Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – The Bullet of Godslaying[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「The worth of a human isn’t about whether their ability is high or low! It’s a problem of how they live!」

The first custom-made Heart Hybrid Gear in history, 『Zecros』.

The combat uniformhand-made dress that was created by the mother Hida Nayuta for the sake of her daughter.

Clad in history’s strongest Heart Hybrid Gear that took the form of a treasured outfit, Hida Reiri looked down on the machine god Odin far below her.

In her expression was rage. Inside her eyes was determination. Conviction was dwelling in the white and silver armor wrapping her body.

Odin glared at Reiri as though measuring her strength.

「Divinity number, 960……thousand?」

After whispering in shock, Odin wiped off the dust on her body and questioned Reiri.

「What in the world are you?」

The blue light of magic power flowing through Zecros’s armor increased in strength.

「Hida Reiri.」

At that instant, Reiri’s figure vanished.

The rubble below Reiri’s feet burst out, and the piled up remains of Odin’s palace crumbled all at once.


Odin lost sight of Reiri’s figure for a moment. It was something impossible. In these few thousand years she had never lost sight of her enemy.

‘So a formidable enemy after so long huh’──when Odin whispered that inside her heart, she sensed a terrifying presence from diagonally behind her.

Normally, Odin almost never noticed enemy’s existence. The reason was that most existences couldn’t possibly be a threat to Odin. From Odin’s point of view, she couldn’t recognize an existence that was just too weak as an existence. Even if she saw their figure, even if she heard their voice, she didn’t notice them.

Because of that, the presence Odin felt from behind her was something fresh.

A threat at the level that made her feel a chill.

A danger at the level that made her spine shudder.

An opponent of such a level was right behind her.

Odin tasted for the first time the shuddering feeling that was a mix of fear and anticipation while she turned around.

Something exploded at very near distance to her.

Fierce radiance and flame blast, and the steel fragments passed through right beside Odin.

Just what in the world happened!?

Fafnir should be standing guard there.

The figure of a woman was reflected on Odin’s right eye. Inside the flame blast, the remaining half of Fafnir’s head was lifted up by that woman.

「For a guard of yours, it’s lacking in power.」

Reiri tossed away Fafnir’s remain in her hand.

Aine and the others were staring at the remains with a feeling of disbelief. They recalled when they fought and lost against Odin previously. Not to mention Odin, they were unable to even defeat her servant Fafnir. Furthermore they weren’t fighting alone by any means. Aine, Gravel, Aldea, also Grace and Zelcyone, even the Quartum were participating in the battle. But even with all of them they had no hope to even return a blow at Odin and Fafnir.

Zelcyone whispered with a hint of detest.

「That damn Reiri……just how much power does that woman’s magic armor have……」

Even Grace was half dumbfounded seeing Zecros’s overwhelming power.

「Unbelievable……aah geez, this is too shocking……」

Odin stared with a cold eye at the remains of her servant tumbling on the ground.

「──Lacking in power……is it. No, it has been useful to me. Fafnir devoured the opponents that were too weak for me to deal with personally.」

「I see. Then is your feeling hurt that it’s destroyed?」

Odin made a slight smile.

「No. It’s the natural providence for the weak to be defeated by the strong. Besides, defeating you and obtaining your strength will make me even stronger.」

Odin waved her hand straight to the side.

Reiri instantly stood on guard. However, Odin’s movement wasn’t for attacking. It was a preparation for her to fight seriously. A machine was created from Odin’s fingertips and it lengthened longer and longer. Parts were created from blueprint and they were put together on the spot. And then, a large spear was settled in Odin’s hand.

It was Odin’s strongest armament──Gungnir.

「Commander! That’s her sure kill technique! It will surely pierce without any way to defend against! Be careful!」


Reiri frowned.

「Here I come, Reiri!」

Odin readied her Gungnir and kicked on the ground. She rushed out as though vanishing from her spot. In the eyes of Aine and the others, it only looked like the ground was exploding.

However, there were two explosions.

Reiri moved forward faster than Odin.


Before Gungnir could connect with Reiri’s karma, she flew inside her opponent’s bosom instantly. And then threw a right straight punch into Odin’s stomach.

「!? ──Gah」

Odin’s body was flying from a corner of the ten kilometer arena to the opposite corner.

It was just a punch.

If Gungnir wasn’t restricted by the physical law, Zecros was also something that transcended the common sense.

Odin’s body crashed into the arena’s wall along with acceleration that could blow away one’s consciousness. The shockwave that was produced instantaneously blew away the stands that were equipped with audience seats into pieces.


Reiri dashed in order to attack further.

The strength she applied on the ground lifted up the arena’s floor and the piled up snow was instantly evaporated from blazing flame.

──’I’ll finish this in one go!’

Reiri pulled back her right fist and she flew towards Odin without decreasing her speed at all.

But Odin’s right eye stared at the approaching figure of Reiri and she grinned. She lifted her body from inside the rubble that were caving in like a cross as though she wasn’t damaged at all. In her hand was the sure killing spear that would overturn even fate. Its internal mechanism started rotating in high speed and it emitted blue flames along with a high-pitched sound.

「This is as far as you go huh! Reiri!」

Odin thrust the strongest spear of god, Gungnir towards Reiri. The distance was enough to pierce her. Blue sharp light cut apart the space and lengthened as though it was being sucked into Reiri’s chest. The moment that radiance was about to reach, Reiri kicked on the ground. The ground was cracked and lifted up. In exchange of that destructive energy, Reiri’s body was pushed to the side. She dodged the tip of Gungnir in a hair’s breadth.



Gungnir stabbed into Reiri’s chest.

──’Wha-!! What happened!?’

Reiri was blown away to the opposite side of the arena once more while thinking with her chaotic mind.

She should have dodged it without any doubt even though it was just for a hair’s breadth. But she was still stabbed by that spear.

──’So this is what Aine meant.’

There was a result that preceded the cause. The past was rewritten following the result that was forcefully created. The cause and effect were reversed. That was the power of that Gungnir.

Reiri’s body collided on the ground and she bounced several times while raising snow and sand violently from her rolling. And then she stopped just before the arena’s wall.



The screams of Aine and the Vatlantis members reached Reiri’s ears.

Reiri clicked her tongue inside her heart.

──’They are too overreacting. If they make that kind of voice, they’re going to make me think that I’m going to lose anytime now. It’s not like I lost consciousness, my wound is also not really bad.’

The fact was that Reiri changed her trajectory just before she was hit and killed the momentum. It seemed it was fortunate she did that.

Reiri lifted her face.

Even if Odin was approaching her, there was still time to reac──!?

Gungnir was approaching.

The spear of god was flying straight towards her.

Odin wasn’t charging forward with the spear on her hand, she threw it from where she stood.

It was a tactic that Odin believed would bring victory. She planned to decide the match with that.

No matter what kind of person, they wouldn’t be able to escape from Gungnir’s law of cause and effect.

That was Odin’s belief, so that must be the truth.

The next moment, Gungnir raised a horrible sound and pierced Reiri.

Aine and the others held their breath.

Reiri was killed──everyone thought so.

But, Reiri’s body didn’t collapse. And then her right hand rose.

White light ran on that hand’s palm. That light condensed and solidified, becoming a single sword.

A silver sword. Its form looked as though it was coordinated with Zecros’s armor. That white and silver sword blade shined with blue light.


The sword flashed, leaving behind a blue trail.

At that time, Aine witnessed something unbelievable. Gungnir that once stabbed her and caused her to wander in the abyss of death. That invincible spear was cut apart.

Gungnir raised a sound as though metallic parts overlapped each other and it fell on the ground.

Odin was staring at that situation from ten kilometers away at the other side.

「That’s impossible……my Gungnir is……」

This time it was Odin’s turn to feel confusion. It was a phenomenon that didn’t exist in her experience until now. Why the spear that should pierce the enemy for sure didn’t reach Reiri? Why did the spear break instead?

Reiri smiled fearlessly and then as though to flaunt to Odin who was making a dumbfounded face, she lifted her left arm. Odin’s right eye snapped wide open.

「That’s……you mean Gungnir was blocked?」

Reiri’s left arm was attached with a small round shield. The center of it was concaved and small cracks were running on its surface.

The armament of Heart Hybrid Gear was normally limited to one type. However Reiri’s Zecros was an exception.

The sword in her right hand that cut apart everything.

The shield in her left hand that obstructed every danger.

They were the unrivalled sword and shield that a mother bestowed to a daughter in worry of her safety.

Reiri rushed towards Odin once more. She was running while suddenly letting out a smile.

──’That person is just too overprotective.’

Odin too also made a smile on her lips.

「Interesting! If you say that you can block it, then try doing it one more time!」

Odin kicked on the ground and headed towards Reiri. The explosive shockwave caused the snow to soar steeply like a pillar. The heat from Odin’s movement energy instantly evaporated the snow.



The two clashed right in the middle of the arena.

A fierce flash shined. A moment later, shockwaves and explosive sounds reached the location of Aine and the others. Odin bit her lip at the center of that shockwave.


Gungnir was blocked by Zecros’s shield once more.

「Hey Odin. If your spear exerted its strength on cause and effect, then this shield also possess the power to interfere with cause and effect. It will be the same no matter how many times you try.」

However Gungnir’s tip pierced into the center of the shield and the cracks became bigger and ran deeper.

──It will reach its limit soon. But,’

Reiri didn’t show the slightest sign of the impatience inside her heart. She brandished her sword and swung it down diagonally. The sword’s blade smashed apart the remaining Gungnir.


As though to thrust even more despair at Odin who changed her expression, Reiri slashed up at the right arm holding the spear with her returning sword.

Odin’s right arm was easily separated from her body.


Odin who was acting that calm and composed before was put in disorder. And then she was staring at her arm dancing in the air with disbelieving eyes.

Reiri reversed the tip of the sword she swung up and swung it down at the defenseless left arm of Odin.


The right arm fell on the ground, followed by the left arm slightly later. It was a defense and offense that happened in only the blink of an eye.


Odin raised a never before heard scream.

Reiri stared at Odin’s arms that were tumbling on the ground.

From their external appearance, the arms only looked like they were made from flesh and blood. However, not a single drop of blood flowed from them. And then on the cut section, in exchange of bone and muscle tissue, there were terrifyingly detailed wiring patterns printed on it. It was unknown what kind of material it was, but it could be felt that the wiring was drawn on elastic resin. And then depending on the angle one watched it, that wiring would look different.

──’So this is a god’s body.’

Surely Odin hadn’t been injured this deeply for a long while. It looked like Odin’s mind couldn’t catch up with dealing against the unexpected damage.

──’Now is the time if I’m going to deal her the finishing blow.’

Reiri pointed the tip of her sword at Odin’s chest.


Reiri’s sword pierced Odin’s chest.

That moment, Odin’s right eye shined blue and the crystal wings on her back shined.

Reiri’s instinct told her of the danger.


Along with Odin’s shriek, several streaks of light were fired from the crystal wings. That lines of light split further at midair, bent, becoming several hundred streaks of light that rained down in the middle of the arena.

Aine immediately yelled.

「Watch out! Everyone, dodge──」

Light pierced Aine’s back before she could finish her sentence.


Zeros’s armor that was protecting Aine’s body was smashed. The armor along her spine popped out. The destructive power passed through Aine’s body and blew away even the armor supporting her chest.


An impact that felt like it was making her internal organs into pulp attacked Aine. The intense pain and discomfort made her unable to even stand and she fell on her knees.

The explosive sound piercing her ears continued without pause. Amidst the explosions, Gravel, Aldea, Grace and the other Vatlantis forces were swallowed one after another. The snow was instantly vaporized and the surroundings turned hazy as though deep mist was falling.

Aine whispered with a trembling voice.

「E, everyone……」

Inside the mist, there was already no silhouette that was standing.


Inside the clearing up mist, there were two faint shadows surfacing.

「Fufufu, it’s really troubling that my wings are cowardly.」

「So you still have that kind of trump card left……as expected from a machine god. You cannot be dealt with so simply.」

Reiri swung her sword and swept away the steam enveloping the area.

「Yes, the wing’s light──The God’s LightBaldur will automatically discover the enemy unrelated with my own will and shoot them down. It’s irrelevant whether their divinity number is high or low. It will sweep away all the enemies. Reiri, let’s consign all your comrades to oblivion!」

Odin let out a crazed smile and walked towards Reiri. Her two Gungnir were broken and she also lost the arms with which she was grasping those spears. Normally someone in that position wouldn’t be able to fight anymore.

However Odin had those wings. The wings that possessed The God’s LightBaldur that could destroy hundreds of thousands of soldiers all at once.

Reiri readied her shield and glared at Odin.

──’I was able to barely defend against those lasers. But, this shield too will reach its limit soon. If I got hit by that one more time, it might break. No, rather than that──,’

Reiri took a side glance at the figures of her fallen comrades.

They wouldn’t hold. There were also some whose magic armor was destroyed from the attack just now. If they got hit again…….

Odin’s wings shined blue once more as though sensing Reiri’s fear.

「With this I’ll be able to climb up the stairs of evolution in one go! By using you all as sacrifices! Now, it’s the end with this!」

「「I won’t let you!」」

One other voice resounded exactly overlapping with Reiri’s yell.

Reiri held her breath towards that voice.

──’So you are going to protect them.’

The voice’s owner came down from the sky. It landed without reducing it’s speed, as though crashing down on the ground. Explosive sounds resounded and snow whirled up. There was a black figure at the center of the caving ground. In a flash a shield was deployed protecting Aine and the others right after the black Heart Hybrid Gear landed.


Equipping the Corruption Armament 『Nayuta』, and clad in the Heart Hybrid Gear Eros that was hiding ominously mighty power, Hida Kizuna stood in Odin’s way.

Still collapsing on the ground, Aine looked up to that figure with empty eyes.

‘……Is it, Kizuna?’

The shape of Eros was completely different from what she knew. Rather it looked like the magic armor of Professor Nayuta who became a machine god.

──’Am I, looking at an illusion?’

「Nee-chan! Leave everyone to me!」

「I’ll leave it to you! Kizuna!」

With shield and sword in hand, Reiri drew near Odin. However, the crystal wings emitted fierce radiance when there was only one step left.

「Perish! My sacrifices!」

The Baldur that was fired from the left wing split into many streaks that attacked Aine and the others.


Along with Kizuna’s spirited yell, the pink magic power light running through Eros shined dazzlingly. The half-spherical shield with diameter nearly a hundred meters covering his comrades increased further in thickness.

The solid shield of light blocked Odin’s lasers. Light and light collided and erased each other. Holes were opened on Kizuna’s shield as though it was worm-eaten.

Deploying a shield this large wasn’t easy. To say nothing of how Baldur was continuing to rain down on the shield so powerfully, it would be broken through sooner or later.

But, there wasn’t any unease in Kizuna’s heart.

Ahead of his gaze, the figure that he trusted more than anyone was reflected.

With her long black hair fluttering, Reiri stepped forward towards Odin.

All the lights surging from Odin’s right wing attacked towards Reiri. Even the shield protecting Reiri couldn’t absorb all the impact. Unimaginable impact was hitting Reiri’s body through Zecros that was covering her whole body.

It was an intense pain as though her nerves were directly caressed. She gritted her teeth against that pain and endured it with all her will.

──’Don’t falter. This is the pain that a lot of your subordinates have experienced until now. It’s not pain that I should be afraid of right now. What I should be cautious of is if this impact dislocates the joints of my arms or legs, if my bone is broken or my tendons are snapped and so on, that my body will be destroyed until a state that cannot be compensated by any kind of mental strength. If that happens, then I will be unable to defeat Odin.’

Reiri put strength into the tips of her toes and pushed back the pressure of light with her shield. And then she advanced for a step, then one more step.

If she collapsed, the subordinates behind her would die.

It would be a betrayal towards Kizuna who believed and entrusted the task to her.

And then, Hida Nayuta who shaved her life to create this Heart Hybrid Gear──,

This Heart Hybrid Gear, something that she received from her mother for the first time, would end up useless.

──’Such thing,’


When Reiri’s scream gushed out, the shield broke.

──’Not yet!’

While fragments were scattered, the small wings shining on Reiri’s back opened. Their appearance looked like cute angel wings. However their power shoot up Reiri’s body instantly.


The wings’ crystal glittered right away and Baldur chased after Reiri. However they couldn’t catch Reiri. Zecros’s small wings was something to raise mobility rather than for flying in the sky. Those wings were granting Reiri’s body with impossible mobility.

It produced kinetic energy and overweight that might flatten and tear off the body of a person wearing an average magic armor. That impossibility was supported by Zecros’s armor that at a glance looked nearly like simple nakedness.


Reiri evaded Baldur to the end and came down behind Odin.

She severed one of the crystal wings.

The right wing was separated from Odin’s body and began to fall.

Reiri’s slashed down sword was shining blue.

The fragments of the broken wing danced in the air, their surface reflected the figure of Reiri slashing up from below.

「With this──」

Reiri’s sword bounced up as though drawing the word V. Odin’s left wing flew in the air.

「It’s over!!」

Reiri took a stance with her sword held horizontally, and then she rotated her body instantly. Her long black hair drew a circle as though following her movement. Blue radiance drew a line on Odin’s waist.

Odin’t face was stiffened from receiving the impact.

「How can it──this me, is」

Reiri’s back kept being turned toward Odin, and she continued her enemy’s words.

「Yeah. This is, your loss.」

Odin’s upper body swayed violently. The upper body tilted feebly to the side and it fell down as though spilling over. The lower body fell on its knees and collapsed forward with slight delay.

When Reiri stood up, she stared at the collapsed Odin. There was no emotion on that face. The right eye was still opened looking up to the sky.

Odin who lost both her arms and only became upper body looked like a doll. Even though until just now she was an existence of a machine god that only looked like a human, it was mysterious seeing it like this.

Reiri let out a deep sigh and turned her back on Odin’s remains. She went towards the direction of Kizuna and the others.

「You all, are you okay?」

Kizuna took down the shield. His shoulders were heaving from his rough breathing.

「Yeah. I somehow managed protecting them.」

When Kizuna let out a smile of relieve, he suddenly felt a human presence behind him.


He turned towards that voice.

Over there was the figure of a girl standing with shaky legs. A girl with her Heart Hybrid Gear destroyed, wearing only a ragged pilot suit.


Kizuna called the name of the silver haired girl.

In her red eyes, tears were gathering, looking like they would overflow anytime.

Kizuna slowly approached Aine.

Even though he actually wanted to embrace her with his hands even for a second faster, it felt like her figure would vanish again if he rushed to her in hurry. He was scared of that. If he reached out his hand hurriedly, it felt like she would vanish like a figure that was reflected on the water’s surface.

Aine too, even though she also wanted to run and fly onto that chest, her body was trembling and unable to move for even a step.

She couldn’t wipe away the doubt whether the beloved person appearing before her eyes was just an illusion or not.

She endured this environment, slipped through many deathly battles, and desperately survived until now, all was for the sake to reunite with this person.

However for it to happen this suddenly, furthermore he was rushing to her side when her life was in danger, was there any story that convenient?

If this was a dream she didn’t want to wake up.

She prayed like that while staring at the figure of her beloved.

That figure was heading towards her while fearfully reaching out his hand.

Aine too reached out her fingertips as though getting sucked towards him.

That slender fingertip, was touched by Kizuna’s finger.

Was the finger touching hers really existing? She entangled her fingers to his to ascertain it.

Feeling the warmth of the palm, the fingertips of both sides followed along each other’s arm, touching to confirm that the body before their eyes was really a firm existence.

When Aine wrapped her palm on Kizuna’s cheek, tears overflowed from her red eyes.

「Kizuna……it’s really, you.」


Kizuna embraced Aine tightly. His hands circled to her back and he strongly pulled her towards him, embracing that body on his chest.

Aine also wrapped her hands around Kizuna’s neck and embraced him.

She would never let go again.

It was as though she was swearing so.

Even if after this the goddess of fate would play a prank, or the god would determine a future of separation, she wouldn’t let go no matter what. It was as though she was trying to convey that will of hers.

Gravel was staring at the figure of those two with a smile that looked like it would cry.


Aldea touched Gravel’s arm with a pained look.

「No……it’s fine.」

Gravel shook her head sideways, her short blonde hair swaying.

「It’s fine, like this.」

Gravel picked up her hat that fell on her feet, and then put it on deeply as though to hide the thing glittering on her eyes.

Aldea didn’t say anything. She only hugged Gravel’s arm and put her head on that shoulder.

「Everyone! Are you all safe!?」

At that time a girl wearing red armor alighted down from the sky. The long black hair spreading from the wind smoothly drifted like closing wings.


Himekawa saw Kizuna and Aine embracing each other and she lost her words.

That was the figure of comrades rejoicing with each other of their reunion──that would be the end of it if it was spoken like that.

However, Himekawa understood instinctually. The figure of the two embracing each other was filled with an emotion that was more than that.

And then, she also understood the difficulty of cutting in between that figure.

Slowly strength left her whole body.


Suddenly, Neros that was enlarged from the Core reinstall vanished.

「E, eh? I──」

Himekawa was looking down on herself that only had her pilot suit left in wonder.

Stain like a rain *drip* fell on the ground under her feet.


The stain was increasing as though there was a rain falling.


She didn’t understand why tears were spilling down.

It wasn’t like her love was unrequited. She wasn’t rejected by Kizuna or anything. It was useless even when she persuaded herself like that. And then she was surprised of herself who was worrying about something like that rather than rejoicing that she was able to reunite with her comrades. What a petty and distorted woman she was. She felt all the more sad from that.


Aine lifted up the face that she buried on Kizuna’s chest and stared at Himekawa.

Masou Gakuen HxH V12 BW 04.jpg


Aine’s eyes opened wide in surprise seeing Himekawa shedding tears. She slipped out from inside Kizuna’s arms and embraced her friend who was continuing to spill out tears without raising her voice.

「Hayuru! It’s Hayuru! I wanted to meet you!」

「A, Aine, san……」

Himekawa felt something hot on her neck. Aine was crying with her face laid on Himekawa’s shoulder.

Perhaps, she was rejected by Kizuna. Kizuna didn’t say it in words but, no──perhaps he wasn’t even conscious of it himself but, he was already choosing Aine.

She lost against Aine.

However she had no resentment towards her rival in love who was hugging her with shaking shoulders. Rather, her feeling turned gentle. The large breasts pushing on her, also the arms clinging on her back, they felt strangely lovely. The current Aine looked like a child that was liberated from terror and clung on her mother.

「Myy? What a really unexpected coupling this is.」

A blonde haired girl wearing blue Heart Hybrid Gear landed down with her thrusters jetting in reverse.


Aine raised her voice happily.

「Co, couple!? Just what are you saying!」

Himekawa’s face turned red. Yurishia returned a smile to such Himekawa and she dispelled Cross’s armor. After the Heart Hybird Gear became light particles and vanished, Yurishia hugged Aine’s body strongly.

「It has been a long time hasn’t it~!! Aine!」

「Yurishia too……you look like usual.」

Aine also responded by hugging Yurishia’s body.

「I was also captured by a machine god you know? Though I was saved slightly earlier than Aine.」

「I see……Yurishia too.」

When Aine let go, she stared at Himekawa and Yurishia once more.

「Is there anyone else whose whereabouts is unknown?」

「No. Aine-san is the last one.」

「With this everyone is gathered☆」

Kizuna ruminated in happiness seeing the three’s harmonious situation. And the shoulder of such Kizuna was tapped by a hand.


「Kizuna, you did well protecting everyone.」

Her smile was a bit like a boastful big sister.

「What are you saying. It was Nee-chan who flew out alone and defeated the enemy alone.」

Reiri’s cheeks reddened and she went at a loss for words after groaning ‘uu’.

「No……I somehow sensed that these girls were in danger……that」

「That’s right~? We don’t get any turn like this.」

Yurishia who sharply caught the conversation between the two cut into the talk.

Aine stared fixedly at Reiri’s body once more as though she was licking around Reiri’s body with her gaze.

「Wha, what?」

「Commander……that Heart Hybrid Gear, it’s……」

Perhaps it was embarrassing from just looking at it, because Aine’s cheeks were blushing and she showed a twitching smile.

Zelcyone who was making a grave expression approached near.

「I don’t want to say it but, headmaster. Isn’t it better to think about your age?」


Reiri’s face became bright red.

It was a Heart Hybrid Gear with excessively high exposure rate and cuteness that no one could object even if it was said to be the result of a little girl’s hobby. It wasn’t unreasonable for Zelcyone to say that.

Gravel also crossed her arms and groaned.

「Certainly……it’s amazing.」

Himekawa also smiled with a troubled expression.

「Honestly speaking I’m also embarrassed about Neros’s design but……compared to the commander……」

「Sh-, shut up all of you! Don’t pay attention to the design and other trivial things!」

Reiri turned her back on them with a huff in embarrassment.

‘Ooh’, Grace raised her voice.

「The back figure is also erotic.」


Seeing his big sister whose mouth was turned down at corners with bright red face, Kizuna followed up while sweating.

「Ne, Nee-chan. I, I think, it looks good you know?」

Reiri glared at her little brother angrily.

「What is?」

「N, no, like it suit you or……it’s really sexy, or cute」


Reiri turned on her heel and started walking.

「Kizuna, we’re going.」

「Eh? Where to?」

Kizuna hurriedly chased behind Reiri who was walking with long strides.

「We are collecting the configuration information Odin has.」

「Ah……I see.」

There was still something essential remaining to be done.

Kizuna and co. had the mission to obtain the world’s configuration information that the Deus ex Machina had to restore the world back to normal. Currently the part that they had taken back was half of the world of Kizuna and the others that was Lemuria and half of the world of Grace and others that was Atlantis. The other remaining halves should be in the possession of Odin and Thanatos each.

So to speak, if they recovered the configuration information from Odin, they would be able to restore either Lemuria or Atlantis.


Reiri and Kizuna stiffened as though they were seeing something unbelievable.

Odin’s body wasn’t there.

There was nothing in the place where Odin was cut into pieces by Reiri’s sword and collapsed like a doll.

「Nee-chan, that!」


Kizuna pointed at the sky. Ahead of his fingertip there was something strange floating. That object turned towards Reiri and spoke.

「Fu, fufufu……how unfortunate. No matter how many times you kill me, you won’t be able to win against me. Because──」

What was floating while emitting bluish white light was the mere shadow of Odin’s former self. The figure that lost both her arms and lower body──no, the arms that should be lost were mostly regenerated. Even her lower body was already regenerated until her knees. On the surface of her skin, a detailed pattern of light that looked like a circuit diagram was moving with hectic pace.

「You bastard……」

Something cold was creeping up on Reiri’s back. Cold sweat was flowing from all over her body.

「Even if I only have my head left, I won’t die. I’ll resurrect without fail! That is the reason this Odin is the strongest and reigns as a god! I am the death god, ruling over everything alive and dead, transcending over my own death!」

The body of Odin who was spreading her hands had three shining lights.

Reiri was staring at those lights with a grave expression.


Gems were emerging on Odin’s left and right breast and her abdomen. They were emitting light. From there light circulated to both her arms and both her legs, drawing a circuit diagram while regenerating her arms and legs.

『Reiri! Kizuna! Run away!』

At that time, Nayuta’s voice resounded inside their heads.


Kizuna yelled. At the same time, the cloud above the sky split. From inside the thick cloud, the figure of a terrifyingly gigantic metal lump appeared.

Aine who was looking up to the sky raised a voice that sounded like a scream.

「Wha, what!? What is that!?」

Aine noticed after yelling that.

──Battleship Ataraxia.

The flagship of Lemuria & Izgard in the past that now became two kilometers in length. Its bow was pointing down as though it was falling to crash on the ground.

「Kaa-san! Just what are you planning to do!?」

Kizuna looked up to the sky and raised a voice that shouldn’t even reach. However, a reply returned properly inside his head.

『I’m going to crash Battleship Ataraxia’s Excavator into Odin!』


Reiri yelled with a quavering voice.

Excavator was a machine for the sake of sailing between worlds by one’s own strength. It would excavate the wall of worlds and dig out a tunnel. Using it as a weapon was just too reckless, it was natural that Reiri doubted her own ears.

「Oi! If you do that and an Entrance of another world is created here what are you going to do!?」

『More important than that is to prioritize stopping Odin’s movement. According to the information from Queen Landred, that machine god is immortal.』


Reiri and Kizuna spontaneously looked at each other’s face.

『But with this we will be able to buy a little time. Our escape will also finish in no time at all. All of you too, hurry!』

Kizuna opened a floating window and broadcasted his voice to everyone.

「Everyone get away from here as far as you can! The ship is falling here!」


「Geez, what the hell-!」

Even while raising panicked voices, Himekawa and Yurishia equipped their Heart Hybrid Gears once more.

「Those who cannot equip their magic armor, please get on!」

Gravel and Aldea whose magic armor was destroyed by Baldur, their magic power exhausted and also unable to regenerate held on to Himekawa’s Neros.

「Aine-san, get on the back!」

「Got it!」

Aine grasped the Blade with her two hands and put her feet on the thruster unit on Neros’s waist as foothold.

「I’m good Hayuru!」

Red particle blew out from Neros’s thruster and then it flew high to the sky as though taking off from a runway.

At the other side, Elma, Lunorlla, Ramza of Quartum somehow succeeded in equipping their magic armor and each of them flew to the sky. Zelcyone and Clayda dashed towards Yurishia’s Cross and jumped on the huge Differential Frame in its back.

「We are going! Hold on tight!」

Yurishia yelled toward the two and Cross flew up vertically like a launched rocket. Beside Cross that was dashing up to the sky in one breath, Battleship Ataraxia was passing through.

Kizuna grabbed Reiri’s arm to hurry her.

「Nee-chan! We too!」


The giant bow of Battleship Ataraxia was approaching right on top of them. The whole battleship’s bow was a rotating giant drill. That monstrous machine ejected light particles while falling to pulverize everything.

Reiri glared at Odin who was awaiting in the dropping point while soaring to the sky to fly backward.

Kizuna was following in full speed after his big sister who was flying away while still facing backward. Seeing his big sister’s face turning even graver, Kizuna looked back.

At that moment, Battleship Ataraxia’s Excavator crashed onto Odin.

Dazzling light danced boisterously with Odin at the center, distorting the scenery around. High pitched sound that pierced the ear and heavy bass sound that shook the body intertwined and resounded through the area.

The power to smash the wall of another world was causing an abnormal phenomenon in this world. The impact that was too fierce overshadowed Odin’s figure and also the bow of Battleship Ataraxia, covering them from view.

But, with that Odin shouldn’t get away unscathed. Kizuna and Reiri thought so.

Battleship Ataraxia was scattering flame around like a volcano while crashing on Odin altogether. And then, the ship’s bow finally collided to the arena.

It was like a giant building two kilometer high suddenly appeared. Battleship Ataraxia crushed its bow with its own weight, breaking as though sinking bit by bit. The hull distorted and small explosions ensued from the places where the armor was torn. It looked like it would collapse, but Battleship Ataraxia stopped still while towering high as though piercing the ground.

‘Was it falling with superb angle and balance?’ Kizuna thought. No, this was Nayuta they were talking about, perhaps this too was all within her calculation.

『Captain-! Are you injured desu!?』

Suddenly a floating window opened and Sylvia’s worried expression was projected there.

「Aah. This side is all right. Are Sylvia and the others also safe?」

『Yes! Ah, Sylvia just caught sight of captain desu!』

When he looked below, several helicopters and transports were lining up on the snow field. He could see a small silhouette looking up his way while waving her hand.

「I saw you. I’ll go down now.」

Kizuna cut off the communication and together with Reiri he descended down to the middle of the spot where the crews of Ataraxia were gathering. Himekawa and Yurishia had already landed there. Aine and the others were having a happy reunion with Scarlet and Masters along with Hyakurath and the others.

Scarlet noticed Kizuna and she rushed his way with a smile.

「Kizuna, how was it? Did Ataraxia hit Odin?」

「Yeah. But, we don’t know how much effect it has……a battleship crashed on her, so she won’t be unharmed, but if it’s Odin’s regenerative ability then she might recover to normal soon.」

Seeing Kizuna’s depressed face, the members of Masters who were always easygoing also showed dejected look. Scarlet also crossed her arms with a complicated look.

「I see……she isn’t defeated even with that……」

Henrietta fixed the position of her glasses while sighing.

「We don’t have any other method remaining……」

Leila floated a nihilistic smile and muttered self-depreciatingly.

「So in this world, there are also things that cannot be resolved with money……」

「Well, if it’s no good with Kizuna and Reiri, then we also won’t have any turn to make a go at it.」


Clementine grumbled while Sharon agreed with her.

「Wha……what are you guys damn saying!」

A girl with body shape like a little girl yelled, her short twintails swaying.


Scarlet stared at one of her members Gertrude with surprise.

Kizuna also spoke her name reflexively.


Gertrude advanced forward as though pushing her way through her comrades, then she looked up at Kizuna with a glare. And then she turned around and spoke towards her comrades.

「Until now, no matter how impossible it was boss would make it damn possible! It was because he didn’t give up even in absolutely hopelessly impossible situations that we too can still be here. And yet, what the hell you guys are doing acting like that!? We’ve got to be a damn assistance to boss you know? Making loser talk like that is just going to make us drag down boss!」

Henrietta looked down with a pained look.

「That’s, right……but……」

Clementine smiled with a troubled look, both her hands reached forward to calm Gertrude down.

「We, we get it already. But see, Gertrude. Thinking realistically, there is nothing we can do isn’t it?」

Gertrude yelled, unable to accept it.

「No such thing! Even for us, there is something we can──」

After speaking until there, Gertrude lost the words to continue.

「Something we can……」

Her wandering gaze naturally fell to her feet.

「I am, boss’s……」

Gertrude clenched her fist tightly, then her shoulders shook.

Kizuna gently touched that shoulder.

「Ger-san……thank you.」


Gertrude looked up at Kizuna with eyes that were holding back a lot of tears.

「Even though, boss had expressly told me that……sorry. I can’t, can’t do anything.」

Kizuna smiled and shook his head left and right.

「Ger-san is reliable just as I thought. I feel like I just got slapped while I was getting weak hearted, slacking off, and spoiled.」

「Eh? I, I didn’t do……anything.」

Kizuna smiled at Gertrude who was puzzled of what to say. It was a different smile from what he showed to Aine. But, it was a smile that was overflowing with deep affection.

「Thanks, partner!」

Kizuna thrust his fist toward Gertrude.


Gertrude cried, even so she pushed her fist forward firmly and answered Kizuna’s feelings. When their fists lightly touched each other, Kizuna turned on his heel and walked away with a long stride.

In order to create a temporary base, the research department staffs were moving around busily. He advanced by slipping through them. Then he caught one person among them and asked about the location of his mother.

Kizuna headed towards one of the temporary tents, opened the curtain hanging on the entrance and entered. The warm air of a heater welcomed Kizuna.


There were Reiri and Shikina Kei there. Both of them were sitting surrounding a bed. And then the one sleeping on that bed was his mother who was in the form of a little girl, Hida Nayuta.

「Nice timing. I was thinking to call you here.」

Reiri turned her gaze to Nayuta once more.

「Continuing our talk from before. Can you talk from the start one more time?」

Nayuta was sweaty and her eyes were half closed. She was forcing out a smile that looked obviously pained and opened her lips with effort. However, no voice came out.


She was exhausted until this much.

Until now she was using magic power like it was water. Whether it was restoring Ataraxia, constructing large type battleships, improving Cores, and also creating a new Core, he thought that perhaps for Nayuta who became a machine god all of those were simple things that she did easily.


『I will talk in her place.』

A floating window opened and the face of Queen Landred was projected.

『I’m sorry. I wanted to make contact with headmistress and Hida-kun directly, but it looks like that at the arena, the communication system was also under Odin’s control so……I made contact with Battleship Ataraxia.』

Kei typed on her keyboard after hearing Landred’s talk.

『The one who instructed to use Battleship Ataraxia’s Excavator in order to obstruct Odin’s regeneration was Professor Nayuta. However it’s impossible to completely pulverize a machine god. Most likely, right about now Odin is in the middle of regenerating her body.』

Even after losing Battleship Ataraxia, it was nothing more than buying time. Kizuna realized Odin’s mightiness once more.

──’However, there is no way we can give up.’

「Is there some kind of way, Nee-chan?」

Reiri didn’t reply and urged Landred to continue.

「Landred. Tell us the information that you discovered in the ruin. That so called conquer method for Odin.」


Hope spread inside Kizuna’s chest.

「Something like that!? It exists!?」

Landred nodded. However her expression was grave.

『Yes. But, I think it’s really difficult.』

「Anything is fine! Teach us!」

『Odin’s regeneration ability is established from the power of the four secret stones embedded in her body.』

The process of Odin’s body regeneration that Reiri saw before this played back in her mind.

「Those things huh……certainly there were something like gems on her breasts and abdomen. However, where is the other one?」

Landred pointed at her own left eye.

『It’s under her eye patch.』

「I see……However, why is one of Odin’s eyes like that even though she has regeneration ability?」

『Yes. A record is left at the temple before she became a machine god. The left eye is the only place that Odin is unable to regenerate. By embedding the secret stone there, she obtains the ability to regenerate everything other than her left eye. In other words, if the secret stone in that left eye is destroyed, Odin will be unable to regenerate.』

Kizuna unconsciously clenched his fist.

「I see! Then, we have a chance!」

But Reiri’s face was still grave like before.

「……But, what about the other three stones?」

『Those are the imitation of the secret stone. The backup for the secret stone buried in her left eye. They are useless on their own, but by synchronizing them with the left eye’s secret stone, when the secret stone is destroyed, the imitations will function to regenerate the secret stone.』

「If we don’t destroy the backup in her breasts and abdomen first, the real secret stone cannot be destroyed……is it.」

『Yes. Besides the three backups are linked. They are regenerating each other, so it’s necessary to destroy the three simultaneously. But even if the backups are destroyed like that, the real secret stone in her left eye will surely regenerate them back.』

Reiri sighed at how troublesome it was.

「In other words, we need to destroy the three backups almost at the same time, and then destroy the left eye’s secret stone right after that. That’s how it is?」

『Correct. Saying it is simple, but carrying it out is difficult. The crystal wings that fired Baldur will annihilate every enemy. It’s unthinkable that we will be allowed to approach easily. Besides, the backups are buried inside the body other than when they are using the regeneration ability. It’s necessary to destroy some important part beforehand to make Odin use the regeneration ability.』

「I see……」

Then perhaps the battle just now was their once in a lifetime chance──Kizuna thought so, but he immediately denied it in his mind. The opponent wasn’t that naïve. They were careless after defeating her once. If at that time they approached her carelessly, they might have gotten killed instead.

Kizuna crossed his arms and asked the pondering Reiri.

「Then, how about destroying her wings first?」

「I guess……Kei. How fast her regeneration ability is?」

Kei typed on her keyboard and opened several dozen floating windows in one go. The video of Odin regenerating her body was projected there. The numbers of the analysis result were scrolling with amazing speed over the video.

『Based on our hypothesis from the recorded data just now, if she is concentrating to regenerate only her wings……most likely it will take five, six seconds until the wings are regenerated enough to fire Baldur.』

「First is how to dodge her Baldur and enter into her bosom huh. If I had my shield then I could still block Baldur but……」

She had already used up the shield that was her lifeline. To use it one more time, it was necessary to do Climax Hybrid with Kizuna. However, it was clear as day that there was no time for that.

「Then, what if I protect Nee-chan with Life Saver and get near her with brute force? Like that we can block Baldur to some degree. If I can take Onee-chan near Odin unharmed──」

「While you are defending against Baldur using Life Saver, I’ll destroy Odin’s wings……is that what you mean?」

「Yeah. Then when Odin starts regenerating, I’ll destroy the secret stone.」

However Reiri groaned with a difficult look.

「But there is no way that Odin will just stand quietly doing nothing. She will surely resist to protect the secret stone. It’s likely it will be a head-on fight against her. Destroying four spots instantly in the middle of such a fight……is that possible?」

Cold sweat oozed on Kizuna’s cheek.

As expected even that idea had a rough spot. No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t get positive proof that they would manage somehow. Most likely no perfect conquer method existed. In that case──,

「I’ll do it no matter what.」

Landred let out a heavy sigh.

『If both of you were weaker instead, you would be able to get near without Odin noticing though.』

Reiri made a dubious face.

「What do you mean?」

After asking that, Reiri recalled Odin calling her wings a coward.

『Odin is unable to be aware of existences with fighting strength below a certain level. For example, she notices the existence of Aine-san and Gravel-san, but she doesn’t notice the existence of the Quartum members. Because her objective is to steal the strength from strong people. And so, cutting of her awareness from anything outside her target must be more efficient for her. Although, that only stays true exactly because she has Baldur and her servant Fafnir.』

Kei typed on her keyboard swiftly.

『However if they were weak, they would be shot down by Baldur before getting near.』

『That’s also true.』

Landred smiled apologetically.

However Kizuna repeated the words Landred just said inside his mouth.

「She won’t notice……the weak, is it.」

「What’s the matter, Kizuna?」

「No……in that case, I think we might be able to make one more insurance──」

At that time, fierce explosive sounds shook the ground.

「──Just now!」

Kizuna and Reiri burst into action and exited the tent. Reiri yelled without delay.

「What happened!?」

However she understood even without hearing the answer. Battleship Ataraxia that was stabbed on the ground was crumbling down. And then Odin’s blue light, Baldur was rushing in the sky.

「Her regeneration is finished huh……there is no other option. Let’s go, Kizuna!」

「Wait just for a minute! I’ll go right away.」

Kizuna left those words behind and pushed his way through the crowd.

「Oi, Kizuna!」

Reiri kicked on the ground without hiding her irritation. After that she flew up to the sky instantly, she could see well the huge smoke from the remains of Battleship Ataraxia, and also a silhouette floating in the sky.


She had returned to a complete state from the top of her head until the tips of her toes. The crystal wings glittering on her back were shining beautifully with a divine look.

It was unclear how much damage Excavator inflicted, but Odin shouldn’t be unharmed from that. Perhaps her whole body was pulverized with a part hurled to a different world. Even so Odin was revived.

「Truly……a god of death huh.」

Reiri mysteriously smiled.


A window opened beside her face and projected Kizuna’s face.

「Kizuna……are you prepared?」

「Yeah! I’ll go ahead. I absolutely will make it succeed!」

She could see a figure causing spray of snow on the ground from flying up. When it climbed until near Reiri, it moved to a level flight. Reiri followed closely behind that figure.

「Listen Kizuna! When we are five hundred meters from Odin, I’ll rush out. Drop your speed then and let me go ahead. Don’t mistake the timing. Defeat is not permit──」

Reiri’s eyes turned round when she stared at Kizuna’s back.

「What’s wrong, Nee-chan?」

──’I see.

So that’s your protective charm.’

A smile spontaneously emerged on Reiri’s face.

「No……stay at ease. Don’t fear defeat. We had been annihilated once already anyway. If it’s ends up no good, we are only going back to where we started.」

Kizuna nodded with his gaze still fixed on Odin.


If Nayuta wasn’t there, then everything would have ended that day when the war against Vatlantis was over anyway. From there they were able to live until this point.

Odin noticed them. The crystal wings growing on her back shined bluish white. Lights flying out simultaneously from the wings split into many, bent and folded several times, and then attacked Kizuna while drawing lines that fully covered the sky.

Without a shred of hesitation, Kizuna headed towards the thick stream of Baldur aimed at him.


Kizuna deployed his Life Saver.

The Life Saver that was deployed when he was in a state of equipping Corruption Armament Nayuta was incomparably powerful when compared with the defensive power of the normal Eros. The fact was it was able to protect his comrades before this even while it got holes opened on it. Believing in that strength, Kizuna charged──the god’s sword and shield of magic power collided.


A terrific impact stabbed through his body. For a moment he lost sensation of the arms supporting the Life Saver. He was seriously worried whether his arms were torn off and sent flying somewhere, but before his eyes there were properly two arms stretched straight ahead.

──’Don’t let me down, my arms!’

Kizuna raised the thrusters’ output further and accelerated. Impacts were reverberating from both his arms, shoulders, rib cage, and internal organs.

This Baldur was greatly different from when he was protecting his comrades before this. The current crystal wings were aiming solely at Kizuna. This wasn’t like before when the attack was annihilating all living things in the vicinity of the arena. Now he had to block against Baldur alone in its entirety.


Kizuna yelled to spur himself on.

Kizuna desperately endured Baldur’s concentrated fire. He forcefully repelled and pushed in using Life Saver to advance. Before his eyes violent lights were flickering from Baldur and Life Saver clashing against each other. Kizuna’s heart wouldn’t yield even against the pain and impact of which he didn’t know when they would end. Inside the Baldur that was like a waterfall, he advanced while telling himself that it would be just a little bit more.


However, the Life Saver was giving up earlier than Kizuna’s willpower.

A hole was opened in the shield of light that was made from magic power.


Baldur was opening holes in Life Saver one after another. Once the shield caved in once, holes were spreading as though the lid had been opened. The broken Life Saver flew to the back like glass fragments. The shield that was the only thing he relied on was fragilely crumbling. Baldur was invading as though aiming at the hole gouged on the shield.

「Goddamn it!」

Baldur that flew in from the hole mercilessly destroyed Eros’s armor.


His balance broke and his route was disturbed.

The might of the attack would destroy an average magic armor with one hit. If he didn’t have the power up from the Core’s reinstall and the Corruption Armament, he would have been shot down from a long time ago. However Kizuna’s flesh and willpower were being shaved away with certainty.

──’At this rate, I won’t reach!’

The moment he thought that, a white silhouette overtook him from his side.


Reiri flew out earlier than planned. Baldur changed trajectory to aim at Reiri. Half of Baldur that was concentrated at Kizuna headed towards Reiri.

Zecros spread its wings before evading Baldur with terrifying speed and tricky movement. But, it was unable to evade everything.


Baldur was making burn marks on Zecros’s white armor. And then a hole was opened on its wing.

She should be heading toward Odin, but she was falling towards the ground.



From falling, it was a complete turn into a radical ascension. Baldur also sharply bent and chased from behind, but they didn’t reach.

Zecros run past from behind Odin’s back instantly.

The crystal wing was smashed apart along with a sound like breaking glass.

「One more time!」

It was the right wing that was cut apart just now. If she didn’t hurry it would be regenerated immediately.

Reiri made rapid roll midair and took a nose dive. But──,

Baldur was approaching right in front of her eyes as though it had been waiting.


Baldur pierced Zecros. Light arrows stabbed on Reiri whose movement was dull.


Strength left Reiri’s whole body.

──’She got, me?’

Inside her dimming consciousness, Reiri stared ahead to where she was falling.

Odin was ahead of where she was falling.

That crystal wing, was where her hand could reach.

Reiri scraped up the last of her consciousness and put strength into the hand holding her sword.


Right when they passed each other, Odin’s left wing was cut down.

「!? Reiri, you bastard-!」

Odin made an enraged look and glared at the falling Reiri.

However Kizuna was drawing near Odin in that opening.


Kizuna clenched his fist as though to brush away the Life Saver.

Right in this moment, Baldur was unusable.

On the breasts and abdomen of Odin who was starting the regeneration of her wings, blue gems were emerging.

Those were the vital spots he should aim at.

Right now was the chance of a lifetime while Odin’s attention was directed at Reiri.

Kizuna pulled back his arm.



Kizuna’s movement stopped.

No, he was stopped.

His body that tried to advance forward collided with something and he couldn’t progress.


Kizuna was staring in disbelief at the spear stabbing his shoulder.


Even though it wasn’t anywhere visible until now.

The blood flowing from the shoulder was sliding along the spear. When he followed the going of that blood with his eyes, he found Odin’s figure holding the spear.

「Petty trick.」

In just an instant.

Furthermore she didn’t even make a stance beforehand.

It was as though only the result that the spear was stabbed on him had been decided beforehand.

No, before thinking about that, Gungnir should have been destroyed already, two of them.

「Aah, this spear is a part of my body you know? It will regenerate no matter how many times you snap them.」


Odin put strength into her hand and stabbed Gungnir deeper into Kizuna’s body.

Kizuna couldn’t make any movement, like an insect that was fixed with a pin.

──’We came this far.’

Only a few seconds left until Odin’s wings were completely regenerated.

If the secret stones disappeared inside the body, this chance would be lost.

Kizuna already had no other move left.

For Kizuna that is.

But──there was the protective charm left.

The girl clinging on Eros’s back unit leaped out.

The mediocre girl jumped over Kizuna and twirled her body before Odin’s eyes.

But, Odin’s expression didn’t budge an inch.

Far from that, even her gaze didn’t move.

Even though there was an enemy in front of her.

Even though that assassin was an existence that threatened her important secret stone.

Odin was unable to recognize that figure.

Because the enemy trying to finish her off was just too powerless and helpless.

Kizuna yelled inside his heart.

──’Go! Ger-san!!’

Gertrude swooped down in front of the god.

There were two handguns in her hands,

Two worlds on her shoulders,

Hope on her back,

Mission in her heart,

Flame in her eyes.

She thrust forward her crossed arms with swift movement.

It felt like the time was moving terrifyingly slow.

Mysteriously she felt no nervousness.

Even the commander said it.

Stay at ease, don’t fear defeat.

Quick draw and trick shot were her signature moves.

Since the time she was going through rehabilitation in the hospital,

She had been training all this time to take back her intuition.

That was why, something like this was simple.

Just like shooting cans every time.

Masou Gakuen HxH V12 BW 05.jpg

That was why,

──’Whether a can, or a god, there ain’t any difference.’

The particle guns in both her hands spewed fire. Without confirming the result, she instantly spread her crossed arms.

The gems on Odin’s breasts burst and vanished. When that happened, the triggers for the next bullet were already pulled. The lowered left hand fixed its aim at the abdomen, while the raised right hand toward the god’s left eye. The guns’ energy cartridge created magic power bullets one after another and fired them.

After firing a shot toward the abdomen, the left hand snapped up and lined up beside the right hand. The two guns parallel to each other drove in the bullet in order to gouge the god’s left eye.

The eye patch broke.

From under it, a beautiful blue gem shining with conspicuous radiance appeared.

But even that was also an instantaneous exhibition.

By the time her consciousness recognized its figure,

It was already smashed apart into pieces.


When Odin noticed the abnormality, Gertrude was already passing through in front of Odin, falling towards the ground. She vanished even from Kizuna’s view.

「Impossible……my regeneration, stopped?」

Odin looked around her own body with a disbelieving look. Before long, when her hand touched her left eye, her right eye opened wide in shock.

「This is, what in the world……you bastard, what did you do to me!? What kind of ability did you use!?」

Kizuna grasped Gungnir that was stabbed into his shoulder with his right hand, then put his left fist on it.

「There is no unnecessary human even if their ability is low. Even a powerless human can sometimes defeat even a god. That’s how it is.」

Eros’s energy was gathered into Kizuna’s left hand, and pink colored light whirled.


The sorcery of curse exclusively for use against a machine god struck Gungnir. It was transmitted into Gungnir that was a part of Odin’s body, sending a virus to destroy the internal structure of the machine god into it.

「Gah!! Thi──this is!?」

Gungnir’s beautiful metal instantly rusted and withered. Odin let her hand go from the spear in panic. However it was already too late. Reincarnation was already starting to invade Odin’s body.

「Ku……my arm, it, cannot move!?」

The ability as a machine god was disappearing from Odin’s body. If she had the secret stone, surely she would be have been able to repair her body and overwrite the structure that was ravaged by the virus.

But, right now it was already impossible.

「K, kyaaaaah!?」

Odin raised a scream that was unlike herself. Her left arm broke down and crumbled.

「Do, don’t……my, strength, is slipping──」

The tip of her right hand, the toes of both her legs, they were starting to be dismantled by blocks.


Odin lost even her power to float in the air and she was falling towards the ground.

They had to recover the world’s configuration information from Odin. Kizuna was going to chase after her.

But, there was no need for that.

「Kizuna! I recovered Odin. We are going back.」

Reiri and Gertrude caught Odin whose four limbs were continuing to break down.

Reiri made a soft smile and closed an eye.

「We damn did it! BOSSSS ──!」

Gertrude made a thumbs up with her greatest ever smile.

Part 2[edit]

「Kill me quickly! This is my loss! The loser is worthy of death!」

Odin who was carried in Kizuna’s arms violently struggled like a child.

Reincarnation annihilated most of Odin’s ability as a machine god from her body. Odin’s body that was specialized for battle crumbled and she was losing both her arms and legs. But, the crumbling still continued. At this rate, before they could take back the world’s configuration information, the whole of Odin’s existence would vanish. Even the world they were currently in might also disappear with her.

「What’s more, you are carrying me to this kind of ancient……the place where my past is enshrined……don’t put anymore shame of living on me!」

Odin was taken away to an ancient temple.

That was the relic from the era before Odin became a machine god, when she was still a living thing that was nearly human. It was nearby the landing place of Vatlantis’s flagship Oldium. It was also the place where Landred went looking for Odin’s weak point.

On the wall was the relief that praised Odin as the immortal goddess. There was a wooden altar placed before it. At the tabletop there was a magical pattern drawn, but Kizuna and the others couldn’t even begin to guess what it was. However, Landred ran her finger on it with no hesitation in her movement. Then, magic power light was spreading along the pattern engraved on the altar like flowing water.

「Hida-kun, please lay Odin down over here.」

Following Landred’s instruction, he laid Odin down on top of the altar shining red.

「What we are going to do after this is a ceremony to return Odin from being a machine god back into the state when she was called a goddess……then Hida-kun, please.」


──Although he replied like that, but it was hard doing it while being fixedly stared at by Landred.

The method to return Odin into a goddess was similar like what was done to Hokuto and Osiris, by granting sexual pleasure, the emotion in regard of anything other than battle sleeping inside Odin would be brought back. Through that, Odin’s thought pattern should be amended.

And so, it was undoubtedly something imperative.

Kizuna switched his feelings and touched Odin’s breast.


It was a bit unexpected. He had the image that Odin’s body was cold like ice, but in practice it was soft, and warm. It was a sensation that was not unlike a human female.

However when he saw the cut section of the vanished arm, he was made to realize that she wasn’t a human as expected. There wasn’t a flesh structure there, but a structure that was like the interlacing of transparent blocks. And then every single one was engraved with tremendously detailed pattern. Glittering light particles were circulating in them.

Kizuna took off the armor that looked like a dragon claw covering Odin’s breast. The dragon claw was shaped as though grasping the breast from above, the rampaging breast was held down by grabbing it. However the shape of the breast was mostly exposed. The only thing hidden was its tip. When it was exposed to the open, Kizuna spontaneously ooh-ed.

The part that was faintly colored was slightly swelling. But the top part that was normally protruding out was buried inside.

「? What are you planning to do?」

It seemed that Odin was unable to even imagine the meaning of what Kizuna was trying to do. From the beginning she was dressed almost naked. When he took off the thin armor on her crotch that was like a sticker, a fully naked girl was completed.

「Even though there is no significant meaning in removing that degree of defensive power……before that there is no fighting strength remaining in──」

Hidden under the sticker, the vestige of Odin as a living thing──the terribly sensitive sense organ hidden even further there was pinched by Kizuna’s finger.


That violent reaction caused not only Kizuna, but also Landred to open their eyes wide.

Odin bent her body backward with all her strength using her head as the support point. Her exposed throat and her stomach were trembling. Her tongue was stretching out from her opened mouth as though looking for salvation.

「M, my……it’s a technique exactly like in the rumor isn’t it…..Hida-kun.」

「No……this isn’t because of technique or anything……more like Odin’s reaction is too sensitive.」

Landred’s eyes gleamed seeing Odin convulsing on the altar. Even Kizuna understood that she was itching to do something.

「Err……Landred-san too……want to try touching Odin?」

「M, my? Is it alright?」

Her tone sounded troubled, but her face was smiling widely. Landred loosened her fingers while approaching Odin.

「Right. Something like a chance to touch an ancient god is something that you cannot find that easily♪」

She smiled cheerfully while grasping Odin’s heavy breast with both her hands.


Odin’s body jerked up once more.

「My, my my my♪ How very lively, she look like a pulled up fish♪」

「Sto-, stop-! Ju, just kill me, in, instantly-! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-NN♥♥」

「My my my, this is what will happen to a girl who said something like that you know? Ei-」

Landred kissed on the pink colored ring at the center of the breast.


「My my, this breast is really shy. Now, please come out.」

「HiiIIIIIH! Ah, sto, stop-, UWAaAAAAAAA!?」

Landred’s tongue excavated the tip hiding inside Odin’s breast. She used her fingers to spread out the ring, then slipped in her tongue from the gap. Gradually that most sensitive part lifted up its face from inside the depths of that breast.

「My♪ It came out.」

With a satisfied smile, Landred looked down on Odin’s breast that changed shape.

「Now, Hida-kun too, take care of that side.」

Prompted by Landred, Kizuna crawled his tongue on the breast which tip was still buried.


Kizuna felt Odin’s shaking with his lips while sending stimulation with his tongue just like what Landred did.

「Uh! Hih! Sto, stop it!」

There was the sensation of the entrance coming apart inside his mouth. His tongue traced the gap as though to dig out.


Kizuna felt the shape suddenly changed inside his mouth. He sucked up the tip that showed its head so that it stretched out even further. Kizuna’s mouth let go when the hardness increased enough.

In front of Odin who repeated her heated breathing with a bright red face, two breasts with their shape completely changed were exposed.

「Ufufufufufu……it’s still not over yet. The real thing will be from here on you know? We will make you fully recall the joy as a living thing♥」

A dangerous smile emerged on Landred’s face.

Kizuna reflexively backed away with a wry smile. For some reason he got the hunch that there would be no turn for him to act here.

「Wait a second!」

A voice came from the entrance of the temple.


When Kizuna turned around, there Aine, Grace, Zelcyone, and Quartum members were standing. It was the people who were forced to fight in this world as Odin’s warriors.

「What’s wrong? There is the important ceremony to return Odin back to her original state, so other than me and Landred-san no one is permitted to enter──」

Zelcyone readily moved forward ignoring such Kizuna.

「We are really indebted to that fellow after all……we too wish to express our thanks by any means.」

「Wa, wait, Zelcyone. This isn’t something to clear away grudge or anything like that.」

Zelcyone glared at Kizuna fiercely.

「Of course. Who said anything like that. We only want to express our thanks, that’s all.」

‘Who’s going to believe that!’ Kizuna wanted to retort.

However, in front of Landred who was caressing around Odin’s body happily, making excuses that this was a sacred ceremony also didn’t sound credible.

Zelcyone passed through beside the troubled Kizuna.

「Ah, Zel──」

After her was Aine, Grace, and then Quartum following behind with grave faces.

Kizuna gave up, fearing that there would be no end to it if he continued. Zelcyone stood beside Landred.

「Now then, queen. Allow us to participate too.」

Landred, whose face looked like she would drool, answered without stopping her hand that was groping the breast.

「Yes, please by all means. Geez, her reaction is too intense and innocent, it’s really fun. It’s going to become a habit you know?」

「Hohou. Then allow me to make my challenge by putting all the techniques of this me on the line.」

Zelcyone grinned sadistically.

Odin pleaded tearfully with a tired and gasping face.

「Doon’t……please, I’ll, turn strange……noo, more……」

Not only Zelcyone, everyone who were surrounding Odin felt shuddering pleasure rising up through their spine seeing her state.


「Nee-sama, looks like it’s worth it to do this.」

「Yes……in order to pay back the debt of getting locked inside this world for more than a year, it won’t be worth it if it’s not at least this much.」

Saying that Aine crawled her hand on Odin’s abdomen. Just by doing that caused the inside of Odin’s abdomen to tighten with *kyun* sound.

「HIiIIHNN♥ I, it’s hot, do, don’t touch anymore!」

Grace also reached her hand toward Odin’s crotch.

「Odin, there is no need to be reserved. After all you had harassed me really much before. Let me thank you amply.」

The four Quartum tickled the places like Odin’s side or armpit and so on.

「AHIiIIIIH!? I, I’m, fe, feeling, STRA-NGEEE!?」

Clayda grinned broadly while wriggling her fingers busily.

「How’s that? Can you still not see us even with this?」

「She cannot see us I think? That’s why, surely she won’t feel anything even if we touch her.」

Elma made a mean smile.

「I, I feel it-! I’m feeling it! Tha, that’s why pleaseeEEEEE」[1]


Lunorlla quietly moved her fingertip.

「Uuu, it’s becoming interesting somehow! Hahaha, this is really that Odin right? She is really cute now.」

Ramza was laughing ‘ahahaha’ while touching subtly on places like the neck or ear.

「Haah……aan♥ Aau……uaa……ahee……♥」

Odin was merely continuing to gasp as though she lost her language faculty.

「Aa……the ring is」

Odin’s ring that was fixed on Aine’s wrist vanished as though melting.

「Oo, truly. The irritating shackle finally came off.」

Kizuna judged that it was the suitable time.

「Then it’s fine to stop this here right? Next is──」

Zelcyone glared fiercely at Kizuna.

「What are you prattling? The main event is from here.」

「Uh huh, that’s right. With the shackle coming off, means we can get serious with this.」(Grace)

Aine also cracked her finger joints.

「Now, we’re doing this thoroughly.」

──’This is no good huh.’

And then this pleasure hell continued until one hour later when Odin was reincarnated as a goddess.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. She is using polite language here
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