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This is Kuji Masamune! Eros!

The extra story volume, just like the advance notice, what do you readers think about it? It’s a content that is nearly a self parody that cannot really be put in the main story (lol) but thanks to that, I had fun writing it!

In the first place the impetus that made me think of doing an extra story volume was last year when I was invited to the autograph meeting in Taiwan. When I talked with the editor of Sentan Publication that published Masou in Taiwan, they inquired about 「I want to try reading more about scenes of ordinary days」「What do the heroines normally talk about between themselves」, I then thought, I see, and that’s the beginning of this.

Certainly, I focused on quick development in the story of Masou Gakuen, so the story isn’t strongly concerned with the weaving of the tale and everything was pruned.

For example I mostly didn’t touch about the daily life and academy life of Kizuna and co. The ordinary conversations and dates with each heroine, various battle training, athletic festivals and school festival events that is characteristic of schools, stories that depicted Ataraxia’s facilities and construction in more detail, also stories of going through Megafloat Japan on field trips, I actually thought about them, but it’s hard to insert them into the main story so I abandoned them.

Other than those, I also tried a story with the appearance of a special magic weapon where Professor Nayuta is involved with the development, and how it get repelled back, the encounter with another country’s megafloat, I want to introduce Heart Hybrid Gear with abundant variations that reflected the nation’s identity! Was what I also thought of.

I wanted to write those kinds of stories, but writing a story that I couldn’t include in is also doesn’t seem interesting huh, I thought. I begged 「I want to try doing short story collection!」 and this volume 11 is the realization. The result of choosing several from the many list of what I want to do is this time’s volume 11. I think that this won’t be a mere self-satisfaction for me (lol), but I think that surely all of your readers will also enjoy it!!

Hyakurath is a favorite, so I wonder if there won’t be a chance to make her stand out……when I was aiming for that, this good chance came. I’m thinking of having her saying 「Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath」 with her all! I also feel like trying to depict a bit more of her swaying in her relationship with Mercuria.

It’s just a few pages, but there is a scene that showed the face of Landred-san’s casual ordinary day. I fell that this kind of casual and pointless moment of life is really important. Perhaps it’s good exactly because it’s Landred.

As for the hot springs trip, I wanted to write a lax and funny story that it became a story like that. Why are you getting that passionate at such a silly game!? If you readers can make that tsukkomi while reading then it will make me happy. I feel it’s joyful to be able to find the growth of the heroines in the middle of such stupid commotion.

What do you think about the little sister pretend of Grace? Kizuna has a big sister but no little sister. A relationship of big brother and little sister that was impossible until now! And so like that, the mood was changed from usual, something like this is……I believe you all can receive it like that.

About the onee-chan shotacon you see, Gaia whispered to me. It was the most fantasy like, or rather the cause of that situation was like that so, the content became the most out there. Both the situation and also the play are impossible in the main story! It’s something like that, so please enjoy it to your fill by any means!

Not writing the reinstall scene with Gravel also weighed on my heart, so continuing after Zelcyone in volume 9, I’m glad that I could publish this as the special short story. It will make me happy if you readers can also perceive the various fluctuations of her heart and so on.

The beginning scene, it was based on the SS that I wrote for the special content for the specialist shop before this. I was really pleased with it, so I wanted to rewrite it and use it as the beginning scene by any means. If I was careless, just the beginning would monopolize few dozen pages and became a short story, that was dangerous. (lol)

And so the relaxation was also over and next is finally the rush into the climax of machine god arc! What will happen with the conclusion with Odin and so on!? And then what is the secret of Thanatos who caused Nayuta to say that 「Defeating her is impossible」?

And then……is there still more!? A new Hybrid!

I want to write it with my whole energy and spirit! Wait for it for a while!

──Now then, this is a topic outside the original work but……the DVD & BD of 『Masou Gakuen HxH』 anime version were safely launched until the last episode. The number of sales also didn’t wane in momentum until the very end, I’m really thankful! If possible I also want a second season! Or perhaps an OVA or something! If it’s an OVA it will be an original script or something!

Somehow, since the broadcast of the anime version of Masou, it in a sense became the standard, or the benchmark of eroticness, it feels like it became that kind of existence (lol). On the internet too, I often happen to catch sight of opinions that say 「Is it more ero than Masou or not」 about new shows!

Also, this isn’t a topic about Masou, but 『Extas Online』 volume 3 is launched at the same time with this volume 11! This time is the climax for the opening arc, so there are consecutive developments that are really fired up!

Demon king Helshaft whose castle, subordinates and country were stolen and became alone. Even so the lone demon king fought the challenge in order to protect his important person! In the end will a miracle occur!?

I think if it’s Masou’s readers, then there will be a lot of them that are reading Extas, but those who haven’t please try to read it by all means! Its content has become unconventional when compared to other works. It’s also different from VRMMO of internet light novel, and I think it’s turning into an interesting story that cannot be found anywhere else, so please kindly take care of it by all means!

As for my recent activity, I’ll be returning back by the time this book comes out but, I’m going to France! The city of flower Paris! I want to try to go once to the city that is loved by many artists and authors and driven into their work! And then, I’m thinking of going to regions or historical sites that resemble a fantasy world and collect data! However, looks like I’ll get stuck with work even there, that’s my hunch. But, that too might be fun in its own way!

Well then about thanks. The illustration this time is also wonderful! It’s the best! Hisasi-san! And then mecha designer Kurogin-san. Sneaker editorial department’s editor in charge O-san. And then, all the readers who always give your support. Really, thank you very much!

Please treat 『Masou Gakuen HxH』 and 『Extas Online』 well from here on too eros!

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