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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 7


Where did we come from.

And then, where should we go from now on.

At the end of the journey we traveled for long, we reached the ultimate evolution.

Being the complete existence.

Being the perfect existence.

Just what can we wish that is more than this?

We don’t understand that.

Even for us that are supposed to be almighty, there are things that we don’t understand.

Therefore, there is still room remaining for evolution.

However, what to do to find the answer.

The key to this problem is inside ourselves.

In the first place how were we born.

What kind of transition we followed until we became this shape.

There are things we know.

However, things we don’t know are also many.

Compared to the remaining data, there should be a lot more data that were erased.

What we know ourselves, for the sake of knowing from now on, the log of the past is needed.

Our origin.

The root that we had lost will surely become our guidepost.

It is difficult to travel to the past.

However simulating the past is possible.

That’s why let’s create a world.

And then give us knowledge.

The lost method, that should have existed once and we knew for ourselves.

Chapter 1 – Rebirth Ataraxia[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“He, hey Kizuna? That, as I thought I……I’m better not going together with……”

Aine threw a small voice at the back of Kizuna who was walking while pulling her hand.

“Hm? Why?”

Kizuna looked back with a wondering face.

“Because, I was being hostile just a while ago you know? To return back to everyone as easy as flipping my hand like this……my lingering enthusiasm, is getting a little cold, or something.”

Without stopping his feet, Kizuna kept walking while pulling Aine’s hand.

Both of them were inside Izgard’s flagship, heading towards the ship’s bridge.

Kizuna who got the better of Aine at their fight led Aine from Ataraxia that had been turned into ruin and escaped. And then they finally arrived at Gravel’s exclusive ship that had become the de facto command headquarters now that they had abandoned Ataraxia.

The operation to rush into Zeltis that they attempted at first had already disappeared without a trace. Everything ended in failure.

But Kizuna’s heart was blazing with hope.

‘――Aine came back.’

He was able to recover back the important something that should have been lost. He recovered the thing that should be impossible to recover. That fact became hope and motivation, pushing Kizuna’s heart forward.

He was happy enough just with Aine’s return. But even looking from the combat potential, whether Aine was here or not was a great difference. With this the method they could take would really expand.

‘――Let’s quickly have Nee-chan and Shikina-san set up a new strategy and start again.’

“Right now we are in a fight with time. If Genesis collapses, that’s the end for Atlantis. Not only that. By any chance our world might also get ruined together with it.”

Suddenly Kizuna’s hand was pulled. When he looked back, Aine stopped in place and stared at Kizuna with a shocked gaze.

“……No, no way.”

As if to encourage the dumbfounded Aine, Kizuna put his hand on her shoulder. And then he spoke with a calm voice.

“From what Shikina-san said, because the Entrance connected our worlds, it seems that there is also some kind of influence to earth. Much less if it becomes a large phenomenon in the level that can ruin one of the worlds, the other world won’t get through it free of any repercussion. We don’t understand how much influence it will have but, in the worst case……”

“No way……you are saying earth will be ruined together?”

“There is a high possibility of that. That’s why Aine, perhaps this will be hard but, your power is needed right now.”

Aine nodded with resolve.

“Right when the world is on the verge of danger, something like my shyness is……nothing significant at all.”

The two of them once again walked hand in hand.

“But, everyone will hold a grudge to me won’t they.…..”

“……Aine, but――”

Aine shook her head.

“No. That’s just obvious. Don’t worry about it. No matter what kind of treatment I receive, that’s because I have responsibility of that.”

Kizuna put strength into his holding hand.

“I’m going with you. Don’t worry.”

After getting a little shocked, Aine’s face burst open in a happy smile.

“Thank you. Kizuna……”

Like that the two finally arrived in front of the bridge. Although he said that to Aine just now, but honestly Kizuna was also anxious. He lightly took a deep breath and examined Aine’s state. Thereupon Aine was also staring at Kizuna. They nodded at each other and opened the door.

“Hida Kizuna, I’m bringing back Chidorigafuchi Aine.”

The voice that was filled with nervousness resounded through the spacious bridge.

Izgard’s soldiers and the staff of Ataraxia that were working busily stopped their hands. The noisy bridge fell silent as if they were doused by cold water.

The gazes of everyone were pouring onto Kizuna and Aine.

For the soldiers of Izgard, what happened was that the emperor of that Vatlantis Empire suddenly appeared here. Their nervousness and terror were unfathomable. Most of the soldiers became unable to move as if they had been petrified.

On the other hand, for the staff of Ataraxia, she was once their comrade, and then she was the existence that ruled at the summit of the enemy. They couldn’t even imagine, just how they should act to deal with her. There was merely choking silence that was continuing.

The heavy air that was like metal was torn apart by a sharp voice.

“You are late Kizuna! Aine! Just where did you two loiter around at!”


Reiri with her arms crossed went until in front of the two and glared.

“E, err, Commander……I”

“Kei, the Hybrid Count of these two?”

Reiri’s question made Kei displayed the status of the two.

{Kizuna is 20%. Aine is 8%.}

“What? Then what was the light from before?”

All the function of Ataraxia and Nayuta Lab was halted, so they couldn’t collect the detailed data of the battle. But, Reiri and the others also confirmed the light that appeared when Aine and Kizuna kissed.

“I was thinking that a Heart Hybrid happened beyond doubt but……seems like there is a need to investigate huh.”

{Right now the equipment of Nayuta Lab is being loaded on board this battleship. When it’s finished, we are going to gather as much data as possible to study. However right now it’s better to replenish the Hybrid Count of Kizuna and Aine. If possible with Climax Hybrid.}

Reiri nodded and howled towards Kizuna.

“Just as you heard. Do Climax Hybrid urgently! Also take a shower while you are at it, change your ragged clothes. Do it!”

“Ye, yeah. Nee-chan, about Aine……is it fine?”

Reiri snorted her nose and suddenly turned her back at him.

“Right now we want combat power even if just one more person. The minor details doesn’t matter. If you want to make excuse then I’ll listen to it after the battle is over. That’s why, go quickly! I’ll give you the briefing right when you come back!”

“Ye, Yes, Mam! Yes!”

Kizuna and Aine reflexively saluted and then they exited the bridge as if running away. And then after they turned a corner, Kizuna breathed out largely.

“Hey? Everything’s fine right?”

“Ye, yes……”

Aine answered with a complicated smile.

Nevertheless, Reiri didn’t demand an explanation from Aine. For her to act completely like in the past was something happy for Kizuna. Of course, there was also her realistically prioritizing to deal with what must be done, but he got a hunch that it was not all there was to it.

“……Nee-chan. I wonder if she was being considerate?”

“Perhaps that is so……but, she is scary as usual.”

Kizuna answered with a wry smile.

“Oi oi. You are the Emperor of Vatlantis, even if temporarily, are you going to be afraid of my Nee-chan?”

“It can’t be helped isn’t it.”

Aine puffed up her cheeks. However, her face soon burst out into a smile.


“What’s the matter?”

“Because, after being respected as the emperor of Vatlantis, I suddenly got treated just like a common soldier here? It’s funny for some reason.”

“When you think of it like that, that’s really a steep demotion huh. Well, but――”

When this fight ended, would Aine return back as the emperor of Vatlantis again? At that time, how would his relation with Aine turn into he wondered.

Aine knitted her eyebrows worriedly at Kizuna who suddenly stayed quiet.

“Kizuna, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing……aah, come to think of it I don’t know where the shower room is.”

“Haa!? Just where are you planning to take me huh!”

After that, after being scolded off by Aine’s acidic tongue for the first time in a long while, Kizuna asked where was the shower room from a soldier of Izgard that happened to pass by. After getting lost for several times, the two finally reached the shower room.

When the door opened, there was no one inside. It was in a state reserved for Kizuna and Aine.

“Hee……it’s really pretty.”

“Yeah. No matter how many times I see it, I cannot think of it as a battleship’s facility……”

If he had to say what kind, saying that it was a super high class sports club was fitting. Inside the wide space, shower rooms divided by glass were lining up. High ceiling. The floor and wall were made from stone that resembled ceramic, the soft indirect lighting that made the atmosphere a little subdued enhanced the high class feeling.

He guessed that there were around twenty stalls that were lining in a row. Each one was surrounded by glass from four directions, he couldn’t find the shower head for the water to come out for some reason. There was only one dial that seemed to be the faucet attached. He was lost which stall he should go in, but there was no one so there wasn’t even a need to be particularly bothered. They entered the shower room that was around the center.

“Still, it’s completely transparent because of the glass divider huh……well, there is no one so that’s fine though.

Aine sighed.

“Really. The culture of Atlantis is just too open-minded.”

“Now that you mentioned it, the outfit of the emperor was also amazing huh.”

“You saw!?”

Aine’s face instantly turned red as if she was boiled.

“Eh? Yeah, from the TV program broadcasted in Vatlantis that we intercepted at Izgard……”


Aine held her head and kicked and struggled by herself.

“Forget it! Forget it right now! At any rate your head is just something inferior without much capacity anyway, quickly erase that memory! Or else I’m going to ask Zel and vanish that memory myself!”

Words that were like the Vatlantis emperor were mixed in at the ends and odds of her sentence……Kizuna thought. Right now that was charming, but as expected Ainess that was the emperor of Vatlantis, and Aine of Amaterasu were not contradicting things, he felt that he was made to recognize anew that they were a single person. And then the badness of Aine’s mouth was also understandable if he thought of how she was a princess from the start.

To calm down Aine that kept on talking without pause, Kizuna gently put his hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down now, Aine. That’s normal in Vatlantis right? Well, its exposure rate is also showy even among them, but……those clothes suited you in its own way.”

“I, I didn’t wear them because I like it! That was because I was forced to wear it!”

“Got it, I got it already. But, I think you don’t need to worry though.”


“Because, after this I’m going to see you in an even more amazing appearance.”


Aine once again thought of the meaning of coming to the shower room by the two of them, then her face became even redder. As if to protect her body, she tightly hugged her own body.

“Aah……the clothing of the empire might be even more embarrassing than being naked in a certain meaning though. Well, it’s fine either way so rest assured.”

“I cannot rest assure at all! In the end it’s unclear which one is more embarrassing isn’t it……wait, don’t take off my clothes while saying that!”

Kizuna smoothly undid Aine’s pilot suit from her shoulder. At once, the breasts that were going to spill out bouncily were held back by Aine’s both hands in panic.


Kizuna crouched down in that opening and pulled down Aine’s suit until her waist.

“Wa, wait a second.”

Kizuna obediently stopped his hands and looked up at Aine’s face. Even so her breasts were obstructing his view, so her face wasn’t really visible. He distanced himself a little and stared at Aine’s face.

“Aine, if we are going to shower then we must take off the clothes.”

“Tha, that’s right but……don’t just take off my clothes silently like that.”

Aine averted her gaze with her cheeks dyed in shame. Faint tremble was conveyed to his hand that was grasping her suit that had been lowered until her waist. Aine’s thighs were shaking a little.

This embarrassed feeling of her would make Aine’s Heart Hybrid even more effective. He understood that actually it was better to fan that shyness of hers even more. But, right now they were pressed for time. He was a little rough but, he had to take a method that could raise results in a short time.

“Is that so……but I want to see Aine’s body after a long time. I wonder, can I see your most embarrassing place?”

Invited by those words, Aine sent a glance at Kizuna. There her face became much redder and she whispered with a voice that was like a mosquito.

“……It’s fine.”

As if to purposefully make her conscious that he was taking it off, Kizuna was slowly lowering down her suit. And then, at the end he lowered the suit down until the middle of her thighs in one go.


Sigh leaked out from Aine’s lips.

After he lowered her suit until below her feet like that, he made her raised her legs and took the suit off completely. Aine who became stark naked hid her breast and crotch with both her hands, her body was twisting and fidgeting in her inability to calm down.

Kizuna also quickly took off his pilot suit. The suit was ragged so on top of being hard to take off, pain ran on his body each time he moved.


He bore quite many wounds here and there from the battle with Aine. Most were bruises, but there were also a lot of cuts. He thought that they were not so deep that they would need to be sewed, he also thought that his bones were safe. But, his rib was the most suspicious. Next was his right arm. By any chance, there might be some fractures.

He gritted his teeth and endured, but it really took a toll on him. Kizuna didn’t notice while fighting because he was losing himself in the fight, but now that the fight was over, he noticed the pain in his body too late.


With a worried face, Aine came to touch his chest. Without even minding that her skin was laid bare, she touched the wound gently.

“Is it hurt?”

“Nn……somewhat. But, it’s really not a big deal yeah? From before this, it was more――”


If she was a dog surely her ears would be flopping down powerlessly, her tail would also be hidden between her legs. That was just how dispirited the look Aine showed him was.

“It was painful wasn’t it……because of my fault, you became injured a lot.”

Her shoulders shook, tears were gathering in her red eyes.

“Oi oi, Aine, there is nothing you need to cry for.”

Kizuna smiled brightly and turned the dial that seemed to be the faucet. Thereupon warm water began to pour down like rain from the center of the ceiling of the stall.

Now he got it, indeed this was why he couldn’t find the shower head with glass divider at the four sides. The water wasn’t pouring down like heavy rain by any means, it felt like they were raining gently on his body and felt just right at his injured body.

“Now, Aine, Let’s shower together.”

But Aine kept standing still. Rather, she concealed her face with both hands and began to cry for real.

‘――This is bad. I didn’t think that she will fret over this so much.’

Kizuna embraced Aine’s body close and pulled Aine’s body inside the hot shower. Warm water trickled down their bodies. Hugging tightly the trembling body of Aine, he then whispered to her ear.

“You don’t need to be like this anymore. Even I did all that by my own will. Besides, wounds just to this degree are more like medals see. Look, scars on a man’s body, isn’t it cool somehow?”

“Is that……how it is?”

“That’s how it is.”

Aine rubbed her face on his shoulder as if to depend on him. And then she chuckled.

“Even though your name is Kizuna?”[1]

Kizuna also made a wry smile at that.

“It looks like my recovery from injury is fast. By any chance, is that an influence from Eros’s Core I wonder? That’s why I’m not failing to live up to my name here. Maybe.”

“Is that so……certainly, you look livelier than I thought……”

Aine noticed the object pressing on her stomach and murmured shyly.

“Eh, aah……that’s, it can’t be helped if there is a naked girl in front of my eyes.”

“Yes……that’s right isn’t it.”

Aine entangled her slender fingers on that thick object.

“――!? A, Aine?”

“O, occasionally I’ll be the one to……I want to make you feel good, like this.”

Aine averted her eyes from Kizuna shyly. However she didn’t seem like she would release the thing she grasped.

That was how much Aine worked hard. Kizuna thought, that he had to respond to Aine’s feelings.

Kizuna’s hands that were hugging were caressing around Aine’s back. He traced her spine, caressing from below to above, Aine’s body convulsed in a twitch.

“Now that I look, is there nothing like liquid soap or soap here?”

“Err……perhaps, it’s this.”

When he looked carefully, there was a small depression on the wall. When Aine’s hand touched under it, liquid soap trickled out and gathered in her hand. At the same time the water intensity also decreased and became a drizzle.

“Ehehe, I see. I really don’t understand the mechanism behind it though.”

Kizuna also took soap in his hand and plastered it on Aine’s body. Aine stayed quiet and let him kept doing it even while being embarrassed. And then she extended her hand timidly, spreading the soap evenly on Kizuna’s chest and stomach, creating bubbles.

Kizuna didn’t show any dislike to it and so Aine was relieved, she then washed Kizuna’s body a little bolder. In return Kizuna also dripped down soap on Aine’s chest, his hands took the two large breasts drooping heavily under it and began massaging and cleaning it. The large breasts immediately became covered in foam.

“Nn……aan, Kizuna……if you do it too strong, I cannot wash……youu”

“I cannot really hear you well. Because I’m too absorbed in cleaning Aine.”

He was focused on washing the pink tips of the breast. He gently washed by pinching them and rolling them between his fingertips.

“Fuh, aah! I, I told you, don’t’……ahhaaann”

This time he used both his hands to grasp one of her breasts and rubbed it. Aine was unable to resist the pleasure, her body bent and trembled.

“Ge, geez-, even I can……do this to you.”

With hand that was foamy from the soap, Aine gently lifted up Kizuna’s crotch.

“Uu! Aine, that’s”

Aine importantly massaged the ball part with her fingers that were like icefish.

“Yes, this is Kizuna’s important place……don’t worry. I will handle it carefully so……”

It felt good having that place massaged softly. There was the stimulation from the fingers touching, but more than that the feeling of having that done to him gently as if she was really treasuring it also felt pleasant mentally.

Before long Aine’s fingers were going up to the thing that was standing up solidly.

When she touched Kizuna’s thing, Aine’s excitement was also swelling up.


Her action of rubbing her thighs at each other, her shaking hips looked as if she was inviting Kizuna.

Kizuna kept his left hand massaging Aine’s breast, while his right hand was lowering down to the navel, and then toward under her stomach. And then he lathered the silver bush there with foam and washed there like washing hair.

“Yahn! Yo, you don’t need to wash that kind of place.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 02.jpg

Ignoring Aine who was desperately appealing with a red face, he kept washing the silver hair, then his hand extended towards the part that was hidden under it. The instant he touched that part which was fully filled with her honey, Aine’s waist jumped twitchingly.

“Don, stop it! I will wash that place myself!”

“Aine yourself is washing mine for me aren’t you? That’s why, I’m returning the favor.”

Kizuna’s fingers traced the slit, moving back and forth.


Aine’s waist was going to crumple down, she leaned on Kizuna’s chest. She was erotically breathing on Kizuna’s chest before looking up at Kizuna with a feverish gaze.

“Stupiddd……I’m becoming no good, if you toyed with that placee……”

Hot liquid was gushing out from Aine’s crotch, viscous sound was becoming audible following the movement of Kizuna’s fingers. Aine was receiving that pleasure with a melting face. Light of Heart Hybrid was beginning to shine inside those eyes.

And then, Aine too entrusted her body to the pleasure even while keeping hold of Kizuna’s thing. She was sliding her hand up and down and continued to create pleasure.

The shower was automatically getting stronger and washed down the foam from the two’s bodies. While being rained down by the shower that was like a heavy rain, Kizuna felt that he was approaching his limit soon.

“Aine, it’s soon.”

“Yes……me too.”

Perhaps because it had passed a certain time, the hot water of the shower was slowly stopping. During the disappearing of the shower’s sound, there was only the sound of the two’s hands movements resounding. Those sounds were really obscene and lewd.

“Ki-Kizuna……I’m, already”

Aine hung her head down.

Kizuna separated his left hand that was stimulating her breast and touched Aine’s cheek. And then he lifted up her face.

“Aine, don’t avert your eyes from me.”


Aine’s hand stopped.

Conversely the speed of Kizuna’s hand movement became faster.

“AAAAH! Hyan, don’t do that, if you are that-……HAAAN”


“Be, because I’m getting seen. My embarrassing face……by Kizuna.”

Even while saying that, Aine once again stimulated Kizuna’s thing. The strength of her fingers were even more than until now, sending him even stronger stimulation.

“That’s right, show me. Aine’s, cutest face.”

“Nooo, it’s not cute at all-, e, embarrassing! Absolutely, don’t look”

However Kizuna didn’t allow her to avert her face. And then his finger slipped in even deeper.

“NOOOOOO! Don’t, my, my face when I come is being look――”

Aine’s body stretched tautly and she stood on the tips of her toes.


Aine’s drenched hidden slit scattered liquid even hotter than the shower. And then Kizuna also met his limit at the same time, hot liquid vigorously struck Aine’s stomach.

It spurred on Aine’s climax even more.


Tears were rising on her ecstatically narrowed eyes, overflowing tears spilled out on her red blushing cheek. Drool trickled down from her opened mouth and her tongue was trembling greedily. It was an expression that fully expressed her pleasure and happiness.

And then the magic power light of Heart Hybrid wrapped around the bodies of the two.

“Aa……yaa……I was seen……my face when coming……”

“Aine……you were really beautiful.”

His face approached, their lips almost touched.

“Kizuna……that, ah”

Suddenly returning to their senses, they distanced their faces mutually.

After the battle with Aine, both of them kissed.

The phenomenon that happened at that time wasn’t really understood. It was similar with Climax Hybrid, but it was a different thing. While they didn’t understand what it actually was, the two of them felt anxious to kiss once more.

“……Let’s quickly reach until Climax Hybrid. We have a briefing after this.”

Aine who was invocated with the intoxicating effect from the influence of Heart Hybrid smiled sweetly and kneeled in front of Kizuna.

“Aine? Mmuu!”

Aine kissed *chuu* at Kizuna’s thing.

“I’m going to……clean it up okay?”

Aine’s tongue was licking out the thing that Kizuna let out.

Kizuna thought, at this rate they would finish the Climax Hybrid in a few more minutes.

Part 2[edit]

After that, Kizuna and Aine who finished their Climax Hybrid returned to the bridge and the briefing quickly started. Those present were Gravel, Aldea, and then the supervisor of each section of Izgard’s side and the likes of platoon leader, in total around twenty names. And then from Lemuria’s side were Reiri and Kei, Kizuna and Aine, and Gertrude. Also the leaders of the combat department and research department added with the main staff of Nayuta Lab, their side also had the total number of around twenty names, combined there were a total of around forty names gathered here.

{The loading of crew, material, and equipment from Ataraxia are mostly finished. It’s just, including the setting up, we need about four, five more hours to restore the function of Nayuta Lab to normal.}

Reiri stayed quiet and nodded to Kei’s report.

“We have decided to abandon Ataraxia. Fortunately due to the alliance with Izgard, we are permitted to embark on this Izgard army’s flagship. Therefore this time we will fight Vatlantis Empire as the crew of Izgard’s flagship.

Commotion and wave of agitation spread through the former staff of Ataraxia. One of the research department personal raised a hand.

“Is Ataraxia……no good anymore?”

Kei answered that question with a floating window.

{The main facilities are in a dead state. A lot of time and material will be needed to recover it as before. In our present situation we don’t have any way to perform that.}

“No way……”

They were abandoning Ataraxia that had been like their own home intimately until now. It was a decision that was accompanied with a great feeling of loss. It was like that even for the people in charge, so surely it was felt even more extremely by each student. Furthermore, they were now boarding the battleship of AU that was their enemy until now and had to fight as its crew. Even if they understood in in their mind, they couldn’t process that fact and feeling.

The atmosphere of the bridge was ruled by gloominess.

Inside such atmosphere, only Gravel had a smile on her lips and kept nodding many times.

“I see, Ataraxia……Ataraxia huh.”

“What’s the matter Gravel?”

Aldea tilted her head.

“Aah, that’s a good name. I’m pleased with it.”

Gravel faced Reiri and smiled.

“Let’s name this ship from now on as Ataraxia. You don’t mind right, Reiri?”

Even Reiri was shocked by this suggestion.

“That’s……we don’t mind but, is it fine? This is about the name of the flagship you know, to so easily……”

“It’s fine. This ship is newly built for me personally. It hasn’t been formally given a name yet. It was troubling that I couldn’t get a good idea for the name. This is a good timing.”

Reiri looked into Gravel’s eyes fixedly, before long a smile appeared on her lips.

“Got it. From now on this battleship is Ataraxia. Section leaders, get back and inform it to all members.”


The members of the earth side replied with a bright voice.

Nothing changed about their real problem. But just with naming the ship Ataraxia, an affinity towards this ship was mysteriously gushing out. The sense of security of the personnel and students formerly from Ataraxia suddenly increased and their battle morale also went up.

Reiri was grateful inside her heart for Gravel’s tasteful discretion.

“That’s a good strategy meeting. Reiri, can I rely on you for the march?”

“What? You are the general right?”

“It’s strange saying this myself but, I’m the one with the highest combat strength in my army. Rather than sitting inside the bridge, it’s preferable to make use of myself more effectively as battle power by fighting on the front line. Besides, if we march into Zeltis, the enemy will be even more formidable than now. Especially the imperial guard that is a gathering of one man armies. That’s why I want to go out to the front line to fight without reserve.”

“That’s, perhaps that is so but……”

“Reiri, I can entrust being the commander if it’s you.”

Reiri smiled uncomfortably.

“Is that like the compensation for the naming of this ship?”

“Is such thing too expensive?”

Closing one of her eyes, Gravel smiled mischievously.

“……Got it. I’ll show you that I can answer your expectation.”

Reiri looked over the bridge with determination. The crew of the Izgard army also didn’t really show any dissatisfied face towards Reiri.

“Then we are starting the war council. Our objective is to repair the Genesis that is located at the palace of Zeltis. If this pillar breaks down, the Atlantis world will breakdown, and the aftermath of that will make our world……for the sake of avoiding confusion from now on we will call our world Lemuria, the possibility that damage will also reach our Lemuriaworld is extremely high. In the worst case, it can be imagined that both worlds will breakdown together.”

The bridge became silent. Although the soldiers of Izgard felt that the frequent occurrence of the cataclysm wasn’t something normal, being clearly told that the breakdown of Genesis is connected to the breakdown of the world was shocking as expected.

On the other hand, looking from the standpoint of the Lemuria side, they didn’t even imagine that the danger in the other world that was like other people’s problem could be directly connected to the problem of their own world. That fact was even farther from mere shock. The staff of both countries were whispering to each other about that anxiety.

“Be quiet! All of you acting like that will only make the people under you feel anxious. Be brazen!”

Reiri’s yell recovered the silence in the bridge once more.

“First we will rush into the Entrance of London. When we get out of the Entrance, we will be right within a stone’s throw away of the imperial capital Zeltis already. Naturally, Vatlantis will surely deploy their defense line too. The problem is how much battle power is waiting for us……”

Aldea stared at the small window floating on her palm.

“The first until the fifth are assembling together as the subjugation army. Behind them even the first squad until the fourth squad of the imperial guard are also assembled there. And then the force going to campaign for Izgard is also returning back……so that means, just their battleships are nearly three hundred ships. Even just their magic weapons are around ten thousand.”

Kizuna asked Aldea with a wondering face.

“How can you know that?”

“I’ve told you before right? We came near Zeltis and left behind the relay device that monitored the enemy’s transmission. This information came from there.”

Reiri nodded to Aldea and moved the talk forward.

“Battle with the enemy cannot be avoided. However our objective is not the extermination of the enemy. It’s to breakthrough the enemy and reach the Genesis at the castle. Secure Professor Nayuta that is thought to be at the research lab adjacent to the pillar. After collecting information, we will carry out the repair of Genesis.”

――However, if they clashed with such large army, a lot of injured and deaths would come out.

Kizuna raised his hand, Reiri jerked her chin and urged him to speak.

“Nee-chan. If that’s the case, isn’t it fine if we just tell them that we have no intention to fight? We will make them understand that our objective is to make the two worlds survive. We can avoid pointless fighting like that.

“Hmm……I guess. Aine, can you call for a ceasefire as the emperor of Vatlantis?”

But, Aine shook her head sadly.

“There is Grace at Vatlantis right now. In the case I’m not there, Grace holds the right of governing. Besides, even if I said that kind of thing from the enemy camp, no one will believe me, surely everyone will doubt me……”

Reiri crossed her arms and pondered.

“Grace……Aine’s sister huh. And then the de facto emperor of Vatlantis, that’s the case right?”

Certainly, in this ten year absence of Aine, she was the existence that ruled as the emperor. On the other hand, Aine only just suddenly returned for a few months. If it was the problem of who could obtain trust, it was normal to imagine that Aine would be the one at a disadvantage. Besides, if she appealed this kind of thing from the side of Lemuria, perhaps she would be thought of as an imposter and she might be ignored right from the start. What Aine said was something they could understand.

“Besides, if Grace knew that I’m following Lemuria’s side, she will surely get into a frenzy. She is bound to be trying to exterminate us no matter how many sacrifices need to be paid in that case.”

Gravel raised her face from her pondering.

“Then that means, if Grace is the one who gave out the ceasefire command, accordingly the battle will be over, isn’t that right?”

“Yes……if that’s possible.”

Reiri made a complicated face and pondered.

“The way to negotiate with Grace……how we can move the event until we can have a discussion with each other huh.”

Before long several discussions started. They considered various ways but, there was no opinion that could become the clincher. Amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle, Aine stood stock still.

Aine suddenly lifted her face.

“I’m going to persuade Grace.”

That proposal instantly silenced the clatters of the discussion.

Reiri tilted her head while frowning.

“However Aine. If Grace knew that you are siding with us, won’t she get a fit of anger?”

“Yes……that’s why, I think it’s no good unless I go. If she only heard that I’m at Lemuria’s side, I think Grace will get frenzied. But, if I can properly convey why I am on the side of Lemuria……if I directly meet her and speak to her, I have the feeling that surely we can understand each other. Just like how I was……”

Aine’s eyes were directed to Kizuna. Receiving that gaze, Kizuna also nodded.

“That’s so huh……but, it’s going to be dangerous you know?”

“Saying it in reverse, a frenzied Grace won’t listen to the word of anybody else other than me. Besides, at the outskirts of Zeltis, there is a secret path known only to me towards the castle.”


“It’s a path in the case that when danger befell the emperor, they can escape from the castle using the secret path. That entrance wasn’t told to anyone but me. That’s why……”

If she said that, then Kizuna could only agree.

“Got it……but, I’ll go too.”

However Aine rejected clearly.

“That’s no good. Grace is especially regarding Kizuna as enemy. It will just bring about the opposite effect if you go.”

“But, Aine!”

Certainly if Aine was the one speaking, even Grace might lend her ear. But, if she was under the impression that her big sister betrayed her, excessive tenderness switches to hundredfold hatred……it might come to that.

Reiri thought for a while before handing down her decision.

“We have no chance of victory if we clash with the number of enemy waiting for us right from the front. But, we have Zeros’s Code Breaker. First I want Aine to reduce the battle strength of the enemy as much as Aine’s Hybrid Count allowed. It’s a precious method that can disarm both sides without spilling out blood. There is the risk that it will shed light of Aine’s siding with us but, it’s unavoidable.”

“I understand.”

Aine answered strongly.

“However just in case. Don’t use up all your Hybrid Count, pay attention so that your Hybrid Count won’t get into the yellow zone of 25%. After decreasing the enemy’s force, we land on Zeltis. Infiltrate inside the castle using the secret path. Negotiate with Grace for a cease fire. And then――”

Reiri then looked at Kizuna, Gravel, and Aldea in turn.

“Kizuna, Gravel, and Aldea will be Aine’s guard. I want you three to send Aine whose Hybrid Count will be expended to reach Grace’s location safely.


Different with Gravel who consented readily, Aldea looked away in dissatisfaction.

“It’s too plain isn’t it-? Even though we can finally have a rare death match with the imperial guard……”

“Don’t say that. The vital point of the operation this time is to realize a dialogue between Ainess and Grace. Besides, it’s unthinkable that they will just let us go quietly. This is going to be quite a difficult mission in its own way.”

Kizuna clenched his fist.

“Yeah. We will send Aine until her little sister’s place for sure with our hands.”

Reiri spoke as if to give a warning to Kizuna who was eager.

“But negotiating with Grace is Aine’s role. Absolutely don’t show your face in that place.”

“Excuse me― can I speak a little?”

Gertrude who was staying quiet until then listening to the talk raised her hand a little.

“Aah, sorry. Gertrude will protect Ataraxia. The number of enemy the Code Breaker can deal with is limited. While Aine is persuading Grace, we will have to fight the remaining enemy force from the front. We will especially rely on you for dealing with the magic armor.”

“No, I understand that but……this is not about that.”

Reiri made a dubious face.


“There are our former coworkers in Vatlantis being idols or something perhaps because of some mistake, what are we going to do about that?”


All present had their words clogged in their throat with complicated expressions.

It was only about this that there was no one who understood what should be done about it. It also looked like they had completely integrated with the world of the other side, perhaps they had some kind of thinking doing something like that.

Aine too didn’t understand at all about the details of their idol debut, she was shocked when she knew about their being from the broadcast.

Kei typed her keyboard and listed the recent activity of Amaterasu and Masters that they understood from the information obtained by Izgard. Their schedule was splendidly packed full, furthermore they had crossed over the whole continent of Atlantis.

{Those girls are super busy from their popularity. They are bustling about at various scenes and it’s difficult to specify their current location. It’s effectively impossible to plan their rescue.}

Aine sighed deeply and spoke as if spitting out.

“There is no need to worry there. Because Amaterasu and also Masters are authentic super idols, I think they won’t be endangered. There is no doubt that they will be confined in a safe place importantly.”

“So there is no way to rescue them then……well, this is them we are talking about, so they might unexpectedly come back here with a face as if there was nothing that happened at all.”

Gertrude showed a little forced smile.

“So no more questions then. The detailed schedule of the operation will be issued from Kei to every leader later on. Each of you carry out the instructions without exception. That’s all!”

All present in the bridge replied in unison.


Reiri faced all of them and yelled her heart.

“Listen well! This is the last decisive battle. No matter what it results in, the fate of both worlds will be decided with this battle. Even if you leave regret behind, there will be no chance to take it back! Use up all your strength! Don’t leave behind any lingering sentiment! We are literally shouldering the world. We are going!!”

All present raised their fists in response. The resounding war cry in the rebirth Ataraxia, whether they were Lemurian or Izgardian, it couldn’t be differentiated who was who, the voices became one wave and thundered.

Part 3[edit]

“Subjugation army, the deployment of the first corps until the fifth corps is finished. Also the corps returning from Izgard are also returning to their previous organization.”

Hearing the report of her subordinate, the captain of the first unit of the imperial guard named [Leon Squad], Hakyurath nodded with tightly pursed lips.

“I understand. Stand by until further instruction.”

The magic knight who came to report saluted and then returned to her post with brisk movement.

Hakyurath was standing at the third castle wall located at the outermost circumference of the capital Zeltis, staring at the Entrance floating in the wasteland. Strong wind fluttered her imperial guard uniform and teased her golden hair. Her braided hair was settled behind, the tip of her ponytail was fiercely flapping.

Before long, the army of Lemuria and Izgard would arrive from that Entrance.

‘――Where is Zelsione-sama in an important time like this?’

The inside of Hakyurath’s heart wasn’t calm. The unprecedented danger and the heavy responsibility that was suddenly pushed at her disturbed her heart to pieces, she couldn’t even collect her thought.

Even though this was an emergency situation, the whereabouts of the captain of the imperial guard that was Zelsione was unknown. Furthermore, even her close-aides all four of the Quartum were MIA at Lemuria.

Although the Quartum were the subordinates directly under Zelsione, they didn’t belong to the organization’s chain of command. That was why they wouldn’t be relied on to replace Zelsione to command at this kind of time. However they were existences that were the closest to Zelsione, so if they were asked then something like Zelsione’s whereabouts could be known. But, right now even that was impossible.

The more she thought, the more she became impatient.

She couldn’t show worry in front of her subordinate. Now that Zelsione wasn’t here, Hakyurath that was the captain of firstLeon squad had to take command of the whole imperial guard. But――,

“Hakyurath, what’s the matter? Is your stomach sick, for you to make a face like that?”

A carefree voice called at her from behind. When she turned back, there a beautiful woman with slender limbs wearing her uniform roughly was standing there. Her wavy purplish red long hair had a part braided and half upped. Even though this was an emergency situation, she had a relaxed and composed smile on her face. It was a smiling face that she had gotten quite tired of looking at since their childhood.

“What about you yourself Mercuria? For the captain of the secondTigris squad to gallivant about like this, it’s setting a bad example to the people under us.”

She was the captain of the imperial guard second squad [Tigris squad], Mercuria.

Mercuria was similar with Hakyurath, she had the background of being from a noble family with ancient and honorable background. Since their childhood they were associated with each other including their families, but in spite of that this Mercuria had the personality that was unlike a noble, even though she had excellent grades and magic power but she was not interested in the evaluation of society. She also had no interest in contest or victory or defeat, she was always clad in the atmosphere that was aloof from the world with a carefree attitude. Such attitude was vexing for Hyakurath, she even thought that Mercuria was living insincerely. So Hyakurath invited Mercuria to the imperial guard similar with herself.

And when she tried enlisting, in the first place Mercuria was someone excellent with high ability. She was looking on in blank amazement while Mercuria was climbing the ladder until the top where she was now the captain of Tigris squad that was next after her.

However, even so her aloof personality was beyond repair.

“My squad has the laissez-faire principle anyway. Now that it has come to this, there is no other choice but to do it. Rather than telling them do this do that, it’s better for them to make use of their routine training and do each of their best. Rather than that Hyakurath, isn’t it better for you to be a little calmer?”

“I’m calm enough. Rather than that, just what are you coming here for? Mercuria yourself, are you actually also anxious? Are you coming here to cling at me in tears?”

Mercuria closed one of her eyes and smiled broadly.

“It’s because Hakyurath is making a crying face, that I got worried.”

“……If you jest even more than that, then I won’t forgive it even if it’s you Mercuria.”

Hakyurath scowled when she threatened and bit her lower lip.

“You are making this kind of face when you are just a step short of crying. It has been like this since we were little.”


Mercuria always spoke as if she had seen through her. And then what was irritating, was that she was always right.

“You……always saying mean things like this. I look calm towards my subordinates. I’m fulfilling my duty properly. Your unnecessary worry is unneeded.”

“How foolish. Let’s take it easier.”

Hakyurath was offended by that way of talking. However――,

“After all, even though this is an emergency situation but Zelsione-sama is missing. Hakyurath is a serious person also with a strong sense of responsibility, so I’m thinking that perhaps you are getting too worked up.”


Bull’s eye. Hakyurath sighed in resignation.

“Perhaps it’s exactly as you say, but it cannot be helped. If I don’t pull myself, then not only captain, but even her majesty the emperor will be troubled. I have to display a performance that won’t shame the imperial guard.”

“We have this much large force. There is no one that can possibly move them perfectly. If they can move even just half as we imagined then that’s already very good, isn’t it fine to think about it like that?”

“But, we are the last shield of the people of Zeltis aren’t we? If we allow Lemuria and Izgard to invade into the capital, what kind of tragedy will turn out……besides if they enter the capital, the imperial castle will be right there. In the worst scenario that something happens to Grace-sama……”

Hakyurath’s body shuddered.

“You are thinking too much in a bad direction. Speaking about our army’s strength, there is no way we will lose right?”

“……You’re right. As long as there is nothing unexpected that happens, there is no way we will fall behind or anything……I understand that but, I’m still anxious.”

“It’s fine. Even without Zelsione-sama, just us is――”

“The one who is missing, is not just Zelsione-sama. There is the rumor that Ainess-sama’s figure disappeared in the middle of the expedition to Izgard……”

As expected, even Mercuria couldn’t hide her shock from that information.

“What did you say? Hasn’t Ainess-sama returned from the expedition and is staying in the castle right now?”

Mercuria gazed at the imperial castle that was at the base of Genesis which was towering at the beyond.

“This is only a rumor until the end you know? There is the rumor that her highness was struck down by Lemuria’s assassin, but there is also a rumor in the contrary that her highness’s figure vanished in order to strike down the demon king of Lemuria.”

“Don’t tell me Ainess-sama is……”

Mercuria bit at her finger nail with a grim face.

“There is no way for Vatlantis Empire to lose. Even if that’s what I’m thinking, but some kind of bad premonition is――”

“Enemy, they are coming from the Entrance!”

Hyakurath immediately turned to the direction of the Entrance.


What appeared from the Entrance, was just a single magic armor. White armor with blue radiance of magic power light. And then the pink shining hair couldn’t be mistaken at all.


Continuing after Hyakurath, Mercuria also raised a flustered voice.

“Don’t tell me! Why is Ainess-sama coming from the Entrance of Lemuria!?”

She started up a floating window and magnified the image of the magic armor appearing from the Entrance.

“There is no mistake. It’s Ainess-sama……send out a welcome! The nearby magic weapons are to be the escort. Also contact the imperial castle! Report this to Grace-sama!”

Ainess that was projected in the window was wearing not her emperor outfit but Zeros. She was staring fixedly at Vatlantis army with her pink hair fluttering in the wind.

The large army of Vatlantis was reflected in those red eyes. Along the black castle wall rising in the front, countless magic weapons and battleships were floating. The number was too many, to the level that it made one wonder whether the army had completely filled the sky. Exactly as the information from before, not only the imperial guard, the subjugation army and so on seemed to be also mustered in full force.

From the Entrance, Kizuna’s figure appeared after Aine.

“Uoo! These guys……what an amazing number……”

“It looks like they gathered almost all of the battle force of Vatlantis here. If right now we made Ataraxia rush there, it will become a disaster.”

“Can you do it Aine?”

“As expected it’s impossible to erase all the battleships and magic weapons……but, I’ll do as much as I can.”

“……Don’t force yourself.”

It was the best Kizuna could say looking at Aine’s eyes that were filled with sadness and sorrow.

Aine kicked the air and flew into the force of Vatlantis. Obviously the magic weapons and the battleships were acknowledging Aine as the emperor. Far from interfering, they opened a path and welcomed her. And then Aine stopped when she had advanced until the middle of the large army.

“Code Breaker.”

A magic circle was generated from the ring on her back. The blue shining magic circle was expanding its diameter with the ring as the center. Matching that, the magic circle that became belt-shaped was rotating around Aine, creating a shining light with the shape of a sphere.

“What, is that!?”

Haykurath was staring at the sphere of light that was enlarging in front of her eyes. Pattern of shining blue magic circle was flowing on the surface of the sphere. That sphere was swallowing the magic weapons that were coming out for welcoming Aine one after another.

‘――No, that’s not it.’

The magic weapons were not swallowed. They were erased starting from the place that was touched by that sphere of light.

“Don’t tell me, is that……the rumored Code Breaker of Ainess-sama?”

Before long that light even began to swallow the battleships. In order from the bow, the magic formulas that were composing the battleship were disassembled.

The sphere of light that was further enlarging made Mercuria feel fear.

“What power……this is, Ainess-sama. This is……Zeros.”

“Why! Ainess-sama! Why are you doing something like this!?”

Mercuria grasped the shoulder of Hyakurath that was yelling with a voice that almost burst into a weep.

“Hyakurath, pull back the army for the moment! At this rate it will be total annihilation!”

However the time was already too late, Aine was charging into the large army of Vatlantis.

The gigantic sphere of magic circle was advancing into the fleet that was forming formation. The thing that existed in her path , whether it was battleship or magic weapon, all were erased altogether.

Not allowing the littlest bit of opposition or a fight, the shadow of the fleet was disappearing. This was nothing but nightmare for the army of Vatlantis. All the commanders of the subjugation army were falling into panic even while giving out instructions loudly.

“Subjugation fleet quickly turn around! Withdraw the magic weapons from the path of the sphere of light!”

The army that was lined up orderly was falling into pandemonium like a table that was overturned. In any case they tried to escape the Code Breaker and scattered everywhere to all directions without any formation or leadership.

Looking at that situation, Kizuna sent a signal to the floating window.

“Nee-chan! Now!”

At the same time with Kizuna saying that, a huge bow of as ship showed its face from the Entrance. It was a large battleship of two thousand meter class. The flagship of Izgard and Lemuria, Ataraxia.

Gravel who stood on the bow waved her hand to the front.


The Vatlantis army was in the middle of turning back, exposing their flank defenselessly without even any shield laid out. There Ataraxia’s main cannon spouted fire. The large shell of light instantly traversed the sky. The cannon shell hit the battleship of Vatlantis, fierce sparks and electrical discharge, and then explosive sound roared thunderously in the sky. The main cannon that possessed powerful destructive power pierced through the armor of the battleship, opening a wind hole on the hull.

The battleship that received Ataraxia’s direct attack tilted, explosion occurred inside it. Flames were blazing up everywhere, it was scattering light fragments while its altitude was dropping. And then when it crashed on the wasteland, fierce explosion of light occurred and oxidized back into magic power.

“Vatlantis two thousand meter class, sinking!”

The moment an excited announcement broadcasted inside Ataraxia, cheers that split the air resounded everywhere.

Reiri wasn’t sitting on the ship captain’s seat, she was staring at the war situation still standing.

“Yosh, the other ships are to follow! So that the ships that get out of the Entrance don’t hinder the ships behind, quickly move to the designated location. Don’t slacken the bombardment even while moving!”

Adding on Aine’s Code Breaker, the bombardment of Ataraxia and Izgard’s fleet was attacking the army of Vatlantis. Vatlantis that was attacked in its unguarded moment received Ataraxia’s bombardment like a joke and the ships were sinking one after another.

That sight was watched over by the imperial guard Leon squad’s captain Hakyurath and the Tigris squad’s captain Mercuria in dumbfoundment. Mercuria returned to her senses and turned to her friend without even hiding her fretfulness.

“What to do!? Hyakurath!”

The battleships they had invested enormous amounts of magic power to construct, and the skill of the magic knights that were polished and trained, everything was irrelevant. Zeros’s Code Breaker nullified everything and forcefully cancelled the armaments.

“Ku……against something like that……just what are you telling me to do……”

Tears blurred Hyakurath’s eyes. But the tears gathering at the corner of her eyes barely stopped right before it spilled over.

‘――It’s no good. If I got discouraged here.

Do your best.

Do your best, Hyakurath!’

She threw words of encouragements to her own self inside her heart.

“……In any case empty the path. Even if it’s Ainess-sama, her magic power is not unlimited. Soon the time her magic power runs out will come. Until that time run away as much as possible from the Code Breaker. Also pay attention to the bombardment of Izgard’s fleet that is coming out from the Entrance. In this kind of chaotic situation, there is high possibility that we will cause friendly fire. Don’t attack rashly, commit to defensive battle.”

“Roger. Leave the rest to us.”

Mercuria lightly tapped the shoulder of Hyakurath and started up ten floating windows, she then gave out instruction to the commanders of all the fleets and all the squads of the imperial guard.

“I’m delivering the command from the acting imperial guard captain, Hyakurath. Run away from the Code Breaker of Zeros! Break the formation and don’t gather in one place! No matter what evade, wait until the magic power runs out! The ships that are in a place distanced from Code Breaker’s attack are to prepare for bombarding the enemy fleet. Don’t be rash in counterattacking, concentrate on defensive battle by thickening your shields. Do that!”

The movement of Vatlantis army fastened due to Mercuria’s instruction. The fleet of Vatlantis was running away separately without any order. Because of their scattered position, the enemy number that Code Breaker could erase decreased drastically.

At the flagship of Ataraxia, the battle situation that was constantly changing moment by moment was projected at a half-transparent floating window. Reiri was looking at the movement there and spoke to Kei.

“Kei. How much of Aine’s Hybrid Count remains?”

{Already 30% remains. Soon she will reach the limit.}

Reiri manipulated her console and opened a channel with Aine.

“Aine. Your Hybrid Count is at the limit already. Withdraw from there soon!”

{But, there is still more than half remaining! If Ataraxia entered a fleet battle like this, then you…!}

Reiri started up a different window.

“Kizuna, Gravel, Aldea! Go and pick up Aine!”

Kizuna who was standing by at Ataraxia’s bow stood up.

“Roger! Let’s go, Gravel, Aldea!”


Gravel who suddenly fully opened her thrusters flew away.

After the three flew away from Ataraxia, they were flying towards the light of the magic circle Zeros emitted.


A communication window opened beside Aine’s face and Kizuna who called at her was projected there.


When she looked at her status window, her remaining Hybrid Count was 29%.

‘――So this is as far as I go.’

The magic circle vanished. The effect of Code Breaker disappeared and the ring at Zeros’s back that was widely spread folded up.

That moment when the demonic light that ruled over Zeltis’s sky vanished, the imperial guard moved.

Hyakurath’s eyes shined glaringly.

“All fleets, return back to your designated spot! As soon as the formation is in order, all forces are to start bombardment. The target is Lemuria-Izgard combined fleet which appeared from the Entrance!”

Following the order, the fleet and magic weapons were moving all at once.

At the same time with that order given, Hyakurath’s eyes were searching at the surroundings where the magic circle of the Code Breaker vanished.

‘――Where is Ainess-sama!?’


Mercuria raised an alarming voice.

When she looked over, there was a silhouette ahead of where Mercuria was pointing at. Hyakurath displayed a window and magnified that silhouette. It was a figure of a pink haired girl swooping down towards Zeltis. Behind her three magic armors were following.


“Also the one following behind her, that’s Lemuria’s demon king! Hyakurath!”

Faster than Mercuria’s calling her, Hyakurath flew out in pursuit of Aine and the others.

Kizuna, Gravel, and Aldea were following after Aine and then they lined up beside her.

“Aine! That secret path you said, where is it located?”

“There is a small rock hill outside the third castle wall. That’s our destination.”

The third castle wall was the outermost wall, outside it was a wasteland continuing as far as their eyes could see.

At that time, an alert window that noticed Kizuna of danger started up in front of his face.


When he looked back, there were two magic armors chasing after them.

“Kizuna! Those are the captains of the imperial guard’s first and second squads! We were discovered by a troublesome bunch.”

“Shit-, no other way than to fight!”

Gravel extended her hand at the gunsword on her back and spoke.

“Aldea and I will take care of them. Kizuna, you escort Ainess-dono.”


Aldea made a sudden break and turned around with her back at him.

“Fufufu, there is no way I’m letting such delicious prey get away.”

Gravel also stopped in the air and drew out her gunsword.

“I’ll leave it to you, Kizuna!”


Kizuna didn’t let his speed drop down even while he was gritting his teeth. When he got near the ground he entered a level flight, flying along the castle wall.

Confirming his back figure, Gravel then faced the imperial guard members who finally came before her eyes.

“Imperial guard Leon squad’s captain Hyakurath, in addition the Tigris squad’s captain Mercuria huh.”

Hyakurath’s face warped dangerously.

“Gravel, also Aldea……so it’s you two.”

“Fufufu, to have a death match with the Leon squad and Tigris squad as the opponent, today is a lovely day.”

Aldea’s cheeks reddened and she whispered ecstatically. She already readied her spear with both hands and deployed her shields around her in battle preparation.

Readying her gunsword, Gravel also entered a battle stance.

“I’m daring to ask knowing it’s pointless, can you overlook us?”

Mercuria clicked her tongue in annoyance.

“You really ask a pointless question.”

The arm part of Mercuria disassembled and transformed into a bow shape that was her main weapon. The bow itself became blade, it was also a sword in close range battle. When she pulled the bowstring that was made of magic power light, an arrow of light was naturally formed. By shooting the arrow that generated various effects, it was a special weapon that wasn’t outdone even by guns, the [Magic Bow Bullet GuideArc Drive].

And then Hyakurath drew out the weapon mounted on her magic armor, [Holy Glory SwordGloria]. It was her favorite sword with magic letters carved on the wide sword blade.

“The former general of sixth subjugation army, and then Izgard’s hero, the tanned beast……”

Cold sweat dripped down Hyakurath’s cheek.

“Let’s go! Mercuria.”

Hyakurath kicked the air and charged at Gravel.


Gravel also readied her gunsword and charged.


The elites of the two armies clashed. The brightness of the sword fight split the sky.


Kizuna stared at the floating window’s numerical value with a serious expression.


Aine also looked back with worried eyes. Several radiances were crossing the sky. However Kizuna spoke as if to shake himself free.

“Let’s believe in Gravel and Aldea. If it’s those two, they won’t lose against any kind of enemy!”

Aine didn’t reply to that and raised her speed.

After they followed along the wall and circling it quite far, a slightly swelling hill was visible.


When both of them landed down there, they looked around the surroundings.

Several collapsed stone pillars were scattered about, it gave off the impression as if there was a shrine that was built here once. The ground under their feet was covered with sand, but a floor made from stone was visible. When they looked at the direction of Zeltis, the distance from the outermost third castle wall was around one kilometer.

“Before, this area was a forest.”

Aine whispered so while sweeping off the sand on the floor. Kizuna also squatted down as to not look conspicuous, he moved aside rock and helped Aine.

“Right now it looks like an ancient ruin though.”

“That’s so……ah, this is it.”

A stone painted with a crest appeared. Aine touched it with her right hand and whispered something. Thereupon light of magic power was flowing in from Aine’s body to the stone.

“Oh! This is……”

A sound of heavy stone dragging on appeared and the ground was opening.

“The stone floor is……so there is a door in this kind of place.”

The hole that was around one meter long at each side opened gaping wide.

“Let’s go.”

“Ah, oi.”

He didn’t understand how it was inside, so Kizuna was alert, but Aine entered inside the hole without hesitation.

“Now that we have come this far, all that’s left is leaving it all to chance huh.”

‘――There is no one to protect Aine right now other than me.’

Holding such thought in his heart, Kizuna entered into the hole with all his might.

Part 4[edit]

Vatlantis’s fleet that reordered their formation just like Hyakurath commanded began a fierce bombing battle with the fleet of Ataraxia and Izgard.

Although the enemy number was decreased considerably by Zeros’s Code Breaker, the number of the enemy was still more than twice their force.

{Our loss is 5%. Like this we can hold out for a while.}

“Indeed. After all our objective is not to crush the enemy fleet.”

Reiri confirmed the battle situation and the damage state at Ataraxia’s bridge. They were bombing in full power only at first. After that they routed the energy to the shield and devoted themselves to defense, that was their tactic for the fleet battle. What was left is only to pray that Aine could persuade Grace for even a second faster.

{The enemy’s bombardment is getting weaker. It decreased until 30% of the minute before.}

Kei’s report made Reiri raise her eyebrow.

“Damn-……they are deploying faster than we thought.”

Reiri opened a window and sent her instruction.

“Enemy’s bombardment is weakening! The magic weapon force is coming now! Prepare anti air firing!”

Exactly as Reiri predicted, magic weapons were flying out one after another from Vatlantis’s aircraft carrier. And then, they formed a swarm heading towards Ataraxia.

The shield of the battleship was dedicatedly made for fleet. It couldn’t stop small frames like magic weapons.

“Good grief, so my turn finally comes.”

The hatch opened, Gertrude who showed out her face on the deck drew out particle guns from the holsters at her hips.

Several thousand magic weapons were approaching like a dark cloud.

“Now, let’s go with a bang!”

Gertrude extended both her hands to the front and pulled the triggers of the two pistols. The Albatross at the lead of the swarm had a wind hole opened and vanished in an explosion as beads of light.

With that as the signal, Ataraxia’s anti air cannons began firing. The attack of the magic weapons impacted Ataraxia’s deck.

“Uwaa! Over here is really lacking in personnel!”

Gertrude ignited her thruster and rushed toward the bow. She shot the magic weapon going down from the sky, at once its figure changed into fragments of light.

After feeling relieved for a brief moment, a small type battleship with a total length around fifty meters was charging here from the front.


Gertrude kept pulling the triggers of her pistols. And then right before her cartridges were used up, an explosion occurred at the battleship. Gertrude patted down her chest in relief.

“So this is a war of attrition against magic weapons and small type battleships……”

Gertrude opened a transmission window towards the bridge.

“Commander! Like this, getting into a drawn-out battle is going to be really bad! For now, can’t you thicken the barrage for me!”

{I know! Block B2, your railgun is not working! What are you doing there!}

A window started up as if to respond to Reiri’s angry yell, a sweaty Momo was projected there.

{This is block B2! The generator broke down, now in the middle of replacing it!}

Momo was holding a reserve generator cable while running on the deck. The railguns brought from Nayuta lab were installed in a row at the deck. Ataraxia was installed with powerful artillery for anti battleship, but it had insufficient weaponry against small magic weapons. There the research department installed the armaments they brought from Nayuta Lab at the deck which was lacking in weaponry.

“Oi! Be faster there research department!”

The students of combat department sitting at the emplacement of the large type railguns raised their voices one after another.

“Don’t drag your feet there, fire the bullet quickly! Bullet!”

“What are you going to do if the guys of our world are getting thought of as cowards huh! Work quickly!”

Momo snapped at all the stormy abusive languages vented at her,

“Shut’up! I’m going to make you all keep shooting until you die even if you don’t want it, just wait there a little!”

Because similar exchanges were repeated many times all over the deck, their voices croaked hoarsely. Momo plugged in the new generator cable at the railgun as if beating the thing. Immediately the railgun activated while raising a low humming sound.

“Come on-! Shot to your heart’s content you idiot-!”

Light was shining from the railgun’s console, the targeting and the triggering became working. At the same time with that, the students of the combat department raised delighted voices like children.

“Here it comes, here it comesss! I’m doing this you bastardd-”

“The magic weapons and small ships are unmanned! There ain’t a single beautiful lady boarding it! Shot them down without mercy!”

Pulling the trigger with lively expressions, bullets several times the speed of sound scattered all over the sky of AU. When the flying magic weapons were hit by the bullets, the movement of the magic weapon stopped. When more bullets were added there as if in a shower, the armor broke and explosions happened. Fragments turned into light and vanished in the wind.

“Research department! Disappear quickly if you’ve got no more business here! You are going to get hurt by the stray bullets here!”

When Momo was going to reply back, an instruction came to her from Kei.

{Momo, system trouble at block C1. Deal with it urgently.}

“Aaah, geez! Roger!”

Momo pulled down the fastener of her clothes that had become dripping in sweat, stripped off her upper wear and tied the sleeves on her waist. She was running on the deck while her breasts that were supported by black bikini intensely shook. There were people ahead who had lost their way of fighting. If she didn’t go, those people would be helpless.

“I’m going there now so just wait!”

Under the sky where bullets were flying everywhere, Momo was sprinting with all her strength.

Part 5[edit]

The imperial castle at the center of the imperial capital Zeltis. The throne at the castle’s audience room was vacant. But, at the seat a level under that throne, there was the owner of that chair. That chair’s size was not as big as the throne but it was really big enough. Someone was slovenly sitting at that extravagant chair looking as if she was going to fall off.

“Nee-sama……why did you vanish……why didn’t you come back.”

The contact that told of how Aine’s figure suddenly vanish from the subjugation party of Kizuna that was heading to Izgard also entered Grace’s ear. And then, there was also the unidentified information about how Aine was heading alone to Lemuria after that.

“If something happened to Nee-sama……I……I”

Tears spilled down from the red eyes that looked similar with Aine. At the same time when that tear wet the chair, the door was fiercely knocked. The magic knights that were filling the castle were rushing here in panic.

“What happened? How noisy.”

“Grace-sama! The allied forces of Izgard and Lemuria are invading here! They had already approached until the third castle wall of Zeltis!”

“What did you say!”

Grace stood up as if she was going to kick her chair down.

“Where is Zelsione!?”

“That is, Zelsione-sama’s whereabouts is unknown. Currently Hakyurath-sama is taking the command.”

“Even Zelsione……just where in the world she went!?”

Grace bit her lips.

“Also, there is one more report……”


The magic knight was trembling from Grace’s fury. However, she said her report even while trembling.

“Ainess-sama’s……whereabouts was confirmed.”


The nervousness in Grace’s heart was released. It felt like the sun of Spring was shining in her chilly heart.

“Is that so……Nee-sama.”

‘There is nothing to fear if Nee-sama is here. Izgard or Lemuria, what need is there to fear anything. It’s embarrassing how I was so flustered just now.’

“Well done! And then, where is Nee-sama right now!?”

“Tha, that is……she is standing as the vanguard of the enemy army.”


Grace tilted her head without any change in her expression.

“Just now you, what did you say?”

“As, as I said the enemy army’s――”

“If you say something careless, your life will be gone you know?”

The magic knight’s whole body was trembling, yet even so she repeated her report.

“A, Ainess-sama is, standing as the vanguard of……Izgard-Lemuria allied forces, sh-, she is attacking this Zeltis!”


Rage together with light of magic power burst out from Grace’s body.

“There is no way such thing is possible! You bastard, Are you making a fool of Nee-sama and this me!?”

At that timing another magic knight was rushing in.

“Report! Ainess-sama is using Zeros’s Code Breaker and is advancing while annihilating Vatlantis’s fleet!”


Blood withdrew from Grace’s face.

“Code Breaker……you say? Don’t speak something foolish! That is Nee-sama’s――”

“We have confirmed it many times over! That person is without a doubt Ainess-sama!”

“What……did you say”

‘――Nee-sama is, betraying me?

How can something so foolish possible.

Nee-sama is, pointing her sword at this me?


Stumbling staggeringly, Grace fell down on her chair.

“I bring a report!”

Again another magic knight was running inside, she kneeled and made her report.

“Ainess-sama called off her Code Breaker. Right now her highness is in the middle of moving toward this castle, together with the demon king of Lemuria!”

‘――Nee-sama, abandoned me.’

Grace’s fingertips that were holding the armrest were turning white. She put strength into her slender fingers, as if she was going to break the chair’s armrest that was decorated with gold and jewels.

‘――Not just once, even the second time, because of that man.’

“As I thought……this is that man’s fault.”

Tears were flowing without stopping from Grace’s red eyes.

However her face was not crying.

It was a demonic look, where rage was sealed inside it.

“That man is leading Nee-sama astray! That man is to blame for everything!”

Grace emitted magic power surge from her whole body. The beautiful windows that were like stained glass cracked one after another, before they were smashed apart into pieces.


The magic knights that came to report were hit by the shockwave of magic power and were blown away outside the room.

In the audience room where no one was left, Grace raised a yell.


Crack entered the wall, a hole was opened as if it was exploded. Cracks also ran through the stone of the floor, the floor then caved in as if a giant was walking there.

“Lemuria’s demon king! Only you, I will kill you with my own hands!”

‘――If I do that,’

The surge of magic power changed into a calm ripple.

“Nee-sama will return back to me……that’s right, I will rescue Nee-sama from the hands of the demon king.”

Grace dreamed that future and narrowed her eyes.

Chapter 2 – For the Sake of the Thing You Believed In[edit]

Part 1[edit]

When Ataraxia entered battle situation with the Vatlantis army, Amaterasu was at Vatlantis Empire theater. They were waiting for their turn at the waiting room of their exclusive floor, but they weren’t called no matter how long they waited.

“Just what in the world is going on?”

Himekawa who sat on the sofa was supporting her head with her hands on her cheeks. The curtain rising time was approaching, so she was already wearing her stage costume.

Sylvia put on her stage costume’s skirt and pulled up the waist fastener.

“I guess desu. It’s also strange that there is no contact at all desu.”

Normally Marisu and the staff frequently came, being too helpful in this and that. But, just for today there was no one who showed their face. Himekawa stood up and took out a water bottle from the refrigerator.

“The performance today is cancelled isn’t it?”

Yurishia who was in her underwear murmured while looking outside the window.

“Eh! What do you mean?”

Himekawa was shocked and rushed towards Yurishia with a bottle in one hand.

“Just look at that.”

The window was created from transparent material without any joint at its surface from the window until the floor. Due to the faint magic power flowing in the material, the transparency of the window for the people looking from outside could be changed. Right now it was set so no one could see from the outside, so even with Amaterasu standing beside the window, they wouldn’t be noticed by the fans below.

Himekawa and Sylvia also stood near the window and looked outside. There, they could see a great number of fans bursting out from the entrance. Furthermore they were striving to be ahead of each other as if escaping from something.

“Certainly the situation is strange isn’t it?”

“Ah! Something shined in the sky just now desu!”

When Yurishia focused her eyes, there were several lights blinking further ahead of the third castle wall.

“This is……I wonder if there is even a war starting right now.”

Sylvia was looking up with an anxious face.

“But, which country is the opponent desu? Is it Izgard desu?”

“That’s half correct.”

The door of the waiting room opened and Marisu entered inside.

“Marisu! Where were you until……no, rather than that what is happening?”

Yurishia’s question was answered by Marisu dispassionately without her expression changing.

“Izgard and Lemuria’s allied force passed through the Entrance and invaded this Zeltis you see.”

“What did you say!?”

Himekawa’s look changed from an idol to a soldier all of a sudden.

“We cannot be like this! We too need to be there.”

“That’s right desu! At this rate, Zeltis will become a battlefield desu!”

“……I guess. Marisu, we too will go there.”

However Marisu answered coldly.

“My, that is no good you know.”

From behind Marisu, unfamiliar silhouettes entered the waiting room without any reserve. With sharp looks, four knights in red and white uniform lined up in front of the three of them.

“Imperial guard!?”

Himekawa’s expression stiffened in surprise.

The imperial guards were holding gunswords. It was a rifle type with length around 1.5 meters with behind its stock becoming a sword, it was a weapon unique for the imperial guard. The gun muzzles of those gunswords were aimed at Amaterasu. However Yurishia didn’t lose her nerve and walked towards the imperial guards with a smile.

“I wonder what business the imperial guard have here? Aiming such things at national idols like us――”

An imperial guard pushed her gun muzzle at Yurishia’s chest, as if to stop her.

“――, you are serious?”

Cold sweat oozed out at Yurishia’s forehead.


Marisu only brushed off her hair as if to ignore Himekawa’s sorrowful yell.

“Please be obedient. I don’t want to hurt all of you.”

After gritting her teeth vexedly, Yurishia spoke as if to spit out.

“……I misjudged you. After all you were nothing but our observer from the beginning weren’t you? Then, we will escape even if it’s with brute force.”

Marisu’s shoulders dropped and she sighed.

“Haa……even though I thought that Yurishia-chan is a little wiser than that, this is unfortunate.”

The gunsword pressed at Yurishia’s chest fell on the floor with a clatter.


Yurishia was taken aback of what happened in front of her eyes.

Marisu’s right leg that extended straight sunk into the neck of the imperial guard.

“That’s whyyy……I told you to wait a little until the hindrances are getting taken care of.”


The imperial guard members at the side aimed her gunsword in panic at Marisu.

However Marisu’s sword hand chopped at her throat before that.


Anguished voice leaked out and the imperial guard collapsed with the white of her eyes exposed.

However as expected from the imperial guard which was an elite group. The remaining two imperial guard members recovered their calm and pincer attacked Marisu from back and front.

In order to avoid hitting friendly fire, the changed their hold with the gun at the opposite direction and slashed at Marisu with swords. Marisu splendidly evaded the simultaneous attack from back and front. It was like she also had eyes on the back of her head.

The imperial guard at the front slashed diagonally from above, the attack that would bisect the body into two was swung at Marisu.

In the eye of the imperial guard member, it was like the figure of Marisu disappeared in an instant. Marisu spread her legs and her posture lowered as if she was crawling on the floor.


The imperial guard member at the back swung down her sword without a moment’s delay. However Marisu’s super low kick that slid on the floor scooped out her feet below.


The imperial guard behind completely had her balance broken and collapsed on the floor. However during that time, the imperial guard member at the front aimed the gun muzzle at Marisu.


She would be shot.

Just when Marisu resolved herself for that, the imperial guard at the front slumped down on her knees.

In the eyes of the surprised Marisu, there was the figure of Yurishia standing behind the imperial guard member reflected.

“The finishing is too soft there♪”

The remaining imperial guard member leaped far behind from the unexpected combat skill of Marisu.

“This traitor……”

Light of magic power traveled the body of the imperial guard member.

Marisu and Yurishia’s complexion changed.

‘――Magic armor!?’

As expected if they let her equip magic armor, they would be helpless.

The imperial guard member opened her mouth to yell the Core’s name.


A water bottle stabbed into that mouth.

“!? ……!!”

Himekawa that was near the window threw the bottle in her hand with a splendid throwing form.

The imperial guard member spit out the bottle in panic.

“Gehoh! Gahah!”

She was glaring at Himekawa while choking, burning up with rage.

Snapped into action, Yurishia and Marisu rushed to the imperial guard member. Leaping over the two, Sylvia’s body danced in the air.


Sylvia’s small body rotated in the air. The fierce centrifugal force turned the small leg into a brutal weapon. The kick that possessed destructive force several times Sylvia’s body weight struck the chin of the imperial guard member.


Her consciousness was reaped with the attack, the imperial guard member crumbled down and collapsed.

Sylvia who landed beautifully sighed in relieve and pressed on her chest to calm her violent heartbeat.

“As expected of Amaterasu isn’t it! Everyone, nice support there-!”

Yurishia was irritated at Marisu who was making a peace sign with a smile.

“Nice support there-……that’s not it! You, just what do you want to do?”

Himekawa questioned Marisu with a dubious face.

“Rather Marisu-san, just who are you?”

That question was the most right.

Previously when Himekawa and others tried to escape, Marisu couldn’t oppose the three. In the end at that time, they gave up running away due to Marisu’s persuasion, but Marisu’s strength was weak and it was absurd for her to be skilled in hand to hand. However looking at her skill just now, they had the feeling that previously she might just have been hiding her true strength. Marisu puffed her chest and answered the doubting gazes of the three.

“I am the producer of the three of you of Amaterasu.”

“But, that is not a skill of just a mere producer isn’t it?”

Marisu smiled thinly at Yurishia who was sternly pursuing the question.

“No. I’m just a mere producer. Before, I was in the subjugation army though.”

The subjugation army was different with the imperial guard that was mainly composed by nobles, it was a troop that was composed from the common people and the people of the countries absorbed by Vatlantis.

“I lost a lot of friends there……wait, this is not the time for something like my life story! Now, we have to hurry! Follow me!”

She threw the stage costume at Yurishia who was only in her underwear and Marisu then rushed out to the corridor.

“Wai……Marisu? You……”

“Don’t grumble about trivial things! Run, run!”

They didn’t understand what was going on at all. However drawn in by the momentum of Marisu, Yurishia rushed out to the corridor. She was holding her stage costume chasing Marisu’s behind. And then after her, Himekawa and Sylvia ran after her.

“E, err, Marisu-san. What are Sylvia and the others going to do desu?”

Marisu answered the question thrown at her back without stopping her legs.

“This war is meaningless. By the time Genesis collapsed, this war won’t accomplish anything.”

While going down the small stair, Himekawa spoke as if to appeal.

“We understand that. But, to stop the fighting, we have to come out and fight on the battlefield too.”

“What stupid thing are you saying! The three of you have an even more powerful weapon right!”


When they came out from the cramped and small path, their sight suddenly opened.

A large stage. A lot of lights. Gigantic speakers. Inside the spacious auditorium were fully packed with seats.

“This place is……a stage?”

Marisu turned to look at the Amaterasu and spread both her hands widely.

“There is only one thing to do for the three of you! It’s to entertain the audience from on the stage!”

However there was no one in the audience seats. The whole theater was deserted.

“Audiences you say……didn’t everyone go home just now?”

Marisu glared at the three with a bold smile.

“The audience is all the citizens of Zeltis! Also all the idiots that right now are killing each other outside!”

The three Amaterasu stared at Marisu’s face for a while from too much shock.

“Are you listening? Right now, the citizens of Zeltis are falling into panic. The horde of people that are taken by terror don’t understand what they are doing. Also the fighters that have their blood rushing to their heads are also the same. Due to the terror of the battle, they are fighting without thinking of anything, they don’t even understand why they are fighting. Make that kind of bunch to recover back their calmness, with the song of all of you!”

Marisu clicked her fingers and the lighting of the stage lit up all at once.

In front of the three, the stage illuminated by dazzling light was shining glitteringly. It was a large scale stage that was designed as a beautiful castle. It had steps where the highest step had the height around a three floor building.

The three were looking up at this stage with deep emotion. This was the battlefield the three of them and Marisu were fighting at these few months combining their strength. There was the fact that this was for the people of the enemy country, but they scattered dream and delight until now. That was for the sake of escaping from the prison, it was also even for the sake of obtaining freedom and influence in this country. It was also for the sake of their self-interest that their might be a chance to escape or leak out information when they would be going to earth for propaganda.

Even though what they were doing should be only for that.

Now when they thought that death and danger were approaching the people of this Zeltis, their hearts hurt.

Even if they didn’t say it out loud, the three of them felt the same pain in their hearts.

“……But, can we, Sylvia and the other do it desu?

Marisu smiled amusedly at Sylvia who was looking up at her anxiously.

“Who can do this other than the three of you? The three of you, are the superstars produced by this me!”

Yurishia showed a provocative smile.

“Isn’t that interesting. Whether it will be our entertainment that wins, or the magic weapons and bullets that win. Let’s have a match.”

Himekawa also nodded.

“That’s so. What we can do right now……the thing that only we can do. Let’s do that. With all our might!”

“Sylvia is……”

At that time, the figure of Ragrus who she was reunited with at the hospital was resurrected in Sylvia’s mind. Because she beat her in Tokyo, Ragrus lost her previous life and memory.

Her brilliant smile, her laugh because she loved Sylvia’s song and dance floated in Sylvia’s eyes. Sylvia clenched her fist.

“Sylvia will also do her best desu! We will absolutely protect desu!”

“OK! Then, hurry and prepare! It looks like your comrades are also waiting already!”

“Comrades? Don’t tell me……”

Yurishia frowned and a loud voice came from the stage.

“Slow! What were you guys doing!”

Masters were looking down at them from the highest steps of the stage. At the center was Scarlet with her arms crossed and her chest puffed out proudly.

“Our side has already gotten ready since a while ago! Amaterasu will be the second, this Masters is the first to arrive here!”

Scarlet faced Yurishia and pointed her finger with a snap.

The three Amaterasu members looked at each other and unintentionally snorted.

“Wai……just what is funny here! Oy-, don’t laugh!”

Himekawa answered while wiping the tear that oozed out from laughing too much.

“My apologies. Exactly as Scarlet-san said, this time Masters is the first.”

“Yes desu!”

“I guess. In a certain meaning the carefreeness of all of you is the strongest.”

Scarlet made a complicated face and turned back at her Masters comrades.

“Hey, what do you thing that means?”

“That’s praising us right?”

“Is that so? It also feels sarcastic somewhere……”

While Masters was having their team meeting, Marisu was talking with the staff.

The demo for the sound check began to flow from the speaker. When they looked carefully, there were the staff for the lighting and the sound effects even though they were few. Most likely they were people with the same feeling as Marisu.

“Is the broadcast preparation okay?”

Marisu was confirming with the staff using a loud voice.

“We can go anytime!”

“Then, you girls go with the same set list like the previous joint live!”

“Roger! Leave it to us!”

Masters were waving their hands from above the stage’s steps.

“We also have no problem there.”

Marisu came in front of Yurishia who was wearing her stage costume and answered full of confidence.

“Then, how about I release the nuisance collar before we start?”

Saying that, Marisu extended her hand to Yurishia’s neck.


Marisu whispered something from inside her mouth and the collar fixed on Yurishia’s neck for the sake of suppressing her magic power raised a dry sound and split.


Yurishia’s mind went blank while staring at the collar that fell on the floor.

The collar that she couldn’t break no matter what she did until now, it also couldn’t get taken off. Now it was disconnected really easily. Yurishia’s body was trembling all over.

“Ma……Marisu, you……”

Himekawa and Sylvia who had their collars disconnected similarly were also standing still in astonishment. Their opened mouths couldn’t close.

“Thi……this is, taken off desu!?”

“How…, after all, Marisu-san shouldn’t be able to take it……”

Marisu scratched her face while sticking out her tongue.

“Sorry. That’s, a lie.”


The three screamed in unison.




Like a scolded child, Marisu looked away and pouted her mouth.

“Be―cause, if I didn’t do that, all of you would do reckless things and will get captured or killed. It can’t be helped right?”

“……I cannot accept that-!”

Marisu tried to change the topic by clapping her hands and pulled the attention of the staff.

“Now! Don’t be sulky, we are starting! Let’s surprise the idiots doing war out there! Starting on air-!!”

Part 2[edit]

The medium size ship of five hundred meter class accompanying Ataraxia was raising black smoke.

“Aruz! Evacuate all the crew!”

Explosions occurred on Aruz at the same time with Reiri’s yell. Several rings of light piled up and spread, the ship’s fragments that turned into light together with the smoke of the explosion scattered in the sky. It was just like a large fireworks blooming in the sky. However, the people seeing it couldn’t be charmed or happy about it.

A new floating window started up in front of Reiri.

{This is Aruz’s captain. All crews have escaped!}

A tawny haired female wearing magic armor was displaying a frustrated expression. Behind her there was the explosion from the distancing Aruz reflected.

“Good work. Move as the defense of Ataraxia after this.”


At that time the Ataraxia greatly shook.

“What happened!?”

Kei immediately typed the situation on her keyboard.

{The shield at the right side is at its limit. It will be the end if it gets hit ten more times.}

“Turn Ataraxia’s direction for 180 degree! The cannon crews, don’t take any rest there!”

Cold sweat trickled down Reiri’s cheek.

‘――We are outnumbered even more than before. The Vatlantians take pride in their overwhelming resources. If it’s purely a difference of combat strength, perhaps we are just a ten to Vatlantis’s hundred.’

Even so it saved them that Aine’s Code Breaker had gotten rid of the majority of the enemy’s capital’s ships. Without that, this wouldn’t even be a fight.

“Still, it doesn’t change how difficult this is huh……”

Perhaps the enemy had gotten used to the situation too, in addition of the wavelike attacks of the magic weapons, the bombardment from the fleet was also attacking them in the intervals. It was to the degree that the enemy wouldn’t balk at shooting down their own magic weapons with their bombardment.

“So the Vatlantis army is also desperate……”

Reiri slid her hand on the console and opened a new communication line.

“Gertrude, how is the situation over there?”

{There is nothing I can do here!}

Gertrude was flying around all over Ataraxia. She didn’t even have any leeway to direct here gaze at Reiri that was projected in the floating window. She was desperately shooting down magic weapons even while replying.

“Anyway the enemy’s number is too many! Magic weapons or anything is fine, please can you send me a little help here!”

{Right now the crew of Aruz will come to guard Ataraxia. Do your best a little bit more.}


Gertrude reloaded the cartridge of her pistol and readied it once more.

“A little bit more……is it?”

And then she aimed at the magic weapon trying to board the deck of Ataraxia and pulled her trigger.

“Has boss Kizuna, reached the castle already right now……”

Part 3[edit]

At that time, Kizuna was running in the underground path that was like a labyrinth.

It was an underground path that was dug through rock. The wall was bare rock surface, but the floor was formed from stone blocks. There was no lighting, but the moss growing on the walls gave out faint luminescence and illuminated the path.

“Aine, is this path not mistaken?”


Aine was moving forward full of confidence, but Kizuna didn’t understand where she was running towards and how. Kizuna was anxious if they were really heading to the castle.

“You can see it you know? This is the correct path.”


Aine slowed her running pace and faced Kizuna.

“The chant I recited when we entered the entrance of the secret path. At the same time when that door opened, it also became a sorcery that shows the path. The guidance towards the destination is constantly displayed in my eyes.”

“I see……so that’s how it is.”

Kizuna raised his running pace in relief.

“However, it’s irritating that the path is this small with a lot of corners, we cannot fly using our thrusters like this. Even though we are in a battle against time here.”

Kizuna abruptly thought about Ataraxia that was deploying in the fleet battle and Gravel and Aldea that were remaining behind to hold back the enemy.

‘――Stay safe you all……we are going to stop the battle soon!’

Part 4[edit]

Aldea evaded the flying arrow of light just before it could hit her. However the passing arrow drew a large arc and changed direction to attack at Aldea.

“Your arrow is troublesome!”

The imperial guard Tigris squad captain, Mercuria readied her bow and fired arrows one after another.

“Fufufu. In front of this [Arc Drive], you won’t be able to even enter the range for your spear.”

The arrows with automatic homing ability were coming at Aldea in succession.

“Really……surely the owner of this arrow has an underhanded personality.”

“I don’t want to be told anything about personality by you! Aldea!”

New arrow was fired from Arc Drive.

The arrow that flew straight suddenly burst open in the air.


The arrow that split into several dozen arrows surrounded Aldea and attacked.

Mercuria grinned widely.

‘――No matter how solid your shields are, there is no way to defend against this number!’

Six shields were floating at Aldea’s surrounding. One of it was transformed into the shape of spear and settled inside Aldea’s hand. Without a moment’s delay Aldea swung that spear.


That moment, the space in front of Aldea distorted. The arrows aiming at Aldea were pulled by an unseen power and distanced away from her.

“Ku……so that’s the space bending ability of Zeel.”


Aldea swung her spear once more and this time she shrunk the distance until Mercuria in one go.


Aldea appeared before her eyes instantly. The spear that shrunk the space attacked Mercuria this time.


The swung spear was barely blocked by the blade of the bow.

She wasted no time to rotate the bow and slashed at Aldea. The bow that was made from blade that looked like katana tore Aldea’s arm and scattered blood.

However at the same time the tip of the spear touched Mercuria’s thigh. With the effect of bending space, the leg felt like it was pulled and her body was blown away. The blood spurted out from the cut apart thigh dyed Aldea’s body red.


Controlling her blown away body with her thruster, Mercuria braced herself in the air.

Aldea puffed up her chest elatedly while chuckling ‘fufu’ delightedly.

“This dress is turning lovely from my blood and your blood spurt isn’t it……fufufu.”

Mercuria’s face grimaced from those words.

“Aldea……as always, you still act like a berserker. If only you are a proper human being, you could even become a platoon captain.”

Aldea scoffed toward Mercuria who looked really disappointed.

“I have no interest in such thing. I just want to live as I please. I wonder if you can stop pushing your small sense of values on me.”

Mercuria’s lips slightly slackened.

“Certainly……fufu. I too understand well that feeling. But……”

Mercuria pinched the bowstring and slowly pulled her arm. The arrow that appeared was different from everything until now in appearance. It was far larger and longer. Just like a cavalry’s spear.

Aldea too harbored vigilance towards that abnormal arrow.

‘――That is? It’s certain that’s not a mere arrow. What kind of ability it has?’

Mercuria’s huge arrow was fired. Rather than calling it an arrow, it was more like a large caliber particle cannon.

“You are too free, Aldea.”

‘――This is!?’

Violent light flew heading towards Aldea.

“Labyrinth Cube!”

Six pieces of shields changed shape into a cube in a flash and floated in front of Aldea. The arrow Mercuria fired was sucked into that cube.

Labyrinth Cube was a cube made from the shields that distorted space. It distorted all the space of the surfaces and created a space isolated from the outside world. Due to that, the inside of Labyrinth Cube became an absolute space of Aldea’s will. The thing sucked inside could be freely locked or carved apart.

However the arrow fired by Arc Drive rampaged with fierce destructive power inside Labyrinth Cube. The Labyrinth Cube fiercely vibrated and the shields raised anguished creaking.

“Kuh, this is……I’m, at my limit already!”

Unable to bear it, Aldea opened an exit of the Labyrinth Cube. Intense light traveled to all directions.

The flickering light was gradually vanishing and all the energy of the Arc Drive’s arrow locked inside Labyrinth Cube was all spitted out.

“For such an arrow with this kind of destructive power to exist, it’s shock――”

Aldea lost her words looking at Mercuria who was nocking the same arrow.

“My bad, I can prepare this arrow as many as I want. Besides just by changing the arrow, Arc Drive will transform into weapons that possesses various abilities. I wonder how far you can withstand it?”

Aldea sweated with cold sweat while smiling boldly.

“As I thought it looks like defending is pointless. Then, I too will attack.”

Disassembling Labyrinth Cube, this time Aldea transformed all her shields into spears. Six spears were floating around Aldea.

“Here I go, Tigris captain!”

“I’ll finish you, berserker!”

The second huge spear of light pierced the sky.

That light was reflected on the eyes of Gravel that was crossing sword with Hyakurath.

Pushing back at each other, they took distance for the moment.

“That light……”

“That’s Mercuria’s Arc Drive you know?”

“I see, so that’s Mercuria of Arc Drive. I have heard rumors about her.”

Hyakurath smiled proudly.

“Mercuria is strong. While Aldea still hasn’t been killed yet, you too surrender yourself.”

“So she will kill Aldea for me……that might be refreshing in its own way.”

Hyakurath’s voice trembled with a startled face.

“Yo-, you, she is your comrade even temporarily! What kind of thing you are――”

Gravel smiled wryly and lowered the tip of her gunsword.

“But, I know about you. The captain of Leon squad that is lauded as holy sword Hyakurath-dono. It is in this kind of situation, but it is an unexpected delight to be able to cross swords like this.”

“How calm, you tanned beast.”

Even as she pretended to be calm, Hyakurath couldn’t restrain her disarrayed heart.

Gravel was a veteran hero of the frontier. Even when she was lowered as the general of Vatlantis, her sixth subjugation army boasted to be undefeated.

Hyakurath’s throat gulped.

She shouldn’t be losing in strength. She was thinking so but……however, why could her heart not calm down like this?

Hyakurath bit her lower lip.

Honestly speaking, the opponent was scary. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

Hyakurath put strength in the sword she was gripping. She readied the wide bladed sword with magic letters carved on it, her most reliable weapon. And then she persuaded herself inside her heart the same like usual.

‘――Do your best Hyakurath!’

“Here I go tanned beast! Disappear as the dew of my sword [Gloria]!”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 03.jpg

Hyakurath faced Gravel and raised Gloria overhead.

“I’ll block it.”

The revolver of Gravel’s gunsword rotated and a bullet was loaded.


A spirited slash from far distance, Hyakurath’s Gloria was swung. Thereupon belt of light was fired from the sword like a particle cannon.

Gravel pulled the trigger of her gunsword. From the gun nuzzle, a large caliber particle cannon was shot. The two lights clashed fiercely in the air. Together with a dazzling explosion of light, particles of light scattered like fireworks. With that as a smoke screen, Hyakurath flew forward in one go.


She cut apart the smoke by swinging down Gloria. When it was blocked by the gunsword’s side, sparks scattered intensely. It was a sharp attack. Something shuddering ran inside Gravel’s chest.

Without any time to rest, Hyakurath wielded her sword with a quick rotation. Appropriate for an imperial guard that originated from nobles, it was a sword technique that was elegantly beautiful like a dance.

Gravel gritted her teeth.

‘――But it’s not just beautiful. This strength is the real thing.’

Gravel rotated her revolver and loaded a new bullet.


Sword of light extended from the gunsword.


Hyakurath evaded the sword of a light in a hairbreadth. The tips of her hair were cut from being late in escaping, golden hair danced in the air.


Hyakurath received a shock that her sword didn’t reach the enemy. Gravel opened the distance using the opening where her movement dulled a little.

“So I cannot win without going all out.”

Gravel stored her gunsword on her back and extended one of her hands. A magic circle opened at her fingertips, a hilt of sword appeared from inside it. She casually grasped that hilt and pulled out a new weapon from inside the magic circle. It was a weapon with six gun barrels lining up as a circle and a cross sword at the center, the [Sword Gatling]. It was the Corruption Armament of Gravel’s magic armor Zoros.

It was a powerful weapon, but for Gravel this was a bet. Sword Gatling was a weapon that was harder to wield than gunsword. If she was approached near, it would be hard to defend Hyakurath’s sword attacks.

‘――Victory or defeat.’

Both of them took their stance, at that time――,

{Emergency transmission!}

The communication windows of both Gravel and Hyakurath opened.

Having the wind taken out of their sails, the two of them embarrassedly replied to the windows.

“This is Gravel. What’s wrong?”

The operator girl of Ataraxia rattled on in panic.

{The fleet of Ataraxia and Izgard is seriously damaged! A third of the fleet has sunk! Half of our magic weapons are shot down! Ataraxia’s shield is also lost! Requesting reinforcement urgently!}


Gravel’s teeth gritted audibly.


Aldea came at that timing.

“Aldea… really got done in huh.”

Aldea answered happily with a smile splattered in blood.

“Hehehe, isn’t it fine? Half of this is the opponent’s blood.”

Her face and also her clothes were sticky wet with blood. She said that half was the opponent’s blood, but looking at the gashes at her arms and legs, it could be perceived that she had received quiet a damage.

“Rather than that, Ataraxia is in a tight spot. We have to reinforce them.”

Mercuria also arrived at Hyakurath’s position.

“You, you okay!? Those are really terrible injuries you know?”

Mercuria was also bearing wounds about the same as Aldea. Her face warped in vexation and she talked as if spitting out.

“That’s unnecessary concern. Just this much is nothing.”

“Wha, what’s with you! ……Wait, this is not the time for that. Gravel, emergency communication also came at your place right? Your flagship will soon fall.”

“Is that so? The report I got is that we still have some room to breath though?”

Hyakurath breathed out deeply.

“Surrender here Gravel.”

“……It’s unfortunate, but right now I’m not the commander. I’m just a mere magic knight.”

“I see……then, is it fine for you to not rescue the fleet? We too have to chase after Ainess-sama, so it will help us if you step aside.”


Even as she dressed a calm face, the inside of Gravel’s chest was whirling with impatience.

Ataraxia would fall while they were taking on Hyakurath and Mercuria here. But, if they went to help Ataraxia, a hindrance would enter Aine’s mission to persuade Grace.

Even during this time, the figure of the allied battleships were vanishing from the data that conveyed to her the battle situation.

‘――Shit-! Is this as far as we go!?’

{Okaay★ Everyone―! Are you energetic―!?}

In front of Gravel’s face, a window with Yurishia’s close up suddenly appeared.


It was not just Gravel that was shocked. When she lifted her face, not to mention Aldea, the same windows were also displayed in front of Hyakurath and Mercuria.

Yurishia was wearing a showy and sparkling stage costume. And then when the camera pulled back, Himekawa and Sylvia’s figures entered the screen.

{This is Amaterasu desu!}


The three presented one of their hands to the side as if to give introduction.

{Masters de―su!}

This time Scarlet at the center, Henrietta, Clementine, Sharon, and Leila of Masters entered the stage side by side. Naturally, they were wearing gorgeous and lovely stage costumes.

“Wha, what’s this……this kind of carefreeness, in a time of crisis like this……”

Hyakurath whispered with a face that was more dumbfounded than amazed.

When Gravel took a peek at Ataraxia’s communication window, she understood that the same image was sent to Ataraxia’s bridge. People looking up at the screen in befuddlement and people moving about in confusion searching for the origin of the transmission were mixed.

Reiri whispered with a complicated face while rubbing her lips.

“Just what in the world……this broadcast is?”

Kei was collecting data while typing her keyboard.

{This is not a two way communication. Most likely this is directed to all communication terminals in this whole battlefield area, this is being transmitted all over.}

“What did you say……?”

Just like Kei’s information, this broadcast was transmitted towards the whole battlefield area, it was also further sent to the communication terminals all over the city of Zeltis. Regardless whether it was public or personal, the transmission forcefully entered all information interface and opened windows.

This was something using the emergency broadcast line that Vatlantis’s publicity department managed. In other words this was an abuse of authority by Marisu.

The allied forces of Izgard and Ataraxia, Vatlantis army, the city of Zeltis, all the screens everywhere were projecting Amaterasu and Masters’s figures.

Inside that screen, Yurishia showed a mischievous smile.

{Everyone― actually is thinking inside their heart right? I don’t want to kill others, just why do we have to do something like this―, something like that.}

Himekawa clapped her hands and threw a straight forward earnest gaze.

{This kind of battle is meaningless. Everyone should actually understand that too. Rather than quarreling like this, let’s think of combining our strength to get through the danger threatening this world. Even the people of Izgard and Lemuria should be troubled if this world breaks down. Isn’t it because of that reason, that they are acting reckless and came here to Zeltis?}

Sylvia clenched both her hands and appealed with a desperate face.

{First let’s hear what they have to say desu. With that, if everyone of Izgard and Lemuria is planning to invade Zeltis, only then we can start fighting from there desu.}

Clementine scratched her head while facing above.

{Even if we said that, those guys whose blood has rushed to their heads might not listen to this though―}

Sharon softly spread the fringe of her skirt and twirled.

{It’s better to try doing it like usual……wearing your favorite clothes. Passing time together with the people close to you……talking, what is it that I want to do, what is the best thing to do……think.}

Different from usual, Leila was talking with a serious tone.

{That’s right. Everyone wants their important people to go back home safely. Even the people in the battlefield want to return home safely. Isn’t that something obvious? Because, life is something money cannot buy.}

Henrietta came forward while fixing the position of her glasses.

{Anyways, don’t get flustered or get excited into panic! Not just soldiers but all of you citizens too, calm down before taking action. Don’t do any unbecoming riots even mistakenly! Let’s welcome the guest with a dignified attitude.}

Scarlet whose face was looking down looked up, she raised one of her hands and pointed to the sky.

{Because, all of you are the proud people of Vatlantis right? And then, above all……}

She vigorously brought down her arm and pointed towards the screen.

{Because all of you are the fans of these us!}

Fireworks went up behind Amaterasu and Masters. The fireworks created from sorcery shined in seven colors, turned into fragments and rained down on the stage. And then the lighting illuminated the stage and made the figures of the idols stood out.

The voice of the eight girls of Amaterasu and Master united, and when the intro singing voice started flowing, music began to play in unison. The moment the melody started, the eight made a big jump.

As if to express joy and happiness from their whole body.

Light of magic power was rushing everywhere inside the empty Vatlantis Empire theater. Beads of light that were sparkling from reflection were raining down. The performance of light began to enliven up the stage. And then singing voices that charmed the people of Vatlantis Empire reverberated throughout the whole Zeltis and battlefield area.

The feet of the people that tried to escape Zeltis and rushed for the castle wall stopped.

“This song is Amaterasu and Masters? They are doing live in this kind of time?”

“This is a good song……I fell in love hearing it.”

“Didn’t you hear? Right now they are doing a live in the empire theater.”

“Eh!? Wasn’t it cancelled?”

“There is no way they are doing it in this kind of emergency right?”

The citizens in possession of personal receiver showed the screen of the live show to the nearby person.

“No, this is undoubtedly a live broadcast. But Amaterasu is doing a live right now you know? Isn’t it fine even if we don’t get this panicked to escape?”

“Certainly……if the situation is really that bad, Amaterasu won’t do a live or anything……”

The city was gradually recovering its calm. Charmed by the song and dance, everyone was fixed on the screen. The children looked at the image and danced by mimicking it. Smile returned to the faces of the people seeing that. And then the adults too waved their hands in unison with the tune and jumped.

Among the crowd, a lone girl was slipping through.

“Wait, where are you going!?”

When a worried person called out to her, the girl’s step stopped. It was a petite girl with bigly rolled twintail as her characteristic. On her young looking cute face, a smile of expectation was floating.

“To the theater of course! There is no way I can overlook something like a reserved stage of Amaterasu!”

After yelling that, she turned on her heel and ran in the direction opposite of the flow of the people.

Former imperial guard. The girl Ragrus who lost her memory at the occasion when she fought Sylvia at the Tokyo recapture operation, was running with a face that was hopelessly joyful.

Looking at that smile, the Amaterasu and Masters’s fans that were in that place made faces of realization.

“I see……if we go there now, we can watch this stage isn’t it?”

“Shitt, I was chased out because they said the performance was cancelled but……they are actually doing it!”

Spurred by those words, the fans that similarly got out of the venue due to receiving notification that the performance was cancelled went after the girl. The audience that had gone home for once were returning to the empire theater one after another. Even people without tickets were thinking that they might be able to just enter if it was now and they were rapidly gathering. The hearts of the people of Zeltis was already not directed to the battlefield.

The imperial capital Zeltis had been completely controlled by Amaterasu and Masters right now.

Part 5[edit]

Even the first subjugation army taking position at the front line of Vatlantis’s side was faced with a choice exactly right now.

{This is imperial guard. First subjugation army, why are you stopping the bombardment? Depending on the situation you will be court martialed!}

The captain of the first subjugation army was listening to that communication in discouragement.

“Captain, what should we do?”

Even when she was pressed like that by the vice captain, the captain was only playing with her long hair without answering. She was sitting deeply into the flagship captain’s seat and only kept staring at the stage of Amaterasu and Masters streaming in the window before her eyes. That song and dance were healing her heart that was tired with the battle.

“It’s not even a choice. But……”


The vice captain urged on in irritation to the silent captain.

“Honestly, my will to fight is completely gone already. Well, I wonder if that’s the answer.”

The vice captain looked at her right and sent instruction to the fleet.

“First subjugation army, inform the whole fleet. Absolutely don’t lay a hand to the Lemuria-Izgard army! However don’t let your guard down! Make it so we can restart the battle anytime!”

Similar exchanges were happening here and there among the subjugation army’s fleets. And then the bombardment from Vatlantis was stopping in succession.

Hyakurath was staring at that situation with a feeling that was unable to understand.

“Just what in the world, they are……doing there.”

Gravel stared at the screen that conveyed to her the battle situation and narrowed her eyes.

“I guess that’s their own answer.”


This battle was according to the command of her majesty the emperor. This battle should be for the sake of defeating the enemy that was coming to invade this Zeltis……and then how, it turned out like this? Why, the subjugation army didn’t listen to the order?

‘――I don’t understand.’

Tears gathered in Hyakurath’s eyes and her shoulders trembled.

“Hyakurath. Can’t you understand too? We are not coming here in order to rule over Vatlantis.”

Filling the fingers gripping Gloria with strength, Hyakurath replied with a trembling voice.

“No matter what the people of the empire are feeling about it……we the imperial guard will move in accordance to the heart of her majesty the emperor! Now that Ainess-sama is going mad, without any order from Grace-sama, we the imperial guard cannot sheath back our sword!”

Hyakurath opened her communication window.

“Informing the whole imperial guard. The subjugation army is useless. Defeat the Lemuria-Izgard army with the hands of the imperial guard! All ships forward. Annihilate the enemy fleet!”

Following the command, the battleships of the imperial guard standing by in the sky of Zeltis started to move. They were driving away the fleet of the subjugation army lining up at the front line and advanced towards Ataraxia.

“The imperial guard members are to equip their magic armors and launch. Leopard squad, Volk squad, sink down the enemy flagship. Leon squad, Tigris squad, return to the imperial castle and protect Grace-sama!”


Gravel yelled, but it didn’t reach Hyakurath.

“The values of the imperial guard and I won’t be shaken by something like this.”

Gravel faced the communication window to Ataraxia and yelled.

“Reiri, be careful! Imperial guards are heading to you!”

At Ataraxia too, they had detected the sign of the ships approaching them. The movement was obviously faster than all the battleships until now. Moreover they were also taking lead.

Reiri clicked her tongue while looking at the enemy’s movement.

“They are different from all the enemies until now……so the imperial guard came out.”

Their number was few. At best around twenty battleships and two hundred magic weapons. But, they were remarkably formidable compared to the subjugation army that was their opponent until now.

Fast magic weapons came into contact with them in the blink of an eye. Ataraxia shook greatly as if to thrust away Reiri that was going to give out order.

“How is it!?”

Reiri’s question wasn’t answered by Kei or the operator, but by Gertrude that was on the deck.

{The battleships are bombarding us! Their aim is accurate, the power also has wide difference!}

It was surely unbearable for Gertrude that was on the deck. Although there was shield, the explosion impacted right nearby. The sound and impact of that were tremendous.

Gertrude that was looking far away was showing a cramped smile.

{Uwa―, of all things, the enemy is also coming out with magic armors see……}

The imperial guard members could turn the autopilot of the battleships they led or move it remotely. Exactly as Hyakurath commanded, the imperial guards were putting their magic armor and aimed at Ataraxia.

{If they reach here……it will be, really the end for us…..}

{The shield is at the limit. At most, two, or three more shots.}

Right after that was said, shockwave assaulted them in succession. An operator raised her voice with face that was going to cry.

“The front shield is broken!”

Even before she was finished talking, large shaking that was incomparable with anything until now attacked Ataraxia. The hull was tilting and even Reiri needed to cling on her chair.

“So…….even the singing voice of Amaterasu doesn’t reach those guys.”

{Reiri. There is a force that is approaching in high speed.}

Reiri smiled in resolve at Kei’s report.

“What are you saying this late? That must be the imperial guard of Vatlantis right?”



At that time, a magic armor was rushing towards the bridge of Ataraxia.

It was a magic armor that vaguely resembled Neros heading towards the bridge with sword in one hand. It was planning to directly board the bridge and attack the crew.

That magic knight readied her sword and grinned broadly.

“Prepare yourself. Lemuria’s――”

That body was blown away.

No, a gigantic claw seized her and the magic armor broke apart instantly.


Reiri was unable to understand what happened.

Golden armor was flowing outside the window. No matter how long the thing kept flowing through, so it could be imagined that the object was terrifyingly huge.

Before long that object displayed its figure in front of Ataraxia. A long neck more than a hundred meters long that was largely lifted up. Four wings glowing gold. Giant tail that was longer for twice than the neck.

The trump card of Baldein, the [Golden Dragon].

“Thi……this is……”

Reiri was staring at that figure in astonishment.

The Golden Dragon was heading to the battleships of the imperial guard and opened its mouth. Its wings shined and golden light was gathering in the dragon’s torso. And then, together with a fierce radiance, vast amount of particles surged out from the mouth. It was a gigantic particle cannon. Just when they thought that the light exploded, the battleships of the imperial guard were pierced.

Gravel who saw that development narrowed her eyes.

“……So they came. The dragon force of Baldein.”

When Gravel looked up at the sky, magic weapons in the shape of dragons were flying as a flock. Hyakurath bit her lips in frustration.

“A reinforcement of this level is nothing. Here I go, tanned beast!”

Hyakurath readied her sword. Behind her, Mercuria nocked an arrow. And then the two’s combination attack was going to attack Gravel. At that time――,

Scorching flame came down from the sky.


The crimson flame that possessed tremendous pressure hit Hyakurath and Mercuria directly.


Although they immediately put up their shields, the violent impact blown them away. They somehow braced themselves and looked up.

“This is……”

Gravel also looked up to the sky.

A shadow with three necks was swooping down. The body that was near a hundred meters long in total was completed with crystal wings that shined red. It was a category-Ultra magic weapon, Tri-Head.

“Hohohohohoho, I have been waiting for this time! Aah, how refreshing! What a refreshing feeling this is! The humiliation of before, I will return it in full to the Vatlantis army here!”

“This is the commander Ruleo-dono. You are really in a good mood.”

The female riding at the back of the Tri-Head entangled her finger in her soft wavy light blue hair.

A few months ago, there was an expedition in Vatlantis towards Baltein as Aine’s first campaign. At that time Ruleo met the Vatlantis army as the commander. However, at that time in front of the ability of Zeros and Koros she was defeated without being able to do anything.

“Hohoho, I can return my resentment to Vatlantis like this. Of course it really clears my mood like this!”

Ruleo lifted her arm and dragon type magic weapons like Dragre and so on were swooping down from the sky one after another.

For the imperial guard members, that scene must be like a display of devils coming down on them.

“Ruleo-dono. I understand your resentment but don’t kill them.”

“My, how rude. I’ve said already to go easy on the enemy so at least they can properly have emergency landing.”

And then she showed a mean smile.


Hyakurath and Mercuria looked up at Ruleo with hateful eyes.

“You will have to live your whole life from now on, holding importantly the memory of your defeat against this me♪”

Gravel shook her head in amazement.

However, with this they could fight the imperial guard on equal standings. But, it was not their objective to annihilate the imperial guard. Rather than that, they had to deal with the Genesis even for a second faster.

Gravel stared at the Genesis that was towering far away beyond the castle wall and the imperial castle standing at its base.

‘――We are counting on you two. Kizuna, Ainess-dono.’

Chapter 3 – The Showdown Between Nothingness and Death[edit]

It seemed that this was a corridor, but even so the ceiling was high and the width was also wide.

The ornament of the wall was also of complex make that depicted plant and human. This was not a corridor, even if he was told that this was a long and narrow parlor or a hall for party use he would believe it.

“This is……the inside of the castle.”

After getting out from the underground labyrinth and opening the door they finally reached, behind the door was already inside the castle. Kizuna looked around curiously at the inside of the imperial castle that he saw for the first time.

“Surely Grace should be in the audience room……or perhaps she is in her room.”

Aine turned on her heel and ran through the corridor without hesitation. Slightly behind her, Kizuna was also following. Before long a door that might be as high as five meter appeared in the end of the path. It was a thick door with relief carved at the whole surface. Most likely this was the audience room Aine spoke about.

The door was left slightly opened. What made him concerned was the crack on the door and how one side of the door was tilting and almost came off.

“……It seems that something happened.”

Aine turned around and glared at Kizuna with a grim face.

“Kizuna, wait outside the room. You absolutely must not enter inside.”

“Got it……I’m counting on you.”

Aine nodded with a nervous look and entered inside the room from the gap of the door.

There was no figure of people inside the audience room. The room that was as wide as a hundred meter at each sides was deserted and bleak atmosphere was drifting off inside. The windows split, crack entered everywhere on the wall, the angel relief that was created in detail with great pain was in pieces. Even the floor had several fissures and depression on it.

‘――Just what in the world happened here?’

Aine walked toward the throne. When she arrived at the center of the room, she noticed that there was a person above the stair in front of her. It seemed that the person was huddling her limbs roundly on the chair.


The person’s figure twitched.

After that there was no movement at all for a while, but before long that figure directed at Aine her blank eyes slowly.


“Yes, it’s me. Grace……I’m home.”

Grace stood up vigorously on the chair.


And then she rushed down the stair as if rolling on it. When she really was going to roll down, she raised her voice. However before that happened Grace made a great jump and landed on the red carpet. And then she ran until in front of Aine with all her strength.


She leaped at Aine with mushy face from tears.


Aine received the body of her little sister into her embrace. Grace was losing herself in hugging Aine. It was as if she was making sure of Aine’s existence, but it was also as if she was scared that Aine would vanish and be gone. Aine hugged at her sister’s small back.

“It’s fine, it’s fine you know……Grace. I’m right here.”

Grace was sobbing convulsively while continuing to call at Aine. Each time she called her, her voice stabbed at Aine’s heart. Grace finally separated her body from Aine while her nose was sniffling.

“Nee-sama. You finally return back……I’m glad. I’m really glad.”


“All those foolish people gave me thoughtless words, that Nee-sama is colluding with the enemy army, that Nee-sama is even standing at the lead of the enemy. They are really stupid people that cannot be forgiven.”

“Yo, you see, Grace.”

Grace kept talking while clutching at Aine’s arm.

“But, it’s true that lowlifes are advancing toward this Zeltis. But so what, if there are me and Nee-sama, it will be no trouble at all to scatter them away with the two of us.”

“That’s no good, Grace!”


“You are wrong. Izgard and also Lemuria are not coming here to fight see.”

Grace was staring at the face of her big sister with puzzled expression.

“Nee-sama, what are you saying?”

“If Vatlantis stop attacking, they too will stop their attack. They are not coming to invade, they are coming in order to repair Genesis and save this world.”

“Are you sane Nee-sama!? Such story cannot be trusted!”

“It’s true Grace!”

Grace’s face clouded.

“Nee-sama……are you brainwashed by the enemy?”

“I’m not, there is no such thing!”

“Then why is Nee-sama opposing me? Why, is Nee-sama’s their ally and not me!”

“That is……I’m thinking, that I want to save this world.”

Grace had her breath taken away with a jerk.

“Nee-sama, is thinking that I doesn’t matter――”

“You are wrong! I want to help Grace. But, at this rate……”

“Where was Nee-sama until now!?”

Aine’s body stiffened with a twitch.

“……I was, at Lemuria.”

“Nee-sama was going to Lemuria to kill the demon king?”

“Yes……that’s right.”

“Naturally, Nee-sama killed him already then!”

“……I lost.”

Grace opened her mouth in surprise.

“Nee-sama, lost? Is that a joke?”

“It’s true. I really fought with everything I have……but”

“And so Nee-sama escaped from the enemy here? No, Nee-sama safely came back to me. This time let’s combine our strength and defeat the demon king, isn’t that right Nee-sama?”

Aine hung her head down and shook her head.

“I want Grace to give the order for ceasefire. Rather than the war, right now the priority is to repair the Genesis.”

Grace let go of Aine’s arm. She was distancing herself from Aine with a stumble.

“This is……something like this, is a lie.”

“Wait Grace. Don’t misunderstand. I want to save everyone.”

“Nee-sama, doesn’t care of me at all anymore. More than this world, Lemuria is……more than me, Nee-sama chose Lemuria’s demon king over me!?”

“Just what are you saying!? This is not about which one is more important. At this rate, everyone will die. I also want to help Grace! That’s why――”

Aine reached her hand toward Grace. However, Grace struck that hand with all her strength.

Dry sound reverberated in the audience room.

“Lies! Nee-sama lie to me! You betrayed me! You abandoned me. Not just once, but even for the second time……”

“You are wrong! That’s not it Grace! I――”

“If Nee-sama won’t become mine, I’ll refuse this kind of world! If this world is going to ruin, that’s just fine! It’s better for this world to break and disappear!”

“Wait, Grace!”


Grace’s body was wrapped in pink light. She emitted radiance that was in a different league than when other people equipped their Heart Hybrid Gear or magic armor. The audience room was filled with light, and then the light burst out in one go.

Grace’s body could be mistaken to be stark naked. There were only decorations modeled after feather that barely hid the tips of her breast and her nether region. And then there were clawed armors at both her arms. Both her legs were equipped with thin silver and gold armors, her heels were provided with wings for the sake of soaring to the sky. On her waist was floating armor that looked like tail and feathers, a tiara was mounted on her head.

And then greatly spreading wings of only bones made from blades were growing on her back. Colored with silver and gold, they were really beautiful and ominous wings. Those wings flapped and Grace’s body floated in the air.

This was Grace’s magic armor, the angel of massacre [Koros].

It was a magic armor that exactly suited a ruler.


Magic power was emitted from the whole body together with the roar. It became a terrific shockwave and shook the audience room. The walls at four directions were blown away as if being exploded, the pillars supporting the ceiling broke apart. That shockwave was even going to blow away Kizuna’s body that was outside the room.

“……-! What stupid power!”

Just the surge of magic power was destroying the castle. She was a possessor of a terrifying amount of magic power.

Kizuna tried to escape, but he found that Aine was standing still at the center of the audience room even now that he gave up that plan.

“Please, Grace! Listen to me!”

Aine was desperate in trying to convey her feeling to Grace. However Grace shook her head as if to throw a tantrum.

“I don’t want to listen! I hate someone like Nee-sama!”

Aine’s chest felt a sharp pain. Those were words that she had never heard until now for even once from Grace’s mouth. Even though this was that Grace who always told her that she loved her in any time.

Aine spread her arms defenselessly. As if waiting for Grace to leap at her.

“Calm down Grace. I’m your ally……in any kind of time.”

“Nee-sama and also this world can just disappear!”

Grace who was floating in the air thrust out one of her hand as if to strike from above. Light of magic power flew out from that arm. The fist that was hiding explosive destructive power flew toward Aine.


Kizuna jumped out from the shadow of the door. Kizuna who had done Climax Hybrid with Aine traversed the audience room with speed that equaled Zeros and barged in front of Aine.


Grace’s shining fist hit Kizuna. Terrific flash and explosion enveloped Kizuna and Aine. Fierce explosion broke the stone of the floor, the torn off floor flew to all directions. Dust cloud and steam cloud enshrouded the room and stole the field of vision. Before long wind that blew in from the broken wall cleared the smoke. Grace whose figure appeared from inside there warped her face.

“……Lemuria’s demon king.”

Kizuna was standing in front of Aine with Life Saver deployed.

“Really, that’s an exaggerated nickname you give me there.”

The Life Saver laid out in front of Kizuna was broken apart. There were five Life Savers he immediately laid out. Four of them were instantly broken. It was a strike that was fired with pure violent force. So to speak it was like a waved hand that hit by chance. It was just an attack of that level.

‘――This power just from that.’

“Lemuria’s demon king, Hida Kizuna. You are deceiving Nee-sama. You bastard kidnapped Nee-sama.”

“You’re wrong. Aine want to save everything, whether it’s Lemuria or Atlantis――”

“There is no one called Aine!! My Nee-sama, is Ainess Synclavia!”

Grace waved her hand and particles of light were fired from her palm. The light that was like laser was obviously in a different level with the attack that was fired just now.


Kizuna hugged Aine and kicked the ground. The floor of beautiful stone that resembled marble broke apart in explosion.

The place where Kizuna and Aine were at just a moment before was pierced by the laser Grace fired. That light gouged hole on the floor and pierced through until the lowest level of the castle.

Kizuna kept hugging Aine in his embrace and fully opened his thrusters, he flew outside the castle from the hole in the wall.

“Aine! The negotiation breaks apart. She is attacking us!”

“No way……but, what should I”

Aine looked down and pressed her fist on Kizuna’s chest.

“Release that dirty hand from Nee-sama! Lemuria’s demon king!”

Grace spread her wings and went in pursuit.

“Only you, the one who mislead Nee-sama, I can only feel satisfied after I kill you with this hand before the world breakdown!”

Kizuna made a large turn and he flew weaving between the several giant spires towering inside the castle.

“Aine, it doesn’t look like this can be settled down as long as we don’t fight.”


“In her state, our word won’t reach her. But if we fight and win, at the very least we can make her listen to us. In order to convey our feeling……we can only fight now! Even if you argued, you can just reconcile with each other later. But, you cannot even do that if the world breakdown!”

Aine pursed her lips tightly.

“I understand……I absolutely won’t let Grace die.”

Kizuna released his hands that were hugging Aine and stopped in the air. Grace who showed her appearance after weaving through the spires saw Aine and Kizuna lying in wait and put an abrupt stop. She was glaring at the two from a distance, as expected she might be cautious of them.

“So you realize that it’s useless to run away.”

Light of magic power surged out from Grace’s body like an aura.

Aine lifted her palm to the front. Magic circle developed from her fingertips. When her hand went inside the magic circle, she pulled out the only long range weapon of Zeros from inside.

――Corruption Armament [Pulverizer].

“Grace, it’s painful to fight you but……I’m fighting right now, exactly because I love you.”

Kizuna’s complexion changed looking at Aine who was aiming at Grace.

“O, oi, certainly I said to fight but, isn’t it fine to not go as far as using Corruption Armament for this? If you kill her with your hand, there will be no meani――”

“Kizuna. Since we are fighting Grace, resolve yourself. If you underestimate my little sister, your life will be instantly consumed.”


“I don’t think that I can defeat her with something like this but, this can be used to measure the ability of Koros.”

Kizuna’s cheek cramped.

“Pulverizer is just a mere measuring device……hey, you are saying that even though this thing can annihilate even a battleship?”

Kizuna looked at Grace once more. Far from fearing Pulverizer, she was wearing a smile as if making light of them.

“Preparing something like that, just what are you going to do Nee-sama?”

The space around Aine was vibrating, sound that resembled rumbling ground and fierce electrical discharge were running. It was the proof of Pulverizer preparing to fire.

“Here I go Grace!”

Aine pulled the trigger without hesitation. The next moment, sound disappeared from the surrounding. And then light that blinded the eye exploded from the muzzle of Pulverizer. Fierce roar reverberated and radiant that pulverized all time and space flew toward Grace.

Koros’s wings folded forward as if to envelope Grace. Pulverizer’s light directly hit those wings. Grace’s body was enveloped by the pulverizing light and became not visible.

However a calm voice came from inside that atrocious light.

“What are you planning Nee-sama? Is this a present to me?”

The event happening before his eyes was something unbelievable for Kizuna.


It was a weapon that pulverized the thing that existed in that spot both spatially and temporally. Material was divided until micro unit with the existing position and the existing time shifted. Due to that, no matter what kind of existence it was, it would be pulverized into pieces by this sure kill weapon of Zeros.

But, Grace was making a smile that looked down on them from the other side of the wings made from blades.

It wasn’t that the effect of Pulverizer became gone. At the range where the effect reached, namely the castle spire behind Grace and so on was disappearing without any sound. Inside the radiance of the Pulverizer, only Grace and Koros were safe.

Aine lowered down Pulverizer. Steam was ejected all in one go from the barrel’s removal nozzle.

“So even the energy of Pulverizer is absorbed……”

Sweat trickled down Kizuna’s forehead.

“Zeros’s Pulverizer is ineffective…….moreover, far from receiving damage, it was the reverse instead. As if we are supplying her energy……”

“Grace’s Koros absorb other people’s magic power. It doesn’t matter if it is human or magic weapon. And then attack using magic power is also……only a mere magic power supply for Grace it seems.”

Kizuna’s throat gulped audibly.

Grace spread her wings. The light of the shining wing that looked electrified was moving to Grace’s body. As it happened, Grace’s skin became even more glossy, and her pink hair was becoming increasingly beautiful in its radiance.

“Yes, Nee-sama’s magic power is really delicious. It’s far different from the trash of the riff-raff.”

She stuck out her small tongue and licked her pink lips. Those lips were shining in luster.

“How about I return the favor a little.”

The wings that were formed just from bones flapped. The radiance that the wings left behind were fired toward Kizuna and Aine from the force.


The two of them backed off with Aine’s yell as the signal. They fully opened their thrusters and hid at the back side of the castle spire. The beads of light that were like buckshot were being absorbed into the spire one after another. And then they sit out bright red flame and caused large explosion.


Kizuna and also Aine were going to be swallowed by the explosion. They were blown away by the explosion blast and the shockwave and floated in the air with tumbles. There the fragments of rock that became pieces and giant rock where there were some that even had diameter of several dozen meters rained down at them.


After they barely dodged, the tip of the broken spire was falling to the ground of the castle. It impacted the ground and rolled up dust cloud while breaking.

Kizuna and Aine fixed their posture using their thrusters and distanced themselves from that spot in order to open a distance from Grace. And then they circled around Genesis and withdrew from the castle. The urban area of Zeltis spread below them and at the sky above the battle between Baldein’s dragon type force and the imperial guard was progressing.

“Wha, what!? There are dragon shaped magic weapons all over the place!”

Kizuna was looking around at the dragon type magic weapons like Dragre and Tri-Head and so on flying all over the sky with surprised eyes.

“Those are Baldein’s dragon force……they are coming reinforcement.”

A new window opened in the front of the two.

{Every―one! We are still going strong. Are you all still lively?}

Himekawa was waving her hand with a delighted face.


{Then please listen desu. The next piece is……God Speed-!}

At the same time when Sylvia said out the song name, the audiences’ excitement was seething. Most likely it was a hit song. The lights overflowing the audience seats were fiercely undulating. The people were waving something like glow sticks to express their happiness.

However Kizuna was knocked out of his wits looking at that scenery.

“Just what’s this?”

Kizuna stared at Aine looking for answer, but Aine was also staring at the screen with surprised expression.

“Furthermore this is……a live show. This is broadcasted live.”


An alert rang out covered with Sylvia and others’ singing voices.

When they turned around, there was Grace fully spreading open her wings. Shining light was residing in the wings, Its shape changed like a wings that were growing feathers. Something shuddering was creeping up Aine’s back.

Aine opened her floating window and sent communication to the surrounding area.

“Not good! Everyone be careful!”

Gravel who received the communication raised a surprised voice.

“Ainess-dono!? Kizuna too!”

“Ainess-sama!? Just what in the world your highness did!”

Hyakurath and Mercuria, also the dragon force too, they couldn’t surmise the meaning of Aine’s warning. The commander Ruleo was also cocking her head in puzzlement at the sudden warning with dubious face.

“This is, communication from Ainess? Is she mistakenly sending this even to the enemy?”

Even with Aine’s yell, everyone was just getting perplexed and their legs stopped.

“This is no good! At this rate everyone will get dragged into this. Circle back to the opposite side――”

But at that time, Grace’s wings were fully stored with feathers of light, her appearance was changed as if she was a real angel. And then the scythe of massacre that reaped all magic power was fired.


The feathers of light growing from Grace’s wings were released all at once. Looking at that, memory of terror was resurrected at the back of the mind of Ruleo who was the commander of the dragon force. The feathers of the god of death who exterminated Baldein’s dragon force by her lonesome. That terrifying Harvest was once again assaulting.


However it was already too late.

The feathers of Harvest attacked with terrifying speed. The dragon force became prey the very first.

The magic weapons of the dragon force were pierced by the feathers of Koros and they promptly lost their light. The dragons that were livelily rushing around the battlefield just now stiffened like mere stone statue and falling to the ground.

Ruleo that was staring hard at that figure became pale and yelled one more time.

“Retreat! We are withdrawing! Hurry, run away!”

Whipping the Tri-Head that she was riding, Ruleo also escaped from that place.

Looking at the escaping enemy, the imperial guard members raised cheers. But, that was only happening for a moment.


An imperial guard member wearing magic armor was pierced by the feathers and raised a death throe. The imperial guard members’ complexion changed instantly. Without any distinction between enemy or ally, several dozen magic weapons became preys one after another. The feathers of light fired from Koros’s wings rushed through the sky freely in all direction. And then the magic power of the magic weapons were being absorbed haphazardly.

Hyakurath’s complexion became ghastly pale.

“Wha-! Retreat-, emergency――kyaaaaaa!”

Harvest also mercilessly attacked the imperial guards. Hyakurath also had her magic power sucked and lost her magic armor.

“Shit-! Hyakurath!”

Embracing Hyakurath who lost her consciousness, Mercuria attempted emergency landing somehow with her remaining magic power. The magic knights that were similarly hit directly were falling down to Zeltis one after another.

“This is bad-! Aldea, we are escaping!”

That time when Gravel yelled, Aldea was attacked by Koros’s feather in a bad luck.

“I’ll defend with Zeel’s shield! That’s why use this time――”

However the feathers of Harvest pierced Aldea’s body altogether with the shield and harvested her magic power.


Zeel that protected Aldea’s body vanished and her body was falling.


Gravel caught Aldea’s body in the air and then she was dropping while looking for a safe place. And then with a frustrated face she looked up at the sky of Zeltis where the sun was setting.

“So this is as far as we go……I’ll leave the rest to you. Kizuna!”

Aine and Kizuna were also trying to shake off Harvest’s feathers and desperately moving with acrobatic movement dancing in the air. However no matter how tricky a movement they did, the feathers of Harvest kept following without slowing down.

“Shit-! Just what the hell is this homing ability!”

“Until the magic power of the feather itself run out, it will keep chasing us no matter where!”

The feathers that pierced the magic weapons and magic armors absorbed their magic power and then they returned back to Grace’s position. And then the feathers settled at the wings before their radiance was absorbed into Grace’s body, supplying her magic power.

“That’s the secret of Grace’s strength. Only Grace that will never run out of magic power……Hybrid Count no matter what.”

“What a troublesome little sister!”

The feathers chasing from behind filled the distance in the blink of eye.

‘──Shit-! It’s no good already!?’

Harvest’s feathers were approaching before their eyes. At that moment, a giant shadow covered their field of vision.


A Tri-Head blocked the way of Harvest.

“This is……”

The Tri-Head blocked the Harvest’s feathers with its body. Many feathers pierced the Tri-Head’s body. The crystal wings that were shining beautifully lost their light. That gigantic body was beginning to slowly falling down. Ruleo separated herself from the Tri-Head’s back with sad eyes. And then she stared with sorrowful eyes at the feathers that left after sucking the magic power of the Tri-Head.

Kizuna worried whether he should say his gratitude or apologize and was unable to immediately say something.

“……Sorry. But, we are saved thanks to that. Thank you.”

But Ruleo ignored Kizuna and stared hard at Aine.

“Vatlantis’s Ainess……honestly, I have grudge against you.”

Aine’s body was startled and trembled from that gaze.

“But……I saw that currently you and him are fighting that Grace.”

Ruleo talked apathetically.

“I am observing the power of Grace’s Koros and the power of your Zeros too. Honestly speaking, I cannot find an idea of the way to defeat Koros. But──”

Ruleo stared fixedly at Aine’s eyes.

“Ainess, there is no doubt that your Zeros have the only method to oppose her. To lose my dragon once more is an unbearable distress for me, but we will lose all chance of victory if we lose you right now.”

“You are……”

Aine also stared back at Ruleo’s eyes.

“And so, please defeat Grace’s Koros without fail.”

Aine nodded with a tight face and stared at the deistination where Harvest’s feathers were returning.

“I understand. Thank you.”

Light emitted from Aine’s thrusters and she flew up toward the direction where Grace was. Kizuna was following behind her.

What was the method to oppose that ability? Kizuna increased his speed and flew at Aine’s side.

“Aine. Will Code Breaker have any effect to that Harvest?”

“I don’t know……but, there is no other way than that.”

If even that was no good then they really would be nothing that could be done.

“That’s why Kizuna get away from me.”


He was about to say that he would fight together with her but, if he was nearby her then Aine wouldn’t be able to wield the ability of Code Breaker to her heart’s content.

“Got it. Don’t do anything rash okay?”

Kizuna stopped in a position where he could look at Grace. He watched over the back of Aine that was heading to her litte sister with anxiety.

“Oo, Nee-sama. So you came.”

Facing Aine that came back to her, Grace smiled happily.

“Grace……stop dragging everyone else to this.”

“Hmm? Everyone……Nee-sama said?”

It was as if Grace had just noticed after this late, she stared over the armies of Baldein and Vatlantis at the far away. And then when she looked at the figures of magic weapons and magic armors falling on the ground, she shook her head boredly.

“Indeed, this is why the magic power is shoddy. Well, it doesn’t matter. After all when this world end, all the people will perish. It’s only a matter of sooner or later.”


Even when she was rebuked sharply by Aine, Grace just returned a faint smile.

“No, let’s pass our time together in this brief moment until the ruin arrive. But, Nee-sama’s life is mine. Even if one is the goddess of fate herself, I have no intention to hand over Nee-sama. Everything of Nee-sama is only mine……”


Ring part was building up at Aine’s back.

“Code Breaker!”

With the ring part as the center, shining blue sorcery letters and graphics were unfolding and drew a magic circle.


Feathers of light were fired from Grace’s wings like arrows. Ten-odd arrows of light entangled with each other and attacked at Aine.

The magic circle of Code Breaker that extended in belt shape circled the surrounding to protect Aine. There the light arrows of Harvest clashed. The two lights of magic power scattered intense sparks and locked with each other.


Shocked voice leaked out from Aine’s mouth.

‘──The magic circle is eaten!?’

The light arrows of Harvest were absorbing the magic circle of Code Breaker. The belt of magic circle was decreasing little by little.

AIne’s eyes were shining red. She increased the number of magic circle belt circling around her body and increased the rotation speed.


Grace raised an admiring voice.

As if being washed away by the magic circle of Code Breaker that was drifting like storm, Harvest’s arrows were being disassembled into magic formula.

“As expected of Nee-sama. This is the first time my Harvest is defended.”

Aine was breathing with heaving shoulder while glaring at Grace.

“For my Code Breaker to be ineffective……you are the second person.”

One of Grace’s eyebrows rose.

“Second person?”

“Yes. The first one is Kizuna.”

Instantly flame of rage was blazing up and rushed about inside Grace.

“Don’t speak of that filthy name never againnnnnn!”

Her pink sapphire hair emitted radiance and arrows of light were fired from her wings one after another.

“Code Breaker!”

Aine also extended her belt of magic circle toward Grace.

The lights of magic power the two released crossed each other. The lights clashed and several flashes twinkled. Sparks scattered and small chain explosions occurred. The floods of light released from the two clashed against each other fiercely in the air.

The arrows of light slipping through the clash absorbed the magic circle protecting Aine’s body, on the other hand Aine’s magic circle disassembled the the light of Grace’s wings.

The two sisters wearing the magic armors that were mutually extolled as the strongest.

The strength of their magic powers also rivaled each other.

The clash between the strongest abilty and the strongest ability made superficial strategy or tactic to be powerless.

It was a frontal clash, just earnestly striking each other, crumbling down each other’s guard mutually, a war of attrition.


Aine yelled.

“I hate someone like Nee-sama! It’s fine already even if Nee-sama is gone! Nee-sama, anyone and him too, everyone. I will destroy everyone!”

The power of Harvest increased. Aine was pushed back by Grace’s pressure. It felt like Aine’s heart was being shaved off each time Grace expressed her sorrow.

At that time, the clash of magic powers broke through the critical point. Suddenly an explosion occurred in front of Aine.


Aine’s figure appeared from inside the smoke. However the magic circle of Code Breaker had completely vanished.

It was the result of the abilities of Harvest and Code Breaker negating each other.

Kizuna noticed that the window displaying Aine’s vital sign was flashing red. At that moment, the inside of Kizuna’s chest shuddered coldly.

That was the alert which let him knew that Aine’s Hybrid Count had entered red zone. At the time when she took care of Vatlantis’s fleet with Code Breaker, she had forced herself quite much. Now the time that she had to pay for it was coming to her.


Sweat was trickling down on Kizuna’s forehead that was grimly grimacing.

Aine couldn’t be let to fight more than this. Then, how should they defeat Grace?

‘Think hard, Kizuna.

Koros cannot be defeated by long range attack. Things like bombardment using magic power and the like will only uselessly sharing magic power with Grace. Then what will be effective is…….

──None other than physical attack.

If we can inflict physical attack from close range, then I can see the chance of victory. However if we get near, then our Hybrid Count will be mercilessly stolen by Harvest.

Then if Harvest can be avoided?

It will be easy if that’s doable. To do something like evading arrow of light, the speed needed for that…….


It’s doable.

That time when I once fought Yurishia, it was only for an instant but I fought in a speed that approached even the speed of light. Right now, I’m in the same condition like that time, I’ve just did Climax Hybrid with Zeros.

──I can do this!’

Kizuna kicked the air.


Aine raised a flustered voice at Kizuna who suddenly entered the battle territory.

“I told you already to not come! Withdraw quickly!”

Ignoring Aine’s flurried voice, Kizuna accelerated.

‘Remember that time you fought Yurishia. The speed of that time once more!’

Thrusters were created at Kizuna’s back and legs. It was as though parts were growing from his body at the places where there were nothing, the parts were constructed in the blink of eye.

“Here I go!”

Kizuna’s figure vanished.

He surpassed the speed of sound instantly and shook away all other speed.

Everything looked like slow motion to Kizuna. He passed beside Aine who was opening her mouth yelling and rushed to Grace.

The arrows of light of Harvest were flying at him to attack. Their shape properly looked like feathers, their speed was fast, but it was possible to be evaded. Kizuna was evading the lights of Harvest by weaving through the gap while heading to Grace. The lights of Harvest passed over Kizuna before they tried to change their direction as if having noticing him. However at that time Kizuna was already arrived until just a single step before Grace.

‘――Got her!’

Kizuna pulled his fist and aimed an attack at Grace. He determined his aim at her defenseless abdomen. He wouldn’t kill her, but he would inflict a damage that made it impossible for her to fight.

“You are Aine’s little sister but, don’t think bad of this. This is also――”

At that time, Kizuna noticed something unusual.

Koros’s wings were wings that were only made from bone frame. Those bones were each turned into sharp blade.

One of them was missing.

“You are an eyesore, Lemuria’s demon king.”

Grace was raising a scythe.


The scythe that Grace was holding had long handle, the large sized blade that was drawing an arc at its end was shining coldly. It was something created from disassembling a part of Koros’s wing. It was completely like a god of death’s scythe. The figure of Grace holding it was truly fitting her nickname as the angel of massacre.

“Do you think, that you can trick my eye with a speed of that level?”

The scythe was swung even faster than Kizuna’s speed.


The scythe of the god of death tore apart Kizuna’s chest. He felt like the life force inside him was reaped. Even without looking at his status display, he could feel his Hybrid Count decreasing alarmingly.

He desperately ignited his thrusters and took a distance. After he somehow backed away until in front of Aine, there his body doubled down from the pain that pierced his whole body.

“Kizuna-!? What’s wrong? Just what in the world, happened……”

Aine’s eyes couldn’t see the exchange of offense and defense just now but she was looking after Kizuna even while being perplexed.

“Aah……I rushed in by accelerating with all that I got but, it got seen through.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 04.jpg

Kizuna displayed Eros’s status at his floating window.

“As I thought, my Hybrid Count is reduced until 20% by a single attack of that scythe.”

“Scythe? Ah……since when”

Aine looked at the scythe Grace was holding and got confused.

“I thought that I could win if I got close and attacked physically but……looks like that is also difficult.”

Grace readied her scythe full of composure and smiled. That composure didn’t come from the fact that she could kill them anytime, but it even looked like she was having fun working out her imagination of how she would do the killing.

Aine was also staring at her little sister’s figure with a pained look.

“I’ll make an opening with Code Breaker. At that time……”

“Don’t. Aine’s Hybrid Count is already lower than 10%. If you used it up by some kind of chance……”

“It’s fine! I still can do it! If we cannot persuade Grace here――”

{Kizuna, can you hear this?}

Suddenly a floating window started up in front of the two of them.


The figure of Reiri standing at the bridge of Ataraxia was projected.

{Kizuna, there is something I want to confirm urgently.}

“Confirm……wait! Right now is not the time――”

Reiri continued her talk to hold back the snapping Kizuna.

{When you fought Aine, just what did you do at the end?}

“Eh? ……Wha, what is Nee-chan asking, something like that is irrelevant right now isn’t it!?”

{It really matters you idiot!}

Kizuna was trembling at Reiri’s angry yell that looked furious at him even though he should be the angry one here.

{That time you fought Aine, the phenomenon that happened at the end of it. Make it happen once more!}


Kizuna reflexively stared at Aine’s face with Aine doing the same to him.

{We don’t understand the details because Ataraxia’s function was suspended. However, from what we can confirm from the little data we could measure, at that moment, it was only for a really short time but Zeros and Eros’s abilities were jumping up. At that time, something should have happened between you and Aine. If you can reproduce that phenomenon……you can win!}

Kizuna recalled something.

“At the end of the fight with Aine you say……don’t tell me”

Now that she mentioned it, at that time he got the feeling like strength surging out from the inside of his body. It resembled Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid. But, it was something that was more intense.

But, their Hybrid Counts weren’t recovered. Rather, their condition was nearly at zero fuel. That was why he thought that it might be just his imagination but……there was some comprehension from hearing Reiri’s story.

‘――There is only one thing, that we did at that time.’

Kizuna stared at Aine.


“Hye, yhes!”

Aine’s voice quavered with a bright red face.

“Sorry. This is also a mission. That, you might be reluctant in this kind of situation but……”


Aine looked down shyly and entangled the fingertips of both her hands. And then she whispered with a small voice that was like the buzzing of a mosquito.

“I don’t……really mind. I don’t hate it.”

And then her face lifted up and she glanced at him with upturned eyes.

“Nee-sama, Lemuria’s demon king. Is your strategy meeting over? Or else are you two saying your partings?”

Grace brandished her scythe in irritation.

“Yeah……my bad of making you wait. Our briefing session is over now.”

Kizuna embraced Aine’s shoulder close to him. Looking at that, vein throbbed up at Grace’s temple.

“I told you to not touch Nee-sama with that filthy hand! The one who can touch Nee-sama and also kill her, is just me!”

Saying so Grace readied the scythe of the god of death.

“Here we go, Aine.”


Both of them stared at each other and their faces approached close, it was unclear which one was starting it.

Aine’s heart was pounding hard. The throbbing of her heart was rapidly getting faster, stronger, it felt like her heartbeat would grow audible. Her glossy lips slightly opened and her tongue peeked out from inside.

“Hm? What are you planning to――do-!?”

Kizuna’s lips and Aine’s pink lips touched each other.

The softness Kizuna felt on his lips felt like it would melt his heart. This was a battlefield, and there was an opponent with whom they were performing a mortal combat with in front of them, but he felt like he would forget even those things.

That sensation made Kizuna’s heart felt very happy and tranquil. Aine inside his arms felt lovely, he hugged her strongly. It gave Aine the feeling of being strongly protected, a deep sense of security was born inside Aine’s heart.

Aine opened her lips and she extended her tongue gingerly. It was so that she could welcome Kizuna’s tongue no matter when. Rather, it was as if she was waiting in anticipation, wondering if he would come quickly. Kizuna’s tongue reached into the mouth that had became connected into one with his. His tongue slowly advanced inside Aine’s mouth to peek at the situation.

There, he met the tip of Aine’s tongue.

Their tongues drew back a little in panic, but soon both of their tongues reached out again. Their tongue tips properly touched each other once more. This time as if saying that this time they didn’t want to part, their tongue tips rotated, tasting the texture of each other’s tongue. Aine’s tongue was soft with sweet taste. The slippery weightless texture even felt like a soft-bodied animal. When he caressed the surface of Aine’s tongue with his tongue, her tongue was startled and escaped. He chased after it still. He unconsciously became absorbed in the pursuit of her tongue inside her mouth.

While they were doing that Aine’s face became something enraptured from the stimulation given to her inside her mouth. The area around her eyes reddened and her body was trembling from the pleasure of having her mouth’s mucus membrane caressed.

The tips of Aine’s breasts hardened pointedly from the pleasure granted inside her mouth. It was to the degree that anyone looking could understand the shape of the protrusion at the tip of her breast coming to the surface of her pilot suit.

Kizuna’s tongue touched Aine’s gum. At that moment, Aine’s body jumped in surprise.

It was an unknown sensation. Having her teeth and gums licked by another person. She had never even imagined such thing. It was as if Kizuna’s tongue was attentively making sure of every single teeth at her upper jaw, he was slowly licking her gum. When that was over, this time his tongue barged on her lower gum and between her lips. And then his tongue traced along Aine’s teeth. Pleasure she never experienced before ran through Aine’s body and her back convulsed twitchingly. Strength almost left her legs so she hugged at Kizuna’s body even tighter.

After finally thinking that he had made a round of her gums, this time his tongue extended at the backside. That sensation where ticklishness and pleasure jumbled into one made Aine almost lose consciousness. If her eyes were opened, surely the white of her eyes was going to be exposed.

She understood that something hot was running between her legs even though that place wasn’t even touched.

Their lips separated for the moment when they were out of breath.

A string of saliva was pulled between the lips of the two. Surely Kizuna was also feeling excited, his cheeks were red and the light of magic power was coming to the surface inside his eyes.

Aine also had her thinking ability stolen by the pleasure and she was making a melting face that was even more than when she was doing Climax Hybrid. Light of magic power was shining brightly inside her intoxicated eyes, the area around her eyes was dyed red and she looked up at Kizuna in a daze. Saliva trickled down from her slovenly opened mouth, her tongue extended out greedily.

Their tongues touched each other even earlier than their lips. Like that, they licked around at each other’s tongue. It felt like they were going to get addicted to this soft slippery sensation.

Their lips once again overlapped sticking to each other tightly.

This time they were boldly seeking out each other even stronger.

They greedily indulged in the pleasant feeling they obtained from the inside of their mouth and tongue. That pleasure was transmitted to their whole body, melted the inside of their mind and convulsed the tips of their toes.

Their tongues entangled each other inside their mouths. It was as if they were trying to leave no spot untouched inside their mouths by the tongues. Their tongues struggled fiercely as if to taste everything until there was nothing left.

Grace was staring at that development in a daze.

What was happening, what were they doing, her head wasn’t trying to comprehend the scene. She could do nothing but helplessly watching over the two exchanging lips and tongues in an act of love.

Before long aggravation, sadness, and frustration welled up. Those feeling became tears that overflowed from Grace’s eyes.

But, that wasn’t all.

Mysterious feeling attacked Grace’s body. She too carried out act of love with Aine at the occasion of Baldein’s ceremony. But, what she was feeling this time was also different with the thing of that time. Her chest throbbed violently, and her face flushed. And then below her stomach was tormented by a murky and painful sensation.

‘――Wha, what, is this?’

Aine and Kizuna’s bodies began to emit light as if they were in electrification.

Excessive pleasure and euphoria made tears spill out from Aine’s closed eyes.

‘――I love you.’

They sucked strongly at each other’s mouth. The saliva exchanged inside their mouths passed through their respective throats. Aine’s saliva smelled sweet. And then when Aine drank in Kizuna’s saliva, her mind became pure white.

At that time, a new door opened.

Explosion of light occurred from the bodies of the two.

“Wha-, what! This is!?”

Grace averted her face from the excessive radiance. She really couldn’t possibly look at it directly. Even Kizuna and Aine who were emitting that radiance were shocked by this phenomenon.

“This is……”

Both Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid created magic power. However in that case it should be absorbed into the body or vanished into thin air. But right now pink particles of light still kept covering their bodies.

{It’s a success Kizuna!}

Reiri raised an excited voice inside the floating window.

“Success? Is it this condition?”

Kizuna looked at his own hand that was shining pink and asked. If he was asked, this was a strange sensation as if he stopped in the middle of Climax Hybrid.

{Try to display your status.}

Kizuna obeyed what he was told and displayed Eros’s status. His fundamental output, offensive power, armor’s defensive power, and so on, the current spec of Eros was displayed there. Looking at the numbers, Kizuna was at a loss for words.


In the time of Climax Hybrid, Eros obtained performance that was equal with the ability of the partner’s Heart Hybrid Gear. That was why Eros’s spec should be equal with Zeros right now.

“This is, completely surpassing Zeros’s spec……isn’t it! Twice, no, the number is thrice you know!? Nee-chan, what is the meaning of this!?”

{That’s exactly the new hybrid! I’ll name it Kissing RemodelingKiss Charge Hybrid!}

Aine was also feeling the power rushing through her body. Certainly it was the sensation that she felt at that time she kissed Kizuna. But, power that was incomparable with that time, was overflowing from her whole body right now.

“This is……Kiss Charge Hybrid.”

Kizuna also yelled with excited feeling from being unable to restrain the strength rushing through his whole body.

“If it’s now, it feels like things that are normally impossible are possible!”

But Reiri informed them with a serious face.

{But, it seems that this Hybrid is not something that replenishes back your Hybrid Count.}

“Eh? What is the meaning of that?”

{From the analysis of the data, it seems that Kiss Charge Hybrid forcefully raises your specs by releasing your remaining Hybrid Count all at once. This is nothing more than a difference of consuming the same amount of fuel little by little or by all at once. Naturally, it is also overtaxing your body.}

“I see……bring it on! We are doing this!”

{Kiss Charge Hybrid is consuming a large amount of Hybrid Count. There are only ten seconds for Aine and about fifteen seconds more for Kizuna. Finish this in one go!}

“Whatt!? Fifteen……-, shitt!”

First it was a match of how many seconds it would take to deal with Grace. If Grace escaped, the time limit would arrive to him just with that.

Kizuna flew to Grace by kicking an unseen wall.


He instantly plunged right into Grace’s bosom.


Grace leaked out a shocked voice.

She swung her scythe in panic. However this time was different with previously. That motion was perfectly clear in Kizuna’s eyes. Kizuna caught the handle of the scythe in one hand.


Grace looked at Kizuna’s arm that was gripping the scythe as if she was seeing something unbelievable.


Grace let go of the scythe and flew behind. And then she spread her large wings.


Koros’s wings fired feathers of light that attacked Kizuna.

“Code Breaker!”

Aine extended the magic circle of Code Breaker from behind Kizuna. Belt-shaped magic circle avoided Kizuna and cleared off the light feathers of Harvest.

However at that moment the light wrapping Aine’s body vanished. She had run out of time for the Kiss Charge Hybrid. It seemed that right before her Hybrid Count turned zero it automatically canceled itself.

“Kizuna-! Please, Grace, she-!”

Receiving Aine’s voice on his back, Kizuna raised his speed even further. Grace who was putting her guard up took out a scythe from her wing once more and stood ready. And then at the same time magic power traveled from Grace’s body towards her wings.

She was planning to fire Harvest once more. However, this time Code Breaker was unusable.

Kizuna glanced at the countdown displayed at his floating window.

‘――Three more seconds.’

Eros’s thrusters ejected magic power explosively, accelerating Kizuna’s body to the speed of several times the speed of sound instantly. Eros’s armor blazed up from the friction with the air.


Before Harvest was fired, he struck at that wing. The fist unleashed with terrific speed broke off the wing of bones created from blade.

‘――Two, more seconds.’


Even so Grace was still following his speed. She aimed her scythe at Kizuna and swung down.

If he was touched by that, his Hybrid Count would be zero at that point of time!

Kizuna’s figure vanished with explosive sound. He broke through the wall of air and circled around Grace’s body.

‘――One more, second.’

Koros began to be left behind by Eros’s speed. Grace’s eyes couldn’t catch up with Kizuna’s movement. Kizuna’s figure was reflected in her eyes like an after image.



And then finally shook free from all speed.

Everything stopped moving in Kizuna’s eyes.

Kizuna’s ear couldn’t hear anything.

There was no sound, there was also no movement. A silent world.

It was only for an instant.

――Kizuna passed through the wall of time.

But that instant decided the battle.


The wings on her back broke, the generator on her waist, the feathers that were like tail feather too, the wings at her feet too, everything was struck and crushed without a single one left behind.

Looking from Grace’s point of view, at the next moment after she lost sight of Kizuna’s figure, the armors throughout her body were smashed up all at once. It was such an absurdity.

At the very end, Kizuna swung down a chop at Grace’s neck that had become defenseless.


It wasn’t that strong but, surge of magic power was injected that made Grace lose consciousness.

‘――Zero seconds, remaining.’

Losing her consciousness, strength left Grace’s body where Kizuna then caught her in his arms. At the same time, magic power particles scattered from Kizuna’s body.

The time was completely up. Kizuna gave a long sigh.

“Haa……I made it in time somehow.”

Eros was barely maintaining its shape, but the limit of his Hybrid Count would soon come.


Aine supported Kizuna’s body from the side and lent him her strength. It was just a moment before both of their Heart Hybrid Gears disappeared.

“Kizuna, land over there!”

The imperial castle was visible below them. Aine was pointing at the largest spire among the spires that were surrounding Genesis at the center in a circle. At the highest floor of that spire was a large balcony that jutted outside.

Kizuna who was carrying Grace’s body landed on that balcony while being supported by Aine. The moment he laid down Grace on the floor, Eros and Zeros vanished.

“It feels like we are just barely making it.”

Kizuna wiped the sweat on his cheek and leaked out a sigh of relief.

Aine stroked Grace’s head while narrowing her eyes.

“Kizuna……thank you.”

“I’m not really doing anything you need to thank me for. I too want to try talking with your little sister after all. Even so, she is a terrific little sister isn’t she? I don’t know how many times I thought that I’m going to die there.”

Looking at Kizuna showing a cramped smile, Aine too smiled in amusement.

As if being awakened by their laughters, Grace’s eyes opened.


The figure of her big sister was reflected at her empty red eyes.


Kizuna also peered at her face worriedly.

“I didn’t intend to harm your body but……are you feeling pain anywhere?”

Grace’s eyes caught Kizuna’s figure this time.

“Lemuria’s……I see, so I lost.”

Grace powerlessly spoke with a self-depreciating smile surfacing on her face.

“Kill me……nothing, matters anymore……there is no meaning or anything for me to live. Hope, objective, important thing……there is nothing.”

Aine took the hand of her little sister and enveloped it with both her hands.

“Grace. Don’t say something that sad, listen to my story.”

“Nee-sama was my support. I believed that Nee-sama will someday return, that’s why I could do my best until now. But, it’s useless already……the person that I loved is no more. Someone that will love me, is nowhere anymore.”

Tears overflowed from Grace’s eyes. Once the tears came out, it kept trickling out without stopping.

“The truth is, together with Nee-sama……intimately, forever……hics, ueeeeeen”

She sobbed and then cried like a child.

Aine raised Grace’s body and buried her head into her bosom.


“Listen? Grace. I love you Grace.”

“But, Nee-sama betrayed……me.”

Aine shook her head.

“I too thought that it was impossible for Atlantis and Lemuria to coexist or anything. But, I fought Kizuna, talked with him……like that I was able to believe something. That we, can start over once more.”

Something hot was falling down on Grace’s cheek.


Tears were falling down from Aine’s eyes.

“My precious Grace. You are different than me, capable, excellent, strong……you are the little sister I’m proud of. Something like sisters quarrel is fine but, I don’t want it to end there. Because, you are, my precious little sister.”

“Nee-sama……I said just now that I hate Nee-sama, you know? Moreover I tried to kill Nee-sama. Is Nee-sama saying that you will forgive those?”

Aine thought, ‘Just recently I also did something like that against my better judgment didn’t I.’ She looked up at Kizuna, and there she saw a bashful face that was a little awkward.

Aine put strength into the hands that were embracing Grace.

“Yes, I’ll forgive you. Because……I, am Grace’s Onee-chan after all.”


“Even fighting Grace just now, was so that I can ask you to give the ceasefire order. I wanted the fighting to stop, and combine our power to save the two worlds. In order to protect the world, where I can live together with you again.”

Grace nuzzled her face against Aine’s chest and then she raised her weeping face.

“I understand……”

Grace opened her floating window.

“Informing the whole army of Vatlantis. Stop the fighting at once. A ceasefire. From now on any kind of fighting is forbidden. Let the fleet that came from Lemuria to do as they please. Interference is unnecessary.”

That broadcast reached all the soldiers in the battlefield. Even the city of Zeltis and also Ataraxia.

The operators raised cheering voices at the ceasefire declaration of Grace that was projected on the bridge’s screen. They let out tears and hugged each other, raising voices of joy.

“Commander, the bombardment from the imperial guard stopped! The magic weapons are also beginning to return!”

Hearing that report, Reiri sat down on the ship captain seat as if collapsing on it. She entrusted her body on the chair’s reclined back and made a tired smile.

“……I’m tired.”

{Reiri. A contact is coming from Kizuna.}

When Kei said that, the communication window from Kizuna was opened in front of Reiri that was sinking in her seat.

“Kizuna, thanks for your hard work.”

{Rather than that Nee-chan. Send over the guys of the lab’s research department quickly. It seems that Kaa-san’s research lab is nearby the Genesis.

Reiri took a long breath and then she jumped to her feet.

“Roger. We will head there immediately.”

Reiri made Ataraxia to advance towards Genesis. There was nothing at all obstructing their path anymore.

Kizuna stared at the shadow of Ataraxia approaching near from the balcony.

“I see them. They are going to arrive soon. And then they will immediately start Genesis’s repair.”

After saying that to Grace and Aine, Kizuna looked up at Genesis that was towering over in front of him.

“I’m going ahead, to Kaa-san’s research lab――”

When he said that, an unusual phenomenon occurred.

Without any sound, Genesis was crumbling down.

Kizuna doubted his eyes.

They were late, a sound of something breaking like rumbling ground was approaching.

The Genesis was like a building that was demolished using dynamite, it was being destroyed while raising up a lot of dust cloud and thundering sound. In a glance, it also looked like Genesis’s figure was vanishing into underground.

They couldn’t understand the thing that was obviously happening in front of their eyes.

Even Aine and also Grace were looking over that occurrence with blank amazement. Aine murmured with a trembling voice.

“No way……Genesis, is collapsing?”

The scene was as if Genesis was being crushed from above by an unseen enormous hand, it was crushed into small pieces from its foundation. It was a shocking sight that didn’t feel real.

It was an unbelievable happening. Grace recited with an incoherent muttering.

“This is the world’s……end.”

Chapter 4 – New God[edit]

Part 1[edit]

At that time, all the humans in Zeltis saw something that was hard to believe.

The center of the world that had existed since prehistory. The motherly existence that gave birth to them. The figure of that Genesis crumbling down.

The people were only looking up in blank amazement at the twilight sky without the pillar they were familiar with which had vanished. The sky that had lost the thing that should be there made the people feel the anxiety of losing their place to depend on.

“What will happen to us from now on?”

“This is the end. This world is over.”

“So, everyone will die you mean?”

Anxiety called for terror, terror invited chaos. Zeltis was falling into chaotic mayhem.

A ground rumbling sound resounded over the tumult of the people.

“Hey, what’s this sound? This is……”

That sound didn’t come from below them. The people looked up to the sky.

“Wha-, what is, that!?”

The sky was shaking. The tremor was like an earthquake that split the ground, before long that movement carved a crack in the sky. And then the broken sky became fragments and fell down.


Those fragments destroyed the city’s buildings one after another. At the other side of the chipped sky, a black darkness that was like hell was spreading. The sky that was full of cracks hiding the darkness of nothingness was coming down on them. It was only little by little, but the sky was approaching above the people’s heads with certainty. That was the countdown of death towards this world.

The announcement of breakdown without any place to escape swallowed up the people into a whirlpool of despair and chaos.

Whether it was the common citizens, the magic knights of the imperial guard, or even the royalty Aine and Grace, they were all the same.

Grace who was standing with trembling legs was walking as if she was sleepwalking.

“It really, collapsed… it.”

When she arrived until the edge of the balcony, Grace leaned on the handrail as if clinging on it.

“It……it’s the end already.”

Aine embraced Grace’s shoulders and hugged her onto her body. However Aine’s body was also trembling.

No matter how powerful combat strength they had, they were powerless in front of the fate of the world.

Just like a beast that was scared of lightning, they were huddling together shiveringly.

Kizuna tried to contact Ataraxia and activated his floating window.

“This is Kizuna! Nee-chan, Shikina-san, Genesis collapsed!”

Reiri grimaced her forehead and quickly answered.

{You think we cannot see it from here huh! We are heading to the castle right now. Where are you guys?}

“We are at the balcony of the largest spire. I’m together with Aine and Grace too.”

Kei’s typed text was displayed in front of Reiri.

{And where is Professor Nayuta?}

Kizuna noticed that and asked Grace.

“Grace. Kaa-san……Professor Nayuta, where is she?”

However Grace powerlessly shook her head.

“I don’t know. But that woman’s research lab is at the base of the pillar……in this situation, perhaps it had been crushed.”

Nayuta’s research lab was right under the Genesis. Right now it was under the broken pieces of the pillar which were becoming a mountain. Surely she couldn’t possible end up safe from that.

“Nayuta……is alive.”

The voice of a person came from inside the room.

“That voice……Zel?”

From inside the dim room that lost its light, two human shadows dragging their bodies showed their appearances.

Grace raised her voice looking at those figures.

“Zelsione! Also, isn’t that Valdy! Where were you two until now?”

Aine opened her eyes wide at the two’s appearances which was exposed under the light from outside.

“Those wounds……just what happened?”

The figures of the two were figures that made one thought they had just went through a fierce mortal combat. Their magic armors were already gone, they were in their imperial guard uniform but even that looked ragged. Blood soaked the torn clothes and they also understood that blood was trickling down on their exposed skin. Especially Zelsione, she looked severely wounded, she was dragging her feet by borrowing Valdy’s shoulder. After they came out to the balcony, Zelsione crumbled on her knees as if she had spent her strength.


Aine supported her body in panic. Kizuna also lent his hand and laid her body down on the floor.

Zelsione spitted out a painful voice from her lips that were wet with blood.

“Nayuta……as we thought, she wasn’t doing any research for repairing Genesis.”

Valdy’s face hung down. She was clenching her fist with trembling shoulders. A puddle of tears was created below her drop by drop.

Kizuna stared at the figures of the two with a grim expression.

“As expected, Kaa-san is……shit-! Just what is she scheming this time!?”

Zelsione was pressing the wound on her stomach and her face warped in anguish. Even Kizuna being here was inconsequential in this occasion. There was something that she had to convey, that sense of mission made her squeezed out her words while enduring the intense pain.

“Wha, what that woman researched was――”

“The evolution to an existence that is not human.”


There was an unfamiliar girl.

Furthermore she was outside the balcony. She was floating with the setting sun behind her.

“You are……?”

Her appearance was like an elementary school student, it was around that age. Her long jet black hair flapping in the wind was beautiful. Her young stark naked body that wasn’t wearing anything was only covered by a long white robe that didn’t suit her body size.

Her body was wearing only that. She didn’t even wear a magic armor. She was floating in the air with just her flesh body.

Even though her appearance was really lovely and beautiful, they felt unknown terror from her.

It should be their first meeting but, Kizuna felt like he had met that girl somewhere.

‘――That’s right. She is similar with Nee-chan’s photo of the past.’

That was not accurate. But it was an impression that was near the truth.

Zelsione spoke roughly while enduring her pain.

“That kid, is Nayuta!”


For Kizuna, the meaning of those words were incomprehensible.

“You say that this child is Kaa-san……just what does that mean?”

Aine and also Grace, even Reiri and Kei that was watching across the communication window in Ataraxia, were feeling the same like Kizuna.

That girl faced Kizuna and smiled.

“Kizuna. For you to forget the face of your mother, there is a limit even for lacking in filial piety isn’t it?”

‘――Such thing is impossible.’

“What are you saying? Err, who are you?”

Zelsione yelled with a pained voice towards Kizuna who was going to approach the girl carelessly.

“Be careful! That thing is not like how Nayuta was once! It’s a monster!”

Kizuna’s legs stopped.

The girl floating in the air pouted her mouth in a troubled gesture.

“You really are talking rudely aren’t you, Zelsione-sama? I’m not a monster, I want to be called as a god.”

{God……you say?}

Reiri talked in irritation from inside the communication window.

{Certainly, this insolent way of talking is really like mother. But, what kind of trick that appearance is? Are you doing some kind of interference with our visual information? Or else an android? There is a limit for dressing yourself younger than your age.}

The girl laughed pleasantly.

“Fufufu, it’s exactly as you see. I’m rejuvenated back to my youth. No, I think saying that I was reborn is more accurate. Not as a human but as a new living being.”

Kizuna was also gradually coming to an understanding. Rather than that the sense of reality was welling up inside him.

He didn’t understand the cause or the method. But, the air this girl was clad in, her presence. This girl was,

‘――There is no doubt, this is Kaa-san.’

Surely Reiri also felt that. She was getting increasingly irritated from her exchange of words with the girl.

{New living being……you say? And, what is the meaning of that!?}

“It’s about a living being that has evolved even further. The same level of existence with the being who created the Core of Heart Hybrid Gear and Genesis……I wonder if it’s easier to understand if I say it like that.”

It was Nayuta’s forte to talk in a roundabout way that the other side couldn’t understand, covering her story with smokescreen. Kizuna yelled impatiently.

“Say it clearly, I don’t understand at all just what you are saying! Kaa-san……if you are really Kaa-san, it doesn’t matter what kind of living being you had become. Rather than that, stop the breakdown of this world!”

Aine also returned to her senses and raised a cornered voice.

“That’s right! You were doing research for that sake all this time weren’t you? Professor Nayuta!”

Nayuta shrugged her shoulders cutely.

“I did. Or I should say, I was researching to decipher the technology of Genesis. Because if I comprehend all of Genesis’s secret, naturally the way to repair it will also be discovered, so I was not lying by any means.”

Grace glared at Nayuta resentfully.

“Stop toying with your justification! Then why was the pillar crumbling! What I commanded you to do is repairing, not destroying it!”

Nayuta was smiling widely without even looking like she had done anything bad.

“I didn’t destroy it intentionally. I made it to do the work of remolding me, so I guess it was quite burdened due to that. In the first place the pillar had been kept operating all the time without any maintenance, so a malfunction occurred. That is the cause of the cataclysm occurring in Atlantis until now. It was continued being used in that kind of condition, so its life span was rapidly shrinking. And then it was only by chance that it reached its limit just now.”

Aine gritted her teeth hard. Enduring her fury, she faced Nayuta and spoke.

“Professor Nayuta……tell me the result of your investigation. Just what is Genesis?”

“The true identity of Genesis, is a tool that creates worlds. That is to say, it’s the tool the creator used when creating this world……that pillar is the creator’s parting gift.”

‘――This world’s, creator she said?’

The story of Nayuta immediately sounded like a shady story.

“That is, so to speak the god you mean?”

“That’s right. Putting it another way, we can even say that it’s a living thing of another world who created this world.”

In other words, someone from another world created this world……that was what she said.

“The Core is also the same. It seems that it was something prepared by the people who created Genesis in order to imitate the figure like them.”

“Why, are they doing something like that? Those creators or whatever.”

Nayuta shook her small head.

“I don’t understand that yet.”

Reiri threw a voice filled with killing intent from the other side of the window.

{Just now, you said that you became a god right? In other words that is to say that you are the same existence as the creator, you became the same existence like the living being that created this world then?}

“My, that’s a quick comprehension for Reiri.”

Nayuta showed a faked gesture of surprise.

“I wanted to understand the technology of the Core and Genesis. And then, as I continued to further my analysis, I became interested in the very creators themselves who created all of these. What kind of existences they are. What should I do so I can approach such transcendental existences.”

Raising her small hand, she extended her index finger erectly.

“And then I thought. Genesis constructed this world, if it can even create life, shouldn’t it also be able to recreate myself, like that.”

Nayuta spread the fringe of her white robe and twirled in the air.

“And then, it’s just as you see――a great success.”

Nayuta who was all smiles looked innocent, lovely, and ominous.

“However, about the existences which are at the level where they can create both worlds that are this Atlantis and our world that is Lemuria. There are still many unclear points about them. I was continuing my research in order to shed light to those existences and comprehend this whole world. And so, this is nothing more but one of those experiments.”

Kei’s window started up in front of Nayuta’s eyes.

{Professor Nayuta, this is Shikina.}

“Aah, Kei. You look healthy. What is it?”

{Just now, you said that our world was also created by the creator, what is the basis of that? For argument’s sake, if that’s true, then why there are no Cores or Genesis on earth?}

Nayuta made a thin smile.

“There are also those things in Lemuria you know? Whether it’s Cores and also monuments that are proportionate with Genesis. It is for this reason that I can say that our world was also created by the creator.”

‘――What, the?’

Kizuna cut into the talk unable to hold himself back.

“Just where do such things exist! It will be a big news if those kind of things were discovered right? But, I have never heard anything like that!”

“No. Kizuna should know about it really well.”


Nayuta pointed at Kizuna.

“Eros is a Core discovered on earth you know?”


Kizuna put his hand at his chest.

‘This Core of Eros……was originally, from earth?’

“It appears that the other Cores fell down to our world when the Another World Conflict occurred. However, only Eros is different. It was a mysterious material discovered at an island of the Mediterranean sea approximately several hundred years ago. But, no matter how we see it the industrial goods of modern time only look like a toy. It was sleeping for a long time inside a certain collector’s warehouse without anyone even realizing that it was an OOPArt.”

‘Such thing…….

It was thought that all their Cores were AU material that fell to earth when Alternate World Conflict happened. But, Kaa-san is saying that, originally, there were also Cores on earth?

Having said that, there is also someone who created our world……and that existence is the same one with the one who created this Atlantis.

The world where we came from, was something someone created?’

Kizuna’s mind was in chaos.

He understood by logic, but he couldn’t comprehend or accept it.

It was not just Kizuna, all people present in this place wer thinking the same.

Reiri and Kei were also shocked.

Reiri snapped at her mother even while her gaze was unfocused.

{However……there is nothing like Genesis there, anywhere at all! Isn’t that just your wild delusion!?}

“There is. It just hasn’t been discovered.”

{Something that gigantic, just where can it exist without being discovered until now huh!}

“That is……my? It seems that this is not the time to speak so leisurely like this isn’t it?”

The sky was still lowering more. The whole surface of the sky that was dyed by the setting sun was cracked all over, the cracks was falling down as sky fragments like glass.

“This world is over already. I’m looking forward how much influence it will cause to Lemuria that is connected to this world by the Entrances.”

Something snapped inside Kizuna from her way of talking.

“Until now, in order to save this world……just with how much feeling, you think we came this far! You!”

Kizuna clenched his fist. His flaming rage circulated energy throughout his body.

“Kaa-san! I’m going to have you cooperate in saving this world! Even by force!”

“My. You are planning to hit a girl this young?”

“Shut it!”

Nayuta pressed her mouth while slipping out a chuckle.

“In your condition where even your Hybrid Count has hit the bottom, can you take me on?”

Nayuta’s body began to shine with light of magic power.

“Don’t tell me……”

Kizuna’s heartbeat became violent.

The light of magic power created from Nayuta’s body was writing a magic formula, that formula instantly materialized. It created mechanical parts from her body that appeared to be constructed one after another by unseen hands.

Nayuta spoke with a smile that was filled with joy.

“It was said that god created humans based on his own appearance, but Heart Hybrid Gear was also something the creator created based on their own appearance. Let me specially show to all of you, the original.”

The parts created from her back extended to left and right and constructed large thick arms. And then large leg units like robots were created, fixed on her legs. Whether the legs or the arms, each of them were something large that was even bigger than Nayuta’s height.

And then at her back, a board with beautiful luster was unfolding like a spread fan. It looked like shield and also looked like wings. The fan with beautiful regularity opened to the left and right which even reached six meters of width.

“This is the true appearance of the current me.”

A headdress in the shape of ornate hairpin was on her head, while a kimono that was like a furisode with her shoulders greatly exposed was created on her body. It was an outfit that was like a daughter of a noble who celebrated their aging festival in the shrine.

The armor was also beautiful, as if in coordination with the dressed up Nayuta. Elegant line and luster like a lacquer. Graceful ornament and glamorousness. Rather than calling it weapon for the sake of battle, it even gave the impression whether it was actually used for etiquette or admiration.

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 05.jpg

Kizuna reflexively murmured looking at that reborn figure Nayuta displayed.

“Heart Hybrid Gear……”

Without any doubt, it was a large type Heart Hybrid Gear. However, it had a presence that drew a line compared to the likes of Kizuna’s Eros or Aine’s Zeros. It was not just merely big, the difference in the shaping and material, and then the high class magic power emitted from her whole body. It made him feel that it was obviously in a different class with other Heart Hybrid Gear.

And then there was one more point, something that made him feel unease. That was the sense of unity between Nayuta and the armor, it was as if the two were completely combined. An existence where it was ambiguous where was the boundary between flesh and machine. He felt like she had completely changed into a living thing of another species.

Nayuta spread both her arms proudly.

“Now, you said that you want to make me listen to you by force right? I’ll look after you then. After all playing with children, is also the role of a parent.”


Kizuna’s teeth gritted audibly.

Both Kizuna and also Aine had their Hybrid Count very near zero, they couldn’t even maintain their Heart Hybrid Gear anymore. It seemed that Grace still had magic power remaining, but surely she still had damage remaining on her body.

Kizuna glanced and surmised the state of Zelsione who collapsed on her knees.

Far from fighting, Zelsione’s condition would be dangerous if she wasn’t treated soon.

This time he sent his glance inside the room.

Valdy was sitting down at the center of the room, staring at the floor with empty eyes. Looking at her, it really didn’t appear that she could fight.

Kizuna desperately thought.

‘――Should I call for Gravel now? However both Gravel and Aldea, even Gertrude, they must be exhausted right now.’

Kizuna looked up once more at the figure of Nayuta floating in the air. He hadn’t confirmed her status by any means. But, he understood. He completely understood. His instinct that had come through several verges of death was alerting him. It was dangerous. Extremely.

“Damn it……is there no way at all.”

“Are you being reserved? Then perhaps I should be the one starting.”

Nayuta extended her mechanical arm to the front. The tip of that hand disassembled and transformed. The parts changed its construction like a puzzle and a muzzle of particle cannon appeared at the tip of the hand.

Looking at that, it had been installed with that kind of mechanism since the beginning……wasn’t how it appeared to him at all. It was as though, it was created because it was needed for now――that was how it looked like to him.

An unknown terror was surging out inside Kizuna’s chest. The living thing that was once his mother. He was made to understand that she had transformed into an authentic monster.

Light of magic power was converging in the muzzle of the particle cannon. If he was shot in his current state, that would be the end of the road.

“Now, Kizuna. Here I go.”

――At that time, a golden light of a particle cannon traversed through the approaching sky of darkness.

That light hit Nayuta dead on. The explosion of the fierce light occurred in front of Kizuna’s eyes.


Kizuna stumbled back from the push of the shockwave on his body.

‘The light just now――don’t tell me!?’

Golden large caliber particle cannon that instantly traversed the sky.

An accurate bombing from long range.


A familiar voice called Kizuna’s name.


A Heart Hybrid Gear that even made him felt nostalgic. With golden hair swaying in the wind, the girl extolled as the world strongest was flying towards him.

“It’s my return to the frontline that has rea―lly been too long! I’ll have you become my stress relief here!”

The reliable former ace of America. Yurishia Farandol of Amaterasu.


Swords flying in the sky were coming from behind that Yurishia. The four swords soared through the sky freely and attacked at Nayuta.


Kizuna’s voice was lifted up.

“Professor Nayuta! I won’t let you do any outrageous misdeeds more than this! Himekawa Hayuru, is here!”

Himekawa drew out Sword from the sheath on her waist and rushed towards Nayuta.

Nayuta flicked off Blades with the fan wing on her back as shield. However the Blades kept changing direction in the air no matter how many times and persistently slashing at Nayuta’s opening. There Himekawa herself also slashed with Sword.

“I see. So Amaterasu is also in full-set here.”

Nayuta burst out magic power particles from the thrusters on her back and legs, she avoided Himekawa’s slash and ascended above. However, a huge shadow was standing in the way at where she was evading.

“You won’t get away desu!”

That hugeness surpassed even Nayuta’s Heart Hybrid Gear. It was Sylvia’s super big Heart Hybrid Gear, [Taros].

“Professor Nayuta, tell us the way to save this world desu!”

Taros swung down its gigantic right arm that was like a hammer. It was a fierce attack that if one was hit, it would be compressed and smashed to the ground.

“Fufu, I had interest in that Heart Hybrid Gear.”

When Nayuta raised her flesh arm, the machine arm was also raised up similarly. And then it blocked Taros’s hammer. Creaking sound thundered from the clash between fellow metal.

“It, it was blocked desu-!?”

“For this much change in result only from changing the installing method, it is really interesting.”

At that time, large amount of missiles were approaching from behind Sylvia.

Sylvia retreated after measuring the timing. Right after that missiles impacted Nayuta from all directions. Blast flames occurred in chain explosions and spread, wrapping Nayuta in a cluster of flame.

“Even we are here!”

Five Heart Hybrid Gears passed above Kizuna.

“Scarlet! Also――”

The five came to a halt in the air and made a pose after twirling.

“Masters has arrived!”

It seemed that their idol life had permeated deep in their body. However, they readied their weapons simultaneously right after introducing themselves. And then they aimed at Nayuta who showed her appearance from inside the flame and pulled their triggers without hesitation. Bullets rained down on Nayuta like a storm.

“Yaa―yy! This sensation after a few months! As I thought, this is the bestttttttttt! Trigger Happy!!”

Clementine made dangerous eyes and kept pulling the trigger as if trying to break it apart. Her braided orange hair was greatly disarrayed and she fired bullets looking delighted from the bottom of her heart.

Next to her was Sharon who was wearing Heart Hybrid Gear on top of her goth-loli pilot suit, she was rapidly firing her assault rifle.

“It’s really……has been too long. Fufu-, this might be a little nice.”

Thanks to getting carried away and firing rapidly, they soon ran out of bullets. They immediately took out new cartridge from the unit on their waist and exchanged it with the cartridge that had run out of bullets. And then the cartridge that had become empty was stored back in the waist unit. It had the mechanism of automatically replenishing the cartridge by creating bullets using Hybrid Count.

When Nayuta tried to look at the distance, her gaze was naturally zoomed up. Furthermore every single figure of Masters was transmitted to her as separate image information. It was a sensation of seeing multiple monitors at the same time that was impossible for normal eyes.

“Masters……come to think of it before all of you became idols, you all were the Heart Hybrid gear corps of the American army isn’t it?”

Particles of light were emitted from her thrusters and Nayuta’s body lightly evaded the bullets. It really didn’t seem like a mechanical movement due to thruster control, she was drifting in the air with natural movement like a water current. It was the proof that she was perfectly controlling the Heart Hybrid Gear like a part of her own body.

“I’ll stop her movement!”

The cheapskate Leila with her blonde short cut let loose a shot with short-barreled shotgun in one hand. The bullet that was a compressed light scattered at the area in front of Leila.

“I’ll give a large service today even if I’ve got to bleed out money! Large sale of my whole inventory of bullets. Just for now, I’ll resolve myself to be in the red!”

Nayuta stopped moving in the sky.

“Spreading buckshot, a weapon for annihilating enemy in large range all at once isn’t it……however, each one of it is really not that strong.”

“Uwaa! Irritating! Henrietta, let her have at it!”

At Leila’s side was Henrietta who was readying a long anti material rifle.

“It helps me that you stop her movement.”

When she pulled the trigger, large spark scattered in front of Nayuta. A shockwave that was as if a small explosive was blasting off attacked the surroundings.

The explosive power of the anti material rifle didn’t exist only at the point of time when it impacted, the shockwave it discharged was also not something halfhearted. Striking shockwave also hit the side face of all the Masters surrounding Henrietta. Even Scarlet who was opening her missile unit and was going to launch her next payload also flinched reflexively.

“Buwah! Hey Henrietta! Shot that thing a little farther from us, that’s a bother!”

“Eeh!? No way, you can say that with a little more……”

Henrietta almost cried from the unreasonable treatment. She fired one more shot even while stirring bad reputation from her comrades, but there was no effect to Nayuta as if it was just a breeze to her.

“Indeed, its destructive power is high. But, at this level it won’t even become a test for the Life Saver.”

Scarlet opened the missile pod of Ares and aimed at Nayuta who looked disappointed.

“Second wave, fire all at once!’

Nayuta was once more enveloped in blast flame. At the same time, large amount of flame and smoke that were spurted out from the missile unit wrapped the members of Masters nearby.

“Gehoh! Oi, Scarlet! This is not in the level of a mere bother anymore!”

Clementine yelled in enragement.

“Indeed……it’s even more annoying than Henrietta’s rifle.”

Sharon too was directing moist eyes to Scarlet.

“Tha, that can’t be helped! This is missile! Because of that in exchange, its destructive power is great!”

Leila spoke as if spitting out at Scarlet that was desperately making an excuse.

“Never mind that, just move away.”

Scarlet received a shock and her eyes turned into dots.

“WHAT’S THATTTT! Isn’t it fine even if you don’t say it like that!”

Kizuna and Aine stared in astonishment at such exchange.

“They are living in a world that is unrelated with words like nervousness or sense of danger aren’t they……those girls.”

“Seems so……but, they don’t let up their attack even during that idiotic exchange, should I say it’s as expected from them?”


A communication from Reiri opened in front of Kizuna.

“Nee-chan! Right now Amaterasu and Masters are fighting Kaa-san. I too want to recover my Hybrid Count but, is there no way?”

{I’m launching the facility for Heart Hybrid. It’s arranged to impact at the center of the room you are in. Be careful.}

“The room’s center you say……!?”

Valdy was still crouching there.

Kizuna snapped to himself and rushed into the room and grasped Valdy’s hand.

“Stand! Come with me to the balcony!”

While saying that, Kizuna’s ear caught the sound of something cutting through the air.

“This is bad! I won’t make it in time!”

Kizuna carried Valdy’s body in his arms and jumped towards the balcony. At that moment the wall of the room cracked. A bullet with the diameter of three meters broke through the wall and flew into the room. Fragments of wall were scattered all over the carpet and dust rolled up.

When the collapsed Kizuna lifted his face, the cannon shell type capsule was sliding in barely ahead of his toes. Kizuna released a sigh of relief.

“……We are saved somehow.”

Kizuna raised his body and spoke to Valdy. However Valdy was still in a state where her heart wasn’t here. It was as if her soul was just an empty shell.

Valdy believed Nayuta. She adored her. She yearned at her like a mother. That was how much shock she received. She was deceived and betrayed.

“Can you stand?”

The man who saved her asked her that but she couldn’t bring herself to answer. Rather, it would be better for her to even die. That was what Valdy was thinking.

Valdy lifted her face and looked up at the object that flew into the room. The hatch at the object’s side opened while she was staring at it with dim eyes, a black haired woman showed her appearance from the inside.

“Kizuna, also you over there. Are you two hurt?”

Valdy stood up as if being struck by lightning.

“Na……Nayuta, sama?”

However that woman made an obvious displeasured expression and spoke as if spitting out.

“Don’t group me together with that kind of thing.”

Valdy curled into herself from fear.

That woman――Reiri sighed then called to Kizuna and Aine.

“Kizuna, Aine! Hurry. Carry out Heart Hybrid!”

Kizuna’s voice croaked from too much shock.

“What did you say!? No matter how you look at it, it’s impossible in this kind of situation right!?”

“It’s exactly because the situation is like this!”

Reiri looked up at the battle between Nayuta against Amaterasu and Masters unfolding above.

“The opponent is that Nayuta. The power of you two that did Kiss Charge Hybrid should be necessary!”

Aine worriedly peeked at the face of her little sister who was standing next to her.

Grace looked back at Aine’s eyes and smiled as if to reassure her.

“No need to worry, Nee-sama. Rather than that, you have some kind of important business to do right?”

“Yes. But……”

“That Nayuta. That woman has also done something that I cannot stomach. Leave this to me.”

Grace called the name of her Core after saying that.


Grace once again equipped the magic armor with gold and silver wings. Looking at that, Zelsione too supported her trembling body with her arm and tried to raise her body.

“Grace-sama……I too, will be together with you.”

“Don’t say something stupid. Zel, you are resting here.”


Zelsione gritted her teeth in frustration.

“I will clear your chagrin for you. Just watch from there.”


Tears shined at the outer corner of Zelsione’s eyes.

Kicking the floor, Grace soared up to the sky. After seeing off her figure from behind, Aine turned back to Kizuna.

“Let’s go, Kizuna.”

She smiled at Kizuna with an invigorated smile, as if she had been released from a burden.

“……Yeah. We’ve got to give them assistance even for a second faster!”

Kizuna also rushed into the capsule that had flown into the room.

“Hurry! I’m locking the door!”

After showing in Kizuna and Aine into the capsule, Reiri closed the hatch and locked it.

“……So, what is this? It looks different from the Love Room?”

Reiri pushed a switch on the wall. Thereupon lighting was turned on until the inside of the dark room.

A pure white bed. At the other side of it, there was Shikina Kei wearing a micro bikini.

“Shi-! ……Shikina-sannnn-!?”

Kizuna felt like he was going to fall down.

She was much older than him but, her body figure was completely childish. She was short with fragile petite body. Even her breasts were mostly nonexistent. Such Kei was absurdly wearing a white micro bikini in this kind of place.

‘――Why is Shikina-san who usually was always sending him instruction from Nayuta Lab here?’

Aine also opened her eyes wide from shock.

“Wh, why……Shikina-san is”

As expected she might also feel embarrassed, the cheek of the expressionless Kei was slightly tinged red.

{This is the solace deliverance installation number one. It is something like the prototype edition that was created at the experimental stage of Love Room. Unfortunately, Love Room was completely destroyed together with Ataraxia.}

The letters Kei were typing into her keyboard were displayed at the floating window.

Kizuna looked around the inside of the room.

Gorgeous chandelier shining inside the slightly dim room. Leather sofa that felt comfortable to sit on. A metallic cylinder case was fixed on the table put in front of the sofa, ice and bottle were put inside it.

“Solace……certainly this room looks comfortable……no, but if that’s the case, why are Nee-chan and Shikina-san here? If you two don’t get out so I can be together with just Aine……”

When he took a glance at Aine’s direction, her red eyes were hiding shyly while her face was looking down.

“No, it will take too much time with just you two.”

Kizuna and Aine leaked out voices “Eh?” while lifting their faces.

“This time as it were is a time trial. We have to carry out Climax Hybrid in the shortest time. And there, see……we too will cooperate.”

“That is, what kind of thing? Can you explain so……uwaaa!?”

Reiri suddenly took off her shirt and exposed her voluptuous breast that was enveloped by white underwear. The bra that was knitted with delicate lace was heroically lifting up Reiri’s large breasts. The drifting off sensuality caused a sensation that was similar with dizziness in Kizuna.

“Ne-, Nee-chan! Wh, wh-wh-wh-wh-what’s this, that appearance!?”

“I, I told you already. We too will cooperate.”

Reiri yelled as if in panic with her cheeks dyed vermilion. And then as though she was throwing her own shame to the wind, she pulled down her skirt in one go. With that Reiri’s style became immoral with only her underwear and high heels.

“What’s the matter Kizuna? Your face is red you know?”

Reiri who said that also had a red face. Her figure that twisted her body in embarrassment looked as if she was putting on a coquettish air. And then her eyes that were moist from shame made him feel that it was not the face of his sister but the face of a woman.

  • doki*, Kizuna’s chest throbbed hard to the degree that such sound was going to get audible.

‘――Ca, calm down me! This is Nee-chan. Calm down!’

Aine was staring at the flurried Kizuna with moist eyes.

“Hey Kizuna……are you getting even more excited than with me?”

“Wha, what are you saying. There is no such thing at all Aine-san.”

“……Just what’s with that honorific.”

Kei was carrying a portable keyboard with both her hands and began to type with her thumbs.

{We explored for a method to make Kizuna and Aine the most excited based from the track records until now. We are going to boost Kizuna’s excitement by entertaining you with lingerie.}

“Wait a second! Come on, just why I have to get excited towards Nee-chan and Shikina-san.”

“Never mind that and calm down, sit over there.”

Reiri glued her body to him from the side and took Kizuna’s arm. And then she urged him to sit down on the sofa. When she brought her body near, Reiri’s large chest was pressing on Kizuna’s arm.

‘――Wha-, what a pleasant feeling!? Its size is even more than Aine!’

Kizuna followed what he was told and sat on the sofa. He was sandwiched by Reiri on the left and Kei on the right.

“Do you want to drink something?”

“Ye, yeah.”

Being caught between his sister in underwear and his sister’s best friend in a risqué swimsuit, Kizuna didn’t know what he should do. When he looked down, the valley of Reiri’s large breasts was right before him. It drew a beautiful curve, from the twin hills with full score at both its volume and presence, a sweet smell was rising up.

“Here, this is a special make energy drink.”

A glass with ice inside was handed over to him.

“……Thank you.”

He thought whether this was really the time to leisurely act like this, but it was also a fact that his throat was parched. When he brought his mouth near, the thirst in his throat was even more pronounced, he drank it all down in one gulp. Thereupon Kei’s window appeared in front of his eyes.

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 06.jpg

{I’ll say it clearly but, ingredients that are absolutely cannot be sold are included there.}

He reflexively choked.

“Eh, that’s……”

{It’s something that was specially developed in order to recover stamina and mind.}

He thought of protesting but his eyes and mind were stolen by the summit’s pink color rising to the surface from her breast that was visible through the gaps in Kei’s micro bikini.

‘Shikina-san, the bikini is too baggy……breast.’

However the breast with small undulation was also strangely immoral. In addition, the fact that he saw Kei’s breast made him excited even reluctantly.

“You want to drink one more glass?”


The lingerie appearance of Reiri who was gently smiling was exactly opposite of Kei. The brutally voluminous breasts made his head go hazy just from looking. Each time she moved, the breast that was shaking following her every single movement was also concerning but, the panties put on her plump waist and the part hidden underneath were really bothering his mind. The fabric on both places were thin, the color of the thing hidden beneath them was faintly rising to the surface.

Noticing Kizuna’s gaze, Reiri hid her crotch with her hand.

“He, hey, don’t look that hard.”

“Eh!? No, I-I-I-I’m not looking like that you know!?”

It was really hard to tear off his eyes once his gaze got captured. When he somehow looked at the other side, what was waiting for him was the naked body of Kei who was wearing micro bikini on that childish figure.

It was Kei who usually was really silent doing research where he didn’t feel any sex appeal at all from her. And then now there was this extraordinary feeling from the stimulating appearance she was in. This place where he was sandwiched by elder sisters in lingerie was exactly an alternate universe.

{The aim at this time’s Climax Hybrid is based on the case that was most effective in the past――}

Kei was typing on her keyboard once more. The text was visible until where she typed [where Kizuna with Reiri], but the cursor was immediately returning and erased the letters.

{Kizuna need a fresh stimulation. Females like us which you normally don’t imagine in sexual connotation are showing this kind of appearance will create an element of surprise. That will awaken the carnal desire and excitement of Kizuna.}

“That’s stupid! You mean I, with Nee-chan and Shikina-san?”

{Fact, Kizuna’s heartbeat, pulse rate, and the blood flow to your erectile tissue are rising to the level that has never been seen before.}

Reiri sent a feverish gaze at Kizuna’s crotch and then her throat gulped audibly.

“It’s already, like that……it’s even more amazing……than that time.”

“That time?”

Kizuna tilted his head towards Reiri’s murmur.

“N, no! Nothing. Anyway, that’s the reason why we too are taking off a layer of our clothes.”

Aine crossed her arms in dissatisfaction.

“You two are saying all that……but, for me this has the opposite effect instead.”

{That’s wrong. Our presences are also effective towards Aine.}

“Ha? What are Commander and Shikina-san going to do to make me excited?”

{We are going to be watching here when you two carry out the Climax Hybrid.}


Aine’s complexion changed all of a sudden.

{There is really no chance to observe until this close, so I have an extremely deep interest. I have also prepared observation device, so I can record the change to Aine’s body in detail.}

“So, something like that……no way. There is no way I can do that with people watching!”

“If you cannot then we will force you until you do it. Normally what kind of thing you do with Kizuna, I have been thinking that I want to try confirming it for once.”

Reiri was murmuring with a voice that contained anger somewhere.

Aine’s face that became pale was now tinged with red in contrast. Her heart was beating fast with *doki doki* sound. Her thighs were rubbing at each other fidgetingly.

“That kind of shameful act……I cannot do it.”

{This is a rare chance so I’ll collect detailed data. I’ll record everything of the act that will be done after this, both the image and the sound.}

“No way……”

Aine’s eyes were moist. She was moved to tears from imagining the treatment that was awaiting her. Light of magic power was swimming in her eyes mixing with her tears.

Kizuna stared at that light and became astonished.

“Indeed……it looks like there is an effect.”

Reiri brought her mouth near Kizuna’s ear and whispered as if blowing her breath to him.

“Do your best♥”

Shuddering stimulation was driving up Kizuna’s spine.

Part 2[edit]

Even after receiving the all-out attack from Masters, Nayuta didn’t even twitch. The machine body generated Life Saver. It was laid out all over her body in a shape that clung tightly on her skin, bouncing back all the bullets. Nayuta’s face was calm and collected as though she was receiving a gentle breeze.

“If it’s just an attack at the level of Masters, then it will only get bounced back.”

Nayuta nodded to herself in understanding.

Masters shooting skills was just as expected from them. However although the bullets impacted, the armor that had luster like a lacquer didn’t allow for even a dent.

“If gun is no good, I’ll directly cut it! Blade!”

The sky flying swords standing by behind Himekawa soared towards Nayuta. Nayuta should be skewered instantly. However at the destination where the Blades were heading, Nayuta’s body was nowhere to be found.


Blades that were supposed to pursue the enemy no matter where lost sight of Nayuta. It was a movement that was just that sudden. Himekawa searched for Nayuta’s figure and looked around her restlessly.

The alert of her sensor notified her of danger from above.

Her spinal cord reflex flew the Blades above her. The Blades soared through the sky and intercepted the falling down Nayuta. However Nayuta also drew out a sword and wielded her sword with fast technique that even the eyes couldn’t follow, hitting back every single one of the Blades.

“No way-!?”

Nayuta was falling down heading towards the shocked Himekawa. Himekawa’s reaction was just a moment slower from her excessive shock. Nayuta swung down a merciless attack at that opening.


Himekawa held her Sword above her head to block against it somehow. However Nayuta’s sword snapped Himekawa’s Sword. And then it split into Neros’s armor just like that.


Fragments floated in the air from the broken chest armor. Her body numbed and she was falling down to the ground unable to move. Nayuta swooped down in order to add further attack.

At that time when she tried to inflict the finishing blow――Nayuta was blown away right to the side. The impact that was inflicted to her from the side was a really thick pillar of light. It was a bombing from a large caliber particle cannon.

Nayuta turned her eye to the direction where the bombing came from. Normal human eyes couldn’t see anything even if they looked at the direction where the light was coming from. However Nayuta’s eyesight caught the figure of Yurishia beyond the cracked sky at the far distance.

“I see. So just now it was the Differential Frame.”

She caressed the fan that blocked the particle cannon with admiration.

Nayuta pondered a little, and then she extended her mechanical arm. The tip of the arm was changing its appearance into a particle cannon.

That right arm emitted explosive light. Lines of light were spreading around the arm, piercing the center, a light of magic power extended to the cracked sky. Ahead of the light that was extending in a straight line was Yurishia.

Nayuta set her sight, and Yurishia who was aiming for the next shot hadn’t imagined that she would be aimed at in return.


Without delay she exchanged the Differential Frame from supplying attack power into propulsive force. The light of Nayuta’s particle cannon grazed Yurishia’s head. Few centimeters of the tip of her beautiful blonde hair was evaporated.

“At this range!? That’s bullshit!”

Yurishia swooped down with her thrusters fully opened. She hid at the behind of the first castle wall that was nearest to the castle, then she was circling along the castle wall. Suddenly the castle wall ahead of her path exploded.

“No way-! I’m being accurately tracked!?”

Nayuta’s particle cannon was piercing through the castle wall while chasing after Yurishia that was behind it. And then Yurishia was finally shot accurately.


With her Differential Frame destroyed, Yurishia was going into emergency landing towards the downtown.

“Sylvia won’t let you go further desu!”

Sylvia’s Taros was charging towards Nayuta. With the terrific propulsive force from the enormous rocket, Taros’s huge body was lightly accelerating. Taros swung up the hammer of its right arm.

“Shouldn’t you understand already that your attack won’t work?”

Nayuta blocked the attack of Taros.

Sylvia’s eyes shined.


The main cannons at Taros’s shoulders opened fire. The firepower that equaled the main cannon of a battleship attacked Nayuta from point-blank range. Fierce flame blast hid Nayuta’s figure from Sylvia’s view.


Sylvia thought that Nayuta was hit directly. However nervousness ran through Sylvia’s face. She swung down the hammer raised. Following the momentum she rotated and struck her hammer right behind without even confirming it. The hammer stopped still as if it collided against a wall.

“That’s a good instinct.”

Nayuta blocked the hammer that was as large as her body with her small hand.

“Certainly you have the outstanding talent as a pilot.”

With a light snap of her wrist, Taros’s huge body was blown away towards the ground.


Sylvia fell down on the roof of a five storied building inside the castle. She crushed through that building and broke through the floors in succession before Taros collided with the ground. It was as though a deconstruction project was being done there, the building that was turned into rubble was falling down on Sylvia.

Nayuta rotated her wrist and confirmed the motion of the arm that threw away Taros.

“I came to understand the spec of this body considerably.”

The bombardment of Masters flew at her once more at that time. Every single shot contained the force to defeat magic weapons. Nevertheless, they couldn’t put a single wound on Nayuta.

“Aa―geez―! Just what’s with this person-!”

Henrietta raised a loud voice with her glasses slipping down. It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to manage her unease and terror if she didn’t yell out.

Their attacks weren’t working at all. This was the first time they were feeling this powerless.

“Everyone do your best! Even that person should have a limit to her energy!”

Scarlet’s encouragement rallied back Masters breaking spirit.

Adding on the bullets that were raining down like heavy rain, barrage of missiles were heading to Nayuta. Nayuta didn’t dodge and received those missiles. Several explosions occurred and Nayuta’s body wasn’t visible behind the smoke.

“Yes! ……Eh!?”

Scarlet’s hand that was going to make a guts pose stopped.

Nayuta who appeared from inside the flame faced the Masters and elegantly spread her hand.

“Then, so that it will be fair to all of you Masters, let’s prepare firepower on the same level.”

The fan that was varnished black and gold spreading on Nayuta’s back. At its surface the weapons that the Masters were using were reflected.

“Eh……my rifle?”

A dubious expression rose to the surface of Sharon’s face.

“Not just Sharon’s. Mine too……what’s, that?”

Clementine also twisted her head.

Each of their favorite firearms was rotating in 360 degree like a 3D model. And then the images stopped moving when they faced forward, before starting to float from inside the fan.

“What’s with that!?”

Scarlet raised a flustered voice.

The image projected in the fan was materializing. Rifle and shotgun, anti material rifle and missile pod, and so on, something similar with their weapons were surrounding around Nayuta.

Nayuta thrust forward her small fist and opened her fingers.

At that moment, simultaneous firing was begun towards Masters.


The barrage that they had unleashed until now was returned at them. Masters became dispersed like baby spiders scattering everywhere where they ran away in confusion.

Looking up at the created weapons, Nayuta floated an enraptured smile.

“So creation of material is also possible. Exactly an almighty existence……the title of god is really fitting.”

“It’s ridiculous for you to be something like a god!”

An angel appeared before Nayuta. An angel of massacre with wings of blade carrying a scythe. It was Grace who equipped Koros. The scythe to reap away life which was held in her hands was swung down.

The scythe received an impact when it reached in front of Nayuta’s face as thought it collided against something.


Nayuta’s small fingers caught the scythe between them. The blade of the scythe was restrained by her index and middle fingers.


Grace’s eyes opened wide in fright.

She was supposed to be bisected into two with one attack. Even if it was blocked, Grace thought that it would be blocked by the mechanical arm. Never would she have thought that a flesh arm, furthermore it were the fingertips, that would stop her attack. Such thing was unbelievable.

Nayuta smiled with a face that was only young in appearance towards the grimacing Grace.

“Grace-sama’s ability is to steal the opponent’s magic power……the life force. How about trying to steal it? The life force of this me.”

Grace clenched her teeth. Her body was going to tremble if she didn’t do that.

‘――Fear? This me is feeling fear?’

She glared at Nayuta who was showing an innocent smile.

‘――Such stupid thing, is impossible!’


Grace’s pink hair shined, feathers of light were aimed at Nayuta from Koros’s wings and they were fired. Nayuta’s body was pierced by the feathers like a joke.

“I got you! Your magic power!”

The feathers piercing Nayuta’s body absorbed the magic power Nayuta had and brought it back to Koros’s wings.

“Hahaha, I’ll suck you dry!”

Feathers of light were coming and going bustlingly. However, even after a while their intensity wasn’t stopping.

Cold sweat was trickling down on the cheek of Grace that was showing a joyful smile.

‘――This woman, just how much magic power she has?’

Grace’s body was rapidly increasing in radiance. It meant that the magic power Grace’s body couldn’t stock was overflowing out.

‘――I cannot absorb anymore than this. My body is breaking!’

Nayuta faced Grace and showed an innocent smile. That smile made Grace tremble in her boots.

“Are you full already? You are more of a light eater than what I imagined Grace-sama.”

“Nayuta……you bastard.”

“Then how about an after-meal work out?”

Grace’s body was blown away even before Nayuta finished talking.


The impact that attacked her body out of nowhere confused Grace.

‘――Wha, what happened!?’

When she noticed, her body had sunk into the spire of the imperial castle.


Nayuta was floating still at the far distance.

‘――I was blown away……from over there? How? By what?’

Grace blinked.

Her eyelids closed, and opened, Nayuta who was supposed to be at the distance was before her eyes.


Her stomach received a terrific impact.


Nayuta’s mechanical arm was continuing to unleash blows with terrifying number of rotation. The impact from that destroyed the stone wall of the spire. Cracks were surrounding the spire before fragments and dust cloud burst out like an explosion. Cracks entered Koros’s armor and its wings broke.

“Gah! ……Haah! ……GUHAAAAu!”

And then finally the spire snapped at the middle. Grace’s body was falling down together with the destroyed spire. Even while receiving raining down rubble with her body, Grace was withdrawing from the rain of rubble. And then she landed with a roll on the courtyard of the castle.

Before her, a beautiful Heart Hybrid Gear so big one needed to look up at it was getting down.

“Even the Koros Vatlantis is proud of is nothing considerable isn’t it……if it’s like this, then perhaps Kizuna and Aine will be tougher adversaries. As I thought let’s have those two as my opponents.”


Grace stood up with trembling legs. However her field of vision was turning round and round, she was in a state that it was difficult to immediately stand.

There was no way to win. But, she had to fight. If she was defeated, perhaps it would be Zeros next that would experience this bloodbath.

“I could reconcile with Nee-sama after great pains……I won’t let you lay your hand on Nee-sama.”

She pulled out a scythe from her wings after shouting that sentence that was like a spell.


With all the might of her body, she slashed towards Nayuta. However the feedback she felt that was like bouncing back from a rock made her body get flicked away.

Grace’s body rolled on the lawn.

“Gu……gehoh……Na, Nayuta……”

Nayuta blocked the scythe with her mechanical arm. However because the magic power was stolen, the fingertip was cut down. Looking at that, Grace smiled widely.

“Fufu……even your armor, if its magic power is stolen, will vanish into nothing.”

However Nayuta returned a composed smile.

“Aah. This? There is no need for you to worry at all.”

The moment she said that, Nayuta’s mechanical arm that was cut was regenerating as if the part was growing again from the base.

“Wha……what, the?”

Grace’s eyes were unfocused from looking at the unbelievable sight.

Nayuta approached the collapsed Grace and grasped the wing of Koros with the regenerated arm. When she put strength, the bone frame of the wing bended greatly and it was easily smashed up.

Nayuta smiled sweetly.

“Is there any other weapon? Don’t tell me, this is not everything there is to it isn’t it?”

Grace’s eyes were wet with tears.

“Do, don’t underestimate me……this is, just the beginning!”

She made a fist with trembling fingers.


She punched at Nayuta. She couldn’t reach the body and hit at the armor of the large leg unit. However the protection of the armor was solid, not a single wound appeared on it. However this was the only thing she could do right now.

“Hic……I will, Nee-sama……guah!”

Nayuta’s steel arm seized Grace’s neck and lifted her up.


Her breathing choked with her neck squeezed.

“I feel disappointed of Grace-sama. For you to have strength only to this degree.”

“Kuh……Na, Nayuta…..only, you……I won’t……”

Grace’s sight was becoming white as if in a haze.

“Much appreciated. It’s fine for you to rest already.”

The strength squeezing Grace’s neck strengthened.

Agonizing. And then her body couldn’t even twitch.

‘――I’m, going to die like this?’

Certainly when she thought that her sister betrayed her, she thought that this world should just die.

But, she had resolved to save the world together with Nee-sama.

Just when she decided that, this is what happens?

Unable to do anything.

Unable to save anything.

Losing everything after being tricked by this kind of woman.

Tears overflowed from Grace’s eyes.

Her consciousness was thinning down.


‘――Someone, help.’

“Release that hand.”

Someone seized Nayuta’s steel arm.


Grace stared at that figure amidst her dimming consciousness.

Black hair and black eyes. And then jet black armor.

‘――Lemuria’s, demon king.’

The armor with black luster was emitting a radiance like something as good as new.

Kizuna grasped the steel arm of Nayuta, he glared at the face of his mother who had returned to her youth.

“Kizuna……this is surprising. I didn’t notice your presence.”

Nayuta’s tone was calm as usual. However a hardness mixed into that smile.

“Surely that’s because Kaa-san is not recognizing the value of my existence.”

Kizuna’s fingers that were grasping Nayuta’s arm were filled with strength.


Kizuna’s fingers crushed Nayuta’s mechanical arm within their grip. Grace’s body fell on the ground.

“Gehoh! Gahah……!”

Tears were floating on her eyes and Grace violently coughed.


Aine landed down beside Grace. And then she carried up the body of her little sister.

“You okay? Grace.”

“Nee-sama……you came.”

Grace looked at the face of her big sister and showed a smile of relief. Nayuta gave a sidelong glance at Grace and Aine’s figures before facing her own son.

“Breaking the arm of this me just with pure arm strength is……it looks like I can have expectations to this.”

Clenching his fist, Kizuna faced his own mother and took a stance.

“Kaa-san. This is as far as your playing around goes. I’ll have you teach us the way of repairing Genesis. Because just as you see, the destruction of the world is approaching.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 07.jpg

Facing Kizuna’s serious expression, Nayuta smiled as if in reassurance.

“If it’s about that, there is no need to panic you know?”


“I became a god. Even if this world is destroyed, I’ll create a new world again.”

Kizuna asked dubiously.

“What is the meaning of that? Creating a world, again you say?”

“Yes. This world is something created by the creator. The current me possess the same power with those creators. And so, even if this world perished, I will create a new world again.”

‘――What is she running her mouth of? This person.’

“What Kaa-san is saying is incomprehensible. Even if for example you create a new world, so what then? That world will be different with the world where we are! I want to protect this world!”

Nayuta put her finger on her lips as if in pondering.

“Then let’s play a game. If you can defeat me, I will teach you the way to save this world. The other magic armors and Heart Hybrid Gears are lacking for the experiment of my new body. Do your best by all means, please teach me where is the limit of this body.”

“Shit-! Even at this kind of time, how dare you say that this is a game or an experiment!”

Kizuna felt a fierce indignation. However right now he could only do as Nayuta said.

“Fine then. Just as Kaa-san wished for, I’ll defeat you! In exchange, I’ll have you teach me the way to save this world for sure!”


Nayuta opened a window and inputted something.

“I set it to leave behind all data even in the worst case that I die. Then, work hard. I have expectations from you, Kizuna.”

Nayuta put the arm that was crushed by Kizuna forward. Thereupon the destroyed internal structure was repaired, the crushed armor was pushed up. And then the armor too recovered its shine like a new thing.

Kizuna glared at that arm and then to his mother.

“Yeah……I’ll show you how I answer your expectations.”

Nayuta’s body suddenly disappeared.

But, Kizuna’s eyes were clearly looking at the movement of Nayuta withdrawing.

“This time for sure!”

At that moment, Kizuna’s figure vanished. Along with a sound that was like thunder, the ground where Kizuna stood sunk like a crater.

Kizuna chased behind Nayuta and rose to the sky. However the crack running in the sky that was falling down faster than they imagined was approaching.

“The sky has fall until this much……I’ve got to hurry!”

Kizuna confirmed the floating window displayed beside his face. It was displaying the remaining time of Kischarge Hybrid.[2]

‘――Thirty seconds.’

Nayuta also soared in the sky with a glide. Kizuna accelerated hot on her heels. A dogfight in the speed that far surpassed the speed of sound was unfolding.

At the sky above Zeltis, two shadows were crossing each other fighting in super high speed. However normal humans couldn’t catch sight of their figures. Both of them were building up a battle in the territory where no one could follow.

Sparks scattered in the air, electricity sparked. And then sound reverberated behind.

What could be inferred from the clash of the two was only that.

Kizuna’s speed was increasing even further. Just when he was going to catch up in a little bit more, Nayuta suddenly turned around. And then the sword in her hand drew a flash.


The tips of the sword slashed the chest armor of Eros. However Kizuna didn’t pay it any mind and rushed into Nayuta’s bosom. He further accelerated and dodged the sword attack by swinging his body left and right.

The accelerated fist of Kizuna struck Nayuta’s armor many times. Slight warping entered the armor with beautiful luster.

“I see, that’s quite a speed isn’t it. But――”

Kizuna’s fist cut empty air.


Nayuta was several kilometers ahead. And then innumerable particle cannons were created from the fan on her back, aiming at Kizuna. And then they emitted light simultaneously where a brutal vortex of light attacked Kizuna.

‘――This is bad!’


The Life Saver he immediately laid out was instantly destroyed. Eros’s armor was smashed while Kizuna’s body was sent flying. Kizuna’s speed fell to zero in one go and then he was blown away behind in reverse.

‘――Shit-! At this rate!’

Nayuta’s strength was in unknown number. Inexhaustible magic power, creation of various weapons, regeneration of destroyed armor, in addition speed that far surpassed the speed of sound. And then, all her basic specs were absurdly high.

‘――At this rate, will the world perish?’

At that time his blown back body was caught by something soft.


“Aine? Also……”

“Get a hold of yourself! Lemuria’s demon king!”

“Grace!? Why are you, in this kind of place.”

He was carried by Aine and Grace at both sides.

“Obviously we came running after you!”

Aine let out an angry voice.

“Nayuta cannot be defeated alone. That woman’s strength is overwhelming……however, if we combine our strength, we might be able to create an opening.”

Grace’s serious gaze was directed at Kizuna. Her red eyes were shining like an appeal that was filled with prayer. Aine also nodded and stared back at Kizuna with eyes of the same color as her little sister.

“Yeah, got it. Let’s combine the strength of us three!”

Kizuna flew out with Aine and Grace following right behind him.

“The current me can only oppose Kaa-san with speed. It’s hard to make a lethal attack with only direct blows! That’s why, you two lend me your strength!”


“Leave it to me! And so, what should we do?”

Kizuna exchanged some kind of words with the two. And then for some reason it was only Kizuna who flew away to a different direction with Nayuta. Seeing off his figure, Aine and Grace nodded at each other.

“Then we are going now. Grace!”

“Yes. We will show her the strength of the strongest sisters in history!”

Kicking the air, both of them accelerated in one go. The speed of the two of them surpassed the speed of sound. Merciless bombardment from the particle cannons Nayuta created came attacking at them. Aine and Grace were evading the bombardment while flying into their firing range in one go.

Nayuta didn’t move and dared to intercept the two instead.


Aine’s fist raised a roar. And then Grace’s fist lashed out.

The super high speed fists of the sisters struck Nayuta.

“Fufufu, that’s it. Work even harder.”

Nayuta’s mechanical arms blocked the fists of Aine and Grace. The arm’s palms blocked and shook off the fists. The fists of the two that were thrust out with terrific speed were continued to being dodged using the two arms.

“You……don’t look down on me!”

Aine attacked with a combo of fists and kicks. The attacking speed of the two was gradually increasing. Even though those were fists and kicks, they were attacks that concealed destructive power like a bomb in every single one. Fierce explosive sounds and sparks were scattered. Aine and Grace’s fists and legs were drawing trajectories of light and shockwaves were roaring like thunder between the three.

And then finally the fists of the two surpassed the speed of Nayuta.

“It reached!?”

However Nayuta’s armor bounced back their fists.

“Here we go Nee-sama!”

Blows that were like cannon shells hit mercilessly. Blood spurted out from Aine and Grace’s fists. Even so they didn’t pay it any mind and struck with all their strength.

At that time, crack entered Nayuta’s beautiful armor.

“Kuh! Just one more push!”

“Yes! Smash it apart!”

But, Nayuta’s eyes shined with that as the signal. Bottomless magic power was driving through her whole body.

“!? The armor!”

The cracked armor was being repaired.

“This monster!”

Both Nayuta’s flesh arms were thrust towards Aine and Grace respectively. Magic circles opened from Nayuta’s palms.

“No good! Grace!”

When Aine yelled, vast magic power burst out from inside the magic circle.


Raw magic power that was like a rainstorm toyed around with the two. It carried fierce pressure and shockwave which beat up Aine and Grace. It broke into magic power circuits, made the magic power mechanism ran rampant, and stole the life of the Heart Hybrid Gear and magic armor.

The bodies of the two which were blown away traversed several kilometers instantly. Their armors were smashed and strength was stolen from their whole body.

Tears overflowed from the eyes of the two.

They didn’t achieve anything. Only wounding the armor a little.

And even that was immediately repaired.

――But they bought time.

What was left, was only to entrust everything to that person.

Grace drew out the sharpest blade from inside her wings. And then its shaped was changed into a sword, not a scythe. The wing of king, snapped by Nayuta. She raised it to the sky.

“Lemuria’s demon king! Take this!”

Unstoppable tears were trickling down from her red eyes.

“All the feeling of mine and Vatlantis! For a fitting retribution to that woman.”

The sword was gone from that hand.

Staring at her hand that became empty, Grace smiled.

Similar with her little sister, Aine too raised her weapon to the sky.

Remembering back, when she first met Kizuna, clashing with him, and then getting back on her feet thanks to that.

This was the symbol of that.

Her important memory.

The proof that they crossed over the wall by the two of them.

“Kizuna! Please! Mine, and your world――”

――Leave it to me.

She felt like she heard that.

The weapon had disappeared from Aine’s head when she noticed.

Floating a reassured smile, Aine was falling in the sky.

Leaving behind Aine and Grace, Kizuna soared through the sky.

After separating with the two, Kizuna was earnestly continuing to accelerate.

Before when he fought Yurishia, he was able to go until he barely surpassed time.

But, now that he had done Kischarge Hybrid, he could pass through that wall.

When he fought Grace, he could take a little peek at what lied at the other side of that wall.

To jump over that wall completely, an approach run was necessary. That time with Yurishia, it was also impossible to get out the speed of the limit territory in one go. There was the necessity to gradually increase his speed.

In order to do that, Aine and Grace held back Nayuta in place.

Kizuna passed over sound,

Passed over light,

And then,

The past too,

The cause and effect too,

The shackles too,

Shaking free from everything.


Nayuta noticed the approaching existence. There was an object approaching near with outrageously fast speed.

In order to immediately deal with it, she began moving.

But, it was already too late.

Inside the world where the time stopped, Kizuna finally arrived until the place where his hand could reach Nayuta.

And then in his hand was what Grace entrusted to him, Koros’s sword.

Nayuta’s armor repelled any kind of attack. And then it would be repaired when it bore damage.

But, that was if it was in the normal stream of time.


Kizuna swung the sword. The sword of Koros that absorbed magic power. Even the solid armor of Nayuta could be wounded if its magic power was absorbed. Right now where even the supply of magic power was stopped, it was just a mere solid armor. Kizuna swung around the sword in his hand recklessly. He cut down the armor protecting the child appearance of his mother.

Even if any kind of bombardment was inflicted on her, all would be repelled by this armor and shield. But, if she lost her armor, then the shield also couldn’t deploy.

Inside the world where time stopped, Nayuta exposed her defenseless figure.

And then Kizuna raised the weapon entrusted to him from Aine, which he held in his other hand.


Cutting, agitating, and then pulverizing the time and space of the target.

Its muzzle, was aimed at his mother.

The figure of his mother who had returned to a young child. However that soft smile was unmistakably his mother’s smile.

When he stared at the figure of his mother who was reborn again, Kizuna was attacked by a mysterious strong emotion.

Young, child.

Perhaps that was the true nature of this person.

Curiosity without end. Purely straightforward greed in order to satisfy it. Right now this appearance revealed his mother’s simple heart. Kizuna was feeling like that.

His finger pressed the trigger of Pulverizer.


Unmerciful light of despair exploded.

At that instant, Kischarge Hybrid met its time up.

The pink light enveloping Kizuna vanished, time moved.

Nayuta saw the figure of her son aiming the muzzle of Corruption Armament. That was also the moment when her armor broke apart.

‘――This is, what happen――’

Nayuta’s field of vision was completely filled with the light emitted by Pulverizer.

The lightning of god that crushed everything tormented Nayuta.

Her armor that had broken beforehand couldn’t protect Nayuta’s body. The shield that was slightly generated was also destroyed, her remaining armor was smashed apart. The steel arms were being segmented into small pieces. The fan was torn apart right from its base, scattering in pieces in the air. Nayuta’s body screamed, her skeletal structure collapsed. Compound fracture occurred throughout her whole body and her internal organs ruptured in succession.


Blood burst out from her mouth. It wasn’t tears, but blood that overflowed from her eyes.

And then, the violent light of the utmost limit suddenly vanished just when it was thought that perhaps it would continue endlessly.

It was as though the slaughter until now was just a lie, gentle wind rustled his hair to flutter. At the same time floating windows opened one after another around Kizuna.

{Kizuna!} {Kizuna-kun!} {Kizuna!?} {Captain-!}

The faces of Amaterasu were calling Kizuna’s name in their mouths.

But Kizuna didn’t let his eyes move from Nayuta before his eyes.

{Kizuna! You did it!?}

Reiri asked him vigorously. Kizuna sent the image he was looking at in place of an answer.


Looking at that image, Reiri reflexively averted her face.

Nayuta’s armor was mostly crumbling, the remaining parts were only few. And then her flesh body could only be described as gruesome. Her whole body was mangled, her appearance with blood trickling could only be seen as a corpse.

Reiri pulled herself together and stared at the figure of her mother that had completely changed.


“My, so you are still calling me mother aren’t you, Reiri?”

Reiri reflexively held her breath. Kizuna too was staring with shocked eyes at the figure of his mother who looked only like a corpse.

“You are still alive……can you speak……Kaa-san?”

“Foor now I restored only my vocal cords.”

{Vocal cords……you say?}

Reiri’s eyes completely changed, tinged with color of vigilance.

“Yes. A damage of this level is possible to restore.”

Exactly as she said, Nayuta’s body was returning to normal. It was as though time was rewinding back, her ruptured internal organs and bone frame were becoming as before.

The inside of Kizuna’s chest was turning cold all of a sudden.

‘――Even that, cannot defeat her?’

He had already used up his Hybrid Count. There was no method to fight remaining.

He had used all ways available to him. If she was still not defeated even with all that, he didn’t know what else he could do. Cold sweat along with despair were surging out.

Reiri murmured in irritation.

{This monster……}

“Fufu, not a monster, a god――”

Nayuta suddenly shut her mouth. Her bloodied face made it hard to understand her expression, but she looked like she was troubled.

“Why……even, something like this……”

Her eyes were moving in panic and she murmured something deliriously. Reiri scowled her face at Nayuta whose condition was changed.

{What’s the matter? It’s really rare for you to show a change in expression or anything.}

Nayuta directed her eyes that were dyed red from blood to empty air, she raised her face as if noticing something.

“Aah……so that’s how it is. This body, is a replica after all. Then, if there is only the genuine data……with that……”

Nayuta faced the window of Reiri with a blood soaked face.

“The experiment is a failure……this body is not perfect. Surely in no time at all, this body will breakdown.”


Just as she said, Nayuta’s body began to convert into light particles.

Kizuna leaned his body forward in panic.

“Wait! Teach us before that. I defeated mother. The data that you said you will hand over, where is it?”

Nayuta shook her head with her body that was gradually vanishing.

“I didn’t think that my body will be destructed until this thoroughly. The research data I planned to leave behind is no more. Later please dig up the research lab and search there.”

Kizuna’s complexion changed.

“Wait! There is no time for that! Please, to save this world! Before you disappear, teach me! How can we fix the Genesis!?”

Nayuta stared at Kizuna with a gesture as if giving a sidelong glance.

“……That’s right isn’t it. Kizuna had really worked hard. As a present, I’ll teach you the way to repair Genesis.”


Kizuna made a happy expression like a child. Looking at that face, Nayuta too looked as if she was slightly smiling.

But, even while they were talking like that, Nayuta’s body was vanishing into particles of light. Her legs had completely vanished, there was only the upper half of her body remaining.

“……I deciphered the inscription carved on Genesis. What was needed for that was the missing relief of Genesis. It had become the national treasure of Baldein in their safekeeping. It was a really important piece. What was written in that part, was the only words with their meaning understood. That is, [The goddess dances. With nothingness, with death, with emperor. And then to eternity], that’s the verse.”

Those were words that Kizuna had also heard before.

“And then at the same time, that one verse is also exactly the method to maintain the Genesis. That method which Vatlantis has forgotten had remained in Baldein. That is the ceremony presented before the pillar. Descending into special intoxicated state, and then by giving each other pleasure magic power is replenished and the flow of magic power is put in order. And then, that verse conveys to us the ceremony necessary to maintain the pillar.”

Kizuna was shocked and his heart greatly throbbed.

“How about it Kizuna. Such ceremony, don’t you think that you have heard about it somewhere?”

‘――I have.’

“Is it……Heart Hybrid.”

“Exactly. And then the meaning of the song just now. It designated the specific method that had to be done at the time you carry out the Heart Hybrid.”


“[Emperor] is about the organizer who is holding this ceremony. [Nothingness] is Zeros, [death] is Koros. [Goddess] refers to the creator, in this case it points at Genesis. The dance is about the ceremony of Baldein. That is to say the Heart Hybrid. In other words, if the organizer does Heart Hybrid in Baldein style with Zeros and Koros, Genesis will promise an eternal operation, that is the meaning.”

Nayuta’s body below her chest had already gone. Impatience was born inside Kizuna’s heart.

“Originally this ceremony is for steadily supplying magic power and maintenance. Even if it is done normally, I don’t think there will be any great effect. However――”

Nayuta stared at Kizuna.

“If it’s Kizuna’s Eros, the story is different.

“In other words, I and Aine, and then Grace, if the three of us performed Connective Hybrid, Genesis will be repaired……that’s what Kaa-san means?”

However there was no reply.


The light particles flew away riding the wind. There, Nayuta’s figure was already nowhere.

‘――No way.’

It was too quick.

For him, she was a very large existence. Surely even for all the people throughout the world, there was no one else who had influence as big as her. Yet despite so, now that she vanished it was something that happened really easily that it felt anticlimactic.

“You vanished……too quick.”


{Kizuna. You can hear me?}

“Shikina-san……sorry. Before I could hear the story properly, Kaa-san was……”

{No need to worry. I understood the gist of it.}

“Eh! Really!?”

{But there is a need to hurry. Aine, where is the research lab of Professor Nayuta located?}

Aine’s window opened in order to reply.

{I’m heading there now! Follow along my location information!}


Ataraxia began to advance and moved forward through the sky of Zeltis. The greater part of that sky had been torn off and the deep black darkness was spreading. And then frequent earthquakes fanned the unease of the citizens even further.

Reiri took a deep breath before she crossed her arms strongly.

“Kei. About how much time we have remaining until the world’s break down?”

Kei lifted up her head while typing on her keyboard and touch panel nonstop.

{The prediction is in two more hours.}

Reiri lifted the corner of her lips and forcibly made a smiling face.

“At last, this is the critical moment huh.”

Lemuria and Atlantis. The last mission to save the two worlds was begun.

Chapter 5 – Melancholy of Gods[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ataraxia was standing by at the sky above where the Genesis once stood. Under it, the remains of Genesis were piled up like a mountain. Most of the pieces became light and vanished when they crumbled, but there were also things that remained and didn’t disappear. All of those were collected in one place. Having said that, it was still quiet an amount of remains, there was about a small mountain of it.

A square tent was set up in front of it as the impromptu countermeasure headquarters. Inside it, the confirmation of the collected pieces was being carried out.

“Yes. There is no mistake that this is the fragment of Genesis handed down in my country.”

The queen of Baldein, Landred, nodded after looking at the lithograph. The verse of [The goddess dances. With nothingness, with death, with the emperor. And then to eternity.] was carved on it. It was the thing Nayuta and Valdy stole from Baldein’s palace and deposited in the research lab.

“Nice, way to go.”

Reiri nodded and then the students of Ataraxia’s research department carried that lithograph towards the mountain of rubble.

“With this it’s everything.”

Reiri gave out a long sigh and lifted her face.

“My gratitude for your cooperation regardless of the sudden request, your majesty.”

“What are you saying? If there is a danger to the world, this is only natural. Besides, we also received a request of cooperation beforehand from Izgard.”

In this world, Baldein was the only one which carried out the ceremony of Genesis as their tradition. It was only handed down among the royalty, so there was only one person who was well informed of that, that was the queen of Baldein, Landred. It could be said that it was a godsend that she also went along together with Baldein’s dragon force until nearby Zeltis.

“Putting that aside Commander-sama. Why are all of you people hiding your body with that kind of clothing?”


Landred walked to Reiri’s side with her large breast shaking. Her gesture was overflowing with grace, a dignified stance that was really like a royalty. That alone made Reiri greatly perplexed.

After all the clothing of this queen was nearly completely naked. Even what she called as clothes was ridiculous. Speaking clearly, there was only accessories. No matter even if the accessory was made from gold and jewel, they did nothing more than barely hide the tips of her breast and her nether region.

Brushing up her beautiful voluminous hair, Landred smiled bewitchingly to Reiri.

“I understand even if you hide it. The beautiful body under those clothes. If someone with a high position like you is in that kind of appearance, the moral will be affected you know?”

Reiri reflexively backed off.

“N, no. I wish that your majesty will learn the culture of our world when this matter is over with.”

“My, is that a promise?”

After sexily closing one of her eyes, Landred distanced her body.

Reiri cleared her throat and checked her watch. Only one more hour remaining until the estimated time of the world’s breakdown.

“Please wait a little.”

Leaving those words behind, Reiri moved to the neighboring tent. Over there was Kei checking by herself the machinery which would be used for the ceremony.

“Kei, is the preparation in order?”

{No problem, but}

Kei’s finger unusually stopped above the keyboard.

“Is something the matter?”

Her hand dropped with a clink and she looked up at her best friend with uneasy eyes.

“This is really, scary……”

It was Kei’s real voice that she didn’t let anyone hear other than Reiri.

“Hm? Certainly this is a mission that affects the fate of the world. I understand that you are nervous. However――”

Kei shook her head left and right.


She took the file that was put above the desk and handed it over to Reiri.

“What, is this?”

“Just now, the research department brought it over. It was dug out from the research facility.”

Reiri read the letters at the cover of the file.

――Project Babel.

“The content was the thing that Professor Nayuta taught us, written in detail.”

Reiri tilted her head.

“Why, is that scary?”

“Professor Nayuta recognized that she failed in remodeling her body.”

“That’s right. I had never seen that person making a face that surprised.”

She looked delighted, however her smile gave out a tinge of loneliness in it somewhere. Reiri responded with such smile.

“But, didn’t she think of the possibility of failure? That Professor Nayuta?”

Reiri’s eyebrows twitched up.

“The condition of Professor Nayuta at that time seemed odd. It’s hard to imagine that she would give us information without expecting any compensation. Surely, Professor Nayuta had her own objective.”

“However, that woman died.”


Silence flowed between the two.

“……Hey, Re-ri.”


Kei murmured with a shivering voice.

“Do you think, Professor Hakase is really dead?”

Reiri lost her words. Her heart felt a shaking from unease that noisily disturbed her.

“……Of course. Mother is dead. I think she is an unforgivable existence as a person but, if she died already, then there is nothing to disturb the mind anymore.”

Even so Kei was making an anxious face.

“……For argument’s sake, even if mother was scheming something, we can only perform the ceremony now. If we don’t, at that time it’s the end for us.”

“Yes. You’re right. Sorry, Re-ri.”

“I don’t mind. Rather than that, I’m counting on you for the projection system.”


Reiri exited the tent and stood still staring at the ground.


The name of the gigantic tower that appeared in the Genesis of the Old Testament. Humans were trying to build a tower that reached the sky to challenge god. It detailed that the act caused the fury of god.

“Just a mere legend……there is nothing to worry about.”


The face of the queen of Baldein peeked out from the tent.

“Is something the matter?”


Reiri renewed her feeling and straightened her back.

“Conforming to the detail your majesty taught to us, the preparation of the ceremony is finished. There is not even a leeway for rehearsal, so we are performing without any practice beforehand. By any means, I wish for your majesty to be also present and give us your advice.”

Landred smiled elegantly.

“My pleasure.”

When the queen exited the tent, the commander and the staff officer standing by in front of the tent followed behind her. Reiri walked ahead to guide the queen.

At a distance of a hundred meters, there was the solace delivery installation number one, at its other side was a large tent. With width of twenty meters and length of a hundred meters, it might be better to call it as a warehouse with that size.

Reiri first went in front of the solace delivery installation number one, opened the door and called to the inside.

“Kizuna, is your preparation going okay?”

“Yeah, I can start anytime.”

Kizuna who was lying down alone on the bed raised his body. He was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform.

“For some reason, this appearance relaxed me.”

“But, it will be stripped off soon you know?”


The excessively gorgeous and sexy auntie behind Reiri said something unsettling.

“Nee-chan……this person?”

She was mostly naked, so he honestly felt troubled of where to look.

“She is Queen of Baldien, Landred-sama.”


Kizuna suddenly sat straight and bowed his head many times.

“My, my apologies. That, I’m, no I am――”[3]

“I don’t mind if you give your introduction for later. We are fighting against time……besides, for someone who is going to rape the emperor and the emperor’s agent of Vatlantis at the same time, what need is there to act that humble towards me.”


“Never mind that, we are going now.”

Kizuna panickedly followed Reiri who turned on her heel. Kizuna thought, this queen was also a strange person.

When they arrived right in front of the large tent next to it, Landred spoke to Reiri.

“However Commander-sama. We cannot really gather many people in this short time isn’t it?”

“Yes. We simply gathered the nearby people so, I’m unable to guarantee that the condition that require good looking people is met……”

Kizuna still wasn’t taught a single thing regarding the specifics of the matter.

And so, when the door of the tent was opened, he was shocked of the world unfolding inside.

“Wha, what is, this?”

Contrary to the external appearance, the inside was furnished with extravagant design. The floor was covered with carpet and fur with long fur length, the wall was enclosed with beautiful textile. With this kind of floor, it would surely felt pleasant to roll around on it. However, there were also several large beds that were properly prepared. And then at the center there was a Jacuzzi installed, bubble and steam were rising up.

But he wouldn’t be that shocked if there were only decoration and furniture inside. Everywhere inside the room was filled with half-naked females. They were relaxing on the bed, entered the Jacuzzi, or stretched their legs on the floor, everyone was passing a relaxing time as they pleased.

Furthermore all of them were in the appearances where they were only putting on thin clothes. Their breasts and asses too could be seen behind the transparent clothes.

In contrast with the bewildered Kizuna, Landred put her hands together delightedly.

“My my, isn’t this lovely. Everyone is cute, with this there will be no problem at all.”

Reiri was also calm. Kizuna was alternately looking at the faces of the two wondering what was going on.

“Thi, this is? Is this not……a Connective Hybrid with Aine and Grace?”

Landred answered with her cheeks reddened from excitement.

“This is also a part of that ceremony see. The ceremony offered to the pillar, just as told inside our Baldein royal family. We are reproducing the form of that ceremony following what is told in the royal family as much as possible like this.”

“In other words……you are saying that these people too will participate in that ceremony?”

“Yes……But, they will not do anything direct with you. The role of these girls is to produce the place and atmosphere for the sake of making the ceremony a success. By having these girls dancing here, the special space necessary for the ceremony will be created.”

“I see……I feel like I do understand, and don’t understand――”


A blonde haired girl rushed at him with her large breasts bouncing.

“Uwaa! Yu, Yurishia……uoo!?”

Yurishia had teary eyes while leaping at Kizuna. And then she strongly hugged his body.

“Kizuna……I wanted to meet you.”

Of course Kizuna was also happy. However Yurishia’s appearance was only a single piece of thin cloth put on her body. Her large breasts were directly pressed on Kizuna’s body, its shape was distorted and glued tightly on him. Kizuna wondered whether he should be happy or shy, he replied with a confused feeling.

“Ye, yeah! I’m glad……that, you are safe……wait, I knew that you were doing idol things, so I felt relatively relieved though.”

Yurishia pouted her mouth a little sullenly.

“Waitt, even that was a major disaster just so you know! It wasn’t like I started doing that because I like――”


This time a small body was running at him. And then she rammed herself with all her might at his stomach.

“Guh! ……Sy, Sylvia……you seem energetic, that’s great.”

“Uwaaaaaaan, captain-, captainnnnnnn”

She rubbed her face on him while crying.

“Wait, you two! Why are you two doing shameless things! It’s fine to be happy to be reunited, but please act only after thinking of your own appearance!”

“Uwaa! Hi, Himekawa!”

With a force that seemed like she would be growing horns, Himekawa was standing imposingly there. However even Himekawa herself who was saying that was only wearing a single transparent thin cloth like the other people here. Furthermore in Himekawa’s case she was only wearing necklace and bracelet on her upper body. Her lower body only had a cloth lightly tied on her waist, in a certain meaning she was the one with the highest exposure rate.

“What’s with that ‘uwaa’! Besides, no matter how you are too slow in coming for the rescue! During all that time we were made to do embarrassing behavior like being idols here!”

“What’s with you, even though you are the one who got carried away the most.”

Yurishia spoke in astonishment.

“Wha…….tha, that’s a false accusation!”

“Himekawa-senpai is serious, so she was the one who did her best the most desu. Sylvia doesn’t think that’s something to be embarrassed about but……is Sylvia wrong desu?”

Sylvia’s pure eyes pierced through Himekawa.

“E……no, that……”

Yurishia narrowed her eyes meanly.

“Rather than that, that appearance is really embarrassing and shameless right?”


Himekawa covered her body in panic with both her arms. However, Himekawa’s body was already thoroughly burned behind Kizuna’s eyelid.

“Uu……I unconsciously, feel happy, that I forgot my own appearance……”

“Ah, isn’t this Kizuna! Long time no seeeee!”

There was a group that waved their hands from inside the Jacuzzi.

“Aa, Scarlet! Also everyone of Masters!”

When he saw carefully, this room was filled with many people who he knew.

“The people here are only the fellows from Ataraxia huh.”

“Seems like the commander gathered all of them together using any way available to her……”

“Uwaa! Kurumizawa!? Even you?”

A girl sitting on the carpet hugging her legs was Kurumizawa Momo of the research department. As expected she was wearing the same single piece of thin cloth, but she was curling on herself so that her body wouldn’t show.

“I was taken here by force……this is kidnapping, abduction.”

Unsafe words were streaming from her mouth with a dark face.

Landred whispered to the ear of Kizuna who was troubled of how to reply.

“No need to worry. She will soon be made to feel happy by this aroma.”

Landred’s hand was holding an incense burner without him realizing it. The aroma rising up from that incense burner was really sweet, the inside of the head felt like it was lightly floating the moment one smelled it.

“This aroma is the aid of the ceremony. It clears away the wall of the heart and causes the hesitation towards the act to be gone.”

Certainly, Kizuna became feeling really pleasant. He got the feeling that surely if he drank alcohol, perhaps he would also get a feeling like this.

The eyes of Yurishia and Sylvia who were hugging him were also turning empty, they began to leak out sexy breathing. Himekawa’s cheek was also reddening as if she was drunk. Her eyes also became moist, she was already in a state where the sign of Heart Hybrid could appear anytime.

Indeed, he felt like he could understand how this aroma was called as the aid of the ceremony.

Landred gently pulled the hands of Yurishia and Sylvia.

“You who are the organizer, please proceed forward to the inner room. Your partners are waiting there.”

“Ye, yeah……got it.”

Kizuna proceeded forward into the tent with a little shaky footsteps. When he looked carefully, there were incense burners here and there inside the room, wafting off the sweet aroma. The effect of that aroma made the girls at the nearby bed to start caressing each other’s body.

He got the feeling that those girls were his classmates at the second year first group if he remembered correctly. While thinking of things like ‘it will be a disaster when they get their sanity back won’t it’, he kept walking deeper inside. There was a place that was partitioned by curtains at four sides at the deepest spot of the tent. He parted the curtain and entered inside.

After he slipped through several layers of curtain, over there were two extraordinarily beautiful girls, brimming over with elegance awaiting for him in seiza posture.


“Lemuria’s……demon king.”

The two people who reigned at the top of this world. The sisters Aine and Grace.

When he first met Grace it promptly turned into a battle, so this was the first time he was seeing her calm appearance. Certainly she really resembled Aine.


“No……you don’t have any injury?”

Grace averted her face with a sniff.

“That’s unnecessary worry.”

He heard from Aine that, ‘Grace is not thinking of killing Kizuna anymore’, but honestly he felt uneasy. He prepared himself that she might assault him the moment their faces met, but it looked like that ended up only as his unnecessary fear.

“I too feel reluctant, doing this kind of ceremony but……it has to be done if this affected the fate of the whole Atlantis. Demon king, you too play your role as our partner to the best of your ability.”

“Ye, yeah……I’ll do my best.”

When he took a glance at Aine, she was nodding with a faint smile.

Aine was just wearing accessories created from gold and jewel as clothes replacement. Grace had the tips of her breast and between her thighs to be minimally hidden by accessories that were shaped like feathers. Both of them were in the appearances that were nearly stark naked. Rather they appeared to look lewder than just being naked.

“Do, don’t stare, so much.”

Aine twisted her body shyly.

“My, my bad. But……see”

‘Isn’t it impossible for you telling me to not look’, Kizuna justified himself inside his heart.

“Nee-sama, what are you acting embarrassed for. You are really this beautiful, so isn’t it fine to be confident?”

“Uu……that’s not the problem.”

What both of them were wearing were the outfits of the emperor and her agent. The two of them would be embraced by Kizuna as the emperor of Vatlantis.

Kizuna’s throat gulped audibly.

Kizuna also sat down nearby the two who were sitting on the floor. And then he was going to extend his hands at the two of them.

Now that he looked at this situation, the two of them were really beautiful. Their faces and body structures were different with normal humans. They were like artistic handicrafts created by the hand of a master by spending a long time. Their hair and eyelash, eye and lips, from their collarbone’s line until the swelling of their chest and the protrusion at the summit, the color and luster. The make of everything throughout their body was delicately bold. Normally they would be a work of art of national treasure entered into a showcase he couldn’t possibly approach. From that there was this immoral feeling of trying to lay his hand on something priceless without permission.

But, even so he wanted to touch. He felt that his feeling was also getting bigger due to the aroma of the fragrance. Both of them also looked like they were waiting for him to come with moist eyes.

Just a little bit more and his hand would touch. But, at that time the curtain opened and a silhouette entered inside.

“Please wait still before beginning. There is a procedure in this ceremony after all.”

It was Baldein’s queen, Landred. Landred who was carrying a bottle in hand sat down beside Kizuna.

“This is a drink of godsnectar created from sacred fruit. After drinking this, you have to dance.”


“Yes. It’s about the word that said dance in the inscription. The act that you will actually do is of the same kind of this Heart Hybrid that you all speak about.”

“……Got it. There is no time, let’s drink it immediately.”

His throat was parched from the nervousness, so he would be happy if he received a drink. Kizuna extended his hand toward the bottle Landred was carrying.

However the queen hid the bottle as if to avoid Kizuna’s hand.

“You must not. There is a method to drink this conforming to the etiquette.”

“Drinking method?”

“Ainess-sama, Grace-sama, may I?”

“Yes……what is it I wonder.”

“Both of you, need to become the vessel.”

“What does that mean?

Not just Kizuna, Aine and Grace also looked like they didn’t understand the meaning.

“Ainess-sama, please take off your breast accessory and Grace-sama, please take off the feather on your groin.”

Grace frowned.

“Is that how it is? If that’s the case we should just take them off from the beginning.”

“This is the established routine after all.”

Grace stood up and extended her hand toward the feather hiding her groin. It seemed that the feather was only stuck there, it was simple to take it off.

The bush underneath it was colored the same like the color of her head’s hair. The light bush wasn’t that thick and was neatly trimmed, one could clearly understand that it was thoroughly groomed.

Grace sat down once again calmly.

“Now, Ainess-sama too.”

Urged on by Landred, Aine also reluctantly took off her breast accessory. The golden ornaments looking like cup covering the tips of her breast were taken away, then pink colored circle that was almost the same size showed its appearance from below the ornament. The tips were standing straight, telling them that Aine was also aroused.

“Then Ainess-sama, please press on your breast as if lifting them up from below.”

“Li……like this?”

Aine pressed her breasts as she was told. The hills of her chest were tightly joined, creating a valley between them.


Landred brought the mouth of the bottle close to the cavity created by the breast and began to pour the content.

“Hya……cold……but, that, this is?”

Feeling bewildered of the liquid that was held in the valley of her breast, Aine threw a questioning gaze at Landred.

“Demon king-sama is to drink at this nectar. Now, I implore to you, please drink.”


Aine’s face was immediately dyed scarlet.

“Quickly, there is no time.”

Queen Landred spoke to hurry him up.

“Uu……Kizuna, drink my nectar……wait, this is just too embarrassing-“

Indeed this act was also really embarrassing for Kizuna who was in the drinking side. But, he also understood that this was not the time to say something like that.

Kizuna sidled up to Aine and brought his face closer to the valley of her breasts.


When Kizuna’s mouth touched the sake cup of the valley, Aine raised her voice slightly.

Kizuna slurped up that liquid.

‘――!? Delicious!’

He didn’t know what the fruit this juice was made of, but it was refreshingly sweet. Rich aroma tickled his nose even after drinking, making him want to drink more. Kizuna became absorbed and pressed his face into the valley of Aine’s breast.

“Nnah, Ki, Kizuna……calm down……aah”

Aine’s skin warmed the liquid slightly, making him thought that it drew out the aroma even better. He drank it all up in a flash and he even licked at the drops that clung at Aine’s skin.

“Aan……geez Kizuna……there is no more already you know”

Aine caressed Kizuna’s head. Kizuna returned to his senses and distanced his mouth.

“Fufu, it seems that you are pleased by this nectar.”

Queen Landred smiled delightedly.

“Yeas, it’s a taste I have never drunk before……it’s really delicious.”

“It’s said that this is the drink of gods. It cannot be drunk except at a special ceremony, a really expensive and valuable item. Then, please have another.”

Saying that Queen Landred went toward Grace who was sitting in seiza.

“Grace-sama, please close your thighs tightly and bend your back a little backward.”

“Mu, like this……hyah!?”

A cavity was created between the tightly closed thighs and the abdomen. Queen Landred poured in the nectar toward that cavity.

“Now, Grace-sama. Please request him.”

“Hu……humiliation……to make my body as replacement of a cup……de, demon king-sama……please, drink as you like……uu-”

Even while getting teary eyes, Grace put her strength to close her legs so the nectar wouldn’t spill. Looking at her state, Kizuna felt that she was pitiful for some reason.

“Sorry for this, Grace……having you do this.”

“Muu……don’t worry about it. This is something I wish to do. This is by no means for your sake. This is for the sake of saving Atlantis and Lemuria. Even temporarily I was someone who served as the emperor, I have to fulfill the responsibility of my station……that’s why, drink as you like!”

She bended herself backward while her cheeks were dyed red. As if saying that she wanted Kizuna to quickly drink.

“Besides……I also have the debt of my life that was saved by demon king. When I asked, you had also saved Nee-sama’s life before……that’s why, I’ll specially allow it if it’s you.”

Grace who recovered the calm of her mind had the feeling of wanting to save the world. She was also feeling obligation towards Kizuna.

Then, Kizuna too had to answer to that feeling.

He lowered his body forward and brought his face closer to Grace’s knees. Inside the transparent liquid, pink colored shadow was slowly swaying. As though it was beckoning Kizuna’s lips. And then Kizuna tasted the drink of the gods amassed between Grace’s legs.


Grace raised a trembling voice. Kizuna tasted the nectar he slurped up inside his mouth.

‘――Delicious. However, the taste is different from before?’

The sweetness wasn’t as much as before, but he got the feeling that the thickness of the taste and aroma was even richer.

“Fufufu, the taste is also different from before isn’t it?”

When he separated his mouth from Grace’s sake cup for the moment, Kizuna looked up at Queen Landred.

“Indeed……even though the nectar comes from the same bottle, how……?”

“This nectar’s taste will change in accordance with the cup it is poured into. And so, it will give rise to different taste for each one. Surely the cup of Grace-sama is giving a high class taste.”

“This is, Grace’s taste……”

Grace’s cheeks were dyed red with her lips trembling.

“Ne, never mind that, just drink quickly!”

He wanted to drink more even without being told that. Kizuna restrained Grace’s hips with his hands and then put his mouth on her nether region.

“Hyaaaan! Fo-foolish person, you inhaled too strong-, aaahn”

The taste was gradually becoming thicker while he was licking, He finished drinking and then he also licked up thoroughly at the nectar clinging at Grace’s thighs and abdomen.

Around that time, a change also appeared in Kizuna. His cheeks became hot and his pulse stronger. His head felt light, it was a really pleasant feeling.

“Now, the preparation is in order with this. From now on, please hold the ceremony with just the three of you.”

“Yes……we are going to do Connective Hybrid isn’t it?”

“Yes. But, there is one thing I need to trouble demon king-sama with.”

Saying that, she pushed a box put at the corner in front of Kizuna.

“Try to enter your fingertip inside.”

Kizuna tilted his head while opening that box.

{Kizuna. Thanks for your hard work.}

Suddenly a communication window opened inside the box.


He guessed that this box itself was installed with the function to display a floating window. The window was streamed with the letters that Kei was inputting.

{A camera is inserted into the box. Confirm it.}

Indeed there was a machine that was like a video camera inside. When he tried to hold it, it was a small type that could be settled on his palm, it was easy to hold even with one hand.

{This time take the recording of the Connective Hybrid from start to end with that camera.}


Landred crouched down behind Kizuna and put her hands on his shoulders. Her distance was close. The breast of the queen was so big that it was going to touch him just by her getting closer, so her breast touched him now even if he felt reluctant of it. The sensation of the thick soft breast spread on Kizuna’s back. The queen was whispering into Kizuna’s ear while pushing her breast on his back.

“Originally there is the necessity to carry out this ceremony in front of the pillar. The pillar is the god, the god is enjoying himself looking at our dancing figure. That’s why, there is the need for the pillar to watch the ceremony itself.”

“Our location is certainly in front of the pillar but……”

Genesis had already collapsed, right now it was a mountain of rubble.

{We had thought of the way to show this ceremony to Genesis. We reached the conclusion that it’s likely that image information will exert some kind of influence. Therefore we inspected the research results carried out by Professor Nayuta and thought of a single way. That way is to record the ceremony using a camera installed inside a small magic mechanism, and then sending that image record to the fragments of Genesis.}


{The image system of Vatlantis-made is different with our technology, they use magic power and transmitted image particles, reproducing the same area at a distant place. Those particles will be scattered and if we send the image all over the fragments, then it will be the same like doing the ceremony in front of the Genesis.}


Kizuna didn’t quite understand the meaning of that explanation.

{Speaking in an easier way to understand, by projecting the recorded image to the rubble of Genesis, the image particles will be absorbed by the rubbles. That is to say, we will obtain the same effect like doing the ceremony in front of the Genesis.}

Kizuna tried to push the camera switch. The image being recorded was floating beside the camera as a floating window.

“Can I do something like a Connective Hybrid with a camera in one hand?”

Honestly, he had no confidence.

{Even if you can’t, do it. There is the circumstance of the time limit approaching. In our estimation, there is only thirty more minutes until the world’s collapse.}

There wasn’t any choice or anything. He could only do it.

“I got it. Aine, Grace, let us save the world!”

The three nodded at each other.

“Shikina-san. Is the preparation over there going well?”

The situation outside was reflected in the window. The mountain of rubble illuminated by dim light was visible. It was like a recording taken by a flying boat floating in the sky. That mountain of rubble suddenly became bright.

“This is!”

The giant appearances of Aine and Grace were projected on the ground. Kizuna was shocked and his hand shook, thereafter the image also greatly shook. There was no doubt, right now the image Kizuna was recording was being projected. The flying boat was loaded with a projector and a projection mapping was worked on the remains of Genesis.

It was a giant screen where a side of it could reach three, four hundred meters. He got cold feet when he thought that the Connective Hybrid act would be projected in a big way like this.

“Hey, Shikina-san……having it projected bigly like this, won’t everyone see it?”

{Rather, show it to them. We are also relaying it towards the whole people of Zeltis.}


‘――Our act? Towards the whole people of Zeltis she said!?’

Kizuna got cold feet. Landred spoke gently to Kizuna who was being like that.

“Please calm down. It’s desirable for as many people as possible to hold this ceremony. The number of people participating is representing the depth and extent of the faith, and that will become the happiness of the pillar that is the god. That is to say, holding this in an even larger scale will heighten the possibility of success.”

Landred’s words were interpreted in Kei’s own way through the text streaming in the window.

{This ceremony is something carried out by Kizuna, Aine, and Grace, the three of you. However the magic power for restoring something in the level of Genesis is impossible to be obtained from just three people. It’s better to do it in a way that borrows the strength of as many people as possible.}

“Yes but, it’s too extreme to involve the whole people of Zeltis. Is it no good with just Himekawa and the others outside?”

{At first that was also our intention. However, it’s not enough.}

Aine cut between the talk unable to hold herself back.

“I understand the story. But, there is no need to intentionally display our Connective Hybrid to the people right? It’s fine to just project it to the Genesis!”

However Landred shook her head.

“No. I don’t know about the people who possess Core, but for the common people to participate in the ceremony and supply their magic power, the guidance of the head priest is necessary. That is to say, there is the necessity for the three of you to display your appearances. The act of you three will grant influence to other people, inducing them to participate in the ceremony.”

Aine was staring at empty air with a perplexed expression. Honestly saying, Kizuna was also wanting to hold his head.

{One more thing, the relay is not broadcasted inside Ataraxia. That’s why rest assured.}

“I cannot rest assured at all!”

Aine yelled with a voice that was going to cry.

Landred smiled slightly and stood up.

“Then I will leave the rest to you. Please……save the lives of my country and people.”

Leaving those words behind, her figure disappeared behind the curtain.

{The projection system is all green. Begin Connective Hybrid.}


Kizuna stopped thinking about unnecessary thing and concentrated on doing Connective Hybrid. Inside the camera’s finder, Aine and Grace were sitting with nervous looks.

‘――First I’ve got to loosen up their tension.’

“Aine, your expression is hard there. Relax.”

“Even if you tell me that……all the citizens are watching this recording you know? Don’t ask something unreasonable.”

Aine replied with a pale face. But Kizuna recalled about when they carried out Climax Hybrid while Reiri and Kei were watching.

‘――Shame and arousal are two sides of the same coin. If I can make use of this well to get her in the mood…….’

For the time being, Kizuna directed the camera to Grace.

“I wonder……is something like self introduction once again okay?”

Grace made a displeasured face, but she opened her mouth reluctantly.

“I am the second princess of the Vatlantis Empire, the acting agent of the current emperor Grace Synclavia.”

Her cheeks were somewhat red. Her body was also a little sweaty, her body was fidgeting restlessly.

“Are you feeling unwell?”

Kizuna brushed up her pink hair and pressed his hand on her forehead.


Grace’s body twitched in a jump.

“You, you okay Grace?”

Aine also looked into Grace worriedly.

“Ye, yes. Just now, since the nectar had been drunk……my body feels hot.”

Kizuna was also the same like that. Most likely the nectar entered inside Grace’s body from some place other than mouth. There was no doubt that she was feeling the same effect as Kizuna because of that.

“Certainly it feels a little hot.”

Kizuna put down the camera for the moment and began to take off his uniform. Aine and Grace’s eyes were stolen by Kizuna’s naked body that was gradually exposed.

“Ou……this is……”

Grace’s throat gulped loudly.

When Kizuna only had his underwear left, he once more took the camera in his hand and settled the frame on Grace.

“However……Grace looks exactly just like Aine huh.”

Kizuna’s words made Grace threw out her chest proudly.

“That’s right. After all I’m Nee-sama’s little sister.”

Kizuna held the camera with his right hand and caressed Grace’s hair with his left hand.

“Mm……don’t touch me, so familiarly.”

Even while saying that in her mouth, she was making a face that was feeling good like a cat that was brushed gently. Like that he caressed her ear before his hand crawled on her neck.


She bent her neck erotically.

“Aren’t you even more erotic than your big sister?”

“Hm? Kufufu, you won’t get anything even if you flatter me you know, demon king.”

When he realized, Aine next to him was glaring with a terrifying look. It seemed that the big sister would be furious when he praised the little sister too much. There was the need to unite the feeling of the three people in Connective Hybrid. He had to pay attention to the balance with Aine. Incidentally


“Aah……about that, I wonder if you can stop calling me demon king.”

“Hm? Then what should I call you?”

“Let’s see……well just call me normally, Kizuna or something……”

“Something like……Nii-sama.”

He could hear a faint murmur. When he took a look, there was Aine who went beet red until her ear while she was looking down.

“Mu? What is the meaning of that word [Nii-sama]?”

“Se, see, it’s like a male version of Nee-sama……sort of? It’s a way of calling used for a male older than you or something.”

With a brief glance, Aine sent a gaze to Kizuna’s direction as if stealing a look.

“No, Aine. In this situation the meaning is a little――”

“You have a problem!?”


‘――Aine-san. Scary.’

“Hou. I see……then, I’ll call you that.”

Aine was showing a greatly delighted smile. In any case if this made Aine have a good mood, then this is for the best.

“Then, the continuation. Grace, can you show me your breast?”

“That’s fine. Nii-sama.”

Grace took off the feather ornaments clinging on her chest. From underneath that, cute but also splendid breast for her age appeared. The protrusion on the top of the breast was in the small side compared to Aine. And then even the part that was dyed pink had faint color with small area. It was a really lovely breast.

Grace let her guard down quite much from the nectar’s effect. Later it would be better to make Aine drink the nectar too he guessed. Stirring up the mood was the shortcut towards Connective Hybrid.

Kizuna took the bottle of the nectar and poured the content on Grace’s breast.

“Hya……wha, what are you doing, Nii-sama.”

“Aine. Let’s clean up Grace’s nectar together.”

Guessing Kizuna’s intention, Aine timidly sidled up to Grace’s side. And then, she licked up the drops of nectar wetting Grace’s breast with her tongue.

“Haahn! Ne, Nee-samaa”

“Nn……delicious. This is”

Aine raised her face in surprise. It seemed that Grace was happy that her big sister was delighted that she smiled bashfully.

Kizuna too extended his tongue at the breast of the other side while directing his camera to Aine. He put the tip of his tongue to the tip and licked up.

“Ukuh……yaa, that……yaaaann”

Perhaps she felt it too much, Grace’s legs clattered and struggled. However Kizuna didn’t pay it any attention and continued to lick her breast. He kissed at the soft bulge and sucked that it left behind marks.

“Fuh……ku……aann, yhaaaah”

Aine was gently groping the breast at the opposite side while licking from Grace’s flank towards her navel as if to search for the dripping down nectar. The texture of her tongue made the inside of Grace’s chest shudder.

“Aine, I’ll leave the chest to you.”

Aine’s cheek also reddened from drinking the nectar, she was making a slightly dazed expression. But her eyes were shining in lewdness. Her eyes narrowed and she nodded happily.

Aine brought her mouth near Grace’s ear.

“Grace……you are cute.”


Aine put Grace’s ear between her lips. And then she softly licked with her tongue.

“Nfuu! Ah, aaaaaa……”

Grace’s body was trembling intensely. During that time Kizuna was caressing Grace’s legs thoroughly. She had supple and slim legs. His hand was climbing up from the knee, feeling a lot of chubby and soft parts. And then, his hand was rising to the base of her leg.

Over there was a secret door of Grace that was tightly closed. Kizuna aimed his camera at that part. When he thought that this was projected outside, he felt a feeling of guilt. Furthermore there was no cut, the recording was uncensored.

“A……Ni, Nii-sama, that place is”

Grace tried to close her thighs, but Kizuna’s body was already forced its way through between her legs.

“It’s going to be okay……leave it to Kizuna.”

Aine was rubbing Grace’s breast while licking her neck.

“Uuu, Ne, Nee-sama……ahn”

Her weakly slackened legs were spread open, Kizuna touched the pure secret spot of Grace with his fingers. And then when he opened his fingers, the closed door opened, at that moment a sweet aroma drifted off gently.


Surely she was feeling how her spot that was usually hidden came into contact with outside air. Grace’s mouth leaked out sigh. The camera got near and the part which was opened by fingers was projected. And then, his finger was inserted into the hidden secret slit.


Grace bent backward as if she was struck by lightning. The pleasure that she received had an intensity that was in a different dimension with everything until now. However she couldn’t move with her upper body and lower body restrained by Aine and Kizuna.

“Noo, no no, don’t-, don’t do something like……kuaaaaaaaaaaaahn!”

Kizuna extended his finger and gently caressed the inside of Grace. The exact opposite of the resisting Grace, that place was welcoming Kizuna’s finger by softly wrapping him.

“Haah, no-! Kuu……aaahn! Ha-, a-, HAaAAhN”

Grace was writhing while dripping tears from the great stimulation. Particles of light swam inside her eyes and light of magic power was also beginning to appear from her body.

Aine was also continuing to attack Grace with a blushing face.

“How cute……Grace.”

She was pinching the pointed end of Grace’s breast with one hand while the other hand was extending between her own thighs.


Aine’s body also convulsed with a twitch.

Kizuna was stirring the inside with his finger while he pressed tightly at the small bud a little above the entrance with his thumb.

At that moment, light of magic power and scream burst out from Grace’s body.


Joyful face with tears trickling down in agony. That expression was properly caught in the camera.

Aine’s body also stiffened and convulsed with twitch, twitch.

After recording the moment where the two of them came, Kizuna caressed Aine’s face.

“Ki, Kizuna……?”

“I’m sorry Aine. Making you do it yourself.”

“Wha-, what are you talking about I wonder? I, I don’t really……”

However Aine’s thighs were damply wet with a large stain created on the carpet. Aine was unable to hide how she was comforting herself and her face reddened with a *puff*.

Kizuna once more took the nectar’s bottle and spilled it on Aine’s body this time.

“Kyah! Ki, Kizuna. What’re you doing?”

Kizuna embraced up Grace who was lying down with her shoulders heaving.

“Grace, this time let’s make your big sister feel good.”

When she gazed at Aine with intoxicated eyes, Grace smiled bewitchingly.

“Just as I wished for. This time I’ll be the one being affectionate to Nee-sama.”

“Wa, wait a seco-……aaaahn”

Kizuna sucked on Aine’s left breast, with Grace on her right breast.

“Haahn♥……aah don’t, somehow, I feel too much……aaaaanau”

“Nee-sama’s breast……it’s really delicious. It’s big, soft, even just touching it makes me feel happy. Nii-sama is also like that right?”

Grace looked at Kizuna with enraptured eyes.

“Yeah. Completely. Especially look, just licking a little makes the tip grow bigger immediately, it’s really fun.”

“Yes. I really concur. I get along with Nii-sama in this.”

Thinking calmly, doing this talking with Aine’s breast between them was really an incomprehensible situation. However, it was the fact that Kizuna and Grace understood each other by discussing Aine’s breast.

In the meanwhile, Aine’s face was bright red from the unbearable shame and her pursed lips were undulating.

“However Nii-sama. The one who can make Nee-sama’s nipple grow the biggest is me.”

“I really cannot ignore that. I think I’m the one here that can make it stand up the better.”

“Then it’s a match.”

“Yosh, that’s just what I want.”

“You……you two……”

Aine’s patience broke through the limit.

“Idiot? Are you two idiots!? What kind of match is that! Don’t speak incomprehensible――ahaaan♥”

Ignoring Aine’s rage, the two of them sucked at her breasts.

“Li, listen when I……ta, hyaaann, do, don’t suck that strongly, yaahn”

Both of them were granting stimulation at Aine’s breasts in rivalry against each other. Kizuna was sucking the breast while recording the appearance of Grace sucking her sister’s nipple with his left hand.

“Ge, geez-!”

Aine extended her hand to Kizuna’s body to resist and slipped her hand into his underwear.

“Uu! Aine-“

“Wha, what. Even though, Kizuna too, is, is……this big!”

Aine seized Kizuna’s thing and moved her hand up and down even while her eyes kept darting around from so much shame. That movement was a gentle and caring movement.

Kizuna was greatly conflicted.

Should he record this!? Honestly, it was embarrassing to record himself. As expected the story was different between recording other people and recording himself. But, thinking of the objective this time, was it allowed for such thing like only himself not being recorded?

“No! There is no way that is allowed!”

“Ki, Kizuna?”

Aine showed a shocked expression at Kizuna who suddenly yelled. However Kizuna pulled down his underwear and aimed the camera.

“Eh! Wha, what are you doing?”

“I don’t mind. Do whatever you like Aine.”

Steam was raising from Aine’s head, she then replied in a fluster.

“Li, like you say!? I, I don’t particularly like this or anything, this is just my competitiveness-!”

However Kizuna was staring straight at Aine.

‘――Err……in other words, you want me to touch it?’

Aine once more gripped Kizuna’s thing even while she felt like crying.

“Uuu……something like this……is even more embarrassing when I was recorded having this kind of thing done to me……”

Aine’s hand was soft and felt really good.

“Fufun, it seems that this is my victory.”

In the meanwhile Grace was caressing Aine’s breast lovingly and splendidly raised up the nipple.

“U……certainly, it’s magnificent.”

The pointed end that stood straight to the very limit was shining from the wetness of Grace’s saliva, that appearance was beautiful.

“Hueeen……I, don’t want to do this anymore……”

Aine’s body was fully feeling it even while speaking her complaint. Aine’s arousal was especially instigated by her granting stimulation to Kizuna.

Kizuna also understood that just by caressing Aine, far from the Connective Hybrid, they wouldn’t even reach Heart Hybrid. However in his situation that needed to hold the camera, he couldn’t move as freely as he wished. After thinking for a while, Kizuna caressed the back of Aine with his empty right hand.


Aine spontaneously leaked out sweet voice from having her spine stroked. Kizuna kept gently brushing her back like that while his hand was gradually progressing below. And then his hand arrived to her bulging ass from her waist, he then started to rub attentively. And then his hand wedged itself into the chasm.

“Kyahn! Do, don’t, that place”

Aine stood on her knees to escape. His hand thrust in without delay at that timing. His hand touched to Aine’s most important place from her bottom. That place was hot and moist to the degree that steam might come out.

“Aine……you are really wet huh.”

“U……there is no such thi-, kuh! Aan”

Each time Kizuna moved his finger, wet sound was resounding. That sound stirred up Aine’s shame whether she wanted it or not.

But in order to divert her attention from the pleasure, Aine put her strength into the fingers gripping Kizuna’s thing. And then, she sent at Kizuna pleasure several times more than before as if to strike him.

Kizuna aimed the camera alternately at himself and Aine.

“Nii-sama, I will back you up.”

Grace sucked at Aine’s nipple while extending her finger too at Aine’s groin. She pinched at Aine’s most sensitive spot with her fingers.

At that instant, Aine’s consciousness flew away blankly.


Aine’s body twitched largely, she was repeatedly convulsing in shudders. Light of magic power was swimming inside her largely opened eyes, bright light was overflowing from her whole body.

At that moment, pink light danced in the air from Kizuna’s body. And then at the same time, the surge of pleasure induced by Aine was released in Aine’s hand.

Aine lost her strength and collapsed forward. She kept convulsing even after collapsing and each time her ass was shivering.

“With this……is the Connective Hybrid or something, over already?”

“The match is starting from now. In order to save the world, the three of us will rush to the climax in one go together.”

“By the way Nii-sama. Before continuing……there is something in my mind since a while ago though.”

Grace was staring at Kizuna with a doubtful face.

“What is it?”

“No, I believe that there is a strange thing attached on Nii-sama there.”

Where she was gazing at was Kizuna’s crotch.

“Eh!? Aah, well……certainly this must be something you had never seen before.”

Grace’s face approached curiously and also hesitantly. Looking at her, Kizuna hung down his arm and recorded from the side.

“It’s really……strange. However, mysteriously……my chest is beating fast.”

Grace gulped loudly.


Aine who entered Heart Hybrid’s intoxicated state raised her body. Her cheeks were blushing, and her eyes that were shining obscenely were staring fixedly at Kizuna’s thing. When she noticed that the thing was dirtied by Kizuna’s own fluid, she got on all four and crawled towards Kizuna.

“Kizuna……sorry. Right now, I’ll clean it so……”

When Aine’s face lined up with Grace, her enraptured eyes were shining lewdly. Her tongue extended and took a lick at Kizuna’s thing.


He was in a state that was already sensitive. Kizuna leaked out his voice reflexively.

Aine was wholeheartedly licking at the liquid clinging to Kizuna’s thing. And then she opened her lips and swallowed into her mouth the tip. Kizuna was recording that situation with the camera while enduring the pleasure.

“Ne, Nee-sama. Is that thing, something that has to be handled like that?”

Aine assented with a nod while still stuffing her mouth.

“Is, is that so……then I too, will try to do it.”

Aine separated her mouth while making a sound *chupon*, then she surrendered her place to Grace. Grace timidly extended her tongue and touched at the tip that was swelling largely. And then she slowly licked it around.

“How is it, Grace?”

“It’s a mysterious taste. Also, it’s a mysterious feeling, that is making my heart beat fast, making me calm down.”

Aine held it inside her mouth once more. And then she slurped deliciously.

And then when Aine’s mouth separated, Grace began to suck. Kizuna was recording from his own point of view, the appearances of the Vatlantis emperor sisters sucking his thing cordially.

Aine and Grace were sometimes looking up at Kizuna with his thing still inside their mouth. When that happened they were naturally looking at the camera. That view was something really inflammatory that made his spine shiver. When Aine confirmed that Kizuna was satisfied, she once more concentrated on sucking in relieve.

The images that Kizuna was recording with the camera were all being projected at the wreckages of Genesis. The wreckages that absorbed the image particles were beginning to emit faint light. And then that radiance entered into the body of the people watching the ceremony’s recording through their retina, changing their consciousness into intoxicated state.

Reiri and Kei and also Landred who were looking up at the recording from nearby, were the very first who received the influence.

“Commander-sama……now, we too shall cooperate together.”

Landred showed a bewitching smile and embraced Reiri’s body tightly. The four large hills changed their shapes elastically while the bodies of the two were glued tightly as if absorbing each other.

“Wa……please wait, Queen……nn?”

“Re-ri……easy childbirth shape……is amazing, it’s comfortable to touch……”

Kei embraced from behind and her small hands were caressing around Reiri’s bottom.

“O, oi, Kei! Even you……nn, haah♥”

Suddenly a saccharine desire was boiling up from the depths of Reiri’s body. It didn’t come only from the skilled fingertips of Landred and Kei.

“Ku……so this is, the influence of this ceremony……haaahn! Wa, wait-, aah!”

The radiance that Genesis’s wreckages generated quickly subdued Reiri’s resistance. Her will couldn’t win against the pleasant feeling, Reiri and the others were swallowed into the whirlpool of pleasure.

Himekawa and the others who were inside the same tent as Kizuna and the others were receiving that in an even stronger influence.

“Aa……Kizuna-kun, doing that kind of shameless thing……nuaah! –haaan!”

The recording projected inside the tent made Himekawa’s eyes turned moist.

“Good grief. It’s really envious, geez.”

Yurishia was intensely groping Himekawa’s bottom, they looked like they were embracing each other from the front.

“Hauu, Yu, Yurishia-san, please don’t vent your anger on my bottomm-”

“Even Hayuru, since a while ago……nuu, aren’t you, groping my breasts”

“Because……because, this. It feels this good. It’s unfair, for Yurishia-san to seduce Kizuna-kun with something like this……”

Himekawa couldn’t separate her hands from Yurishia’s breasts. The sensation created from the large breast that was overwhelmingly different with hers was something really enjoyable that wouldn’t make her tire of it.

At the other side of the two, five, six girl classmates were clinging on Sylvia’s small body, they were repeatedly caressing Sylvia as the pleased, licking all over that body so diligently.

“Sylvia-chan, how cute……”

“Moreover, all over your body is sweet……it’s like candy.”

Sylvia’s body was writhing from the pleasure produced by that many hands.

“Funyaa! Don’t desu. Everyone, doing something like that……HAaahN-♥”

The recording floating in the air was reflected in Sylvia’s eyes. The figures of Kizuna, Aine, and Grace that were projected at the Genesis. That recording turned into light of lewd pleasure that shined into Sylvia’s immature eyes.

“Captain……Sylvia is……working hard too desu♥”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 08.jpg

The recording that guided the people seeing it into intoxicated state was being sent into all the image terminals of Zeltis city.

All the people watching that recording had their heart stolen by the lovely and obscene figures.

Among those people, the captain of imperial guard Leon squad Hyakurath and captain of Tigris squad Mercuria were also included. Both of them were staring together at the ceremony recording inside Hyakurath’s room inside the imperial castle.

“Hey, these are Ainess-sama and Grace-sama right……”

“Yeah……both of them, are really, pretty……lascivious.”

When they saw that recording, the inside of their chest grew hot. And then the feeling that had been hidden until now suddenly overflowed.

Mercuria embraced Hyakurath’s shoulder close.


Even while being bewildered, Hyakurath was embraced within Mercuria’s arm without resistance.

“Hyakurath……all this time, I…….about you”

Mercuria plundered Hyakurath’s lips. And then she groped her soft breast. Hyakurath displayed a slight resistance, but her eyes soon went moist and she entrusted her body to Mercuria.

Sparkling bright particles of light were created from the body of the two. The radiance that was like the light of star traversed the night sky and went absorbed into the wreckages of Genesis.

Similar lights of magic power were rising from all over Zeltis. Lights that came from acts of love were gradually increasing in number and converged above Genesis’s wreckages.

Kizuna, Aine, and Grace who were projected to the wreckages stood in the lead of all the people and rushed over the mountain of pleasure. The people of Zeltis were tempted and followed behind the three as if being incited. And then Kizuna sensed that before long they would be nearby the summit of pleasure.

“Hey, Kizuna♥”


The sisters of Aine and Grace were prostrating on the carpet with their bottoms lifted up high. The Vatlantis empire sisters were shaking their asses wantonly towards Kizuna. The voluptuous ass of Aine and the ass of Grace that was on the small side compared to Aine. Both were smooth without a single stain on them, beautiful and lovely asses. Then the most important place of the two that was in its depth. Both of them placed their hands to the behind and spread open the pink petals wet with dews to show him. And then they looked back towards Kizuna, staring at him with anguished gazes pleadingly.


Hot honey brimmed over from there greedily, drawing a silver string that was dripping down on the carpet. Kizuna put the camera on the carpet, then after confirming the two were captured in the frame, he reached out his hands to the hotly wet slits of the two.

“Hii! Aaaaaaaann, fuaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

His fingers that thrust into the heated honey jar felt like they would get burned. At that moment the two of them bent their back and raised loud coquettish voices. Kizuna wriggled his fingers inside the body of the two as if to stir the molasses inside.

“Aah! Hyau! Mmmh, ah, aaah!”

The charming voices of the two mixed with each other. Their gasping voices reverberated like a chorus. Their soft flesh tightened tightly on Kizuna’s fingers. The ass of the two were shivering in convulsions.

Even if he made the two of them climaxed like this, they wouldn’t reach Connective Hybrid. Kizuna slowly pulled out his finger. The two of them directed anxious faces at Kizuna, as if asking why did he stop.

“Aine, Grace. Lie down over here.”

Both of them obeyed him obediently and laid down on the carpet. And then following Kizuna’s instruction, they entangled their legs and rubbed their important places at each other.


Both of them felt it just with that, their waist was moving automatically and rubbed their important place at each other. As if to pacify that movement, Kizuna caressed the asses of the two with his right hand while his left hand was holding the camera.

“Here we go, both of you.”

Aine’s eyes reflected obscene light with happy expression.


Grace also smiled at Kizuna with a lewd face.

“Nii-sama, together……”

Kizuna nodded and pushed his thing against the valley formed from the flower petals of the two.


The two sisters raised a slight moan.

And then Kizuna pushed into the slit created from Aine and Grace’s secret place.



Both of their body bent backward and they released loud coquettish voices.

That place of Aine and Grace was hotly damp as if steam would come out. Honey was brimming over from the place he was thrusting and dripped down.

The soft flesh of the two was sandwiching Kizuna’s thing from both sides as if to hold it inside. As if saying that they wanted to eat Kizuna’s thing, both their place stuck tightly to him. Kizuna himself was thrusting and pulling out in order to rub at those petals.

“Naaaaaa! Hahnn! Ki-, Kizuna, no-, no, don’taaaaaan!’

“Hyaaah! Ni, Nii-sama-, mmhm, my head is, getting strange”

Each time he thrust up, the honey surging out from the bodies of the two splashed Kizuna, reproducing hotly smoldering honey jar. It was something Kizuna had never experienced before, a first-rate pleasure. The soft and obscene texture without any compare made Kizuna felt like his hips were going to melt.

That sensation felt like he was thrusting inside Aine. And then it was also like he was inside Grace too at the same time, he felt such illusion.

It was as though he was trampling the inside of the two sisters Aine and Grace simultaneously, a severe pleasure and euphoria that was far from feeling realistic. Violent pleasure was going to roast Kizuna’s brain.

Instinct stirred up his body, he nailed his waist, sound of skin and skin bumping resounded.

“Aah, fuah, Kizuna-, i-, it feels, goo-……nhoooooo –“

“Do-don’t, I am-, hauuu! Over there is, no good……aaaaaaaaa!”

The two were entrusting their bodies to the pleasure with melting expression. Right now in this moment, whether it was the fate of the world, the position as the emperor, everything was completely blown away. What existed were only the bodies of the three, their communing heart, and then the pleasure they shared.

The bodies of the three began to convulse.

“No-, no more……ah, aaaa-I’m, flying……AAAaaAAA!”

“I-, I too, aahn, I’m flo, floating, somewhere……nh-, NOOOOOO!”

Kizuna was at his limit too. Mobilizing all his remaining self-control, he started up a floating window and confirmed the status of Genesis.

What Kizuna saw there, was the vortex of tremendous light coiling around Genesis. That scene was just like a typhoon of magic power with the Genesis as the center. The source of those lights was the light of the rising life force from all over Zeltis.

All the citizens were combining their strength and generated magic power, this was the result.

‘――We can do this!!’

“We are going together! Everyone’s power of love, share it to us!!”

Kizuna squeezed out the last of his strength.

And then he nailed his waist with all his might. Aine and Grace, Kizuna himself reached until the deepest of the deep of the two’s bodies. Spreading out the deepest area of the two, he broke through the wall of patience and awareness and reasoning.

At that moment, the three’s bodies were driven through by sublime pleasure.



Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 09.jpg

Electric current ran before their eyes, their sight was dyed white.

Tremendous brightness was rising from Kizuna and the others to the sky. That brightness became one with the vortex around Genesis and focusing all the lights of magic power towards Genesis. It was as though the light born from Kizuna and the others was trying to return to Kizuna and the others inside the recording.

Reiri who was entangled with Landred and Kei in bared open clothing was looking up at Genesis which was increasing in brightness.

“You did it……Kizuna.”

When she saw her watch, there was still three more minutes before the predicted collapse.

‘――In the end, did we make it?’

Reiri was staring at the wreckages of Genesis with bated breath.

“!! It’s moving!”

The wreckages of Genesis were changing shape into a cluster of light. And then the light deflated and began to vibrate, as though gathering strength.

“This is……”


Kei came beside Reiri and grasped her sleeve anxiously.

At that time, Genesis suddenly released an explosive radiance. It was as though it broke through its limit, the light of magic power was launched towards the sky.

Looking up at the light which was traversing up with tremendous speed, Landred leaked out an admiring sigh.

“How magnificent……for me to be able to witness this kind of miracle in my lifetime.”

Reiri too was looking up at the path of that light with narrowed eyes.


Before long the pillar of light extending to the sky reached the cracked sky. And then, just like that the whole sky was being pushed up powerfully. That momentum knew no stop, the tip of the light and the sky too, they were going up with the speed that they couldn’t judge whether they were becoming more distant or not.

The tip of the light extending to the sky suddenly caused a large explosion. The ring of light was spreading, painting the cracked sky.

“Starry sky is……”

Reiri spontaneously whispered.

From inside the pitch black darkness, a whole starry sky was being born. That ring of light traversed the sky, spreading without end everywhere.

It was most likely until the end of the world.

The towering pillar of light was gradually turning dark. What appeared from underneath it, was a pillar with a design drawn on its stone-like material.

Queen Landred spoke along with a sigh.

“This is Genesis’s……revival.”

Radiance of magic power was coursing through the beautifully shining surface. That pillar was different with the appearance of Genesis that was standing just before this. That calm appearance had no dirtiness or any crack on it, likely this was the appearance of Genesis at the time of its establishment, the original appearance.

Part 2[edit]

It was a beautiful night.

A crescent moon was floating like a ship in the sea of starry sky. A streak of light was extending through that world of stars. It was like a bridge that was connected to the heaven, a streak of light extending from the ground.

That was the light of Genesis.

Light of magic power was shining in the black pillar. With the revival of this pillar, all the despair until now was overturned. Not only Vatlantis Empire, but Izgard, Baldein, and all the other small countries, all the countries were in the mood of festival right now.

This imperial capital of Zeltis was also not excluded, a full-blown festival was started from the revival of Genesis throughout the night until today. The citizens all opened their stores, drinking and singing in great commotion. Contemporary banquets were starting all over the street. Fireworks were rising to the sky without stopping, acting as the proxy of the happiness of the people. That uproar showed no sign of settling down even when the night came.

Even in the middle of Zeltis that was in such an uproar, there was a place that was the most dazzling and boisterous.

“Everyone― we are still going here―! You guys still have energy left―!?”

Scarlet’s call raised thundering cheers from the audience seats. The vast arena and stand were fully packed with people. It was the Colosseum where death matches was once carried out here. The commemoration event of Genesis’s revival was carried out here.

“Then, next is your long awaited joint corner! This group who in the battle this time, made great effort together with us-!”

Fireworks were launched simultaneously, three girls leaped out from under the stage. They were floating high on the stage, as if dancing in the air. And when they landed, the three made their poses.


And then the intro song began and the enthusiasm of the Colosseum reached its climax.

Himekawa whispered to Yurishia and Sylvia still with a smiling face.

“Say……even though the battle ended already, why are we still doing this kind of thing?”

“……Actually, Sylvia is also questioning this desu.”

When the three glanced at the wing of the stage, Marisu was making a thumbs up with a broad smile.

Yurishia sighed and spoke in resignation.

“Well……because this is a celebration. Even if we say that we are quitting here―, it’s just too boorish.”

“For some reason, Sylvia gets the feeling that we cannot slip out desu.”

“Hah! Rather than that please concentrate at the stage! The first line is coming!”

Amaterasu’s beautiful singing voice and their stylish dance began.


Ragrus was holding a light at the very front seat while sending her cheering. When Sylvia noticed Ragrus, she waved her hand from the stage in response.

Inside the vast arena, there were several paths through the audiences towards the stage. Amaterasu was singing while running towards the next stage. When Yurishia noticed the window at the highest level of the stand, she made a gun shape with her fingers and aimed. And then she made a shooting action before blowing her breath ‘fuh’ as if smoke was coming out from her fingertips.

That window was the VIP room exclusive for Ataraxia. Near the window, Reiri and Kei were staring at that scene with just the right timing. Kei tilted her head and asked with her own voice.

“Hey, Re-ri. I wonder, what did was Yurishia just do?”

“Who knows. Might be just a greeting.”

As though having been liberated from everything, Reiri drank Zeltis’s alcohol directly from the bottle and sighed. There were only Kei and Reiri inside this room. That was why the two of them were relaxing just like when they were in Nayuta Lab.

“Re-ri, new data was discovered from Professor Nayuta’s research lan.”

Reiri separated her mouth from the bottle.

“Is there any new information?”

Kei flipped through the bundle of documents and read up its content.

“To the end, this is just data that Professor Nayuta left behind but……it seemed that there was once males in this world too. At that time the people here did the ceremony like the one left behind in Baldein and they didn’t worry for magic power.”

“Hou, then why there is only females right now?”

“This Atlantis had the sense of value that prioritized the strength of magic power above all. They pursued the strength of magic power too excessively, the people borrowed the power of Genesis and tried to create life……the result, the situation developed into one where nothing but females were born……that is what is written.”

“Why males cannot be born?”

“Because the female is stronger in magic power……that’s it.”

Reiri gulped down the alcohol in her hand and emptied the bottle deliciously.

“I see. Like that finally not even a single man remained……that’s the reason.”

“However, after hundreds, thousands of years passed, the magic power in this world was gradually decreasing……and then finally, malfunction occurred in Genesis.”

“However, if that’s the case then if this world doesn’t attempt to solve the fundamental problem, the same thing will happen all over again won’t it?”

“Perhaps there is no need for that worry. By carrying out the ceremony in a scale as suits the occasion everyday……also, if they don’t manufacture great amount of battleships and magic weapons for the sake of war…”

Reiri let out a long sigh once more.

“Re-ri, you sigh too much.”

“I feel heavy hearted that just when we reach a checkpoint, this time I have to think about returning to Lemuria……to earth and solve about so many problems. That is going to be a disaster.”

“I guess……but, if there is Kizuna and Aine, perhaps we can make it somehow.”

Kei stared at the throne room for the emperor at the other side from the VIP room’s window.

Inside that throne room right now, there were only Aine and Kizuna together.

Zelsione who was always at Aine’s side was hospitalized. Because of that as one of the causes, Grace was extremely busy. Just now she was at Aine’s side, but she exited the room in great hurry because of an emergency business.

“It’s quiet now that Grace is gone.”

“You’re right.”

Aine smiled in amusement.

“But, Aine too will become busy from now on.”

“Yes……I’ve to sign the ceasefire and peace treaty with Lemuria.”

‘――That’s right. The war with AU is already over.’

However the situation over here hadn’t been communicated to the earth side yet. So that no problem would occur again, they had to securely raise a plan and look for a chance for discussion.

“But, the side of earth is also wishing for ceasefire I guess. We will manage somehow.”

Even the war at the Another Universe Conflict unavoidably occurred because of the arising phenomenon which surpassed the comprehension of both sides.

It also wasn’t something unnatural for Vatlantis Empire to deploy magic weapons to earth for exploration. It was like mankind sending unmanned drones to explore another planet. The earth side that attacked first in order to repel the magic weapon was only something natural because of the fear they felt from the arrival of the unknown weapons.

But as the result, the fire of war completely spread due to the defensive reaction of the magic weapons.

“Various things happened but, it will be great if the two worlds can get along from now on.”

Aine too nodded happily.

“That’s right. If from now on the two of us, watch over the two worlds……”

“That’s so……surely it will become like that.”

Kizuna embraced Aine’s shoulder. Aine leaned her head on Kizuna’s shoulder.


Aine separated her head and faced Kizuna. And then she looked up at Kizuna with moist eyes.

Kizuna too stared at Aine’s eyes.


The faces of the two approached each other as if being drawn in.

When the other’s face approached near, their eyes naturally closed.

It felt like they could hear each other’s heartbeat.

A sound that was like the rumble of the earth could be heard. That sound which they thought as heartbeat was gradually becoming louder. Before long it greatly vibrated their body. And then a thundering heavy bass sound, like a huge metal rubbing at something.


Both of them opened their eyes and took the stock of the surroundings’ situation.

“What is, this sound?”

The sound instigated their anxiety whether they wanted to or not. They had never heard any sound like this.

No. Before, they had heard this somewhere.

Right, this is a sound that anybody has heard once before.

‘――Another Universe Conflict!?’

“Don’t tell me!”

Kizuna got away from Aine to rush at the window and looked up to the sky.

Over there, there were eerie clouds whirling.

“Kizuna! Let’s go outside.”

Aine opened the window and rushed to balcony connected to the throne room. Kizuna also followed behind in panic. When they came outside, loud stir was also audible from the Colosseum’s audience seats.

“That’s……an Entrance?”

Aine stared at the wall of light floating in the air. It emitted a fierce light, even more than the Entrance they were familiar with.

“An Another Universe Conflic is happening now? ……Why, of all times……”

“Look Kizuna!”

There was a silhouette at where Aine was pointing.

Inside the Entrance that emitted dazzling light, silhouettes of four people were floating.

“That’s……Heart Hybrid Gear?”

It wasn’t really clear from this far, but the silhouettes looked like they were wearing big armor.

Kizuna looked at Aine, Aine nodded even without anything said.


Kizuna’s body was equipped by jet black Heart Hybrid Gear.


And then Aine too had her body clad in white Heart Hybrid Gear, both of them flew above the air of the Colosseum, heading towards the Entrance that newly appeared.


In front of Kizuna, a communication window from Reiri opened.

“Nee-chan! Just what in the world is happening?”

{We still don’t know anything! Don’t let your guard down!}


When they approached until a distance that was near the Entrance, the figures of the people appearing from there became clear.

There were four people in all.

With female appearances, they were wearing mechanical limbs and wings.

“Those are Heart Hybrid Gears as expected……no, rather than that…”

Kizuna’s heart was greatly ringing.

They were, completely similar.

――With the figure of Nayuta who became a god.

Kizuna and Aine decreased their speed and hovered in the air. They didn’t know how to deal with this. But, nothing would start just from looking on. Kizuna resolved himself and started talking.

“All of you, who are you?”

The four turned to Kizuna’s call.

At that moment, Kizuna felt like his heart would stop. Even though he was just being seen by the four.

――He thought, was he going to be killed?

Greasy sweat suddenly oozed out from his whole body.

The throbbing of his heart was becoming unstoppably fierce.

He became scared to ask one more time, of who they were.

His throat dried, his body was trembling and his voice couldn’t come out. He was merely being overpowered by the presences before him.

The light of the Entrance was dazzling, their appearances couldn’t be understood in detail due to the backlighting. Nevertheless, his body was trembling just by being aware of them being there.

“I see now. Something that must not change was changed, waking up the power that we didn’t expect.”

It was a clear and beautiful voice.

That voice felt like it would make him unintentionally fall in love, as if he would be charmed until his heart. One more voice responded to that voice.

“As far as we are concerned, it has served its purpose. We can only return this world into nothing once more.”

There were only impatience and terror swelling up inside Kizuna.

When he looked at Aine beside him, Aine’s face was pale, she was trembling all over clatteringly.

‘――Aine too is feeling terror instinctually.’

However looking at Aine that was freezing in terror, it conversely made Kizuna recovered his calm.

He had to protect Aine.

Kizuna straightened his back and asked once more.

“Where are you all coming from? If you are Heart Hybrid Gear owners from a country somewhere, tell me who you are affiliated with.”

At that moment the four people inside the light noticed for the first time that Kizuna was a living being they could possibly communicate with.

From among the four, a person went forward.

And then the detail of her appearance became clear for the first time.

That figure was different from Heart Hybrid Gear or magic armor.

It was too beautiful for an armor. It was a work of art that was too sublime.

Right, this was a god.

A god that appeared in the form of a human. Clad in the best of the civilization that mankind had accumulated in hardships, appearing in a sacred castle that was dressed as an armor, a god.

Voluptuously long legs colored by beautiful ornaments. It was like a pillar that supported the sanctuary and also a shield. Solid arm that drew a beautiful curve. It was a spear and a sword to fight the enemy. And then large wings on the back that ruled over the sky. Rather than saying that the luxurious and gorgeous armor was equipped by the woman at the center, there was a sense of unity as if the woman and the armor were one and the same.

And then the woman that was in the center of the huge armor was fitting to be called as a peerless beauty. She was not a little girl like Nayuta, at the very least she looked like the same age or older than Kizuna.

She was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. The clothes the girl was wearing, and then her armor design, for some reason they resembled the gods of Greece.

That girl opened her glossy beautiful lips.

“We are [Machine GodDeus Ex Machina].”


‘――What? Deus Ex Machina she said?’

“The experiment of this world ended in failure. It’s unfortunate, but it will be erased. Are you a living thing born in this world? Thank you for all your hard work until now.”

One more Deus Ex Machina inside the light spoke in revision.

“That’s not it, Thanatos. It seem that he is an existence of the other world.”

With a scowl on her blond eyebrows, the Deus Ex Machina in Greek style called as Thanatos murmured.

“Is that so……so he is the culprit. Be that as it may, to cause resonance with the Core of another world……this kind of way to use it is outside expectation.”

Thanatos directed her gaze at where Genesis was.

“……In addition, there is the record of an attempt to create the same existence like us.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 10.jpg

Nayuta’s appearance flashed in Kizuna’s mind.

“A foolish action of one trying to approach the gods……as expected this world is a failure. It’s better to erase this world and start over once more.”

‘――What is, this uncomfortable feeling.’

Their talk wasn’t in sync with each other. And then, the way they progressed the talk as they pleased made him feel fretfulness and irrationalness.

“Kizuna……they are talking of erasing this world……what does that mean?”

Aine murmured uneasily.

Kizuna too, he was feeling his body trembling. It was the terror and despair that a flesh and blood human felt in front of a fierce beast like a lion. The irrationalness when death was approaching from fire or earthquake even though they didn’t do anything bad.

Fighting his emotion, Kizuna asked back even further.

“You guys……you are saying that you will erase this world?”

“As the creators, we have the responsibility to take care of the failed work.”

Kizuna’s cheek was dripping with cold sweat.


No way.

These people are the ones Kaa-san talked about?

The ones who created the Cores and Genesis?’

Kizuna asked with a trembling voice.

“Don’t screw around! There are a lot of people living here, in this world! Who will let you guys so easily erase this world just for your convenience!”

Something snapped inside Kizuna.

The limiter of his emotion turned off to drown out the terror that surpassed his limits.

Kizuna faced the Deus Ex Machina and crossed the sky in one go.

Thanatos held out her palm forward to meet him.


Kizuna’s instinct noticed him of the danger. He flew back from that place as if being struck.

Just in an instant of difference, bundle of light passed through the place where Kizuna was at.


The light fired from Thanatos’s hand extended in a straight line. There was the city of Zeltis ahead of it.


Without even time to raise his voice, Thanatos’s radiance impacted the city of Zeltis. Dazzling light that blinded the eye occurred together with a fierce explosion. Buildings were broken into pieces instantly and evaporated. Flame covered the sky and shockwave tore off even the surface, buildings were collapsing one after another. That destructive power smashed even the solid giant castle wall. Gale lifted up the rubbles high to the sky, storm was rampaging wildly.

That destructive power was like the explosion of a nuclear missile. The overwhelming light of violence and slaughter terminated half of Zeltis in one attack.

Kizuna’s eyes were shaking in shock.



Scream burst out from Aine’s lips.

She clenched her fist and charged the Deus Ex Machina with a scream.


The ring on Zeros’s back assembled.

“Code Breaker!”

“Aine-!? Ku……Mode Zeros!”

Recovering his chaotic mind somehow, Kizuna invoked Mode Zeros. And then he flew toward the sky where Deus Ex Machina was. The radius effect of Code Breaker was spreading as if to chase behind him. The whirling magic circle captured the four Deus Ex Machina in a flash.

“Break into pieces!”

Aine’s red eyes and her pink hair shined, raising up the output of Code Breaker.

“It’s unfortunate but, you cannot defeat us using that ability.”


Aine’s expression froze.

“That Core is also something we created.”

Code Breaker’s magic circle broke and vanished.

“No way!?”


Kizuna swoop down and rushed at Thanatos’s range instantly. He hadn’t done Kischarge Hybrid, but even so his fist struck with a speed that was worth twice the sound of speed.


Thanatos blocked Kizuna’s fist with one hand. Even though her lightly lifted hand blocked the attack that Kizuna unleashed with all his might, that hand didn’t even move for a millimeter. She didn’t even feel anything at all from the impact of Kizuna’s fist.

“If you don’t do anything unnecessary, this can end even without the world getting erased.”


At the next instant, his whole body received a terrific impact.

When he noticed, his body had caved into Genesis.

‘――Wha, what, happened? What had she done to me?’


He tried to raise his body, but he couldn’t put any strength. And then at the next instant, Eros broke into pieces.

‘――No way!? The Heart Hybrid Gear, just in one attack!?’

“Kizuna! Are you okay!?”

Aine tried to free Kizuna’s body from Genesis. She seized his arm and pulled him out from the caved in wall.

“Aine, everyone……those guys……are dangerous. Quickly, escape.”

Aine shook her head towards Kizuna’s words while crying. She shouldered Kizuna’s arm and jumped to the air while holding him.

Thanatos’s light pierced Genesis just a hairbreadth later.


Aine raised a screaming voice. Genesis broke into two, falling down towards Zeltis. The pillar that was collapsing while breaking crushed the imperial castle, destroying the city street and townscape. Gigantic dust clouds rolled up from the collapsing snapped pillar.

Kizuna was staring at that situation dumbfoundedly.

He couldn’t do anything.

He couldn’t reach anything.

‘――This is, the power of god.’

Kizuna’s consciousness was sinking into darkness. Inside his mind, he could hear Thanatos’s voice.

“This world will be eternally――”

That was the last moment of the two worlds, Atlantis and Lemuria.

And then everything returned to nothing.


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Aine: Wa, wait Kizuna! The world is disappearing here!! Do something here!!!

Kizuna: E, even I what can I……. Ne, Nee-chan, what to do!?

Reiri: Don’t get flustered! This tale is still continuing, so surely it will be fine!


  1. The kanji of Kizuna is read as ‘no wound’
  2. I’m changing the name of the hybrid, got the idea from Kiznaiver’s title.
  3. Here Kizuna first use ‘ore’ for the first ‘I’ before switching to ‘watashi’ for the second ‘I’

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