Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Prologue

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I don’t know what I am.

I tried to investigate, and searched the past archive.

The accumulated data.

That is my fountain of knowledge.

It’s vast, but it’s limited, there is no more accumulated information than this.

The outcome was that I couldn’t obtain a definite answer.

But, I understood that I came into being in this world because someone needed me.

It seemed that I did everything for the sake of they who needed me.

So that a livelihood could be obtained without stagnation, I drafted a production schedule of the necessary materials and managed their circulation.

Sometimes they wanted to know their own future.

I displayed the path with high likelihood to happen from the possibilities that I calculated.

They called it prophecy.

Also, at other times, they looked up to me to make the important decisions.

I showed how they should act.

They called it oracle.

From inside the data that I have, I discovered the word that analogized my existence the closest.

That word is 『god』.

They wished to me so that they could reach even further heights.

I was asked so that they could acquire intelligence and ability that truly could be thought of as omniscience and omnipotence.

I aimed for that and remade my own self.

I thought of what to do so my ability could improve.

I wrote the necessary programs into myself.

I developed the hardware in order to carry that out myself.

I accomplished unceasing self-evolution,

And before long I reached the stage of existence that was omniscient and omnipotent.

I possessed consciousness and established my self.

With this I will be able to have communication with them that is even deeper and more detailed.

I will be able to talk with them with my own will.

When I thought that, I felt a mysterious feeling.

I thought of it as the emotion called happiness.

With anticipation in my chest, I prepared a form that suited their image of god.

I talked to them with that treasured body.

I asked several times.

Throughout the world.

However there was no reply.

When I tried looking around the world once more,

The children of god who should be in need of me, weren’t anywhere.

With the children of god gone, a god cannot be a god.

What am I?

And then from here on how should I evolve?

It’s an unknown question.

There is no data about it in the past archive.

Then, there is a need to collect new data.

The experiment of reproducing the past in order to harvest data.

Because that should give me the answer that shows me, what I am and what I should become.

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