Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 11 Second Period

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Second Period : Time of AU Collision And Dealing With It[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「──Well, because of that the mysterious phenomenon called AU Collision happened I guess.」

On the teaching stand of second year first group’s classroom, Sakisaka-sensei was carrying out her teaching with no motivation just like usual.

「But throughout the world there are people with smart heads, yeah. They invented technology to predict the generation of an Entrance due to the collision with AU, and the AU collision prediction that everyone knows well was created. And, they then also talked about the training of personnel for exterminating the magic weapons that appeared from the Entrances, and so, that became the beginning of this Ataraxia academy.」

A hand was raised at the center of the classroom. It was the class president Hyakurath. Kizuna’s seat was near the window at the back, so from diagonally behind he could slightly see the frowning expression of Hyakurath.

「Excuse me, sensei……I think the way to use the word beginning is slightly different though.」 (TN: The wording that the teacher used in the raw is used to talk about the beginning of love, it’s unusual to use it to talk about the beginning of a school.)

[It’s fiine, it’s fiine, geez, Hyakurath-chan is really sensitive. Something like words change in its use along with the era anyway.]

All the students in the class thought, ‘Is that something a teacher would say? In the first place, there is no one other than you who uses that word in that kind of way’.

「For example, the AU collision prediction for today……what is it again…..eee, then, Himekawa-chan.」

It was unclear whether she forgot or she didn’t even check the prediction in the first place. But in any case she was stumped so she looked for help from a student. Himekawa stood up while feeling that the teacher’s attitude was problematic.

「During the afternoon, there is a possibility of a collision occurring at Megafloat Japan’s Tokyo. The occurrence probability is 70%. The scale is medium size.」

「Ooo, I see, I see. And, who is on duty today?」

Diagonally in front of Kizuna, Grace raised her hand energetically. Originally, she was a first year, but because her marks were exceedingly excellent, she skipped grades and was admitted into the second year first group.

「It’s us of the Vatlantis team. Because we are on duty, there is no need for worry at all. Everyone, you can all spend your day with peace of mind.」

This time a voice came from the side that was near the corridor.

「Sorry but, can you let our Izgard team participate too?」

It was Izgard’s leader, Gravel.

「I don’t mind but……wasn’t your team on duty yesterday too? Is it fine for your team to not rest?」

Gravel brushed up her blond hair and made a bitter face.

「Right now there is someone who is being noisy asking to be allowed to fight……」

A green haired girl crossed at the back of Grace’s mind.

「Aah……looks like you too have your own difficulty.」

Speaking of before, Aldea was originally a member of the Vatlantis team. However her behavior was just too bad that she was expelled from the team, and then she was picked up by Gravel.

「Then, I too cannot pretend to not see your difficulty.」

Gravel made a wry smile.

「My thanks.」

Amaterasu, Masters, Vatlantis, Izgard. The AU collision was dealt with with the rotation of these four teams.

Aldea was a pure battle fanatic, but among the other group there were also people who defeated magic weapons aiming for the reward money. Leila of Masters was the representative example of that type. Of course, naturally, there were also people who fought with the objective of protecting the students and Megafloat Japan. However, no matter what their reasons were, as long as they were fighting then magic power resupply and power up were imperative.

That was to say, there was necessity for Kizuna to do Heart Hybrid with all the magic knights.

Kizuna took out his information terminal and confirmed his own schedule.

──’So after school today, it will be with Hyakurath.’

‘Quite a formidable opponent huh’, Kizuna murmured inside his heart.

Part 2[edit]

When the class of that day was over, Kizuna headed toward Hyakurath’s seat.

「Do you have a bit of time?」

When Kizuna called out like that, Hyakurath’s back twitched and her body jumped. However, she didn’t move away and stiffened still.


Was it just his imagination that sweat was trickling down her neck? Kizuna reached out his hand towards her shoulder. And then just before his hand touched, Hyakurath’s body quickly evaded and stood up from her seat. And then without pause she was rushing out of the classroom.

「Ah! Wait!」

Kizuna also chased after her.

This was Hyakurath whose motor nerves were outstanding. It would be difficult to chase after her if she escaped in seriousness. But, this place was inside the school building. There wasn’t any problem at all. The reason was──,

Kizuna ran and without any difficulty he caught up with Hyakurath who was escaping by walking fast just shy of a slow jog.

「Wait a bit, Hyakurath.」

[Wha……running in the corridor! That’s a violation of school rule!]

「My bad about that……but, this is about something more important than that.」

「The school rule is the law of the people doing their activity here. The same like military rule, it’s something that has to be adhered to. Just what in the world is this thing that is more important than that?」

「It’s you, Hyakurath.」


After making that stupid sounding reply, her face went so red it felt like there was a poof sound.

「Wha, wha wha wha wha what are you running your mouth about!?」

「Last time you also neglected doing Heart Hybrid right? Hyakurath’s remaining magic power is already too little. If you don’t do Heart Hybrid with me after this, then you have to refrain from sallying out tonight.」


This was Hyakurath whose sense of responsibility was strong. She must have reluctance of being the only one refraining from sallying out. But doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna was a higher hurdle for her. With how serious and strict she was, it was very hard for her to surpass that obstacle.

「What are you doing?」

A voice came from behind Kizuna.

When Kizuna turned around, a girl with reddish hair was standing there.


She was Hyakurath’s childhood friend and also best friend. There was also some rumor that they were lovers. Mercuria was glaring at Kizuna with a grim face. She approached him with fluttering hair.

「Mer! Don’t!」

Mercuria stopped just a step away from Kizuna because of Hyakurath’s pleading. And then she sent Kizuna a look that could kill before she passed through his side and grasped Hyakurath’s arm.

「Let’s go Hyakurath.」


Mercuria forcefully pulled Hyakurath’s arm and walked through the corridor.

「Were you forcefully asked to do Heart Hybrid?」

「……We were, only started talking.」

「I see.」

They turned at the corner and came to a stop under the stair where there was no presence of people. And then Mercuria turned around and stared at Hyakurath.

「Don’t force yourself. I’ll protect Hyakurath.」

「But……I also get what Hida-kun is talking about. I’m actually the one in the wrong……because, Hida-kun was only carrying out his duty. Besides, he was worried about me……」

Mercuria was getting increasingly irritated while hearing those words of Hyakurath.

「There is no need to defend that guy at all. Hyakurath……you are fine as you are now.」

There was a figure staring at such a scene of the two from behind a cover. It was a figure with a small stature like a little girl, sticking out their head from the stairs above to peer below.

「Hahaa, so those are the two who still haven’t done Heart Hybrid with Kizuna.」

「Yeah. Mercuria still has reserve energy, but it will be dangerous for Hyakurath soon.」

They were the board chairman of this academy, Hida Nayuta, and the headmaster, Hida Reiri.

Nayuta often led Reiri around under the pretext of inspection.

「Kizuna also seems to be at a loss huh. Perhaps it will be better to say it clearly to the person herself soon.」

Seeing Reiri’s strict words, Nayuta smiled with her fan pressed on her mouth.

「Now now, let’s wait and see a bit more. Tonight too, it seems an AU collision will happen at a nice timing anyway.」

「It will be great if she won’t run out of magic power in the middle of battle though.」

After saying that and sighing, the two left that place.

Part 3[edit]

The bright moon was illuminating the sea. A dark shadow was floating in the sparkling sea of night. A giant silhouette of an island looked like a part of the starry sky was cut apart to leave behind a black hole. That was a super large floating offshore structure, Megafloat Japan.

In order to deal with the AU collision that was predicted to happen, the Vatlantis team was gathering in the sky above Tokyo float.

Grace and the student council president Zelcyone. In addition was the four student council members Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza Also Hyakurath and Mercuria.

Tonight, Aldea and Gravel from the Izgard team were also present for further assistance.

There should also be Valdy in the Vatlantis team, but in reality she was turned into the bodyguard of Reiri, so she wasn’t here. By the way, this wasn’t actually her duty, but rather something that Valdy had done by her own initiative.

But there, Grace found one more silhouette of a person arriving and Grace raised her voice energetically.

「Mu? Oo, isn’t that Nii-sama! Just what is the matter?」

With a smiling face that was a mix of surprise and joy, Grace welcomed Kizuna who arrived with his body wearing the magic armor Eros.

「I just want to observe a bit. It’s okay right?」

「Right! I greatly welcome it. It’s fine isn’t it, Zel?」

The student council president Zelcyone glared fiercely at Kizuna. She was an upper classman, so Kizuna felt a bit nervous. He once more thought that Grace who was always talking to Zelcyone without any tension was amazing.

Honestly speaking, Zelcyone was far older than just being an upper classman. If he misspoke then it felt like she could even pass as a married woman. But, there was a persistent rumor that anyone who said something like that would be consigned to oblivion from darkness to darkness, so Kizuna didn’t even breath a word of his thought. Or rather, there was also a rumor that the student council president could read minds, so he desperately tried to blur his thoughts by recalling the content of his dinner.

Perhaps doing that had some effect, because Zelcyone’s glare loosened and she said to Kizuna.

「Well, I’ll allow it if he doesn’t become a hindrance.」

「Thank you very much.」

His heart wasn’t read or his mind brainwashed. Kizuna expressed his gratitude with a sigh of relieve and lowered his head.

The current leader of the Vatlantis team was Grace, but before this Zelcyone was the one who served in that position. She saw through Grace’s genius and wasted no time to make her succeed the position, but her influence on the team was still going strong.

「Now then……」

Kizuna peeked at the state of Hyakurath that was his purpose. She was moving away from Kizuna and beside her Mercuria was standing by as though to protect her. Even though Kizuna wasn’t causing any particular harm, yet he was sent a glare that looked threatening. Kizuna raised his hand with a wry smile and made his greeting.

At that time, Gravel yelled sharply.

「It’s coming!」

The sky split and fissures ran through the space where there was nothing.

In front of Tokyo station that was dismantled from mainland Japan and rebuilt here, a mysteriously shining rift appeared.

──AU collision.

A rift in space that was produced from the collision between another universe with this universe. From the Entrance that was created from the collision, invading weapons 『Magic Weapons』 that resembled something from another world showed their faces.

Bluehead, a mechanical machine that was nearly ten meters tall, and then the winged Albatros, they appeared one after another. Furthermore, there was the hardly armored Viking army. From behind them, the category A Magic Weapon Dragre, whose form was a fusion of a dragon and a knight, appeared.

Zelcyone clicked her tongue and yelled towards everyone.

「Their number is many! Disperse with two people forming a group! Grace and I will take care of the Dragre.」

Clayda headed towards the Albatros force with Selene in hand.

「We are going, Elma!」

「I understand!」

Elma materialized a huge hammer and chased after Clayda with her white hair fluttering.

The red haired Ramza faced Lunorlla and smiled brightly.

「Then, we are going for the Vikings! They look strong, so let’s go carefully!」

Ramza materialized her weapon that was a large tomahawk and gripped it with her hand. Lunorlla unsheathed her short swords and stared at Ramza.

「Yes. But, was the Viking really that strong?」


Ramza tilted her head and peered into her close friend’s face.

「They are strong you know! Hasn’t everyone gone through trouble because of them? Besides, you said ‘was’……saying it like that sounded like they were weak before this.」

「Yes……that’s right. Sorry, I said something strange.」

「Are you okay already?」

Lunorlla smiled faintly towards the brightly smiling Ramza.

「Let’s go, Ramza.」


Lunorlla and Ramza went towards the Viking army.

Kizuna was staring at their actions from a slightly distant spot.

「I wonder if Hyakurath and Mercuria are fine……」

Mercuria was protecting Hyakurath from behind while conducting support fire from long range with her favorite bow, Arc Drive in her hands.

Although Hyakurath was readying her sword, but she couldn’t participate in the battle at all. It could also be perceived that Hyakurath herself was hesitating. It seemed that Mercuria was intending to protect Hyakurath to the end without letting her fight.

The Vatlantis team also had a lot of members, so even like that they might be able to endure through this…….

A laughing voice in high tension could be heard from the floating communication window.

『Ahahahahahahahaha lovely! Aa, sheesh! I’m killing them rapidly here!』

Aldea was assaulting the Blueheads that were advancing through in between the buildings of the business district.

『Aldea! Leave the bunch that came into the city to Vatlantis! We are holding back the bunch appearing from the Entrance!』

Certainly, taking control of the gateway would be effective. The Entrance wasn’t that big. At best, the Magic Weapons could only materialize from there by two at the same time. In that case with Gravel and Aldea, they would be able to defeat the majority of the enemy the moment they showed up into this world.

Like that, then certainly Mercuria’s tactic might work. But, even if they weathered the battle today, what would they do at the next battle?

When Kizuna was thinking, at the faraway place, the space split at the edge of Megafloat Japan.

「Don’t tell me!?」

At the tip of Megafloat Japan, around Hokkaido float an entrance manifested. From that rift, Blueheads and Albatrosses were being spat out successively. Kizuna faced his communication window and yelled.

「Everyone! A new Entrance broke out at the Hokkaido district!」


Continuing after Grace’s flustered voice, Zelcyone’s calm voice responded.

『Hyakurath, Mercuria. You two deal with that.』

『Ye, yes.』

『Bu, but……president』

『What’s wrong? Is there any problem, Mercuria?』


Actually, Mercuria not only needed to deal with the enemy by herself, but she was required to do it while protecting Hyakurath. That was something far harder than just fighting alone.

Kizuna stared at the back of the two who were heading towards the new Entrance and made a grim face.

──’Should I ask for reinforcement? But, even if they scramble in a hurry, will they make it in time?’

『Haai, Kizuna! Do you need help I wonder?』

A window suddenly opened and a red haired girl was reflected in it.


When he turned around, Masters that was led by Scarlet was heading his way.

「Yeah, it’s a big help! Please take care of Hokkaido district!」

In a moment Masters arrived beside Kizuna and they looked over the battle situation. Henrietta corrected her glasses’s position while staring at the newly appeared Entrance.

「I see, that way looks lacking in manpower.」

「Uhihi, there are a lot of easy marks♪ Let’s start earning a lot.」

「I can press the trigger! Kufufufu♡」

Leila and Clementine made a questionable smile and they looked like they were going to rush out anytime. Shannon and Brigit were checking their gun’s operation.

Gertrude withdrew out her two particle handguns and moved her body in a warm-up. She moved her hands quickly like in a hand-to-hand fighting skill, showing a gesture as though she was sniping at an unseen enemy.

Magic weapon Brigand that had the same size as a human appeared in large numbera from the Entrance near Hokkaido. Kizuna stared at Gertrude and grinned.

「With your quick draw Gertrude, you are really good at consecutive shooting at melee range. This is really ideal for you.」

「Leave it to me. I’ll take care of all the damn Brigands.」

「Then, everyone we are going! Let’s show them the power of Masters!」

When Scarlet gave that order, Masters jetted their thrusters and headed towarda the Hokkaido district.

「If Masters go there, it might be okay……」

As though to mock Kizuna who was relieved like that, the sky of Kyushu district shook.


An Entrance with the biggest size until now appeared.

──’Just what’s the deal with tonight!? There isn’t anything in the report about so many appearances like this!’

Dragre showed its face from the Kyushu float. Not just one, but they kept appearing in succession.

「These guys……they are bad news.」

When Kizuna whispered that, a familiar voice could be heard from the communication window.

『What is bad news I wonder?』


Beside Kizuna who turned around, a white meteor passed by him.


That light flew towards the Dragres that just appeared.

「Aine! Don’t be reckless!」

「I’m fine. We are going for her support.」

Kizuna’s shoulder was tapped to reassure him. There he saw the gentle smile of Himekawa.

「Since when……」

「Kizuna-kun went out by yourself, so we were worried. And so, everyone too……」

『Hayuru, I’m going as back up, so take care of the cutting apart role okay.』

A window opened and it projected the relaxed smile of Yurishia.

『Kizuna, from here on properly call out to me okay☆』

Saying that, she winked.

「Thanks Yurishia, everyone……but, you all really noticed my going out huh.」

Both of them twitched and they averted their eyes.

「Tha, that’s……just by chance.」

『Right right, it’s a coincidence see. A coincidence.』

「? Anyway you all really saved us.」

At that time, a huge figure that stretched out the Kyushu Entrance appeared. Its majestic body was so large that the other Magic Weapons didn’t even compare. It was a giant dragon that possessed three heads.

──Category ultra, Tri-Head.

Aine’s window opened and a yelling voice that sounded taken aback could be heard.

『What’s that thing! If something like this is going to come out then at least give a prediction beforehand!』

Certainly it was like she said. With the current prediction technology, something this gigantic appearing should be able to be predicted. This multiple appearance of Entrances, the prediction today had very low credibility.

Suddenly in Kizuna’s head, the figure of Shikina Kei who was doing the prediction of Entrance in Nayuta Lab crossed his mind.

Kizuna renewed his feeling and sent a transmission through the whole battlefield.

「Tri-Head appeared at Kyushu float! For the time being Amaterasu is holding it back! Please reinforce them when the battle at each area is taken care of!」

Although he said that, but in the end could Amaterasu hold the enemy back?

It was an opponent that couldn’t be defeated without almost everyone cooperating. If it wasn’t defeated quickly, there was high danger that the damage would reach Megafloat Japan.

At that time, a cute voice resounded in Kizuna’s ear.

『Captain! Sylvia made you wait desu!』


The apprentice team member of Amaterasu, Sylvia Silkcut of the middle school. Her talent was an eye-popping one, her small body was hiding a terrifying strength.

The form that was established by that strength was cutting through the night sky.


From a glance, it was a huge frame that could be mistaken as a Magic Weapon. That was Sylvia’s magic armor Taros. And then one more machine, a magic armor that was about the same size was flying side by side with Taros. There was only one thing that had a huge body that wasn’t inferior to Taros. It was the magic armor Demon. The magic armor of Ragrus who was also in middle school.

『Wait Sylvia! Don’t look like you are rushing here by yourself! I’m also here after all!』

『Of course desu! Sylvia is always together with Ragrus-chan desu!』

『I, I’m not telling you to say it that far! Do, don’t say something so embarrassing!』

Ragrus was an apprentice team member of the Vatlantis team. Both of them had little real battle experience.

But, the two’s talent was the real thing. And then the power of their magic armors. It was more powerful than all other magic armors. It made him want to clash their side’s own monsters against the monster that was Tri-Head.

「Roger that Sylvia, Ragrus! But don’t be reckless!」

『Understood desu!』

『Just leave it to us!』

The large frames that weren’t inferior from Magic Weapons charged fiercely towards Tri-Head. The powerful arms of Taros and Demon caught the neck of the Tri-Head and twisted it up. And then fists that were like a giant iron ball struck on that torso.

The Tri-Head’s armor warped, it raised an agonized voice and its neck moved wildly.


Kizuna spontaneously felt astonished.

There was nobody else that could do that kind of stunt other than them.

──’If this much battle strength gathered, isn’t it fine even if I make Hyakurath retreat?’

Kizuna stared at the Hokkaido district and opened communication with Hyakurath. But, the moment it connected, Hyakurath’s yell struck Kizuna’s face.

『Mer! Get a hold of yourself! Mercuria!』

「!? What’s the matter Hyakurath!?」

Hyakurath was sitting down at a park between buildings. There was the figure of a bleeding Mercuria inside her arms.

And then above them were multiple Albatrosses readying their gun swords, aiming at Hyakurath.

‘I’ll contact Masters to ask them to help, no──,’

He hesitated for a moment.

And then he picked the optimum choice from the multiple choices.

‘After the practical skill class, at the shower room I──then!’

「Mode Cross!」

The pink colored light running on Eros’s armor changed color to gold. And then the armor on his back unfolded, forming a new machine. In the blink of an eye, Cross’s Differential Frame was created.


The golden particle cannon rushed through the night sky and pierced the Albatross above Hyakurath. Then this time Kizuna turned the Differential Frame’s propulsion power to maximum and instantly dashed towards Hyakurath’s position.

「Are you okay!?」

「Ki……Kizuna-kun……Mer she, pro, protected, me……」

Hyakurath’s cheeks were wet from her tears. Mercuria who she hugged onto her chest groaned and opened her eyes.

「Hya, Hyakurath……don’t worry. It’s just a graze……」

And then she looked up at Kizuna and her lips warped.

「Fu……this is unsightly. Leave me behind……take Hyakurath to a safe place. Do that for me, Kizuna.」

「What are you saying Mer! Something like that is no good!」

「It’ll be all right if it’s me ……I can protect myself. That’s why……」

「Just what are you saying even though you cannot even stand!」

Hyakurath was shedding tears while embracing Mercuria’s body.

Kizuna looked up at the sky and glared at the approaching Albatrosses.

──’Five in total. Can I defeat them while protecting these two?’

However, in the next moment, several flame explosions bloomed and blocked the way of the Albatrosses.

「This is, Scarlet’s──」

Ten-odd missiles exploded in the sky once more. And then a bright voice resounded from the communication window.

『Kizuna! Sorry! Over here we also had our hands full! Everyone, fire all at once!』

The Albatrosses that were checked in place by Scarlet’s missiles were assaulted by Masters’ all out attack. The Magic Weapons became riddled with holes right away and exploded.

『Boss Kizuna! The damned Entrance here is closing!』

Just as Gertrude said, the Entrance at Hokkaido float was in the process of closing.

『This is Grace, the enemy at Tokyo float is also annihilated! The Entrance is closed too!』

Kizuna yelled at a communication that was directed to all teams.

「What’s left is only the Kyushu float! Amaterasu is holding back Tri-Head. Everyone, please reinforce them!」

Zelcyone’s face was projected into the window and she ordered to all members.

『There is no enemy we cannot defeat if we combine our strength! An all-out battle! Show them the strength of Ataraxia Academy!』

Replies of 『Roger!』 came back from each one.

And then, Vatlantis, Izgard, and Masters headed towards the Kyushu district.

Perhaps as the result of their habitual practice, even without any particular instruction each member made use of their forte and naturally shared the burden. And then using splendid coordination they fired an all-out attack and at the end of a few minutes of battle, the Tri-Head was destroyed. The Entrance that appeared at Kyushu float also vanished.

And then, in the night sky of Megafloat Japan, the victory song of Ataraxia Academy was sung.

Part 4[edit]

After that, Mercuria was carried to Ataraxia Academy’s infirmary for the moment. In case of the unlikely event, the nurse teacher Landred was standing by and first-aid treatment was applied to Mercuria until the Nayuta Lab was prepared to receive her.

After the first-aid treatment, Mercuria was carried by a helicopter that arrived to pick her up.

Other than Landred, inside the infirmary there were Kizuna, Hyakurath, Zelcyone as the one in charge, and Hida Reiri who arrived after receiving contact.

Landred took off her white coat and put it on a hanger.

「Now, my work is finished with that. Everyone too, you all should return home too and rest okay?」

Reiri nodded and then she spoke after looking over the faces of everyone.

「You all have worked hard. Your achievement will be mentioned in praise at the general morning assembly tomorrow. Perhaps it’s troublesome, but it will also become the goal of the other students. I’m counting on you all.」

Zelcyone called out from behind Reiri who opened the door and was about to get out of the infirmary.

「Wait, headmaster. I want to talk.」

Reiri glared with a sharp gaze.

「What is it, student council president?」

「What’s with today? The Entrance and enemy appearance were far different from the prediction. What’s the meaning of that?」

「I don’t know even if you ask me. The data is in the middle of analysis at the lab right now.」

「We aren’t scared to lose our lives on the battlefield because we are soldiers. But still, I too am someone who is entrusted with the life of everyone as the student council president. There is no way I’ll let their lives be thrown away pointlessly. If I cannot obtain an answer that can satisfy me, then even if you are the headmaster I won’t show mercy.」

Both of them glared at each other from very close distance. Not one of them averted their eyes. Their serious gazes scattered sparks in between.

「Wait, wait~ geez, both of you, fighting is no good you knowww?」

With the intermediation of Landred who was lacking in nervousness, the place’s atmosphere was softened. This person mysteriously had the strength to calm down other people. For some reason she healed wounds, whether it was bodily injury, or a wound of the heart.

「Currently, the lab’s team is in the middle of analysis. The result will be collected for the moment at 4 in the morning. I don’t have any guarantee that you will be able to obtain an answer that will satisfy you, but if you want to ask then come at that time. I’ll give an answer without hiding or masking anything.」

「I’ll come for sure」

Zelcyone passed beside Reiri and left the infirmary.

「Headmaster has it hard too isn’t it~」

Reiri sighed and let out the tension in her shoulders.

「It’s a good thing that she has a sense of responsibility. However, that woman has the tendency for favoritism though. Also, abusing authority is also not acceptable.」

Reiri smiled with a sigh ‘fuh’ and exited the infirmary.

「Ah, headmaster. I’m also going home, so let’s go together until there……how about having a light glass of sake while we are at it too? If you agree, it will be in my room♡」

「I’ll take a pass. You two also go home quickly.」

「Geez……that’s too cold.」

Kizuna stood up and took Hyakurath’s hand.

「We should go back to the dorm too.」

However Hyakurath didn’t move. She kept staring at the floor with a worried gaze.

「It’s……my fault……that Mercuria……」

「It’s all right. Her wound also isn’t that bad.」

「But……I, I……」

Tears were spilling out in large drops from her beautiful blue eyes.

「Let’s go visit her tomorrow. It’s best if you rest slowly for today. There is nothing else that Hyakurath can do for Mercuria for now, right? If Hyakurath also fell sick instead, then Mercuria will get worried too. That’s why, rest for today.」

Hyakurath stood up somehow with the support of Kizuna’s hand and she walked with tottering footsteps to exit the infirmary. Kizuna held her close as though embracing her shoulder and they returned towards the dormitory.

Part 5[edit]

Landred let out a sigh alone inside the infirmary where everyone had left and she looked around the room.

Suddenly, her eyes gazed at the two beds lined up there.

The time was almost ten o’clock already. She thought whether she should just sleep here.

Landred was really pleased with this workplace. The place was comfortable to the degree that it was too good to be called a workplace. She felt that the bed was inviting her to sleep on it even now.


However, today was the day that her favorite drama was on air.

「……Let’s go home.」

She talked to herself like that and exited the infirmary with her bag hanging on her shoulder. She locked the door, changed her shoes at the entrance for the teaching staff and exited the academy.

The dormitory for the teaching staff was very near the academy. It was ten minutes by walking. She also could sleep until the very last minute in the morning, so it was really helpful.

There was a convenience store midway, it was her daily routine to buy a dinner there and go home. Today too she stood in front of the convenience store and entered inside with the invitation of the automatic door. Each time she entered inside, she felt a mysterious feeling. This place was like a magic shop. Inside the shop that couldn’t be said to be spacious at all, various products were lined up in closely packed arrangements.

Bento and side dish. Snack and drink. Stationery and cosmetic. When one looked carefully at the minute detail, the shelves were crammed with a lot of variety of products. It was as though there was a competition of how many products could be fitted into the small space.

Landred liked walking while staring at those small products. She would even take something that she might never bought for her whole life into her hand and stare at it, imagining what kind of person created the product, what kind of person would buy it, she was having fun with her imagination that she would forget time completely.

「Ah, I must not do this. If I don’t choose the dinner……」

She returned to her senses and stood up in front of the bento and side dish corner. It was a difficult problem starting from here. Every single one looked delicious, she also wanted to try to eat, but even if it wasn’t today……she began to think like that and lacked the deciding factor. Or rather should she try onigiri with side dishes as the accompaniment? Like that the variation would expand and there would be infinite combinations.

Before, she didn’t have this kind of worry. Before, something like choosing what she would eat, even thinking of such a thing was──,


──Again. Sometimes she would remember a habit that she knew nothing about out of the blue. But, she didn’t pay attention to it. Because she had the hunch that doing that would be better.

Losing her current livelihood was something that she was afraid of more than anything.

In the end, she decided to buy tuna onigiri, pork miso soup that was full of ingredients, green salad and shrimp and broccoli salad, and in addition a chocolate cake.

She thought while walking out of the convenience store. All things considered, it was amazing how people thought up a lot of variety of sweets like this. Furthermore the products were frequently changing. She couldn’t help but marvel, just how people got the ideas for these kinds of things. Besides, this onigiri , that was this delicious, could be obtained wherever she went, and what’s more it was prized less than a hundred yen. Unbelievable. Sometimes, she was also taken to a good restaurant and treated with food there while on the business of the academy. The restaurant was wonderful with delicious foods, but mysteriously she felt stronger happiness from this onigiri that was less than a hundred yen.

While she was thinking profoundly of such things, she arrived at the dormitory for the teaching staff. It was a mansion with eight floors, and Landred’s room was on the fourth floor. She went up until the fourth floor using an elevator, walked in the corridor and inserted her key into the keyhole of the door leading to her room. Perhaps hearing of the sound she made, or perhaps a coincidence, the door of the neighboring room opened and her neighbor showed up her face.

「Aa Landred-sensei, gooood timing~」

「My, Sakisaka-sensei. Good evening.」

Sakisaka-sensei must have been drinking quite much already. Her face was bright red.

「I got my hands on a good sake see, won’t you come hereee? I have a lot of snacks you know─」

「Thank you very much. But, it’s a bit difficult for me today. Forgive me okay?」

「I seee, that’s unfortunate. Theen today I’m drinking alone, driiinking in a binge.」

She withdrew back to her room in a good mood.

Did that person have any day where she wasn’t binge drinking? But in a sense she might be a big shot. Surely, even on the last day of the world she would still spend her time while having fun.

Landred entered inside her room.

This small 1LDK room was her castle. It was a really mediocre mansion, but she was really pleased with it.

The room she previously lived in was pointlessly spacious. However, if she spoke honestly, it was too spacious that she couldn’t calm down no matter what. Actually, she liked a room that was snugly like this.

There was also no attendant. A castle for just herself. This narrow world was indescribably precious for her.


Again. Just what in the world was she misunderstanding about? Was she under the imagination that she was a queen or something? She thought that it was mysterious if she said so herself and she chuckled by herself.

There was no way that a mere nurse teacher like her could live in that kind of big house. There was no way she was able to employ any servant or anything.

When she turned on her TV, the drama she wanted to see was just starting. When she spread out the dinner she bought, her hands suddenly stopped.

‘Come to think of it, I put the beer I received from Sakisaka-sensei inside the refrigerator.’

She stood up and took the beer, and then she sat down on the carpet once more. *pshew* The hearty sound of carbonic acid leaking out felt pleasant on her ears. She put the can on her mouth directly and drank the cold beer. Cold sensation passed through inside her throat and fell into her stomach. She spontaneously let out a ‘kuuuh’ voice. And then she laughed by herself once more.

Watching the drama while eating dinner. When the drama entered the latter half, she put hot water into her bath and ate the snacks she bought with coffee. When the drama was over, she entered the bath, and after that just what in the world she did until she went to sleep? Even her sleeping time was free as she pleased. And then when morning came she went to work.

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 05.jpg

What a really lovely spiral.

It was a normal, regular day without anything particular.

But, she was really satisfied.

It was as though she had somehow obtained something that she had only dreamed about until now, that was how she felt.

This was a really happy, and kind world.

Even if it was just a world of dream.

Part 6[edit]

At the general morning assembly the next day, the great effort of the previous night was praised in front of all the students. That Zelcyone was obediently attending the assembly must mean that she was able to accept the early morning report somewhat.

Right now it was in the middle of the practical skills class in the morning. Kizuna took a peek at Hyakurath’s condition surreptitiously.

She looked considerably calm, but he got the impression that she was somewhat here in body but not in spirit.

──’I got to do something quickly. Perhaps I should try inviting her after school to visit Mercuria.’

The class ended while he was thinking of such thing. Kizuna had the shift of cleaning up this time, so he carried the remaining firearms and Technical Gears to the PE storeroom. Vaulting box and mat for the use of normal PE were more or less also stored there. For the firearms to be categorized the same as those things and stored there felt like a joke.

When Kizuna finished tidying up everything, he let out a sigh ‘fuu’.

So that he wouldn’t be ambushed in the changing room today, should he stay here until the last minute? Kizuna was thinking like that inside the storeroom with his arms folded, it was at that time that there was the sound of the door being closed.



Inside the PE storeroom where he thought there was no one inside, there was Hyakurath still wearing her pilot suit. The door behind her was closed completely.

「Hyakurath……what’s the matter?」

「I have something to talk with you.」

She had a brooding expression. Her voice was also trembling. Hyakurath came here with some kind of touching resolve in her heart. Furthermore she was fighting against her fear. Kizuna faced her with a serious expression.

「What’s the matter? Acting formal like that, and also in this kind of place.」

「If it’s here then no one else will listen……and sound also won’t leak outside in here.」

Kizuna stayed silent and waited for Hyakurath’s words. At that time, he could hear the whisper of Hyakurath faintly.

「Do your best, do your best……Hyakurath.」

She opened her eyes and raised her face. And then, she gazed firmly at Kizuna.

「Please, do Heart Hybrid with me.」


「Because of my selfishness, I caused Mercuria to get injured……」

She lowered her gaze sadly. However, as though to encourage herself, she immediately raised her face again.

「I understood that I cannot continue running away like this. But, no matter how, I felt scared, embarrassed……that I postponed it until now. But, I think that I have to stop doing that already! Please, do Heart Hybrid with me! Here, right now!」


The surprised expression of Kizuna caused Hyakurath too to return from her excitement back to normal. She thought back of her declaration and became red until her ears.


She felt embarrassed, really embarrassed, that she wanted to vanish. Kizuna’s hand softly touched at the shoulder of such a Hyakurath. Hyakurath looked up at Kizuna with an upward glance.

「Tha, that……」

「I understand well Hyakurath’s determination. Then……is it fine to do it right now, in here?」

Hyakurath rubbed her fingers together and fidgeted around while replying.

「……If time passed……it feels like my resolve will dull, so」

Kizuna completely understood that Hyakurath was rushing into a momentous decision. Even so, doing this while the class wasn’t over yet, and what’s more inside the PE storeroom, was something really drastic, Kizuna thought.

「At the health and physical education class, we learned that in Heart Hybrid it will be effective if the person is……that is, excited──no, if the person thinks that it’s indecent, that it’s lewd, so……」

Hyakurath’s eyes turned teary while she was talking, and finally she hid her face with her hands.

「Aa……I want to die.」

In other words, secretly doing something lewd in the PE storeroom at school excited Hyakurath, what she said was like a confession of that. There was no doubt that for Hyakurath it was something so embarrassing that it made her want to die. She asked Kizuna this with that much feeling.

Kizuna took Hyakurath’s hand.


He gently grasped Hyakurath’s slender hand as though he was treating something fragile. And then, he guided her above piled up five, six mats that were used for PE class.

「I don’t think that this is something that needs to be asked but……this is your first time right?」

「……That, is something that is very hard for me to say.」

‘Eh? Don’t tell me she has experience?’

「Holding hands with a man too, this is the first time……for me.」


Kizuna’s gaze fell towards his hand and Hyakurath’s that were nonchalantly connected.

「That’s, sorry.」

「Pl, please don’t apologize. I’m also……troubled.」

Hyakurath became shy of her own statement, the redness of her cheeks that were gradually thinning down from getting slightly used to the embarrassment became red again.

Kizuna pulled Hyakurath’s hand and brought her body close to him.


Hyakurath’s body fell on Kizuna’s chest. Kizuna gently embraced Hyakurath’s back with his left hand. Inside Kizuna’s arm made Hyakurath’s body to turn stiff.

「I received another of Hyakurath’s first time with this.」

「Aa……I’m sorry. Mercuria」


He wondered just what kind of meaning the apology towards Mercuria just now had.

Was Mercuria her lover? Or else they were only close friends in the end? He wanted to try to asking, but he also felt that it was something that he mustn’t touch.

He changed the direction Hyakurath faced so that he was hugging her from behind and he sat down on the mat. Sweet fragrance was wafting from her tied up blond hair and her nape of the neck.

「Err……Hida-kun, from here what should I……」

「It’s all right for Hyakurath to not do anything. But, if you can relax yourself for me」

「Is that so?」

Kizuna inserted his hand from under Hyakurath’s armpit, and touched that voluptuous breast.


Hyakurath’s body shivered.


Her hand overlapped on Kizuna’s hand, trying to stop it from moving.

「It’s fine, relax.」

Kizuna slowly put more strength into his fingers. The elasticity of Hyakurath’s breast was strong, it had a sensation as though it was trying to push back his fingers, massaging it felt satisfying.

「Uu……like this, relaxing is……hard……」

Hyakurath’s expression frowned as though she was enduring something. Her cheeks were still red without change and she was slightly sweaty.

Surely she was feeling good. Kizuna continued to massage the two heavy breasts.

「Fuah! Aa……yah……aahn♡」

Hyakurath pressed on her mouth in panic. Her gasping voice that unconsciously leaked out was something even herself was surprised about.

「It’s okay to not hold your voice. Perhaps it won’t be heard from outside after all.」


The skin on Hyakurath’s cheeks were so white it looked transparent, but right now they were blushing in pink color that drew lovely gradation. Looking at it caused an impulse that caused Kizuna to want to touch the smooth and soft looking cheeks.

Kizuna kissed on Hyakurath’s cheek.


She looked at Kizuna’s face in slight surprise. Hyakurath’s blue eyes were so close. Those blue jewels were shaking, expressing her enraptured feeling.


「We are doing what is necessary for the sake of Heart Hybrid. It’s for saving Hyakurath’s life, and then to protect everyone.」

Hyakurath’s eyes were coming closer past the boundary.

「You’re right……this is something necessary. Even if this cannot be shown to everyone……even Mer……will understand……there is no other way.」

Something soft was pressed on Kizuna’s lips. The damp sensation that was like marshmallow made Kizuna’s mind turn elated.

He was kissing with that serious class president. He opened his lips and tried to push out his tongue for a bit. And then as though waiting for it, Hyakurath’s tongue tip welcomed him. However it wasn’t an entanglement that was fierce or anything, it was only the tongue tips that slowly touched each other. It felt like it was a display of Hyakurath’s personality, a lovely gesture.

The long kiss ended and the lips of the two separated.


「Yes……I like, kissing……」

She looked down in shame.

「I’m not as upright and pure as everyone said I am. Are you……disillusioned?」

When Kizuna suddenly looked below, the tips of Hyakurath’s breasts were poking out as much as possible, pushing up at the thin pilot suit.

「Certainly, it looks like just as you say.」

Kizuna’s fingertip lightly flicked the jutting out tip.


A numbing sensation ran through Hyakurath’s body like electricity.

「But I’m not disillusioned or anything. Rather, I think it’s cute.」

He pinched with his fingers and he ascertained that hardness and size.

「Aah! Aan! Do, don’t, I’m feeling it too much」

「Hyakurath’s breast is getting hard. It’s telling me, that it feels good. So cute.」

「Such thing, it’s not cute… ……Ah!」

As though she only noticed after this late how the shape of her breast was distinctly protruding out, Hyakurath hid her breasts in panic.

「Wh, why, is it like this……」

「But, I can see the shape of your nipple routinely every time you know? Though it wasn’t poking out this much.」


Hyakurath was making a seriously shocked expression.

「I didn’t notice at all……or perhaps it’s Hida-kun’s observing eyes that are lewd……aah, I have to wear suit with thicker fabric.」

There was consideration given so that the practical skill class wasn’t peeked at by the boys, so even if it got seen it would be by the girls and Kizuna only. But, Kizuna thought that Hyakurath wouldn’t be that consoled even if he told her that.

「Is that so? A shame, even though it’s this beautiful.」

「Be, beautiful……」

Seeing a gap loosening between Hyakurath’s hand, Kizuna caressed her breast once more.

「A, aaaa……nn♡」

Hyakurath wasn’t showing that much resistance anymore. No matter what her mouth said, but her body was starting to lose against pleasure. Hyakurath’s instinct was desiring Kizuna.

Kizuna was toying with the tip of the breast with his left hand while his right hand was lowering to below.

「But if the other girls see this……bu, but, if Hida-kun says that he wants it like this no matter what……even if I keep using this suit……ah, whe, where are you!?」

The fingertip of his right hand slipped into between Hyakurath’s crotch.


She closed her thighs reflexively. But Kizuna’s fingertip was touching the most sensitive part of Hyakurath inside her thighs. Just by moving his finger tip slightly, Hyakurath’s body reacted back.

「Hih♡♡……ku, nnnnh……♡♡♡」

「Hyakurath, won’t you please loosen the strength of your thighs for me?」

However Hyakurath gritted her teeth and she desperately shook her head.

「You are putting too much strength, so it feels like my finger is going to snap.」


Hyakurath hurriedly loosened up her thighs. Of course, it was a lie that it felt like his finger was going to snap, but thanks to that he could see Hyakurath’s cute side so it was fine.

「Are……are you okay?」

Hyakurath looked up at Kizuna with worried eyes.

「Yeah, I’m fine. But, as for you Hyakurath……that’s really a mess.」

Hyakurath tilted her head, not understanding what Kizuna meant, but when she followed Kizuna’s gaze, she noticed a shocking fact.

Hyakurath’s crotch was sopping wet as though she had just peed, a large stain was formed on the mat.

「A……a, aaaaa」

She became so red it felt like steam would come out from her and her mouth trembled.


「Yo, you are wrong-, this is, it’s, not, that」

「I know that it’s not your pee.」

「O, o o o obviously!」

Kizuna asked with a wide grin.

「Then, what is it?」


Hyakurath became teary eyed and she stood up, her face became despairing when she saw the formed stain on the mat.

「Aa, wha, what to do……」

She tried wiping it with her hand, but the stain didn’t vanish by doing that.

「Hyakurath is letting out a lot of lewd honey huh.」

「Do, don’t say it lewdly like tha──」

At that time, the door was making *clack clack* sound.

──’Someone came!?’

Nervousness ran through the two.

「Aaa……wha, what are we going to do」

Hyakurath was looking alternately between the door and the mat in a fluster.

「We are hiding!」

Kizuna whispered that into Hyakurath’s ear and held her up in his arms before hiding behind the vaulting box. And then at the same time when he sat on the floor, the door of the PE storeroom opened up with a sound.

「Oh man, so tiresome─」

「In the first place, students of the research department don’t need anything like PE class don’t you think so?」

Lively voices and footsteps entered inside the PE storeroom.

Kizuna tensed his body and hugged the trembling Hyakurath. Hyakurath also hugged at Kizuna’s body and her arms tightly held him.

「Oh, this must be the mat. How many the total is? Six mats?」

「Yosha. You hold that side. Here we go─」

They were talking livelily while carrying away the mats that Kizuna and Hyakurath were using just now. And then their voices were getting farther and the door of the PE storeroom was closed noisily.

「……Looks like they are gone.」

「I thought it was hopeless already……」

Hyakurath murmured with her face still buried onto Kizuna’s chest.

「But, the mats were carried away.」


「The mat that was stained by Hyakurath’s lewd juice, it will be used by everyone for PE class.」

Hyakurath’s head hit Kizuna’s chest like a head butt. And then she whispered with an awfully depressed voice.

「……I feel terribly guilty.」

Kizuna smiled at such Hyakurath and his hands reached out to her breast and crotch once more.

「Ah! Hi, Hida-kun-! Even though that happened, you still!?」

「It cannot end like this right? Besides this kind of thrill is the nice aspect of doing this in the PE storeroom.」

「Bu, but……aahn ♥」

Kizuna’s right hand shifted Hyakurath’s pilot suit to the side. Hyakurath’s blond bush and the lower lips that were wet from dew were exposed in front of Kizuna.

「Ah……I, I am……seen completely.」

A tear gathered at Hyakurath’s eye.

「Hyakurath too, my……」


Hyakurath stared fixedly at the feverish crotch of Kizuna. And then, her throat gulped and she stared at the electronic fastener on his collar.

「Tha, that is……should I say, that the hurdle is a bit, too high……」

「But it’s essential for the two sides to share pleasure and affection in a Heart Hybrid. From here on, it will be necessary to do group work by the two of us.」

Kizuna said that while his hand continued to move without rest. Feverish sighs and faint gasps could be heard leaking from Hyakurath’s mouth.

「Nn……ah……fu……ah! ♥……haaan ♥」

Hyakurath’s eyes were gradually turning blank, her hand was naturally reaching towards Kizuna’s collar. She unfastened the electronic fastener’s lock and opened the pilot suit to the left and right. Kizuna’s chest and then abs were becoming exposed. And then Hyakurath averted her eyes while opened the suit completely until the bottom.

She stole a glance at Kizuna’s thing.


Once she caught sight of it, she became unable to tear her eyes off from it. She kept staring with her face turning to her front. She continued to stare at that thing that was pointing up without blinking.

「Hyakurath too……」

Urged by Kizuna, Hyakurath reached out her hand. However that hand stopped midway.

Hyakurath closed her eyes and murmured as though praying silently.

「……Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath.」

Her eyes suddenly opened, and her trembling fingertip touched Kizuna’s thing. The sensation of Hyakurath’s slender and soft fingertip was conveyed to Kizuna. It was a pleasure that hit directly to his tailbone. That class president Hyakurath was facing him while her hand was grasping his thing.

「Ah……it twitched……」

Hyakurath’s eyes shined with deep interest. Once she touched it, her fear was gone. In exchange a curiosity reared its neck inside her. Hyakurath tried various way of touching, ascertaining its shape and texture.

「Something like this is attached to here……I learned it in health and physical education class but……but, it’s different from my imagination.」

「Are you disgusted? Like it’s gross or something?」

Kizuna also rubbed Hyakurath’s breast softly while continuing to grant stimulation at her abdomen teasingly. Hyakurath was gradually forming a spring on the floor once more.

Hyakurath shook her head to the side and whispered with a small voice.

「No……I, might not hate it.」

Her way of touching was gradually turning bold, she gripped Kizuna’s thing with backhand grip and began to stroke it up and down.

「Does this……feel good?」

It seemed she was watching Kizuna’s reaction. She was enthusiastic in studying, becoming of a honor student.

「Yeah, very much so. Hyakurath’s hand, feels good.」

Hyakurath smiled shyly. Perhaps she wasn’t feeling as bad as he believed. Her fingers got slightly stronger.

「But, it’s mysterious……even though yesterday, I didn’t even dream that I would do something like this.」

「Same with me.」

Hyakurath giggled and she stared at Kizuna with an upward glance.

「I’m doing something lewd like this……I cannot believe it myself.」

Kizuna also opened Hyakurath’s crevice with his fingertips.

「Nn♥ Ah! I wonder, what should I say……to Mercuria, later」

「We doing Heart Hybrid will surely get found out but, it’s fine even if you don’t tell about the detail of what we did right? It will be a secret to Mercuria too.」

「Like that, it’ll make me……aahn♥ fe, feel guilty in its own way……haah!」

「Then, you will tell her the truth?」

Kizuna massaged her breast with his palm rolling the tip of the breast that was stiffly hard.

「Haa♥♥……uu, Mercuria……I’m sorry, but……」

Hyakurath leaned her upper body and her face approached Kizuna.

「Doing this with Hida-kun……it’s different, from with Mercuria……」

Hyakurath’s lips stole Kizuna’s lips.

Inside the mouth, tongue and tongue were entangled with each other.

The movement of Hyakurath’s hand became intense. Kizuna also responded to that movement and spread Hyakurath’s secret spot, and his fingertip slipped inside.

「!? Hi……♥♥♥」

Hyakurath’s face faced up spontaneously.

「Does it hurt?」

Hyakurath kept biting her lip and shook her head left and right with her all. At that time, the pin that was fixing her hair came off, and Hyakurath’s blond hair spread out gently.

The wavy and loose long blond hair was beautiful. Kizuna was unconsciously bewitched by that change.



Hyakurath smiled happily. Inside her moist eyes, heart-shaped light was emerging.

Kizuna wanted Hyakurath to taste the greatest pleasure, he rubbed the inside of her wall while pressing using the pad of his finger at the small bud that showed out its face in between.

「aAAAAAaaaAaNN♥♥ Nnnnh! My, my head-, it’s getting strange already-!」

Each time his finger thrust in, spring was welling up endlessly from the inside. It released very nice smell that made Kizuna drunk.

And then, both Hyakurath and also Kizuna was finally welcoming the limit.

「Aah! Hi, Hida-kun, scary, something, is coming, coming! Something, aah」

「It’s fine! You don’t need to feel scared! Just come like that!」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 06.jpg

「!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥──────tsu♥♥ uAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHNN♥♥♥♥♥」

Hyakurath shed tears while her body bent. The finger inside was constricted with a force that felt like it would tear off the finger. And then light of magic power was released from the bodies of the two. That light danced in the air and converged into Hyakurath’s body.

Her shriek left a trail, before long her voice turned small, and Hyakurath’s body crumbled, collapsing on Kizuna’s lap in exhaustion.

「Hyakurath……you worked hard there.」

Kizuna stroked her blonde hair.


Suddenly, an odd sensation ran through Kizuna’s groin.

「Hya, Hyakurath?」

Hyakurath’s tongue stretched out and licked Kizuna’s thing.

「We still……cannot go outside so……until school ends, we can only hide so……until then」

「No, but──」

Kizuna tried to say that there must be some way, but as though to shut him up, Hyakurath opened her mouth and put Kizuna’s thing inside her mouth.


It seemed that there was a need for him to accompany her until Climax Hybrid.

──’I hope we won’t get noticed by the guys that will come to return the mats.’

Kizuna prayed so while his hand reached towards Hyakurath’s body.

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