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First Period : Time of Practical Training and Shower[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Fate was cruel and heartless.

If it had to be given an example, like the game of musical chairs, where the participants scrambled for a chair against each other to be the victor, where there could only be one. Especially if it was done between sisters who went through the same path, than it was even more cruel and heartless.

And then currently, even here there was a pair of sisters performing a mortal combat.

The elder sister──she unleashed a blow with the back of her fist while turning around.

Grace immediately hardened her guard using the wings of Koros. She blocked the fist of Aine and her body was blown away backwards. Smoke was raised between her feet and the ground, and the friction put the brake on Grace’s body.

「As expected from Nee-sama……but」

Grace spread her wings. What she was wearing was too unreliable to be called a pilot suit, her naked body was exposed with the tips of her breast and her crotch only barely hidden. And then her hand was holding a scythe when anyone noticed. That was something that transformed from the wing of Grace’s magic armor 『Koros』. The scythe that was emitting a sharp and cold luster was directed towards Aine.

「If it’s with my strength, it’s an easy feat to carve that body.」

Aine put her clenched fist slightly forward and she grinned widely.

「That’s only if you can touch my body though.」

Smoke rose from under Aine’s feet explosively. The instantaneous output power of Aine’s magic armor 『Zeros』 carried Aine’s body right into Grace’s bosom in just a single breath.

However, Grace had also predicted that. She slashed her scythe with the timing matching Aine’s leap. The scythe assaulted to reap Aine’s life.

The scythe’s blade cut apart Aine’s body.

The moment it looked like that would happen──Grace’s eyes opened wide.

The scythe’s shaft, was caught by Aine’s hand.

Grace’s prediction was surpassed and Aine stepped into Grace’s bosom even deeper. Grace’s range of certain kill was broken through instantly, into the range of Aine’s certain kill.


Grace immediately pulled back her scythe, but it wouldn’t make it in time. Towards Grace’s stomach, Aine’s fist was──,

Softly tapped.

「Match over!!」

The voice of the instructor in charge, Marisu, resounded. And then the students who were observing the practice match raised their cheers.

This place was Ataraxia academy. An academy that was built on the strategical defense float that bordered with Megafloat Japan. Currently the second year’s first group and second group of Ataraxia academy’s battle department were using the outdoor field for the class of practical skill. The field was vast, double the size of a stadium that was normally used for track-and-field events.

The students who were watching the match from the audience seats gave their applause at Aine and Grace who were at the center of the field. Aine let out a breath of relief and smiled towards Grace.

「Are you okay, Grace? You aren’t hur──」

Before she could finish talking, Grace leaped towards Aine and she rubbed her cheek on Aine.

「Just as I thought Nee-sama is amazing~!!」

「Wa, wait Grace」

When Aine looked around in embarrassment, she saw her classmates grinning widely seeing the sisters getting along so well with each other.

「Nee-sama is cool♪ Lovely♪ Nee-sama is the nee-sama I’m proud of♪」

Grace praised Aine stingingly, and rubbed her body like a cat.

「E, everyone is, watching here. That’s why, okay? Grace, re, release me just for a bit.」

「No way♡」

Aine dragged Grace who was clinging on her arm away to the corner of the field with a bright red face.

Marisu checked the attendance list while reading aloud the grouping for the next match.

「Then next, Hayuru and Hyakurath, have a go at it.」


Himekawa and Hyakurath headed to the center of the field to replace Aine who was dragging away Grace.

「Please go easy on me, Himekawa-san.」

「Geez, please don’t make fun of me. This is Hyakurath-san who is famous as the Sword Saint, so it’s my honor for being able to participate in this match.」

Hyakurath’s cheeks reddened slightly and she made a slightly troubled expression.

「Ple, please stop calling me with that kind of exaggerated name. Such thing like Sword Saint……I’m not anything great like that. Aah, really……just who in the world started saying such thing……」

Himekawa made a slightly meany smile and withdrew her sword.

「Here I go, Sword Saint Hyakurath!」

「Geez! Himekawa-san you meany, I won’t forgive you for that!」

Himekawa and Hyakurath. The clash between swords began.

Part 2[edit]

The class of practical skills was over and right now was the time to change clothes in the changing room.

Hyakurath’s hands circled to her back and she began taking off the halter neck of her pilot suit. Previously her pilot suit mostly looked like just a sticker that stuck to her body, but mysteriously she was gradually feeling embarrassed of how it looked like and now she was using a suit that looked like a leotard.

Even so her shoulders and back were greatly exposed, and the cut on the crotch part had a considerably steep angle. She was growing to think whether this one too was also too extreme perhaps? She wondered how she was able to not be bothered by the previous suit that looked only like a sticker. It was a puzzle even to herself.

Although, it wasn’t like her skill was affected when she changed her pilot suit. Today she also produced a good result. But in exchange for that good result, a heavy air like someone who was feeling laden from pulling an all-nighter was flowing from beside her.

Hyakurath was sweating coldly while calling out to Himekawa.

「E, err, the sword of Himekawa-san today is……rea, really sharp, and like, wonderful……」

However, Himekawa’s reply was a voice that sounded like it was resounding from the bottom of the Earth.

「What does that mean……I couldn’t even land a single hit.」

Even more cold sweat was trickling from Hyakurath and her eyes were swimming around.

「Be, because today, that’s, it’s because of the rule of not using any projectile weapons! See, Neros is a magic armor with tactics that is fundamentally set up from the attacks of its Blades. But today even without using them there was a moment when I thought it would be over for me……on the whole, the difference between us was only a tiny bit! Truly!」


Himekawa raised her face and stared at Hyakurath’s kind smiling face. The sunlight shining in from the window caused the blond hair to glitter, and the blue eyes that looked like jewels were narrowing gently.

「That’s why, there is really no need at all for you to be down.」

「……Thank you very much. Thanks to Hyakurath-san saying that, I can feel uplifted.」

Seeing Himekawa’s smile, Hyakurath’s expression turned relieved. Staring at that face that was lacking ill will, a mischievous heart was suddenly sprouting inside Himekawa.

「But still, to be praised that much by the Sword Saint Hyakurath of all people, it makes me a bit uncomfortable.」

「Hi, Himekawa-san-, haven’t I told you already, I wish you to please stop calling me that!」

Himekawa took off her pilot suit while smiling mischievously.

「Now, what are you talking about I wonder? Sword Saint Hyakurath-sama?」

「Ge, geez, Himekawa-san you bully!」

Hyakurath lightly hit repeatedly *poka poka* at Himekawa with a face that looked like she was going to cry anytime.

「Aren’t you two getting along really well there.」

The one who was glaring at the exchange between the two since some time ago with eyes that were filled with resentment was Mercuria. However, Hyakurath stared back at her with cold eyes.

「It’s no business of Mer. Because Himekawa-san is different from you, she is serious and knows the proper decorum, she is a wonderful lady.」

「Wha-, just what is good from that kind of boring woman?」

「Merkuria! How can you speak rudely like that towards another person! Haven’t I always told you that part of yours is not good? Do you have any intention of improving yourself!?」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 04.jpg

──’They are starting again.’

Himekawa liked Hyakurath, but when Mercuria was involved, she felt like she was mostly treated as a third wheel. She wanted to get along with Hyakurath, but she wished to not get dragged into these two’s lover’s quarrel.

When Himekawa took off her pilot suit and became completely naked, she tried to quietly leave the place. However, even while quarreling with Mercuria, Hyakurath’s hand reached behind and caught Himekawa’s arm.


──’Ho, how does she notice!? The Sword Saint is just too amazing!’

Hyakurath firmly hugged Himekawa’s arm. Hyakurath’s breasts that felt like light snowfall pressed on her arm.

──’Bi-, big-!’

「Come on, Himekawa-san. Let’s go take a shower quickly.」

「Wa, wait, Hyakurath! I’m going too!」

Himekawa was dragged towards the shower room while she was feeling troubled of what to do.

And then, at about the same time. Outside the changing room there was also a student who was feeling troubled.

「Shit……just why am I not allowed to use the boy’s changing room……」

There was the figure of Hida Kizuna staring resentfully at the door of the girl’s changing room.

Kizuna was the only existence that could perform Heart Hybrid and restore magic power. He was given the duty of periodically restoring the magic power of female students who were installed with the core of magic armor.

So that mishaps could easily occur habitually with the female students, his practical skill class was together with the girls, including the changing of clothes and showering.

If he waited until all the girls finished, then he would undoubtedly be late for the next class. For changing pilot suits, before the class began he would quickly change and then dashed away immediately before the girl’s arrived. But, what would he do then when it was the time for him to change back into his uniform…….

「Sheesh Kizuna, what are you doing since some time ago there?」


The door to the changing room opened and the doubtful face of Yurishia Farandole was peering out. It seemed that Yurishia had also not finished changing her clothes yet, as she was still wearing her pilot suit.

「You ask what……I’m thinking of what to do for changing clothes.」

「What. That’s what you are thinking about?」

Yurishia showed an exasperated smile.

「I have a good idea.」

「Really!? As expected from Yurishia! You are reliable.」

「Ufufu. Leave it to me.]

Saying that, Yurishia grasped Kizuna’s arm and pulled him into the changing room.

「Wha-!? Yu-, Yurishia!?」

Yurishia held Kizuna’s arm firmly and she smiled sweetly.

「I’ll change your clothes for you.」

「That’s not what I meannnnnnnnn!」

Kizuna tried to shake off Yurishia’s arm, but his arm was grasped firmly and his body movement was completely controlled by her.

──’As expected from Yurishia……wait, this isn’t the time for feeling admiratiooooonn!’

Kizuna was led along as though he was a criminal being taken away, but his girl classmates called out to Kizuna normally seeing that.

「Ah, Hida-kun. You’re late.」

「If you don’t hurry and change, you will be late for the next class you know─」

His classmates who were only wearing underwear were being considerate towads him even while they were getting a bit embarrassed. The girls weren’t installed with a core, but they were carrying the hopes of becoming a magic knight equipped with a magic armor someday. Therefore, they also understood just how important Heart Hybrid with Kizuna was.

Even though a boy was trespassing into the girl’s changing room, but everyone was used to it. By some chance, Kizuna might be the only one who was bothered by it.

Nevertheless what was embarrassing was embarrassing. He really couldn’t get used to the livelihood of seeing his classmates in their underwear daily.

「O, oi. Yurishia. I can change by myself, so let go of my hand.」

「That’s no good♪ I’m going to look after you proo─perly, okay★」

Yurishia winked and without pause she led him inside the shower room. And then she pushed Kizuna into an empty booth before she finally released his hand inside.

「Good grief, that’s really forceful.」

「Guess so♡ Use of force is also necessary in carrying out justice you know.」

Justice? Kizuna tilted his head, but Yurishia was taking off his pilot suit without any hesitation, so this wasn’t the time to be puzzled.

「Wha-, why are you taking my suit off!?」

「Because you said that you cannot change clothes.」

「I didn’t say that! Wait, why is your hand still taking off my clothes without stopping! Uwah, more than that is……-!」

Kizuna’s pilot suit now turned into a one piece that looked like an overall. The electronic fastener at the front part was opened and his upper body was already bared. And then right now Yurishia was crouching in front of Kizuna, she was going to expose his lower body.



She was already exposing it.

Yurishia’s eyes sparkled bewitchingly. Kizuna spoke as calmly as he could.

「I, it’s enough already right? Thanks for helping me. Then」

「Yes, wait a bit okay. I’m taking off mine too right away.」


The moment she said that, Yurishia opened the fastener on her back and peeled off her suit that looked like string from her body. Her gloves and tights had already been taken off, so her appearance turned into her birthday suit in the blink of an eye.

「Hey, Kizuna♡ Let’s wash each other♡」

Yurishia turned the faucet without even waiting for his reply. The showerhead above their heads rained down warm water on their bodies. Steam filled the space at once.

Drops of hot water wet Yurishia’s body and flowed down her skin.

「Aah, it feels good……」

Yurishia’s hands caressed around her own breasts and stomach as though she was flaunting them. She traced her body silhouette to emphasize the shape of her largely jutting out breasts and her tight waist, and before long her hands changed places towards Kizuna’s body.

Yurishia’s slender fingertips softly caressed on Kizuna’s neck and chest ticklingly.


Yurishia’s hand grazed Kizuna’s side and circled to his back, hugging his body. Yurishia’s prided breasts that were big like melons, but soft like mochi were pressed on Kizuna’s trained, hard chest.


「Kizuna yourself, is getting into the mood aren’t you? It keeps pressing on my stomach below♡」

It was a physiological phenomenon that couldn’t be hidden. Even Kizuna was going to get swept away by the mood when he was getting approached this proactively. Also, he too thought that he wanted to respond to Yurishia’s feelings.

Also, if there was mutual consent between Kizuna and the other party, then even Heart Hybrid that wasn’t in the schedule of the Academy would be recognized.

Magic armor was powered up by performing Heart Hybrid. Therefore, it was possible to perform it on their own discretion with the condition that it wouldn’t affect the scheduled Heart Hybrid.

Kizuna gently brushed down his fingertip on Yurishia’s spinal column.

「Aa, HAaAAaaaanNNN♡」

Without delay Kizuna grasped Yurishia’s butt with both hands. It had different texture from her breast, but this too was also soft, it felt like his fingers would sink without end into it.

「Hey……Kizuna. If you like butts……then even I, am fine with it you know?」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

In order to get Kizuna to make her feel good, Yurishia wriggled her body and pushed her breast on Kizuna, and she rubbed up her body on him.

「Because, you are doing it to Hayuru right? For some reason it feels offensive that it’s only Hayuru. I’m still inexperienced but……perhaps I’ll be all right with it so……」

Yurishia rotated her butt and pushed it towards Kizuna’s hand coaxingly.

「No……in Hayuru’s case, that’s because that method is easier for her Heart Hybrid so……」

Yurishia glared with a gaze that looked a bit sullen.

「It’s fine! It’s no good if you don’t do everything you are doing to other girls to me, I’m telling you.」

「The, then……」

Pressured by Yurishia’s threatening air, Kizuna filled his fingertips with strength and spread Yurishia’s butt to left and right.

「Nn! aaAAAHN!」

Heated sigh leaked out from Yurishia’s lips, and a loud gasp rose from her throat, at that moment the door of the shower booth was opened loudly.

「What are you doing without even any permission from me huh!?」

「That’s right Nii-sama! What are you doing while leaving out Nee-sama and me!」

As expected it was Aine and Grace who leaped in wholly naked. Four people were crowding inside the cramped shower booth. Kizuna was surrounded by three naked beautiful girls and he didn’t understand anymore of what to do. What’s more, the space was cramped so their bodies were glued to each other, however reluctantly.

「Geez, it’s cramped here. Yurishia, quickly get out from here already.」

「Why is it me that has to get out from here! It’s you two who had barged into here!」

「Nii-sama, I’ll wash your back♪」

「Grace, I’m thankful for your feeling, but like this moving our body is──」

The three girls were pushing their bodies with Kizuna at the center like an oshikura manjuu game (TN: children’s game in which three or more stand back-to-back in a circle and jostle). Even though they were naked beautiful girls in which each of the three had different beauty from the other two, all of them had different figures, the feel of their body was also completely different from one another. Yurishia who was soft with amazing voluptuousness. Aine whose style was balanced, however her breasts’ elasticity was astounding. Grace who was slender, but her body was young and lustrous. If Kizuna let his guard down, he would drown in the pleasure of enjoying the differences of those sensations.

──’But, thinking carefully, won’t the next class start already?’

Kizuna twisted his body to try changing the direction he was facing.


At that time, his hand unconsciously touched the tip of Aine’s chest.

「Ah, sorry Aine.」

「Eh, no……I don’t hate it but……if you are going to do it, then properly……ah」

Kizuna’s thing grazed Aine’s navel. The stimulation that attacked suddenly caused Kizuna to almost raise his voice too.

Staring at the thing that touched her stomach, Aine’s throat gulped.


「Oo, Nii-sama……you are, already like this……」

Grace’s eyes also moistened.

Yurishia exchanged glances with Aine and Grace.

「If it’s like this……he won’t be able to concentrate in class, won’t he?」

「Yes……you’re right. If we, don’t do something about it……」

The three’s hands reached toward Kizuna as though they were being sucked in. And then──,

「All of you! What are you doing-!」

The door of the shower booth was opened with a loud sound as though it was hit.


Himekawa who already finished changing clothes glared at them with an angry look.

「No, this is……that, you see」

When Kizuna tried to make an excuse with his eyes swimming around, his eyes met Hyakurath whose face was bright red behind Himekawa.

「Wha……what, licentious……」

──’This is bad.’

Kizuna clicked his tongue inside his heart.

「Although Heart Hybrid outside the schedule is recognized, but the magic power of all of you are currently sufficient, and even your turn for dealing with Another Universe Conflict is still ahead right!? There should be no reason that this has to be done during the interval of class like this!」

Hyakurath was hiding her face with her hands, she was looking at Kizuna and the others from between her fingers.


Aine was breathing out a sigh in vexation.

「I know that. Good grief……even though Hayuru is the most enthusiastic when doing this.」

「Wha……tha, that’s a false accusation!]

However, Yurishia made a mischievous smile.

「But Hayuru has rich experience right? Like with your butt.」

「Wha, wha wha wha wha what are you saying? I, I don’t know anything at all about that!」

Hyakurath was asking Himekawa with a wondering face.

「Himekawa-san, what is this about the butt?」

Himekawa gritted her teeth tightly before she made a right about-face.

「We are going to be late to the next class if we don’t hurry! Now, let’s go Hyakurath-san.」

「Ye, yes……」

With a trot, Hyakurath followed Himekawa who was walking away with a fast pace.


This is a different world from reality.

A transient Ataraxia that was created by Hida Nayuta who became a god.

‘Then we know about that.’ That’s what you are thinking right?

However, this world is also different from that Ataraxia that we once saw.

Is this a dream, imagination, or an illusion?

Or possibly, reality.

Or perhaps, fiction.

However, we have no way of knowing.

How about, for a while, we push through this world following our whim.

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