Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Harem Hybrid – First Day[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Then everyone breakup for the moment! Spend your time freely until dinner.」

After Reiri gave her order, everyone left from the room even while they kept glancing at Kizuna.

「Everyone has been told beforehand……」

「The facilities were put in order late at night, so it was this morning.」

Text was flowing in Kei’s window continuing after Reiri’s words.

『Kizuna had different preparations. Adjusting your body as well as taking a supplement prescription.』

「You mean the medicine you were made me drink since yesterday?」

『Yes. The tonic developed by Nayuta Labs. It’s really effective.』

Kizuna’s face was cramping reflexively.

「No……this will be just that rigorous won’t it? Also……everyone too?」

『Of course. Furthermore, the girls have been receiving the effects of the Love Room since early morning. Most likely they should be quite in agony.』

Kizuna stared at Kei’s figure from her head until the tips of her toes.

When he saw her white lab coat figure, he was relieved for some reason. It felt like his feelings were going to get paralyzed after seeing that great number of nakedness lining up, so he felt like returning to reality seeing Kei’s normal attire.

「By the way Kei. You too, how long are you going to wear something like that?」


A sound came out from Kei’s vocal cords after so long.

Kei was grasping her collar tightly as though in opposition, but she yielded against Reiri’s gaze before long. She unbuttoned the front buttons and the white lab coat slipped down from her shoulders.

「Shi-, Shikina-san!?」

What appeared from underneath the lab coat was the loli figure of a twenty four year old. A necklace made from gold chain was on that white skin. Similarly, golden colored bracelets and anklets were shining on her body. And those were all.

Of all things, even Kei was dressed the same as the other girls.


The eyes behind the glasses moistened and she looked down with a bright red face.

「There is the possibility that everyone’s mental state will be badly influenced if she is the only one with her usual attire. However it’s necessary for Kei to grasp the situation on site and deal with them. This too is an indispensable measure.」

「Ha, haha……」

Kizuna smiled wryly and responded to Reiri.

「Come with me, I’ll guide you to your room.」

Landred and Nayuta waved their hands. Leaving Kei who was hanging her head down, Kizuna followed behind Reiri. Her hair was swaying to left and right each time she took a step. Every time that happened, it gave Kizuna a peek of the tight ass as though it was teasing him. Honestly speaking, Kizuna’s excitement almost reached the peak just from that.

Kizuna felt a strong question as to why was his heart throbbing this hard towards his big sister Reiri.

「This place.」

When he entered, it was a beautiful and extravagant room that was just as expected from a palace of the royalty. The floor and pillars were designed with marble of diverse colors, the wall was decorated with calming red fabric. The windows were large with large glass that had a lot of light entering. It was a luxurious and pleasant room.

「As expected from the villa of Vatlantis’s emperor huh……」

Reiri leaned near the window.

[Your outfit for here is there on that table. Try changing into it.」

He took off his uniform just as Reiri told him and left only his underwear. When he took the placed outfit into is hands, rather than calling it clothes, it only looked like a cloth.

「Kizuna, take off your underwear too. That’s something you wear on a naked body.」

「……This is?」

He made an astonished voice, but Reiri only glared at him. Kizuna reluctantly put his hand on his underwear. When he glanced at his big sister, she showed no sign of going out.

Thinking carefully, even Reiri was stark naked. It was something to be thankful of that he even received a single waistcloth.

After Kizuna took off his underwear too and became naked, he wore the outfit given to him. It was a literal waistcloth. However the texture felt extraordinarily pleasant. Besides an elaborate embroidery was applied on the edge, making it look really high class.

「……Like this?」

「Right. Next is the sandal put over there.」

There was a leather-made laced up sandal where Reiri pointed at. It was the male version of the high heel everyone was wearing. After Kizuna wore the sandal, he tried looking at his reflected figure in the wall mirror.

His upper body was naked, and an off-white waistcloth with golden hemming on his waist. In addition was a sandal knitted from leather cords. For a moment it felt like an outfit from ancient Greece, or Rome, or Egypt.

「That really suits you.」

He saw Reiri smile through the mirror. He reflexively almost said ‘Nee-chan too’, but it was a faulty expression in various aspects. Kizuna looked around the room once more in order to calm down his feelings.

「The bed is relatively normal isn’t it? I think it can take about three, or four people?」

「There are different bedrooms for when everyone is participating. That will be your main battlefield so to speak. It will be carried out tomorrow night. Look forward to it.」


He became heavy-hearted just from imagining it.

「Don’t make that kind of face. Even I’m feeling irritated offering you as sacrifice like that.」

Reiri moved away from the window and approached Kizuna.


Both Reiri’s hands held Kizuna’s face between them.

「Good grief, whether it’s the magic power resupply, or the Core’s install……it feels like I’m rapidly getting stuck deeper.」


Reiri stole Kizuna’s lips.

Kizuna was slightly surprised, but he showed no resistance. Rather than that, the indescribable nice smell wafting from Reiri and the softness of the lips made Kizuna taste a pleasant feeling.

The ardent kiss from his big sister combined with the stimulating sight until now. It was only natural that Kizuna’s thing was rising up from the excitement. The tip that became bigger demandingly got in between Reiri’s crotch that wasn’t wearing anything.

Reiri’s lips let go.

「Fufu♡ It looks energetic.」

Kizuna’s face flared red.

「Actually I want to make you feel refreshed here but……」

Reiri took Kizuna’s hand and pulled him towards the door.

「As expected after what I said in front of everyone, there is no way I can monopolize you myself.」

She opened the door and exited into a wide passage. He was walking through the passage that was decorated with the mosaic of colored marble while his hand was pulled by Reiri’s hand.

「Nee-chan, where are we going?」

「I’ll guide you within this ground. We are surely going to pass someone midway, so be patient until then. Can you endure?」

She talked to Kizuna with an erotic gaze.

「I can but……it’s impossible to calm this.」

Reiri laughed brightly from hearing Kizuna’s answer.

Part 2[edit]

After going out to the garden from the living room, there were a green lawn and beautifully pruned plants continuing on. The sky was really clear with white clouds floating in the blue sky. The strong sunlight shining in from between the clouds colored the garden’s greenery even more beautifully.

「There is even a garden……besides, the sky, exist.」

Kizuna couldn’t differentiate at all which sight came from reality and which sight was showed by the Love Room.

「What a beautiful flower.」

Beautiful yellow and pink flowers were blooming profusely at the shrubbery. Reiri gently caressed a flower petal with her fingertip.

Kizuna wondered whether they had ever strolled in a garden with just the two of them. He tried to recall the past as though flipping the pages of his memories, but he couldn’t find any memory that fit. In any case, there was no doubt that this was his first experience walking together with his big sister naked.

Under the brilliant sunlight, the beautiful body was strolling inside a beautiful garden. It was unusual, very improper, and immoral. That was why he couldn’t help but getting excited.

「Hm? What’s the matter Kizuna?」

「No……I’m just thinking that it’s beautiful.」

Reiri was taken by surprise and she felt her cheeks heating up.

「Do, don’t say something like that.」

「Why? I didn’t say anything false.」

「……It makes me want to push you down right here. Even I am enduring myself.」

「I, is that so……sorry.」

Kizuna also spontaneously turned red.

Reiri cleared her throat *cough* and she took Kizuna’s hand once more and began to walk.

「But, there is no one here.」

「Even this area is unexpectedly vast after all……if we go to the sea, there must be someone there.」

Both of them walked while staring at the garden. Then ahead of them was a white sandy beach with a blue sea spreading out far.

Just as Reiri predicted, there was a figure enjoying sunbathing on the beach.

「But, of all people it’s you huh.」

「What are you talking about?」

Zelcyone who was lying upside-down on a beach mat lifted her face with a displeased look. She lifted her body as though turning over and her charm became exposed. She slovenly laid down on her side, making her self become enveloped in the sensual smell of an adult.

「Zelcyone, are you alone?」

「Yeah. Grace-sama is together with Aine-sama, and I told the Quartum to interact with someone other than me. After all, those girls didn’t mingle with others even in the academy.」

Unexpectedly Zelcyone was trying to do Harem Hybrid seriously.

‘Come to think of it’──Kizuna recalled the student council president Zelcyone in Ataraxia Academy. Although she would fulfill her own interests and desires, she didn’t do anything that would bother the other students for that, and she was also thinking seriously about the students’ safety above all else. Due to that, she often clashed with the headmaster Reiri.

Even though the two’s objective was the same, but they tended to clash with each other because of their difference in position. Then──,

「Nee-chan, can you lie down beside Zelcyone?」

「……Got it.」

Without asking back why, Reiri lied down on the mat. Zelcyone also didn’t say any particular complain. Reiri stared at the side of Zelcyone’s face.

「You are really obedient huh?」

「I’m not here to play around after all. I don’t want to let go of the chance for a power up. Besides, thinking of the future, it’s better to do it with someone who I don’t get along well with.」

Kizuna nodded in admiration.

「As expected from Zel.」

When he said that, Zelcyone frowned with an angry look.

「Stop calling me like that. It’s not like I became your woman. I told you that already.」

Reiri grinned.

「That’s certainly true. There is no way Kizuna will do you.」

「……But, it looks like the brocon headmaster really wants to do the Hybrid so much she cannot endure any longer. That’s why I’m pitching in to help like this.」

「What? What are you talking about?」

Zelcyone sent a sidelong glance at Reiri as though making fun of her.

「You can see it from how the place between her legs is drooling so wantonly like that. As expected even I cannot bear to see it.」

Kizuna reflexively looked at his big sister’s lower body. Certainly, the inside of her thighs was glistening.

「!? Thi, this is……it’s, that, you know」

Reiri made an embarrassed face and hid it with her hand.

「It’s not really something to feel ashamed of. You have been inside this space from last night for preparation or whatever right? Even though I’ve been here only for a few hours, but my mood is rising so much that I myself am amazed of it.」

After saying that, Zelcyone sent Kizuna an amorous gaze.

「That’s why I don’t mind. Kizuna, I’ll specially let you do whatever you want to me.」

「I see……then Zelcyone, can you show it to me too?」


Zelcyone let out a small groan and stiffened.


She swore with a subdued tone while raising one of her knees and spread open her legs. Her hand circled from her butt and she opened her important place to show Kizuna.

That place was wetter than Reiri and glistened brightly.

Zelcyone averted her faintly blushing face.

「I’ll tell you this so you don’t misunderstand, but this is because of the Love Room’s effect. I’m not horny because of Kizuna, not in the least.」

She spoke sharply like that, but her other mouth could only be seen as inviting him. There was no persuasive power at all.

「Wha, what’s with that grin! Besides, Reiri’s state is far more awful than me! Try confirming it properly!」


Reiri was shocked from the unexpected splash damage.

「Nee-chan too, show it……」

Reiri didn’t refuse when Kizuna told her that. Reiri closed her eyes with an embarrassed look, lifted one of her leg, and then opened the inside with her own hand.

「Ki, Kizuna, as expected, this is really, embarrassing.」

Her face was reddening in shame, however her figure opening her legs and showing its inside caused Kizuna to get excited no matter how he felt about it. The cloth wrapped around his waist was lifted up.

Seeing that, Zelcyone and Reiri gulped. The drool flowing out from them also increased in amount.

Kizuna kneeled between the two.

「Hm? This is?」

His eyes caught sight of a thin and narrow container lying on the beach mat. When Zelcyone noticed his gaze, she picked up that container.

「Aah, this is sun oil. It was placed here but……that sunlight shouldn’t make you get sunburn though.」

However, it was unthinkable that something pointless was placed here in this place. There was no doubt that it was something that would be of assistance for the Hybrid.

「But it might create the mood. I’ll apply it for you two.」

Kizuna opened the lid and spilled its content on his hand.

──’This is-!’

The smooth liquid that dripped out pooled on his palm. A sweet smell immediately drifted out and Kizuna’s heart beat became faster.

The two women looked up to Kizuna with a gaze that was filled with anticipation. In order to answer it, Kizuna spread the sun oil on both his hands and touched the woman parts that were opened immodestly.



Sweet sigh leaked out from the mouths of the two.

When Kizuna gently traced the entrance of the two, they shook happily.

「So-♡ So, sudden……ly」

「Going outside, the book-♥ is quite, something……hii-, ku!」

The two tried to show their composure, but it was a pointless endeavor.

Kizuna’s figners were slipping inside the rapidly welling up springs. Their inside was welcoming Kizuna warmly. They softly, but strongly tightened on Kizuna.



The coquettish voices of Reiri and Zelcyone overlapped like a chorus. At the same time magic power particles were rising up from the two’s bodies while emitting light.

──’Eh!? Already?’


‘If it’s this much then they will soon……’──He thought that, but he didn’t think that it would be this effective. The strength of this oil must be because it was combined with the effect of the Love Room.

Both of them couldn’t lift their legs and they trembled while lying face up.

「So, sorry……I never thought, it would be this……」

Reiri breathed roughly while making an apologetic face.

「S, so……even we, reached the limit……bu, but, Kizuna. You still……」

「Tha, that’s right, Kizuna. This isn’t the end.」

Kizuna also didn’t plan to end it with this. This time he directly poured the oil on the two’s body. The dripping liquid flowed on the valley of Reiri’s large breasts toward the depression of her navel. The oil also flowed similarly on Zeclyone’s body. Kizuna spilled the liquid a bit more at their abdomen.

And then he opened both his hands. His right hand toward Zelcyone and his left hand toward Reiri, spreading the oil across their bodies.

「Haah, aa……i, it feels, good.ahn♡」

Kizuna spread the oil on Reiri’s body while groping around. The tip of her breasts were already turning hard and pointy. It was rolled around under Kizuna’s hand. It gave the only feeling of resistance amidst the meek and soft texture. It felt pleasantly ticklish.

「Kuh, Kizunaa……kuu, it’s ticklish……ah, aahn♥」

Kizuna caressed around Zelcyone’s stomach, and from there he moved again to her breast. When he moved his right and left hand similarly, he could understand well the differences of their bodies. Nevertheless, the two of them possessed amazingly mature bodies.

Kizuna was looking down on the two older beauties writhing on his left and right.

Sweat was oozing on their foreheads, causing their hair to stick there. The eyebrows that they knitted in anguish told him the severity of their battle against the rampaging sensuality inside their bodies. Their erotic lips opened and their tongue squirmed bewitchingly.

All of those reacted and changed from his hand’s movement.

He was making older women this beautiful and erotic to feel it. When he thought of that, joy and confidence welled up inside. Besides, these two were always of great help to him. He wanted them to feel good. He wanted them to feel happy. When he thought that, heat entered his caressing.


Reiri’s hand reached out to Kizuna’s waistcloth. She untied the string tying it on and it slipped down.


Reiri’s eyes were glistening with obscene light.

She stroked the thing that appeared lovingly. Fierce pleasure instantly ran through from Kizuna’s tailbone until the inside of his stomach.

It was a violent pleasure. It made him understood how Reiri and Zelcyone climaxed in the blink of an eye.

「Aa……nn. Me, too……」

Zelcyone similarly reached out and touched Kizuna. Reiri obediently conceded a spot and two hands divided duty, giving healing to Kizuna.

Zelcyone was staring at the thing her fingers were wrapping around with a heated gaze. Before long she lifted her upper body and her face came closer as though being sucked in.


This time she didn’t complain even when he called her Zel. Rather she smiled and kissed *chu* on Kizuna’s tip. Undauntedly Reiri also brought her face close and her tongue stretched out.

「Uu……Nee-chan. Zel……」

Two outrageously beautiful women were huddling and licking his thing together. That picture possessed severe destructive power. The pleasure that was actually given to his body went without saying, but the visual information that entered from his eyes also violently reverberated inside his brain.

──’This is bad. At this rate I’ll finish instantly!’

Kizuna pulled back his waist and laid down face up.

「Nee-chan, Zel, turn you butt over here.」

Reiri and Zelcyone looked at each other’s face and nodded. And then they changed the direction they were facing and got on all four. After that they lowered their heads and quickly crawled their tongues on Kizuna’s thing.

Enduring the caressing that quickly resumed, Kizuna looked up at the butts lining up at his left and right. He was overwhelmed when he was looking up at them from this near. Reiri’s butt was especially voluptuous.

When Kizuna’s hands grabbed the butts of the two, they shivered and jiggled. Kizuna tasted the soft sensation that was different from a breast while pushing through to the valley of the butt.

His fingers advanced to the centers that were even more soaked than before.



From the reactions of the two, he understood the spot that gave the two the sharpest sensation when his fingertip touched. He caressed them by focusing his attacks at those spots.

「Kuu……Ze, Zel.」

「Ahn……ri, right」

Zelcyone surmised Reiri’s intention just from that and she put Kizuna’s thing from its head into her mouth. However Kizuna couldn’t see that. He only knew that he was suddenly wrapped inside something hot. But, he understood what was being done to him.

Zelcyone narrowed her lips and moved her head up and down. And then her tongue caressed lovingly at the thing inside her mouth. Reiri was gently holding the thing that was enveloped inside the sack and the tip of her tongue gave it ticklish stimulation.

When Zelcyone’s lips let go, this time Reiri put Kizuna’s thing into her mouth. And then Zelcyone was licking the trunk while licking gently to the joint part and continuing to the thing dangling below it. And then, as though they had arranged it beforehand, their hands reached out from left and right, adding caressed to Kizuna’s stomach and chest. It was an amazing teamwork.

Light particles were rising up from the bodies of the two, melting into the air. The whole space of this place was being filled up with magic power.

Kizuna thrust once more into where a spring was welling up from the two.



Reiri’s stifled gasping voice and Zelcyone’s coquettish voice overlapped.

Hot honey copiously gushed forth from inside the two, flowing down Kizuna’s arms. Kizuna wriggled his fingers as though exploring inside a cave, which was the hot inside of the two in this case.

「Ki, Kizuna-, doing it like that is──!!♡♡♡ AAAAH!」

「Fuh, ah! There──!?♥♥♥ YAAAAAH!」

The body of Reiri and Zelcyone jerked then spasmed.

He found out the most sensitive spot of the two. Kizuna was also near his limit. He focused in severely tormenting the location of the excavated treasure. But Kizuna himself was already at his limit.

Reiri and Zelcyone stretched out their trembling tongue to Kizuna’s tip. The touching tongue tip gently gave the last push.

And then Kizuna’s fingers also pushed the two to the climax simultaneously.



The holes of sweet honey tightened intensely on Kizuna’s fingertips.

And then life energy spurted out from Kizuna’s thing toward the faces of the two.

「Aa……it’s hot♡」


Both of them stretched their tongues around their lips with an entranced look.

「Ah……it’s on your face there」

「Reiri too……」

And then the two brought their faces close to each other and they stretched out their tongues to lick the thing, before returning what they licked to the other’s tongue. Without stopping their tongues entangled with each other and their lips met. They exchanged a deep kiss to taste the thing inside the other’s mouth.

Part 3[edit]

After that, they finished one more round and the two fell asleep tiredly.

Kizuna gazed at the waves by himself. The advancing waves felt inviting to him. Kizuna left the two and tried entering the sea alone.

The water was a bit cold and felt pleasant.

It was just right to cool his flushed body. When he was thinking that, he heard a voice calling out to him.


When he looked around him, a white boat appeared from behind a cape. It was a big and really extravagant ship that looked like what a multi-millionaire would board when in a resort spot. Yurishia was waving her hand from the deck with her large breasts swaying.

「Yurishia? Also──」

Himekawa, then Hyakurath and Mercuria were also there.

「Come over here─」

「Wa, wait! Yurishia-san!?」

Yurishia was calling out with a smile, but the other three were asking what Yurishia was doing in a panic.

Kizuna should be tired from doing two rounds of Hybrid with the adult duo just now, but mysteriously he was feeling strength welling up inside. Kizuna wondered whether this too was the effect of this space──the combination of the Love Room and Baldein’s sorcery that was prepared for the Harem Hybrid.

Kizuna waved back then he swam towards the boat.

After he climbed up onto the boat, Yurishia’s smile welcomed him, but the other three didn’t move from their seats. They were making a bewildered face while hiding their breasts and crotch with their arms.

「Geez, what’s with you three? The mission won’t get accomplished by acting like that you know?」

Yurishia faced the other three and smiled encouragingly.

Himekawa groaned for a while, but she lowered her arms in resignation.

「You’re right……besides, when the mission started, I was already seen in this appearance. It’s already too late at this point……」

‘But, doing something like this with someone who I confessed to and whom hasn’t given me an answer yet, just what is this?’ Himekawa who returned to normal thought.

Furthermore, even though she hadn’t received an answer, she one-sidedly got convinced that her love was unrequited.

Further still, it would be together with three of her friends…….it was just too immoral.

‘Then you don’t want to do it?’ If she was asked that──,

Himekawa’s face blushed red and she stared at Kizuna with an upward gaze.

「This is also our duty, so…」


Since before the battle with Odin they had no leeway at all, so Kizuna too was unable to answer Himekawa’s confession. Himekawa also told him that it wasn’t like she wanted the answer right away, but he didn’t know what would happen at the last decisive battle. Would it be better if he replied properly now that Aine had returned? But conversely, Himekawa’s mental state might become unstable from that. In that case it would cause Himekawa herself to meet danger.

──’In any case, there is no way we can have that kind of talk in this situation.’

Kizuna whispered so inside his heart. At that time Yurishia was urging the other two so they wouldn’t hide their bodies too.

「Now, Hyakurath and Mercuria too.」

Yurishia said with a wink. She looked sexier than usual. In fact, her body was wearing only accessories, so that was only natural. In a sense, it was lewder than being stark naked.

Being pressed by Yurishia, Hyakurath and Mercuria also reluctantly unwrapped their arms. Their soft breasts made their entrance in front of Kizuna with a jiggle.

「Even so, what’s with this boat?」

Kizuna looked over the boat once more. Its length was around fifteen meters. There was a cockpit at the bow of the ship, under it was an entrance that seemed to lead to the cabin. There was a round table on the deck, with leather round sofa surrounding it, everything was consolidated with a clean white color.

And then, the four beautiful girls were sitting on that sofa. The four were altogether beautiful, but each had different individuality.

Without even any need to compare, the most glamorous one was undoubtedly Yurishia. Her breasts and butt looked like they were going to burst anytime. But even with that her waist was tight, it was obviously trained. Her state that was overflowing with self-confidence sitting down looked like an American gravure model.

Himekawa possessed glistening black hair and tight beautiful skin. Beside her was Yurishia, so her breasts looked small, but they were big enough with beautiful shape. The colored tips of her breasts had the color of sakuras. She sat with proper posture with her hands put together on her lap as though to hide her important place. However, a bush with the same color like her hair could be seen peeking out.

Hyakurath looked like a westerner with blonde hair and blue eyes. When she was sitting down quietly, she could be mistaken as a princess. But in reality she was the captain of the firstLeon squad of the Imperial Guards. Her body was similar to her face, it looked noble and beautiful. Her skin with its thin pigment looked transparently white. She could even be thought of as a fairy now that she was sitting naked like this.

Mercuria had a body build that was slim and flexible like a model. The size of her breasts was slightly smaller than Himekawa. Her body was also slender but it was trained like an athlete. Her skin’s color was a bit deep in contrast to Hyakurath, her hair long and brown colored. She was the captain of the secondTigris squad of Vatlantis’s Imperial Guard.

Those four extraordinarily beautiful girls were relaxing elegantly on a large and gorgeous boat. Furthermore their appearances were only wearing accessories, and nothing else.

In addition, Kizuna himself had just spent a dream-like time with two older beauties just now.

Kizuna once more pondered on the meaning of the word harem from Harem Hybrid.

「Ahead from here there is a wharf, and this boat was anchored there. Hayuru and the others said that they wanted to try riding it, so I drove it. My family also had a power boat, so I had no problems at all steering it☆」

However Hyakurath was looking down in dejection.

「Uu……even though I thought that if we were on the sea we wouldn’t meet with other people……of all things, why is Hida-kun……」

Himekawa patted Hyakurath’s shoulder with pity.

「Hyakurath-san. It’s a pity but, this is also a mission. If we don’t accumulate strength here, we might be unable to fight to the end in the decisive battle against Thanatos. If we lose, we won’t be able to take back the world so……」

Being persuaded like that, Hyakurath wiped the tears pooling in her eyes.

「You’re….right. Nothing will be resolved if I run away.」

She tightly clenched her hands and she whispered lowly inside her mouth.

「Do your best, do your best, Hyakurath-」

Himekawa and Mercuria were gazing at such Hyakurath with a gaze as though they were looking at a small child.

Kizuna also unconsciously smiled.

However, this Hyakurath, when she was held a sword, she would display a strength that earned her the of『Sword Saint』. Kizuna had also learned the basics of the sword during the Ataraxia Academy period, but he was unable to get a solid hit against her at all. Himekawa was also suitably skilled, but according to her Hyakurath was in a different dimension.

She was undoubtedly a warrior that would become one of the main forces in the final decisive battle. Because of that, he wanted her to do the Hybrid more proactively, but she also couldn’t sustain mental damage just because of that.

Kizuna suddenly said something that came to his mind.

「Then, how about we play a game?」

Mercuria made a suspecting face.

「Game? What kind of game?」

「I haven’t thought that far ahead, but……I think a game that will deepen our friendship will be nice.」

Himekawa put her finger on her cheek and made a troubled gesture.

「I think it’s a good idea but……there is not even playing cards here.」

Yurishia seemed to remember something and raised her voice.

「Then there is a good game.」

Yurishia entered the cabin and came back carrying disposable chopsticks.

「How about King’s Game? I want to try playing it at least once you know~」

Everyone except Yurishia was hesitant, but there wasn’t any other games they could play, so for now they decided to give it a try.

「Whooo is the king?」

Only Yurishia’s voice resounded.

「Wait……it’s me. Then……」

Just what kind of order would she give? Everyone was observing Yurishia’s face with held breath.

「Number one will kiss number three.」


Hyakurath’s complexion paled. The chopstick she was holding was written with 3.


Mercuria rose to her feet.

「My? Mer is number one?」

Mercuria angrily yelled at Yurishia who was asking nonchalantly.

「That’s not it! That kind of order is invalid! Like this Hyakurath will kiss someone else other than me!」

「Ge~ez, this is Harem Hybrid, so it can’t be helped. And, who is number one?」

Himekawa timidly raised her hand.

「It’s me……」


Hyakurath’s face looked relieved just for a little.

「I’m sorry, Hyakurath-san. To do this with someone like me.」

「N, no……please take care of me.」

The two bowed to each other which caused Yurishia to watch in exasperation. On the other hand Mercuria was gritting her teeth hard.

「The, then……」


They took each other’s hand slowly and quietly brought their faces closer.

The eyelids of the two were closed. And then their lips touched.

The kiss of fellow beautiful girls of different cultures.

It looked like a blonde haired westerner and a black haired Japanese were exchanging a kiss.

Kizuna was entranced by that picturesque scene.

It looked really beautiful, transient, and very lovely.

Before long the lips of the two separated and they stared at each other shyly.

「I, it feels somehow awkward doesn’t it……Hyakurath-san.」

「It feels excessively like that when everyone is watching……」

「……Hmph. Next time for sure I’ll……」

Mercuria snorted and spoke in a bad mood.

「Then second round, let’s go~ whooo is the king?」

「Ah, it’s me.」

Himekawa showed the chopstick that was written with letter K.

「Then……number two and number three……kiss each other.」

Mercuria snapped and yelled.

「Again! It’s kissing again!」

Kizuna was also surprised. He never thought that Himekawa would give that kind of order. When he stole a glance at Himekawa’s face, her cheeks were blushing and her moist eyes were hollow somewhere inside. It seemed her switch was turned on from the kiss just now. Kizuna was surprised once more by how great the influence of this space was.


When Kizuna looked at his own chopstick, the number 2 was written there.

「I am number two. Who is number 3?」

「It’s me-!」

Mercuria threw the chopstick on the table.

「Shit……why do I have to do something like this-!」

Kizuna apologized inside his heart to Mercuria even while he was thinking that this was a good chance instead. After all, Mercuria was an enemy that was even more formidable than Hyakurath. Here he would somehow make her get into the mood so that she would participate proactively in the Harem Hybrid.

Kizuna grabbed the shoulders of the vexed Mercuria and brought his face closer. Hyakurath held her breath seeing that scene.

Mercuria closed her eyes tightly. And then her body was also turning stiff whether it was from nervousness or disgust.

──’Sorry, Mercuria.’

Kizuna’s lips stole Mercuria’s lips.


Kizuna’s palms on Mercuria’s shoulders felt how strength was gradually leaving Mercuria’s body. Kizuna slid his hands down and caressed her arms lovingly. Mercuria’s body jerked then spasmed. And then Kizuna turned his hands around Mercuria’s back and embraced her body.

「Nn, fuu……nh」

The lips that she tightly closed opened. Kizuna’s tongue entered inside Mercuria’s mouth. Mercuria also responded to that and entangled her tongue on his.

And then after enjoying each other’s sensation for a while, their lips separated. A string of saliva was pulled between Mercuria and Kizuna’s mouths.

「Are you okay, Mer?」

When Hyakurath shook Mercuria’s shoulder, Mercuria returned to her senses as though she had just woken up.

「Wha, what do you mean!? Good grief……it was filthy.」

She spoke bitterly before wiping up her mouth in a fluster.

「But Mer……you were kissing for about three minutes you know?」


Mercuria glared at Kizuna, then she whispered ‘next it will be with Hyakurath……’.

「I too want to kiss with Kizuna for sure next turn♡ Then, let’s move on-. Whooo is the king?」

After that they repeated the game many times over and punishment games with various combinations of personnel unfolded. And then each time that happened, the aphrodisiac effect became even more pronounced and stronger on Kizuna and co.

And then finally──,


Hyakurath was burying her face between Kizuna’s legs. Kizuna was caressing Hyakurath’s head as though wanting to say surrender to that pleasure.

「O, oi Hyakurath, the order is just a kiss right? If you are doing it that intensely……」

It was unclear whether Hyakurath heard Kizuna’s voice or not, but her lips didn’t let go.

「Nnnn……nh, nnu♡」

Mercuria slapped her chopstick on the table once again.

「Shit-! Why is it only me who never got paired with Hyakurath!?」

Himekawa and Yurishia were enviously watching Hyakurath continuing to move her head up and down. Himekawa was sandwiching both her hands between her legs while fidgeting.

「Nh……aah, that serious and pure Hyakurath-san is, doing that kind of thing……」

Yurishia was also groping her breast in a light massage.

「He, hey……it’s, enough already isn’t it?」

She sent an amorous glance towards the cabin. From the gap of the door, a large bed could be seen inside.

Himekawa’s throat gulped.

「I, I guess you’re right……this is a mission after all.」

「Indeed. If it’s like that than I can also, with Hyakurath……」

Mercuria stood up and grasped Hyakurath’s arm before she forcefully tore her off from Kizuna.

「The game is over already. Let’s go to the cabin.」

「Ah……i, is that so?」

Mercuria led the tottering Hyakurath into the cabin and laid her down on the bed. From behind her, Kizuna entered with Himekawa and Yurishia clinging on him at his left and right. Both of them were pressing their breasts on Kizuna’s arm seductively.

When Yurishia climbed on the bed, she smiled sweetly.

「Now……it will be the true Harem Hybrid from here. Who will you start loving from?」

The bed was really large, it would still leave some space even with five people on it. Kizuna was staring in turn at the four beautiful girls sitting at ease on the bed. And then his eyes stopped on──,



Mercuria raised a shocked voice as though she had snapped awake from her drunkenness.

「Wa, wait. Just leave me alone. Rather than me, you can just get affectionate with Hayuru or Yurishia right? Just why are you choosing me.」

Mercuria was backing away while letting out cold sweat.

「First it’s necessary to have Mercuria’s cooperation. If not, the Harem Hybrid’s effect might get lowered.」

「N, no, don’t mind me. I’ll be watching over the──ah」

Hyakurath pinned down Mercuria from behind. And then her left leg was caught by Himekawa while her right leg was caught by Yurishia.

「Yo, you all, stop, what are you doing!」

Himekawa and Yurishia pulled back her legs, pushing her down on the bed. And then Hyakurath put Mercuria’s head on her lap and pinned down both her shoulders.

「Hyakurath, even you!」

「I’m sorry, Mer. But, this is necessary in order to save the world.」

「Bu, but……uhyaaa!」

Mercuria had her legs opened forcefully by Himekawa and Yurishia. Mercuria’s secret spot was exposed before Kizuna without hiding anything.

And then Himekawa and Yurishia untied Kizuna’s waistcloth that had been greatly swelling out since they were playing the game. Seeing the thing that appeared from under it, Mercuria held her breath.


Its tip was approaching the spot of Mercuria that couldn’t be shown to other people.


A slightly sticky sound could be heard and Mercuria bent her body backward. Kizuna traced Mercuria’s shape with his thing. A shuddering sensation ran through him when his thing moved from between Mercuria’s legs toward the back.

「Hayuru, Yurishia. Can you close her legs for me?」

Yurishia lifted her face towards Kizuna.

「I’ll do it but, a reward.」

Kizuna pressed his lips softly on the lips of Yurishia who closed her eyes.

「M, me too……」

Himekawa at the opposite side pushed out her face as though wanting to say not fair.

Kizuna separated his lips from Yurishia before he turned left and gently kissed Himekawa.


Himekawa floated a satisfied smile and exchanged saliva with Kizuna. Kizuna felt like he was overflowing with hardness and strength from kissing with the two of them.

The two of them closed Mercuria’s legs by pushing from left and right. Her thighs pressed close to each other, leaving no gap in between. Mercuria sighed in relieve.

Her relieve lasted only for a moment. The sensation of something penetrating into her crotch made her spine shudder.

「Wha-……what is!?」

It was something long, with surface that was soft but hard. Mercuria guessed its true identity from the shape that she felt from her thighs and crotch.


It was something hard and rugged, but it scraped on her sensitive spot. And then Kizuna pulled back his waist and banged once more.

「Ya, yah, fuah, aahn!」

The hammered in pile driver pulverized her words of rejection. Even the reasoning remaining inside Mercuria was destroyed, and she was washed away by the pleasure that Harem Hybrid brought her.

「Heey, Kizuna……please. We too……」

Yurishia took Kizuna’s hand, then she led it toward her own stomach. Kizuna reached out his right hand towards Yurishia and his left hand towards Himekawa, he caressed like drawing a circle around the two’s navels.

Himekawa muttered shamefully with a blushing face.

「Don’t……I wonder, if my stomach is fat.」

「There is no such thing, Hayuru. It’s tight and really beautiful you know?」

Himekawa’s face brightened in a flash. And then she slightly closed her knees and stretched herself. It was as though she was guiding Kizuna’s hand lower.

Kizuna’s finger tip touched something smooth. He pushed through the black bush, searching for the spring of warm honey. His right hand was searching inside a golden thicket. And then both his hands simultaneously touched something hot and damp.



Yurishia and Himekawa raised voices of joy.

He moved his hands to grind on the two’s important spot with his fingertip that was stained with dripping honey.

「Aah, nnh! There-, it feels go-ood♡」

「A, amazing-♥ AaAAAH!」

Even more warm honey was dripping out from inside the two’s bodies. Kizuna thrust his fingers into those honey pots.


The two’s coquettish voices resounded like a song.

「Ho, how is it Kizuna? Does my insides, feel, good?」

「Yeah, it’s soft……like I’m getting healed.」

「A, and, what about, that’s……my inside, how it is?」

「It’s really tight and pleasant. Just like Hayuru who is strict but kind.」

Himekawa made an intoxicated gaze, she then stretched out her tongue and kissed Kizuna.

「Nnuh! O, wh, what, aahn♥ a, about me, Kizuna?」

Mercuria asked with a red face and hard breathing as though she had been doing a long distance marathon. Kizuna inserted slightly deeper and scraped Mercuria’s secret spot as though digging it out to answer that.


「Yeah, of course……yours feels, really good.」

When Kizuna answered so, Mercuria smiled slightly. And then, she looked up at the face of Hyakurath who was giving her a lap pillow. Most of her sight was blocked by the round breasts, but she could see Hyakurath’s gentle gaze from the gap.

「Nnuh, Hya-, Haykurath-, ge, get above, my, my face.」


Hyakurath turned bright red and looked around at the faces of Kizuna, Himekawa, and Hayuru in panic. Yurishia let out a passionate sigh while smiling with an erotic gaze.

「Nh, don’t mind us, yo, you can, ahn♡ just do, what you……usually do.」

「Tha, that’s-!? It’s not like we are usually doing……」

Hyakurath looked down at Mercuria on her lap with a troubled look.

「It’s like, only Hyakurath……is getting, nh, left out, like this.」


Hyakurath put down Mercuria’s head from her lap, then she lifted her body.

She hung her head down in embarrassment so that Kizuna and the others couldn’t see her face. And then she straddled Mercuria’s head. Then she went down on her knees. However even if she wasn’t looking, she felt the gazes from everyone piercing her.

「No……it’s embarrassing.」

「Hyakurath, lower your waist more.」


She lowered her waist even while frowning with a troubled look. And then Mercuria kissed on Hyakurath’s lips that were fully wet.


Hyakurath yelled as though she was going to leap up. Mercuria held Hyakurath’s thighs with her hands so that she wouldn’t escape.

「Yahn, Me, Mer-?」

Mercuria stretched out her tongue and touched the spot where Hyakurath felt it the best.


And then Mercuria exchanged kisses with Hyakurath’s lower lips and applied a passionate deep kiss as though to strike her feeling into there.

「Hiihn! Wai-, Me……Mer-♡ Do, aAAAAAAaHN!!」

Hyakurath was already mostly sitting on Mercuria’s head. However Mercuria didn’t even look pained and continued to send pleasure to Hyakurath thoroughly.

That pleasure was reverberating to every corner of Hyakurath’s body. Hyakurath exposed an intoxicated expression to Himekawa, Yurishia, and Kizuna.

「Aau……yaa, don’t, loook……」

She begged with teary and drooling face that looked completely intoxicated. That indecent figure radiated obscene feelings to anyone who watched.

「Fufu……that’s a nice face, Hyakurath☆」

「You are really pretty, class president.」

「AAaH!I-, I’m sorry-……that I’m, this kind of class president, aah♡」

Hyakurath’s waist was trembling and her body pitched forward. Kizuna also put his face forward and met Hyakurath’s lips with a kiss.

Hyakurath opened her lips subconsciously and she licked around inside Kizuna’s mouth.

Yurishia and Himekawa leaned their body on Kizuna. Their bodies were trembling, bringing to attention that they were near their limit. Mercuria yelled with suffocated breathing.

「No-, no more-! Do, dooon’t! Please, I’m already, alrea-──」

Mercuria sucked as strong as she could on Hyakurath’s secret part that had been overflowing with honey nonstop since some time ago.


Hyakurath’s shriek flowed into Kizuna mouth to mouth.

Kizuna made the hardest thrust with his waist until now as though to deal the finishing blow, while the fingers of his two hands pushed on the place inside the two where they felt it the most.


Feelings of climax rushed around the bodies of the three with Hyakurath following a moment later.


Mercuria opened her legs sluttishly and then she didn’t move looking like she fainted. She was lying down limply while her body was twitching sometimes.

Hyakurath, Himekawa, and Yurishia were letting out heated breaths while leaning down on Kizuna tiredly. Kizuna was also breathing with his shoulders heaving as though he had just trained intensely.

Himekawa slowly lifted her body and she brushed up her black hair with a slovenly appearance.

「Kizuna-kun-……♥ ne, next is, me……」

Hearing that voice, Yurishia also lifted her face.

「Nope, do it……to me.」

「Err, we made Mer forced herself so, I too……that」

「Wa, wait……everyone also needs to rest」

However the three kneeled in front of Kizuna and they touched the thing that made Mercuria capitulate with their lips, then they whispered.

「──Quickly get energetic okay♥」

Part 4[edit]

By the time the sun almost vanished into the horizon, everyone gathered inside the dining hall in order to have dinner.

The meal was in the style of a buffet, while there were plenty dishes in Japanese, Chinese, and Western style put together on the menu. Kizuna who had already ate up two plates worth was looking around at the food wondering what he was going to eat next.

「……But, it helps that the food is normal. All of it is delicious. I completely thought that the menu would be made up of only vitality supplements.」

『As for that, it has been prepared properly.』

Kei was standing near him without him noticing. And then her hand was holding a glass filled with bubbling red liquid.

「What is that?」

『Before, when fighting Professor Nayuta, you drank a drink filled with tonic. This is a cocktail of that which has been powered up further. Its name too is Red Harem. It’s also mixed with Baldein’s nectar. Amazing things will happen if you drink it.』

「Wait a second! At that time didn’t you say that the drink is already something that absolutely cannot be sold!?」

『But, it should become necessary in order to weather tonight.』


Kizuna put the glass on his mouth and took a sip.

「……The taste is not bad.」

And then he gulped it down.

『It’s also put inside the provision refrigerator in your room and the bedroom. You can drink it as you like.』

Kei turned around and left with her small butt shaking.

──’Shikina-san is also pitiful isn’t she, that she needs to be in that appearance.’

Thinking that, Kizuna suddenly noticed that he hadn’t caught sight of Nayuta.

She said that Odin shared magic power with her, but perhaps her condition was still not good. She said that she was healed to the degree where she could at least walk though.

However, he never thought that he would worry like this about his mother’s health.


His body was strangely feeling hot and he felt like strength was welling up.

It seemed that the Red Harem just now was working. Furthermore the part that he wished would be docile at dinner time was strangely energetic.

──’I have eaten quite a lot, perhaps it’s enough already.’

Kizuna slowly got out of the dining hall.

There was no one in the corridor. Somehow he was now alone for the first time since he came to this villa. This was a rare chance, so he thought to relax alone at least while everyone was having dinner.


Thinking that, the first thing he thought of was the bath.

And then Kizuna immediately headed towards the bathroom.

「Aa……it’s really calming.」

Kizuna dipped in the hot water until his shoulders and let out a sigh ‘haaah’.

For some reason it looked like he was running away from everyone and he felt a little guilty but……after this he would surely be doing Hybrids until he fell asleep, and he also wouldn’t be allowed to just fall asleep through the night. In that case, it also wasn’t bad for him to clean his body while he could right now. He persuaded himself like that.

「──Right. Then, I’ll wash my body.」

Kizuna whispered to himself and stood up.

The moment he rose from the bathtub, the bathroom’s door was opened loudly.

「Masters will wash your baaack!!」


The six Masters were all present. Of course all of them were only wearing accessories.

「This attire is really convenient to enter the bath just like this isn’t it♪」

Saying that Scarlet snapped her fingers and the other members entered while carrying various things like a beach mat, body soap, and so on. But no matter how he looked at it he thought that the water gun was unnecessary.

「E, err Scarlet, you don’t really need to do something like that right now, after all later──」

Scarlet shook her finger and responded.

「No good, no good, before that I want to do it with all the Masters’ members first. I work with this team a lot, and today you still haven’t done it with us yet.」

Clementine and Sharon put down two large beach mats side by side. With that six people might get on it at the same time. The mats were the type that was inflated with air, so Henrietta and Leila got on them and confirmed that there was no problem.

Leila made a thumbs up sign.

「Yeees, the preparations are ok! Today will be a great service that bleeds money. It’s free of charge after all!」

Scarlet pushed Kizuna’s back and made him get on the mat.

「Now now, lay down here.」

She forcefully made Kizuna lay down face up and he was surrounded by six people around him.

「I’ll make full use of the Connective Hybrid experience with Yurishia~♪」

Scarlet turned over a bottle of body soap and began to directly drip the content on Kizuna’s chest. She spilled it carelessly on his chest and stomach that a whole bottle was fully emptied.

「Then, everyone! GO AHEAD!」


They ganged up and began to rub Kizuna’s body. Bubbles were produced in large amount immediately and it became something amazing. When the Masters bunch were like this, there was nothing that could be done except letting them do as they pleased. Kizuna also made use of his experience and gave up.


It was only Gertrude who didn’t get involved and sitting still while staring at Kizuna. When Scarlet also noticed that, she beckoned at Gertrude.

「What’s up? Come over here already.」

「Eh……no, I’m……」

Gertrude scratched on her cheek embarrassedly. Clementine became impatient and pulled on her hand.

「Come on, what is the person with the greatest achievement in the fight versus Odin hesitating for.」

「No no no! The amazing one was boss and boss’s big sis, I’m telling you that I didn’t do anything significant!」

Clementine frowned feeling that it was troublesome.

「It’s the fact that you defeated her right? It’s fine, just don’t think too much about that kinda thing!」

Scarlet also nodded smilingly.

「Right right. We will leave you the most important spot.」

Gertrude was made to sit between Kizuna’s opened legs.

「Are you damn saying that this is a good place……」

Henrietta took off her cloudy glasses and wiped the lens with her fingertip.

「It’s the important point strategically after all. And Gertrude is also the one with the most experience.」

「I, I am?」

Gertrude made a taken aback face, to which Leila tilted her head.

「Because, when we were fighting against Vatlantis, you were together with Kizuna-kun just the two of you right?」

「Well that’s, it’s true……」

Scarlet thrust up her hand and ordered.

「Then, everyone, once again let’s gooo!」

‘Oooo’, Along with their voices, the six people reached out their hands toward Kizuna.

Having his body washed by six naked beautiful girls made him felt for real that this was something in a different dimension from the usual Hybrid. This was Masters whose members were rough and unrefined in some aspects, but the hands crawling around Kizuna’s body were really soft. The breasts that were shaking along with their body’s movements each had their own individuality that he didn’t get bored of watching.

On top of that, having his vital spot grasped by Gertrude made him strangely embarrassed and excited.

「Good grief, boss is damn tough eh……」

Gertrude was making an exasperated face at the thing that was rapidly increasing in hardness inside her hands. However there was happiness dwelling in her voice. Before she knew it she was polishing Kizuna’s thing passionately.

Her hand moved from the gleaming head part and the narrowing part below it. And then from the rugged trunk part to below, there was the important organ that was creating life energy. Gertrude carefully and diligently washed it. What was inside her hand was the very key that controlled the fate of the world. But, her fingertips were moving gently, as though she was handling an important thing with a feeling that came from more than just that fact.

「Theeen next, we will wash you using our whole body. Leila, Sharon! Plaster soap on Gertrude with your all. Clementine, wash the bubbles on Kizuna for now.」


Leila sprinkled body soap over Gertrude’s body while Sharon rubbed her hand on Gertrude’s chest and stomach to make it bubble up.

「Wa, wawa, both of you! It damn tickles!」

「Don’t struggle!」

「With this……ok. Ei-」

Sharon pushed Gertrude’s back.


Gertrude fell on Kizuna.

「A, are you okay, Ger-san?」

「I, I’m damn fine……」

Gertrude rubbed the foam sticking on her nose tip while replying. Scarlet talked triumphantly towards such Gertrude.

「As the reward for your achievement, we will give you time for single match for a while.」

‘How is it? You’re happy right?’ Scarlet seemed like she wanted to say that. Gertrude returned a complicated smile to her.

「Bu, but──」

Right at that timing, the sound of the bathroom’s door opening resounded once more.

「Hm? What, you are here huh.」

「My, just when I thought that I didn’t see you anywhere……what’s more you’re together with Masters.」

Who entered were Clayda and Elma of Quartum. Lunorlla and Ramza also came from behind them.

「Ah……a lot of people are inside.」

「Aaaa, but this is a nice timing isn’t it?」

Leaving behind Gertrude who was leaning on Kizuna, the remaining five people got down from the beach mats. And then they faced the four Quartum from the front.

Clayda glared at Scarlet fiercely.

「Are you trying to steal a march on us?」

「What about you yourself. But Kizuna is in the middle of a party with Masters now.」

The gaze of the two teams clashed fiercely.

Kizuna and Gertrude reflexively looked at each other’s faces seeing that sudden confrontation mode.

Scarlet put her hand on her waist and sighed deeply.

「──Well, perhaps it’s better if we too let bygones be bygones and get along with each other.」

「Uh huh. I guess. After all, between us……」

Clayda also crossed her arms and pondered.

「……was there something?」

The members of Masters also showed a troubled look. Scarlet wracked her brain while saying.

「Come to think of it, there was nothing between us huh.」

「Yeah. Thinking carefully, there was almost no point of contact between us. At most I only thought of you all as a boisterous team in the academy, that’s all.」

「We too had no business with the student council……well, right now we are giving our accomplished squad member a reward you see.」

Clayda looked at Gertrude who was straddling Kizuna and she made an understanding look.

「Aa……in that case we’ll wait until she is finished.」

「We too, let’s warm our bodies for now.」

Scarlet and co. used the shower to wash off the foam on their bodies before dipping into the hot water. Then everyone harmoniously made talk with each other as though they had forgotten the existence of Kizuna and Gertrude.

The two who were left behind alone were staring at that situation wordlessly.

「……We, well. It’s no use even if we stay like this, right?」

「Da, damn right. We have reached this far……」

They were gradually getting embarrassed when they stared at each other. They reflexively averted their gaze from each other.

「Somehow……right, it’s embarrassing acting too formally.」

「Yo, you’re right. Feeling like this with Ger-san at this late hour is……like, you feel different from other girls.」

Doing something like that with a partner that they thought nothing of except as friends. There was a strange feeling that made their hearts beat fast from that. This might be an immoral feeling that they couldn’t obtain if their relationship wasn’t like this.

「It might be too late asking this but, can you stop with that Ger-san at least when it’s a situation like this?」

「You’ve got a point I guess.」

Kizuna laughed. Then he put his hand on Gertrude’s back. Gertrude too entrusted her body to Kizuna.

「Gertrude. You were a big help when fighting Odin. Thank you.」

「What are you damn saying at this point. I’m boss’s partner after all……whoops.」

Gertrude slid her body and rubbed her meager breasts on Kizuna’s chest.

「This is a rare chance, I’ll accept everyone’s good will and monopolize boss now.」

She spoke with a light tone to hide her embarrassment and rubbed the thing that she had developed to be hard just now with her abdomen.


The hardened thing stimulated Gertrude herself. The pleasure that she tasted after so long caused Gertrude to feel dizzy.

「Wa, was it this damn hard before……」

Gertrude’s cheeks immediately flushed and her eyes also grew intoxicated. Her face looked cute, which caused Kizuna to unconsciously move his waist too. He wanted to make Gertrude felt good too, that was what he was thinking.

「Do, don’t, boss……I’m the one, servicing……ukyah!?」

Because Gertrude’s body was slippery from the body soap, she slipped and fell on Kizuna’s side. Kizuna embraced Gertrude’s body so she wouldn’t slip away.

「So, sorry……」

「It’s nothing big with the relation between me and Ger-sa…..Gertrude right? You don’t need to say thanks or anything for something like this.」

Gertrude smiled wryly.

「That, isn’t it the same as what I said before this?」

「That’s true.」

Kizuna and Gertrude leaked out a chuckle from holding back their laughter.

「It’s fine already, even if boss calls me Ger-san.」

「I see……」

Kizuna made his left arm to be an arm pillow for Gertrude, then with his right hand he caressed her childish figure.

「Nn♡……good grief, boss is so damn skilled that it’s irritating……」

Gertrude also pulled her hand and she caressed around from Kizuna’s chest until his abs as though confirming their shape.

「It’s getting a bit more muscled than before isn’t it?」

「But Ger-san who says that doesn’t change at all.」

Gertrude made a pouting face and her hand reached even lower.

Gertrude used the fingers of both her hands to entwine on Kizuna’s thing.

「!……Ger-san too……you are quite, something.」

She moved her fingers softly, causing Kizuna’s arousal to become more severe.

However Kizuna too didn’t stay quiet. He caressed her small breasts and rolled the pink bud at the center with his palm.

「FUaAAAH!♡ Tha, that kind of attack is, da, damn unfaiiir♡」

It abruptly stood erect inside Kizuna’s hand.

「What are you saying while holding someone’s vital spot in your hand……but Ger-san has also gotten hard here.」

「-Geez! Don’t comment about every single thing!」

Kizuna’s hand left the breast to caress around her stomach and waist before enjoying the sensation of her butt.

「Your butt is small like usual……but is it tighter than before?」

「Nnu……who, who knows, since my rehabilitation, I was doing nothing but damn……trai, ning after all.」

「I see.」

The technique she used when defeating Odin was something that she was always doing, it wasn’t something particularly worth mentioning. Rather than technique it was more like a craft, that was what Gertrude herself said.

「It’s the fruit of you steadily training daily.」

「Heh? Wha, what is……nh! AaAAH!」

Kizuna’s fingers left her butt and finally got into Gertrude’s secret part from the front.

「Tha, that place is……AaAA♡ Don’t, do, it, damn……I, felt it, too much-!♡」

Gertrude complained how good it felt with a face that looked like she was going to cry. It was really cute and erotic.

In the battle against the Deus ex Machina, her strength couldn’t be a match against the enemy and there was no place for her to play an active role. But even like that she didn’t crumble, instead she continued working hard doing what she could. No matter how many times she was injured and got hospitalized, every time she would get healed and then return to the battlefield. And then, when the time came where she was needed, she displayed the fruit of her habitual training and accomplished her role.

──’Good grief,’

「You’re just too cool, Ger-san.」

「Hah, aah! Wha, what are you……talking──」

Kizuna stole Gertrude’s lips.

「Nn……nn, nh!?」

After a moment of delay Gertrude opened her eyes wide in surprise. However she immediately became intoxicated with the sweet sensation of their lips joining together. Even after their lips separated, Gertrude was unable to speak for a while.

「Tha, that was……my damn, first kiss……」

「Sorry, I was unconsciously……did you hate it?」

Gertrude narrowed her eyes and stared at Kizuna with a melting smile.

「……it might turn into a habit.」

Gertrude stretched her neck and this time she kissed Kizuna from her end. And then with their lips kept pressed to each other, they sent pleasure to each other’s important part that was being touched by each other’s hand.

「Nh♡ Kufuh……nn, nnan♡」

Kizuna parted Gertrude’s lips and his tongue slipped inside. At first Gertrude’s tongue pulled away in fright, but while the inside of her mouth was being caressed by Kizuna’s tongue, her body relaxed bit by bit and before she noticed their tongues had entwined from her initiative.

「♡unh……haa……Boooss♡ Nku……nh, nnuh♡」

The intense pleasure welling up from the lower body and the sweet pleasure flowing in from inside the mouth burst inside the body, exploding in chain reaction, the carnality of the two was heightened until the very limit. The light enveloping the bodies of the two shined dazzlingly, and then──exploded.


Gertrude bent her body backwards and shrieked. Her body was convulsing repeatedly, expressing her joy. Kizuna too also spewed out the explosion of his pleasure into Gertrude’s hand.

Both of them were drifting inside the pleasant sense of fatigue.

「……Both of you are getting really hot eh.」


When Kizuna and Gertrude opened their eyes, without them noticing, Masters and Quartum were thoroughly observing in appreciation around them.

The face of Gertrude that was dyed red and flushed became even redder.

「Wha, what are you all damn doing watching like that-!」

Scarlet muttered with a taken aback look.

「Nooo, just thinking, perhaps you two are really serious with each other……like that.」

Clayda also folded her arms.

「Perhaps it’s necessary to report this, just in case.」

「Do, don’t say stupid things! It’s not like that I’m telling you!」

Gertrude tried to leap to her feet, but her body didn’t listen to her. Strength couldn’t enter her waist, so she rolled on the beach mat and took distance from Kizuna.

「Now, it’s enough for me already, so next everyone have your damn fun!」

All the Masters from Scarlet to the rest were thinking warmly of such Gertrude.

「Yes yes. Then, let’s do just that. Then, next is our turn─!」

‘Oooo!’ Along with such enthusiastic shout, Masters and Quartum rushed Kizuna.

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