Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Afterword

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This is Kuji Masamune! Truly thank you very much for picking up this volume 12. What do you think about this volume’s Hybrid scene that is the biggest until now? Almost half of this volume is a Hybrid scene, and it turned out into something that is impossible if thinking with common sense. (lol)

Speaking of impossible, the content is also unrealistic. Something like harem play of twenty five people (essentially twenty six people), what’s with that huh!? I was writing it while making such a retort to myself.

It’s really difficult realizing play with large numbers of people in writing.

But, the last enemy cannot be defeated without doing that kind of absurdity!

As expected Harem Hybrid has to be done to be fit for the climax! This volume 12 came with such resolve. It will be my great happiness if you enjoy it.

Personally I put effort into the battle against the strongest enemy Odin. Making Reiri and that character play a large role is something I had decided since a long time ago, so I’m happy that my dearest wish can come true! Surely those girls are also happy!? Is what I believe.

Also Kizuna, Reiri, and Nayuta’s happy family circle……no, thinking calmly, is this really a happy family circle!? It’s that kind of terrific impression isn’t it (lol). Well, for this family, something like this is like them perhaps?

It has been long from Nayuta’s first appearance until this point. It’s really deeply emotional.

I’m repeating myself, but next is Harem Hybrid as expected.

It’s a man’s dream isn’t it? But this is an important duty that control the fate of two worlds.

I want to get this kind of duty…….

Putting that aside, I had fun writing a content with plenty of variety. It will be hard in reality but, perhaps it will also be interesting to write in detail like recording a video, how they spent the two days without omitting anything. Perhaps even three volumes won’t be enough for that though.

Even the result right now is really long already! And so, I organized it with a pace. I tried a form that I never used before by putting in relatively light play, ordinary-ish scene, and gag scene while inserting somewhat deep content in between. And so I think that although it’s quite a bulk, isn’t it unexpectedly easier to read like this?

By the way, for those who wish for dense depiction of one-on-one, please look forward to the next volume. Next volume will surely be breaking through the limit (!?) I believe.

And then the shocking last scene. This volume isn’t the last volume so please take caution (lol).

The last volume, is the next, volume 13.

Actually Masou Gakuen HxH is my debut series and I have never finished a series yet until now. In preparation for my first last volume, various feelings are coming and going inside my chest. I want to decorate the last with the best by putting these feelings into shape.

I wish everyone will absolutely see this through until the very end! That is my earnest desire.

I suddenly want to write all my reminiscent talk and my feelings regarding Masou, but I’ll put them in reserve for the afterword of volume 13. Although I say that, but volume 13 might use up the page until just barely and there won’t be any page for an afterword!

And then I’m also in the middle of planning for my next work!

The detail is still a secret but I want to do a series that has a different charm from Masou even while inheriting the interesting points of Masou.

Extas Online is already in the middle of progress, but I will work hard on this too! Last month the newest volume 4 also just got released. Those who haven’t read can easily catch up you know!?

Although it has eros scene, but as expected this work has a different charm from Masou. Even those who first read it for the eros will give a high evaluation in the points other than eros saying the story is interesting! Intense! That’s this series trait.

By the way Extas Online is also in the middle of comic serialization by Oniyasu Kakashi-san at the monthly Dragon Age.

Please treat the original works well.

And then for thanks. The illustrations this time is terrific again! The god who gave the best update every time! Hisasi-san! And then the mecha designer Kurogin-san. The proofreader Ouraidou-san who I’m always indebted too. Shindousha-san who is always polishing off the book to be cool. The editor in charge O-san from the Sneaker editing department. Thank you very much!

And then all you honored readers who are always giving your support. Those who gave their impression on Twitter or reading meter and so on. Really thank you very much!

To those who especially wrote fan letters addressed to the editing department, my chest is filled to the brim with gratitude to you all.

Please treat the last volume of Masou Gakuen HxH favorably, eros!

Kuji Masamune

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