuna is also getting in anticipation aren’t you?”

“N, no……this is”

It was too late to hide it right now and he had no way to make an excuse. Looking at Kizuna’s thing that was facing up, Reiri’s eyes moistened.


And then Reiri’s throat gulped. Nayuta made an exaggerated troubled gesture.

“Raising up this kind of siblings, as a mother I feel complicated. Did the way I raise you two mistaken I wonder?”

Reiri took off and threw away her jacket and untied her necktie.

“I don’t remember being raised up by you.”

She pulled down her skirt and there was only her underwear left. She hesitated for a moment, but she immediately circled her hand to her back and unfastened the hook of her bra. Her imprisoned breasts spilled down at once. It shook like jelly, shaking up and down. That large breasts which was far from a Japanese person in average didn’t submit to gravity and pointed up.

And then she put her hand on the panty that wrapped her large ass before pulling it down smoothly, she then slipped it off her toes. The body of his sister that was without a single string covering it made Kizuna’s thing react even further. It twitched in pulsation as if to demand that body. Looking at that motion, Nayuta narrowed her eyes.

“Ufufu……then how about we begin.”

Nayuta sat down at Kizuna’s side and reached out her hand to his crotch. However just before she could seize it, Reiri’s hand stole it first.

“Le, leave this to me.”

“My, how greedy, Fine, I will take this side then.”

She grasped at under that thing, at the two balls wrapped by limp skin.

“Uwaa! O, oi! That is……-”

“I understand. This is something important right? I will handle it carefully, so rest assured.”

Inside that small hand, his largest vitals were seized. Even if he was told to rest assured, Kizuna was greatly anxious. However, the sensation of the small soft hand softly rubbing was something he never experienced until now.

While he was being rubbed gently, his anxiety was rapidly disappearing, he was falling under the control of tranquil pleasure gradually.

“Kizuna……how about this side? Is it better to do it a little bit stronger?”

On the other hand, Reiri’s fingers entangled him and moved up and down, sending him a direct intense pleasure. It was a gentle stimulation that tended to be reserved, but right now it felt good.

“Hmm. About that much……feels really, good.”

Reiri showed him a delighted smile. The honey overflowing since before dirtied Reiri’s palm and fingertips, causing her hand to slide well. It increased the pleasure for Kizuna even more and his waist unconsciously floated up.


When Reiri took her hand off, she then brought her face towards the thing she grasped until now. Her tongue reached out and touched at the tip wetly. At that moment, taste that stimulated Reiri’s sensuality was spreading from her tongue to her whole body.

“Ne, Nee-chan……”

Reiri sucked as hard as she could at her little brother’s thing that was pointing up teasingly. The taste of a man spread a lot inside her mouth, she traced that shape inside her mouth with her tongue.

When her mouth separated away with *chuu* sound, Nayuta snatched it without a moment’s delay from the side.

“Ah! You bastard-”

“Fhon’t ve vhoivhy, I hem honhehrahing”

The small mouth spread as wide open as it could, Nayuta then held Kizuna’s thing deep inside her mouth. It was to the degree that made the one watching even got worried if Nayuta’s jaws would get disconnected, but she was moving her face up and down with an entranced expression. Looking at her state, Reiri was being taken aback.

“……It reach until that deep?”

Like that, won’t that thing reach until deep into the throat? Reiri gulped down her saliva. Kizuna’s thing slipped out from Nayuta’s mouth with slippery sound then. That thing which was glistening bright from the saliva of the two stood tall even harder. Without even minding her face getting dirty, Nayuta rubbed her cheek to that.

“Reiri, let’s lick it together.”

“A, yeah……”

Reiri also brought her face closer once more and began to lick at the shaft part. Soft tongues were licking up from both sides left and right. The sensation of something like a mollusk animal creeping around was mercilessly stimulating Kizuna’s lower body.

When Reiri crawled her tongue at the vital place which Nayuta was toying with her hand before this, she then held it inside her mouth.


Inside the feverish mouth, the ball was rolled around. It gave completely different pleasure compared to when Nayuta grasped it with her childish hand. While that happened, Nayuta was licking around at his tip and sucked. And then when her mouth let it go, she licked around the whole standing tall thing with Reiri together once more. That combination with their breaths matching each other made Kizuna’s limit rapidly rise up from inside Kizuna’s waist.

“Ka, Kaa-san, Nee-chan-, I’m already!”

Both of them began to lick with even more strength in their tongues.

“If’s hine, hust fhike fhat, fet hit hout”



From Kizuna’s tip, life energy spurted out when he passed his limit. It mercilessly scattered everywhere on Reiri and Nayuta’s face and hair, dirtying their bodies.



The two received the white liquid with entranced faces. In their eyes, light in heart shape was floating.

Reiri and Nayuta embraced Kizuna from left and right, between them, they rained down kisses on his body.

“Aah, Kizuna-, Kizunaa♥”

*Chuu, chuu* with those sounds, from his waist to his stomach, his chest, from his shoulder to his neck, the kisses were climbing up. Kizuna also responded to the two, his left hand at the mature body, his right hand at the unripe body, both hands were caressing lovingly.

His left hand was on the large breast that couldn’t be grasped just with one hand. But the breast’s tip became completely hard even before he was rubbing, it was standing up largely. His right hand was on a chest so flat that he could say there was nothing there at all, even so the pink colored tips were swelling out plumply.

“Even without you doing something like this……isn’t it fine, with only Kizuna feeling good?”

Reiri took off her usual mask of a strict commander and showed a face of a woman. With a bewitching smile, she was kissing at Kizuna’s body.

“But Nee-chan. If Nee-chan and Kaa-san doesn’t get aroused too……the reinstall won’t succeed.”

‘Fufu’ Nayuta leaked out a chuckle.

“Even without you worrying like that, we are already completely aroused here.”

Nayuta stood up and then she kneeled at the side of the lying down Kizuna, her finger crawled on her own crotch. And then, she made a display of opening her secret valley with her fingers. Thereupon, a string of glistening honey was trickling down from the completely drenched place.

“Come on Reiri, show him yours too.”

Reiri was looking shy for a while, but before long she gave up and reached out her hand at her important place, she then spread it open to show him with wet sound. Honey of sexual desire was overflowing out as if she was peeing. The honey trickled along her thighs and made a stain on the sheet. From that valley, hot honey that might even give out steam was thickly welling up, dripping down from her groin.

“Just from sucking at your thing, I become like this……are you disillusioned now?”

Reiri looked down at Kizuna with an anxious gaze.

“There is no way I’ll think like that right? For Nee-chan to feel like that from someone like me……I’m, really happy.”


Reiri’s eyes trickled out tears.

Kizuna reached out his hand at their honey pots that were overflowing with sexual fluid.



The body of the two bent into ‘<’ shape and pleasure struck them with shivers.

His fingers caressed at the slippery and soft valleys. The overflowing honey wetted Kizuna’s fingers and the fingers that became able to slide well scratched the valleys even more.


Nayuta slumped down on Kizuna limply, while she was breathing out sweet sigh on his chest, she was also moaning. It was a sight that was hard to believe. Nayuta who was reborn as a machine god with that transcendent ability was raising an unbecoming voice and became gasping from his finger.

“……! Nnaah!”

Reiri’s body jumped and bent backwards.


She wetted her finger with the honey overflowing from her groin and she once more entangled her fingers on Kizuna’s rigidness. And then she was moving up and down rhythmically.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 225.jpg

“Uu! ……Ne, Nee-chan-”

That movement felt like it was shaving away his patience. Kizuna was nearing his limit rapidly. In order to resist, Kizuna also parted through the two’s valley’s even deeper.

“Haaaaa! Nnaann!”

“Uh, ku……aah!”

And then he discovered it at their entrances. He pushed against it with the fingertips of his right and left hands.

“Ah……Kizuna, that’s……”

Reiri showed a bewildered expression for an instant. When Kizuna sent her a questioning stare, she could only nod.

Kizuna thrust inside the two with his fingers.



He was advancing through the caves of soft flesh that were feverishly slippery. Reiri’s one was also tight, but Nayuta’s one was so narrow that it made him wondered if his finger really could enter.


Nayuta showed a pained expression and her body bended.


Nayuta’s head hung down limply and her back shivered.

“Do, don’t mind it……do it, just like that.”

“Kaa-san, don’t tell me……”

“Ufufu……this is because I was reborn. Since my body became like this, receiving this kind of stimulation is the first time. But――”

Nayuta embraced Kizuna’s neck. Her disarrayed hair was clinging on her sweaty cheek. Her white skin and blushing cheek looked really lewd.

“Mother whose first is stolen by the son is also not too bad.”

“N, no, the logic, or the sequence is strange like that, besides……doesn’t it hurt?”

Nayuta stared at Kizuna with a dazed face. And then she laughed in amusement.

“That’s not something someone who had half-killed me should say.”


He was lost for words. Kizuna fell silent awkwardly.

“This immoral act will create it. The Corruption Armament of yours……”

‘――My, Corruption Armament?’

“Wait a second, Kaa-san said [Corruption Armament] just now right!? My, Eros’s, Corruption Armament, such thing exists!?”

“It exists. We are creating it from here on.”

Nayuta answered with a red face.

“By materializing this Corruption Armament, the Core will also get improved. And then the improved Core will be installed by a person possessing the ability as a machine god. In order to realize that install, we will use the supply of magic power of our kind, an existence that is close to me and Kizuna. These three factors are necessary.”

“That is……”

Kizuna looked alternately at Nayuta and Reiri’s face.

“That’s right. This is different from common Climax Hybrid. Till the end this is an act for the sake of obtaining Eros’s Corruption Armament and reinstalling the Core. Eros’s Corruption Armament will be a weapon created by Reiri and I, and then Kizuna, by the three of us. And then this is exactly――”

Nayuta bent her sweaty body flexibly.

“The true trump card to defeat the Deus ex Machina.”

‘――The true, trump card?

My Corruption Armament will?

But, just what in the world, is that?’

“And then, even further ahead of Corruption Armament. There, a further divine mystery is surely awaiting.”

“Even further ahead? Divine mystery……what does that mean?”

However, Nayuta directed to Reiri a bewitching smile as if she didn’t hear Kizuna’s question.

“Now, we are continuing Reiri. If you are so inclined, before we are made to come, we will wring him out several more times.


Kizuna’s spine shuddered.

With eyes that reflected heart marks, Reiri smiled obscenely. And then she put strength on her fingers tightly and changed her movement to wring out from Kizuna with certainty.

“Shi, shit-! Even I!”

He once more pushed in his fingertips into the bodies of the two.


“Fu, fuaaah!”

Sticky watery sounds echoed. The liquid that was overflowing even more rapidly trailed along Kizuna’s hand until his elbow.

“Ah, aah♥, a, AAAAAAAAAA♥!”

Reiri was surely near her limit. Her body warped and convulsed twitchingly. Each time she twitched her large breasts were shaking shiveringly, her sweat became grains of light that scattered around her.

Nayuta shrunk her body and endured the pain. However her stiffness was gradually taken and her body slackened. Her inside that was only stiffness now changed into softness that enveloped Kizuna. And then with a carnal face, she crooked her leg in fretfulness.

“Au, fuah, ahn, aah♥”

Even her voice was gradually mixed with something sweet. Her body was tinged with faint pink from arousal and her whole body was expressing the delight of her pleasure.

Reiri desperately moved her waist matching the movement of Kizuna’s thrusting finger. At the inside Kizuna’s finger also didn’t let go and the tightening from the soft flesh was increasing. Each time Reiri moved intensely, her large breasts shook and the tips stood so pointedly it looked like they were going to burst. Even Reiri’s pleasure was on the verge of rupturing. Her voluptuous body began to emit beautiful particles of light.

“Aah! No, no more. I’m, coming, I’m coming.”

“Ne, Nee-chan. I, I too, am no good already!”

Nayuta slide up her body and peered at Kizuna’s face.


Nayuta’s eyes showed heart marks where glittering light was dancing in them. And then inside Kizuna’s eyes too, there were beautiful lights flowing. After ascertaining that, Nayuta smiled in satisfaction. And then she opened her mouth.


On her tongue, Eros’s Core was placed there.

Nayuta’s opened mouth was approaching near him. Kizuna also opened his mouth to welcome it and reached out his tongue. The tongues of the two touched each other and then their lips overlapped.

Inside the glued mouths, the tongues of the two were entangled. Together with Nayuta’s saliva, Eros’s Core was sent into Kizuna’s mouth.

The moment he gulped down the saliva of the two of them and the Core――,


Reiri welcomed her climax and her body bent backwards. The tips of her breast quavered. Her thighs that closed as if to hold down Kizuna’s hand was convulsing quaveringly. And then from the valley there, hot liquid spurted out like pee.

From Kizuna’s thing that was seized by Reiri’s slender fingers, life energy surged out vigorously. Reiri accepted that white splash with her chest.

It awakened Reiri’s climax even more and Reiri drowned inside the waves of climax that repeated many times over. The flying proof of love so hot that it felt like it would scald what it touched drew parabolic arc and rained down on Nayuta’s back too. When she felt that heat on her back, it was at the same time when she drank down the saliva of Kizuna from their entangled tongues.

And then, she also welcomed her climax.


The two who were exchanging passionate kiss with their tongues licking each other also gulped down each other’s coquettish voice along with each other’s saliva.

And then radiant light was emitted from the body of the three.

It was different from Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid.

That phenomenon was obviously different from the phenomenon carried out between fellow holders of normal Cores.

The light shining in multicolor.

It filled their field of vision to the limit, brightness that felt like it would swallow even the world.

‘――How, beautiful.’

Nayuta whispered so inside her heart.

Most likely that was the first time, for her to feel that the sight reflected in her eyes was beautiful.

Chapter 5 – God of Happiness and Sadness[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hokuto was lying down on the bed in her room. In the short while of a fine afternoon, Hokuto liked to drift about in a peaceful nap.

“Hokuto-sama. Please stop being irresponsible and wake up.”

A female that was taking personal care of her called out with a gentle voice.

“Uun……I don’t wannaa”

“You are not someone who can talk selfishly. If Homura-sama don’t get a hold of yourself, our world will be ruined.”

Hokuto woke up reluctantly.

“You are really exaggerating.”

She changed clothes into the one prepared for her and exited her room. When she walked inside the palace, she passed by various people. The people working in the palace showed happy smiles when they saw Hokuto’s figure and bowed their heads. Hokuto liked seeing the smiling faces of such people. Moreover, the fact that they made her smile further made her happy and proud.

For that reason, she could endure even the long distance from her room until the throne.

However, actually she was thinking that if she had to walk all the same then it was better to do it in the city. There were a lot of stores in the city, there were a lot of delicious things in the city, everyone was smiling joyfully.

‘――I want to be taken along to the city again.’

She pestered the people around her for that, but the chances for her to go outside was not many. Even her meals, she was told that the food of the masses was bad for her, she wasn’t really let to eat those kinds of foods.

But, the next time she went, she would absolutely want to try to eat the food in that stand. Thinking of that made her get excited. While she was thinking of such things, she arrived at the hall of the throne. She jumped and sat on the throne, then an old man with splendid clothing came along. Who was this person. Hokuto felt like she knew well who this person was, but she couldn’t recall no matter what.

Come to think of it, the faces of the many helpers and officials around her were hazy, she also didn’t know their names. She didn’t know who they were. However, since Hokuto was born they had been of assistance to her all along, she had a good relationship with them and they should be in a manner of speaking a family for her.

That family of hers was gathering in succession. In the blink of an eye the room was filled with many people.

And then when the door of the throne hall was left open, a vast courtyard entered her eyes. Several thousands of people were gathering there.

“Just why is everyone here like this?”

When Hokuto asked that, the old man in the most front row raised his head reverently.

“Today is the day of farewell, so we are offering our parting salutations with all of us present like this.”


“It’s a little different from farewell. We are becoming a part of Hokuto-sama. Everything in this world is going to be entrusted to Hokuto-sama.”

“Then this is not a farewell? We can meet again after this? Playing together?”

Thereupon the old man made a disturbed face. Even the people lining up behind him were making sad faces.

“No way……I don’t wanna! I don’t want any farewell.”

“This star is already on its end. There is no other path for us except ruin. We are entrusting the future to Hokuto-sama in our final moments, there is no one but you who can do this. That’s why, Hokuto-sama――”

‘――I don’t wanna!’

Hokuto’s eyes opened.


Hokuto was on top of the bed in her room.

She had no need to sleep. That was because her body was one that wouldn’t have any problem even if she didn’t take a rest. Even maintenance was carried on without any suspension on her body.

That was why she wasn’t supposed to see anything like a dream.

However when she checked the data of the past, something like this happened sometimes.


People that she awfully missed.

The people living in the world of the far past.

This uninhabited city was the same like that.

This space was something she created with her ability to generate natural matter by relying on her slightly remaining memory. The objective this world was created for was different from Lemuria and Atlantis.

She wanted to reproduce the appearance of the days of yore of the world that she once lived in.

She understood that such an act had no meaning whatsoever. Thinking logically, it was a really pointless waste of energy. However, she couldn’t help but do it.

The people she loved and missed.

She had to protect those people.

She had to protect the world those people lived in.

This world she created was a mere copy. A fake that she created as an imitation. A modest miniature garden.

She missed those people so much that her chest felt pained. Those people whose faces she couldn’t even remember, just who and where in the world were they. She couldn’t even remember their names anymore.


Everyone lived inside her.

“That’s why……even though for everyone’s sake, it’s no good……if I’m not feeling happy.”

Hokuto forcefully made a smiling face and jumped out from the bed.

“No―w then, what to do today――”

At that moment, she felt an abnormal presence.

“This feeling……!?”

Someone arrived in this world.

“Thanatos? Or else Osiris, don’t tell me it’s Odin……”

The presence she felt was different from any of those.

Something she didn’t know, something other than herself.

An uninvited guest arrived in this world.

Part 2[edit]

“Not a single soul is here……”

“It seems so. Even though there are signs of living……what a mysterious feeling.”

Kizuna and Himekawa, also Nayuta stepped their feet towards the city of the alternate world they had an emergency landing in.

This city appeared to be a city of the masses. There were orderly lined up districts, but the inside was actually a mess. The red bending tile roof and the white wall had commonness, but the buildings with various sizes were built up without any sense of unity.

{Is there no danger?}

A communication window from Reiri opened in front of Kizuna.

“Yeah, it seems there is no problem for now. There is no trap or anything, there is also no existence of living things or machines at all.”

The inspection of the battleship Ataraxia was finished and flew away from this island. If Hokuto was on this island, in that case they wouldn’t know what kind of danger there would be. Right now the battleship had chosen one of the floating islands with a slight distance and was in the state of hiding in the shadows of that island.

{Immediately report if anything happens. Don’t do anything rash no matter what.}

“I understand already. It would be troublesome if the communication is detected, so I’m cutting it off now.”

When the window was closed, silence arrived once more. Kizuna once again looked around the surroundings.

Any of the buildings facing the street seemed like a shop, they put up colorful billboard and attached decorations as they pleased. The letters were different, but the place was like a shopping district somewhere on earth. It had the atmosphere like a really bustling and lively town, but because there was not a single person, it instead drifted off an eerie atmosphere.

The shopfront of the stores lined up their products, and there was steam rising up from the pot of the stand. The situation felt like there were people here until just now, but something happened and all of them went somewhere all at once.

“Actually this is really interesting.”

It was only a little, but Nayuta’s voice felt a little cheery from delight. It was rare for Nayuta who usually didn’t show her emotions to be like this. Kizuna looked at Nayuta who was walking ahead and spoke to her.

“Did you understand something?”

Nayuta stood still and twirled to turn at him. Her cheeks were slightly blushing, telling him that his mother’s excitement was the real thing.

“I think this place is unmistakably the world that Hokuto created. I feel her existence.”

Nervousness ran through Kizuna and Himekawa.

“It’s just, there is no mistake about that but……there is something that is a little strange.”

“I understand that it’s strange looking at his. Even though it’s a city that looks this lively, there is not a single person here. It’s strange enough, even eerie.

“There is that but”

Nayuta entered the shop they happened to pass as if she thought of something. Looking from the many clothes lined up there, it seemed that it was a shop that handled clothing.

“Oi, where are you going?”

Perhaps she didn’t hear Kizuna’s voice, Nayuta kept advancing deeper without paying it any notice. Kizuna and Himekawa looked at each other and entered into the shop following behind Nayuta.

“This is……”

When they entered inside the shop, there were clothes in China style lined up. But, it was a little unusual.

“There are only the same clothes here……”

“Besides the sizes are all almost about the same aren’t they.”

When Himekawa took the clothes in her hand, she also tried lining up several of them. Thereupon, certainly all of them had about the same size. Kizuna suddenly thought, if Hokuto was in her human size without the Gear, wouldn’t these clothes fit her just right?

“Both of you, please try to come here.”

There was a door inside the shop, Nayuta was beckoning them from in front of that door. They guessed that likely there was a warehouse or office there. Kizuna opened that door.

“……What, is this?”

Inside there was no room or anything, only wall of rock was soaring up.

They tried to peek at the other shops and buildings, but they all had mostly the same feels. Looking from the outside, the outward appearance was properly arranged, but on the inside there were only rock surfaces or doors and windows that were fixed still.

“For some reason, this is like a movie set.”

“It’s something similar isn’t it. This is the world Hokuto created……no, a fake good that is created to imitate something. In addition, it is also like a bad copy with quite a bad make.”

“Copy……wait, what does that mean?”

“For example, the Ataraxia that I created is something reproduced from the data of the real thing in Lemuria. However this city is something created in imitation by looking at the real thing.”

At first it looked like a gorgeous and splendid city, but they gradually came to look at the city like something flimsy. When they looked even closer, there were several shops with the same construction. Himekawa tilted her head with a complicated face.

“However, even if you say that this is an imitation……what is this an imitation of?”

“Most likely, the world she once existed at. And in addition, perhaps it was before she became a god.”

‘――Before she became a god?”

Kizuna once again looked around at the deserted townscape. Its gorgeous adornment caused its emptiness to be even more highlighted instead. His eyes caught a single poster pasted at a street corner.

“Is something the matter Kizuna-kun?”

“No……this picture photographed there.”

Himekawa and Nayuta also approached that poster.

“This, is it……Hokuto?”

The photo had a great number of people with a single girl at the center. It was like a commemoration photo, but they didn’t understand what the poster was for. The face of that girl was exactly the same as Hokuto. But her body was not that of the machine god’s appearance, but that of a human. She displayed a smile that was happy from the bottom of her heart, just from looking they could feel how happy she was.

However what was curious, was the people around her, their faces. One person had gradation on the face, another person was painted off, another one had only the face part torn off, there were no humans inside the picture that had their face pictured.

“Somehow……it looks scary.”

“Yeah. Just what in the world, this means――”

Fierce explosive sound thundered, tremor was transmitted underneath them.

Kizuna took off his eyes from the poster and out his guard towards the direction where the sound came from.

“You all……how did you come into my world?”

The ground caved in and a fissure traveled along the ground. Vapor and dust cloud were rising up from the ground. Inside that mist, there was a girl in a red China dress at the center of the depression on the ground.

“……Deus ex Machina Hokuto.”

However her figure was without armor. She looked exactly like a human.

――She was similar.

With that girl in the poster.

And then she showed the same smile like the girl in the poster. But, even though it should be the same it looked different somewhere. That smile had a hidden side that was different somehow.

“This saves the trouble of looking for you all, is what I want to say but……just how did this happen? Before this too you all suddenly vanished and I couldn’t even chase after you, how did you come here――”

Hokuto’s eyes stopped at the little girl with the smallest body among them.

“……I see. This is your doing isn’t it.”

“Yes. It’s an honor to be noticed once more.”

‘Hmph’, Hokuto sniffed her nose.

“To use that Genesis and trying to become the same like us……”

“However, my completion rate is still lacking. I will have you hand over your data for reference together with the data of our worlds.”

“I won’t return that data just so you know. Because the experiment failed we cannot continue, but with the harvested data as the base, it will serve as the clue to restore my world.”

“Restoring……your world?”

Kizuna couldn’t understand the content of what Hokuto was talking about. But, they could understand that different from Kizuna and the others, the world where Hokuto once existed in was unable to be restored because of some kind of reason. This world was also this badly made because of that.

“That’s why, it helped that you all came here by yourself! I’ll also turn all of you into data here and retrieve it cleanly!”

Lines of light ran over Hokuto’s body. Metallic lumps and complicated machines materialized from there. That was a sight that ignored the law of physics. From Hokuto’s slender body, machine and armor that no matter how one saw it couldn’t possibly be stored inside there were pouring out. The materialized machines interlaced mutually and became enlarged. It was like unseen hands were performing assembling work. And then, in the blink of an eye Hokuto’s body was wrapped in an armor that was shaped after a Kirin.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 245.jpg

Looking up at that figure, Kizuna’s breath got caught. He was overwhelmed by Hokuto who displayed her figure as a Deus ex Machina. Originally they planned to invest all their battle strength in an all-out battle including Vatlantis and Izgard. But the fact was that currently they were in a situation where they had to fight with only Kizuna and Himekawa. Nayuta too, if she exerted her strength as a machine god then she would become a battle strength, but it was unknown how much useful she would be in the current state. Besides, she was someone they couldn’t trust in the first place.

But, there was no other choice but to fight.

“Here we go! Eros!!”

Kizuna’s body was wrapped in jet black armor. It was the Heart Hybrid Gear that was just like usual. The black armor that already became completely familiar to his body had pink lines of magic power running over it. Although his Core had been reinstalled, the appearance didn’t change at all. But――,


The radiance wrapping Himekawa’s body made Kizuna’s eyes almost got blinded. The strength of that brightness was displaying sublimity, it had the meaning that the level of what she equipped was different from anything until now. Even the radiance of the magic power Himekawa emitted, and the thickness of the light particles also had wide difference than before. The brightness enveloping her body didn’t shrink and expanded widely like wings.

The beautiful dazzling light spreading several times bigger than Himekawa’s body finally stopped expanding and instead the magic power condensed and increased in thickness.

And then when the veil of light was cleared away, a new Heart Hybrid Gear manifested.

“……This is!?’

After the brightness cleared up, the first thing that Himekawa felt out of place about was the difference in scenery.

The location of her point of view was high. Kizuna’s face that looked up at her in shock was located around her waist. And then when the armor wrapping her body entered her eyes when she looked down, she opened her eyes wide.


Himekawa breathed out a sigh of admiration. The armor she equipped wasn’t the Neros that Himekawa knew. Red large fuselage. It was as though it was a fuselage of the same rank with the Deus ex Machina floating in the air, however it also had the trace of Neros in it.

A sharp silhouette even with its large scale. Form with a close resemblance to a polished Japanese katana. If the previous Gear was like a casual outfit, the armor attached on her body right now was like a battle outfit with heavy armaments. No, perhaps it was more fitting to say it was like an infantry turning over into a jet fighter.

While the fuselage itself was large, there was no pointless protector attached on the body of Himekawa herself. It could even be thought like an expression of confidence, that no harm would reach the pilot. Because of that, her beautiful body line looked even more emphasized.

Armor was increasing little by little from her visibly exposed shoulders until her elbow before the armor was changing into a tough mechanical arm that extended the length of Himekawa’s arm.

Her point of view became high because the armor part of her leg was large. The armor enveloping her thigh stretched until her toe and underneath it there were mechanical knee joints. A blade was mounted around her waist like a Japanese katana that was mechanized, on her back four sharp blades were floating like wings. Their whole length was less than two meters, there were thrusters in each part while radiance of magic power was flowing on the blade. At a glance, rather than calling them swords it was more fitting to call them as outrageously slender aircrafts. It was like they were impatiently waiting for Himekawa’s order anytime that they were hovering while moving up and down.

‘――There are, the new Blades.’

Regardless that what she wore was a completely new Gear, Himekawa could comprehend everything of it.

“This is……the rebirth of Neros.”

Looking up at the new Neros, Nayuta nodded in satisfaction.

“Great craftsmanship. With that, surely it’s possible to oppose even a Deus ex Machina.”

Himekawa looked down at Nayuta.

“Can I really……fight against that Deus ex Machina? Before this I could not do a single thing against her.”

To Himekawa who directed anxious eyes at her, Nayuta replied back kindly.

“The reinstall is for that sake. I don’t do anything meaningless. Saying it in reverse, the only ones who can protect this world right now are only you and Kizuna.”

However Kizuna’s appearance looked exactly the same just like before in Himekawa’s eye. Could he really fight against the Deus ex Machina? Even Kizuna might be anxious, he was showing a grim expression and faced Nayuta.

“Hey, do I really have to test that you-know-what?”

“Yes. I was convinced after looking around at this city. Other than using that method, defeating a Deus ex Machina is impossible. The reinstall so far is the groundwork for that sake.”

Inside Himekawa’s head became fully filled with question marks. She couldn’t understand just what they were talking about.

Had Eros failed to power up? In the first place Eros was a unique Heart Hybrid Gear. Perhaps this time it also accomplished a power up that was different from usual.

“At any rate, I have to be the one standing as the vanguard right?”

Himekawa unsheathed the Sword dangling down on her waist. Matching with Neros’s body size, it also became really large. Its destructive power should be raised remarkably.

“It looks considerably different…….the before this isn’t it?”

Hokuto glared at Himekawa. As expected even Hokuto was putting her guard towards the lump of vast energy that suddenly appeared.

“But, just by getting a little stronger, there is no way you all can be a match against the creator that is me right? Our origins are just that different after all.”

“Overwhelming difference in ability. And then the only one that can fight is me……I have”

Red light traveled through Sword’s blade. The Blades on her back instantaneously got up and pointed their tips at Hokuto.

“Already finished experiencing that!”

Sparks scattered in front of Hokuto’s eyes. The Blades and the octagon shield of light deployed in front of Hokuto pushed at each other. Two lights of magic power clashed fiercely, scattering particles of light everywhere.

The Blades sliding out from Himekawa’s back instantly attacked.

“To stop that just now, as expected from the Deus ex Machina. I’m filled with awe.”

“Hmph……looks like it became quite fast, but――”

Himekawa kicked the ground. The ground dented and the stone tiles were thrown up. Wind pressure and shockwave gouged the surface and rolled up dust. Neros’s thrusters emitted flash and Himekawa’s body was brought before Hokuto’s eyes in an instant.


Hokuto immediately evaded Himekawa’s sword. That slash looked only like a glimmer of an instant. Himekawa’s Sword was swung down in one go. The shockwave split apart the ground, bisecting into two the ten odd-storey building behind Hokuto.


Although she evaded it, the blade of light elongating from Sword scratched the arm protector of Hokuto.

For Hokuto, it was something really unexpected. She fixed dumbfounded eyes at the single line carved on her arm.

“Thi……this is”

Hokuto’s face warped in rage. Flames jetted out from the armor that was modeled after a Kirin. Those flames hardened into the shape of a sword. When Hokuto grasped the flame, it changed appearance into a weapon with a crimson blade, [Hakke Kirin].

“How dare you wound my body!”

“Please don’t think that this will end just with a wound of that degree!”


Blades swooped down from the sky with an incredible speed. Hokuto immediately widened her wings and protected her body. Blades mercilessly cut apart those wings. Together with sparks, the armor of the wings were shaved and wounded.


“I said it already. That this won’t end with just that much wounds!”

Hokuto kicked on the ground. A fissure appeared and dust rolled up as if an explosion happened. Hakke Kirin drew an arc above Himekawa’s head. That slash was blocked by Sword.

“DO YOU KNOWWW! My body is not something that is mine alone! How dare you hurt everyone, everyone’s world like this!”

Hokuto’s wings emitted light. The propulsive force raised remarkably and it scattered particles while pushing Himekawa back. The sword and sword emitted fierce light while the bodies of the two were flying in a state that was slightly floating above the ground.

“-……what stupid power!?”

“Don’t you get carried away just from getting a little power up!”

They flew until the end of the main street instantly and crashed at a twenty-storey building at the end of the road. The wall broke and the two of them pierced through the walls inside the building one after another while still locking swords. And then they broke through towards the opposite side. The wall was smashed as if it exploded, fragments flew everywhere. The foundation that was destroyed couldn’t bear the weight of the building and it tilted violently. And then the houses and shops nearby got swallowed up, they were collapsing while raising up violent dust clouds.

“This is the world that you created right!? And you just destroy it like this!”

“It’s just a fake after all! Who cares about it!”

Red light ran over the Kirin armor.

It seemed that she was going to attack with some new attack. Judging that Himekawa struck first.


The moment Himekawa called, soaring swords appeared from the two sides of the street. The blades cut apart the shops and ran in parallel while destroying stone walls and blocks. And then they slashed at Hokuto from four directions.

“Aah! That’s just troublesome!”

Hokuto flew up to the sky. The Blades that lost the target cut empty air, however without giving up, they swooped up. They were chasing after Hokuto with acrobatic movements.

The four Blades were turned back by Hokuto using Hakke Kirin and a shield of light. However, the Blades doggedly hounded her time and time again, slashing at Hokuto persistently.

“How obstinate! Then!”

The whole blade of Hakke Kirin shone red.

“That is!?”

The sky suddenly became clouded. Black clouds were whirling, the surroundings became dark in the blink of an eye. Amidst that, only Hakke Kirin that Hokuto held was emitting an ominous red light.

Inside Himekawa’s brain, the memory of the attack that Hokuto released at Ataraxia was revived. That power which turned Ataraxia into scorched earth in an instant.

“I won’t let you!”

Himekawa put one of her hand upfront. A magic circle that was shining radiantly got deployed from the fingertips.

“Liberation and severance from everything of this world――come”

The hilt of a sword appeared from the magic circle. The mechanical arm of Neros grasped that hilt and she pulled it out.

“Corruption Armament [Gladius]!!”

That was a sword with two blades. It had two wide and very long curved blades, lining up parallel to each other. The blade that severed apart the relation with this world. The huge sharp blades that were nearly two meter were just right for the current Neros.

“Here I come!”

Fully opening the thrusters on her back, Himekawa approached in front of Hokuto in one go.


Two flashes ran from one attack.

Red shockwave attacked the enemy from the movement of Gladius.

The red blade of Hakke Kirin repelled the silver blade of Gladius.


Himekawa reversed the point of her sword and slashed horizontally aiming at Hokuto’s torso.


The flashing slash released particles of light, the shockwave reached until the ground. That pressure blew away the roofs of the buildings.

Gladius slashed up from below. It struck the body of Hakke Kirin, bouncing up the blade tip above.

‘――Got her!’


Together with a shriek of fighting spirit, Himekawa’s returning blade cut at Hokuto’s left arm. There was a definite feedback. The two blades certainly dug into Hokuto’s armor. The next instant, Hokuto’s left arm danced in the air.

One of the machine god’s arm, was bisected.


Unable to believe what she saw, Hokuto stared at her arm that was separating from her while rotating in the air.

“Lies, that……”

When she looked at her left arm, certainly her arm was not there. It was like there was no armor at all starting from her elbow since the beginning, it was bisected with a clean cut.


Hokuto’s scream thundered in the sky. The wave of impact was transmitted to the dark cloud, undulating like a sea.

“This is not funny, not funny, something like this, like this――”

Hokuto’s abnormality made Himekawa’s countenance change.

“!? That’s!”

The light traveling all over Hokuto’s body converged at her cut left arm. Lines of light drew the contour of her lost arm, in succession the lines also drew the arm’s internal structure like drawing a plan. And then like fitting on puzzle pieces, the part surrounded by lines were changing into armor.

“No way……”

Himekawa’s eyes clouded in shock.

Hokuto’s left arm that should be bisected was reconstructed.

Hokuto wailed while her eyes were gathering tears.

“Something like this is not fun at all!”

Cold sweat trickled down Himekawa’s forehead. The same like Nayuta. Nayuta could also immediately recover from the damage she received.

‘――Against that, won’t we be unable to defeat her forever?’

That feeling of powerlessness and dread was spreading in her heart like a dark cloud. Himekawa tried to shake it off with her willpower and encouraged herself.

“Then I’ll do it no matter how many times!”

Himekawa once again attacked with Gladius. However, Hokuto also moved her Hakke Kirin. The two swords with supernatural ability clashed in the air.

It was a sword locking contest where Gladius extinguished the flame Hakke Kirin gushed out. The damage was enormous even just from that influence. Flame scorched the sky and the heat blazed up the buildings of the city.

With fierce a shockwave, the whole city sunk down with the two as the center. Even buildings that reached several tens of meters were crumbling down as if they were crushed from above. The houses crumbled as though they were stepped on by a giant, fissures were spreading in radial shape from the concaving ground.

“I’m counting on you! Gladius!”

“Hakke Kirin!”

When Hokuto shouted that, the flame of Hakke Kirin became even fiercer. Intense heat and shockwave attacked Himekawa. Even her fingers that were holding Gladius became trembling.

And then Hokuto roared as if to spout her soul.


At that moment, Gladius snapped.

‘――No way.’

Flame spread like a nuclear explosion. The flame licked the city, thunder destroyed buildings. Shockwave gouged out the ground, and stone blocks were flying up one after another from the street.

The beautiful lake adjoining the city boiled instantly, the forest was blazing up. Shockwaves that shook the whole floating island even cracked the solid rock supporting the ground.


Himekawa who was in the center of that received the direct attack and her consciousness flew away in an instant. Blown away by fierce the shockwave, she was then falling to the ground. Even the armor of the reborn Neros broke, scattering in pieces from Himekawa’s body. Himekawa was with a dim gaze at the ground which was approaching near.

‘――I lost.

Even though I’ve come this far. Even the power that I obtained by going as far as doing that kind of embarrassing thing is not useful.

The new power that I obtained by combining powers with Kizuna-kun.


Just before she crashed on the ground, someone embraced and stopped her body.


A worrying gaze staring at her. Arms wrapped in black armor embracing her body.


Kizuna landed on the ground holding Himekawa’s body. Nayuta was waiting there, looking up at Kizuna with eyes shining in anticipation.

“Now, this is the right time to act. Now is your turn.”

Himekawa separated her body from Kizuna and supported her body alone even while staggering.

“Ho, however, even Neros and Gladius aren’t a match against her. No matter how much Kizuna-kun had done Climax Hybrid with me, using the same thing……”

“No, it’s not the same.”

Not understanding what it was about, Himekawa stared at the back figure of Kizuna. Kizuna faced the blazing city, pondering of something.

“Honestly, I’m not inclined to use this weapon. Also calling its name is just, you know.”

“However, we have no leeway for an option.”

As if resigning himself, Kizuna sighed. And then he raised his gaze with resolve.

“I’m going!”

He put his right hand forward. A magic circle was deployed from the fingertips there. Not just a layer. Magic circles were floating up in the air one after another, creating a tunnel of light.

“Corruption Armament [Nayuta]!!”

Kizuna stepped into the tunnel of magic circles. Each time he passed a magic circle, the shape of Eros was changing. Eros’s armor evolved, it disassembled and the internal construction became clear to see. There, a new armor was installed. Each time he passed through a magic circle his armor increased with the shape transforming. Becoming even firmer. Even larger. Connecting into Kizuna’s biological tissue, surpassing the framework of Heart Hybrid Gear, attaining a transfiguration towards an even more evolved appearance. And then, when he went through that tunnel what existed there wasn’t a Heart Hybrid Gear. It was a fantastic shape, as though it was something different altogether.

That figure was like a machine god, but not a machine god.

Rather it was a demon.

The Hybrid of Eros and the figure of Nayuta as a machine god.

The armor’s build that didn’t compare unfavorably against machine god hinted at its hidden combat ability. The continuing arm from the square shoulder was a tough steel arm. Leg part carrying speed and destructive power. And then the mechanical wings with sharp edgy shape. That appearance was close to a machine god, but there was no sacredness in it. Rather it was the reverse. It could only be said as ominously sinister.

Jet black armor where one could feel not light but darkness. Calamitous pink radiance ran from the gaps of that armor.

That armor made the one seeing it to harbor ill omen and dread.

It was the completely changed figure of an angel who had broke the taboo and fell from heaven in the end.

Nayuta floated a wicked smile.

“There is no other way but turning into a demon to win against a god. Isn’t that right, Kizuna?”

It was the form of Heart Hybrid Gear that was based from magic armor that accomplished even further evolution. A pioneering greatness achieved from devilish act and forbidden technique.

――It was, the ultimate final magitech.

“You were already a demon right from the start.”

After Kizuna said that acidly. He moved his gaze to Himekawa below him.

“Hayuru. I need to ask you a favo――”

“Ju, just, what is this-! Do, don’t tell me, Kizuna-kun, you-, with Professor Nayuta did, Cli-, Cli-Cli-Cli-Climax Hybrid!?”

Himekawa shouted while her eyes were rolling round and round.

“Eh? N, no, calm down Hayuru. Right now isn’t the time for――”

“We did an act that was similar to that.”

Nayuta nonchalantly answered. That answer made Himekawa stiffen.

“O, oi. Hayuru? This is for the sake of winning against the Deus ex Machina .”

“IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Preposterous! It’s morally, ethically, socially, impossible!”

Himekawa raised a large explosion. However Nayuta explained with a composed face.

“What I did wasn’t Climax Hybrid. It was reinstall. You don’t need to worry, from here on too we will borrow the strength of all of you for Climax Hybrid.”

After making a relieved face for a moment, Himekawa’s face turned bright red.

“I, I’m not worrying about something like that! It’s about the preposterousness of――”

“This is different from the [Mode] that become possible after performing normal Climax Hybrid. This is the result of performing the reinstall where I share my combat ability that I have as a machine god to Eros’s Core. With this, it’s possible for Eros to mount the Corruption Armament [Nayuta]――”

The ground cracked. The attack of Hakke Kirin carved a large trench at the ground where the three were. The ground was dug up and rocks whirled up.

“You change your appearance again? But, no matter what you do, surpassing this me is impossible you know?”

Kizuna jumped to the sky while still embracing Himekawa. Escaping from Hokuto’s attack, he flew towards a different floating island.

“Hayuru! In order to defeat that girl, there is one more thing that we need to do no matter what!”

Right near Himekawa’s face was Kizuna’s face. Regardless of the kind of situation they were currently in, Himekawa’s chest throbbed strongly.

“I, if it’s something I can do……”

“I see. Thank you.”

‘――But, just what is,’

The lips that was going to say that was plugged by Kizuna’s lips.

“ ! ? ? ! ! ※◯▲×■?♥♡!◯♂♀★??!!♥!×××!!!”

Himekawa fell into pandemonium.

‘――EEEeeE!? Wha, what is the meaning of this? That’s, we have done various kinds of amazing things until now but, even so a ki-, kiss! ……Ki, Kizuna-kun, don’t tell me♥’

“Nn-, n♥ ……kufuh……nn”

They tasted the texture of each other lips frantically. Himekawa’s eyes were closing ecstatically.

‘――Aa, my first kiss is in this kind of situation……but♥’

Brushing aside her enraptured feeling, Kizuna’s tongue slipped inside Himekawa’s mouth. Himekawa reflexively opened her eyes.

‘――Thi, this is what I heard from rumors, a, adult kiss!?’

The tongues of the two were entangled at each other inside Himekawa’s mouth. Her moist eyes once more closed ecstatically.

Tongue that was not hers was moving around inside her mouth. The tongues lovingly touched and caressed each other repeatedly. Himekawa’s throat moved. It was a deep kiss where their tongues entangled plenty.

Why was she kissed so suddenly? Such question was blown away already, that was how much she sweetly experienced Kizuna’s kiss. She didn’t know that having the inside of her mouth violated by another person’s tongue could feel this good. As that feeling heightened, particles of light began to rise from the bodies of Kizuna and Himekawa. That brightness was gradually increasing in intensity.


When Himekawa’s pleasure and feeling reached the climax, Himekawa’s body emitted dazzling light.

Explosion of light that blinded the eye.

And then that light settled down, when their eyes could open again, there was Himekawa’s body wrapped in pink light standing there.

When their lips separated, Himekawa’s cheeks were dyed flaring red and she looked up at Kizuna with a feverish gaze.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 265.jpg

“Kizuna-kun you dummy……that’s mean. What are you doing so suddenly. But, this is……it means that isn’t it? Kizuna-kun, you l……”

At that point Himekawa’s face became even redder. And then she murmured mumblingly with a voice so small that couldn’t be heard.

“Lo-, lover……n, no, to go out together with marriage as the premise……in, in other words, I, I am, Kizuna-kun’s wife――”

Kizuna worriedly called out to Himekawa whose condition was strange.

“Hayuru? What’s the matter?”

“Hyah!? Nya, nyathing at all suu-!”

Kizuna made a dubious face for a moment, but he turned his face to a serious one and informed her solemnly.

“This is, the other trump card remaining to us. The [Kischarge Hybrid].”

Himekawa raised one of her eyebrows and made a complicated expression.


Himekawa finally noticed too late that her body was shining in a pink color.

“This is……my body, is shining?”

“Yeah, that’s the proof that the Kischarge Hybrid succeeded.”

“Then, the kiss just now was for……”

Himekawa’s expression froze and her lips twitched.

“Yeah. With this power, I could win even against Grace and Kaa-san. This is not something to replenish the Hybrid Count. It’s a Hybrid that used up the remaining Hybrid Count in one go. It only works for a short time of less than several tens of seconds, but it’s able to exhibit ability several times that of the normal Climax Hybrid.”

“Is……is that so……”

Himekawa showed an expression of disappointment, but she shook her head and pulled herself together.

“And, what should we do?”

“Lend me Neros’s Corruption Armament [Gladius].”

“Eh? But……”

Even Himekawa’s prided Gladius didn’t work against Hokuto. It was snapped by Hakke Kirin.

“It’s fine. Summon Gladius one more time for me.”

“I understand.”

Himekawa put her hand forward and opened a magic circle one more time. And then she grasped at the hilt protruding out from there.


It’s different.

What――is this?’

The sword that showed its appearance was a sword with three blades.

The blades increased by one from the usual Gladius, changing into a sword with three blades lining up.

The glistening blades also increased in brightness, as if it was being happy in its reborn self. The three blades resonated to each other and it felt like they were playing a tranquil sound. That sound was pleading to Kizuna and Himekawa, I want to quickly fight, try out the new me, like that.

Kizuna grasped the handle of Gladius and propped up Himekawa’s hand.

“Now, let’s go Hayuru.”


Eros’s thrusters spouted out fire. It was Eros’s serious acceleration. It was a sensation as if the time of the surroundings stopped. The world around was slowly flowing. Even the motion of flame Hokuto raised was stopping as though they were looking at a photo.

Kizuna and Himekawa readied Gladius that now had three blades and slashed at Hokuto.


However, Hokuto reacted. As expected of a machine god, she couldn’t be taken by surprise even with this speed.

“You……how obstinate-!”

Hokuto readied Hakke Kirin and flew up. Both sides clashed at each other with speed that looked like teleportation. Sparks scattered between the swords.

They mutually unleashed an attack and passed each other.

Hokuto blew out flame that was conspicuously dazzling and beautiful from her body. She raised Hakke Kirin to the sky, her wings spread and red light was emitted from her whole body.


Kizuna remembered seeing that radiance before. The light Thanatos fired when she terminated Zeltis. It was that red light.

‘――This is bad!’

“Vanish altogether with this fake world!”

From Hokuto’s whole body, red light was fired towards Kizuna.

The light that erased the world.

No one could oppose that light of god’s judgment.

However that light split into two.


Hokuto spontaneously raised her voice.

Kizuna and Himekawa was thrusting Gladius forward. That sword of three blades met the red light, cut it apart, and extinguished that light of destruction.

“That’s right huh, Hokuto! Say farewell to this kind of fake!’

“No way……lies.”

No matter what kind of weapon it was, defending against that light should be impossible. That was the light that reset the world. The light to return back the world into nothingness.

Why could that light, be cut?

That sword, these guys――,

“Just what the hell, is this-!?”

“Even if you shut yourself in this kind of fake world to fool yourself, it won’t bring about anything! At this rate, no matter how long time passed you cannot become honest to yourself! Are you planning to keep living lying to yourself, forever like this!?”

Hokuto’s rage and impatience grew violent from this situation that just wouldn’t move as she willed.

“This is not fun at all! If I’m not feeling happy then――”

“I don’t understand the details. But, you are just pretending to be happy. All this time since I met you for the first time until now, I have never seen you making a truly happy face!”


“For whose sake is that? Creating this kind of lonely world, doing a one person show, what’s all that for!”

“Shut up, SHUT UUUUPP! You impertinent guinea pig!”

Hokuto kicked the air and rushed at Kizuna. It was a speed that could traverse from a corner of this world to the other corner instantly. With that speed, Hakke Kirin was swung down at Kizuna.

The blade of god, that was the rage of god that was given to humans. That flame clashed with Gladius. The sword of three blades was supported by two people, Kizuna and Himekawa. Hakke Kirin and Gladius, the two supernatural blades scattered sparks.

“I’ll show you, how I liberate you, liberating your soul! For that sake!”


Cracks entered Hakke Kirin and the blade broke. The sword snapped in the middle and its tip danced in the air.

‘――That’s absurd!?’

The existence made from the compression of all the weapons in the world where Hokuto was. That Hakke Kirin snapped. Furthermore who did it was the life-form that was born from the world that they created.

“Something……like this is”




Their thinking matched each other just from calling the other’s name. The Gladius that the two of them held was swung down from right above, impact pierced Hokuto’s body.


Hokuto also piled up shields of light and blocked Gladius. However, in front of Gladius that extinguished even existence itself, Hokuto’s shields were meaningless. One by one they were being smashed up.

“Kuu, such thing……such thing”

Hokuto gritted her teeth.

“No good, this is no good……if I don’t feel happy, that’s not good.”

She forcefully floated a twitching smile.

But, that smiling face was stiff.

Finally Gladius destroyed all of Hokuto’s shields and blew away even her body.


Masou Gakuen HxH V08 273.jpg

Even while being blown away, she burst out flame from her whole body and controlled her posture. But exactly at that moment when she became defenseless, that was the chance of victory that Kizuna was waiting eagerly for.

Kizuna released his hand from Gladius and clenched his fist strongly.

And then, he kicked the air with all his might.

Himekawa embraced the sword of three blades on her chest and saw off the back of Kizuna who instantly became distant.

With his firmly clenched fist as a weapon, Kizuna traversed the sky.

“Here I go, god!”

The light running over Kizuna’s armor increased in brightness. That light was sent to his arm and condensed towards his fist.

His left and right fists shined calamitously and blazed up.

He held up the shining fists.

With a speed that even Hokuto’s eyes couldn’t follow, Eros’s fist struck out.


Hokuto covered her body instantly with both her arms.

Eros’s fists mercilessly pulverized the guarding arms of Hokuto. Eros’s fists sank into Hokuto’s arms, crushed them, and smashed them. Brushing aside the arms that became pieces, Eros’s fists dug into Hokuto’s body.

At that moment, along with dazzling brightness, the destruction program Nayuta prepared was sent.

That was a gospel of curse that destroyed the existence of a machine god from the inside until nothing remained.

Melody of despair resounded until the bottom of Hokuto’s body.

Power that destroyed the existence of a machine god cut loose the fusion of Hokuto’s flesh and the armor.

The legs, wings, those armors were amputated altogether.

The biological, mechanical, magical construction and circuit that composed Hokuto’s body. All of those were crumbling. This was exactly the trump card of the anti-machine god that the Corruption Armament [Nayuta] possessed.

“――[Machine God ReincarnationReincarnation]!!”

Eros’s fists stopped, Hokuto’s body fluttered in the air.

The armor integrated into her body disassembled, torn down, the body that became thoroughly small was falling down towards the ground.

“Kizuna! Hokuto will soon recover. Deal the finishing blow!”

Nayuta’s voice resounded out of nowhere.


Kizuna chased after the falling Hokuto. Hokuto’s body missed the island where the city was at and fell into a cloud. He didn’t know what was below the cloud, but Kizuna also flew in towards the cloud.

{Kizuna-kun! This finishing blow……in what way?}

A floating window opened and the worried face of Himekawa was projected there.

“Aa, leave the rest to me! Hayuru, you return back to battleship Ataraxia! The effect of Kischarge Hybrid will run out after five more seconds, so be careful!”

{Ah, wait, Kizuna-kun!}

Closing the window of Himekawa that still seemed to want to say something, Kizuna chased after Hokuto. While he was flying, pink light was crumbling off from his body. It was the end of Kischarge Hybrid.

‘――With this, if [the way to finish off a machine god] doesn’t work on Hokuto…….’

“That will be the end of the line.”

Kizuna accelerated even further and caught up until where it just took a little more until his hand could reach out.

Hokuto who now looked the same as a human was falling while being flapped by the wind pressure. Her eyes were closed where it looked like she fainted, but lines of light were coming to the surface of her body. It was a slowly moving light, but lines of light were being carved on Hokuto’s body like drawing a blueprint.

‘――Is that a preparation for her to recover?’

But right now her recovery ability was still not working normally.

“Now is the only chance!”

Kizuna embraced Hokuto’s body.


Hokuto’s eyes snapped open.

“Wha……what are you doing-! Let go-!”

Kizuna didn’t let go of Hokuto that was struggling violently and firmly put his hand on her back. Right now in this moment, Hokuto could only exert power like an average human. That was because the virus stock of the sure kill technique [Reincarnation] that Nayuta created was repressing the machine god function inside Hokuto’s body.

“I’m going to have you accompany me for a little!”

“I refuse! Something not fun like――nyaaaah!?”

Kizuna’s hand groped Hokuto’s breast. The large breast that was imbalanced with her petite body was being shaken by wind pressure. Kizuna grasped the struggling breast and gently rubbing with his palm to make her docile.

“Wha-, whaaaahhh-, what, are you doing-, nn!”

His fingertips rolled the tip while his palm was groping. Thereupon, Hokuto’s legs stretched tautly.

“Aaah! What’s, this-, it’s stra-, strange, naaau”

‘――As I thought. This girl has never got sexual pleasure.’

Kizuna became convinced of the method that was entrusted to him from Nayuta beforehand.

That method was, so to speak the [method to finish off a machine god].

But, it was impossible to implement that method in the air. He had to move somewhere. However he also only had little remaining Hybrid Count. Even if he used his thrusters and returned to the battleship Ataraxia, perhaps the energy would run out in the middle.

But, he also couldn’t stay like this where he was continuing to fall. When he came out of the cloud, there was still blue sky and clouds visible below. It seemed that the sky was continuing forever.

“Yo, you……using strange techniques like this……”

Hokuto was grinding her teeth and glared at him. Lines of light once more ran through her body, trying to start recovering. Kizuna pinched the tip of her breast without delay.

“Hiah! Aaaan♥ Aa, don’t……stop, if you, do that……strength cannot enter.”

The lines of light vanished from Hokuto’s body.

‘――If I don’t hurry, this hard to get chance will turn to nothing. What to do…….’


Reiri’s yelling voice resounded. It was a sound produced from a speaker.

“Nee-chan!? Where are you?”

{Right here!}

When he came out of the cloud, right at his side a large transport appeared. Perhaps its engine was turned off because it was continuing to fall naturally parallel with Kizuna. The rear hatch opened and there was Nayuta waving her hand there. Reiri was sitting on the cockpit and she was yelling something into the headset she wore. That voice reached Kizuna’s ears with a slight delay.

{Use your remaining Hybrid Count and rush to the rear hatch!}


Kizuna kept embracing Hokuto closely while igniting his thrusters and followed at the rear side of the transport. And then he carefully flew in. The moment his feet touched the floor of the cargo room, his Hybrid Count met its limit and the safety device urged Eros to cancel. Using the Gear more than this would endanger his life. Kizuna obeyed the safety device and released the Heart Hybrid Gear.

“Way to go, Nee-chan!”

Kizuna yelled at the direction of the cockpit. Hearing that, the rear hatch closed and the sound of the engine’s output rising could be heard.

{We are returning to battleship Ataraxia after this. Kizuna you finish off Hokuto!}

Kizuna nodded at Reiri’s voice that was audible from the speaker. And then he stared at Hokuto who was in his arms. If he didn’t immediately deal the [method to finish off a machine god], she would completely revive.

“Kizuna. Use that.”

Nayuta pointed at the depth of the cargo room. There was a hastily made bedroom there. It was only a simple mattress spread out there, but there was some sensor and scanning device lined up around it. Surely it was for the sake of taking data of the act with Hokuto after this.

Kizuna laid down Hokuto on that bed.

Her breathing was rough, Hokuto looked up at Kizuna and Nayuta.

“To do something like this……to this me, uu……you all, who are……”

“I am exactly like what I said in my introduction before. If I have to add something, this is Hida Kizuna. My son……in other words, the child that I created.”

“Son……child? Created you say?”

Hokuto returned a reaction that showed she didn’t really understand.

“I see. Living things left behind offspring. So you have forgotten even such a common fact.”

Nayuta climbed on the bed.

“You cannot be defeated with common methods. You aren’t a machine or a living thing, but an aggregation composed from a great number of life-forms and a world. The ultimate existence, you are truly fitting to be called a god. The way to defeat such you, that is――”

Nayuta raised her index finger and waved her hand lightly. Thereupon the clothes of Nayuta and Kizuna disappeared as if they were erased.


Hokuto was taken aback by the two bodies that appeared when the clothes were removed. The lined bodies of the two obviously were made differently.

‘――This is male and female? Certainly I think there is that kind of data. Manufacturing one’s own duplication with reproduction act.’

However, the detail of that act wasn’t preserved as data. Hokuto was mostly clueless regarding that act.

Kizuna also climbed on the bed and hung over Hokuto.

“Wha, what? What are you planning to do to me?”

She shrank her body fearfully. That gesture was more like an innocent girl rather than a god.

Kizuna touched the cheek of Hokuto. The texture was no different than a human, it was soft and warm. He caressed her cheek, from there he caressed down from her neck to her collarbone.

Hokuto’s body twitched in reaction.

“Wha, what’s, this?”

Stimulation was transmitted inside her body from the touched spot, her back was shivering. When her body was touched in the air just now was also like this. This was the first time she experienced this kind of sensation.

Before this, she had completely forgotten the sensation of being touched by other people.

Kizuna’s hand that caressed down from her chest then tightly grasped at Hokuto’s voluptuous breasts.


Hokuto raised a soundless scream. It froze Hokuto’s thought circuit for an instant. When Kizuna separated his hand, the sensation assaulting her whole body was pulling back little by little.

“……Ju, just now, ahih!”

This time he pinched at the tips of the breasts.


The body that endured every kind of attack, the system that could process any kind of information threw in the towel in the blink of an eye.

‘――Wha, what is, this attack. I, I cannot resist.’

Strength left her body, she couldn’t put strength in her waist even when she tried to stand, her arms and legs wouldn’t listen to what she said.

“Wha……abnormality appears in the system?”

“No. That’s the correct reaction, Hokuto-sama.”

Kizuna brought his face closer to Hokuto’s breast and sucked at the pink tips.


Hokuto’s spine bended backwards remarkably. Kizuna continued to persistently sucked at that breast. Each time his tongue rolled the tip of that breast, the stiffness and largeness were gradually increasing.


Her arms and legs struggled violently, but she couldn’t put any strength at all. Her godlike power in the middle of battle had suspiciously vanished somewhere, her strength now was no different than a normal girl.

While sucking the breast, Kizuna’s hand caressed Hokuto’s back.


His fingertips were deliberately going to and fro on her spine, as if to tickle her purposefully. Drool was dripping from Hokuto’s kept open mouth.

Kizuna separated his mouth from the tip of her breast and crawled his tongue all over her breast teasingly. And then he was licking up through her neck.

“Nkyaah! I, it’s tickli……ah, is this, ticklish……sensation?”

“So you also don’t understand something like that. Just how in the world you passed your time until now?”

Kizuna peered into Hokuto’s eyes. It was a close distance where their noses touched each other. Their lips almost touched.


Hokuto’s remembered her situation and her cheeks reddened.

“This is just strange, my temperature increased, the tissue all over my body open. Besides……”

She was drawn in to Kizuna’s lips. Why did she want to do that kind of act, she didn’t understand. But, she wanted to do that.

Hokuto touched her lips to Kizuna’s lips.

At that moment, image that Kizuna had never seen before flowed into his sight.

‘――This is!?’

Several thousands of people were kneeling at an extensive courtyard of a palace. Ahead of them a long staircase decorated with the relief of dragon. The one sitting at its peak was a lone girl.

That girl who was called as a ruler with heavenly mandate was of the family that ruled this world. The last of that family.

From among the kneeling retainers, one old man stepped forward in front of the ruler.

“Ruler-sama, at last we finally arrived at the time where we will accomplish the final evolution.”

The people in that place were all wearing happy smiles. However there was only one person, just the girl that was called as ruler, was pursing her lips in ‘^’ shape with a frowning face.

“……But, everyone will be gone because of that right?”

The old man showed an exaggerated surprise.

“What is your majesty talking about. Rather it’s the opposite. We are going to become an existence that is difficult to lose connection with, a unique and peerless existence.”

The girl with only her breasts growing big relatively with her young figure, tilted her head unable to really understand.

“This world is progressing towards annihilation. The lifespan of the star is going to run out, day by day the population is also decreasing from the epidemic among the people. Sooner or later, life too will cease to be from death.”

A young male reverently walked closer.

“Hokuto-sama, we are entrusting our wish to the future. Even if we and our world are ruined, we want to leave behind the proof of our lives, the proof of our existence. That proof will someday create a new world. Believing that, we turn everything our world accomplished into data and leave it to the future.”

It was a talk Hokuto couldn’t understand. She had never heard that kind of difficult story until now. What she understood was about studying, about delicious meals, about her favorite clothes, and about going out to the city, that was all.

This time a retainer of a young female arrived at Hokuto’s side.

“Accordingly we will leave a single personality as our representative. The one chosen as that personality, Hokuto-sama, that is you.”

Hokuto tilted her head, as if to say she didn’t really understand.

“Hokuto-sama, you can survive. Fooorever, even from here on. For eternity.”

That female was smiling. However, it felt like her eyes were hiding a color of sadness.

“But……even if I survive, I won’t be able to talk with everyone right? Then, I don’t wanna. I’m fine being together with everyone too. I don’t wanna be alone.”

Words got stuck inside that female’s throat. Tears were floating in her eyes. However she barely held it back from trickling out and forcefully made a smile.

“No. To become all alone, that’s preposterous. We will become one. All of the data we left behind will be inherited by Hokuto-sama. That means that I, and Hokuto-sama will become a single human. In other words, from now on we will be together all the time with Hokuto-sama.”

“Together all the time……”

The people she was closed to surrounded her adoringly.

“That’s right. We……right, all of us will become a single world.”[5]

‘――A single world.’

“We who become a world will become not human. However, we want to entrust the vestige of us as a human to your majesty the ruler. As the only remaining personality, please become the existence that governs over our will.”


“I beg you Hokuto-sama. We will be together forever from now on. Let’s live together happily with everyone.”

“There will be no more people in pain. A happy and gentle world is awaiting.”

Hokuto looked around at the faces of everyone.

“Really? Will it really be, fun?”

“Yes. We will be a part of Hokuto-sama. If Hokuto-sama is feeling happy, then all of us too will pass our time happily.”

“That’s why Hokuto-sama,”

‘――Please, be happy forever.’

Kizuna separated his lips from Hokuto.

“Just now……”

“That’s, seem to be the oldest memory of Hokuto.”

Nayuta’s knees collapsed and she sat on the bed.

“Kaa-san also saw that?”

“Yes. Thanks to that I understood now the true identity of Hokuto. She is the left behind data of a lost civilization, which aimed at the revival of that civilization, that data was continuing autonomic calculation, and became abnormally developed into this figure.”

Staring at the sleeping girl, Kizuna tried to overlap the words of Nayuta with the girl in front of his eyes. However he thought that matching the two was something difficult.

“You are saying that this girl……is a lump of data……”

“After a long time the body of data obtained strength and became the appearance of a machine god, that is this Hokuto. However in the process, Hokuto’s self that was abnormally developed became unable to act normally. She became unable to accurately search and deploy the past archive data.”

“You are saying……that the data of Hokuto’s world is gone, that’s not it right?”

“Yes. It seems the data is in the bottom of the girl herself. The current her cannot discover that data. However――”

Nayuta’s cheeks loosened up happily.

“If we can just find the data, it’s possible to restore the original world.”

Those eyes were shining with curiosity.

“We are destroying the self of the girl that has been grown up too much as a machine god. If we do that the original awareness of the girl can possibly access the database at the bottom of her.”

“What Kaa-san means by destroying, in other words……I can just think of it as something similar like Climax Hybrid right?”

Nayuta smiled as if to say ‘of course’.

“If her ego can be destroyed, this time Hokuto’s ability that evolved her to become a machine god can conversely be useful. Her power as a machine god can surely regenerate her original world.”


Hokuto opened her eyes.

“Aah……forced termination happened……I’m rebooted.”

It felt like she was sleeping. For Hokuto, how long it had been since the act of sleeping became unneeded for her. That was a story of the past so far to the degree that even the concept of time became unclear.

“So you woke up, Hokuto.”

Hokuto compared the two faces at the bedside.

“You are……Hida Kizuna and, Hida Nayuta……you two were, ahn!”

The big breast changed shape flexibly due to Kizuna’s hand. The slightly hard touching sensation firmly pushed back at his fingers.

“Fuahn, a, again, what, is this……yaaahn”

Hokuto’s body wriggled from the slight caress. Unable to endure the pleasure given to her, her body was writhing around. Kizuna caressed around her thigh, his hand was sliding from the outside to the inside.


Unable to endure, she closed her thighs.

Her face blushed and her gaze couldn’t focus. Her tongue peeked out from her half opened mouth, feverish breath continued to sigh out.

“Ufufu, the effect is more than I imagined.”

Nayuta put on a coquettish air with her childish limbs.

“There is no reproducing act for them Deus ex Machina. They don’t even have sexual feelings. They abandoned all the senses that became unnecessary. But, on the contrary that becomes their weak spot.”

Nayuta’s small hand touched Hokuto’s forehead.

“Because they are perfect, therefore this act became unnecessary. A sensation they are inexperienced with. Those kinds of sensations become the greatest attack. And then intense pleasure that is really hard to resist will destroy the network existing inside Hokuto’s body and that will surely become the destruction of her ego as a machine god.”

Nayuta’s fingertip shined. Hokuto’s pupil opened and particles of light were dancing inside.

“Wha……what are, you doing?”

Hokuto asked with a scared voice. Nayuta wore a smile that was like a loving mother while giving a verdict like a demon.

“I versioned up the virus program that Kizuna sent into Hokuto-sama and implemented a new function. With this Hokuto-sama’s sexual feelings is climbing until ten times than before.”

Hearing the words that might as well be the same as a death sentence, Hokuto’s complexion became ghastly pale. Nayuta was looking fondly at that expression.

“From here on, the pleasure you feel won’t even compare to what you have felt until now. Surely Hokuto-sama will be addicted to it……fufufu, that’s only if you can stay sane though.”

Hokuto pleaded with a trembling voice while in tears.

“Don’t, that’s just no good, stop it……such thing, even though even now I’m already going to become strange……ten times of this, that will absolutely, absolutely make me insane.”

However Nayuta talked back with a kind voice.

“Kizuna, do it.”

As expected even Kizuna made an unpleasant expression.

“Really, you are just nasty.”

However there was no choice but to do it. In order to take back Lemuria and Ataraxia. And then――,

“Hokuto. For your world too.”

Kizuna seized the breast of Hokuto with both his hands.


Hokuto’s scream thundered.

Her small body convulsed. She opened her eyes in shock and her tongue protruded out. Her raised up leg was quavering twitchingly.

He guessed that she likely welcomed a light climax. However Kizuna’s hands didn’t allow her to descend down from the climax that she had already climbed to. It was a breast that was excessively large for Hokuto’s body. He massaged attentively there as if to stuff in pleasure from there. The breast that was soft yet absurdly maintained its beautiful shape was kneaded around. Thereupon little by little the hardness that he first felt was taken away, becoming a soft sensation. The shape changed matching his hand, to the degree that it overflowed from between his fingers. And then when he separated his hand, it shook like a jelly while recovering its original beautiful shape.

That motion was lovely and also pleasant. Unintentionally Kizuna repeated that caressing. But, Hokuto who was being touched was in a disastrous state.

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 293.jpg

“Aah, uah……sto, stop-, ahiu! A, a, anhaaaaaa”

Tears were trickling down from her hollow eyes, saliva was flowing down from her trembling lips. Climax was surging on her many times like waves. Each time her consciousness was getting distant, the network inside her head was getting interrupted.

Her thought circuit was closed, there was only feeling as if she was being changed completely into a living thing that was merely being washed away by pleasure.

Kizuna shouldered both of Hokuto’s legs and buried his face between her nether region. And then when Kizuna’s tongue touched the organ shouldn’t be unnecessary for Hokuto, a pleasure that couldn’t be compared with everything until now pierced Hokuto.


Kizuna’s tongue was thoroughly tracing the inside of the slit. Honey was overflowing out from Hokuto’s inside in happiness from that. That was a really sweet taste.

‘――That’s right, the taste is exactly the same like the nectar I tasted when doing Project Babel.’

After drinking down that honey, Kizuna’s body also became hot, his state was turning into something like being drunk.

“More. I’ll make you feel even better, Hokuto.”

There was a small protrusion on Hokuto’s slit. Kizuna put that sensitive bud into his mouth and sucked up with all his might.

“HIgiih! …..Ku……hah, IAAAAAAaUAAANNNNNNN-!”

Her whole body was trembling fiercely, Hokuto’s body bended backwards. Tears were flowing without stopping from her melting eyes, her body twisted desperately trying to escape from Kizuna and she reached out her hand. She clutched on the bed and pulled away her sensitive spot from Kizuna’s mouth by crawling.

“Haah, au……do, don’t. I must escape……”

Her legs and arms struggled as if she was swimming on the bed. However those legs were caught by Kizuna.


Her ass was massaged thoroughly and then opened. Inside, there was an organ that was faithfully prepared in spite of being unnecessary. Kizuna traced it with his finger while attentively observing what kind of reaction she would make.

“Kuhiu! That kind of……kuh, placeeeeu!”

Hokuto was writhing around with her whole body becoming sweaty. Surely she had no sanity anymore. After losing her original processing power, her thought routine and her behavior algorithm and also autonomic nerves weren’t functioning properly.

“Soon……I’ll give you the finishing blow.”

Kizuna embraced Hokuto’s body, he brought his face close and stared at her.

Hokuto was in a state of sobbing convulsively mixed with gasping of pleasure and weeping. The area around her weeping eyes became red, her cheeks also blushed and were dyed scarlet.

That face wasn’t that of a machine god, it was the face of the girl that became the base of that consciousness.

“Being alone is lonely right, Hokuto?’

Hokuto nodded her head many times while crying.

“Bu, but……if, if I, feel lonely, or feel sad……everyone will become sad so, I am everyone’s representative……that’s why”

Kizuna’s finger opened Hokuto’s slit. And then he forced his way through inside.

“Nnah! Tha, that’s why, I have to be cheerful all the time.”

“There is no such thing.”

Kizuna’s face approached.

“Certainly, if Hokuto is sad then everyone will be sad too. But, they should be even sadder if Hokuto suffers for everyone’s sake. That’s why――”

Kizuna’s lips piled up on Hokuto’s lips.


Kizuna’s tongue gently caressed Hokuto’s tongue. That was a pleasure that would melt someone.

It didn’t convey only a pursuit for pleasure, it transmitted a gentle sympathy.

‘――Hokuto. Let’s return to your original world. Everyone should know already just how much you are in suffering and feel sad. That’s why surely, this time they will think of a different way.’

Hokuto also moved her tongue and responded to Kizuna. Her small tongue entered into Kizuna’s mouth and she caressed dearly at Kizuna’s tongue with her soft tongue.

‘――Yes. I guess……perhaps that is so.’

Kizuna’s finger invaded into the depth of Hokuto. Hokuto tightened hard from the happiness of that. Kizuna advanced pushing into the tight inside. Hokuto felt like her eyes would roll to the back.


Hokuto whose mouth was blocked raised a muffled coquettish voice. So to play off that voice even more, Kizuna’s finger began to move intensely. As though violating the wall inside without leaving even an inch behind, so that there wouldn’t be any place left untouched, he caressed up thoroughly.

Each time Hokuto’s mind network raised sparks. Electric current ran in her field of vision, it was becoming difficult to be aware of her sight. In exchange, there was intense pleasure she was inexperienced in welling up from the inside of her body. Her body and mind were washed away by that pleasure.

Kizuna’s finger entering her bumped at the deepest wall.


Hokuto’s eyes blacked out for an instant. Hokuto’s small body easily permitted the invasion until the deepest part. Lewd pleasure so great that might destroy everything. Kizuna tortured the deepest wall many times as if striking at that pleasure over and over. Each time he moved in and out, hot honey spurted out from that opening, Kizuna continued to dig into Hokuto that it sounded like there was a drumming sound.

“NN―! N―! Fuuh! Guuh! ♥”

The pleasure brought about by her two mouths was pushing up Hokuto until the utmost limit of her climax.

And then finally the moment Kizuna’s finger destructed Hokuto’s limit,


Hokuto’s scream was fed mouth to mouth into inside Kizuna’s stomach.

Her whole body warped tensely, Hokuto broke through the wall of climax. Hot nectar spurt out from Hokuto’s body, dripping down from Kizuna’s finger.

The network composing Hokuto was disintegrating. The ego of Hokuto as a machine god was crumbling. And then the liberated data was flowing out.

Hokuto’s body was transforming into brilliant light and her existence in this world was diluting. The surroundings were enveloped in light, as though flying out from inside the transport to another world.

“If there is your power as a machine god, then restoring your original world is possible. If you return to your original world, use that power to save your world.”

Hokuto who was changing into particles of light smiled happily.

“Yes……that’s right isn’t it.”

From Hokuto’s body, figures of people appeared as if flowing out. Surely those were the people who took care of Hokuto. The people whose appearance closely resembled the posters pasted in the city. But, this time their faces could be seen properly. Those figures flew up beyond the light and diffused into the air.

Figures of city, many islands, even the plane appeared from inside Hokuto’s hand and vanished.

“Thank you, Kizuna.”

And then Hokuto herself shined brightly and melted into a surface of light.

The light surrounding Kizuna suddenly vanished.

He was in the cargo room of the transport. Above the simple mattress spread on the floor.

“With this the disposal of Hokuto is complete.”

Nayuta was standing in front of Kizuna. Hokuto’s figure was gone already.

Kizuna stared at his arm. The sensation of Hokuto that he embraced until just now was remaining in his arm.

“Hokuto……she is not dead right?”

Nayuta nodded her head and answered.

“Yes. Surely she will create a new world and deploy the salvaged data there. This time it’s not a copy with shoddy quality like this world, but the original.”

“……Is that so.”

Kizuna leaked out a sigh of relief.

“Still, we also got a parting gift.”

Nayuta faced Kizuna and opened her hand. On her palm she was grasping a red crystal.

“This is the configuration information of the world.”

‘――That thing is!?’

It was really compact for something filled with the world. Furthermore it had the shape that looked really easy to break. Kizuna became scared to touch and his reaching out hand stopped.

“……But! With this our world can return to before!”

Kizuna’s voice was excited.

Nayuta put her gaze on that crystal and stared as if peering inside it.

“It seems that’s impossible.”

Nayuta who told him that indifferently made Kizuna get taken aback. Having the wind taken out of his sail while he was feeling happy made him feel tricked somehow.

“Why the hell not!? The story is not like――”

“This is the configuration information of Lemuria, just about half of it.”


‘――In the first place, half of our world, is being put inside that red crystal?’

“It seems, the configuration information of our worlds is being divided into four among the Deus ex Machina.”

Kizuna went dumbfounded reflexively, and then he pondered.

‘――So that means,’

“We have to defeat the whole Deus ex Machina……that’s what that means?”

“That’s what it comes to……though, looks like this is not the time to talk about such things.”

“What? What do you mean――”

Reiri’s voice resounded in the cargo room, erasing Kizuna’s question.

{This is Reiri! The termination of the world is beginning! Emergency, prepare to evacuate!}

“Wha……what the hell!?’

He clung at the window of the transport and looked outside. Thereupon, he could see the sky behind the transport cracked and falling into pieces. The speed of the cracks running through the blue sky was faster than the transport.

Kizuna asked Nayuta as if snapping at her.

“Oi! What’s going to happen if we get swallowed into that!?”

“Who knows? Perhaps we will be lost for eternity at the interstice of the worlds, or else the moment we are swallowed we will crumble down maybe.”

“Don’t act so carefree like that! Do something in this kind of time!”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders and murmured in astonishment.

“My power as a machine god is mostly consumed by the three battleships and Eros’s Core. The current me is just a little girl you know.”


Turning his back at Nayuta, he kicked on the ground and ran to the cockpit.

“Nee-chan! Can we escape!?”

“I don’t know! In the worst case, it’s going to be a double suicide with you!”

Saying that she stared at Kizuna and smiled with face dripping in cold sweat.

“But, Kaa-san is together with us here!”

“We’ll escape no matter what! Hold on!”

With the greatest output of the jet engine, the transport came out of the clouds. Blue sky was spreading and a sea of cloud was extending vastly. Rifts were running over that blue sky. Black cracks reached towards the other side of the sea of clouds’ horizon.

‘――Is this the end?’

The moment he thought that, the cloud was bulging up.


From inside the sea of clouds, the battleship Ataraxia was rising to the surface. A floating window started up in front of Reiri and Kei’s face appeared.

{Reiri! Land on the deck!}

Kizuna pinned down the hand of Reiri that was going to reduce the speed.

“No good. We will be swallowed if we reduce the speed! Just crash this transport like this to the deck!”

The transport didn’t reduce the speed and charged to Ataraxia. And then, on the verge of coming into contact, the transport grazed above the battleship Ataraxia.

It will be dangerous to use his Hybrid Count more than this. Ignoring the window that warned him of the safety device’s notification, Kizuna yelled.


Kizuna flew out from the rear hatch of the transport wearing Eros. He carried Reiri with his left hand and Nayuta with his right hand, landing on the deck of Ataraxia.

“Eros has landed! Shikina-san, go!”

“Hida-kuuun! This wayyyy!!”

At the nearby hatch, Kurumizawa Momo of the research department was waving her hand. Without even any time to answer, he flew inside that hatch carrying the two.

The Excavator at the bow of Ataraxia second generation opened a hole out of this world and escaped, it was right after that.

Kizuna unequipped Eros and slumped down on the spot collapsing on the floor.

The remaining Hybrid Count was 0.02%.

He was at death’s door.

“Haha……it’s the new record so far until now huh. Well, we are saved someho-…”

Kizuna’s view shook violently. He couldn’t even sit and collapsed on the floor unable to support his upper body. And then his consciousness cut off at that moment.

Reiri’s facial expression changed and she yelled angrily at the research department.

“Call the rescue squad! Also tell the staff of Nayuta Lab to standby! Hurry!”

The trembling students of the research department made contact with their respective mobile phones and started to run. Reiri also called Kei through the ship internal communication terminal at the nearby wall and talked through it.

While giving a glance at that commotion, Nayuta squatted down at Kizuna’s side.

“Kizuna is also an idiot isn’t it.”

She peered at his face and confirmed that there was no reaction at all.

“I have shared my ability with you, that was me teaching you that I have served my purpose already you know? Yet despite so, why did you purposefully save me? Even though saving two people at the same time also increases the risks.”

A small hand reached out to Kizuna’s head, caressing his hair.

“You are really a stupid child.”

Nayuta made a smile. That smiling face was that of a true smile.

Part 3[edit]

A setting sun was sinking in the desert.

There was a queen in the chalk white palace. From the window that was left opened, a monument in the shape of quadrangular pyramid made from piled up stone was visible. The gigantic structure that might even reach the height of three hundred meters, a pyramid. Desert was spreading around it with a city that had various sizes of buildings lined up spreading before it.

The queen was elegantly lying down on the chair in a hall made from marble. Suddenly she raised her face as if noticing something.

“……My, so Hokuto vanished.”

She put her lips on a glass filled with fruit alcohol and smiled after taking a gulp.

“Even if she is called a machine god, but the way each of us came about was different. Even among us she was a really immature existence.”

She stood up and walked down the hall that was illuminated by the setting sun towards the center of the room. There a female was standing. What the girl was wearing was a fabric like a loincloth wrapped around her waist. In addition was a choker. And then a shackle on her leg, those were all. A chain was attached on the shackle with an iron ball at the end so that she couldn’t escape.

“You also think so right?”

The female with beautiful blonde hair that was asked that looked up at the queen with her breasts that was about to burst out shaking.

“Yes, my queen. Everything is exactly as my queen says.”

“That’s so, how cute you are. I wonder if your self-awareness as a slave has come out?”

The blonde female did a seiza before putting her head on the floor.

“Yes, I am a lowly slave. My most sincere gratitude for my queen to teach me my manners.”

“Well done. Then you don’t need any more training right.”

Thereupon the blonde female lifted her head and stared at the queen with pained eyes.

“Such thing! Please be affectionate……no, punish me! I’m still too undisciplined as the slave of my queen.”

“Fufufu, fine then. I will discipline you strictly today. Prepare yourself, Yurishia Farandole.”

Yurishia looked up at her master with a happy and aroused gaze.


This is Kuji Masamune!

The eight volume of [Masou Gakuen HxH]! A new beginning of development that betray all imagination. Things that were a puzzle until now became clear one after another. And then, a battle against formidable enemies in a different league compared to everything until now! Thinking normally, they are opponents that Kizuna and the others really cannot stand against. The enemy is exactly god! But, how to overcome this, how will they fight? That will be the thing to not miss from here on.

This volume is still the prologue of that. The fight against Deus ex Machina will increase in extremity even more from here on. And then the people of Lemuria and Vatlantis, Izgard, Baldein, fighting together, joining hands with each other, I want you all to please look at their figures standing against destiny!

This eighth volume is like that, but this time I went through a large scale revision after a long time. I had fun too much writing the beginning part of the ordinary days……when I noticed I had written more than 150 pages. That character and this character, going ‘kya kya’ ‘ufufu’ continuing in supreme bliss. Awesome, [Masou Gakuen HxH] looks like school story somehow! Wait, this is not a school story! Anyway I super had fun and my hand couldn’t stop!


As expected the editor O-san tsukkomi-ed me.

“Ain’t that righttt……geez, I too noticed it faintly but, I just couldn’t stop……”

As expected what am I doing spending more than half the book on something like this? I took back my sanity and performed a large scale deletion, like the machine god erasing the world I sent the data to my data storage. Together with those are several ero-ero scene that vanished like morning dew, like Sylvia’s or Ragrus’s……haa, perhaps it will be revived somewhere someday.

Speaking of manuscript’s revision, I made that as the material for the afterword of the first volume, but recently I was asked regarding that quite much. It was already something about two years ago, but there are also quite many people who began to read only recently, so for those people this material is like a recent topic. That was the moment that I felt for real how the information written in the book surpassed time. But, the essential subject was about the point of how the manuscript was too erotic and it got rejected, so actually this is really not a place where I can act cool (lol)

But, at that time it wasn’t really strange even if the manuscript got dropped, rather normally it would be dropped, that was the kind of situation it was. Thanks to over enthusiastically writing erotic novels there was no time left, but I persevered to revise until the very last minute to make it better even just for a little. That I could make it in time safely to the release date was thanks to my editor in charge O-san. At that time it felt like a chicken race with O-san every day and every night. I sent mail at near dawn, I thought that no way a reply would come today and slept, but when I discovered the fact in the next morning that there was a reply mail some ten minutes later after I sent the mail, that sense of defeat. On the contrary, when I received a mail that said I’m at my limit already today, I’m going to sleep, that incomprehensible sense of victory that today it’s my win. I’m going to get scolded by O-san if I write anything more so let’s keep the rest a secret.

But, I really feel glad that I could experience such hard progress right from the start. It feels like I’ll enrage many people writing this. But being able to overcome that ordeal, I got the feeling of confidence that no matter what happened I’m going to be fine.

As expected, being taught by people, being helped, and becoming able to arrive at my present point, I earnestly feel it from all that. Not to mention O-san, the head editor at that time M-san also taught me various things, even the words of a certain senior author-san when I debuted that said “There will be many things happen doing this work, but anyway if you just continue to write then you will make it somehow”, it became a support of my heart.

And then with the anime of Masou decided, I learned even more things from many people, the opportunity to be helped increased. I’m truly thankful.

I’m made to be involved a little with the creation of the anime but, it was fun!

I was allowed to attend the arrangement of the scenario and I also wrote the scenario for the sixth and ninth episode! I had wrote the scenario of the drama CD but, that was the first time for TV anime’s scenario, it was a really interesting fresh experience! I was properly praised by the supervisor that organize the series you know! I want to think that’s not just a flattery! (lol) I want to do the scenario work from now on too!

The dubbing was also extremely fun! It was perfectly like everyone’s image, the play was also went well, truly magnificent. I’m happy that Kizuna’s “Eros!” can be yelled this coolly, Aine is a little mysterious with her unique voice but she is lovely and charming. Even Himekawa is serious and straightforward but she is beautiful and sexy somewhere. Yurishia is erotic yet cool and gallant. Reiri is awe-inspiring and serious but she is cute anyway♡

Honestly, when I wrote the manuscript I didn’t really imagine their voice. I had some kind of image but, ◯◯-san’s voice! Like that it was nothing concrete. But, when I actually heard the voice in the audition, mysteriously “Isn’t this Aine” “Aah, this is Aine” I can understand like that. In the casting this time, everyone was chosen from among the people who I thought ‘this person is nice’, so I was really happy.

The anime site that I saw were only the script preparation and the dubbing, but any of those had really good atmosphere, everyone is having fun creating the work, and then they were doing their best. When this eighth volume came out, it was just before the broadcast. I think there is various ways to enjoy it, but please everyone if you can just enjoy the TV anime of [Masou Gakuen HxH]!

And then not only the anime of Masou, there is new news!

That is!

The opening of a new series!

Of all thing at the same time parallel with Masou, I begin to write a new work! Doing absurd thing like this……feels like I will be told that but, if it’s me that has overcome Masou’s first volume’s ordeal then surely I can do it! …..maybe.

The new work has no direct connection with Masou, it really is a new series! It seems similar with other works but it’s completely different, it’s typical of Kuji Masamune, with a little peculiar hair color, and then expect that it will become an eros work!

The detail can be seen at the public site of Sneaker Bunko, twitter, other like [Namasuni!], there is also the arrangement for commercial at the TV anime’s later half episode, so look forward to it!

Then next is the thanks. Thank you very much for the usual charming illustration and character design! Hisasi-san! And then Kurogin-san of the mecha design. My editor in charge O-san of Sneaker editing department. And then all of you readers who always give your support. Really thank you very much!

Next time, the ninth volume of [Masou Gakuen HxH] will soon come you know! Don’t let your guard down!

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 313.jpg

Hayuru: No, not only doing that kind of thing to me, you finally enter the forbidden territory! You pervert!

Kizuna: Wa, wait Himekawa! This is a mission so it cannot be helped!

Yurishia: Next will be me. I went through long absence already so prepare yourself☆

Masou Gakuen HxH 9

9.1 ON SALE!!!!!!

Masou Gakuen HxH V08 314-315.jpg


  1. Because of how many kanji there are and how some of them have really similar shapes, even Japanese people will sometimes confuse the kanji with each other.
  2. Gestaltzerfall (German for “shape decomposition”) refers to a type of visual agnosia and is psychological phenomenon where delays in recognition are observed when a complex shape is stared at for a while as the shape seems to decompose into its constituting parts.
  3. Kirin is a Chinese unicorn.
  4. Ataraxia is a Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for a lucid state of robust tranquillity, characterized by ongoing freedom from distress and worry.
  5. Here the person changed his way of talking from reverent to normal in the middle.

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