Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 11 End of School Period

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End of School Period[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hida Reiri who was relaxing inside her room let out a disappointed sigh.

「But even so……that appearance of Kizuna」

Was so cute♡

She was unable to admire it just by herself. That was the most vexing thing.

「For such a lonely Reiri, mother is coming bringing an encouraging notice!」

The door was opened hard and a spirited little girl rushed in.

The moment she saw that figure, Reiri’s mood plummeted and her guts boiled.

「How much do you think I got troubled because of your fault, huh! Aah, don’t make me irritated!」

When she saw the thoughtless smile of Nayuta, it caused her to be excessively irritated.

「Now now. I come bringing a good talk that doubles as my apology too.」

She said that while her hand was making a beckoning gesture towarda the entrance.


The one who was called by Nayuta and entered the room was Shikina Kei. Her hands were holding a thick file.

「What is it Kei? Those documents?」

Kei was carrying that file with both hands and showed the front cover towards Reiri.

──’Operation Chronos?’

Nayuta smiled triumphantly at Reiri who was making a face that said that she didn’t understand.

「Kei, explain.」


Kei opened the file and explained while showing it to Reiri.

「This is a plan to expand the functions of the Love Room and surpass time.」


Reiri frowned. It was because she thought that it was completely a fake story. There was no need for her to lend her ears to this. Besides if she heard what Nayuta said, surely it wouldn’t become something satisfactory. She should turn her away right now. Reiri thought that inside her heart, but the next moment──,

「If this plan succeeds, you will be able to play with the child Kizuna anytime. Please give the approval for this plan.」


Reiri yelled without a moments delay.

Part 2[edit]

The next morning, Kizuna left the dormitory and headed to the academy. The sakura trees at the boulevard were currently in full bloom.


Being on the Megafloat really disarrayed one’s sense of the season. There were also times when it felt like time was continuing endlessly. However seeing the dancing sakura leaves and warm wind blowing at him, such out of place feeling was vanishing as though melting into air.

「Were you referring to me when you said beautiful I wonder?」

A silver haired girl showed up from behind a tree.


「My, it’s not me that you referred to?」

A blonde haired girl appeared with her large breasts shaking from the roadside tree at the opposite side.

「Yurishia, you too?」

「That’s right──ah, there is one more person here.」

When Yurishia stared at the sakura tree at the roadside ahead, Himekawa showed her figure with an awkward cough.

「I, I’m, that is──my magic power declined completely because of the hectic disturbances for this while ago so……that……」

When Himekawa finally arrived in front of Kizuna, she lined up along with Yurishia with Aine at the center.

Kizuna made a wry smile.

「Certainly, various things happened here since the magic weapons invasion huh.」

And then, surely this revelry would be continuing from here on too.

「Then, there is no schedule for it but, let’s do Heart Hybrid after school today. Who will be the fi──」

Kizuna spontaneously faltered.

──’If it’s the usual flow, a quarrel will happen between them here.’

However, the three only exchanged glances and looked as though they were hesitating of what to do.


Kizuna tilted his head.

And then, Aine who was at the center suddenly took the arm of Yurishia and Himekawa who were at her right and left.

「Want to try doing Connective Hybrid with four people?」

「Eh!? A, Aine-san, wha, what are you……」

「Hee♪That sounds interesting.」

Aine turned a smile at Kizuna.

「What do you think, Kizuna?」

「Certainly, there is no precedent of doing it with four people……let’s try it.」

Aine stared alternately at Yurishia and Himekawa.

「It’s decided then!」

「Fufufu, how amazing☆ I cannot wait until after school from now♥」

「Aaa, doing it with four people……ho, how unwholesome……」

The four started walking towards the academy through the path of scattered sakura leaves.

──This was the ordinary day of Ataraxia academy.

A calm and peaceful revelry.

The gentle days were continuing. Today, and also tomorrow, and the day after that too, surely──.

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