Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Harem Hybrid – Second Day[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kizuna suddenly opened his eyes.

The morning sunlight was shining in from the window. A chandelier was dangling from the tall ceiling.

For a moment he didn’t understand where he was.

──’That’s right, right now I’m in the middle of Harem Hybrid. It’s……the second day.’

He recalled last night with a brain that was still half-asleep.

After going out from the bathroom, he was caught by Landred……he did Connective Hybrid together with Gravel and Aldea who were passing by chance……he was exhausted and returned to his room. He remembered until that point. He might have collapsed onto his bed and then slept completely. When Kizuna was thinking that, suddenly he felt an out of place feeling at his crotch.

That sensation was becoming stronger the clearer his head became, he raised his head in hurry towards that hot and damp sensation.

「Mu, are you awake. Good morning Nii-sama♡」

「Ki, Kizuna? Good morning.」

The sister pair of Grace and Aine were cordially licking his towering thing. He wondered how long they had been at it. Their cheeks were pressed with each other while kissing Kizuna’s thing. And then the two tongues were expediting Kizuna’s awakening.

Thanks to that, Kizuna’s thing was completely pointing to the ceiling. It was waking up a step earlier than Kizuna himself. He didn’t know if it was standing up because of the morning phenomenon, or because of Grace and Aine.

「Both of you, why are you here this early……」

Grace answered with a chipper smile.

「Right. Because it seems that waking up like this every morning is a custom in Lemuria.」

「I once investigated it in the past. That……this is how you wake up your lover.」

Kizuna felt like he was pulled back to the far away past that became nostalgic right now.

「About that knowledge……it’s wrong.」

However Kizuna’s explanation didn’t reach the two, they continued to lick Kizuna’s thing as though possessed.

In the end after that, he was wrung out a lot by Aine and Grace.

Part 2[edit]

In order to have breakfast, everyone was gathering inside the dining hall.

Kizuna quickly drank from the morning the mysterious drink Red Harem that was developed by the Research Department, and then he was going to head to the table where the food was lined up, pondering what he was going to eat.

「Heey, Kizuna.」

Scarlet called out to Kizuna.

「There is our recommended menu here, won’t you try it?」


Henrietta who was standing behind Scarlet cut in to give an additional explanation.

「Yes. It seems to be a menu that is greatly popular in New York, so we tried reproducing it with the available ingredients here.」

「Hee……what kind of cooking is it?」

Kizuna surveyed the lined up dishes.

「Aa, it’s not put here. After all we made it for Kizuna.」

「That makes me happy but……」

He had a bad premonition.

Before Kizuna could ask in detail, Scarlet clapped her hand together.

「It’s okay─! Bring it here─」

The door of the dining hall opened and Gertrude, Clementine, Sharon, and Leila were carrying in the dish. No, to be more accurate, they were carrying a stretcher.

And then when the stretcher was put on the table, the thing that was carried in it became clear.

「What the-……!?」

It was sweets that were decorated with fresh cream and fruits like strawberry and cherry. It was a masterpiece that was really sweet and lovely, truly like the miracle of god.

The cheeks that blushed like peach, the dainty gaze that was like a candy statue. The shining lips that was like candy coating and skin that was like white chocolate. The molding that expressed an immature body was also splendid, while the hair that was like terrifyingly thin omelet cut into strips looked exactly like the real Sylvia──,

「Ca, captain……it’s embarrassing desu. But, please eat Sylvia……desu.」

──No matter how he saw it, it was only Sylvia who got coated with fresh cream.

「Sy……Sylvia-!? Yo, you, what are you doing!?」

「Yesterday captain didn’t really get affectionate with Sylvia desu. Different from everyone, perhaps Sylvia doesn’t have charm……was what Sylvia thought desu.」

Kizuna tried recalling the events of yesterday.

Certainly, yesterday he wasn’t really interacting with Sylvia. He didn’t have composure in his heart and he might have only gotten carried away by the flow doing whatever that first came to mind.

「When Sylvia was discussing it with Ragrus-chan, everyone of Masters were passing by, and they taught Sylvia that surely captain would be happy if it’s with Japan’s traditional 『Nyotaimori』 desu.」[1]

Kizuna’s shoulders dropped dejectedly.

「Just what are you all making the pure Sylvia do……just what are you saying is popular in New York huh?」

「What’s with you, it’s not like we’re tricking you.」

「Yes. We saw it on the internet before the war. It was extremely popular, and restaurants that were adding Nyotaimori to their menus were also increasing it said.」

It was an extremely suspicious piece of information. But Scarlet was full of confidence.

「Besides, it’s the fact that it’s so cute that you want to eat it right?」


It was a fact that he couldn’t deny.

「Anyway……sorry, Sylvia. I’m making you feel lonely like that……」

「It’s fine desu. If captain will look at Sylvia, Sylvia is happy with that desu.」

「Waiiitt! How long you’re going to make me wait here!!」

An angry yell resounded from outside the dining hall.

「Ah, no good. We kept leaving her in the corridor.」

The Masters panickedly rushed outside before bringing in one more plate of sweets that was once again a person on a stretcher. This one was the Ragrus fruit and fresh cream platter.

「I see, so Ragrus is going along with Sylvia huh. Thanks for that.」

When Kizuna smiled, Ragrus snorted.

「It’s not like you need to thank me. I’m just doing as I please. Rather than that, something like making Sylvia lonely is what I find unforgivable though.」


「Err, Ragrus-chan. Sylvia isn’t……」

「Just make it up properly to her.」

Ragrus spoke with caustic words like that before averting her face with a huff.

「You’re right……then, I’ll have Sylvia now.」

「Ye, yes……please dig in desu.」

Kizuna tried to take the strawberry placed on the tip of the breast, but he gave up doing that.

──’This is, it’s better to eat it directly using my mouth, huh?’

Kizuna brought his face close to Sylvia’s breast and put the strawberry that was placed on fresh cream with a single swallow. At that time, the most sensitive place in Sylvia’s breast was also pecked by his lips from doing that.


「Does it hurt?」

Sylvia shook her head left and right before answering.

「It feels good desu. Please……eat more desu.」

He brought his face close once more and directly licked the fresh cream decorating the breast.

「Hya……aA……ah……it, it tickles desu.」

However, by the time he finshed licking the fruit and the fresh cream placed on the breast, Sylvia was only able to let out gasping voices.


Kizuna licked in a circle at the fresh cream decorating around the navel, then he also licked at the navel while he was at it.

「HyaaAAA♡ Ca, captain……FUaAAA♡」

Sylvia’s expression changed completely to show how she felt that completely and saliva was trickling from the corner of her opened mouth.

「Then, I’ll eat the most delicious looking place now.」

The lower part had truly detailed decorations applied there. It was as though she was wearing an underwear of fresh cream. There, mango, peach, and melon that was cut into small pieces were adding into the decoration.

He didn’t know who was the one among Masters that did this, but Kizuna was in admiration to that person’s unexpected talent.

It felt like a waste to lick it, but it was useless to only keep appreciating it. Kizuna licked from the part where an underwear string would be at and then moved slowly to the center.

He moistened his throat with the fruit toppings, and then he finally arrived at the deep part of the opened legs.

「AAauh♡ Ca, captain, that spot is the end desuu」

Sylvia whose whole body was thoroughly caressed had the skin of her whole body dyed faintly pink, her body kept twitching. However, from Kizuna’s point of view, it looked very inviting to him.

「No, I still haven’t finished eating.」


He feasted on the sweet that was Sylvia herself.


Kizuna crawled his tongue on the soft flesh of fruit and tasted the inside part.

「FUNYAaAAAH♡ AaAHNN, ca, captain, that’s, not fruits desuu, there, is Sylvia’s ──FYAaAAAA ♡♡」

However, each time his tongue licked and his mouth sucked, it was as though the juice of the juicy fruit was squeezed out, sweet honey was flowing out in large amount. Perhaps because of this space and the juice mixed with nectar that was offered as a drink, the honey really tasted like fruit.

Staring at the state of Kizuna and Sylvia, Ragrus smiled in relieve.

「What’s this……she is letting out a happy voice like that.」

「In that case we will be the ones who dig into the Ragrus sweets.」


Zelcyone and Quartum were surrounding Ragrus. Ragrus’s complexion quickly turned pale.

「N, no, I’m looking like this only to accompany Sylvia! So you all don’t need to force yourself eating……KYAaAAAAAAAAAAH!」

Having her body licked around by five people caused it to become Sylvia’s turn to stare this time. She and Kizuna reflexively looked at each other and chuckled.

「He, hey, Kizuna?」

「Hm? What’s the matter Yurishia?」

When he turned around, over there he found a dessert too. Furthermore, it was something cute like Sylvia, but a queen size with great impact.

「I also want to be eaten by Kizuna♥」

Fruit slices like pineapple and orange were placed on the big breasts she was proud of, with fresh cream drawing hearts mark around it.

「Ahaha……what a large serving.」

「Ufufu, how about relishing this one too?」

An outrageous extra large portion that excelled Yurishia came.

It was Landred who was placing her own breasts on a tray. A human who was able to do something like that were few in number. It was truly king size.

「Geez, have mine first.」

「No no, he is a young boy. It has to be this much volume at least♪」

Kizuna couldn’t hold back and yelled.

「There is no way I can eat that much sweets-!」

Part 3[edit]

「Is this Onee-chan’s room?」

「That’s right. Well, it’s not a change for the better though.」

Certainly it was really similar with the room that was allotted to Kizuna. Looking really carefully, he could see that the furnishing and decorations were different. Inside the room there was also a large table like an office desk and chair that Kizuna’s room didn’t have.

「Eh? Shikina-san?」

Kei was fiddling with her keyboard busily on that desk. And then, *tap* along with that sound of hitting the key, Kizuna was assaulted with a sensation that was like light dizziness.

──’Eh? This is similar to the sensation of the usual Love Room.’

「Shikina-san. Just now……」

The face of everyone who was staring at Kizuna was──strange.

「Ne……Nee-chan, everyone, just what is──!?★♀〆」

Kizuna looked down on his own body and he was astonished.

He couldn’t see the floor. The reason was because unexpectedly there was abundant breasts there.


He turned towards the mirror on the wall as though he was lit on fire.

Over there, was a girl who really resembled Reiri.

Kizuna’s mind recalled Reiri’s Core install.

「……This is, don’t tell me this is that experimental Love Room called Chronos……」

『Exactly. This is a recycling of a part of Chronos’s function.』

Kizuna had gone past through surprise right into exasperation. He hung his head down.

「Really, everything goes huh……nevertheless」

When he saw his figure that was reflected on the mirror──his heart spontaneously throbbed.

His appearance was like two peas in a pod with Reiri’s look when she was in high school, though he got the feeling that he didn’t have her awe inspiring air. In exchange, the figure had cuteness. A body that was slender and tight. The breasts were far smaller than Reiri’s, but even so they were still splendid and the balance as a whole wasn’t bad. Rather, he thought that he looked really beautiful. Even if he compared this look with everyone inside this villa, it didn’t look that inferior……

──’Wait! What am I doing getting charmed by my own look!?’

「Nee-chan! Why am I turned like this!?」

「Sorry. However, with Valdy it can’t be helped.」

Reiri sent a glance to the corner of the room. Ahead of her gaze there was Valdy standing there without him noticing. She was staring fixedly at him.

「Kizuna, I’ll have you do Connective Hybrid with Valdy using that appearance. Of course, I’ll also join in.」

He didn’t understand what with the ‘of course’, but the pressure of his big sister overwhelmed him and he couldn’t say anything back.

「However something like this to Valdy is──uwah!?」

Valdy was right beside him when he noticed. Her face was so close it almost touched.

「Cute……my princess. Furthermore, even Reiri-sama will be together……I’m convinced. I was born for the sake of this day. When this is over, I won’t mind even if I die right at that moment.」

She said that while going teary eyed.

「No……doing Hybrid will be meaningless if it turn out like that.」

When Kizuna retorted like that, a severe pleasure ran in his chest.

「Hmm, it’s quite splendid. Though it’s smaller than mine when I was your age.」

Reiri had circled behind him unnoticed and groped Kizuna’s chest.

「Ne, Nee-chan-! So suddenly──ah♥ aAAH!」

Kei’s eyes became bloodshot and she rushed in front of the two. And then she took a picture of the two with the camera that was installed in her portable keyboard.

「Wai-, Shikina-san!」

『Important reference data. There is no way I can miss it.』

「Really!? It’s not simply for your own hobby!?」

「Kei said to me that she will also participate in the Connective Hybrid by her own choice. She doesn’t have a Core, so there is no direct effect, but she will surely bring an effect mentally for us.」


Kei must be imagining what was going to happen after this, because her cheeks were reddening and she hid her chest. However she took her keyboard into her hand once more as though she was thinking back.

『You cannot capture a tiger cub without entering the tiger’s den. I want to watch with my naked eyes no matter what.』

「In the end aren’t you only want to wa──nnkuh!♥ Ne, Nee-chan, sto──aAAHN♥」

Reiri’s eyes were already dyed with desire.

「Fufu, you are making a nice voice, Kizuna. You were always doing whatever you liked to me. But this time I’ll take the lead completely.」

Kizuna’s spine shivered with a chill.

──’No good. Here I’ll use the tactic to invite sympathy!’

Kizuna made his eyes teary and he looked up at Reiri while trembling.

「O, Onee-chan……I’m, scared……tha, that’s why……something like this……」

The effect was completely the opposite.


Reiri pushed down Kizuna on the bed heartily.


Valdy dived onto the bed.


After that, Kizuna was deliciously eaten……completely.

Part 4[edit]

Even after that Kizuna was working hard to do Hybrid even busier than the first day.

Even during the middle of lunch, and then in the afternoon too, he was performing Hybrid busily.

And then, at night.

After finishing taking a bath and resting for a while, the time to retire to bed arrived.

Kizuna headed towards the prepared bedroom, walking through the corridor.

Today he wouldn’t sleep in his own room, but in a special bedroom that was prepared.

It was finally the main event of Harem Hybrid, the climax.

That was to say, after this would be his real duty.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the result of tonight would decide the result of the battle against Thanatos.

The moonlight was shining in from the corridor’s window.

The bright moon made the sea and mountain to mystically stand out.

Kizuna unconsciously stopped walking and he watched that sight in fascination. He thought about his world Lemuria and the world of Atlantis that was beyond that scenery.

He would take everything back. Without fail.

And then, they would return home.

With not a single one of them missing.

For that sake, he wanted to grant to everyone the strongest weapon, the greatest strength.

And then he too, the power to protect everyone──.

Kizuna started walking once more.

The room he was heading to was the hall deep inside the villa. Normally it was a room where a party or a ball would be held.

He stood in front of its door.

A different world opened in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

The interior of the room was completely renovated for the sake of the Harem Hybrid.

Magic power flames were floating inside the dark room. Pink colored light was dying the white wall with an obscene color. There were angel statues sensually twisting their body at the pillars and walls. The ornaments that were the most extravagant and massive in this villa became a part of the Harem Hybrid.

A red carpet was stretching straight as though to guide Kizuna. Ahead of it the space became a stairway shaped with around six steps, with a fighting ring waiting at the topmost step. It was a huge bed that was like several king sized beds lined up together. And then on the stairway, the females who were Kizuna’s opponents were lining up as though their commemorative photograph was going to be taken.

Shikina Kei who originally should be an observer, and also his mother who didn’t show her face even once since the meeting together on the first day, Hida Nayuta, the two were standing on the very front.

「Kizuna, first let’s start from the opening ceremony of Harem Hybrid.」

With a fan in one hand, Nayuta smiled enchantingly with her little girl’s appearance.

「You will do individual confirmation with everyone here one by one.」

「Individual confirmation?」

「The inside of this room is a special space, even more special than the space inside this villa. The system that is managing this space needs the confirmation between fellow individuals who are participating in the Harem Hybrid. In other words it’s like the linking of who is doing Hybrid with who.」

Kizuna nodded in comprehension.

「First touch my body with your hand, and then caress around as though to confirm the shape.」

Kizuna kneeled and touched the tip of Nayuta’s breast. Nayuta’s body twitched. The left and right breasts that were mostly flat each had a part where only that spot was jutting out. He caressed those spots with his fingertip. Then Nayuta’s childish face warped with pleasure.

「Kizuna……raise your face.」

When he obediently lifted his face, his mother’s lips plugged Kizuna’s mouth. And then she tightly embraced Kizuna’s neck. It was a kiss that was filled with affection. When Nayuta separated her lips from him, she stared at Kizuna with moist eyes.


「Kizuna, I……」

A gaze that looked emotional was staring at Kizuna. She looked like she was trying to convey something. However her small lips were closed and then her expression returned to her usual arrogant smile.

「Fufufu, confirm the lower part properly too.」

Nayuta straightened her spine and opened her legs.


His hand crawled on Nayuta’s hairless hill just like he was told. Something hot was trickling slowly from inside the chasm there.

「Confirm the inside properly too……and then kiss there.」

When Kizuna opened the valley with his left hand’s fingers, he could see a beautiful graphic color. When his finger tip entered there, the flesh tightened hard on his fingertip welcomingly.

And then when he pulled out his finger, he kissed there.

「Then stand up.」

When he stood up, this time it was Nayuta who bent her knees. And then he untied his waistcloth and threw it away on the floor. She put her lips *chuu* on the tip of Kizuna’s thing.

「Yes, it’s fine now. Those are the order of progression. Do it like that with everyone.」

Nayuta’s sudden order caused not just Kizuna, but also all the women lining up on the stair to hold their breath simultaneously. And then, the sound of gulping saliva could be heard strangely loudly.

Kizuna almost faltered, but he then encouraged himself, that he mustn’t get cold feet with just this much.

There was Kei standing right behind Nayuta. She shouldn’t be directly related to this, but just in case his hand reached out to her.


Kei’s vocal cords displayed her raw voice to Kizuna. Certainly she had a childish body build, but compared to Nayuta who was genuinely a little girl, there were obvious differences. She properly had the constriction of her waist and also a degree of fleshiness that was adult-like.

He felt awkward that he didn’t only need to snatch Kei’s lips, but that he also needed to clearly do until her essential parts but……it couldn’t be helped. Midway Kei covered her face with her hands from her shyness. Her face couldn’t be seen, but her ears were dyed bright red.

At the end she didn’t kiss toward Kizuna, so Kizuna looked questioningly at Nayuta. Then Nayuta shook her head to show that it wasn’t a problem. Kei was only participating indirectly, so this much should be alright.

After he finished the individual confirmation and separated from Kei, the face that she was hiding appeared. That face that was drowned with pleasure was without a doubt the face of an adult woman. Kizuna faced towards the next woman.

「Kizuna……I’ll leave it to you.」


There was no way he would mistake Reiri’s body even with his eyes closed. Even if he didn’t touch it, he would understand just from the scent. After caressing around her body in general, he then kissed on her secret lips.

「Nh♡……fufu, then I too」

Reiri kneeled in front of Kizuna, then her lips pushed *chuu* on Kizuna’s tip that was already entering battle readiness.


It seemed doing Hybrid with Valdy in a female appearance bore fruit. Even with his male appearance there was almost no resistance from her. His hand crawled around her slim body that looked like a model and he also kissed on her important part. And then Valdy also kneeled and gave him a kiss.

「Hida-kun, take care of me.」

Landred smiled sweetly.

「Yes. Sensei too.」

After he replied so, she kissed Kizuna with a really happy look. He desperately groped her explosive breasts that were pressing on him. When their lips separated, they exchanged greeting to each other’s important place.

「Hi, Hida-kun……」

Hyakurath called Kizuna’s name without confidence. But the timid sword saint was a person who could do it if she tried. She even finished the ceremony of individual confirmation safely even while looking bewildered. Hyakurath’s honey was dripping along the inside of her thighs and trickled until her ankles.


Mercuria made a face that said how reluctant she was of doing this. However, she properly followed the procedure of individual confirmation. Her inside was completely prepared.

「Show me the best that you can do.」

Zelcyone spoke condescendingly. Kizuna recalled her cute appearance when they were doing reinstall in the hot spring inn. She gave him an unexpected passionate kiss. And then it was also the same when she kissed Kizuna’s thing.

「Well it might be too late saying this but……treat me well.」

Clayda said with a troubled expression. And then he kissed Clayda for the first time. He confirmed her relatively slender body. They greeted each other’s important part and finished the ceremony.

「Please do your best.」

Elma greeted him courteously. Her body was soft and felt pleasant to touch. They lightly joined their lips, then they stared at each other’s thing properly for the first time, and exchanged a kiss.

「Le……let’s do our best.」

Lunorlla greeted him awkwardly. The scars carved on her body drew out her beauty even more. After a kiss where their front teeth lightly collided, Kizuna kissed her warm moist lips. Lunorlla too carefully held Kizuna’s thing with her hand and kissed it.

「You the man, Kizuna!」

Ramza brightly spoke in high tension. She kept grinning all the time even during the greeting, but perhaps it could be that she was hiding her embarrassment. There were heart shaped tattoos on her chest and abdomen which were really sexy. They finished the individual confirmation without any hold up.

「Let’s do our best, Kizuna.」

Scarlet Fairchild. The bright and positive leader of Masters. Perhaps Masters acted with freedom exactly because she was the leader. He had experience doing Hybrid with her several times. They carried out the ceremony in a state of knowing each other well.

「Kizuna. Let’s raise the chance of success as high as possible.」

Henrietta Macintosh. The sub-leader of Masters. She was a glasses wearing beauty, and in a glance she looked intellectual……however she looked lovely on the contrary. Actually she was the most glamorous among Masters. He had his fill of that body and finished the individual confirmation.


Gertrude Baird. Their fist bumped each other without a word. And then they easily finished the individual confirmation.

「If Kizuna works hard today, I’ll be able to shoot bullet like crazy tomorrow.」

Clementine Barrows. A countryside girl with braided hair. Their lips met candidly and then they kissed each other’s thing. During the procession she was going ‘tehehe’ making embarrassed laugh.

「……Let’s do this.」

Sharon Cunningham. The lowness of her tension didn’t change from usual. She had a childish body build next after Gertrude, but her important part was completely drenched, confessing how her anticipation towards the Harem Hybrid was heightening.

「If we save the world, will we become very rich I wonder?」

Leila Hewitt. Money fanatic. When Kizuna whispered to her ‘surely we are going to receive an awesome reward for sure’, she got excited and gave him an intense kiss. She was excited all the time throughout the individual confirmation.

「Kizuna……let’s do a fight that we won’t regret.」

Gravel. A character that should be respected with her wonderful personality whether as a human or as a warrior. The reinstall with her was really passionate. Kizuna thought that he wouldn’t forget it for his whole life. Her body as usual was tough, flexible, and beautiful. They carried out the individual confirmation as though it was a very important ceremony.

「I never thought that the relationship with all of you will become this long.」

Aldea. The first Vatlantis person that they met. There was a problem with her personality, but she too had been a big help for Kizuna. She was a beauty with an artistic style that could be said as perfect. The individual confirmation time unintentionally got longer.

「Are you listening? I’m doing this only for Sylvia’s sake okay?」

Ragrus. A girl who was continuously toyed by fate. She performed a deathly battle with Sylvia, and then through many twists and turns she became her best friend. She felt happy of it from the bottom of her heart. Kizuna gently kissed her. And then Ragrus properly did the individual confirmation even while acting embarrassed.

「Captain, Sylvia will be together with captain forever desu.」

Sylvia Silkcut. Kizuna’s first subordinate. When he was with Amaterasu, and even when they became allied with Vatlantis, Kizuna squad would be perpetually immortal. Kizuna kissed the subordinate he was proud of who had grown up splendidly and both of them confirmed the proof of each other’s growth.

「It’s finally the time Nii-sama. Victory will surely come to us!」

Grace Synclavia. The emperor of Vatlantis and a girl who was Kizuna’s self-proclaimed little sister. Thinking back, she was an existence who at first ruled at the summit of the enemy. In the first place, they didn’t even understand the true identity of the enemy that appeared when AU Collisions occurred. And now they were standing side by side with a relationship where they called each other brother and sister, so life was really a mysterious thing. They carried out individual confirmation affectionately.

「Haai, Kizuna. Feels like it’s finally the climax isn’t it☆」

Yurishia Farandole. A girl who was strong and beautiful, as though she was a hero from an American comic. She also had a great caliber as a human, anyone would accept it even when she was lauded as America’s ace and the world’s strongest. For such a girl to harbor good will to him felt like a lie to Kizuna. He once more confirmed that body that he had been thoroughly familiar with. It was a dynamite body just as usual. The lovely American hero.


Himekawa Hayuru. A girl that was like the personification of Japan’s beauty, tradition, and culture. She saved Kizuna’s life when he had just arrived in Ataraxia and was powerless. A discipline committee member who was serious, inflexible, and stubborn. The time when she proclaimed that Heart Hybrid was a shameless act and she hated the very sight of Kizuna was nostalgic. He stole that gentle and lovely lips, and then they kissed each other’s important part.


Chidorigafuchi Aine. The beginning of everything. Her life was full of disturbances. She should have been promised a future as Vatlantis’s emperor, but she was turned into Professor Nayuta’s experiment subject the same as Kizuna. She was a girl who constantly influenced Kizuna’s heart and way of life.


They kissed with various emotions in it. And then in order to ascertain her existence once more, he caressed her whole body lovingly and crawled his tongue on her most important place. Aine too also kissed Kizuna’s thing attentively.

The girls who he exchanged greetings with opened a path, inviting Kizuna toward the bed. Continuing after Kizuna, the girls got on the bed that was astonishingly wide one after another.

And then after they lined up in a circle surrounding Kizuna, they got on all fours and turned their butt toward Kizuna.

Nayuta turned toward Kizuna and smiled.

「First do Heart Hybrid with everyone. After you have finished with that, the girls might lose consciousness but, please do Hybrid with Kizuna again starting from the one who wakes up. It doesn’t matter how many you are doing it with simultaneously or with whom. Do as your heart wants. Hybrid between fellow female is also welcomed.」

The butts of twenty six individuals were turned towards him. There were also some who were looking up at Kizuna across their shoulders with moist eyes filled with anticipation.

「Now, it doesn’t matter from who you will start with.」

Prompted by Nayuta, Kizuna took a step forward.

He was troubled being told that starting from anyone was fine. However nothing would begin if he just stayed still. If he was going to choose someone then──,

Kizuna subconsciously approached the back of the silver haired girl and got on his knees.

「Ki-, Kizuna-! Ple, please start from me!」

Gravel suddenly pleaded.

The gaze of Gravel who was looking back across her shoulder and Kizuna met. Everyone was surprised, but it looked like the person herself who said that was the one most surprised. Her face became bright red in the blink of an eye and she averted her eyes down to the bed.

「I’m sorry……but, I want it, Kizuna……」


Kizuna approached Gravel’s back, then he touched the glossy butt.]


A joyful voice leaked out along with a sigh.

「Here I go Gravel.」

Kizuna positioned his thing between Gravel’s legs. It forcefully wedged in between Gravel’s closed thighs. Kizuna’s thing was caught up at the secret entrance inside it.

「UAah!♥ Mo, more, more until deeper!」

Kizuna’s thing was soaked plenty by Gravel’s hot liquid and it flattened her most sensitive bud.

「AaAAAAaH! A, amazing-♥ Ki, Kizuna-, KIZUNAaAA-!♥」

Her body arched and she honestly expressed her happiness. The other girls were staring at her with envious looks.

「Next I’ll……」「Going ahead by herself……not fair」「Even I」「She looks like she is feeling really good……how nice」 Everyone’s anticipation was heightening respectively. Other person’s coquettish voices and the magic power of the Harem Hybrid secreting from the body were granting unseen influence to everyone there.

Aldea was watching in appreciation at Gravel’s joyful face from the special seat right beside her.

「Fufu, geez Gravel……that’s a cute──nnhooh!♥」

Suddenly a pleasure that was like a shock to the brain ran through Aldea from her crotch.

When she turned around while enduring the pleasure, Kizuna’s hand was reaching toward Aldea’s crotch.

「Ki, Kizuna? Wait, right now Gravel is……NNHAaAAAAaaaAAH♥」

「It’s also not good to make other wait too long after all.」

Kizuna’s fingers opened Aldea’s slit, and then his fingertip caressed the center. However normally she shouldn’t feel pleasure that intensely with just this much.

「Ku……as expected, from…… Harem Hybrid-, aah♥ Kuuh, hah」

Landred who was lining up at Gravel’s other side was enjoyably listening to the gasping voices of the duo.

「Ufufu, doing this intimate friend duo together. What a great development──nnh♡」

Landred also opened her eyes wide from the pleasure that also suddenly welled up inside her womb.

「M, my? Hida-kun. Me too?」

She said that and turned around with a bewitching glance.

「Landred-sensei is a formidable enemy after all. I have to attack as much as possible while you are defenseless like this.」

「My♡ I’m looking forward to it. Nnh, aa……amazing, there, it’s lovely……♡」

She was acting composed, but that place of Landred was already plenty wet, it was accepting Kizuna’s fingers happily.

Gravel’s back was trembling.

「A, aah Kizuna-♥ I feel, strange-……why am I, feeling it, this much-! AaAAAAAAAAAAAA♥」

「You’re going to come already?」

Gravel shook her head in denial with her hair turning disarrayed.

「N, no-! I still, don’t want to come-. Mo, more♥ I want to feel Kizuna, more-♥」

Gravel’s lovable words caused the feeling that thought of her as adorable to well up inside Kizuna. He struck his waist strongly to convey that to her.

「Aah! That’s♥ Don’t, if you do it strongly-……♥」

「Don’t worry Gravel. The night is long. I’ll do you again later, so it’s okay for you to come now.」

Perhaps she was assured by Kizuna’s words, the surface tension of her patience crumbled immediately.


Gravel welcomed her climax and the light of magic power burst out.

「Auh!♥ Me, me too──NNHAaAAHNNuOOOH♥♥」

「Aah, amazing-♡ Everyone’s, ple, pleasure, is transmitted──NNNN-♡♡♡」

The three’s body convulsed and hot honey spurted out from inside their bodies. And then after they trailed a long coquettish voice, they lost consciousness and fell prostrated on the bed limply.

Kizuna moved away from them, then he looked around the girls lining up waiting for him. It seemed that everyone was completely in the mood. Liquid was dribbling from their secret places with their butts fidgeting restlessly waiting for Kizuna to come.

「E, err, Kizuna-kun……」

「Ah! Me first.」

「……Don’t make me wait too long. Quickly do it.」

Every mouth pleaded to do them.

──’Yosh, next is’

Kizuna touched the butt of the next girl.

Part 5[edit]

After going through a round and everyone reached a climax, the girls came towards Kizuna starting from the one who woke up first. The girls who had completely fallen into an aroused state from the influence of the Harem Hybrid earnestly loved as though coveting Kizuna’s body. They entangled on Kizuna’s body, crawled their tongues, and held parts of his body into their mouth. They were in a state where four or five people were constantly embracing Kizuna’s body. And then sometimes they fought each other for Kizuna, sometimes they yielded Kizuna to each other, and the Hybrid was done repeatedly like that.

Right now Kizuna was embracing Zelcyone on his right and Hyakurath on his left. Kizuna was gently massaging with care the breast of the two who had reached climax several times already.


Both of them were entrusting their bodies to the gentle aftermath of pleasure with an intoxicated face.

The proof of love that he released towards the two was scattered on each of their stomachs and abdomen. Valdy was licking and cleaning up what was sticking on Hyakurath’s body, while Landred was doing the same to Zelcyone.

Kizuna too didn’t understand how many times he had released. However mysteriously he didn’t wither down at all, life energy was welling up continuously from inside his body.

Even now it was towering tall. And then the thing that was soaked with love honey and Kizuna’s own liquid was being cleaned by Mercuria using her tongue and mouth.

「Chu……nh, nh……nn♥」

Mercuria who was acting that reluctantly was putting it into her mouth by her own initiative while her head was moving up and down desperately as though to say how she wanted him to release quickly.

And then there was Lunorlla straddling his right leg, while Henrietta was on his left leg. They were moving their waist to press their own secret place on that leg. They were making unbecoming coquettish voices and the bodies of the two arched.

「Ah, aah♥ A, again-, a, co, co-……ming♥……」

「Fuau♡! aAAHHNNNN♡ NN, feels go♡ go, GOOOD-!」

And then Kizuna too gave Mercuria what she wanted inside her mouth.

「Nh! Nn……fu……♥……chu-」

She narrowed her mouth and sucked up before her mouth let go. And then on all fours she brought her face closer to Hyakurath who had come down from above Kizuna.


The two’s lips met.


Mercuria moved what was inside her mouth and gave it to Hyakurath mouth to mouth. Their tongues entwined with each other and the proof of love was coming and going between their mouth.

It was a terrifyingly obscene, and yet also beautiful sight.

Kizuna stood up for a moment, then he was walking on the bed. Here and there above the spacious bed, there were figures collapsing from reaching climax. There were also figures of fellow females loving each other.

Kizuna got down from the bed and headed towards the resting space that was prepared along the wall. There were sofas and a table there, with a refrigerator that was filled with cold drinks.

「Eh? Nee-chan. Also Kaa-san too.」

「Kizuna, coming for a break?」

「Something like that. I’m a bit thirsty.」

Kizuna took out a canned Red Harem from the refrigerator and opened the tap. It made a refreshing sound of carbonic gas rushing out.

Reiri and Nayuta were sitting on two sofas with a table between them. Perhaps they were talking with each other about the strategy from here on. Kizuna sat down beside Reiri.

Reiri turned a considerate gaze towards Kizuna.

「Is there a problem with your body?」

「Aah, my condition is too good that it feels scary instead.」

「Fufu, Kizuna is peerless isn’t he.」

Nayuta grinned widely.

「It’s thanks to this drink, the Love Room, and also this special space. Normally it’s absolutely impossible.」

「But, you have the makings for it you know? You will surely make a lot of children.」

Kizuna replied with a wry smile.

「Kizuna, can you give me a sip too?」

Reiri said with her gaze staring at Kizuna’s Red Harem. Kizuna took a sip and then brought his face close towards Reiri very naturally.


Reiri also lifted her chin and then met her lips with his as though it was natural. Red Harem was flowing in from inside Kizuna’s mouth into Reiri’s mouth.

Nayuta’s eyes turned round seeing that.

「Looking at this, it might be Reiri who will give birth to Kizuna’s child first.」


Both of them separated their lips in a panic.

「So, sorry, Nee-chan! Eh, just why did I do something like that?」

「No, I too……I wasn’t questioning it at all. Shit, I really can’t let my guard down inside this space.」

Nayuta waved her fan and she smiled in amusement.

「Even if my first grandchild is the child of Reiri and Kizuna, I don’t really mind you know?」

「Guh……you say that, but it’s amazing how someone like you was thinking about making a child huh.」

Nayuta hid her lips behind her fan.

「I guess……at that time, I wanted to try it.」

Kizuna asked back with a doubtful face.


「Yes. Humans making humans, I wondered what kind of affair it was. I thought whether there was data that only the experiment subject could obtain. And then by giving birth to a child, would there be any change that happens to myself? I had that kind of interest.」

Nayuta stared at an empty spot with a distant look.

「But nothing changed. I was still myself without anything that changed.」

This was the first time Nayuta confessed about her past thinking and feelings. Kizuna and Reiri lent their ears to their mother’s story with surprise.

「I repeatedly did numerous inhuman experiments. I couldn’t forgive that there was something in this world that I didn’t know. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to elucidate everything. There was only that desire inside of me. The method didn’t matter. No matter how inhuman it was, there are many ways to justify it. It was a simple thing for me. Why are other people going through such hardships to accomplish their objectives? Why are other people so stupid like that? It was really mysterious to me all that time.」

Nayuta let out a deep sigh.

「And so……Reiri, Kizuna, you two……I made you two go through hardships.」

She said that and lowered her small head.


It was an act that was just too unexpected.

That mother was regretting her own deeds and apologizing, they thought that such a thing wouldn’t occur even if heaven and earth were split.

Reiri responded with a trembling voice.

「Tha……that’s right. Be, because of you, just how much……」

Reiri closed her mouth after speaking until there.

「Bu, but Nee-san. Kaa-san has really changed huh. It’s like, she is a different person.」

Nayuta cracked a smile and tilted her body.

「Fufufu, in fact I’ve completely turned into a child♪ Besides you said person, but the current me is an apprentice god.」

「I also get the feeling that you became an excessively troublesome existence though.」

「You can also say that.」

Kizuna reflexively snorted. And then lured by that Reiri also laughed. Nayuta stared at the two’s smile with a fond gaze.

Both Kizuna and Reiri were experiencing a mysterious feeling.

It was the first time since they were born that they were having this kind of time.

That a day would come when the three of them could talk like this as parent and children──they could never even imagine it before.

This was like,

A family gathering.

Kizuna’s tear gland almost loosened unconsciously. He spoke in a rush to hide that.

「But Kaa-san. From here on we can depend on you right? In the past……something like that happened……but, I get the feeling that Kaa-san’s strength will be necessary to restore Lemuria and Atlantis. You will absolutely accomplish a great role. It’ll also become your atonement.」

Nayuta smiled sadly, but with happiness somewhere in it.

「……I think that even if this fight is over and we return to our former world, there will still be difficulties waiting for us.」

Nayuta stared at the direction of the bed and spoke.

「That’s why Reiri, Kizuna. You two, protect those girls.」

Something bothered the two of them with the way she said that.

「It’s fine if you just protect them right?」

Nayuta looked down and replied with a mutter.


「I think……I won’t be able to.」

Reiri frowned.

「You cannot? Why?」

「Surely at that time, I’ll──」

She stared intently at Kizuna and Reiri and smiled sadly.

「──be really busy I think.」

Silence was flowing between the three.

Reiri opened her mouth as though fearing the silence.

「──That’s right. Come to think of it, there is something bothering me.」

「Eh? What is it Nee-chan?」

「It’s great that we can obtain strength that can oppose Thanatos with the Harem Hybrid. However the problem is after defeating her. From Odin’s story, all the worlds won’t be able to exist after that. As long as that problem isn’t solved, no matter how much we powered up in the end we won’t be able to defeat Thanatos. Besides, Odin too won’t just stay quiet about that right?」

「I see……from Odin’s point of view, we are going to erase her world, something like that.」

Not just Odin. Even the worlds of Hokuto and Osiris that they had fought and saved before this would also vanish. Even though they also had finally obtained a happy world, they were trying to destroy that. Thinking like that, even Kizuna wouldn’t stand up in opposition no matter what.

「About that, I have a solution. Even Odin came to understanding with my suggestion.」

Kizuna and Reiri reflexively looked at each other’s faces.

「Solution? Just what in the world──」


Aine was standing nearby when they noticed.

Nayuta was waving her fan with a smile.

「Look, your friend came to invite you. Have a nice trip.」

「Ye, yeah……」

There was still things that bothered him, but in any case all those were about things after they made this mission a success and then defeated Thanatos. ‘Right now let’s concentrate on the Harem Hybrid’──Kizuna switched his feelings like that.

Aine was taking Kizuna not toward the bed, but towards the window.

When the window was opened, there was a terrace facing the sea there.

「Eh? Everyone……」

On top of a thick mattress, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia were sitting.




「What’s up? Everyone is here like this?」

Kizuna also sat down on the mattress and then Aine sat beside him.

「About that, I was also brought here by Aine-san……」

After Himekawa said that, everyone nodded. When they stared at Aine to ask the reason, she averted her gaze looking a bit embarrassed.

「I want to do Hybrid with Amaterasu once……so I invited everyone.」

「You Aine?」

「We did it with various people in the middle of the Harem Hybrid but……this might be the last time, as I thought……I──」

The four stared intently at Aine and waited for her to continue.

「Lo, love everyone……so」

Himekawa and Yurishia stared at Aine with an astonished look. Aine endured with a bright red face, but she couldn’t hold it and suddenly she yelled.

「Ge, geez-! Don’t look at me like that. It’s embarrassing.」

Yurishia made a perplexed smile.

「Eh? No, sorry. That’s, I never thought that kind of line would come out from Aine……right? Hayuru?」

「Yes, honestly it was a shock. Aine-san who in the past had nothing but a poisonous tongue when she opened her mouth is……it’s like she is a world apart from herself in the past.」

「Wha, what’s with you-! I don’t know anymore-!」

Aine averted her face with a huff. Himekawa and Yurishia smiled wryly at each other seeing that.

「Oh well, I also approve. It’s great to have a lot of memory with Amaterasu.」

After Yurishia responded brightly, Himekawa also shrugged.

「I guess. As expected, for the last it has to be with these members.」

「Sylvia too is happy that she can be counted as a proper Amaterasu member desu.」

「You’re right……thinking back, we never did a Connective Hybrid with these members.」

It was also unexpected for Kizuna.

「We also don’t know what will happen to us when the fight is over. I think this will become a nice memorial☆」

Himekawa stared at Yurishia as though something came to her mind.

「Is Yurishia-san going back to the US army?」

「Hmmm, I’m like something that has been thrown away once so I’m thinking about it. You Hayuru?」

「I want to do support work for the reconstruction. And then things like peace preservation or something……」

「The war is over already, that kind of activity will be needed then. And Sylvia-chan?」

「Sylvia wants to search for my parents in London desu. After that……Sylvia wants to continue to Ataraxia’s senior high school desu.」

Himekawa made a difficult face.

「But Ataraxia was created with the objective to defend against another world so……if the war comes to an end and the Entrance is also gone, what will happen to it?」

Sylvia made a sad face.

「No way……Ataraxia will be gone desu?」

Kizuna also noticed it after this late.

──’Is that so……if that happens, I’ll also lose my place huh.’

Sylvia groaned with troubled feelings.

「Uu~……if that happens then Sylvia will have to leave captain desu.」

Aine also looked down sadly.

「You’re right……there might be those who we have to part with like that……」

Kizuna’s heart jumped from shock.


Aine’s sad gaze was reflected on the eyes of the surprised Kizuna.

Kizuna guessed the conflict that Aine was feeling.

──’Aine is the legitimate successor of the Vatlantis Empire. She is feeling guilty that it ended up with her pushing that responsibility to Grace for a long time. Grace is also wishing for her big sister to become the emperor, and above all else she wanted for them sisters to be together. The people of the Vatlantis Empire including Zelcyone surely had the same feeling too.

On the other hand, if Aine remained on Lemuria, on top of her becoming a person without a single relative there, she would also be seen as the empress of the enemy country. Surely a really harsh fate would wait for her like that.

Thinking like that, it could be seen how extremely hard it would be for Aine to remain in Lemuria.

If he was thinking about Aine’s sake, it would be better for her to go to Atlantis.

He understood that.

However Kizuna had a feeling that he couldn’t come to a clear decision of.

The groaning Sylvia suddenly lifted up her face from a sudden realization.

「E, err……captain?」

「What’s wrong Sylvia?」

「Err……does Sylvia, have……the qualifications to become captain’s wife?」


The four raised their voices simultaneously.

「In that case, Sylvia……will be able to be together with captain forever desu♡」

The rest of the female faction was all making complicated expressions with conflicted feelings. If they competed with Sylvia seriously then it would be childish of them, however at this rate it also felt like Kizuna would really get stolen.

Yurishia made a composed smile and then she shook her breasts as though to show off.

「Hmmph. Then, it will be a match between me and Sylvia-chan won’t it, about who is the one worthy to become Kizuna’s wife.」

Himekawa raised a tearful scream.

「Wha-!? E, even Yurishia-san!?」

Sylvia’s shoulders dropped in dejection and she touched her own meager breasts.

「If Yurishia-senpai is the opponent, then Sylvia won’t be a match desu……」

「Fufu, I wonder how far Sylvia can grow up~♪」

Yurishia could be seen as lacking in maturity, but she did that because she recognized Sylvia’s true strength. Sylvia’s battle ability was prodigious, but her strength in tempting a man was also outstanding.

「Recently Sylvia’s height isn’t growing desu……perhaps, Sylvia will be like this forever……」

Yurishia’s face was twitching with a complicated look.

──’I, in its own way that is……formidable.’

「We, well, it will be a match between me and Sylvia then. Though it feels like the choice from these two options will really reflect one’s preferences though.」


Himekawa suddenly yelled.

「What’s wrong with you Hayuru?」

「I am the one who confessed to Kizuna-kun first!」


Yurishia, Aine, and Sylvia opened their eyes wide from surprise.


Himekawa turned red as though she was lit on fire.


Himekawa writhed with steam coming out from her head. Aine stared at her like that and spoke with exasperation.

「Good grief……if you had actually confessed then woo him properly.」

「Wha……what are you saying! Aine-san, are you fine with that!?」

「I don’t really care. It’s fine if everyone marries him as they like.」

「Bu-, but, even Aine-san──」

Aine grabbed Kizuna from the side and then she threw him while still sitting.


And then Aine straddled Kizuna in the blink of an eye. And then she turned towards Himekawa and grinned.

「After all, Kizuna’s legal wife is me.」

Himekawa and the others were taken aback.

However Yurishia smirked and she crawled towards Kizuna.

「Geez Aine, taking the best position cheekily like that. But, I won’t give you the legal wife position that easily you know?」

Yurishia smiled challengingly. Aine also responded back with a smile.

「Just like I want it.」

Yurishia took Kizuna’s left hand and guided it to her breast.

「Now Kizuna. Enjoy my breasts okay♡」

Himekawa also moved to Kizuna’s side while frowning.

「Really, both of you are doing as you please……」

Himekawa took Kizuna’s right hand and put its finger into her mouth.

「E, excuse me……what should, Sylvia do desu?」

「Hm? We are leaving the second best position empty for Sylvia-chan there.」

Yurishia said that and pointed at Kizuna’s face.

「He? The face desu?」

「Yep, get on his face.」

「Fueeeeeee!? Sylvia cannot do something so impolite like that desuu!」

「Isn’t it all right? This kind of shameless person who deceived this many girls needs punishment.」

Himekawa declared coldly.

「Oi oi……」

Kizuna reflexively also smiled wryly. However, at this rate he might make Sylvia feel lonely again.

「Sylvia, you don’t need to worry about it, just straddle over me.」

「……Sylvia understands desu.」

Sylvia straddled Kizuna’s face apologetically.

「Bu, but, this……it makes Sylvia feel really embarrassed too desu.」

Kizuna also reflexively held his breath looking up at the sight between Sylvia’s legs that normally he never saw. However he couldn’t make Sylvia feel joy just from doing this.

「Sylvia, can you squat down?」


Sylvia’s spotless beautiful body lowered down. When she thought to stop, her important place touched Kizuna’s nose.

「Funyah!? So, sorry desu!」

Sylvia lifted up her waist in panic.

「No, it’s fine. Drop your waist a little lower.」

Sylvia’s shameful place was exposed to him with nothing to spare. Perhaps Sylvia also felt it from being seen because honey dripped down on Kizuna’s mouth from her slit. Kizuna stretched out his tongue and crawled it on Sylvia’s moist and glistening lips.

「FUaAAAaA♥ Ca-, captain’s……it feels, good desuu♥」

Seeing Sylvia writhing, Yurishia also released Kizuna’s arm that was sandwiched between her breasts.

「Kizuna……me too.」

Yurishia opened her knees and guided Kizuna’s hand into there. Kizuna slipped his finger into the opened valley inside the chasm that was growing hot. Yurishia curled up and shivered.

「Auhn♡! Co, comiing……Kizuna’s♡」

The inside was hotly slippery, as though inviting Kizuna deeper and deeper.

「Ah, ye, yes……Kizuna-, deep, theeree♡」

Yurishia squinted her eyes in ecstasy and raised a coquettish voice with heated breath. Seeing Yurishia’s figure that became a prisoner of pleasure, the inside of Himekawa’s womb also became tinged with heat.


Himekawa also guided Kizuna’s finger that was glistening with saliva inside her own crotch. Then Kizuna’s finger responded to Himekawa’s expectation and opened the closed entrance.

「Aa♥ Yes, there……there」

Just from the touch of Kizuna’s finger, hot liquid could be felt flowing out from inside her body. Kizuna further traced the edge of her entrance thoroughly.

「Aah♥ Don’t……it feels good……a, AaAAHNN!♥」

It was as though Kizuna was enjoying the sensation of Himekawa’s secret valley. However Himekawa wanted his finger to come until deeper inside and she shook her waist and pushed it toward him.

「Nnuu……Kizuna-kun, do, don’t tease me……please」

Himekawa begged by her own initiative. Using that timing Kizuna entered inside her.

「AaAAAAH!!♥ I, it feels good-♥ Ki-Kizuna-kun♥」

Himekawa who was shedding tears happily trembled and tasted climax many times.

Aine was staring lovingly at such alluring figures of the three.

「Kizuna……please, do me as well♡」

Aine softly put her hand on Kizuna’s thing that was becoming hard between her legs and pushed it against her own part that was discharging honey of love.

「Nn……it’s really……hard♡」

Her entrance held Kizuna’s thing like holding it between lips and then her waist slowly moved.

「Nh♡ Nh♡ Haah, aah! AaAAN♡!」

The movement of Aine’s hips was gradually becoming more intense, pressing down on Kizuna’s thing. However Kizuna arched hardly and pressed back on Aine’s secret lips.

「Uun♡ A-, ama……zing♡ Kizuna-, Kizunaaa!」

Kizuna’s thing was drenched with Aine’s sexual fluids and it glistened. And then it was wrapped by Aine’s soft lips and got polished. Kizuna too, he was increasing further in hardness and size instead of waning down in momentum. He continued to increase the pleasure he was granting Aine with a virile strength.

And then the wall of Aine’s limit was broken through. Aine’s head instantly became pure white.

「Aah! Kizuna-! Love-♡ I love you-♡ Kizuna, KIZUNAAAA! ♡」

Sylvia also reached her limit and her back arched.

「FuaAAaNN♥ Ca-captain♥ I LOVE YOU DESUuUUUUU!♥」

Yurishia’s body was convulsing repeatedly.

「Hih♡ ah, aah! Ki……zunaaaa-! I LOVE YOU-!♡♡」

Himekawa’s body that was climaxing repeatedly many times was visited by a huge wave.

「aAAH!♥ Love-♥ I love you-♥ Ki-, Kizuna-KUuuUNN-♥♥」[2]

And then Kizuna also broke through his limit.

The vortex of pleasure of the five united on the peak and caused a great explosion.


The shrieks of Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia became one and pierced through inside the villa.


Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Nyotaimori = practice of eating sushi or sashimi off an unclad woman’s body. Nyotai = woman body, mori = food serving
  2. Aine said I love you with ‘suki’, Sylvia used ‘daisuki’, Yurishia used ‘aishiteru’, while Himekawa used ‘suki desu’
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