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Electronic Special SS : Time of Seaside School[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Yosh……something like this I guess.」

Hida Kizuna nodded in satisfaction towards the tent he raised on a sandy beach.

A sandy beach in summer felt like it would be a rigorous place that was too hot, but fortunately in this island if one just avoided the sunlight, the humidity was low and the wind was refreshing. Besides when push came to shove, the portable air conditioner developed by the research department would make the inside of the tent comfortable.


Yurishia was waving her hand with a smiling face at the water’s edge. Her blonde hair and the water drops sticking on her body were glittering from the sunlight. She was wearing a micro bikini with exposure rate that was just barely within the limit. The small quantity of fabric was desperately holding back Yurishia’s body that looked filled to the bursting. Seeing her figure, he came to think that she might become the top in America even if she became a gravure idol. The sparkling sea too was like a background effect to emphasise Yurishia’s beauty.

「Quickly come here─. Everyone has already arrived-!」

Amaterasu, Masters, Vatlantis, Izgard, all the teams were frolicking in the waves.

Masters were shooting each other with water guns. Zelcyone and Aldea were lying down elegantly on the beach bed put under the shadows created by a parasol. Sylvia and Ragrus splashed water at each other merrily. Gravel, Grace and the Quartum amused themselves with beach volley. Moreover other like Himekawa and Hyakurath who were patrolling so that no one would cut loose too much, everyone was wearing their favorite swimsuit and enjoying themselves as they pleased.

「They are really easygoing aren’t they?」


Aine in a swimsuit came out from the neighboring tent. Her violet bikini had high exposure rate, and its refined design made him thought that it was underwear for a moment. Kizuna was startled from seeing Aine’s swimsuit figure for the first time since they arrived on this island.

「We, well, isn’t it understandable? Although it’s a small island, but it has been a long time since we came up on land.」

It was one week ago when Ataraxia academy that was sailing continuously all this time discovered an island after so long. Since the Another Universe Conflict, finding land became difficult. They were in a situation where the world map of before wasn’t useful at all. It still wasn’t clear what happened, but Nayuta Lab was still in the middle of investigating it without break.

And this island was discovered in such a situation. A thorough investigation using drones and so on was done for a week, and finally on-land investigation was started by all teams that possessed magic armors.

The safety confirmation had been done, so this investigation doubled as a holiday for the magic armor teams that were fighting magic weapons daily.

「For the moment we have finished all on the investigation schedule right? We won’t be punished even if we use the remaining two days for playing. Fortunately, there is also no AU collision prediction for the few days in the future.」

「You have a point……ah, come to think of it」

「What’s up?」

「There is only one place remaining that hasn’t been investigated……what to do?」

Aine waited for Kizuna’s reply with a gaze that was filled with expectation.

「Then, let’s take care of it first. I’ll also go with you.」

Aine’s face turned into a smile like a blooming flower.

「I, is that so? Can’t be helped then.」

「Ah! Where are the two of you going─!?」

Leaving behind Yurishia’s yell, Kizuna and Aine went away from the sandy beach and ran towards the center of the island.

Part 2[edit]

The trees that were sparsely growing were gradually increasing, by the time they arrived at the center it had completely become a deep forest. Branches and leaves were growing thickly above their head, obstructing the sunlight. The space there wasn’t afternoon or night, but a mysterious space.

「This is……」

Inside the dimness, a bluish white light was blanketing the space.

It was flowers.

The flowers resembled a lily, however they were a white flower he had never seen before.

Their petals were faintly emitting bluish white light.

「This is……the remaining investigation?」

「Yes. I want to see it together with Kizuna……」

「Is that so……eh?」

Kizuna sent her a questioning gaze.


In a panicked state, Aine crouched down and start plucking flowers.

「Rather than that, quickly collect the sample!」

Aine’s fingers snapped off the base of that flower’s stalk. At that moment, the light of the petals became faintly stronger.

「Nn……this aroma?」

A choking sweet aroma tickled Kizuna’s nasal cavity.

──’Did I only not notice it until now?’

Aine made a bouquet of flowers and held it on her chest.

「This is a nice smell……though I didn’t notice it until just now.」

Aine brought her face close to the bouquet and breathed in that aroma.


Aine’s body suddenly staggered.


Kizuna immediately reached out his hand and caught Aine’s body.

「Tha, thank yo……it’s nothing. I’m only staggering a bit.」

Kizuna felt uneasy, but Aine was persistent that she was all right. Kizuna gathered the scattered flower before returning to the beach while constantly being watchful so he could support Aine any time.

「Aa, captaiiin! Where have you gone desu?」

Sylvia dashed on the beach towards him.

「My bad. There is a plant that we forgot to collect for a bit……」

「Is it the flower bouquet that captain is holding desu? It’s giving off a really nice smell desu.」

Kizuna pulled out a flower from the bouquet and fixed it in Sylvia’s hair.

「Tha……thank you very much desu.」

Sylvia’s cheeks puffed red and her eyes narrowed bashfully.


Aine bluntly puffed up her cheeks and she grabbed away the bouquet from Kizuna’s hand.

「I’ll take this to the tent. Thanks for coming along with me okay!」

She said that with angry yell, and with a back that spoke how angry she was, Aine walked towards the tent for storing the collected sample.

Sylvia tilted her head in wonder.

「Did something happen desu?」

「No……it’s fine if she is that energetic.」


Kizuna led Sylvia who still looked puzzled and also headed towards the sea where everyone was waiting.

Part 3[edit]

And then the camp fire and recreation that was managed by Masters ended and everyone retired to their respective tents and entered the bath in turn. At this kind of time the mobile style temporary special bath type 2 was useful. Kizuna was also waiting for his turn inside his tent.

──’I never even dreamed that I would use that as a normal bath though.’

At that time, there was a concealed voice calling from outside the tent.

「Captain? This is Sylvia desu.」

「Hm? Is it my turn?」

Sylvia smoothly entered inside the tent and closed the fastener of the entrance.

「There is a lot of people lying in wait inside the bath for captain desu.」

‘So it’s as I thought’, Kizuna frowned inside his heart.

「Thank you for telling me. Then, perhaps I should pass for today, rather returning to Ataraxia──eh, Sylvia!?」

Sylvia slipped the casual dress she was wearing from her shoulders down to the floor. From within, Sylvia’s naked body that wasn’t wearing underwear appeared.

「That’s why……before that, Sylvia will attack captain desu.」

Sylvia’s face looked like the time when Heart Hybrid succeeded. There was nothing inside her head except about Climax Hybrid, that kind of state. Even her eyes were already showing the heart shaped light emerging.

「Oi, wait. Ouh!?」

Sylvia hugged at the waist of Kizuna who was sitting down. And then her small hand crawled between Kizuna’s crotch.

「Sylvia……feels strange for some reason, since the sunset desu. But, there is nothing Sylvia can do about it desu.」

Her hand knew when to stop and pulled down Kizuna’s short pants. Kizuna held on to his short pants in panic.

「Oi, calm down! Just what are you doing?」

「Even Sylvia herself cannot believe that she is doing something like this desu……」

「Kizuna, do you have a bit of time?」

Aine’s voice came from outside.

──’What a really bad timing!’

「Right now I’m in the middle of something, can you postpone a bit──」

「I’m coming in.」

The entrance’s fastener was opened.

「I told you to wait already!」

He wasted no time to use a towel blanket to hide his lower body and Sylvia. The moment his hands let god of his short pants, Sylvia succeeded in pulling out Kizuna’s thing.

And then under the towel blanket, there was the sensation of Kizuna’s thing being enveloped by something hot.

──’Sy, Sylvia!? Even though I haven’t washed yet!’

「Kizuna, I have something to talk about……」

Aine who entered inside the tent didn’t even notice Kizuna’s lower body that was unnaturally bulging up. She sat down beside Kizuna and brought her face so close their nose tips almost touched.

──’Don’t tell me Aine is also in the same state like Sylvia?’

「My body feel itchiness that I cannot do anything about. Please Kizuna……do something」

──’Just what in the world is with this situation!?’

But if Aine didn’t notice Sylvia, then he should rather just like this…….

「AaAaNNNH♥ There, amazing-. It’s really, amazing, Kizuna♥」

When Kizuna started rubbing Aine’s breast, Aine returned a reaction that made him think if she was actually feeling it twice more than usual.

「Aa, it feels so good……hey, do it more♥ Even Kizuna want to do it right?」

「Ye, yeah……tsu-!」

Just as he thought, Aine was proactive just like when she was in the lewd state. But what was scary for Kizuna was that each time Aine repeated her sweet whisper, under the towel blanket Sylvia playfully bit at Kizuna’s thing.

──’Aargh! I’ll just go into total offense instead!’

「Aaahn, Kizuna-! Tha, that’s intense-♥ NNAAAAAHYaAAA♥」

Kizuna incessantly attacked Aine’s back, side, and furthermore even her most sensitive part without mercy. Sylvia also persistently continued her service to Kizuna’s thing intensely. It felt like the more intense Aine’s voice became, the more intense Sylvia’s service became.



Aine and under the towel blanket Sylvia, and then Kizuna, all convulsed at the same time.

Part 4[edit]

Kizuna who unintentionally carried out Connective Hybrid left the tent leaving behind the two who lost consciousness.

It was strange no matter what.

Just what in the world happened to those two?

「──Could it be?」

The happening today where the two had commonness was──,

「The flower that Aine collected.」

He didn’t know if that was really the cause or not, but first he should suspect it.

──’I’ll confirm at the tent for the collected sample, then I’ll warn everyone. Also I have to contact Nayuta Lab too.’


A voice suddenly called at him from behind.

「! Wait, isn’t this Hyakurath?」

The class representative Hyakurath was smiling sweetly at him.

「I want you to come with me a bit, there is something important I have to talk with you about.」

「I also have something important to say. Regarding the flowers that were collected today──」

Hyakurath’s eyes narrowed even further.

「Yes, I also want to talk about that. Won’t you come until my tent?」

Kizuna thought that it might be better to take measures quickly, but the honor student Hyakurath was saying that. Kizuna obeyed what Hyakurath said.


A stark naked Mercuria was waiting inside Hyakurath’s tent. Her body that was slender compared to Hyakurath was already slightly blushing pink and sweaty.

「Since a while ago the two of us……err, were testing various things but, as expected it’s difficult without borrowing Hida-kun’s help.」


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Mercuria. I brought Hida-kun here. Watch the Heart Hybrid of Hida-kun and me properly from there okay?」

Kizuna’s spine shuddered seeing Hyakurath gently talking like that.

On the other hand tears were emerging on Mercuria’s eyes and she directed a hateful expression towards Kizuna.

「This is not a place you can come to! Go back!」

But Hyakurath ignored Mercuria and smiled at Kizuna.

「Some time ago, we did Mer’s first Heart Hybrid with the three of us right?」

「Yeah……because Mercuria said that she doesn’t want to do it alone, the three of us……」

Hyakurath smiled in amusement.

「Since then, looks like it became a habit for this troubling Mer……it looks like she is excited when looking at me doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna-kun.」

Hyakurath’s eyelids that were narrowed from her smile opened up slowly.

There a light shining in heart shape was emerging.

「Wro, wrong……su, such thing, I, rather than that, you two are too close! Get away from Hyakurath, Hida Kizuna!」

Hyakurath whispered into his ear.

「She is fine. Please try hugging me.」

He didn’t believe that Mercuria was really fine, but Kizuna followed what Hyakurath said and circled his arms around Hyakurath’s waist and pulled her close.



──’No, even if you said 「Right?」 with that kind of cute smile. It only sounds like your best friend is raising a sorrowful scream……hm?’

The tip of Mercuria’s breast was really pointing up. It was even bigger then inside Kizuna’s memories, when he saw it at the time when they were doing Heart Hybrid last time. What’s more she was rubbing her thighs together, twisting her supple body, her whole body revealing her feeling of desire.

「Don’t tell me……the two of you are also, with that flower?」

When Kizuna asked that, Hyakurath smiled sweetly and her gaze moved towards the corner of the tent.

Two flowers with bluish white shine fell down there.

Part 5[edit]

When Kizuna came out from the tent of Hyakurath and Mercuria, he let out a large sigh.

「……Finally it’s finished.」

He tried to run, but as expected from Hyakurath and Mercuria. In the end they made Kizuna accompany them until the two were satisfied. First was Kizuna and Hyakurath. And then it was Kizuna with Mercuria whose jealousy and excitement had reached the peak. And then at the end the three did Connective Hybrid cordially. Right now the two were sleeping while hugging each other.

「……Well, it’s fine though.」

It was the minimum salvation that he was able to bring it to an end while his stamina still remained.

「I still haven’t solved a single thing huh……」


Suddenly a voice called at him, which shocked Kizuna so much it felt like his heart would leap out.

「Aa……Hayuru huh. Don’t startle me like that.」

「My, what’s the matter? There is nothing that surprising right?」

「If you say that then that’s true but……no! Rather than that, it’s a big trouble, the flowers that we collected in the afternoon you see, it seems that it has a terrifying effect──」

Himekawa pushed out both her hands in front of Kizuna to pacify him down.

「Yes yes. You are saying that if someone smelled that flower’s aroma, they will have obscene feelings right?」

「Eh……yes! That’s right! But Hyakurath and Mercuria were carrying flowers. We have to confirm whether the flowers in the collected sample tent is safe, then we got to warn everyone not to get near the flowers!」

Himekawa shrugged her shoulders in exasperation.

「Good grief……I know that much already. I don’t know what Kizuna-kun has been doing until now, but it’s already resolved! All the flowers have been retrieved.」

Kizuna was taken aback.

Thinking back, although he was hurrying, but he was only pressed to deal with what was happening in place by place and he was unable to do anything that would move to the resolution of the problem.

「As expected from Hayuru. I’m sorry.」

「Well, it’s fine though? After all you must be having a nice time with someone somewhere anyway!」

Himekawa turned her face away from Kizuna irritably. Kizuna was apologizing repeatedly to Himekawa while praising her.

「It can’t be helped if you are speaking that far……at the very least I’ll ask you to confirm the retrieved flowers.」

Kizuna answered of course and followed behind Himekawa.

After walking for a while, there was something like a large container standing in front of them.

「Mobile style temporary special bath type 2……」

「Yes. With the machinery in it, this thing has the highest airtight property here. Besides it also has the air purifier function, so it’s judged that the effect of the flower can be suppressed.」

Now that he heard that, that was indeed correct.

「It looks like Kizuna-kun can keep calm even after smelling that flower’s aroma so……can I ask you to confirm inside just in case?」

「Yeah. Got it.」

Himekawa operated the console beside the entrance and opened the door.

However, the inside was pitch black.

「I cannot really see……」

「Perhaps the flower’s effect vanish and they aren’t giving off luminescence now. Can you peek inside a bit? I want you to operate the console at the inside.」

「Got it.」

Kizuna entered inside the mobile style temporary special bath type 2 and his hand reached out to the wall at his right hand side. There should be a console there.


What his fingertip touched was something soft, warm, and elastic. As far as Kizuna knew, the closest thing to this was a woman breast.

「Who, who is it?」

At that time the door closed along with a loud metallic sound.

「Kizuna-kun is really no good you know? You were going alone with Aine-san to pluck flowers, then given service by Sylvia-chan.」

The surrounding darkness turned bright.

「This is……mobile style temporary special bath type 2’s image projection……function.」

It was a function to display image in the air with the same principle like floating window. With the transparency rate turned to 0, it displayed black screen that looked like black wall.

The wall vanished as though the dark curtain was raised. At the other side of it was a large steaming bathtub. Several bluish white flowers were floating in the hot water. And then, all the members who were participating in the seaside school were standing there without even a single string covering them.

Yurishia, then also Scarlet and the rest of Masters, and even Grace, Quartum, and then Zelcyone were inside.


When he turned around, Hayuru had also taken off her clothes and turned naked.

「Aine-san boasted about it, and Sylvia-chan also said that the flower has a nice smell, obviously we will get curious. Everyone went to take a look at that place.」

──’Don’t tell me.’

Not just in the bathtub, bluish white shining flowers were placed everywhere. And then all the girls were holding one flower each in front of their chest.

That bluish white light ominously, and then mystically illuminated the bodies of everyone.

「Kizuna-kun. Please satisfy everyone okay♡」

Everyone other than Kizuna smiled in ecstasy.

And then two days later.

Starting with Kei who was suspicious that there was no contact, all the members of the investigation team were safely rescued. The confirmation of the fact was going difficultly also with how the consciousness of everyone was cloudy.

Kizuna whose exhaustion was the most intense was hospitalized for three days after that.


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Next Mission!

Masou Gakuen HxH 12

Hyakurath : Finally even me……. Aaa, Mercuria!

Himekawa : Mumu. A new rival at this point!

Reiri : You all, next time will be the decisive battle okay?


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