Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 13 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Bonds[edit]

Part 1[edit]


Aine crouched beside the collapsed Kizuna and desperately called his name.

Aine’s worry and confusion were growing incessantly seeing Kizuna not replying. She lifted up Kizuna’s upper body in her arms and embraced him onto her chest.

「Please! Kizuna! Talk to me!」

The body of Kizuna that she lifted up wasn’t the Kizuna that she knew. There was not even the slightest strength filling that body. It was as though there was no response from it. It was as though it was just a thing, a puppet.

「Ha, hang on! Kizuna-! I, I’ll help you right away!」

There was no reply even after she called out to him desperately.

Even when she shook him, the limp body only shook within the range of the body’s joints.

Tears were gathering in Aine’s eyes.

「Aa……what should I do……」

Blood was flowing from the gaping wound where Thanatos’s sword pierced. She blocked that wound opening using her hands.

If she was unable to see the wound, perhaps it would be gone as though it was never there? Perhaps it would return back to before? Aine’s confused mind brought about such impossible thinking.

‘If I can at least stop the blood’──she thought. However, the sense of touch at her palm told her that there was no more blood overflowing from the wound.

The body function that circulated blood throughout the whole body was stopping.

The heart was stopping.

Aine was shedding tears while peering onto the face of her beloved person.

Those eyes looked like they were staring at Aine. But they weren’t looking at anything.

No strength was filling the body’s neck. The head was limply turning sideways.

The tears flowing from Aine’s eyes were falling onto Kizuna’s cheek.

「Kizuna……Kizuna, over here……look at me……」

Aine kept hugging Kizuna’s body while lowering down Kizuna’s limp body on the floor. She brought her face to his chest. Tears flowed.

The person who caused Kizuna to become like this, Thanatos was right nearby.

There was no coloring in the world that Thanatos created for battle. Stone floor continued on without end. The sky was a space as though it was drawn with thin ink. But, it was only the blood flowing from Kizuna’s wound that had crimson coloring as though to proclaim that it was the real thing.

And then one more thing. There was an existence that possessed color in this monochrome world.

──Machine god Thanatos.

She was emitting a beautiful coloring of white and blue, and also golden radiance.

In her hand, the sword that caused Kizuna’s wound was grasped. The white blade was dyed with fresh blood.

Even when looking at that, emotions of revenge, anger, or resentment wouldn’t well up.

Both her mind and heart still hadn’t thought until that far.

Right now there were only a fierce sadness and a sense of loss that she had never felt before that were ruling over Aine.

Thanatos was staring still at Aine who was clinging on to Kizuna’s body and shedding tears. There was no emotion in her face. But, there was curiosity in her eyes.

「What meaning is there in your actions just now?」

That voice reached Aine’s ears, but it was the same like a noise, it didn’t sound like words with meaning in her ears.

Thanatos asked the same question one more time, but no answer came back.

「──So you cannot produce an answer. Then let’s try asking the other people.」

The wings that were towering behind Thanatos like a gigantic relief shined brightly. Then, cracks ran through the space around Aine.

It looked like there were unseen glass there that was being cracked. But, the moment they cracked, the space was smashed and a contact point with a different world was created.

──An Entrance.

It was an Entrance that was frightfully small as though it was the size for a single person.

What appeared from there was a black haired beauty who possessed a mature body that was wearing a silver Heart Hybrid Gear.

「……Where is, this place──」

Reiri was isolated in a different world. There was no one there other than her, it was just a white space where there was nothing. She was unable to contact the comrades who rushed in together with her. When she was at a loss, the space in front of her suddenly cracked.

When she noticed──

Before her eyes, there was the figure of Thanatos carrying a sword that was dyed with blood.

And then there was the figure of the collapsed Kizuna and Aine who was clinging on that body.

Her body moved faster than her thought.


She shouted like that and approached Thanatos instantly.

With Zecros’s sword in her hand, she bisected Thanatos──however, Thanatos wasn’t there anymore. She was moving towards a distant spot as though she had teleported.

Reiri didn’t pursue and kneeled beside Kizuna. And then, she was speechless seeing the completely changed figure of her little brother and her face turned pale.

「Ki……Kizuna……this is, Aine! What happened!? Is Kizuna alive!?」

Aine’s body jerked in response to that yell.

And then tears fell while her face kept looking down.

The wordless reply made Reiri’s face distort.

「That’s……there is no way……」

At that time, the sound like several ices cracking resounded. Entrances in the number of those sounds appeared.

The members who were sent away to different worlds like Reiri──Himekawa, Yurishia, Sylvia, Gravel, Hyakurath, and also Grace went stiff from great shock.

「Li, lies……Kizuna, kun」

「Thi, this is a joke right? Kizuna is……no way」

「Ca, captain……ple, please open your eyes desu!」

「Lies……I’m not going to believe this! Wake up! Kizuna!!」

「Hi, Hida-kun is……something like this……」

「Ni, Nii-sama! Stop with the joke!」

Everyone talked, but Kizuna didn’t reply.

Kizuna’s eyes that were staying open weren’t seeing anything. His thinly opened mouth wasn’t producing any words.

Himekawa was muttering deliriously.

「No way……no way, Kizuna-kun……」

No matter how much she denied it, the cruel reality was sneaking into her heart. Irrepressible emotions and tears were overflowing from everyone.

Thanatos was carefully observing every single one of those expressions.

「There is something that I want to ask from all of you.」

Hearing Thanatos’s voice, everyone there once again realized the enemy’s existence too late.

Reiri gritted her teeth so hard it made a sound and slowly stood up.

「I also have something to ask……to you bastard」

She turned the sword she was holding towards Thanatos.

「It was you who stole Kizuna’s life wasn’t it?」

Reiri asked menacingly with a contorted face that was carved with anger and sadness.

「That’s right. That man was tougher than I expected. I called that woman in order to create an opening, as an obstacle in that man’s way. Just as planned, that man stopped his movement so I fired Keraunos but……something unexpected occurred. That man used himself as a shield and protected that woman. He was astonishingly defenseless.」

Sobbing leaked out from Aine’s mouth.

「Sorry……I’m sorry……Kizuna……everyone」

Thanatos ignored Aine’s pained muttering and continued.

「Therefore, I was able to finish off that man easily. However there is something I don’t get. I received no reply even when I asked that woman, so I called all of you here.」

Himekawa yelled while shedding tears.

「Just what are you saying!!」

「What meaning there is in that man’s actions?」


Himekawa spontaneously lost her words.

An action of trying to save one’s beloved person by putting out one’s own body to the front.

Thanatos was asking what was the meaning of that action.

Not just Himekawa, everyone there was unable to understand the meaning of Thanatos’s question.

Thanatos spoke to the dumbfounded group.

「That man had higher combat ability. In that case, that man’s survival should have higher priority. It will be understandable if he used that woman there as a shield, but why did that man sacrifice himself instead? Furthermore there is no merit obtained from doing that. Incomprehensible.」

Aine opened her eyes wide while listening to those words and her lips trembled. Her body was convulsing from terror and guilt.

「Ne, Nee-sama……」

The worried Grace hugged Aine’s body.

「Nee-sama, be strong. There is no way that Nii-sama will die……just this much」

Grace herself understood that her words were just a consolation. But even though she knew that, her big sister would break if she didn’t cling to hope right now. Grace felt that instinctively.

However, Aine shook her head.

「No good……his heart has also stopped. Kizuna, is dead……I, killed him.」

「What are you saying Nee-sama! Get a hold of yourself!」

Thanatos was staring with interest at Aine’s state.

「Why are you lamenting so much like that just because a single specimen stopped functioning? Why are you sad? In the first place what is sadness? What kind of meaning does that emotion and behavior have? It is for generating what effect?」

Yurishia aimed the muzzle of her Differential Frame towards Thanatos.

「Grace and Hyakurath, please take care of Kizuna and Aine.」

The inside of Yurishia’s heart was burning with rage and hatred that she had never felt until now. Until now no matter what kind of battle, there would be her self somewhere that was grasping the situation calmly. Her self that was grasping the battle situation on the whole from a higher position, right now she was lacking that.

She wanted to kill the opponent who killed the person she loved. She couldn’t hold back that simple desire for revenge, the urge to kill.

Himekawa also readied Gladius, Silvia also prepared Taros’s main cannon so it could fire anytime.

Reiri readied her sword and shield and lowered her stance.

「Let’s go!!」

With Reiri’s signal as the trigger, Yurishia’s Differential Frame and Sylvia’s main cannonIgnis spouted fire.

The spot where Thanatos was at was instantly enveloped by flame. Bright red flame was rising up in the world that lost its color. Shockwave, flash, and flame blast struck. Reiri leaped into the flame as though to slash apart all those.


Zecros’s sword cut apart the flame and ahead of it there was Thanatos.

Intense light scattered and two swords clashed.

「Thanatos! We were told to not kill you! But that doesn’t matter anymore!! Who cares what will happen to the world!! Kill! I’ll kill you!」

Thanatos expressionlessly parried the sword, pushing Reiri back.


Just with that Reiri was sent flying behind for several dozen meters. Both her feet were sliding on the floor while sending Thanatos a gaze that was burning with hatred.

「I don’t care whether you are a god or what, I’ll kill you no matter what kind of method I’ll have to use! I’ll erase you until not even a single cell remains behind!!」

There was no emotion at all inside Thanatos’s golden pupils. However, her eyes were shining with curiosity towards the enraging of Reiri and the others.

「The change and phenomenon that resulted from death is very interesting. In that case──」

Thanatos’s wings opened wide with the sound of moving machinery. It somehow looked like a gigantic watch.

「I want even more detailed data. I’ll kill all of you one by one and observe the reaction.」

Thanatos who was muttering matter-of-factly was truly a god of death.

A god of death that was emitting divine and beautiful radiance.

「Don’t screw around!」

Gravel who was staying quiet until now to endure her sadness drew out her Sword Gatling.


She pressed the trigger while crying.

And then, Sylvia also screamed while launching her bombardment.


Fierce flame blast attacked Thanatos once more.



All the attacks were erased before they landed on Thanatos.

「This is……what the」

Cold sweat trickled down Gravel’s cheek.

Thanatos muttered with a disinterested expression.

「I am the ruler of this world. That means I control all the rules in this world.」

A deep crease was carved on Reiri’s forehead.

「Don’t tell me……you bastard」

「Right now, all the physical laws in this world follow my will. What is used by the weapons of all you is basically light particles converted from magic power. If the rules of motion regarding that particle is changed, the particles will disperse without converging into one spot. However──」

Saying that, Thanatos readied her white sword.

「Physical attacks are effective.」

Yurishia glared at Thanatos with eyes that were filled with killing intent.

「If……that’s the case」

Yurishia readied her Corruption Armament, Cross Head and made eye contact with Himekawa. In response, Himekawa readied Neros’s Corruption Armament, Gladius in a low position. The three blades started shining red.

Yurishia also starting to send magic power into Cross Head. Golden radiance was circulating through the huge pile bunker gun and it raised a roaring sound. The temperature around the two was rising and wind was whirling up.

With the simultaneous activation of the two’s Corruption Armament, the static electricity that was generated in the surrounding was roaring with unprecedented intensity.

「Let’s go, Hayuru!」


Yurishia readied Cross Head while Hayuru readied Gladius. The two of them charged towards Thanatos.

However the closer they got to Thanatos, the amount of particles emitted from the tip of Cross Head was decreasing. Like this it wouldn’t be any different from a simple huge pile bunker.

And then particles running on the surface of Neros’s Gladius were also vanishing. It was reduced into a simply huge blade.

However the two of them gritted their teeth and rushed towards Thanatos.

They didn’t know how effective their attacks would be. However, if a physical attack was effective, then they could only do that. Even if they got the table turned on them and lost their lives, if they could deal even a single wound on the enemy’s body, then they would have the face to meet Kizuna in the next world.

The two of them clashed against Thanatos while harboring such feelings.



Thanatos didn’t dodge the attack of the two.

And then Cross Head was driven onto Thanatos’s chest while Glaudius struck towards the head.


At that time the two witnessed something unbelievable.

The Corruption Armaments broke.

The instant Cross Head fired out the pile, all the destructive power returned back to Cross Head. The pile snapped, and the firing device along with the magic power particle generator were also smashed up as though there were a brittle porcelain.

And then Gladius also had all of its three blades snapped.

「No way……」

Yurishia and Himekawa’s eyes opened wide and shook along with the agitation in their hearts.

Thanatos stared in observation at the two of them who were like that and put her strength into the sword she was holding.

「I added a new change to the physical law. The movement energy won’t be transmitted to the target, but returned back as it is, and then──」

Thanatos swung her sword.

「I removed the rule just now.」

The chest armor of Cross and Neros was smashed.


The bodies of the two flew in the air and fell over on the floor.

Gravel yelled seeing their figures.


She was worried about Yurishia and Himekawa. However, right now the physical law was returning to normal. They couldn’t let go of this timing.

Gravel aimed her Sword Gatling, and then Sylvia aimed her right arm that was containing her Corruption Armament towards Thanatos. No, they should have aimed at her.

「Eh!? Where is she desu!?」

Thanatos’s figure vanished in a short time that was shorter than a blink of an eye.

The next instant, Sylvia saw Taros’s right arm falling.


And then her body tilted as though she was losing the support of her right leg.

Taros’s large body fell on the floor. Sylvia saw the figure of Thanatos standing below her within her tilting field of vision.

The severed right leg of Taros exploded.


Faster than the spreading of that explosion, Thanatos was standing in front of Gravel.


When she tried to turn Sword Gatling towards the opponent, the gun barrel was already slashed.


The gun powder burst and Sword Gatling exploded powerfully inside Gravel’s hand.

Thanatos stopped her feet before that flame blast.

Reiri’s Zecros was attacking behind her.

──’Got her!’

It was a chance of an instant that she obtained by going as far as forsaking her comrades getting defeated.

If it was at the timing when Thanatos was bisecting Sword Gatling with a sword, her sword would also be effective.

Not letting go of that timing, she swung down an attack with all her might towards Thanatos’s back.


The instant Zecros’s sword touched the wings on the back, the beautiful white sword was pulverized.

──’She changed the law again!? Just in an instant like this!?’

Thanatos turned around and her sword mowed Reiri’s body at the same time.


Reiri’s chest armor was smashed and white breasts peeked out as though they were spilling out. Reiri who collapsed on the floor turned an expression that was filled with hatred towards Thanatos.

「Damn it……-」

When Reiri stood up, she clenched her fist.

「Still not yet. I’ll defeat you here!」

「Pointless. All of you who were created by this me won’t be able to defeat me.」


Reiri’s eyes narrowed sharply.

「Only someone with the same power like me can oppose me. In other words as long as you aren’t a machine god, it’s impossible to fight against this me.」

After saying that, Thanatos gazed at Kizuna’s collapsed corpse.

「The power of a machine god was dwelling inside that man. Most likely it was the power of that small machine god. That was why it was possible for him to attack me in this world of mine without getting ruled over. But, that too has ended.」


Thanatos stared at Reiri’s face that distorted in anguish and talked with a dispassionate tone.

「It looks like you are an existence that is close to that man. Then, you will do as the one to be killed next.」

Thanatos swung up the sword she was holding.

「How much influence your death will give the others. I will observe it.」

Cold sweat flowed from Reiri’s whole body.

──’Am I going to get killed at this kind of place?’

Without getting a single attack in after her little brother who was more important than anything got murdered.

‘Goddamn it.


What is that woman doing at this important time.

Even though she will show her face at a time when it’s okay for her to not be there.

At this kind of time, someone──’

「This isn’t like you isn’t it, Reiri? Where has the you that had defeated me gone to, I wonder?」

A voice suddenly came.

Someone was walking towards them in the space that was like a flowing thin ink.

Reiri was familiar with that voice.

She wasn’t wearing the armor that she wore in the past, but a beautiful robe. However, the huge god’s Gungnirlance in her hand still looked the same.

「Yo, you……are」

The opponent who she once fought in a deadly battle.

And then, right now she became a goddess who ruled her own world, a former machine god.


Before, her left eye was hidden by an unrefined eye patch, but right now it was hidden by a feminine beautiful lace. Odin grinned towards Reiri and then towards Thanatos with her right eye.

However, Thanatos was staring back at Odin with her usual expressionless face.

「Why are you here, Odin?」

Reiri and the others also had the same question.

Aine also lifted her face and stared at the back of the opponent who she once fought in a deadly battle.


Odin suddenly formed a soft smile.

「I came to fulfill my promise.」


Thanatos turned her left hand towards Odin. At the same time, red light ran through that hand.

The red light that erased every substance, Keraunos swallowed Odin.


Reiri spontaneously yelled.

She gripped her sword and moved to help but──her legs stopped.


Keraunos dispersed as though to dodge the spear that Odin thrust out. The red light stopped when Thanatos lowered her hand.

「So your spear is in good condition……」

Odin lifted the spear in her hand in reply.

「I’m not a machine god anymore but, even the current me can do this much.」

「……Stop it, Odin. You who aren’t a machine god anymore aren’t my match. The current you and also your world are nothing more than fragile existences that are sitting on the palm of my hand.」

「No Thanatos. No matter how much you try to control all of the rules, I won’t let you do as you please until even my world.」

Thanatos’s emotionless eyes narrowed slightly.

「So your promise is to oppose this me. Just who is the one you made the promise with?」

Odin smiled lightly, then she kept staring at Thanatos and talked towards no one.

「So, how is it? Kizuna’s condition.」

Hearing that question, Reiri and Aine and also everyone else were bewildered.

However, someone’s voice answered Odin’s question.

「I’m examining it now.」

At that time, a pyramid of light emerged to surround Kizuna.

「Thi, this is……?」

Aine was looking around in wonder at the veil of light surrounding herself and Kizuna.


Unnoticed there was an unfamiliar woman standing beside her.

「Eh……yo, you, are?」

That woman had dark brown skin and her body was wearing an extravagant gold ornament. She was beautiful like a queen of ancient Egypt. Her figure was filled to the brim with majesty and motherhood.

Yurishia stared at that figure and muttered inchoherently.

「O, Osiris……?」

Osiris smiled sweetly at Yurishia, then she kneeled beside Kizuna’s head.

「Aine-san. I will borrow Kizuna-san for a bit.」


Even though this was the first time Aine met this woman who was called Osiris, she mysteriously felt a sense of relief from her. Aine naturally let go of Kizuna’s body and handed him to Osiris.

Osiris put Kizuna’s head on her lap and gently wrapped Kizuna’s head with both her hands.

Osiris stared at Kizuna’s eyes that weren’t reflecting anything and said.

「……Kizuna’s soul is still lost.」

Odin was grinning hearing that answer.

「In that case I’ll leave the soul to you. I’ll take care of the body.」

Odin easily lowered down the spear that she directed towards Thanatos. And then she turned her back towards her and kneeled besides Kizuna.

Aine’s eyes opened wide hearing the exchange between the two goddesses. Her eyes were lit with surprise and the light of hope.

「You can……you can, revive Kizuna!?」

Osiris caressed Kizuna’s face affectionately.

「I cannot make a definite promise. But, we too are formerly gods who governed over death.」

Osiris closed Kizuna’s eyes and muttered with a voice that was radiating determination.

「……I won’t be able to call myself the god of death if I cannot even save one person I’m indebted to.」

Odin put her hand on Kizuna’s wound. Her palm shined with bluish white light.

「As for the restoration of the body……it looks like I’ll manage somehow.」

Aine faced Odin and anxiously asked her.

「He, hey, by body restoration you mean……his state, is like this you know? Is it really……」

Odin stared at Aine and smiled reassuringly.

「I once boasted an unlimited regeneration ability you remember? Trust me. Just regenerating human’s flesh is not a problem for me. But……it will be nothing more than just a container. What’s essential is──」

Odin sent her gaze towards Osiris.

「I am the queen of the metropolis of the deadNecropolis. I swear I’ll return back Kizuna’s soul without fail.」

Osiris looked down to peer into Kizuna’s face. Blue light ran on Osiris’s skin and it flowed into Kizuna’s body through her palm.

Thanatos who was observing that situation tilted her head slightly.

「What is your intention by exposing such a defenseless state? It’s as though you two are telling me to erase you all──」

Thanatos took a step forward with one hand holding a sword and the other hand focusing the light of Keraunos.


A bright red sword grazed the tip of her nose.

A shadow that suddenly assaulted from the sky landed by striking the floor.

Thanatos who evaded the sword in a flash and moved to the back was attacked by the sword’s shockwave.

Thanatos’s opened her palm and deployed a shield that was shining gold. It blocked the red colored shockwave.

「You are……」

The shield neutralized the shockwave, turning it into light particles and vanished.

「You forgot about me already, Thanatos?」

A machine god holding a bright red sword was standing ahead of Thanatos’s gaze. Large breasts that were looking imbalanced with the petite body. And then a huge armor that reminded one of the divine beast Kirin.

「Hokuto……however, you were」

「I guess you can call it returning to active duty for one time only, thanks to the power of a certain human.」

「Human……you say?」

「Aa, that person isn’t human huh. But, well, it doesn’t matter, that kinda thing.」

Hokuto swung around her crimson sword, Hakke Kirin as though she was dancing.

「I don’t know how you recovered your power as a machine god but……Hokuto, so even you are standing in my way.」

「Ahahaha, I also want to protect my own world after all.」

Hokuto laughed brightly and directed the tip of her sword towards Thanatos.

「Thanatos. You are dangerous.」


「You won’t do anything wrong using your logic──or you attempt to be so, anyway, your actions cannot be predicted. Of course, I understand that you have your own thinking. But, we are unable to understand you.」

The tone of the bright Hokuto lowered down.

「But Thanatos is prioritizing your own thought over our worlds. If it’s necessary, you will surely erase our worlds without hesitation. That’s why, you are a threat for us, the other gods too.」

Thanatos’s eyes shined coldly.

「I see. Certainly it’s only the machine gods who possess different worlds than me who can possibly defeat me. However it’s a suicidal act trying to defeat me.」

「I know.」

Hokuto nodded.

「Whether it’s our worlds or this world that you created, all of them are placed on a shared platform. And then the manager of that platform is you Thanatos. If you are erased, all the worlds will lose their foundation and crumble.」

Thanatos was literally supporting all the worlds.

Hokuto, Odin, Osiris, each of them possessed their own world, they were gods. However, that those worlds could possibly exist was also because Thanatos was existing and functioning.

「Exactly. Hokuto, also Osiris and Odin, that’s the situation of your worlds. If I stop functioning, all of you will also be annihilated.」

Hokuto sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled.

「But you see, there is someone who offered a nice alternative plan.」


Thanatos unusually showed a dubious state.

「All of us here unanimously got on board with that plan. That person is an interesting person, she traced back through my collapse log to conversely create a program that returns me to become a machine god one more time. I also borrowed magic power from that person, so I can be here like this. Well, even though I said that, my time is limited you see.」

Reiri who was listening to the conversation of the two gasped and looked behind.

Over there, she saw Kizuna who was lying down inside a pyramid of light, Osiris who was giving him a lap pillow beside him, and Odin who was touching her hand on his wound.

Someone else who possessed the power of a machine god.

──’Don’t tell me, that woman was?’

Reiri stared once more at Hokuto and then at Thanatos.

Thanatos faced Hokuto and spoke as though thrusting a death sentence towards her.

「Hokuto. With the current state of Osiris and Odin, it’s impossible for you all to fight me. Even though you have recovered your power as a machine god, you alone aren’t a match against me.」

「That hurt. Even I am strong you know?」

Hokuto’s expression was oozing nervousness even while she was talking lightly.

「Very well. Then I’ll leave the other specimens to be taken care of by the mechanized angels.」

When Thanatos raised her hand a new Entrance was created behind her. And then, from inside, angels created from machines that looked really similar to magic weapons──a large army of mechanized angels spilled out.

Hokuto clicked her tongue, then she yelled over her shoulder.

「Kizuna’s comrades! I’ll leave those to you!!」

As soon as she said that, Hokuto slashed towards Thanatos.

Reiri turned around and gave instructions to everyone.

「You girls heard her! We will fight the mechanized angels! Hold out until Osiris and Odin bring Kizuna back!!」

Light returned to everyone’s eyes. That was the light of hope. The flame of tenacity that said it wasn’t time to give up yet.


Aine too clenched her fist.

──’Kizuna. I’ll absolutely hold on no matter what until you return!’

There was no more tears in those eyes. The sharp eyes were glaring at the approaching mechanized angels.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna was walking on a stone floor.

「This place……」

It was a town that looked like it appeared suddenly in the middle of a desert. A river was flowing nearby, greenery was growing luxuriantly around it. It was truly an oasis in the middle of a desert. Buildings made from stone were lining up, and a lot of people were coming and going. Along the main street, shops that were selling groceries and clothes were lining up. Other than that, it seemed there were also recreational facilities like theaters and the like.

「Hee……this place is really bustling.」

Kizuna unconsciously talked to himself while staring at the shops’ sign.

A strange feeling was welling up inside during his staring at the townscape and street’s situation.

Even though this should be a city that he came to for the first time, for some reason it felt nostalgic.

He felt like he had seen the sight of each shop and the street somewhere in the faraway past.

He also felt like he had seen the passerbys from somewhere.

However he couldn’t remember them.

It was a strange sensation, but Kizuna didn’t think too deeply about it.

Suddenly his feet stopped in front of a general store.

「This is……」

His hand reached out towards an outfit that was placed on a shelf.

It was a small T-shirt for a child.

He had a recollection of it.

It was his favorite blue T-shirt that he wore when he was a child.

When he started walking along the shelves that had merchandise lined up on them, there were other familiar things lining up. A pair of jeans that he wore when he was a middle schooler. A coat that protected him in winter.

It wasn’t just clothing that was placed there. There were also others, the hero toy that he had as a child. A manga that he loved. A game console. A notebook and a mechanical pencil.

He had memories for every single thing there. They were a part that formed his life.


A uniform with white base color was hanging on the wall.

「Ataraxia’s uniform……」

The display of the shop ended there.

It continued to another different shop ahead of the road. There were also familiar things lined up there.

He wondered where in the world this path led up to.

When he thought that, a voice came from out of nowhere.

『Proceed forward as you are.』

Continue forward like this? But, what lies ahead of this path?

『The place that handed down the last judgment.』

Last judgment?

『Proceed forward. That is your destiny.』

After getting told that, he felt like he had to go no matter what.

He was going to proceed forward just like the voice told him.


「Please wait.」

His arm was suddenly caught by someone.

Kizuna stopped his legs and turned around.

Behind him was a black haired woman with a beauty that made him caught his breath. She had a half-naked appearance with her glossy dark brown skin exposed out generously. Her body was covered with luxurious ornaments and no clothes or accessories. The ornaments were only barely hiding her important places.

「……You are?」

「My name is Osiris. Kizuna, there is no need to be in so much hurry like that.」

「But, I was told to go forward……」

Osiris made a smile that made him feel her motherhood.

「But you weren’t told to hurry, right?」

‘Certainly’, Kizuna nodded.

「Then, please take a rest over there.」

Osiris’s finger was pointing at a stone house. A sign was attached to it.

「Brothel Love Room?」

It was a familiar name. Furthermore, he felt like he often made use of it. In that case, was he a frequent customer of this place? While he was thinking that, Kizuna was led into the building.

At that time, questions like why he was here, in the first place where was this place, such obvious matters crossed his mind for the first time this late.

There was a narrow corridor surrounded with white walls continuing on inside the brothel. At both sides there were photo frames of females and pictures that depicted a man and woman entangled with each other. It heightened obscene feelings whether one liked it or not.

At the end of the corridor there was an entrance that looked like a stone wall was gouged out to form a hole. Osiris opened the curtain that was a door’s substitute and invited Kizuna in.

The white walls at the four sides were decorated with embroidered fabrics. Deeper inside there was a gorgeous bed placed. A fragrance with nice scent was burned, building a situation that enlivened the act of love.

「Err……for some reason my head isn’t clear……why am I here──」

Osiris suddenly hugged Kizuna.

「Kizuna-! Aah, Kizuna-!」

「Wai, wait, nn──」

Osiris blocked Kizuna’s mouth with her lips.

It was as though her composed act until now was a lie. Osiris was seeking Kizuna with desperation.

A tongue was shoved into Kizuna’s mouth and it licked around leaving no spot untouched.

He wondered how long they were kissing before Osiris finally recovered her calm and separated their lips. A string of saliva was stretched between the two’s lips.

After staring at the black haired beauty before him once more, his memory was gradually coming back.


Kizuna finally recalled who the beautiful woman before him was.

She was an opponent who he previously fought with his life on the line and saved.

「So you remember……Kizuna.」

Osiris looked up at Kizuna with tears gathering in her eyes.

「Yeah. But, other than that nothing……why am I in this kind of place?」

「This is the metropolis of the dead. The concept of time here is different from the world of the living, so there is no need to hurry. I’ll let you remember slowly.」

Osiris rang the bell that was placed on the table. After a clear sound resounded, he felt a presence of someone walking towards here from the corridor.

The curtain was opened and some silhouettes of people smoothly entered the room.

「This is……-!?」

It was four extraordinarily beautiful girls who entered the room. A girl with silver hair and red eyes, then a girl with black hair. And then a girl with blonde hair and an amazing figure, and a girl with contrastive figure with her short body build that was like a child. Everyone was only wearing thin clothes.

──’Who are these girls? But, it feels like I know them from somewhere…….’

「Now Kizuna. Touch these girls.」

「By touch you mean……」

Where and how should he touch them, he didn’t have the slightest idea at all.

While he was at a loss, the four beautiful girls let the thin clothes they were wearing fall on the floor lightly.


The four beautiful naked bodies that differed from each other caused Kizuna to spontaneously hold his breath.

However, mysteriously he felt that the four’s naked bodies were familiar.

Even the feel of those bodies were resurrected in his palm.

──’Perhaps these girls are people who I know. What’s more they should be someone really close to me. It’s to the degree that I even know about the pleasantness of their bodies.’

But, was that the truth?

An impulse that drove him to verify that answer rushed through him.

Kizuna went in front of the silver haired girl and touched the heavily laden breasts that were far bigger than the norm.


A faint gasp leaked out from the girl’s mouth.

A skin that felt like it was sticking to his skin. When he put his strength into his hand, the breast’s shape distorted softly, and then there was the texture that pushed back on his fingertips.

There was no doubt.

This was, Aine’s──


That name naturally came out.

‘That’s right, Aine. Aine……!?’

Kizuna caressed Aine’s body in order to desperately reel in the string of memory that was suddenly dangled before his eyes. And then he made his finger tip to enter into the secret slit that was hidden by silver hair.


When the girl’s body writhed with blushing cheeks, the memory circuits inside Kizuna’s head were connected all at once.


But at that instant Aine’s figure vanished.

「This is……」

Her real body isn’t here. This place is the metropolis of the dead after all.]

Kizuna couldn’t understand even if he was told that. He stared at the place where Aine was standing until just now while letting out cold sweat.

Osiris hugged Kizuna’s body from behind. A soft sensation was pressing on Kizuna’s back.

「These girls are existences that are living inside your own heart. Kizuna exchanged vows with them before facing the final battle. Bonds that connected your existences to each other were formed between all of you.」

MGHxHV13 001 ill.jpg


「Those bonds called back your memory and they will become the string to pull you back from this world of the dead into the world of the living.」

「Osiris……by that you mean, I’m dead?」

「Yes. Right now that is.」

「Right now?」

「I swear I will make you return back to life without fail. That will be my repayment to you. Besides, I also made a promise to your mother.」

「My, mother?」

「Yes. Before you went to battle, I responded to the call of Kizuna’s mother. That’s also the reason why I came to Thanatos’s world.」

Kizuna put his palm on Osiris’s hand that was hugging his chest.

「Osiris……sorry. I still don’t understand, what’s what……」

「No, it’s me who is rushing. First I have to start by returning your memory back to normal.」

Osiris brought her lips close towards Kizuna’s ear. Even just that breathing was erotic and caused Kizuna to gulp.

「Kizuna, by reconfirming your bonds with those girls who are in the world of the living, your memory will surely return to normal. At that time, Kizuna will be able to obtain the link to return from the world of the dead to the world of the living.」

Kizuna focused his ears towards Osiris’s voice and he felt the warmth of Osiris’s body that was hugging him.

「Got it……Anyway for now I’ll believe Osiris’s words.」

Osiris sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled, then she kissed Kizuna’s ear with a ‘chu’ sound.

「Thank you……Kizuna.」

Osiris’s hands let go and gently pushed Kizuna’s body towards the black haired girl’s body.

「Then continue. This time please confirm your bond with that girl.」

「It will be fine if I do the same like before right?」

「Yes. By the way, there are a total of twenty five people, so please do it quickly.」

「Eh!? Tha, that many?」

「Good grief. What a handful of a person you are♡」

Kizuna felt a strange pressure from Osiris who was cutely tilting her head while saying that.

Part 3[edit]

After he finished confirming his bonds with everyone──that was to say finishing the individual confirmation like in Harem Hybrid, Kizuna completely recovered his memory. At the same time it also meant that he had obtained the connection with the world of the living.

「Thank you Osiris. Then, how can I return to the real world? If I don’t hurry back, everyone will──」

Osiris talked to the anxious Kizuna to calm him down.

「Just like I said before, this place is the metropolis of the dead. It’s not influenced by the time in the world of the living. That’s why, it’s fine even if you don’t hurry.」


「Also, there is something that Kizuna should accomplish here. If you don’t do that, the same thing will repeat even if you return to the real world. You still cannot go back there yet.」

「I get it……so, what is it, this thing I should do?」

「There is something your mother asked me to do.」

「Kaa-san has?」

──’Come to think of it, where is Kaa-san?’

At the individual reconfirmation just now, there was also Nayuta there, but it wasn’t the person herself, but an existence inside Kizuna’s heart just like the other girls.

Kizuna who recalled his memory of Nayuta felt that it was slightly unexpected. Putting aside the other people, if it was Nayuta who was also a machine god, he felt that she would be able to come even to this Necropolis.

「Usually at this kind of situation she will come immediately, and yet……」

「Your mother slightly overused her strength. Right now she must be resting.」

By disassembling the gigantic battleship Oldium and Golden Dragon, she had recovered her magic power and became slightly energetic but…….

「……Certainly it feels like recently she was using her strength for various things.」

「Yes, other than me, she also consulted with Odin and Hokuto. Thanks to that, in the world of the living, Odin should be repairing Kizuna’s body while Hokuto should be holding Thanatos back. Yes, she even shared her strength in order for Hokuto to take back her machine god power once more.」

Those were words that he had never imagined at all.

Kizuna stared at Osiris with a surprised face.

「Kaa-san, did such thing?」

「Yes. She must have considered this kind of situation too.」

「Is that so……we have been a bother to you too, Osiris.」

However, Osiris shook her head.

「If Thanatos is left alone like this, we don’t know when she is going to erase our worlds too someday. This is also our problem. It’s just……」

Osiris frowned.

「Thanatos is controlling all the worlds. All the worlds are made up by the rules that Thanatos is managing.」

「I see……so the worlds of Osiris and the others also aren’t an exception……」

Osiris faced Kizuna and nodded.

「Yes. That’s why even if we manage to defeat Thanatos, at that time all of the worlds will crumble. But──」

Osiris walked towards the bed.

「That problem will be solved by the plan of your mother. That’s why, all of us machine gods are cooperating.」

「That plan, what is it……?」

However Osiris didn’t answer that question. In exchange she made a slightly sad face and climbed up on the bed.

She laid down on the bed slovenly, shifted her breast ornament, and the tips of Osiris’s breasts peeked out. The combination of that pink color and dark brown skin was really beautiful, and also lewd.

「I’ll tell you what Kizuna’s mother requested of me and what Kizuna should accomplish in this world.」

「That is……eh?」

Osiris flipped up the cloth that was dangling down from in front of her waist. Osiris’s important part that wasn’t wearing underwear was exposed in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

Osiris blushed and she muttered with a small voice.

「It’s……becoming one, with me……」


Kizuna was slightly slow in comprehending those words.

「By becoming one you mean……is it something like a fusion skill, or combining some kind of abilities into one?」

「No, it isn’t like that……it’s a fusion but……」

Osiris’s cheeks blushed and she shyly looked down for a bit.

「If I have to say it in a way that is easy to understand, it’s……like child making……」

Kizuna needed some time to understand the meaning of those words.

And then when he understood the meaning──

「EEEEEEEH!? Wh, why!?」

Kizuna unconsciously yelled.

Osiris lifted up her body and corrected her sitting posture on the bed.

「Certainly the conditions to resurrect Kizuna are all in place. However it’s not enough with just that.」

「The, then, what else is necessary?」

「It’s life energy.」

──Life energy.

「In your current state, even if you return to the world of the living, you will just die again right away. That’s because the life energy of Kizuna who has died once has dried up. In view of that, you will have ten or twenty minutes at most to live.」

「Shit……however, if I at least have that much……」

If he had that much time, could he defeat Thanatos?

「That’s impossible. You won’t be a match against Thanatos who rules all the worlds. You need to obtain a power that is the same as a machine god……no, a power that surpasses it.」

「Surpassing……a machine god?」

「That’s right. A method for Kizuna to obtain life energy to come back to life again, and also obtaining the strongest power at the same time. That is exactly what was entrusted to me from your mother, Nayuta-san. That is exactly──」

Osiris stared at Kizuna with a serious gaze.

「Ultimate hybrid──Ecstasy Hybrid.」

Kizuna gulped.

「Ultimate, hybrid……Ecstasy Hybrid you say?」

「It’s a way to produce life energy from Kizuna and a female combining strength together. A power that is created from the mixing of hearts and love. Without that, Kizuna cannot be revived in the real world. Even if you get resurrected without that, your flesh body and soul will be something transient that will crumble soon.」

Osiris took off her breast ornament and waistcloth, and she even stripped away the few clothes she was wearing.

「Ho, however……eh!?」

Kizuna was shocked to discover that he had also become naked without noticing. It made him notice once more that this wasn’t the real world. And then, he also felt that the building’s name of Love Room was strangely fitting.

Osiris went down from the bed for the moment and went towards Kizuna. She then touched his chest.

「An act of producing life. The energy that is created from that will become Kizuna’s own life energy.」

Osiris’s palm was soft. It was strangely calming to be touched by it. The hand that caressed Kizuna’s chest moved to his stomach and then to even lower. It gently grasped Kizuna’s thing that was getting hard.

「……tsu, O, Osiris」

Osiris made a bewitching smile towards the pained voice that spontaneously leaked out from Kizuna’s mouth.

「Kizuna……from here on I’ll teach you the method for that.」

Osiris’s hand let go from Kizuna’s thing and she hugged his arm like a lover and invited him to the bed.

The two of them got onto the bed. After coming this far it was already the same like giving consent, but Kizuna’s moral value was still showing resistance.

「I’m thankful that you will teach me but……isn’t it fine if you only tell me the method?」

Osiris pushed Kizuna down and then her body covered over him. The big and elastic breasts pleasantly applied pressure on Kizuna’s chest.

「No, can’t do. Just like I told you before this, even if you return to the real world, the time your body and soul can exist there will be few. Mistakes won’t be allowed. That’s why, it’s necessary to practice. After all one’s first time……that, failure tends to happen during that time……」

Kizuna couldn’t say anything back hearing that.

「In Kizuna’s case I think you have piled up considerable experience but……it will be your first time becoming one with your partner for real right?」

「Ye, yeah. Bu, but……if we spend too much time──」

Osiris wrapped her fingers around Kizuna’s thing once more.

This time Osiris let out a feverish sigh and smiled ecstatically. Her eyes were already turning into the eyes of a completely turned on woman.

「That too is like what I told you just now, this isn’t the world of the living. That’s why you don’t need to be worried about time. I will make you learn fully using my body.」

Osiris gave Kizuna’s lips a passionate kiss.


She entered her tongue into Kizuna’s mouth on her own initiative and entangled her tongue with Kizuna’s. Her fingertips moved gently and gradually granted stimulation to Kizuna’s thing to excite him.

Perhaps Osiris herself was also feeling it from that act, the centers of her pressed flat breasts were becoming harder. Even Kizuna could feel it.

However, even after continuing for a while, Kizuna’s thing wasn’t really getting hard.

When Osiris separated her mouth from Kizuna, she gently whispered into Kizuna’s ear.

「……You are a bit nervous aren’t you? It’s fine to relax more and be at ease.」

Kizuna too was unexpectedly feeling it. Until now it never happened even once to him to be lacking in reaction like this even with a woman this erotic doing something like this to him.

「Kizuna, do you dislike me?」

「There is no way that’s true, but, doing this……that’s, your husband……」

Then Osiris frowned with a pained look. Guilt was spreading through her face.

「……Don’t mention that person right now. But, this is for the sake of saving all the worlds, and you, who are the person we are indebted to are in danger……there is no other way.」

Osiris lifted up her body and sat down above Kizuna’s thighs.


Osiris’s hand touched Kizuna’s thing and she lifted her waist.

「Keep it a secret from my husband okay?」

The eyes of Osiris who was saying that with a smile were moist. She looked so lewd and bewitching it made his waist tremble.

「Keep it a secret from Aine-san too. What happens here is a secret……of only the two of us♥」

When Osiris’s wet entrance was touched by Kizuna’s thing, it made a lewd sticky sound.

Kizuna asked himself inside his heart whether this was really okay.

Someone’s voice suddenly whispered into his ear while he was trapped within the eternal loop of self-questioning and self-answering.

『There is no need to worry. Surrender yourself to Osiris, Kizuna.』


He felt like he was hearing the voice of Nayuta who wasn’t here.

『Mother won’t let you die.』

And then it felt like his head was caressed. His feelings were mysteriously calming down and strength left his body. Conversely Kizuna’s thing that was nervous and couldn’t be filled with strength recovered its hardness.

「……My♥ It finally became like the usual Kizuna.」

Osiris showed a lewd smile and let her waist drop down.

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