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Fifth Period : Time of Incomprehensibleness[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Nayuta emptied a beer jockey before she exhaled out ‘puhaah’ delightfully.

「Reeeri-chan! Reeeri-hyaan! Another!」

The kitchen in Reiri’s room was turned into an improvised bar. The customer was the dead drunk Nayuta alone. Her face was bright red and she was laughing in high spirits. Reiri was looking at such figure of her mother with eyes as though she was seeing a bizarre life form, making her face convulse.

「……I want to become able to drink alcohol with my daughter, I remember you stated that self-importantly, but are you actually able to drink alcohol huh?」

It looked like Nayuta had drank for a long time, but actually this was her second cup.

Reiri tried to go back through the stream of her memories, but no matter how hard she tried to recall, she couldn’t recall a scene where Nayuta was drinking alcohol.

「Hobviusly! Aaaarent’t I drinkin properly here! Heesh, dhon’t spheak to make fun hof your parent!」

Reiri held her head. She was becoming unable to understand what was the being she was facing, was she demon or god, a child or a stupid elderly, or just a mere drunkard, or perhaps an unknown life form.

In the first place she resented that her alcohol was drank by Nayuta, but she was really noisy, so when she tried giving her it turned out like this. Perhaps it was better to let her get dead drunk instead. Thinking that, Reiri took out one more beer from the refrigerator.

「Aa! Reeeri-shan! That! That ish good!」

Nayuta pointed at the whisky bottles lining up in the shelves.

Now she felt like rather than making her dead drunk, it would rather be faster to physically make her dead instead. Reiri desperately restrained such violent impulses, put ice and whisky into a glass, then poured cola and lightly mixed them.

While Reiri was making the alcohol, Nayuta was smiling cheerfully while dangling her legs back and forth. She was humming some unknown melody while her body was swaying to the left and right like a metronome. That figure looked a bit cute even by mistake.

As though to deny such feeling of herself, Reiri put down the glass roughly.


Nayuta held the glass with both hands and put it on her mouth looking like a child drinking milk.

「Ahahaha sweeeet! It’s sweetly tastyyy!!」

Reiri’s heart was completely on the verge of breaking.

「Stop with that much and sleep. You are completely in a drunken frenzy.」

「Nnnn, I’m comphletlhy nhot dhrunk y’knoow」

「You are getting worse than before. Your articulation especially.」


Reiri turned her back on Nayuta and opened the refrigerator to drink a bit too.

「I’mma hompletely fineeee! I knheww, that hangover cahn be chured by dhrinking morre alhchohol hafter all」

「Yeah yeah.」

After Reiri threw an agreeable response lazily, she thought ‘what?’ and turned around.

There Nayuta was chugging whisky with an alcohol content of 43% into her gulping throat.


Reiri screamed while snatching away the whisky bottle from Nayuta’s hand.

「This idiot! Oi! Do you understand what I’m saying!?」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 10.jpg


Nayuta’s head was rotating round and round like a baby who still couldn’t hold their head up, in addition her eyes were also going in circles.

──’This is bad.’

Reiri took out her information terminal from her breast pocket and called Kei of Nayuta Lab.

「Kei, actually──」

『Good timing. Come here quickly.』

「What? Here there is also something bad──」

When she was about to say that, she noticed that Nayuta’s figure was vanishing.

『An abnormal situation occurred in Ataraxia’s space. Where is professor Nayuta?』

‘This will be something really bad’──Reiri’s face grimaced completely with such a thought.

Part 2[edit]

「What, is this!?」

Reiri who arrived in Nayuta Lab raised a shocked voice inside Kei’s research room.

「This is the current state of Ataraxia. I completely don’t understand how it became like this.」

What was reflected there was an image photo that was taken from the sky. But, the picture was far different from what she was used to seeing. It looked like a theme park somewhere.

There was an unfamiliar Victorian-style townscape that appeared at the place where the business district was located, besides it was the townscape of the Edo period that looked like a historical drama set. At the place where there should be the academy, there was a mysterious castle, a desert and a forest, then a townscape in Middle Age Europe style all assembled compactly.

Furthermore that world was continuing to propagate, almost swallowing this Nayuta Lab in no time at all.

「This kind of phenomenon……thinking normally we won’t even know the cause or how to deal with it. But, Reiri. We happen to know about the only existence that can possibly cause this phenomenon.」


Reiri trickled cold sweat.

Certainly it was just as Kei said. And then a part of that cause was Reiri herself.

「Furthermore at the same time a part of the image database vanished from the lab. Perhaps the disappearing professor Nayuta is hiding, and looking at that image works then materialize that effect……though, this is already nearly a delusion……」

「No, most likely you are correct……Kei, can we contact Amaterasu?」

「I tried to call them, but there was no response……only one came, but……」

「Just one? Who?」

「……Come over here.」


Reiri was surprised that Kei was talking with her physical voice, not by typing text with her keyboard. The reason was because Kei who had extreme communication disorder couldn’t talk directly except with Reiri.

「……Yes, Shikina-san.」

A strangely cute voice replied. The door opened and a figure appeared from the inside room. Seeing that figure, Reiri was dumbfounded for a while.

「Wha……Ki……Kizu, na?」

「Eh? Okaa……san?」

The small body ran *tatata* towards Reiri and then hugged her. The face’s position didn’t even reach until Reiri’s chest.

However, that face, that figure was familiar to her. However it was a story of nearly ten years ago.

「You are……Kizuna?」

The small child Kizuna released his hug and looked up to Reiri.


He smiled really brightly after replying like that.


Reiri was writhing inside her heart.

「Ke, Kei……thi, this wonderful, not, this child is really Kizuna?」

「This looks unreal, but it looks like he really is Kizuna. I compared his physical data, and the result was wholly the same. But, it seems that his memory has also regressed to the past.」

And because of that he had mistaken her for Nayuta. Reiri felt irritation from that even while comprehending it.

「Kizuna. I’m not your mother. I’m Reiri.」

「Huh? Eh……but, you’re really……look adult.」

「Aah……it’s a bit of an incident. I’m only temporarily turned into an adult.」

Kizuna stared admiringly at Reiri.

──’As I thought, this is that woman’s fault.’

Most likely the shape of this world, and also Kizuna regressing into a child, were the fault of Nayuta’s drunkenness. She had to apprehend her even for a second faster. Though she also felt a bit regretful to do that though.

「!! Reiri, this place too, is already──」

Kei yelled. At the same time, the inside of the room distorted. Like how paint dissolved in water, the shape of the world was vanishing and whirling.


──’This brat is likely Kizuna! That Kizuna has turned into a child should have some kind of meaning.’

Reiri knelt before Kizuna and put her hand on his shoulder.

「Listen Kizuna. Search for mother, your mother, Hida Nayuta!」

「Eh? Search for Okaa-san?」

He tilted his head in puzzlement.

「That’s right, surely──」

Both of them were swallowed by the vortex of the world as though to cut off Reiri’s words.

Part 3[edit]


When Kizuna recovered his consciousness, he was standing at a western style street corner.

The buildings with a lot of decorations were constructions of Victorian style architecture. Horse carts were coming and going through the street that was lined up with gas lamp. The figure of the people walking through the street was also somewhat old-fashioned.

This place was 19th century London──it was a world of that style.

Kizuna looked around in a lost.

When the world distorted and just before he was dragged into the vortex, his big sister Reiri told him to search for his mother Nayuta.

「But……what should I do?」

Kizuna tilted his head in this town that he had never seen before without any destination to go to.

His figure that was reflected in the show window was wearing a white shirt and a black pants with suspenders attached. It somehow looked like that his appearance was matched with this world’s atmosphere.

「Ah……detective, san?」

Letters that spelled 『Detective Bureau』 could be seen at the opposite building that was reflected on the show window. It felt a bit strange that even though the area was in British style but the letters were in Japanese, but he was thankful nonetheless. Kizuna knocked on the door of the building that looked like a three storey apartment building.

The landlady named Marisu guided him to the second floor. There he found a blonde girl wearing a black suit, and a girl wearing a gray jacket and also blonde haired. On the wall there was an inverness coat and a silk hat, and also a deerstalker hat being hung.

「Aaah! Ca-, captain-!?」

The girl wearing a grey jacket stood up with a surprised voice.

「Eh? You two Onee-chans are……who?」

When Kizuna replied like that, Sylvia’s eyes shined. Her body was shaking.

「Kyaaaaa♪ O, Onee-chan he said, somehow it’s embarrassing desu!」

The other girl opened her eyes wide with her rolled blonde twintails shaking.

「Eh……this is Kizuna? He is really shrinking isn’t he……」

Both of them introduced themselves as Sylvia and Ragrus. And then Sylvia hugged Kizuna’s small body.

「Captain, you are cute desuuuu♡ Aa, for Sylvia to be the bigger one is really moving desu!」

「Wawah! Sy, Sylvia-oneechan!」

The nice sweet aroma and the slight but existing soft sensation of the breast made Kizuna’s face bright red.

Kizuna looked up at Sylvia’s face. For some reason it felt fresh to look up at Sylvia from this angle.

Ragrus kept sitting on a comfort chair while asking a bit sullenly.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 11.jpg

「And? What is your business with this famous detective Ragrus-sama?」

「……Ragrus-oneechan, is a detective?」

「That’s right desu! Sylvia doesn’t understand why desu, but Ragrus-chan and Sylvia are opening a detective agency in this London desu!」

「Assistant! Don’t answer as you please like that!」

Kizuna let out a dry smile and told them his reason for coming here.

「Actually, I’m searching for Okaa-san’s location. Onee-chan……Reiri-oneechan told me, that it’s necessary to find Okaa-san to return this world to normal.」

「So that’s it desu. That’s really serious isn’t it desu……Ragrus-chan, what should we do desu?」

「Eh!? Wait, don’t throw everything at me! E, errrr let’s see, umm……」

Ragrus stood up from her chair, and then she restlessly moved around inside the room. Sylvia who was staring fixedly at Ragrus’s state then spoke as though she recalled something.

「Come to think of it, there is a book where Professor Nayuta’s essay is written desu. Perhaps there will be something that can become a clue there desu?」

「What did you say!?」

「It’s inside the book that we bought before this as data material desu. Ragrus-chan still hasn’t read it desu?」

「Ha? Do, don’t make fun of me! I read it properly! I’m only testing you whether you will notice it or not!」

Sylvia showed a smile without a speck of cloudiness in it.

「Waai♪ So Sylvia passed Ragrus-chan’s test then desu?」

「Uu……we, well yeah. Err……」

Ragrus made an awkward face before she began to fish at the books that were stacked haphazardly on the floor and table.

「Eh……where is it I wonder.」

「It’s at the bookshelves, the second row from below on the left side desu.」

「I, I know that much! I’m just looking a bit for another book!」

With red cheeks Ragrus roughly pulled out a book from the bookshelves before she flipped the pages. Sylvia was peering at the book content from across Ragrus’s shoulder.

「We……we are going to, do this?」

「Perhaps something will happen if we try it desu.」

Both of them stared at Kizuna with a gaze that was a mix of shyness and expectation.

──And then, five minutes later.

「E, err……Sylvia-oneechan. Thi, this is embarrassing……」

Kizuna was stripped naked while sandwiched between Sylvia and Ragrus who were in their underwear. Both of them were wearing matching black underwear. The underwear consisted of knickers with dainty laces and garterbelt. The brassiere that covered their flat chest was something unnecessary if speaking only from function. However, it decorated their immature body with charm by several times more, causing Kizuna’s thing to tower high without any way to hide it.

「Wa, wait Sylvia……is, is that thing, okay?」

「Hmm hmm. It’s just like the professor’s essay desu. Then Sylvia will test it first desu.」

Sylvia sat down on the sofa and gave Kizuna lap pillow. And then, she lifted his upper body and supported his back. Sylvia lifted up her lacy black bra and brought Kizuna’s face near.

「Sy, Sylvia-oneechan!?」

The pure white chest had slight swelling, and at the tip was a very beautiful pink protuberance. It was just a few dozen centimeters before Kizuna’s eyes.

「……Sylvia-oneechan will give you milk desu♥」

Sylvia was also blushing while saying that shyly.

「Bu, but……auh!」

Sylvia’s hand reached at Kizuna’s lower body and grasped the thing that was facing up with her fingertips. And then she began to move her hand up and down gently.

「With this……it’s just like what is written in the book desu……Kizuna-kun too, quickly do it desu.」

Kizuna sucked at the tip of the breast that was giving off sweet aroma.

「Aaahn! Li, like that desu……tha, that’s good desu.」

Ragrus’s mouth stayed open and she stared at the spectacle with a bright red face.

「Su, such thing……awawawawa」

「U, uaaaah, Sylvia-oneechan! I, I, aaah!」

Something hot flew out in less than a minute.

「Kyah! Ah……it came out already isn’t it desu.」

「Eh, then Sylvia, you mean it’s over with this?」

Sylvia knitted her eyebrows at Ragrus’s question.

「Hmmm, still not yet it looks like desu. There is also no change occurring in Sylvia and Ragrus-chan’s body desu……next Ragrus-chan try it desu.」

「Fueh!? M, me-!?」

Prompted by Sylvia, Ragrus made Kizuna licked her breast in the same position as before.

「Hiiiih! Wha, what’s, this, kuh, it’s ticklish……rather……ahn♥」

While enduring the pleasure from her breast that she felt for the first time, she reached her hand toward the growing large thing that wasn’t withering down.

「Aaaah! Ragrus-oneechan! If, if you do it like that-」

Kizuna couldn’t hold it in and his mouth let go, his body bent.

Sylvia stood beside Kizuna and gently stroked his head.

「Do your best desu. Us Onee-chan are also getting gradually hotter desu……perhaps this is the Heart Hybrid written in Professor Nayuta’s essay desu.」

Before Kizuna’s eyes there were Sylvia’s closed thighs and her crotch.

「♥……are you curious about this place of Sylvia desu?」

Sylvia took Kizuna’s hand and guided it to her body.

「Kizuna-kun right now is cute, so Sylvia can also become bolder than usual desu♥」

Kizuna’s finger opened the part of Sylvia that was closed tight and entered inside.

「Aauuu♥ Sy, Sylvia also, feel, good from that desuu♥」

Sweat trickled from Ragrus’s forehead and she moved her hand with an expression that lapsed into delirium. And then, she stared in turn at the writhing Sylvia and Kizuna, and at the thing her fingers were grasping. Particles of light shined in her eyes.

Similar light also began to swim inside Kizuna’s eyes too.

「A, a, I, again-」

「Sy, Sylvia too is a-, al……already no good♥ it seems……desu♥♥♥」

When heart shaped light shined inside Sylvia’s eyes, radiant light enveloped the bodies of the three.

Kizuna murmured through his hazy consciousness.

「Is this……Heart…….Hybrid?」

The next moment, Kizuna’s consciousness was swallowed inside magic power radiance.

Part 4[edit]

「Are you all right? Hold on.」

The sensation of someone shaking his body woke up Kizuna.


When he opened his eyes, he was collapsed on a riverbank. The surrounding was dark, and stars were shining in the sky. Both banks of the river before his eyes were reinforced with a stone hedge, so rather than calling it a river it looked more like a man-made canal. There were wooden houses with tiled roofs lining up along that canal. Light leaked out from the buildings’ windows, and the water surface was swaying.

「Here is……」

Kizuna raised up his body and looked up at the person who shook him awake.

It was a beautiful black haired girl. However she had a gallant figure dressed in a kimono without a hakama for man and a haori coating her shoulders. And then a katana was hanging on her kimono sash.

「This place is Honjofukagawa.」

When he noticed he had moved from 19th century London to an Edo city. Was the Heart Hybrid with Sylvia and Ragrus a success? Kizuna noticed that the western clothes he wore had changed into clothing that looked like a yukata.

Kizuna borrowed the girl’s hand to stand up and then he introduced himself and gave his thanks.

「My, what a proper boy you are. I am Himekawa Hayuru. If you have no place to go to, then please come to my home.」

Grasping the hand offered to him, Kizuna began to walk through the town of Edo at night. But, four silhouettes blocked their path. The four wore clothes that exposed their skin with each one carrying different weapons. Semicircular sword, hammer, short swords, axe, each weapon was decorated unfamiliarly and strangely.

Himekawa unsheathed her sword while covering the trembling Kizuna behind her.

「Who are you all!? Are you all doing this outrage knowing that I am Himekawa Hayuru, the inspector of arson and thievery!?」

A girl with an eye patch, 『Crescent Moon Clayda』 twisted her mouth into a grin.

「But of course. Chief inspector of arson and thievery, the demon Hayuru.」

A girl carrying a huge hammer, 『The Thunder Elma』 was closing the distance slowly.

「This is the command of our boss, 『The Serpent Zelcyone』.」

A girl with scar on her face kicked on the ground and assaulted Himekawa.

「Prepare yourself!」

A sharp short sword attack assaulted Himekawa.


Sword and sword scattered sparks and loud metallic sound reverberated. Himekawa handled the quick consecutive attacks from the short swords in the enemy’s both hands with a single sword. And then she pushed back the enemy with all her might and unleashed a sharp slash at the enemy whose balance was crumbled.

However, this deadly attack was blocked by a huge axe.


『Red Hair Ramza』 smiled at the vexed Himekawa.

「My bad, I won’t let you kill 『Death God Lunorlla』!」

One against four. Himekawa was at disadvantage no matter how anyone looked at it. Furhtermore she was fighting while protecting Kizuna. Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s cheek.

「So you all are those they call the 『Quartum』, the subordinates of the serpent Zelcyone isn’t it……if I capture you four, not to mention Zelcyone, I’ll be able to reach even until the big boss behind her.」

Hearing those words, Clayda was startled.

「A, are you stupid!? To speak of getting close to that person, such outrage──」

At that time, a whistle resounded in the night city.


Countless torch lights were rushing from the dark roads.

「Himekawa-san! Are you safe!?」

The officials of arson and thievery inspectors, Hyakurath and Mercuria were rushing their way followed by their subordinates.

「Chih! Annoyances came. We are leaving!」

「I won’t let you all get away! We are pursuing Mer!」

「Yeah, we will catch them for sure today!」

Hyakurath and Mercuria chased behind them. However the four Quartum leaped into the canal and landed on a small boat they had prepared.

「Kuh……damn it!」

The boat advanced towards the wide waterway and their figures vanished into the river at night.

The fish that got away was a large one but it couldn’t be helped. Himekawa and the others led Kizuna and they returned to the government housing for the arson and thievery inspectors. While hearing the circumstances from Kizuna in a wide tatami room, Himekawa, Hyakurath, and Mercuria, the three of them received a great shock.

「Could it be that you are, the child of that legendary big boss 『The Heavenly Nayuta』……」

「What are we going to do, Himekawa-san?」

Himekawa pondered for a while against Hyakurath’s question.

「For now let’s shelter him. However, if man will not work, he shall not eat. We will have you help around here, or do you mind?」

If he was here then perhaps he would be able to meet Nayuta──Kizuna nodded right away.

「Yes! Please, do so!」

「I understand. Then, should we take off our street clothes?」

Saying that, Himekawa, Hyakurath, and Mercuria began to take off their kimono. They loosened their sash and opened their kimono, which exposed their white skin. And then they now only wore their underwear. And then, their underwear was something that was matched with this world.

That was to say, it was loincloth.


Kizuna became bright red and looked up at the beautiful bodies of the three. Everyone had beautiful white skin that looked dazzling, and a pure white loincloth was further tied on their body. It was tied with string on their waist, the white cloth was digging between their crotch, and it passed between their butt’s valley and fastened on their backside. The fabric was thin and small, created from silk. The front looked transparent with the back fully exposing their butt.

Noticing Kizuna who was staring with a red face in a daze, Hyakurath peered at Kizuna’s face while her white and large breasts shook.

「What’s the matter? Kizuna-kun too takes off your clothes quickly. That’s the norm right?」

「E, eeeh!?」

When he asked, it seemed that it was common sense in this world to be wearing only underwear indoors. Therefore, unknown people absolutely couldn’t enter inside the home. Kizuna took off his clothes even while feeling embarrassed.

「Ah, wa, wait Kizuna-kun! Come over here!」

Himekawa said that in panic before she took Kizuna’s hand and got out to the corridor.

「Wha, what is the matter, Hayuru-oneechan?」

「You know what. That……please do something about that.」

Himekawa glanced at Kizuna’s crotch with blushing cheeks.


Kizuna’s thing became bigger, pushing on his loincloth. Kizuna’s loincloth wasn’t the binding type, but a simple thing where a cloth was simply hung down in front. His butt was completely exposed and if wind blew in front of him it would get seen. Furthermore, there was no way to hide it if it got bigger.

Himekawa averted her face angrily while only her eyes were stealing glances at Kizuna’s thing.

「This place is where the duty of the superior is carried out. If you are looking slovenly like that, we won’t be able to do our duty you know? Please, that is……ma, make it small right away.」

「I, I’m sorry. I didn’t, intend anything……but……when I saw everyone, it became like this by itself……hics」

Seeing Kizuna who was on the point of tears, Himekawa crouched down hurriedly. And then she gazed at him with a gentle smile and patted his head consolingly.

「Kizuna-kun isn’t a bad kid. We are……it’s just a bit too stimulating for us. We are the ones who are in the wrong here.」

「Su, such thing……Hayuru-oneechan isn’t bad. I’m the bad one……」

At that time Himekawa’s shaking breast entered Kizuna’s eyes. As the result, Kizuna’s thing pointed up even more.


Himekawa’s eyes shined moistly.

「I’m sorry……when I saw, Hayuru-oneechan’s……」

Seeing Kizuna who leaked out tears while trembling, the inside of Himekawa’s chest cried with tightening feeling.

「It’s fine. Because I’ll make it small for you properly.」

Himekawa tucked up Kizuna’s loincloth and stared at the thing that had grown big. She gulped her saliva and touched it to envelop it with both her hands.

「Aah! Ha, Hayuru-oneechan-?」

Himekawa formed her hands like a pipe and softly wrapped Kizuna’s thing, and she began to stroke it back and forth.

「How……how is it? Does it feel good?」

「Ye. Ye……s, tsu!」

Himekawa’s hand was immediately getting wet with something slippery. Seeing Kizuna who closed his eyes with a face that looked as though he felt good, the inside of Himekawa’s chest also shuddered. Kizuna soon stood on his toes with his body shaking twitchingly.

「You don’t need to endure it right now so……please let it all out.」

「Bu, but……the hand, will get dir……aah!」

Kizuna’s thing jerked inside Himekawa’s hands. Something hot overflowed inside the hands quickly.

「This much……」


Himekawa smiled to calm down Kizuna who was going to cry.

「You’ve done great, you did it properly.」

Kizuna let out a sigh of relief at those gentle words.

「But, you cannot stay like this. You understand that right?」

Kizuna stood straight hearing Himekawa’s serious voice.

「Discipline yourself relentlessly, so that you can keep a calm presence of mind even when looking at us, okay?」

「Ye, yes. Please take care of me!」

Like this Kizuna was leading a life of working and living there while receiving training from Himekawa.

Kizuna’s work was the chores like cleaning and washing. He tried his best so that he wouldn’t meet the officials of arson and thievery inspectors, but they were all living in the same building, so it was impossible to completely avoid them.

「My, Kizuna-kun, you are cleaning up? How amazing.」

Hyakurath smiled with a smiling face like a saint. Seeing her heavy breasts shaking and that body that drew a splendid curve, he was unable to not react or anything. He distanced himself in panic from that place and then visited Himekawa’s room.

Himekawa who heard the circumstance let out a sigh of exasperation.

「Good grief Kizuna-kun……looks like it’s no good unless I train you more strictly.」

Even while saying that, Himekawa’s voice vaguely sounded happy. She made Kizuna sit in front of her and they sat face to face.

「Stare still at me like that……clear your mind of all mundane thoughts. So that you won’t get led astray by what is reflected in your eyes, calm your heart and suppress that.」

「Ye, yes……」

If he closed his eyes, perhaps he would be able to make that thing standing tall to get small. However before his eyes there were the twin hills of Himekawa slowly rising up and down along with her breathing. The loincloth digging between her opened crotch was thrust before his eyes. It was completely impossible telling him to make it small.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun……aren’t you getting even bigger than before?」

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she knitted her eyebrows with a troubled look.

「I’m sorry. That……when I’m looking at Hayuru-oneechan, it’s too much……」

「Is, is that so……rather than Hyakurath-san, I’m more……」

Himekawa’s throat gulped.

「I understand. Looks like it’s no good if we don’t calm it down forcefully for the moment.」

Himekawa halted the training and made Kizuna stand before her eyes. Himekawa tucked up Kizuna’s loincloth and brought her lips near that thing that pointed up largely.

「Kizuna-kun is also steadily getting stronger so……even more intense stimulation is needed.」

At first just stroking it a few times would calm it down, but day by day the needed time was lengthening.

Himekawa lovingly kissed at the tip.

「Eh, that……by mouth…….Hayuru-oneechan」

Smiling at Kizuna who was speaking worriedly, Himekawa then licked gently at that with her tongue tip.

「Aa, amazing……this is……」

Kizuna’s waist pulled away from the unknown texture. Himekawa didn’t let him escape and hugged Kizuna’s waist and swallowed Kizuna’s thing.

She confirmed inside her mouth the shape that she was completely familiar with. The shape that she felt through the inside of her cheeks and her tongue was the same with the shape inside her mind. While licking, Himekawa herself also got excited and felt good. Recently each time she calmed Kizuna down, she also needed to change her own loincloth afterwards.


Suddenly something hot splashed inside her mouth.

──’Aa……he came♥’

She sent the thing that almost spilled from inside her mouth into her throat. She felt the twitching pulsation inside her mouth. When it settled down, her lips let go.

「O, Onee……chan」

「Please wait. I’ll clean it up now……」

After cleaning up Kizuna’s thing with her tongue, they restarted the training. And then on this day, the process of halting the training and making Kizuna let it out again was repeated several times.

And then. Night──.

Himekawa who already turned off the lights and entered her futon raised her face when she heard the sound of the sliding screen open.

「Hmm? What’s the matter Kizuna-kun?」

「I’m sorry……I cannot sleep……」

Himekawa smiled towards Kizuna who was standing there while holding a pillow.

──’It’s hard to say that there is any result from the training, but today Kizuna-kun has worked hard too. He is also still at the age that loves his mother……I have to give him a present then. If it’s just sleeping together then──.’

Himekawa tucked up her blanket and showed herself lying down as though to say ‘come here’. Right now she wasn’t even wearing the loincloth that was usually fastened on her lower body.

Kizuna crawled into the futon with a delighted face. That behavior was cute and caused Himekawa to reflexively hug Kizuna. As the result something hard poked at Himekawa’s stomach.

「So, sorry……」

Himekawa’s chest throbbed hard.

「Jeez Kizuna-kun……you are like this already.」

Obscene feelings and the feelings of motherhood mixed inside her heart.

「Can’t be helped then. You won’t be able to sleep like this so……」

「I, it’s fine. I, I’ll endure, that’s why──」

Kizuna who was appealing with teary eyes looked lovely, rather it was Himekawa who couldn’t endure.

Himekawa stroked Kizuna’s head and brought her breast closer as though to prompt him.

「It’s all right♥」


Kizuna sucked at the tip of the breast as though he lost all restraint. He was sucking noisily like a baby.

「Fuh♥ A, aahn……fufu, Kizuna-kun, you are like a baby♥」

Kizuna already reached one hand to the other breast and touched slowly.

「Sheesh Kizuna-kun……♥」

Kizuna was scared that he would be scolded, but his head was caressed as though in praise, so he squeezed out his courage and put strength into his fingertips.

「Ahn! Tha, that’s good♥……Kizuna-kun……please, do more」

Himekawa also grasped Kizuna’s thing with her fingers and vibrated it gently. Entering the same futon and caressing each other’s body lovingly produced pleasure in a different dimension compared with treating Kizuna’s excitement until now.

It was an excitement as though doing something that really must not be done. And then they felt each other’s affection and the distance of their hearts got closer.

At that time particles of light floated up from the bodies of the two.

「Aa, Kizuna-kun-♥ You are really skilled♥ Ho, how lovely♥」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 12.jpg


Feeling happy from the praise, Kizuna rubbed her breast even more intensely and sucked on the other breast again.

「Kizuna-kun♥ Ah, don’t, I’m, already……♥」

When Kizuna thought of giving Himekawa the same climax like himself, it made his head hazy from excitement and joy. And then the pleasure that was given to him doubled all at once.

The light that enveloped the two increased in brightness, at the same time the two broke through the limit.

「Ih♥ aAAANN♥ AAAaAaaa♥ AAaaaaAAAaAa♥♥♥」

Heart shaped light emerged in Himekawa’s pupils, the light overflowing from the body of the two became one and melted into Himekawa’s body.

──’This is?’

Himekawa felt strength overflowing from inside her body.

──’What in the world, is this power?’

「Kizuna-kun, you……」

At that time, *dotadota* noisy footsteps could be heard running in the corridor. Those footsteps stopped in front of Himekawa’s room and the sliding screen was opened.

「Himekawa-san! There is a report from our spy just now, we found out Zelcyone’s hideout!」

「Eh!? Is that true?」

Himekawa came out from the futon and stood up, then she began to dress herself right away.


Himekawa smiled reassuringly at Kizuna who was looking up at her worriedly.

「You don’t need to worry. Right now, it feels like I have obtained a power that I never had until now. With this, the Quartum and even Zelcyone aren’t worth fearing about.」

And then Himekawa and the others, the arson and thievery inspector troupe departed to capture Zelcyone’s gang.

Worried about Himekawa who hadn’t returned yet, Kizuna couldn’t even get a wink of sleep, but the next day, Himekawa and the others returned after splendidly capturing the whole gang.

In the prison, the interrogation of Zelcyone was carried out right away.

「What? The location of The Heavenly Nayuta you ask?」

Kizuna desperately pleaded towards Zelcyone who was making a sour face.

「I beg you! Please tell me! Zelcyone-san!」

Against Kizuna who was asking with glittering eyes, Zelcyone was slightly pressured and she answered.

「……You should be able to see a giant tower in the north. Head for that direction.」

「Tower……is it?」

「The western land that is different from here. There is a castle called demon king castle there. Nayuta is there.」

Part 5[edit]

「The atmosphere really changed after crossing the river hasn’t it……」

Kizuna was advancing towarda the landmark 『Genesis』 tower that he learned from Zelcyone. Himekawa escorted him until midway, but for some reason Himekawa couldn’t cross the river.

『It looks like we cannot progress further than here. Kizuna-kun, please be careful……』

After he bid farewell to Himekawa and crossed the river, ahead there was a forest. If he went through it, there must be a human settlement. Thinking so, Kizuna pushed through the dark forest. The sunlight didn’t really reach inside the dark and deep forest. Coupled with the silence where there wasn’t even a single bird chirp, Kizuna’s unease was growing stronger the more he advanced.

Suddenly a strange quake roared.

A sound like something gigantic walking was reverberating, shaking the ground. And then like an opened curtain, the trees in front of him were mowed down to the left and right.


A huge steel knight was standing there. It was a knight clad in armor, but its height was nearly ten meters. That giant was walking towards Kizuna.


Terror made him freeze and unable to move. At this rate, he would be crushed under the giant’s feet.

‘It’s over’, the moment he resolved himself like that──,

「Hell Fireee!!」

A flame bullet rushed from behind Kizuna toward the steel knight. That flame easily pierced the knight’s thick armor and opened a hole in its body.

The steel knight lost strength and slumped on its knee before collapsing to the ground.

「Are you okay?」

A female figure appeared from inside the forest. She had stunning blue eyes and blond hair. Her hand was carrying a long cross shaped cane while her body was covered in a long mantel. The body line that was enveloped by that mantel was shockingly magnificent. Large breasts and slender waist, and then the hips that greatly jutted to left and right even seemed violent. Her clothes that had the chest part opened to the degree where her breasts almost spilled out, and her short skirt that exposed her thighs displayed that body even more bewitchingly.

「I am the magician Yurishia Farandole.」

After Kizuna introduced himself, he talked about why he came here.

「Is that so……then, won’t you join my party? Right now it’s a party of just you and me though☆」

When she winked at him, Kizuna went red.

「A, about that……?」

「Demon king castle Infermia……defeating the demon king Hellshaft there is my objective. Before I let my guard down a bit and a magic was put on me……to dispel it, I need to defeat the demon king.」

「So that’s how it is……yes! I’m also asking, please let me join! It will be reassuring to be together with someone like Yurishia-san. Ah, but……I’m not useful at a──」

「Ufufu, you see……you can be useful. There is a job that is really a match for you.」

Yurishia’s eyes let out a bewitching shine.

「Come here?」

His hand pulled by Yurishia, Kizuna left the path and pushed through a clump of bushes. There was a fallen tree at a slightly open space and he sat down at Yurishia’s left side. Then Yurishia suddenly spread wide her greatly opened neckline. Her large breasts sprang out dancingly before Kizuna’s eyes.


Kizuna reflexively leaned back from that impressiveness.

「The work I want to ask Kizuna to do……I want you to milk my breasts.」

「Ha!? ☆◎×??」

Kizuna couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

「Try to touch them a bit? It’s all right, it won’t bite you♪」

Prompted like that, Kizuna hesitantly touched Yurishia’s voluptuous breast.

──’A, amazing.’

It was big and swelled to bursting. And then he was taken aback with the weight that his palm felt.

「Won’t you put a bit more strength?」

Kizuna followed what he was told and put strength into his fingertips. Then white liquid spurted out from the tip of Yurishia’s breast and hit Kizuna’s face.

「Buwah! E, eh? This is, sweet……don’t tell me, is this」

「Yes. Because of the demon king’s erotic magic, my breasts now produce a mother’s milk.」


「Then you see, milking it out by myself is a bit difficult, so I want to ask you to do it for me.」

「Bu, but……that’s」

Seeing Kizuna fidgeting around embarrassedly, Yurishia suddenly made a mischievous smile as though she thought of something.

「Aa……if Kizuna doesn’t do this milking for me……my breasts are already pained, it hurts! At this rate, my breasts will gradually bloat, and they might burst!」


Kizuna’s complexion turned blue.

「I, I understand! It’s unforgivable that Yurishia-san met a terrible experience because of that demon king’s magic! If it’s something that I can do, then I will do anything!」

He was looking up at Yurishia with a sparklingly pure gaze. There were even tears emerging in his eyes from his heart thinking how pitiful Yurishia was. Inside Yurishia’s chest, immorality and guilt and sensuality jumbled together and welled up. Shuddering pleasure was rushing through her whole body.

An obscene light resided in her eyes and her tongue got out a bit and licked her lips.

「Then……not to hurry you but, can I ask you to do it?」

「Ye, yes.」

Kizuna used both his hands to grasp the left side breast and slowly put strength into his hands. Then milk spurted out vigorously from the perky breast.

──’Wo, wow.’

It was a sight he saw for the first time. The milk that spurted from a female breast had an aroma that made his head dizzy. Each time he repeated his act of gripping the breast, Yurishia’s milk vigorously splashed on his body and dyed the clothes white. At the same time Yurishia’s fragrance also seeped in.

「Hey Kizuna. Milking with your hand is also okay, but sucking it with your mouth will suck out the milk more efficiently you know♥」

「Bu, but……it’s a bit……embarrassing」

Yurishia shook her head theatrically.

「Aah! If you don’t suck the milk out quickly, it feels like my breast will pop! Help meee, Kizunaaa」

「Awawawah, I get it!」

A white drop was hanging on the pink colored breast tip. Kizuna held it in his mouth with his all.


An ardent sigh leaked out from Yurishia’s mouth.

Sweet taste was spreading inside Kizuna’s mouth quickly. Strangely the taste calmed his heart and made him recover his calm, then he sucked at the breast’s hard protuberance inside his mouth.

「uUHN♥ Hah, a, aaaan……aa, good♥」

Yurishia’s seductive voice spurred on Kizuna into the milk sucking act. Yurishia’s breast adjusted the milk amount in response to the sucking strength while pouring milk into Kizuna’s mouth.

「Ah, an♥ yes, that’s nice♥ Kizuna♥」

Kizuna was absorbed in sucking the breast’s tip. Before long, Yurishia’s body began to convulse, and then her body was starting to get enveloped by a golden light.

「A, ah, ih, I’m……AAAAAAAAA♥♥♥♥♥」

Golden light snapped, and at the same time milk spurted inside Kizuna’s mouth grandly. Kizuna desperately drank in the milk to not let any spill. However the amount that Yurishia’s large breast stored was tremendous, so the milk spilled from the corner of Kizuna’s mouth and a white line trickled through his jaw and dripped down.

At the same time when the golden light settled down, the flow of milk that came out from Yurishia’s breast also abated.

When Kizuna took off his mouth, he cutely belched. Kizuna felt like he was hazy from a high fever. He was dimly staring at Yurishia’s breast with a red face.

「How is it? Delicious?」

Yurishia asked while caressing Kizuna’s head.

「Yes……it was, really……delicious.」

Yurishia’s body trembled shiveringly hearing Kizuna’s embarrassed answer.

「Then……please take care of this side too okay? ☆」

Yurishia winked and lifted up her right breast.

After this late Kizuna remembered that there were two breasts. When he tried touching the left and right respectively, he was surprised with the difference in stiffness.

「The one I sucked……turned soft. This one, is a bit hard.」

「Yes. Thanks to Kizuna sucking the milk out♪ Will you help with this breast too? ♥」

Kizuna clenched his fist and nodded bravely.

「Ye, yes. I’ll do my best!」

Yurishia’s eyes narrowed ecstatically.

And then the journey of the two began. Yurishia was alone, but she won easily against any kind of enemy. Just, the only problem was because of the magic that the demon king had cast on her, her breasts would soon be filled to the brim.

Even if it was dealt with at the early morning, her breasts would become a full tank already by the afternoon. Each time, Kizuna would suck them out with his all. Honestly it was to the degree that his three meals a day was wholly provided by it. For better or worse, Yurishia’s milk seemed to be nutritious, and Kizuna’s physical health was extremely satisfactory even with such eating habits.

Like that his journey with Yurishia continued for several days. They finally reached a big city. It was a city named Caldato with an atmosphere that seemed to be a mix of the west and middle east. It seemed this city accomplished the role as a front line base for the demon king castle’s capture.

「I am the leader of the adventurer guild 『Masters』, Scarlet Fairchild! Nice to meetcha!」

The total members of Masters were seven people. All of them were gunners, a party with catastrophically bad balance. And then there were two more people wearing masks that hid their eyes. They were females shrouded in mystery.

「I am the martial artist Zecros.」

Her long glossy black hair was really beautiful, and her body that was wrapped in a silver armor was really provocative. Or rather the exposure rate of Zecros’s armor was too high. It was a mystery whether it had any defensive power, but perhaps as a fighter she held the belief of being light weight. Also, contrary to her cool bearing, the armor’s design was also strangely cute.

「She is my attendant. Don’t pay attention to her.」

A petite girl was standing as though hiding behind Zecros. She looked a bit fearful and didn’t even say a word.

「Then, let’s head out to exterminate the demon king☆」

Yurishia and the others headed towards the demon king castle Infermia with a surprisingly light mood.

As expected from the castle of the last boss, the number of monsters lying in wait was a lot. However for some reason they didn’t find any strong enemy on the midboss level at all.

The attackers Zecros and Yurishia cut through the enemy while Masters gave support fire. Even though Yurishia was a magician, but she was also strangely strong physically. Without any slip she did everything from magic attack as well as assisting Zecros at close range combat.

It seemed to be a party with bad balance, but unexpectedly it might not be so bad. In fact, they reached the demon king hall where the demon king Hellshaft was at in the blink of an eye. But the figure of the demon king wasn’t there, there was a gigantic door at the end of the room.


There was an altar made from stone in front of the door. A girl was lying on it.

She was a beautiful girl with silver hair. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, her beautiful body was only clad in accessories to decorate it even more gorgeously.

「The demon king is behind that door. And then, that girl is the key to open the door.」

Zecros’s voice resounded inside the quite room.

Everyone was surprised and gazed at the masked mysterious girl.

「What do you mean by that? Who are you, Zecros?」

Not answering Yurishia’s question, Zecros spoke facing Kizuna.

「Kizuna, stand near that woman.」

Kizuna mysteriously couldn’t go against Zecros’s voice. He stood beside the altar just as he was told and stared at the girl’s face. She was sleeping like she was dead, but he could see a tinge of red on her cheeks and her chest was faintly moving up and down.

Scarlet snapped her fingers in realization.

「I see! Perhaps, it’s that. Is this something like the prince’s kiss will wake up the princess?」

「Ki, kiss-!?」

Kizuna panicked. He became unable to tear off his eyes from the soft lips of the beautiful girl lying down in front of him. His heartbeat naturally turned louder, faster, and his face blushed.

As though synchronized with that, the sleeping girl’s body began to shine blue.

「Right now Kizuna! Grope her breast!」


──’Bre, breast? Not kiss?’

Kizuna’s mind was in chaos.

However Zecros’s instruction had a terrifying compelling force. Kizuna’s two hands sunk into the largely swelling up twin hills.


The sleeping girl opened her eyes along with the coquettish voice.

「E, eh? I…..why am I?」

And then her eyes met the boy who was gripping her breasts tightly.

「Ki……Kizuna? That appearance……is really nostalgic……」

「Ah, I, I’m sorry-!」

Kizuna’s hand let go in panic. Zecros approached the awakened girl in replacement.

「Aine. The demon king is at the other side of that door. Can the door be opened if it’s you?」

Aine’s consciousness still wasn’t clear, but she lifted up her body somehow.

「No……but, I know the spell to open the door. Kizuna, if it’s you……」

Aine brought her face close to Kizuna’s ear and whispered something.

「Eh……saying, that?」

「Yell it. With a loud voice, as loud as you can.」

「Bu, but……that kind of, embarrassing……」

Aine strongly persuaded the shy Kizuna.

「It’s fine! Yell it with a voice so loud that the other side of that door can hear you! It’s for saving everyone!」


Kizuna looked over Yurishia, Masters, Zecros and her attendant. Not just them, people like Sylvia and Himekawa, he was helped by the strength of a lot of people to reach here. If it was for the sake of saving everyone then──,

Kizuna took in a long breath, and chanted the spell that Aine taught him.


The door where the demon king was hiding opened hard. And then a little girl with a bright red face leaped out.


When her unfocused eyes caught Kizuna, she leaped with a force that almost caused saliva to flow.

「Haaaa♥ Kizuna♥ So cuteee! More, be more spoil──」


Zecros took off her mask and yelled sharply.


Following Reiri’s signal, a green haired beautiful woman appeared from hiding somewhere.

「Labyrinth Cube!」

That beauty threw six shields and those shields created a hexahedron cube midair.

Behind Nayuta, two hands wearing sharp claws appeared. Bizarrely, the hands were extending out from empty air.


Nayuta raised a stupid voice and her body was lifted up.

The arms true body, Valdy was grasping up Nayuta’s body from a distance. And then she was tore off from Kizuna and thrown towards the Labyrinth Cube.


Nayuta’s limp body was locked into Labyrinth Cube.

「Kei! Hurry!」

Zecros’s attendant also took off her mask and took out a parchment and feather pen from her breast pocket, she then crawled on the floor and began to write letters. And then she held out the parchment towards another direction.

『Perform stomach pumping ASAP. Dispatch medical squad.』

Once again, from who knows where they were hiding, a group wearing white lab coats rushed into the demon kings hall.

Reiri faced the white lab coat group and declared strictly.

「Don’t go easy on her! Rinse off everything thoroughly whether her stomach or intestines! Make it a clean body in this chance!」

The inside of Nayuta’s body was washed thoroughly, and following that the world recovered its original appearance.

And then Nayuta was firmly sentenced with drinking prohibition.

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