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Special Chapter : Painful But Beloved Days[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The wind made the blonde hair flutter and passed through while licking the brown skin.

Standing on a tall cliff, that soldier was staring at the sky far away.

Her gaze was staring at the territory of the Vatlantis Empire ahead.

There wouldn’t be much more time until a large fleet would arrive from that sky. The moment that fleet came into view, the spark of battle would be lit.

Gravel looked behind.

Over there was the territory of Izgard. And then the whole army of Izgard was massing at that land. Several dozens of battleships and several thousands of magic weapons and magic knights wearing magic armors were all looking up at Gravel.

「Listen ladies! Vatlantis’s fleet will arrive after this! It’s likely that they even combined the third, fourth, and fifth fleet of the subjugation army to form a large fleet!」

The soldiers of Izgard were listening to those words without even feeling particularly surprised.

「But with you ladies, the proud soldiers of Izgard, our veteran heroes here, they aren’t worthy of fear! Even if they will attack us many times, then we will also repel them back as many times as they come!」

‘UOOOOOOOOOO’, such war cry was raised. There wasn’t even a speck of fear in them. Rather, all of them were even smiling.

「Rout the Vatlantians!」

「We aren’t going to let those pretending imperial bunches to go home alive!」

「We will beat into them the decorum of Izgard-style!」

The rough soldiers changed the excitement welling up from inside their bodies into scorn and jeer towards Vatlantis and spitted them out.

And then at the same time, words of praise for Gravel were also yelled from their excited mouth.


「Izgard’s hero!」

「The dark brown beast is with us!」

──Dark brown beast.

People called Gravel like that.

Soft and supple body that gave the impression of a wild carnivore. That body was hiding speed that was like the wind and strength that was like steel.

It was like that flesh was for the use of battle. And then, a tough force of will was dwelling in that flesh.

The magic power that force of will produced took shape and protected her body.

That was the magic armor Zoros.

Clad in the rare Ros-series magic armor, the hero of the frontier.

That was the existence called Gravel.

She was a soldier of Izgard, a small country in the world of Atlantis. In order to put Izgard under their rule, the large country Vatlantis Empire shook Izgard financially and politically before the situation finally developed into a military clash.

Izgard was greatly behind Vatlantis in the development of magic mechanism technology. The difference in performance of magic weapons and battleships between the two countries was clear, furthermore there was also an overwhelming difference in battle power regarding the amount of material resources.

The battle would likely be decided within a few days.

The Vatlantis army was able to float a composed smile like that was about a month ago.

Along the border of Vatlantis and Izgard, the wreckage of Vatlantis magic weapons were increasing. The complexion of the Vatlantis army was also changing along with the increase of the mountain of wreckage.

No matter how many times they attacked, they couldn’t break through the defense line of Izgard.

The one who was leading the army of that Izgard was exactly Gravel.

The brown skinned soldier with fluttering blond hair, who entirely repelled back the invasion of Vatlantis with her huge gunsword. The Vatlantis army called that soldier the dark brown beast and feared her.

However, the subjugation army of Vatlantis who was fighting at the front line wouldn’t receive any forgiveness if they were defeated any more than this. Finally, today, they would launch an all-out attack without paying any attention to their appearance.

「……So they come.」

Gravel’s orange pupils caught the enemy’s silhouette that appeared from the sky beyond. She waved her arm and looked back at the Izgard army.

「The prey has appeared! All hands, prepare to fight!!」

‘UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ The Izgard army raised their war cry. The battleships that were on the ground were starting to float up. And then light ran through the whole body of the magic weapons. They stood up and started advancing as though they were awakened.

Gravel opened a floating window and enlarged the image of the Vatlantis fleet. The silhouettes that were reflecting back the sunlight and emitted light of magic power were gradually increasing in number.

That number was no less than two hundred.

The difference in military force was roughly thrice that of Izgard.

Gravel sweated coldly inside her heart.

She had obstructed the enemy’s invasion somehow until now. However this time she honestly didn’t have the confidence that she would be able to protect her country.

With a wave of light ejected from magic mechanisms trailing behind, the fleet of Vatlantis Empire was advancing through the blue sky. The fleet was advancing solemnly, in order to perform the last rite over the country called Izgard with certainty.

However, currently at this timing a political bargaining was also being attempted. Even during the battle that was performed on the battlefield, the higher-ups were hastening a peaceful negotiation.

A voice from below called out to Gravel on the cliff.

「Gravel! Give the instruction!」

「We cannot stay patient here anymore! Let us beat them to death already!」

The hotblooded bunches yelled with spittle flying from their mouths.

「Yosh! Magic weapon force, from the right wing──」

Gravel’s voice that was giving instructions was interrupted.

A strange figure was reflected in her orange pupils.

The enemy’s flagship. There was a figure standing on the prow.

Green hair and green magic armor.

──’The green of madness!?’

「……So that’s the berserker of the imperial guard from the rumor.」

Her name was Aldea. Ally killer, battle junkie in the form of a lady, shield of madness of the imperial guard, etc., etc., nicknames to describe Aldea were too numerous to mention.

「Why is that woman in the subjugation army?」

The subjugation army was composed with personnel from people with low social status or soldiers conscripted from the countries ruled by Vatlantis.

On the other hand, the imperial guard that Aldea belonged to was composed from basically only nobles, a true elite group that an enlistment into it wouldn’t be recognized without high ability.

But Gravel heard that Aldea was a heretic among that imperial guard.

She was a battle junkie which couldn’t be imagined from seeing her beautiful and elegant appearance. She was an abnormal that felt supreme happiness in a fight where life was risked. She put her desire above everything, where violation of command and military rule was like an everyday meal for her. Furthermore the target of her aggression even frequently reached her allies when just the enemy couldn’t satisfy her, there were rumors that it was also common for imperial guard members to almost lose their lives because of Aldea.

A soldier who also found the figure of Aldea like Gravel raised their voice in panic.

「Gravel-sama! Those Vatlantis bunches, they finally sent the imperial guard──」

However Gravel shook her head and she yelled with a very clear voice to assure the soldiers.

「No, the fleet isn’t the imperial guard’s fleet! I don’t know why the green of madness is over there, but her force itself is the subjugation army! There is nothing to fear!」

Following Gravel’s voice, the soldiers raised their weapons and raised a high-spirited yell.

「That’s right! Smash them!」

「Send out the magic weapons! The enemy is the same as before, we are going to chase them away the same as all these times until now!」

「It doesn’t matter even if that’s the imperial guard themselves!」

「The hero Gravel is together with us!」

A war cry rose from all units.

Gravel whispered inside her heart that didn’t show up on her face.

──’How much will we be able to endure the enemy attack?’

Honestly speaking, she understood that it was impossible for Izgard to end up victorious. The focus of the peaceful negotiation that was currently progressing was about how many advantageous conditions Izgard could obtain by entering under Vatlantis’s jurisdiction.

The worse the battle situation became, the stricter the requirements for peace became. That being the case Gravel wanted to end the fight with good conditions while they were still fighting on equal standing.

「……And yet, a troublesome opponent appeared here.」

Gravel was staring at the green figure reflected in the floating window.

Inside the window her eyes met the eyes of Aldea who looked like a lady. The other side was also similarly staring at Gravel. She smiled sweetly with a passionate gaze.

Her eyes were shining in anticipation, looking really happy and looking forward to it. As though she was unable to wait any longer for the fun times that would start after this. Her attitude was restless without any composure. She even looked like a girl that was waiting for her date with her lover.

A smile unconsciously leaked out from Gravel.

「What’s with that woman?」

──’No, I must not hold interest or emotion towards her.

Most likely today one of us will die.

However, I pray──,’

「Right now in this instant……won’t the peace be established?」

Gravel pulled out the gunsword from behind her back.

Part 2[edit]

「Hey, geez Graveeel~, what’s the matter?」

Aldea rubbed her body at Gravel like a cat that acted spoiled towards their owner.

「Nn……no, it’s nothing.」

What was called life was actually something baffling.

Gravel swallowed back those words when she was about to say them.

That first confrontation at that first meeting. She never thought even in her dreams that the opponent with whom she tried to take each other’s life right after they met would now be in this kind of relationship with her.

It was a bloody battle where they deeply wounded each other. The next attack would decide the battle──it was at such a time that the report of armistice ran through the battlefield.

Both countries entered into a peace treaty.

If that communication only entered ten seconds later, perhaps one of them would have been dead already.

And then now,

They weren’t at the wasteland near the country border, but at Ataraxia that was recreated by Nayuta. They weren’t wearing military uniform, but uniform worn by students, and they weren’t at the captain’s seat of a battleship, but sitting on the café’s sofa. In front of the comfortable sofa for two people, was a largish table with short legs. On the wall were mirrors and bookshelves. A carpet was spread on the floor, the interior looked like the living room of someone’s house. The outside was hot, but cooling was turned on inside here and it felt really pleasant. There was also no other guests and the two were completely relaxed.

「Fufu, there is no one here.」

「There is no customer, but there are the workers. Stop with any strange acts.」

The woman who came to aim for her life persistently once was now snuggling on her shoulder. And then, when she let her guard down then she would soon try to caress her body. Her hand went in from Gravel’s opened collar and touched at the springy brown skinned breasts.

Gravel lightly knocked that hand like scolding a mischievous cat.

「Sheesh, it’s fine right, it’s just this much.」

「That’s because if the first defense line is broken through, your distinction will be gone.」

「Myy? Doesn’t that refer to Gravel yourself?」

「Shut up.」

Gravel lifted her upper body and reached her hand at the coffee on the table. The coffee that she drank had grown lukewarm. In here she was mostly flirting with Aldea.

After the armistice came into effect, she heard the rumor that Aldea’s eccentricity became even worse among the imperial guard.

One day Aldea was finally demoted.

And then of all things she arrived at Gravel’s sixth subjugation army.

Gravel who never even imagined that Aldea would be assigned at her force was filled with trepidation along with everyone of the subjugation army, but Aldea who finally came changed completely, she was now showing excessive affection at Gravel.

That being the case made Gravel stumped, but even so that was better than her needing to watch out for attempts at her life. Besides Aldea seemed to really have calmed down and she did her work properly.

Although, she still couldn’t stop her disregard of orders and independent actions.

Gravel thought once more.

It was unknown what would happen in life.

Being at this Ataraxia was also the same. This was a place where she once embarked to alone, fought the people of Lemuria, and inflicted tremendous damage to the city.

And right now, she was sitting on the same desk as Lemurian people and had her fill of student life.

For her who had spent her days soaked in blood and gunpowder smoke, these days were too dazzling and happy. Gravel felt the inside of her chest was gradually getting warm. She wondered if this was what they called happiness. She was staring at the street that was visible from the window while soaking in such a feeling.

However, this was a transient happiness.

The world was destroyed by the Deus ex Machina. Izgard, Vatlantis, and also Lemuria didn’t exist. What remained right now was only this Ataraxia. This place was the whole world.

However, the Deus ex Machina held the configuration information of the world they disassembled. If they stole that back, it was possible to recreate the world with Nayuta’s power.

In front of the café, students from Lemuria, Izgard and Vatlantis nationality were walking while talking in enjoyment. Gravel whispered inside her heart while looking at their figures.

She would cast this body into battle once more.

Of course, she planned to joyfully take her sword if it was to protect this peaceful world. But the problem was, her current self didn’t have the strength to fight the Deus ex Machina equally.

Her skirt’s pocket vibrated faintly.


The information terminal that was distributed to all students was vibrating repeatedly, emphasizing its existence to her. She took out the terminal from her pocket and displayed the mail she received on the screen.

Gravel opened her eyes wide seeing the content and her throat gulped audibly.

「Who is it from?」

Aldea narrowed her eyes and stared fixedly at Gravel with a scooping up gaze.

「It’s from the command headquarters. It seems that tomorrow there will be a briefing session about the Deus ex Machina’s extermination.」

「Hmph……we will sortie soon then.」

Aldea’s eyes looked down and she put her head on Gravel’s chest. Gravel’s slender fingers gently combed Aldea’s green hair that looked glittering, and then she spoke persuasively.

「Perhaps, we have spent slightly too much enjoyable time. Once we had tasted this kind of peaceful days, it becomes troublesome to return to the hellish battlefield huh.」

「What are you saying?」

Aldea separated her body from Gravel and showed a bewitching smile.

「I’m happy, that I can return to hell. Because, this place is a heaven. It’s not interesting at all.」

Gravel replied with a wry smile.


Aldea hugged at Gravel and leaned on her.

「Yes. When I think that I can fight together with Gravel again, my heart is fluttering. But──」

Aldea suddenly fell silent. Gravel made a dubious expression towards such Aldea.

「Is there something that worries you?」

「Nope. Just, it’s a bit sad, that even though it’s what makes me flutter the most, but I won’t be able to reach out my hand to it anymore.」

「The most? What is……」

「When we tried to kill each other.」

Aldea lifted her face and looked up at Gravel with an upward gaze. Gravel stared back at those eyes with a bright red face.

「Even now you are wanting to kill me?」

Both of them stared at each other fixedly.

Killing each other or acts of love, one of the two could possibly happen after this. Such atmosphere was flowing between the two.

Before long Aldea opened her mouth.

「The best way to die I can imagine is to be killed by you.」

‘What a troublesome woman’, Gravel complained inside her heart.

「But see, my greatest happiness, is fighting with you, and killing you.」

‘This isn’t the level of being troublesome anymore huh’, Gravel dropped her shoulders inside her heart.

「……You won’t be sad even if I die?」

「It’s obvious that I’ll feel sad. It’s going to be sad, so sad, that I’ll die. Perhaps, after killing you, I think I’ll follow after you right away.」

There was a limit even in being unmanageable.

「……You’re really a troubling woman.」

「That’s right. You know it already right?」

After saying that, the green of madness showed an innocent smile.

Part 3[edit]

By the time the sunset sunk into the horizon, Gravel and Aldea returned back to the student dormitory. It was built a bit further away from the dormitory where the members of Amaterasu lived, but the building’s structure was almost the same.

Aldea wanted to sleep together with her, but Gravel refused because today she had work, and she took her bath not at the large bath but at the bathroom in her room.

She soaked inside the bathtub longer than usual, and she rose from the bath after washing her body attentively. And then, her figure without a single string covering it was reflected on the large mirror at the washstand. She used the bath towel hanging on her shoulder to absorb the water from her hair and body. Gravel observed her own body while doing that.

‘Am I, a bit too……muscled?’

She tried to stroke the area around her stomach with her own hand. Hard muscle proclaimed its existence right under a thin layer of fat. She also felt like her legs were slightly thick. And then at that part too, she could understand the shape of her leg’s muscle quite distinctly just by looking.

When she bent her arm, muscle bulged up solidly.

It wasn’t really a girly body. She thought so when she stared at her body that was reflected on the mirror.

All the members of Amaterasu had feminine and beautiful bodies. Himekawa Hayuru who was currently her classmate was slender, delicate, and looked really feminine. Perhaps because she was the same race as Kizuna, when the two stood side by side, it felt like they were truly the same class of living thing.

Even among the humans of Atlantis, there were females who suited Kizuna. For example, none other than the current emperor of the Vatlantis Empire, Ainess. Her name if in this world was Chidorigafuchi Aine. She, who was thought to be currently imprisoned in the world of a machine god, was truly beautiful. Her body line that was depicted with curves that looked soft to the utmost, and her abundant breasts.

Before she recovered her memory, she belonged to the same team as Kizuna and fought together with him, so their connection was also deep. But Gravel thought that those two were tied together with a bond that was even stronger than that.

There was also the time when Kizuna risked his life to do a one-on-one fight against Aine. It was for the sake of invading Vatlantis, but it could also be said that he did that in order to save Aine.

Gravel also cooperated with him when he was heading towards that battle. She did Connective Hybrid with Kizuna along with Aldea in order to supply the battleships’ energy. Although indirectly, but that act became a help for saving Aine and assisted in the deepening of Kizuna and Aine’s relationship. She also felt complicated about that.

Gravel had done Heart Hybrid with Kizuna several times. However, every single one of it was driven by necessity. And then this time too──,

Gravel took the information terminal that she put on the washstand. In it was the mail she received from Kizuna when she was at the café this afternoon.

──’I want to do reinstall with Gravel.’

Taking out the core temporarily and then installing it into the body once more after Nayuta applied improvements to it. By doing that she could obtain a fighting ability that could possibly oppose the Deus ex Machina.

After Gravel received the mail, she nonchalantly went to the toilet, and there she typed the reply hurriedly. Of course, she agreed to it unhesitatingly. Right after that Nayuta appeared inside the toilet and surprised her by taking out her core in the blink of an eye.

It seemed that performing improvements on the core also exhausted Nayuta considerably, so she couldn’t just do it without giving consideration to whom the improvement would be given to. Gravel was happy that she was chosen as a subject for that precious power up. And above all else, with this she would be able to obtain the strength to fight against the Deus ex Machina. Also, when she thought that she would be able to bring her body together with Kizuna, although that wasn’t her objective, her face grew hot.

Furthermore they wouldn’t just be doing the reinstall pragmatically. She was invited to go play somewhere because it would be a rare holiday that could be used to heal each other’s wounds which they bore from the previous battle against the machine god. The mail told her that he wanted to accompany her for the whole day.

「A date……」

When she unconsciously whispered that, she became embarrassed so much she wanted to writhe. She would rendezvous with Kizuna, and then the two would go shopping and go around an amusement park. When she imagined it, it felt like the inside of her chest would melt.

It was like she would become Kizuna’s lover, standing on the borderline that was just barely like that, that was how she felt. Different from fighting on a battlefield, a unique nervousness and anticipation was ruling over Gravel.

‘However, what should I do?’

She was thoroughly knowledgeable if it was about commanding soldiers on a battlefield or fighting with her gunsword. However, she was a complete amateur regarding the subtlety of romantic love between a man and woman. So to speak she was just a rookie soldier in that field.

Her only precedent was with Aldea, but it went without saying that it wouldn’t become any reference in this case.

In something like this it would be great if she borrowed the romantic novel that Himekawa often read. Even such useless thoughts crossed her mind.

Her reflection in the mirror was making a pathetic face that made even herself feel exasperated. There was not even a shred of the vestige of a soldier anywhere on her face. It was just the face of a woman. But, her trained soldier’s body couldn’t change its impression like her expression.

‘Won’t Kizuna get disappointed with this kind of body?’

Of course, Kizuna had seen Gravel’s naked body in the past, even when they were spending academic life together after Nayuta falsified their memories, the two of them were periodically performing Heart Hybrid together.

However, this time would be different from the normal Heart Hybrid, it could be thought of as a special act.


She let out a sigh and clapped her cheeks lightly with her hands.

For now it was useless even if she felt down from comparing her specs with other people. She only had this body. Rather, she should make use of her good points.

Thinking that, she suddenly noticed.

「What is……my good point?」

She tried lifting up her breasts with both hands.

They were sufficiently soft and also had volume. When she pressed them together like this, she thought that they were quite something. Although they weren’t absurd breasts like queen Landred, but they shouldn’t be that far behind.


Rather than something like that, it was her clothes.

What would be good to wear?

「Good grief……」

She became absorbed in washing her body thoroughly in the bath, but there should be something else she needed to do before that stage. It was like she was looking forward to doing the act with Kizuna that her head was filled with nothing but that. Her cheeks reddened because of such herself.

‘I, I’m, no, there is no such thing. It will be a lie if I say that I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s not like my head is only thinking about that, such thing isn’t true at all. Certainly……I’m thinking that actually I want to do hybrid with Kizuna more. However it’s also because I have the aim to prepare my own condition, at the very least my head isn’t filled with only such thing──,’

While she was making excuses to herself, her thoughts were starting to go around in circles. Like a dog that was chasing after its own tail.

To avert herself from her embarrassment, Gravel wiped her body with her bath towel carelessly and she took a dryer into her hand and started drying her hair. The roar of the dryer diverted her mind somewhat.

When her blonde hair was dried and its sensation turned soft, she put away the drier and headed towards the closet in her bedroom. She opened the door and entered inside the closet. It was a large walk-in closet, but the number of clothes hanging in there were few in contrast to the available space. Gravel was assaulted by a light dismay.

──’Damn it. If only I bought clothes today.’

However she couldn’t let her regret to rule over her. Gravel changed her feeling and opened the drawer that was furnished in the wall. And then she was stricken once more when she saw the underwear lining up inside.

It was strange saying this herself but, there were only underwear without sex appeal there.

She was a sports girl during the time their memory was falsified, perhaps because of that there were only sports bras and panties that looked like training wear lining up there.

She wondered if she had to fight with only this unreliable equipment.

Gravel sighed while choosing several things that were relatively better even among all of them.


There was a set of underwear of different type inside the drawer.

It was the set that Aldea forcefully bought for Gravel. It felt pure and chaste with its white color, but the design used a lot of frills and looked a bit showy. Garter belt and stocking were also included in the set.

「Is this the best option?」

Thinking that she should try wearing it for the time being, she put her legs into the stocking. After she pulled up the stocking until her thigh, next she put the garter belt around her waist and fixed the hook in place. And then she fastened the stocking at the belt. She suddenly looked inside the closet. A surface of the wall was a mirror that could reflect the whole body. The figure of herself that was reflected there made her falter.

「Thi, this is……what the」

It was truly a provocative figure.

Perhaps Kizuna would also be happy with this. Such joy that even resembled self-confidence was welling up. Her mood naturally ascended, she smiled faintly while unfolding the panty and put her legs through it. When she tried wearing it, the surface area of the panty was shockingly narrow. She put her arms through the bra’s shoulder string and fastened the hook on her back. She put her hand through the gap of the bra and fixed the positioning of her breasts, and a valley was formed beautifully.

She stared at the mirror once more.

She looked like a pretty good lady, but she also looked like a skilled prostitute.

She turned away a bit and narrowed her eyes.

‘It’s sexy even if I say so myself’, Gravel became happy. She tried making a variety of poses to confirm how she looked from many angles.

After a survey of a while, she faced forward and stopped her pose. She unconsciously put her hands on her waist and stood imposingly.

「However like this……」

‘Won’t I look horny? Won’t he think that I’m a bit too desperate, or that I’m like a starving beast?

As I thought, using the underwear I usually wore is──,’

She looked at the plain fabric lining up inside her drawer and her shoulders dropped in dejection.

‘It’s no good. My battle strength will be lacking with that.’

For now she decided that next she would choose her outer garment. Gravel switched her mood and stared at the one piece and blouson hanging in her closet.

If her underwear was this, it would be better if the upper wear was something that felt a bit neater.

Like that, Gravel’s night before battle was advancing late.

Part 4[edit]

Gravel came to the meeting place an hour earlier. No, she arrived.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 14.jpg

The place was in front of the station of Ataraxia’s underground train loop line. The station building couldn’t be seen from above ground, but a stylish building was built on the place where the station was underground. It was a commercial building that became one with the station, and a lot of tenants entered inside. Gravel was waiting for Kizuna near the entrance.

She couldn’t really sleep at night.

However, there was no way she could have a date with Kizuna while having shadows under her eyes. Feeling that she had to sleep somehow, she became even more fretful and became even more unable to sleep. She had also spent three hours for picking clothes already. Her sleeping time was in a great pinch.

And then in the morning she also woke up early.

Fortunately no shadow was created under her eyes. After feeling relieved, she polished her body that had been washed thoroughly yesterday in the shower even more.

Thinking further she didn’t have perfume or cosmetics.

With no other way, she polished her lips with a lip balm of thin color that was the only thing she had. It felt like she greatly differed from usual even with just that.

Her clothes was a white dress. It was thin with no sleeves, her appearance was also refreshing, perfectly suiting the current season. And then on her head was a white hat with wide brim. On top of blocking the summer sunlight, the hat also created a slightly reserved impression for her. Unfortunately she didn’t have any accessories, so she wore an arm watch with thin belt as a replacement. The watch was showing that it was just fifteen minutes more until the promised time.

Her heart was beating intensely because of nervousness.

She wanted to meet him quickly, but at the same time she also felt scared for the starting of the date. She was fine when she met him at school, but like this she was nervous meeting him with only the two of them alone. She wished that the meeting time would quickly arrive, but on the other hand she also thought that she wanted time to stop.

Gravel pushed down the brim of the white hat she was wearing and looked up to the blue sky.

There was no more place to escape now that she had come here. She had used up all methods available to her. She had cast the die. The rest would completely depend on her flexibility to adapt in the battlefield and the training that she had piled up day by day.

Her feeling became heavy instead when she persuaded herself like that.

She didn’t do any training for this.

「Eh? You are early.」

Gravel’s heart jumped so hard, to the degree that she thought it might make *DOKKIIIN* sound.

Her heart was ringing with the sound like that of a revved engine.

Kizuna was wearing a white T-shirt and thin blue jacket. He was wearing a denim jean. The clothes had a sense of cleanliness on the whole without any bad taste.

「Ye, yeah, Kizuna yourself……yo, you are ten minutes early! Wh, why are you in such a hurry!?」

‘What are you running off your mouth at’, Gravel made a tsukkomi at herself. Sure enough, Kizuna walked until right in front of Gravel with a smile.

「If you said that, then Gravel yourself is the same.」

「We, well yeah……」

Kizuna stared fixedly at Gravel’s appearance. Even Gravel noticed how his gaze was moving here and there through her body. And then a slight surprise could also be seen from Kizuna’s expression. Gravel’s face felt boiled up in panic at that moment.

「Do-! Do I, look strange!?」

「Uwah! Wha, what is it!?」

「Say it! Where does it look bad!? I’ll fix it right away!」

「No, nothing looks bad at all. Rather, you look, really……great.」

Gravel opened her eyes wide. Kizuna averted his eyes bashfully, however he sent Gravel a peeking gaze.

「It’s surprising that your atmosphere is different than usual but……ah, come to think of it, that time when we went to Izgard’s sea and also when we did Connective Hybrid, your appearance was very cute. That kind of clothes also suited you.」

「I, I see……」

Gravel’s cheeks blushed and she looked down.

「Bu, but……I’m not a person that is that graceful, I’m worried that it won’t really match me though.」

Kizuna smiled brightly as though to blow away Gravel’s anxiety.

「That so? But I think you look good like a young lady in a summer resort. Because I know that Gravel is a cool girl who is active and good at all sports so……how to say it, that, this feels like a surprise attack. Aah, my bad. I cannot say it well but, my point is, it really suits you.」

Gravel linked her fingers together in front of her chest.

──’I’m happy, happy, happy!’

She repeated inside her heart many times.

She almost got teary unconsciously.

「Then, how about we go now?」

Kizuna stared at Gravel while he started walking.

「Ye, yeah.」

Gravel also followed behind a bit late.

「Whe, where are we going, Kizuna?」

「There is a movie theater nearby, so I’m thinking of going there. What do you think? It seems that a movie that was recently dug up from the archive was a big hit when it was published. It’s a work from before the First Another Universe Conflict, but it’s more or less compatible with VR screening.」

「Go, got it. Fine.」

「But, before that how about we eat a bit? There is still time until the reservation time. If you already ate, then let’s drink tea at least.」

「N, no. I haven’t really eaten, but if Kizuna is fine with just tea, then I’m also okay with that!」

「Then, how about going to an Italian restaurant near here?」

「Ye, yeah! I’ll leave it to you.」

Both of them started walking on the large street in front of the station. Gravel was following a bit behind Kizuna.

Gravel was staring longingly at Kizuna’s hand that was swaying in front of her eyes.

──’Should I, try holding hands?

N, no, something like holding hands so suddenly, he might think of me as a woman without manners. Calm down Gravel.’

Kizuna stopped walking and turned around.

「Gravel, what’s wrong?」


「Am I walking too fast?」

「N, no! That’s not true!」

She jogged and stood beside Kizuna.

Kizuna watched attentively at her smiling before he began walking again.

They turned at the corner of the large street and entered a side street that wasn’t divided between sidewalk and roadway. A car ran past Kizuna’s side. Gravel noticed it in surprise and she changed her position with Kizuna.

「Kizuna, this side is dangerous. Get close to the wall.」

Kizuna smiled wryly and gently grasped Gravel’s both shoulders.


A sudden skinship. A shiver of pleasure ran through Gravel’s back just from the touch on her shoulder. She felt it just from Kizuna touching her. As though to confess such secret by her own initiative, a shameful voice leaked out from her mouth mixed with a sigh.

It was unclear whether Kizuna noticed it or not, but he made an amazed face and returned Gravel’s body to her original position.

「Wha, what are you doing Kizuna? Your body is important. You are the vital point for opposing the machine gods you know? If something happens to you, I won’t be able to apologize enough to the others and your elder sis──」

「Let me show off a bit. In this kind of time, the girl is in the side that is being protected.」

Saying that, Kizuna looked bashfully towards Gravel.


Something sweet was spreading inside Gravel’s chest. Something made her feel like she was a small and weak living thing suddenly.

「I see……sorry.」

「You don’t need to apologize though. Well, from Gravel’s viewpoint, perhaps I look unreliable so it’s understandable.」

「That’s not true! Yo, you are, properly……qualified as a knight.」

「Knight huh……what you mean by that, is about the magic knight of Izgard and Vatlantis right? Am I really qualified for that?」

「Yeah. You are a knight that won’t be a shame wherever you joined. This me guarantees that.」

Gravel who said that looked vaguely proud.

「I see. Then, let me protect princess Gravel for today.」

「Hih!? ◯△※●♀◆Princess-!?」

Gravel was bewildered.

「Wha, wha wha wha, what are you saying! So, someone like you is just!」

「Ca, calm down. It’s here.」

「Ki-, Kizuna-! Listen to what I’m saying!」

However Kizuna showed a broad grin and opened the restaurant’s door. And then, he moved back and prompted Gravel to enter first with his hand.


Gravel made a troubled expression, but then she slipped through the door in resignation and vague embarrassment.

Guided by the waitress, the two sat face to face at a table near the window. Both of them glared at the menu, discussed this and that and started ordering. And then they spent their time making small talk until the food came. But, they found new discoveries even during that time. There was a lot of information about Gravel that Kizuna didn’t know, and vice versa.

Gravel was having fun listening to anything no matter how trivial it was if it was about Kizuna. Each time she knew a new aspect about Kizuna, she felt Kizuna closer to her.

Suddenly, Gravel recalled yesterday when she spent time with Aldea in a café.

It felt like something inside herself greatly changed at the time when she was together with Aldea, and at the time when she was together with Kizuna. It was like the type of magic armor she was wearing transformed in reaction against each one. That was Gravel’s interpretation.

It was something strong and ferocious against Aldea. But towards Kizuna, something delicate and beautiful so she could lean close on Kizuna was put on her.

The food came and their talk was halted for the moment, but they soon found a new topic.

They weren’t bored no matter how long they were talking.

Part 5[edit]

Inside the movie theater, there were spherical pods with diameters around five meters lining up. Each one was a seat and a theater. Entering inside it, there was only a sofa for two people at the center. The pod had a system that directly accessed the senses of sight and smell and made the user to experience as though they were inside the movie. It was a movie appreciation method where the audience wasn’t watching the movie but experiencing it, so to speak it was like the ancestor of the Love Room.

The floor was also fluffy, so it was fine to sit in the sofa or lie down on the floor. The pod was reserved, so the audience could spend their time inside it as they pleased.

The content of the movie was a love story between the main character and the heroine. At first the two were strangers, and if pushed to say then their relationship was a hostile one, the two were gradually attracted to the other the more they knew each other, and before long they fell in love. However, various incidents occurred as though to split apart the relationship of the two.

The outline of the story was classic, and if it was said to be a clichéd content then that might be so, but the movie was mysteriously pulling in their attention.

The hearts of the two throbbed seeing the process of the characters growing to like each other, they felt suspense each time an incident that could pull apart the two occurred, and they were cheering inside their heart seeing the two doing their best to overcome the hardship.

And then very beautiful romantic scenes more gorgeous than reality were showing up one after another in the movie.

On the screen, the main character walking on a hill while the sun was setting to search for the heroine was projected. His figure that was captured from afar looked very small inside the screen, seemingly looking lonely. There was nobody other than the main character that was projected. What was in the screen was the city that was starting to turn off its lights, the mountains that were faintly emerging at the far away, and also the beautiful sky with darkness approaching, spreading out like a panorama.

That sight struck the heart of Kizuna and Gravel with its magnificent and vivid tints.

Kizuna unconsciously whispered.

「How beautiful.」

「Yeah……there was no landscape this beautiful on Atlantis. Lemuria is a beautiful world isn’t it?」

「Even Atlantis had Genesis restored. The beautiful sight will come back.」

「You’re right……and for that, we have to defeat the Deus ex Machina no matter what. That’s why, I──」

At that time the screen changed, an image that was closely reflecting the main character was projected. The main character was staring at Kizuna and Gravel with a face that noticed something in surprise. The two of them reflexively looked behind them.

There, they found the heroine’s figure.


The moment Kizuna and Gravel turned their body around, their fingertips touched.

The three-dimensional image of the heroine started running as though to leap out to the real world, the main character was also running towards the heroine and leaped out from the screen.

And then the two reached out their hands, entangled their fingers, and conveyed their feelings, their love to each other.

Gravel thought.

──’Should I, rather say it right now?

There is also a part of me that denies it as something stupid.

Even if for example I do it, I also understand that it’s a hopeless thing.


I love Kizuna.

I love him so much, it’s unbearable.

It’s similar to the love that I feel for Aldea, but it’s different.

I cannot stop or repress that feeling.

But, I can smash it apart.

I think that is suitable for me.


By some chance,

Won’t a miracle like this movie happen?’

The main character and heroine in the movie embraced each other to express all their feelings.

It was a really beautiful image.

Gravel concentrated her consciousness at her pinkie. At the slight surface that touched with Kizuna. The connection between them was nothing more than just that. It was a touch that made her think like that.

In the screen, the main character and the heroine were exchanging a passionate embrace.

That wasn’t her.

Surely that was someone else other than her.

Perhaps, it was Aine.

Surely Kizuna was watching while picturing that inside his heart.

At that time,

Something warm suddenly enveloped Gravel’s hand.


Kizuna’s fingers were gently, but strongly gripping Gravel’s hand. Gravel reflexively looked up at the side of Kizuna’s face and found him looking at the screen with blushing cheeks looking slightly shy.

Gravel stared at Kizuna with moist eyes.

The sun set and completely changed into night sky.


「Sorry, for some reason when watching this movie, how should I say it──」

Perhaps thinking that she was criticizing him for holding her hand, Kizuna let go of Gravel’s hand.

This time as though to chase after that hand, Gravel’s hand was the one that took Kizuna’s hand. And then she leaned on Kizuna’s shoulder and put her head on there.


「……Me too.」

Yes, this was a momentary dream. Same like the movie.

A necessary procedure for the reinstall.

Even if it was something like that, but for her this was a precious moment.

‘I’m not that heroine.’

Even while feeling jealous of the heroine, she was the supporting role that helped the heroine and sent her off towards the main character’s side.



Kizuna was staring at her with a face that looked slightly surprised.

And then he held out a handkerchief to her.


She was crying when she noticed.

「Hu, huh?」

Gravel was surprised that she was flowing out tears and got flustered.

Kizuna slowly wiped up Gravel’s tears.


Gravel accepted that handkerchief and hid her own face.

Kizuna didn’t say anything and embraced Gravel’s shoulder silently.

Part 6[edit]

「Is it really fine here?」

Kizuna looked up at Nayuta Lab and asked in confirmation.

「Yes. It’s fine here.」

Gravel replied without hesitation.

「Because, this is the place where Kizuna spent your childhood right?」

「Well, there is that.」

「Besides, the install of my core was also carried out here.」

Kizuna nodded with a complicated expression.

「Is that so? Then as I thought, it’s fine here.」

The same place with Kizuna.

For Gravel, she could think of that like an act that increased her connection with Kizuna.

Both of them entered inside the lab and walked through a long corridor.

「After the Another Universe Conflict, this place was the front line of research and development.」

Kizuna introduced the facility simply while guiding Gravel. Before long they came to a stop in front of a door and entered inside.

「This is the operation room. Kaa-san installed the core into me here.」


It had a sense of cleanliness, but it was a bleak room. The equipment inside was unexpectedly few. The operation stand shining coldly at the center only felt eerie.

「Kizuna……Aine also had it done here?」

「Eh? Aine?」

Gravel regretted the question that she reflexively spoke out.

「No, Aine already had her core installed when she was discovered. I think her core was installed when she was in Vatlantis.」

「I, I see……」

Gravel’s mouth slightly burst into a smile.

「……But, why do you ask?」

「N, no. Don’t mind it.」

Kizuna made a slightly dubious expression, but he didn’t really ask further.

Saying that as expected doing it here was too much, Kizuna led Gravel to the place where the Love Room was located.

Kizuna entered inside together with Gravel and closed the hatch. And then he activated the environment setting randomly. As the result inside the Love Room was changed into a high class hotel.

「What kind of place is good do you think? We can also change our clothes here.」

「I don’t really……if I’m with Kizuna then anywhere is……」

The environment data that was activated randomly switched every ten seconds. The scenery of sandy beach, downtown, also a mysterious prison, and so on, there were various settings.

The data was switching one after another, but there wasn’t really a clincher to decide. The two were standing absentmindedly inside the world that was changing continuously.


Gravel raised her voice when the scenery changed to a certain sight.

Under her feet was the sensation of soft grass. The light of the city spreading below was like scattered jewels. The ridgeline of the mountain in the distance received the light of the setting sun and shined, and from far above the sky of the setting sun that had vibrant color, the curtain of night was descending. The scenery from above that hill was magnificent, like the movie that they watched today.

The two spontaneously looked at each other’s face.

Kizuna must be thinking the same thing as Gravel.

「As I thought, I think this is it.」

Gravel also nodded in satisfaction.

「Yeah, this is it.」

Like that, the two smiled at each other. And then, without knowing which one of them started it first, the two reached out to each other and entangled their fingers.

Gravel smiled.

「For some reason, it’s like I’m promoted to a heroine.」

Kizuna circled his hand around Gravel’s waist and pulled her body close.

「You are a splendid heroine.」


Gravel closed her eyes and turned her lips up.

「Is it fine?」

「Yes…….I want it.」

Kizuna brought his face closer and softly met their lips. A soft sensation was transmitted. Gravel also proactively pushed her lips forward and enjoyed Kizuna’s sensation. And then a tongue came in from the opened mouth. Tongues were entangled with each other inside the connected mouths.

There was a sweet taste inside Gravel’s mouth. To taste that, Kizuna caressed every corner inside Gravel’s mouth with his tongue.

Gravel’s back and waist trembled as though to express her happiness.

──’Aa, Kizuna……I’m happy.’

Gravel felt something hot between her crotch. As though pushed out by Kizuna’s hard thing that was pressed on her stomach, something that overflowed from inside her overflowed from her underwear and flowed down inside her skirt along her thighs.

Later the panty would surely be taken off. When she thought what kind of state she would be in at that time, Gravel became worried.

However Kizuna had no way of knowing the inside of Gravel’s heart. As though to make her overflow further, he strongly embraced Gravel, pressed Gravel’s breasts on his chest, and both his hands caressed around her trained back and butt. As though to say that he wanted to increase the surface of their body that was glued to each other even for just a bit more.

And then as though to respond to that feeling, Gravel also circled her hands around Kizuna’s neck and kissed him fiercely as though to declare that she was resolved to not let go anymore.

Just how long were they doing this?

When their lips finally separated, saliva that had mixed until it became unrecognizable from whom it came from had formed a bridge between the two. The faces of the two were flushed and turned completely heated. Gravel was also faintly sweating and her blond hair stuck on her forehead.



They both unraveled their arms. Kizuna laid his hand on Gravel’s dress.

The chest buttons were removed by one, and then one more. At that time his finger touched the breast. Just from that, Gravel’s mouth almost raised a gasp.

From the beginning she was a person that easily felt it, but today she became much more sensitive. Gravel was bewildered with the change of her own body. But even during that, Kizuna’s hand didn’t rest and stripped Gravel’s clothes.

The dress slipped from her shoulders and fell on the ground with a soft sound.


A voice leaked out from Kizuna’s mouth.

The white lingerie really stood out on her brown skin. Even though the design was cute with the arrangement of beautiful frills, but it gave the impression of eroticism. And then the garter belt made the obscenity to stand out even more.

Gravel hugged her own body to hide it.

──’This appearance, it is seen.’

She was feeling like running away, and her body twisted and fidgeted.

「Ki, Kizuna……my, body isn’t really womanly. Perhaps you aren’t really happy even if you look at it but」


Kizuna knitted his eyebrows, unable to grasp Gravel’s meaning.

「Not womanly you said, what does that mean?」

「N, no. Just like what the words mean…….because, I have too much muscle, compared to other woman, it’s boorish right?」

Kizuna took Gravel’s arms and opened them to the left and right. The beautiful body wearing sexy lingerie became exposed.

「You look like an athlete with a really tight body but……if you said that this body isn’t womanly, then it makes me want to ask what will be womanly in this world then.」

「N, no that’s, perhaps, it’s because of this underwear. Surely this is leading Kizuna astray──」

Kizuna blocked Gravel’s lips once more.


Stifled sigh leaked out from the gaps of Gravel’s lips. The tips of the tongues of the two were entangled inside the mouths as though in joy of the reunion. When Kizuna’s mouth went away, Gravel’s tongue stretched out in reluctance to the parting.

「Then, we have to confirm whether it’s really because of this underwear or not.」

Saying that, the hand that was embracing Gravel tightly crept on her back. When the hand found the hook of the brassiere, the hook was unfastened really easily.


The breasts that were restrained by the brassier were liberated, they spilled out as though leaping out a step forward. The bra was then left on the ground and Kizuna stared at Gravel’s large breasts that were pointing down.

The tight brown skin that looked like it was filled to bursting reflected the light and emitted lewd radiance. The tips became hard as though to signify Gravel’s excitement, extending out their tips greatly.

「Saying not to touch when something like this is shown in front of the eyes is just torture.」

「Wha, what are……」

Gravel tried to hide her breasts instinctively.


Kizuna called her name as though to lightly chide her.


Gravel lowered both her hands. That was the same like declaring her intention to Kizuna that she wanted him to rub her breasts. The breasts shook *tapun* and were exposed in front of his eyes once more. Kizuna’s hand reached out toward that breast.


She raised a shrill voice and her body bent backward.

Kizuna watched Gravel’s reaction while rubbing her breast slowly.

「Ah, aa……ahn♥ ya……aah」

Coquettish voices leaked out from Gravel lips intermittently.

The tip of the breast that seemed to have become hard enough was getting even bigger and harder. Kizuna stoped a bit and brought his face closer to the breast tip.

「NNAaAAAH! ♥ Ki, Kizunaaa♥」

He licked the tip of the breast, held it inside his mouth, and then when he caressed it by flicking it with the tip of his tongue, Gravel’s body shook. When his mouth let go, he put his tongue on the other breast that was jiggling shiveringly.


Gravel reacted honestly to every single caress and twisted her body. Her blonde hair shook and clung on her sweaty cheeks.

Kizuna caressed the tip of this side’s breast inside his mouth and greatly raised it. And then he went from the valley of the breasts to further below. He crawled his tongue on the tight abdomen that was hiding tough abs.

「Kizunaaa……li-, licking like that……I haven’t showered, sooo-aahn♥」

Kizuna’s tongue pecked at Gravel’s navel.


Ticklishness and shuddering stimulation resounded directly in her internal organs.

Kizuna kneeled on the grass and put his hands on Gravel’s white panty.

「Ah, do, don’t, Kizuna」

Not minding the panicked Gravel, Kizuna pulled down the panty.

「If we don’t take this away, we won’t know if it’s really the fault of the underwear that made Gravel womanly right?」

「Bu, but……that」

Kizuna pulled down the panty until her thighs.

「This is……」

Kizuna was shocked and looked up to Gravel’s face. Gravel became bright red and she averted her face to avoid Kizuna’s gaze.

Honey was welling up from inside Gravel’s crotch and trickled down. It dropped on the panty with string trailing behind. The panty couldn’t absorb it and from there it flowed down to the ground. Looking carefully, the inside of her thighs was soaked and stains were spreading on the stockings.

「Feels like the preparation is all finished huh.」

Kizuna smiled at her. Gravel became increasingly red and her head ducked down.

「Because……it become like this naturally so……」

「Since when it’s like this? Was it since when we saw the movie?」


Gravel directed teary eyes at Kizuna.

「Perhaps……since we met up.」

「I see. That, makes me happy.」

Kizuna sucked at the spring where the honey was welling up.

「!? ♥♥──!!!」

Gravel raised a soundless scream.

Kizuna’s tongue caressed the inside of that valley. His tongue tip was feeling lustrous and outrageously soft texture.

「yaAaAAAAAH! Haah♥ zxcza♥ aa♥! Ah, au, uuUUUNNNN♥♥」

Gravel gasped and shook her hair wildly. That part that had been thoroughly dribbling until now, wishing for stimulation was suddenly touched. A violent pleasure that felt like electricity running in her head attacked Gravel.

「NOOOOOOO! Do, don’t Kizuna! I, I’m getting strangeee」

But it didn’t end there. This time Gravel’s petal was spread with fingertips and the tongue tip traced the shape of the sensitive flower bud.


Strength entered Gravel’s legs and she naturally stood on her tiptoes.


Pleasure hit and shook her whole body along with a shriek. Hot liquid flowed down from inside Gravel’s body. And then she crumbled, her knees folded and she sat down on the spot.

Gravel was going to collapse then. Kizuna embraced such Gravel and caressed her forehead.

「Haah, hah, aah, Ki, Kizu……na」

Inside her hazy consciousness, Gravel was locking eyes with Kizuna.

「Gravel. The judgment result has come out.」


「You looking womanly isn’t because of the underwear.」

「Re, really……? But, doesn’t it……feel bad, hugging me?」

Kizuna gently admonished Gravel who was still anxious even then.

「Even though your body is this soft and supple?」

Gravel finally smiled in relief.

「……I’m glad♥」

Kizuna made Gravel to sit down alone, then he stood up and took off his jacket. He took off his T-shirt and jeans, and then when he only had a single underwear left, Gravel reached out her hand.

「I’ll help……」

She said that shyly and put her hands on Kizuna’s underpants. To avoid the underpants from getting stuck, she pulled at the front while lowering it down and the cause that might cause the underpants to get stuck flew out like a toy with spring mechanism.


Gravel gulped audibly seeing that shape.

Something that didn’t exist in her. Aldea also didn’t have it. Not just that, it couldn’t be found anywhere in Atlantis. Perhaps it was because of that. She felt that it was really manly and lovely. Just looking at it made the inside of her stomach felt like making *kyun kyun* sound.

Kizuna picked up the core from the inside of his jacket. That was something that once was inside Gravel’s chest and plucked out by Nayuta yesterday. However that core that was improved by Nayuta’s hand had changed shape into the same shape like Kizuna’s thing that was reflected in her eyes.

「The preparation is finished already…..」

However Gravel brought her face close to the thing that was towering in front of her eyes. The skin of her face felt Kizuna’s heat.

「……Kizuna, is it okay?」

Gravel whispered passionately. Kizuna softly caressed her blond hair. With that as the signal, Gravel’s lips kissed the tip of Kizuna.


This time it was Kizuna’s turn to writhe. Gravel stretched out her tongue and licked the pole that became big and thick without sparing any spot. Her tongue crawled especially thoroughly at the narrow part and back part. When the whole part became shiny from Gravel’s saliva, next she granted him stimulation by biting with her lips.

Gravel peeked at Kizuna’s state with an upward gaze. Seeing his face that was feeling good, she smiled in satisfaction and this time she swallowed Kizuna’s thing.

「Gra, Gravel-」

Kizuna put his hand on Gravel’s head softly. She didn’t know whether he meant to ask her for more or to hold her back. However the one thing Gravel was sure about was that she couldn’t stop her impulse. Her feeling that wanted to make Kizuna happy, and the desire inside herself formed a complete whole. Gravel was driven by her desires.

──’Aaa ♥ Kizuna……delicious’

For the Gravel right now, Kizuna’s smell, and also the secretion from there, everything tasted sweet for her. She filled her mouth fully that her cheeks were stuffed, then she moved her face back and forth. She didn’t ease up even inside her mouth, her tongue entwined at Kizuna’s thing.

「Gravel──this is bad」

Kizuna asked for help like that, but she didn’t listen. No, she couldn’t stop. Gravel sucked even more intensely as though to seek for the last proof.


Strength filled Kizuna’s legs and he pushed his waist forward. And then, something hot flowed into the inside of Gravel’s throat. Without hesitation, Gravel drank it down. Kizuna’s thing convulsed twitchingly for a long while and continued to pour into Gravel. Even when the force of the flow settled before long, the thing was still continuing to convulse. Gravel was tasting the pulsation inside her mouth while slowly pulling out.

That thing that showed up from inside her mouth was connected with a string toward Gravel’s lips as though it was still reluctant to leave. It was warmed, turning so hot it felt like it would let out steam.

「Gravel……my bad」

What Kizuna let out was still collecting inside her mouth. Gravel drank it down with a gulp as though in response to him.

The liquid moved from Gravel’s throat into her body, radiating heat as it moved down. Inside her stomach, it felt like it was enflaming Gravel even more. The spring of love that was flowing out from some time ago as though to express Gravel’s joy was increasing further in the amount it secreted.

Gravel got on all fours and turned her butt towards Kizuna.

「I cannot, endure anymore……Kizuna, please.」

She shook her waist while looking back at Kizuna.

That face wasn’t that of the hero of Izgard, and also wasn’t that of Ataraxia academy’s superstar. It was the face of a female.

Stared at by that expression, far from withering in momentum, Kizuna’s thing was filled to the brim with strength that was even more powerful instead.

Gravel smiled happily, reached her hand toward her own butt, and spread open the secret valley below it.

That part was deeply congested with pink color, and glittered bright with honey that overflowed from inside.

There was no way both sides could endure.

Kizuna kneeled behind Gravel. And then he put his hands on her butt and opened Gravel’s valley. He touched the tip of the core at the drooling lips that were waiting for him.

「Nn♥ ah!!」

Electricity ran through gravel’s whole body just from that.

「Here I go, Gravel.」

With reddening cheeks, and rough breathing from excitement and pleasure, Gravel responded.


Kizuna slowly slipped in the core into Gravel’s female part.

「♥ -!? Ku……h!!♥♥♥」

Gravel’s back twitched up. It was a feeling of a pillar of pleasure slipping into her body. The core was twisted inside as though spreading out the tight interior. Tremendous wave of pleasure visited her with each centimeter of its advance. However, that happened to not only Gravel. Kizuna was also the same. He gritted his teeth and endured the pleasure.

After enduring the first pleasure that was like a tsunami, he would be able compose himself after that. Until then he had to protect the wall of his limit desperately.

「Gravel……don’t, tighten, that much」

「E-, even if, you-……to, told me that-♥」

Gravel had no such leeway with her desperately enduring the pleasure. But, when she thought that her part there was giving Kizuna pleasure that made him raised his voice, happiness was overflowing from inside her chest and she thought proudly of her body.

Gravel’s back was bending backward following the advance to her inside. By the time she was greatly arching her back, the core arrived at the deepest part of Gravel. Kizuna’s own tip was also feeling the same sensation that the core felt. Feeling that it was impossible to move deeper than this, he felt like he was softly stopped.

「Wait a bit……just like this」


Kizuna and Gravel kept their current posture and waited until the waves of pleasure settled down. Kizuna let out a long sigh and showed that he had somehow calmed down. However it seemed that Gravel was still being toyed in the sea of pleasure. Her back twitched in convulsion periodically as though she was electrically shocked, and at the same timing she would tighten hard at Kizuna.

If they stayed still like this, it felt like they would gradually get cornered into the conclusion as though getting constricted by silk floss.

「Let’s start soon, Gravel.」

「Eh!? Wait, I’m still──」

Kizuna slowly pulled until near the entrance, and then forcefully thrust in.


Sreaming voice rose from Gravel’s mouth.

Not minding that, Kizuna repeated his pull and push.

「Hih! Hi♥ Ah♥ Aah!♥」

She welcomed a climax with each thrust.

When the core was pushed in, honey would overflow from the gap with Gravel as though it was squeezed out. As though corresponding with that, light particles would be produced from Gravel’s body.

The light particles became one with the light that floated from Kizuna’s body, granting power to the core sinking into Gravel’s body.

「Ki, Kizuna-, Kizunaaa」

Gravel suddenly weeped. Kizuna stopped moving in panic.

「What’s wrong?」

「I want to see……Kizuna’s face.」

She pleaded like that while crying. Kizuna answered ‘got it’, and he caressed Gravel’s head gently. And then with the core still buried deeply, he rolled over Gravel’s body. He hung over Gravel who was facing up and their eyes locked with each other from really close.


Gravel lifted up her head and stole Kizuna’s lips. Kizuna responded to that and hugged Gravel’s body while kept kissing. And then he once more pulled out the core until midway, and then thrust it inside.

Gravel’s lips let go along with a gasping voice.

「Aa♥ Kizuna……」

Gravel joyfully flowed out her tears and her hands crawled on Kizuna’s back.

「Do you like it like this, Gravel?」

「Ye, yes-♥……I like it-」


「I love it-!♥」

Heart shaped light emerged in Gravel’s eyes.

The core was thrust inside her with the force to wrench open the entrance inside.

「♥♥♥ -AaAAAa♥ AAAaaaAA♥♥ aaaA♥ AAA♥ AA♥ A♥ A!!」

At that moment, magic power’s radiance exploded.

Gravel met a climax that was the greatest from everything until now. Her face melted, drool trickled, her whole body stiffened, and she drifted in a void of joy.

She couldn’t think of anything. It was a sensation like spitting out everything and then everything returning back inside herself. And then something spurted out from Kizuna himself was pouring into Gravel’s body. Kizuna’s ardent love was like a sweet enrapturing rain that fell all over her body.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 15.jpg

Inside the Love Room was filled with radiance that overflowed from the two. The core was vanishing inside, as though it was being absorbed inside Gravel’s body.

Gravel once again felt Zoros returning inside her womb.

The two who used up all their energy and willpower laid down on the soft grass that felt like futon. Kizuna stretched out his arm and prompted Gravel. Gravel put her head on that arm and snuggled on Kizuna’s body.

Gravel crawled her fingers on her chest where the core of Zoros seemed to be at. The trace of Kizuna’s pleasure was remaining on her body. White color was really standing out on her brown skin.

She was happy.

She shouldn’t even wish for something more than this.

She wasn’t a princess.

What a knight that was going to meet the princess wished for, was nothing more but a sword.

But, if Kizuna wished for it,

Then she would happily take up that role.

Because she had received a prize that was beyond herself by this much.

Like that, the two fell asleep before they knew it.

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