Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 11 Third Period

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Third Period : Time of Deepening Friendship at Hot Spring Inn[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Thanks for the food. That was delicious.」

「Ehehe, Sylvia’s glad captain enjoyed it desu.」

Like every night, Sylvia came to cook Kizuna’s dinner. And then in the morning she would wake up early too and come to Kizuna’s room to prepare breakfast. If Kizuna hadn’t woken up then she would go to Kizuna’s bedroom and wake him up.

If circumstances permitted then there were also people who tried to steal her seat, but Sylvia was formally appointed by the command headquarters as Kizuna’s caretaker. It was difficult to steal her seat officially. Furthermore Sylvia’s work was perfect. It would be great if there was anything about her that could be used as material for nitpicking about, but this rising star rookie had no openings.

「Then, Sylvia will go home now desu.」

She finished washing the dishes and took off her apron.

「Yeah. Thanks for every time.」

「Can Sylvia come tomorrow morning too desu?」

「Yeah. There is also no particular need for me to go to school early. Please make me the usual English-style breakfast okay?」

「Ro─ger desu!」

Sylvia cutely saluted before going back to the dormitory for the middle school.

Commuting wife, there was such words, but students who teased Sylvia like that weren’t few in number. However, in Kizuna’s mind, she was already passing through being girlfriend or wife, he even felt that she was nearly like a mother. It seemed that having too much girl power made it difficult to distinguish a girl from a mother.

「Well, there is no chance I’ll tell her that though……」

After Kizuna spoke to himself, he made a large yawn.

After Sylvia went home, he studied for a bit, then played games for relaxation, quite some time unexpectedly passed from that. The hands of the clock were already pointing passed eleven o’clock.

「Perhaps I should take a bath.」

It was time where most of the students already finished taking a bath.

Kizuna’s room was equipped with a really splendid indoor bath, yet regardless of that, it was locked and he was forbidden from using it. Whatever the case, a strong will that forced him to use the female large bath was strongly felt.

Kizuna sighed and opened his closet.


What’s this?

There was a girl inside his closet. Furthermore she was a middle schooler. Furthermore she was sound asleep while drooling. She was leaning on his clothes that were hanged on hangers, and several clothes also fell on the floor, they were crumpled because of being used as replacement for a futon. Furthermore they got stained with drool.

「Oi……Ragrus. Why are you in this kind of place?」

She didn’t show any sign of waking up.

「Aah! Wake up already I tell you!」

When Kizuna shook her shoulder roughly, ‘funya?’ Ragrus raised a stupid voice and she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

「Haeh!? Wh, why, are you here!?」

「That’s my line!」

Ragrus finally came back to her senses and she raised her voice ‘ah’.

「I see. I wanted to confirm whether you are doing anything nasty to Sylvia and hid here……」

「I see. Then you are satisfied right? The exit is over there.」

Ignoring Kizuna who pointed at the entrance, Ragrus began to take off her uniform.

「Oo!? Oi!」

Under the Ataraxia academy uniform, she was only wearing a petticoat and a panty, she still wasn’t wearing a bra yet. Or rather she didn’t need it. That petticoat also fell smoothly on the floor from her shoulders, and now she was only wearing panty and tights.

However she had a stylish young body that wasn’t inferior to Sylvia, no, hers was superior. Her breast was mostly flat. However, only her panty was immoral with how she was wearing a sexy one with small surface area. Kizuna was in admiration that a panty of that size actually existed.

「This isn’t the time to feel admiration! What are you doing huh, Ragrus!?」

「You ask me what, do Heart Hybrid with me. Next week there is a practice match with Sylvia after all. Until that time I’ll power up, and then I’ll make Sylvia go ‘gyafun’!」 (TN: Gyafun = voice that expresses speechlessness, being unable to argue anymore, or getting beaten hollow)


Did this girl like Sylvia or hate her, just which was it? Kizuna grumbled like that within his heart while he scratched his head.

──’Well, this must be that, she wants to be acknowledged by Sylvia, so that Sylvia thinks of her as someone amazing. She must like Sylvia too much.’

「But, Sylvia is looking around, you know? For you.」

「Eh!? What’s with that? Tell me the detail!」

──’Of course it’s a lie, but well, doesn’t matter. Perhaps Ragrus will complain to me tomorrow but, Ragrus should feel happy too that her chances to meet Sylvia has increased. She won’t get seriously angry. Although, if it’s Sylvia then she might guess the circumstances and divert her attention nicely…….’

Kizuna’s faith in Sylvia was at MAX.

「Who knows. I also don’t know what that’s about.」

「You’re useless! This is not the time for something like this!」

She wore her uniform in a panic and left like a storm. After that there was only silence left behind with Kizuna.

Kizuna’s room didn’t have a lock, so anyone could freely enter if they felt like it. Indeed, sneaking in, then hiding in the closet before sleeping soundly was something simple.

「……Let’s go take a bath.」

Hida Kizuna. It felt like he had already reached the state of enlightenment.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna took off his clothes in the changing room of the large bath, then he peeked inside the bath slowly without any sound.

「Ah, Kizuna! You are late.」

「Scarlet? Wait, all the members of Masters are here!?」

There was a person that soaked in the bathtub that reached until the shoulders, a person in the hip bath, a person in an unladylike appearance sleeping on an inflated beach mat, girls shooting at each other with water guns, and so on, the seven members of Masters who were taking bath in style as they pleased were waving their hands at him. As always, they were too free.

Furthermore all of them weren’t covering their bodies at all. The spacious large bath was overflowing with skin color, making him troubled about where to look.

「Don’t tell me you all were here all this time?」

Scarlet shook her head horizontally.

「We only came just now. About five minutes I think?」

「……Is it a coincidence?」

Leila who was only dipping her feet into the bathtub grinned.

「Money source──not that, Kizuna-kun comes really late. Did you stopover somewhere on the way here?」

「The magazine placed on the break room caught my attention a bit……wait, how do you know that?」

「Because a camera is set up in front of Kizuna’s room.」

「What the hell is with that!?」

Gertrude who was lying down on the mat raised only her head.

「Aa─ aa─, ain’t it no good to reveal that? Even though we installed it together with Amaterasu with much trouble.」

During the AU collision the other day, even though he sneaked out of the dormitory secretly, yet for some reason Amaterasu and Masters came to the rescue in a superb timing.

「……Now I understand the reason.」

However, it was also a fact that they were saved because of that, so it was hard for him to complain.

Henrietta who was inside the hip bath took off her eyeglasses that was thoroughly foggy from steam.

「Then I’ll wash Kizuna’s body.」

「You’re─ right─. Then, everyone do it─」

Scarlet spoke brightly and she stood up energetically from the bathtub. Droplets of hot water scattered while her breasts shook.

「Wa, wait a bit! What in the world you all are planning to do!?」

「You ask what, it’s Heart Hybrid you know? It’s a rare chance, so we will also give a service by washing Kizuna’s body.」

「N, no……I, perhaps I should refrain a bit from that……I think.」

However, as expected from Masters, when he noticed, Kizuna was already completely surrounded.

Gertrude put the mat that she was using until just now to lie down on top of the tiles of the washing place.

「Now─, we’ll start the service okay─!」


Kizuna was pushed down along with the spirited voices.

Part 3[edit]

「No more……already. Today I’m completely……spent.」

Kizuna dragged his completely exhausted body and he somehow returned until his own room.

He wanted to immediately collapse on his bed and fall asleep without thinking anything.

The world’s strongest was waiting on his bed to smash apart even such a meager wish.

「Haii♪ Ki♥ zu♥ na♥」

Yurishia who was wearing a transparent negligee was lying on her side.

「Yurishia……that appearance」

「My? I wonder if you like it♪」

The thin pink colored negligee didn’t hide Yurishia’s body at all. Rather, by wearing it, she looked more lewd than being completely naked. That figure lying down with her body bent supplely, and then her face that was smiling bewitchingly, those were the aphrodisiac of a witch that forcefully recovered the vitality of his tired body.

「You look really amazing but……as I thought, today I’m tired so, could you let me off for now?」

「Whaat? You are in the stage of ennui already?」

「No, we aren’t even married are we?」

Yurishia raised up her body and brought closer a traveling bag that she placed near the pillow.

「As expected, getting stuck in a rut isn’t good isn’t it? I’m properly bringing the thing that Kizuna likes. Here.」

Cheerily, Yurishia was taking out from inside the bag things like provocative enamel costume, rope, whip, and so on one after another. ‘That’s Yurishia’s preference, not mine……’ A man with a kindness that couldn’t let out such tsukkomi. That was Hida Kizuna.

「I won’t let that happen!」

The door opened and Aine leaped inside.

「So it’s you this time!」

Furthermore for some reason she was wearing a nurse uniform. What’s more it was super miniskirt.

「Previously you stared at the medical team of the lab right? I have the proof already.」

「I got no memory of that at all!」

Perhaps, she misunderstood him when he was looking at something completely different.

──’But, is she watching me that frequently?’

When he thought that, he felt that Aine was really lovable.

Aine’s cheeks reddened and her fingers gripped at the fringe of her skirt.

「I……I’m properly not wearing underwear just as Kizuna likes it so, there is no need to worry!」

「I’m full of worry! Your lovableness is going to a strange direction too much!」

For Aine to also come here, he didn’t dare to think it but could it be that next……there would be more?

A chill ran through Kizuna’s spine. Perhaps it was the survival instinct that animals possessed, noticing him of the alert.

「When I thought that it was noisy and come here to look……all of you, just what are you doing?」

The black haired devil was standing there with her hair standing on end, clad in a muddy black aura.

「My, Hayuru also came?」

「Unfortunately, this Kizuna is for the use of two. There is no share for Hayuru.」

「Just who are you saying is a cat type robot!!」 (TN: I don’t really get this part, I had read over and over the previous sentences, but I cannot spot where is the reference)

Ataraxia Academy’s girl who was suited to wearing cat ears, Himekawa Hayuru yelled.


A red magic armor was equipped on her uniform.

「Heart Hybrid outside the schedule won’t be recognized as long as there is no valid reason! To say nothing of doing it inside the dorm……this public morals committee member Himekawa Hayuru absolutely won’t permit it!」

「How amusing. Zeros!」

「Fufun, this is a nice timing, how about while we are at it we also decide who is the ace of Amaterasu, that is to say the main partner of Kizuna? Cross!」

Zeros was equipped above Aine’s nurse uniform, while Cross was equipped on Yurishia’s see through negligee.

An uncontrollable déjà vu was rampaging inside Kizuna.

「You girls……stop!」

A large explosion occurred in Kizuna’s room.

Part 4[edit]

──And then the next day.

「Hey Hayuru, is that snack delicious?」

Yurishia asked Himekawa who was sitting at the opposite side. Himekawa held out the pocky box she was carrying.

「Yes, it’s delicious. How about trying it?」

Yurishia’s hand reached out. The train shook at that timing and her fingertip missed the box. She once again pinched at one stick and pulled it out.

「It’s green……what is the taste of this?」

「Green tea.」


Yurishia elegantly nibbled at the pocky.

「This is a peculiar flavor. Certainly it might taste a bit like green tea……」

Saying that, Yurishia made a doubtful expression.

「A, Aine-san, how about you?」

Himekawa offered Aine who was sitting beside her.

「I’ll pass. But, Hayuru really likes green tea flavor huh. It’s like your interest is bitter, or you smell like old people.」

Himekawa opened her eyes wide in a flash.

「Ju, just what is bad about green tea!? This is greatly popular even among young girls! In Japan, green tea sweets are the staple! Like Tsujiri’s green tea parfait, it’s exquisite!」

「Rather than that isn’t here ice cream sold inside the train? According to the data, it seems that they are selling vanilla ice cream that is hard like steel though.」

「Please listen when people talk! For Japanese, it’s green tea for sure!」

「Excuse me─」

Sylvia who was sitting diagonally opposite Himekawa raised her hand a bit.

「Can Sylvia also, ask for one desu?」

「Eh? Yes! By all means-」

Himekawa held out her pocky box with a feeling as though she was saved.

「Waa, thank you very much desu! Sylvia is bad with the real green tea, but it’s fine if it’s sweets desu.」

Sylvia took one out and quickly put it into her mouth. Hayuru was suddenly reminded of a rodent-type animal and her cheeks loosened.

「Delicious desu! Sylvia likes this snack desu.」

‘I’m glad……’ Himekawa murmured inside her heart.

「Ah! For thanks, please eat Sylvia’s shortbread desu!」

Sylvia took out a plastic case from the bag that she placed on her lap. When the lid was opened, inside there were light yellow baked sweets lined up. They were slightly thick biscuit with rectangle shape.

「Thank you, Sylvia-chan.」

Himekawa glanced outside the train window. On the other side of Aine who was sitting beside her, the scenery of green trees was drifting away. It seemed they had left Tokyo float and entered Kanagawa float.

Himekawa nibbled at the short bread and her eyes turned round.

「!? Delicious!」

Sylvia laughed ‘ehehe’ shyly.

「If you like, then how about Yurishia-san and Aine-san take some too desu?」

Both of them were lured by Himekawa’s reaction and their hands reached out. And then their eyes opened wide like Himekawa.

「What’s this, it’s really tasty.」

「You’re right……where did you buy this?」

「Ehehe, it’s handmade desu.」

At that moment, a shadow loomed on the faces of the three.

「I, see……」

They were beaten up mercilessly by the girl power of their junior whose appearance looked only like an elementary school student.

Himekawa spoke out to change the subject.

「Wo, won’t we arrive at Hakone any time now?」

「Ri, right……good grief, on the Megafloat there isn’t even any time to taste the traveling mood.」

──Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them were heading to Hakone of Megafloat Japan using the special direct train Romancecar. (TN: Romancecar = Odakyu Electric Railway’s name for its limited express luxury tourist services south-west of Tokyo)

Just why were they traveling with the four of them? The reason went back to the aftermath after the explosion incident that happened for who knows how many times in the dormitory yesterday.

After that, naturally, Aine and the others, the members of Amaterasu were summoned to the command headquarters and they ate a good scolding from Reiri.

And then, at that place an order to resolve the problem was handed down to them.

『The four members of Amaterasu will depart for a relaxation trip. Deepen your friendship there.』

That was the content of the special operation(mission) that Reiri gave them.

Through such course of events, the four of them were sitting facing each other inside boxed seats in an agenda of experiencing the feeling of traveling on train through the east route.

Aine formed a cold smile.

「If friendship can deepen from this kind of travel, then there won’t be any problem in the first place.」

Yurishia shrugged her shoulders and raised both her hands.

「This too cannot be helped. The commander will be satisfied if we go, so isn’t it fine?」

Himekawa cut in to make a point.

「However, if we don’t show results, we won’t be able to go back to normal duty you know?」

When she was told that, Yurishia had no word to reply with.

Aine stared outside the window and whispered without any interest.

「Well, isn’t it fine if we just pretend having a good relationship for a bit?」

「That’s how it’ll turn out in the end……」

Yurishia seemed to be in agreement, but Himekawa made a bitter face at that.

「However, that cannot be said as accomplishing our mission. By the time we lie or deceive, there is no meaning at all in it isn’t it?」

Aine waved her hand looking bored.

「The commander won’t know. If she asked something, we can just answer her that our generation is different from the commander’s. Tell her, you won’t be able to understand the youngsters of today.」

Himekawa frowned, and she whispered with a voice that was oozing fear.

「……You will be killed you know?」

Aine tried to imagine herself actually speaking those caustic words to Reiri’s face. Her spine trembled.

「We, well, just now was just a joke. We will be able to deceive her.」

Yurishia also smiled in agreement.

「You’re right. It’s not something that difficult.」

Saying that, the three chuckled ‘ufufufu’ at each other.

Sylvia suddenly raised her face.

「Then, who becomes the main partner of Captain Kizuna after that desu?」

At that moment, flames blazed up between the three and sparks scattered from their sharp gazes.

Part 5[edit]

The train arrived at Hakone and the four got down on the platform. Souvenir shops were lining up through the platform. It seemed this place was modeled after Hakone’s Yumoto station in the mainland Japan.

When they exited the station, a sign that was written with 『Mountain Trail』 was pointing toward an escalator that was going underground.

Sylvia flipped through a guide book.

「It looks like there is a VR(virtual reality) facility that reproduced Oowaku valley and Ashi lake underground desu.」

Megafloat Japan was a gigantic floating island. Its size was proportional to the twenty three wards of Tokyo, if the part that was submerged into the sea was included, its height rivaled even a skyscraper. Rather than calling the place Aine and others were standing at right now as above ground, it might be better to call it as the rooftop of megafloat Japan.

「That also sounds interesting, but first how about we go to the inn? I want to put my luggage.」

Yurishia said that and turned around like a posing model. Himekawa stared fixedly at her figure with a frown.

「Yurishia-san. I said this too when we met up, but as I thought I have a problem with that appearance. It’s endorsed to wear the uniform when going out, and in the first place aren’t we in the middle of a mission right now?」

Himekawa, Aine, and Sylvia were wearing Ataraxia uniforms, but only Yurishia came wearing casual clothes. Furthermore, her upper wear was bikini of star and stripes and a denim coat with short length. Her lower wear was a similarly denim hotpants. It also had little surface area like an underwear, something with just the right size that dug into Yurishia’s large butt. Its exposure rate was high, a provocative appearance that displayed Yurishia’s great style.

「Geez, how persistent……I’m not bringing uniform, so it can’t be helped isn’t it?」

The civilians of the Megafloat were passing by around the four. At that time the men, all of them were stealing glances at Yurishia’s voluptuous body. Himekawa felt like it was she herself who was being stared at and grew increasingly embarrassed.

「No, no matter what, that’s too shameless. If you don’t wear clothes with a bit more prudence, even the image of Amaterasu might turn for the worse.」

「Is that so? I think the image will go up instead though.」

The non-committal attitude of Yurishia caused Himekawa’s irritation to turn intense.

「Don’t you carry attire that is a bit meeker?」

「What about pilot suit?」

「That’s even worse!」

Himekawa held her head.

「Yurishia-san, I’ll lend you my clothes, so please change in the station’s toilet.」


Yurishia stared at Himekawa. Especially at the chest and waist area.

「Hayuru’s clothes won’t fit me I think.」

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and she yelled angrily.

「I have enough! In that case we are going to the inn even for a second faster! Because we cannot leave an obscene object like this on the road forever!」

Himekawa shouldered her travel bag that was made from cloth and started walking with large steps briskly.

Sylvia who was holding a map called out to Himekawa in a panic.

「Ah, Himekawa-san! The inn isn’t that way desuu~」

Part 6[edit]

The inn that they arrived at following Sylvia’s guidance was a Japanese style inn that looked like the residence of a daimyo. When they entered while feeling overwhelmed by the magnificent gates, there wasn’t a feeling of old fashioned inside, there was the uniformity of elegant modern Japanese style.

The room that they were showed to by the waitress was on the third floor, which was the highest floor. The room was also something splendid. Inside the Japanese room the size of twenty tatami mats, there was a low table made with wooden mosaic work placed, and four sitting cushions with beautiful textiles were prepared. Ink painting was applied between the bedding, and lustrous flowers were grown in front of them.

There was a window inside the room, a table and chair were placed in front of it on the long and narrow space of about the size of eight tatami. The window was a large thing from the floor until the ceiling, so there was a really spacious veranda outside. The place with wooden floor where two sofas that could be reclined were placed on, rather than calling it a veranda, it seemed to be a part of the room. It seemed that place was for the sake of lying down and watching the scenery and the moon elegantly. On the other side of the railing there were green trees growing up luxuriantly, and the refreshing sound of streaming water could be heard from the river that was flowing below.

「Amazing deesu! So this is a high class inn of Japan isn’t it desu! This is the first time that Sylvia will stay in this kind of place desu!」

Sylvia checked around inside the room with sparkling eyes. Himekawa watched over her with a warm smile and let out a sigh from feeling admiration herself.

「The commander too, she arranged something sophisticated like this for us. We have to thank her──」

「Myy. Then, you have to express your thanks to me then♪」

Yurishia puffed up her chest proudly. Himekawa stared at her in puzzlement.

「Why is that?」

「I’m the one that reserved this place. The inn that the commander prepared isn’t here.」


Himekawa opened her eyes in surprise. Aine also tilted her head doubtfully.

「What do you mean?」

「Bee─cause, the inn that commander prepared wasn’t so good. Ah, I paid for everyone’s share too, so it’s fine to not be bothered with the price♡」

「Yu, Yurishia-san! What selfishness have you done!?」

「It doesn’t really matter right? Because, our duty is to deepen our friendship, so it’s not like where we stay really matters you know?」

Himekawa massaged her forehead as though she was feeling an headache.

「That’s not the problem! The problem is how you changed the decided procedure and protocol by your own decision!」

Sylvia took out a yukata and towel from the closet.

「Sylvia wants to enter the bath desu! Can Sylvia go desu?」

Aine also took out her change of clothes from her travel bag.

「You’re right. We have already come here. From my investigation, when coming to a hot spring inn, it’s a competition of how many times you can enter the bath. It seems that if you don’t enter three times at minimum then it’s no good you know?」

「Just where did you learn it……that kind of knowledge.」

Himekawa replied with a complicated face and then her shoulders dropped in resignation.

「I’m also tired……well then, let’s just go.」

The four changed into yukatas and headed towards the large bath. It seemed there were several baths like rock baths or hinoki cypress baths and so on, but they picked the open air rock bath from among them.

When they entered, there wasn’t any other guest inside.

「Amazing desu! It’s like the garden of a temple desu!」

Steam was rising from the hot spring that was surrounded by rugged rocks. Rocks were also placed in the middle of the hot spring, like mountains that emerged from inside the mist. Coupled with the fresh green trees planted in the surroundings, it had the atmosphere like the reproduction of the mysteriously profound nature.

Himekawa let out a sigh of admiration.

「So true……it’s like a splendid garden.」

It was an open air bath with vast sky and a pleasantly bright feeling of liberation.

The four lightly washed their bodies with hot water before putting their feet inside the bathtub that was surrounded by rocks.

「Aaah……it feels good.」

When she soaked until her shoulders, Himekawa’s expression was truly one of bliss.

The hot water of the hot spring was obviously not a natural one. However the water seemed to be skillfully reproduced to have the same composition with Hakone’s hot spring.

「Entering a bath outdoors, this is the first time for Sylvia desu.」

「We won’t get seen by someone here right?」

Aine looked around restlessly in vigilance. Yurishia made a composed smile to such Aine.

「It’s all right. This is a proper inn, so its peeking countermeasure is perfect. Well, even in the little chance that someone peeked──」

Yurishia stood up inside the water.

Hot water was flowing down that body that possessed violent undulation.

「This isn’t a body that will make me ashamed if seen♥」

「Fuwawaa~ Yurishia-san is really pretty desuu~♡」

「Ufufu, thank you.」

「Wha-, what are you saying! So shameless! Peeking isn’t something that can be forgiven at all!]

Without lowering her body down, Yurishia sat down at the edge of the bath on a rock.

「Aa, of course I won’t show off my naked body. But, this is only a talk about having confidence in one’s own style. Even Hayuru, no matter what you say but you have confidence right?」

「Hah!? So, something like confidence, such thing……none of that.」

Himekawa folded her arms inside the hot water as though to hide her breasts.

Aine pleasantly stretched out her legs.

「Stop that Yurishia. Hayuru’s breasts are destitute after all. It’s pitiful if you keep hounding her.」

「What do you mean calling my breasts destitute!?」

Yurishia made a troubled smile.

「It’s fine even if you aren’t that concerned with it isn’t it? There are people who like even a slender body. But, well……it looks like Kizuna’s preference is big breasts though?」

Himekawa and Aine stared indignantly at Yurishia’s face that was overflowing with confidence.

「Bu, but! Japanese have prettier skin.」

Aine traced her breast until her waist inside the hot water to confirm her own style.

「That’s right! What decides a match is the overall strength. In everything balance is important. Yurishia’s breasts and butt are too big. As I thought, I believe the style of this me is perfect see.」

Himekawa bit at that opinion.

「No! As I thought, I believe that the best style is a style that suits the kimono of Japanese people. Isn’t Aine-san’s breast too big? Both of you are also tall, as expected the beauty of black hair and skin are, that……those are, that is, what is suited to accompany Kizuna-kun, though it’s embarrassing to say so myself……」

Perhaps feeling increasingly embarrassed while talking, her momentum was gradually slinking into shadows, and in the end she turned whispering and only rolled around her words inside her mouth.

Yurishia glared at Himekawa fiercely.

「That’s unfair Hayuru. You said that just because you are the same race as Kizuna. Saying that is racism.」

Himekawa flinched slightly, but she talked back with a voice that was clad in tragedy.

「Then, tell me how do I compensate in this style disparate society!」

Ignoring the three who were making noise boisterously, Sylvia was watching the scenery from the bath with an enraptured face.

「Hauuuuu……this feels gooood desu……Sylvia, feels like turning into capybara-san desu.」

Suddenly noticing that, Himekawa called out to Sylvia.

「On that subject I was curious since some time ago but, Sylvia-san’s skin is also really pretty isn’t it?」

「Fue? Is, that so desu?」

It seemed she completely didn’t have the self-awareness of that, she tilted her head in puzzlement.

Yurishia submerged her body into the bathtub once more and then she approached Sylvia creepingly.

「Hee─ let me see now~. Won’t you show it to Onee-san?」


Yurishia touched Sylvia’s shoulder.

「!? It’s true! Sylvia-chan’s skin, it’s amazing! It’s like a baby’s skin!」

The excited Yurishia caressed around Sylvia’s back and stomach with both hands.

「Do, don’t touch Sylvia like that, please desuu~」

Seeing the entranced face of Yurishia, Himekawa gulped audibly.

「Can, can I also……just for a bit?」

Yurishia answered with a smile.


「Why is it Yurishia-san who answered desu~-」

Sylvia raised a voice that sounded like crying.

「Forgive me, Sylvia-chan. Just for a bit, it’s just for a bit so……」

The moment Himekawa touched Sylvia’s leg, her eyes opened wide from shock.

「It, it’s true……it’s slick and smooth like jelly……it’s completely pretty more than me.」

Aine glared at the two who were caressing Sylvia around with a doubtful look.

「Don’t tell me, you two aren’t saying that skin is prettier than the skin of this me right?」

Himekawa whose hands were crawling through Sylvia’s body like she was possessed by something answered her.

「Yes. There is no need to even mention Aine-san.」


Aine stood up and went towards Sylvia while making splashing sounds.

「Let me touch a bit too.」

「Fueeee, three people coming like this, it feels scary somehow desuuuu~」

Aine who touched Sylvia’s stomach spontaneously became speechless.

「……It, it’s true……what’s this? Even though British people should be similar to Yurishia yet……no, after two, or three years passed, this skin will undoubtedly become rough like shark’s skin with spots all over just like Yurishia.」

「That’s rude! There are no spots on me, it’s smooth like this! Even I am properly taking care of my skin! I even go to a beauty salon twice a week I’m telling you.」

Even while quarreling with each other, the three’s hands that were caressing around Sylvia’s body didn’t stop. No need to mention breasts or butt, Sylvia’s whole body was caressed around leaving no spot untouched.

「Hyaaaaaaaan, it’s, ticklish desuu~ this is not just a bit desuuuuu~」

Sylvia searched for help while getting teary. However the three couldn’t stop their hands from how pleasant the sensation was.

Aine went ‘hah’ and came back to her senses. She raised her voice.

「I found it! The upper arm, the upper arm feels the best.」

「Eh!? Is that true!?」

「Wow! Amazing! Perhaps there are still more treasures hidden! In that case I’ll search for it thoroughly!」

「Perhaps something more heavenly than this still exists!?」

「Everyone, please return to your sanity desuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!」

Part 7[edit]

After enjoying Sylvia thoroughly to their heart’s content, the four returned to their room.

They stayed inside the bath for very long, so they opened the window to cool down a bit. Refreshing breeze entered through the collar of their yukatas, cooling down their flushed body.

「Looks like there is still a bit of time until dinner.」

When Himekawa opened a conversation with that, Yurishia who was lying down on the sitting cushion on her side replied with a bit tired voice.

「How about taking a stroll nearby?」

「……Sylvia, cannot move desu.」

The British girl who was thoroughly toyed with was lying down limply on the table.

「Ahaha……forgive me, Sylvia-chan.」

Himekawa smiled apologetically and shrugged her shoulders.

Beside the table, Aine was rolling on the tatami mat.

「I guess……I too want to roll around for a while here.」

It was truly heaps of corpses all around. It really didn’t look like a scene of four girls of that age going on a trip.

Suddenly Sylvia raised her face.

「Then……how about we play cards or something desu?」

「Aah, we can do that inside the room. But, the essential card set is──」

Sylvia crawled on all fours and went towards the luggage, then she took out a card set from her bag.

「Your preparation is thorough isn’t it.」

Himekawa felt admiration to the thorough preparation of such Sylvia while at the same time thinking warmly of her.

Sylvia smiled embarrassedly and put the card box on the table. When Yurishia lifted her body, she took out the cards from the box and began to shuffle them lightly.

「What will we play? Blackjack? Or else baccarat?」

She suddenly mentioned somewhat unknown names, so Himekawa spontaneously faltered.

「Errr……it will be nice if it’s something with easy to understand rules if possible……Aine-san, is there a game that you know about?」

「This is the first time I touched playing cards like this.」


In the end, they played sevens.

Yurishia distributed the cards to everyone.

Himekawa played out the 7 of diamonds and hearts that were among her hand.

The order of playing out cards was Yurishia -> Sylvia -> Himekawa -> Aine.

──’But, it might not be bad to play a game with everyone. This is something like the basic of recreation. It feels like when I was a child, I made friends by doing something like this. With this, perhaps everyone can get along…….’

And then twenty minutes later.

「Who is it!? Who is the one that made it stop at 8!」

Himekawa’s angry yell resounded.

「I will understand if it’s stops at 10 or the face cards, but how can it stop at 8! We cannot progress like this! Who is it? Yurishia-san, is it you!?」

「It’s not me! Besides, there is no way anyone will answer if they are asked that question! Ah, I’m pass here.」

「Why did you pass!? Actually you have something that you can play out right!?」

「Rather than that it’s diamond 3! Who is it!? Stop screwing around and play it out already! The one who is doing such act with twisted spirit like this must be Hayuru isn’t it!?」

「I don’t want to be told that only by you!」

Murderous atmosphere.

Players imprisoned with paranoia that jumped at shadows.

A whirlpool of rage and hatred.

In this bloodthirsty battlefield, friendship, camaraderie, or trust didn’t exist.

There wasn’t a single comrade to be found here.

What one could trust was only oneself.

So to speak it was an alone and unassisted struggle.

Everyone other than oneself was an enemy.

「With this it’s a rise deesu!」

Spade 8 was played out with a wide smile.


Currently it’s the fourth game, everything was a complete victory for Sylvia.

Himekawa bit her lips in humiliation.

──’What strength. Her tactic is also magnificent, but above all else it’s that formidable luck……or rather, her luck is too strong! Just how much is she loved by god!?’

Aine clenched her fist tightly.

──’Kuh, why can’t I win!? This is just a game of playing out cards in order. Even if I try to stop her, I’ll lose cards that I can play out, but if I pass then I won’t be able to rise up……aah, geez-!’

Yurishia frowned in distress.

──’This is bad. At this rate it will end with complete victory for Sylvia, I won’t have any face left as her senior. If I don’t do something…….’

「Is something the matter desu? Let’s start the next game desu♪」

‘Don’t tell me she is holding a grudge because of the matter in the bath?’, such doubt was welling up inside the hearts of the three.

「The one at the bottom this time is Aine-san isn’t it? Please do the shuffle desu.」

「Eh, yes……」

Sylvia’s smile that was without cloudiness in it was terrifying.

  • gogogogo* With such sound effect, a black aura was rising from Sylvia. A sensation as though there was a terrifying protective spirit standing behind her attacked everyone.

While Aine was shuffling the cards with inexperienced hands, Yurishia looked around at the hands of the four.

──It’s impossible to win by myself. I have no choice other than making a comrade.’

Looking back from the game progress until now, Aine was useless. If she was going to find the prospect for victory then──,

Her eyes met Himekawa at that timing.

「I’m going for a bit to the restroom. Hayuru, keep me company☆」

Himekawa felt somewhat uncomfortable when Yurishia winked at her while she stood up.

「Yes……I also wanted to go to the toilet so」

「Sylvia-chan, watch over Aine so she doesn’t cheat okay?」

「Roger desu.」

「What’s with that way of talking huh!」

And then five minutes later the battle resumed.

7 was played out. This time Aine had one 7, Sylvia had one, and Himekawa had two in a good omen. At this rate if she could continue playing out cards without pass, it would be Himekawa’s victory.

However, originally there was a tactic of making passes instead even when one had cards that could be played out. So to speak it was 『Stopping the card』. Doing that was for the sake of inviting the opponent’s self-destruction. When the opponent had no card that could be played out, as expected they would be unable to do anything except pass. In the game this time a player could only make three passes. More than that and it would be considered defeat.

Therefore, originally this was a game of picking the optimum method amidst that degree of freedom, but this time the circumstance was different.

Himekawa glanced at Yurishia who sat at her opposite side. Yurishia returned a signal with just her blinking.

──She would let Himekawa win.

That was the signal’s meaning.

The one with the most 7 from amidst the cards that were distributed at first, she would be the one that was prioritized. That was the agreement when she formed an alliance with Yurishia in the toilet.

In the end would Yurishia fulfill that promise?

Such thinking crossed Himekawa’s mind.

However, there was nothing she could do even if she thought it. At Sylvia’s blind spot, Himekawa put her elbow on the desk and rested her cheek on her hand, then she raised her fingertip. Aine was concentrating all her nerves at her hand and the cards on the desk, she had no leeway to look at Himekawa’s way.

Himekawa raised a finger. It was the signal for the topmost area on the desk. In this case it referred to the spades area. Next she raised three fingers, her pinkie, ring finger, and middle finger. That was the signal for 8.

If there was a spades 8 among Yurishia’s hand, she should play it out.

By the way if she raised her fingers from the thumb side, it was the signal for 1 until 5. If she raised her fingers from her pinky side, it was the signal from 6 until 9. In case of 10, she would clench her hand and twisted her wrist. In case of face cards, she would continue her wrist movement with 1 until 3 to designate the card.

And then it was Yurishia’s turn.

Spades 8 came out from Yurishia’s hand.


Himekawa murmured inside her heart.

Like that the round was going along favorably, and Himekawa’s hand was decreasing until there were only three cards left in her hand. Sylvia had four cards left. Yurishia and Aine had six.

If she could leave them behind with this pace, it was her victory. But, there was a problem.

She already had no card that she could play out.

Himekawa’s hand consisted of queen of spades, diamonds 3, and ace of hearts.

At this endgame, the cards that remained in her hand were only the cards that were high in turn of order. The real match was from here on. Until just now Himekawa was putting a stop at clubs 9, but she had no other card she could play out so she used the card. Sylvia played out 10 after that, so she thought that it was a bit unfortunate but it couldn’t be helped.

So that she could play out her remaining cards, Spades 10 and jack, diamonds 4, and hearts 2 and 3 had to come out on the desk. She had came to this point without using pass at all, but at this rate she would be forced to use pass at her next turn. If Sylvia managed to keep playing out her cards without using pass, it would be the victory of Sylvia whose turn was in earlier order than Himekawa.

Sweat trickled damply on Himekawa’s back.

At that time, a devil whispered inside Himekawa’s heart.

‘You are going to lose’, the demon said.

Her body shivered from a chill.

Terror and despair towards defeat attacked Himekawa.

She was falling into illusion, as though the tatami she was sitting on, and also the desk the cards were put on, all of them were distorting flabbily like jelly that couldn’t be relied on.

Throughout the world it was only her alone who was sinking, swallowed into the darkness of dread.

An overwhelming sense of despair.

Her salvation was,


She almost drowned into a vortex of defeat and resignation, it was at that moment──,

She could see light inside the darkness.

A golden radiance.


It was a maiden with blonde hair that looked shining.

The blonde hair fluttered inside the darkness.

That radiance was the only torch that showed her the path she should advance through inside this jet black darkness.

It was her sole revelation, the only place she could lean on. The golden thread she ought to put her faith on.

──’That’s right.’

Light dwelled inside Himekawa’s eyes once more.

──I have earned even Yurishia-san’s cooperation after much pain, there is no way being unable to win can be forgiven! This is not a problem of just me alone. I and Yurishia-san……no, including Aine-san too we the three seniors fight with our dignity on the line. Losing is not permitted!’

A flame was blazing in her soul.

──’There surely will be a chance without fail. Something that will bring me victory!’


Aine tossed away her cards.

──’It comes!

The groundwork for my path to victory!’

Aine’s defeat was set in stone with her fourth pass. And then Aine’s hand was put on the desk. If there was a diamonds 4 among Aine’s hand……!!

It was there.

──’Nice assist! Aine-san!’

Himekawa sent a thumbs up inside her heart toward Aine who was writhing on the tatami.

Sure enough at the path that stretched out from diamond 7, a bridge that connected toward diamond 3 in Himekawa’s hand was placed.


If, in the case that Sylvia had diamond 2 and ace of diamond, what then?

Was it fine for her to be in high spirits and played out her diamond 3 when her next turn came?

No, it was still too fast for her to be happy.

Among Aine’s hand there was spade 10 and heart 3. So that she could play out queen of spade and ace of heart inside her hand, one more card for each needed to be played out by the other first.

──’Calm down Hayuru.’

She mustn’t play out card that would give Sylvia advantage. The possibility of the cards that Sylvia had. The cards that she absolutely didn’t have, card that wouldn’t cause any influence toward anyone.


Himekawa stared at the one who sat at her opposite side, the blonde haired goddess of victory.

While hearing the sound of her heart beat that was fiercely ringing inside, Himekawa questioned Yurishia using her fingertip.

Himekawa asked whether she had hearts 2.

Yurishia looked at her own hand and the table alternately, and continued making expression of worry. And then, her beautiful white fingertip elegantly picked a card, and threw it on the table.

With a flutter, that card fell beside hearts 3.

──’Hearts 2.’

Himekawa desperately endeavored herself so that her expression wouldn’t change. Inside her heart, she was embracing her gratitude toward her comrade.

「Then, Sylvia will use this desu.」

Clubs 3.

It was a card that didn’t affect Himekawa.

And then, Himekawa played out her ace of hearts.

Two card remained.

Next she wanted to play her queen of spades. The king of spades had been put on the table from Aine’s hand, so this card was a safe one. Conversely there was a possibility that Sylvia had diamonds 2.

Himekawa asked Yurishia.

Jack of spades.

Yurishia bit her finger with the same pondering face like before. Throughout this game Yurishia was making a difficult expression all along. It was Yurishia’s poker face, her acting.

And then the card that Yurishia played out was,

──Jack of clubs.

Himekawa received a shock.

This was, what in the world……could it be, Yurishia mistook her sign? Or perhaps she misunderstood? Or else……!?

A devil crept near below Himekawa once more.

──’No, I believe Yurishia-san! The fight is not over yet!’

The next card of Sylvia.

Seeing how Yurishia didn’t have it, that meant jack of spades was among Sylvia’s hand.

Sylvia’s small hand wandered above her three cards. And then her pink nails of her fingertips chose one card.

That card was put on the table. It was,

──’Jack of spades!!’

Himekawa released a sigh of relief and pulled out one card from her two cards.

That was the card of victory, queen of spades.

The one that dealt the finishing blow to the enemy, the queen of swords(spades).

At this moment, Himekawa’s victory was a sure thing.

Part 8[edit]

When Himekawa was immersing herself in the aftertaste of her victory, there was a knocking sound from the door and a voice came from the other side of the sliding screen.

「Excuse me. The preparation for dinner is finished, is it fine for us to start serving it?」

Himekawa turned her face to the direction of the entrance.

「Yes! Please do!」

The sliding screen was opened. The waitress lowered her head while doing seiza before bringing in the food. Himekawa and the others put away the playing cards in a hurry.

The dinner was a banquet in a style where each food was brought in one by one.

Perhaps Sylvia was unable to restrain her expectation, because both her hands were moving restlessly.

「This is the first time Sylvia will have a genuine Japanese style dinner desu. Sylvia is excited desu.」

First was the appetizers. Fried manganji, eel with shredded dried plum dressing, snow crab, and boiled urui in bonito-flavored soy sauce, such foods were lined up. (TN: Manganji and urui are vegetables in Japanese.)

「My? They are using Kyoto vegetables here……moreover there is conger eel too. This looks like Kyoto cooking.」

Himekawa who looked happy for some reason reached out for a chopstick.

「Aa, come to think of it, Hayuru came from Kyoto wasn’t it?」

Yurishia picked at the eel while asking.

「Yes. My home was nearby the Shimogamo shrine, but right now it moved to Kyoto float.」

「Hee, isn’t that great. Like that you can return home easily.」

「……That’s envious desu.」

Sylvia whispered that in a small volume. She was smiling like usual, but Himekawa felt something that caught her attention from her voice.

「Sylvia-chan came from London right?」

「Yes. Sylvia’s home was near Paddington station desu.」

Yurishia reflexively spoke about what she was reminded of after hearing that station name.

「Is that Paddington of Paddington bear?」

Sylvia answered with a reaaally bright smile.

「That’s right desu! That’s why, Sylvia loves bear-san desu♡ There is also the statue of Paddington bear in Paddington station you know desu.」

However, her bright expression vanished right away.

「But……Sylvia doesn’t know what happen to Sylvia’s family right now desu.」

Both Himekawa and Yurishia spontaneously looked down.

They knew that London was also greatly damaged with the appearance of Entrances. However, they didn’t know anything at all more than that.

Yurishia spoke with a bright voice as though to blow away the gloomy atmosphere.

「It’s fine! Surely they are alive somewhere.」

「Tha-, that’s right! There is no doubt that it’s like that! Isn’t that right, Aine-san?」

「Ye……yes. I guess.」

Although Aine nodded with a smile, for some reason her reply was inarticulate.

Sylvia narrowed her damp eyes and directed them a happy looking smile.

「Everyone, thank you very much desu. Sylvia also thinks so desu! Surely there is no doubt that they are safe desu!」

Yurishia jokingly smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

「Even I don’t know how my family is doing. I think that they have moved to a Megafloat……but, they are in West USA so they must be somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Even if we wander aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean, perhaps we won’t meet with that Megafloat.」

Next, everyone’s gaze was naturally moving towards Aine.


However Aine kept her silence. Her gaze fell to the floor with her face sweating.



She was gripping her chopstick tightly and she looked like she was greatly troubled.


Aine couldn’t remember clearly why she was in Ataraxia. She didn’t feel any question about her being here, and she didn’t really feel that it was strange which was excessively puzzling.

──’If I remember right I was together with Grace……no, that wasn’t it. I was called to Nayuta lab……and then I reunited with Grace after so long in the academy……was it?’

Seeing Aine who kept silent, the three wondered whether they had brought up a topic that mustn’t be touched and they felt panicked.

「E, err, Aine──」

At that time, the room’s sliding screen opened.

「We have brought the next dishes.」

Yurishia, Himekawa, and Sylvia instantly exchanged gazes.

「Lo, look, we need to eat quickly! The next dishes came already!」

「Uwaa, this is bad desu. Sylvia will hurry and eat desu! Aine-san too, hurry desu!」

「That’s right! If, if you don’t eat then I’ll have all the manganji you know? Ah, next is soup. Clear broth soup of tofu skin, it looks delicious♪」


Aine lifted up her face and began to eat the appetizer in hurry.

「Good grief, I cannot be careless and show any openings to you all. I’m eating properly, so don’t snatch my portion.」

‘The usual Aine returned’──The three was a bit relieved seeing that.

Part 9[edit]

All of the dishes were delicious. They ate yuzu orange sherbet for dessert, then they took a breather while drinking tea. They had after meal rest for a while, but just staying inside the room was boring, and they had gotten really heated up with the card game, so it felt like it would be boorish to continue more than that.

「Then, how about we loiter inside the inn for a bit?」

With Yurishia’s suggestion, it was decided for them to explore the inn.

First they went out of the room and tried going to the lobby. The lobby was spacious, it was a pleasant space. A large flower arrangement was put at the center, and decoration like colorful and vivid folk crafts were decorating the wall, giving a beautiful impression. A woman wearing a kimono was standing by at the modern counter that was illuminated by indirect lighting, when their eyes met the woman bowed naturally.

A corner of the lobby was turned into a souvenir shop, they spent their time there for a while.

Yurishia was only picking peculiar things, starting from things like wooden sword or pennant, while Himekawa, Aine, and Sylvia each bought box of sweets as souvenirs for everyone in their class.

With bag filled with snacks on hand, they further looked around the inn. Yurishia requested an express home delivery service, so her hands were empty.

「What is this place desu?」

Sylvia peered into a dark room with its lighting turned off.

「The recreation room……I think.」

Himekawa read the letters that were written above the door. Her hand crawled on the wall around the entrance, and when her search found the lamp switch, it became bright inside the room.

There was a shelve on the wall, lined up with a variety of board game. But, what attracted their eyes the most was the large green table placed at the center of the room. Their gaze was attracted to that table where a net at the center was dividing the table between left and right areas.

「Is that……a ping-pong table.」

Four rackets and several balls were prepared at the shelves on the wall.

「Waa─, it’s ping-pong desu! Sylvia wants to try it desu♪」

Yurishia’s voice also sounded excited.

「Table tennis is it? I have never played it before, but it looks interesting.」

Aine spoke gravely as though to pour cold water on the fun atmosphere.

「No, this is a different game called 『hot spring ping-pong』 just so you know.」

「Aine-san……you are blurting something strange again.」

Himekawa massaged her temple.

「Hot spring ping-pong, it’s a traditional contest that had been continued in Japan since the Showa era. All people who traveled to hot springs are regarded as the contestants of this contest.」

Yurishia folded her arms in admiration.

「Hee……is Aine an experienced player I wonder?」

「No way. I have never done it before.」

It felt like a *gaku-* sound could be heard from how Yurishia and Himekawa’s mental state slid down.

However, Aine continued her explanation proudly.

「It’s an absurd contest that is only similar with ping-pong. It has a peculiar difficulty……I heard.」

Sylvia who was listening seriously tilted her head in the middle.

「In other words, this is something like volley ball and beach volley desu?」

Aine nodded with a serious face.

「The difference with the normal ping-pong is how this contest is done while wearing yukatas. Other than that the contestants only wear a set of slippers. Also the rule isn’t that strict……in short, if the ball that fell on the opponent’s court couldn’t be returned back then it’s their defeat.」

Aine looked around the faces of everyone. It seemed, not to mention hot spring ping-pong, the others had never even played the normal ping-pong. ‘In that case──’, Aine’s lips loosened.

「How about we settle everything with this? I am told that in the past this hot spring ping-pong was used to deepen friendships while at the same time that match was also used to decide the pecking order.」

──’If it’s a contest that demands a simple physical ability, it should be advantageous for me. I’ll win this and wash away the disgrace from the card game just now! And not just that, I’ll make them recognize me as the main force of Amaterasu……like that Kizuna’s main partner will be……♡’

「What are you doing grinning by yourself like that, disgusting.」

Aine returned to her senses after that tsukkomi from Himekawa.

「Hah! It, it’s nothing at all! Ra, rather than that how about it? You all scared?」

Yurishia’s eyebrows twitched up.

「Fufun♪ Isn’t this interesting.」

However Himekawa seemed disinclined.

「Well, if it’s just for recreation……」

Sylvia brought the rackets and balls that were placed on the shelves and looked up to Himekawa.

「This looks fun desu.」

Stared by that innocent smile, Himekawa sighed.

「I understand. Then, let’s give it a try.」

Saying that, Himekawa accepted the racket.

Like that the first Amaterasu hot spring ping-pong tournament was started.

First match, Aine VS Himekawa.

「This is the end-!」

Aine’s full power attack burst. The ball pounded Himekawa’s court with a terrifying speed and it rebounded with changed angle, grazing Himekawa’s racket and slipped through.


Sylvia quickly raised her hand.

「Aine-san’s victory desuuu!」

Himekawa’s shoulders dropped in dejection.

「Haa……I lost.」

The winner Aine made a composed smile and tapped on Himekawa’s shoulder.

「Don’t feel down Hayuru. It can’t be helped with the gap between our ability.」

「This is because Aine-san was making your pointlessly huge breasts keep jiggling, that I couldn’t concentrate on the match!」


Aine’s cheeks reddened in a flash and she hid her breasts with her arms.

「Ufufu~n♪ If Aine caused that, then when you see my play, you are going to faint you know♡」

Yurishia closed her one eye and stood before the ping-pong table.

「Both of you, please at least wear underwear! That’s shameful-!」

「It’s fine. There is no one else here except us anyway.」

Yurishia did practice swings lightly while saying that. Yurishia’s explosive tits were shaking, looking like they were going to jump out from behind her thin yukata anytime.

In contrast with those tits──,

「Please treat me well deesu♪」

Small tits, or rather they were flat. Sylvia hopped up and down *pyon pyon* but they didn’t bounce at all. Seeing Sylvia hopping up and down with an excited expression, Yurishia, Himekawa, Aine, the three went──,

‘……So cute♡’

Their heart spontaneously calmed down.

「──But, I won’t go easy on you.」

Yurishia unleashed a service with her full strength right from the start.

And then, after several rally, the match was decided.

「Aa~ Sylvia lost desuuu~」

Sylvia was frustrated with her eyes turned into cross marks.

「But, you are quite something. It’s amazing how you returned my attack like that.」

「You’re right. The aim of your serves was also pin point. If that was accompanied with power, wouldn’t it become dangerous for Yurishia-san?」

「And most of all, your speed and instantaneous power are good aren’t they? Also your counterattacking motion was fast, it was amazing. Is that because of your light weight I wonder?」

Although Sylvia lost, she received high praises. The praises caused Sylvia to withdraw into herself in humility.

──And then the final was Aine VS Yurishia.

「Both of you please do your best desuu~」

「Aine-san! You won against me, so I’ll be troubled if you don’t become the champion!」

Amidst the two’s heated cheer, Aine and Yurishia glared at each other. Aine who obtained the right for the first serve from the rock-paper-scissor game held the ball in one hand and a racket in her other hand, and she took her stance.

──’It’s coming!’

Yurishia’s eyes shined.

Aine swung her racket with a shocking speed and sent the ball flying. At that time Yurishia was already moving.

「How naïve, Aine!」

Yurishia hit the ball back aiming at the very edge of Aine’s court.

「The naïve one is you!」

Aine moved agilely and she twisted her body while hitting the ball back. It was a movement that was unthinkable coming from someone wearing a slipper.

「Now you’ve done it!」

Yurishia reached out her arm towards the ball that flew in diagonal line and caught it. She hit back with her breasts largely shaking *barun*. Aine’s body immediately turned around towards the spot where the ball landed and she hit back the ball while rotating. The belt of her yukata loosened and the hem stretched, exposing the white underwear underneath.


Yurishia swung her racket from below with a form as though she was scooping up. Her breasts rose up greatly and the joint of her yukata spread. Not to mention the valley of her breasts, her very breasts themselves could be seen in a glance.

「Aa……what a shameless contest this is.」

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and she covered her face with the racket her hands were holding.

「Both of them are amazing desu! Do your best deesu-!」

Sylvia who acted as the referee jumped up and down in excitement.

The rally of the two were also getting heated as though the excitement of the audience was transmitted to them.



When Aine returned, Yurishia returned back. This should be her first time, but Yurishia immediately learned the trick and attacked Aine with all her techniques. On the other hand Aine opposed Yurishia with her natural speed and motor reflexes.

The heated rally continued. It was to the point of making one thought that perhaps the rally would continue like this forever.

「Damn i-……!」

Aine reflexively blurted. Perhaps her attention relaxed because she got used to the rally. It was nice that she managed to return the ball that was landing at the edge of her court, but by mistake she hit it half-bakedly. That ball was falling smack dab at the middle of Yurishia’s court. On the other hand, there was a large distance from the table until Aine’s body. Yurishia’s lips formed a wide grin.

「Now, finally it’s my showtime!」

Yurishia widened her legs and twisted her waist. Her thighs until her waist joint became exposed, and her gorgeous lacey underwear showed up.


Yurishia rotated her upper body with all her strength, and her huge breasts protruded out from her yukata due to the centrifugal force. The ball was greatly transformed and struck at Aine’s court with terrific speed.


Aine’s face distorted.

──’I win!’

The moment Yurishia was convinced of her victory,

「This is not the end yet!」

Aine threw her racket.


The racket bounced on Aine’s court and slid in front of the ball, and the ball was repelled. However there was no force in the ball. The ball gently jumped up, drawing a large parabolic arc and falling toward Yurishia’s court.

「That’s amazing Aine. But……」

Yurishia’s eyes shined glaringly.

Because Aine threw her racket from a forced stance, Aine looked like she was going to fall. She somehow held on standing, but she was far away from the table.

「The next one is your finish!」

Yurishia brandished her racket far away and she waited for the ball to fall with a stance that was even bigger than before.


Aine recovered her stance and she leaped toward her own court. It was a distance of less than one or two meters. However, that distance was fatal in this hot spring ping-pong. Furthermore Aine’s hand wasn’t holding anything. She had no weapon(racket) to defend against Yurishia’s attack. The match was already decided.

Yurishia’s sure kill smash that was filled with all her strength roared.

The motion energy that was produced by her body was concentrated in one point and struck.

Piercing everything, and destroy.

The belt of Yurishia’s yukata already came off, and a naked body with only a single underwear was exposed. In exchange of exposing that beautiful body, the immoral smash was launched.


A severe energy that was impossible according to the law of physics was granted to the ball. The ball assaulted Aine’s court. It was like a fireball. A small bomb.

Aine had no more meand to return this blow.

──That was how it was supposed to be.


Aine swung her arm toward the ball.

However it was impossible to properly hit the ball back with a bare hand. And yet──,

The sure kill Crosshead was returned back.


Cold sweat trickled all over Yurishia’s body.


In Aine’s hand, a slipper that her foot wore was being held.

「That slipper is……Pulverizer!?」

Yurishia stared at Aine with a warped face.

Himekawa also gripped her racket tightly and her body unconsciously leaned forward.

──’What a death match! The outward appearance is really shameless though!’

Aine’s yukata also laid bare her breasts with its hem spread open widely. Her belt right now was also nothing more than a string that was tied on her waist.

The ball that was hit back with that much feeling was──,

Yurishia calmly stared at the ball flying towards her.

──’After all it’s just a ball that was hit back with a slipper. Naturally there is no force in it! In that case!’

「The next attack will be The End! Make a cross sign, Aine!」

A wrinkle was carved between Aine’s eyebrows and a drop of sweat trickled down.

At the corner of her sight, Sylvia and Himekawa who were watching the match were reflected.


Aine reached out her hand.

Himekawa guessed everything from that action.


The lance that would pierce everything was fired from Yurishia’s racket once more. The ball attacked with a force that could open a hole on the ping-pong ball.


Himekawa threw the racket in her hand towards Aine.

Without any hesitation, the racket flew straight towards Aine.

And then, Aine’s fingers grasped Himekawa’s Blade(racket).


The racket caught the ball. Aine frowned and endured the impact on her fingers. Her exposed breasts bounced greatly, and sweat scattered.


She swung Himekawa’s racket to the end, and Aine returned back Yurishia’s sure kill Crosshead.

「Such thing-……!?」

The ball caused a vortex of air and attacked Yurishia’s court. The moment it hit the court’s edge, a terrific shockwave destroyed the ping-pong table. The explosive wind cut apart Yurishia’s yukata and tore it off.

「!? KyaAaAAAaaaAAaaNNNNN—-NNNN-!!!」

Masou Gakuen HxH V11 BW 07.jpg

The explosive shockwave blew away Yurishia’s body until the sofa on the wall.

The match was decided.


Yurishia raised a lamenting voice ‘aaaaa’ before she approached Aine.

「That was amazing Aine. Against your tenacity……I lost.」

After saying that with a sweaty body and a flushed face, she presented her right hand.


Aine was also sweaty with her shoulders heaving up and down violently. And then, with a sigh ‘fuh’ and a soft smile she shook her head.

「That was because I received Hayuru’s help.」


Himekawa stared at Aine in surprise.

「Thank you, Hayuru.」

「Eh, no, that……」

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened.

And then Aine’s right hand reached out towards Yurishia. However it wasn’t for a handshake.


Aine grasped Yurishia’s wrist and raised that arm high in the air. As though to praise Yurishia’s victory.

「As expected from the world’s strongest.」


Sylvia who saw the exchange between the three let out a tear from feeling moved.

「The three of you, are really pretty desu……Sylvia, is moved desu.」

Himekawa’s eyes were also slightly teary and her cheeks blushed.

「Yes……but, enough already with that, both of you please fix your yukata quickly……」

Part 10[edit]

The four of them had become completely sweaty, so they were going to enter the hot spring one more time. They returned to their room once and brought their towels and change of clothes to the hot spring.

And then in the middle of heading towards the open air bath──Aine suddenly stood still.


「What’s wrong Aine?」

「Just now Kizuna was……?」

Aine pointed at the corridor ahead.

「Eh! Really?」

Himekawa looked at the direction Aine’s finger pointed, but there was no one there.

Yurishia stared at Aine with doubtful eyes.

「Whaaat? Did you mistake some other person?」

「It was just a brief glance, so I’m not confident but……I think……he turned at that corner.」

Himekawa made a serious face.

「But, why is he in this kind of place?」

「Let’s try to look desu!」

The four dashed through the corridor with loud footsteps and turned at the corner. There they found a door made from bamboo and frosted glass where a sign with 『Reserved』 written on it was hanging down. Aine stared at that door and tilted her head.

「Is it here……I wonder?」

Yurishia pushed Aine aside and quietly opened the door.

「Want to peek inside a bit?」

「Wai, Yurishia-san?」

Even while speaking in reproach, but Himekawa also followed behind Yurishia and entered inside.

There was no one inside the changing room. When they peeked at the box lining up inside the shelves, it seemed there was only one person inside. When they focused their ears, a voice resounded from inside.

「Open air bath feels really pleasant. I gotta thank Nee-san for this.」

Aine frowned.

「This voice……」

「There is no mistake.」

「It’s captain desu!」

Yurishia already took off her yukata and opened the door towards the washing place.

「Haa~ii, Ki-zuna~♡」

With an appearance where there was only a single towel hanging down in front of her breasts. Yurishia intruded into the bathing place. The sudden action flustered Himekawa.

「Wha……wait Yurishia-san!?」


The shadow inside the bath turned around. And then a shocked yell was raised at the same time.

「Yu-, Yurishia-!?」

Without a doubt it was Hida Kizuna. He was staring at Yurishia with a surprised expression.

「To be able to meet at this kind of place, could this be……f-a-t-e?」

「Wh, why are you here!?」

Kizuna said that while his eyes were swimming around.

「Yurishia! Stealing ahead is unforgivable!」

Aine leaped inside after her. Aine was also hiding her body with only a single towel just like Yurishia.


「E, even Sylvia!?」

「Everyone! What embarrassing thing all of you are doing! Do, do, doing this in a public place like here, i, it’s shameful-!」

Himekawa entered with her body properly wrapped with a bath towel.

Ignoring Himekawa’s dangerous air, Yurishia entered the hot water and brought her shoulder near Kizuna.

「Haaa……when I enter together with Kizuna, it feels much more pleasant~」

「Is it fine, if I’m at your side a bit?」

Aine entered the hot water from the opposite side of Yurishia, sandwiching Kizuna between them.

「E, even Aine……」

Sylvia who finished washing her body quickly also entered the hot water in addition.

「Sylvia will also intrude desu.」

It was only Himekawa who was standing still at the washing place while trembling all over.

「E-, everyone, please get out quickly! What if other people see us in this kind of place!?」

Yurishia waved her hand lightly.

「It will be fineee. This place is reserved anyway. No one else will enter. Right? Kizuna♡」

Kizuna twitched and gulped his saliva.

Aine brought her face near Kizuna’s face.

「What’s the matter?」

「N, no……but, why is everyone here? If I remember right, you all should be at another inn isn’t……」

「I changed the inn. Because the inn that the commander prepared, it wasn’t a really good inn.」


Cold sweat trickled down Kizuna’s cheek. In his state where he was soaking inside hot spring, it couldn’t be differentiated whether that was just a normal sweat, or a sweat because of the hot water.

「E, everyone. It’s just like Himekawa said. I reserved the place, but entering a bath together even though it isn’t even a mission is surely not good. That’s why……」

「My, it will be fine. You can just leave alone those who don’t want to enter. I had already finished experiencing this though. For Hayuru, something like entering a bath together is still too early.」

Himekawa’s face was dyed bright red. Was that from shame, or perhaps from humiliation or rage, or perhaps from everything?

「Tha, that’s rude! Even I have entered a bath together with Kizuna-kun before!」


「Kizuna! What does that mean? Tell me in detail.」

Sylvia stared at Himekawa with a puzzled face.

「Himekawa-san, don’t you hate shameless things desu?」

「Uu……n, no, that was an accident or something.」

Yurishia took Kizuna’s arm and stood up.

「Yu, Yurishia?」

「If you had entered a bath together with Hayuru, then I’ll wash Kizuna’s back for you.」

「No, even if you don’t feel rivalry, even Yurishia had entered a bath with me before right?」

「That was just a mission! What you did with Hayuru was in private right? It’s unforgivable!」

Aine caught the opposite arm of Kizuna and she also stood up.

「Now, we are going to the washing place Kizuna.」

「You, you all! Calm down!」

Like an alien that was being taken away, Kizuna was pulled up from the hot water and made to sit on the chair at the washing place. He didn’t even have the leeway to hide his crotch with a towel.

「Never mind that, quickly get out from here! A, at this rate it will absolutely become bad!」

「What incomprehensible thing you are saying I wonder?」

Aine made her towel bubbly using a soap while saying that.

「A, Aine……you are completely visible though……」

The towel that was hiding Aine’s body was made to bubble in her hand right now. Her white skin and also her breasts that shook each time her body jolted, and then the pink colored protuberance at the tip too, and even the shaking silver colored bush too, they were all exposed before Kizuna’s eyes. Aine’s cheeks reddened in a flash and she glared.

「I, it’s fine, I’m not really……if it’s Kizuna」

Aine stood up at the right hand side of Kizuna and began to rub his arm with the foamy towel.

However, Yurishia didn’t show any sign of taking a towel. And then she lathered the soap on her own body and spread the foam all over while humming. The slippery foam wetted the springy and large breasts of Yurishia, trickling down on her smooth skin.

「What’s with you Yurishia? You clean yourself first and not Kizuna?」

「Fufun♪ I’ll show you the difference in our experience points. Then, here I go~♥」

She took Kizuna’s left hand while saying that, and then buried the hand into the valley of her breasts. She then moved her body up and down to rub Kizuna’s arm.


Aine became bright red staring at that. Himekawa fell into panic seeing that act that was beyond her imagination.

「Wha, what, lewdness……what licentiousness……what, what」

「Sylvia will also help desu!」

As expected even Kizuna was panicked. With both his arms restrained, only his head turned around.

「Wa, wait, Sylvia!」

At that time Sylvia was lathering her childish limbs with soap.

Foam was dripping down that body that only had little unevenness. The foam was trickling down straight from the pink part blooming on her breasts to her cute navel, until the ravine below it that had no specks at all.

「Sylvia made captain wait desu.」

Without hesitation, Sylvia glued her small body on Kizuna’s back.


Sylvia moved her body clumsily up, down, left, and right.

「Heave-ho, heave-ho♥」

Even though he had to tell her to stop quickly, but the words didn’t come out. Kizuna felt like there was magic applied on him from his back.

The baby skin that got rave reviews from the other three had texture that was endlessly fine and soft. The skin stuck to Kizuna’s body and granted a tremendous healing.

And then Aine and Yurishia also undauntedly rubbed Kizuna’s body even more intensely.

For Himekawa, it was unthinkable for this situation to be something real.

However, she at least understood to a painful degree that she was being left behind alone.

But, the place where she could cut in──there was only one such place remaining.

「Bu, but……that place, is too much……」

「Aahn♥ Kizunaa, I’m also, feeling really good♥」

「Nn, haah♥ Ki, Kizuna, I’ll also, wash your fi, fingertips so……bend, your finger」

Aine put Kizuna’s palm between her crotch.

「Aah! A, ama……ziingg♥♥」

「Funyaaa♥ Sylvia too, Sylvia somehow feels floating desuuuu♥」

「Kuh……e, everyone, re, really, if we, don’t hurry」



Himekawa stood up in front of Kizuna.


And then, she slowly unraveled her bath towel, and dropped it on the floor.


The figure of Himekawa without a single string on her. She bent her knees, and kneeled in front of Kizuna. And then she made her palm foamed with soap.

「This cannot be helped……because the other spots are taken away……」

「Eh? O, oi! Himekawa-, that place──」

Himekawa’s hands reached out between Kizuna’s crotch. And then, Kizuna’s thing was wrapped inside the palms that were foamed a lot.


With her right hand Himekawa stroked the hard and sturdy thing up and down, her left hand was slowly lifting up the delicate part below it, with her palm gently massaging.

The excessive pleasure made Kizuna’s waist unable to stay still. He leaked out an agonized voice and his waist writhed.

「Wait! Ha, Hayuru-!?」

「What are you doing stealing advances like that!」

Himekawa talked back at Yurishia and Aine’s remonstration as if she was vexed.

「This cannot be helped! Because, it was only the front that was empty!」

Yurishia shook her head in exasperation.

「There are still other places like neck or chest isn’t it? You don’t need to suddenly go there.」


Himekawa went bright red until her ears.

「Go, good grief me……」

Himekawa became tearful because of the shame. Aine called out to such Himekawa right away.

「Are you listening Hayuru? We are attacking Kizuna with the combination of us four. Yurishia and Sylvia too, you heard me right?」


「Roger desu.」

「……Ro, roger. You are right, it’s important for us four to work as a team!」

Kizuna looked around at the faces of the four with a surprised expression.


「Now, here we go-!」

With Yurishia’s order, the four leaped at Kizuna all at once.

──At that time,

「Kizuna, I’m coming in.」

The door suddenly opened and a figure entered like it was only natural.

A perfect sexy body worthy of admiration.

And then the familiar adult voice.

「Co-, commander!?」

It was Hida Reiri with her long black hair put up and her splendid naked body exposed generously.

「Oo!? You girls!? Why are you all in this kind of place-!?」

The four were dazed for a while, but they returned to their senses with ‘hah’ and asked back instead.

「Commander yourself, what is the meaning of this!?」

「What’s with this!? You put us to the side and then come to a hot spring inn alone with Kizuna, such thing!」

「Furthermore it’s in a reserved bath, just what in the world is commander planning here!?」

「Tha, that is……」

Reiri faltered with a red face. However, she immediately pulled herself together and folded her arms before talking back.

「This is simple relaxation! It’ll be meaningless even if I make Kizuna standby by himself. I thought of having a travel with just us family without any outsiders present so I also took vacation, that’s all! Is there anything to complain about from that!?」

「I cannot accept that kind of explanation!」

「That’s right! The commander alone having good memories is unforgivable!」

「Commander! I misjudged you!」

「You all are noisy! You little girls dare-!」

In the night sky where steam rose up, the voices boisterously quarreling with each other reverberated without end.

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